July 14, 2014
by Moki Edwin Kindzeka

Cameroon’s military says Nigerian Boko Haram militants attacked a military post,sparking a gun battle with soldiers. Local residents note that each time Boko Haram battles Cameroon’s military, the bodies of dead militants are buried quickly so they cannot be identified.

Cameroon’s government spokesperson,Issa Tchiroma, told VOA that heavily armed Boko Haram members attacked the border village of Bonderie in the early hours of Friday and made off with a military vehicle and weapons.

“A group of armed men from the terrorist organization Boko Haram attacked the Bushy locality in the Far North region. Our defense forces responded and the attackers went on the run and disappeared within the Nigerian territory,” he said.

Tchiroma added that the military killed three of the assailants, and one Cameroonian soldier was wounded, but the media reports that nine assailants and two Cameroonians were killed.

Bonderie resident Dogo Ibrahim said the attackers left with the corpses and the wounded. Ibrahim said there was indiscriminate shooting in their village for at least 30 minutes and there were many corpses and blood everywhere but they have not been able to trace the corpses since the attackers left.

Cameroon has tightened security along its borders in an effort to stop encroachments by Boko Haram, which has attacked several villages and used Cameroonian territory as a base and a refuge. Cameroon’s military has noted that each time soldiers kill Boko Haram militants,the militants carry the corpses back to Nigeria. The militants appear to be hiding the identities of those who were killed.

Francois Bingono Bingono, a local sociologist, explained that the militants do not use coffins, do not dig deep graves and do not place signs to indicate where corpses are buried. Moreover, he added, since for burials they choose areas that look like a desert and are windy, it’s impossible to detect where corpses are buried 12 hours after they are interred.

Businessman Moustapha Djiallo,who lives in Bonderie, told VOA that at times the assailants are Cameroonians who have joined Boko Haram. “There are people who live along the borders who can be Cameroonians or Nigeriansbut having the same tribe. Some who are Cameroonians join Boko Haram and fight against the Cameroonian [army]. When they are killed, their tribe bury them so early so that the [military] forces [cannot] identify that those killed were Cameroonians. They just blame Nigerians,” said Djiallo.

The attack on Bonderie was the second by suspected Boko Haram assailants this month. Last week, a military post in Zina was seized for one night and the assailants stole weapons which they took back to Nigeria. The spokesperson for Cameroon’s military, Colonel Badjeck, told VOA that despite the setback,the military is determined to crush Boko Haram.


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  1. beegeagle says:

    Okay, BH also steal weapons and military vehicles in Cameroon.

    Look again at the familiar photo above. There are two APCs and a HMG-armed technical. The APC in the middle in front of which Shekau is babbling his trademark gibberish is surely a Streit Spartan Mk.III APC.

    The larger APC to the left does not exactly look to me like the most apparent option namely, a MOWAG. If like I suspect, it is not even an APC in the NA inventory, then it is almost certainly a Cadillac Gage armoured vehicle. And Cameroon it is which use those – including the V150 Commando AFV.

    So even if unreported, it appears that the Cameroon military have had at least one armoured vehicle stolen from them. Your thoughts on that would be internalised at this end.

    Good morning, gentlemen.

  2. freeegulf says:

    this current shekau is such a clown.
    how we lose vehicles in FOBs still remain a mystery

  3. Makanaky says:

    How they take their dead fighters and why they choose to take them in midst of heavy fire power baffles my imagination.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Makanaky, exactly the same imagination bogs my mind o !

    • Eugene4eveR says:

      @Oga Makanaky. The NVA (and to a lesser extent, the Vietcong) carried their dead away using their support cadres, notwithstanding the murderous US firepower. Designed for psychological effects.

  4. jimmy says:

    This might sound controversial but a decision needs to be taken at the brigade ( brig GEN) or Division level( Maj Gen) as to what priority should be given to destroying captured apcs
    1) Should all APCS be electronically tagged ( another expense)
    2) Where would the locator base be ( another overhead with soldiers sitting around computers)
    3) Deploying soldiers to hunt and destroy captured equipment stolen from remote outposts is not effective soldering rather when they are deployed in the course of a battle like what happened at GIWA? Barracks then a Priority should be made to bomb them and strafe them to death.
    4) OGA Peccavi is right this war is not going to end tomorrow. The capture of strategic locations where they keep all their supplies , food, the denying of the enemy a place to sleep , rest recuperate, cross the border into Chad Cameroon and Niger should be a bigger priority.

    • Agee says:

      Oga jimmy I recently read an academic paper on RFID tagging for inventory maintenance in the US military, they claim its cheaper and easier to monitor movement of equipments. its also cheaper than the embarrassment the Nigerian military n ppl re currently facing.

  5. rugged7 says:

    Can anybody identify that sniper rifle at the bottom of the screen withe the Cameroonian BIR…?

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