President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria.

LAGOS, July 22 (Xinhua)

Poverty rate in Nigeria has dropped from 35.2 percent to 33.1 percent in 2013, a latest World Bank report said on Tuesday.

The decrease represents a dramatic drop from an estimated poverty rate of 62.2 percent recorded between 2009 and 2010 based on the Harmonized Nigeria Living Standard Statistics (HNLSS), John Litwack, the bank’s acting country manager said.

According to him, the poverty rates per capital from the General Household Survey (GHS) panel between 2012 and 2013 is 33.1 percent with 44.9 percent in the rural areas and 12.6 percent in the
urban areas.

The WB official told reporters that there appeared to be higher
poverty rate in the northern part than in the southern parts of the country,noting that the number of poor Nigerians has remained 58 million, more than half of which live in the northeast or northwest of the country.


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  1. beegeagle says:

    Predictably, since this is not a bad news story and worse, it falls out of sync with the preferred narrative that 90% of Nigerians live below the poverty line, the BBC are understandably silent on this. BBC Hausa would pretend not to have heard about it so that it does not shine a bright light on today’s FG since the grand plan is to pave the way for an APC-led FG to take power.

    Perhaps they are preparing a dampener….”it is hard to see it on the streets”. On another day, the World Bank would be an impeccably authoritative source. Today, they are not because the story is good.

    Imagine that when the BBC say that 90% of Nigerians live below the poverty line, they add the rider “according to World Bank statistics” !! Well, that same World Bank have recanted so why have the BBC gone quiet? Shameful hypocrisy and duplicity. And anyone doubts that they report on NIGERIA with a predetermined agenda in mind? You and I know that it would have been IMPOSSIBLE for the BBC not to report on this story if it had been about “Poverty levels rise in Nigeria”. Somebody tell me it ain’t so?

    Notice that only 12.5% of urban dwellers are poor. I used to wonder if the buzz and swagger on the streets of unstoppable Lagos was lost on these false-hearted journalists. 90% of those live on a less than a dollar a day? Even the underclass trudging in buses from Mile 2 to Idumota or Ojota to Obalende would spend over two dollars a day on transportation alone, never mind on their meals. Over half of those would spend another dollar on airtime for their phones yet the outlandish reports on poverty never roll back?

    We shall continue to expose hypocritical action here. Our brief is DEFENCE and SECURITY, and strategic studies. You know where this fits in.

    • asorockweb says:

      Oga Beegs,

      BBC will wait for a major negative event, then include the newly reported poverty rate as follows: “… Is the government’s efforts on poverty reduction coming too late?”

      The BBC and co are no longer satisfied with providing accurate information; it is too boring.

      The world is like a painting and every brush stroke has it’s place. Surely you don’t want to ruin their painting?

    • rugged7 says:

      Oga Beeg,
      I have said this for a long time. These western media types are always peddling the usual, stereotypically negative racist crap they so love.

      Well, despite Nigeria’s challenges, the country continues to defy all odds.Naysayers including BBC will definitely eat humble pie.

      So shall it be.

  2. beegeagle says:

    If they tried so hard to demean and throw dampeners into the story concerning Nigeria’s emergence as Africa’s biggest economy, you can imagine what they would do if it were actually a bad news story. Those perennially hyperventilating hypocrites…


    Let us make a brief post-news detour this morning…news briefs which I listened to before I left home this morning.

    Let me ask again, what is it that ACTUALLY propels BBC reportage for goodness sake? The Nigerian military have just destroyed a BH column and they have again turned a blind eye to that in their news bulletins in predictable preference for that which keeps this country blackspotted? Check this out.


    – Pakistani forces have killed 15 Taliban militants in air strikes

    – 20 Fulani women kidnapped near Chibok where school girls were recently taken

    Personally, I have no issues with reporting that kidnap since the gains and setbacks of our War on Terror are also fully covered in headlines and/or embedded weblinks in comments on this blog. It is however desperately curious that the BBC glossed over the killing of over 50 insurgents in Nigeria in their news bulletin while not forgetting to report the kidnapping of 20 Fulani women and then moved over to Pakistan to report the killing of a more insignificant 15 insurgents? Why is that?

    OK…right after that,


    – Nigeria, by their own statistics, emerged the biggest economy in Africa within the course of these past 12 months

    – despite headline growth in Nigeria, poverty is increasing. (in effect, a dampener)

    What was the meaning of “by their own statistics”? Is that more of BBC Hausa’s transcribed pro-opposition narrative or is it in doubt that highly reputable global brands in GDP computation were involved in the exercise which threw up the new figures? So what was the defamatory “by their own statistics” all about…more of dampeners?

    Thereafter, a cascade of dampeners laden with ‘buts’ and ‘ifs’ followed, in tandem with which they tried to see if President Kuffour, an interviewee, would lend himself to some Nigeria bashing (he did not..bless him)

    SO is it any wonder that British designs and stated goodwill toward Nigeria always ring HOLLOW with some of us? BBC World Service remain an organ of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office. So long as the ‘undiplomatic’ antics of that broadcast medium continues, NOTHING will restore the diplomatic relevance and return to the pole position as far as influence in Nigeria is concerned, which the British Govt so desperately seek. That quest shall never see the light of day for as long as this odious and evil communicative style persists.

    So do I cry wolf where there is none? Food for thought.

  3. freeegulf says:

    well done marshal beegs. their neocolonialism has been sown deep in some section of the country. they will fail in their subjugating plans

    long live the FRN

  4. rka says:

    It is a bad news story for the BBC. Now, if it was Ghana, it would have been splashed across the BBC Africa page to rob noses in it.

    • ceberus89 says:

      Indeed this is great news But then hw mani jobs hav been created in 2013?

      • Dreamestorical says:

        1.6 Million were created in 2013. They were manly in the service, The problem though is that we had 2 million graduates join the workforce in 2013 as well. (So a deficit of 400,000.)

        What Nigeria really needs to do to further hasten development so that the masses begin to feel it is get the energy sector on track.

  5. ozed says:

    Well said Oga Beeg. Na so dem de do. I also took the liberty of checking to see if Sahara Reporters has carried it. Alas, no luck.

    Oh well, maybe they will carry it tomorrow.

  6. Deway says:

    Congrats Nigeria in the midst of our numerous challenges. If only we had 24hrs electricity (or even 18 hrs) a day this figure would have been much reduced.

  7. bigbenjy says:

    If I talk dem go say I b terrorist @igbi Nigeria was outplayed because we luv to b glorified in in empty Agbada SA outclassed us knowing d $ is crumbling and the need diversify their economy so as not to b hooked if eventually d dollar falls which analyst are predicting,what they was hey Gej Ngozi take u can have it,you know y look at south Africa over d year nothing has changed and zuma was smart to take that offer because Ngozi crushed any idea of we attempting to talk of BRICS,china offered SA saw d opportunities and joined it,and we continue to dig in to worthless paper called dollar’s.Anyways believe it or not Ngozi is d landlord of Nigeria for IMF,WB and Rockefeller foundation

    • Deway says:

      I agree with you on this Bigbenjy, however, the former CBN governor had taken steps to diversify our external reserves, some of it to the Chinese currency, if I remember correctly. But I’m not sure if that has been changed now.

      • bigbenjy says:

        Comrades I want to open minds here,as I said earlier we are far behind in reality of d world military is all about politics now and it is a shame innocent ones pay d price.if our army was serious we should look at Syria today and c how they came out being almost overrun by d biggest Islamic terrorist in d world to now destroying them and west who sponsor them are giving up,u know y a country of 36m could defeat a jihad group of 300k men? They Government of Syria showed not tell their citizens the truth about sedition of d west through d help of allies.Syrians refused to the west and the payed and still paying d price,they believe in their national identity first not religion nor ethnicity but we Nigerian are opposite and who are Syrian army father’s, sons,mothers,clerics everyone of them are out there fighting
        while d biggest black nation in d world is sitting on a powder keg.D current gov In naija is following a script laid out to them and word in d intell circle, if I am not mistaken there will b no election come 2015(rumors maybe)

      • bigbenjy says:

        Ngozi no like am because he challenges her and u know what why is she involved in army matters even procurement of military hardware IDK.she is actual ruler not cowboi she have d final say.Brics issue was what caused SLS his job

      • igbi says:

        Bigbenjy, Now you are talking in a rational manner.
        I do not agree with all you said but this time you expressed your opinion.
        I agree on one thing essentially: Nigeria unite, leave your religions or political views at home, unite and fight for the greatness of the nation.

    • WachanGuy says:

      I agree, the USD is an economic camp which is slowly but steadily emptying eastwards. Wonder what STRATEGY FGN and MoF have to rescue us when the s**t hits the fan

  8. beegeagle says:

    Lamido Sanusi denominated 10% of our foreign reserves in Chinese Yuan.

  9. bigbenjy says:

    Comrade@igbi don’t think I do no understand were u are coming from but this age of time propaganda involves real time facts to Nigeria if u look at Nigeria media it is solely behind to fact on what is going on around d world.u are my brother and hand in hand we can disagree to agree that is who we are and until d truth is thrown out there for ppl to hear we will never b enlightened,ten years in d US working with great minds has definitely given me an edge to pass little kn owledge to those who listen.Our existence is threatened check d facts let give a hint look up this info called Agenda 21.And I want to clarify to u about Israel,I don’t hate them but if u look today the are running everything around d world an

    • bigbenjy says:

      And they are involved in so many sabotage right to our door steps were will I start from is defcon,BH,ISIs Syria Cuba,Sudan,Venezuela,argentina,SA etc I mean we have to b factual this ppl are(Zionist) terrible.they will destroy anyone who stand in their way.I tire abeg

      • igbi says:

        Where I think you are wrong is with the “zionists”, check the media, you will see that it is the arab media which is most sympathetic to boko haram. The Israeli media has more or less identified boko haram as its ennemy. It is a well known fact that the “british house” is being bought brick by brick by the qatari and there again you have the british media given every support it can to boko haram. You also have the US media, mostly the media from new york (I guess under the spell of sahara reporters). But what i can not understand is the fixation on the “zionists” even though they consider our enemies as theirs. I think you need to distance yourself from conspiracy theorist peddlers like alex jones or some other people who speak with authority on things they know nothing about.

  10. Buchi says:

    All progresive congress (APC) God punish all off u ..can u imagine it..coming out to claim that the blasts in kaduna was priof that they had no connections to bokoharam less than 24 hr..onyegu u are highly stupid infact sack ur PR team cos uve made urself and ur party a relic of word of sympathy to the deceased or their familiies…all u could do was smile and open ur big teeth to tell nigerians that this was proof..who are u fooling certinly no nigerians…buhari u are a gud nollywood actor I pray I see ur movie soon…this act has made me believe the views of many dat this blast was stage managed..u guys will not smell my vote at all..i swear..sorry cyber generals for derailing the thread..i Am so pissed of

  11. makanaky says:

    Beegeagle its not just BBC, some media outlets, countries and rumour mongers are just excited when something ugly happens in Nigeria, there is always a reporter on the ground, an eye witness blah blah ablah all fighting to be the first and sole reporter of doom.
    Just imagine this,10 mothers of the Chibok girls kidnapped die in waiting, how did they come to that conclusion.
    Report about all taking place in Nigeria, good or bad but in a balanced, fair and honest manner without bias or prejudice.
    I don’t need a soothsayer or statistics to convince me about economic change in Nigeria, I was very aware in the dark days of the late 80’s which I pray never to repeat itself when SAP was introduced to the economic boom of post 2004 which is still evident.
    Above all no one will ever blow our trumpet especially when they are envious of our success.
    Lets congratulate ourselves and strive for better.

  12. cryptologist says:

    @Igbi well said. Emirates states it is, they pull the strings

    • AreJames says:

      Ho Ho, now it is getting clearer to people. To think Nigerians are the only ones who have interests in Nigeria is a big mistake. During one of XXX ‘s many attempts at instituting instituting civil rule in the 90s, a front line candidate who was the supposedly annointed one took off first to the GCC’ s countries to build his war chest in preparation for party formation and primaries. He never got anywhere eventually because the main man himself was not ready to go. This guy later died unfortunately in Abacha’ s gulag and his younger brother later became president but all these are besides the point. The question here is WHY the GCC countries? and whether it is not a stretch to imagine that those kind of cleavages don’t still exist. The Zionist angle that @Bigbenjy is alluding to w.r.t. middle east on its own is that the Shia/Sunni divide is an opportunity currently being exploited by the country most likely to gain from such a fundamental tug of war between the two sects of Islam and being a small country of less than 20m in a sea of enemies, maybe they should even be doing more. Is it then two much of a stretch to think that Nigeria could not be one of the fronts where this new cold war is being fought.If we agree that we are leaving in a global village, we have to also think deep about its implications. Tribalism is in play but religion and economic conditions are also defining nations. ISIL has formed an IS now in Iraq, guess who is going to be flooding the place if they succeed – young European Muslims of the Sunni persuasion. The economic angle as an example is that many Nigerians call themselves uk nigerian, nigerian Americans, et.c .., immigration is now redefining local demographics everywhere. So as far as I am concerned, all conspiracy theories are welcome and to the effect that local national institutions continue to fail in embarrassing ways I cannot be fooled that all these events are random.

      • igbi says:

        Define the expression “conspiracy theory”. I think you should be informed that the homos who say that education is a conspiracy against islam are conspiracy theorists. Is their conspiracy theory also welcomed ? The guys who claim that flu shots are meant to reduce fertility in some parts of the country (you remember those guys who caused the deaths of some medical aids distributing vaccins), those guys are also conspiracy theorists, is their conspiracy theory also welcomed ?
        The thing you tend to overlook is that anybody can say things without proof and without logical justifications. There are millions of conspiracy theories which can thus be produced, including conspiracy theories contradicting each other. When you say they are welcomed, what you are saying is that proof and logic can go and hug a transformer. And I think that is a dangerous game.
        “local national institutions continue to fail in embarrassing ways” in comparison with what ?

      • AreJames says:

        Fair enough and you have a point. Hitler’s rise and the second world war for Instance were also results of conspiracy theories taken too far against Jews and the whole world after the treaties and punitive reparations that reduced germany to almost nothing in the late 20s and early 30s. So your point is taken that a lot of damage can be done by theories gone wild. However Nigerian politicians actively seeking foreign support is a bad habit that has given security agencies nightmares for years …also the BH itself is a successful conspiracy come alive. If they had failed or were aborted at their onset all these would now be conspiracy theories.
        Before we poo poo them, here are some interesting contemporary conspiracy theories from three continents:
        NSA Azzazzi- Many disturbing theories on the factors that caused the formation of BH
        Mr President on media chat – “Nigeria is the most promising black nation so some people think if you want to keep black people down then you must destroy Nigeria’
        US Poiliticians and the Media – “China is actively involved in efforts to challenge and degrade US economic, political power, influence and American exceptionalism”.
        Putin – “The US and Europe are forming a ring around Russia, actively expanding NATO to the detriment of Russian national security and economic interest…they want to kill us”.
        So these are very intelligent, realistic, rational leaders engaging in theories that at times are based on facts they won’t share and other times based on downright speculation or even falsehood. To argue and challenge each theory successfully is beyond the scope and resources of most observers but the best approach is to look for truth beyond facts and constantly question why things are happening.

  13. freeegulf says:

    this is a defenceblog and parroting wild ideas is not our agenda or MO. however, there is usually no smoke without fire.
    @oga igbi, we all see smoke and mirrors in all of these. how deep these shadows go, depends on the viewer (or should i say, ‘thinker’). so it is with every form of warfare and civil crisis.

    wrt to the vaccine scandal, there have been cases where health bodies where actually involved in some diabolical agenda, including the infertility issue. Israel did so to their Ethiopian Jews emigrating to the middle east. there have also been numerous other cases. of course, that does not imply that the case in the north was actually true. its usually paranoia, mixed with religion, superstition, and some fair amount of truth/fantasy. the only sad part is the loss of lives that result in these wild accusations that where not properly substantiated by the respective states.

    the case of oga benjyi is also familiar with yours. you claim it is the GCC countries (with al jazeera as their mouthpiece) that are sponsoring this vermin up north. that on its own is unsubstantiated conspiracy theory. and your claim is not far from oga benyji, the only difference being that he is seeing the Zionist angle rather than gulf Arabs.

    with the global disturbances and insecurity (this level of turmoil has not been witness since the 1970s) anyone can look up and say its all a grand plan for world domination, control, or whatever. that does not make it true. but most critical too, it does not make it false either.

    as for me, i would prefer to narrow my vision to just tactics and operational art. i m even uncomfortable viewing the strategic art and national policy. this is because, Nigeria has always been a convoluted case study. THE MORE YOU LOOK, THE LESS YOU SEE. let the troops fight with what they’ve got. let some of these states come together and buy some defensive equipment for the boys at the frontline. what is so hard buying 20000 NVGs. the standard night fighting devices (not state of the art NVGs) are barely 80000 naira. one state could easily do this. companies and rich folks could easily band together and buy field radios, micro & mini UAVs. but no, we all see this war as a far crisis in a far land. wait until it gets to our doorstep in the south. we are currently too detached from this insurgency. ironically, its this insurgency that will sharpen the army, field experience and war materiel wise.

    I just pray that 2015 elections will not throw Nigeria into complete abyss. we have always been able to hold back from falling down the cliff. but this boko yeye crisis has push us past that point and we are now deep in the crevices, how to come out of it remains to be seen.
    its unfortunate so many innocent people have to die for the selfishness and betrayal of the political class. we shall come out of this stronger, its sink or swim time for Nigeria. enough of them mediocre mindset that has been prevailing in our society since the end of the civil war. no more manage manage, we either fix the nation or watch it disintegrate into bantustans and fiefdoms.

    viva Pax Nigeriana. God bless the FRN

    • igbi says:

      Actually I do not claim GCC countries are sponsors of boko haram, I only gave facts about their media. So if their media which is a prolongation of their foreign policy is anything to go by, then you can arrive to the conclusion that they support boko homos.

  14. oje says:

    Conservative news media seldom engage in the business of negativity to shore up ratings as regards Africa, the so called “liberal” media houses like CNN and BBC are top class when it comes to Nigeria bashing.

    • AreJames says:

      The liberal media is doing us a favour. Our claim to fame is often very warped to many self respecting liberals; the richest black man alive is a Nigerian, hundreds of dollar millionaires in Nigeria, 200 private jets in Nigeria, discriminatory practices against gays et.c.. And then there is the magic figure, …$192bn, that is the capital flight out of the continent last year. For the liberal who fights tooth and nail for his govt to give more aid to Africa, this is a direct slap in the face.
      The conservative welcomes all that because it confirms negative stereotypes about the African who he believes probably should be ‘re colonised… and in any case the money is resting in the banks that he has shares in so who cares. For the liberal it is unbelievably crass that Nigerians will willingly perpetuate the rape of the country by foreign interests and local agents in that manner. Also the middle class represents the most important socio economic demographic but what we find in Africa and most of south America is a squeezing out of that class. As the above amended report has just shown however the poverty level was actually exaggerated but the middle class is still relatively small.

  15. doziex says:

    Hmmm, Folk are spouting all kinds of conspiracies and ideas.
    No harm done.
    But when I start an attempt to rate the performance of state governors, to see who is best qualified to be commander in chief, folks say I have deviated from the purview of this blog.

    I am not trying to be pro or anti GEJ, I just want Nigerians to stop “winging” these all important decisions.

    Our quality of leaders, is Nigeria’s biggest flaw. So discussing the curriculum vitae and the performance of potential leaders seems to me as a great idea.

    As for BBC, they are full of shit, and they know it.

    We Nigerians need just get our act together, and let the haters hate.

  16. freeegulf says:

    oga doziex, i know its sometimes difficult to discuss war and diplomacy without factoring in political thoughts, processes and vision. however, it is imperative that we don’t turn this purist platform into a political vehicle or forum.
    its easy enough for us to argue who won the cenape war, egypt v libya war for that matter, but its extremely difficult and ( to the purpose of this blog) fruitless to argue domestic Nigerian policy. this is because we would hard be able to observe decorum, not to talk of even arguing with decency and facts.

    so i will continue to side with marshal beegs and the likes of oga jimmy that we expunge local gutter habits and do expostulate local diatribe from here. that would be the result if political argument re not deterred.
    not because our local politics does not affect Nigerian defence policies, but because it would turn this place into another mad house like other naija fora in cyber space.

    • AreJames says:

      @Beegeagle’ s header was about the revision of the below poverty line percentage of Nigeria. I am therefore not surprised that the comments that cane through veered into politics. I believe he did it deliberately (*winks*), he wanted to stir up some trouble to make life more interesting around here.

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