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  1. smartboy2000 says:

    Thank God Nigerian Airforce is beginning to receive ISR assets. Nigerian Airforce and Nigerian Army need to start integrating there systems, with Military Intelligence playing a leading role in the current Asymmetric Warfare going on in Nigeria. We shall succeed this current warfare and God Bless Nigeria.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga smartboy2000, Nigeria has what we can call data links already, and we can just connect army, navy and air force equipment and platforms which are not connected to already existing units on our data link network. When you buy new equipment or want to include an old existing one, you can add it in, like a new computer joins a team of WAN existing computers. You just could use Multi-TDL to join unrelated data links into one central unit.

      Nigerian Air Force upgrades Diamond intelligence aircraft
      News : 08/05/2013

      The U.S. Navy is working with the Nigerien Air Force (NAF) to enhance their intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities by upgrading equipment on twoDiamond DA-42 aircraft and associated ground stations, according to contract documents released Monday through theFederal Business Opportunities website.

      The Navy is seeking a contractor to upgrade ISR equipment on two DA-42 Diamond Twin Star aircraft, data links and antennas of existing fixed ground stations, and provide two new portable ground stations, training, optional spares and an optional Field Service Representative. All modifications, testing, delivery, and training shall be performed inNiger, the Navy said in contract documents.

      The Navy’s Counter Networks and Illicit Trafficking (CNIT) Project Office is organizing the contract. CNIT provides rapid and effective project management, engineering, technical, procurement and sustainment solutions to counter criminal and terrorist networks and illicit trafficking activities. The office provides operational training and sustainment as required anywhere in the world with partner nations.

      The contractor will be responsible for uninstalling all existing aircraft and fixed ground station ISR equipment made obsolete by the upgraded equipment, the Navy said. This equipment shall remain the property of the NAF.

      • asorockweb says:

        Just to a note: Niger Air Force (not Nigerian)

      • AreJames says:

        I think we have the Diamond planes as well (one crashed) and even better platforms.
        On this matter of datalinks and high speed data transfer between mobile platforms to military standards, Nigerians are probably amongst the top 20 in the world in terms of people who know the stuff. The NAF should scour the world to recruit these guys as consultants so that the knowledge is matured into a full scale capability locally. At least this is not the time consuming propulsion, flight dynamics and air craft control techologies that we all know takes a lot of time to develop

  2. ozed says:

    Thats where the hard work is o! Coordination of assets to deploy several knock out blows in quick succession.
    The insurgents need to become scared to roll-out any motorised assets. this will make it more and more difficult for them to raid nearby communities.

    • cutievik says:

      I really hope they would utilize this assets to the best interest of this country stability,this terror craze must be halted at once. thumbs up NAF!!

  3. jimmy says:

    oga beegs I BEG NO VEX not trying to derail if you can open a thread and transfer no problem
    This is the first real interview and the level of discord playing out and real evidence that they are in Sambisa forest

    • Augustine says:

      Oga jimmy, I would wait and see if a separate thread is opened for this topic as you say, but I will add a spice, local hunters claim they know where Boko Haram camps are located inside Sambisa and Sirius Black claims Nigerian army too knows their locations, but he gave a ‘good’ reason why NA/NAF has not attacked them. Amazing Nigeria !

      • jimmy says:

        I think the f.g. /sf/naf do know where they are however,I pray with everything within me this is/will be one of the most dangerous rescue operations ever recorded at a ratio of three to one we are looking at battalion like numbers to rescue in @least three different locations 750+ men .Well there is nothing impossible,I am encouraged at least for the reluctance on the part of some bh people to commit murder. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  4. drag_on says:

    Oga jona don talk.

    Jonathan pointed out that his government would achieve more development goals without the menace of terrorism, hence his commitment to ensuring that Boko Haram does not succeed with its criminality.

    His words: “There are certain things we should have done as a government, but because of the situation in the country, we have not been able to do much of them.

    “The kind of embarrassment we are receiving now will never continue in this country.

    “We want to build a very strong army, the Nigeria police and the Navy and the Air Force so that these rascals called Boko Haram will never stop us because we will surely rout Boko Haram. We are very committed. In the next few months no criminals will ever embarrass us again.”

  5. Augustine says:

    asorockweb says:
    August 3, 2014 at 7:59 am
    Just to a note: Niger Air Force (not Nigerian)

    Thanks for the observation, well noted Oga. Confusing though. Can’t verify who is who. Nigerian or Nigerien. Both names appear in same article. Confusing…both are NAF-NAF. I would tilt in favour of Niger Republique if Nigeria’s Diamond D-42 are different in number from 2 units.

  6. AreJames says:

    How is this for some data link technology advancement:

  7. Augustine says:

    NAF says the 3 new Beechcrafts they bought for us are transporter versions. Bad news.

    • AreJames says:

      These again are for NAOWA shopping trips. The NAF is the only airforce in the world that has 85% of its aircraft (fixed wing and rotorcraft) dedicated to all manner of unfathomable transportation roles. These air taxis are in constant competition for maintenance and operational funds with other more useful combat aircraft to the detriment of strategic defence and national security needs. You guys keep on praising.

  8. Sele says:

    strange and misdirected acquisition

  9. jimmy says:

    And we keep asking “what is the strategic vision of the NAF?”

  10. Henry says:

    This is what judges call “better luck next time”.

  11. Augustine says:

    NAF don tire me o ! As the frustration is close to peak level, I am ready to accept any type of 4th generation jet fighter now without argument, even if na Kfir Block 60 from Israeli bone yard, half bread is better than none, even if na JF-17 Block I…..never expect too much from NAF, moderate your hopes….NAF believes they have ‘NO’ air threats….so they look more like Nigeria Airways Force….N.A.F….transport corporation.

    • doziex says:

      Yeah chief, they can’t provide NA simple close air support that can be relied on.

      They can’t protect Nigerian airspace from even Chad.

      Rumours abound about BH being resupplied by helicopters. Don’t ask NAF, they have no clue.
      They spend millions to train pilots overseas, then allow their skills to idle and decay, for lack of platforms.

      But guys, these are mere symtoms of Nigeria’s peculiar disease.

      Symptoms such as aloofness, incompetence, irresponsibility, shamelessness, tunnel vision, greed, wickedness; I ‘will end here.

      I would say God help Nigeria, but heaven helps those who help themselves.

      The sooner we humble ourselves and confront what our real problems are, the better.

      • mcshegz says:

        Yes sir, i believe we have to be humble, but calling your country’s Air force incompetent and irresponsible doesn’t help anybody with all due respect. i think We all understand the need for more ISR capabilities, and yes we need logistics as well, that ratio has to be balance more often. We can only encourage them and continue to prod and advise gently gently, not to be interpreted wrongly. I know you are angry, omo trust me, vex no be the language sef, but, this is our problem, the problem we created together, we have to solve it together.

      • doziex says:

        Oga Mschegz, I admit I am attacking NAF to make a point.

        No matter what insults I hurl at our politicians for embezzelling the funds needed to defend our country, their billion dollar accounts makes them impervious to my verbal assaults.

        So I am trying to “insult” NAF with the truth, to see if their professional pride would get them to agitate more, and not seem content with the status quo.

    • Are James says:

      In that case they might just unveil FTC 2000G fully equipped with PL7 missiles and training iron bombs for you. You know, to secure the country and support mr president’s transformation program.

  12. igbi says:

    It appears amnesty international is now using propaganda videao and images produced by boko haram (the boko homos), including youtube videos in which the boko homos are dressed in kaki while committing atrocities. I think amnesty international is trying all it can to stop the hellicopters we bought in the US to come home. DDI please rize to the occasio, this is a very great opportunity to debunk amnesty international once and for all and also, this is a great opportunity to show how terrorist loving amnesty international is.

    • igbi says:

      The catch is that amnesty international is claiming that since the guys committing the atrocities are wearing kaki, they must be soldiers ! Yeah right, shekau the homo and a bunch of his followers also wear kaki ( they did produce videos picturing them in our own camo for god’s sake !), so amnesty are shekau and his homos soldiers ?

  13. gbash10 says:

    Amnesty International should go to HELL! What was their comment when the Israeli military bombed a UN compound fill with ordinary civilians( women and children for God’s sake) in Gaza recently ?
    The DSS should kick all BOKO HARAM sympathizers turn journalist out of our country,because they are a threat to our National Security. Please the NIGERIAN SECURITY FORCES should be focused and ignore all undue interference from our enemies, keep the pressure HIGH until BH is completely routed.
    Long Live Our Security Forces, Long Live The People Of Nigeria, Long Live The Federal Republic Of NIGERIA !!!!!!!!……..

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