Lt General KTJ Minimah, Chief of Army Staff

25 July, 2014

The Army personnel in Nigeria have been advised to stop using the social media platform wrongly.

The Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Kenneth Minimah cautioned those using the new technology to spread falsehood about the service, particularly the prosecution of the ongoing war against insurgents in parts of the country. He equally warned those exposing the strength and weaknesses of the service to desist from such act.

General Minimah gave the advice while addressing soldiers of the 149 Battalion, Ojo Cantonment, Lagos State, in continuation of his familiarisation tour of Army formations in the 81 Division Area.

“One trend that is also dangerous to the service we all cherish is the misuse of the social media. I urge you to be careful of social media. Those of you that like to use Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms to report the Army as if you are not part of the system, stop it.What you do not know is that you have been undoing the system that you are part of.

“You can tweet on social issues. Do not tweet about our locations, equipment, weapons and ammunition. What has that got to do with you? I urge you to desist from reporting the Army,” he stated.

His appeal came following the activities of some disgruntled and
unpatriotic elements in the service that use the social media to spread misinformation to those outside the system.

Payment of Allowance

The Army Chief also used the occasion to dispel insinuations that soldiers allowances were not paid. “Under my administration, the Army has paid operational allowances upfront even before the normal time of payment. “We have been trying to pay allowances on time. Everybody who is entitled to any form of allowance is being paid promptly. In Zaman Lafia, OP Restore Peace, Pulo Shield, Task Force in Jos, everybody is being paid upfront. We are still in July, and we have been paying operational allowances upfront. There is nowhere this is practiced all over the world; where you are paid upfront,” General Minimah explained.

War causalities

On the issue of war casualties, the Army Chief told the soldiers that about 7 casualties whose situation could not be handled back home were currently being treated in India and Germany. He assured the soldiers of their welfare.

Also assuring soldiers of support of the service for the education of their wards, General Minimah informed them that upon assumption in office, he annulled the increment in school fees for Army schools across the country.

“Upon my assumption as the Chief of Army Staff, there was a proposal on my table about the increase in school fees for all army schools across the country. But I looked at it and considered that soldiers would be stressed with this increment and so I dropped the idea,” he added.


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  1. Tobey says:

    Does this mark the end of SiriusBlack’s campaign?

  2. ozed says:

    Well i certainly hope not. There is nothing on his pix that cannot be gleaned from the pages of the Nigerian Army’s facebook page.
    Also i believe the enemy i.e. BH have informants embedded close to or in the Army who feed them with info on a more up to date basis than any blog could manage. you only have to visit any army barracks in Nigeria to see the numbers of adult relatives, hangers on etc who live within the premises to understand that it does not take too much to spy on the army’s operations.

    I believe that put in the balance Sirius’ work has won the Army more support than any harm it could possibly be doing. I suspect the warning is going out to those soldiers who call sahara reporters to mourn from time to time.

    • igbi says:

      “it does not take too much to spy on the army’s operations” so therefor, instead of trying to better ourselves we should aim to become worse ?
      What you said is a false syllogism. I think it is time we Nigerians stop using our mediocrity as an excuse to be even more mediocre and to never think big. It is like we tell ourselves : “well we got it wrong the day before yesterday and yesterday, so we should also do everything to get it wrong today ! It is that same mentality that led some clueless people to propose amnesty to alqaida stuges.
      I also love the work of SiriusBlack and I think he will and he has to follow the orders of the COAS. The COAS has his plans, and he is in charge, he has my full support. But perhaps we could call the DDI and ask him if Siriusblack would be authorized to go on with his reporting or not. I trust in the decision of army headquarters. I also hope they keep in my that siriusblack is a real confidence builder.
      And from my memories about army barracks, adult relatives don’t generally stay long and are restricted to non sensitive quarters.

  3. Tobey says:

    @Ozed…I thought so too..that thread has offered hope to Nigerians..many people who commented, said that they did not even know that the army was that well kitted…if the army saw anything wrong with his work, Nairaland would have been contacted to stamp a “Thread Closed” on it.

  4. Kay says:

    “… Do not tweet about our locations (of course), equipment, weapons and ammunition.(…) What has that got to do with you? I urge you to desist from reporting the Army,” he stated.

    Hmmn…I don’t know what kind of manual is employed in our own country o. Even the current Israeli-Gaza phase has extensive photos from the Israeli army. A blanket ban like he’s probably implying is going to play into those spawns of devil scum who will especially not shy away from displaying seized hardwares. If we the citizens can not see what equipment we utilise in this war, then I can say quite clearly you have already lost the propaganda wars.

    The available info out there has shown the citizens that all hope is not lost after seeing the army’s weapon of warfare. Unless I’ve missed the boat, this means picc from Siriusblack,Skyscrapercity et al would probably be in the crosshairs of the army.

  5. Tobey says:

    @Kay, then I’m sorry to say, this is one of the reasons why we are not winning this are we going to win this war with a COAS who has a mindset like that? Just how? P.R should be aggressive…all old generals like Olukolade believe P.R to be, is sitting down for flimsy press conferences..Sir Beegs has been doin a great job for years now! And the COAS is saying, do not show our equipment? How were we to know the recent upgrades in the Army’s Arsenal? The Bigfoot, the Spartan MK3, and just yesterday, the MGLs for Army SFs? What P.R does is that it gives HOPE..why do we believe that the U.S is not to be messed with? We grew up watching military documentaries on NATGEO and DiscWorld! That how! We are fighting a war and not a single official comprehensive 1hr documentary has been released on the Army’s campaign in the N.E? A documentary with combat footage, troops interviews, intervews with local residents and so on!! That is PR! Boko can make videos poking fun at us, and we can’t do the same? These Generals live in 1921.

    • ozed says:

      Same out modded, fixed-in-our-ways type attitudes that have left the armed forces marginally more modern than those that prosecuted the civil war. E.g. As at the time of the Liberian campaign, body Armour was unknown in the Nigerian army, whereas some small West African armies already had them. Also in that war, we sorely missed the ability of multi rocket launchers and on many occasions had to borrow from the Guineans who were always ‘doing shakara’ for us. Today, we still don’t see it as an important arm of the artillery.

      God only knows when we will have truly reform minded chiefs of the armed forces.

      • rka says:

        This is exacly why our Armed Forces have been left way behind in terms of state of the art equipment, upgrades etc because the powers that be don’t live in the modern world.

        You can imagine how the rot would have continued unabated had we not had this current insurgency.

        They would have continued in denial and saying our equipment is modern blah, blah, blah.

        This is why the official web pages are littered with officers at functions rather than displaying the holdings of the various services and supplying Nigerians with up to date information.

        If you are building your own hi-tech equipment you want to remain secret, fine, otherwise get with the programme.

    • igbi says:

      I think your comment is outrageous, disrespectful is is certainly an encouragement to mutiny. I think you should stop thinking you are better qualified than these generals. Not only you are second guessing them but you are also challenging their authority. Who the hell are you ? You think it is with these kinds of attitudes that we will get anywhere ? I agree with some of your comments but the way you put it is outrageous. people when will you learn how to communicate ? And for your info we are winning this war.

      • kenee2k says:

        Years of engagement , participation and delivery in management ,military and otherwise has proven to me to without a shadow of doubt. The attributes of leadership experiential competence, strategic vision, knowledge and capacity to deliver are not synonymous with status, position and or office.

        I have met in the UK leaders in business, the military and in public service who are simply incompetent idiots.

        This observation I am ashamed to say is even more pronounced in Nigeria where mediocrity is enthroned and ethnic origin has more credence than merit and as such you will be promoted by longevity even if that longevity is one of continuous incompetence. The adage ‘not what you know, but who you know’ is very much alive in Nigeria I would modify it to add and say, How big Is your GODFATHER ?


  6. Are James says:

    Meanwhile, BH has upped ante in Cameroon.

  7. ugobassey says:

    Ok first of all is GEJ really the C-in-C? Then all he needs to do is issue an executive order to DHQ to tow a new line on public relations. For a president that uses Facebook and Twitter a lot I would think him of all people would understand the need for good PR.

    • igbi says:

      I don’t think you understand very well what the COAS is saying. he is not saying “there shall be no PR for the operations in the north-east”. he is calling on soldiers to stop giving info when not authorized to do so. And I think, that is a very wise order.

  8. igbi says:

    People, the COAS has his plans. Our role is not to think very much of ourselves and second guess the plans of the COAS. I believe the COAS knows better than all of us here. SO everybody get off your high horses, be humble for once and stop the disrespectful display.

    • rugged7 says:

      ” …I believe the COAS knows better than all of us here”..
      With all due respect Igbi, this is the kind of talk that has kept the Nigeria Armed Forces from modernizing in a timely fashion.
      This sort of thought process has ABSOLUTELY NO PLACE in modern military establishments, thinking and ORBAT.
      The Nigeria Army has not handled the P.R aspect of this war very well.General Olukolade is no Gobbels and clearly needs to up his game.
      Most people on this blog and nairaland want the best for the Nigerian military. Muzzling them is a weak show of hand.
      The Nigeria Armed Forces MUST EVOLVE or DIE.
      The COAS is not more patriotic than i am.

      • igbi says:

        First of all, unless you have one day stood between enemy rifle and your country then the COAS is more patriotic than you. Let us bring out our CVs and compare them to that of the COAS and then we can see who is more qualified. But I guaranty you none of us gets even near the level of the COAS. A little bit of humility is something which is often lacking among us, we believe we are too big. We are losing disciplin because we are all megalomaniacs, so I think we need to show respect and give discipline a chance. Ofcourse nobody is perfect so we can and should make suggestions, but let us quit behaving like if we should be in charge.

      • igbi says:

        The IDF issued the same kind of order to its men a few years ago.

  9. jimmy says:

    The COAS acknowledged the use of social media, he knows it is here to stay forever, This is my take on it.”The Army personnel in Nigeria have been advised to stop using the social media platform wrongly.”

    The Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Kenneth Minimah cautioned those using the new technology to spread falsehood about the service, particularly the prosecution of the ongoing war against insurgents in parts of the country. He equally warned those exposing the strength and weaknesses of the service to desist from such act.”
    Based on the first paragraph he was cautioning against using the SOCIAL MEDIA wrongly and falsely recently we had a link going all the way back to sahara reporters this to me is what can be considered using social media wrongly.
    As far as exposing the strengths and weaknesses no one on this blog or sirus black has done that rather the bloggers have stressed the need for more to be given to the army , this is the part that can be misconstrued is the chief saying we should not clamour for better weapons i.e mordern battle tanks, modern apcs modern up to date nvgs, I honestly deep down do not think he wants to return back to the dark days of LIBERIA WHERE HE LOST COMRADES due to lack of equipment or timely medical evacuation , One of the interpretations of his comments comes towards the end showing the depth of the lengths they are going to by flying seriously wounded servicemen to India and Germany.
    Personally he knows Social Media is here to stay ,he is married with children who probably know more about the role of social media than he does and it’s effect on society and part of it is probably his frustration about growing up as a junior officer participating in two wars ( Liberia and Sierra Leone) and not a peep really been said until weeks or even months afterwards. This is the dilemma this generation of very senior Army Generals face,already we for example are hearing news filtering in about Kano……. stop Cameroon…… stop sometimes it can be relentless meanwhile Chibok and Damboa loom on the horizon

  10. Tobey says:

    You are wrong…PR is more than press conferences…its Nigerians getting killed here and you think we should not have a say in issues? If the top brass is doing it wrong, we can all tell them anything? Boko haram has used the media well…why can’t we do the same? The army releases no photos..we have to depend on guys like Black, Beegs and Henry..civilians?! Right now, we harldy have any photos of the Nigerian Civil War from the perspective of the Nigerian Army..information is a powerful tool in any warfare! We have to keep bombarding News Stations, Newspaper houses, blogs and so on with photos of successes at the front…that’s how P.R is done..Just because you cannot see things from other people’s perspective does not mean that you are right..why can’t we give BH a media blackout and give punishment to media houses that show them…saharawhatever and so on..and then go on a PR offensive…get war correspondents to be based on the frontlines…bombard the internet with documentary series of frontline engagements and so on..that is P.R..Goebbels style! Right now, very little video coverage exists of the Nigerian Civil War…Is that not a shame??
    Mr is you who should get off your high horse..stop being an ignoramus.

    • AreJames says:

      Expect a ratchetting up of speculative news reporting and rumours from now on as mischievous people move to fill the void in the information arena. How to fight a modern war in the information age and inform this highly visual generation (facebook and histogram generation) in a way that secures their buy-in and support is what the COAS has obviously not thought of in any serious way. There is now the danger of everything going underground and even more sensitive stuff ; pictures, videos et.c going straight to the less restrained sections of the media – SRs of the world.

    • igbi says:

      I never said PR was not a useful thing in modern warfare. What I said is that the way you expressed yourself was outrageous. You have to learn what we call diplomacy. You honestly believe that we should have better PR, so do I. But you shouldn’t call for that by calling the generals names and challenging their authority. I think we have had enough mutiny for this century ! Let us make constructive remarks and not drift away from the lines of respect to our elders. (in this case military elders).

  11. Tobey says:

    Some sad news…sirius just said he has quit.
    He pasted a link of the COAS’s comments..He said goodbye and said he was in tears over the COAS’s comments..Naija we hail thee! We just silenced the thread offering hope that the war on terror would soon be over..Sirius has quit.

    • igbi says:

      I can not pretend to know the plans of the COAS. But I seriously hope he gets in contact with Sirious Black and allows him to continue his confidence building. Please Great general, the masses are being fed with depressing fake news by international medias, we need confidence builders like seriousblack. But I trust you have a plan and you are applying it. i know the value of military secrecy, but please do whatever is possible for a confidence builder to emerge. God bless the COAS and God bless Seriousblack and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

  12. Henry says:

    This is bad bad news.

  13. Tobey says: sad..the guy really tried..very educated officer..probably evem Sandhurst-trained, judging by his literal our soldiers have lost a voice..sometimes I just feel sad for this country..

  14. Deway says:

    I understand Gen. Minima, however he should be careful not to take us back to the era when alpha jets where a top military secret for the Nigerian armed forces. He should also recall that the military was quite open with procurement and displays in the good era of the 70s and 80s.

  15. Tobey says:

    @igbi…I know but..I just got carried away…I’m really so angry right now!…these Generals know nothing…even General Dempsey used to hold Facebook Hall sessions where he answered questions from college kids about Army operations…All ours do here is suffocate the few smart officers they have while growing pot bellies.

    • igbi says:

      The fattest general I have ever seen is the US chief of defence staff, he goas by another title which I can’t remember.
      I believe the generals have their own methods, let us plea with them for a better P.R to counter international media attempt at destroying moral among Nigerians. But in all I have confidence in our generals, they are very competent.

  16. Tobey says:

    It doesn’t matter how competent they are…it doesn’t matter who is winning,,,The U.S won the military campaign in Vietnam but lost the political war..why? Because of mismanged led to protests at home as Americans refused to believe that the War was almost won..war reporters filled the news with videos of dead american G.Is and the backlash was severe…now that Sirus has hung his boots, we are back in the arms of SaharaReporters…when they were spreading gloom, sirius kept posting photos of troops, captured Boko camps, captured insurgents, and troops in places we did not even know they had gotten to…That was P.R…many people on that thread felt our 1921 Generals have scared him off….if I were him, I would call their bluff and keep posting.

    • igbi says:

      I don’t think lack of discipline is a virtue in any army in this world. Siriusblack follows orders and we should all praise him for that rather than encourage him to disobey.
      What I am trying to tell you is that our generals know about the vietnam war and have studdied it along with many other wars. They know what they are doing. But as a Nigerian who could use some confidence building and who believes in good PR, I would like to plea with the COAS for a much better PR than what we are getting right now.

  17. Eugene4eveR says:

    A tell of two cities abi na armies. While the IDF is carrying out a massive PR campaign on Facebook showing Hamas for the rocket armed baby killing scum they are, OUR glorious COAS orders a media blackout so that the Nigerian Army will now be called the muskets baby killing scums.SMH

  18. Tobey says:

    Anyway,,I hope that Sirius guy does not die in this war…that’s my only concern…the Army still needs bright minds…anyway, kudos to him for obeying his boss.

  19. ozed says:

    Real Sad. Real Real sad!!!!

  20. ugobassey says:

    Ogas did I hear some noise like a chatter in the background? I could have sworn someone was TRYING to say something……hmmm

  21. Augustine says:

    Big Oga Jimmy, how does this affect our Beegeagle Blog here? I don’t want to ask Oga Beegeagle himself, not sure if he should maintain a ‘No comment’ stance. What do you think? Should we also stay off talking about Nigerian army in north east? Have we stepped on toes? Do they feel we spoke too much truth? Are they uncomfortable with our bloggers’ military savvy? Should we moderate our speech here?

    BTWN…Boko knows more about the Nigerian army daily operations than we do on this blog, Boko has spies on ground, fifth column in our bases, and sympathizers within the Nigerian army and state/federal government political hierarchy, and there is no secret weapon in war once you use a weapon the first time, the enemy knows you have acquired it even if you manufactured it locally and secretly at home, talk less of the weapons you import that foreigners know full details.

    Oga jimmy, please look at this matter in depth and with a neutral stance concerning this our blog.

    • igbi says:

      “Boko has spies on ground, fifth column in our bases, and sympathizers within the Nigerian army” I am not fund of talking to you but, you should know how to control your speech, if those filthy elements are among our ranks, don’t you think the armed forces are doing everything possible to get them ? Or should we just say : “since they probably exist, let us do away with secrecy and let us put all our deployment plans on the internet for everyone to see.” As I said we are not in the business of second guessing the COAS’s orders. But I don’t think what Beegeagle is doing falls under the COAS’s statement. I think Beegeagle can enlighten us about this.
      Do you think it builds confidence in the armed forces to keep claiming about the 5th columnists ? Or is it a new claim each time you make it ?

  22. Russellinfinity says:

    This is rather unfortunate. While I understand the need for discipline in the army and leaving military PR to authorized channels, I strongly believe that if the army had done its home work properly their would be no need for Sirius Black to embark on his PR campaign.

    I have also seen that there is still little understanding (or none at all) in the Nigerian military of the power of information and perception. Calling routine press briefs characterized by monotonous and scant details all the time is not how to go about it. Maintaining websites filled with pictures of officers on social functions and not regular updates on new acquisitions or even pictures of gallant troops in action gives room for speculation and rumours.

    The irony of the whole situation is that the western world that most Nigerians and even the military use as a benchmark has been able to tame and use propaganda to a lethal effect. Why the army can’t emulate this simple tactic is beyond me.

    During the early days of the Iraq invasion my convoy enroute to Baghdad had BBC and CNN correspondents tweeting live updates about our advance. Aircraft carriers and guided missile destroyers had journalists on board. Did this jeopardize the invasion by giving Intel to Sadam and his commanders? NO.
    Even the KDF in its recent campaign in Somalia effectively disseminated information; I mean troops, weapons and live and constant updates to its benefit.

    If the COAS is serious about his statement or improving the perception of the army in this war, let him, the SSS, DMI and NIA go after Sahara reporters, BBC and Aljazeera. They are the ones spewing out garbage on a daily basis, spreading negative propaganda and sometimes lies thereby undermining the war effort. Infact by their actions they are enemies of the Nigerian state.
    Let the army invite correspondents from NTA, Channels tv and other credible to report from the front lines on a regular basis.
    The Nigerian press also share a large portion of the blame and responsibility. They have chosen to go after celebrities and politicians with the aim of selling volumes instead of advancing National interests by positively portraying the war effort.
    If you choose not to tell your story others will tell it for you. The COAS should also understand that when a lie has been told or heard constantly then it becomes truth.

  23. Tobey says:

    The COAS’s comment was clearly aimed at Black….I’m sure of it…it was better for him to pull out than to risk being tracked down and court-martialled…This is Nigeria…SiriusBlack even promised to post photos from what he called a “Final Battle For Damboa”…Now is that not P.R? I just hope they won’t come after Beegs next…Yeye Generals..

    • beegeagle says:

      Sirius Black has provided the world with the most audacious and descriptive pictorial rendition of the Nigerian military in combat. Not even a command performance would come close to that.

      Beginning from the Nigerian Civil War through to the Somali, Liberian and Sierra Leonean Civil Wars and on to the Bakassi Conflict and the Niger Delta Insurgency, NOBODY anywhere on earth has amassed such a descriptive stash of battlefield imagery on the Nigerian Armed Forces.

      At a time when international media morons continue to churn out disparaging narratives, the pictorial rendition did a monumental measure of good for the citizens’ perception of the much-maligned Nigerian Army and Air Force. It laundered their image and rolled by ignorance. It shed the bright light on the FG’s efforts at repositioning the military for enhanced performance.

      What else is there to be said for new acquisitions such as BigFoot MRAPs, Streit Spartan wheeled APCs, 75mm RCLs, Dragunov sniper rifles and MGLs etc. This at a time when military PR have largely failed to sell the story to any marked degree of conviction.

      Sirius Black tried and succeeded in galvanising objective Nigerians to stand behind their government and its forces at a time of war. The authenticity of his photos were never in doubt. Against the grain of global perceptions of a dispirited military, he proved that morale was high at the frontlines and that the boys were relishing the chance to become battle-savvy, even at great cost to life and limb.

      At a time when aspersions have been liberally cast on the leadership qualities of our high command, Sirius Black edified his commanders and sold the idea of their possibly overlooked capacity for resourcefulness. We saw ageing but operable and effective systems such as Panhard AML 60s and T55 tanks deployed for combat. Only yesterday, we saw an unlikely tracked Alvis Spartan APC at the front. It proved that the NA is not a deathbed for hardware acquired at great cost to the nation. Need I go on?

      The problem with Nigeria is that all too often, we throw away the baby with the bath water.

      When I set up this platform in March 2010, it was with the conviction that we had a badly misrepresented military and with the trove of relevant knowledge and understanding at one’s disposal, I was sure that we could grab the attention of stakeholders and interested parties, GLOBALLY. I was not hoping to elicit comments from anyone. Rather, I came to tell a Nigerian story with panache and gusto. By God’s Grace, we broke through every barrier at home and abroad.

      Before setting out on this potentially perilous and self-assigned mission, we had contacted the DDI who was at the helm in 2009, asking to be given support to do what we do here. That would not have exceeded guided tours, invitations to field exercises and communiques. I reminded the Colonel at the helm at that time, that during the NCW, Mark Press handled the propaganda and serious communication for the secessionist side and that they outwitted the federalists’ military PR. I did not so much as get a reply and did not know what to think. Till date, only the NN have helped in any way to make this worthwhile when they allowed me in to see the SBS commandos. We soldiered on regardless.

      All else that I have got is faceless people running rings around me and expecting so much yet remaining unwavering in doing absolutely NOTHING to make our efforts come out better. That cannot now continue beyond this point.

      Sirius Black, you are a man of courage and great conviction…a doer and not a mere talker. Post a usable email address on your page since I look forward to someone giving you precise guidance on what is permissible and that which is untenable. We expect that this is the dignified middle ground which your Ogas need to consider BECAUSE, on the balance, the world of good which you have done to the Nigerian Armed Forces far outweighs ANY security risks entailed in your work.

      The real vermin are those of your comrades-at-arms who send evil communication to scandal sheets such as SR, PT and AJ. They belong to the legion of the damned whereas you a force for good and a child of the Light.

      If you feel the need to sound out my opinion on where I think you should be more circumspect, reach me at

      IF your offering, even as a military man leaves a sour taste in the mouth for all its positive worth, I guess that I, being a civilian, am also a real or potential offender. Presumably, Beegeagle’s Bloggers know what I mean by that. Not my will but theirs. Men, sometimes, are the architects of their own fate. Let’s enjoy the fun while it lasts.

      Give thanks, Sirius Black, for you have done your duty to God and country with heart and might.

      • Henry says:

        Beautiful piece oga beeg.

      • jimmy says:

        oga BEEGS I had posted an extensive piece on this article . i mean it took me 2 hours to write and it disappeared . Please can you help?

      • Deway says:

        Masterpiece, well written. Oga Beeg, when you retire, abeg you need to set up a school of English language. When I read comments on Punch and Vanguard, I get very scared seeing the poor quality of English being churned out by Nigerian youths.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Beegeagle, you said it right..said it all.

  24. Tobey says:

    Nice work sir beegs…do you think that Sirius night just have misinterpreted the COAS’s speech…Just saying…..
    The dude just ran off.

    • rka says:

      He was spooked big time.

      I am very uneasy with the way things are turning out. Oga Beeg has the right balance with information made available on this blog and Sirius can definitely do the same with the right guidance.

      • beegeagle says:

        I am a stickler for discipline and compliance. It is therefore not surprising that nowhere did I suggest that he falls out of line with the COAS’s orders. But Nigerians, top to bottom, need to recognise that his work did our country’s image and solidarity a whole lot of good. He should be given proper guidance instead of getting shut out entirely. Unfortunately, those who should offer guidance would probably prefer to hug the shadows as a matter of habit. NOBODY ever seems to understand or realise when our national interest REALLY stands to be jeopardised. So the gains always get lost on the altar of a few ephemeral drawbacks. Paranoia rules.

        Sirius Black put the best foot of the NA forward and that is the heart of the matter.

        @Egbon Jimmy. I have not seen anything to that effect here. Please try again.

    • Are James says:

      Lets not even go here. Orders are orders. The COAS’s instructions will be obeyed to the last letter. We dont like it but the military is the military. We must be careful not to water down the core fabric of our military culture by adding any kind of ambiguity to what the COAS wants. Orders are orders and they will be obeyed.

    • beegeagle says:

      He is a good soldier who complies with orders. That is a plus on his part.

      I am hoping that someone who has 360-degree vision and sees the overwhelming positives entailed in his niche work, will offer proper guidance, revert to the COAS and let the chap get on with it. I suggest that it be left to the purview of DMI and the Chieftaincy of Civil-Military Affairs. Sirius Black is the best opinion shaper in Nigerian uniform at this time. It takes a crisis to know a gifted crisis manager. The boy has the head and the heart for this mission. That is my candid opinion.

      The COAS probably acted in our best security interest but in his orders, there exists a lacuna to the extent that among the ranks of service personnel active on social media, some are using photos accessed through their vantage position to injurious effect while Sirius Black is enhancing national solidarity at a time of war and buffing the image of the military, using his astonishing stash of photos. It even sells more because it is unofficial and cannot be mistaken for mere war propaganda.

      Sirius Black needs to be encouraged and possibly, moved to the Corps of Military Intelligence and seconded to either the Office of the National Security Adviser, the Office of the COAS or the Office of the CTOP-DHQ to handle the business for our military from any one of those lofty heights. He remains a national asset who would do well in Psy Ops anyday.

  25. Tobey says:

    I agree with Are James…the fact that he stopped his work the same day he got the COAS’s speech just shows how professional he is…Orders are Orders…only military men would have done what he did…just logging off immediately…orders are orders.

  26. beegeagle says:

    Before the curtains fall, let us do what we have to do…

  27. Henry says:

    I agree with the assertions of @Tobey and @Arejames, I don’t think he got spooked. He respected the orders relayed as a disciplined soldier should do.

    It is left for the army to fix up their image or sit down on the side and allow the the media in the west continue to whitewash them.

    Oga’s, it is very unfortunate and downright sad, that the presidency and military depend on this blog for photos of their own military equipment.

    I can assure you that the army have been fielding the Streit MK3 for months, yet both the presidency and the military had to pick photos of their own equipment from this blog, and captioned it “#GEJ equipping the military”. Their own equipment, shameful!.

    The truth is, the COAS comment on this matter was explicit and crystal.

  28. rka says:

    And in the end it is one step forward and two steps backwards.

  29. jimmy says:

    Good evening Gentlemen I had written a personal letter to the COAS yesterday JULY 27TH 2014 it took the better part of two hours and it was the longest blog and most time consuming I have ever written, somehow it got lost and I did not save it. I have rewritten it again. Because I most respectfully addressed it to the Chief of Army Staff it was formal , respectful and mindful of the prestigious office that he holds. Incidentally yesterday was his birthday July 27th

    To the Chief of Army Staff,
    Nigerian Army
    July 28th, 2014
    “The Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Kenneth Minimah cautioned those using the new technology to spread falsehood about the service, particularly the prosecution of the ongoing war against insurgents in parts of the country. He equally warned those exposing the strength and weaknesses of the service to desist from such act”.

    General Minimah gave the advice while addressing soldiers of the 149 Battalion, Ojo Cantonment, Lagos State, in continuation of his familiarization tour of Army formations in the 81 st Division Area.
    Dear LT.GENERAL.
    I read the above comments dated July 25th 2014 given in a speech @ the 149th battalion of the 81st division a place near and dear to your heart since this was where you were once their commander . This is concerning the on going crises in the North Eastern part of Nigeria and I was dismayed ( Moment of disclosure I am not a Soldier) by some of its contents.
    On January 16th 2014 you were appointed the 19th C.O.A.S of the Nigerian Army to those of us ( on this blog who have followed your Thirty – three year military career we were not surprised as early as 2011/2012 it was being predicted that the 25th Regular course of the Nigerian Defence Academy graduates are considered to be one of the most outstanding of this era in the Nigerian Military it also is no surprise that one of your contemporaries Air Marshal Adesola Nunayon Amosu is now the C.A.S.
    What followed next on social media was a surprise :
    The Christian Science Monitor is a very influential conservative Magazine in America wrote an article on you basing their thesis that the only reason for your promotion was because you were from the same state as the President . There were at least six people from this blog who repudiated them and wrote on social media detailing that you were from ( RIVER) State while the President is from ( Bayelsea) and more importantly @ the time of your appointment you were one of the most senior and one of the most senior and qualified officers in the entire army.This is the role of SOCIAL MEDIA.
    Your comments though well meaning can become misconstrued unbeknown to you the very day you had what was considered a very frank and courageous talk about the desertion issue a lot people were commending you and it put a very good spotlight on how to handle a a very uncomfortable situation, Also unbeknownst to you There are a lot of pictures on social media that are inspirational and show the high morale of the troops and are influencing the minds of the very type of Nigerians whom you want to JOIN the NIGERIAN ARMY not for employment but because they believe they OWE Nigeria a debt. To these troops on social media the majority of Nigerian continue thank for allowing us to sleep in our Beds at Night.
    If all the Social media bloggers who comment on the positives of the Nigerian Army are shut out a vacuum will be created which will be filled by the same social media who do not see anything good about the Nigerian Army and rejoice at every setback.
    Recently you promoted 290+ soldiers for exceptional gallantry and bravery their story is yet to be told outside the ceremony. The story of MAJOR “F” whom you know who volunteered for SF and was KIA is inspiring people to join the Nigerian Army.
    Please reconsider some of the parameters of your decision the parameters that do not compromise military intelligence and operations should be allowed to portrayed. As it has been demonstrated to put a positive image on the Nigerian army by boosting morale this is the- honest -to goodness- truth.
    The honesty you displayed over the desertion issue is the same honesty I am displaying now. The battle of GETTYSBURG a defining moment in the American Civil rightly or wrongly was alleged to started over the procurement of shoes.I plead honorably that the men of the Special forces be given Night vision goggles (N.V.G.). I also plead that you embed Nigerian Journalists who will tell our story honestly and objectively.
    Yours Sincerely
    P.S. Prior to your appointment in Social media circles it was alleged that your predecessor LT GEN. IHEJIRIKA (RTD) did not get along with the now current CDS Air Marshall Alex Badeh. There is a current picture of you and your current contemporary in the airforce in an aircraft poring over a map . They say a picture is worth a thousand words:This picture was a morale boost to all of us Nigerians . This is the positive role of SOCIAL MEDIA .

    • AreJames says:

      Thank you for the effort and the courage.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Jimmy, you have said very well…in national interest. I pray General Minimah reads it or someone with his contact sends it to him.

      • jimmy says:

        Thank you I spoke from the heart and mind T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

    • rugged7 says:

      Oga Reuben Abati,

      I know u are reading this blog…

      Kindly forward the above letter to COAS.

      God Bless Nigeria…
      May she reach for the skies, and in the process touch the stars.

    • asorockweb says:

      Well done.

      The NA has to realize that no amount of “magic words” from the director of defence information will carry the same positive punch as daily pictures of soldiers taken by fellow soldiers.

      I understand that the generals are afraid of uncontrolled news streams from the battle zone, but they have to weigh the pros versus the cons.

      The NA has the Soja magazine, which I used to read. Unfortunately it slowly became a magazine about wives, ceremonies and golf tournaments.

      NA, you have a couple of options:
      Put your PR resources into good use (your website is a disgrace)
      Allow people that have exhibited their love and honour to help you

      This is a battle about Nigeria and not about just the NA, there is too much at stake.

  30. igbi says:

    Very good letter, i hope the COAS sees it.

  31. freeegulf says:

    oga jimmy, your action is highly commendable, spoken from the heart, and truly sincere. devoid of any typical naija bigmanism praise, and no bashing either. simply straight from the heart and universally true. i like your relevant argument wrt truths, half truths, and clearing the air about typical rubbish by the media and those who will now be dependent on the likes of SR, PT, BBC Hausa, AJN, and other maligning media outlet. even worse, are those that will swallow the faux news hook, line, sinker. well done oga jimmy. your letter is laudable. hope the army don’t behave like typical bureaucracy; sip morning tea, and continue business as usual.

    if our generals want to continue this 80s (late 80s) and 90s era of secrecy, they should be prepare to suffer the effects of these typical archaic actions. i saw most of the pics that the gallant SiriusBlack posted on NL, nothing compromising about any of the photos. if the army wants to continue this untidy mentality, then i guess they are asking to gift their detractors virtual victory that might morph into real victory (God forbid) in this war on terror.


    • jimmy says:

      I am thankful to all the loyal Nigerians however the thanks should go to all the sirus blacks who are serving gallantly.This is a real war that they put their lives on the line everyday. I am inspired by these guys to be courageous, to be sincere and to honestly ask for the things they cannot ask for themselves. All of us on this blog must always ask ourselves everyday how much is Nigeria worth?and this must propel us to do our very best for her. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  32. mcshegz says:

    ma people, how una dey…???
    first post, respect to all

  33. beegeagle says:


    • Obix says:

      Oga beag, this came as a result of embarrassments the government has been facing due to the fact that some soldiers posted materials proving Russia’s military involvement in Ukraine. One soldier even posted videos showing Russian Grad systems firing at Ukrainian positions across the border……

      • beegeagle says:

        General Obix on the Urals and Caucasus :-). That is why you are there for us, my friend. Keep an eye on procurement for us o.

      • Are James says:

        Na dem go tire. Soldiers in their twenties and thirties will tweet, instagram, facebook and everything else. If they are restrained by all the world’s armies then psychological problems may manifest and wars get more brutal. It is a generational thing whoever wants to stand in the way of the tide can try. All terrorists in Syria and Iraq use social media.

    • igbi says:

      I guess some will soon start to understand how wise the COAS’s orders are.

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