The patrol boats, NIMASA Amaseikumor, NIMASA Oglakirigha and NIMASA Oweikenigban were inducted in October 2013 and are deployed for action by the Maritime Guard Command.

Commanded by a Captain of the Nigerian Navy, NIMASA’s Maritime Guard Command is a quasi-Coast Guard which is jointly staffed by personnel on secondment from the Nigerian Navy and by NIMASA officers.

24 July, 2014

The Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) has assured that with the launching of its Satellite Surveillance Centre, it is now able to respond to any distress call on Nigerian waters and beyond.

The agency has however lamented that presently it does not have enough security officers assigned to its Maritime Guard Command to be able to efficiently complement the findings of the surveillance system. Director General of NIMASA, Mr Patrick Akpobolokemi stated this in Lagos yesterday at a press conference organised by the agency.

Akpobolokemi, who was represented by the agency’s Executive Director of Maritime Safety and Shipping Development, Capt Ezekiel Bala Agaba, said that the new 24 hours satellite surveillance equipment has the capability to detect boats, ships and objects of predefined cross-section floating on water.

According to Akpobolokemi, the centre which was launched in June 2014 was instrumental to the rescue of a Ghanaian-flagged vessel that was hijacked by pirates off the coast of Ghana.

Also speaking at the press conference, NIMASA’s Director of Shipping Development, Capt. Waredi Eniosuoh said that about six vessels have also been arrested for operating illegally on Nigerian waters through the use of the surveillance system.Waredi added that the satellite surveillance is capable of detecting vessels that entered Nigerian waters even with falsified IMO number, and other ships of interest.

He however lamented that presently, NIMASA has run out of security personnel in its Maritime Guard Command to follow up on the day-to- day implementation of the printout of the new system.

“I can tell you that as we speak, the satellite prints out on a daily basis for us,every vessel that does not meet the requirement. I don’t want to name the vessels that are out there now that have been arrested, but I can tell you we have five and another one has just joined the list”, he disclosed.

Raising an alarm about the shortage, he said: “I am so scared now with the result,the reason I am scared with the result is because we have a limited amount of military personnel with us and the rate we are going since this satellite system started, very soon we will run out of the number of military personnel assigned to us, we are about to apply for more”.

The agency has also said that the upgrading of its Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS) in Lagos, Bonny and Oron and the radar installation in Escravos, Bonny and Takwa Bay in Lagos will complement the satellite facility and further boost our domain awareness response capability when fully operational.

The facility can equally be used to see beyond the territorial waters of Nigeria, identify ship positions in real time which can greatly enhance search and rescue, plot search and rescue patterns, detect vessels that switch off their automatic identification system (AIS) as well as interrogate the satellite image for information.

“We have successfully reversed the trend as we now have complete control of our maritime domain with considerable capability to respond to marine emergencies within a reasonable timeframe”, he added.

In addition to this, NIMASA says it has embarked on another Verification Inspection Exercise (VIE) of port facilities to enforce compliance with the International Ships and Ports Facility (ISPS) Code. According to the agency, 22 port facilities in Nigeria are now compliant with the ISPS Code as confirmed by the US Coast Guard.

The agency however expressed hope that this figure will rise when the report of the ISPS Code Compliance team which visited the country last April is released.


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  1. Triggah says:

    This is a welcome developement. Our Govt is puting all effort to curb illegal maritime activities and they are doing it at a fast pace. I don’t know the systems involved but now I think they are finally utilizing our moribund space satellites. Kudos

  2. G8T Nigeria says:

    this is a good one.

  3. Solorex says:

    Great, this is probably based on commercial satellite tracking company’s platform. Basically, they will be receiving analyzed dedicated feeds of real time aerial photographs from commercial sats. It can provide a feed for the Navy also to complement its coastal radars.

    In the past seven years MOD/Navy has (or should have received) received 10 Israeli made coastal radar stations from Elbit- Hybrid types with Long range IR cameras with good range and feeds to central command. It was the other part of the UAV deal not expressly given attention.

    A better way to go is to set Central Aerospace Corps (carved out of the Air Force as a hybrid military commercial entity -similar to Naval Dockyard). They should be integrated into NigcomSat projects and pull the project in the direction of extensive use of dual (military/civilian) technology. We could have our own trail of tracking satellites under the control providing dedicated feeds for the Navy/Air Force/NIMASA/Aviation authority.

    I guess I’m dreaming!

    • AreJames says:

      I thought so as well. The people running our satellites say they don’t have the capability for this kind of stuff. I don’t believe a word of it anyway…but if it is true then this new thing is some kind of multinational semi commercial source we logged upon and pay for periodically (like airtime). Very useful within all theatres in the war against oil theft, piracy and terrorism.

    • asorockweb says:

      Oga Solorex,

      For 24hr surveillance, it has to be a geo-stationary sat.

      There are a couple of options
      1) It is not a geo-stationary sat, that means that the commercial satellites come in and out of station. Not very useful.

      2) It is a commercial geo-stationary sat and they are getting the processed imagery.
      3) It is a Nigerian geo-stationary sat and they are sending the feed to a 3rd party for analysis and then getting the processed imagery.

      Regardless, it’s a step in the right direction

  4. COLONEL NGR says:

    Its a welcome development. Tracking of ships and economic vessels in our maritime waters will be easier. This will alos help the navy and other security agencies do their jobs well.

  5. jimmy says:

    Regardless of the hiccups ,The key issue really is the real -time- satellite imagery that is produced, analyzed and the action is acted upon in real time. This is action is then shared with the appropriate authorities at the right time without time delay , hence we have the arrests.

  6. Oje says:

    If half the people on this blog were to be given the opportunity to manage the security affairs of this Nigeria this country will have the largest, most lethal and most powerful country anywhere in the developing world.

  7. https://beegeagle.wordpress.com/2014/05/25/china-donate-unnamed-combat-vessel-to-the-nigerian-navy-handover-formalities-already-initiated/

    Guys does anybody know if there is any foreign navy in Nigeria aa at today. I am asking cos on my way to work this morning i saw a warship like the one in the link above somewhere around Apapa. I took a snap shot of it but it wasnt very clear coupled with the fact that there were naval ratings around. Pls lets confrim. Morning

  8. chucks says:

    Pls I’d like to be properly lessoned on the difference between a Carrier,Battleship,Frigates and destroyers. Secondly where lies our ARADU? I mean which of the classes of ship does she belong to. Many thanks

  9. Triggah says:

    She was built and armed as a destroyer but the Nigerian Navy use her as a frigate. While 4 units of her class was purchased by the Argentina’s Navy as the Almirante brown class. She’s classified as a destroyer in that navy.

  10. jimmy says:

    As usual the NN has always been the one that has always been upfront about it’s problems. This is the main reason why the navy is the most progressive of the big three armed forces.

    • xnur44 says:

      I have immediate concern, a revised naval plan to include more missile bearing ships and a followup order on opvs. According to one ridiculous press briefing FG is spending N2.9b for cooking pots for rural women, since when did they put in such a request to FG?

      • jimmy says:

        Some numbskull who believes in the rubbish called stomach infrastructure.By the way will any of these opvs come with a z,-9? T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  11. xnur44 says:

    Breaking News!
    NNS Centenary set sail from China and Her current position is N31 42′ 37″, E121 44′ 46″
    A protocol shall be worked out between Agusta, Bell and ATR platforms to maximize surveillance, no Z-9 that I know off.

  12. Obix says:

    My ogas, I’m short of words! Damaturu Under Attack By Boko Haram

  13. jimmy says:

    Generals it is official she belongs to us now a new era Friendship real DEFENCE friendship is upon us : China has talked the talk and walked the walk, ditto Nigeria.
    NNS CENTENARY handed over to the Nigerian Navy
    Let us hear your views.
    Long live Nigeria
    Long live China.
    More on this later.

  14. Obix says:

    It’s like the FG has decided to totally ignore the Americans.
    US Cancels Military Training with Nigeria at the request of the Nigerian government.

    • jimmy says:

      This unfortunate as it might be and painful for some ofour ROSE COLORED bloggers this is one of the more pragmatic steps required for the F.G. to END THIS WAR.
      Nigeria needs to train with those countries that are willing to supply her with LETHAL AID, IT HONESTLY is the height of stupidity to keep sharing a security arrangement with a country that is unwilling to do anything really meaningful to help you in your HOUR of need.
      The battalion that is being trained should be trained by Russians,

      • Akin Oges says:

        Gbagaunnnn!!!! They can kiss my coffee coloured Nigerian backside. For once somebody has shown backbone. The world is a big market, other traders will be happy to do business with us and take our Nigerian Dollars. FG, time to arm the military; the enemies will try harder now; please arm up big time. And time to be super switched on – super vigilant: these folks don’t take kindly to those who standup to their double standard nonsense. So, be wary. Don’t be surprised if BH bears up with more determination and new hardware/weapons. They have a script that Nigeria will fail in 2015, they try to make it happen. Please, arm up.

      • Akin Oges says:

        *they will try to make it happen*

  15. Augustine says:

    Oga xnurr44, does it mean NN will acquire new missile armed ships soon?

    Nigeria has none as at today, NNS Aradu is out of service and all her missiles are over 30 years old, generally missiles have shelf life of 15 years to 25 years. As at today, lack of adequate funding has reduced Nigerian navy firepower to that of a mere coast guard level.

    I am sure that if federal government gives a specially dedicated $500 million combat capability life-line fund to our navy for combat ships, a guided missile frigate with anti-submarine helicopter and also possibly a submarine will come into service and we have a combat ready navy again like we had in Shagari era 1982 when Nigerian navy was the most powerful in Africa.

    • jimmy says:

      Oga Augustine One submarine according to recent estimates from the contract between Algeria and Russia costs close to$1.2b.The focus right now has to be the Airforce.The NAF needs more helicopters that can fly at Night,.They need at least two squadrons of the JF 17 because this will be the closest thing Nigeria will come to getting in terms of a Made- in- Nigeria plane . T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Jimmy, the Chinese made SONG CLASS ultra-modern Submarine that shocked the US Navy aircraft carrier by suddenly surfacing from underwater withing torpedo striking range of the US Navy carrier, after penetrating a whole American navy fleet of warships undetected, costs only $250 million per unit brand new, a second hand will cost us maybe $150 million per unit.

        South Africa’s great and mighty HEROINE Submarine made in Germany costs only about $330 million each.

        These are all diesel-electric fuel powered Submarines, so I believe your estimate of $1.2 billion fits more into the price range of nuclear fuel powered Submarines.

        Sir, Nigeria’s survival depends on oil and gas wealth and it is the Navy that protects the oceans, let us not assume that our only threat will forever be pirates and oil thieves. One day, we may contest off-shore oil control with another country same way we contested and lost oil rich Bakassi to Cameroon…..because Nigeria is afraid of France’s military power.

        It is easy to buy T-72 tanks when war comes in a hurry, it is very hard to buy a Submarine in a hurry when war suddenly comes from the oceans.

        Kill the oil export, kill the nation called Nigeria, that is my fear !

      • Augustine says:

        Oga jimmy the Algerian contract of $1.2 billion is for several submarines, not one. Maybe about 3 units, as the KILO CLASS submarine costs about $400 million per unit for the latest and best in it’s class, especially a 2014 variant.

    • xnur44 says:

      Yes Augustine, your wish is as good as mine.

  16. Augustine says:


    .*********** ENTER THE JF-17 THUNDER JETS**********

    NAF to acquire 40 JF-17 Thunder 4th Generation jet fighters.

    Recommended number is 40 units by NAF, initial order is 12 to 24 units.

    Deal to be signed soon, news published and confirmed by Pakistan.



  17. jimmy says:

    I have been a proponent of SUBMARINES for Nigeria right now but short term .Nigeria needs to invest heavily in the under equipped airforce. Nigeria is getting 350million pounds@ 1.75 that comes to $612.5 million from the tiny laundering capital of the world JERSEY .
    The way these agreements work is that the money is pledged to be used for Health, education, and infrastructure projects , which is fine.
    Nigeria can on the other hand use/ pledge $600 MILLION of its own money to buy 2 squadrons of JF17 and process some well needed funds for a squadron and parts for the su27/ 30.
    The area of the the North East covers well over 100,000km you can not realistically cover 100,000 men or more at best they would be thinly spaced out and ineffective however if you have at least adequate air power you can make it a very punishing/ bloody encounter for the boko haram this is what happened yesterday, the priority right now should be AIRCRAFT JET FIGHTERS AND HELIOS.
    OGA ZACHARY, thank you for the update, to the guys running the war we need more helicopters from RUSSIA, Please can we set up a skype or even a web cam connection connection between russia and Nigeria so when there is a problem it can be fixed, The best tanks / apcs in the world breakdown that is why we have internet, skype telephone and airplane and Nigerians who speak Russian ( OBIX) and Russians who speak English please Nigerian Army let us fix these problems.
    The more you use a HELIO or an AIRCRAFT depending on the hours flown, Pilot proficiency, weather conditions and mechanical proficiency of aircraft there is a likely hood of a crash. America is averaging more than 1.5 crashes a month one crashed as recently as Sunday pilot crashed and lost his life.The NAF NEEDS MORE HELIOS AND AIRCRAFT.

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