25 June, 2014

On Monday, June 23, 2014 in the Aguiyi Ironsi Cantonment, Brigade of Guards headquarters, Abuja, the United States Government transferred to the Nigerian Army non-lethal transportation, communication and force protection equipment in support of the Nigerian Army’s battle against terrorism.

According to a statement from the US Mission in Nigeria, Major General Ibrahim Sani, Chief of Army Transformation and Innovation, received the equipment from General Linder on behalf of the Nigerian Army. He said the equipment will enhance the operational capabilities of the Nigerian Army.

During a courtesy call on Army Headquarters, Brigadier General James B.Linder, Commander, U.S. Special Operations Command Africa, was received by Major General John A H Ewansiha, Chief of Army Training and Operations (CTOPS), Nigerian Army Headquarters.


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  1. beegeagle says:

    Okay, I see olive-coloured Otokar Cobra APCs, Landcruiser gun-trucks configured as such and what looks like NAVISTAR vehicles – are those trucks or MRAPs? Dunno since I do not have the full-bodied view from here.

    Well, notice that the Americans have always donated TOYOTA LANDCRUISER trucks – in Mali and Yemen for instance -and not HILUX or anything else. We are the ones who like to cut corners and put ourselves in harm’s way pursuant to our unclear pursuits. Perhaps we were looking for the cheapest available in a country where defence spending appears to be anathema yet we expect outcomes?

    Anyway, the ONE distinctive feature between our Landcruiser trucks and these ones which came from the USA is that the US-supplied ones come with BULL BARS. So we shall know them when we see them in the field. NONE of our own pre-owned Landcruiser gun-trucks which some right-thinking brasshats correctly ushered into service about eighteen months ago, possesses any bull bars.

    Like I conjectured rightly in a comment posted elsewhere at the time when news of the imminent transfer of U.S-supplied equipment first broke last week, FORCE PROTECTION equipment is permissible in lieu of non-lethal aid. So uparmoured Hummers, APCs and MRAPs fall within this bracket and could fathomably still come the NA’s way.

    I welcome this U.S gesture. Again, the doers are separating themselves from the talkers. Long live U.S-Nigeria DEFSEC cooperation and diplomatic relations. Thank you and stay the course.

    Expect to see the Chinese replicating this feat. They are after all, one of the partners in the ongoing CTCOIN effort, alongside Israel, China, France and the UK. The Chinese also make presentations of lorries and 4WD trucks such as this across the continent, most recently in Cameroon, Zimbabwe Ghana and Senegal. Who knows, with Nigeria…the biggest elephant in the African room, that could include WZ 551 APCs and BigFoot MRAPs.

    Lately, they presented US$6.5m in materiel to the ZDF…not to mention practically building the Zimbabwe Defence College for free. A few years ago, Sierra Leone also got a US$6 million consignment of 122mm artillery pieces.

    Even a modest US$25m outlay intended for Nigeria, we could see about 12 WZ 551 APCs and 24 BigFoot MRAPs plus 50 4WD trucks and a few hundreds of 12.7mm and 14.5mm HMGs coming the NA’s way.

    While we are at it, FG, step up efforts at buying your own gear. Nobody wins a war by offloading freebies alone.

  2. Captain says:

    While i appreciate this gesture in the fullest, the idea of non lethal aid is questionable. Providing equipment for force protection alone is an outrage for a noise making ally, bt all the same its a welcome development

  3. Max Montero says:

    The Boko Haram threat has made the US look at your side of the planet these days. The Nigerian government should make use of this threat to get US support in any way possible. They may not give the best arms due to their own policies, but even non-lethal equipment like better transportation, communication, rescue, and protection equipment are vitally important for the Nigerian armed forces.


    • bigbenjy says:

      I wonder how king Jonah gov ppl like freebies too much,well I wish we all open our eyes and c reality Nigeria is run by d world bank and as always he is a figure head .

  4. toondey says:

    I’m not impressed with the show off donations, its time we stop massaging this western ego. “Non lethal” they say I do not believe we will get any MRAP. The US spent about 50billion dollars on about 27,000 of them and reports show that they have started redistributing them to various county police and SWAT teams all over the US. “Non lethal” is that what is given to Egpyt, the saudis. Please let us spent our money where required. We re not that poverty stricken in the land. Make dem no dey take us shine abeg. Let us compare what we get from the chinese to what we get from them even if we want to spend our money nothing of note will be sold to us.

    • Are James says:

      The US will not give you lethal aid to fight an internal counterinsurgency war and rightfully so. They have to hedge a little, what if there are human rights abuses?, what if all your military institutions really fail and the rag tags overthrow the government?, won’t they want good relations with the new government? – i am not even going to apologise for throwing that in.
      If pride does not preclude us from asking for American lethal air to fight these 5000 odd light weapon wielding young men, then we deserve that kind of insult. The defence budget should be made high enough to buy what we want, some states in Nigeria already have more armoured vehicles deployed for the police than we have in the North East. Why are we not serious as a country?.

      • rugged7 says:

        Oga Are James,
        This type of “non-lethal” U.S aid to Nigeria is complete BULLS****
        Compare with so-called “Non-lethal” aid to Egypt, Saudi Arabia,Qatar, etc; some of these countries are even the greatest human rights abusers and sponsors of terrorism in the world. Yet the U.S offloads 5th generation fighter jets, drones,IFVs, etc to them.
        Anyway, i don’t blame them…Nigeria is giving them opportunities for all this rubbish insults.
        The U.S should quit pontificating on it’s high horse.
        They give us scrap and expect us to bow down and worship them; because we have a beautiful black tan….
        A middle finger to that.

      • CHYDE says:

        @ Are James., i am truly amazed by your statement, How can you be talking about US giving us Lethal aircrafts? We’ve been through this over and over again on this blog. IT WON’T WORK, or were you suggesting they come in and raid BH hideouts, that wont work either judging the history and geopolitical nature of Nigeria (Northern Nigeria in this case). Though i am thankful, i am not really impressed and like beeg said, we should star buying our own equipment .

      • bigbenjy says:

        In Iraq today we who have been there and seen first hand will know that funding two sides in war is good for business and as every day I pay my respect to my friends who died in an bar province of iraq ,but what guys don’t know is this nothing on these planet is not known by the west BH is part of ISIS look it up but on standby they are having a major training centre in sudan ,but nobody want to say because our security apparatus is full of agent or informant and traitorous ppl.we have to wake up now and build our home our country and believe in our ideas to create prosperity for every fellow country ppl

    • Triggah says:

      @rugged 7 …it is called ‘AID’ That means it is free. Don’t be greedy

  5. camouflage1984 says:

    They would do better with the Malians!
    Are we Mali? We put ourselves in this beggerly position!

  6. Augustine says:

    No harm in taking free gifts, if it is non-lethal, we can make them lethal. I did not see America on the list of Cobra APC users, so how come?

  7. toondey says:

    The number of officers following the US guy around sef dey vex me.

  8. Akin Oges says:

    I believe this peaccock display we see with this non-lethal donations may be directed at us on this Blog; trust the Yanks, nothing go past their notice. They are following this forum like stringently, taking notice of our strong but well articulated views. It could be the case that they are saying: “our hands are tied by the Leahy, but take these”.

    Again, it appears the NA told them what they want, and the Yanks resourced according to the shopping list. I implore the NA, next time, please behave like our Navy, ask for substantial hardware – behave like our phat buttocked market women, ask for the big price, and let the man tell you what he can offer; at the end you come through with a plump smile smacked on ya face. Anyhow, I doff my hat to the Yanks, dem try small.

    One little thing though,please stop the public pummelling, it is having opposite effect. By all means tell our folks what they have done/doing wrong at the background with the strongest tone possible. A good friend does not show up the faults of a playmate in the market place; what’s the benefit of making him look stupid? Only belligerence and loss of trust can be harvested from that.

    In any case, this kind of COIN crisis is new kid in the block; everybody learning their way through sweat and blood and perfecting the process. Ok, perhaps those managing that sector on our behalf were a bit relaxed in the past, but there is a get up and go mindset now, seen the popular outcry.

    To the Yanks I say more of this: a friend in need, is a friend indeed. Stand with us at this hour of challenge, and we would remember our friends when the fog settles.

  9. Henry says:

    Thanks to the U.S government for providing tons of pick-up trucks we already got hundreds of. Instead of these trucks, the U.S should instead have donated more NVGs and communications equipment.


    The DSS carbine Oceloot2006 was trying to I.D the last time out wasn’t the MP5 like was widely suggested, but the GALIL ACE carbine.

  10. beegeagle says:

    Mek una take am easy abeg 🙂

    This is a mere diplomatic and military gesture aimed at showing solidarity with our armed forces at this time. It was never meant to be an intervention to end the war – on the scale of the WW 2-era Lend-Lease Program. Nor was it meant to be a boatload of assets enough to usurp the FG’s role in equipping the military. The FG should play the lead role in rearming our armed forces.

    This US gesture is no different from the interventions in lieu of aid such as USAID undertake in HIV prevention and control, malaria, rural water supply and education. It does not make it their duty to do so neither does it remove responsibility for same from the govt.

    Heck, Nigeria even donated money to the suffering victims of Hurricane Katrina. Does it mean the USA are beggars? That is diplomacy. No need to get hot under the collar. The FG can still run its own acquisition programme in tandem with this.

    Let us paddle our canoe and take whatever comes to us on the side as a boon which we can use.

    • bigbenjy says:

      Beegs look it up Syrian rebels with a powerfully Us supplied weapon TOR missile as part of non lethal aid to fight Syrian army not to talk of NVG sniper rifles I mean every weapon to fight on land was supplied to the islamist in Syria.these truck were never deployed for battle because d US army will never use it and here d do it in Nigeria world biggest dump site

  11. beegeagle says:

    Chief Agostinho, how now?

    Perhaps the USA want to intervene in a not-so-obvious manner. So they chose to acquire Turkish-built Otokar Cobra APCs which are already in service with the NA.Perhaps they are wary of stirring up anti-American sentiment in people who are sympathetic to BH, something which could further endanger US interests.

    It would be recalled that during the UNAMSIL era, they similarly trained five Nigerian battalions for deployment on PKO to Sierra Leone and paid for the acquisition of 67 units of factory refurbished and upgraded MT-LB tracked APCs. Yes,same MT-LB…a Russian system.

    Not to forget Afghanistan where the USA paid for the supply of dozens of factory refurbished Russian Mi-17 helicopters to boost the CTCOIN operations of the Afghan National Army.

  12. beegeagle says:

    So, so on point, Oga Akin Oges.

    As the man behind the console, I can tell you for free that big hitters in the U.S State Dept, AFRICOM and the European External Action Service follow this blog on a thread-by-thread basis EVERYDAY.Who can blame them? This is a priceless home-grown but world class resource which offers unofficial but exceptionally well-grounded views on developments and possible roadmaps in our DEFSEC sector. Are our own DEFSEC Ogas also not following proceedings here?

    Anyway, you have hit the nail on the head. At least, they reacted swiftly when we made them realise where and how they drop the ball in our bilateral relations.

    And yes, I did state earlier on as well that our American DEFSEC partners and their official support systems should be taciturn in public and outspoken at the roundtable. We called out Ms Alice Friend of the State Dept and Ms Heather Murdock of the VOA on that score. Their unending bouts of verbal diarrhoea are an impediment to healthy US-Nigeria relations. They should be told by their minders to SHUT UP. This is not a market women’s conclave for sure. Can’t they just zip it and quit fraying nerves all over?

  13. beegeagle says:

    BTW, are those weapon stations that I see atop the big vehicles in Pic#4? And what is that..a Navistar MRAP or a lorry?

    American Oga, Admiral Max do you have any ideas?

    • max montero says:

      Not sure brother General Beeg…but drag_on might have been right, looks like a Navistar 7000 to me.

      In my opinion, the US provides because there is something it needs from the receiving country. All Nigeria has to do is play along because it doesn’t need to lose anything – pride and all. It may have been related to the US’ support to take out the Boko Haram. NA is even luckier…the Philippine Army has only been receiving used M35 2.5ton and M939 5ton trucks till now…well except for dozens of Iraq veteran armored Humvees it received recently.


  14. drag_on says:

    I believe this is the Navistar we got.

    Not this


    Truth must be told, BH seem to have lost the ability to mount infantry attacks on large cities and now seek out remotely located areas and engage in city bombings.

    First move, we need assets to locate or help our intelligence agencies to locate BH. Where are our MB33’s and Albatros? Are they only for the expos?
    On the defensive side we need helicopters for rapid response to attacks on remote areas. Nothing wrong with using light helics armed with a few rocket rounds. That way, our helic pilots are ALL active.

    We need a presence in Chibok,transform it into a fortress. We need to draw their fire and resources to one area so that we can secure the rest. Be it Chibok or Sambisa. Since they seem to be attracted to that area (Chibok) we need a large heavily armed infantry unit with under-barrel and auto grenade launchers, IFVs with HMGs and trucks armed with AAA,recon/sniper units and mortar as well, all stationed there.

    If we can concentrate their attacks then the NA can encircle/ambush them. A few long range artillery units is an added bonus. Chibok should not be a no go area.

    As for the bombings the police should do the needful,more policing and they should use sniffer dogs. We can’t keep allowing them to hit Chibok before we retaliate.

  15. beegeagle says:

    Yes o, Oga Tim. It would make a great weapons platform for 14.5mm-23mm cannons.

    In my book, this Navistar armed with twin 14.5mm AAMG sits square behind a Sagaie or AML 60 and in front of a BigFoot MRAP during convoy travels. Add to that, a merciless and tenacious gunner

  16. Obix says:

    Interesting! If this is true, then it means more “lethal weapons” have really been deployed. :)- Mysterious snakes, bees attack Boko Haram in Sambisa Forest – http://www.vanguardngr.com/2014/06/mysterious-snakes-bees-attack-boko-haram-sambisa-forest/

  17. Tope says:

    1. The United States OWES nothing to Nigeria, we can grumble from now till tommorrow that is the truth, they will and know we are capable of defending our country and that is why their intel teams have repeatedly asked for our Soldiers to do more.

    2. While the West may be spewing Propaganda I wont want them to stop, we may not like it but if its the only way to light fire under dis lazy humans called our leaders so be it, I expect my friend to stand beside me yes! But he should speak objectively, since when we on this blog have spoken n have been ignored whose fault is that? If they had dotted the is n crossed the tees do you think we would be here? We all admit they are not doing enough n were caught unawares, the USA has tried its best, we NIGERIA must fight our battles pls, we can do it so why seem as if we cant? But I agree the lies n insults must stop but the issue is we keep giving them more ammo for insults…..lets be PROACTIVE than being REACTIVE.

    3. Many acquisitions in Nigeria has slipped pass SIPRI and IHS Jane n odas n even us in this blog so wen USA carries pick up trucks who knws wat else they brought? Wat has the UK brought so far? FRANCE? Isreal? Lets commend them n wait, more will be deployed, but if we want weapons lets Forget IT, let us BUY.

    We should be following up on the 1 billion dollar procurement money has Ministry of Defence released any statement? I dnt knw about you but the man has been too too too quiet which I find strange.

    • Captain says:

      I have personally been scrubing the web and “physical sources” for a lead on what the $1 bil would bring in bt seem to end at a dead end! They military top brass should do well to publicize (with some restriction though) the gizmos on the table for consideration rather than shore up another outrageous acquisition. Bt all the same knowing the secretive nature of those guys, am day dreaming!

  18. Deway says:

    Thank you USA. The platforms provided are not bad at all. They are heavy duty vehicles and they can do some work. But this is the critical question: How will the Nigeria army use these assets??? What kind of weapons or systems will they be thinking to add onto them to increase fire-power and lethality? We already have enough troop carriers and utility pick-up vehicles. The use of these new ones should be maximized to the letter. Make dem no dull us o!

  19. sele says:

    I think the US Govt have tried and we should stop looking a gift horse in the mouth. They could have decided to do nothing if they wanted.

    • toondey says:

      Well I preffer they do nothing rather than use us as charity project for the whole world to see. We need to assert ourselves and create our own path. We should quit being lazy and stop seeking validation from some certain quaters or else we will never be respected or taken seriously.

  20. jimmy says:

    NAH WAH FOR UNA O! OGA TOPE OSE O( thank you) OGA PECCAVI where you dey omo DOZIEX I know hear from you O!
    HAH wetin ? A friend in need is a friend in deed . I just do not get it I must be BLIND someone on this blog even alluded to the fact maybe we should send the ” stuff back” we are not a Charity case”
    Here is the reality check:
    Nigeria is A CHARITY CASE when it takes THE F.G. 4 years to start procuring weapons , the PRESIDENTIAL AIR FLEET has more Sophisticated Equipment on board than that of your AVERAGE NAF fleet then Nigeria is a charity case.
    They submitted a list to the Americans which DID INCLUDE communication equipment , They got that by the way if you use that said communication equipment to call in air strikes has it now crossed the line to LETHAL AID ? as Fela will say I wonder where this people dey go?
    OGA BEEGEAGLE Please help me thank my American Brethren and my European Cousins for the trucks and the Otokar Cobra that were given to us for ” DASH” ah them dash na so OUR TORY BE OH! just to butt in sideways since you forgot to mention I am willing to bet a case of HENNESSY that unlike the ones we bought they most likely have 4 wheel drive, ….. they probably have something else on them that I will not disclose it here…… see they did not buy the cheap variety for us unlike ourselves.
    America does not owe Nigeria one DAMN Kobo especially when the OLORIBURUKU ASETANI OMO ( no I will not translate it ask your yoruba friends) who hold on to the purse strings do not feel it is important enough till their Multi million dollar mansions in ABUJA are attacked.
    Maybe we should ” beg the right people / sleep with the right people ” so we can spend $100 Million to buy the helios that we ordered since 2013 that are still on order .
    This is the reality Nigeria needs to buy their own equipment BY THEMSELVES FOR THEMSELVES. Iraq is in chaos , LIBYA is in Chaos they are both not even close to shipping out their oil quota as a result OIL IS @ $114 / Barrel . Nigeria foolishly pegs her EARNINGS @ $75 / Barrel Someday when this boko nonsense is all over there will be payback, Because I am tired of a govt who has the money , keeps collecting even more money , but has demonstrated that they will NOT SPEND the money on the one thing they desperately need to SPEND IT ON: SECURITY/ DEFENCE namely HELIOS AND AIRCRAFT!!!.

    • Naijaseal says:

      You dey vex o. Lol.

      U.S don try, we should buy things and not wait for handouts and cast-offs. E do abeg.

      • jimmy says:

        I know I apologize to all the cyber GENERALS for going off :(X
        I am thankful to the Americans as a Nigerian – American who believes both countries really need to work respectfully with one another. I just want Nigeria to get away from nauseous dash mentality.
        Please hold the Emails knowing the people I know and also just accurately estimating how much Nigeria makes and the lack of a true sense of urgency when it comes Military Procurement is truly baffling.
        Our Neighbors who used to “Soil their pants” when Nigeria barked at them ,now bark at Nigeria ( Uganda, Zimbabwe Next up E .Guinea?. This is the frustrating part:” we want to kill the messenger” but we do not even want to read the letter let alone understand the message!

    • rugged7 says:

      Those arrogant, wannabe, demi-god Yankees can go hug the nearest transformer…
      Nigeria is NOT their charity case for them to be insulting us and “dashing” us scrap in the same breath.
      They can go 2 hell. For equal measure, the brits can go to hell as well.
      Our security budget analysis shows that we have some major work to do on recurrent expenditure…

      • Martin Luther says:

        There is an old saying that goes thus;

        “A king shall have good roads to facilitate his escape”

        So on the day of recon, were would you be? safe or in the mouth of the beast?

        I know you already know the answers, or don’t you

      • Martin Luther says:

        Therefore, if our priority is safety, we shall kill the beast but if it is good houses and fat pockets, we shall be in its mouth I guess. What good shall it profit us all if we gain the world and sufferer the loss of the lost?

      • jimmy says:

        Oga rugged much respect for your comments .I respectfully want to thank for yourcomments and the data base that you provided.I also would like to point out what you said about major work needs to be done on expenditure. Looking at pie charts we see a gradual to more capital expenditures not salaries, we honestly need a three to four fold increase. Most of what is being bought right now is not on any ones books I.e.or un logs or sipri logs. Whe we tell the people who are dashing this equipment to go hug transformer, and we have the money but we refuse to buy it ourselves who is going to protect our soldiers. Do you how shameful it is ? If not for this blog and front line soldiers reading it, those land cruisers you saw would instead be thin skinned toyota hiluxes .One of my personal trucks has more horse power and will not get stuck in the mud of the ne.This is my grief ,my anger. 6 helios won’t do try 60 helios then the f.g .wants to ensure that boko haram has a no drive zone.The most dastardly thing is Nigeria has the financial capacity to buy it but lacks the political will to do so. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

      • asorockweb says:

        Oga Rugged7,
        There’s a slight error in the numbers:
        The 6 Mi-35 gunships are budgeted for xbillions of dollars – it should be millions of dollars

    • doziex says:

      Oga Jimmy, sorry O.

      But I am only MIA, because I am tired of talking about the same thing.

      All I really want to talk about, is how we can replace all our useless politicians.

      From top to bottom.

      The buck stops with them, and they have more than proven, that they are not Nigerian patriots.

      We mindlessly come up with these leaders, and then wonder why we are so badly governed.

      I know this is a defsec blog, but the right responsive political leadership, will solve all our defsec woes in a few months.

      we simply have to ask, who did the best job and showed the most promise over the last 8 years in Nigeria ?
      The answer without a doubt is Governor Babatunde Fashola.

      He is a proven leader. Nigerian needs to make him our next president. No tribalist , religious or sectional excuses is necessary, JUST ELECT THE BEST MAN FOR THE DAMNED JOB.

      I am tired of making excuses for poor leadership. I am also tired of Nigerians that make excuses for poor leadership.

      We missed our chance with the late Chief MKO.

      Governor Fashola is the man to lead Nigeria out of this mess. Our number 1 problem is leadership. So, let’s find a way to nominate and elect the best proven leader.

      That’s all I got to say.

      • ozed says:

        Old boy softly with the campaigning. Like you said this is a defsec blog.

        If we dont draw the line somewhere, there will soon be a deluge of people who feel just as convinced as you do, convincing Jonathan to run, and pleading with Tinubu or Buhari or Kwankwaso to contest etc.. i hope you get what i am alluding to.

        Lets try and stay with the program!

      • Are James says:

        Thanks @ozed for.keeping us on track. After all everyone here agrees that when it comes to running this country nobody is better for that job than @AreJames himself.
        Anyway what were we talking about?.. yes the Yankee donations.

  21. asorockweb says:

    I don’t think the Otokar Cobras are part of the gift.

    The items in the “gift” have a particular color scheme.

    The Otokar Cobras are pre-existing equipment for the Brigade of Guards

    • asorockweb says:

      Most of the stuff on the tables are spare parts and air filters.

      It’s a token gesture to say “the American people are with you in this ‘Chibok girls’ crisis”

  22. beegeagle says:

    So what is the hoopla about FORCE PROTECTION? If gun trucks such as uparmoured Hummers and Landcruisers fall within that bracket, so should APCs and MRAPs.

    • asorockweb says:

      I guess “Force Protection” is not “Protected Mobility”.

      The gift also tells the American people “look, we the US government are doing all we can to help free the ‘Chibok girls'”

  23. asorockweb says:

    Oga Beegs,

    Can we make the graphic linked below to show up on the site?

    It’s important that people understand our military budget and how it compares to “other priorities”

    For instance, the National Assembly has a bigger budget than the Army.

    Courtesy of Rugged7

  24. ugobassey says:

    No doubt there are some US ‘haters’ on this blog and that’s ok…but ogas need to understand that American ideology is based on: ‘we don’t mind lifting you a hand but the heavy lifting is up to you’. With that said, Nigeria can afford to buy (even produce) lethal weapons if our so-called leaders had their head straight. The gesture is commendable….what other way does a country show friendship?

  25. peccavi says:

    Una dey tire person sef.
    You think the Us is going to come and wipe your ass for you?
    Enthusiasts talk about equipment
    Amateurs tactics
    Professionals logistics
    Or in the modern doctrinal parlance; Sustainment

    What you see above is the US intervening and filling gaps that we don’t have and do not seem to know we don’t have.
    As I have said repeatedly, we have everything we need to win already in Nigeria.

    However COIN is a logistics nightmare. I you study counter insurgency you will see that in addition to innovative tactics the successful counter insurgents got logistics right, in fact got it perfectly right.

    We keep hearing of soldiers calling for help,we an integrated communication system, then comms and information can be passed no just up and down butt side to side (hopefully that makes sense)
    Force protection: the enemy keeps overrunning posts and getting into bases. From photos and experience, FP in Nigeria is poor. Without seeing these goods (hopefully Hesco) they are again what is needed to harden positions and increase soldier survivability. Helmets, body armour etc are all non lethal goods
    Transport, to keep troops supplied over the long distance you need trucks,lots of them with good off road capability.

    The benefit of Nigeria is that very few policy makers inn the US understand the country, thus alot of decisions are deferred to people close to the scene.
    These are good moves from the US.
    More to follow, its up to us to me best use of it

  26. Augustine says:

    Gentlemen, I worry much about Nigeria’s world famous ‘Military Might’ that is now in doubt..

    Poor communications
    Poor logistics
    Poor force protection of our own bases as NAF and NA have been invaded by Bokos at random
    Malfunctioning heavy equipment, shortage of ammunition for troops, expired jet fighter bombs, Very slow or totally absent response to distress calls in battle, i
    Inability to reinforce at a distance
    Blah blah blah….all against ordinary Boko Haram.

    What will happen if Nigeria is at war with Algeria or South Africa? All of una go run to Cotonou go hide….abi?

  27. ugobassey says:

    Amen to Ogas Peccavi and Augustine.

    • doziex says:

      As a Nigerian- American, I have a different perspective.

      US largese to AMISOM made the mission a success period. Not to discount UPDF and Burundian sacrifices.
      I just feel that US should adopt a more mature policy vis a viv Nigeria.

      Whether it be MEND or BH, they should partner with NA separate from the polithiefs in Nigeria.
      As they do with Egypt, the philipines, Pakistan, turkey, greece, Columbia, isreal ,Saudi Arabia and many others.
      Since the americans already have a policy of helping nations like Nigeria, counter the likes of BH, then the much needed max pro MRAPS in Afghanistan should be offered to Nigeria, provided Nigeria pays for the transport from Afghanistan to NE Nigeria.

      I would readily admit that US disgust at our political class and their lack of any morals makes it hard to deal with Nigeria. But truth is, they are dealing with us and our oil anyway.

      So we have to do all we can to remove these do nothing parasites from office.

      Proven leaders like, Gov. Fashola, Gov. Ukpabio , Gov. Mimiko, and Gov. Amaechi should be allowed to come to the fore, and lead us out of this mess.

      • ozed says:

        Oga Doziex,

        Those guys you suggest for presidency have to even make it through their various party primaries dont they? Or are you asking us to join political parties and produce those candidates for Nigerians to vote for?

        You also imagine that a good Governor will automatically make a good Head of State, but sadly that aint true. In Nigeria, Governors are dictators who answer to no one, while the head of State is probably the most criticized, most watched and second guessed position in Nigeria, constantly checked by the Legislature, the Judiciary, the press, civil society etc.

        Most of our Governors would face impeachment proceedings for high handedness if they made it to Aso Rock.

        Anyway, like i said above, this is a defsec blog, there are several fora for political arguments, lets preserve this only effective def sec blog we have for def sec and at most def sec relevant economic discuss.

  28. Manny Aydel says:

    Gen Beeg and other cybergenerals, thanks for these nice and incisive comments. I think we should also add the diplomatic perspective to this discourse on hardware. What are we doing? How are we using soft power to get compliance in this war from Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Chad and Cameroun? We have seen a great improvement in the response of Cameroun (if I’m right, that is) and Chad seems to have been on board from day one but how do we sustain their commitment? What about getting the rest to respond appropriately? Where are the funds, personnel and weapons for BH coming from? How are we tracking / blocking/neutralising them? Methinks battlefield engagements alone won’t diminish these guys o!

  29. Nnamdi says:

    When some of us dey knock our military brass hats hard, no be say we dey less patriotic but we only can’t rationalize some illogicalities.

    On the matter at hand, I prostrate to thank the US very very much for them gift. No be dem fault at all, na as we place ourselves dem take see us finish.

    While some of us keep making excuses for obvious incompetence in our procurement style, I present to you this link to see what Iraq experience is. Please note their likely time of reaction which is not stated but can be guessed right to be less than six months at the maximum to acquire 4G jets which our people are taking 3+ years to acquire. This is a sure proof of lies, insolence and incompetence in our re-equipment efforts.

    Sometimes maybe bad things need to happen to quicken responsible people to respond responsibly. If that’s what’s required for my country, God help us all.


  30. Manny Aydel says:

    Distinguished Doziex,
    I seem to have a different opinion on your thesis regarding those to lead Nigeria out of ‘this mess.’ For me, if you have not had a military career, you should not aspire to rule this country. Look at the history of Nigeria since independence–the country has been prone to violence and it is seemingly unrelenting–so if you haven’t served in the military, you shouldn’t aspire to rule this nation. If GEJ had a military background, perhaps this Boko nonsense wouldn’t have lasted this long. My two pence.

    • Are James says:

      Agreed. There is a clarity to the thinking of some one with military background that helps them in the of discharge business and political roles. On the other hand over-civilianisation makes everything slack, slow, decadent, ambiguous and unreliable.

  31. beegeagle says:

    I still think an offer of 200 uparmoured Hummers @ a unit cost of US$50,000 would go a long way. We can buy that. Honestly, when I heard news of the imminence of this transfer, the ONLY THING that came to mind was UPARMOURED HUMMERS.

  32. ocelot2006 says:

    Hmmm…..Thank you sha. But I doubt we may recieve any MRAPS or hummvees anytime.

    Btw, notice the American soldier is Special Forces (SFOD-Alpha/Green Berets). Makes sense as we properly have some American instructors at the front line.

  33. jimmy says:

    There has to be a shift of strategic National defence interests.It is becoming very apparent to all concerned that the no1. destination for hard core fixed financial interests from China is Nigeria.
    As far as Africa is concerned China rates Nigeria as the No.1 Destination. There has to be a change in mind set that begins to actualize and priorotize that on the part of the three Service Chiefs namely the COAS , CAS , CNS, and most importantly the CDS
    How can Nigeria like a massive ship turn in the middle of a epic” 1000 km voyage turn and head in the opposite direction.” What can China offer Nigeria military wise that the west refuses to do?
    These type of tough questions need to be answered, When this boko haram CRISES ENDS and it will end then what? will the west then like a banker offer loans to a millionaire that are not needed?
    What happens when an administration comes to power that decides that defence procurement is a priority? Please don’t laugh we had an election in Ekiti State that went against everybody’s expectation if it can happen in one state it can happen in another.
    Back to my point when trade between Nigeria and China hits $20b a year what will be the mind set of our defence people? It is no longer far fetched to say the token gift of a a mini sub cannot become a reality in less than five years this will likely happen.
    China is set to donate A Frigate to Nigeria this year Comparisons between this frigate and the US coast guard vessel will be inevitable, What happens when one ship comes “stripped ” and the other ship comes ” bristling” what will be the mindset?
    I wanted to leave the NSA and the Minister of DEF out but I will not they are both Western educated and both have extensive ties to the west, for now these are the cards in the” WEST HANDS FAVOR”. What happens when we start sending our youngest and brightest to Beijing rather than “West Point” or “Sandhurst”

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