General David Rodriguez, Commander U.S AFRICOM

2 July, 2014

Nearly three months since Islamic militant group Boko Haram kidnapped more than 200 Nigerian girls, the U.S. has reduced the number of surveillance aircraft that are looking for the missing girls, said U.S. Africa Command spokesman Benjamin Benson.

Africa Command has shifted surveillance aircraft from the search effort to other missions, said Benson, who could not say how many aircraft remain committed to the search for the missing girls, citing security concerns.

The command assigns aircraft to missions based on operational need. “In the case of the support to the Nigerian search, we have not pulled ISR [intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance]from this effort prematurely because of competing requirements,” Benson said in an email to Military Times.

The U.S. flies unmanned surveillance aircraft from bases in Niger, Djibouti and Chad, he said. “AFRICOM supports a range of security missions, including surveillance, counterterrorism, bilateral security engagements, and counter-piracy,” Benson said. “All activities are conducted at the request of partner nations and in close coordination with governments in affected regions.”


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  1. Augustine says:

    Boko Haram has grown to become master of hide and seek. Stealthy enemy, only tactical infantry ‘grid map’ combing will find them. Else, trail them after their attacks as they return to base. Nigeria needs to answer stealth with stealth. Sri Lankan strategy will only work if we know the enemy’s location.

    After this war we should buy a cheaper aircraft to do the RAF Sentinel job in future, if we had such ISR aircraft and drones, the foreigners would not have stepped on our soil.

    We should send them home now before they turn our land to temporary base and claim a share of victory when we finally win…..British military claimed glory for ending Sierra Leone war, about a battalion of Nigerians died, how many British soldiers were killed? They said their decimation of West Side Boys won the war because they used helicopter gunships Nigeria did not have. How did we use German Alpha jets but could not use German MBB 105 helicopter gunships as we had 24 of both, total 48 units. Why did we not buy Mi-24 Hind then and use them?

    If we have standard military equipment for modern day needs, we won’t be pushed to small corners by the west.

  2. Kf says:

    Soldiers burnt vehicles in lagos. There are ample video evidence. The army says it was done by area boys. Insurgents attack armored brigade headquaters in damboa. The commanding officer from taraba and 12 service men are dead. We are told 53 insurgents die with no pictorial evidence. We are all patriots and wish the army the best in the coin theatre but we are not sponges either and we will ask tough questions. Please keep us in the loop and RIP to our soldiers

    • Nnamdi says:

      Unfortunately, events of recent months have proven clearly that Nigerian military is grossly overrated by the public. Worse is that her worst enemy is herself. I have stopped blaming the politicians when the destruction the military does to herself is worse , more criminal and compulsorily hidden.

      I have come to accept it as circumstantial to identify with them by virtue of my citizenship; which calls for certain dispositions. But same dillemma also warrants that ever right thinking person would think alternatively from this dysfunctional group. Loyalty is not stupidity. If you think differently, go ask natives of Chibok.

      Every month after, the military has maintained a good and consistent record of downside. Only some 3 months back, it hit it’s worst public perception point ever in known modern history. Thinking a self respecting institution will carefully and meticulously repair its highly needed public approval in light of its current anti- insurgency warfare will be duly done, last week’s show of shame by some barbaric hordes in Army uniform in Lagos is a violent kick at such fragile effort – if at all it existed. This indiscipline went on for hours and was tending on every social media with lot of evidences, yet like usual response to distress calls by victims of Bokoharam, nobody acted to curtail it early. Hours later, a supposedly learned general with his “red-neck” and epaulette decorations running almost to cuff of his sleeve and hardly a space for breast button in a sea of medals for various only-gods-know campaigns have the temerity to insolently look into the camera and unintelligiently lie branzenly to the general public that who they saw in uniform causing chaos were “area boys”. Isn’t that stupidly incredible?

      Later, I had to truly agree with the lying general. After all he simply owned up to running an army of “area boys” which he’s a general. Isn’t it the same message the US military and congress has been passing across that our soldiers are simply glorified “area boys” who they can’t work with as professionals ? Think Odi, Zaki Biam, and numerous other theatres in very recent times where they have proven to be “area boys” class military. Isn’t it an “area boys” class military that can’t still explain till today how 200+ girls got missing in an area under its close watch? “…Sambisa forest is so vast…” …have you sat back to rethink the metal laziness in that silly excuse of incompetence? Yes, its so large, but the locals living in there know the tacks and who is where. Any band of “area boys” can as well take photographs of troop movement and post them to show they are “going round in circles”. Thanks for the pictures, please bring back the girls sooner!

      The military is her own biggest undoing. She must conduct herself professionally. Nothing less. Then over things fall in place.

      • Nnamdi says:

        Oh! Somebody has already done justice to my sentiments here:


      • igbi says:

        it seems you think we are currently playing a football match ?
        you are a clueless dude trying to demoralise the soldiers who are making every sacrifice, big hypocrit.

      • igbi says:

        if your comments are helpful, then boko propaganda is super helpful. Insulting the guys who put themselves between us and the terrorists.

      • Nnamdi says:


        As expected, the resident troll stumbles in. Your stupidity is so damn predictable, and of course everyone here knows it enough. Let me ask you, are you the younger brother to Musiwa on Nairaland? Guess you are his SS1 student cousin. Go and read for your semester exam and get off matters that are beyond your juvenile limitations. Mind you, it’s my only and last response to you. I suffer no fool.

      • igbi says:

        everybody can take a look at your comments altogether, you make boko propaganda look like a patriotic song. Mind you, boko-homos might soon start publishing you comments on the first page of boko homos magazine : how to think like a terrorist and call yourself a patriot.

    • igbi says:

      You can always go to the north-east and see for you self, the army is not known for broadcasting images of dead people, they leave that nonsense for the terrorists.
      And if I recall, you also have no evidence of the demise of soldiers, but that you believe. And to finish with, taraba is not in the north-east and it is 5 dad soldiers, not 12, and nobody said the commanding officer was dead.

      • igbi says:

        about the commanding officer, I will need confirmation from Major General C.O before anything.

    • igbi says:

      give me the name of a soldier who burnt a bus. or is it just that the guys wore khaki ?
      Learn what the word evidence means.

  3. Buchi says:

    Lol I cnt stop laughing after all the noise..they realise that they never were serious with us..they jusy wanted to hype their poor credentials at coin(sorry to say dat)
    Feeling dat this was a holywood movie.but still I believe it can be done….our girls will be back and we will wim this war….this just goes to show dat we should never depend on the west for help totally inovation and improvisation should be the way out while cautiously looking east.

  4. triggah says:

    Nigeria is screwed!

    • ozed says:

      Then why stay one single moment more? Pack up and move to the UK, US, or even Ghana. Go on, run off to an easy place where they indigenes have done all the hard work.
      How did you think all those countries got to be the way they are today? by giving up?
      Well that’s how you sound to me.
      And if you say that expression does not mean you have given up? Well it sure sounds like you are encouraging many people if not yourself to give up.

      Statements like these just make me sick!!!!!!

      • igbi says:

        the guy will soon tell you he said that to help Nigeria, I sometimes wonder where such defeated psychologies are coming from !
        We are at WAR for god’s sakes !

      • igbi says:

        I believe you have started to understand that some people come here to do propaganda for the enemy, willingly or not, and they claim that they are helping. My question is who are they helping ? I hope you are watching them Oga beegeagle, some boko homos are embedded here.

  5. drag_on says:

    After all the insult the U.S. through their representatives and CNN gave us for not finding the girls in a few days,they are running away after months of fruitless search with the most sophisticates reconnaissance platforms.

  6. jimmy says:

    Good luck to the men and women who seek to join the Nigerian Army.My hope is for those who are chosen to make it a better place.

    • Augustine says:

      My Senior Oga Jimmy, I agree with your hope and pray along. Also, I salute those boys signing ‘death warrant’ at the recruitment centre ! To get mind join army inside war !

      Please give this young boys modern infantry weapons and self protection equipment, please President GEJ I beg you in the name of God !

      Automatic multiple greande launchers, rifle attachment single shot grenade launchers, man protable ground search radars, Gatling guns from Russia or China.

      Oga Beegeagle and all Gentlemen in the house I want our army to buy 1,000 units of Gatling guns for all infantry Platoons….

      Make special order from Russia or China…Boko Haram will die like chicken !

      • ozed says:

        Well Oga Augustine, regarding the boys braving the downpour, —- i can only say than God some people are braver and more motivated than you.

        What are you trying to do? Demoralise the guys joining up?

        Do you realise that if you did this in the UK during WWII, you would be lucky to be thrown in jail. In WWII Russia or Germany, you would probably be shot.

        I think we shouldnt play with dangerous stuff. dont say online what would wouldnt say on radio.

      • igbi says:

        this is what augustin had to of new army recruits : “I salute those boys signing ‘death warrant’ at the recruitment centre ! To get mind join army inside war !”.
        Ask yourself whose side he’s on, read all his comments, he is one of them!

  7. Augustine says:

    Russian Gatling gun, light weight for one Nigerian soldier to carry…


    Russia has several other versions we can use to kill Boko Haram like chicken when Nigerian soldiers are outnumbered in combat, watch this one …


    • Solorex says:

      Looking Nice for combating swarm attack with AK47-typical Boko haram Style,however it opens the operator equally dangers of small arm fire and RPG. My take is that we should eat plump juicy,fleshy toad-if we ever get into toad eating business- I still strongly believe we should have good reckon and be bombing them from the air before they ever get close.

      Upgrade 50 of those cobras with with remote weapon station (RWS)with IR tracking sensors and digital tracking system that sees threat ( vehicles/men) in the dark,classifies it and engage them at the press of a button while searching for visual feedbacks-greatly minimizing wasted rounds,guarantees safety of operators. There are systems with Laser dazzlers that can target your face and bling you temporarily for hours-enough time to be sure whether you are boko or not. Some also carry grenade launchers.

      We need to step up greatly to a level where Boko haram cannot match up. 2 APCs with grenade launchers and RWS will shred dozens of Hiluxes within minutes at good range ( up to 5000m even before they get close to dismount. Visual feedback system can actually tell you precisely how many people you killed.

      I believe that our BTR 3 came with something similar -no body seems to know why we are using old Shilkas to defend barack when we have those. BTR 3 turret system is designed from ground to accept input and control from Optical location systems.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Solorex, I don’t see Gatling gun anywhere in Nigeria, not even on BTR-3U and it is not one of the standard gun options for BTR-3U.

        Also be patient and view the first video again in full, the Gatling gun is fully retractable inside a vehicle and the video commentator says the manufacturer can fit the Gatling gun on many types of armoured vehicles and that includes MRAPs, so how does it expose the gunner to the enemy? Is there any equipment in this world that does not expose a user to danger? Hide in a submarine and you are exposed to anti-submarine weapons.Fly at 20,000 feet above sea level in a jet fighter beyond human eye view and you are still exposed to anti-aircraft missiles.

        Those who do not want to be hit by enemy don’t go to war, they sit at home sir.

        Gatling range is about 1km and out-ranges all Boko AK-47 rifles twice over.

        Gatling rate of fire is 6,000 rounds per minute and out-guns all Boko 14.5mm heavy guns ten times over

        Gatling is a game changer and master of close range combat. One soldier with a Gatling gun will pin down 50 men carrying AK-47 riflemen if they are on opposite sides of a firing line.

        RWS is remote and needs a TV camera monitor inside the command vehicle, that is one nice but expensive venture I don’t see Nigerian army going for unless miracles change their current drift and government is willing to pay.

        Oga if a weapons is good, let us recommend it. I didn’t just wake up to this Gatling gun one day, I been researching on it for many days now. I don’t see any close range infantry machine gun in the whole world that can beat the Gatling series in firepower. Thanks bros.

    • Eugene4eveR says:

      Quick visa to Boko Haram Paradise

  8. tim says:

    You all on this blog don’t know anything………..chibok girls are not existant!!! Ahead ahead

    • Solorex says:

      @tim:Enlighten us Sir-Are all those parents crying on TV and granting Interviews rented? if they are not existent why can’t anybody come up with a concrete proof?

  9. ugobassey says:

    Ogas lets not forget that DHQ is ‘leading’ this operation so the US, UK or France can only play a secondary role. its quite possible that the Americans aren’t allowed the freedom to dictate strategy which in turn can lead to frustration hence the need to relocate their assets to where they believe is needed more.

    • ozed says:

      My guy you are working really hard to justify their failure. If only we gave our guys same benefit of doubt.

  10. Augustine says:

    Well Oga Ozed, do not turn my statement upside down. Even a 17 year old who joins army in war time when Infantry is the name of the game, knows that he is signing register to die for his country.

    What is wrong in that? You think the boys signing up do not know? A soldier’s oath is an oath of death when required in defense of his country. Your drillers tell you to ‘zero your mind’, you know what that means? Remove fear of death, if you think about staying alive as important, you cannot be a good combat soldier. That is the fact.

    Why should my statement discourage anybody among those youths? They know what they are signing for even if I don’t tell them, they are not fools now. Why do we Africans dislike truths and facts? Oga Ozed please show me where in Nigerian law my statement is deemed to be a criminal offence that sends to jail. I await your proof of that.

    They are braver than you too unless you are on the frontline as at today shooting Bokos.

    A top command level Nigerian Navy Admiral already said what I said a few months ago published in newspapers while addressing naval men in public when he told our naval men to be prepared for death, why did the law not arrest the Admiral? People on this blog should educate/inform themselves to a moderate level and know what is going on before coming here to post comments, many people seem not have a good reading culture and that is what it takes to talk in public.
    Oga abeg leave childish sentiments aside and let us face reality. Thanks.

    • ozed says:

      Oga no one is debating their bravery or the realities of combat, which is why the most respectful and responsible thing to do is to encourage them, pray for them or at the minimum maintain a decorous silence.
      If you doubt the penalty for attempting to de-moralise military men at a time of war do a bit of history research on the internet. (Or even attempt harmless jokes on the men of homeland security at any US airport when they are searching you and see what Uncle Sam will do to you)

      As for me being brave enough to be on the front line, well i don’t know how old you are, but i am way older than the maximum age for enrollment. Maybe you are not, but then again that would probably explain some of the views you express on this blog.

      Do have a great day.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga ozed, go challenge the Navy Admiral that publicly said what I also said, and stop picking on me since you know war-time laws and psychology better than a top Nigerian Navy Admiral, go challenge him abeg.

  11. Solorex says:

    @ Chief Augustine, I actually did not put the retractive nature into consideration and like you said, every weapon exposes the operator to a level of danger(Naturally), in addition it is fully manual ( does not require any specialized training), relatively cheap and readily available of the shelf. It will provided instant improvement in fire power- if they are inducted enmass-they can confer immediate advantage during every encounter. To be realistic, your gatling gun is much within reach and probable for the Nigerian Army much more than my RCWS. However, let us not forget that Boko Haram Operates truck mounted AA guns with equally good range and decent rate of fire( 1200 rounds per minutes @8,000m range for both guns-larger rounds).Actually my reason for recommending RCS is not much of firepower but that of accuracy

    I have always believed that to quickly wrap up this issue, we must up the game to where Boko haram cannot match technologically. Boko haram needs to be surprised one day, as long as they keep raiding barack and losing 50 foot soldiers while killing 5 military personnel ( with lots of civilians on the way -i guess) they believe they are making progress ( at least the sheer audacity makes headline- they don’t have recruitment headaches and don’t have earthly pension plans or soldiers welfare to worry about). If they attack with 300 foot soldier and fifty trucks one day and not even one-person goes back alive to lie about results and help brainwash new recruits- the attacks will stop for a long while. I still do not think a RCWS with operator station,IR cameras,the screens is something too big or sophisticated for the army- we just need to decide how we intend to fight this war.

    I am not sure about the exact specification of NA BTR 3 UN, but the standard version comes with dual axis stabilized turret firing 30mm rounds and taking control input from “Shkva” module- meaning you can easily upgrade with IR targeting system and still get a somewhat decent RCWS type weapon-Not with the fine definition i described earlier though and would also be deficient in the number of rounds carried for both the main and coax guns.

    • Kay says:

      All good and stated. It however irks me when they release little to no extra info or pics (when or after they arrive) It took Iraq just under 3 weeks to go from no SU25s to having over 10 more or less. For here, it’s like they’re still waiting to pass the contract through a ‘middleman’ so he too can get a chunk of the funds before anything happens.
      It’s terrible because BH still seems able to launch attacks without any form of air interdiction available.

    • Deway says:

      Oga Are James. I will approach this piece of news with skepticism. It is not the first time we hear stories like this only to be disappointed later over what is termed “new equipment to defeat boko haram”. There has been many stories of new equipment yet troops are still carrying rusty AKs with a complement of 4 mags max, using light machine guns that jam as against BH AA guns mounted on pick-ups. This is what really decimates our troops, and this is where the airforce should have helped out.

      • igbi says:

        So the equipment we saw on nairaland doesn’t exist ?
        We all know that our armed forces are getting new eqipment, that news is for those who haven’t been following, you perhaps.

  12. Augustine says:

    My 3 Ogas Are James, Kay and Deway. I hope this new incoming army equipment is not just the MRAP and APCs we have already seen in Sirius Blacks photos. What of the superior firepower modern guns and enemy detection equipment we have been crying for here? Any hope for those? Also any hope for Army fully owned helicopters gunships squadrons?

    Still secret, but okay at the early stage to be secret, but when you sign contract, let us know, it is the people’s right in democracy to be told how you spend public’s money. The day you use a new weapon the enemy knows you have it, you cannot use secret weapon twice and still be secret. The countries we are importing from also know we are buying them, only you and me remain in darkness.

    I have looked at the whole known Nigerian Army arsenal and their is NOTHING praise-worthy there apart from Bofors and Palmaria artilley guns….finish. The rest are out-dated and obsolete or just too low fire power. Nigerian army needs about $ 5 Billion of new modern equipment in phases spread over 5 years to become 2014 standard as a modern fighting force to reckon with.

    • Deway says:

      I hope they see sense in 2 important things you mentioned: superior firepower & enemy detection. These will surely go a long way.

  13. drag_on says:

    Army kill boko kingpin.


  14. bigbenjy says:

    Woow…..101st reserve unit destroyed over d weekend on damboa Borno state .what a shame

  15. peccavi says:

    Well Gatling guns look nice but spare a thought for its ammunition consumption. How much ammo will you carry? How do you resupply it?
    Again let me reiterate, you are fighting men in tshirts and slippers with AKs, their largest weapon is 14.5mm and RPGs. So why do you need tanks and all this nonsense. We complain about pickups as if its not pickups that BH are using?

    As per the Us, well what did you expect? WE refuse to do the right thing but we want foreigners to come and save us.
    The only way to recover those girls is to negotiate, pay a ransom, release some prisoners. that is all.
    I said right from the beginning, every country that jumped on this #bringbackourgirls bandwagon had a strategic objective. The only country that didn’t was Nigeria.
    The US has covered an important gap in their Sahelian IPB, they have got a good pattern of life and background picture of a portion of West Africa. They will feed it into their plans and carry on with their tasks. I said from the beginning we have a finite window to make use of their resources, instead we are speaking grammar.
    The task force is still there, the UK and France are stepping in to cover the US assets. However they will reap the training and intelligence benefits, rather than sneering at them (considering it is our citizens that are missing) we need to ask again how are we using the products they are generating?

    • Augustine says:

      Nigerian can afford tons of Gatling bullets Oga peccavi, it is cheaper than the life of the Colonel and his 11 soldiers killed by Bokos 2 days ago.

      Something is very wrong about Nigerian army Vs Boko Haram firepower balance.
      I don’t see 50 Boko men with Ak-47 walking through the hail storm of 6,000 bullets per minute of a Gatling gun operated by 1 or 2 Nigerian soldiers.

      You can vary rate of fire on some Gatling guns by selecting lower options like 2,000 rounds per minute. Mount Gatling on our fastest APCs, and Toyotas, as well as for close contact combat for defending our bases.

      • peccavi says:

        I disagree.
        The cost of the bullets are one thing and the attitude ‘that we can afford it’.
        Is ridiculous. Everything has a price. A Helicopter is more valuable than an infantryman, its not nice but its true, thus even in war there are cost benefit analyses.

        But as I said, at that rate of fire you are drinking bullets, you would need a personal helicopter to truck to keep you resupplied. It is not a practical weapon system

  16. Are James says:

    Does anybody have precise details about the rolling sequence of battles taking place in Borno? The pace seemed to have ratcheted up throughout the last week with BokoHaram suffering hundreds dead and many captured?. Is this part of a final mop up exercise by the army or just their reactive responses to manic attacks on NA facilities by BH?.

  17. Triggah says:

    This blog have started degenerating into a place of quarrels, insults and cyberbullying, Typical of everything African. Now some individuals prefer competing for who’s the COCK OF THE ROOST than proper analysis, Leaving the matter on ground and start attacking you. This is very unpleasant and quite a put-off.
    You know what you know, dont try to force your knowledge on someone else.

    • ozed says:

      My guy no vex. i know i may have sounded a bit harsh on my reaction to your post ( i.e. where you said Nigeria is screwed!).
      But look at it again with a calm mind and tell me if that is not defeatist? I mean if Nigeria were screwed, why would all the intelligent (yourself included) busy guys here be bothering to make contributions on this forum. If all of us expressed similar sentiments, this place would not be a forum for analysis, it would be a place of lamentations. Hehehehe

      However jokes apart, read my reaction and note that i stayed away from any insults on your person.

      Finally i actually have a view that the average Nigerian (and i dont mean on this blog) is way too cynical for our own good. There is room of course for constructive criticism, but we spend way too much time lamenting the bad sides and too little time celebrating the good news. This means our future leaders grow up with a negative perception of the Country. Is it then a wonder when they get into leadership with a view of ‘everyone for themselves’?

      Anyway this last part is just my opinion and it may well be wrong. But in conclusion, no vex, take what i said as friendly correction and jump back into the fray. We are all trying to make the defsec segment of Naija better.

    • Augustine says:

      Someone has come to this blog to call other bloggers Idiots, Stupid, Fish Brain, Madman…etc

  18. beegeagle says:

    Oga Igbi,

    Over the course of the past two weeks, I have sat quietly and majorly irritated whilst you pushed the boundaries of the permissible and broke every decorous precept on this blog for reasons best known to you. Every other thread has been derailed as you tried to bully my esteemed commenters, exhibiting traits of extreme belligerence and hypernationalism while trying to determine what passes muster and is politically correct.

    Be it known to you that what you have been up to over the course of these past two weeks is unconscionable and absolutely reprehensible in concept and execution. For God’s sake, you had the temerity to call someone an idiot on my blog? Lawd…that was the abyss itself.

    For the avoidance of doubt, I am the SOLE moderator here and I have no co-moderator. What that means is that it is NOT AT ALL your place to help me determine what is good enough for these pages. As you can see, your unsolicited attempt at helping me to moderate this blog, has us poised perilously on the verge of TOTAL derailment such as we have NEVER been at anytime on this blog. That is not going to happen under my watch.

    To that extent, please note sir, that if for any reason I find that you continue down this interminably belligerent path, I shall be left with no option than to bring to a conclusive end, your participation in the deliberations which take place here. It has been a truly debilitating influence.

    For one, I have suffered too much and laboured too hard to get this far and I am not about to allow the serious business which goes on here to be derailed by anyone in pursuit of whatever ultranationalistic or buccaneering flight of fancy. This is a DEFSEC blog and DISCIPLINED CONDUCT is of the utmost importance.

    Furthermore,if anyone here is a closet activist or politician who is looking for a high visibility platform to ventilate their cherished views, quit the drivel. You came in through the wrong door so please get out of here immediately before I have to crack the whip. Enough is ENOUGH.

    To be candid, I do not think I am being judgemental in saying that on the balance, Oga Igbi’s abrasive language, combative demeanour and intolerance of conflicting positions has instigated all the childish and highly repugnant games of brickbats which have gone on ceaselessly for two horrendous weeks now.

    For the avoidance of doubt, Oga Igbi, this appears to be the situation. You are preying on and attempting to bully and intimidate bloggers. If anyone thinks that this is not the impression which they have of these unsavoury developments, let them speak up in favour of Oga Igbi. Those who also believe that the same compatriot has gone to the very extremes, need to affirm that I have spoken correctly. That way, it is made clear to Oga Igbi what the house make of his conduct.

    Good morning, gentlemen.

    • Triggah says:

      It is quite unfortunate that Mr Igbi has chosen to thread this path.
      personally i have received disapproving remarks form him more times than i care to count.
      it is deplorable and should be frowned upon..
      He leaves the matter on ground and attack fellow bloggers like its an open malice, anyway most times i ignore him because it is immature and counter-productive to trade words over the internet.
      This blog space is unique and should be a place of exotic eloquence by intellectuals and not for barbarians.
      There’s no glory in doing battle behind keyboards of a computer, if its glory you seek, enlist and seize your glory there. Don’t hide behind the shadow of anonymity to constitute cyber-nuisance.
      Thank you.

      P.S I have personally recommended this site to high ranking officers of the air force and navy who have commended the openness and brilliance of the bloggers on here. lets keep the good fire burning please.

      • ozed says:

        Yes Igbi does tend to go overboard. Good words from Beegie, it was necessary to lay down the law to him and other persons whose words have bordered on insulting.

        I am sure Oga Igbi has taken note of the correction. I know he also apologized subsequently on the last instance when he called some one an ‘Id–t’.

        I would like to think this should address the matter in finality.

    • ugobassey says:

      On this Igbi issue:
      it doesn’t matter if other people’s comments are ‘irritating’ we should not allow ourselves to be lowered to the levels dolts by calling people names. I don’t blog a lot here but I read other people’s blog and I must say that this guy with the name Igbi uses derogatory language a lot when he addresses other people. Its wrong, childish and unprofessional. I would like to believe every one here is a patriot not just those that ‘think’ they know military matters more than others. I believe Oga Beegs leads by example on this blog and that is the least that should be expected of all of us. We can disagree without insulting others and that seems to be the hallmark of Nigerians generally. You wonder why we don’t get along in our own country.

  19. Are James says:

    Igbi’s main concern has been a perceived lack of patriotism on the part of some commentators especially in these times when the armed forces need all the support.. He also suspects, sometimes justifiably that some people don’t approach news and commentaries by the local and western media with the scepticism they deserve. These points are taken.
    However, everybody on this blog has a common psychological profile – military enthusiast, military hardware hobbyist, patriot, pan Africanist, pan Nigerianist (is there such a word sef ..lol).
    Unpatriotic people are mostly not here, they are actively undermining the country via corruption or engaging in outright covert espionage on behalf of all our enemies. Such people won’t openly express frustrations with the armed forces of the country on security monitored blogs. They would be secretly congratulating themselves and clinging glasses of champagne at any temporary reversals we experience in securing our country or gnashing teeth at our successes.

    • doziex says:

      Thank you sir.

      Oga Igbi, I beg you. Do better. You are an intelligent young man. Give your opinion about whatever is up for discuss, and let Oga beegeagle sanction the opinions that go beyond the mission of this blog. (stop attempting to do the sanctioning yourself)

      Some think you can encourage NA by hiding it’s faults.
      Others think you can encourage NA by exposing it’s faults, and those responsible all the way to the top.

      As Oga Are James said, we are all patriots here, regardless of our different opinions.

  20. beegeagle says:

    Then, the approach should be to ensure that he attacks the offensive story and not those who believe it. I do that very often when you hear me attacking BBC reportage on Nigeria but you will never find me using offensive language on the blogger who was simplistic enough to have internalized the story hook, line and sinker.You can disagree with anyone’s views without launching a tirade on the blogger’s mental construct and standing as a patriot.

    The name calling and the effusive use of polemics has now gone off the hook and sanity is about to be restored right here, right now. That is all that there is to it. Severally, we have been told that deliberations on this blog scroll on big screen in the operations room at the apex of our relevant national architecture. What if our man unwittingly insults one of those….how then do you influence outcomes when you insist on alienating those who can actualise our vision for the DEFSEC forces?

  21. jimmy says:

    Let me say this :
    On this blog I have tried to serve as a big brother to OGA IGBI to counterbalance this i have also reached out OGA AUGUSTINE . I am speaking for myself as a long time member . oga igbi needs to apologize to the blog for his torrents of personal abuse for example (s) calling someone an idiot ( Augustine) , mad man ( Benjy) or “I have spoken to a fish that makes better sense” is demeaning and brings this blog down, moreover it is wrong . Oga Beegeagle ABURO MI he needs to be sanctioned i.m.h.o. a suspension of a week is my humble two kobos not withstanding his good contributions . It is not the length of time but the G.P. ( GENERAL PRINCIPLE) of personal abuse should not be tolerated.

  22. chucks says:

    It hurts when this blog derails from the original pattern the founder set it out to be. We may not be intellectually equals, but I stand to be corrected..we are nationalistic same. Condescending to name calling or use of abusive words is highly irritating. Very serious minded people go thru this blog on daily basis and make their informed decisions based on the quality of the comments made here. As well certain people people who will not want this blog to be rated as well go through it and will want to use every opportunity to run it down in the presence of those that matter. I have the cause to plead with dis blog’s followers to be mindfull of our comments cos we might end up playing into the hands of some detractors who have never wished this blog well. Beegeagle has given us the opportunity and space to discuss and possibly analyse our DEFSEC activities without asking or requesting a dime. The best we can do is to moderate our comments and respect the brain behind this platform. Guys consider the fact that it has been a personal and inconveniencing effort from the owner of this blog to see that our comments get the neccessary mileage it deserves, as such we owe him that respect. For now I shall withhold certain first hand information till …NIGERIA SHALL BE GREAT AGAIN

  23. ugobassey says:

    Let me repeat myself once more:
    On this Igbi issue:
    it doesn’t matter if other people’s comments are ‘irritating’ we should not allow ourselves to be lowered to the levels dolts by calling people names. I don’t blog a lot here but I read other people’s blog and I must say that this guy with the name Igbi uses derogatory language a lot when he addresses other people. Its wrong, childish and unprofessional. I would like to believe every one here is a patriot not just those that ‘think’ they know military matters more than others. I believe Oga Beegs leads by example on this blog and that is the least that should be expected of all of us. We can disagree without insulting others and that seems to be the hallmark of Nigerians generally. You wonder why we don’t get along in our own country.

  24. CHYDE says:

    I hope Oga Igbi takes a word of advise, you give sensible analysis, pls don’t let your approach to handling peoples comment spoil everything. Cheers Mate

  25. cryptologist says:

    Honestly, the foul languages and lack of respect to the views of other bloggers on this great platform was unbecoming of some of us. We can disagree on issues but we need not attack our person. Some of us here know this platform shapes nigeria and some other nations military and strategic policies through our discuss which they also read through. Many of us here are authority in our various professional fields both in nigeria and abroad. Lets us all make this blog distinct from all others out there.

  26. Startrek says:

    marshal Beeg I hail ….

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