The Nigerian Air Force have almost certainly taken delivery of two of the six units of advanced all-weather Mi-35M attack helicopters. A statement issued by the Budget Office of the Federation and archived online shows that the 2014 defence appropriation listed six Mi-35M helicopters for acquisition

15 July, 2014

In a move targeted at effectively stamping out the Boko Haram insurgency in the country,the Nigerian Army has started taking delivery of critical equipment, some of which include two sophisticated helicopter gunships with in-built night vision technology capable of neutralising the nocturnal manoeuvres of the deadly terrorist group.

Sources within the presidency told THISDAY that the special choppers come with night vision technology to enable soldiers monitor and take out the insurgents who move mainly at night to carry out their dastardly acts. The helicopters, THISDAY learnt, are some of the highly sophisticated military and surveillance aircraft that have been ordered by the Federal Government.

The source explained: “The two helicopters, which are very expensive and boast of the latest technology were ordered for the ongoing counter- terrorism and counter-insurgency operations. “In fact, we now have the latest aircraft for surveillance and intelligence gathering. More of these weapons are on their way but these (helicopters) are for urgent purposes. I can assure you that more equipment are coming, serious ones,” the source said.

Confirming the arrival of new equipment, the Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Lt. Gen. Keneth Minimah, at a public function yesterday hinted that government was enhancing the capacity of the Nigerian Army to fight terrorism, with the procurement of more sophisticated equipment.

He said the army was adopting new measures to up the ante of its counter- insurgency in the North-east, adding that “a lot of gains have been made in the various operations. “Yes, we have equipment and the federal government is also introducing fresh and newer equipment for us…”

To give more teeth to its arsenal against the terrorist groups, THISDAY also learnt that Nigerian Army is finalising the training of the newly formed 143rd Infantry Battalion, which has been set up as a “special elite force” to tackle the Boko Haram insurgency.

THISDAY had exclusively reported last month that Special Forces troops from the California Army National Guard (CNG) are currently in Nigeria training a newly formed infantry battalion designed specifically to counter the threat from Boko Haram. According to one CNG Special Forces soldier who spoke on the condition of anonymity, a total of 12 California Guard soldiers from two Los Alamitos-based Special Forces units — Special Operations Detachment–US Northern Command and Company A, 5th Battalion, 19th Special Forces Group (Airborne) are involved in a two-month mission, the first is a three-phase plan to assist in the establishment of the battalion.

The Nigerian Army’s 143rd Infantry Battalion which was formed from the ground up within the past few months, is said to be “a classic Special Forces mission — training an indigenous force in a remote area in an austere environment to face a very real threat”. This was recently confirmed by a top military source who said that the training had reached an advanced stage at a location in Niger State.

According to the source: “The 143rd is receiving special training, kitting and equipment from the NA and US Army in Kontagora.” The source revealed that the new battalion will help to form the core of the elite and strike force currently undergoing training in different parts of the country.

“The US is not the only country involved in this, the Israelis and other allies are also helping in various technical, tactical and operational training in the areas of intelligence, weapons handling and in general counter-terrorism and counter- insurgency operations,” another security source explained.

THISDAY also gathered that there is already a strike force in place in Borno State, specially trained for the possible rescue of the Chibok girls and other daring actions against Boko Haram terrorists. The strike force was immediately put together in the aftermath of the girls’ kidnapping and the arrival of foreign military experts working alongside Nigerian security forces.

Minimah,on the other hand, yesterday added that contrary to the belief in some quarters, the ongoing military operations against the Boko Haram Islamic Sect in the North-east, does not involve foreign troops.

Minimah made this clarification yesterday at the opening ceremony of The COAS 3rd Quarter Conference 2014, which is the first under his leadership, with General Officers Commanding (GOCs) and other Operational Commanders.

Speaking to journalists against the backdrop of the popular belief that troops from the US, UK, France, Israel, and China were fighting alongside Nigerian soldiers to rescue the over 200 students of Chibok , he said:“There are no foreign troops on the ground.Minimah added: “What the foreign nations are doing is sharing of intelligence with the Nigerian armed forces, noting that the military operations, were not being complemented by foreign troops.“The foreign partners have not come with boots on ground; they have come to share some level of intelligence with us.”

The COAS also frowned at what he described as “the rising acts of indiscipline and unprofessional conduct by troops”, recalling the attempted mutiny by troops in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital, against the then GOC 7 Division, Major-General Ahmadu Mohammed.

Minimah warned that “as a professional army, the conduct of our troops must be above board at all times”. Accordingly, he directed all unit and operational commanders “to put measures in place to check acts of indiscipline and misconduct by personnel under their commands”.

On reported incidents of desertion, Minimah insisted that “desertion is part of warfare”, adding, “We must accept that desertions will continue to be there, we had desertions during the Nigerian civil war, ECOMOG and now, it will continue with this war.”


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  1. CHYDE says:

    Good news, but why go for a few?

  2. Franky says:

    Welcomed development, but not enough.. 6? Jeez!!

  3. freeegulf says:

    Please six gunships should be a start o. that number wouldn’t even cover borno adequately, how much more the entire north east!!

    why cant we just order 20 gunships. even pro pax nigeriana like me would look the other way if we secretly contract African pilots from Ethiopia, Angola ( any sub Saharan country with large pool crew. no eastern European please. westerners are not welcomed either. and sudan is part of north africa, so they are out too. we dont need more islamist) to fly and maintain these gunships until NAF crew can take the helms.

    i really don’t understand our system. Rhodesians where using old helos as fire force to devastating consequences in the 70s. how come we still haven’t been able to bridge the close air support gap satisfactorily

  4. giles says:

    belly dey sweet me o.boko haram ur days ar numbered

  5. giles says:

    belly dey sweet me o.boko haram ur days ar numbered,but did an for air force wot of d army.and pls I hop it’s coming wit it’s broad d mi171

  6. drhobert says:

    My belle dey sweet me lyk sugarcane upon hearing dis juicy news.Na so e gats be.We mst not stop here o.And I lyk d COAS Answer abt desertion being a part of war.Dats d church truth.Its whole scale desertion DAT calls for questionin.Sme pole are just cowards who joined d army for lack of jobs while som don’t support d wars course.

  7. rka says:

    This is more like it. It hasn’t hurt anybody now has it having hinted (although not stated) what has been ordered? Now stop with the secrecy.

  8. rka says:

    A point I need to clarify though is whether it is the Army or the NAF taking delivery od the choppers.

    The article does say ” the Nigerian Army has started taking delivery of critical equipment, some of which include two sophisticated helicopter gunships with in-built night vision technology capable of neutralising the nocturnal manoeuvres of the deadly terrorist group.”

    Are the trained Army pilots finally being put to use in a newly created Army Air Corp or was it a generalisation by the COAS to mean equipment for the armed services?

  9. Oje says:

    6 is a good enough start even though more would have been the game changer. Remember we still have 12 units of Helicopter gunships and as it stands there are about 20 Helicopter gunships in service with the Nigerian airforce. After Algeria Nigeria employs the largest numer of helicopter gunships in Africa.

  10. Henry says:

    @rka, I had you in mind while reading this report. I’m just as for me, the report is very satisfying for not just you, but everyone to read.

    The Army doesn’t yet have an Air wing. All the pilots I’ve seen undergoing MI-35 trainings in russia are from the Air-Force.

    • jimmy says:

      Oga HENRY
      Thank you very much at this news o! I dey ground ( Bowing down) . I am estatic not about the number ( They will get more) What drives me is the full fledged acknowledgment now that this war will be fought at night, during the day, during sunshine and during intense rainfall. The acknowledgement by senior officals that more weapons are on the way ( I don’t know what they are oga Henry I would hope if they are reading this blog, it is a matter of urgency , that :
      1) Multiple Grenade launched Rifles need to be given to the SF in the North East.
      2) Night vision Goggles is an urgent priority yes they are very expensive. FUNERALS ARE ALSO VERY EXPENSIVE be it for civilians massacred or for Army soldiers.
      3) I learned about the desertion story yesterday but I shied away from introducing it till now that the C.O.A.S .mentioned with an addendum that it happens in every war to every single nation ( America included there is a very controversial case on going) .
      The recruitment forms for ALL ARMED FORCES needs to be tweaked not just for the ARMY There really is at need for an ADDITIONAL SIGNATURE stating wherever there is conflict anywhere in the continental Nigeria you are duty bound to be sent there regardless ( if this signature is not forthcoming such applicants need to be discharged immediately .
      4) Lastly I don’t know how familiar you are with this highly sensitive topic because it has not been discussed on this blog ( it has on NAIRALAND) . There needs to be more Snipers in the North east and they need an advanced School to be set up .This conflict in the North east has highlighted that need.

      • ozed says:

        I tend to agree with you. particularly in the area of heavy sniping rifles e.g. the 50cal barret. This monster would make it a death sentence for the Boko Haram to man their technicals. It has been know to score hits as far out as 1,500m and more.

    • rka says:

      @Henry 🙂 It does gladden my heart when you see things becoming a reality (they must have read my rant).

      I was just speculating again about the Army Air Corp (this is what they have reduced me to) as you never know with our military. All reports I have also read are about Air Force Pilots undergoing helicopter training in Russia.

      Lets hope there are additional unannounced units on order as well.

  11. buchi says:

    Oga jimmy you are spot on on your mention of snipers..for Gods sake if our troops carry mainly ak -47 without scopes and handle bars which would have improved range firing especially with distant targets..i wonder why snipers has not been employed with full force(i know that some units have snipers with them but i know that most are concentrated around maiduguri and environs as seen in last December daredevil attack of the airforce base)at least every patrol squad should contain
    total squad=12 to 15 men
    infantry=6 or 7 men
    gunners=2 men with Gpmg’s
    heavy gunner=1on the turrent with a suitable HMG
    Comms =either the CO with the main radio and a trooper with a backup
    snipers =2 or 1 at least a russian made dragunov sniper rifle
    demolitions=2 or 1 men with the usual RPG
    using wide sweeping tactics since in desert terrain and sucking bridge flank method
    this in my own opinion is the best process of management since we are constrained with hardware difficulties not to forget each infantry man must have at least 10 to 15 extra mags or 8 if constrained,so also with our gunners and demo team…….
    As for the helics am quite pleased with the acquisition but the numbers bother me.. also another thing that bothers me is the deployment method process for this helic
    Just like the already existing attack helo’s its range of impact is limited because of the number acquired i don’t believe that all the helos will be deployed to the airbase in maiduguri especially since the attack on the base (i assume!) .however i would have advocated for the consistent stationing of at least two helos inside the 7 div hq rather than the airbase(reason..easy pick up of troops for vertical envelopment as well as drops for troops (supplies et al)..
    ho0wever for the fact that we have been hinted is quite a gud thing.However we need more,,until shekau will shout “BRINGBACKMYLIFE” for desertions i have first hand experience of that from the mouth of a soldier .in fact i was pissed off at his words..just my little INTEL
    i stand to be corrected for any errors
    OVER AND OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  12. Henry says:

    Please excuse the errors in my original post, I was so ecstatic in my comments to @rka.

  13. ceberus89 says:

    I no fit shout ! Oil bunkerers and other criminals are in soup !

    • AreJames says:

      Yes Martin. The thing go they shine them for Infra red monitor inside cockpit like TV. Pilots go come dey argue say whether na 23mm cannon volley to use kill dem or missile or just small rockets..abi na to just machine gun them from 600 feet sef.

  14. rugged7 says:

    The Nyanya bomber-Aminu Ogwuche has been extradited back to Nigeria from Sudan.
    The guy in a checked white and black shirt surrounded by interpol and Nigerian VIP jet in the background.
    Well done SSS. They are probably the most effective of the armed services…

    • rugged7 says:

      Now, can we just give him one 7.62mm NATO round to the head and be done with it…

      • Augustine says:

        …..After full scale interrogation and extraction of all vital information using all necessary Interrogation techniques.

      • Augustine says:

        …we could also keep him in chains till the end of the war as a tactical ‘Bargaining tool’ anytime we need to use his head . We can make him sing all the ‘Songs’ our SSS wants to hear on any new issues that come up later during this war. He can be made to compose needed lyrics like Sergeant Rogers sang many songs recorded on ‘CD’ about Major Al-Mustapha. Ogwuche is a useful new SSS talking drum, let them beat it in the right rythm.

      • ceberus89 says:

        There are better ways of dealing with him ,shooting him straight away will be an honourable thing to do , how about electricuting his genitals? Sleep deprevation? And the mother of them all water boarding trust me bro after all these he wil start singing lik a canary bird

      • Are James says:

        Sleep deprivation, water boarding, plier dentistry, 240volts a.c., plier manicure, nail to foot, nail to head, electric iron treatment et.c, et.c.

    • jimmy says:

      That is good sweet music to my ears . Thanks Sudan.

  15. Henry says:

    Oga jimmy,

    I agree wholeheartedly with your post. On the COAS’s sincere comments on the desertion and isolated cases of indiscipline, it is refreshing to see our leaders make comments without sentiments or mincing/sugar coating words. He said it as it was. This singular statement builds the confidence of the citizens in the military, it tells us that the Army is aware of her shortcomings, and can most likely deal with them.

    It’s fresh.

    For Y3 AGL and MK 19 MGL, the navy use MK 19’s on her gunboats with S.K 50 CALs, why it is difficult for the army to make this transitions like the navy is un-explainable. These are systems are sister agency use to devastating effects, why can’t the army adopt same.

    I have never seen an Army personnel with a Y3 AGL with our military, however at-least we’ve seen photos of AK-74’s with grenade launcher.

    Sniper rifle, we’ve seen new dragonuv rifles with the army.

  16. Kf says:

    My foul mood is lifted. A vicious terrorist organization going eyeball to eyeball with a resilient rich diverse nation and by God they will blink first. Kudos to our security service.

  17. asorockweb says:

    Security forces operating in Abuja metropolis have arrested a man who specializes in creating panic by sending out text messages threatening attack by Boko Haram terrorists

  18. gbash10 says:

    Cyber Generals,a Mi-24/35 attack helicopter flew in to TAC yesterday from Abuja with shinny camouflage colour,it later flew back to Abuja at about 3:00pm.
    Good things to come.

  19. menatti says:

    Actually the Air force took delivery or are taking delivery of 2 MI17’s 1st. A friend of mine was in Ukraine for 2 months getting trained on it and he said they were going to be back this july. The MI35’s flying now are the old ones Air force had but were down as their engines were in E.E being overhauled and the others that took BH light arms fire. BTW the 3rd NAF C130 has been back for almost a month and has been flying a lot.

    • AreJames says:

      Good news about the pilots. The refurbished Charlies are not good news to me. We have too much invested in transportation assets including two civil jets …all acquired ostensibly to support UN peacekeeping PLC I don’t care if I am sanctioned for saying this. Let’s buy more light second hand choppers to complement the even more brand new ones coming. We need 100 armed and scout choppers in this country with dual use as emergency response and medevac assets. BH civilian victims in most remote areas don’t have quick response in terms of medical care. Who even knows how many unconscious victims are buried alive. Extensive chopper pilot training is also required. Good thing we have a basic chopper training school already.

  20. Sele says:

    just thinking why don’t we go for MI 28 havoc since the major role we use the MI 35 is best suited for MI 28 and its about half the cost so we get to acquire twice the number. Additionally, it wont be difficult to convert MI 35 pilots to fly MI 28 since they have same manufacturer. Furthermore, MI 28 have a better range, fuel consumption and well suited for night flying

    • gbash10 says:

      Oga Sele,we have been advocated for a dedicated attack helicopter like the Mi-28NE Havoc on this blog for a long time,knowing how lethal that chopper would be to BH by day and night, if it is acquired and deployed against BH.

      • AreJames says:

        I used to think the Russians were restricting access to the MI 28 but apparently not.They only need less than 100 (which requirements have been largely met) until the new model is fielded in 2017. Iraq, Algeria and even Kenya are actually acquiring these choppers in good numbers.

    • Bharat says:

      Mi 28 is half the cost of Mi35? Can you provide a link about comparative prices?

    • Triggah says:

      @sele good talk. Nothing can beat a pure attack chopper. I’ve been advocating for the mil mi-28, though quite expensive but its needed. This transport/attack capability of the mi-24/35 is useless in the field. Either you attack or you transport troops, because doing both will increase your workload and reduce your situational awareness. I.e the troops will be a distraction. I advocate that all mi-24/35 hind should go to the army air Corp to use as it sees fit while new mi-28D havoc for NAF.

  21. gbash10 says:

    The NAF are hardly flying their jets this days,what is actually happening?
    Hmmm………. we are still waiting for the NAF to resume kicking BOKO HARAM’s butt 24/7.
    Less I forget,some of our boys are deserting because of the rate at which our troops are being killed while on patrol to Sambisa forest,the fifth-column is at work in the NE frontlines.Boys are happy that the NA COAS has ordered immediate rotation of troops to reduce fatigue among soldiers.

    • Augustine says:

      Chief gbash10, Alpha jet has been ‘defeated’ by Boko Haram’s new tactics. What the Bokos now do is to split up and run into our civilians’ houses while the Alpha jet hovers above until fuel is low and returns back to base with failed mission .Tells us that Boko is illiterate but intelligent.

  22. AreJames says:

    You guys actually believe we brought in only two choppers?

  23. ugobassey says:

    Im glad to see that we are getting more fighting equipment and I think that some type of ‘surge’ is needed. a combination of tactical hardware and increased military boots will go a long way in bringing this war to a decisive end.

  24. Augustine says:



    Please can someone tell Nigerian military to strike now in the month of ramadan fast when Boko Haram will be weaker if they actually fast?

    Strike 1 pm to 5 pm daily, that is when fasting weakens a man most.



    Alpha jet is now being defeated by Boko Haram’s new tactics of running inside our civilians houses and mix with our women and childen when they hear the sound of Alpha jet. they wait till NAF jet is low on fuel and returns home after loitering in a failed mission.

    What should NAF do? Simple, the fact has been proved that jets are not good COIN equipment.

    Mi-35 Hind and Mi-171s armed Terminator transport/combat helicopter gunships are the answer number one, while number two answer is Super Tucano that can loiter on station for 5 hours depending on payload.

    When Boko attacks, NAF can send in one Mi-35 armed with cannon, rocket pod, smoke and 8 soldiers. along with one Mi-171 armed with cannon, and carrying 36 soldiers with AK-47, 5.56mm machine guns, RPGs, grenade launchers, smoke for screen cover, night illumination flares, night vision goggles, night vision binoculars.

    If Bokos hide in houses, Mi-171 can land troops to engage them, after Mi-35 has first knocked out all Boko vehicles to block any hope of escape. 44 well armed soldiers with two helicopter gunships should be able to defeat 200 Bokos, or else military academy training is a big waste of money.

    NAF and NA can also play the waiting game, once Boko vehicles are demolished by the Mi-35 from the air, we can land our helicopters and men 3km (out of enemy GPMG gun range) away from the town and night vision binoculars will watch for Boko to emerge, if they still hide, we radio 4 NA Cobra APCs to speed in with additional 32 soldiers and 4 Browning heavy machine guns on the Cobras.

    Total soldiers of NA, 76 men, NAF helicopter gunships, 2, NA armoured vehicles 4.

    Every single Boko Haram in that town will die that night or day, or else Nigerian military has become a police force.



    This bird is a night vision master ready made, advantages are speed almost double the helicopters, range almost treble the helicopters, strike equipment/weapons options greater by far, great maneuverability-agility superiority over helicopters….the Mi-28 Havoc is far less capable.

    Next major advantage of the Super Tucano is ‘stealth’…very low noise at medium altitude, it can be almost noiseless while it searches for ground target using it’s 4th generation infra red and computers, ground attack radar is almost ready from Brazil. Targeting pods available.

    The Super Tucano can work like an eagle flying high, watching the ground with eagle eyes, only to descend for strike when a vulnerable chicken leaves the safety of it’s mothers wings. Tucano can loiter for 3 hours at ‘noiseless’ altitude (Mi-35, Mi-171 will run out of fuel, Mi-28 Havoc has only about 10 minutes loiter time in target area).

    When Boko wants to go home, Tucano allows them to be in open field with convoy of vehicles 10km away from the nearest terrain cover, then the eagle can swoop on all the chicken and chop belle full, rocket pods first, 12.7mm gun second to mop up.

    The easiest way to end this war is to make sure that every Boko that comes out does not go back home to base. Attrition, frustration, trepidation, will lead to annihilation of Boko Haram’s open threat, leave SSS and DMI to deal with suicide bombing.

  25. Buchi says:

    Oga augustine correct ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lol…i coudnt help but laugh at aminu ogwuche’s facial expression but on second thought …make sure he dosent teleport to space ohhh DSS abeg

  26. Saints says:

    This is an exceptionally good morning to be onboard the “beeg one’s boat” more good news coming in, no defence news is sweeter to the ears of a beegeagle blogger than the news of new procurements.

  27. Kay says:

    Great news…but I would expect we are buying in significant numbers rather than in bits and OPEN transactions too!

    I also read about the transfer of Mi 17 to the air force by NEMA.
    Sorry if old news

  28. Augustine says:

    gbash10 says:
    July 15, 2014 at 9:54 pm

    Lest I forget,some of our boys are deserting because of the rate at which our troops are being killed while on patrol to Sambisa forest,the fifth-column is at work in the NE frontlines.Boys are happy that the NA COAS has ordered immediate rotation of troops to reduce fatigue among soldiers.


    Oga mi, every time I mention the reality and the dangerous effect of fifth-column doing damage inside Nigerian military on this blog, some people go straight to grab my throat, I hope they will not grab yours too. They don’t want us to tell the truth, they want the great danger covered up in personal interest as against national interest.

    Sirius Black has been crying aloud about Nigerian army traitor moles and fifth columnists in the past few days, that is a direct source from the North East battlefield working among Nigerian soldiers speaking, he says it is killing our soldiers like flies and weakening morale, causing deserters to increase.

    How do you go to war when your own army is telling the enemy to ambush you. Sirius says our casualties are increasing now with young boys dying like flies.

    Last time I talked about death for a soldier, na my throat them grab for here o ! Okay, let them go and grab Sirius Black’s throat too inside war zone.

    Truth hurts, but it saves lives….and you shall know the truth, and it will make you free !

  29. Augustine says:

    I have been shouting this one for some months now, somebody insisted it won’t work, okay, go ask President Jonathan, God has answered my own prayers…..

    President Goodluck Jonathan has asked the House of Representatives to grant approval to his government to borrow an external loan of $1bn(about N165bn).

    The President’s letter, seeking the lawmakers’ approval to borrow the money, was read during the House’s plenary in Abuja on Wednesday.

    Jonathan said the money would be used to upgrade the equipment of the Armed Forces.

    Details later..

    Is someone inside Aso Rock Villa or National assembly reading this Beegeagles’s blog with both eyes wide open? I will say YES !

    Please sirs, Aso Rock and National assembly powers that be, I beg you in the name of God to urgently and strongly recommend and secure the appointment of Nigerian Patriot Oga Beegeagle owner of this blog as special adviser to the President on armed forces combat capability development. Thank you sirs, God will bless you .

    • AreJames says:

      I made the same suggestion some three months ago.
      Dem dey borrow money for defence and security well well. Our foreign reserves are adequate to handle things but somehow Madam NOI prefers these borrow borrow things and we should just accept it. It is interestingthat Nigeria with $400m earnings per day cannot shell out the money as cool cash because the international bankers who run our lives just won’t have it. Leveraging Nigeria’s oil and gas earnings and international good boy reputation, we should actually be invoking a lot of multi lateral stuff with friendly governments and their indigenous defence equipment companies to get materiel without immediately paying for them.

      • AreJames says:

        So does this add to previous extra budgetary release of $1bn to make it a $2bn intervention for defence equipment procurement?.

      • asorockweb says:

        Using the Excess Crude Account requires the permission of the state governors.
        All the money to be spent for the year is already budgeted – there’s is no spare money cupboard.

        In this case, it may be better to borrow and use future GDP growth to finance the partial re-capitalization of the armed forces.

        The people that run Nigeria’s finances are very smart; give them some credit.

        $1bn is not enough.
        The unit types of the NA has to be rebuilt.
        The NAF has to go back to have squadrons of specific aircraft types.

        I hope our political leadership understands that a big, grand vision for the security of Nigerians is more saleable to the public than a “drip drip” approach of announcing new financing for the military every 6 months.

        We need a grand vision for the security of Nigerians.
        The demographic pressure than fuels the insurgencies and gangs in Nigeria will be with us for at least 15 years.
        The median age of the Nigerian population is about 19 years old.

        I believe we need about $5bn in capital expenditure to rebuild the armed forces.

    • rugged7 says:

      True that!!
      Somebody in the corridors of power is paying special attention to this blog.
      And i STRONGLY advocate that they urgently take on the BEEG one as special adviser.
      What this guy has done with his blog cannot be quantified.
      Those who have ears, let them hear….

  30. Bharat says:

    @sele, Gentleman/ lady those website are the last place I would visit to find out the price or tech data.
    ” Russia will complete the delivery to Brazil of 12 Mi-35 (AH-2 Sabre) attack helicopters worth $150 million by this fall, the head of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC) said on Wednesday.”

    That is 2008 price.

    And the Mi-28
    ” Russia loses $600 mln Indian attack helicopter tender”

    Though the price stands at $27 million, they were to be spruced up version with addl. capacity with Belorussian and French avionics.

    So, even if you deduct a princely sum of $10 m per unit, still it’s quite higher than the Mi-24/35.


    “Publicly estimated costs for the Mi-28N vary considerably, from $10-20 million per machine. ”
    at 2006 prices.


    So, we can only compare helicopters when we know what is inside the hood, but conservative estimates shows that Mi-28 will cost more than Mi-24/35.

  31. Tope says:

    Greeting everyone, Great news our Mi helicopters are on their way, but what has happened to the remaining 19 helos we r expecting? LABARAN MAKU said we ordered jets in 2012/2013 we are yet to get them is it money or somethin else delayin the deal because I honestly dnt tink its money, the Minister of Defence has been too quiet its like him n Badeh hv just gone missing, not one single statement since, though I like it I just want to be reassured Gusau dey dis Nija.

    • AreJames says:

      We don’t know about MofD but Badeh should go missing for a while. Everything he said has gotten him into trouble so far even when he meant well. So better let the dead bodies of BH and release of the Chibok girls do the talking. Nigeria na tough country bo.

  32. peccavi says:

    Awesome. Night fighting capabilities are a massive force multipier. With extra machines there can be more aerial patrols, quicker reaction times etc.
    Nice move

  33. Deway says:

    Solid move but long overdue. We are fighting a ruthless enemy in a bloody prolonged insurgency which may not be ending any time soon; please MoD, 6 Mi-35M choppers will not be enough. Lets do the needful, please. How many more citizens will be sacrificed on the altar of boko haram and fulani herdsmen, before something serious is done? Make our piecemeal approach to military procurement no finish us. An outlay of at least an initial 12 should be a good starting point. While we’re at it, we could do some solid upgrades to the Mi25/35 fleet. Then again, what do we intend to do with the Agusta A109 helicopters in NAF inventory?

  34. tim says:

    The DHQ however clarified that the operation was carefully conducted with precision despite the fact that the terrorists hide amongst the locals. 

    The statement read: “Air Operations conducted to repel attack of Terrorists in Dille and environ on Monday was conducted in line with standard practice”………… Could we be using PGM’s now?

    • AreJames says:

      Before nko..and I don’t think they were fired by Alpha Jets either. What we need now is a brave volunteer, a flak jacket and a good camera.

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