Nigerian Army Special Forces commandos and a BTR-3 APC seen for the first time in Nigerian service

Nigerian Army Special Forces commandos and a BTR-3 APC seen for the first time in Nigerian service

Aug 7, 2014

Scores of Boko Haram terrorists may have been killed yesterday in Damboa town as soldiers of the 25 Task Battalion yesterday staged a special operation that led to the recapture of the seized town.

The 25 Task Battalion was recently deployed to specially tackle the insurgents and recapture Damboa weeks after the insurgents had attacked the military base there, killed its commander and about a dozen other security personnel, as well as sacked the residents.

LEADERSHIP was reliably informed by a top security person in Maiduguri that the task force brigade “has today recaptured Damboa and sent some of the insurgents fleeing while some other members of the Boko Haram died in the hours of shootout”.

According to the source, the operation was facilitated by the Nigerian Air Force Alpha Jet and the ground troop artillery. It was also gathered that more troops are being deployed into the hinterlands of Damboa for clearing patrol

Damboa was last month sacked and over 5,000 residents of the agrarian town were forced to flee to Gombe and Biu towns where they are presently being camped.


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  1. Obix says:

    Great job! Chase them and exterminate the fleeing pests!

  2. Kf says:

    Good job. The Nigerian flag will have to be firmly planted in the Sambisa reserve and the Mandara Mountains for us to break the back of this violent medieval barbaric movement. Till then we wait

  3. Augustine says:

    Task Battalion Nigerian Army, super heroes of Nigeria, I salute, you are our 3rd marine commandos of today.

    We miss photos of this sweet victory that would have come in dozens from Sirius Black live and direct from the battlefield….would have loved to flash those pictures in the eyes of BBC and Sahara to make their tea taste sugarless tomorrow morning.

    • giles says:

      and sirius black almost lost his life yesterday

      • igbi says:

        The first page of my first published book will read: “To serious black, a true Nigerian hero, may you live a long beautiful life”.

      • Are James says:

        For real?

      • igbi says:

        I would like to take this statement back. I do not know who the guy is and what his intentions are or if someone is impersonating him right now, so i don’t want to endorse him on these premises. I think I will go with the unknown Nigerian soldier as my hero.

  4. Are James says:

    Chase, secure the area, dominate the environment on land, use properly positioned humint assets to identify regrouping pockets of resistance and proactively destroy them, preferably from the air. No matter what anybody says there is no winning this without air support.

    • smartboy2000 says:

      My Lord CyberGeneral Are James, you always hit the nail on the head. There is no way we are going to win this asymmetric warfare without the fire-power of the Nigerian Airforce. This is a 21st century warfare and air support is the key to winning this kind of warfare. Our Army Special Forces need constant forward clearance of the theatre before they go in for the kill. These guys are duly trained for close quarter combat, and with air support they would surely destroy the enemy. God Bless Nigeria.

  5. jimmy says:

    The real war sometimes is not in the air. The AIR FORCE has to play a very dominant role for this war to come to it’s inevitable conclusion the real war is and will based on communications between the airforce and the navy.
    It is expected and can be written a major counter attack probably will take place Thursday/ Fri/ Sat / Sun For reasons best known to them Delwa and Damboa seem to be the two towns the ENEMY seem suicidally bent on hanging on to.
    STRATEGICALLY it appears to be their designed strong hold. The NA needs to turn dambo into a no go area by reinforcing it , fortifying it and requiring all able bodied men to carry an id.
    The cjtf should also be encouraged.Congrats to the NA on an expected outcome , it would also serve as a morale boost to the troops to send out some pictures or short videos of both these times.
    OGA BEEGS in the ultimate form of irony the dhq website used one of your pictures.Thank you for opening up one of these threads ,I know it is not easy because sometimes I struggle to contribute because of work.

  6. Saints says:

    A very goodnews, this would boost the NA rating among the populace. And this would question the several attempt by several media’s to discredit its efforts

  7. igbi says:

    Music to my ears !

  8. beegeagle says:

    MUST READ: Nigeria, Boko Haram and the ‘Sri Lankan Model’ of counter-insurgency

    • peccavi says:

      Another poor analysis like HRW’s.
      Focussing on isolated incidents rather than the campaign as a whole. Sensationalist nonsense

      • doziex says:

        The Srilankan Armed forces, simply grew their strength, equipped themselves, and developed specialized counterinsurgency TTTPs.

        So, when LTTE went for conventional tactics, they were overmatched. When they reverted back to asymmetric warfare, SLA had the specialized units to deal with them.

        The LTTE eventually ran out of tricks and options.

        Like Biafra, they bought turbo prop planes, but they only managed one ineffective raid.

        Their sea tigers were initially effective with suicide speed boats, but with the acquisition of isreali Dvora FACs, the sea tigers where eventually neutralized.

        On land, a superior SLA force eventually cornered the territory holding LTTE, and smashed them into submission, regardless of tamil civilian hostages.

        Angola under soviet and EO tutelage, also achieved a similar feat against unita.

  9. cryptologist says:

    Way to go!!! Now that the baggers have retreated to their usual sanctuary Hills around Gworza and Mandara Mt. (Al-Barnawi’s men) . NA just have to isolate the stragglers from Damboa theater, Sambisa (fake shekau’s men) and Yobe(Bukar’s man) from the Hardcore Al-Barnawi’s fighters who prefer operating in cells. Lastly, These specialized troops shouldnt be sitted down in damboa but be used like TF-20 or CJTF-W in OIF Ops Iraqi Freedoom. Kudos to those brave hearts. Meanwhile, Tunisia is getin 12 black hawks

  10. Donian007 says:

    Good And Great, bh must go because na only dem waka cum! So excited, by the way, I listened to Kamara’s live phone interview with journalists on Nigeria Info FM PortHarcourt, he was so clueless, he said he got the video and testimonies after spending a week in Maiduguri, that guy is n*ts and I also loved the way the two journalists clearly showed disapproval and doubts over his responses. Plz, I hope SiriusBlack is fine?

  11. jimmy says:

    Sirus Black I will say a special prayer for you tonight.

  12. Buchi says:

    Music ears now dats more like it..

  13. doziex says:

    Why is the BBC reporting that BH captured yet another town in north east Nigeria, and nothing about this operation that freed damboa ?

    Anyway, This seems to me as more of the same.

    Even when NA gears up for an offensive, it’s airstrikes, artillery barrage, then the assault force follows.
    We never seem to put a blocking force in place, to prevent the insurgents from escaping.
    It’s hammer, without the Anvil.
    So they survive and regroup to make trouble another day.

    Granted this is very difficult to implement. The Anvil aka blocking units, require stealth, as they can be easily overrun if discovered too early.
    Effective close air support and helicopter insertion is essential for the viability of such units.
    Essentially, they are deploying behind enemy lines, to set up ambushes on obvious escape routes, before NA implements the hammer.

    Otherwise, it becomes a “whack a mole ” exercise.

    This was the bread and butter of SADF COIN OPS, and EO’s ops in angola and sierra leone.

    That is why they succeeded where others didn’t.

    This kind of search and destroy ops, or hammer and anvil ops, utilizing heliborne and ground units and the correct TTTPs is what would neutralize BH in the NE, NOTHING ELSE.

    • Are James says:

      BH used to be very agile, organized around attack but dis-organized when retreating and hard to track and pick up.This was their strength until they started going for broke, seizing territory (almost unbelievable) moving in long convoys and laying amaterish ambushes for counter attacking NA forces. They can now be defeated by more conventional strategies than what used to obtain before ..especially using airstrikes. Believe me, things are changing from traditional COIN to a more conventional one because of their arrogance. Moving about in convoys of hiluxes and captured armoured cars is a real advantage to the NAF/NA but fortuitously for them the NAF went to sleep and are only now just waking up.
      Years ago, these lapses in air support would have been sanctioned heavily by the nation’s political leadership made up of military men themselves but now its rolly Polly politicians afraid of uniform. I remember quite well the then nation’s no2 man Admiral Akhigbe public carpeting commanders in Liberia and Sierra Leone years ago over the under utilization of air cover after some reverses.
      These are the most self indulgent years for some of our generals let them enjoy it while it lasts because it won’t be for long.

      • doziex says:

        Oga Are James, BH would switch to conventional tactics when it suits them.

        As you said , NAF and NA aviation has been napping for a long time. Due to lack of assets.
        So I rightly predicted that they were going to overrun, and hold towns, with NA as is, not able to do much about it.

        As Oga Aso rock said, our armored formations, seems to have degenerated to motorized infantry formations, with some armored support.

        Clearly, a lot of our assets, Tanks, APCs, artillery pieces etc, are yet to be resuscitated, and NA clearly have not replaced them.

        If BH can overrun towns and barracks in the NE for any length of time, unmolested, I am on the record as saying, they would soon muster the courage and the assets to march on Abuja ISIS style.

        And like the Iraqi army up until their emergency purchase of Russian jets, the Nigerian armed forces would not have the air assets to stop such an advance.

      • igbi says:

        “So I rightly predicted that they were going to overrun, and hold towns, with NA as is, not able to do much about it.”
        No you wrongfully predicted that, and as you can see the NA has chased the terrorists out ! Perhaps you need to stop your “predictions” mr “psychich”.

      • igbi says:

        Oga doziex, how come you see a defeat in each victory ? NA chases boko haram out of Damboa and that to you is proof that boko haram will soon be inAbuja ! Please calm down with your fear mongering.

      • doziex says:

        Oga igbi, how about the rest of the news ?

        Yeah we chased BH out of damboa, while other towns are falling.

        The situation is fluid, and seems confused.

        BH roams, conducts ambushes and ransacks towns and military positions at will.

        Or is just true when you say it is, and a lie when it suits you ?

        However, driving BH from damboa is good news, if we indeed trapped and neutralized the bastards.

        If we let them escape and ransack the next town or check point, what do you call that ?

      • igbi says:

        Oga Doziex, wouldn’t it be more honest if you gave the names of the “towns” you are talking about rather than saying “other towns”. And I can see that you have also jumped in the boat of calling villages towns when it is reported that they suffered casualties from boko haram.

  14. peccavi says:

    25 Tank Battalion not Task battalion. Not sure which Brigade it belongs to.
    All I can say is well done but the battle is not over.
    Theey wll havee planned for this and laced the place with IEDs and be preparing their counter attack.
    Secure lines of communications, register the artillery and mortars and start sending out patrols.
    They must not be allowed to rest, regroup or escape

    • asorockweb says:

      Well done. boys

      NA tank battalions have become motorized infantry.

      In fact, apart from the artillery corps, the whole army is motorized infantry, sometimes supported by armour.

      NA has to be careful not to be overtaken by BH’s pace of action; BH shouldn’t be able to takeover towns faster than we can retake them.

  15. WachanGuy says:

    Sirius Black and all other members of our armed services my thoughts and prayers are with you at this trying time for yourselves professionally and for us all as stakeholders in the Nigerian state. However I believe, and I know all well meaning Nigerians will agree that we need to quit our fire brigade approach to running a country. It has taught us countless hard lessons which strangely have not been adopted, including during the prosecution of this war against BH. I fervently pray this will not be our downfall as one Nigeria

  16. doziex says:

    With no reliable information coming from NA or the sahara reporters/ BBC, Nigerians are dangerously in the dark as to what is going on.

    I find it difficult to just write off the story lines of sahara reporters, because NA’s history of hiding embarrassing losses.

    With this news black out, Nigerian’s like the free town residents circa 1998/99 would never know when BH would attain ” break out ” strength and capabilities, which would allow them to descend on the rest of the nation without warning.

    This war is bigger than the ego or reputation of our military institutions.
    What is best for the survival of the nation should be put before pride.

    If things are going bad, tell it like it is, so we can make hay while the sun is still shining.

    This is the reason, I have been suggesting PMCs to the Chagrin of many on this blog.

    I also wish that our armed forces can be heroic and rid us of this menace.
    But truth cannot be sacrificed in the name of security or preventing embarrassment.

    Our soldiers are heroes no doubt, but many of our political leadership, and some military brass, have betrayed Nigerians on a daily basis with their strength sapping , destructive greed and corruption.
    Our military in turn, hides their reverses, because they know of their potential, and what is expected of them.

    This is a terrible mix, that proved disastrous in sierra leone.
    The same seems to be going on in the north east, and the ramifications will make freetown dec 98/ jan 99 look like a picnic.
    Google it, if you don’t remember what happened.

    • igbi says:

      Oga doziex, I hope you know that the only information one gets from your write-up is that you are scared. Now apply nationality to your thinking. Perhaps it is time you stopped using that Freetown infiltration story. I shall remind you that it was an infiltration and that the Nigerian military dealt with the rebels and chased them out. Stop your fear mongering. Perhaps one day we will hire PMCs while on missions abroad just to please you.

      • doziex says:

        Bro, you sound like a broken record with your fear mongering statement.

        You were not the 1st, and I suspect you would not be the last to accuse me of such.

        But if the story from thisday doesn’t scare you, you either have your entire family living in france, or you just don’t care much for what happens to your fellow citizens.

        If you would be honest, you would admit that I long ago predicted the prevailing situation.

        And those who opposed me then, said I was exaggerating or fear mongering.

        It is fine if you reject PMCs, but you had better be clear that your motivation is more than mere NA pride, or just opposing my suggestions.

        Again, I urge you to google and refresh your mind on what happened in freetown.

        The AFRC/RUF rebels sacked a major city protected by NA troops.

        Footage of the aftermath still exists online.

        BH have already been doing that in maidugri and it’s environs. damboa was a recent victim.

        So what I am talking about is an ISIS like surge into the rest of the country catching all of us unawares.

        What you call fear mongering, I call fair warning.

      • igbi says:

        Look the Freetown infiltration is well documented. The rebels infiltrating the flow of refugees and opening fire on Nigerian soldiers while using the refugees as human shields. Notice that the Nigerian army chased the rebels out of freetown. And it is you who is sounding like a broken record, the village called damboa has been liberated. I really think you need to stop your fear mongering.

      • doziex says:

        Whether they infiltrated or overran freetown, what material difference does it make to the civillians ?

        7 thousand lives got snuffed out in 2 weeks.

        Almost the whole city was burnt down. Those who survived had their limbs chopped off.

        BH has already proven they can match the brutality of any known rebel group.

        What do you think will happen if they infiltrate into any thriving Nigerian city ?

      • igbi says:

        I am sorry but the conversation with you is not on a rational level.
        Your ultimate aim is to have everybody cowarded into crying for PMCs, and I shall say you are verry good at that, but it is not going to work here. I don’t live with “what ifs”. The Nigerian army has the experience learnt in places like freetown to say the least. I have total confidence in the Nigerian army. I would like to urge the FG to make equipping the Nigerian army its biggest priority, because that is necessary in order to claim any winning strategy.

  17. AreJames says:

    They are trying to take more territory and counting no cost too great before the requisite air power comes to the Nigerian side. The president has to step in with the right questions as we restrain ourselves from calling out the people who are letting this country and its armed forces down.

    • doziex says:

      Chief, these folks seem to be getting stronger not weaker.

      Even with the engagement of Cameroonian troops, BH is waxing strong on both sides of the border.
      Something tells me that the Cameroonians are minimizing their losses.

      Arms and reinforcements seems to have come from somewhere, perhaps chad, or maybe CAR who knows.
      Maybe they are just better trained Nigerian cadres.
      But NA defensive positions are being overrun in several key locations according to the thisday story.
      This is bad.
      And I hate to have been proven right in this regard.


      Simiply because we didn’t invest in these capabilities inspite of weaknesses revealed in SLR and in the niger delta.
      Rather than fixing the problems, things were allowed to continue decaying.
      Now at the 11th hour we expect NA to turn out a miracle.
      And still Abuja has been dragging it’s feet in re equipping our armed forces.

      I will say it again NA needs to CONSULT, CONSULT, CONSULT.

      Their are CREDIBLE companies world wide with such expertise.
      Several better prepared nations have consulted with PMCs.
      Any honest observer of this conflict would agree that NA seems to be “winging it”.

      US,UK, Chinese and isreali nation to nation advisors are cool, but they are not really invested in our success or failure. They are keeping a safe distance.

      The correct advisors (Motivated by reputation and of course, profit ) would do the following.

      (1) Point out area’s where change is needed.
      (2) Assist NA brass with coming up with a winning strategy.
      (3) Bring frontline troops up to speed with the correct Tactics, Training, Techniques and Procedures.
      (4) The Mentor/ advisory relationship, would increase moral

      However, If we let this situation further deteriorate, we would get to a point where companies like STTEP says thanks but no thanks. The horse has left the barn.

      Or we could have NA so demoralized and ineffective, that we need to hire direct combatants to save Nigeria.

      • igbi says:

        message sent to you from “PMC Number one”,
        PMC or you go die !
        Nice advert, even though reality was out of reach on it.

  18. Buchi says:

    Our unfriendly sahara friends are reporting something else

    • igbi says:

      What is clear and which I proved in many occasions is that sahara reporters is serving boko haram propaganda right now. Their reporting style is very hostile towards Nigeria, it is way above bashing. Can you imagine they said Giwa barracks were overtaken by boko haram ? I think ignoring their rubbish or writing it only to disprove it seems like the best move.

    • mcshegz says:

      Why on gods spherical earth will anyone still regard Sahara as a valid source of information, surely you must know by now that it reeks in there. Please regard exemplary sources, such as the one you are currently on. there is no point believing what cannot be corroborated abeg.

  19. giles says:

    that is true o.a mopol officer said we’re ask to retreat from gwoza to damaturu wen d town pls let d Nigerian govt tell us d truth now.other wise I am beginning to suspect dem

    • igbi says:

      which mopol officer ? I guess the guy has a name.

    • igbi says:

      I tend to not take quotes from “a” seriously.

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Giles, hahaha, suspect your own government, omo, na wah ohh, a whole Nigerian government, not a captain somewhere, or a minister, or a police officer, or even a senator, Suspect the whole government, Sometimes ehn, i wonder, what could be the rationale for the suspicion, because understandably you are vexed by whats going on, Oga, please join the queue, nobody is satisfied about our current challenges cum opportunities, but that’s not enough to suspect the Nigerian government, please provide proof, and Oga’s in here will be the first to help you curse out that said traitor. Other than that, please mind the language, as the so called government is you and i. Nothing stops you and i from being in higher positions of authority, at that point, will it be justifiable to condemn without proof? will that be fair to you and i?

      • Are James says:

        I am very worried about your views on government and institutions in general. It is very un emancipative. The impression you give is that gov’t is a divine institution peopled by the most socially responsive human beings who have everybody’s interest at heart and worse still they deserve 100% support and 0% criticism. This is sadly not true.
        The world today is failing because of nothing else but poor leadership and failed govts. Switch on your TV and within 5secs it jumps at you. The worst of them all are on our continent, people enter gov’t without an idea of what is needed to be done, how it is to be done and worse still dont even care. The electorate have become mere pawns for actualizing some individual aspirations and fulfilment. Do you not think it odd that the civil war took just three years and this one is taking double that?.. even though in this one we have the whole world on our side but the other one, maybe half?. What has changed that it is taking so long?.
        The most interesting case study about how governments should be approached is Israel with its very robust challenge of government actions even in war time. Insults are hurled freely in the press and during goverment cabinet meetings which are always fragile coalitions anyway. The insults come if previous high standards are not met in every sector. You would do all this too of you were a small country in the midst of terrible enemies, individual tender egos mist give way to survival. Israel threw a former President in jail for sexual harassment and the Lebanon invasion wartime Prime Minister is in jail for corruption. Interestingly both guys were in office at around the same time that Israel had its worst showing against its enemies which proves the popular dictum that corruption of national leadership weaken nations and turns them to putty before inferior forces.

      • mcshegz says:

        Yes Sir, Oga Are James, Governments are indeed divine institutions, your exact words not mine, these institutions are meant to outlive you and i. You do not burn down an institution just to tackle a person you feel has done wrong, moreover where is the proof. “The most interesting case study about how governments should be approached is Israel with its very robust challenge of government actions even in war time”
        Very many people will disagree with that statement with all due respect, and i’m sure you know that. So before we go off on a tangent, the main point of my post above is that you do not attack a whole government with baseless allegations, unearth the proof and accuse the individual/individuals that need to be punished. That is the most scientific and logical way to handle problems, certainly not a blanket solution.
        “The electorate have become mere pawns for actualizing some individual aspirations and fulfillment.”
        Yes this is true, the electorate world over is always a pawn, we all know that. Only people who have the time and energy to get involved truly get the bigger picture.
        “Do you not think it odd that the civil war took just three years and this one is taking double that?.. even though in this one we have the whole world on our side but the other one, maybe half?. What has changed that it is taking so long?”
        Again sir, insinuations, what is the proof that the whole world as you put it is on our side, the whole world? are you sure, i very much doubt that, what i am most certain of is that Nigerians have to solve this problem, with or without the so called support. So if a Nigerian is telling us to be suspicious of our government, then the question is who do we trust, as you say, the Israeli government? omo, that doesn’t sound receptive, a Nigerian people with an Israeli government?
        “Israel threw a former President in jail for sexual harassment and the Lebanon invasion wartime Prime Minister is in jail for corruption.”
        Exactly, you throw someone in jail, not the government, the government is the people whether we like it or not, the government is therefore divine, as the voice of the people is the voice of God. It is easy to throw tantrum, its easy to always blame the government for everything, and when you tv is not working, its the government too, if you ask me, that cant be right. The Nigerian government is bigger than anyone person, it is bigger than all of us, so please respect that institution, it gets hard in times like this, but men are defined not only by their actions in time of peace but by their actions when war is upon us.

  20. giles says:

    my broda in every lie der is always an atom of truth.why buy vip transport wen ur troops at dieing .it’s d military n govt fault dat s.reporters are spreading dis ur so-called fake news.even our nairaland broda confirmed it.

    • igbi says:

      No that is not true. Every lie is a lie, no atom of truth. Please let us stop quoting some useless proverbs, I think we are old enough to think ! a proverb is not a theorem my friend.

      • giles says:

        yesterday made me believe something. which says unless u lose a loved one in dis bokoharam war u will believe is only a conspiracy or propaganda.and pls explain why we bought VIP transport instead of CAS aircraft

      • doziex says:

        Oga Igbi, your ostrich strategy of putting your head in the sand, and calling everything a lie is not helping NA or Nigeria.

        Since NA has not been transparent, the truth lies somewhere in between.

        If sahara reporters are fabricating these stories, the worst that can happen is that we over worry ourselves and hopefully over prepare for a non existent threat.

        But if they are right, woe betide any body that belittled the urgency of the situation.

      • igbi says:

        Oga Doziex, your logics imply that ennemy propaganda is good for us. And that is not true, so your logics are wrong. We need to gear up our armed forces anyway, and sahara reporters is helping nobody but boko haram. A little bit of rationality can save the day.

      • igbi says:

        Oga giles, stop taking stories as facts so easily ! Some people alleged that the NAF was buying VIP transport aircrafts and then you quickly jump into that and take it as a fact. So your question is misplaced. And please get more serious.

  21. Oje says:

    Action, reaction circle continues ……….

  22. beegeagle says:



    pls check your inboxes

  23. giles says:

    igbi d air force website said so not somebody. pls tell d military to come out clean y all dis lies

    • igbi says:

      Oh so the airforce website said we were buying VIP transport aircrafts ! The more you say, the less serious you look.

  24. igbi says:

    Oga Doziex, it seems against your own interests that Nigerians would have confidence in their military. And I think that that is why you see defeat in each victory.

    • doziex says:

      A grown up would know the difference between reality, and wishful thinking.

      I wish that our armed forces could be all they can be, but I know that they are currently not.

      • igbi says:

        I didn’t know we were in a philosophy lesson.

      • doziex says:

        Well buddy, no one on this blog dishes out more individual lectures than you.

        So, if you stick to your analysis of the story pro or con, and quit lecturing everybody, you would probably get no philosophy lectures in return.

  25. Deway says:

    Good to hear. Should have been done a while back. but still good. Sad to see such comment from Sirius Black, it tells what is really happening in the front line. Officers MIA because of BH’s superior firepower. When will we get it right? The entire 7 Division needs to be totally reorganized

    • igbi says:

      boko haram has superior fire power only in fake sheakau’s dreams. I would like to remind you that Sirius black wrote that comment at a momment in which his life was under great distress. he wrote an other comment after that and said ” the bastards are getting desperate”. I think he was careless with his comment and I don’t understand why soldiers are allowed access to their phones while in operations. Well it hasn’t been established yet that sirius black is a soldier, but at least we know he has access to troops. i was really dissapointed by that comment of his. Is he going to do that each time he encounters danger ?

      • AreJames says:

        I grudgingly agree with you on this point. It was partly protest and partly disillusionment two emotions that a soldier is not permitted to indulge. There is also the question whether the whole thing about posting pictures from the war zone is actually in line with military tradition. The answer again is no. Your question as to whether SB is actually a serving soldier is therefore a valid one. We have to control our collective disappointment in some institutions and channel them in such a way that we don’t destroy the institutions we are trying to save.

      • igbi says:

        We often disagree with each other, but we don’t need to always agree, all we need to do is keep in mind that all that matters is Nigeria. Nigeria and Nigeria alone. This war is personal !

  26. Augustine says:

    Bad news gentlemen, Sirius Black confirmed about 2 days ago with live and direct information from the war zone that Nigerian armed forces are losing this war as Boko Haram becomes more effective and getting beyond our control, they are more daring and surprisingly strong on the battlefield.

    Sirius Black himself was almost killed in action in the past 48 hours or so.
    I personally replied his cry and assured him we will win this war someday somehow at a time and date nobody knows.

    I have warned Sirius Black to stop posting war reports on internet or else he will be arrested and transformed from hero to villain in 5 minutes by the military authorities. I advised him to privately email his information to Oga Beegeagle backstage for proper and wise handling.

    My friend and officer in the army intelligence Corp has warned me too, he said the hammer will fall soon, and a few days later the order came from COAS as predicted.

    Last year I was wrongly ID matched with a NAF officer with same name, threats came against me from an IP address traced to Makurdi, probably TAC NAF. Threats to the family of the NAF officer were issued and posted online, the ‘mole’ could be anybody, but friends like Oga Henry warned me to hibernate completely until it looks safe to return.

    Sirius Black should stop ALL his war comments on internet, those who have his email and GSM should advice him. If we lose the war, it is not his personal problem, when heavens fall, all heads will broken not him alone.

    My conclusion….Nigeria will win this war by force or by negotiation/unilateral Boko cessation…but the cost to Nigeria will be great and the scar of our nation’s wounds will be there forever .

    • igbi says:

      he said that when his life was threatened and when the danger was over he said “the bastards are getting desperate”. The two comments contradict each other. Given the circumstances, I think he panicked for his life. And his later statement is a testimony that the bastards were defeated in that battle. Moreover I think he was talking about the battle and not the war itself ! That is a poor choice of words from him. So to conclude with, don’t take what he said while he was in danger as the truth of the situation. We have just claimed back the village of Damboa. I believe we are applying a winning strategy. And that is what this should be about : are we working according to a winning strategy ? And the answer is yes, as far as the politicians keep making procurement for the military their top priority. To conclude with: “we are winning this war”. (the only meaning that such a sentence can have is that our strategy is a winning one).

    • igbi says:

      ” If we lose the war, it is not his personal problem, when heavens fall, all heads will broken not him alone.”
      Yeah, that is the mentality that will move us forward.
      You seem to be advicing Nigerian soldiers to be the opposit of the soldier in the US pledge:
      Please think twice before saying things you say.
      Our victory is personal to all of us. We must all pledge that we make it personal.

    • rka says:

      @Oga Augustine, it appears that person claiming to be Sirius Black is a fake. Sirius himself said he was going to de-activate his account so it could well be a mischief maker has decided to impersonate him.

      There is no way Sirius Black would have made that statement looking at his track record and he has too much respect for authority to undermine the army in general with such a statement.

  27. Augustine says:

    Meanwhile just an observation. The true ID of Sirius Black remains unknown. His emotions seems female while his actions/reasoning seems male. His knowledge seems military but his pastime activities seems civilian. Nice way to cover tracks. Let his/her true ID remain secret until wisdom makes it wise to reveal, but only if necessary. He has enemies from both the African and Arab world. God be with you and bless you Sirius Black, Amen !

  28. jimmy says:

    OGAS please calm down.
    OGA PECCAVI said it best . This war is not going to be over tomorrow.The thread was discuss the retaking of Damboa not the successes or failures of the NA let us sometimes stay in focus. This is a very unconventional war and in most cases Heavy Armour is virtually useless.
    If you don’t believe please ask the IDF how many tanks they have lost in less than a week of fighting against a foe that does not have a single APC.
    Let us keep things in perspective when Damboa was in the grip of bh we rightly were justified in our outrage to the NA when two attempts to take it clumsily failed it was open season.
    Now that it has been retaken and by all accounts it was bloody we are still finding fault even bh ‘ lap dog bbc refused to report the good . Let us not froth at the mouth at everything that the Military does as being bad , please let us keep things in perspective.
    Sirus Black if it was him was injured it does not mean if he falls ( god forbid) that does not mean the battle is lost . I doubt very much someone who is severely injured has time to write and blog.
    They will get there it is not going to take one day.
    The US GOVT by this weekend will re-enter into IRAQ for GULF WAR 3. For those of us on this blog who have been screaming for the air assets including myself .IRAQ HAS RECEIVED such assets from Russia has it improved the results on the ground? by best accounts the isis has seized even more territory since they got the so called help from Russia
    1) The largest Christian city has fallen
    2) The largest Dam in IRAQ is a no go AREA
    3) ISIS has seized oil wells in Kurdish territory
    4) The Kurds themselves now need help.
    My ogas the situation remains fluid let us see how events play out this weekend we know bh will stage reprisal attacks this weekend right after FRIDAY PRAYERS.

    • AreJames says:

      The jets are actually making a difference for them. Not all they bought have been brought to play yet in terms of Air power so we will wait and see. The US is going to start a UAV and cruise missile campaign the likes of which we have not seen before… if not in terms of volume of tnt dropped bit actual accuracy of delivery. Air power is the only key as long as the enemies are the kind that do no mind heavy casualties and can strap explosives on their bodies and charge into columns of MRAPs and APCs.

      • jimmy says:

        You are right they . Do not forget MOSUL with all its attendant INFRASTRUCTURE is in their ENTRENCHED grip. i just finished reading on BBC africa about A numbskull from Britain ( what is it about Britain and my country THE US thar attracts these fools to become RADICALIZED?).
        What will eventually stop ISIS however won’t be the air assets it will be a combo of the us INTERVENING directly and the NUMBSKULLS over extending themselves , right now all is in their favor including AND MOST IMPORTANTLY the completely incompetent sunni baiting/ hating IRAQI prime minister who woke up one morning and discovered that IRAQ SHIA COUNTRY ONLY.

  29. igbi says:

    augustin, our victory is a personal affair not just for each of our soldiers, but also for each and every one of us. We will remain free. We shall all as if the victory result of the conflict relies on us alone, and that is what the soldiers do best. Winning is personal, Nigeria must win this war !
    “The issue of the whole strugle depends on you alone”. That is what I tell each and every Nigerian soldier. “We are Nigerians”

    • igbi says:

      We shall all act as if the result of the conflict depends on us alone, each one of us.

      • AreJames says:

        This lofty tessage should be coming from a certain group of politicians and another select group of military gentlemen, all of them in Abuja are not up to 1000men. The problem is $$$ signs have clouded visions. Let us admit that. The tail can wag the dog of course, we can keep advising our leaders to remain steadfast, nationalistic and corruption free. But he go better if the dog wags the tail.

      • igbi says:

        no, it should be coming from all Nigerians.

  30. igbi says:

    How I wish I was in nigeria right now ! I was born for this war ! Up until my father each of my ancestors have fought in a war, either during the era of the Edo empire, either as a Nigerian soldier. And all i do is blogging ! this has to change.

    • Deway says:

      No need to complain. You could have easily applied to the NDA for admission before going to France. You are still free to join the army, not sure anything is stopping you from doing that. War is not what you see in movies and what a Nigeria soldier goes thru in the front line with all kinds of constraints, limitations and difficulties are not what an ordinary human can easily comprehend over the internet.

      • Augustine says:

        Bull’s eye Oga Deway

      • igbi says:

        “You could have easily applied to the NDA for admission before going to France.”
        How so ?
        Stop making assumptions: I was 10 when I left Nigeria.
        “not sure anything is stopping you from doing that”
        I guess you don’t consider money a mitigating factor, or perhaps you assumed I was rich.
        A plane ticket from paris to Lagos is about 500 euros when you are in luck. If I don’t make it into NDA, then I would have to pay at least 500 more euros to come back to paris in search of an other job. Appart from that I am also preparing something here, which I started a long time ago. If the embassy made flight arrangements for those who want to join the army then I will be in Lagos next tomorrow.

    • AreJames says:

      Leave that one my broda. Everybody dey for ground dey fight wrestling, you, you dey somewhere dey carry weights. Long and short, the thing no easy, no be strong feeling alone na im dey do am. Anyway, do quick and join up.

  31. Oje says:

    Can someone please tell me why the commanner in chief of the most powerful country on earth is going on television telling us what he wants to do or not do? Why is he telling ISIS commanders the amount of sortie and bombs that will be used, and lastly how the fuck is two bombs dropped by F/A 18 Fighters gonna make an impact against a terrorist organisation in control of land area bigger than Britain ? Against a group worth over $1 billion as well as stolen Abrams from the Iraqi army?…….. is this the man that wants to help us flush Boko Haram? If so then we are in big shit.

  32. asorockweb says:

    @ Oje:

    US foreign policy is saturated with so much principles and beliefs that it makes no sense to anybody anymore.

    The US no longer knows what is priority and what is not.

    Iraq is not being helped to fight ISIL because they want to change the Iraqi government.
    Moderate Islamist groups in Syria are getting US$500million because the US wants to “fight” the Syrian government.

    Meanwhile, the only groups that are truly committed to fighting ISIL are US enemies.

    US “friends” in the region are neutral to ISIL because ISIL is fight their enemies – the Shiite.

    If the money-bags, the US and it’s Gulf allies stop throwing money around, the region will re-stabilise.

    Finally, now that Erbil is threatened, maybe the Kurds will stop play sectarian politics and dedicate themselves to working with the Iraqi gov’t to fight ISIL.

    Enough said.

  33. zachary999 says:

    Confirmed, 6 units of the Beechcraft super king were ordered and they would be used for VIP transport ( they are already logging hours in Nigeria). 3 have arrived and 3 been expected.This would free up the ATR ,but you ask yourself whether we are indeed ready to support the NA in routing this BH guys out ? That 737 in storage in Abuja would also need some good money to go back up in the air ! Wrong priorities ….

  34. Tobey says:

    I’m 100percent sure that the SiriusBlack msg of yesterday was a fake..he has never stated anything negative about the just doesn’t add up…he says that he will deactivate his accnt, goes on hiatus for abt 2 weeks, and comes back to say all of a sudden that we are “losing”? Its an impersonator at work..I’ve followed that thread from page 1…the real Sirius would never say that we are losing…Never..Social media is soo…….someone is trying to get him in trouble.

    • asorockweb says:

      Not necessarily fake.

      He may have had a moment of pure fright.

      He posted a more positive message later, but people are concentrating on the negative message.

    • AreJames says:

      If the NAF does not get its acts together within a month to support ground operations effectively we are at rights to start regarding it as an act of treason. We obviously don’t have the skilled middle level officers in the Nigerian Army who can take effective decisions at the field level to make a difference to this effort. Too many reorganizations must have taken out the talented combatant officers.

      • jimmy says:

        Didn’t these same middle level officers just clear out Five towns? Am I missing something here? Did ISRAEL not suffer casualties? Did the US not lose A TWO STAR GEN this week? to a guy who went through 7 STAGES OF VETTING and was in the afghan SF.
        The ability to procure AIRCRAFT lies with the f.g. not the NAF He who pays the piper dictates the tune o oga mi atata ( My very important boss).

      • Are James says:

        Clear out seven towns. Really?.
        What if I send an employee or a relative to the place now on some errand and the guy runs into BH…what am I to do?. Both sides are jerking us around. Ongoing operations are ongoing operations. SR (and i now take them as the enemy) for instance here they have casted a tactical withdrawal as a full blown retreat (which is disingenuous) and only mutely hinted at increasing NAF involvement with three Alpha jets but to me that is positive information coming from an enemy source. So as far as I am concerned all info sources go into my filter.
        As for new aircraft you got it wrong that the NAF has no business with their own procurement. They recommend, technically specify and advise procurement options that can achieve delivery in six months or ten years depending on the strategy adopted. Aircraft availability and maintenance is also their responsibility. Men are dying on the ground please let us remember this.

      • igbi says:

        arejames just stop using fake news and thinking you can extract truth from it. You are not a logician, and you are not a magician.

    • Henry says:

      Saharareporters is not a reliable source. We don’t need a polarising news source on this blog. We’ve never used them, neither has Oga beeg ever used Saharareporters as a source for his blog updates.

      We should learn to pick-up news from sources that are apolitical dependable and non-polarising.

    • igbi says:

      Fake news.

  35. Henry says:

    Saharareporters is not a reliable source. We don’t need a polarising news source on this blog. We’ve never used them, neither has Oga beeg ever used Saharareporters as a source for his blog updates.

    We should learn to pick-up news from sources that are apolitical dependable and non-polarisinWe should learn to pick-up news from sources that are apolitical dependable and non-polarisinWe should learn to pick-up news from sources that are apolitical dependable and non-polarisinWe should learn to pick-up news from sources that are apolitical dependable and non-polarising.

    • jimmy says:

      Thank you very much OGA HENRY.
      Sahara reporters represents the worst of the worst, a lot of their Military sources have been found to be untrue and instead of doing the honorable to apologize or recant like Reuters once did they have never ever done that.
      Sometimes I really wonder about the agenda of such self hating , polarizing Nigerians. Does it mean they never found a good story about Nigeria since it’s existence?.
      The irony should not be lost on them if they were ever found to be in the midsts of BH they would make a video of them Shaking my damn head ( SMDH) 😦

    • Are James says:

      They threw in some names and some redundant info that gave some credibility to the story. My tactic with SR is to look for that little 30% of whatever story they are peddling that helps to locate what the progress is on ground… then match them with previous DDI releases or wait for the usual round of retractions which can then be used to refine the mental plots of progress. Its like refining gold but if done rigorously the picture come out clear enough. The picture in this case is that Damboa is in the bag, but larger Gwoza is still on contention.

      • Are James says:

        *in contention*

      • igbi says:

        Arejames, it is best not to use sahara reporters. You can’t base your thinking on anti-Nigerian propaganda, and please avoid posting their atticles here, thank you.

      • mcshegz says:

        Why on gods spherical earth will anyone still regard Sahara as a valid source of information, surely you must know by now that it reeks in there. Please regard exemplary sources, such as the one you are currently on. there is no point believing what cannot be corroborated abeg.
        30 percent or no 30 percent, if it cannot be proven with records and, or verifiable pictures, all na wash Sir. I know you might be tempted to rationalize this source, but understand this, Oga Are James, our country is at war, you are either with us or against us, chikena, after the war is over we can rationalize all we want, but dont ever wash you dirty linens in public, if for noting, but for the love of your country against her enemies.

      • Are James says:

        I will stop posting Sahara Reporters but I can quote them as liberally as I wish. Is this agreed?.

      • igbi says:

        Well quote them if the truth is not that important to you. Or you could do actual work, but if quoting ennemy propaganda is what you stand for then what can I say ?

      • Are James says:

        The problem is that these SR guys quote unit names, commanders’ names, details of weaponry and many other things that paint some picture, blurred, but picture none the less of what might be happening. Other print and digital media don’t go down to that level of granularity because nobody is embedding reporters. The DDI messages on their own are summarizing, bland, officious and are broad strokes of what is happening. If there is a family member or a kid on youth service around the area, you better work the phones, ask questions and look for the details within the story.

        Please don’t ever give me the “you are either for us or against us” crap again. It is very did respectful. Take your boys scout activism elsewhere and I am not waiting to rationalize anything with you after the war is over. The war may never end, in fact I suspect that the intention in some circles is to extend it to as far as possible.
        We have been at war before in this country, i was 7 years old when the civil war ended, please tell me your own age at that time. I have no admiration for SR, the founder of SR is not of my generation and I regard him as a tout, he was singularly responsible for many of my younger ones spending an extra year at Unilag during his student unionism days. However it is my right to know the truth and I will take all sources and process them with all discriminatory faculties I am blessed with. Americans learnt that when their elected President went out on to a fake aircraft carrier and declared victory in the century’s most expensive war only to watch in horror that it had not even begun. Three times more American bodybags came after that announcement than before the declaration of victory so my advise to you in 2014 is that institutions like everything with human element are fallible. They have to be taken through the mill that all of us have to go through.
        There are many blogs springing up not based on news but opinions, when I see those I point them out as I did recently.

      • igbi says:

        arejames, propaganda remains propaganda no matter how refined it is. A lie is a lie, even if you put some “officers’ name”/? in it. By the way I am getting tired of all this blogging, I have better things to do than to teach people how to think rationnally. If you love ennemy propaganda so much then good for you, perhaps you should also try opening a direct connection with shekau so that you can get his 30%. The thing with this internet is that I can’t know who is who, sometimes you say things which are either from lack of wisdom or secret admiration for you know who. You also seem to hate patriotism, you believe the war doesn’t concern ordinary citizens, well go and tell the people in the north-east whose throats the terrorists keep slitting. I am really getting fed up. You have to try and be a man, and stop being a kid if that is what the problem is.

      • mcshegz says:

        @ Oga Are James, I respect your hustle sir.
        I am sorry if i offended you sir, that was not my intention, please accept my apology abeg.

  36. peccavi says:

    Oga Oje: he went on TV because that’s what accountable leaders do, especially if you are about to do something you have been very publicly opposed to. We complain about the dearth of information in Nigeria, yet when others do the things we want we dey complain.
    I think you will find a lot of things preceded these airstrikes and they will definitely be more than 2 F18s, by my count there have been almost continuous strikes since that first one by manned and unmanned aircraft.
    However air strikes will not be decisive, the can take out heavy weapons and low down ISIS by preventing them from concentrating but ISIS an only be defeated by ground forces.
    The only way this will happen is if the al Maliki stops his sectarian bullshit and accommodates the Sunnis and then links up with the Kurds and coordinates with the Syrians. Of course it would mean Iran was fighting with and against the Syrians in the same campaign.
    But anyway that is Iraqs problem. Our own problems are multiplying. At point when Boko Haram should be husbanding its strength it is actually increasing its wahala opening a second front in Cameroun and taking over entire towns here. Either they are very desperate, very confident or know something we dont

    • Are James says:

      Al Malik’s sectarianism is actually due to a lack of tribal self confidence (after many years of the Sunni Saddam Hussein rule) and too much belief in conspiracy theories that Iranian intelligence agencies and Mullahs swamp him with. The guy is too far gone and oddly again the US and Iran are going to have to negotiate a replacement for him.

  37. jimmy says:

    oga peccavi
    MUCH RESPECT , today we (US) dropped food for them, tomorrow we shall drop men. GULF WAR 3 is around the corner. OGA ARE JAMES unless the isis fighters all line like UPRIGHT CANDLES. No amount of air power short OF Daisy cutters and atomic ones will wrest the towns of FALLOUJAH, TIKRIT AND NAJAF ( SUNNI TRIANGLE REVISITED) away from isis the American troops will have to go in again. WTF did we Yankees gain by going in to IRAQ?
    There are a lot of things that boko haram does that defies logic and i try not to take the side of the NA so as not to destroy one’s credibility, however no fighting go ing back to Romanian times deliberately fights on multiple fronts.
    This war like you have repeatedly told our bloggers aint ending soon because they ain’t bought the right planes yet my ogas on top sometimes concern themselves….. wayyyyy to much about socil media or the lack of how to use it.
    OGA ARE JAMES Much respect for your choices of sifting through mail it is a personal choice some people also believed uncle bob the Iraqi spokesman even amongst the journalist even as the American tanks were grinding down outside it is a personal choice.
    This is a very fluid situation that by the army’s own admission is intense and has been ongoing for 40 hours plus . Personally I would exercise patience till the end of this weekend and also be A little bit more respectful of some of those middle ranking officers one who is believed to be a LT. COL who has allegedly made the ultimate sacrifice.

  38. jimmy says:

    *sorry i meant no fighting army*

  39. jimmy says:

    *social media*

  40. Augustine says:

    Oga Jimmy, based on your above comment and source, it is clear Boko Haram gave Nigerian special forces a tough fight, we probably won because of superior numbers, heavy equipment, and air power of Alpha Jets.

    However, artillery, tanks, jets etc will not help us much in Sambisa forest kind of terrain.

    It seems Boko has recruited new mercenaries from around Africa, tough guys with battlefield experience and the lion heart of real soldiers. I hope experienced Seleka rebel Islamic insurgents from Central African Republic are not helping them.

    I hope it was not a pyrrhic victory for Nigerian SF, if our special forces are sweating like this, what will our regular troops do?

    Warning bells, the days of NA kicking around Chadian army or Maitatsine insurgents is now over. In the 1960’s to 1980’s when people who invade Nigeria see scorpion tanks they pick race like rats. Even when we had just armoured cars in the 1960’s, General Ironsi kicks Chadian army out with motorised infantry. I remember the records of his life-time, one night Ironsi was in bed with madam, shooting started (Likely his posting in the north) Chadian army invaded Nigeria, Ironsi was called to battle, he jumped out of bed and told Mrs.Ironsi….”Let me go and teach these Chadian fighters another lesson today” . May his soul R.I.P.

    Today na different story, Nigeria is invaded, our 200 girls are kidnapped and camped into a rape field and 21st century slavery….cooks working without pay.

    See gentlemen, that Damboa and other towns’ fights warns us that we need more than the type of military we have today to win this war, or else we will ding dong for many years. Less than 5,000 men giving tough fight to a 150,000 Nigerian army.

    Urgent change of equipment is needed, we have to build Africa’s best army, better than Egypt (Not bigger but better and more modern) for us to win this war quickly and finally.

    I don’t mind repeating this, na my time I dey use, tired after work, but this is my own weapon, saying all I know to chip in my 2 kobo.

    FGN, NA, NAF…..address the firepower issue, communication issue, spy/enemy detection issue, infantry personal equipment/navigation issue, or else Boko Haram will turn into an octopus, it has grown more tentacles….it wants to become an octopus with 8 hands.

    Urgent, go for fairly used second hand weapons that are ready made, sparingly used, almost new, but stored in the arsenals of Russia, China, India, Singapore, Brazil, Turkey, etc. Nations that can respond to our urgent need without story story and unnecessary protocol.

    1. Every single soldier with night vision goggles as part of his standard kit.
    2. Every squad of 12 soldiers with military grade day/night vision long range binoculars
    3. Every soldier with under-barrel single shot grenade launcher
    4. Every fire team of 4 soldiers with one multiple grenade launcher 6 shot revolver, that has electro-optical targeting sight, not iron eye sight please
    5. Every platoon of 30 soldiers one belt-fed automatic grenade launcher 20 shots per box, that has electro-optical targeting sight and range finder.
    6. Every platoon of 30 soldiers one rapid fire Gatling gun or Mini gun with 4 barrels or 6 barrels
    7. 300 units of Mobile man portable ground search radar for enemy approach detection
    8. 1,000 units of night illumination flare pistols for night combat
    9. 500 units of 51mm knee mortars with explosive rounds, smoke rounds, illumination rounds.
    10. Unlimited supply of all types and calibre of ammunition and explosives
    11. 18 units of Brazilian Super Tucanos fairly used second hand, while we await brand new units
    12. 500 units Turkish Otokar Cobra fairly used second hand if America will waste our time with American Streits Spartan MK III double turret APC . Both have the best speed in our arsenal
    13. 200 units Russian MT-LB tracked APC for muddy terrain fairly used second hand
    14. 36 units of Russian Night combat capable Mi-35 Hind combat helicopters fairly used second hand, in addition to the 6 Hind E on order.
    15. 18 units of Russian Night operation capable Mi-171s Terminator assault/armed troop carrier helicopters for rapid reinforcement and surprise assault
    16. 6 units of Beechcraft 350 ER special missions ISTAR version armed with cannon/rocket pod
    17. 500 units of CS-VP3 MRAPs from China

    This is my suggestion to stop Boko Haram from turning into an octopus that will spread tentacles everywhere, when you try to cut one tentacle, it retracts it, moves away, and spreads the tentacles in a new location where you don’t expect it.

    Our current level of military equipment CANNOT give us a good victory, maybe a pyrrhic victory is possible with many soldiers’ wives becoming widows and children fatherless and mothers childless because of poor equipment/weapons in a war that seems to get tougher and new Bokos that are ready to fight Nigerian special forces without fear, have arrived the scene.

    Wrote this after 2 hours of serous thinking and scratching head. My 2 kobo.

    God save Nigeria, amen !

    • freeegulf says:

      oga augustinho, you have turned alarmist. i don’t know, maybe it panic, but u really need to stop this defeatist attitude and mindset.
      i dont fault your style, i blame it on our archaic generalship. these guys are so backward. if you cant use the media to your advantage then you will have people like oga augustinho speculating widely and reaching all this conclusions.
      the media blackout is shameful. it leaves everyone running wild the rumour mills.

  41. peccavi says:

    Oga Jimmy no one is sending regular forces into Iraq. Gradually I believe Special forces will embed with Kurdish Peshmerga and some Iraqi units but major ground forces, no.
    Oga Augustine: you realise that no army in the world s equipped like that? (a) because it would cost a complete fortune (b) you could not carry all that kit and operate for any sustained periods, unless you are completely tied to a vehicle.
    As I have said many times, every piece of kit we need to defeat BH is already in Nigeria (except maybe more NVGs)
    AKs with iron sights will still function, RPGs, GPMGs, etc, Dragunovs. Its simply a matter of how we use them. Police helicopters, VIP helicopters can be used as gunships etc.
    We keep focusing on buying kit rather than sorting out or structural and doctrinal issues.

    • ozed says:

      Oga Peccavi,

      GBAWAAAI!!!!!! also known as Bullseye!!!

    • Are James says:

      There were not enough men in the NE in the first place and we need air power to confer overwhelming advantage since our generals don’t want to surge to the required 6:1 NA/BH ratio that you need to eliminate the bad guys permanently. Not having enough boots on ground and not having airpower is a very efficient way of manufacturing failure.
      The failure will come very quickly, very painfully.

      Some people have been suggesting OTHERWISE on airpower on this blog and I am going to do an @Igbi on them and suggest they are all working for BokoHaram.
      Defeat is sure without robust air force involvement but only a distant possibility otherwise.

      Another thing is the Special Forces. It is my current reading of the situation that they are not being used properly. They seem to have been lumped into the existing static structure and hierarchy in theatre instead of being made to operate separately as a command in their own right. So instead of the proactive and harassing strikes we were expecting, they are a weapon of last resort, a kind of bad guy busting, extracting unit for the army units in the field. This is still reactive management. We should not be defending territorial integrity against BokoHaram, we should be rounding them up like miscreants.

      All these beg the question, wasn’t there ever a BokoHaram roll back campaign master plan? A campaign divided into a number of major operations that involved apportioning tasks between fact moving harassing units (sf), sweeping units (sf/motorised infantry), hold-fast units (infantry/AT police/CTJF), civil relations and reconstruction (infantry/army engineers/DMI) and so on?. Was this plan ever shown to the president/CIC and were the target dates and deliverables agreed?.

      The country is going to be asking these questions soon, but any institution expecting that Nigerians will sit down and put up with a 25 year ding dong affair that scars generations and destroys the fabric of society is deceiving itself.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Peccavi, I peacefully DISAGREE. If we have all equipment needed to defeat Boko Haram already in Nigeria, why did army buy new CS-VP3 MRAPs, new Spartan MK III APC, USA gave us more technicals/trucks, NAF orders 40 helicopters, NAF orders 6 Hind E, NAF orders Super Tucano, Army is auditing all armoury to see bad/obsolete equipment for purchase of new ones, SiriusBlack from battlefield ran a long list of new equipment the soldiers are crying for including BMP-2 IFV.

      What does it take to carry a 30 kg by 6 feet radar that gets dismantled into pieces for 3 men to carry a piece? Civilians carry 25 kg load per person by hand in the western world as average work place manual load standard. South African Recces carry about 70 kg load per soldier and operate over 1,000 km behind enemy lines far away from home.

      Are we grooming a lazy army in Nigeria?

      Our infantry is highly motorized and putting small boxes inside a Cobra or Toyota 4X4 is a small deal. Wetin dey there?

      Every reasonable country at war makes new weapons/equipment procurement to fight a threat it is not equipped to fight. Sudan, Eritrea and Sri Lanka are examples, poor countries, yet they spent heavily when threat emerged. Iraq is the latest example,today. Algeria currently has the most modern military (Not the biggest) in Africa today, insurgency war pushed them to this level. Algeria is the biggest defense spender in Africa for now without any foreign aid.

      Nigerian army is built for conventional war but faces an unconventional war not prepared and not equipped for.

      If Nigerian equipment is enough as at now, means you are saying 47 units of BTR-3U IFV that carries only 14.5mm machine guns and aged lightly armed Alpha jets are enough, and the 10 mostly second hand Mi-24/35 Hind helicopters make up a force that will defeat Boko Haram that operates in ‘invisible’ mode on a land mass bigger than Britain.

      Oga Peccavi, if no be say you be my boss, I go commot one leg of your shoes and ask you to trek back home like that.

      Meanwhile, I dare any army General on this planet to challenge my list and show me what is wrong there or he can make a list that is much different and yet effective for the current situation at hand. I did not just grab my laptop and write it, I spent hours scratching my coconut head and fathom every relevant war I know from military history with the relevance of Boko Haram tactics and Nigerian NE war zone terrain based on the photos directly from the area made available to us.

      Everybody is arming up, China is multiplying its AGLs and MRAPs, South Africa just released a new home made Gatling/Mini gun. Nigeria does not even have an anti-material rifle.

      Most of Nigerian army equipment you see on SIPRI are half dead or fully dead, especially vehicles. All we see are mostly over-worked Cobras and Toyotas with Browning machine guns….in a year 2014 army !!!

      The outside world is watching….and mocking.

      • Are James says:

        LOL, no shoes based violence please. A one shoe trekking punishment is inhuman
        Your list is not bad and if the number of Otokar Cobras and Russian MT-LB brought down by half the total bill is still less than $700m anyway.

      • Augustine says:

        Wish to add : that long list of weapons/equipment numbers 1 to 17 I wrote above will cost only about $800 million each for Nigerian army and Nigerian air force, any big deal in that? Go ask Sudan how much they spend on weapons.

        For our info, foreign direct and also indirect investment inflow into Nigeria has dropped since Boko Haram war gained momentum….loss of several billions of dollars from 2012 to 2014. Several big American/European investor trade missions into Africa’s biggest economy, Nigeria have been cancelled indefinitely due to Boko Haram’s rampaging that we struggle to control, still in ding dong mode.

        Make we dey do Ijebu, drink sour gari to under-nourish ourselves while we sit on top $10 trillion worth of crude oil, gas, and bitumen.

      • ozed says:

        Oga s Jimmy and Augustine, i think you have read Peccavi wrong, let me try and explain what i mean (since i cant speak for Oga Peccavi).

        No one is saying we shouldn’t push for better armaments for the armed forces, nothing would please me more than to hear that we have just landed some good gunship choppers with night fighting capability even if they are Chinese. Also somewhere in these hallowed threads i have mentioned how one of the lessons from Liberia/Sierra Leone is the need to have an over bearing superiority in firepower since most COIN engagements are short and sharp. As such AGLs, more Light machine guns, 50cal sniper rifles, NVGs etc. are very welcome.

        However, today we don’t have them at least not in the numbers we need, but we have a very strong artillery corp (relative to BH), we have combat capable trainer aircraft similar to what has been used in other conflicts L39s, Aermacchis, even light cargo aircraft which if armed and amour ed can be fearsome ground attack platforms (similar to the more up to date C27 spartan). Why are we throwing our hands in the air like we are powerless and waiting for Su-25s which will not come in another 3 months. Even the biafrans armed light aircraft (with bombs and rockets) and used them to hit the NAF hard during the civil war, why are we today finding it difficult to replicate what a beleaguered nation achieved over 40 years ago.

        Let me give another illustration, the Nigerian Army used to have 50-60 units of a scout car called the Vickers Fox they arrived after the civil war and have never really seen action in our hands. These things packed a fearsome rapid fire 25mm rarden cannon with a range of up to 3km. Nobody would agree to mount on a technical with that thing anywhere within range. If we paid attention to maintenance etc. at least 50% of those things would still be operational and would be invaluable in the kind of fighting we are seeing today.

        These are all rough and ready solutions well within our reach today which would close out this BH issue or at least alleviate things. The more conventional and up to date solutions which we MUST still get (in case we need to join issues with Cameroun or Chad tomorrow) can then be procured over a realistic 2-3 year well planned time frame together with the implementation of an updated training and doctrine environment which is based on the concepts of continuous improvement and proactive learning.

      • peccavi says:

        Oga Augustine: is that a shoeless joke? I no follow oh!!
        The reason we have made these new purchases is most likely in no way related to the inflated prices we are paying.
        The point I a making is that if Nigeria is sanctioned tomorrow and cannot get any more arms we still have all we need to win right there in the country. This is not a statement that we should not expand or increase our inventories but if you are expecting a change in the situation with the purchase of new weapons you are deceiving yourself.

        If soldiers are constantly having to withdraw because they run out of ammo, they will continue to withdraw, whether they have Tavors, AKs, M16s, miniguns or whatever, until somebody sorts out the echelon and resupply system.
        If aircraft continue to fail to stop assaults because BH hugs the belt or fades into cover, they will continue to do this even if you have 10 Terminators flying overhead or an F355 until someone sorts out the air-ground comms and cooperation techniques and trains ordinary troops to call in fires.
        If positions continue to be overrun because people do not dig proper trenches, proper sangars or bunkers, clear fields of fire and use obstacles covered by fire to channel the enemy, this will still happen whether we have AGLs or not until someone sorts out the defensive and force protection practices and techniques.
        If we do not have Observation Points, standing patrols, quick reaction patrols, air reaction patrols, pre registered defensive fire points etc then there is no need having manportable radar, what exactly do you do with the info that it detects someone out at 500m? How will you know who they are f you dont send someone to check, how will you deal with them without QRFs?
        Since you issued the challenge let me respond (not claiming to be a General sha)

        1. Every single soldier with night vision goggles as part of his standard kit. NICE BUT EXPENSIVE, THAT DOES NOT PERTAIN EVEN IN WESTERN ARMIES
        2. Every squad of 12 soldiers with military grade day/night vision long range binoculars: AGREED
        3. Every soldier with under-barrel single shot grenade launcher: IMPRACTICAL, YOU NEED A MIX OF WEAPONS. UGLS SHOULD BE MAYBE 2-4 MAX
        4. Every fire team of 4 soldiers with one multiple grenade launcher 6 shot revolver, that has electro-optical targeting sight, not iron eye sight please. IT’S AN AREA WEAPON SO IRON SIGHT WILL BE BEST. 1 IN 4 IS EXCESSIVE, EXCEPT ON SPECIAL TASKS, ON IN 8 OR 1 PER PLATOON IS GOOD
        5. Every platoon of 30 soldiers one belt-fed automatic grenade launcher 20 shots per box, that has electro-optical targeting sight and range finder. ONLY IF MOUNTED IN VEHICLES OR IN A DEFENSIVE POSITION. THE WEIGHT OF THE WEAPON AND AMOUNT OF AMMO NEEDED MEANS FOOT INFANTRY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO MOVE!
        6. Every platoon of 30 soldiers one rapid fire Gatling gun or Mini gun with 4 barrels or 6 barrels. WASTE OF TIME AGAIN THE AMMO EXPENDITURE IS HUGE AND POINTLESS, GPMG OR PKM ARE SUFFICIENT. A PLATOON OF 30 SHOULD HAVE 2-4
        7. 300 units of Mobile man portable ground search radar for enemy approach detection FOR FIXED POSITIIONS OK
        8. 1,000 units of night illumination flare pistols for night combat 1,000 IS TOO LITTLE
        9. 500 units of 51mm knee mortars with explosive rounds, smoke rounds, illumination rounds. TOO LITTLE
        10. Unlimited supply of all types and calibre of ammunition and explosives SUPPLIES ARE LIMITED, WHERE WILL YOU STORE ‘UNLIMITED SUPPLIES’?
        11. 18 units of Brazilian Super Tucanos fairly used second hand, while we await brand new units AGREED
        12. 500 units Turkish Otokar Cobra fairly used second hand if America will waste our time with American Streits Spartan MK III double turret APC . Both have the best speed in our arsenal. I WOULD SUGGEST 4WD TOYOTOA LANDCRUISERS, QUAD BIKES, OR ANY LIGHT RECCE/ FIGHTING VEHICLE
        13. 200 units Russian MT-LB tracked APC for muddy terrain fairly used second hand. 200? WHY? HOW WILL THEY BE USED? AS A FORMED UNIT OR TASKED TO INDIVDUAL UNITS?
        14. 36 units of Russian Night combat capable Mi-35 Hind combat helicopters fairly used second hand, in addition to the 6 Hind E on order. 36 IS A NICE NUMBER BUT ASS TO THAT SPARES, MAINTENANCE, FUEL, TRAINING, GROUND CREW, AMMO AND YOU ARE CREATING A HUGE RESOURCE YOU CANT SUSTAIN. 18 TO START WITH WITH ANOTHER 18 ON OPTION
        15. 18 units of Russian Night operation capable Mi-171s Terminator assault/armed troop carrier helicopters for rapid reinforcement and surprise assault; AGREED
        16. 6 units of Beechcraft 350 ER special missions ISTAR version armed with cannon/rocket pod: IF THEY ARE FOR ISTAR THEN THEY DON’T NEED TO BE ARMED
        17. 500 units of CS-VP3 MRAPs from China: AGAIN PREFER LIGHT FIGHTING VEHICLES

        If you have researched BH tactics you will see they are using Chadian type rezzou tactics, swarms of light fighting vehicles sing speed to overwhelm heavier units by outmanouvering them and then using local fire superiority to their advantage.
        On foot they use classic infiltration tactics using supposedly impassable routes to get close to friendly positions mounted on motorcycles, 4WDs or on foot.
        So to defeat their mounted troops you need to counter the swarm or out swarm the swarm. In other words using light vehicles as well to counter their mobility, used with mobile fire support such as vehicle mounted MBRL, mortars or even artillery and air support to fix and destroy them. On foot again its a matter of using fire support such as mortars on avenues of approach forming up points etc and having interlocking and overlapping arcs of fire

    • Bigbrovar says:

      God will bless you bro. This has always been my call.. the need to focus on training and doctrine.. We are where we are today not because of lack of tools.. but lack of the know how. Leadership of our boys have been lacking and this has given BH the initiative. Iraq has shown Humvees and Bradley Tanks don’t win battles by themselves.. Its about how they are put to use. We have not been making the best use of what we have. We are not even getting the basics right.. and they seem to be problems with the way our troops are structured.. Until we fix this issues (which really are not expensive to address) We will just keep throwing men and equipments at the problem.. In the end we would end up with an action reaction infinite loop situation.

  42. Alade says:

    I just can’t stop imagining what the Airforce is currently using the Agusta a109 choppers for……. Ar they for VIP purpose????

    • Are James says:

      NAOWA and NAFOWA cooperative shops need NAF logistics assistance always. These assets have to be on standby to provide quick intervention to depleting stocks.

  43. Augustine says:

    Oga Are James I have posted it here before with proof, one base Cobra APC costs about $180,000 brand new, but second hand will be less, say $130,000 per unit….so 500 units is only $65 million naira !!!

    Man portable radar, AGL belt fed, Gatling gun, each cost about $50,000 brand new, but less for second hand stocks.

    I spent my time to budget that list, total is about $800 million for army, $800 million for air force.

    Do you know how many billions of dollars powerful people in Nigeria ‘systematically swallow’ in a year ? Don’t let we accountants open pandora’s box here o ! I can audit by using incomplete records, I am trained to do it.

    I rest my case. Q.E.D.

  44. Blackrev says:

    Gentlemen, judging by what has been happening in the past few weeks, boko haram seems to have changed tactics from the usual “hit and run” guerrilla warfare to seizing territory, even if for a short time, depending on how long it takes for the military to retake such territory.
    we are gradually shifting towards a LICW and our military once again has failed to recognize such threat and promptly tackle it. retaking of damboa should have happened long time ago and there should have been a preemptive plan to prevent them from roaming to nearby villages that will obviously be undermanned. This is how professional and well equipped militaries respond. but i still commend them for the effort.
    what Nigerian government doesn’t realize is that boko haram incorporates tactics from probably all terror org. from raiding villages and kidnapping women and children(LRA, AQIM) to suicide attacks(AQ) etc.. it doesn’t take a soothsayer to tell us boko haram has been inspired by ISIS declaration of an islamic caliphate and would in no time start to emulate such. this is not fear mongering but the truth.

    i have friends serving in the North(not combat) who gave me a very heartbreaking SITREP of the failure to retake gwoza. first it was a sign of desperation from the insurgents and they knew the place was undermanned. you don’t underestimate a desperate enemy.
    the shocking part is that the unit that went for the counter didn’t have effective air cover(please activate the army air wing for fvck sake), no extraction for the wounded, which risks his partners being pinned down due to the policy of protecting the man next to you, the commander who led the operation is partly to blame for poor planning. these are the few most important i can remember for now. the operation was a disaster. simple

    Gentlemen, there is a new twist to this war and this is the real test for our military to prove themselves as boko haram now has new recruits and wants to expand it’s operations to cameroon. Peccavi was right, we have what we need but don’t know how to use them. why wait for 40 helicopters (which i believe will have more transport than attack capabilities) when we can harm the ones we have already? is our situation not bad enough for such measures? what if those governments don’t sell to us or delay delivery.

    why not bring in experts to revive and transform our pumas, Agustas ad other transport helicopters we already have to armed versions. i remember EO using an armed puma to destroy rebel bases in sierra leon. those guys would go in light with an effective air cover and got the job done quickly. we can gradually phase out light skinned pickups and adopt the proforce LAV(offers better protection especially when returning fire from the rare), speed up production of the gulma(since we won’t be getting surveillance capable planes soon). Thank God my cries for a proper military uniform has been harkened to. and for crying out loud, if they can find it interesting to visit this blog, why not contact beeg and give him access to the frontlines with guidelines on what not to showcase(since y’all love your secrecy so much) since he has shown the professionalism of a defence journalism). you risk losing the populace if you continue to keep them in the dark. i trust sahara reporters sha. they will do the work for you. abeg, me no get another place to call home o.
    are our military leadership just too fat and lazy to think outside the box or what. they need to get serious cos this conflict isn’t a joke.

    God Bless Nigeria.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Blackrev, much respect sir. I have still don’t agree that Nigeria has all equipment needed to win this war. If so, why are the soldiers on the battle field crying out with long list through SiriusBlack?

      You want to use 193 over-worked Cobras, some have been lost to damage, some captured by Boko Haram, some deployed in other parts of Nigeria south, west, east , some awaiting recall from Peace Keeping overseas.

      Maybe we have 100 Cobras in NE. That is the largest numbers for any single type of armoured vehicle Nigeria is known to have among other models visible in NE theater.

      50% of Nigerian army equipment on SIPRI or Wikipedia are not working, they are not serviceable ! Una no dey hear dis noise ! That is why Shilka AAA failed to fire when Bokos approached our base, malfunctioning 1980s vintage equipment. See rusty T-55 tanks, rusty Vickers tanks. We want to send 30,000 Nigerian soldiers to war with 200 APC/IFV abi? 200 APC/IFV will carry about 2,000 soldiers and the other 28,000 will be riding Toyotas when Boko Haram is now becoming as strong and has good fighters like Seleka rebels that reduced the famous South African army paratroops and Special Forces to school boys withing 18 hours of combat in Bangui !!!

      South African infantry has the best firepower equipment in Africa, they rained hell-fire on Seleka, but the rebels were determined and damn good fighters some of whom are said to be Chadian mercenaries. South Africa’s half battalion ran to the Airport under protection of France’s army, and from there….next available flight to Pretoria home land.

      Now Boko Haram wants to hold land, and we will suffer heavy casualties if we don’t have IFVs/MRAPs/APCs to invade fortified strongholds of Boko Haram where 14.5mm Boko heavy machine guns are spitting fire of 1,200 rounds per minute from 3 km away. Any motorized infantry that walks into that will meet their creator that day.

      Lots of strategy and high speed armoured vehicles and heavy firepower with precision is needed to penetrate such a strong hold to limit casualties to what is only normal. Use of day smoke and night flares, air cover to pick out and take out enemy machine gun nests is vital. These are basic world war II tactics that have not changed since 1940.

      Look Oga mi, North East war zone of Nigeria is as big as Great Britain, can any army defend Britain with 200 APC/IFVs and 6 Alpha jets plus 9 Mi-24 helicopters ?

      The enemy is stealthy, dispersed, wide spread, highly mobile, vanishes like spirits in one town, reappears like demons in another town.

      My TV screen is showing me USA air strikes begin on Iraqi insurgents right now as I type, F-18 jets and drones in action…..air power to help the army and degrade the enemy to reduce army casualties. Simple war strategy since 1914 world war of bi-planes.

      In fact my procument list should have number 18…

      18. 500 units of 14.5mm twin heavy guns with electro-optical targeting sights to be mounted on up-armoured Toyota Land cruiser 4×4 technicals. The guns are available surplus and cheap from Russia or China. Total cost about $50 million only.

      Nigerians don’t like to predict what a problem will grow into, we wan to see the egg change to larva, then pupa and imago before we believe it is a Bee that stings like death.

      Our threat assessment and prediction is weak, and the 200 enslaved teenage girls from Chibok are paying the price for that with their living bodies. We should have expected both the expected and unexpected. Boko Haram likely has new corp of fighters that can give Nigerian army’s best commandos a run for their money.

      • doziex says:

        Oga Augustine,

        Keep on preaching bro. Maybe someone will listen.

      • Triggah says:

        Mr Augustine much respect. Why is it that the first U.S intervention act in Iraq was airstrike? Aerial engagement is as potent as sending boots on land. BH doesn’t have any airforce element whatsoever so what’s our problem? What’s so hard in patroling the skies and relaying targeting information to strike and attack elements? Our generals are just lazy and out of touch with reality.

  45. AreJames says:

    Don’t tell me what propaganda is. The world has finished with that expression. We’ve read Goebels, dabbled with Maxism, embraced capitalism and moved on. We know how information is used in war and politics. That’s not the concern here, the new word is information management. We are also talking institutional ineffectiveness and yes the major concern is for the ordinary citizens not for the big but morally flawed people you are calling government. This blog was not formed because of Boko Haram. We were actually discussing more strategic issues here until this local war happened on us. We occasionally mentioned the Niger delta then in terms of what we were doing or not doing right. Correct me if I am wrong on this. If you love everything that is happening now and the way we are struggling against 5000 people and having to invoke all the essence of nationhood as if we are fighting a world super power then continue on your path but please let us not overdo analysis on the motives of mundane actors like SR, their supporters and even some of the western media. There are fundamental issues we are talking about which is Nigeria as a regional power, strong, indivisible and a light to Africa. If we are where we were supposed to be to be we should not even be worrying about these people. This conflict should have been another Maitatsine riots or less.. The fact that we quote some of these sources is not out of respect but purely a scrounging for information which is currently not being well managed.
    I am actually worried that young people have lost the radical edge in this country, easily led and passive to authority in their reaction to issues. This is also why it is easy for the other side to convince people of the same generation to give their lives without thought in a cause that is going nowhere.

  46. Augustine says:


    By SiriusBlack On July 21, 2014.

    A few months ago, defence blog,, reported that the President, GEJ, had requested that the National Assembly release 1bn dollars for the campaign going on in the North East..we were all estatic and greeted the news with joy…News trickling in, first as rumours, that an Mi-35 Gunship of the NAF. Had crashed has now been confirmed..Makes one wonder, will USD1bn be enough? Here is a “list” of things urgently needed at the frontlines..Mr President, if you are reading this, attend to the plight of your men from your position as Commander-in-Chief…Sir, its time to disregard analysis of ppl who are just trying to keep their jobs by saying that all is well..Sir, all is not well at all for the past 2 months..BH has continued to isolate military units and storm camps in their hundreds..Pls sir…this is what is urgently needed..

    1. NVGs for all SF teams operating behind enemy lines…their work is suicidal..yet they go into the Night with songs of praises for the Army..they need NVGs.

    2. Tavor rifles for all SF teams in the N.E: Sir, the cameroonian BIR troops, when engaging BH in gun battles, use rifles so accurate, its like taking candy from a baby..our SF teams too need Tavors.

    3. Changing from 3 mags per man system..Sir, some of the Bulletproof vests, do not have pouches for ammo..pls sir, Mag pouches are urgently need to be worn over vests without pouches…3mags in a gunfight is too small sir, especially with a weapon as inaccurate as an least, 6 mags per man.

    4.Replacing all Hilux vehicles with MRAPs and APCs and relegating Hilux vehicles to mobile supply vehicles..

    5.Needed infantry systems: AGLs, UGLs for AKs, NV binoculars, more desert camos, knee pads, elbow pads, and more importantly, ATGMs.

    6. Firepower needed: at least 300 BMP-2s along with 600-1,000 Zsu-23-2 mounted gun trucks…For offensive operations…troops are tired of always defending bases..

    7.Handheld drones: even Kenyan troops field them..for Company level surveillance.

    8. Mosquito nets, desert goggles, and handcuffs.

    9. Prayers of Nigerians.

    Thank You.

    Having quoted Sirius above, if anyone think the soldiers on the front lines are wrong…prove it !


    • ozed says:

      Oga Augustine,

      1. Every soldier in the World has always wanted bigger, better equipment, even the US Army soldier has a long wish list. Even in my job, there are so many things that would make me more efficient, but i cant get them because in the general scheme of things, the organization must balance the needs of all the departments including some i dont care about.

      2. Many of the things here speak to Peccavi’s comments about the biggest issues being our outdated training and doctrine. E.g. the Navy and Airforce already field the tavor, so the challenge is probably in the mindset of the Army leadership, do they actually buy the concept of special forces? Someone mentioned above his concern that the special forces are being used as enhanced infantry etc. unfortunately the nature of SF operations is that we shall probably never know about them until after the war

      3. some of the equipment we already have like NVGs (see the pics of SF soldiers lounging behind a BTR3 APC on this blog), so isn’t the challenge that of optimizing what we have till we get more? E.g. collecting from units outside the war theatre to boost what is available in the North East

      4. MRAPS, endless APCs etc. please note that no Army in the World has enough of those, and if the British Army doesn’t have enough, i dont know if it is realistic to expect the Nigerian Army to have enough
      5. Ammo — why should anyone need to make a case on this. If our doctrine and think tank was working, wouldn’t data from the battlefield have made it clear that ammo supply needs to be upped. Again the failure here is optimisation of what we have for goodness sake AK47 ammo is made right here at DICON. And even if it wasnt, ammo is possibly the cheapest supply around especially basic AK47 rounds. E fit cheap pass pure water sef.

      In summary, we must find a way to win this war by applying intelligence with what we have, while pushing for what we can get. But one thing is sure, NOBODY ever gets everything he wants.

      • jimmy says:

        During the civil war one of the active officers @the time was then Lt col Alabi Isama,he and other highly educated officers at the time were tasked with organizing a motley of raw recruits into a division. One of the most important lessons he shared in his book was the defeat of the biafran forces would not be attained by conventional war methods infact it would be diastrous.One of the most unconventional methods was the 3rd marine commando division shelled incessantly during heavy rainfall especially in houses which they believed the soldiers sought refuge. The parallels with this war start @unconventional thinking .The mindset /structural doctrine has to change from the army thinking this is a 9-5 war it is not .This is 12 a.m to 12 a.m.war I.e for this war to come to a conclusion the military has to be relentless especially at night and I do not mean night patrols. I mean like what happened at damboa operations start at night and end the following night.All Nigerian soldiers should be taught how to fight at Night. Oga xnur who credentials are the gold standard has said things are being delivered and are being delivered,however what is being used Naf wise is not quite what it should be. We are going to have to wait,in the meanwhile some commanders will rise to the ocassion some will fail.What is certain the days of going into any of the armed forces just because you need a job are over. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Ozed, seems you like to argue this matter with personal opinion than facts, that is same line of thought of Oga Peccavi and I disagree.

        Where are your facts and figures Oga Ozed? War is not just an art, it is also a science of facts and numbers that are visible.

        I said the most ubiquitous armoured vehicle of Nigeria in this war is the Cobra, and unless we imported more recently, we have 193 units and will have about 100 units in war zone NE. Are you saying that is enough for 30,000 soldiers fighting on potentially 1,000 hot spots of conflict on a land mass the size of Britain?

        We have no omnipresent heavily equipped garrisons, and every city, town, village, and hamlet or farm settlement is a potential point of attack that Boko Haram can hit in the whole northern Nigeria to mass murder slaughter our largely innocent Arewa men, women, and children like Sallah rams.

        Why not display some mathematical thinking to back your points and stop giving a wrong impression to innocent minds reading this blog?

        Optimize use of what? Equipment that is in short supply? Equipment that is malfunctioning due to old age? Optimize 47 units of IFVs into 1,000 potential battle fronts along about 1,000 km battle front line with land mass about 600,000 sq km that is double the size of Britain?

        Do you even know what you are saying at all?

        Go ask Sri Lanka if they practiced optimization to defeat Tamil Tigers, ask them to show you their weapons shopping list that won the war for them, they got stuck in a limbo of a ding dong for about 20 years until they comprehensively and massively re-armed.

        Wrong for anybody to say Nigerian army battle doctrine is the reason why we have not won this war, they have had 4 years to adjust doctrine, trained for COIN with America, Israel, and likely now Sri Lanka. Are those Sandhurst trained Colonels and Generals fools? No ! Nigeria even runs special COIN courses at Jaji for other African countries.

        We have not won this war partly due to politics, intra-military issues, lack of direct funding, and largely poor equipment. Give the boys the equipment they need and watch them perform, they are the ones risking their lives on the battle field, not you and me, or the leaders inside Abuja.

        Let us stop saying the carpenter using his teeth to remove nails from wood is not a good furniture maker, when the poor man has no proper carpentry work tools.

    • Are James says:

      This is very very good.
      I wonder how they took out the anti aircraft technical?, Alpha Jet rocket volleys maybe.

    • giles says:

      dere is hope.put pls it’s time we end d use of does pickups as means of transport.

      • Are James says:

        Na only pickup?. Look at my brothers marching into Damboa like we used to do during the first world war (yes I was around then…). I hope choppers were scanning the road far out in front looking out for ambushes. Looking at the gear I am really beginning to agree strongly with @Augustine on procurement. $2bn is even small for the problem on ground.

  47. jimmy says:

    oga are james take am easy o
    You no go drive into the village square now abi o? them go drop you off some distance now make them no flank your ass now. I am glad to see some of the towed artillery cant identify looks like 105 mm howitzer ? oga peccavi any comments?.I think I see one American truck, I cannot make out the apc any help guys.
    KUDOS TO THE DHQ. I want to enjoy these pictures for a while it does show that the soldiers going in are decently armed to heavily armed.
    The technical seems to been taken out by a strike possibly a rocket since it burnt completely to the ground.

  48. cryptologist says:

    HOT!!!! You Have ULTERIOR MOTIVE: Col. Dasuki (NSA) Slams Amnesty International

  49. with all this random information coming out, Nigerians are dangerously in the dark.

    • Are James says:

      Ha, no need to post this one here o.
      Some of my fellow bloggers have already denied it in advance. The NA also said that there should be no demonstrations by displaced Gwoza indigenes in Maiduguri or anywhere that the SOE is in effect. That news also is not entertained here. Look for some cheering news to post please. If you can’t find any then look for something else to do.

      • jimmy says:

        I believe I should be one of the first to reply your POST. I personally prefer to people to give me the bad news first.
        I did not neither did oga henry do anything of that sort what we said Sahara reporters have been found many times to be un- trustworthy , have been caught in many a lie and have never when caught recanted, I also wrote. “Personally I would exercise patience till the end of this weekend and also be A little bit more respectful of some of those middle ranking officers one who is believed to be a LT. COL who has allegedly made the ultimate sacrifice. ”
        Since the thread was specifically about DAMBOA . I also remarked since this town is very strategic to bh it straddles between north and south Bornu it is an achievement to take it back since we have expressed such outrage about it being taken and the circumstances around being taken.
        Personally I would like a question when have they reported anything positive about this campaign?.maybe I am naive that we should hold them to the merest of objective standards?
        I am for constructive criticism and I deal with news everyday and move on but if we criticize an organization (DHQ) for not having a social Media forum then when they do get one we should apply the same intensity in praise, if we criticize for not procuring equipment when we hear and see pictures of brand new equipment the same 2 or 4 paragraphs we wrote criticizing them it should not be less.
        When the planes and helios arrive since both yourself and myself have been very vocal critics we should now become amongst the most intense cheerleaders we do not simply jump on to the next topic which in this case happens to be GWOZA.
        END OF PART 1.

    • Henry says:

      @ Oga Are-James, don’t Misconstrue my earlier comment. It was pretty clear. At no point did I disapprove of bad news.

      I said stop posting news reports from polarising news sources like (premiumtimes).

      There is nothing to confuse in this comment.

      • jimmy says:

        Thanks oga Henry Please also see my comments about this thread. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

      • Henry says:

        Oga jimmy, I acknowledge your comment, you “spoke” exactly what I had in mind.

  50. ozed says:


    Lets feel free to disagree with one another, but please i think your statement

    ‘Do you even know what you are saying at all? ‘

    Is really quite insulting, and it is totally uncalled for!!!
    This is the type of tone Igbi adopts a times and you all happily condemned him the last time Beegie put him on the chopping block. Please! Let us disagree respectfully if we need to disagree.

    You ask the basis of my arguments, they are as follows:

    1. Wars are fought on a budget. For this year, the budget approved for defense is N968b or about $5.7b already 20% of the total budget. Of this, just over N300b is recurrent etc. On the extra $1b which GEJ wants to pump into the war effort, he is already facing a fight from APC which has made it clear it thinks we should go and plead for peace with Boko Haram. Bottom line cash is not unlimited as much as you would like it to be, and we are already facing more pressure from the threat of Ebola, Education, infrastructure etc. This means optimization (i know you hate that word) is unavoidable, maintenance and extension of old equipment is also a must. (Thank God some of our Panhard AML 90s are still running, so it is not impossible).

    2. APCs, MRAPS etc. are not patrol vehicles to be parked in every village across the North East, or cover every square kilometer. they are strategic assets to be held in a pool and used where they are most needed. Peccavi has told you severally that most of his time in Afghanistan he rode in a land rover (i guess you think he was lying). Since you love figures, i shall give you a few, one of the most mobile Armies in Africa is the SANDF. It has about 50k men (active and reserve) and supports them with 2,000 APCs (active and reserve), the territory it secures is 1.2million sqkm 30% more than what we have in Nigeria. Their ratio of Men to APC means that even they (who manufacture most of their equipment) cannot afford to carry more than 24,000 men (50% of their forces) under Armour. That means a significant portion of their infantry must walk, or ride on soft skinned vehicles (and this is a Country with far more resources -dont let GDP deceive you- than we e.g. their power generation capacity is 44,000MW, while ours is 4,000MW. To bridge that gap for power alone you need about $40b), so the Nigerian Army is actually not committing a crime by putting men in hilux vans. Where training and doctrine (another word i am beginning to think that you hate) comes in is that you should do everything possible not to be caught in ambushes inside your soft skinned vehicles. They should drop the infantry outside the edge of the combat zone so they can walk into the fight.

    3. Finally, we cannot discuss this to the isolation of the enemy we face, the Boko harm force we talk about is fully a light infantry force. They field no Armour (except the few they have gotten from us, nothing, an RPG cannot take care of), they have no air cover, they have no artillery. i have never seen any picture of them carrying anything heavier than the same AK 47 (which we suddenly now think is useless, even though over 60% of the combatants you would meet in the world still carry them), GPMGs – which we also have in greater numbers, and RPGs. Their artillery support comes from their technicals.
    The main advantage they have over us is that they can choose their points of attack, emphasizing soft targets and they tend to have the initiative since they attack first.

    4. Further on training and Doctrine. The main COIN doctrines i am familiar with through reading, include (A)proactive aggression where you take the fight to the enemy, keep him off balance day and night, using ground and air assets. Do this and you will see an immediate drop in their attacks and initiative will slowly pass to us (B) Encourage them to come to you by building fire bases (as they were called in Vietnam) in their territory and using this to patrol aggressively in their backyard, this disrupts their operations and makes them mass up and attack the firebases. You then use these as anvils and air-power and reinforcements as hammers to inflict decisive casualties on them. There are probably other approaches that i do not know about, but PLEASE can you recognize any clear strategy in the way we have been carrying on this war?

    So tell me what is in the enemy’s order of battle that our troops cannot handle? Why do we hear of increasing mutinies or near mutinies when there are casualties, as though we were expecting a walk in the pack? Why do we refuse to move even a step without air support? Does the enemy have more reason to be willing to die than we? We still hear of people from the East or South West saying they do not want to die in the North East, as though we don’t know that if we don’t stop these insurgents in Damboa, we very soon will be fighting them in Markurdi?

    This is not a war we asked for! This is a war of self defense. Such a war you must fight with whatever you can find (even if all you have is sticks and stones). We really do not have the luxury to say ‘supply us SU-25s or we shall not fight’. IF WE ENTER THIS WAR WITH THAT SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT, TRUST ME WE SHALL LOSE, because our adversary is certainly not waiting for any SU-25s before they attack us.

    I am tired of saying this but i will say it this last time, we MUST continue the fight using our intelligence to make the best of what we have. If/when the sophisticated arms we richly deserve come then these can enhance the fight. But I continue to agree with Peccavi, that what we have today will win the war if we drop the sense of entitlement and fight like people whose livelihood and freedom is at stake.

    A situation where we fold our arms and wait 2-3 week before re-taking a key town like Damboa is embarrassing under any heading.

    This is my last input on this matter. i hope my views are clear, even if you dont agree with them.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Ozed, my phrase “Do you really know what you are saying at all”…is NOT an insult, you can check English dictionary sir, with due respect to you, yes I do respect you.

      Please don’t compare me with @Igbi, he called me stupid, fish brain, fool. etc Now those are insults in English language. Please don’t call a challenge to reasoning an insult. My phrase has been used in similar forms on this blog a number of times and no one calls it insult, they see it as a challenge to your argument and asking you to go into deep thought, or telling you that you are saying things that are clearly not reasonable.

      Telling someone his point is not reasonable is no insult, unless the person you are talking to has a big personal ego that needs to be caressed by all and sundry.

      I have NEVER insulted anybody on this blog. I have challenged people to reason, yes, many times. Nothing wrong is challenging people directly and forthrightly on serious national issues.

      You were threading a dangerous path of damaging all we have built on this blog asking for new and modern equipment.weapons that befits a 2014 army and a war ravaged nation that is poorly armed to meet a new threat to it’s existence.

      Take my challenge in good faith sir, I mean no harm, you have my 100% respect.

      As for your argument on topic, I humbly disagree with virtually everything you said in defense of your opinions. I won’t take you head on about your reply to avoid person to person confrontation as my style does not go down well with you.

      Sorry sir, I have to be frank. Nigeria’s survival and prosperity is at stake, and I know you are a patriot like me, we both love Nigeria. If Nigerian army and air force follows what you wrote above, this Boko Haram war will snowball and last over 10 years.

      Let me remind you, Nigerian military NEVER fully defeated Liberian and Sierra Leone rebels we only drove them out of cities into the jungle, same with Niger Delta militancy, we ended all those 3 wars by negotiation/settlement/cessation/amnesty/etc.

      Nigerian military was poorly equipped in those 3 wars. Even Niger Delta, we had to buy Cobras, Mi-24 Hinds, and about 200 Navy small gunboats and crafts….the sight of the massive arrival of new weapons encouraged Niger Delta militants to accept amnesty, or else the ding dong Tom and Jerry show would have continued till today.

      Reason why I am warning about Boko Haram lasting too long and growing stronger every year.

      Thank you sir, I am still your brother.

      • ozed says:

        Matter over and forgotten my bro.

      • AreJames says:

        Gen-ru-men, pls tek-ir-izi.
        No need quarelling over an unfortunate war and adding insults to injury. Let us persuade the FG to set target dates and deliverables for our generals so that we know what time frame we are working against. I suspect they will do this any way after the delivery of the major part of ordered equipment (especially aircraft). What should not happen is that this war extends past Q4, 2014. We don’t want a situation where inspiration is given to all young Islamic crackpots on the African continent to come here and do romantic pyrotechnics on their way to paradise on Nigerian soil. I second all your suggestions on procurement especially air assets.

    • giles says:

      not a crime to put troops in pick ups.haba u at very wicked if our socall leaders can ride in armoured protected vehicles, y not our troops. how much are d LAVs made by proforce.or imagine troops going into a town for takeover in armoured vehicles. bro believe it or not morale will be high and fatalities will b extremely low

  51. Augustine says:

    Oga Peccavi my boss, the shoe thing was a joke, however, you have a ‘renegade’ junior brother to deal with on this matter because I am taking you on, head to head. After the argument we will both pretend we did not argue, so you buy me pepper soup with goat meat, I buy you lamb goulash in cream soup.

    Now we enter the hot zone :

    Sanctions? If Nigeria is sanctioned tomorrow, with our low level of technological capability as a nation, and infantile defence industry, what you get is a long war like Sri Lanka 20 year limbo, ours may be half that time, but without sanctions we have not won in 4 years, so what magic do you expect under sanctions? Some crude locally made equipment with low tech capability? Yes that is what we will get. You cannot stand tall when your legs are naturally short. Nigeria is a low tech nation and importer of almost every advanced technology.

    Tactics and doctrine? Yes we need to improve, but we have had 4 years of COIN war and thousands of officers and men have received COIN training from Israel, America, and Pakistan, we see photos of Nigerian army mountain warfare and desert warfare COIN training with the Pakistani special forces.

    The generals and colonels have enough training and experience in a 4 year war, all they need is to use their heads and think outside the box, think out solutions to every old and new tactic of Boko Haram, and create our own surprise new tactics and doctrine.

    Answers to every war situation is not found in textbooks or course notes, every enemy is unique, our top brass has the brains, let them use it….meanwhile they give excuse of poor equipment, so let us arm them up and see the next excuse…that will be the time to start retiring Generals irrespective of tribe and connections. Well equipped and losing a war means the enemy is smarter than you are, or you are cowards….we sack you…compulsory retirement.

    Now to equipment :

    On the man portable radar issue, I have said before, the range of detection is about 3km. Sentry can sleep or just miss a view. When you get the radar beep alert, 3km is within human eye-sight range, a binoculars will easily magnify it further for identification of target, at night, knee mortar illumination rounds and pistol flares will identify friend or foe from 3km away, then if it’s a foe, AGL will deliver killer shots from 2km away, if they get too close, a Gatling gun will rain bullets at 1km away with 4 times more firepower than a Browning.

    1. Every single soldier with night vision goggles as standard, yes I mean for every of the 30,000 men in NE war zone engaging the enemy, not the whole army all over Nigeria, no.

    Boko Haram’s attacks are now largely (Not all) launched at night, every soldier in NE zone needs night vision goggles, why should they die because of $500 goggles? That is the wholesale price where I live….plus 2 year warranty if negotiated, it’s useful life is much longer than the warranty.

    2. You agreed sir. Thanks.

    3. Every single soldier under barrel gerande launcher, yes for NE zone. Every soldier should have capacity to take out a Boko Toyota on sight. Then our boys get outnumbered often, needs to shock the enemy and escape. If it’s not in military textbook, let them go add it in Sandhurst academy for COIN, my name is Augustine, I stand by my point, out of the box thinking for COIN war. Try it first and see results.

    4. Every fire-team a 6 shot revolver multiple grenade launcher, yes, our men are getting missing and trapped behind enemy lines in combat. Need firepower to survive and escape when trapped, blow your way out or hide and blow the pursuers, the run for your life.

    Thinking new tactics for a new type of enemy, I don’t care what American war college says in their manuals, this is my war, I fight the way it works best for my situation. Colin Powell can do whatever suits him in Iraq, I do whatever suits my case in Damboa or Sambisa forest.

    MGL designers in South Africa and America recommend electro-optical sight for a reason, the grenade launcher max range is 800m with ERLP ammo, too long a range for iron eye sight precision.

    5. I have said many times on this blog sir, AGL 40 round auto multi grenade launcher 2km range will be mounted on Cobras, Toyotas, MRAPs, and land FOB bases will be tripod stand, fixed. I never said anyone should carry AGLs on foot. They have light MGL hand held.

    6. Gatling gun, yes America could not stop waves of Vietnamese infantry swarming on the yankees like bees. When you tend to be ambushed or outnumbered, Gatling gun is the way to go, these Mini-gun/Gatlings have models with rate of fire adjustment to low levels almost as low as a Browning HMG, weapons have many models we can choose from.

    Gatling advantage is 4 to 6 barrels, America built 10,000 units and most were deployed in Vietnam when they were outnumbered, Gatling saved lives, the enemy just cannot walk through a Gatling or Mini-Gun fire….it is one man with 4 four machine guns in one hand.

    Smart soldiers don’t waste ammo, controlled burst when in dire situation to suppress enemy and drive/run away in a Toyota or Cobra that mounts the Gatling gun.

    Nigeria carry Browning, Boko carry equivalent, all animals become equal, who is the boss? Reason why we have a no winner situation in many engagements.

    7. You agreed sir. Thanks again.

    8. 1,000 units of night illumination flare pistols for night combat 1,000 IS TOO LITTLE…. I very much agree with you sir.

    9. 500 units of 51mm knee mortars with explosive rounds, smoke rounds, illumination rounds. TOO LITTLE….I also agree with you Oga.

    10. Unlimited supply of all types and calibre of ammunition and explosives SUPPLIES ARE LIMITED, WHERE WILL YOU STORE ‘UNLIMITED SUPPLIES’ ? Via supply chain management , unlimited supplies along the chain…Manufacturer – Buyer – Army HQ – Army Ordnance corp – Supply columns air and land – FOB Base – Battle field troops – Reinforcement troops.

    11. You agreed sir. Thanks again.

    12. 500 units Turkish Otokar Cobra fairly used second hand if America will waste our time with American Streits Spartan MK III double turret APC . Both have the best speed in our arsenal. I WOULD SUGGEST 4WD TOYOTOA LANDCRUISERS, QUAD BIKES, OR ANY LIGHT RECCE/ FIGHTING VEHICLE

    We already have many Toyota 4×4 and Landcruiser is easy to buy at home from Toyota Nigeria. Cobra functions as a light Recce/FV, we know it’s tech, easy to maintain, we know it’s strengths and weaknesses, we have mechanics for it. Bikes and horses/calvary are welcome like SADF Recces, but with Bokos building strongholds Nigeria struggles to penetrate, Toyotas will lead us to AK-47 jaws of death, we need basic light armour and NA should start using Cobra as mini MRAP, speed max 115 km/hr, It has about 6 side firing ports, stick out 5.56mm MGs from there and drive through hell like a mad man.

    Cobras can be fitted with smoke dispensers, Toyotas dont have that luxury in ambush or firefight when you need a smoke screen cover. Blinding sandstorms punished our guys in dry season, rain is here in rainy season, man and equipment will soak for long hours in transit by Toyota. We need more Cobras.

    13. 200 units Russian MT-LB tracked APC for muddy terrain fairly used second hand. 200? WHY? HOW WILL THEY BE USED? AS A FORMED UNIT OR TASKED TO INDIVDUAL UNITS?

    Photos from NE zone shows Toyotas and Cobras get stuck in mud and totally immobile, if the enemy pounces on our NA men pushing Toyota or Cobra trapped in heavy mud, ah ! Wahala go shelle o !

    I have posted MT-LB videos here, it is a tracked armoured vehicle and flows through deep mud like a snake !

    MT-LB is damn cheap second hand, Russia has thousands in storage reserves.
    MT-LB carries 11 soldiers and 2 crew….a full squad
    MT-LB is modular and can do job of IFV, APC, ambulance/medical evacuation, command and communication post etc.
    MT-LB has many modular fittings you can interchange, 30mm cannon, mortar carrier, smoke dispenser, 14.5mm twin guns, 30mm/40mm AGL, etc

    We have MT-LB for overseas peace-keeping, USA gave us free, we know the vehicle already, a familiar equipment.

    Steyr tracked APCs are rusted in our armoury and many unserviceable….we are screwed !
    MT-LB in groups of 4 will move troops by platoons into very hostile high threat area, like to recapture a fort. Able to travel through mud that traps Toyota and Cobra, also able to travel over loose sand terrain that traps Toyota tyres.

    America bought this Russian APC for good reasons.

    14. You agreed sir. Thanks again.

    15. You agreed sir. Thanks again.

    16. You agreed sir. Thanks again. I still insist the Beechcraft ISTAR are lightly armed, it can call in a Tucano, but the enemy might have disappeared in 10 minutes after Beechcraft detected them. Iraq has good reason for arming them, the way to weaken Boko is by attrition, the way to speed up attrition is to kill them every time you see them, they are a scarce commodity, don’t waste your oppourtunities when they appear on a platter of gold. The Boko you kill today will not attack you tomorrow.


    Boko is getting desperate, don’t wait for IEDs to emerge en masse, like in Afghanistan/Iraq, lets be proactive, not reactive.

    Bokos stronghold are getting tougher, we need to avoid massacre of our precious elite special forces trying to break into fortresses, a 100 km/hr MRAP with double roof turrets and 9 side firing ports is a good spearhead for attacking a fortress, will survive where Toyota will be roasted.

    I have never objected to use of Toyota 4×4, I always said we need their speed, and I still insist we have thousands of Toyotas but add up-armoured Landcruisers for high risk engagement, protection against AK-47 will save many NA lives for us, Toyota is easy to buy at home. We have 3 companies that can up-armour them locally inside Nigeria.

    I have always said we need speedy light Toyotas for hot pursuit, lighting assault, and we need foot men infantry that can walk from point A to B, for surprise stealth attacks, then call in the vehicles from point A for support or retreat, and evacuation of wounded if things get bad at point B.

    My new weapons/equipment procurement list has been explained in a little detail, I don’t want to delve into combat scenario simulations, we might be revealing too much here. Let Nigerian army use what they learnt from military academies all over the world….and NDA is top class in Africa.

    Thanks Oga Peccavi

  52. peccavi says:

    Oga Augustine: my own na Star and suya, hold the goat meat….!
    But to enter the crux of the matter. As has been said resources are not unlimited and prioritisation and optimisation (to steal the phrase from Oga Ozed) are more important.
    You ask what will happen if Nigeria was sanctioned. I counter by asking what happened when Biafra was blockaded? Did they shrivel up and die and wait for aircraft or they used their skills to fight to the end?
    We are not serious.
    That is thee long and short of this.
    The decisions makers do not suffer the consequences of this war, senior commanders have absolutely no sanction if they do not perform. For some people this war is a political opportunity for others a financial opportunity.
    We need complete unity amongst the political class instead we get stupid allegations and counter allegation. Abi they found politician ID cards with Boko Haram last time? Who are they and what happened?
    We can re equip as you stated and tomorrow all that kit will be with BH because we are still not doing the basics. We aree not doing the bascs because no one that should be doing the necessary seems to care
    Re equipping is all well and good but its not a matter of buying and hoping for the best.

    • AreJames says:

      “That is thee long and short of this.
      The decisions makers do not suffer the consequences of this war, senior commanders have absolutely no sanction if they do not perform. For some people this war is a political opportunity for others a financial opportunity”

      The above statement and the shortage of weapons notably CAS are the main issues we have. If we tackle them, the war is over tommorrow even if BH recruits the hardest and most capable fighters from any zalatu-Jamatu-kamatu-whatever in any country.

  53. Bigbrovar says:

    I don’t know where this guy gets his information from.. anyway here his is sitrep for the battle to take Damboa and also Gowza..

    • asorockweb says:


      The Damboa situation will be clear soon.
      Civilians will try to return home and if they can’t, then the NA has not clear Damboa.

      The writer knows a little too much for my liking.

  54. Bigbrovar says:

    key gist of the sitrep:

    BH ranks have been swelled by Jihadist group from around Africa (The BH commander for Damboa is said to be sudanese)

    Special forces of NA trained by “US trained by US Special Forces- 10th Special Forces Group, and American Private Military Contractors paid for by the Pentagon, State Department, CIA, and interestingly, Homeland Security”

    Presence of US military Advisers “Two US Army advisors were reportedly present at during the Nigerian Army’s assault”

    The lack of air power to protect troops “the NAF uses mostly Dornier Alpha Jets, MEB-339s, L-39s and F-7s, a few of the MEB-339s and Alpha Jets were the air cover for the battle, two were reportedly damaged by ground Triple A fire”

    You can read the rest (which again makes for grim reading, especially with regards to how lack of proper equipment is hindering efforts)

    • peccavi says:

      No idea who this guy is but he is either a staff officer or in military intelligence.
      Or else he is a false flag op using info from Nigerians in DHQ or 7 Div HQ.
      His sitreps are well written by someone with a knowledge of ops, however they are always tinged with a hint of the typical Nigerian conspiracy madness and some of them have been nonsensical.
      However his analysis of the operation, the campaign, enemy intent and friendly situation are fairly sound.
      I really just don’t know what to make of the guy.
      There’s enough useful credible information in there though to use

      • AreJames says:

        I came to the same conclusion at the second paragraph of this guy’s sitrep. This is not even some guy. This is either of NA’s DMI, the SSS or a retired officer in the military with friends and contacts in service. As usual with security information, the meta- is just as important as the information itself. So we put that into careful consideration because it will show the intent and then strip the content itself of all useful information which to me are the following:
        1. The NA has started deploying some skilled tacticians in battle.
        2. The NA has started compensating for poor air support by the liberal use of its artillery assets of which it has the most skilled personnel on the continent.
        3.. BH is no more an insurgency but a carefully crafted geo political power grab.
        4. BH has started developing and exploiting the support of some local community members.
        We will continue to watch this blog but as I said before whoever is behind it is just as important as what they are saying

      • Bigbrovar says:

        My conclusions exactly. This doesn’t seem like the usual story telling.. This man has access to some important Intel or he one of the best fictional writers after George R. Martins. He also exhibits the usual bias against involvement of foreign intelligence into our operations (a view which is shared by many NA Ogas) … IMy take is he is a retired officer with access to operational intelligence.

      • jimmy says:

        Let me be the one to pour cold water on the retired this retired that.oga peccavi come on now the reason why he seems credible to you is because he has been plagirising Your sitrep reports and fiddling with it. Oga bigbrovar I sincerely doubt he was a retired military officer of any value.Nigeria has no T-64 tanks that I know of please feel free to correct me and other than be on the outskirts it is highly doubtful they were used in this battle.That much he should know the difference between a T55 and a T-64 The CIA and the FBI have an office in Nigeria.There is no mandated reason why any homeland security personnel would travel to Nigeria for what to watch a firefight in Damboa? We have nigerian planes,american planes and a homeland security guy is sitting in a apc? Wow guys this mofo saw all this and even got a name of the internet nah wah So now everything that someone says which is contrary to what the govt says is gospel truth? In his conclusion this mofo is completely confused as to boko yeye opening a second front in cameroon or is it not foolish to take on two countries at the same time?and yet in his demented state. He states shekau can’t decide whether to conquer Nigeria. The bastard is talking 40 miles from the border from a town that would of been bypassed during the civil war. Please I beg let us recognize a bh sympathizer for who he is. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

      • AreJames says:

        We have said the ‘who’ and ‘why’ are just as important as the content.
        There is no way to find this out by tallying the obvious mistakes in the sitrep, some of those maybe deliberate. He mentions an aircraft MEB 339 for jnstance and also puts the population of BH at 12,000….for where?.
        All these do not confer a lack of credibility on all of the information in the article.
        The level of detail about the Damboa/Gwoza battle and events in Cameroon is a little disturbing and I suspect not all that is therein is false – rumours, conjecture or twisted information to force some actions may have been possible objectives. Please remember nobody has a global true picture of what is happening, nobody, not even the people shooting the bullets. The foreign observers being present during the battle make sense especially if the newly trained SF unit was involved. As for the stuff about Shekau trying to decide whether to conquer the whole of Nigeria et.c ….there you have some indication who the guy(s) might be and concluding they are necessarily BH sympathizers is just too linear. An average of 50% of citizens of a country have issues with their country (including as we saw a few years ago a sitting NSA carpeting his employer’s political party) putting Nigeria’s entire category of malcontents into the BH camp is unreasonable which is where I am going with this in the context of Fulansitrep’ s blogger: Nigerian(s) or a group of Nigerians of northern extraction with links to or current membership of the defence and security establishment with access to some information in the defsec space, leveraging on that to craft their own narrative and disseminate same”.

      • igbi says:

        arejames, you are one of the resons i can not stay here. Your way of debating lies into truth can have any intelligent person furious. Given the choice of words said by fulanstrip, he is a boko haram sympathizer. It matters nto why he is a boko haram sympathizer, his actions are there for everyone to see, his sitrep is a pro boko haram work ! You don’t chose what is the “probable truth”. Truth is not open for debate ! Fcats matter, facts like obvious lies have been observed in fulanstrip’s sitrep ! facts like his narrative is verry much that of a defeated boko haram looking for excuses. You don’t debate truth or chose what is possible truth. And once again, no matter how refined, a lie remains a lie. The writer of the three muqueters also compiled a lot of data, but still he was writing pure fiction, fiction supported with data. Your way of judging on “credibility” of stories make you very easy to be fooled. All one needs is to throw in some data, then you have been convinced. Or perhaps you thought that a liar must be a stupid person who doesn’t know how to throw data (mostly unverrified and unverrifiable by the way).
        I can not stay because of this types of behaviours. i don’t debate, I prove.

      • AreJames says:

        You are very correct. It is the data ‘gan gan’ that I am interested in. I don’t impugn motives when I am analysing and my emotions are far away from it. Whether the whole message is skewed in a particular direction has no bearing with me, it could be Shekau himself penning it I don’t care. I will also take the metadata into consideration which is just to enable me classify the source (i believe intelligence agencies are doing it to us on this blog as well) but no hair tearing, emotionally clouded confused thinking..
        This MB 339 usage for me for instance is some interesting data, the jets have been on repair for 4 years, when did they come in?, have they really come in? , how are they being used?. I have started scouring for information on this. I don’t depend on one source I don’t fish with a hook for information, I use a big net. And it is my right to know. You on the other hand are a one man counter intelligence service operation with too much emotion.
        I suspect you over over-emotionalism on this blog is due to the fact that you feel Nigeria is losing this war which is not true. We on the other hand know we are winning but are angry that it is taking so long if not for CORRUPTION by those eating from it and deriving political benefits from it.. to that one you are in complete denial. There is a massive protest on now about the what is going on in Borno state and they are not bloggers doing it. A word advise on your mathematics based advisory services : emotions and preconceived notions have no place when you are doing consulting work, all factors go into a model and the limitations of your models must be shared with the client, even your own biases must be said upfront so that only the truth comes out. I wish you all the best.

      • igbi says:

        arejames, is there any limit to your wrong reasoning ?
        Now you are telling me what I think ?
        What the hell is wrong with you ?
        You are the one who has been pooring emotions here, I have alwasys stood against that, don’t serve me the same words I served you for your faltive comments !
        As I stated before I joigned this blog to reestablish truth because of the preponderance of terrorist propaganda and media houses and people taking that as facts. I was successful in some cases. but for each truth established several lies are thrown in again. For each intelligent blogger there are 10 brainless ones. So don’t tell me that I think Nigeria is losing this war. The mere facts don’t support such belief, some drug addicted terrorists who keep hiding in the north-eastern border and pillaging villages, please be serious. I really think you need to learn how to think, you putting claims in my own mouth should serve you as proof of your wrong logics, take that as data. You don’t think well my friend.
        I am frustrated with this blog because of the lack of reasonning exhibitted by some of the members, the few who think well are outnumbered and I feel I am waisting my time.
        And for your information, patriotism is part of a wider strategy to win this war. Don’t confuse patriotism with emotionalism, and don’t confuse conspiracy theory with claim of conspiracy ! You make these confusions way too often. To those patriotic guys who think well and to the Nigerian soldiers who are fighting this war, I salute you.
        “Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.”

      • igbi says:

        My last comment is a quote from General Douglas McArtur, I am fading away.

    • igbi says:

      “Two US Army advisors were reportedly present at during the Nigerian Army’s assault”
      isn’t that what boko haram would use as an excuse for failure ? In order to keep idiots believing it is better trained than Nigerian troops ? That fulanstrip guy is nothing more than a boko haram sympathizer, or member.

    • igbi says:

      Bigbrova, you are a little bit selectif:
      “He also exhibits the usual bias against involvement of foreign intelligence into our operations (a view which is shared by many NA Ogas)”
      That view is also shared by boko haram.

      • igbi says:

        actually that view is not shared by the Nigerian army personnel, it is only shared by boko haram and their sympathizer circles.

      • igbi says:

        I mean NA doesn’t want foreign intelligence spying in Nigeria, yes ! But NA is all for foreign intelligence spying on boko haram ans sharing of intelligence. And the US drones flying over the north-east was a case of just that.

    • igbi says:

      “Special forces of NA trained by “US trained by US Special Forces- 10th Special Forces Group, and American Private Military Contractors paid for by the Pentagon, State Department, CIA, and interestingly, Homeland Security”
      Now I think even you wouldagree that this is the type of statement the ennemy would say in order to claim it was defeated by the “great US” and not Nigeria. Of course in every such operation, the ennemy will claim it was defeated by the US, not Nigeria. And for those claiming fulanstrip is an intelligence officer, you guys are lost in a science fiction movie, what kind of intelligence officer would be posting “operational data” on the internet for all to see ? Common sense !
      The narrative has been that Nigerian soldiers are ill trained and outgunned and lack courage, so when they give boko haram a fine beating, the ennemy or the other liers must justify that in a way to save their previous claims: “It must have been the US”
      Common sense !

  55. igbi says:

    This is to the patiotic Nigerian bloggers in here.
    I am retiring from this blog, once and for all.
    If I am going to help Nigeria, my fiield of mathematics is going to be the way for me.
    I can, analyse and make strategies using game theory and probability theory.
    I am not making enough difference by blogging and the fact that some people are allowed to debate common sense make me understand Groëthendick’s frustrations. Indeed it is only in maths that you can have everybody convinced. In the rest of the world, those who don’t think well speak louder, and convince more people.

    I reserve myself two or three last comments to respond, and then I will fade away.

    • AreJames says:

      @Igbi, don’t go.
      You are disrespectful, brusque and close minded but we admire your patriotism. That is the only qualification I think Beeg wants from whoever wants to post comments on this blog. I am doing some arduous self tuition myself in probability theory too so that I can advise companies on risk management. I may need some help and i wonder if we can link up by mail.

    • Martin Luther says:

      Thank God you are gone, I hope for good

  56. jimmy says:

    Mark these words down the more punishing victories are eked the more the peacemakers will come out of the woodwwork.Nigeria should be prepared for an onslaught on why the us should not give/ donate /sell any weapons to Nigeria.
    The fulani blogger has just started we shall hear all sorts of things.But this is the vacuum that has been created by the coas.this is what has been predicted this is what we have to live with.Words can you quote me on Nigeria will win this war,however it will not be won this year it will enter 2015
    and will be the most expensive war in Nigeria’s history.

    • AreJames says:

      2015 is not acceptable. Please don’t indulge in uncontrolled despair, over exaggerate the potentials of BH and give ammunition to those who want it extended for their own aggrandizement . What we need to do is to spend the money and work a vigorous, short term plan to finish the business.

  57. ozed says:

    The sitrep to my mind has several strange components:
    1. There is a clear difference between the T55 and T64, of course we know say we no get the latter

    2. The sheer number of Boko Haram supposedly in the town does not make sense, i know the Nigerian Army is a ‘kick-ass’ force, but i certainly don’t believe they can use 1000-2000 men to seize a town from 12-20,000 Boko Haram armed with GPMGs, DHSKs and 57mm guns etc. Especially if they rendered the air support impotent

    3. The use of Aermacchis in close ground support if true this is a new development, we shall soon find out if its true from subsequent actions.

    4. Also his statement that BH has since driven the NA back to the Damboa/Maiduguri road we shall see in the passing days.

    My only sadness is for the DHQ for their incompetence in the management of the Information management aspects of this war. This has given room for the likes of this Fulani guy and Sahara reports. I just hope they up their game.

  58. sele says:

    Serving or retired Nigerian military won’t use 7th, Nigerian military units don’t use cardinals

  59. Augustine says:

    Nigeria again, the more you look, the less you see. Confusion galore….same old Nigeria.

  60. Startrek says:

    GenBeeg. more petroleum to your Gbox and auto stabilizers to ur ribcage cos we got
    some real clowns on this blog at the moment. some time I wish am at liberty to blabber away like some gentlemen.
    anyway U guys have fun while it last…

  61. Martin Luther says:

    I have read this Fulan guy, I think it is the guy behind Sirius Black or a very crafty propaganda from the enemy. The style, diction and mood are not very professional but written by someone with experience and with the intention of trying to be professional (presenting a professional outlook as an analyst). The information has to be from someone on ground or third party narrative on ground, either which way; the writer is getting a 3rd party info from one side. He has refused to give the names of the BH commanders but has tried to create a an alias (from Sudan).

    There is an underlining feeling of disgust and scorn on the Nigerian military which gives this writer up as an opposition and there is an expression of glorification on the lines of this write up which glorifies the enemy.

    The deep knowledge of names of advisors on ground may not be a lie; it is prove of moles on ground in the NA. Such information can be got even form a close eavesdrops and is meant to create shock and a sense on insecurity with NA commanders.

    Incorrectness of basic knowledge items such as names of equipment while also trying to give the names of other equipment with even their NATO code names shows that the write up was not proof read as it was I a hurry and on the go published (agitation).

    Lastly, this is a new blog of regional standing and political undertone

  62. Tobey says:

    @Martin Luther…I refuse to believe that this fulan guy is SiriuBlack or has anything to do with him…Sirius was patriotic all the way..this fulani blogger is something else entirely…sirius provided us with a rich multimedia database of the “Sambisa war”…let’s not rope him into this.

    • Martin Luther says:

      This Fulan guy is on ground and very close to the action on both sides (ring a bell?), some 3rd person narrative on the Government side and 1st person narrative on the enemy side. I did not mean to say he was Sirius what I meant to say was he was close to the action like Sirius, sorry it came out wrong.

      I am just spotting his use of language to make sense of the authenticity of his information and his credibility as an informant. This language is one sided in it’s expressions and closer to the enemy from his language in as much he tried to mask it.

      I hope you studied poetry at any point in your education? Lol

      • Are James says:

        I see us frequently mis-using words and eroding the value of what we want to pass on. Wikipedia helps sometimes.

        Propaganda : Propaganda is the deliberate, systematic attempt to shape perceptions, manipulate cognitions, and direct behavior to achieve a response that furthers the desired intent of the propagandist….Propaganda is generally an appeal to emotion, not intellect.[citation needed] It shares techniques with advertising and public relations, each of which can be thought of as propaganda that promotes a commercial product or shapes the perception of an organization, person, or brand. In post–World War II usage the word “propaganda” more typically refers to political or nationalist uses of these techniques or to the promotion of a set of ideas, since the term had gained a pejorative meaning

        Disinformation: Disinformation is intentionally false or inaccurate information that is spread deliberately. It is an act of deception and false statements to convince someone of untruth. Disinformation should not be confused with misinformation, information that is unintentionally false…….A common disinformation tactic is to mix some truth and observation with false conclusions and lies, or to reveal part of the truth while presenting it as the whole (a limited hangout).

        I have not seen one act of PROPAGANDA from bloggers or news sources against Nigeria since the BokoHaram insurgency began partly because it is rare these days to find someone with the skill set of a propagandist who basically is an artist crafting believable but insidious narratives for masses of people, you need intellectual depth and literary skills to be a propagandist …DISINFORMATION however is what we have been getting a lot of. It is what we suspect that some western news agencies and bloggers have been doing against Nigeria. However to do dis information you need some basic raw material of true information. It is through that little bit of truth that we get at more true information, locate the intent of the dis informer and build a full picture.

      • Are James says:

        The point here being; let the bloggers blog all they can we now know how to classify.
        If you rail against the Nigerian state and the federal gov’t and throw in unproven accusations to back it up we will quickly dismiss you as a propagandist. However if you quote battlefield details, names, weaponry, geographical locations et.c, you are a dangerous guy with some information (maybe disinformation) but we will not dismiss you without striping all we can from your sitreps for further analysis.

  63. Martin Luther says:

    Gentlemen see the Iraq Army is no more, it is the Kurds that are fighting to open and hold roads leading to Bagdad from the North, towns really close to Bagdad. With all the arms they had from the US. So when you cry for arms, please do not fought that the physic of the men is everything

    • Are James says:

      @Martin Luther
      You need demographics of Iraqi army Sunni/Shiite percentages before we can conclude that it is the physical ruggedness of the men that is the problem. Sunnis won’t fight ISIS. The running away and leaving weapons is partly poor spatial positioning of troops caused by leadership and partly the greatest act of internal sabotage an army as ever experienced.

      • Martin Luther says:

        You have a point, so what should be their solution short term solution

      • Martin Luther says:

        How bad can it be? latest news say the Iraq army is deploying for a fight in Bagdad by troops loyal to Almalaki to prevent him from being removed by the President of Iraq. So they choose to fight them selves rather than the enemy. I get your point Are James

  64. peccavi says:

    Oga Jimmy, imitation is the greatest form of flattery so if so I’m more than happy.
    But lets look at the guys write up
    The description of the attack on Damboa makes sense, doesn’t mean it is accurate but whoever wrote it knew at the minimum how to fake it. Now there are several strange things
    T55/T64: 2 different weapon systems only one of which Nigeria (that we know) possess and is in the NE. Why mix the two?
    The Sagger is a fairly obsolete weapon, slow by modern standards, but still if in insurgent hands is a game changer in terms of capability, you need practice to use it properly, could have been bought from the Libyans and operated by mercs.
    Are the Aermacchi now weaponised? Are they even flying? Wouldn’t we have heard about it yet?
    Two Americans? Now the way its described the Yanks were with the advancing troops. There is no way on Gods green earth the US will put just 2 troops, SF or not in with a Tac HQ, with a force like the Nigerian Army that they don’t train with, share doctrines or have 100% trust in. It doesn’t happen in Iraq or Afghanistan and wouldn’t happen here. They could however be ex SF PMC’s giving deniable support. Us PMC’s operate logistics and ISR missions for the US in the Sahel so not impossible, One was mentioned as a ‘civilian’ by name (implying the other two were identifiably military).
    Why would the US need to deploy advisors with the troops? As mentors? Ground/ air controllers? Unless things are happening deep under the table the US/ Nigeria relationship is fairly tepid right now as the Pace keeping fund snub demonstrates.
    Mention is made of BH commanders getting advance warning. Was that from scouts, spies or a tip off?
    The use of nom de guerrres by jihadists is normal. Breaking down the different factions of Boko Haram indicates a higher understanding of the conflict than most commentators actually identifying commanders joins a lot of dots that have been perplexing people like me who have been trying to where the different insurgent groups are and what they re up to but how accurate is it?
    He mentions Air Groups and Divisions but not actual Squadrons, Wings, Brigades or Battalions which is what someone actually in the know would do.
    10,000-12,000 men is a fantastical figure. One woul wonder how BH would arm, transport and pay all these men. We know BH is many cuts above the Liberian/ Sierra Leonean reels in skill, command and control, they operate like trained soldiers. Where did they find the money to hire or resources to train 12,000 men. I would have said typo but hmmmm
    The sitrep has several comments about Zionist Christians churches and law being based on medieval Christianity. I detect a certain disdain for Christians (maybe not BH genocidalism)
    SO whats my take?
    There is more than one person writing these sitreps
    The person in question either has very good local knowledge and contacts as he writes intimately about the area. I would presume they have access be it word of mouth or so about insurgent activities. One thing we should know is that people in the area have an infinitely better knowledge of BH than us, including the factions particularly those of a high standing in the community. This is not necessarily a sign of their cooperation ( I guess) simply the things they need to know to survive.
    The writer has a military background as they are able to write about military events creditably, however I believe the last sitreps account of the battle of Damboa was based on hearsay and then fleshed out with generic details, he simply took the NAF’s two light aircraft and turned them into ground attack for example. Not being able to narrow down specific units even the SF unit again indicates he was simply told something like ‘It was 7 Div with SF air and artillery’ and then added the salt and pepper. The unit trained recently by the US SF was 143 Inf Bn, in his post about El Zakzaky he was mentioning units by name, it surprising he couldn’t identify which battalions were in the op.
    He makes credible points on the strategic dilemma of BH which is the most interesting part and something that opens us to more thoughts as to the who:
    1) Disgruntled military officers: this could be a group of disgruntled military officers who are passing info to a 3rd source to get their grievances heard. A lot of the comments sound like military complaints, poor leaders, weapons, political betrayal etc. However a lot off the posts portray the military poorly and it lacks the instinctive defensiveness I would expect from disgruntled officer such as justifying failures as betrayals orr lac of ammo etc. Again this could be for plausible deniability, likewise the lack off identifiable units and poor weapons identification
    2) A senior Northern politician (without being tribalist or sectarian) a lot of the tone sounds very ‘born to rulish’ again I cant be very specific but there is something there that hints at an attempt to open a dialogue. The line about the different factions and their views is interesting because it mirrors conventional wisdom. It could in essence be an invitation to thee FGN to enter negotiations with the ‘sane’ factions who will then either being Shekau along or sideline him. Taken all together with the local knowledge I would suggest that the source of the write up would be one of the original sponsors of BH who still retains links but has lost control and is either trying to reign them in now before its too late and gain some concessions or has been called in to try and set the conditions for a deal. Although why they would go on the internet rather than using back channels is a mystery
    3) An interested 3rd party. Either a country, organisation or group of people who have an interest of some sort in the outcome and wish to begin to shape a particular narrative. That narrative seems to be: the Nigerian political class is beholden to the west and Zionists. The Nigerian Army is being defeated because its leadership is corrupt and beholden to western interests, BH has a significant chance of winning. This narrative recognises however that the immediate question is ‘Winning what?’ they cant occupy Nigeria. They would struggle to occupy Maiduguri for longer than a day. So this 3rd force is seeking to make home gain be it financial or geopolitical from the crisis
    4) Boko Haram themselves, trying to portray an intellectual visage to gauge pubic moods oor support in the English speaking world. It is unlikely as it is way too subtle
    So having looked att the who wwe should look att the why?
    As stated Bhhas opened a second front in Cameroun. This could be desperation. They could be desperately trying too clear a safe area on both sides of the Mandara mountains in the hope they can hold out their before Nigeria, Chad, Niger and Cameroun get their acts together. This could thus be away too shape a more favourable public narrative that sets the stall for negotiations. They could be facing imminent defeat and someone seeing their golden goose slipping away wishes to set up a front. We are losing and people are trying to sound the alarm before its too late.
    Or maybe I’m overthinking this?

    • AreJames says:

      Good analysis. I go with (1) or (2).
      Just one mundane point about the T55 / T64 mix up that a lot has been said about.
      I think even regular military officers that are not of the armoured corps in any army would make that mistake of mixing them up. The turret design only changed remarkably with the T 72 so mixing them up does not help much in determining the background of the blogger

      • asorockweb says:

        Regular officers will not make the T55/T64 error.

        Nigeria never had the T64. The person that would mix them up is the person that only was pictures of “Nigerian Tanks”

  65. beegeagle says:

    That dude, Fulan, sounds like a poorly disguised BH propagandist and appears set to mount a sustained campaign of calumny against the military. He pretends to loathe the PDP and APC in equal measure but is actually a pro-opposition element who has tried severally to offload his content on this page. He is not sympathetic to the West and clearly holds that forward to curry the favours of the like-minded.

    Truth is, he is unlikely to be a Nigerian officer. He almost certainly lives/has lived in America, holds a miniimum of a MSc (possibly a PhD) and is of northern extraction. Just as this WordPress blog of his tries to play up his “FULANi” origins, what I believe to be his Blogspot blog plays up his “Arewa” antecedents. Not surprisingly, he idealises General Buhari.

    Now, it is clear that he mixes apples and oranges to try and sound coherent and is an intelligent Nigerian at any rate. His reference to a “7th Division” gives away his US antecedents. Nigerian officers or soldiers will never do that. It would either be “7 Div” or 22 Brigade” or “34 Brigade”. They will not even add “armoured” and “artillery” to the brigades. That is invariable. So the dude is neither a serving or retired officer, just in case anyone is sold on the thick idea that he is a Nigerian officer.

    The NA do not and have never owned T64 tanks. Not even SiriusBlack can produce photos of those. To play up the mythical invincibility of his BH clients, he names all the combat-capable aircraft listed for the NAF on WIKI and suggests that everything was thrown at the terrorists to underscore their unbeatable qualities. That is why he is quick to suggest that U.S instructors led what he imagines to be a botched bid to retake Damboa. You can see his generous allotment of Damboa AOR to BH. Again, the scare mongering is amplified by his allusion to BH ownership of heavy weaponry such as 57mm AAA guns and AT-3 Sagger. In effect, he is trying to tell the impressionable that BH have light artillery and anti-armour capabilities, so the NA should not bother to make a stand for Damboa.

    That will cut no ice though since Biafra also had 105mm artillery, six pounder guns, 73mm anti tank guns and 107mm RRs all of which were used to devastating effect as their 11 Division opposed the Federal 2 Division’s attempt at crossing from Asaba to Onitsha. Nothing new. There were three big battles for PHC, a city with 500,000 residents. So Damboa and Gwoza shall yet be storms in a teacup when the NA go for broke. No amount of dropping local knowledge of the area will create the impression of an imminent cascade around Biu and Askira-Uba. That is only meant to entertain the cynically-minded.

    His elaborate naming of the underlain strands and factions of BH fighting wherever….something which the most avid BH watchers cannot manage, also gives him away as a core BH operative rather than an objective assessor. As such, he has to be kept out of here. I shall not aid his quest to gain converts to that ignominious cause by using my own platform to ventilate subtle nation-destroying antics. Anyone here is however free to go to him and better still, remain there. Even as I have been alluding to my imminent and inevitable pullback from this blog so that other Nigerians can carry on elsewhere, we are still faced with a deluge of intending commentators…you can see the latest batch of newbies on board.

    The L39ZA and MB-339s (not MEB) have not seen any action in this war while the F-7s appear to have been used in clearing insurgent-infested forests of Bauchi.

    57mm AAA? Neither the NA nor the Cameroon Army field those. Where did BH get them and how did they manage to haul such large systems into Damboa without detection?

    Finally, he further seeks to play up BH power by alluding to 12,000 rebels massed somewhere. That is undiluted hogwash, even as he tries to obfuscate that bit of hyperbole by suggesting that their ranks have lately been swelled by fighters from far and near. I cannot fail to note that he seeks to entrap the “conspiratorially-inclined” watchers of this conflict who are permanently scouting for hidden reality with his overdose of “technical layout” for which he has borrowed a leaf from Peccavi’s sitreps.

    The dude is almost certainly a dud. That is all I have to say and the reality shall be made manifest in the days ahead as he tries to up the stocks of his BH clients through an elaborate web of subterfuge which the savvy shall yet see through. It is however unfortunate that for whatever reason, ANYONE would try to buff the image of the BH genocidaires.

    AT BEST, this is a pro-BH and pro-opposition micronationalist narrative with a clear intention to sow panic and demoralise. The WORST case scenario is that it is a cryptic intel op aimed at stampeding a certain big power ally into making major logistical and hardware support available.

    • Martin Luther says:

      I see all sides are watching and learning HOW TO RUN A BLOG. LOL

      • beegeagle says:

        Na dem sabi :-).

        Wen man uproot comot hia, they can write their tripe. We have done our duty and by God’s grace, taken the art to its zenith. Like I have said previously, I did not set up in the hope of even eliciting comments. Neither did we aim to set any records. We only came to tell a compelling Nigerian story with uncommon perspectives which was meant to command attention. The rest is history.

  66. beegeagle says:


    Nigeria is bigger than a hundred million dollars but unfortunately our beggarly attitude to defence and security has made us see this tiny sum of money as a big deal. We should be the ones giving ‘aid’ to other African countries for peacekeeping, instead of accepting from the

    Another thing, the hypocrisy of the Americans on this human rights issue is really funny. Where they not on this planet when Israel was bombing schools in Gaza, or when their lovely friends in the Free Syrian Army were cutting out hearts of Assad’s soldiers and feasting on them? Or when American soldiers were getting high and went into Afghan villages and killed 16 women and children in addition to raping others? Or the very classic footage of Apache pilots unleashing their heavy guns on harmless Iraqi civilians below and laughing over it while shooting videos?

    America in my view has lost the moral right to condemn Nigeria or any other country. Whatever measures Nigerian soldiers need to take on the battlefield including killing BH fighters that surrender is justified for Nigeria’s longterm survival. It may be ugly and distasteful but if the strategic reasoning calls for it.

    Toh. Ba matsala.

    • AreJames says:

      Kindly expand on this line @Beegeagle. If the Fulan guy put this out, what was he trying to achieve?

      • peccavi says:

        Oga AreJames: that is the most pertinent question. Factions are realigning for the big push to the elections.
        Theres still money and opportunities to be made from this conflict

    • AreJames says:

      This was BH in nursery school. Since then they’ve acquired PHDs in the Sudan and Mali. Talking about the local political mainsprings is almost mundane now. The ND crisis was also started by erstwhile local gangs and armed thugs recruited by politicians of the ruling party (with the exception of the Warri axis millitants) but within 3 or 4 years they had begun to make big impact on the global security situation and the price of oil. A lot of the billionaire militant power brokers now were people the police could have just picked up and locked up permanently, same for all the current heads of the Boko Haram factions. The tragic situation of civil ‘demon-crazy’ in Nigria is that the state is degrading its sovereignty to pamper to the interests of the millitant sections of its constituent parts- be they individuals, a cabal, a religious sect and sometimes outright criminal groups. If you and me carry guns, kill as many people as possible and call ourselves a scary name, the business men who are running nigeria will come and negotiate. The proper reaction should be to kill us fast and as many times as possible so that a proper example is served to others.

  67. cutievik says:

    Providing air cover at night??? What does that sound like to you guys?

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