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  1. beegeagle says:

    The NAF are steadily growing their ISR asset base.

    Beginning at the low end from the Diamond DA42 MPP planes which were inherited from the defunct Presidential Implementation Committee on Maritime Safety and Security; to these three Beechcraft planes as the median and the Alenia ATR42-500 ELINT-MPA planes at the high end.

    You might recall that in the video which unearthed the existence of BigFoot MRAPs from May-June 2014, yet another hitherto unknown Beechcraft was on a surveillance mission. The COAS, the CAS and the outgone GOC 3 Div were similarly pictured in that plane as they flew over parts of the Northeast.

    So in addition to these three new Beechcraft, we have another one which is already in service.

  2. beegeagle says:

    The three Beechcraft planes pictured above were expected to land in Nigeria 31 July-1 August 2014.

    WATCH this video to see another unknown Beechcraft surveillance plane which was already in service as of May 2014 or earlier

  3. beegeagle says:

    The unknown in-service Beechcraft surveillance plane.

    The Chief of Army Staff, Lt-Gen Kenneth Minima (left); his Air Force counterpart, Air Marshal Adesola Amosu (middle) and General Officer Commanding 3rd Division, Nigerian Army, Maj.Gen John Zaruwa, aboard a Nigerian Air Force plane strategising with the aid of maps in the ongoing counter-terrorist operations in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states.

    • drag_on says:

      There seems to be a Beechcraft in the background.

    • beegeagle says:

      Yes, that is the unit in today’s Beechcraft-related thread. The event was AIR EXPO 2012 and the DA42 MPP and Beechcraft, then PICOMSS-owned, participated.

      Now, assuming that the AIR EXPO 2014 takes place this Christmas, it is FATHOMABLE that we could see the following fresh inductions

      * ALX Super Tucano COIN aircraft

      * Mi-35M all-weather attack helicopters

      * Mi-171Sh Terminator all-weather assault helicopters

      * Beechcraft Super King Air 350 ISR planes

      * CH-47 Sea Knight transport helicopters

      * Kaman Seasprite maritime helicopters

      * Bell AH-1W Super Cobra attack helicopters

      * JF-17 Thunder multirole jets/Su-30

  4. ozed says:

    With all these ELINT assets we should have mapped their command and control centers by now, and should be able to hit them with airstrikes once they make a transmission.

    Well i guess we shall know soon enough.

    • beegeagle says:

      I DOUBT that these are ELINT-compliant. Algeria and Egypt own some Beechcraft surveillance assets. It would be interesting to know the full spectrum of capabilities entailed.

      What is apparent is that these would have very powerful cameras with which to acquire photographs and incorporate technologies which are able to analyse and interpret same. FLIR devices can also be expected.

      These Beechcraft planes would rank marginallÿ behind MPA planes in terms of capabilities, never mind ELINT airframes. Only Nigeria, SA and Angola possess ELINT airframes in all of sub-Saharan Africa at this time.

      It would also be nice to know if their surveillance equipment was installed by Beechcraft or outsourced to a contractor eg ELBIT SYSTEMS of Israel.

    • jimmy says:

      Most respectfully No oga ozed MAPPING is static information real- time- information will come from air surveillance and COIN SF on the ground which can then call in airstrikes, artillery strikes followed by mop up operations.Information is fluid, however without disclosing a lot A truck can can travel 20 km in approximately 15-20 minutess a plane can do that in 2-5 minutes, this is one of the most important reasons why I believe we need more planes (assets) in the sky.

  5. jimmy says:

    In every conflict there comes a stage where one side starts to make a genuine effort to end it. This acquisition as tiny as it make seem three small aircraft, may signal the first real seriousness
    of the ARMED FORCES OF Nigeria to destroy boko haram
    ISR will be one of the main reasons why Nigeria will eventually win .The NAF has to believe that deep down this war will be won because the were flying 24hours seven days a week 365 days a year . for the NAF this is not a 9-5 job anymore -and -let- go- break -and- go – to-the beer palor and I am talking from the mechanic to the pilot to the Air commodore in charge of selecting targets of opportunity as they present themselves.
    These three aircraft are familiar to our NAF chaps they fit the role they can be aloft in 15 minutes and can do serious damage via intelligence they MUST be used DAY AND NIGHT SCOURING The North east/ the Sambisa forests , the border towns between Cameroon and Nigeria i.e Amichide. Damba. Biu, Bama , Chibok.
    They say the freaks come out at Night well thank you F.G. This is a welcome development.

  6. beegeagle says:

    Remotely controlled 20mm cannons to bust Shekau’s looney face? Not a bad idea.

  7. Are James says:

    To reinforce @jimmy’s points.The National Council of States has just suggested a realistic timeframe of December to clear out BokoHaram. This means a lot for the NAF in ways I don’t think we all realise yet. This is almost a quadrupling of current daily air operations, especially night ops., bringing new ISR and ground capabilities to bear on the affected three states in a way that has not been done before in Nigeria’s history. The workload on maintenance and ground support crews is also going to be massive. Our civil airlines however live this everyday so local capabilities are mature. If the job is done well, the NAF enters a golden age. If not, the force may not recover for many years.

  8. asorockweb says:

    I believe each time we say ELINT, we actually mean COMINT. BH emits very little ELINT

  9. Augustine says:

    Gentlemen, the 3 new Beechcraft have no underbelly radars, and I don’t see their FLIR cameras, except they came dry and will have these ISTAR equipment installed here soon. However, the flying Beechcraft 350 ER (The real dedicated ISTAR version of the many dozens of models of Beechcraft Air King, is the 350 ER….very few countries have it….a bird for the masters like USA, Japan, and some medium powers)

    I judge the year 2010 delivery Beechcraft 350ER as the backbone of Nigerian ISTAR while ATR-42 is our MPA/ESM/ELINT backbone.



    USAF/US Army uses many of the Beechcraft 300ER for ground warfare ISTAR including artillery target acquisition and fire correction. It is a medium sized dragon of a spy.

    Full capabilities include :

    Air to ground radar range 80km, TV camera, Infra red camera, data-link video live streaming of ground target. Assorted equipment payload of 3,000 pounds. It is a night vision spymaster inside total darkness of deep night.

    5,000km maximum flight range, 12 hour endurance, 10km altitude above sea level. Speed maximum 578km/hr. Can slow down to very low speeds to acquire ground targets or observe ground positions.

    Electronic warfare equipment, radar/missile warning, self defence decoys, etc.

    Generally,these 350ER King Airs are ideal surveillance aircraft. Each model features a large, pressurized, environmentally controlled cabin, high dash speed and extensive endurance. The King Air 350ER offers even more endurance, performing over-land surveillance with sufficient payload to operate a moving target indicator, synthetic aperture radar, EO/IR (FLIR), streaming video data-link, self-protection systems, The integrated sensor suite includes an MX-15 surveillance turret with long-range cameras and infrared to detect, track, classify and identify surface contacts. These capabilities can also be turned to limited maritime patrol, via long-range ship detection and imaging, and identification of small ocean targets in high sea states., and a wide variety of high-performance communications systems.

    Imagery systems have been installed in virtually all models of the Beechcraft King Air. Today’s data link technology allows relatively simple transmission of real-time streaming video to fixed or vehicle-mounted ground receivers for timely dissemination to tactical units.”

    An all-weather sensor, provides photographic-quality images through clouds, rain, dust, smoke, and fog, in daylight or total darkness, detects time-sensitive targets and changes on the ground that may be undetectable by Electro-optical/Infrared (EO/IR) sensors.

    Beechcraft 350ER is the poor man’s Raytheon Senitel ISTAR aircraft of the RAF that costs about 10 times more. When Nigeria boasted that we don’t need western help to find Chibok girls because we have world standard capacity/equipment to find them, I believe the Beechcraft ISTAR was our FG’s confidence. Reason why the RAF British Sentinel came and did nothing better.

    Nigeria should buy more of it, apart from the one in the photo, we need total of about 6 units of full capability special mission Beechcraft 300ER Air King ISTAR aircraft for NAF.

    Small contribution from my small round head.

  10. beegeagle says:

    Nice one, Chief Agostinho.

    Once upon a time when the NCS acquired a Citation CJ4, Oga Solorex averred as follows:


    Solorex on March 11, 2013 at 5:04 pm

    Most of the time, sensors are detachable (for the purpose of upgrade and mission specific sensor selection) and need not be very big.It could also be attached to either the wings,belly or nose area. A regular thermographic camera with tracking/cooling mechanism may not be larger than half of a regular football from the outside. The DSP and presentation hardware would be a
    bit bulky but within the aircraft and not visible from outside.”


    In the video seen above, does the Beechcraft surveillance plane look any different from NAF 202-204? Look at it while it is still parked on tarmac. But we can see a NAF officer behind a large console as he does recce over the area. No?

    Again, I am looking at photos of ex-ABPU Dornier 228 planes. They were only ever and have always been ISR platforms since 1988. I see no discs or cameras outwardly on those either.

    Dornier Do 228 of the Air Border Patrol UnitDo 228s of the Air Border Patrol Unit

    What you are forgetting is that AVIATION IN NIGERIA is an online hangout for pilots and flight engineers (some of them being ex-NAF officers) and on Nigeria, they are just as authoritative as Air Forces Monthly are reputed to be globally. It is not a hit-or-miss thing out there. They share info about their art and I know that well ahead of anyone, they broke the news about the acquisition and delivery, sometimes with photos of yet-to-be-assembled airframes right from an airport, of several airframes. Some of those revelations include a PICOMSS Beechcraft Super King Air, two types of new Police Bell helicopters, NAF Robinson R66s etc.

    Some of their big hitters are here reading and commenting alongside the rest of us, two of them being Flight Captains. I am persuaded to go with what AIN have said since I think they are TELLING rather than asking. They have no reputational or credibility issues and I have previously described them here as “Nigeria’s online aviation magazine of RECORD”. That is how knowledgeable and credible I know them to be. It makes sense to do so knowing that we have a Beechcraft ISR asset already aloft.

  11. beegeagle says:


    “Nigeria’s online aviation magazine of record, “AVIATION IN NIGERIA” reports indicate that the Bell 429 which was delivered to the Police Air Wing is the first of an expected haul of five 429s earmarked for delivery to the Police Air Wing”



    • beegeagle says:

      Well, these acquisitions must have foreign defence reporters who like to quote the budget like it is a railroad which must not be deviated from, scratching their heads yet AGAIN.

      Flipping though the budget statements from 2010 till date, nowhere will you find the acquisition of three Beechcraft ISR planes listed anywhere.

      But they are here and upon us. And we show proof – weblinks to news stories and procurement reports, online arms transfer logs, videos or photos. We don’t just come online to babble gibberish or peddle tales about phantom acquisitions.

  12. drag_on says:

    I am of the understanding that NEMA got one as well(Bell 429),which allowed them to move the Mi17 to the airforce.

  13. COLONEL NGR says:

    Learning alot. Thanks oga beeg once again for the good job.

  14. beegeagle says:

    That is correct, Oga Drag_On. NEMA now own a new BELL helicopter and have transferred one Mi-17 to the NAF inventory.

    Perhaps the NAF are looking to create a multi-sided AIR RECCE GROUP which would replace the one-dimensional AIR MARITIME GROUP.

  15. menatti says:

    Actually these planes were ordered by the past CAS and are 3 of a total of 6 to complement/replace the DO228 in the NAF inventory

  16. jimmy says:

    Oga beegs thank you for shedding light on a very serious subject.When the N’delta crises started the NN was esentially a brown navy with one navy officer stating that he is finally glad that the days of searching by torchlight are now over. The boko haram crisis it appears is beginning to have the same effect .Oga beegs in the know calls it air recce I call it air intel,my point is this the old adage “know thine enemy”/ “knowledge is power is really beginning to bear fruit”. The NAF and the NPF need to also pool their resources together to convince the bell authorities to build a mainteanace facility if none exist in Lagos or P’harcourt. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  17. gbash10 says:

    way to go the NAF,3 out of 6 units for the Raytheon’s Beechcraft ,are they different from the type flown by Al Quwwat al Jawwiya il Misriya(Arab Republic of Egypt Air Force ) and Al Quwwat al Jawwiya al Jaze’ eriya( Algerian Air Force) model 1900D?
    The Egyptians have two variants, the maritime surveillance(2 units) and the signal intelligence (SIGINT) )(6 units) variants respectively while the Algerians have 6 units for electronic surveillance role.

  18. menatti says:

    I heard The battle in Ukraine is delaying the arrival of the 2 MI17’s that were supposed to be delivered last month. I hope we get them soon.

  19. Augustine says:

    Well as I said by observing these 3 new Beechcraft 350 for NAF, they are not ISTAR versions, no radar pods, no FLIR pods. They look like ordinary transport versions to me.

    NAF has confirmed they are all transport versions only. Why buy these things when we have Dornier 228 aplenty ? We need Super Tucanos and ISTAR aircraft, not executive transporters in war time. NAF, if you allowed Nigerian public to debate this acquisition, we would have told you to replace your F-7 jet flying coffins first. You crashed 4 F-7 jets in 4 years… African record?

    • AreJames says:

      Three possible reasons: NAOWA shopping, Federal elections assistance in 2015 and xxxxuption. You guys continue praising NAF leadership, when we complain continue to shout us down, una never see something. Wait till the “new combat aircraft” being bought are unveiled.

      • Deway says:

        Oga Are James, u no go kill me with laff! When our military/MOD do procurement, I get really scared. I had looked at these 3 planes and noticed no pods, compared it with pics from other air forces with similar aircrafts, and I saw visible pods underneath, but since I consider myself of little knowledge in these matters, I kept quiet. I await the helicopter acquisitions with some anxiet, but I hope I’m wrong, honestly.

      • Deway says:


    • giles says:

      it being a transport aircraft is a decoy.

      • Are James says:

        I thought so for 10mins then dismissed it. Why would they want to disguise it being a surveillance aircraft?. The Alexia planes are more strategic and their Elint upgrades were publicised. We will soon know the truth.

      • Are James says:


  20. Sele says:

    Executive transport aircraft at a time the troops in the NE are crying for air cover. this sucks and shows the kind of senior officers around

  21. Oje says:

    Comrades, i think World war 3 have started, it started a month a go we just dont see it because of its slow (but dangerous) trajectory towards violence because of the fearsome and insane power of nuclear weapons, but then cross country military style invasion became extinct with the second
    world war…economic sanctions, espionage, cyber attacks, deceptive propaganda are the new front-line weapons in use, this will gradually escalate to full scale military conflict. The battle lines have already been drawn, economic and military alliance is already in place. Let us examine in a not so comprehensive events that indicates a global war is now inevitable.

    The so called ‘Arab Spring” or what ever misnomer the news media choose to call it was the catalyst for a global spate of violence and senseless conflicts. In their bid to get more ratings over other media powerhouses CNN, ALJAZEERA and to a lesser extent the BBC they sensationalized to hyperbolic proportions the death of a vegetable seller who was probably sick that set himself on fire. Taking advantage of the unprecedented number of youths hooked on social media they stirred up albeit subtly a ”false” sense of revolution and people bought it hook line and singer and suddenly being opposed to authority claiming revolution seems to be the rave, that was the new ”cool” today lets examine the result and impact these ” instigated” so called Arab Spring has caused everybody more so here in Nigeria.

    In Libya with the outster of Gadaffi (without thinking of a moderate replacement) by NATO created a security vacuum not seen since Libyan Independence. A huge chunk of Libyas MANPAD anti aircraft systems and heavy calibre guns were bought by Boko Haram. Taking advantage of pain and anguish suffered by country they effectively lavish Boko Haram with unprecedented media spotlight which as you all know is not unconnected to the unusual rise in violence at that same period in time.Imagine the looks on the faces of the Nigerian army infantry men when they see white/arab militia among the dead.

    In Egypt they overthrew the only symbol of stability without first of all taking into account many factors, once again CNN, ALJAZEERA, BBC made it look pretty cool to be a revolutionary, providing us with bias one sided images. Today Egypt like Libya is in chaos and violence not seen since Egyptian Independence.

    Not contented with that they trained their cameras on Syria.. beaming to the world thousands of protesters (half of them drug addicts, murderers, rapists, hopeless people..) clamouring to their president to step down yet they delibrately and refused to beam to the world the images of hundreds of thousands of Syrian civilians on the streets openly supporting Bashir Al Assad, a good proportion of these peaceful demonstrations were Syrian Christians, with out a circular oriented leader Syrian christians will be prosecuted. After two years of fighting with no end in sight they got bored and turned their attention on Obama, calling for military action against the Syrian regime. CNN’s Christian Amanpour did a two part documentary on the Al Assads highlighting all the negatives. Being smart Obama refused to get involved military, what next? they call Obama an isolationist and blame the United States lack of military intervention as being the cause of the continual violence. This is the same media that criticizes U.S Policy of foreign foreign military adventurism and slam the defence industrial complex as a whole. How on earth will America topple the Syrian liberal regime so terrorists groups like ISIS, Hezbollah and Hamas (Americas sworn enemies) can take over the mantle… and guess what? Time Magazine in its monthly cover photo proclaimed Vladimir Putin as the man of the year.

    In Iraq ISIS has effectively carved out its own Caliphate.

    In Asia CNN, ALJAZEERA and BBC , tried without much success to make known Chinese Muslims opposed to the Communist parties rule, pray for violence again and destabilize China. Now with 4 of Africa’s largest economies (Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, Libya, Mali, CAR) in a mess they trained their camera’s on Europe, sniffing for potential hot spots like dogs in heat so as to sensationalize and hyperbolise crap, sad news is they succeeded. Ukraine is in flames, these media houses just cant believe their luck, this is turning into a very good year for them, so many conflicts, so many people watching the endless stream of senseless violence and destabilization.

    As of this writing there are 30,000 Russian troops massed in the Ukranian border,the EU just today slammed punitive sanctions on Russia. A U.S spy plane was today chased by Russian interceptor fighter jets, the U.S plane managed to make it into Swedish airspace before they could be intercepted.

    And that is not enough, today the word ”EBOLA” is synonymous with Africa….

    With these flash points now on hair trigger it is only a matter of time before frayed nerves leads to a costly mistake and voia, its the specter MAD all over again.

    • AreJames says:

      Anything time you see Obama showing reluctance to jump on the bandwagon no there is something beyond things. He was reluctant in Libya and they called him weak, leading from behind. Now the forces they backed not only killed the US ambassador, they are already carving up the country. He was reluctant in Syria and now some ways have to be found to back Assad again against ISIS. BBC has been shamelessly airing pro-Assad feature programs this week. Moral of the story, the money people want to run the world but they know nothing about it and its people.

  22. Oje says:

    Spot on James, we should realise that in the Western World foreign policy are sometimes shaped by the news media. The nitty gritty is that the “” self righteous and hypocritical” liberal media championed by CNN, BBC and Aljazeera are the greatest threat to world peace and stability. A year without war, violence, revolution, calamity etc will be a very year for these media houses, they will be Nutts to allow themselves to be kicked out of business. Where there is no war and calamity they will instigate one. FOX News, Press TV, C TV etc are far more credible and a force for stability. They are honest in their ideological stance and do not engage in hypocritical good guys vs bad guys game so cherished by the liberal media.

  23. Heads up People….USA to Sell 12 Black Hawks to Tunisia

    • Deway says:

      Would rather go Russian! Thanks

      • Are James says:

        Blackhawks are a maintenance beast but then again Russia won’t be selling much in the next few years if the sanctions really bite so options are really limited.

      • Deway says:

        Then, that’s a good reason to grab as much as we can now from their retired fleet of Mi17s.

      • giles says:

        sanction my foot if we really need it we can get it tru a third party eg beralus. or beta still tru a friendly nation eg Iran

  24. freeegulf says:

    sanctions ke. you overestimate the abilities of these western countries. they cant do russia anything! maybe their economy will suffer a bit, but that’s it. in fact, this sanctions move will come back to hit them in the face.

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