Nigerian troops fighting in the Northeast pictured in freshly-delivered Streit Spartan Mk.III APCs. These APCs are new to the inventory as the Nigerian Army had never operated any Streit APC types before now.


6 JULY, 2014

About 12 soldiers including a Colonel, the Divisional Police Officer,DPO,three
policemen and four civilians were feared killed at the weekend when about 200 terrorists operating in many Toyota Hilux vehicles attacked Damboa Local Government Area of Borno State.

The structure housing the Divisional
Police Headquarters in the area, markets,houses and vehicles were also destroyed during the encounter between the terrorists and the armed forces.

No fewer than 50 of the terrorists were,however, said to have been killed when ground troops and Air Force fighter jets engaged the attackers, sources said.

The incident took place on Friday at about 5 pm when the insurgents,who,
according to sources, came with two anti-aircraft guns mounted on two of their pick-up vans, different types of
improvised explosive devices, IEDs, rocket-propelled launchers, stormed the town in what the sources described as a revenge mission targeted at the 195 Battalion of the 7 Division, Nigerian Army, and police formations.

This came on a day two suicide bombers, at a checkpoint, manned by members of the Civilian JTF, killed five members of the vigilante youths, injuring many of them including passersby.

Some terrorists also laid ambush along the busy Maiduguri-Mafa-Dikwa Road killing about 15 passengers and

The Friday attack was the second time Boko Haram insurgents had attempted to attack a military base in Damboa town, 85 kilometers south of Maiduguri, Borno State capital, but ended up with heavy casualty figure.

According to a Sunday Vanguard source, the Boko Haram insurgents seemed to be on a reprisal mission, hours after an Air Force jet bombarded their base in Yajiwa and Alagarno areas of Damboa local
government area killing scores of the insurgents.

The source narrated: “It was a successful air raid carried out by the Air Force in conjunction with the ground troops of the Nigerian Army from 7 Division. During the air raid that took place in the evening, the Boko Haram suffered heavy casualty as dozens of them were killed.

“Angered by the devastation they suffered, the insurgents decided to mobilise in full force with an attempt to attack the base in Damboa, but, unknown to them, the soldiers there were fully aware and alert about possible reprisal attack. And when
they eventually surfaced on Friday, in over ten vehicles, the soldiers took them by surprise and engaged them in a fierce shootout that claimed over 50 of them, unfortunately we also lost over 10 of our officers and men in the encounter”.

A senior local government officer from
Damboa, who claimed to have witnessed the deadly attack but survived and had to relocate to Maiduguri told Sunday Vanguard in Maiduguri that Damboa council area came under attack, by suspected Boko Haram terrorists on Friday evening.

His words: “Some gunmen suspected to be insurgents in military uniform stormed Damboa where they exchanged gunfire with the military and policemen. During the encounter, many of the terrorists were killed.But, unfortunately, the insurgents succeeded in killing 12 soldiers including the Commanding Officer, Colonel Abubakar Chamba . They also killed about three policemen and a DPO, four civilians, before setting ablaze the police station in the town, the newly renovated Damboa market among other government structures.

“As I am talking to you now, myself and the Secretary of the Council have
relocated to Maiduguri, as the place is no longer safe for us”.

The response to a text message to the cellphone of the Director, Defence
Information, Major General Chris
Olukolade, at press time on the army
officer and soldiers killed in the Friday
incident, said: “OK, I have seen your message,give me a while please.I will get back to you”.

However, the Borno State Police
Command Public Relations Officer, DSP Gideon Jubrin, confirmed the attack on Damboa by suspected terrorists, but insisted he was yet to get details on casualties from both sides.


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  1. beegeagle says:

    From the gamut of either understated or disparaging (foreign) reports which I have read about this fierce and important battle at the garrison town of Damboa, this is by far the most balanced, insightful and comprehensive one of the lot.

    The troops tried. They should work towards driving their casualty figures down through better preparations. They were gallant in battle. RIP to the blessed departed…BH obviously not blessed.

  2. freeegulf says:

    boko haram pattern of raids and ambush should be a bit clearer to army staff planners by now.
    whenever they take a pummeling, they react quickly and either launch raids on military and police positions, or they ambush civilians.

    the state of alertness of every army base and position needs to be notched a bit higher. boko haram do care about their public aura and image. the swiftness of their revenge attack shows clarity in their marauding style.
    RIP to our gallant sojas. we really need to work on our reaction time and stand to.

    i know this is not a war of statistics or body count. but the army needs to seriously look at effective ways of combating the menace of the technikals being used by the terrs.
    a 5:1 kill ratio is not healthy. these miscreants need to be dying like flies, faster than they can induct new hell bound boko yeye

  3. Triggah says:

    Good work Nigerian Army and the flyboys.
    With proper ISR assets we would be able to trail the insurgents to their hideout.
    The Iraqi army just inducted 2 MI-28N Havoc helicopters. We really need to do the same, take the fight to Boko haram.

  4. Augustine says:

    Fair battle result for NA, but I don’t like the kill ratio 4:1, and also involving a Colonel.

    Nigeria should increase firepower for close range combat with Bokos.

    We need fire suppression and overwhelming force to reduce our own army casualties.

    Gatling is the worlds deadliest close range (0 km to 1 km) rapid fire bullet spraying gun in existence. Nothing beats the multi-barrel Gatling in that role. If my enemies are dead in 1 minute, I don’t need to keep firing for 2 minutes.

    However, some Gatling guns have additional auxiliary power and selectable fire-rate capability to select desired rate of fire from 2,000 to 4,000 rounds per minute and save ammo. Well why can’t Nigeria buy 10 belts for each Gatling and load them inside Cobra APC, Toyota 4X4 technical, Machine gun nest sandbag protected, etc ? One full belt of Gatling ammo has about 6,000 bullets.

    At selected firing rate of 3,000 per minute a Nigerian infantry man can fire a Gatling gun for 20 minutes total time, giving room for some seconds interval for gun cool down and ammo belt change.

    60,000 bullets from a Gatling…..I see 100 dead Bokos on a good battlefield scenario day for the Nigerian army Gatling gun operator.

    America deployed 10,000 Gatling guns in Vietnam war when they faced an enemy that swarms like bees in large infantry numbers against the Yankees.

    Nigeria should deploy 1,000 units of Chinese or Russian Gatling guns for fire suppression against Boko Haram. We and them should not be using the same type of guns now, abi?

    R.I.P Colonel Chamba. R.I.P twelve gallant Nigerian soldiers.

  5. beegeagle says:


    7 July, 2014

    The second edition of the Nigeria and Cameroon Trans-Border Security Committee is underway in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital. The meeting being organised by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Office of the National Security
    Adviser will hold between 8th and 11th of July 2014.

    The meeting will discuss how to expand areas of collaboration by the two countries to enhance the security in the border area threatened by Boko Haram

    The head of the Nigerian delegation, Major General Babatunde Samuel reiterated that second edition of the meeting would move cooperation between Nigeria and Cameroon forward and help overcome their differences.

    “As brothers and neighbours, we agreed to overcome our differences and focus on shared beliefs and value-peace, as well as security of lives and property, “We have also agreed to make positive differences to our kith and kin residing in the border areas of our countries and in the long run, extend that peace and security to all citizens of Nigeria and
    Cameroon’.” Major General Samuel stated.

    Officials of both countries met for the first time in Yaounde, Cameroon in November 2013 to resolve the security problems between the common borders of the two countries used by Boko Haram insurgents, to launch attacks on Nigerian communities since 2012

  6. ugobassey says:

    Not to sound like a downer my ogas but how can this be described as a ‘successful ambush’ if BH had the time and luxury burn markets and vehicles,to set a Police station on fire while killing 10 security operatives. We cant afford a 1:5 casualty ratio. At this rate we would have to be recruiting, training and shipping out new recruits to the front fast. It seems to me the Mi-35 Hinds would have been better to easily target and kill especially in close quarters.

    • Are James says:

      Only explanation of course is that BH is not just in camps. Embedded fighters within local communities probably swooped on the military and security installations from all around at the same time as encamped fighters. Your conclusion is accurate, we need armed helicopters in dozens and extreme infantry firepower at all security locations now that Boko Haram has been prised open. There are protocols that can be put in place for securing the weapons or destroying them in the event of base overrun.

  7. doziex says:

    Methinks, I can sense some positives.

    (1) NA launched a search and destroy op, against this forested hide out.
    This implies better intelligence.

    (2) NA on ROUTINE patrols along the border, engaged in , and FOUGHT THRU several ambushes.
    They lost 6 soldiers and took some wounded, but routine patrols, means to rountinely seek to engage the enemy, and disrupt it’s activities, even at some cost.
    But they fought thru the ambushes, and were not decimated by them.

    (3) NA was ready, possibly embedded in some vulnerable communities, so when BH attacked, they where overpowered.

    I am just trying to read the tea leaves from the PUNCH magazine story.

    • jimmy says:

      Those tea leaves wey you dey read make you continue to read them:
      Let’s go back starting from Friday
      Damboa local govt AREA major Fire fight enemy repulsed severe losses
      Yajiwa and Ahgarno areas of Damboa local govt attacked , repulsed and given a nice send of to hell by the NAF severe losses
      Sat KERENO Involving routine patrol hopefully they should be as one Vietnam vet told me
      patrols should be very unpredictable same thing
      BANKI and MIYANTI same thing same result
      The biggest prize was the complete overrunning of their base in BALMO FORESTS this in my opinion is what is called rattling the psyche OF BH which led to essentially suicidal reprisal attacks on their end.
      Gentlemen these are my conclusions the long awaited NA offensive intense fire fights have begun, remember last month June we talked about the 650 ranger battalion , it is beginning to seem like they are being put as their us advisers said in HARM’S WAY.
      I am going to own this by calling this the” WEEKEND WAR” where we will see intense firefights starting Friday lasting till late Sunday, The NAF the SF, THE NPF and the NA have to prepare incessantly for these things till……. the level of attrition is reached whereby they can no longer sustain attacks and the abductees begin to escape..
      There are pictures on Nairaland of two very young mercenaries that were captured over the weekend there nationalities were not given ( cameroon? mali?niger?) it will be interesting to see OGA Doziex what transpires this weekend.
      The Intel from our “friends” appears to be working .

  8. jimmy says:

    I meant * their* nationalities

  9. peccavi says:

    Ramadan Mubarak: Boko Haram’s Ramadan Campaign consists of a mix of IED attacks against densely packed public spaces in urban areas and small arms attacks upon population centres in rural areas.

    It is a successful strategy and that is hard to counter but is equally hard to sustain.
    Boko Haram has successfully reconstituted their IED networks, however the downside is that with every unsuccessful (and even successful) IED attack the intelligence picture becomes clearer allowing the security forces to disrupt these networks.

    This week has also seen more aggressive actions from the security forces in terms of taking the fight to the enemy which has generated a predictable response of insurgent counter attacks which (if reports are to be believed) do not end as well for the insurgents as they expected. The reported escape of 63 female abductees also indicates that manpower and command and control are no longer as strong as before (or else a deal has been done).

    The urban attacks while devastating cannot be sustained. As indicated by the numerous recent arrests, awakening these network to perpetrate these attacks, transporting IEDs, conducting surveillance and all the necessary parts of the IED attack cycle also leads to greater detection of insurgent operatives and the destruction and erosion of the IED cells and networks.

    The constant attacks on villages and isolated security positions might generate a sense of fear, a huge IDP problem and significant casualties, but it also removes and alienates the ‘sea’ in which the Boko Haram ‘fish’ have swum. This costs Boko Haram recruits/forced conscripts, food, shelter, money and sanctuary. The increased surveillance from the #BringBackOurGirls makes mapping and targeting easier.

    The conclusion one can draw is that all things being equal Boko Haram should suffer severe reverses in this phase of the campaign if they maintain their current tempo. Their ability to regenerate funds, arms and manpower generally stemmed from their safe havens in Cameroun, Niger and Chad. These areas (in particular Cameroun) now becoming hostile which ties up manpower, arms and funds defending their supply routes and safe areas.

    This then poses the first question; that bearing this in mind why would Boko Haram activate their networks, losing suicide bombers, fundraisers, IED networks and resources at this point, rather than going to ground and rebuilding their forces and sanctuaries in preparation for next year when the security forces will be stretched by the election. Was this an act of desperation or hubris or do they genuinely have sufficient manpower, resources, funds and space depth to sustain this campaign despite their increase in enemies and hostile spaces.

    The second question is how does Nigeria ensure that a defeat for Boko Haram in this phase, maintains its momentum putting them on the backfoot? Expanding the Army is one way but it begs questions of training, leadership and support.

    It is the opinion of this commentator that this phase of the campaign should end in a defeat for Boko Haram (all things being equal), however Boko Haram has shown themselves to be extremely resilient and masters of adaptation, even if this phase ends in defeat there is no indication they will seek to end the conflict. As military physical training instructors never tire of saying the true test of fitness is not how fast or far you run but how quickly you recover for the next round. Thus the key question is not whether Boko Haram is defeated or how badly but how well or if at all they recover, an if they are allowed to.

    Seek and ye shall find: US forces have reduced their contribution to the ISR effort in support of the search for the GGSS Chibok abductees. Apparently this has nothing to do with the ISIS offensive in Iraq or the al Shabaab offensive in Kenya (apparently). Reportedly the French and British have taken up the slack (reportedly).

    There are several instructive strategic lessons in this. First it demonstrates where Nigerian defence and security needs lie within the US strategic thinking and should hopefully be a wake up call for those believers in ‘American wonder’ coming to save us from ourselves.

    The second is that this is an illustration of how the Western powers have distributed their sphere of interests. The US has clearly ceded interest in West and North Africa to the French and British maintaining significant interests only in Libya and Egypt. This makes sense as Libya contributed the most non Middle Eastern jihadis to the US War in Iraq, most of whom now control well armed militias in Libya, with access to Gadhafi’s weapons. Egypt the most powerful Arab country is also the guarantor of peace in the Middle East though its peace treaty with Israel, as without Egypt no conventional conflict against Israel can succeed.

    Britain has been happy to concede the active or activist role in West Africa to France, however in the case of Anglophone West Africa must be involved or at least seen to be involved.

    This informs the reality that any engagement with Western powers in West Africa will be through France, it is thus imperative that Nigeria devotes a significant amount of strategic and diplomatic bandwidth to relations with France and our Francophone neighbours.

    However the more important lesson is the futility of depending on foreign powers for basic things that a government should do such as securing the land and populace.

    The answers for every country, but particularly one as well resourced as Nigeria lies within. Even the World Cup showed that a tea of motivated footballers trained by a Nigerian Coach can go further than a team of foreign based stars with an expensive foreign coach.

    An even more topical example is the recent mass escape of abductees. These women should be treated as a strategic asset as the information they hold on insurgent numbers, locations, movements, tactics and procedures, daily routine, morale and attitudes is invaluable. Much more than the ISR assets these women hold the key to defeating Boko Haram in Borno State or at least Damboa LGA. It is imperative they are moved from their villages either to the South or North West of Nigeria and thoroughly debriefed (as well as pampered and looked after). As with everything the answers to most questions lies exceedingly close to home

    • asorockweb says:

      Much more readable 🙂

      The expected NA offensive has not materialized – I guess we are all waiting for the NAF.

      Maiduguri has strong forces stationed within it, hopefully we will see these push out soon.

      At present, the rural fighting seems to be concentrated in the south of Borno state; it has migrated from the Gwoza axis in the east near the border with Cameroun.

      As FOBs are built to protect cities and large towns, NA seems to be shaping the battle space with static presence in select areas – a war of attrition.

      The NA chief said “we will go after their water and their fuel” – perishable commodities that BH requires on a daily basis.

      According to the writings of Osama Bin Aldine, an insurgency terror network should keep it’s host locality safe; the areas that are being attacked by BH’s rural cadre tells us were they are not based.

      As BH continues with it’s self defeating scorched-earth policy, it seems that the rural cadre of BH are being driven southwards towards Adamawa state.

      BH learns fast and the constant presence of either armed helicopters or light COIN aircraft will quickly teach them not to move around in large convoys.

    • Number one says:

      Nice analysis oga Peccavi.

    • Are James says:

      Wow. Thanks for this analysis. This is indeed how things work with these ‘western world powers’. Also, i reached the same conclusion that things have ratcheted up in terms of the NA going on some kind of initial offensive. They have not announced it but obviously info has already filtered to BH. I think we should expect a lot more of diversionary attacks on soft targets and lightly defended military barracks, police outposts and checkpoints in the immediate future.

  10. drhobert says:

    Nyc analysis peccavi bt based on a false premise of improvement in military gains.For ur info nig. army lied.Bh crushed our damboa base,our troops fled nd six mraps were stolen.Believe dis more than u believe dat u are alive.I heard it from a senior army General on monday nd even spoke som of d troops dere.I am tellin u d church truth

    • ozed says:

      Wow. Most interesting especially since this is the only instance i have seen of this version of report. Not even Sahara Reporters etc. has this version from their normal sources.

      I guess we shall soon know if that is true.

      • ozed says:

        My bad!!! just checked Sahara and there is report of a failed counter attack to recapture the Damboa baracks.

        Who knows what to believe anymore.

      • drhobert says:

        I told u to believe me.I got info on did from a credible source.Meanwhile gen.bandit has apparently been cleared of charges of allying with d enemy.d troops on trial for mutiny said dey only shot at him to show their displeasure at lack of funding from d govt as he reps it in Maiduguri.Dey had earlier on lodged complaints abt their short range weapons and lack of flack jackets and he said there was no funds from d govt for it.So later on d attack or ambush occurred and troops were killed so dey showed their displeasure tru d only means available.Sha name wet in my Intel yarn me.On a lighter note expect to see BH roll out wit big foot mraps soon.

      • Henry says:

        This is a terrible embarrassment. You can have all the equipment and still lose a conflict. Big shinny e
        equipment cannot win you a conflict if the troops are oblivious of what the equipments should be used for.

        Please let this story be false.

  11. ozed says:

    Confirms what Pecavvi has been saying.
    New Equipment is not the answer to all challenges. Planning, organization and training is the other side of the balance.

    Very sad.

  12. Henry says:

    I don’t believe this MRAP loss story.

  13. peccavi says:

    Thanks all for the compliments.
    Oga drhobert: I think all of us take press releases with a certain amount of caution and reserve. Like I always say, I purposely only use information that is already in the public domain, published by a traceable source. This is first to reduce taking rumours and dem say and propagating it and so as to demonstrate that even with the limited information we are given we can understand what’s going on.
    If Damboa was a defeat then BH will have a video soon enough. Personally I believe it is somewhere between the to, the tin of attack indicates that they planned to attack late enough to prevent the NAF from intervening significantly, but if there was pre warning possibly the NAF was on standby or else they got lucky.
    But thee most important thing is that these women keep escaping, either true true they escaped when left unguarded or someone is making a deal and releasing them. The latter indicates that BH is fragmenting and discipline breaking down. The former indicates their limitless manpower seems to be stretched.
    The IED campaign will also not pan out so well. There are limited number of IED makers really an the more they attack the more they run out of suicide bombers, the more people get detained.
    So whether Damboa is true or false I believe BH will take a few blows from this the question is whether they can actually be defeated or fragmented to the point that people start suurrendering

  14. jimmy says:

    DR hobert much as I would like to believe your story and i personally always say much respect for your comments. Your story does not explain a lot of STUFF and there are a lot of inconsistencies in your story.
    Damboa was attacked twice with heavy casualties on bh. Logic dictates that a second attack tends to be mounted as a result of REPRISAL or a conventional counter attack. This to me was the case 6 police officers including the dpo were killed at the now burnt out police station it is possible that an apc was taken, however the same bh that you claim attacked and many more soldiers than the stated number does not add up, personally not to question you further it has taken you a week to come up with these already established facts why did you wait so long.
    Counter claim : it was the girls who escaped that have said two things are occurring in one instance of the escapees a sympathetic guard allowed them to escape which is beginning to manifest in divisions of the bh. Two the second batch of escapees disclosed that the men assigned to guard them were hustled off to take on an operation and they actually waited a while before running away implying these men did not make it back or did not make it back in time or the bh itself is actually running out of men to take on simultaneous or even triple operations. This claim is being backed up by the fact more poorly trained captured mercs have been photographed photos do not lie, also BALMO FORESTS WAS OVERRUN WITH A LOSS O F MATERIAL THAT CANNOT BE EASILY RECOVERED IN A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME.
    Counterclaim 2: Much respect for your comments on the near mutiny @ the 7th division though your claim is late in coming it is false, the men shot their aks into the air not to protest lack of equipment but to protest the fact that they wanted to stay in a village overnight because they had intelligence stating the area they were in was compromised (INFESTED) this order was rejected as retold by none than Brig Chris Kolade, this resulted in them having to fight through a hornets nest which resulted in the loss of 12 GALLANT SOLDIERS. Gen Mohammed met them on arrival
    and emotions were running high.
    Gen Mohammed was removed in the interests of the morale and the breakdown of discipline of the troops of the 7th not because of any conspiracy charge, that came later he was removed by the only person who outranked him the : COAS THE REST OF WHAT YOU ARE SAYING DOES NOT ADD UP..
    As far as the mrap story and the successful attack on damboa if that is what you will call it . I will stand corrected and till numbskull (shekau) PRODUCES A VIDEO with the captured MRAP from DAMBOA , I believe it is a false story. I know quite a few soldiers and officers have been arrested and court-martialed for cowardice since the mutiny at the 7th this may be one of your sources.
    Remember there were five intense fire fights within a span of 72 hours from Thursday till Sunday last week none of which ended well for boko haram or else by now the first video would of come out, however let us wait and see.
    I do not believe in press releases I Believe in God ,LOGIC , PHOTOS and the ACTIONS THAT MEN TAKE.
    Good afternoon

  15. beegeagle says:

    Gentlemen, I think we need to go easy on these sensationalist “e say, you say, dem say” stories. In so doing, you might be inadvertently doing propaganda work for enemies of our nation while at the same time, demoralising the fighting troops.

    We appreciate peculiar insights but when they come with such grievous consequences, you might need to keep what you know to yourself since it has gone unreported everywhere else (including the scandal-loving Western media) and you are unable to name your sources in order that others might assess their competence in speaking on such sensitive manners.

    @BigBenjy. If you have seen a newsflash to that extent, why have you not embedded a hyperlink to the story? That should be the easiest thing to do?

    The story which you might have knowingly or unwittingly embellished possibly read like this;


    So why the hyperbole? Let’s go easy on the rumour mongering abeg.

  16. Alade says:

    I hav to correct dis guy who said damboa was taken over by boko haram, dats jst a twisted story wat really happened was that there was heavy fighting between the military & boko harams though they both had casualty but boko haram over powered the military. The military evacuated the base when ther was no assurance of air cover. For ur info,no MRAP was lost to the insurgents.

  17. Alade says:

    Correction:- boko haram didn’t overpower the military….

  18. Oje says:

    I have been waiting for more news of more attacks by the Nigerian military, taking advantage of the momentum and pressing on not giving them time to rest, restock and plan more attacks. This “action reaction ” war of attrition may be costly. Take a look at whats happening in Israel, Hamas managed to stockpile n a short tme about 10,000 rockets, the most lethal the M3 rocket has a range of 100 miles, enough yo hit the heart of Israel itself Tel Aviv. Over 40 rockets are.launched

  19. Oje says:

    Over 50 rockets are launched in salvo’s to overwhelmed the sensors of Israels Jerrico system and many find their mark deep inside Tell Aviv.

    We all rest in the fact that Boko Haram in its bid to destabilize Nigeria has neither the numbers and means to attack the South what happens if they some how manage to aquire similar rockets, lets say a hundred, with ranges in excess if 70 miles they can take the war to tje South without detting foot in it, none of us will be safe if that hsppens. milies

    • AreJames says:

      Hamas rockets are Syrian rockets, hence Iranian rockets so nothing spectacular there. The supply chain system however that kept the stock that high and keeps maintaining the stock level however is worthy of an MBA. I think there is probably an entire office in IRGC or Iranian Secret services controlling the factories and the smuggling machinery into Gaza.

  20. Oje says:

    We may already be in WW3 Without even knowing it, all it needs mow is a trigger. News are making the rounds now that ISIS terrorists in Iraq have stolen 90 grams of Uranuim ftom an Iraqi University. God forbid a dirty bomb is detonated in Israel, its gonna be gloves off all the way yo Iran. I dont think Uncle Sam will be able to stop Israel from Nuclear reprisal on Iran and i dont thnk Russia and China will fold their hands and watch it happen like spectators in a game. The world is high on steroids now.

  21. Oje says:

    American infantry men do not go on high risk missions to take put enemies lieing in wait without army Apaches riding shotgun. When will the Nigerian Army see you cannot isolate ground opearations from air support. There are enough Helicopter Gunships to go round, give the Nigerian army just 3 Mi series of the over 14 in service.

    • peccavi says:

      US soldiers do not always have air support.
      You fight with what you have. The problem is not air support etc, its how you use what you have. Even if you have air support on call if something else with a higher priority comes up you will lose it or there is weather or technical malfunctions

  22. freeegulf says:

    air support is vital. like oga peccavi said; you fight with what you have.
    the most important part of contact is reconnaissance. it is ABSOLUTE. without reconnaissance you might as well be fighting blind, and deaf.
    you don’t wait until you have gunships before you reconnoiter the ground. even a simple Cessna prop aircraft can reveal a lot. moreover, the absence of aviation units shouldn’t hinder the ground troops from carrying out this task, no matter how arduous.

  23. jimmy says:

    No iro ni( no it is a lie) wetin now I no even mention the 12,000 men and whatever that were beaten back by a force of 850 men at a ratio of 12 to one when it is the invading force that needs a three to one minimum advantage. I beg make una no throw sand for my eye but this is begining to strain my incredibity.

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