An operative of the Police Counter Terrorist Unit stands in front of a Landcruiser truck

24 July, 2014

At least one person was killed and eight other people injured when a blast ripped through a crowded bus station in Kano,northern Nigeria, police and witnesses said on Thursday. The explosion happened at about 3:00pm (1400 GMT) at the New Motor Park in the predominantly Christian Sabon Gari neighbourhood, which has previously been targeted by Boko Haram militants.

“It was an IED (improvised explosive device). The explosive was concealed in a water dispenser and brought into the motor park by unknown people,” Kano state police commissioner Adelere Shinaba told reporters at the scene.

“A woman was killed and eight other people were injured and have been taken to hospital… Our forensics experts are combing the scene for clues. We have already commenced (an) investigation.”
Shinaba said there was no immediate claim of responsibility and no arrests had been made but Kano –Nigeria’s second city — has been hit before by explosions.

On June 23, a bomb blast at a public health college in the city killed at least eight while on May 19, a suicide car bomb attack in Sabon Gari killed at least four people, including a young girl.

At least four strong explosions rocked the same area on July 29 last year, killing 12.Blame has been attributed to the Islamist militants, who have been waging a violent insurgency in the country’s north since 2009.

– Backdrop of violence –

In the latest blast, a man who gave his name as Obi and works at a local garage, said: “A young cart pusher (porter) wheeled a water dispenser into the (motor) park and kept it near other luggage waiting to be uploaded into a bus heading to the east. “The dispenser was given to him by two people at the gates who disguised (themselves) as travellers and asked him to bring it in for them but lagged behind him.”The (water) dispenser exploded with a huge bang at the time passengers were disembarking from the bus close to the dispenser.” The cart pusher — a common sight in and around bustling transport hubs in Nigeria — had his hands and legs blown off while a woman was decapitated, he added.

Another witness, market trader Suleiman Bala, said the device was left among rows of buses and the two suspects disappeared shortly before the blast.

The latest violence came after two bombings in the northern city of Kaduna on Wednesday left at least 42 people dead and prompted the authorities to introduce a round-the-clock curfew to prevent lawlessness.

According to local police, the first attack — a suicide bomb –targeted the convoy of Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi, a cleric who has fiercely criticised Boko Haram’s deadly five-year uprising, and left at least 25 dead.

The second attack some two hours later that killed 17 people targeted Muhammadu Buhari, one of Nigeria’s most prominent opposition leaders who also ruled the country as a military dictator from 1983 to 1985.

Both bombings are in line with previous attacks on prominent Islamic clerics, whom Boko Haram accuse of co-operating with Nigeria’s secular government, but also come as part of an increasing number of bloody attacks outside the group’s northeastern heartland.

The capital, Abuja, has been hit three times in as many months by car bomb attacks, while there was a twin car bombing on a crowded market in the central city of Jos in May and a similar attack outside a fuel depot in the financial capital, Lagos in June.

But civilians have borne the brunt of attacks this year,leaving hundreds dead and tens of thousands more displaced in a relentless series of attacks in Nigeria’s remote northeast.


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  1. Augustine says:

    I will suggest that from the whole of middle belt to northern Nigeria, all radio stations should relay a message every 30 minutes in Hausa, Fulani, and major middle belt local languages, advert jingles warning people against the doctrine of Boko Haram and how it has killed both muslim and christians, let us educate the uneducated people that Boko is not waging Jihad, but waging crime war against all humanity. Chad, Northern Cameroon, and Niger Republique should also copy that. We might just stop some gullible fanatic of a young man from becoming a suicide bomber.

    • bigbenjy says:

      Salute u my friend u hit d nail in d head,trust me that is d first powerful counter attack POI,and should involve every sector of d populace Animists,clerics,churches,mosques it is to fight d mind control of fear which has engulf everyone

    • drag_on says:

      Agreed,They message should express the futility and senseless nature of terrorism.
      By the way,

      Speaking further, Air Marshal Amosu emphasized the need for all service personnel to continue to give selfless sacrifice for the defence of the sovereignty of the nation despite the enormity of current security challenges. He enjoined the officers not to be deterred as the President was committed to providing all necessary requirement of the military in tackling the terrorists insurgency with a view to bring the menace to a speedy end, adding that the C-in-C has accordingly, ordered the — immediate replacement of the lost helicopter — and more platforms for the Nigerian Air Force.

    • AreJames says:

      Very good idea. Also some way of filling the bellies. Trade schools with lunch provided, light industrial parks established for the graduates. The govt needs to pamper the youth instead of already emancipated billionaires and politicians.If all these are not done, we are all dead.

    • asorockweb says:

      1st time I am in hundred percent agreement with Augustine. The gullible mind is usually devoid of facts.

    • jimmy says:
      1) The DHQ need to present this “man” with Brassiere and female clothing to the public. demystify the bas—- refer to him as a “she” in public and press briefing and always make it a policy to dress him as a woman to and fro from court .This MUST BE part of the sensitization program.
      2) If he refuses to cooperate and their is compelling evidence he needs to be charged with Murder in the first degree.
      3) The C.A.S. has again intimated that more platforms are on the way, at this stage it is not a secret nothing military sensitive to compromise any operation however it will serve as a morale booster (just like he flew on a bombing mission) to introduce these platforms when they arrive.
      4) This war will be in its death throes when there is enough platforms for the NAF and there is enough 24 hour Surveillance and Communication going on between the NAF and the NA.

  2. drag_on says:

    Replacement of the helicopter and more platforms is good news to me.

  3. jimmy says:
    Not to act as a derail thread but does anyone know anything about this ?

  4. Tope says:

    According to Nigerian News Desk I heard 40 helicopters were ordered from Russia both transport n attack variants, nw I dnt knw if its different from expected 19 helos we ordered since 2012 or different from the six budgeted helos in 2014 budget we need to clarify once and for all.

  5. jimmy says:

    OGA TOPE please provide a link.

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