President Barack Obama of the United States of America

President Barack Obama of the United States of America

10 August, 2014

IN a rather surprising fallout of the US-Africa Summit with over 40 presidents and heads of state from Africa, including President Jonathan Goodluck, in attendance, US President Barack Obama has decided to leave Nigeria out of its multi-million-dollar effort to support peacekeepers from Africa.

Although Nigeria still has considerable promises and offers of support coming out of the week-long summit, the significance of the isolation of the country in an area (peacekeeping) it has been adjudged to be critically visible is revealing.

According to President Obama, who announced a series of American support and initiatives generated from the summit, the US government would be creating what it called “the African Peacekeeping Rapid Response Partnership (APRRP, “A-Prep” for short), with “a new investment of $110 million per year for three to five years to build the capacity of African militaries to rapidly deploy peacekeepers in response to emerging conflict, a concept that holds powerful life-saving potential.”

Observers, including those at the UN consider Nigeria among the topmost contributors of international peacekeepers in the world and especially in Africa based on its record in the last few decades. Indeed the US has been very active in supporting Nigerian peacekeepers, who are deployed either on the platform of the United Nations or those of the African Union in the past. What is not clear is whether the non-inclusion of Nigeria from this new effort is a new indicator of what is to come generally or merely an isolated incident.

Specifically, President Obama said the nations the US would initiate the programme with are Senegal, Ghana,Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.

The statement by the US said it will “develop a rapid response capability programme by building improved capacity in areas such as military training, equipment maintenance and repair, institutional support and interoperability with other Africa-based peacekeeping forces.”

According to the US government, it “strongly supports the work of more than 67,000 African peacekeepers serving with the African Union (AU) and United Nations (UN) in Africa. These men and women are working to protect civilians, prevent violence, and promote security and stability in many of Africa’s most complex conflicts.”

But US sources explain that the non-inclusion of Nigeria from this (APRRP, “A-Prep is likely as a result of the allegations against the Nigerian military and security agencies regarding human rights abuses and violations in their operations especially in the ongoing insurgency in the Northeastern part of Nigeria.

In fact, the US Congress under what is known as the Leahy amendment, is outlawed from supporting any military that is known to be involved in gross acts of human rights violations and abuses.

Notably during the just concluded US-Africa Summit, the Amnesty International (AI) released a very damning footage that alleged serious human rights abuses and violations against the Nigerian military. But often times the Nigerian military has denied such allegations.

However, there are still several offers, including in the areas of terrorism that the Nigerian security agencies like the military would still be supported. For instance, during the summit, the US President announced that “the United States is building strong partnerships with countries to address critical terrorist threats on the front lines in order to confront the threat at its roots.” In that regard, the US specifically mentioned “confronting Boko Haram.”

According to the statement, the US said “we are deeply concerned by Boko Haram’s ongoing attacks against Nigeria’s citizens, civil institutions, and infrastructure, including the group’s April 2014 kidnapping of hundreds of schoolgirls. To support the Nigerian-led efforts to combat Boko Haram, we are providing an array of military, law enforcement, and intelligence support, such as counter-Improvised Explosive Device training and forensics training.

The statement added that the US will also be “supporting the efforts of Nigeria and its neighbors to increase regional cooperation to combat Boko Haram. Because the specter of terrorism requires more than just a security response, we have also worked to encourage and support the Nigerian government’s efforts to promote development in northern Nigeria, including boosting health, education, and social service delivery.

Our security cooperation also supports the professionalisation of key military units and underscores that effective counterterrorism policies and practices are those that respect human rights and are underpinned by the rule of law.”


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  1. Blueblood says:

    I think the Nigerian military should do a soul searching review,are they violating human rights?that is the question they should ask themselves. What can be done to improve on the gross violations of human rights,here I mean genuine violations though in war I know there is collateral damage.

    • rugged7 says:

      Make we hear word.
      Aren’t the americans guilty of worse human rights abuse?? Drones, abu graib and guantanamo etc
      A case of pot calling kettle black…

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Blueblood, where is the evidence of your said gross violations of human right? abeg show me, please where has the so called violations been proven in a competent court of law? for the sake of me, cant seem to understand why we cannot see the writing in the sand. Nigeria has always been an economic giant and will always portray its powers beyond its borders, be it soft(Nollywood) or hard(Nigerian army, Navy and Air-force.) obviously that’s a threat to a supposed power that sees its influence wain day by day.
      I agree sir, but the soul searching you seek can never be foisted on Nigeria for a mere 100 million dollars, it shall be organic, and will take place when the Nigerian people deem feet, using its own laws, regulations and courts. Nigeria will continue to intervene anywhere in Africa where it sees Africa’s interest been undermined, this chicken change will not deter Nigeria’s foreign policy which is for now centered solely on Africa. No be by mouth Oga, our head dey there.

      • WachanGuy says:

        One bottle and a plate of nkwobi for you sir, spot on IMO

      • mcshegz says:

        hehehe, Oga Wachanguy, i go collect ohh, especially the Nkwobi… lololo

      • Kay says:

        @ Oga BlueBlood, let’s not act like we do not know about any violations. there’s the infamous road side execution of BH fighters during Yusuf’s era (July 2009). Yusuf’s death also. Both were never investigated or least any one held responsible.

    • Kay says:

      It didn’t stop the US congress issuing an express restock of Israeli ammo stocks via the Senate despite extensive collateral damage ala UN school shellings and all.
      However, whilst they did issue strong rebuttals it seems like double standards with us .
      I still do wish we had less question marks concerning human rights violations hanging over our heads though.

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Kay, I respect your hustle sir.
      Please what roadside executions are you talking about?, please be specific, and please do not generalize these issues because you do not take blanket generalizations to court, even in a class action suit, the basic questions are; what? when? where? who? Please let us know, then we can move on from there, otherwise, i have no idea what you are talking about.
      As for the death of the said Haramite leader Mohammed Yusuf, when we make statements like these, it behooves us, if for nothing, to at least use google, when we do not remember, because your statements will be challenged by your peers, word for word. The federal government of Nigeria initiated prosecutions in 2011 against seven police officers, namely; CSP J. B Abang, ACP Akeera, CSP Mohammed Ahmadu, ACP Mada Buba, Sgt Adamu Gado, PC Anthony Samuel and PC Linus Luka. Charging them before a federal high court in Abuja on charges of extra-judicial execution of Mohammed Yusuf in 2009. So when you say it was never investigated, what do you mean exactly, given the above information.
      “I still do wish we had less question marks concerning human rights violations hanging over our heads though.” says who? tell us who said that, and we shall tell you how many they have hanging over their head.

      • Kay says:

        Oga BlueBlood,
        All good and stated. Never knew about the charging of Yusuf’s killer. The other violation I am talking about is on youtube under ‘Nigerian killings caught on video’ circa 2009.

  2. Buchi says:

    Mr president let me see u talking abt the us again rubbish

  3. Buchi says:

    Rather than wasting our energy on these not so friendly yanks..we shuld be thinking of hw to improve relationships witb the russians especially now that they are looking for new partners

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Buchi, we still have interests in America oh, and Americans love Nigeria, this tiny pimple cannot derail that. What we have to do is continue to harness the networks of African professionals we have in that country to ensure that for as long as the United states remains a relevant power, we have a strong and well lubricated lobby that agitates for the well being and rights of Africans. Please, understand that the divide and conquer strategy is still very much at play. The essence of doing things like this is to pit one African country against another, but omo, Naija is to big for that, if dem like sef, make dem give other African countries free American citizenship, hahha, that will not stop Nigeria’s overall foreign policy, which is to make sure that Africa once again speaks with one voice and one mind. This will not deter us, on the contrary, it should make us continue to build roads and rail lines deep into other African countries so as to facilitate trade, commerce, and when needed military intervention. It will not happen over night but we are on the right track.
      Same goes for Russia, in as much as emotions run deep Oga Buchi, we must not be tempted to act on emotions. Our actions and responses must be well calculated to make sure that we achieve our overall aim. As Oga Beegeagle always says, we have no friends/enemies, just interests.

  4. Henry says:

    This was the reason(AI video) why our military Top brass banned military personnel from facebook and other social media types.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Henry, methinks that Amnesty International video was not posted by a Nigerian soldier, my observation is simple, deliberately no soldier’s faces where shown, unknown soldier, could be Boko Haram smear campaign on Nigerian army.

      If the ban is for that reason, I don’t see why NA is moved by a video whose source we don’t know, and we cannot ID any face involved..and no names. Can COAS order ‘Shekau’ to stop posting youtube videos of Nigerian army shiny clean Cobras inside his armoury?

      For USA, they have spent a lot on Nigerian military in 5 years, several big Navy ships, and army vehicles, lots of training. I think other African countries should chop alone this time.

      Nigeria sits on top of $10 Trillion worth of crude oil, natural gas, OSO condensates, and bitumen.

      Meanwhile, we use Ijebu sour gari without sugar system to buy military weapons and equipment. Nigerian problems are man made, not natural disasters, we ourselves are our own Tsunami.

  5. jimmy says:

    NIGERIA once and for all does not need to be involved in peacekeeping.We have done it for fifty years it is enough.
    It actually sapped the fighting prowess of the NA.
    Nigeria needs to follow more closley the Algerian and s Sri lankan model.More on this later.

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Jimmy, respect your hustle. Nigeria will forever be involved in peacekeeping and as Pres. Jonathan said Peace enforcement, why? because dammed if we do, dammed if we don’t, so why don’t we. Nigeria has the muscle and capability to attend to numerous conflicts simultaneously without flinching, that’s what you call a powerhouse. Not to be coy, but Algeria and Sri lanka aint got nothing on Nigeria, we no dey the same level. Its obvious, its as clear as day. One can even say that this decision is to dissuade Nigeria from performing in theaters that some people think she has no right. But Naija big pass, as the largest economy in Africa, Nigeria will act when it deems fit, and nothing fit shele, Understandably, Nigeria continues to learn from all countries, big or small, Algeria and Sri lanka included, but we do not follow anybody. its logically impossible too.

  6. ozed says:

    Oga Jimmy you are right on the money.

    i cant pick out any good thing that has come of our peacekeeping activities from the Congo days right up to today in Somali. Instead we get all sorts of insult from people who cant face us in the broad day light.

    Abeg lets paddle our own canoe.

    • Are James says:

      That is you talking. What does the leadership of your army think?. I think this hurts them deeply. I think we need to home grow our military as a full regional power and dont need to be under any superpower’s tutelage.
      All peacekeeping operations participation should be suspended forthwith. We need the men in country.

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Ozed, respect your hustle. Abeg ask Oga Beegeagle that question and he will give you a detailed explanation as to things we’ve learnt, the experience we’ve garnered as regards combat and warfare. We obviously are not doing this for the glory, we do it because we have too. we do it because it benefits us to be involved in these conflicts from time to time because, if you don’t oil the machinery, e go rust na. So the glory, we dont have to be commended before acting, we don’t have to be asked before responding, it behooves us to set things right in our sphere of influence when we can, and then join the French and Americans too when we feel like we need company, we do what we have to do. Oga Ozed, our canoe big ohhhh, hmm, e big well well, thats why we act like it, and owe nobody explanations.

  7. xnur44 says:

    The US have done their share with Nigeria, we need to invest in our Armed Forces; the funds are there, political will is not.

    • WachanGuy says:

      Thanks sir, another home truth. Lack of political will is our major bane after corruption

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga Xnur44, respect your hustle sir.
        Men suppose enter this politics ohh, abi wetin una think, i’ve been hearing this political will ever since ever, seems like we have many courageous and able minded humans on this end, how about we go head in, show em how its done, i go vote for you, no doubt. 🙂
        PS: Anybody heard about the Anambra governor Chief Willie Obiano, in collaboration with the Nigerian police using surveillance drones? heard him on Channels while parading kidnapping suspects, but he did not elaborate, apparently for security reasons.

    • rugged7 says:

      What exactly has the U.S ever done for Nigeria?
      Selling us scrap ships i guess?
      Abi na 30 year old helicopters??
      Nigeria should have some self respect and ignore those U.S hypocrites

  8. jimmy says:

    Nigeria started participating in UN peacekeeping operations in the 1960s ( congo) In the case of cases of ungratefulness Nigeria was used prior to becoming a republic was used to help crush a rebellion in what is known as Tanzania today ( the rebellion was in Tanganyika i beg make una hold the emails man never sleep just got of work). President Julius Nyerere in a moment of gratitude at the height of Nigeria’s night mare of a civil war was one of the very few African Nations to recognize Biafra ( Ivory coast gabon were francaphone)
    In the 1970s Nigeria again went to Lebanon ( whom some of the their citizens now try to repay us by smuggling weapons through Nigeria to HEZBOLLAH
    In the eighties it was chad , chad , chad and see where chad is today being cannon fodder for france it is like that country went back to ww1 papa france dey come
    IN THE 90s It was first Somalia where their own warlords wanted us to pay them money so there own citizens would not starve to death we said no AND WHAT WE GOT WAS BLACK HAWK DOWN where there was not even the token good black face in the movie .On to Sierra Leone and Liberia , where after three years of bitter fighting it took an ex sas with no gun to whip the natives into shape and then came along the sas to battle the westies and guess what the country was liberated?
    It is estimated in the 90s when Nigeria was under punishing sanctions She spent close to $10b. We were rewarded after fighting those bloody wars by the un who immediately replaced the Nigerian commander with an African commander who had no troops there.George W BUSH then came calling again and wanted us to go to SOMALIA we SAID OTIO AH WE DON GET SOME SENSE make una appoint una darling boys from RWANDA and KENYA MAKE THEM GO I BEG WE DON DO.make una drag Ghana and South Africa too them dey there.
    Nigeria is now fighting an insurgency of their own and yes of fighting feeble peacekeeping with one armed tied behind her back has made her feeble.
    I t is directly not in Nigeria’s interest to go on any peace keeping. When Nigeria intervenes in a country , they need to ask themselves why? we most def do not need the money from the un the defense budget this year is $6 b and will continue to climb even after this war is over and it will end just not in 2014.
    What is the country going to do in return for us do we suffer the south african syndrome where they now fall over themselves to trade with the very countries that kept hem in bondage for 400 years some of whom can barley hold their contempt for south Africa even now?
    Will the peace keeping make Nigeria stronger militantly or economically? if the answer is no then Nigeria does not need to even consider peacekeeping.
    p.s. THE US president admitted last week ” FOLKS the US TORTURES PEOPLE” MAYBE amnesty international can provide us with a video.

  9. Buchi says:

    I cant stomach this irony at all
    Abeg dhq released this pics of damboa and I am still realing from reading dat funlani bois page..damn to revealing oya my ogas analyse.cos am in shock now

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Buchi, respect your hustle sir. Omo see that first pic, looks like a direct hit from above, hehehe, i pity the haramites in there. Okay, either from above or from a launched grenade, either way, direct hit.
      PS: is that soldier wearing a Mitznefet, omo, nice one

  10. Kay says:

    Well…forget about the Americans for now. Pull out all our peacekeepers from Somalia to Liberia. Peace keeping whilst lucrative is not doing us any favour nor gaining us any traction with the powers that be. Besides the stakes are greater; it’s about ensuring we mothball these pests tearing at the fabric of our nation. With that I’ll say we also need to get our house in order, if it’s to have our own Meiji Restoration esque kind of change, so be it. Do away with all this bureaucratic curtains of ours limiting our armed forces and make sure we have the right people appointed to the right posts. e.g Ex Military men handling defence portfolios

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Kay, respect your hustle sir.
      Pulling out of peacekeeping operations will be like a student without extra-curricular activities, you need to stretch you legs at least, once a while, do back flips and play some table tennis. In as much as parents do not see the need for it, you know exactly how you feel when you get onto the field, run 4*100m and then shak some glucose 🙂 Relate with your peers and exchange ideas. That’s the whole idea of Peace enforcement, you always have to go on a voyage lest you are deceived into believing that world is honky dory. This is not an issue of the chicken and the egg, we do not have to achieve peace at home before embarking on operations abroad, as they both complement each other. Moreover peace is relative, how do we define peace, is it by the number of deaths, if it is, then, omo many country’s will have a hard time explaining the number of deaths from simple handguns. So, Nigeria will continue to be involved in Africa and beyond for as long as there is a Nigeria. Gbamm

  11. asorockweb says:

    Let’s not distract ourselves with US politics.

    Nigeria’s political leadership should dedicate it’s self to the defeat of Boko Haram.

    Co-mingling of US and Nigeria politics, and trying to manage that is a huge waste of leadership man-hours.

    Three centers of gravity of BH operations are now very clear.

    If we assign each center of gravity to a fresh brigade, we may actually be done by Christmas.

    I understand that the logistical support will be a nightmare, but we can use civilian resources to argument military resources – this includes air logistics.

    As to the question: Where do we get 3 brigades from?

    Here’s how:
    1) Postpone retirements for this year
    2) Bring back our troops from all peacekeeping operations
    3) Call in the reserves

    To Nigeria’s political leadership: breakout of the management mindset. When you declared a state of emergency last year you acknowledge a crisis. It time to act as if there’s a crisis.

    Regardless of any “big plan” that the military is working on, BH does not wait. The market might be closed before your “ships come in.”

    • Are James says:

      We’ve got the wrong people running this war and we have to admit it. Big egos, very empty in ideas. It is very sad and frustrating. Because the system rewards their kind there is not going to be a change. Very very sad for my country.

  12. Kay says:

    Pardon me @ BlueBlood. I meant to reply Oga McShegz

  13. let me get this straight… The Americans would rather give funds and work with Rwanda and Uganda. 2 countries that are staples for human rights violations and countries that are both working together to destabilize the congo via rebels.


  14. doziex says:

    I have always said that we keep our distance from the americans.

    If they are giving away free booty, by all means, we should take advantage of it.

    But they just cannot be reliable allies.

    Look at the knots they are tying themselves into in the middle east.

    Bomb ISIS in Iraq, ally with ISIS to overthrow bashir Assad in Syria. Men, they are contradicting themselves all over the place.

    All because of their arrogant principles, which they pick and choose when to apply, and when to turn a blind eye.

    Oga Jimmy is right, This is an unwarranted slap on the face for Nigeria considering our history in peacekeeping.

    I just wish our leaders should exercise our full options internationally, and quit being America’s lap dog.

    Why accept US military advisors( which we need), when we can pay for Civilian Military Advisors.

    We get the same training and mentoring, and we get to keep our distance from our unreliable ally in Washington.


    We are the one’s they feel they can afford to throw under the bus, Not isreal, Not Egypt, Not even Rwanda or Uganda for their atrocities in the DRC as @Dreamestorical rightfully stated.

    President Obama is full of S**t for this liberal inspired slap in the face.

    Nigeria should make him pay a price for this. Nothing major, just return a dis for a dis.

    NA is involved in a war with a blood thirsty opponent like BH, and the Americans want to act like they have never been there before ? Like their Shit don’t stink ?

    President GEJ, one good “DIS” deserves another. Sir, you must respond in kind.

    Nothing spoil, we are still allies.

  15. Blueblood says:

    Very great contributions,but the problem is will our policy makers take these steps? I pray they do.

  16. beegeagle says:


    Nigeria is bigger than a hundred million dollars but unfortunately our beggarly attitude to defence and security has made us see this tiny sum of money as a big deal. We should be the ones giving ‘aid’ to other African countries for peacekeeping, instead of accepting from the

    Another thing, the hypocrisy of the Americans on this human rights issue is really funny. Where they not on this planet when Israel was bombing schools in Gaza, or when their lovely friends in the Free Syrian Army were cutting out hearts of Assad’s soldiers and feasting on them? Or when American soldiers were getting high and went into Afghan villages and killed 16 women and children in addition to raping others? Or the very classic footage of Apache pilots unleashing their heavy guns on harmless Iraqi civilians below and laughing over it while shooting videos?

    America in my view has lost the moral right to condemn Nigeria or any other country. Whatever measures Nigerian soldiers need to take on the battlefield including killing BH fighters that surrender is justified for Nigeria’s longterm survival. It may be ugly and distasteful but if the strategic reasoning calls for it.

    Toh. Ba matsala.

    • asorockweb says:

      Who is “Fulan” – somebody we should pay attention to?

      • Augustine says:

        Fulan…When he tells the truth yes. When he tells a lie no.

      • asorockweb says:

        How can one tell truths from lies?

      • Augustine says:

        Truth remains truth no matter who is telling it. 2+2 = 4 even when the devil is pressing the calculator. When Fulan talks anti-Nigeria, we will take him down mercilessly. His swipe at American hypocrisy against Nigeria remains fact.

      • asorockweb says:

        2+2 is only equals to 4 IF one knows arithmetic. Other than that, it might as well mean “obi was here”

  17. Startrek says:

    wish i could convey all bloggers to Gwoza rite now to see things for themselves…
    I personally will advise caution for the gullible one can analyse all u want in cybspace. BT it takes only a veteran and or crack professional to maintain a sane balance under intense deception.
    long live Nigeria.

  18. beegeagle says:


    A stand-up attempt at profiling would suggest a northern Nigerian male, a micronationalist, and regional supremacist, possibly an ex-intel operative, a Salafist (like BH), a mullah who teaches and is well versed in the scriptures and doctrines of the faith, an anti-Zionist and rabidly anti-Western fella.

    I see someone who is almost certainly, a deep-seated BH member who operates in the intellectual realm of activity. He is well-educated to boot and has demonstrated a knowledge of a gamut of underlying tendencies and cells in BH such as even those who watch BH as a matter of career imperatives, have not been able to put to paper till date.

  19. zachary999 says:

    It is not the $110M but the double speak of the Americans that is the issue. Nigeria has done more than any other country for peacekeeping in Africa right from Congo in the early sixties to Sudan today. We have over 7 battalions (better equipped than the battalions in the NE), equipment, aircraft (C130 & Super Puma) all in one peace keeping engagement or the other. I know there is some income but on the balance is the income worth it when we get left out and the wrong parties take credit for the sacrifices of our soldiers (Sirleaf johnson keeps giving credit to the west for peace in sleone) ? I blame our leaders anyway… Bonga NW has started production and FG would get in excess of $4M daily, chad has tried to modernise its army with its 90,000bpd of heavy oil, they even last week fined the Chinese $1.5bn for an oil spill and they are serious about enforcing it ! You guys would be shocked to know that we do some spend but on the wrong priorities and most times over inflated and wrong specification of items….

    • AreJames says:

      Thank you for the Chad angle. They are producing oil from small oil blocs in the northern region region. What they are planning for their defence and security is amazing. The President of this country I believe is a real nationalist carpeting Chevron and all other companies for stealing taxes. Expect major combat aircraft acquisitions and expansion of security cooperation with the US in the next two year. I think our public appointees (I will stop using the word leaders) need to borrow a book in focus and patriotism from this small neighbour to the north.

  20. Ola says:

    It continues to amaze me that people go into frenzy with everything the US does. I wonder why President Jonathan even decided to attend the Africa-US summit in the first place. We have a foreign minister who can go there to represent Nigeria.
    Secondly, on the issue of US financial support to our military, seriously, we should be the one giving aids and military equipments to other smaller African countries to support heir peace mission drive, we should not be struggling with them over “chicken change”! It is not a bad thing if today Nigeria supplies gifts of riffles, ballistic vests and body armour, trucks APC ad MRAPS, all made at DICON or any other facility within Nigeria to AU peace keeping missions. It is not a bad thing if we bring AU military personnel to Nigeria, train them, sign defence pacts with them and have joint military excercises with them before sending them back to their countries. That is what it means to be the giant of Africa, US and others are simply occupying the vacant position and playing the role that Nigeria has failed to occupy/play!
    That said, I wonder if people would ever learn to see and accept the fact that US has never been and may never be interested in a powerful Nigeria or any country. US does not want competition and rivalry and US and Europe see Africa sub-saharan as their footstool that ALWAYS must be under them. When we have money to spend, they would make move to get us to spend it in their market. Was it a surprise that US donated some trucks to our military and we thereafter took the bulk of our billion dollar military shopping money to the US to buy stripped down, military call-out equipment? US, to me operates like a prostitute. No permanent partner, no permanent and faithful friend.
    If it is really about human right, tell me any dirty head of state that the US has not done business with in the world. When they do not need them any more, they dispose of them. Boko haram became powerful mostly with Libyan weapons because they had unfettered access to the Libyan armoury, thanks to US and their European allies bombing and destabilising Libya. ISIS has gotten hundreds of millions of dollars from the US, Obama in June, still advocated for the house to approve additional $500 million to support the rebels fighting against Assad and tons of military equipment-check out the american high calibre rifles, HMG and humvees that they drive-have gone to ISIS that is destabilising Iraq today and the same country is coming to talk to us about human right? By the way, have you seen the news on the protest currently going on in Missouri over the killing of an unarmed black teen by the police? Welcome to the US, that is a normal life in our dear US!
    Going back to the point, the issue is, until we strengthen our military, develop our domestic military industry in partnership with countries like Russia and China and we learn to grow our military strength domestically just as India and Pakistan learnt to grow by building partnerships and knowledge transfer agreements with Russia, US and Europe will continue to treat us as crap.

  21. Bigbrovar says:

    Guys.. I don’t even know why this Obama now gang is even an issue. I personally would consider it an insult to be grouped with (no disrespect) Senegal, Ghana, Uganda Rwanda.. Truth be told no self respecting nation not especially a natural regional leader like us will want to be caught in bed as been one Boy boy for the US.. all because of what? some million dollars? an amount that is less that security budget for lagos state. Guys we don’t need anyone’s approval.. definitely don’t need to be made part of a boyscot gang of “peace keepers” We form our own club..

    I mean what are we saying.. Just about 20 years ago we lead our own crew into Liberia and Sierra Leone spending over 20 billion dollars (all the while under sactions) and restored peace to those countries.. a collision of the willing lead by a black nation restored 2 war torn (thousands of miles from it’s shore) countries back to democracy if that is not A1 I don’t know what is.. At least compare US intervensions in Iraq, Iibya and Afganistan and see how that turned out. If anyone should be learning peace keeping its not us.. We banked rolled our own crusade and also paid for our collision members..providing medical, salaries (for boots from Niger, Guinea etc) and providing fuel for all machinery of war.. Its like Super Eagles being angry because it was prevented from participating in WAFU cup..

    Nigeria is of little strategic interest to the US.. it is no secret that they were never happy with the role we played in ECOMOG (After all charles taylor was ex CIA) If no be the fact that our leaders lack how to play geo politics, now is the time we should be considering closer ties with Russia and China not forming vex because some kids in the neigbhood got to spend time with santa… Brother abeg we don pass that one..

    When next there is a grouping that include countries like South Africa, Algeria, Egypt and Nigeria is not mentioned then I can start to loose sleep.

    This is honestly a non issue.

  22. freeegulf says:

    We have our hands full with boko haram, so i really don’t see us doing the heavy lifting wrt UNPKO. this is PSO funds folks, so why the red face? is not by force to contribute contingents to UNPKOs. however, we must confront the crisis in the NE and annihilate the miscreants.
    the USA can keep their goodies. we are big enough to float the entire west Africa. its our lack of seriousness that keeps us at this beggar position. throughout our military history, we have never been the begging type. so why should it start now.
    Nigeria is no client of the USA, and like someone mentioned, we should only get concerned when power houses like SA and Egypt are being listed. we should stop comparing with smaller countries like Ghana or Uganda. only countries like Egypt, SA, Algeria, and Ethiopia should be mentioned alongside us.

    • zachary999 says:

      Uganda is not small, they have fought more wars than Nigeria and are modernizing at a faster pace than us. The Ugandan People’s Defence force has inducted several 4th generation equipment like the Su-30MK2 and over a 100 T-90 as their main battle tank.Our Decision making is slow and flawed. We need a game changer and there are so many hard lessons to learn. General Beegs has been writing tirelessly about the need to have a “gulf of guinea” strategy to protect our cash cow. He has told all who care to listen about what the Angolan’s are doing and some of us in this industry can clearly see their mindset and link it to the modernization ongoing. They have suddenly become a very confident bunch and no one can play games, that is why all the majors are confidently investing and i expect them to surpass our current production in Q4. No sane idiot would think of going to mess around with Dalia off the coast of cabinda or any other deepwater field..

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga Zachary999, I respect your hustles sir, so what is your point exactly? That Uganda has a bigger economy than Nigeria? Omo things i never see for this life. Please explain in detain how you came about this. Its one things to have imported battle tanks and imported su-30’s, or wetin you call am, its another to have a diversified and growing economy, capable of sustaining a military industrial complex. Nigeria is slowly but surely moving in that direction, as you do not expect a country like Nigeria to make a tangent, it has to be methodical and well thought out. The fact that Nigeria is a full fledged democracy also has its own challenges, we cant say that about Uganda, at least not yet. .
        We are all waiting to dissect and challenge you if and when you begin to mention facts.
        Look sir, you can fight all the wars you want, it doesnt mean anything if at the end of the day you have to borrow money to keep your state afloat. No amount of Haramites and Ebolites can put a reasonable dent on the Nigerian economy, because it is almost self sustaining, due to its large population combined with the west and central African sub regions. So Oga Zachary999 i’m sorry of you are an Ugandan, but take it like that, compared to Nigeria, Uganda is not there, at least not yet. “They have suddenly become a very confident bunch and no one can play games, that is why all the majors are confidently investing and i expect them to surpass our current production in Q4. So what? first of all, your statement proves that the said countries owes their oil & gas developments to International majors, compared to Nigeria whose ingenious companies are confidently taking over increasing their production to well over 600,000 barrels by 2018 ,talking about the likes of Oando, Seplat and Sahara group, now this is what i call real power my friend, and they are already snapping up oil wells across Africa.
        No sane idiot would think of going to mess around with Dalia off the coast of cabinda or any other deep-water field” What are you talking about oga, how can you be sain and an idiot at the same time, Oga cool your temper jare.

      • doziex says:

        Thank you sir.
        I have been singing the praises of the UPDF and the Angolan armed forces for some time now.
        Nigeria is simply been left in the dust.

        Those who choose to bury their heads in the sand, shall have a rude awakening.
        There are so many African countries that have dealt successfully with military challenges greater than BH.
        UPDF in some intense urban fighting, cleared al shabab from Mogadishu. The KDF in a similar conflict to what we have in the NE, dismantled Al shabab in southern Somalia.
        Using precision jet and helicopter strikes, special forces and mechanized maneuvers that got bogged down a while by the rainy season, but got the job done.

        Beegeagle recently posted some footage from the Tanzanian armed forces with upgraded Chinese Tanks and 300 mm multiple barrel rocket launchers.
        We have seen the recent Chinese acquisitions by Cameroon and the strides been made by the chadians.

        BH is taking territory and going blow for blow with NA, INSIDE NIGERIAN TERRITORY !!!!
        This is no peace keeping mission.

        Sirius Black’s pictures has revealed that NA has basically deployed all it has, MBT’s and all.
        It is ones performance in battle, not on paper, that reveals their true military strength.

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga Doziex, I respect your hustle sir,
        Maybe you should sharply become an Ugandan, or Angolan, since you deem it fit to sing their praises rather than be steadfast and be rest assured that your country is and will do the needful to ensure that victory is not only attained but sustained, as one does not spite ones face to save his nose. “Those who choose to bury their heads in the sand, shall have a rude awakening” What rude awakening are you talking about sir? please enlighten us, because i do not understand what you mean. “There are so many African countries that have dealt successfully with military challenges greater than BH” i respectfully disagree with that statement sir, because what you are implying is that there is a country in Africa that’s bigger in size and economy than Nigeria. If there is none, it means that the insurgency in the North of Nigeria is categorically the biggest and most formidable any African Nation has ever had to deal with, just for the bare fact that they are well funded and also because they are dueling with Africa’s largest economy, i hope you understand the rational. One only has to admit the seemingly monumental media acclaim given the Harmites to understand that we are not dealing with a ragtag, gun totting group with no focus or game plan, but contrary they are well armed, well organised and well funded. so ask yourself the question again sir. “The KDF in a similar conflict to what we have in the NE, dismantled Al shabab in southern Somalia. Using precision jet and helicopter strikes, special forces and mechanized maneuvers that got bogged down a while by the rainy season, but got the job done.” Really, really got the job done, omo i tire oh, so whats this news we hear about grenades been choked in commuter buses and gun men holding a mall full of civis hostage, Is that not the same country. Is it not the same country that’s having to convince and re-convince tourist to come back to the port city of Mombasa because over recent years, Germans and Russians are been gunned down? Is it not the same country that’s had the United States Peace Corps program withdraw 50 of their people because of said insecurity. Not to keep hammering that country but, i think you get my point sir, Kenya’s cash cow(tourism) is been decimated by their apparent security issues, never Nigeria, where investors are still falling head over heels to put money here, even when they do not, guess what, we don’t care. “It is ones performance in battle, not on paper, that reveals their true military strength.” No sir, it is ones GDP and economy despite the fact that determines its true military strength, as Nigeria today can buy all the gear you want without flinching, you do not have to ridicule your own country to get your point across sir. You do not have to compare apples and oranges too, the comparison doesn’t hold water sir.

      • freeegulf says:

        it still does not stop the fact that they are small. whether they fought and won a hundred battles is not the issue. its a small country, and cannot bring materiel to bear the way bigger countries like Nigeria et al can. how much reserves do they have? how long can they fight a sustained conflict?
        don’t get me wrong, i admire the UPDF, and regard M7 and Kagame as visionary leaders. but please, do not confuse the size and potential of countries like Nigeria and Egypt to countries like Uganda or Tanzania, irrespective of their current ORBAT.
        our leaders are clueless, we know. we lack sound coherent strategy, fine. we even lack vision as a powerhouse on the continent. however, comparing us with Uganda (even though they have better national strategy) is like saying Taiwan will floor the PRC.

  23. Deway says:

    What else is new?

  24. jimmy says:

    This to me is the most shameful year of A.I. ‘s existence it also shows it’s BIAS. It is noteworthy when this report came out just before the obama administration decided on a peacekeeping AID Initiative, it is noteworthy how many people within the left wing OBAMA administration are totally opposed to providing any lethal aid to Nigeria
    Rwanda is a one man party state that has been legally implicated by the South African Govt in international Executions of the President Kagame’s OPPONENTS and has been implicated in sponsoring the m23, this has been disgracefully set aside to provide them with Aid
    It is estimated that in the YEARS TO come Nigeria will spend between $2- $3b strictly on ARMS not recurrent EXPENDITURE. This will be a dilemma for the right hand of OBAMA versus his left hand this money is going to go somewhere eventually his left hand will win out look for this money to go to Russia , Israel and China .
    Regardless of how much money is given to these Countries it should not concern Nigeria for the fundamental reason that it is not in Nigeria’s interest to do PEACEKEEPING any more the average Nigerian who knows nothing about defence issues does not believe Nigeria has benefited from these missions.
    The OBAMA administration to me represents one of the most confused dysfunctional administrations when it comes to AFRICAN nations and affairs , they visit light weight nations whom have very little influence on AFRICA ( Malawi , Ghana) leave out the nations that really matter Nigeria , South Africa ( going to a funeral and giving a eulogy does not count) and the birthplace of his father Kenya . Instead we see John Kerry making trips to Egypt where a military strongman where 500- 600 people in a day are routinely sentenced to death and the US falls over itself to reward them with more aid in order for them to engage yet another terrorist organization HAMAS in talks.
    Nigeria needs to understand what it is they want from the US it is not a matter of friend or foe it is a matter of FUNCTIONALITY as opposed to the state dept and the defense dept of the US dysfunctional. Nigeria will eventually dismantle bh village by village meanwhile they need to understand intimately what it is in their own best interest.
    There is nothing wrong in going to the US , it is in Nigeria’s interest to meet with the fortune FIVE HUNDRED CEOS especially the CEO OF GM.

  25. figss says:

    Americans are just foolish for that .what about their own human right vioations in iraq, Afghanistan,etc but no law prevented them.we should please re activate. Our military sector industries for weapons manufacturing

  26. Augustine says:

    My Ogas and brothers, let Nigeria ignore American money gifts and spend from our own CBN FG foreign reserves because there was fire on the mountain today and we need billions of dollars to buy new equipment/weapons to be paid for by Nigeria and not Obama…

    Better avoid Mali experience, settle these women’s demands before their husbands get angry and things fall apart…the center will not hold…

    • Deway says:

      Thank you my brother. America is free to spend its money anyway it sees fit. Its not our problem, neither our business. It is to their national interest and not ours. Since they started producing oil in commercial quantities, imports from Nigeria have declined sharply. They have weighed their options and interests both commercially and strategically. A strong Nigeria will not allow for overbearing American influence in West and central Africa. Did you guys not notice how Chuck Hagel was quickly sent to India to reaffirm and reinforce US defense ties over there? They know due to EU and US sponsored sanctions, Russia will be shifting economic and defense alliances to India, China?? and South America. Now back home, if all the billions of dollars allocated to defense since 1999 had been used judiciously, will we be here talking about handouts from the US? If they give us training support and opportunities or EDA, we take; if they don’t, we look elsewhere, no need for all the noise.

      • Ola says:

        On point sir!

      • CHYDE says:

        But then India has always had STRONG defence ties with Russia, the Americans are only trying to get a ‘piece of the pie’

      • Bharat says:

        @CHYDE, Gentleman, though you are correct in stating India is firmly in defense ties with Russia. And we have many big ticket projects with them but currently for the last 3 years USA has been dominant in the arms import space as far as India is concerned.

        The below article dated 12/08/14 based on a statement by our Defense Minister in the Indian parliament on the same very day, makes life easier for me. Take a look.

      • CHYDE says:

        Thanks @Bharat

      • CHYDE says:

        But then if you look closely you’ll see that in the past 3 years, the difference is only 10%. If you go down from the statement you’ll see ‘mostly in the aviation sector’ : ‘The largest has been the deal for C 17 transporters at $4.7 billion followed by a contract for P 8I maritime reconnaissance aircraft and additional orders for C 130 J special operations aircraft’. The Russians still have the upper hand ( if what i read is correct) when it comes to proper arming (T90’s, SU30 MKI fighters). I not not trying to argue or counter what you’ve said, once again thanks for the info.

      • Bharat says:

        @CHYDE, Gentleman, your assessment is correct. But, bring FMS, USA deals are getting cleared quickly so the share of USA is rising and will continue to be high as a few more deals for Chinook and Apache are in the line and then there will be long term servicing of the deals.
        But, there will be variation YoY, as if major procurement goes to a country, it’s share will increase. But, Russia, USA, France, Israel will be dominating countries in future as well.

      • CHYDE says:

        Roger that @ Bharat.

  27. zachary999 says:

    Chief mcshegz, Please read my post carefully. I was comparing Nigeria with Angola ! Energy and security go together. I was essentially saying that though the fiscal regime is harsher in Angola than Nigeria for deepwater e.g 75% vs 50% for govt take , the majors are all going there and they are getting a lot of FID executed. You say the modernization has to be methodical and well thought out, but for how long ? we are thinking while our troops and civilians get killed everyday.

    The truth is that over 50% of the work has been done by Gen beegs and some good egg heads here.Any good analyst following this blog in the last 3 years would have been able to make a good head start with a good plan for modernization. Its not even a question of appropriation but wrong priorities. If it is well thought out like you say….

    Why are we buying 6 beechcraft super king air 350 at a time like this for VIP transport ?

    Why did we buy a 737-500 that is just lying idle in the hanger in Abuja when we have at least 2 C-130 and some G222 running ?

    Why are not mobilizing and quickly retrofitting all the helicopters (police, navy & airforce) presently used for VIP movement to the NE to provide support to the NA ? i saw 2 Bell 412EP sitting pretty in a secondary school field during the elections in osun last weekend.

    just some questions to ponder… And for you to easily dismiss the Sukhoi 30MK2 just like that tells me you are thinking just like our ‘ogas at the top’ ! Imagine if we had just 5 of them….BVR, day-night capability, weapons payload etc. Game changer for us….

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Zachary999, I respect your hustle sir. May the lord grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Oga, trust me, i feel your pain, i really do, in fact if i were to let my emotions take over, trust me na, my words go harsh pass your own serf, lololo, I understand your rationale sir, and i respect it too. i havent dismissed the Sukhoi 30MK2 ohh, neva that, and trust me our 4th gen fighter jets will soon arrive, patience my brother, patience, as i believe we have capable hands in our security apparatus that know exactly what to do, its just that the stars haven’t aligned yet, but when they finally do, on what side will you prefer to be? the side that faithfully stood by, intelligently advising and carefully educating, or the side that disrespectfully rained down curses on his fellow country man, just to pass a message. Whichever side you choose though, it better be right with your conscience, that’s all i’m saying. “i saw 2 Bell 412EP sitting pretty in a secondary school field during the elections in osun last weekend” Those were part of the security arrangements made by the Nigeria Police Service/Force, they weren’t sitting pretty ohh, lololo, they are been utilized and put to work. Hopefully our Night vission capable Bell attack helicopters will arrive soon, then we move from there, abi, how you see am

  28. jimmy says:

    This is where Nigeria’s priorities should be
    Countries whose companies invest $10 b in just over fiver years are the Countries ( France) that Nigeria needs to have strategic interest involvement with.

  29. ugobassey says:

    Like Oga Beegs said ‘Nigeria is bigger than $110M’, We should not direct our anger and energy at the US, but at our Clepto-politicians that loot the treasury in millions of dollars. I realize this not a political blog, so suffice it to say that the more than $4 billion that the Abacha family looted is more than enough to fund our military and successfully end this menace from BH.

  30. doziex says:

    Oga Mcshegz,

    If you are saying that one can transform the fortunes of NA in a blink of an eye, because Nigeria has money, then you are in for a rude awakening.
    Armed forces thru out the world, invest in their equipment and training in peace time, so when war comes, they would be ready.
    You just don’t say Nigeria has 50 billion usd in reserve, so you need not prepare adequately.

    These are the things IBB, then Abacha, then OBJ failed to address. And even in a losing war on our own territory, president GEJ simply see’s no urgency.

    So, many on this blog want to compare today’s NA with the one that existed in the 80’s and early 90’s. Even though we have abundant evidence that the institution is merely a shadow of it’s former self.

    Comparisms to other African countries to not indicate a lack of love for one’s country. It is an effort to wake Nigerians up from our grandiose self delusions.

    How can you justify the status quo, where angola , uganda, Ethiopia, Eritrea, are handling SU-27/30s, Eritrea (again), sudan, and now chad are fielding Mig-29s, su-25s and su-24s.
    At least Kenya purchased F-5IIs to buy some time. They have also acquired the MI-28 havoc that the Russians are just beginning to field also.
    If NAF upgraded our jaguars, then we could at least maintain parity with Kenya, or Zimbabwe.

    But NOOO, you have our air marshals on the record, bragging about our Alpha jets. You kidding me ?
    What kind of delusional mindset would cause one to say or believe that Nigeria is not falling behind in military affairs in sub Saharan Africa.

    About fellow African nations dealing with conflicts more deadly than BH. You just need to follow African conflicts objectively, and the truth would be staring you in the face.

    Chad has been dealing with technical riding hordes since the late 80s and early 90s. Sudan has faced SPLA and the various factions in Darfur. Uganda has fought al shabab, sudan backed LRA, In the DRC, and recently in south sudan.
    Ethiopian has fought Eritrea and al shabab, Eritrea has fought Ethiopia.

    Kenya has not defeated terrorism (who has ?) but they mounted an operation that rivaled what the French did in mali, in southern Somalia.

    South Africa, after the set back in CAR, rebounded with a joint win with Tanzania and the DRC, over the Rwandan backed M23.

    And I am just mentioning recent conflicts. Zimbabwe and Angola also had some exploits in DRC. Angola again, in congo Brazzaville.

    NA in the same time period has battled MEND and BH. With no clear military victories.

    True, our wealth makes us potentially the greatest African power ever, But POTENTIAL AIN’T COMBAT POWER.

  31. beegeagle says:

    Please, is it that we are a nation cursed with a quack media or Nigerians are just a self-despising lot.

    WHY are Nigerians cursing themselves out over the FALSE REPORT on the purported release of the Cameroonian Vice Premier’s wife by that country’s military

    whereas the Cameroonian Vice Premier is yapping his country’s troops over his still-captive wife?

    WHAT is wrong with Nigerians? Are our people somehow crazy, inattentive to detail or something? I just do not gerrit o !!

  32. jimmy says:

    Nigeria needs to encourage roboexport to set up a joint service venture with either proforce or a completely new company with 50/ 50 joint partnership to have a maintenance agreement based in kano , lagos, enugu port harcourt and maiduguri to service
    1) BTR
    2) Helios.

  33. jimmy says:
    This is part of the dysfunction that i talk about.No1. destination for making money according the the thinking of us BIZ, no human rights issue there SHAKING MY DAMMED HEAD 😦

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