Nigerian mortar crews and a Toyota Landcruiser gun truck


24 June, 2014
By Ndahi Marama, Abdulsalam

Maiduguri—Over 70 suspected Boko Haram terrorists, who participated in separate attacks on Chuha I, Chuha II and Korogilim villages of Chibok Local Government Area of Borno State last weekend, have been killed in an air raid, with support from ground troops of the 7 Division, Nigerian Army, sources and residents have said.

It would be recalled that more than 40 people, including teenagers, were killed weekend when suspected Islamist militants, otherwise known as Boko Haram,attacked three villages in Chibok,razed down houses, shops and vehicles before carting away foodstuff and livestock.

Vanguard gathered from reliable sources that with the quick intervention of the military on ground and airstrikes, over 70 of the terrorists, who were fleeing towards Sambisa Forest after the onslaught on innocent villagers, were killed

A resident’s tale

A resident of Korogilim, one of the villages that suffered the deadly attacks, Mr. Joshua Yakubu in a telephone call,confirmed the incident, which he said took place on Sunday morning. He said the terrorists, who were moving in a convoy, were attacked by military operatives while attempting to flee after their deadly mission in three Chibok communities.

The resident said: “I want to inform you that we are happy with the gallant effort displayed by the military for quick intervention which led to the killing of dozens of terrorists who wreaked havoc in our communities over the weekend as almost all of them were wiped out

“Initially, when we started hearing sounds of explosions on the outskirt of our villages, we thought the end of the world had come. We later confirmed that the explosions were from troops targeting fleeing terrorists that attacked and killed many of our people.

“I was among those that took courage and visited the scene of the
bombardment yesterday, where we saw many dead and mangled bodies of the terrorists lying on the ground and hanging from tree branches and shrubs.

“In fact, they were more than a hundred dead bodies. The food items they looted during the attacks were scattered all over the scene. People are trooping in to see things for themselves.”

Confirming the killing of the terrorists in a text message yesterday, Director, Defence Information, Major General Chris Olukolade, said: “Yes, it happened.”

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  1. beegeagle says:

    SPLENDID OUTCOME. They have reaped their just reward.

    Air support remains a matter of RED LETTER importance in COIN operations. It is our area of absolute advantage and against these bloodthirsty insurgents, it has to be used in a tyrannical manner.

    • Are James says:

      This one reads more like a well executed ambush using mortars and stand off wespons than an air raid. Very good outcome all the same.

      • ozed says:

        Oga Are,
        i tend to agree with you. If aircraft were involved, witnesses would have seen and heard their unmistakable engine sounds before the booms. The suddenness of the booms suggest at a minimum, high calibre motars or artillery, probably then followed up with a mop up operation by infantry who would have been in blocking positions.

        All this suggests vastly improved intelligence. Either the drones at work, or sensibly positioned special forces observer groups communicating with a quick response reserve of infantry.

        Really nicely done i must say.

      • rugged7 says:

        it’s quite difficult to say, the information is hazy.
        “…hanging from tree branches and shrubs”
        “…100 dead”
        “…mangled bodies”
        What’s the blast radius for mortars?
        Though possible, I’m not quite sure the kinetic energy will leave significant numbers hanging from tree-tops or hundreds dead; if we are talking only of mortars.
        Anyway, as long as they are dead, i have no qualms with the methodology…

  2. jimmy says:

    Lovely the NAF is alive and well.

  3. Akin Oges says:

    Good job guys. More of this. The only language a bully understands is strength. Knock in their front teeth with a sledge hammer. The Good God grant our boys on the fronline His cover of protection, wisdom and strength.

  4. beegeagle says:

    Suspected bomber of Nigerian medical school arrested:police

    ABUJA, June 23 (Xinhua) — A man suspected of bombing a medical school in Nigeria’s northwestern state of Kano on Monday was arrested immediately after the attack, which killed at least eight people, local police said.

    State police chief Adenrele Shinaba told reporters that further information would be released as the suspect was being interrogated. According to him, eight bodies were found at the scene of the blast, while several other people sustained injuries.

    However,rescuers and witnesses said more than a dozen of bodies had been evacuated following the bombing at the Kano State School of Hygiene, a specialized medical institution located in the city’s central business district.

    Although no group has claimed responsibility for the bomb attack,residents of the northwestern state are blaming the incident on Boko Haram, an outlawed sect blamed for thousands of killings and kidnappings in Nigeria since 2009.

    Boko Haram also seeks to enshrine the Islamic Sharia law in the constitution of Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country.

  5. rka says:

    Is there a possibility that Laser Guided Bombs were used accounting for the accuracy against fleeing insurgents and pointing to the possibility of new platforms already being used?

    A distinct possibility I dare say.

  6. rka says:

    An interesting article with comments from Jacob Zenn a beegeagle blogger (although not for a while).

  7. buchi says:

    NAF is back or would i say are back..i can smell upgrades and possible new platforms on the table
    gud work on the BOKOYEYE’s .but as usual they strike back

  8. igbi says:

    kudos to the Nigerian armed forces. We can all see that the moral is high. Keep it up until the boko homos are all neutralized.

  9. Anas says:

    An appointed with satan has been made 4 those 70 shitty homos .

  10. jimmy says:
    Confirmed that some of the girls are in the SAMBISA Forests.
    The f.g. must look into this, it appears there is some dissension in the ranks.

  11. rugged7 says:

    U.S National guard troops for training?? Aren’t those part time soldiers??Of what benefit is 12 people training a 650 man battalion?

    • jimmy says:

      Oga rugged7 .
      For lack of a better word, I am surprised you got a hold of this article,because this article, I don’t believe what meant to see the light of day.Please do not be fooled by the fact that they are called california national guard nor should you believe that these
      12 men is what it means.
      The first clue should come from the fact that the 143 battalion is being built from the ground u p.quite a few from this 650 men
      will wash out.The second clue is something I am even reluctant to
      s except to say as a Nigerian American this is the kind of very d

      • jimmy says:

        Sorry phone acting up
        This is the kind of very dangerous,very lethal aid that I have advocated,trust me these 12 men are anything but weekend warriors.

    • rugged7 says:

      Oga Jimmy,
      Maybe you know something i don’t…
      But even if the U.S “advisers” were the Jack Bauers and half the Nigerian troops washed out- which is unlikely…
      That still leaves a ratio of 1U.S trainer to about 30 Nigerian rangers.
      Qualitatively, that just doesn’t cut it.

  12. beegeagle says:

    I HOPE that both the SSS and the US State Dept are watching the ever alarmist output by Heather Murdock who has most uncharacteristically yet very successfully turned the VOA, normally an organ of the US State Dept, into a platform for the ventilation of her activist proclivities. Every day now, she sounds more like an embedded activist than an objective journalist. And why is she preying on the Jonathan administration? Is he her President? Why is she getting so personal?

    The SSS must not allow this foreign media madness over Nigeria to go unchecked. Those who are undeserving of work permits should have them withdrawn while the said journalist should be asked to leave Nigeria. Everyone is shouting about bad press but is it inevitable?

    THIS same Heather Murdock was deported from Ethiopia over her sensationalist reportage there and it had to do with the conflict between the ONLF and the Ethiopian military. Can’t you see how timid we really get over the simplest of matters? Ethiopian troops are in the Ogaden on COIN operations. Do you hear any of these trashy reports written by foreign journalists emanating therefrom?

    Perhaps I am not crying wolf where there is none. After all, you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. This is no time to play poker with our national stability. Any foreign journalist who thinks the BH crisis is a route to earning a Pullitzer at our expense, needs to be deported to their country so they can watch proceedings from there.

    About time the VOA and the SSS reviewed the patently hostile and unending string of damning reports which Ms. Murdock has been churning out from Nigeria using the VOA as a tool for the advancement of her work as a closet activist while she pretends to be an journalist.

    The USA cannot surrender her VOA Nigeria Desk to the whims of one woman in the nebulous guise of upholding journalistic freedoms, insofar as the VOA remains a vital tool of US diplomacy. It is avoidable lapses such as this which ultimately create needless tensions in U.S-Nigeria bilateral relations.

    Meanwhile, BBC AFRICA are preparing to lay on Nigeria in the guise of a programme called “AFRICA DEBATE” with the topic “IS NIGERIA READY TO LEAD AFRICA?”. It is slated to be aired this Friday at 20:00hrs Nigerian Time on radio. Coming from the BBC , you probably know what to expect…dampener after downer. BBC AFRICA are an organ of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

    Makes you wonder why such campaigns of calumny and brazen acts of hostility never cease to emanate from supposedly friendly quarters.

    • rugged7 says:

      Oga Beeg,
      I noticed the BBC setting up to badmouth Nigeria with their normal borderline racist anti-Nigerian trash talk.
      I gave them a piece of my mind.
      Those M-O-R-O-N-S are constantly pushing negativity about Nigeria.
      I’m all for freedom of the press but i really think the Nigerian government needs to close down the BBC Hausa service, expel all foreign BBC correspondents or give them the “Egyptian treatment”…

  13. beegeagle says:

    YES, the permissive idiocy of the neoliberal flank is what has allowed all the supposedly objective foreign media to flounder so badly on Nigeria reportage. Reporters do not know whether they want to be activists or journalists.

    Hark back to the Civil War era, the BBC actually withdrew the accreditation of a certain Frederick Forsythe for filing stories deemed to have been sympathetic to the Biafran cause. Today and in typically two-faced manner, BBC HAUSA almost sound like the unofficial purveyors of BH propaganda and their trashy, transcribed content is eroding the content of English language programming which gets beamed worldwide. NOBODY is filtering the compromised content of BBC Hausa reportage because it runs in tandem with what appears to be a corporate interest in running down and emasculating Nigeria.

  14. Yagazie says:


    Greetings. An interesting development- It seems that our country is about to hosti a conference – ‘Armoured Vehicles in West Africa’ which will take place between 30 June-02 July 2014 at the Sheraton Hotel Abuja. See:

    • rka says:

      I believe @Henry was invited to attend the conference. Maybe he can confirm and come back with lots of info 🙂

    • jimmy says:

      one surprise to me is the lack of invitation to the South AFRICAN Countries namely S/ AFRICA and Angola. I know it appears it is A West African bent , however with International Sponsorship from JANE. I would of thought they would reach out to the South African Armed Forces.
      However this is a step in the right direction for the DHQ and the ARMY and the Armour ed Division.

  15. beegeagle says:

    PLEASE READ this:


    TOMORROW, Messrs Cummins and Noakes, after impugning the character of Nigerians diligently facing the insurgents, will apply for a visa to come to Nigeria with a view to beefing up their purported expertise. ALAS, Immigration and SSS will allow them in to come and do further reputational damage because we are the goodie-goodie republic.

    The proper thing would be to block such idiots from gaining access to this country as just recompense for their generalised broadsides. Would someone like Jacob Zenn who is a more acclaimed Nigeria analyst make such blanket statements shorn of specifics?

    As you can see, one of our compatriots from yonder easily lends himself to the cause. Weda dem swear for som of dis pipo, I really do not know.

    Our people need to wake up and do their jobs. All these journalists and analysts who are doing reputational damage to the armed forces should be closed out of our space for as long as this war lasts. They are of no use whatsoever to us and would sooner demoralise impressionable Nigerians. When such people apply for visas to come and do what they do best, REJECT their applications. When they are unable to touch base for two years, their claims to being Nigeria analysts of any value gets eroded. They are mostly hollow-sounding retards who just browse the web and think that they get the hang of the story

  16. beegeagle says:

    I am getting reports of bomb blasts at EMAB PLAZA in Wuse 2, Abuja and in some unconfirmed town in ADAMAWA

  17. beegeagle says:

    No need to go the Egyptian way. Just deny all foreign journalists/activists/analysts who are a threat to national cohesion entry visas.They have nothing at stake and do just what they like. Things cannot go on that way. Those who have crossed the line should have their work permits cancelled.

    There is no foreign journalist in Nigeria at this time whose presence advances our national interest in any way. Let them go home and watch from there since they all want to he hackwriters.

  18. Buchi says:

    Dear bloggers some bad news and gud news… There has been a blast in abuja wuse to be precise.. gudnews the airforce has commisioned a fatigue/camo making factory with a capacity of 500 per last some pure uniformity..but am damn mad at this blast in abuja.congrats…super eagles

  19. drag_on says:

    The IED problem is a police problem, we have to start using sniffer dogs for random search of incoming traffic into the city as well as high density commercial areas.
    Oga buchi that is good news,Now we can have uniformity and the people can tell the difference between our troops and BOKO.

  20. beegeagle says:

    Congratulations, Super Eagles.

    Messi carrying Argentina, Enyeama carrying Nigeria, Neymar carrying Brazil… British Airways carrying England

  21. beegeagle says:

    Dem too make mouth abeg, Oga Ozed. Always looking for who to hype….John Barnes to Gary Lineker to Gazza to Shearer to Beckham to Rooney….still empty handed. They know everybody else’s problems but not theirs.

    Before the last ANC in South Africa, their talking drum (you know who) went on and on about “you have to go back to 1994 to recall the last time that the Super Eagles won the Nations Cup”. Somehow, it does not matter to them that the European Nations Cup has been played since 1960 and England, the home of football do not have one win to their name…something which dots on the map such as Greece and Denmark have managed to do.

  22. drag_on says:

    Remember what we said about Anti Aircraft Artillery?

    By Michael Olugbode

    “Suspected members of the outlawed Boko Haram sect on Tuesday night attacked a military post at Bulabulin Ngaura in Damboa local government area of Borno State, killing not less than 16 soldiers, it was Wednesday gathered.
    A soldiers that narrowly escaped the attack while recounting his ordeal to journalists in Maiduguri, said: “We were totally subdued by the insurgents.”
    He lamented , “some of my colleagues were abducted and many others escaped with bullet wounds. Dozens of Boko Haram insurgents stormed our checkpoint at Bulabulin on Tuesday night.
    “The terrorists came in a convoy of over 30 vehicles, mounted with Anti Aircraft guns (AA).
    On how he was able to escape, he said, “I was at the checkpoint when the terrorists came, we tried our best but they had advantage over us. They had AA and we had Ak47 rifles that are not fully loaded. When we realized that they have taken over the place, some of us escaped to Maiduguri and other places but many could not make it…….”

    • asorockweb says:

      “We were totally subdued …”
      “… we had Ak47 rifles that are not fully loaded…”

      Sounds like BH propaganda.

    • igbi says:

      Fake story.

      • Are James says:

        A mistake is a mistake.
        Place enough firepower at the checkpoints. The high calibre AAMGS we mentioned earlier on some other thread here, then let the blood of Boko Haram do our own propaganda for us.
        All this talk about BH propaganda is crediting them with superior psy ops capabilities they probably dont have and casting them into the status of our equals.

      • asorockweb says:

        @Are James

        This is just another rendition of the “anonymous soldier” story.
        We have had many versions of the “anonymous soldier” story.

        From the sound of this “anonymous soldier”, even if you gave him a MILAN ATGM, he will hand it over to BH and say “my AK was half empty”

        Which section of the NA in today’s Borno state would have “AK47 rifles that are not fully loaded”?

        By now, we should be able to recognise fake stories when we see them.

        And Yes, BH Psyops is very good – they know the Nigerian mindset.

        The only part of the story that would be true is that there was a fight in “Bulabulin”

      • igbi says:

        First of all, how many soldiers do you expect to see at a checkpoint ?
        This story suggests at least 50. I don’t know of the existance of such a checkpoint.
        And, how can a soldier be talking under anonymity and yet give away his checkpoint, that definately gives away his identity to his superiors. And one thing I don’t get is why the dead soldiers also have to remain anonymous, are they afraid of a courtmarshal ?
        The “soldier” describes a chaotic scene in which he runs for his life and yet he got the time to count the dead. The biggest hint to the fact we are dealing with propaganda is the switch of situations, here you have the same words and context used by the DDI , but the roles of the soldier and of the terrorist are exchanged. I don’t mean to say i’m smart but you need a working brain to see through the lines.

      • ugobassey says:

        How is it a fake story? or are we now hinting that Media houses are BH sympathizers?

      • igbi says:

        @ugobassy, i have already explained why it is obviously a fake news. Others also gave reasons. And may I recall, this is not the first fake news we are getting from some media houses in matters regarding the boko homos. Now, i am not a psychologist and therefor I can’t give you the reason why some media all over the world tend to do good publicity for terrorists. It seems you are quite unaware of that.
        But still, let me try something : how does the media identify the “anonymous person” as a soldier ? indeed boko haram has been fooling many people lately into believing its homos were soldiers, so unless the media hous telephones the army to know if the “anonymous person” is a soldier it would be virtually impossible for the media house to know that. Therefore, anonymity in this case is nothing more than a fraud. Now possible reasons media houses would be helping boko haram with propaganda are: politics, it sels well or boko haram payed or threatened them, or someone outside the country is pulling the strings.
        I don’t think i can be any clearer than this.

      • asorockweb says:


        The ThisDay media house are not BH sympathizers.

        We are talking deception here.

        Al Jazeera has been tricked, so has VOA and now, ThisDay.

        There was probably a firefight at “Bulabulin”, in fact the check point may even have taken severe losses, but the person rendering the story to the media establishment is a BH operative.

  23. drag_on says:

    The post i made was based on the premise that it is true.I, like most of you, smelt a rat (typical cowering soldier propaganda). However, since i can’t disprove it i placed it here as a reminder of what our military should do,give more fire-power to our boys when they enter a firefight. We should be able to outspend boko-haram in weapons purchase.

    • AreJames says:

      I need to go to the NE myself. Maybe Chibok or Gwoza to confirm what is really lappening.
      I don’t know what to believe anymore.

    • ugobassey says:

      My ogas lets be careful not to fall into labelling every BH win as ‘propaganda’ :we do so at the risk of not learning from the mistake that led to the loss in the first place.

      • AreJames says:

        This one might actually be propaganda but don’t tell me it is BH doing everything. There are people making political mileage out of every incident to cast the govt in bad light as regards the management of the war. Some other people in the media are frustrated about the pace of the war and want the govt to do more by pressuring them with “pepper stories” and then there are the out and out political boko haram who are not connected with the boys fighting but have sympathy for them and are fighting the media side of the war for them. On second thought now, for a combatant soldier to desert a checkpoint firefight (which was what this ‘soldier’ admitted to) in which he lost colleagues and phone in this pathetic story to newspapers is pushing it a bit..let us be honest.
        Small curry dey inside.

      • igbi says:

        let us also be carefull not to call every boko propaganda a “boko-win”. Because then we would be falling into the boko homo trap. If you have proof of the veracity of that obvious propaganda then please provide. Ohterwise explain why you call it a boko homos win ?

      • Augustine says:

        Very important warning from you sir, not every Boko victory is propaganda, many middle level officers in Nigerian army have been killed, we see photos, full name, and ranks in R.I.P Obituary from Sirius Black, or that one too is propaganda? Let us separate the truth from the falsehood and get it into our heads that Nigerian army is in a stalemated war until proved otherwise.

      • igbi says:

        @augustin, you are a clown untill proven otherwise. Although all well meaning people do agree that increasing firepower for the troops is very important. But still augustin, you are a clueless conspiracy theorist clown.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga drag_on, as I have said, we cannot expect to have same firepower level with Bokos and expect victory. Nigerian army infantry should be firing ammunition from 20mm to 40mm caliber equipment to win this war and reduce our casualties, need to out-range Boko in engagement is essential, kill them before they are able to kill you.

      • ozed says:

        Guy lets not over do this range argument, otherwise very soon infantry will be carrying 122mm rifles —Lolz
        Dont forget most combat since WWII has happened at average ranges of 300m. Even in sambisa forest, or any other savannah in the world visibility is hardly more than 300m (remember o-level geography — grassland with short trees, shrubs and thorn bushes) except you are on higher ground.

        So small small abeg, long range equipment does not make up for incompetence in tactical planning or execution.

        My own tuppence is that that story sounds pepped up. But some people on this site just love bad news. You never hear from them when there is something to celebrate, only when there is a fiasco (real or imagined) to lament.

      • CHYDE says:

        @Augustine, In response to your comment where you said and i quote ‘Very important warning from you sir, not every Boko victory is propaganda, many middle level officers in Nigerian army have been killed, we see photos, full name, and ranks in R.I.P Obituary from Sirius Black, or that one too is propaganda?’
        Well i happen to know a young officer (Names Withheld) a captain, we were very close family friends ( my parents and his parents were very close) who was killed in an ambush in the Nasarawa incidence, and his picture appeared as one of BH’s victims. That my friend is FAKE NEWS, it was very painful to see his picture and some know it all LYING about the circumstances surrounding his death.

      • igbi says:

        @chyde: who told you your friend was “FAKE NEWS”, how do you know where and when he died ? And why are you not giving his name ?

  24. Augustine says:

    I mean Oga Ugbobassey….Very important warning from you sir. Some people love to live in dreamland and abandon reality.

  25. AreJames says:

    The writer of the story actually attached his name, so it easy quite easy to phone him and get him to confirm who his source was. My major problem with the story is all the unnecessary anecdotal stuff about desertion and the soldier ‘sobbing’ as he was relating the story to them on phone. All these have subtracted from the credibility of the story however the urgent need to have higher calibre longer range firepower for our patrols and check points is not in any way diminished

  26. Augustine says:

    The story of 16 dead soldiers at a checkpoint is funny, na whole platoon dey for check point? Next, no close back up? A check point is usually close to a mini-base at least. Funny story, but punch newspapers also carried it

    True or false, still points to the poor firepower and zero capability in early warning enemy approach detection of Nigerian army, abeg make our army go meet Senate now, ask for :

    Anti-Material rifles with 2km range to demolish Boko vehicles from distance.

    This is in addition to the 40mm, 30mm, and 20mm automatic man portable multiple grenade launchers we have been kneeling down begging for here aince the past two months now.

    Also, the man portable radars for detecting approaching Boko vehicle columns.

    As long as there is no garrison, we have to live with civilian casualties in our towns at random from rampaging Boko vehicle columns. However, the car bombing in Abuja is back, SSS and DMI please make us happy again…get those masterminds.

    We need CCTV camera for the whole of Abuja, the ones installed for hundreds of millions of dollars are said to be faulty, rain water damage, poor protection….that is what we hear.

    • Are James says:

      The anti materiel rifle has a massive recoil as expected. This system is useful for public building and checkpoint protection due to its being able to destroy incoming vehicles from 2km away by trainer snipers.

    • asorockweb says:


      The link below is on the same topic, but with photos; not sure the photos are relevant though.

      • OriginalPato says:

        From the link, I see mostly spare tyres, cobras and land cruisers, no hescos, MRAPs, nor NVGs or were other items supplied but not photographed.

      • asorockweb says:


        I am not really sure the vehicles were supplied by the US.

        If you take a closer look though, you will see MRAP-type vehicles in one of the photos, just out of focus.

      • Are James says:

        Please look again behind the rolls of hoses and ladder, something looks like HESCO there
        Also, I am sure some very high quality flak jackets, user friendly radios and sat com handsets must have been donated. Interestingly they gave us more Otokar Cobras and the proven but annoying gun mounted double cabin trucks we have been using in the NE but no Humvies. These suggests it was more of a give us a list and we buy for you kind of thing. I have seen some mean looking Humvies mounted with heavy calibre weaponry in the Niger delta with the JTF, not one picture of any actually deployed in the NE. Are we really serious about this BH war?.

  27. AreJames says:

    Nobody should beg me, I am really going to the Northeast myself, the disinformation and speculative reporting is becoming unbearable. Best to check out things myself.

  28. Augustine says:

    igbi says:
    June 26, 2014 at 1:24 am
    @augustin, you are a clown untill proven otherwise. Although all well meaning people do agree that increasing firepower for the troops is very important. But still augustin, you are a clueless conspiracy theorist clown.


    Well, 95% of your comments on this blog in the past 3 months show that you have more insults to sell than bright ideas.

    @Igbi, you need to prove that you are not either of these two…

    1. A man who needs urgent medical help deep inside his cranium
    2. A secret Boko Haram sympathizer and enemy of Nigeria

  29. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Ozed thank u sir! We shouldn’t try to replace the duty of the airforce with that of the infantrymen manning those check points! Imagine how many check points we have to get heavy caliber weapons for vis how many composes them and their ability to secure those weapons! Bros, we need better situational awareness and not JUST heavy weapons! If them BH show up without them knowing, the result will still be the same! We must have a perpetual present over the skys of the NE and relay info to those on the ground in real or near real time!

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