22 June, 2014

Helicopters are allegedly “ferrying away top commanders” of the Boko Haram sect from the Sambisa Forest to unknown destinations,as the group prepares to end the five-year-old insurgency, Sunday Trust learnt from credible sources yesterday. The claim could not be independently verified at press time.

But the alleged repatriation of key officers of the sect came in the wake of reported systematic withdrawal of some Boko Haram’s foot soldiers from the Sambisa Forest, Mandara Mountains and other hideouts. Some of the sect’s members had been reportedly going to towns and villages in Borno and Adamawa states “to repent” after their leaders had told them that the “war” was coming to an end.

A source in Maiduguri, who does not want to be quoted for security reasons, said in the last 10 days, choppers had landed at the Sambisa Forest severally. “For now, many commanders of the sect,especially the mercenaries have been taken away from the forest to unknown destinations. Most of the sophisticated weapons being used by the insurgents have also been taken away. From what I gathered, the violence is coming to an end,” he said.

According to him, “Only local commanders are still in the cells and enclaves of the sect. As you are aware, dozens of foot soldiers are also fleeing because of many reasons, including the fact that the operation is also taking a different dimension,” he said.

He pointed out that the “middle cadre” commanders were the ones unleashing terror on communities around Borno and Adamawa states in recent times. “The truth is that even some of the attacks going on these days are for the perpetrators to sustain themselves because when you observe clearly, you will see that they are taking away foodstuff and animals wherever they go,” he said.

“And in their cells,foot soldiers that are proving tough are being eliminated, prompting many of them to flee to towns to repent eventhough the real truth is that they don’t want to be killed. We have many of such incidences these days,” he added.

Some officials of youth vigilantes, also known as civilian JTF in Borno State, said they heard about the gradual withdrawal of Boko Haram commanders from their cells as well as the fleeing of some members into towns.

On Thursday, two suspected members of the sect fled to Bama, where one of them, who was captured, said they absconded from their camp because they wanted to repent. He told the vigilante officials in Bama that many other sect members had also fled to Madagali and Mubi in Adamawa State, while many others had fled to other places.

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  1. beegeagle says:

    NIGERIAN DEFENCE AND SECURITY FORCES…stand firm and reap your rewards. See why we said NO FOREIGN BOOTS IN OUR COUNTRY? Assuming that you had tactlessly allowed the British forces in, na im be say una yone don finish be dat now abi how una for explain am?

    Coming so soon afterwards, the Brits would have skewed the narrative and claimed that they ended the insurgency (remember Sierra Leone?) and how would you guys be able to counter that narrative despite all that you have endured alone in battle?

    Methinks DT are being economical with the details which would be edifying to “GEJ’s troops” after the monumental campaign of disinformation mounted against the war effort by certain unpatriotic elements in our country. Notice that the purveyors of the military pressure which has pushed BH to the verge of implosion namely, the Nigerian Armed Forces, have been carefully omitted from mention. What do you expect after years of failed malignment? Did they even mention who was flying them out of Sambisa? Or do BH now have an airforce?

    The fact appears to be that a large section of BH senior leadership have become war-weary and have possibly contacted the FG through back channels to have them taken into protective custody for fear of being killed by hardliners in their fold.

    Like you read, hardline elements within the group are already eliminating those who want to recant. Some of the apostates have fled into towns to avoid that fate. “The war has assumed a different dimension”…what dimension could this be other than stepped-up military pressure? Lol.

    We are about to win this war, compatriots…yes,we shall win it. Thank God that in the face of global opprobrium and doubt in what our gallant troops can do, some of us have kept the faith because we know what our boys can do. In the short or medium term, we shall prevail over BH. Bookmark this page.

    More weapons please.. 🙂

    • rka says:

      Oga Beeg, you have expressed some of my feelings with your post. I know we have had false dawns in the past, but it could well be that BH have seen the military build up in men and equipment and can see themselves being closed in from all directions.

      As you have said, unless they are NAF helos, I can’t see unknown helicopters carrying out several sorties into the Sambisa Forest without any form of detection be it from radar surveillance or even from troops or civilians on the ground spotting them.

      There will probably be a few more atrocities to grab international headlines, but we will prevail and I am sure there will be no attributes paid to Nigeria from our usual critics and they will somehow concoct a story of how they secretly brought an end to the insurgency followed by a Hollywood block buster.

      We continue to watch and wait and I never doubted we will come through this period in the country’s history despite the set backs and the government should not waver in it’s re- arming of our armed forces.

    • Ola says:

      Sir Beegs,
      THanks for sharing this exhilarating piece of information! I am worried though for some reasons? Is the airforce still flyging sorties over Sambisa while helios are coming to take the commanders of BH out of the forest? How could helios be flying in and out of the forest without any intercept? Are we not sure BH top commanders are not going away to another place to restrategise and come back to relaunch their attack on a greater scale? Helios flying in and out of the forest would have been the NA or AF opportunity to eliminate their foreign, top commanders and also prevent them from moving their hardware away. I am concerned that this war is far form being over. We may experience a lull now but I sense that they will relaunch later. They are probably sending their small boys to disperse all over the country and launch attack everywhere across Nigeria when they think the time is right and they have covered the country. Thank God that the NA boys were vigilant as to capture 35 buses moving in convoy form north to the east at night recently, I believe those guys are BH foot soldiers sent to difuse into the society and carry out sinister missions in small groups of twos and three. I would conclude by saying it is not time yet for us to be rejoicing. Well done to NA for fighting them to a stand still at Sambisa, but the war is far form being over, it is just taking a different turn. And I would think this is actually the time for the NA to send 2 divisions, heavy and light artillery and Attack helicopters to storm Sambisa in an all out war style now. BH is currently transitioning and their soldiers would be demoralised and confused because we can assume the chain of command is not giving clear, specific instructions to all their boys at the moment due to the fact that they would be busy planning what nest, arranging relocation logistics and those boys are disposable to them anyway, they are just tools being used to fight.
      Well done NA! God bless you all!

  2. beegeagle says:

    On point, brother. We shall win. God HIMSELF is on the side of big battalions and the tail does not wag the dog. The dog it is which wags its tail.

    Let’s expedite action on weapons deliveries and ruthlessly finish off the hardliners within.

    So, the USA, hopefully we get to see the delivery 200 uparmoured Hummers, if not MRAPs, within the next 45 days. Thank you.

    FG…double quick time abeg. The Mi-35Ms, Mi-171Sh Terminators, ALX Super Tucanos, BigFoot MRAPs, Type 58 14.5mm AAMGs…let’s go.

  3. beegeagle says:

    And think about it, Oga RKA, the commanders say the war is over and their heavy equipment are getting airlifted out of camps? Seems to me like it is the start of a quiet disarmament exercise orchestrated by DHQ?

    Well, what a country…how many times have we pulled ourselves back from the brink by ourselves? So much belief in ourselves. Nigeria is FATED to be a great nation…a giant in the sun. Come the day.

    • rka says:

      And Oga Beeg, we mustn’t forget to tell our own story and not quietly sit back and let conspiracy theorists get their way.

      Over to you DHQ, at the appropriate time, tell it as it is.

  4. beegeagle says:

    There has to be a media event signposting a surrender with 65% of the Shura Council members signing the document. Shekau can continue his rambling on Youtube “until hand hol am”

    As these things go, we have to stay on war footing in the NE for another three years so as to properly mop up. There is bound to be a few criminally minded and/or insane sub-commanders willing to and able to sustain the acts of looting and brigandage in the remote districts of the Far Northeast.

    It is not over until it is over.

  5. WachanGuy says:

    Yes indeed! Great news to start this new week. Echoing Oga Beeg, we should remain on war footing and intensify search and destroy operations against known BH hardliners. They may never be totally wiped out but them suppose no say khaki no be leather! Fight well, our gallant forces, and those of you who have made the supreme sacrifice will forever by honored in the history of our great nation.

  6. beegeagle says:

    Yeah…may the memories of the deceased forever remain alive in our consciousness and hearts as a nation and people.

    It would not be out of place to have a HEROES Arcade made up of three black marble pillars each representing each military service with the names of all military chaps killed in action since 1990 emblazoned in gold on the appropriate pillar.

    Additionally, we should have a NATIONAL MONUMENT made up of seven black marble pillars, each pillar representing the NPF, NSCDC, NIS, NCS, NPS, NIA and SSS. On those, we should inscribe the names of all those killed in COIN operations going back to the Niger Delta Insurgency.

  7. tim says:

    I don’t believe it is true!!

  8. Henry says:

    I have my doubts with this story. It just doesn’t add up.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Henry, it could be a Nigerian government and military planners attempt to create confusion in Boko Haram ranks and file….decent war propaganda. I don’t know how helicopters land inside Sambisa forest, the place get helipad? Time will tell if true or false.

  9. Blackrev says:

    well, permit me to doubt this story. same way we have heard boko haram commanders calling for ceasefire since last year only for things to go worse.
    coupled with the unprofessional conduct of our media.

    I’m very doubtful of this story. if it’s true, then it should have been a secret between DHQ alone until the operation is over. just my thought though

    • jimmy says:

      Logic dictates that if this is true,someone will affix there name to it.I believe,there is going to be some epic firefights .I just do not trust this source at all.l am sorry to throw cold water on this issue.

      • igbi says:

        In my humble opinion, the aim of that report is to soften boko haram targets. This is what you can call trojan horse.

  10. Augustine says:

    Hard to know if true or false…..this good news. FG and DHQ remain silent.

    Some things I know for sure are…

    1. There is a planned major offensive, all out by Nigerian armed forces on Boko, for a final push.
    2. Point 1 above may be the Sri Lankan strategy which we all saw the FG and DHQ ‘endorse’

    3. France hates terrorism and hates destabilization in West Africa that will affects its economic interests in Nigeria (e.g. Peugeot and Total Oil & Gas, etc) and French political interest in Francophone countries.

    See proof of this in the response of France with quick and full scale military force in Mali, compared to British ‘military response’ in Sierra Leone and American ‘response’ in Liberia.

    4. Point 3 above led France to call the Niger Republiue, Chad, Cameroon, Nigeria, etc meeting in Paris recently. The quick response of Chadian and Cameroonian military after master France warned them to cooperate with Nigeria, means Boko Haram will be boxed into the middle of a three pronged ‘pincer like’ attack.

    5. This development made me to air my own views last week that Chad, Nigeria and Cameroon will lock up Boko haram inside a death triangle of defensive and offensive military action that will push them into a hot center of death on all sides, retreat becomes difficult for Bokos, attrition rate will increase, Cameroon is flying Alpha jets, Chad has Su-25 Frogfoots, Nigeria has Mi-24 Hinds and large number of ground troops, that looks like an all out war of Sri Lankan dimension.

    Boko will die like flies, high rate of attrition, withdrawal into forests, death in open field, safe haven will be places like Sambisa forest, and tactics will change to mostly suicide bombing of cities, and occasional remote village guerrilla hit and run back to hide-out.

    Reason why I said, surround Sambisa on ground at specially mapped out points, do 24 hour perimeter air surveillance and give it a Sri Lankan treatment to cure it’s cancer.

    Guys, even if this newspaper story from Sunday Trust is not true, we have a solution at hand and can win this war in 6 months, Boko is NOT as strong as Tamil Tigers. Also, the 200 girls kidnap is now a liability for Boko, Nigeria is not bulging with negotiation, yes a choice we made, the girls have been the unlucky sacrificial lambs, mass daily rape and mass weekly pregnancy is their pain and cross to bear.

    Boko will be stuck in the middle of a triangle if we use the Chad, Cameron, Nigeria 3 pronged ‘pincer-like’ attack advantage, running across 3 nations’ borders has become difficult for Boko.

    Mighty South African military tactically called for peace negotiation when Cuban forces moved from two directions to pincer SADF in 1988.

    Who can survive a triangular attack from 3 surrounding points by forces 10 times bigger than you are and with full air support ?

    Let us do it right and we will end the major war in 6 months, scattered light engagements and suicide bombing will be all we have lest to deal with. That is how far Algeria has gone and we can equal that achievement too.

    My 2 kobo.

  11. beegeagle says:

    Yes o. Hardly a month goes by without reports of sporadic attacks in Algeria. But relative to the bloodiest 1996-99 epoch when the bestial GIA would slit the throats of EVERYONE in an entire village (600-800 persons), Algeria now have a handle on the situation.

  12. beegeagle says:

    Read this compendium to be sure that there is nothing which we are passing through today which the Algerians did not experience before they gained an absolute upper hand over the terrorists.

    Looking at the Algerian military today, they seem to be the exact opposite of the absolutely incompetent and hopeless bunch which the global media made them out to be during those many years of profound savagery unleashed on hapless civilians by terrorists and to which the Algerian military seemed to have no answers. Well, look at them now….

    Algeria and Sri Lanka have been fighting/fought terrorists for 20+ and 25+ years. We can avoid going through that long learning curve by learning from their experiences.

  13. beegeagle says:

    Read through the stories on the right side of the page “RELEVANT STORIES” to see just how much pressure and recrimination which Algeria went through at the hands of the international community. They refused to bend or break. Look at them now…

  14. asorockweb says:

    The story is a red herring.

    Nothing but Psych Ops in action.

  15. Oje says:

    I pointed our on here not too long ago that the systematic attack on market women,students and school children were an indication that Boko Haram was on the verge of defeat. Those attacks carried out in such ferocity were hardly strategic targets but physiological pawns. The more violent they unleashed the more hyperbolically strong they were painted by the media. While in actual fact desperation to look relevant and strong was the motive.if thishad been uncovrred earlier a full scale final push would have mounted.

  16. peccavi says:

    This is either a bored journalist or psyops.
    The question is who is it aimed at? BH is unlikely to read the papers, so it is maybe aimed at partners or sponsors. Maybe trying to panic them into making a guilty phone call.
    But then a partner/ sponsor/ agent would not bee silly enough to believe this.
    Well if its psyps its good, we can see they have started listening to advice

    • Are James says:

      Very clever conclusion. I like your reasoning here. By the way, psy ops was very sophisticated during the Nigerian civil war. Maybe soneone in the MOD dusted up the manuals

  17. ugobassey says:

    How come this story isn’t in the major Nigerian media outlet (Thisday, Vanguard, Guardian…etc)? anyway let me also try to be optimistic here and say ‘great’. caution though: The atrocities of MEND morphed in kidnappings and assassinations even after they disbanded…DHQ should stay alert and continue as though nothing has changed for at least another 5 years.

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