Colonel (rtd) Sambo Dasuki, Nigeria’s National Security Adviser

19 July, 2014

Reacting to comments made by the chairman of the newly inaugurated Committee on Victim Support Fund, General Theophilus Danjuma (Rtd.) to the effect that the war against Boko Haram insurgents is taking too long, a serving general within the Nigerian Army,said moles who have ceased being loyal to the Constitution of Nigeria are largely responsible for the seeming failure of the counter-insurgency in the North East.

General Danjuma,while making comments after the inauguration last Wednesday, had expressed worry over the protracted war against terrorism and had asked the government to as a matter of urgency act fast and ensure that Boko Haram is brought to its knees.

He had said that: “The insurgents appear to be having an upper hand at this very moment. They pick and choose where to strike; they are even holding positions and displacing us. We must win this war, Mr President. We must do so immediately.”

But in a swift reaction to the challenge, a serving general said some of the problems standing between the military and victory over the terrorists, include desertion,delay in the trial of arrested suspected terrorists, hostility of some communities in the northeast, political elites sympathetic to the insurgents, lack of motorable roads, insufficient mobility on the part of the troops, undue criticism of the troops,peculiarity of the counter-insurgency operations, amongst others.

According to him, “I read what General Danjuma said and I can really understand his position, but perhaps if he had known what we are going through, especially the challenges we are facing over the counter-insurgency operations, he would have given us kudos for how we are able to contain the insurgents,” the general, who does not want his name in print said.


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  1. AreJames says:

    Lack of motorable roads, insufficient mobility and undue criticism of troops are unaccepted as reasons for the slow pace of victory.

  2. Augustine says:

    Fifth Column in action against Nigeria, fifth column among Nigerian soldiers betraying their colleagues to death in a war with Boko Haram…means some Nigerian soldiers are Boko Haram ‘Members’ in camouflage.

    R.I.P Lieutenant Leo, young blood Nigerian army officer, skillful in combat, killed in strange ambush…I don’t know who betrayed you….maybe the moles, I don’t know, but you got ambushed and killed this July about one month to your wedding ceremony.

    I won’t talk o ! I have shouted this moles and traitor fifth column red alert for over 3 months on this blog, and some people we read on this blog have been looking for cutlass to ‘relocate’ my head, all those people too are fifth columnists as I said….but you wont’ get my head….I dey very far away out of range of your cutlass…

    SSS, DMI…go delete these moles and be brutal about it, counter-espionage is not a job for gentlemen.

    • bigbenjy says:

      Austin in theatre of war if there is no discipline there is no moral and soldiers can either surrender or make money by selling real time info,the modern military today is all about money and the US army is one u need to c, the massive corruption in place In these institution .what NAF need is a new doctrine a $50b reacquisition of all paramilitary and creation of an national defence force which will collaborate with is unfortunate we are laughing stock all over I mean it is a shame.this Gov sleep well to forget that there is something called Blow back. And if u think d Gov don’t know BH pls go find books on El Salvador option or Nicaragua history repeat itself

  3. jimmy says:

    You have spoken, and I read the story ABOUT THIS FINE YOUNG LT. The DMI needs to step up their game about moles, they were dealt with during the civil war and should be dealt with now.

  4. jimmy says:

    The S—t is about to hit the FAN. We have warned the f.g. about this .

    • Are James says:

      Killing civilians and doing hit and run on the military is easy. If not for fifth columnists, some corruption and politics, this is three months work to roll them back.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Jimmy, since Nigeria does not want to use garrison army strategy to frustrate Bokos and save our people’s lives, these calamities will continue until we find another way of weakening Boko Haram. The garrison method is the fastest and most effective defense against a highly mobile and unpredictable enemy since over 1,000 years ago.

      We should have used this proactive tactic to secure our civilians while we prepare for the final push with Sri Lankan style massive scale military offensive.

      However, Nigeria has chosen other tactics instead of garrison, so let us pray for the chosen tactics to succeed. We chose to be reactive and not proactive. Lets pray it works.

  5. ugobassey says:

    My Ogas can someone please enlighten me on how counter-attack by our troops is carried out? seriously I’m ignorant in this area and I need some education. I ask this because with all the military hardware we mention in this blog that have been procured for our military, I would expect that troops are moving into a territory in APC and armored convoys supported by attack HELOS and possibly live intelligence on enemy ambush./location. I’m also ignorantly assuming that there is a troop to rebel superiority ratio not just numerically but also in guns and ammo. Finally I’m assuming that all possible outcomes of an engagement would have been run and that the top brass would have settled on the most successful outcome with the least amount of casualty for our troops. Am I being naïve in making these assumptions?

    • Deway says:

      Oga Ugobassey, please, you are not naive. You are asking the right questions and making the right assumptions. The way things are done and handled in Nigeria, not just the military, leaves a billion things to be desired. They say insurgency is new to us and they need time to adapt. Its been 5 years or so now, we are still trying to adapt. We are not fighting ISIS or Al Nusra or a foreign invasion from a capable foe. Boko Haram has no presence whatsoever in the air space, but we are yet to fully capitalize on what would have been a game winning advantage. I have long questioned the competence of the “top brass” and field commanders and would not say more. Gone are those days when we take pride in our army based on equipment rolled-out on NADCEL with crisp looking kitted combat troops marching in front. No more! We make our assessment on the battlefield and the results haven’t been pleasing.

  6. asorockweb says:

    Please, let’s not distract ourselves with talk about moles and fifth columnists.

    War is war.

    Internal conflicts will always yield sympathizers.

    If you want to out-flank a BH fixed position, you will need tracked vehicles.
    If you want to ride into the teeth of a BH ambush, you will need thick skinned vehicles like tanks or IFVs.

    NA, rebuild your unit types and stop “winging it”

    Meanwhile, look at this video of Israeli SF Operators evacuating their wounded.
    I said special Ops forces because of their all-terrain vehicles

    • Are James says:

      Nice video. Our thin skinned A109s would do this easy. Since we have decided not to arm them this then would be a better use to put them in war time instead of what I like to call – housewife shopping. 3/4 of battlefield injuries can be prevented from becoming fatalities with effective medevac within the first hour.. Little things like quick chopper evacuation of the wounded also do great things for morale on the battle field.
      However, you just try to suggest this to the Nigerian military…No, you just try.

    • doziex says:

      Yessir !! That’s the bottom line.

      5th column or no 5th column, NA must 1st be fully equipped to defeat BH on the battlefield.
      Then we can worry about the effects of traitors.

      When I talk of a Dominating, supremely confident posture by patrolling NA units, only supremely trained, equipped and led troops would bring about that attitude.

      They are prepared to take on, and crush any ambush whether set by 5th columnists or not.

  7. doziex says:

    More detailed pictures from Sirius black from nairaland, shows that our troops are fairly well equipped by third world standards.

    The glaring absence of gpmgs and rpgs I had observed in NA pics for some time, seems readily available in Sirius blacks pictures. Maybe I am just new to these pics, or these pics reflect a recent upgrade in hand held weaponry.

    NA has deployed our aged Shilkas, but still refuses to mount other 12.5 mm and 14.5 mm AA guns on trucks as is done by Cameroon, Niger, Chad and armies thru out the 3rd world.

    NA refuses to see the obvious advantage in effective range of horizontal fire these weapons can bestow.
    I know, it is NOT a staple of western professional armies, but those armies also have several assets in place to neutralize these mounted AAA’s that the NA has not invested in.

    Precision bombs, helicopter borne, vehicle mounted or hand held wire guided missiles come to mind.

    Also, in the above piece, the anonymous sitting general has now confirmed what I and others have alleged for a long time.
    The ability of BH to ambush and assault NA units at will.

    This simply means, as the general said, that they have the initiative.

    It further means that reduction in successful patrols, due to ambushes, coupled with insufficient aerial reconnaissance, has led to dearth of intelligence, what I have called a lack of spatial orientation, or a lack of situational awareness.
    Which is what allows BH to attack, and ambush out of no where.

    The only way to reverse this long existing trend, is
    (1) availability of round the clock air recon and air interdiction assets.
    Drones, the Tucano A29s, and helicopters come to mind.

    (2) Vertical envelopment.
    This new ranger battalion being stood up with the help of the US and others for the north east should be further empowered by helicopter mobile assaults.
    This means the ability to deploy a company strong force to a battalion strong force in one simultaneous helicopter insertion.
    This means a massive induction of 40 plus MI-17 transport helicopters , NA was supposed to have trained 40 helicopter pilots for this much needed capability already.
    We should definitely consult with the Belarusian firm the maintains NAF’s Mi-24/35s to also maintain this fleet.

    This investment in a vertical envelopment capacity would enable the NA to strike at the BH rapidly, bypassing our ambush prone under developed roads.
    Helicopter mobile troops can also overcome environmental difficulties such as swamps, forests and mountainous terrain.
    However, there must be great concern and focus on the numerous anti aircraft guns mounted on gun trucks, and RPGs in the possession of BH.
    Even without Manpads, these pose a significant threat to helicopters. RPGs shot down a number of US helicopters in the Blackhawk down incident in Somalia. Also a almost 22 seals were lost in Afghanistan as a Chinook was shot down by a Taliban fired rpg.

    Nevertheless, nothing trumps the advantages in mobility and efficacy, that heliborne tactics provide.

    (3) A robust APC, AA mounted guntrucks and MRAP led reconquest and domination of the road networks and villages of maidugri.
    More surveillance and more patrols will inevitably lead to more engagements with BH. NA must withstand and defeat each and every ambush, with superior tactics, superior weaponry and rapid and agile ever present close air support.

    The anonymous general in the article leading this thread also spoke of hostile villagers.
    Well NA has much to learn on military propaganda, and civil relations.
    Brute force and revenge on unproven suspects, only makes matters worse in the long term.
    Take advantage of the initial goodwill that NA troops have, and don’t squander it frivolously.
    Where civilians are hostile to NA presence, use the carrot and stick approach.
    I believe the US trained ranger battalion being stood up, are being schooled in the proper utilization of civil relations to protect towns and villages, gather intelligence and even fight BH.

    As time goes on the battle space would be divided into grids and sectors for proper patrol and policing.
    Secure impregnable FOBs should be established to provide logistics and succor closer to deployed troops at the border and on the interior road networks.

    With intelligence and constant patrols, BH will realize they are not ghosts. They will be identified, fixed and hunted down to annihilation.

    God bless Nigeria.

  8. freeegulf says:

    good write up oga doziex. its surprising that the NA has not invested in army aviation. maybe they are waiting for NAF to do all the heavy lifting. well, its not the air force thats losing troops to preventable fatalities, its the NA. they need to seriously invest in helicopters and UAVs.

    regarding threats to helos, good deployment tactics can easily counter threats from the ground. every single ship that is sent out for medevac and supply missions have gunships to support them and keep the heads of those gunners down. problem arises when utility helos are sent to resupply or evacuate troops without close air support. rockets and machine guns need to be keeping would-be rpg and AA cannon gunners in check.

    nigeria is a nation of contradictions. there are a million and one things you had expect the military to do to make life really extreme for these terrs. but no, they re busy smiling to the bank, allowing our troops to bear the brunt of these vermin attacks.

    • ozed says:

      In my view, the talk about 5th columnists is a little over the top. Sure there are bound to be some Boko haram sympathizers in the rank and file here and there. it is unavoidable given the religious basis of the conflict. However to use that as an explanation for our obvious lack of progress in this campaign smacks of escapism.
      This whole 5th column thing reminds me of the biafran ‘saboteur’ phenomenon of the Nigerian Civil war, when the biafrans lost all trust in their leadership, accusing everyone except perhaps Ojukwu of sabotage. It led to endless witch hunting and shadow chasing and probably contributed more than any other singular factor to their eventual loss of the War.

      Coming back to today, our troops have gotten it into their heads that there are 5th columnists in their ranks, and the danger in that is that unpleasant incidents which probably stem more from poor planning and preparation underestimation of the enemy, or incompetence will be attributed to sabotage and we would end up learning very little from the incidents.

      The truth is that we are fighting an enemy that in many cases has several sympathizers among the populace. This means that (1) the woman selling groundnuts infront of the barrack would call a certain number as a convoy of trucks are leaving, and tell them the approximate number of men, the numbers of APCs etc., thus enabling the enemy set up an ambush
      (2) At the defensive positions little boys selling pure water could have easily informed the enemy of the positions of the GPMGs etc. allowing the dushka mounted technicals to stand off and eliminate them before pressing home their assaults.

      In my view these make the situation more difficult, but not intractable. They simply mean we have to work extra hard at deception etc. and plan for exigencies etc. improvise a lot more to counter the threats while we wait from the Night vision gogles, FLIR equipped choppers etc. (i.e. If and when the opposition party allows the Legislature approve it.)

      • ugobassey says:

        Sir this is mostly speculation analysis. You are implying that BH has a sophisticated intelligence network…even far better than NA.

  9. beegeagle says:


    Little wonder the military can never get anything right in the APC’s opinion. It also shows you how two-faced your supposed activists are

  10. beegeagle says:

    Dunno what to make of this…


    by Johnlee Varghese
    July 21, 2014

    Boko Haram gunmen killed at least 100
    people and set dozens of homes ablaze,
    after capturing the northeastern Nigerian town of Damboa on Saturday. As per local reports, the attacks started
    on Friday and by Saturday morning, Boko
    Haram militants secured the perimeters
    of the town, following which they hoisted their black and white flag.

    In the meantime, thousands of residents
    of Askira Uba, another north-eastern
    area, are fleeing after receiving threats
    from Boko Haram of an impending attack to take over the villages, Abbas Gava, a spokesman for the Nigerian Vigilante Group said.

    Survivors said that the insurgents invaded the town firing rocket-propelled grenades and threw homemade bombs into homes,while indiscriminately firing at the fleeing villagers. The militants are also said to have cut-off all access to the roads connecting the town from South by blowing up a bridge. Damboa is located on the highway from Maiduguri, which is the Borno state capital.

    The villagers now fear a counter attack by the Nigerian army to claim back Damboa. “We have to massively flee the town so as not to be caught in the crossfire for we are anticipating the army to try to reclaim the town from the terrorists,” a resident told Nigerian daily This Day. The Nigerian army reportedly used to have a base in Damboa, but Boko Haram insurgents had destroyed the barracks and bunks in the town.

    However, the Nigerian police claims that
    the militants are inching towards their
    end and these attacks are their acts of
    desperation. Nigeria Police Spokesman, Frank Mba told Daily Independent that the “likely upsurge in attacks from terror groups like Boko Haram is a sign of desperation,which he said is rising from the fact that terrorists are being choked out of their comfort zone by the combined efforts of the military, police and international assistance.”

    Boko Haram, which means “Western
    education is sinful,” has increased its
    attacks in the country. In 2014, the
    Islamic militant group is claimed to have killed at least 2,000 people in the country. In April, it kidnapped over 200 Chibok girls, who still have not been traced by the Goodluck Jonathan government.

    • Solorex says:

      This shows
      (1) The PR of the military still needs alot of improvement, the military should consider an extensive PR program run by civilians- they should explore electronic media greatly and have regular situational briefing meant to whip up support -similar to what Russians had during Georgian war and West during the Libyan Intervention. This coming from IBT carries alot of weight in international circles. We should not hear of this first in international news-we should hear the Army Version First.

      (2) It is not possible to defend all the small town and villages in the North effectively against guerilla raids-not even with 20,000 troops- We need technology to limit these raids- Satellite based panic alert system should be installed in very prone villages with sizeable population- this will be operated by trusted civilian as a type of early warning system-Consider outright Radio Jamming ( complete communication blackout/not even AM radio)for expansive areas around this towns and cultivate an attitude on immediate response to every raid. Army Aviation is still the loudest answer to this raids- supposing we have have 18 not Mi35 armed forming 6 rapid response teams available for immediate deployment ( not having to go through the crazy red tapism of the air force involvement). If every raid results in unbearable casualty on Boko haram, the raids will stop-as long as we keep firing AK47s and RPGs at them and occasionally Artillery and missiles- they will keep coming back- the day attrition rates during raids gets to 70% they will stop the raids!

      (3) Consider Extreme Measures-

      Mass relocation for the purpose of protection
      In the closing days of Sri Lankan Civil war,there was a need to relocate populace en masse for their own safety-while also setting up filtration camps to catch the bandits amongst them- If a town of 1000-3000 people is not defensible at reasonable cost ( human and materials)-Don’t defend it-close it down- This might initially mean we are losing territory to terrorist but with time it would limit embarrassment and death of innocent ones who believe they are secure when we know that they are not. Damboa has a population of about 200,000 and cannot be shut down -however other smaller villages can be shut down.

      Government Backed Guerrilla
      We should consider giving fangs to the civilian JTF minimally- to serve as first line of defense in this prone towns- to hold back pending arrival of Armed response- the downside is that it might create further banditry if not properly managed.

      (4) A great opportunity in Disguise- Now that the insurgents are dug in in Damboa; this is an opportunity for the Military to show finesse,superiority and Gusto by routing them out.
      This is in the eye of the world and proper,timely,well planned response will score a very great goal in international media.

      • ozed says:

        Oga Solorex,

        Well from what i have been hearing, all we have done was to make two arrogant attempts to send mounted convoys to go retake Damboa, where upon they both fell into ambushes.
        Did you ever hear of any thing lamer? I still refuse to believe the army could be that naive. I mean combat patrols to find and fix the enemy before major offensives has been a norm in modern warfare as long ago as WW2.

        Anyway like i said, i still don’t believe this till i see it on a reliable medium.

    • asorockweb says:

      It’s the same story that was in Vanguard

  11. Deway says:

    Something for us to learn from:
    Here’s What It Looks Like When Hamas Gunmen Infiltrate Israel Through Tunnels

  12. AY says:

    NEWS FLASH: A Nigerian Air Force Mi-35 Helicopter on training mission this afternoon, crashed due to technical fault at a location South of Bama- Defence HQ.

    • Solorex says:

      Very Sad because we may have lost good men fighting for our safety and security……We lost ( partially or totally?) a much needed platform possibly also.

      MOD quick statement is great, leaves little room for truth twisters to operate, “on training ” in Damboa is a bit questionable though ( routine surveillance maybe implied?).

      No information on status of the occupants!

    • Deway says:

      Another reason by we need to pile them up in good numbers. Hope no life was lost?

    • Are James says:

      This is actually commendable news if no lives were lost. It indicates a ratcheting up of air operations.

  13. menatti says:

    It was an MI24 that crashed. Formation flying and they had a fire on board, Lost control, hit the ground hard and lost the pilot and technician. Forward Gunner escaped unhurt. They weren’t Shot down.

  14. cryptologist says:

    But the handlers of Nigeria MOD twitter handle said its an MI35 Helic with the tech & 1 other occupant dead but pilot rescued alive. I beg to go with Oga menatti detailed report

    • AreJames says:

      MI 24 or MI 35. Everybody is forgiven for mixing up these two designations for what is essentially the same type of chopper.

      • AreJames says:

        Formation flying suggests that there were other choppers in ‘a formation’ and this indeed was a training mission. The only unfortunate thing was the loss of life (RIP). It is actually good news that air activity is ramping up, whether in training or actual operations.

  15. peccavi says:

    Oga Ozed: you go live long, I was about to write exactly the same thing. The sabo nonsense caused more damage to the Biafrans than most Federal brigades.
    This talk of 5th columnists, sabos, traitors etc is exactly the same stupid fucking mentality that makes s go to pastors and prophets to find which of our aunties, uncles or children are witches or wizards who are retarding our progress. Superstitious nonsense.
    If there are traitors there are fairly basic straight forward counter subversion and counter intelligence procedures that would reveal them. Basic opsec would also reduce any influence these people have.
    What we are crying about as 5th columnist is basically poor Tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs).
    Every Nigerian base is filled with myriad random people, hangers on, relatives, beggars whatever. What method is used to ensure these people are who they say they are? Soldiers in SL and Liberia had their girlfriends in the barracks, is its the same here?
    We keep on attacking Damboa by driving up the road, what about flank protection? Helicopters would end it quickly but if not there is a simple solution fairly familiar to our forefathers, go in on foot. Push as far forward as possible, set up a FOB and then push out patrols at night to probe and infiltrate, follow up on foot, with the main force on the road and a force on the flanks on foot.
    Again it comes down to sustainment, can we operate the logistics to support an advance on foot and by road and evacuate casualties?

    Once the first 2 attacks had been foiled I wuld have gone firm on the road, set up fobs on 3 sides of Damboa and then started the advance, push forward slowly along the road, once you hit an enemy ambush, go firm , neutralise the ambush position with mortars and then flank it on foot through the bush.
    I have no idea what the terrain looks like but if its thick bush, then you can use infantry to close with an destroy them, if its open desert then you can fix them with artillery/ mortars/ AH while you close with them with infantry.

    Just like MRAPs and F16s will not solve our problems, neither will this witch-hunt for traitors, focus on the little basic things like revamped tactics and techniques

    • AreJames says:

      This is one interesting angle to the desertion stories. Two attempts by road led to serious ambushes at Zambia. If I were a private and my major tells me to go on a third mission down the same road with the same weapons and tactics what do I do?

    • Deway says:

      Oga Peccavi, you have mentioned the bane of our problems – “basically poor tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs)” for which I put together as questionable competence on the part of field commanders and top brass. Though I will not be too swift to dismiss the negative impact of saboteurs in the military, government and local population; as well as the effect of poorly maintained/lack of equipment, I think its high time they reviewed in earnest the curriculum, teaching methods and candidate assessment in Jaji, National War College. Our fine young officers and men are dying in the hands of these miscreants. We were in Liberia and Sierra Leone; what were the take home lessons learnt from those 2 campaigns? Nothing!

  16. jimmy says:

    Oga peccavi
    i have shied away from the words sabo fifth colummn because it simply takes away from competence. You have just described army 101 based on a triangle method of attacking from three sides. There ARE TIMES honestly I waver………. something that should be so simple ….. that makes so much sense :(.
    I will not go on a rant so against everything my OXFORD educated aunt taught me , I rest.

  17. peccavi says:

    Oga, I am not on the ground and do not know what the terrain looks like or what the situation is like orr what has been tried or not so with respect to the boys on the ground these are just speculative ideas but we must get away from this magic bullet syndrome, where the answer to situational awareness is UAVs, satellites and aircraft.. The infantryman’s answer to situational awareness is recce patrols to scope the enemy positions, fighting patrols tp probe his positions and identify capabilities and responses, observation posts to provide intelligence, outposts and sentries to provide early warning.
    Technology I awesome but all it does is reinforce the basics, if we don’t have it it doesn’t mean we sit down and fold out hands.
    With choppers we could air assault the living shit out of those bastards but if we don’t have then go in on foot, a battalion advance to contact with a company on either side of the road and a third in reserve would merrily roll up whatever BH thinks they can throw into the battle.
    I don’t understand how they can take and hold Damboa for over a week and still be on this same planet with us, it is a mystery to me

  18. freeegulf says:

    it is hard for me to comment on the ongoing Damboa debacle. i don’t have specifics, so cant say what why and how. however, like oga peccavi mentioned, i am surprise the army continue to allow this mess and giving this terrs breathing space in an occupied town.

    even without CAS this task shouldn’t become a meat grinder for the army. basic tactics, deception, decoy, and a good intel picture should allow the army achieve their objectives without undue heavy friendly casualties. i wonder what happened to the great battle discipline and drills of the NA

  19. doziex says:

    Hmmm, Poor TTPs huh ?

    The last I heard of TTPs, it was from Col. Eeben.

    He spoke of working with the UPDF, as the hunted the LRA in northern Uganda, and across the borders into DRC, and the then sudan.

    Bottomline, is Oga peccavi says poor TTPs, and I and others say poor equipping.

    Both are correct. They are both problems.

    What NA needs, is an influx of expertise on these TTPs.

    There are reports that the brits, the US, the isrealis, and the Chinese may be assisting with some training.
    But these efforts need to be focused at our training schools, with further advisers/ mentors in the area of operation.

    NA should be developing solutions to our frontline problems, based on the best practices out there.
    Trained veterans of such situations, are the best people to impart this knowledge to our troops.

    If Nigeria insists on letting our soldiers ” wing it” as they had done before, the cost of damages inflicted by BH to our society may soon become something we cannot easily rebound from.

    Wars that could have been ended fairly quickly, were allowed to fester in LBR,SLR, the Niger Delta, and now in the NE.
    These wars, have taken a terrible toll on NA troops. Whereas, this should not have been the case.
    Proper kit, equipment and TTPs, could have ended all these wars in decisive victories, sans the unacceptable level of casualties.

    • Deway says:

      Doziex nwa nnem, we can see that for the 2 years or more you were shouting at the top of your voice for PMCs, you were not crazy 🙂 We need whatever kind of coordinated help we can get.

      • doziex says:

        Chief, Nah wah o !!
        We need all the help we can get.
        This beheading video illustrates the seriousness of BH, however merciless.
        Our govt is taking baby steps, whereas these miscreants are doubling down.

    • peccavi says:

      To that add another T, i.e TTTP: Training, tactics, techniques and procedures.
      Revamping them will work wonders

  20. Julius says:

    last weekend all the bars and lounges on the island were packed.Everyday there is a barbecue party in lagos and there are weddings and celebrations all over Nigeria excluding the state of emergency locations.
    Are we serious as Nigerians?Lets exclude our insensitive president.This is a lifetime war that we are meant to dedicate a whole frontier to.
    This army officer went out to make a purchase and boko haram members captured him.
    What is the solution if there is any?The unserious attitude of our government towards our plight is a joke.
    Am so so short of words.
    Boko Haram is sending this message to the world to take them serious.
    Many executions have definitely taken place but this is the first one recorded.
    Last i saw a beheading was the video of ISIS .
    This is sad

    • jimmy says:

      oga jimmy
      Some of us are not serious, however some of us are more serious than others. However we are not all serious at the same time.

    • asorockweb says:

      BH has made several videos of executions.

      Julius, you are naïve.
      Don’t be BH’s agent of terror – Stop spreading their videos.

  21. jimmy says:

    i watched the video , I CAN HONESTLY TELL YOU IT IS VERY GRUESOME.This is the price the country is going to pay, this is what this country is going to have to pay the price of young men caught unawares . i said last year we were at war. The civilian pooh poohoed it.
    This is the game changer the country needs IN A PEVERSE kind of way IN YEARS TO COME WE WILL THANK organizations like sahara reporters.
    May GOD/ ALLAH rest this man soul the peace he did not find on earth may he find it in HEAVEN/ PARADISE / the EQUIVALENT amen.

    • igbi says:

      shall we thank sahara reporters at the same time as boko haram thanks them ?
      Should we also thank boko haram ? (I mean following your logics)
      Let us get real, sahara reporters has been broadcasting boko haram propaganda for a while now. And stop being naif, it is to help boko haram and not to help Nigeria.

      • jimmy says:

        Please before you react to what people write take a deep breath and re-read what I wrote. The first sentence is a prelude to what I meant the rest is what makes it up.” This is about the price the country Nigeria is going to pay ” It is not about you blowing hot and cold.
        I specifically mentioned the words game changer and perverse before i started on what we sarcastically should thank boko haram and Sahara reporters for .Please go back and read my blog carefully and see whether I did not preface it with the word perverse
        You mentioned that you are 27 years and you don’t know whether you should join the NIGERIAN ARMY. You should as a maths graduate you will qualify for the short service now selection is another thing. I honestly believe you need a different perspective in life. Calm down before jumping on people statements, better yet ask them to clarify are they being sarcastic?. What is their background?what is at stake for them?
        By the way OGA ASOROCK this regrettably is not the first video of a beheading by boko haram .

      • igbi says:

        Indeed I didn’t understand your meaning. But you wouldn’t believe the number of boko haram sympathizers I encountered on the internet. It becomes hard to tell if someone is being sarcastic or is just speaking his true feelings. Right here in France a portion of the black youth is getting more and more radicalized, and it goes beyond religion (although I suspect the last step would be a conversion). There is some kind of madness in the air. Some time ago I met a fellow Nigerian from the united states and himself he was radicalized (a little bit). One thing these guys have in common is the conspiracy theory on which they believe. So excuse me, the madness that is overtaking the youth (mostly the foreign one) makes you doubt people’s motives. What is normal is no longer normal. By the way I am a “postgraduate” in maths.
        And yes if I am not too old then I will be joining. I come from a long line of military officers and from a warrior people: the Edos.
        To the traitors in political clothing, hear this : remember Morsi. The army and the people will make you face the law.
        shekau or fake shakau, I am coming for your head !

      • igbi says:

        On the radicalization thing, no one comes even close to the arab youth, it is almost like if they go to nazi youth camps ?

  22. asorockweb says:

    Sahara Reporters have on their website. Now you have made sure the BeegEagle blog has it on it’s site.

    Are you promoting the video or condemning it?!

  23. asorockweb says:

    If this video show the brutal execution of an army officer, it doesn’t belong in this blog.

    The man has family and loved ones.

    Please do not help Boko Haram spread it’s terror.

  24. Startrek says:

    sir jimmy ple permit me to state here that you are one of the very few i respect on this blog and thats why am forced to break cover to respond to your seaming supportive statement on that dirty video link
    . i ve observed that there are those who come here with information, those who come toget information like my humbleself, and then

    there are the axis who are playing the subtle game of disinformation. maturity is ability to maintain a cool heading no matter the intension. as for the beheading of a Nigerian officer being directed to a defsec blog and more so this particular blog is a thought provocateur… meanwhile am neither the editor nor moderator. I HAIL THEE THE BEEG ONE.

    • jimmy says:

      Please read my statements very carefully .I used the word perverse . One of my first cousin’s husband has been repeatedly been in harms way. I am appalled by the video. My quotes are .This is the price in blood we are going to have to pay .This is as grim as I can get. My loyalty to Nigeria speaks for itself.If you actually knew my background you will understand ,I was being very scarcastic ,angry and grim. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  25. peccavi says:

    Oga Asorockweb: I totally agree with you on one thing. The guy has family and loved ones. Whats his name? His unit? When did he die? There is something fundamentally wrong when life in a country is so cheap that even those that wear its uniform are not worthy of note or regard.
    You can identify every dead US, UK or French soldier by name, place and date of death, hometown, unit etc. The heavens have not fallen.
    This is a terrible video but the question any professional should be asking is how do we use this to our advantage?
    The easy answer is to actually use selected, censored clips of this event, on local and international news channels, splice it with interviews with his family, friends, comrades and colleagues. Show that this guy was a normal human being, like uss a Nigerian, a sson an friend, a human being.
    The message we would clearly bee trying to get across is ‘This is what we are fighting against’
    The instinct to hide under our beds and wish away bad news must stop. We must take on every Boko Haram video and use it against them. We are losing the media war because we choose to run away from reality. Use the enemies tools against them.
    The death of a soldier fighting for a just cause is not a defeat, it is a victory, it is a victory of the will of a human being to sacrifice for something greater than himself , so despite the terrible nature of this crime, we must celebrate the life of this serviceman and use it to show the world the nature of the enemy we are facing. Use it to shame, bully and expose those who give tacit support by paying protection money and by stealing from soldiers
    May this fellow rest in peace knowing he did his duty in life and in death

    • AreJames says:

      Thank you for these suggestions as to how a smart psychological ops outfit could use this to advantage.I did not even expect an Izala sect (another shady one) member could be termed an infidel by these murderous bastards and decapitated in such a manner. Their doctrine is clear from the interview – the state as we know it must give way to some loose anarchic arrangement run purely by Islamic clerics. This group deserves a series of crushing blows delivered unrelenting over a 3 month period via a rolling series of air and land operations but political will is required to do this.

    • jimmy says:

      Thank you oga peccavi, you put into words what I could not.In my anger and my grief for this man and his family. I have seen a lot in my relatively young life, and I cannot understand for one second why someone could misconstrue my words when I said this video should be a game changer. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  26. Obix says:

    Sir Beag, I support Oga asorockweb’s suggestion that this video be pulled down from this thread. Since Boko Haram wants to spread her propaganda and show the world her brutality then this blog should not be a platform for that. On this blog we have seen links to videos with BH attacking military bases and stuff but not the gruesome murder of a military officer or any other Nigerian.
    Oga Beag, just like sometime ago i suggested you stopped using pictures of BH fighters on threads (Thank you for seeing my point then), i strongly suggest you pull down this video. @Oga Julius, try and understand the reasoning behind this suggestion.

  27. igbi says:

    Given the answers of the guy, I doubt he is a military personnel. Indeed what exactly is the 9th section of the armed forces. The rank he gave doesn’t make sense as well. I believe the guy was forced to say what he said by the boko haram and once that was done they did what followed. But I do believe the guy was a Nigerian and boko haram will pay for this and for the rest of our people it has killed. R.I.P bro, those who did this have woken the sleeping lion.

  28. Julius says:

    Bringing the link for the video was not meant to promote BH .Its a message for numerous people about how deadly this sect is.As i said earlier we are not a serious nation.The reason you have videos and documentaries online is for information.
    3 israel citizens were killed and the pointing fingers was towards Hamas, we all know how Israel is bombarding them.We lose citizens everyday,bomb attacks with fatalities is also turning into a norm and the whole country is calm like nothing is wrong.
    If we dont go back to the basics and push the government to handle welfare of Nigerians well,we are in for a long haul of suffering and chaos.

    N.B I apologize if the video propagated negativity.

  29. peccavi says:

    Oga Doziex: just to expand on your pint, getting help from myriad sources if not properly handled is a recipe from disaster. The first step is to identify the problem. For example
    Our vehicles keep getting ambushed with small arms- solution learn how to predict and avoid SA ambush and how to extract from it. Then identify which forces have experience of this and try and copy and adapt. Problem, IEDs round BH camps: solution learn how too detect and neutralise IEDs.
    The Nigerian problem is to always identify a solution and try and force the problem to match it.
    Even the road move itself, how do you prevent a force from being destroyed in an ambush? Break it into 3, a forward element, maybe 4 fast vehicles or technical, followed by h main combat element and then the support element, The forward recce element proceeds until its ambushed, it breaks out of the ambush using its firepower and speed and then pulls back, either fixing the enemy with mortars or their machine guns, the main combat element deploys to the flanks and destroys the enemy position.

    While the main force is pushing up the road, use small light 2-4 vehicle patrols on either side of the road to find enemy positions and attack them, These little pinprick attacks present an image of the attackers coming on a huge front and should cause panic
    Keep dong this until you get to Damboa, even BH go tire. Push forward at night on foot if the road is impassable, honestly we do not need technology (not that it wouldn’t help) just straight forward aggressive, mobile war fighting techniques and tactics

    • doziex says:

      Chief, I agree. But bad TTTPs have led to numerous casualties, which in turn has sapped the moral of our brave soldiers.

      That is why some one like you, that is well versed in these tactics, and have experienced them in real life is needed to mentor front line NA troops.

      Some one said it recently on this blog, that for all the Counterinsurgency training going on in the NA, reports from the warzone is still showing a glaring lack of TTTPs.

      One cannot underestimate the effect of well trained veteran troops on a poorly led unit.

      That is why soldiers from various US army units, are selected for the Rangers course, but upon completion, they don’t join the ranger regiment, they are returned to their units, with their ranger insignia, and all that it entails.

      NA needs this mentorship badly.

      I believed that based on experience, and results, that STTEP could have been a good fit.
      Clearly most bloggers here disagree.

      The discipline and the moral that motivates the kind of basic infantry maneuvers you describe is lacking. Folks are getting mowed down by mounted AA guns, several star NDA graduates are already KIA (God rest their soul)

      Where is the courage going to come from ? where is the inspiration hence leadership going to come from ?

      I have always believed that the proper equipment, while not a panacea, will along with proper TTTPs, be a moral booster.

      However, I agree with you. Rwandans have used basic infantry field craft to outmaneuver many of their better armed adversaries.
      But the RDF is a surprisingly well trained, and well motivated force.

      NA needs to promote courageous natural leaders, especially those that excel in combat.
      Par example, majors Tanko and Jalingo from op death before dishonor (SLR)

      The Late Brig gen Max Khobe and his deputies in his exemplary frontline leadership, in operation sandstorm, that ousted the AFRC/RUF from freetown.

      Likewise, heroes of the earlier Op. Octopus in LBR, Heros of the Camp 5 capture in the MEND war. ETC, ETC.

      NA should highlight the exploits of their brave soldiers, at least cover the stories on your boring websites.
      This is an army in need of inspiration. Why else would a man risk his life ?
      Believe me, it is NOT the salary.
      NA should deal with these stories that undermine moral. Not the truth about the battle field, but the stories of corruption and thievery.
      The gross disrespect that is demonstrated, when someone attempts to steal the just salaries and combat pay due our soldiers.
      These are stories that should cause immediate outrage, and prompt court marshals, not stories that should be allowed to linger.

  30. freeegulf says:

    It is indeed strange that units in the NE are falling and loosing men to ambushes. maybe we are only hearing of the bloody ambushes and less of the successful counter ambushes. however, if this is not the case, then i feel sorry for this crop of uniformed men.

    someone mentioned the disparity of experienced men in that theater and that most soldiers are newly trained recruits. while that is hard to implement fully, i do believe that there are too many greenhorns doing grunt work. one or two ‘ol man should be mixed to each sections. their experiences re priceless in combat.

    ambush is one of the most useful tactics in combat. every single unconventional force will use it. it is that common! and also one of the easiest to combat if properly trained. where re the ECOMOG vets that survived ambush countries like LBR and SRL? they learnt with sweat and blood. however, after grasping the basics, they became extremely adept at dealing with ambushes. and this was in triple canopy jungle!!
    now we have troops fighting in savanna vegetation and falling to basic tactics. its unfortunate. no mater the bush or forest in the NE, nothing can compare with the dreadful and energy sapping jungles of the MRU countries.

    the first basics of ambush defeat, is to anticipate it. what provides for a successful ambush? its there a bend at a junction (that will slow down vehicles), sharp bend in a road, a trail, or even a stream? is there a defile? does a particular road funnel traffic to one point? obstacles? how much attention do the troops pay to enfilade and defilades fire?

    most ambushes will be linear or L shaped. and they will mostly be point ambushes. except the terrs have gotten really advanced that they can execute sophisticated area ambushes. well, who knows, especially given that some of their experienced fighters are hardened chadian war veterans.
    in any case, once an ambush has been detected or initiated, the troops need to get used to immediately assaulting into the ambush position yes it sounds tough, but assault while in the kill zone, occupying and continue the attack with dismounted troops on top of the enemy will make short work of the enemies. how they do attempt this, upright, prone, crawl, is better left unsaid hear. at the same time, have the vehicles’ weapon utilized as a direct support gun. the action must always be immediate, overwhelming and violent! its about gaining fire superiority. men not in the kill zone should manuevre against the ambush terrs to destroy them.

    naturally, troops not used to ambush would want to drive away from it, bad idea. for near ambush assault through the terrs ambush, hit them hard. for far ambush (how one judges near or far ambush depends on who is on ground), take cover and return fire. this form a base of fire while troops not in the kill zone should maneuvre, hit the terrs flanks while watching out for booby traps or IEDs as enemy perimeter security (for more hardened and experienced enemy fighters that no they have to protect their flanks). of course, this is just ambush, not a prepared defensive position. everything is about angles in warfare. just watch out for positions that are sighted in-depth. well this is a hasty ambush prepared by a rag tag force and not the EPLF or PAVN. obviously, there re lots of details i m leaving out, but this should cover the basics.

    the best thing is always to anticipate it. halt, dismount, and flank out in the right forward tactics. at worse, the terrorists will be spooked and will spring the ambush too quickly. done properly, the troops will be on top of the terrs and wipe them out in no time. ambush should not be giving the army migraine, not even their logistics convoy, how much more fighting patrols.
    i wonder what they teach them at kontagora and jaji. 4-6 weeks COIN training, what re they teaching these boys.

    the army could not have wished for a better terrain than those of the NE. open grassland, wooded vegetation, a bit of marshy ground, and more. but there re no triple canopy jungle, no niger delta snaky mangrove swamps, no extreme high altitude mountains.
    this theater of course, also has its challenges, but it also gives them immense advantage of bringing their heavy weapons to bear. they just need to manoeuvre more. we cry about soft skin vehicles, but is it not the same soft skin vehicle the terrs are employing? if the troops do get bogged down in marshy terrain, so should the terrs. it is not technology that we win this war ( aerial assets are non negotiable though), its the political will, the aggression of field commanders, and good battle drills and discipline.

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