NNS Siri P181, a 58 metre Combattante III missile Fast Attack Craft on patrol

NNS Siri P181, a 58 metre Combattante III missile Fast Attack Craft on patrol

19 Jul, 2014

The Minister of State for Defence, Senator Musiliu Obanikoro, has said that constant patrol by the Nigerian Navy on the country’s maritime environment has led to a remarkable reduction in sea crimes and oil theft.

Obanikoro who stated this during an official tour of Naval formations under the Eastern Naval Command (ENC), Calabar, Cross River State, noted that, although sea crimes and oil theft had drastically reduced, there was need for increased patrol on the nation’s waterways in order to stamp out the menace.

He commended the Eastern Naval Command for its efforts at curbing the menace of piracy and oil theft within its operating environment, adding that this is in tandem with government’s policy on zero tolerance for crime.


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  1. ozed says:

    Ahhh! Oga minister, how can you score them high, when them neva write exam? This is how we were scoring the army and Airforce high before they were tested in the ongoing boko haram ‘exams’ in the far east. Hehehehe——!

    Abeg we have lots of work to do, all round, across all the services. In the area of equipment, but also just as importantly in training, doctrine development, logistics and platform maintenance.

  2. Augustine says:

    Will NNS Aradu join OPVs to patrol when she is ready after refit? Will she be stripped of her missiles and reduced from Frigate to OPV? People say they saw her moved and see her at a different location as we speak. True? She can work just like NNS Thunder in high sea occassionaly, still needs to be gently used as our best warship.

  3. alade says:

    i doubt if this so called Defence Minister knows anything about military….. He only shows his face @ the Eastern naval command to start scring the Navy… I duobt if he has any update concerning the ongoing counter-insurgency…. what a country

    • ozed says:

      My brother leave the Country out of it. Na we the citizens get wahala. In the words of Cassius, ‘the fault is in us, not in our stars that we are underlings’. What we jointly lament in the above statement we are probably all guilty of to various degrees in our various respective areas of endevour.

  4. OriginalPato says:

    According to DHQ’s twitter handle, a Mi-35 chopper went down at a location, south of Bama due to technical difficulties.

  5. ozed says:

    Yeah, quite sad. Training Accident they say. Looks like no news is good news at the moment. Hope the crew got out ok.

  6. Henry says:

    NAF Training Helicopter Crashes in Borno

    21 Jul 2014
    Font Size: a / A

     Nigeria Airforce flag

    By Senator Iroegbu 

    A Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Mi-35 Helicopter on a training mission in continuation of the ongoing counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency offensive against Boko Haram terrorists has crashed this afternoon in Borno Stat, North East of the country.

    This was confirmed  Monday in a statement signed by the Director of Defence Information (DDI), Maj-Gen. Chris Olukolade.

    Olukolade said that the NAF Helicopter crashed due to technical fault at a location South of Bama.

    He disclosed that investigation has already commenced to unravel the circumstances that led to the accident. 

    Meanwhile, he added, it is established that the crash is not as a result of any enemy action. 

    The Defence Spokesman also assured that further details on the crash will be made known as investigation progresses.

    This was also announced through their twitter account @DefenceInfoNG: “The Bama Crash is not as a result of any enemy action.  Further details will be made known as Investigation continues #NAFHelicopterCrash”.

  7. Henry says:

    We don’t have enough helicopters, however we have so far lost 4 helicopters in just over 12 months.

    1 MI-24B in port-harcourt
    2 (mix of MI-35 and MI-24) to boko-haram
    1 MI-35 in bama

    Yet we buy helicopters like we are pricing crayfish in the market or like a baby whose just learning to speak for the first time. Yet, this is a country faced with a bloody insurgency, the irony!!!

    • Are James says:

      The 2nos lost to Boko Haram are not really lost but damaged. We need not leases than 60 attack choppers to roll back these miscreants after allowing for average availability of 65%.

  8. zachary999 says:

    Our thoughts and prayers are with the Pilots, hope they are all fine and not in hostile territory.

  9. toondey says:

    I hope the crew is safe. The annoying thing is boko haram will likely claim responsibility and the western media as usual will give credience to such even when obviously not true.

    • jimmy says:

      Unfortunatley this is going to be part of the LEARNING CURVE
      Mr PRESIDENT I do not seek political appt, I am not after any contract. I am not a praise singer. Please the Nigerian airforce needs helicopters
      TYPE 1 : is to carry soldiers and to evacuate
      TYPE2: is to ASSAULT/ DEFEND a position
      TYPE 3 is a combo of 1 and 2 .Please any one who is telling you this war will be won without THESE REQUIREMENTS is lying to you
      Excuse me ? OH HOW MANY 60 SIR about SIxty will do just fine
      One more thing we need to occupy Damboa right now because it will become your greatest Nightmare if you do not.

      • Are James says:

        The CDS is too visible on the website. Not sure if it is his pictures we need to be seeing on it.

  10. jimmy says:

    The dhq has done a very GOOD JOB ON UPDATING reports on the helicopter crash. This is a professional as you can get . I am very proud of them.

  11. menatti says:

    I confirmed its actually an MI24 not 35 that crashed.

  12. rka says:

    I think the below is quite interesting;

    “Owonibi also said the recent establishment of the Nigerian army low altitude platform station was to considerably improve its ability to checkmate terrorism.

    “He added that such measures had yielded apparent effectiveness as the operations of the various task forces all over the country are being complemented by the careful sitting of Forward Operations Bases (FOB) and highly mobile Quick Reaction Groups (QRG) to deny terrorists freedom of action.”

    • AreJames says:

      Secure communications stuff.
      As for the QRGs, nothing will take off and work until somebody releases the money to bring in the MI 171SH helicopters.

      • rka says:

        Maybe QRF in Hilux vehicles 🙂

        Seriously though, may be the new helos expected will be used for that.

    • ozed says:

      Interesting. I like the bit about low altitude platform stations. These are probably the tethered ballons the previous COAS talked about. This coupled with the QRGs would make a massive difference and give the troops an early warning tool. All you need is a telescopic camera with thermal imaging/infra red capabilities.

      With this you can see the boko convoys from like 10-20km away all day /night long 247. Gives you all the time in the world to arrange a suitable welcoming committee for them.
      In deed if you had enough artillery, you could engage their columns from as much as 25km away (after confirming the area is not inhabited by friendlies of course hehehehe—).

      In summary, the options plenty.

  13. beegeagle says:


    The detailing of Hind helicopter acquisitions listed in the article below is not correct

    Nigeria acquired six Mi-35P from Russia in 2000, two Mi-24V+a Mi-35P from Ukraine in 2008 and two Mi-35P from Belarus in 2010. The 2008 and 2010 acquisitions are listed in the UN Register of Conventional Arms Transfers – so no controversies or needless requests for evidence to that effect, entailed in the foregoing detailing.

    Elsewhere, SIPRI might have mixed up the precise types acquired but are accurate on the numbers of Hind helicopters acquired by Nigeria between 2000 and 2010, by which time the NAF had snapped up ELEVEN Hind helos, rather than the eight airframes uncharacteristically alluded to by a normally spot-on IHS Jane’s.


    ON the Nigerian Air Force’sHIND helicopter acquisitions from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus


    6 Mi-24P/Hind-FCombat helicopter (2000) 6 Probably second-hand but modernized before delivery


    2 Mi-24P/Hind-F Combat helicopter 2008 2 Second-hand

    1 Mi-24V/Hind-E Combat helicopter 2008 1 Second-hand


    (2)Mi-24P/Hind-F Combat helicopter 2010 2 Second-hand


    • AreJames says:

      They will continue to get it wrong with our archane acquisition style. Nigerian private companies buying on behalf of MOD second hand military choppers from obscure east Europeans companies loosely associated with the main defence trading companies of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Czech. What could be more tortuous than that. Only the more direct ones can be traced easily and for the very twisted ones you can be sure pepper rests completely.

    • Augustine says:

      AMEN !!! We join you to pray, Oga Beegeagle !!!

      Nigerian navy, please give us a fully armed Type 056 light frigate with anti-ship missiles, anti-aircraft missiles, anti-submarine torpedoes, CIWS anti-missile guns, Z-9 ASW helicopter, towed array ASW sonars….and CONTRALTO-V ASW anti-torpedo decoys. You can do it Admirals, yes you can shine as usual, talk to the President through the first lady….she was in China with you. $150 million will buy this stealth warship.

      • Are James says:

        Second the armament mix. No good boy, tame anti piracy stuff anymore. We want real bang for bucks.

  14. John says:

    Okpabana don reach Gidi? For which side dem dey refit Aradu? Na wetin do Aradu self?

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