Men of the Police Mobile Force(MOPOL) on counterterrorism operations in Kano

Battle-weary men of the Police Mobile Force(MOPOL) on counterterrorism operations in Kano await the arrival of Mr President following a 3-day crunch period 20-22 January 2012 during which Boko Haram mounted their biggest-ever urban attack that claimed 185 lives and left hundreds more wounded in large-scale gun, IED and suicide attacks

July 27, 2014
Kano (Nigeria) (AFP)

At least five people were killed and eight were injured Sunday in a bomb attack on a Catholic church in a mainly Christian area of Kano, the largest city in Nigeria’s north, police said. The attack came shortly after the end of mass at the Saint Charles Catholic Church, police spokesman Frank Mba told AFP.

“We suspect an IED (improvised explosive device) that was thrown from across the road” at the church in Kano’s Sabon Gari district, which has suffered previous attacks by the Islamist group Boko Haram, he added.

Also in Kano on Sunday, a woman suicide bomber blew herself up outside a university after police prevented her from carrying out an attack, injuring five officers, Mba said.”A female suicide bomber was isolated as she was walking towards the gate of the university,” Mba said, adding that she had hidden the bomb under her “long black hijab”.

“Police on duty isolated her” because she was behaving strangely, Mba said. They were about to ask a female colleague to frisk the woman when she detonated the bomb, killing herself and injuring the five police officers, he said.

Police also said they had made safe a remote-controlled car bomb near a mosque and the home of a prominent Kano sheikh on Saturday. “The police were alerted by some vigilant residents last night,” said Kano police spokesman Musa Magaji Majia. “Our bomb disposal personnel succeeded in defusing the IED.”

While Boko Haram, which is seeking to install an extremist Islamic state in Nigeria, has killed dozens during a recent spate of strikes in the far northeast, Kano has also seen two attacks in recent months.

On June 23, a bomb blast at a public health college in the city killed at least eight, while on May 19, a suicide car bomb attack in Sabon Gari killed at least four people, including a young girl.

At least four strong explosions rocked the same area on July 29 last year, killing 12. Blame has been attributed to the Islamist militants, whose violent insurgency began in the mainly Muslim north in 2009.


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  1. ugobassey says:

    My Ogas I for one thing our policemen have been given the credit and honor due. Long before the military got involved in BH, the Nigerian police had already lost a lot of brave men in this war. Given how vulnerable police stations have become money needs to be spent in:
    Ammor vests
    1 APC per station
    Communication gears
    More patrol cars
    Training on intranet city warfare
    More police Helos
    Reinforced Stations

    • Are James says:

      The NPF is the first line of defence in internal security. These dull drab,.dumb looking people at checkpoints and sidewalks knew everything – the formation of BH, the movements of the prominent leaders throughout northern Nigeria, the ways by which BH is sustained within civil society etc I have already said on this blog in previous posts that the solution to the NPF capability problem is an immediate policy making OND the minimum academic qualification. When this is done, standards processes, technology and armament become easier to implement. Almost just plug and play.

  2. ugobassey says:

    My appologise I meant to say “have not been given credit and honor due”

    • igbi says:

      Those law makers should lose their jobs and be investigated for treason :
      1) they go on holidays in the middle of a war !?
      2) they go abroad with their families in the middle of a war
      3) they go abroad on “holidays” at the same moment the president submits a querry which is very important for national security, and they take and they go away with their entire families.
      It seems they are not concerned about what is happening in Nigeria.
      The worse is that “anonymous” apc member, if he really exists then it is clear he is a boko haram sympathizer and probably financier.

  3. COLONEL NGR says:

    Kano and Kaduna are beginning to lose the peace regained during the days of Maj Gens T.C Ude and I.I Abbah Iliyasu in Kaduna and Kano respectively. The present officers should do all they can even if it means seeking advice from the previous occupants of the seats they occupy. Those two cities must remain peaceful or else they will be a sort of distraction to the ongoing war in the NE.

  4. jimmy says:
    Another FEMALE attack the second attack on Kano in two days.

  5. drag_on says:

    Cameroon has deployed huge numbers of its military to the northern part of the country following attacks by the Nigerian Islamist sect Boko Haram, who have taken several high profile hostages in the country.
    Boko Haram militants have attacked Cameroon three times since Thursday. Eyewitnesses say that they ransacked and looted houses before seizing the traditional ruler, Muslim spiritual leader and mayor of Kolofata, Seini Boukar Lamine. The wife of Cameroon’s deputy prime minister, Ahmadou Ali, was also abducted in an attack this Sunday…..
    …..The spokesperson for Cameroon’s military, Colonel Didier Badjeck, said they are deploying additional troops following intelligence reports that Boko Haram wants to seize and occupy Cameroonian territory. He added that the recent attacks have involved extremely violent fighting. “We had the most violent attack this time around with so many heavily armed Boko Haram assailants who infiltrated through Lake Chad,” he said…..
    …..”Kidnappings are regular despite our soldiers’ presence, this means that Boko Haram strategies are more than our soldiers can handle, so please come and rescue our soldiers,” she told DW……

  6. asorockweb says:

    Large ransoms usually means more dead Nigerians.

    How many Nigerian lives are you comfortable exchanging for the release of the Cameroonians? 100? 200?

    A million dollar ransom may cost 1000 Nigerian lives.

    The idea that BH funds itself from the economic activities of the North-east is curious – which economic activity? There’s fuel smuggling, yes. But that’s it.

    Multi-million dollar ransoms gives BH a huge boost.

  7. asorockweb says:

    New converts are the most zealous; I guess that has always been true.

    Children that grow up in a society that have long practiced a religion, are taught by their parents and relatives what it means to be an adherent of the faith.

    A new convert is taught by the preacher or teacher what is means to be an adherent

  8. xnur44 says:

    Supervisors of public places should do daily/periodic security sweeps out to 100 meters from their domain if they cannot afford installation of CCTV.

    • AreJames says:

      Look out for heavily dressed young men or women. Off fashion heavy and long clothes. Small cars that look heavily laden, look for how low on the tires the vehicle trunk or passenger compartment sits. Generally avoid public places if you can. Slow moving vehicles suddenly picking up speed are an immediate threat.

  9. Startrek says:

    xnur44 respect….
    not bad are james

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