Cameroonian soldiers in a Landcruiser gun truck armed with a Chinese-made Type 58 twin 14.5mm AAMG system.


July 23, 2014

In the villages that line the border with Nigeria,even those charged with protecting Cameroonians from Boko Haram fighters fear the fall of darkness. “When night falls, we tremble. We don’t sleep,” said a Cameroonian policeman from a far-northern border town, on condition of anonymity.

The Nigeria-born Islamist group has stepped up raids into northern Cameroon in recent days, murdering and stealing with impunity despite military efforts to clamp down on their bloody insurgency.

On Sunday local police said one of their officers was killed during an attack on the village of Nariki, 500 metres from Boko Haram’s Nigerian stronghold of Tarmoa, adding to scores of deaths from raids on local towns this month.

The militants have long used Cameroon to launch attacks on Nigeria as the border between them is extremely porous, with no buffer-zone clearly separating the two countries.

Earlier this month they stole a pick-up truck and weapons in a raid on a police post in Bomberi, Cameroon, only to abandon it on Nigerian territory where it was found by troops days later, said another Cameroon police officer. Weapons and goods cross the border freely too: the remote northern Cameroon town of Amchide has become a hotbed for Boko Haram fighters and a hub for
trafficking to finance their recruitment.

Cameroon, like other west African countries, has beefed up its operations against Boko Haram since the kidnapping of more than 200 Nigerian schoolgirls three months ago sparked an international outcry. The army claims to have killed many militants in recent weeks and suspected members and collaborators have been arrested and sent to the capital, Yaounde.

Cameroon’s elite Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) recently destroyed one Boko Haram camp during a foray across the border into Tarmoa, said the second officer. Supported by international governments, they have also targeted the Sambisa forest near the shared border where Nigerian authorities believe the kidnapped schoolgirls may still be hidden in the militants’ camps.

– Constant threat –

But Cameroon’s efforts have done little to stem Boko Haram’s bloody five-year insurgency or stop almost daily attacks that have left local communities living in constant fear.“Boko Haram is disorganised because of joint operations by the Cameroonian and Nigerian armed forces, but its activists carry out attacks here and there in Cameroon,” the second officer said. The first policeman said the insurgents can easily escape as “they know very well” where the Cameroonian troops are located.

The Islamist group, blamed for slaughtering more than 2,000 civilians already this year, has increasingly targeted remote border communities, razing entire villages. Two Cameroonian shepherds were killed and 200 cattle stolen by militants on July 10 during a raid in the village of Bame, less than 10 kilometers (six miles) from the Nigerian border, said the first police officer.

And suspected Boko Haram fighters kidnapped a 20-year-old Cameroonian earlier this month from the village of Balgaram after an attack was foiled by the army. Senior local figures are also being intimidated to stop them from helping the government against Boko Haram.

In Limani, which lies in the flashpoint zone between Nigeria’s Tarmoa and Amchide in Cameroon,militants kidnapped the sons of a traditional chief who has been a go-between for the group. “They were intimidating the father,” said the second police officer. “He’s a go-between for Boko Haram, which suspects him of collaborating with Cameroonian forces.”

A lack of coordination by military forces— particularly between Nigeria and Cameroon — has hampered the efforts to stop the insurgents. That was made clear during a botched attempt to rescue 10 Chinese road workers who were kidnapped in May. A negotiator was hurt when a team of Cameroonians sent to bring back the
workers in early July was fired on by the Nigerian army, which was unaware of their operation, said the second officer.

“There is currently a tacit agreement between Nigeria and Cameroon to let soldiers from both countries cross the border either way during actions against Boko Haram,” he added. But officially, the Yaounde government does not allow any right of pursuit by
Nigerian forces on its territory.


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  1. bigbenjy says:

    Hmmm….Airforce officer beheaded by BH,what a shame lives of young men sold to d cheapest bidder and no Nigerian cares maybe he is Hausa,ibo or Yoruba or even Christian or Muslim so who cares.Generals making huge money buying estate in china,Philippines etc and know one cares.we are divided on ethnic and religious line.Nigeria is a disgrace under this moss ad and CIA trained government and till we open eyes and see our military held accountable for supplying these BH with weapons just like Iraq,Afghanistan we abandon CP with stash of weapons and guess who gets them the same ppl we are fighting.Shame I am disgusted

    • beegeagle says:

      Nigerian Air Force officer beheaded…when? Sometimes, Oga BigBenjy, you need to embed a hyperlink to these war narratives which seem to be known only to you. Way too much of random musings for now…..

      • igbi says:

        Sir your blog seems to be attracting a lot of clueless conspiracy theorists lately. Bigbenjy is just one of them. I think as a matter of fact that not suppressing comments is not going to help your blog. You have people who sympathize with boko haram and people who are just clueless and emotional conspiracy theorists, if you leave their comments on then you destroy the image of your blog and yourself and of-course the country. I have made some wrong comments in the past and I wouldn’t mind if they got erased as well. I wish you the best of luck, but don’t forget some comments are not meant to be read.

      • igbi says:

        By the way I think it is this same bigbengy who was calling for a crusade against Israel.

  2. giles says:

    wer did u c BH behead an air force officer

  3. drag_on says:

    Many links seem to be carrying it.
    It is expected,this is war,but i will be annoyed if this is as a result of the fallen Mi35.The NA don’t need to hide this from the people, it plays into the hands of BH.
    This video will only further isolate BH from the people.

    • igbi says:

      But of course you wouldn’t want the armed forces to “not hide” something which didn’t happen ! I wonder why many people just think that since it is written on the video, it must be true. I analysed the responses of the poor guy, it seems he was forced to say what he said and that he was a civilian. Indeed the rank of second lefternant is not an airforce rank, the 9th section of the armed forces doesn’t designate any unit of the Nigerian military, although that might be how boko haram calls the airbase in maiduguru (the only thing they got right was 9).

  4. drag_on says:

    Wish we had a locating beacon on him.Why is it that we have no GPS beacons on our pilots? We would have discovered their base.

    • jimmy says:

      Good news the co pilot survived the crash and trekked through the bush to the safety. According to Maj Gen Chris Kolade.

  5. drag_on says:

    Thank you,just found out.

    The Director of Defence Information, Maj-Gen Chris Olukolade has updated its earlier report that a crew member who was earlier declared dead has resurfaced.

    The engineer crew member of the crashed Nigerian Air Force Mi-35 Helicopter earlier declared missing has been found alive, he said.

    The crew member who was declared missing when his body could not be located in the vicinity of the crash resurfaced at the military Headquarters in Maiduguri today, having trekked through the bushes after the crash.

    The Army in a statement issued on Wednesday said, “It is thus confirmed that Flight Lieutenant NM Halilu, Co-Pilot and Warrant Officer Augustine Nwanonenyi, the aircraft technician survived the crash while Flight Lieutenant Onyeka Nwakile was the only one lost in the crash.

    “The family of the officer has been duly informed while the two survivors are in stable condition but receiving medical attention.
    Meanwhile, search and rescue operation on the incident has been concluded, while investigation into the crash continues”.

  6. bigbenjy says:

    @igbi U are strange fellow and a Dundee if I uthink I mince my word,u jump around and criticize anyone who speak of his opinion on this blog.listen being on this blog should b a mind intelligence sharing and everyone on here has something to say.If u @igbi come let’s go join militia being formed in d north to fight BH then I will respect u,if not shut up andlets enlighten u to reality Nigeria is being set for second Rwanda massacres and u don’t know it yet.if u can’t contribute meaningful SHUT UP

    • igbi says:

      I don’t think you understand the meaning of the word opinion. All you do is say things without proves which were stated by famous conspiracy theorists. Logics have failed you. And then your talk about burning west africa ! You are one of the people normal guys need to watch. Is someone brainwashing you, or are you brainwashing yourself on your own ?

  7. asorockweb says:

    “Can’t Igbi be reigned-in?”

    It’s not just Igbi that needs to be reigned-in. Some others are using this platform to aid the enemy.

    This is a terror campaign and a terror campaign is all about the message.

    There’s a picture of the downed gunship.

    Also, somewhere in the same thread, you will find pictures of the recovering airmen.

    Some people are doing the fighting and the dying, let’s ask ourselves what we are doing.

    • Nnamdi says:


      Without meaning to be rude, I honestly can’t make sense out of your response. You simply left one issue and delved into something totally different. How does that excuse habitual launch of attack at every commenter who has a different opinion and blackmailing them ? Are you saying he’s an in-house attack dog who has better sense of judgement and patriotism than others ? If an opinion is different, is is not the matured thing to discuss, or debate it based on credibility of its proofs rather than encouraging a rabid 27 years old go about insulting people who are above him in about all marks in life? Need not tell that there’s a chain of history of same foul attitude which provoked a general rebuke only recently. Here you are encouraging it again? I hope you be his next target.

      Aside, Nairaland has always been a blackmailed site by commentrrs on this blog in time past, how come it has a suddenly become a darling in recent days?

      • asorockweb says:

        “You simply left one issue and delved into something totally different.”
        – Yes, I covered two topics – clever, you must agree.

        Igbi’s comments may sometimes appear directed and aggressive, but he is not the only one.

        Nnamdi also acts like an “attack dog”, evident from the post above.

    • peccavi says:

      That doesn’t appear to be a MI 35 or Nigeria for that matter

      • Are James says:

        Thank you my brother. I thought I was the only one who noticed. A chopper went down but that picture is wrong.

  8. bigbenjy says:

    Hey Dundee @igbi can u answer why a request was turned down by oga at d top refusal to send well experienced infantry unitsfrom Janguza in Kano?I have friends there who all are saying that what I have been saying our top ranking officers are sellout and all is about money and if u use ur head properly and find fact all soldiers sent to borno state are new recruits.And what is baffles me is the said we have so much weapons we can take d whole of west Africa in no if u keep babbling conspiracy then u are sick and need check up in india

    • ozed says:

      I hope you know there are very few more fertile grounds for rumors than an Army unit. Consequently, not everything a soldier friend tells you is necessarily gospel truth even if the soldier actually believes it.

      • bigbenjy says:

        Bro very confident in my types here the truth has to b told most officer in top position were automatically promoted after a short courses in some western countries and soon as d took over d mantle what happened BH became more vicious right,think it through and my question is why not send well equipped experience fighting force from Kano,kebbi, Niger state

  9. jimmy says:

    Point of correction BENJY
    There are virtually No officers that get promoted in the Nigerian army now without (a) Taking an EXAM ( B) You had earlier taken the exam and been passed over for promotion (c) You the officer did something EXCEPTIONAL in battle to Warrant such
    It also virtually impossible to see 37 year old general those days are gone.Benjy please unless you are serving please be mindful of what you say PROMOTION in the Nigerian Armed Forces IS merit based first, Second comes the intangibles , things like your service record, peer review by the Army / Navy/ Airforce Sec who then approves / disapproves the individual’s name for promotion.
    The Nigerian army also only promotes one person to the coas position as a result the promotion to one star gen and two star gen will all see the “eyes of the” most likely of the President.
    Nobody in my Family in recent times got promoted because they went on a course, they got promoted because they FOUGHT in LIBERIA, SIERRA LEONE and passed the required EXAMS
    in Nigeria and had the most important thing the years of experience to go with it.

  10. bigbenjy says:

    Really OK ooo…it depends on ur view thou,if I must remember in rukuba barracks in jos officers bribe their way to peace mission and pay to get promoted if u don’t know so as I said earlier weather u believe or not it is happening,and it is a widely acknowledge facts OK even worst d world greatest so called armies

  11. Are James says:

    Any late news from Damboa or have we decided to leave this town as another bargaining chip for Boko Haram or are things postponed till after the 2015 elections?.

    • bigbenjy says: for a Iraq type invasion b4 d year end which BH will sweep tru d north up to Kano which will be d main target except someone in d military will reign in asap,sleeper cells are every where waiting and unfortunately our intelligence are failing because they prefer to get intelligence abroad,which have shown to b ineffective.pls guys if we follow world events what happened in Thailand should be replicated in Nigeria now if not we are in a big mess come 2015.

  12. freeegulf says:

    how are you sure the people sponsoring these hydra headed monster are not hoping for the same outcome too…that is your so called thailand solution.
    please we dont need any more jackboot intervention. they where disastrous to the nation, and civilian rule is still better.

    those favouring this vermin up north do not want any 2015 retention of a southerner. and if it means killing tens of thousands they will give the nod. nigeria would not go that road as that would be the end of the nation.

    as for boko yeye sweeping down as far as kano, well, i say it would be a good outcome in the long run. as it will make the govt sit up and do the needful. we all have to realize that this war and its consequences hasnt been fully embraced nor appreciated by nigerians.

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