Helmoed-Römer Heitman
– IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly
09 July 2014

The South African company DCD Protected Mobility has unveiled a new type of mine-protected patrol vehicle that it says will be built for the Nigerian Police Force’s (NPF’s) paramilitary units.

Named after a mythical Nigerian creature, the Ikri has been developed by DCD Protected Mobility and Nigeria’s Mekahog in close co-operation with the NPF. It is based on DCD’s Springbuck protected all-terrain armoured personnel carrier (APC), which has been in service with the NPF since 2006.

While DCD did not say when Ikri production would begin, it said that it is poised to establish a military vehicle maintenance and repair facility in Nigeria in collaboration with Mekahog.This will be followed by the commencement of local assembly of ‘completely knocked down’ Ikri kits and then complete assembly of the vehicles.

Mekahog was established in 1993 as an engineering, construction and procurement company and has since diversified into security and defence equipment.

Compared to the basic Springbuck the Ikri offers better protection, mobility and crew comfort, according to DCD. It has B6 level ballistic protection (capable of stopping a 7.62 x 51 mm round at 10m),which can be upgraded to B7. Together with careful interior design,its V-shaped armoured hull protects the crew against a TM57 anti-tank mine or similar charge anywhere under the vehicle or two mines under any wheel, according to DCD.

Specific upgrades for the Ikri include improved ballistic protection of the front grille, an armour enclosure around external air-conditioner components,enclosed reservoirs for the air brakes, and protective plates for the axles.

The mobility upgrade includes a 145 kW turbo-charged six-cylinder MWM diesel, a six-speed automatic transmission, improved engine cooling, a 200 litre diesel tank, APS brakes and an upgraded suspension that provides both better off- road mobility and greater crew comfort.

Other improvements include side doors for the driver and co-driver, revised driver controls, new flip-up seats for the ten passengers to ease access and egress, improved air-conditioning ducting for greater air flow, and dark-tinted windows to reduce heat in the cabin and to make it difficult to see how many people are in the vehicle.

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  1. beegeagle says:

    This is a highly commendable venture between these two continental superpowers.

    This is actually more of a MRAP than an APC. Its ability to withstand 14kg TNT blast equivalence under the wheels makes it a baseline MRAP. The monocoque V-hull also allow fragments and splinters to be deflected away from the hull.

    It is even more formidable in terms of evading ambush parties, judging from the B6 level ballistic protection alone.

    On the balance, this offers much better all-round protection against small arms fire and IEDs than our widely deployed Otokar Cobra APCs. It is a project which should be accorded the highest priority by the FGN. There is no need to overstate the obvious.

    The NA and the NAF Regiment would also do well to get associated with this project. It does not foreclose the possibility of the continued development of our own Made-in-Nigeria Igirigi APC, except we choose to be ultranationalistic in a self-injurious way. Indeed, this opens up a leeway for lateral synergies as the NA could learn a thing or two which would serve to further fortify the Igirigi APC.

    By the way, Chief Ikedi Ohakim…the immediate past governor of Imo State, is the chairman of MEKAHOG. His nickname is IKRI and that is the origin of the mine-protected vehicle’s name.

    Good morning all. Accept my sincere wishes for a glorious week ahead.

  2. Are James says:

    If we are standardizing on the Ikri it is a good idea. Any word on the planned production rates?. MRAPs are notoriously hand made for the most part so turnout rates are heavily dependent on how many people you employ. A rough guess is a short term demand rate of 300 units per month for the NA and NPF in the next two years. The export market within the West African region is almost double the local market. The NA destined units would also need a standardized turret we can get from ST Kinetics or we start developing one locally.

  3. beegeagle says:

    Haa…the NA, NAF Regiment, Police Counter Terrorist Unit and MOPOL are in combination, unlikely to get 50 units delivered to them every month, let alone 300 units. There appears to be a well-entrenched minimalist group in power circles who probably work against the acquisition of hardware in sensible numbers. They come with flowery prose and sensible logic to keep the forces underarmed.

    • Are James says:

      The value proposition for MRAPs for SWAT in advanced countries is – if a man in uniform dies on active duty this is how much $$$$s you have to pay to the family. One MRAP costs so much. So as they say in my language…” look at the mouth of the soil, look at the mouth of the hoe you need to till it”. Simple arithmetic with supporting statistics is what our security forces should be doing.

  4. giles says:

    hmmm y online mrap’s.abeg we need der badger afv/ifv

  5. jimmy says:

    I am @ this stage even with short term lenses for anything that will hasten the demise of the toyota hilux as anything but a rear line vehicle. Oga BEEGS while I DEFINITLEY know we need SYNERGIES BETWEEN THE TWO COUNTRIES My only reservation is that the NA is duty bound by whatever means to keep producing the IGIRIGI. Please hear me out, I know this IFV/ MRAP/ APC is primarily for the NPF and the CTU , I just do not want this to come at the expense of the IGIRIGI especially as we have reports that it has seen COMBAT and done well.

    • AreJames says:

      The jumping General is assiduos, active, practical, economizing in words. A general’s general. I wish we could say that for some other higher people I won’t mention. Nigeria is never mocked, Nigerians are putting everything into the history books. When the time comes all the books will be opened. There is really God in all we are doing.

  6. buchi says:

    attack on going at Dille Village in Askira-Uba lga of bornu… jets enroute ….
    bombing commencing
    over and out.

    • AreJames says:

      Thanks man.

    • Bharat says:

      Is it a very good idea to comment on developing story? Precaution is needed less it undermines security. If you are relaying some news channel then it’s OK.

      • Augustine says:

        Some thinking there @Bharat. Like we should not relay ongoing battlefield situation report right? I hope I got it right. If it is public news however, as you say, it is okay to publish.

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