NAF202 Landing in Gran Canaria on
delivery flight, 30 July 2014. She is one of three King Air B350 for the Nigerian Air Force.


PHOTOGRAHY; Alejandro Hernández León


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  1. Are James says:

    These planes should be fitted with full ISR gear immediately. ‘ Mr Presidents Transformation Agenda’ does not require support of Beechcraft civil aircraft at this time.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Are James na you go fit them ISR with your money. The persons wey buy them no be air force marshals?

      VIP Transporters arrive faster than Super Tucanos combat aircraft for a nation at war !

      Nigerian air force in war time has more transporters than fighter aircraft, Funny !

      The people who make decisions affecting Nigeria’s destiny are so rich and comfortable that if this country sinks into a mud pit, they have enough millions of dollars or hundred of millions of naira to keep themselves and their own families living fat like kings from this generation to the next.

      Since 10 months ago we declared interest to buy combat aircraft from Brazil…

      #Show Us Super Tucano NAF Show Us Tucano squadrons

      • ozed says:

        Oga Augustine na wa for you o!

        All Are James and I are saying is that ‘when the desirable is not available, intelligent and driven men and women use creativity and innovation to make progress while continuing to advocate for the desired change’.

        Why should our airforce throw their hands in the air and abandone the Army to fight without any CAS, when with a bit of ingenuity they can make changes?

        We have been shouting about ‘Frogfeet’ abi na ‘frogfoots’ for years now, do you genuinely believe (knowing our procurement history) they will be delivered tomorrow? If you can create a ‘homemade AC 130’ (i re-emphasize that if you challenge the boys in AFIT and Kainji they can deliver a workable version in 3 weeks) to support the recapture of Damboa/Gwoza and by so doing reduce the bloodshed among the ‘grunts’ how is that a bad thing?

        Nothing we have said here means we should not continue to push the top brass to make progress, so dont worry, your hash-tag campaign is still safe.

  2. Airsupport says:

    I have personally sighted at least 2 of these machines in Abuja over the last 2 days. Training flights have began.
    Also these are stock king airs, no evidence of surveillance equipment unlike the ex-PICOMMS machine. The airplanes they are replacing are VIP transports and so I expect them to fulfil as similar role as VIP transport seems to be the number one priority of NAF.
    Unfortunately, most of the aircraft owned by the armed forces and government agencies are primarily utilised as VIP transports. That includes the Cessna Citations of NPF, Customs and NEMA.
    I believe the acquisition of these machines is evidence of misplaced priorities. Do we really need another VIP transport in this current state of emergency? Even the recently acquired uBoeing 737 transport has been rotting away in Abuja ever since it was delivered to Nigeria. And even sadder is the fact that there are 3 sister ships stuck in the USA due to corruption and bureaucracy.
    Also despite the shortage of rotary wing assets for the war on terror, NPF has at least 3 Bell helicopters stored in Abuja for months. I am aware that NPF has always had trouble crewing the air assets firstly because internal corruption and bureaucracy hinders training and development and secondly because it’s almost impossible to attract any civilian aviator worth his onions to the NPF.

      • ozed says:

        Na wa o Oga Are James, the caption of the link is the exact opposite of what the story is saying. Typical lazy Journalism we are becoming used to!!!!

      • Saints says:

        How come the news of this victory is still not yet detailed on most media that seem to have been following the development of things in damboa

      • Are James says:

        Its deliberate. Thats Premium Times original story. BBC also reported it with prejudice (lol) ..a one line statement. Dem no like us and we no like dem…. thats Ras Kimono btw

      • Saints says:

        Waiting for oga beegs confirmation

    • ozed says:

      Na wa o. This beggars belief. I will assume that there is some plan to fit COMINT facilities on these aircraft otherwise someone must be smoking something.

      In deed, in these days of modular arms, modular applique armour etc, shouldnt some of these VIP transports be re-fitted with rocket and 20mm gun pods, amoured up and used as ground support like mini AC-130 gunships?

      Am sure if the AFIT guys and the ground crew were challenged, they can achieve this, while we await the arrivals of the Super Tucanos.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Ozed, Iraq’s air force got powerful Russian Su-25 Frogfoot Ground Attack / COIN jets in 2 weeks, you are still waiting for heaven to help you fit guns/rockets on some Beechcraft Transport aircraft after 4 years of ongoing war with an insurgency/militancy/rebellion/invasion we have failed to defeat as at today.

        For your information, Iraqi air force bought 10 units of Beechcraft 350 ISTAR and they are armed with guns and rockets, you will continue to scream, shout, pray, fast, and do night vigil before good things happen in Nigerian military equipment/weapons procurement.

        When we civilians talk they will say we should go brush our teeth with toothpaste first.

        Iraqi air force buys 10 units of Beechcraft 350 ER and will use them against Insurgents, adding weapons to the ISTAR equipment. The Iraqis ordered their Beechcraft transport versions separately and those are not priority, so not yet arrived, so 10 ISTAR with weapons, 2 Transporters…..that is what is called a real air force, not an airways/airline/aviation company.

        “According to an article external link in the Long War Journal, Iraq’s King Airs will join their AC-208B Cessna Combat Caravans by adding 2 wing hardpoints for Hellfire laser-guided missiles or DAGR laser-guided rocket pods. This armament would be comparable to the USAF’s MQ-1 Predator UAVs.”

      • Are James says:

        Relatedly, the Iraqi air force is recording modest gains in supporting the ground effort against ISIS. They have flown some successful sorties against the insurgents around Mosul although we don’t know yet of it was just the Frogfoots or a mix of SU25/Beechcraft.

      • Saints says:

        The iraq air force is really enjoying a loss bureaucracy free procurements this period. The 12 Russian SU25 and 10 beechcrafts all playing combat roles, gets you wondering why our government have little concern for our security. We re at war and our defense budget needs to reflect that. We should be transporting troops comfortably with those Boeing747 aircraft to the NE and using the C130’s for heavy lift roles. The skies of maiduguri should at this time be too busy for any terrorist column to just move out freely. There should be a warning system that has at least two of our F7’s ready to engage any unknown convoy moving around this affected area. How can this people just move around en masse so easily .

  3. buchi says:

    heard the news from bbc with those their hausa bongafish reporters present. They said that nd i quote “the NA attacked with heavy air support and long range atillery according to eyewitnesses and sources,scores of insurgents were killed and they were pushed out of gwoza hills after they sacked residents and attempted to for a defencive line”

  4. Akin Oges says:

    Sorry to derail a bit. On my visit last December, I reported the observed relaxed and almost blase conducts of soldiers and NAF Infantry Men on guard duties at different military installations in the commercial nerve centre of our dear Nigeria. I am pleased to report that the authorities have improved standards: the guards at the K-9 facility were switched on; though the sentry tower to the far end should have been manned. The guards at the NAF’s section of the airport were similarly alert; and sensibly the sentry tower was tactically drapped. At the MM International security was tight, outside and inside; in fact, cars are only permitted to come through the Departure access bridge, Arrival access is closed off. And of course Arik Air managed to mess things up for their passengers: for a company that has acquired hard/soft assets worth over $1.5 billion, it was depressing to see how elementary stuff like customer service could be soo terribly over looked at great costs to corporate image and business. I would stop myself from boring you guys with the little irritating details.

    To the subject at hand: these Beechcraft platforms should be helping our valiant frontline chaps with sorely needed surveillance; if they are not already fitted with surveillance facilities, they must be promptly upgraded. It is a crying embarrassment that the mindset is still VIP transport orientation at this critical hour. Na wah Oooo…

    Good morning to all Beegeagle Generals. Oga Beeg, hope you dey sweet Sir?

  5. Tope says:

    Has Anyone heard of the Scorpion Jet made by Textron same makers of the V22 Osprey it cost 20 million dollars accordin to a friend who is in close contact with the American Firm, maybe those in the know can shed more light on this. I think the BBC gave an exclusive few months back I think.

    • Are James says:

      My Brody, on this Scorpion combat jet, diaris god o.
      The world is gonna explode real soon. These guys have put a price of $20m on a subsonic jet aircraft that will take existing engine (no doubt surplus inventory somewhere), cheap nut moderate avionics, some decent ‘surplus’ air to ground weapon systems, did some rudimentary systems integration/testing bolted it into an hastily designed old fashioned airframe and voilà… third world people make una come buy.
      The capital cost is too high and the quoted operating cost of $4000/hr flies in the face of what @Augustine just posted about doing the same with Beechcraft turboprops. American gear is good but trying to make ‘bastard’ money out of the misery of low intensity conflicts happening in third word countries is not to be encouraged.
      I like the jet but make dem drop the price to $12m.

      • mcshegz says:

        hahaha, trust the capitalist to always try and maximize profit, its impossible to ascertain the true cost of this jet, but them try, the jet is sexy, so obviously, using the salesman mentality, attractive should translate to gold coins. Some countries will but this jet ohh, wholesale, and believe me they’ll be none the wiser. Dont get me wrong, Scorpion serves its purpose, but you should buy it and make your own ni, nothing dey that plane abeg… trust man

  6. giles says:

    afta losing large number of troops.wen will we learn .stop sending troops to battle without air support or cover. withdraw does logistics vehicles and equip dem wit standard vehicles dhq.a word is enough for d dis now we can cos if Isis equipments reaches boko haram we are in soup o.

    • ozed says:

      Oga Giles, let us be careful not to paint a wrong picture.

      Close Air Support for soldiers is wonderful and encouraged, but it is not right to say soldiers can only go on the attack with air support. It appears the last ‘sexy wars’ by the US on Iraq (gulf war 1 and 2) and Afghanistan have given a wrong picture of what war is about.
      Go look at the Falklands conflict, and even some of the Israeli battles with the Arabs etc. and you will see that air support is not ubiquitous. You use it when its available, but when its not available you manage without it.

      No Country in the World (except perhaps the US) has sufficient air assets to ensure 100% air cover. Even if they did, weather, poor radio contact, proximity of friendly forces and any number of things outside your control could make air cover unavailable.
      Indeed the Army is trained to function without air cover most of the time, hence the need for clever use of artillery, Armour, infantry maneuvers etc. to mitigate the effects of the absence of air support.

      So for us lets be realistic, in the next 1 year it is unlikely that we would reach a stage in this conflict where the Army can expect 100% air cover, so we must find a way to get the job done nonetheless.

      • Are James says:

        Air support is not the only overwhelming advantage platform. We accept the argument that no country can provide infinite air support but the ready alternatives are the battlefield ‘non equalisers’ like some very sophisticated infantry weapons, AGLs, MGLs, hand operated UAVs, precision mortars, modern recoiless guns. A good philosophy of internal COIN is that the fight should not be a fair fight in terms of weapons match and no soldier should be lost to an insurgent. The cost of a soldier is just too high.

  7. Henry says:

    Nigerian Air Force Institute of Technology Develops Light Trainer Aircraft
    by African Defence Admin • August 7, 2014

    The Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) has designed and developed a light trainer aircraft codenamed “FARAWA 2″.

    Commandant of the institute, AVM Toni Adokwu, made the disclosure yesterday [August 5] during the 43rd graduation ceremony of the institute.

    “Currently, the NAF is faced with the challenge of high unserviceablility status of its primary trainer aircraft, the Air Bettle aircraft, which is equally a light trainer aircraft. Some of the problems associated with the aircraft include the high engine temperature and uncomfortable seats for instructors and student pilots. We believe the design and construction of this new trainer aircraft would address some of the challenges and ultimately address the issue of aircraft unserviceability. The research activities being undertaken by the institution come with huge financial implications and the resource requirement for AFIT to fully operate cannot be borne by the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) as it requires immediate infrastructural and human capacity development in order to achieve its mandate. A bill for the establishment of AFIT as an autonomous institution of higher learning is before the National Assembly,” he said.

    As reported by Maryam Ahmadu-Suka for the Daily Trust

    • jimmy says:
      Thank you for your contribution . My ogas on top I sincerely believe that things are changing and in order to maintain my credibility, I have to call it like I see it.
      1) The collaboration between the most powerful man in the senate David Mark and the number 1 air General implies that this very important bill the AFIT bill will be passed in SEPTEMBER
      2) Reports from the NTA are now stating that the UAV GULMA has been deployed to the North East
      3) The airforce is not only pushing for more funds but in recent weeks it has been no coincidence we are seeing them borrow a very good page from the NAVY first we saw pictures of the Bomb defusing Robot second we are hearing about the deployment of the Gulma and third we are becoming more aware of why the BEETLE will be replaced by the “FARAWA 2″. We know about the FARAWA 1 They need to at the appropriate time need to show pictures because they are worth a thousand words.
      4) In what will be unprecedented for me I am going on faith and things not adding up or making sense, these three aircraft 202, 203, and 204 will almost most certainly not be used for VIP TRANSPORT,
      It does not make sense to transport such highly expensive surveillance equipment with the aircraft when it can and should be fitted at its final destination, moreover this equipment should be synchronized with what will surely be on the ground at a secure location this makes sense to me. I expect the equipment was shipped prior to these planes taking off.(I have friends who ship daily from the US to Nigeria).
      i counted six window slots that means at a minimum these planes can carry 12 heavily armed airforce SF wit valuable Intel anywhere in the NE X3 that is 36 heavily armed troops at a 15 minutes notice this makes sense to me.
      oga BEEGS recently showed us the inside of a beech craft with a tv monitor this to me is what this about. Finally if they wan chop the money why them go through naming the aircraft ? having them fly the aircraft? i tell you why are they are flying the aircraft instead of crating and shipping them not because it is cheaper , but because they want the NAF PILOTS to be used to flying them before those planes land on Nigerian soil.
      The picture is getting clearer no sirs these planes will have a very positive impact for Nigeria on this war.
      In the coming days oga saints please disregard anything and everything you hear from Sahara reporters as the NA RATCHETS UP THE PRESSURE YOU WILL HEAR ALL KINDS OF STORIES INCLUDING from SANI SANI ABOUT A CEASEFIRE , extra JUDICIAL KILLINGS , HOSTAGE SWAP please follow a well known Russian proverb”Trust but verify.”

      • mcshegz says:

        Indeed, i respect your hustle sir, for a fact the Nigerian Airforce needs to be commended, I heard about the AFIT bill as well, to be honest, the only the Nigerian state can truly be said to be independent is when we start to see production lines of Fighter jets, Gunships and the likes, nothing else will work, and i repeat, nothing else, because for as long as we continue to depend on an outside force for replenishment, they will never come fast enough. imagine, ostensibly, an enclave, armed with domestically produced armament as been able to project fear. It seems like militants never run out of bombs to blow abi? guess what, its because all the items are homemade, homemade i say. so it means, so long as they have a home, ehen. Nigeria will continue to fight this war, and with it, she will learn very vital lessons, lessons that will not be forgotten easily because, when you learn you improve, you build on what you have and you move on, Cars and APC’s are already been churned out, thousands a day, similar production lines for bigger aircraft’s, and ships will soon begin to make sense to situate locally and export.
        BUilding on Gulma and Farawa2 will evidently reassert the can do spirit of we humans, no doubt. Again, still listening to akara reporters, you are on a long tin…hehe

  8. Saints says:

    Anybody seen this. Ok i know say sahara reporters are not to be trusted but why is it that the only news we re hearing about this damboa and gwoza operation is just filtering in from this sources
    oga beeg wetin dey happen for that place?

  9. jimmy says:

    M Y OGAS sorry about the derail
    I went to the BBC Africa WEBSITE there was no report. I will logically assume there ” eyewitness account are either dead/ have scurried away or are too upset to report any news where boko haram suffers a setback.
    I went as directed by oga chyde to the defence info mil ng website where they reported amongst other towns delwa , damboa have not only been cleared but the operation is now to capture as many insurgents as possible. I am going to reserve comments till we get further confirmation of events on the ground . One interesting side note the news was carried as late as last week that the army was sending 600 commandos to “retake” DAMBOA
    More on this later,
    OGA BEEGS I know you are really busy but in order not to derail this thread which ( I have something very important to say) Please very respectfully and mindful of your time is it possible to open a thread on this issue at your convenient?

  10. Saints says:

    @ oga henry, i remember you said something about that in a post in 2013. Do you have a link to its rendering or any related image

  11. gbash10 says:

    The C-130 Hercules has been very busy flying more boots to the NE,and the F-7NI fighter jet a.k.a. the flying-coffin too have been used sparingly to kick some BH ass.
    The Ex-German Army Bo-105 armed-multimission helicopter could have been very useful for light attack.
    For the Beechcraft,I also doubt whether they are meant for VIP transport,and for the Kfir C10/ C12 Block 60 fighter jets, it would be a good acquisition pending when the JF-17 Thunder Block II would come into service.The Kfir for now is superior to the JF-17 Thunder Block I in modern avionics but lack the range and agility of the JF-17 at ground level.

  12. Henry says:

    Oga Saints, I’ve been frantically searching for photos of this new trainer. All my efforts have been unsuccessful at the moment.

  13. mcshegz says:

    Why on gods spherical earth will anyone still regard Sahara as a valid source of information, surely you must know by now that it reeks in there. Please regard exemplary sources, such as the one you are currently on. there is no point believing what cannot be corroborated abeg.

    • igbi says:

      “Why on gods spherical earth will anyone still regard Sahara as a valid source of information”
      Answer : first of all we on this blog, we caught sahara reporters liying several times.
      We caught sahara reporters doing propaganda for boko haram several times.
      We also happen to know one thing or two about the heads of sahara reporters, especially that sowore who went to vandalise a Nigerian town hall meeting in new york. We all saw that day that sahara reporters is led by drug addicts.

  14. beegeagle says:

    IF these planes are air taxis and not ISR platforms, then the users need to make some sacrifice hereafter.

    At 2009 prices, these would have cost about US$7 million. They carry about 13 passengers. Conversely, the HARBIN Y12 Mk.IV uses EXACTLY the same kind of Canadian-built Pratt & Whitney engines but carries 19 passengers and costs half as much.

    So if we need more air taxis rather than combat assets, let those come at half the cost of these ones. Perhaps they need 12 units in all. Let the next 6-9 units be half-priced Harbin Y12s. They use the same engine so the logistics chain is not extended in any way. That is what makes sense. Serve ourselves, serve the nation simultaneously.


    HARBIN Y12—Air/Harbin-Y12-II/1531045/L/&sid=41bd36c6e435a922550c9ac1a3ca522f

    • igbi says:

      RT, please kindly take your coldwar elsewhere. Nigeria has an administration, not a regime like russia with its president for life named putin. Russians need to create a revolution against that devil named putin. Russia that useless country, you are isolated, and nobody will come and help you. we are not joigning your sphere of madness, it is your own regime which is repressive and your own people who need a revolution. In nigeria we have democracy and free and fair elections. We don’t have putin, oh sorry life president.

      • igbi says:

        I spoke out of hangar, I shouldn’ have. Rt is to blame not Putin. Nigeria and Russia can be verry useful allies. Two great countries and two great people.

      • igbi says:

        But this article is not worth toilet paper, rt has become a real toilet thesedays.
        The first time I saw Putin speaking as Russian president I was a kid, so RT before making your useless clueless and spurious claims, look around you. Don’t throw stones if your house is made up with glasses.

    • igbi says:

      I can now see where all this conspiracy theory is coming from, I think Rt is one of the main sources. I used to like russia, but my country is off limits. Russia go and fight the usa elsewhere, we are not interested in the problems between both of you.

    • igbi says:

      Oga beeg please kindly take down my comment against russia, we need their warplanes.
      But what I want to say is this: “rt you should hold your journalists to higher standards, it seems you only recruit conspiracy theorists”.

    • mcshegz says:

      HAHAHAHA, Oga, e get as ebi oh. Like Oga Igbi said, in the same article, referring to the Nigerian government as a regime. Even though Regime, and Government are synonyms, that word Regime connotes negative dictatorial tendencies, Mr Maupin ohhhhh, don’t bite more than you can chew, small small ehn, please continue to portray your country in the best light possible, no one holds grudge against that, but please dont ever try to ridicule the largest and most economical viable country in Africa just to garner a few cheap points, hoping that by doing that you can take the heat off of your country. Lessons i learn from this is that, we have no friends, we only have interests, so dont be surprised that hardware and equipment we buy from these countries can be used as leverage when the heat is on and interest begin to crater. Some people and their theories, never seem to amaze me, keep oil flowing? oil flowing where? if Mr. Caleb Maupin even tried to google serf, he would have realized that, Nigeria stopped exporting as much sweet light crude to America as it did years ago, not only because of the said shale production, but also because Nigeria is diversifying its customer base, making India, China bigger customers than said America. So Mr Maupin, please take time out of your busy schedule to carefully analyze your data, before spewing this ridiculous piece you call an OP-ED. Nobody, and i repeat, no government can keep Nigeria down, it is impossible, but please try, because there is no harm in trying and you are free to say whatever you want. Nigeria has one of the freest press in the world, you only have to look up national daily’s to get a clue. So get with the program

  15. gbash10 says:

    Cyber Generals, I just saw one of the Beech craft flying into TAC,very fast less noise!

    • ozed says:

      That should be good news abi? i mean VIP transport aircraft would not be going to TAC? or would they?

      • jimmy says:

        OGA OZED
        I think honestly you just answered your question. Why would a luxury plane be going to one of the most sensitive airbases in Nigeria?.there is a lot of stuff going on some it due to the secrecy will not make sense. What we honestly need to do is calm down and let us judge the military not by what they say but by what they do ” action speaks louder than words”

    • beegeagle says:

      Coded Gbash10, you don start again. What you were suggesting yesterday was that the NAF are getting Kfir C60s in the lead-up to the debut of the JF17 Thunder Block II.

      As usual, you were just dropping Morse code everywhere. So what else is new at the NAF? We hope that the transformation goes beyond these VIP transport planes. It is a PRIORITY 4 acquisition behind

      ALX Super Tucano/Mi-35M/Mi-171Sh Terminator/Mi-24V/Mi-35P/Mi-17


      ISR platforms

  16. xnur44 says:

    The Beechcraft replaces the Dornier series in the liaison role and already in operation.

    • gbash10 says:

      That bird is really faster than the Dornie series it is replacing,if that is the game plan.
      Na wa for this our NAF self.

    • gbash10 says:

      Hmmm… I am having both pictures as part of my collection of military aircrafts on my computer, the NAF 700,701,702,703,704,705,710(G27-337) …Jaguar jets.
      Amongst the NAF Jaguar jets that I have listed their numbers, the NAF 702 double-seater looks very bad with flat tires !!! another one that can not identified behind it.
      All the Jags and MiGs are now packed outside in the open not even under the new hangars.
      Chai !our money don go for nothing boys de die any how, kai we don suffer … my chest de pain me.

    • gbash10 says:

      Hmmm… I am having both pictures as part of my collection of military aircrafts on my computer, the NAF 700,701,702,703,704,705,710(G27-337) …Jaguar jets.
      Amongst the NAF Jaguar jets that I have listed their numbers, the NAF 702 double-seater looks very bad with flat tires !!! another one that can not be identified behind it.
      All the Jags and MiGs are now packed outside in the open not even under the new hangars.
      Chai !our money don go for nothing boys de die any how, kai we don suffer … my chest de pain me.

  17. beegeagle says:

    Oga XNur44, if you recall that Jaguar lift-off in 1982 and were possibly a NAF rookie, na im be say you go don reach up, up AVM side :-). Hmnn…see bigger and badder guys.

    Meanwhile, what happens to the Dornier 228-212s now. Those were delivered 1988-92?…almost in tandem with the Albatros jets under the Babangida regime.

    BTW and for the benefit of the ‘small boys’ (our aburos) 🙂 in da house who dunno what has gone before, don’t be fooled at all o. IBB was a great foe of the NAF. Na him, sanctions and Sani wey join hand to cripple NAF…believe.

  18. jimmy says:

    Thank you OGA XNUR
    It just did not make sense to me that they would all be used for “VIP treatment”. There are some things best left unsaid but my street smarts would not let it go. GOD seeing those jags really tore me apart . OGA BEEGS, I was a young teenager just about to head for yankee when daily times broke the news . I was so proud can you imagine they bought I believe 18 ! at one swoop . This is when oil was $9 a barrel ah om a she o(ah so sad).
    I just hope my ogas that we get these helicopter and just maybe the su27/ su30, however as we are discovering in IRAQ. AIR SUPREMACY is a determining factor but the dirty fighting as is what happening in Damboa still takes place on the ground.

    • beegeagle says:

      To win this war and keep casualties down, we need to prioritise air power to a point fringing on either insanity or fanatical devotion. Worthwhile…given that the reach, power and possibilities are legion.

      Look what the Yankees did to ISIS from the air today? First blood drawn from the air. We need COIN assets and deep strike jets like the Su-27/30s. I shall never cease to trumpet that given our fixation with short-legged jets such as the F7 and Kfir C60. We need to prepare to respond to dynamics in the region which impact our national interest instead of only ever fixating on homeland defence.

      • jimmy says:

        OGA BEEGS
        I am tempted to say what I truly think will be the outcome because you have struck a chord in me……………………….( deep breath….. counting to ten) .

  19. xnur44 says:

    The Do 228-212s are still in service and are platforms for graduating pilots onto the G222s and C130s. The Albatros are good at their roles but the Jaguars will require a president directive for them to be revamped; the current leaders of NAF have no interest in that platform.
    Jimmy, twelve (12) new single seat and six (6) twin seaters were acquired, the jag in the pix and five others (used) were actually flown from USA to UK for a camo makeover where they were used for pilot training before delivery to Nigeria.

    I implore everyone to be patient, delivery has started and ongoing, while there are legitimate agitations for combat systems there is a vast difference between weapon platform and munitions types to be used by these weapon platforms. Can expected platforms deploy improved conventional munitions? I am not really impressed by the caliber and munition type being deployed by the NAF in the ongoing conflict.

  20. Henry says:

    Oga Xnurr please stop speaking in codes. Are you saying NAF has started receiving combat fixed wing assets?

  21. freeegulf says:

    ACM Xnurr, always good to hear your inputs. NAF should naturally be the most innovative and fast moving service. its a shame they are so so lost!
    i pray the NN get good funding. they are heads and shoulders above NAF and NA

  22. xnur44 says:

    More so freeegulf, leadership sometimes define the scope and direction of an armed service.

  23. beegeagle says:

    Here is what an Airforce at war elsewhere is looking to do.


  24. beegeagle says:


    AFGHAN AIR FORCE SCRAPPING THEIR FLEET OF TWENTY (note the numbers thereof) ALENIA G222/C27 PLANES; PREFER AN-26/AN-32 (I thought Western commentators propagated the myth of their unreliability). Reality check for Nigerians who imagine that Russian hardware are at once, second rate. Now you know where I am coming from…

  25. xnur44 says:

    Clearly the Afghans are not happy with the shambolic contract and it is really going to make the C-27A a hard sell indeed. When Alenia came to the NAF expo they tried to make a hard sell of the modernized C-27A. My personal choice would be to look in the direction of Embraer (props/jets) for our medium transport planes, their platforms are at par with the russian versions in economy, and ease of use.
    Our maintenance contract on NAF G222s is direct with Alenia (no middleman syndrome).

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