President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria

Published on July 18, 2014

President Goodluck Jonathan has approved the release of additional funds for the purchase of military hardware, the Minister of State for Defence, Sen. Musiliu Obanikoro, said.

Obanikoro said while on inspection tour of Navy formations and facilities in Rivers on Thursday that the purchase of the hardware would boost the capacity of the Nigerian Armed Forces in the fight against terror.

“President Goodluck Jonathan is committed to enhancing our military efficiency and capacity to deliver in the fight against insurgency. “In the fight against terrorism; the President has approved huge acquisitions to build up the capacity of our military; and this has not been done in the last 25 years. “These are efforts that are highly commendable, and, we should continue to encourage and support government to do more in the fight against insurgency.

“The fight against terrorism is not all about the President – it is not about you and me – it is about all of us (Nigerians); and it is a war that we can only win if we stand together. “Without sounding immodest, I commend the commitment,dedication and the sacrifices they (military personnel) have been making and made in the past.”

Obanikoro said that the military had shown resilience in spite of operational challenges, adding that the President was determined to provide more support.He called on Nigerians to support and cooperate with the military in its bid to end security challenges confronting the nation.

It would be recalled that Jonathan asked the National Assembly, for approval of a loan of one billion dollars (N162bn) to fund military operations in the country.


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  1. COLONEL NGR says:

    Its a welcome development. I just hope that whatever funds that will be provided will be judiciously spent on weapons system and improving the capacity of our troops to operate such systems. The money should not be spent on recurrent expendtures.

  2. COLONEL NGR says:

    I wanna commend Oga Beegs and every other person who takes out time to comment and enlighten us on this blog. Pls keep up the good work. I miss a lot these days due to my work schedule. It is always refreshing to come here and read discussions on issues. Thanks guys!

  3. rka says:

    As usual, we continue to wait for specifics,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    Talk is cheap, put us at ease.

    • doziex says:

      Thank you sir !!


      This not a matter of intelligence, it is a matter of accountability.

      Prove to Nigeria that you have become accountable, so minds can be put at ease.

  4. Henry says:

    I hope we get additional attack helicopters and close in fire support fighters.

  5. peccavi says:

    Is there a list of equipment they are purchasing?

  6. toondey says:

    Can they just stop talking about it and do the needful we’ve heard this over and over. Are they just going to buy stuffs harphazardly? Apart from urgent stuffs needed now for the current operation. There must be a systemic mode of rearming and modernization put in place and must be revised periodically. Do they have an idea of how they want to position themselves say in the next 2 to five years. A strong and viable economy without a strong attendant military and security apparatus is a disaster waiting to happen. Abeg our ogas walk the talk, as a matter of fact do it substancially. Thanks

  7. Russellinfinity says:

    I must admit that Mr president really wants to end this insurgency judging by his actions in recent months. I would like to appeal to b those who are in charge of the procurement process (MOD) to please do every thing necessary to expedite the acquisition process.

    If Iraq can get its order of Sukhoi 25 ground attack jets in a matter of months, I don’t see why that of Nigeria facing similar security challenge should be any different.

    • Solorex says:

      I have always said that we do not need parliamentary approval to spend common $1b on the military- procurement has already reached fever pitch late last year- the greatest concern is viable induction process to translate hardware superiority to battlefield superiority and Maintenance and upgrade process to ensure they do not become a pile of junk in few years!

      There are also vital “war space management” procedural flaws that are evident in Damboa saga- solved with hardware procurement but by planning and taking deep re-organizational steps.

      1. Army aviation ( rotary wings) is long overdue and will be the loudest answer to boko haram incessant raids

      2. Better battlefield Information management system ( we need regional war rooms with MFDs and feeds from hundreds of cameras installed around prone barracks and communities,APCs and drones-get the Aerostars flying again or buy Wing loons)

      3. Controlled Media Access/Denial- management of information flow from government controlled areas to instil confidence in the populace and whip up anti-boko haram sentiment.

      4. Raise the Technology war bar to where BH cannot cope-stop using soft skin vehicle again-lets have consistent and sustained precision bombing run daily.

  8. freeegulf says:

    oga solorex, it is always uplifting reading your posts and comments. well done

  9. Augustine says:

    Good news, or bad news, or maybe uncertain news….

    $1 Billion GEJ Vs Senate/Reps loan for Boko war weapons purchase being queried ….

    We have warned the Nigerian military about dangers of secrecy on defense spending in a democracy, the ghost will haunt them…


    Some members of the National Assembly are divided over whether or not the $1bn loan request made by President Goodluck Jonathan should be approved by the lawmakers.

    (1) Senator Magnus Abe said he was not against the approval of the loan for the President.

    He, however, said Jonathan should be able to account for the money released so far to fight the insurgents. President Goodluck Jonathan should satisfy himself and Nigerians that the amount of money so far released for the anti-terrorism activities had been judiciously utilised.

    “It will be a very sad development if it turned out at the end of the day that $1bn being requested for the President was diverted to politics or that some people in government saw it as an opportunity to amass wealth at the instance of the vulnerable, poor Nigerians whose lives and property are being wasted whenever the dreaded sect unleashes terror.”

    (2) Senator Babafemi Ojudu said the request by the President was “not desirable and obviously, not justifiable.”

    He said, “As a country, huge sums of money have been voted for defence since the inception of the Jonathan administration and a huge percentage of the money, I believe, had been channelled to wage war against Boko Haram. The question is, have we been able to justify the utilisation of the money?”

    According to him, the Borno state government told the team that a huge percentage of its monthly allocation was being deducted by the Federal Government to fight insurgency.

    “I am very sure the Senate will approve the money but how are we sure it is not part of the money that would be utilised to prosecute the 2015 general elections by the Peoples Democratic Party, which is the ruling party in the country,” he said.

    (3) Senator, Kabiru Marafa, said he would not mind approving the loan, if it would assist in ending the insurgency, we must be sincere in the application of the money for the purpose for which it was released.

    “We all know the complaints of the military personnel on ground at the three north-eastern states. They had alleged that their welfare was not being adequately taken care of by those charged to do so.

    (4) Senator Chris Ngige said he would need more details on the loan.

    “We also need to know what percentage will go to procurement of more arms and equipment; the percentage that will go to personnel capacity building and the percentage that will be allocated to the Army, Navy, Airforce, the Department of State Security, the Police and other security outfits.

    (5) House Of Reps Minority Whip, Mr. Sampson Osagie, faulted Ogor’s position on the grounds that the legislature approved N1tn in this year’s budget just three months ago for the same reasons of equipping and training security personnel.

    Osagie argued that until Jonathan explained how the $1bn would be utilised differently from the N1tn already approved in the 2014 budget, “then, there are clouds of suspicion.”

    He added, “Is the President borrowing the money to fund the N1tn budgeted for security in 2014? He has a lot of explanation to make.”

    “I totally oppose this loan”, Osagie added.

    (6) Chairman, House Committee on Justice, Mr. Ali Ahmad, too did not spare the President.

    Ahmad noted that “25 per cent” of the 2014 budget was earmarked for security.

    He said, “We can’t see what they have done with the money because nothing has improved.

    “Upgrading equipment and training Armed Forces personnel are not new issues; we approved N1tn in the budget for security.

    “My position is that the military should come out and tell us how they have spent the 25 per cent of the budget we voted for security.”

    (7) A United Kingdom-based political and public affairs commentator, Mr. Stephen Dieseruvwe, said the President should tell Nigerians how security votes had been spent.


    We have been warning Nigerian military about the destructive consequences of secret weapons acquisitions, secrets hidden from Nigerian public that owns the money, but exposed to foreign public overseas who do not own the cash being spent. Lesson for those who come to this blog to justify everything Nigerian military does wrong about this secrecy affair, is Iraq hiding the SU-25 Frogfoot jets it imported from Russia? Is Brazil hiding it’s purchase of Gripen jets? Is Algeria hiding it’s purchase of T-90 Tanks?

    Does Nigeria ever want to be a modern and globally respected country?

    • rka says:

      Oga Augustine, you said it all o! The secrecy is now coming home to roost. If it was locally manufactured weapons, we would understand, but not otherwise.

      • AreJames says:

        Some secrecy is okay but Nigeria’s own is non value adding. Someone even said on some unnamed blog that Shekau’s armoured vehicles and 4WD trucks are bought with Nigerian defence budget. To know how our money is spent is secret but the next patrol route of XYZ company of the NA in the N.East is leaked to BH almost real time together with the type and calibre of weapons being carried. What nonsense.

  10. jimmy says:

    I am actually very glad the forever asleep senate are actually QUESTIONING GEJ.

  11. xnur44 says:

    The National Assembly are convinced that new equipment is needed, but why borrow? Nigeria has spent funds from the foreign reserve to shore up the value of the naira and there is no end in sight, but yet we chose to borrow funds to fight insurgency. Is this not punishing future generations by way of debt repayment for the skewed defence policy that dedevil the nation today?

  12. beegeagle says:


    20 July, 2014

    Nigerian Armed Forces are currently going through a major upgrade, the type that has been neglected by past administrations for more than two decades, according to the Minister of State for Defense, Senator Musiliu Obanikoro.

    Speaking to journalists in Warri over the weekend, shortly after inspecting facilities at the Nigerian Navy Ship (NNS) Delta, Warri, the Naval School of Engineering, Sapele and the Logistics Command, Oghara in Delta State,Obanikoro, also admitted that the military had been under-equipped to meet the current tasks facing it.

    Obanikoro, who was accompanied by the Commanding Officer, NNS Delta, Navy Captain Musa Gemu, the Flag Officer Commanding (FOC) Naval Engineering School, Rear Admiral Sidi H Usman, Flag Officer Commanding (FOC) Central Naval Command, Rear Admiral Peter Agba, also said the war against terrorism in the country would soon be won.

    According to him, the current level of upgrade going on in the armed forces had not been seen in more than 25 years, adding that the current administration is committed to bringing the Nigerian military up to speed, equipped enough to face all challenges in the present and in the future.

    Speaking on the state of military, the minister said “so far so good, but in real terms and given the goals that we have set for ourselves as a nation, there is the need for more investment. No doubt about that”.

    On the funding of the military sector, he said “funding will forever remain an issue. I schooled in the US. Anywhere funding is a problem in terms of the military. It is not peculiar to Nigeria alone. I recognize the fact that if you have a responsibility to somebody, the person must be equipped to carry out such responsibility.

    “The Federal Government has resolved that within the limited resources available, the military is properly kitted to deal with the challenges confronting the country for now and the future. “There is always room for progress. If I stand here and tell you that all is well, I will be deceiving you. But I know that there is room for improvement and we are doing a lot that we can’t disclose facing the media. I know too well that the commitment the president has given in the last few years, in terms of support to the military, if we had had that in the past, the military would not be where they are today. Suffice to say that we need not engage in a blame game. What is important is that we have a job to do and we must get it done.

    “The president is committed to that and he has taken practical steps. As I speak to you today, some of the acquisition we are doing to beef up military capacity have not been done in the last 25 years. That to me is what progress is all about,” the minister said.

    • igbi says:

      Funding of military a problem in the US ? seriously ? The US military budget is bigger than that of the rest of the world combined.

      • Are James says:

        Strange but true. The American defence budget which is equal to the defence budgets of the entire Europe Union, Russia and China is truly not enough for them. World policing is not easy. They want to be able to fight major wars on all continents at the same time.

  13. doziex says:

    Oga minister of defense, I beg, give us the specifics of your so called up grade of the military, let’s judge for ourselves whether our leadership is serious.

    Any military observer worth their salt knows that even 1 billion USD is a mere pittance. It’s only huge in the minds of unserious Nigerian politicians, who have personal designs on the rest of the money.

    • Are James says:

      This man does not have the competence to answer that question. He was merely relating what he heard at meetings he attended.

    • igbi says:

      Indeed, and look at these apc quacks who keep ranting contradicting their earlier statements. And even going to the extent of saying that the military should not be rearmed because it might not be good for “negotiations”. We need to get rid of some political bastards.

  14. saleh says:

    their number never seems to end

  15. jimmy says:

    oga ozed
    Can you please post the thread with the pics from premium times here. I have failed to locate it. Let us others enjoy it.

  16. Augustine says:

    NAF, we forgive you all your past sins, go and sin no more, you are a good force to be proud of, you asked for 40 units of JF-17 Thunder multi-role jets.

    Thank you sir, Oga Air Marshal Adesola Amosu, I salute you o ! This Beegeagle blog salutes you o ! Ese pupo baba marshal. God bless you and all your generations, amen !

    My ogas on the blog, we should be talking about :

    1. What date the JF-17 jets will arrive Abuja or NAF TAC Makurdi

    2. When will our pilots will be fully trained to fly them

    3. What equipment and weapons will they be armed with…BVR missiles, Guided Bombs, Anti-ship missiles, Air to surface missiles, Anti-tank missiles, Anti-radiation missiles, Targeting pods, Reconnaissance pods, EW and ECM jamming pods, etc.

    4. An air to air refueling tanker.

    5. Data-links for all equipment of Nigerian armed forces to share enemy information in real time and allow attack on enemy positions by the nearest equipment/weapon platform of NA, NN, or NAF.

    6. A few mercenary Pakistani pilots to urgently fly the JF-17 and avoid crashes due to NAF pilots being too green to fly a 4th generation jet at this early stage of purchase.

    7. Full technology transfer of JF-17 Thunder secrets to Nigeria, 40 jets is not a joke to pay for, $1 Billion cash !

    8. Is NAF getting Block I, Block II or Block III JF-17

    9. Open factory to manufacture JF-17 in Nigeria and make us the African/South American export center, for marketing, sales, and servicing. NAF is likely to be the first air force to use JF-17 in real combat on this planet.

    10. Urgent need, can PAF sell 6 units to NAF from PAF current arsenal-stocks?

    • jimmy says:

      Nos 7 and 8 should be Nos 1 and 2. The immediate priority is to sign the agreement.The second priorty is to most definitley ensure technology transfer.In answer to one of your questions there are no Block1 engines being produced anymore.If all goes well and this is Nigeria we are talking about .Nigeria…..will get the block2 and block 3 variant. It is extremely important Politics aside that Nigeria get the Jf17 due to her combat radius and stuff that I will not discuss on this blog.It is also in Nigeria’s best interest to get a squadron of Su27/30.There are going to be some countries that will be extremely unhappy if this comes to fruition let us pray the people in charge of signing this agreement and paying the cash truly love Nigeria. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

      • Are James says:

        Block 3 is actually non existent. It is not even conceptual yet. All they have is the requirements of what they want it to be able to do. At the end of the day Block 3 may have capabilities close to Eurofighter Typhoon or Rafale without the range. And definitely no stealth for Block 3.

  17. jimmy says:

    Here it is
    It is hoped despite the NA attempts not to have any of it’s T72B tanks photographed, they will realize they do need to be seen and heard as a boost in morale, It also is in their best interest to convince the powers that be that the ELEMENTS of the 3 RD armored Div need at least 100 tanks per Tank Brigade assuming there are at least two tank Brigades that means at least a minimum of 200 tanks, the purpose is to bring this war to an end before the elections start in Feb2015.
    The importation/ procurement of BMP3s AND T 72B based on their performance even if some have broken down ( all tanks break down they are high maintenance) should be a National priority rather than have American trainers, Nigeria needs Russian tankers training Nigerian tankers now, lest we forget the Russians learned from PAINFUL mistakes what not to do in the first Chechen war,
    Mr Rueben Abati , please the Nigerian Army needs more Tanks specifically the T-72B and the T-90 from Russia this is one of the things that will help bring this war to an end.

  18. Obix says:

    Now we know that they know that we know……..Chadian envoy absolves country from funding Boko Haram :

    • Obix says:

      “Troops who got wind of their intention to overun other towns, pursued the terrorists while some (TROOPS) also laid ambush for them (THE TERRORISTS)” 🙂

    • Are James says:

      The army confronted a large number of Boko Haram insurgents who were on their way to Ashaka and killed them in hundreds, quite commendably.
      They also seem to have permitted them to load their dead onto many trucks peacefully and drive away with then unchallenged if we go by the wording of this report….lol.

  19. jimmy says:

    OGA P
    Welcome o ! from time to time according to my brother from a different mother it is good to look back at some of the articles that have been written and see whether we are progressing or regressing.i am referring to your article:http://www.defense.gov/transcripts/transcripts.aspx?source=GovDelivery&transcriptid=5548#.VIBCm2nFB3c.twitter
    The things these press briefings have in common is whether they are being held by a low level state dept official or a high ranking 4 STAR GENERAL .Whenever the topic of Nigeria comes up it it is towards the end of the Press conference and judging by what is being said Nigeria is one topic they would rather leave off the table, before it was quite simple to spout out the usual human rights angle and the incompetent soldiers ( which in some cases were true) Now seven months later things are a lot more complicated and messier.
    There is no doubt both of these Incidents especially #2 caught the US GOVT by surprise, more telling was that no senior Military (Nigerian) officer was willing to say anything on the record rather some of them off the record started quoting words used on beegeagle! questioning the purpose of this training when the men are needed somewhere else.
    On the American side Gen Rodriguez sidestepped the question and no follow up question was pursued.
    Personally when you go almost a year fighting an insurgency without a defence minister( Nigeria) it shows a serious lack of focus. When you have 4 DEF SEC in six years and the white house chief of staff and the NSA give orders to Commanders in the field over the head of the def sec it shows some serious dysfunction(AMERICA). This is the state of the increasingly fragile and sometimes acrimonious relationship between the US and Nigeria to make matters worse Nigeria will now be responsible for bursting the financial sanctions US is leading against Russia by paying top dollar for Russian Military Equipment what is mind scratching about this is the failed sale of the cobra Helios is the situation where the state dept official actually encouraged Nigeria to look elsewhere for planes.
    For both countries this is incredibly short sighted. A relationship going back prior to independence is well over 100 years is beyond explanation do not buy from me buy and help my enemy out.
    Nigeria on the other hand the way they have handled the boko haram crises is beyond belief refusing to equip the army from 2009- Jan / Feb 20014 when the first confirmed shipments arrived all the while begging the Americans for free stuff. have often asked the elite of Nigeria how much is Nigeria worth? ihave yet to get a real answer.
    This boko haram crises will end probably after this administration is no longer in power 2015 and the next Nigerian Administration whether it is PDP OR APC is very unlikely to make the same awful mistakes this current one has made.
    What is regretful in all this is the average Nigerian believes that Nigeria should have a good relationship with America but as the antics of both Nations continue in a death defying spiral the Average Nigerian is beginning to say Nigeria must have a better relationship with the Russians and More importantly the Chinese.
    P.S The First of two Chinese Built OPV for Nigeria @ a contract of over $100m arrives soon . Also despite repeated secrecy the first batch of T-72B TANKS either from Russia or Ukraine are “guns a blazing ” somewhere in North East Nigeria, While the UN today talked about their concern about Human rights the offending country ? America
    SMDH. 😦

  20. jimmy says:

    This is from one of our bloogers who has been impartial all along ENJOY GUYS.

  21. jimmy says:


  22. Augustine says:

    How true? New weapons heading for Chad, intercepted in Kano.


    NAF needs 40 units JF-17 Thunder jets to save Nigeria from growing enemy states in our neighbourhood.

  23. Augustine says:

    Dear reader if you have only one choice, which would you choose?

    A. 6 units of second-hand Su-30 Flanker jets
    B. 40 units of brand new JF-17 Thunder jets

    • Are James says:

      I would take the JF 17. The Sukhois are powerful and would be a strategic national asset but reliability would always be an issue.
      The JF 17 is unproven we all know and Nigeria would be the first country to actually field the aircraft in anger but I have good feelings about the openness of the design in terms of systems you can put in. It might just be the only real multi role aircraft available for along time.

      • Augustine says:

        Let’s remember, Alpha jet was unproven in combat till Nigeria used it. The Scorpion jet NAF is thirsty for is unproven in service and in combat, it simple does not really ‘exist’ and we want 24 units . Methinks weapons should be evaluated and tested, if it is our best fit and only option, we should buy. My personal opinion sir.

  24. 40 JF 17s give AFIT years working with this craft n we have our very own 4th Gen Aircraft which will be Strategic for us seeing dat the JF 17 is a step above the F7 we can hv this as Main Interceptor and Ground Attack Wing, Alpha n F7 form Air Defense Group while wen we ready we buy Sukhois to Form Main Strike, Air Superiority and Multi role craft, SAED mission etc.

    • AOk says:

      And you are sure AFIT can maintain the JF17? NAF does not have a proven track record in maintenance. The C130s have been on the books for almost 40 years and we still carry out checks and overhauls in Cambridge. The senior NAF personnel authorising this purchase retire within the next 5 years and we will be lumbered with an unproven machine with front line low dispatch availability all for the sake of having a 4th Gen aircraft.
      I am more concerned about the terms of the contract (if indeed we are getting the planes). If the reliability drops beyond a certain level, do we get recompensed for that? If engines / components fail through mechanical or software faults not of NAF’s making, what support is there? We all know how we operate Nigerian style in contracts.

      I’m sure a blogger will now respond saying how he knows the plane will be a world beater. Yeah.

      I hope it turns out to be a decent fighter as I refuse to join in believing the hyperbole of a super fighter that some people are mentioning here.

  25. Obix says:

    Cyber generals, now we know the details of the $1bln loan request and much more! 🙂
    A few days ago Nigeria signed a agreement with Russia aimed at having full cooperation in the UN Security Council!

  26. Obix says:

    ***Signed an agreement****

  27. Are James says:

    Well at least this one is not a rumour. The publication is from a first amongst equals firm of global advisors with contacts in western capitals and the Nigerian government.
    I always knew there was ‘soul selling’ , ‘blood oath taking’ dimension to the new Nigerian Russian cooperation. This one however smacks of some amateurishness from the FG. What do we do now in the Security Council, watch out for the Russian ambassador and raise up our hands to vote YES anytime his hand is up or what?.
    I am all for the Nigerian Russian cooperation and hope it will be extended to cover a renewal of cooperation in the steel production arena as well so that we can conclude Ajaokuta Steel and also establish medium scale foundries. The only caveat is that Russian interests don’t always coincide with Nigerian interests and the govt should dispaly no inferiority complex in this relationship and always realise that. For one thing they will use a us as a sanctions busting partner and we should have a sophisticated approach to that since Nigeria is part and parcel of the western economic system unfortunately. Also defence cooperation should extend into manufacturing and joint programs. We need to be astute about this.

    • jimmy says:

      I just have one question what has voting yes for the yanks gotten us?how many times did we raise our hands for them what have they given us in terms of lethal aid.Tommorow a report is supposed to come listing some of the damming things the us did in terms of gross human rights violatios after 911 and yet the pontification continues. I beg the hypocrisy is beginning to stink even by the dubious standards that they are being measured by. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  28. Deltaman says:

    Methinks Ajaokuta revival will be best handled with Ukraine not Russia. Actually a sale to Arcelor Mittal or Tata might be more realistic.

  29. Augustine says:

    Thanks oga Obix, you web link is interesting and sweet news. I observed this part that needs to be analysed by fellow bloggers :

    “Secondly, Nigeria which boasts an annual military budget of over $2billion, most of which goes
    to pay salaries, will secure a $1billion loan from a Russian bank linked to the Kremlin to purchase
    several Russian made combat helicopter gunships and other lethal combat equipment including
    possibly fighter planes. Additionally, Russian military advisors will be deployed to Nigeria to
    assist the beleaguered Nigerian military high command on counter-terror tactics. ”

    Russian military advisors operating on Nigerian soil means what? Nigeria is proved incapable of defeating Boko Haram without foreign soldiers helping us? What? I don’t know.

    The helicopter gunships we know already, but….

    Russian fighter planes for NAF is speculated….Su-30 MK Flanker or Su-25 SM Frogfoot ?

    Does the deal include T-90 SM main battle tanks?

  30. Augustine says:

    Plane load of weapons heading to Chad arrested in Kano has arms including :

    1. Helicopter
    2. Bullet proof vests
    3. AK-47 rifles


    What about the old rumour that helicopters fly into Nigerian air space and supply Boko Haram with their daily combat needs?

    This is the third time a plane load of arms heading to Chad has been arrested in Nigeria, this new one had technical problems in flight and requested permission to land in Nigeria for a while. Na Baba God catch am o !

    Now if Boko Haram begins to wear bullet proof vests, how will this war turn out?

    Is it time to close border with Chad quickly and fence it off slowly?

    When will we do a power demonstration of military might to warn Idris Deby of Chad? NAF fly in some twelve JF-17 Thunders, NA drive in some eighty T-90 SM or T-84 Oplot M tanks to show that Nigeria is tired of Chadian betrayal and humiliation plus devastation of our country, the rape of our girls and women, the mass murder of our innocent 6,000 people and 1,000 soldiers by Boko Haram invaders assisted secretly by Chad….show something GEJ….do something GEJ !!!

    • Eugene4eveR says:

      You forgot long range Surface to Surface missiles AND SF playing Call Of Duty in their back yard. IF there are no boko camps in Chad, then any camp destroyed doesn’t exist technically

  31. As we hv Said, Speculated, theorised and even Assessed Chad has 100% hand in this BH issue, theyu are using them as Proxy War to Create a Vacuum remember the Lake Chad Area Minus the oil is the last choioicy Watershed in that Arid Region, Water will be the Fight not really Oil, Nigeria must be like the Tortoise n be smart, immediately close its Chad border with a Shoot on Sight order on any helicopter flying within Borno, Lake Chad, Cameroon that is not of Nigerian origin, Deploy Border Patrol Units and Lastly do everything within its power (legally ) to Frustrate n ridicule Chad.Enough is Enough

    • Are James says:

      The plane has been confirmed carrying a consignment of supplies for French troops in Chad. Mainly two Gazelle helicopters and some “maintenance supplies”. They also seem to have obtained Abuja’ s clearance to land at Kano after the plane developed a technical fault. This incident of getting the press involved is Nigeria’s way of getting back at some mischievous neighbours doing stuff in our backyard. It has the hallmarks of what ex NSA and current MOD would set up.

      @Ekundayotemitope61 is right on by saying that water will become increasingly just as much of a strategic resource as oil in the next two decades. Let us get out of the parochial stupidity business in the way we manage our defence and security.

      Nigeria needs to deepen this move east especially relationships with Russia/China and the acquisition of the latest (brand new) SU 34 combat jets in addition to the JF17. Russia is providing financing so no more excuses. T 90 tanks and long range Surface to Surface missiles is also now possible.

      • Are James says:

        Slight correction, the SU 34 is probably not possible in the short term unless with Soviet pilots and airfields guarded round the clock …. but this one will work, the SU 30KN.


      • Augustine says:

        Oga Are James, we need explanation on why France a NATO big partner, is using a Russian plane to carry supplies for French troops in Chad, did the plane take off from French airport inside France?

        Does French army use the AK-47 rifles on board the transport plane?

        We need answers o ! The math does not add up.

      • jimmy says:

        Oga augustine The truth is actually boring.1.The first answer has already been given to you.The second answer despite being a relative European super power,if you followed what happened during the Malian crisis , France does not on its own have a top notch heavy duty /troop carrier airlift system they had to beg the brits where one of the Brits C-130 subsequently broke down enroute to France,trust me these things happen.Also stuffing two helios into one plane,plus ammo, plus stuff all at once requires a big plane, and no the frogs do not own a c17 or the galaxy, so despite showing solidarity and enforcing sanctions,the frogs were busy paying the ruskies in cold hard sanction bursting cash, again all this was not supposed to happen ….. till the flipping antonov developed problems oh well as the french will say C’est la vie. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

      • Obix says:

        @Oga Augustine, AK-47s being on board was part of journalists’ imagination. Secondly, there are not many planes that can move 2 choppers and other supplies at the same time. The plane could be moving equipment for the returning French UN troops that served in CAR.

      • Are James says:

        We don’t need explanations. That plane did not make a planned stop in Kano. It was distressed and asked to land. If that had not happened we would not be having this conversation. The plane is of Russian manufacture but not owned by Russia. They have a monopoly in the very heavy lift commercial market for now and if you and me were going to form a cargo company to do that biz, it would be this plane we would be buying.

  32. Obix says:

    My ogas, let’s be realistic, the sophisticated SU-34 is beyond our reach and needs for now. Again, only the Russian Airforce uses the jet for now. Our best bet from Russia still remains the SU-30 refurbished and upgraded to our specifications.

  33. rka says:

    Nigeria: Special Forces to Tackle Boko Haram Underway – Omokri, Presidential Aide


  34. drag_on says:

    Congratulations Nigerian Navy, on the launch of NNS Unity F92.

    • Are James says:

      The govt had 6 years to build this plant and they did not.
      Good ‘renewable energy all Kyoto compliant, cheap chinese steel / prefab concrete, dangote cement, nigerian dredgers and soil, cheap Chinese money and we were selling oil at $105/barrel yet nothing was done.
      Na now three months to elections na him dem come get sense. We better rush the thing, if na counter-trade oil deal sef we go take pay later.

      • jimmy says:

        this is going to be an very sensitive topis make man finish with this from Russia with love first , I BEG UNA.

  35. rugged7 says:

    Whatever plane they want to buy, they should stop all this plenty talk and buy it already.
    Man don tire sef…
    Tuko(the good, the bad,and the ugly) says if u want to shoot, shoot don’t talk…
    Gentlemen, those are words of wisdom…

  36. The Good thing Rugged is dat we hv signed a Deal, Russia replies promptly expect supplies between 2 weeks time

    • Are James says:

      The opportunity presents itself to get some top of the line brand new stuff not copies of copies like you would get from China – we should go for SU 33KN at the minimum.
      Russia needs the money but the rumour is that it is a Russian bank that will fund the procurement, maybe even Putin himself through his crony banks.The rumour in the western world is that Putin and his friends alone are sitting on $70bn. private fortune. Russia meanwhile has about $400bn foreign reserves….. dropping fast with the oil price crash. They need to make arms deals, they need to make them in volume and they need to make them fast. The world would be an interesting place next year.

      • jimmy says:

        This year december never finish I beg make you no hurry am naw T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  37. jimmy says:

    Please read #3 and #4
    You know how growing up you chased/ toasted the prettiest , girl from the richest family in the school university and she said no (US) and then you went to your second choice who was was not as pretty or as rich and she said yes ( russia) and then you found out S he was the one dying for you but you( Nigeria) was too blind to see ? this is what is happening.
    We need to ask either BEEGS/ OBIX/ XNUR FOR SOME HELP
    OBIX specifically can you confirm that this agreement was signed?,If this agreement was signed and oga rugged there is no reason to doubt it then we can expect ship and crated AIRPLANES to arrive before Christmas.
    1) I wrote a long peace before OBIX about INCIDENT #1 AND#2 what I did not refer to was General Gowon who is well respected by GEJ told him publicly and privately i am very sure last week to deal with the Russians and he will get what he wants
    2) The thread you just gave us oga rugged is quoting words that we on this blog have used EXTENSIVELY ” In order to win this war we need air superiority coin like aircraft we cannot keep using light weapons against light weapons.
    3) Expect more rofo rofo between Nigerian and America. One thing that should emphasized is the glossnass system this satellite system incorporated into the SU30 ( this is one of the planes that NIGERIA will get besides the FROG) will map the entire North East in a way and manner that the Nigerian pilots need, whether the Americans then share this intel with Nigerian then becomes IRRELEVANT.
    4) I pray that some one who is liaising between Nigeria and Russia is reading this this is what Nigeria specifically needs
    3×100 BATCHES OF T72 and T90s
    100X MLRS
    500 AGL
    1 SQUADRON of SU25 (12)
    1 SQUADRON of SU27/ 30 refurbished ( immediate) (12) + 4 TRAINERS
    1 SQUADRON of SU 30 upgraded with STATE OF THE ART EQUIPMENT ( BRAND NEW)(12) + 4 trainers.
    If you love Nigeria we need these planes now this a Nigerian thing no buts ifs about it..We also need the Russian advisers in Nigeria both for the tanks and the aircraft they are going to be meaningful ……………… COMMENTS purposely OMITTED.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Jimmy I agree with you, thanks !

      • jimmy says:

        I know but the f.g needs to understand the urgency to sign this agreement. I cannot begin to explain to you the profound implications the day the first crate comes of that antonov @abuja and muritala. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  38. chynedoo says:

    I know this might to be exactly important, but I think our military planners, diplomats, and political establishment needs to start thinking in the long term. We need to be geo-politically aware because in the calculation of world politics, a vacuum in any geo-political zone simply presents an opportunity for some interested party to take over, and that is most likely going to be some country with an interest that negates ours.
    We are creating a dangerous vacuum in the West African region. Imagine what would have happened if Cameroun on our North East borders was a more forward thinking, militarily capable country. It would have been able to change to political equation within Nigeria and the West African region. Imagine what dust blown Chad is doing in terms of being able to under cut the regions giant. Countries outside Africa will be watching with a keen interest to see what is inn it for them. If Chad succeeds in what it is alleged to being doing, in terms of tunnelling arms to Boko Haram, then it might be aiming to shift the geo-political balance in W. Africa. With time, if Nigeria is unable to counter Chad, and possibly any other country taking advantage of Nigeria’s situation, then the country is likely going to face further slights but from within an outside.
    South Africa, USA, and even Cameroun they have all shown Nigeria what could happen if you fail to understand, plan, and counter any attempt to change the geo-political balance of power in any region.
    USA and its allies went to war in Iraq because they were afraid Saddam was about to change the balance of power in the mid-east. The Vietnam and Korean wars are typical examples too. A more recent example is the Libyan uprising. For the West it was as much an opportunity to alter the balance of power as much as it was to liquidate Gaddafi. Russia took Crimea, and is currently fighting a proxy war inside Ukraine because NATO made a move to grab Ukraine through the back door with rumoured US covert op playing a major role in the Ukraine uprising that saw Russian installed Yanukovich overthrown and pro-Western officials installed.
    Having analysed recent facts surrounding Boko Haram, it is more of an indirect occupation forces than a group found on Jihadi version of Islam. Pre-July 2009 Boko Haram was Islamic, but the current one has been hijacked by external interests. The issue is that those handling and directing Boko Haram at the moment as using them as diversion, and political blackmail in addition to economic sabotage. Boko Haram is conducting a campaign of bombings, and are now grabbing territories but if you compare these group with the Taliban pre-2003, and the Algerian Islamists of the 1990s, the Iranian revolutionaries of the 70s, you’d realise Boko Haram lacks that ultimate goal which is a theocratic Islamic state in the form of the Iranian revolution or the Saudi brand. This makes it even more dangerous because we have a group with no known direction. Post-July 2009, Boko Haram was labouring to fashion itself like Taliban, then it turned to copy AQIM and not long after, it wanted to be like Al Shabab. This should worry our defence planner because they are dealing with a group that tries to be everything at the same time. But this should also be a weakness if we have tactically sound policy makers in charge. A ground that adapts tactics is dangerous, but a group that is a copycat is even more dangerous because of being unpredictable but we a good forecasting system, and hard intel work, it becomes easier to determine which group they are going to copy next. This gives battle field commanders an idea of what they are dealing with and the best tactics to use in countering them. Presently Boko Haram pretends to be the twin version of ISIS.
    We need to plan for the future while living in the present!

  39. egbeigwe says:

    Pix News: Boko Haram Tank Destroyed by Soldiers.


    I hope this is recent. Judging by the tracks on the road another tank passed by after this was bunt. was it Nigerian or boko? HHmmm

    • Are James says:

      Look carefully at the picture. That is a T 55 tank.
      Boko Haram does not field any of those yet. This was either a case of friendly fire or proactive bombing of a broken down / captured Nigerian Army tank to prevent its use by Boko Haram. On the other hand it could have been that Boko Haram burnt an abandoned NA tank

      • egbeigwe says:

        if the heading of the link is correct. it is obvious that it was a captured Nigerian army tank. My question was about the fresh tracks over the burnt ash.

    • jimmy says:

      To the left of the Tank T-55( upper foreground) are it’s own Tanks so it was in motion when it was hit, To the right are Fresh Tank trucks in Front that do not match the previous tank tracks, Speculation is this tank either broke down and was blasted by another T-55 or one of the recently acquired T-72s or , this was what the ARMY was talking about when Mubi fell in Early November this was one of the tanks that was gifted to boko haram together with at least 5 APCs that have all subsequently been either recaptured or destroyed
      In essence the thing we mentioned that the enemy should be deprived of using any equipment especially a T55 is good news.
      And yes in answer to your question another Tank did pass by it so draw your own conclusions.

  40. rugged7 says:

    An old analysis…
    2.32 billion barrels of oil and 14.65 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in lake chad area. That is more than enough incentive to sell even your mother into slavery.

    • rugged7 says:

      Chad has dues that must be paid in blood…
      Nigeria must arm up significantly to extract it’s pound of flesh and give chad a very bloody nose.
      That is the only way to un-block their brain.

      • jimmy says:

        OGA RUGGE7
        Make we lef dem 4 naw dem no dey go anyware, pickin wey talk say im mama no go sleep im too im no go sleep make we secure border first.

    • Are James says:

      The oil reserves are fairly good but the gas reserves are so.etching else. This thing is big enough to cause big trouble. Let’s hurry the procurements and training.

  41. jimmy says:

    Our SF being put to good use on search and destroy missions, the element of SURPRISE will always reduce the number of Casualties it is hoped photos will be made available.

  42. jimmy says:

    Can someone please identify this apc for me is it a shilka or a steyr or is it one of the recently returned apcs from Sudan?
    Gentlemen it appears a lot of STUFF IS GOING ON BEHIND THE SCENES, OGA GBASH, XNUR, rugged7 mechugz ( spelling sorry) Zachary please let us know what is going on. December it appears will not be Snowing in Nigeria.:)

  43. jimmy says:

    Confirmed the first step in the right direction
    Confirmed there has been a MOU between the NSA of Nigeria and his Russian counterpart no bullshit, excuse my exuberance OGA BEEGS, these are the people Nigeria has to meet , these are what are called the the decision makers in Russia.
    Gentlemen it appears the F.G. is now getting very serious one of the reasons when I said WAKE ME UP WHEN THEY ARE SERIOUS IS I WANTED TO SEE THIS IN PRINT I WANTED TO KNOW WHEN THE NSA OF Nigeria was Chilling in MOSCOW it it beginning to dawn on me that when we buy a plane now we will not have to notify you know who as to when we change the jet fuel ( Kerosene)
    It is INCREASINGLY likely regardless of who is in POWER come 2015 ,Nigeria will be on the receiving end of at least two / three types of Aircraft
    1. JF -17 from PAKISTAN
    2. At least refurbished SU27/ 30 from Russia.
    3 At least refurbished SU25s from Russia.
    The era of buying Crucial weapons from the west is thankfully coming to an end. GLORY BE TO GOD/ ALLAH IN THE HIGHEST.

    • Akin Oges says:

      I am dancing skelewu and with a phat smile on ma face. Oga Beeg, this is not the time to go AWOL, all you and the Ogas on this platform have fought for over the years are coming together nicely. Abeg, make you show na… Biko.

  44. jimmy says:

    INTEL well done.
    Please notify these town remember BLACK HAWK DOWN it was the ENTIRE CITY THAT FOUGHT.

  45. jimmy says:

    * Towns*

  46. jimmy says:

    Thank you for the thread OGA Rugged.

  47. zachary999 says:

    Agreement is for Mi-35 and Mi-171sh

    • Are James says:

      No jets?.

      • Obix says:

        As it stands, NAF is going for JF-17s from Pakistan and choppers from Russia. Russia will also sell the engines for the JF-17s to Pakistan directly and not through China like they used to before. The report where a correspondent mentioned jets coming from Russia is likely one of those moments where helicopters are called jets……….

      • Are James says:

        For an order of 25 to 40 aircraft, Nigeria needs strategic backup spare of about 20 fully built engines, various other critical engine, avionics and radar spares. This is the only way to get service sustainability from the aircraft. Russia needs all the foreign exchange they can get and as they say in the popular tv commercial, ”they will jump ‘in’ it” with this kind of deal.

  48. Augustine says:

    My ogas, how does one call the Nigerian Ministry of defense in Abuja, their phone number on the website does not work 09-234 0534, do they have an official GSM number? Thanks

    • Eugene4eveR says:

      Oga Augustine, you get airtime to waste abi?
      Do you actually think the mighty minis-THIEF of (no)Defense will waste his looting time to answer someone that can’t increase his bank account or ensure his political survival. Best case scenario, one of his numerous special advisers (the one in charge of holding his phones), will answer your call, only to inform you that his excellency is in a crucial executive meeting and he will get back to you. Your questions can only be answered personally by his excellency, so please wait for his call. ,
      I pray I get proven wrong.

    • Are James says:

      Why you wanna call, do you have combat jets to seli?

      • Augustine says:

        I want to call MoD and and appeal to them to ensure no delay in all these new acquisitions and the issue of abandonment of NNS Aradu. Anyone with GSM number of Ministry of defense Abuja? Even if it’s the MoD’s P.R.O.

        It’s worth trying, and I will if I get a number to call, a GSM number.

    • jimmy says:

      Please help me as I am not a Member of NAIRALAND but you can tell OGA HENRY
      I can confirm from independent , Impartial sources the picture posted by ZACHARY is good Nigeria does possess T-72 TANKS and yes they are in the North East .Morale is Good.

  49. chynedoo says:

    The new arms deal between Nigeria and Russia is the buzz at the moment in Western military thinktanks

  50. rugged7 says:

    These american hypocrites…
    US to Help Cameroon with Anti-Terrorism Training

    • rugged7 says:

      + equipment…
      I am really beginning to feel that the U.S is funding and supporting boko haram

      • Are James says:

        There is thesis anti thesis. Manufacture a treatment, then infect the patient. Stay close by to provide the treatment. When we hinted at this they called us conspiracy theorists.

  51. Why will the Navy allow a PMSC to buy 6 Fast Attack Missile Guided Hauk Class boats from Norwegian Navy, im hearing also in 2012 Tompolo in Return of giving Tony Buckingham some shares in OML 30 in Sao Tome was Gifted MI24 Helos n trained his pilots in Ukraine…dis was said by Past DG DIA wonder if true

    • Are James says:

      These boats have all weaponry removed (for now).
      The Tony Buckingham guy bought into some oil blocs at the invitation of some SW axis investment banking people so many actors are involved. He is one to be watched though and I think he is being watched by intelligence agencies. A lot of what is happening are being done with some tacit support of people in government still acting out of an outdated, paranoic, micro nationalistic script. People are watching carefully is all one can say at the current time.

  52. egbeigwe says:

    It appears like the Nigerian army took some reporters on a tour of the conflict zone. I can’t understand why we are not seeing a flood of pictures from the trip.
    The leadership reporter’s account of the trip is filled with long stories and one poor picture of a burned out tank. Nigerian journalists have a very long way to go


    • jimmy says:

      Thanks for the picture nice one of the T-55.
      Glad to know that the 234 Battalion is well fortified.
      OGA OBIX The issue of Gov TEMPOLO eventually will be solved in due course. Iam not worried about Ex- militants whom the F.g. seems to constantly find the need to appease . This is not the problem, the un- armed ships has actually been discussed on this blog ad nausea um it is the monster that it is creating.
      The Battle for Camp 5 took 1 hour to overrun , however the real story was never told about what was found the list of the names and how tempolo was the first to flee if he were so brave he would of stood his ground and fought ……. but I digress, By the way yes it is confirmed Russia has kept their word and they have started to sell weapons to Nigeria.

  53. jimmy says:

    In the interest of fairness i have copied and pasted the following in continuing the story about the six warships.

  54. zachary999 says:

    So some doubted the T-72 pictures ? I have a couple of the pictures of the tanks but I am ashamed and embarrassed to post them….

    You get the jist….

    We need to ensure the Mi-35 and Mi-171 are brand spanking new because we can’t lose 2 of the new helicopters in 2 days again…

    I know the Mi-35 has huge gearbox issues but we need to appease this Americas and get some weapons systems from them. It’s about corruption and values (gay rights) more than human rights issues. We need to take some steps and show them progress, it’s not rocket science.

    American equipment overall gives you better value for money. Huge initial acquisition cost but long maintenance cycles. There are a lot of helicopters and F-16 in the boneyard. We can start with the block C and gradually progress….

    Thank GOD we did not do the cobra deal with the Israelis because over half of the helicopters would have been history by now.

    We need more G2G deals and to sidestep the huge middleman issues..

    Meanwhile the Beechcraft superkings are logging hours like mad carrying VIPs and the second ATR is still grounded in Yola.

    GOD help Nigeria

    • Are James says:

      Let us forget the US, they took the right decision not to sell us weaponry. If they had done that the weapons would have been re-sold to ISIS via Libya by personnel of the NA and Boko Haram would have been the paid couriers.


      • egbeigwe says:

        while it is possible that everything in the letter might not be true. i hope that the relevant authorities would not dismiss this letter because of the way it came out.

      • jimmy says:

        Not everything in the letter is true the battalion commander for the 234 brigade in Mubi as well as the one in GWOZA most Definitely need to be tried and Court martialled .Based on Soldiers reports on the field it appears they were told of impending attacks@ Mubi and Gwoza which were ignored, Valuable equipment was lost including at least 5 apc and at least 1 or 2 T-55 Tanks and they do have weapons now but as usual SR will always have their hatchets jobs handy.
        OGA ARE JAMES much respect for your comments but I fail to understand a gov that waits till the late hour to buy equipment what they expect to get, He goes on to asking us to buy F-16 i really do not know where this line of thinking is coming from where , who is going to sell us F-16?.One day someone will “dash” me a $1b because I want to be a billionaire.
        I am a Nigerian American and I am damn proud of it I go to great lengths to criticize the stench of Hypocrisy coming out from Nigeria and neither should America be spared either.
        America’s decision not to sell Weapons to Nigeria in my honest opinion is extremely Short Sighted , Hypocritical and Long term it gifts what was once an ally to one of their Implacable foes- Russia. Nigeria will / is paying a heavy price short term which if she had any common sense the same weapons she would of bought a long time ago.
        Long term is where the hurt will become apparent whether it is GEJ or GMB expect whoever is in power to make long term deals with the Russians starting at a $1b + ( this oil palavar will soon end). The American can turn to meaningless- Dictator- ruled -Countries- like -Cameroon or countries with they really have no say that Country is ruled tip tip by France, or even well behaved countries like GHANA dash them a few humvess, the point is neithier one of these countries is going to enter billion dollar deals with America’s enemies. Long term expect less and less Military training and partnerships between both countries this is where the hurt comes in for both countries whether it is NAVY SEALS training in the DELTA or SF training in Georgia that will be History.
        You mean to tell me a country that can afford to Send 1,200 military personnel on Chartered flights to Russia can not find the money to acquire equipment for a 650 Batallion
        ISOKAY NAH meuna dey siddon dey look una self everytin dey fine.
        Mark your calendar Clinton will be the last US P RESIDENT to visit Nigeria in a very long time. Finally this blog is devoted to Nigerian defence affairs but when the AMB of the US to Nigeria is telling the whole world that the reason why they can’t sell weapons to Nigeria( their ally and friend) is because of human rights violations while America is making millionaires about of it’s citizens who devise news ways of torture and has even been rebuked by the UN however nothing from AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL the adage then becomes true: People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

      • Saleh says:

        Why do u think there are falsehoods in the letter, what he said is true and he actually downplayed them. It’s time we start calling a spade what it is. Lt Col Wende is known in military circle for being blunt to a fault and too outspoken. Many Nigerian military personnel know what he wrote to be true wish they have the guts to say it too. Please read last witness testimony given by lt Col Opurum in the court martial of some personnel before the media was shut off. He stated that he had 4 officers and 97 soldiers fit. that’s about
        0.125 of a NA Battalion strength, guess you can estimate the manpower strength of the his unit. You listed some units having prior knowledge of the BH attack. The knowledge of the attack is one thing and the unit possessing the capacity to counter the attack is another. Pls before you condemn his action walk in his shoes.

    • jimmy says:

      OGA Zachary999
      Much Respect for your information ,I do not know how long you have been on this blog , but I , OGA Xnur, Spirit and Solorex followed by Doziex and Peccavi have been amongst the longest serving Members. I am gong to disagree with you Fundamentally on Virtually everything you have said so far so please bear with me.
      The T-72 Picture , please if you have more pictures please post them what is the point in holding on to them? On this blog we cross check and we always try to verify that is why we seek out verification from OGA OBIX for anything from Russia , or Ukraine anything airforce Regardless we get another opinion from Oga Xnur, Oga Peccavi and OGA Beegs went to Cyber War on the issue of the role of the British at the tail end of the Ecomog war with Oga Freegulf chiming in heavily and correcting ME about Gen Sanni Abacha’s career as the first person never to skip a rank it is not personal please take note. Back to the T-72 if you have more pictures please post them KEY WORD this is not the Gulf war A Tank is not supposed to look pretty unless it is fighting an inferior enemy, I do not know what you definition should be : The reports I have read and some of the pictures of Mubi that I have seen is of a T -55 shredded to bits as well a captured STEYR. Personally I do not care about appearance, I care about the Cannon on top of the T-72 and the role and decision making of the tank commanders whether they are doing their job or not that is why I ( moi) went and got an independent opinion.
      End part 1

      • Are James says:

        @Zachary999 is consistent in his dislike for second hand materiel. He keeps harping on it. Why would an army flush with funds preferentially buy junk?. The latest letter to Sahara Reporters is very depressing, the whole thing has become a business. No army can recover from such behaviour and the danger is if it becomes a culture we are all screwed.

  55. jimmy says:

    Part 2
    “We need to ensure the Mi-35 and Mi-171 are brand spanking new because we can’t lose 2 of the new helicopters in 2 days again…”
    Issue #2
    “American equipment overall gives you better value for money. Huge initial acquisition cost but long maintenance cycles. There are a lot of helicopters and F-16 in the boneyard. We can start with the block C and gradually progress….”
    Issue #1
    Please let me state this categorically every plane , every helicopter whether they are brand spanking new or Refurbished has problems a lot depends on weather conditions, type of machine, pilot flying and extensive usage .America the land of Never Ending Maintenance lost more air platforms this last month than Nigeria did ( 3) vs ( 2) so what was the problem? we know the Helicopter has gear box issues so they ( Nigeria need to fix it afterall we still have Helios from 2000 still flying.The reality grim reality is we are going to lose more helios and planes whether they are Russian or European that is why we called for the f.g to buy 40 of them.
    Issue #2
    The issue about buying weapons from America is tiring oga ZACHARY e don now jo biko ( I beg) it was never about human rights gay rights or worefa it was about Money period we want stuff for free , they wanted money starting with a capital letter $B we wanted hands me down trouble started when IVAN got Involved and Gej came to his senses and started listening to what we said on this blog go EAST.
    Trouble started when both Incompetent Ambassadors started opening their Mouths to expose the dubious hypocrisy on both sides, trouble continued when the shipments of weapons started arriving from Russia and it was paid for in cold hard cash thereby undermining AMERICAN SANCTIONS (this is not what friends do to Friends). OGA DOZIEX and myself are Nigerian Americans and wish for a better relationships on both sides of the ATLANTIC but the hypocrisy on both Sides is breath taking Nigeria is not getting any weapons from America not now and not anytime soon and neither is America going to get any meaningful help from Nigeria in terms of obeying Sanctions, I leave you with this tid bit: Approximately one year ago the Nigeria NSA was being rebuffed trying to buy useless aloku ( Second hand Hummers) a year later he is eating caviar in the Kremlin as he signs ( verified) a long term Multi Billion deal which even conservative watchdogs in the US AND THE WESTERN WORLD have noted will have profound implications, the money is being being financed by Russian Banks.

    • Are James says:

      Let me just pass a few comments around the fact that this deal is being financed via a Russian bank loan.Whilst I am the first to admit that doing it this way guarantees fastest possible delivery times for the weapons because the said bank and Rosoboronexport are both Russian entities and each milestone achieved can easily be paid for locally in Roubles while Nigeria services the loan regularly via CBN, I think the deeper weaknesses we are admitting to is that the Nigerian economy is inherently weak in terms of the net cash dollars we could have raised to pay for the weapons and that the procurement processes we have are so deeply flawed that we probably would have ended up paying much higher + the distinct possibility that second hand weapons would have been delivered in place of new at even higher prices a la @Zachary999.
      The FG has a fake ‘Transformation Agenda’ (a misuse of expression) that focusses on physical transformations Chinese money, cheap steel and Dangote cement to give us third rate infrastructural elements that somebody forgot to do some twenty years ago instead of fundamental transformation which is what transformation really is about.
      A new way of doing things in radical departure from the past that promises quicker and greater value compared with steady improvements. If that is an acceptable definition of transformation then it is only in Agric. that we are doing things differently.
      I think we need a new government (or this government,.. whatever) that will radically transform the foundational defence, strategic intelligence and homeland security sectors and make them true guarantors of security and a key engine of industrial growth.

  56. jimmy says:

    This is from OGA HENRY’S THREAD it clearly shows that T-55 was in MUBI and during the recapture of Mubi was destroyed. This is a picture that the former battalion commander has to be held accountable for.

  57. jimmy says:

    I think a part of this information is wrong it lists that Nigeria paid $6+ for parts and the helicopter, Based on what the PRICE OF A Z-9 costs and the fact that OGA XNUR disclosed no helicopters were purchased, IMHO this part of the info is false

  58. jimmy says:

    Folks in the NAF and the NA seriously need to contemplate hiring this guy before America comes calling.

    • Are James says:

      He did not build jack. He assembled it from kits readily available and on sale on the internet. The camera incorporation and transmission of a live feed is commendable to an extent.

  59. Are James says:

    Battalion Strength number of Polish Beryl Carbines for the Nigerian Army.
    Beats the AK 47 but let us know how much each of these cost.


    • mnl01 says:

      was about posting this now. Additional 5,000 to be delivered in 2015.

      • Are James says:

        It’s actually AK 47s new incarnation…same DNA.
        I am sure they are coming in at around N400k to N600k.
        Tavor with scopes and kit came in at N1m each. I know I am in the wrong business.
        I should be a defence contractor by destiny. My time will come.

  60. jimmy says:

    *Breaking News*
    54 Soldiers Sentenced to Death.

  61. rka says:


    Photos of China’s newest stealth twin-engine J-31 fighter, unveiled on Nov. 10 during a preshow tour of Airshow China in Zhuhai, have recently leaked into the media again. The fighter may be sold to potential buyers in the Middle East, as well as Pakistan, Argentina and Nigeria, reports our Chinese-language sister paper Want Daily.

  62. jimmy says:

    This is very good news, the important is the grid was hopefully repaired, the second thing is they inflicted heavy casualties on them, the third and most important thing is they ( NA) should expect them back.

  63. jimmy says:

    Thank you for sharing the news on the JF-17 .strategically speaking it is very no extremely important that Nigeria follow the PAKISTANI example
    1) Buy the JF -17 with the technology, spare parts, and upgrade perks i.e whenever the BLOCK 3 comes out it is then transferred to Nigeria.
    2) It has to be followed up IMMEDIATELY by the purchase and spare parts for the SU27/ 30 this is in Nigeria’s best interests.

  64. jimmy says:

    It really is important for the F.G. to step up it’s purchase of the AERIAL PLATFORMS, this is confirmation that Yola during the MONTH of November was the target .

  65. jimmy says:

    I know we discussed this news before , however one thing that was left out was the undercarriage grenade launcher, any more views?

    • Are James says:

      You could actually be shooting and launching grenades at the same time, good for covering fire situations.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga mi, are we buying the Beryl rifle with under-barrel grenade launchers? We need the launchers for every rifle as COIN exigencies may demand our SF fight being out-numbered. Do you know if we are getting the launchers please?

  66. Augustine says:

    On this jet fighter issue, I am worried about how many types of jets NAF will have to maintain in a complicated mixed bag.

    Air Guard + Alpha + Macchi + Albatross + Thunder + Tucano + Scorpion + Flanker + Stealth Shenyang + Frog Foot + ‘Big Foot’……

    Even USAF and RAF will recommend NAF for Guinness Book of records.

    Well, how stealthy is Chinese stealth o, before we go put head inside?

    The range of the J-31 is as average as the JF-17 range, so we are still in the same condition.

    Su-30 MKI Flanker is the way I think Nigeria should go, even if it is 6 units second hand five years old from India’s stocks….cheap at say about $50 million each.

    Our air force fleet can be:

    6 units Su-30MKI Flanker

    24 units JF-17 Thunder

    12 units MBB-339 CD latest upgrades

    18 units Su-25SM FrogFoot latest upgrades as our COIN fighter if Super Tucano is not available due to American engine and ordnance wahala

    All other jet fighters and trainers including Jaguars should be sold off after this Boko war.

    The list I wrote above as my own view of our ideal fleet might look small, but that is 60 jet fighters that will cost about $1.5 Billion to purchase and yearly maintenance could be about $150 million, so in the first 3 years it’s almost $2 Billion cost.

    How much is Nigeria ready to spend on NAF? Army still dey there with no modern anti-aircraft missile, no modern anti-tank missile IFV and no Composite armour main battle tank, Navy dey there with no stealth guided missile frigate, no attack submarine, no logistics ship LPD.
    My personal opinion sha o !

    • jimmy says:

      I have to speak in terms of realities on the ground unless relations improve whether it is the Administration of Gej or the administration of Gmb look for a phase out of the mbb and the inevitable phase out of the warhorse Alpha jets.If there is one blessing about the bh crisis it is beginning to dawn on the powers that be just as Pakistain found out it is becoming a liability issue to carry on with western lethal aid air platforms.Hopefully Gowon’s advice will be taken and with the mou.I look forward to a squadron to two of the Jf17, I hope to at least 12 su27/30.Oga Augustine unless there is something you have I.e. hard core proof in front of you.Nigeria will not be getting the scorpion anytime soon…..even if a republican becomes president,ditto the tuscano, look for the frog foot instead.Those days of clamouring after unattainable western wares are gone. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

    • rka says:

      Oga Augustine. Nigeria is now deemed to be in the game regarding fighter acquisition, hence the country is being linked to every fighter available.

      In reality, it will probably be the JF-17 and SU-30 with a COIN aircraft thrown in.

  67. Solorex says:

    Told you the Tucano deal was called off at the brink of 2nd payment,now Russia ain’t doing so good lately to fulfill obligations tied to the MOU, their currency appears to be experiencing rocket powered crash. The JF 17 is looking more like it by the day. The Scorpion,Kfir and Tucano will never come in the next 36 months at least-it is safe to forget them. Karakoum configured with Isreali Avionics for night ground attack might replace the alpha jets and main stream guy shall be the JF17 with french Avionics and targeting PODs. More Mi35s in the pipeline ( not sure whether the SA upgrade will eventually come or not). lots of junk T72 and upgraded ones streaming in. Don’t know if the Push for Local Upgrade with three countries offering to help with such ,will ever sail through- this things are too political. Yes we got the Haulk Class gun boat as predicted by Oga Beegs ( Where that Man of God nau?) and their mother resupply ship ( nearly as big as the Aradu- more like a lamely armed Frigate-we need to quit good boying and give it some punch). There is this funny arrangement between GVSL and NImasa- Only God seems to know its content. they ve been handed over to the Navy-yes-but i don not think the Navy or Nimasa own them. There is a push to have JF17 dumped and replaced by Guess what?-not Su-30 but its older counsin bought by our estranged brother a while ago. The Story is that is readily available from stocks that have logged under 200hrs with smt upgrades in just 30-60 days-But it costs too much to maintain@ $5.5m for 150hrs of flight. Heaven only knows!

    • jimmy says:

      Why on Earth would they want to dump the JF 17 they have promised us parts and tech transfer unlike everyone else.I did not realize how many people inside and outside Nigeria hated her this much. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

    • Are James says:

      I would cancel the MI 171sh part of the deal with Russia entirely and pay the penalty fees if any apply. MI 35Ms are all that we need and the dynamics of the war and realities on ground indicate that NAF is not ready operationally for the agile movement of troops in and out of battle situations which informed buying the MI 171sh.
      Combat jet aircraft should take priority and the JF17 aircraft rightly should be the main thrust of procurement even in the current restricted cash regime. If we are buying SU25s, it should just be as stop gap measure and it is important to keep the number down to 6pieces for reasons of operating costs.
      The speculation about Karakorum may be informed by its cheapness and the absence of major US parts in some models of the aircraft but Hongdu L15 is much better although a little more expensive.

      • Solorex says:

        I really don’t think we shall buy SU-25 our tradition seems to be that our trainers doubles as our CAS platforms ( it saves maintenance costs)-Karakoum are popular-more matured-manufactured in 3 countries,western engine-the Egyptian have heavily westernized version-it has been adopted as the standard training platform for their air force.Problem is that we may not get this version (due to US restriction),except we are going to label them as purely training platforms or have the Pakis do the arming under G fro us. From Several reviews i have seen- the major issue with HL-15 is that it is a very complex platform- cost of maintenance/upkeep will nearly be at par with your regular 4G fighter. It was built to replicate nearly all the capability of your regular 4G+ jet. This is also the issue with Yak-130,Alenia Aermacchi M-346 Master. A decent haul of proven Karakoum with western avionics from Pakistan might just be OK. I am still not happy our long range rockets (Uragans/Smerchs) are not here yet-it allows us to disperse Bokos when they are 30 kilos away sleeping in their forests- its accurate and cheap compared to operating Tanks and Helix

      • jimmy says:

        Oga S Are you thus cofirming there is an order for the long range smerches(sp)? T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

    • jimmy says:

      This is to also reinforce what you are saying OGA SOLOREX, OGA ZACHARY, Right now what is being used according to Confirmed sources are the T-72 AND THE T-55 in Battle ,confirmed sources are also indicating that just as you said more T-72S are on the way of note there is no account of the British made Vicker Tanks in action that is confirmed.
      OGA Arejames, Please much respect for your comments but …….. they need the MI17S to win this war…….. Right now based on speculation and reading through the lines it appears the NAF is using the AUGUSTA LUH ‘S to move Men ( Soldiers) and Material ( equipment) not a really good situation,The MI35S by themselves are not enough it is not designed to do the heavy lifting nor for flying from one end of the corner Cameroon and Chad on a constant repetitive basis Fatigue will set in……..We really need those MI17S.
      There is nothing about the Karakoum that I like Oga Solorex this has nothing to do with performance or Night time flying upgrades Ijust smell to many MADE IN America products in it and that is bad , very bad for Nigeria finishing this war off.
      Lastly Generals this is my HONEST OPINION, I feel bitter towards the fact that this administration waited this long to start buying TANKS , I have said the lack of urgency to end this war by buying the weapons in an appropriate time frame is an indictment of this administration.
      As a Nigerian American, America does not get of this easy, this is not the 1967 civil war, this is a war across three different Countries and it has potential implications for the security of Africa and supplying meaningless US AID to displaced citizens is not the issue, the issue is despite all the hypocrisy America has proved one thing, they are greedy, selfish and like any other Nation will sacrifice the interests of that Nation for their own benefits and detriments( sounds like an oxymoron?) at the same time.
      Nigeria ‘s administration has also shown they will blame everyone except themselves and accept nothing but lies from the advisers surrounding the PRESIDENCY, They will not , shall not spend the money which is urgently required to buy the JF17 and the SU27/30 The photo ops continue while more people are kidnapped, raped and murdered no country can win this type of assymetrical warfare if you do not attach of immediate urgency towards buying multiple aircraft platforms, multiple helicopters, and dozens of T-72 TANKS SORRY OGA PECCAVI when a T72 sights a technical from 1 KM away there is no discussion, The need to quit burying our head in the sand needs to stop.
      The other day I refused to open a link which screamed out That a CAMEROONIAN officer boasted if we were in Nigeria we would off finished of Boko haram This is coming on the heels of them constantly paying ransoms and parts of the towns of AMICIDE BEING CONTROLLED BY BOKO HARAM? Nigeria honestly needs to look in the mirror and take care of the boko haram in the next couple of weeks or a lot of people who are displaced will not be voting- this as a lesson to AMERICA who can’t wait to lecture Nigeria on the sustenance of democracy is the real danger.

  68. zachary999 says:

    Posted some pictures, but have been awaiting moderation…

  69. jimmy says:

    It appears heavy fighting has been going on since Friday in the Damboa region.May God protect our troops. Amen.

  70. jimmy says:

    I want to personally thank the military for releasing these pictures they are beautiful and heart warming.

  71. jimmy says:

    One thing as detestable as this might sound THE military intel must get at the source of who are the welders who: Mount these AAA on the chassis of these hilux vehicles, this requires some level of welding skills find the welders and you snuff out a life line, The welders can also be interrogated to give details of SOURCE OF SUPPLY, HOW LONG IT TAKES TO SET UP AAA mounted and dismounted. We know in the state of Borno the movement of Motor cycles is heavily restricted, restriction of pick up should not be restricted but it should be registered and photographed and when ever a pickup truck is stolen it must be reported to the Police, if you want to bring a snake out of hiding cut off / eliminate all sources of food supply around it.

    • Are James says:

      Thank you for this. We are just not a serious country. The welding is probably inside the numerous expanses of brushes that constitute Sambisa. You don’t need a degree in physics to know that welding anything at all would generate of all sorts of frequencies of electro magnetic waves that light up on a whole lot of sensors. However because we have not been achieving the right density of surveillance that we needed to do, a lot of these suspicious activities have gone without observation from the air. Ordinary human intelligence alone like checking on artisans in the localities as well would have unearthed plenty

  72. Augustine says:

    If Nigeria’s 12 units of MBB-339 still have some dozen year life in them and Italy is not giving us American kind of problems for upgrade to CD version and armed with guided weapons and precision targeting systems, NAF does not need the Karakorum trainer jet, Karakorum’s most common configurations have very limited ability for guided weapons.

    Cancellation of Super Tucano if true, should be made public, Nigerian government should be open and accountable to Nigerians who voted them into power, because soon they will be begging us to vote for them again next month. Let us know, FG let us know why Tucano deal collapsed if it has collapsed, let us know who stood as barrier between NAF and this good aircraft that a whole Vice-President of Nigeria had gladly announced we want to buy.

    Again, Karakorum jet is going to be a failure in COIN war, it will be shot down as easily as Alpha jets, and NAF pilots who parachute to safety will be beheaded in humiliation.

    Su-25SM Frogfoot is the only easy and suitable option to replace Tucano for now. Su-25 pilot’s compartment can resist Boko’s 23mm anti-aircraft guns. NAF can fly it almost into Bokos faces and laugh at them while we cannon ravage and rocket damage the vehicles and AAA gun trucks of Boko Haram. NAF can extend Su-25 range with 4 drop tanks and limit weapons to two PGM and cannon, or two rocket pods and cannon, the new target detection and engagement TV / Video system of some latest Su-25 upgrades can do the work of the dream Scorpion jet to a fair extent, and with 4 fuel drop tanks configured, Su-25 Frogfoot can have endurance of say 2.5 hours in COIN role….fair enough. 18 units of the Su-25SM will turn Boko Haram into suya meat and fried onions.

    JF-17 Thunder Block II, anybody that cancels that Nigeria-Pakistani JF-17 deal will incur divine judgement for wasting Nigeria’s golden opportunity to do joint venture and start building it as our own jet fighter manufactured in Nigeria in the very near future. That is how some people wasted Nigeria’s divine destiny of industrialization by wrecking the Ajaokuta steel complex project with massive and grandiose corruption of magnificent dimensions hardly seen anywhere else in this world.

    Anybody who imports MiG-29 Fulcrum jets that Algeria is dumping for Su-30MK and Hungary threw away for Gripen C, anybody that imports that cursed MiG 29 jet into Nigeria will incur divine anger o !

    Su-27SM Flanker is very much available today condition fairly used from Russian air force stocks, Russia has about 300 units of Su-27 Flankers many already modernized/upgraded, NAF can pick up 12 units there if we don’t want Indian stocks of Su-30MKI 6 units.

    • Are James says:

      Second that on the MIG 29 Fulcrum. Does anybody have info on the capabilities of the upgraded SU25?.

      • Solorex says:

        Su-25KM-“The Scorpion” -so named because its meant to sneak onto you and sting you deep before you know its there- The regular Su-25 is one of the the most shot down jet in recent history (an honor it shares with Mi8 and Mi24 helix)- its loud,slow(necessary evil for the CAS role),has a big heat signature and it is relatively blind at high altitude(max of 5000m-compare to 12000m of US A-10)-it can’t see the enemies until it is close enough to be seen by the enemy radars-It however delivers a devastating punch with 4000KG capacity of ordinances. Upgrade jointly made by Elbit and TAM of Georgia is meant to address these issues- It uses original SU-25 frame but with padded overhauled engines to reduce vibration- HUD and Targeting PODs with pin point weapon delivery. The best thing with this version is digital map generator- a must for mission planning in hostile area and off course GPS navigation.Its a Russian bird made to fly and bite the NATO way.

        Second to this is the Upgrade from Sukhoi-Su-25SM-for Russian Military after the Misadventure in Chechnya war ( which saw huge platform losses due to navigation error and small arms fire/Manpads). It includes nearly all of the above to Russian standard. It was eventually overdone to include of 100 strap on kits,expanded targeting system ( muti-targeting simultaneously)Multiple rates of fire modes to save ammo along with HUDs,MFDs,Direction Finder,Satellite targeting,Glonass navigation,reduced heat signature,Reduced Engine Surges- it was an attempt to quickly put every NATO type capacity into a Russian Machine- It was deemed to costly to be done in huge numbers-so its available on in small numbers. Both TAM/Elbit and Sukhoi offers several in between ,Ukraine and Belarus also does similar upgrades.No body offers completely new frames anymore. Russians claims there upgrade extends lifespan by 5 years. Replacing the Su-25 is an SU-27 type platform that can be heavily customized for Ground attack-Su-34- it costs about 3 times more though.Its greatest ability is its range and panoply of weapons- it has something for every situation. It doesn’t really need the amour- fries from very high above.

  73. Augustine says:

    Mi-171s Terminator armed transport helicopters, oga Are James, please we need them o! Oga jimmy has said it, we need them…..maybe 24 units urgently.

    The Mi-35 Hind carries only 8 soldiers, the Mi-171 can carry 36 soldiers to the very top of Gwoza hills and insert them there in squadron sorties in a lightning assault.

    Mi-35 cannot carry army vehicles, but the Mi-171s can one Nigerian army VBL armoured vehicle with under belly sling and deliver it to Nigerian army special forces who sneaked close to enemy territory and need a light armoured 4×4 armed with a Browning heavy machine gun or Chinese/Russian Gatling gun, or maybe an Automatic Grenade Launcher to operate in a red zone with speed and some ballistics protection plus amphibious vehicle ability.

    Russia has plenty of Terminators we can grab today cheap cheap and after war we can add 6 brand new units.

    • jimmy says:

      Oga arejames If you go to oga henrys blog Henry120 you will see ,an alpha jet,parked next to an MI24 parked next to an Augusta LUH,this to me and I emphasize ,I am speculating is evidence of Transporting NA personnel into battle.I beg to the powers that be we need the MI 17s now. Thirty troops well armed and well trained can do serious damage ,please if you guys want to end this war buy these helios now. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  74. Augustine says:

    Oga Zachary999 thank you for the T-72 tank photos, God bless you.

    I don’t know how and why our 136 Vickers tanks have failed woefully in this war, but I know the Vickers’ obsolete RHA armour is weak and can be penetrated by RGP HEAT in many parts.

    These NA T-72 tanks in the two photos above, have anti-tank guided missile launchers mounted on them, I hope the launchers are not empty tubes o !

    Tanks with ERA or modern Composite armour will be a terror, the final terror that will flush Boko Haram out of Nigeria with minimum casualties on Nigerian troops.

    Methinks the T-72 has turned Boko Haram into a weak but still fluid and mobile force, the end is not far for this war if these T-72 tanks and the far better T-90 tanks come into Nigerian army inventory in hundreds rapidly.

    Anyway, why T-72 when Russia has surplus T-90 tanks we can buy second hand today? Those NA T-72s are so ugly and old we cannot display them in public parade of Nigerian army day celebrations, they look like metal junk from some scrap steel yard, however, if the engines are good and the fire systems are good, and they do the job urgently needed to be done, good for now.

    So Nigerian army now has anti-tank missiles mounted T-72 tanks….my opinion from the photos above posted by oga Zachary999.

    • jimmy says:

      Based on the reports in the field Oga augustine, appearance is not the issue, the issue sometimes is the tanks breaking down ~all tanks break down,the issue is the numbers,yes more are on the way for sure but they need them in quantities please do not be fooled by the appearance,I know oga zachary is hung up on that what the soldiers care about is the lethality of its very lethal cannon and its era,what the soldiers want is more of these now of these tanks yesterday not that they are coming,this is the sense of frustration that they feel.They want not to just to defeat boko haram but comprehensively, for this they weapons of the heavy calibre now not an 18 months waiting list.They need them now. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  75. mnl01 says:

    Was just thinking aloud why dont we do a JV with the Pakistanis for the Al-Khalid tank. We changing the naming to something Nigerian and with the planned JV with pakistan for the J-17 Thunder we could end up being able to catch up in both the MBT and CAS equipment roles.

    • Augustine says:

      Few weeks ago, as NAF was inspecting JF-17 Thunder, a top Nigerian army officer was inspecting Al-khalid MBT a 3rd generation tank in the class of T-90. The Al-Khalid is far far superior to the T-72 but costs about 3 times more.

  76. mnl01 says:

    On the news wire BH attack Gaidam town in Yobe State.

  77. Are James says:

    Could Nigeria be acquiring new combat and surveillance aircraft before February, 2015?.

    • jimmy says:

      You literally took the words out of my mouth my goodness! IMHO This is the first real sign of good news for the NAF. They say if you have not planned to succeed you have planned for failure let me speculate further as to what is contained in the statement
      1) Expect in 2015 @ Some point I do not know when for Nigeria to acquire not just the JF17 but also the technology & parts for “Bs” e specifically mentioned the ARMAMENTS divisions
      2) The Airlift Capability that is being alluded to and the Logistical Constraints probably to moving equipment ARTY pieces, APCS and Men over long distances in a very short period of time this to me baring any sharp practices translates to the MI-17 it also is a tacit acknowledgement that more PLATFORMS not just for the Army but for the Airforce are on the way or have already purchased.
      3) The Airforce has finally taken a cue from the Navy which honestly is a very good thing in order to get certain things done the Navy changed it’s mission statement with that came a strategic change in thinking and focus, strategic in that there is compulsory need in the airforce for surveillance/ Intel gathering/ immediate “act upon ” such Intel. The focus could also mean the long awaited shift away from buying offensive no sorry LETHAL procurement from the west in short if you buying something from the West if it is not LETHAL from the get go forget it.
      My two Kobos.

  78. jimmy says:

    Generals there is now a December issue let us MIGRATE there in orderly fashion,

  79. Are James says:

    My birthday today. I don’t expect birthday greetings, just for info.

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