Nigerian ECOMOG artillerymen prepare to swing into action during the Battle of Freetown II, 10 January 1999 (photo credit: NEW YORK TIMES)

9 July, 2014

Sierra Leone has made known its intention to renew military ties with Nigeria after a period of lull occasioned by military interregnum in that country.

Sierra Leone’s Chief of Defence Staff, Maj.-Gen. Oumar Williams, gave the indication during a courtesy call on Nigeria’s Chief of Defence Staff, (CDS) Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh, at the Defence Headquarters, Abuja.

General Williams, who acknowledged role of Nigeria over the years especially during the unfortunate Sierra Leone civil war, said a huge gap has been created since the departure of Nigerian and the British training teams from the country. He solicited the assistance of Nigeria in the areas of training, development of training manual and doctrine.

General Williams who is in Nigeria to attend the graduation ceremony of Senior Course 36 of the Armed Forces Command and Staff College (AFCSC), Jaji, also requested for more training slots at the National Defence College (NDC) Abuja and the AFCSC Jaji.

The Sierra Leone Defence Chief also said that the conversion of most of its senior Non-Commissioned Officers (SNCOs) to the officer cadre immediately after the Sierra Leone war had created a lacuna in terms of experience and continuity in the other rank cadre.

In his response, Air Chief Marshal Badeh thanked the visiting CDS for acknowledging Nigeria’s legendary contributions to the development of Sierra Leone, noting that both countries share a lot of things in common. Air Chief Marshal Badeh assured the Sierra Leone CDS of the willingness of the Nigerian Armed forces to partner with the Sierra Leone Armed Forces, particularly in the area of training and capacity building.

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  1. jimmy says:

    hmm @ at least finally ACKNOWLEDGMENT

  2. Sele says:

    Don’t know what is meant by restoring military ties because it was never broken, sierra leone has always sent officers for training at AFCSC and most of the present middle cadre officers in RSLAF were trained at NDA, the sierra leoneans have always acknowledged the effort of Nigeria during their war its the Liberian that dont appreciate what Nigeria did for them

  3. Augustine says:

    All these African countries should pay Nigeria for all these benefits, Liberia and Sierra Leone are rich in diamond and iron ore, let them pay Nigeria international dollar rate for any military help they want. Nigeria spends billions of dollars to build it’s military and we have 170 million mouths to feed, poverty dey for Ajegunle o !

  4. ugobassey says:

    My Ogas can someone please confirm if 200 soldiers were just recently ambushed by BH and 53 were killed. I just heard this from a friend.

    • AreJames says:

      About 50% probability of truth in the story. The number of KIA is what may be in dispute. We seem to be suffering from the combined effects of air cover deficiency, loss of field intelligence capability and some mid level competency issues at the major/colonel pay grade. The dense arrogance of ordering 200 men onto trucks and Toyota Hilux vehicles to go and confront the enemy smacks of 80s style NA internal security procedure ….but this is BH we are talking about.
      Alternative explanation is the immediate CO in the area panicked at the prospect of having to explain some initial reversals on the battlefield to Hq and quickly ordered a counter attack without good planning to retake lost ground and then the fiasco happened.

      • jimmy says:

        What are you talking about? Where was the battle please name the place? Name the officers .please if I told you a friend won a million dollars won’t you be at least skeptical? Are we now simply peddling rumors nah wah o! T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

      • AreJames says:

        I said 50% probability of it being true and I am speculating based entirely on the NA’s own public statement not Sahara Reporters or any Nigerian newspaper. Pure analysis based one side of the story, our own side. There is no way to 100% confirm anything in any war. The NA itself (not Sahara Reporters) said Damboa was attacked by Boko Haram. Army and police formations hit simultaneously by the sect suspectedly to distract the NA from what appears to be a massive mop up of their bases elsewhere. According to the account, a colonel was killed along with a number of lower ranked soldiers (total number less than twenty). No air support was provided for the troops during the attack.The question is how does a colonel get killed in a battle and multiple targets attacked in a town and lower rating casualties would be so low?. The possible answers are either the figure presented about the casualties on our side was wrong or that the figures were indeed rght which would indicate a retreat by troops against the colonels orders. If the troops actually retreated then it means BH actually took over the place. If BH actually took over the place then the attitude of any self respecting senior officer should be ” BH just signed their death warrants take some men and flush them out” which I am speculating is what happened in this case.

  5. freeegulf says:

    oga Are james, you are speculating too much. please stop all this confusion story. you know nothing about skirmishes how much more coordinated raid attacks. haba!!

    at least try get some accurate details before all this peddling of fantasy as whatever % correct

  6. beegeagle says:

    Oga dem, let us exercise restraint in latching onto every unsavoury tale. This is a DEFSEC blog and not an online rumour mill. Like I said yesterday, we are not so naive as to get caught in the odious pastime of demoralising our military.

    IF we take DHQ communique at face value, not even the vile-mouthed foreign press who lap up everything thrown at them by their Hausa Service correspondents have gone this far? Perhaps you should have asked your source to nail the story for you instead.

    After the stellar pictorial work which Sirius Black did, all of that curiously got wiped out. Are we also heading towards a situation whereby a thread which is adjudged to be defamatory or demoralising shall get expunged from this blog by higher forces? If that happens, I am out of here for good so that rumours can be spawned on stale threads by those who choose to lend an ear to every deprecatory tale.

    Rights go with responsibilities. We have the latitude to express ourselves positively and to be objectively critical. I am not sure what role this new-found penchant for wanting to create stories is intended to achieve other than to devalue this blog. All these “inside stories”, IF TRUE, cannot have escaped the notice of many foreign media houses reporting from Nigeria since they are permanently on the lookout for unsavoury content. Let them be the ones to break the story IF we refuse to accept official narratives.

    It is not everything that a man hears which he vocalises lest he begins to suffer credibility issues on account of rumour mongering. If you are not telling us categorically, don’t ask us. Believe what you will. What we do not intend to do is turn this place into a rumour mill.

    Speculation and rumour mongering will take us nowhere. I do not do that. When someone told me on Dec 10th 2013 that APCs were being offloaded at ABJ airport, I told the house so but obscured the location for security reasons. Have we seen new APCs or not? Two months before the NN made an official pronouncement to that effect, I also told this community and with specificity that we are getting the USCGC Gallatin. It came to pass. When we informed the house months in advance of the deployment, about the preparation of Alenia Surveyor ELINT-MPA planes for the Mali mission, it later turned out that one of them actually got deployed for the operation. No? Even when the first Alenia was upgraded to ELINT config., we told you so and brought you a world exclusive photo to boot. AIRLINERS.NET have since confirmed my story.

    If we cannot be that uncannily PRECISE, then let it slide. From my vantage position, I hear operational and procurement gist from all continents. Not to mention war stories and rumours from the Northeast. As a matter of fact, I woke up in the house of a redneck officer right inside the barracks, yesterday. So we are not so far removed from hearing officers’ and soldiers banter either…be they visiting subordinate officers, military drivers, orderlies or batmen with colleagues deployed to the war front, everyone seemingly sure of his narrative at these perilous times which we are living through as Nigerians.

    Regardless, we spare our readers the gory details and in any case, I am not even sure who is interested in “e say, you say, dem say” tale bearing anyway. Men who value their credibility and integrity should find idle speculation to be an ill-affordable pastime.

  7. Are James says:

    Apologies all round. I did not actually peddle rumour. Someone else did but I over analysed, speculated widely and put some devil math into it. Probability ratings are evil.
    I will stay away from “did anybody hear ?” questions henceforth.
    Thanks to everybody for the self censoring that we do on this blog. Self regulation is the best regulation. Please feel free to shoot me down anytime I overdo things (….without insults please).
    @Ugobassey: I cannot confirm any ambushes or casualties, please don’t ask us such questions again.

  8. beegeagle says:

    @Oga Are. That was a real show of class and strength of character. Kudos, sir.

  9. jimmy says:

    Your Apology is accepted and I will answer your question you posed down below
    .”The question is how does a colonel get killed in a battle and multiple targets attacked in a town and lower rating casualties would be so low?. The possible answers are either the figure presented about the casualties on our side was wrong or that the figures were indeed rght which would indicate a retreat by troops against the colonels orders. ”
    One of the most grimmest aspects of Coin -based wars is the high propensity of Senior officers to get Killed .We do not have at least to my KNOWLEDGE ISRAELI bloggers on this blog but , the IDF will testify that the wars in LEBANON whether it was in the 80″s or 90″s took a toll on the officers .
    Real Coin officers lead from the front whether defending a base @ Damboa or going out on very dangerous operations they are expected to put themselves in harm’s way repeatedly this is how you make your bones, this how your men look up to you this is not a conventional war , like the one obj fought in where your field command is 20 miles from the hornets nest (You should be in the hornets nest if you want to kill the hornets)
    Out of respect to the families, in this war there have been verified KIA of at least TWO COLONELS and A LT COL and a Major that I have seen their r.i.p. photos both on ABIYAMO and a respected newspaper like the punch, that is why sometimes I seethe with anger when people especially( western journalist that is to be expected) doubt the bravery of our officers, what should not be expected is that we on the blog should begin to doubt our own officers credentials.
    One officer (He was a MAJOR) who was killed VOLUNTEERED his family thought he was in ARTILLERY some where else , but because he grew up in the “area “he transferred to COIN ops ( this is a true story) He was KIA . There are a lot of stories going on that will not be told till years later.
    I would be more concerned ( to put it very coldly ) if no officers from the rank of LT TO COL did not sustain injuries or were killed.

  10. ugobassey says:

    Thanks to all you guys that contributed to my question. I was actually skeptical about the source of the news but I decided it best to verify with the learned gentlemen on this blog. my intention wasn’t to help propagate any demoralizing news. I hope that’s ok oga Beegs?

  11. cryptologist says:

    The report on a nigerian news print Daily Trust was that the terrorists attacked the base/town when its soldiers were out on patrol. I guess this was why the number of KIA reported by DDI was low.

  12. Tobey says:

    @Oga Beeg…SirusBlack’s Thread is back and better…On the first page, he posted the best photo from the North Eastern Theatre till date…Nigerian artillerymen in the N.E pounding insurgents..The photo is a sight to behold.

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