PARIS, July 1 (Xinhua)

French President Francois Hollande on Tuesday denounced Boko Haram’s recent attacks in Nigeria,stressing that such “despicable acts”will further boost the international community’s cooperation in fighting terrorism.

Hollande held talks with his Nigerian counterpart Goodluck Jonathan to review their joint actions to locate hundreds of schoolgirls abducted in April by the Islamist cell and to help release them.

The French president also reiterated Paris’ support to Nigeria, Niger,Cameroon and Chad to crackdown against terrorists in the region, adding that a regional information cell had been set up and was expected to strengthen the fight against Boko Haram.

During their phone conversation,Hollande expressed solidarity with Nigeria after fresh terror attacks hit the capital Abuja and targeted churches in the village of Chibok in northeastern Nigeria last week.

Since its formation in 2002, Boko Haram has killed about 10,000 people. The group has killed about 1,500 Nigerians since the beginning of this year. In April, the militant group claimed responsibility for the abduction of 276 schoolgirls during a raid in Chibok.


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  1. ifiok umoeka says:

    Dividends of French Ransoms! I will keep asking Mr Hollande to help if he wants to help! How? Pull all French men from the reach of BH, that way, they wouldn’t have to pay ransom. A few VABs, VBL, VBC 90s and ERC 90s as well as Super pumas will not hurt them. Put ur money where ur mouth is!

  2. ifiok umoeka says:

    With tons of spares

  3. tim says:

    As if we don’t have the money to buy I ourselves……..awuf, na in go kill nigerians

  4. Are James says:

    I actually negatively suspect this government’s orientation in any negotiations with European gov’ts. I suspect they give too much away in terms of sovereignty and national pride/security in return for free stuff. All this to prevent doing the necessary spending on defence that the league of business men we call ‘government’ do not think Nigeria deserves.

    • bigbenjy says:

      Our gov are full of traitorous in redeemable bastards.who are selling their birthright for fiat wealth

  5. ifiok umoeka says:

    Bro Tim, the surge in BH activity can be traced to the ransom they got from the French btw last year and this year! Thus, they are partly to blame! Is it too much to ask that they off set what they partly caused? That does not in anyway preclude us from getting ours!
    By the way, what is the latest on the super pumas they were to upgrade for us! If u talk the talk, walk the walk

  6. ifiok umoeka says:

    When that deal was going on, we knew about it! Have u heard any gov official even mention it, much less issue a disapproval or even ask for concessions? Of course it was in the French interest but those deal may have resulted in hundreds of dead Nigerian! So who will now care about Nigeria’s interest if our own gov are not concerned?
    Finally, when Saddam was lobbing scuds @ Israel in Desert Storm, Israel had the capacity and capability to respond but that mix would have brought down Bush’s coalition and the US persuaded Israel to stand down! Well, they persuasion was tangible if u know what I mean. Increased aid money, patriot systems and other defense related concessions! So,wouldn’t that be the right thing to do instead of all this STATEMENTs and CONDEMNATIONS!

  7. ugobassey says:

    Well lets hope the tide is beginning to turn against extremist Islamic groups world-wide:

  8. beegeagle says:

    On April 27, 2013 at 2:58 pm, BEEGEAGLE COMMENTED AS FOLLOWS:

    (…) Like I said once before, I did see an online report about plans by the Ukrainians to sell three large transport planes to Nigeria. It was reported in 2008 or 2009. Any leads on those yet?

    Again, the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs I, Prof Viola Onwuliri visited Ukraine in August 2011 and a MoU on defence between Nigeria and Ukraine was signed. Do we know the details of that yet?

    • Are James says:

      Can somebody explain why medium lift transport aircraft are the priority for Nigeria now?. And why are generals just won’t leave this “peacekeeping commercial business” and concentrate on acquiring combat aircraft and land weapons systems to secure Nigeria, protect her citizenry (including our girls) and send the right message to budding insurgent groups and countries threatening our territorial integrity?.

  9. ozed says:

    Well if they were ordered in 2008, it might be tough to cancel the orders now. Just the outcome of our usual poor planning and threat analysis.
    At least this one no be Govt fault, a lot of this damage is self inflicted by the military leadership!!

  10. rka says:

    If indeed true, we do need heavy lift capability along with other assets, so i am all for it.
    You can’t have a mobility Command without the required heavy lift assets to move heavy equipment and troops about on deployment quickly and efficiently rather than contracting out or asking (begging) other airforces to lend their heavy lift aircrafts.

    Tanks, APCs, IFVs, helicopters etc can be moved about more efficiently from one part of the country to another or indeed to other countries on deployment.

    • Augustine says:

      Let us see NAF make good use of what they have now for transport, NAF that cannot move and drop paratroops in emergency to help a town under attack. C-130 carries 64 paratroops. Mi-171 terminators have not been ferrying troops for rapid response ops, so I just don’t trust NAF anymore until they prove to have changed for the better.

      This Boko war in the last 30 days looks like the giant of Africa has no air force.

  11. ifiok umoeka says:

    Gentlemen, b4 we go out of our way to lambaste this purchase (if its true), need I remind us that one of the reason why this campaign has lasted this long is that we took to long to deploy when the state of emergency was announce! How long did it take us to finish deployment? If we need to rotate troop with equipment on the scale of Oga Peccavi suggestion, them go trek go? Oh, I 4got, we have thousands of hilux pickups…in desert camo.
    Abeg, if it true (though I wish we had made it 6 instead of 3), this is one piece of very good news. Like its said, pros think and talk logistics!
    My only worry is if Ukraine has the capacity to fulfill the order!

  12. Are James says:

    This acquisition is not supporting local COIN. It is significantly improving Nigeria’s capacity to deploy and support other countries in deployment for UN peace keeping operations all over Africa and may actually double how much we make in terms of dollars from these operations which are currently not well accounted for. I am not scared to say all these.
    I concede the orders were placed some time ago but why these aircraft are being serviced now in terms of financial backing at the expense of high tech ground attack bomb and strafe platforms is not fair to God and man. Our involvement in UN peacekeeping operations should also be stopped immediately. People in the MOD have to painfully taken out of their relaxed comfort zones into the reality that we have which is that we are bleeding precious civilian lives through mass murder by a foreign backed sect of murderers and we need to solve that problem first.

  13. Augustine says:

    Is this AN-70 transporter an urgent need for NAF use against Boko Haram? We have about ten units of C-130 and G-222 transports already. Buying long range transport when NAF has very few helicopter gunships to hit Boko Haram….funny country Nigeria if this AN-70 story is true. Misplaced priority.

  14. ifiok umoeka says:

    @ Oga Are james, how do u mean, ‘…not supporting local COIN’? That is the only aircraft in our fleet (when delivered hopefully) that can conduct heavy lift like move MRAP/MRAV, 2 coys of troops or heavy store @ once! Like I said, had we had something like this, perhaps this war would have ended! By the time some battalions arrive @ theatre, BH had escaped cohesively to regroup! If we intend a surge, these beast are a must have! I keep saying, its not an either or, we need all departments in our force up and running!

    Oga Augustine, pls can u tell me how many of our ’10’ transporters are operational and of these how many are available @ any given time! Just as we need, attack and assault copters, COIN and MRCA, ISTAR asset, we need light, medium and heavy lift capability! Whether we like it or not, the is a price u pay when operating old platforms. Its called MAINTENANCE INTENSIVE! If I were calling the shots, some of the C130 and G222 we spent time and money on would have just been retired, not because they were not redeemable but because as the damage had already been done, it would be too expensive to return them to serviceability (including operational and maintenance cost).

    Every thing has a shelf life and once it goes past that, the law of diminishing returns sets in! That is why we need procurement policies that address what, why, how much, how many and how long! After that, we need to ask the same about it replacement!

  15. jimmy says:
    Interesting piece of information . About the AN-70 OGA OBIX do you have any info on that?
    As far as GORDIE is concerned is he trying to light a fire under our ARMED FORCES ……. hmmmm.

    • Augustine says:

      Big bros Jimmy, I said last month that…na cunning crafty style anglo wan take put small base on your soil.

  16. jimmy says:

    The death of a soldier knocked down by a bus is causing MAYHEM ON THE STREETS OF Lagos and someone in authority needs to bring this to an end really quickly.

  17. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Jimmy, them still de do this kind thing? In this age and civilization? Why not arrest the culprit and grant him his day in court! Abeg, this na distraction

    Oga Are James, cool blog, good info! However, add to the Kfir engine disadvantage of being a turbojet, its weighs over 1.7tons as opposed to more modern engines! It size also affect space for internal fuel and it life span is 1600hrs! I keep wondering how it would perform with the J10’s engine! Then that FBW again and the non moving canards!

  18. Eugene4eveR says:

    Maybe some geniuses plan on using the AN 70s to drop Daisy Cutters on the Sambisa Forest. End of Boko Haram I laugh in Alumo Bitters induced stupor

    • Are James says:

      LOL… Daisy Cutters, who will sell you that even ?

      Obama to GEJ: “I cannot even begin to think, about how to imagine, planning to consider, selling daisy cutter bombs to Nigeria. Please ask for something a little more probable…”..

      What is happening here is a professional slant in the NAF leadership towards transport aircraft. It is such a bug mistake and mis application of resources that words are better left unspoken. Let events take their natural course.

  19. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Augustine, while I do agree with u on the public knowledge thing (even Switzerland had 2 vote on it, though that on na extreme case), no airforce worth it salt will induct a virgin aircraft, definitely if its ur main combat aircraft! The point is that, they should have put 2gether a requirement and called for a transparent bidding process (which they did to an extent and didn’t follow through) while looking for a stop gap! Remember, the F7s were stop gaps! Its just that @ that time, better options existed that they refused to follow because OBJ thought it was the best, Chinese money, strategic diversity and all! To make matters worse, we went for a handful and couldn’t even get 2 squadrons!
    I’ll keep saying that the kfir has her points and we should explore integrating her sensors, weapons and systems to what ever platform (except the kfir) we intend to acquire! If its the J17, we need to explore getting a better engine for her! Personally, I would prefer a SU 30/J10 combo!

  20. igbi says:

    The Nigerian air force like any military force in this world has the right to state secrecy.
    Moreover, no one here was elected as the guy who should tell the Nigerian Airforce when and where to reveal its arsenal. The US airforce has many state funded secret air crafts.
    The Nigerian air force has never been seen to be corrupt,it has always been a verry professional force. Even though some would like to call our gallent men names and blackmail them into doing what he wants. Let the rearming of the Nigerian air force go on.

  21. igbi says:

    We should fight corruption and not make accusations as a way to blackmail.

  22. ocelot2006 says:

    Sure….more talks. No new combat assets, no new welfare package for the troops and cops in combat. Just more……talks. impressive.

    Btw Oga Beegeagle, how do I post a youtube video? The Skynews report on the Cameroonian BIR campaign against Boko Haram makes them look way more serious about the BH threat than us. But hey, our military brass and politicians keep burying their freaking airheads in the sand. Abeg I’m tired.

  23. Oje says:

    Who dey talk about secrecy ? what did the NAF buy that requires secrecy? B-2 BOMBERS?

  24. bigbenjy says:

    Hmmmmm……my post are being deleted wondering y?

  25. jimmy says:
    It is a little head scratching to say the least that in the even whereby a designated terrorists group both by the EU, British govt, UN and the US suffers crippling losses BBC refuses to report it. The attack near Chibok ( June) where they were encircled and routed ditto the attack on Thursday and the stupid god given reprisal attack by them has not been reported by BBC.

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