12 August, 2014

Nigerian military leadership late Monday announced that the tension raised following the activities of some group of women who tried to disrupt activities in Giwa Barracks, Maiduguri earlier in the day has been addressed.The situation which attracted media attention elicited a lot of concern from many Nigerians at home and abroad.

Although the situation was quickly brought under control, the issues brought up by the women were said to have been clarified to them by the authorities of the 7 Division. It was pointed out that contrary to their belief, there has never been any attempt to relocate them as alleged.

Furthermore, it was made clear that while the Army remains sensitive to the needs of the family members, it was not proper for any officer or soldier to decide where he or she be deployed.

Defence Headquarters also stated that neither will such demand be encouraged from spouses in a period of serious operations when the entire nation was depending on the Army to address the security challenges. The women were further assured that no officer, soldier or would be sent on a mission without the necessary means to accomplish their task.

It was also stated that troops were not being sent on operations without the necessary arms, ammunition and support as alleged. The Army cited as reference, the recent operations at Bulanbulin and Damboa where Boko Haram insurgents were cleared without a single casualty on the troops.

The military authorities therefore reassure citizens that the situation has been brought under control, adding that appropriate action would be taken against any person found to be involved in attempts to demoralise or discourage troops by preventing them from obeying lawful orders and command in defence of the country.

DailyPost recalls that hundreds of women and children at the weekend forcefully stopped military trucks from conveying their husbands and fathers to the Boko Haram-seized Gwoza by locking the exit gates of a barracks in Borno State, demanding quality fighting equipment for the soldiers. Scores of soldiers have been killed by Boko Haram sect in Borno State in the last few months, and many blame the inferior weapons Nigerian troops are equipped with to fight brutal insurgents.

Witnesses say after locking the gates,the women and children lined up against the trucks that were to drive out of Giwa Barracks of the 21 Armoured Brigade Maiduguri. The women and children also reportedly blocked the roads leading to the barracks with stones and sticks, while some sat in front of the barracks’ gate.

The protest came after more than 60 soldiers killed in Gwoza and Damboa were given a mass burial at the Maimalari Barracks, Maiduguri. That incident led to a well-publicised mutiny, as colleagues of the deceased shot into the air and made attempts at their commander’s life, accusing him and other superiors of putting Nigerian troops’ lives in jeopardy.


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  1. beegeagle says:

    Good and descriptive report but the last paragraph is misleading. It is clear that the writer is referring to the unrelated event months ago when troops fired shots at Major General Ahmed Mohammed, then GOC 7 Div.

    The only connection between the two episodes/events is that Gwoza and Damboa remain theatres of serious armed altercations involving artillery and air strikes.

  2. rka says:

    “The Army cited as reference, the recent operations at Bulanbulin and Damboa where Boko Haram insurgents were cleared without a single casualty on the troops.”


    “The protest came after more than 60
    soldiers killed in Gwoza and Damboa
    were given a mass burial at the
    Maimalari Barracks, Maiduguri.”

    One does not know what to believe anymore hence my limited comments recently. There is little doubt that soldiers and BH members have been killed during the on-going battle in Gwoza, but I wish Defence HQ can be more pro-active in giving prompt up to date information to negate all the speculation regardless of whether there have been set backs or not.

    • rka says:

      Having seen Beegs write up while mine was being composed, I can now see where the confusion has arisen as it referred to previous battles in Damboa & Gwoza and as usual with our journalists, the lines have been blurred.

    • Same here….i do not trust what the army says any more and have never believed the dalies!

      • Henry says:

        If you don’t trust the army and never believed the dailies, how do you then source information? @Oga camou

  3. rka says:

    Nigeria: Military Arrest Suspected Suicide Bombers in Kano

  4. beegeagle says:

    BTW and while we are aware of the need for our military arsenal to be revamped in an immediate and very consequential manner to the tune of about US$3bn in 2014-2015, it is starting to look like some of these women are only interested in their husbands collecting army salaries but not in doing the real business of soldiering. Democracy is good o.

    During the epic Battle of Freetown II in December 1998-January 1999, I was vacationing at the Chindit Cantonment in Zaria. Fierce as the fighting was, and I know that an engineer squadron and artillery battery deployed from that cantonment, NOTHING of this sort happened.

    It was a bitterly cold Xmas and many people were at the Signals Exchange near the PT Corps area, trying to speak to their husbands, brothers, fathers or cousins fighting in Sierra Leone. Everyone tuned in to the BBC Focus on Africa at 1800hrs on Chinese radio sets (KCHIBO 🙂 ) as they tried to keep tabs on the ebb and tide of the furious fighting in Sierra Leone. Not infrequently, women could be seen or heard wailing as reports of bitter fighting in areas to which their people were deployed, emerged. But NOBODY dared to throw tantrums or barricade the cantonment. Say wetin hapun?

    It was the BBC’s best effort since 1990-92 when Liz Blunt did her magic from Monrovia. In Freetown however, it was Mark Doyle, Lansana Fofana, Umaru Fofana, Winston Ojikutu-Macaulay and Mohammed Fajah-Barrie who martialled the 5-star coverage.

    The men who had to be heard were Brig General Maxwell Khobe, Lt Colonel Chris Olukolade and RUF field commander, Sam Bockarie. Whatever we might say of the same Olukolade today, he inspired confidence in that outing and he impressed tremendously as an outstanding wartime communicator.

    Compare that to today’s idiotic output from Nigeria, tainted by a mischievous and compromised BBC Hausa to be precise.

  5. freeegulf says:

    the NA need to seriously look inwardly. the issue of discipline and cohesion need to be brought to the core and revamped.
    the state of the army today allows indiscipline to thrive. a situation where families of soldiers now try to muscle in and direct where their loved ones are deployed does not bode well for this great institution.

    the attitude with which this campaign is being prosecuted leaves a lot to be imagined. this so called new professional army is slowly turning into an army of entitlement and whining.
    A good sense of leadership and strong personality should be able to reverse these. Malu did it when he became FC in Monrovia. i truly hope the current leadership cadre of the NA can step up to the current challenges facing the army, both internal challenges and combat proficiency.

  6. Alibo says:

    This is a joke! When did ordinary soldiers wives and children come to have a say in the deployment of soldiers! This is a silly gimmick by pretend soldiers who like the trappings of being soldiers and the occasional rough ups of unarmed civilians and underarmed police but who do not want to do the real job – fighting.

    The decay in some units of the army is so bad that no amount of new weapons or training will help. An army that was excellent under the tough times of Babangida/Abacha dictatorships is now reduced to an unrecognizable mush today.

    What is needed today is total reorganization, injection of new young blood into the lower ranks and a total revamp on training and deployments. Since 1990, the average age of the Nigerian army lower ranks is over 30 years and not 20 to 23 as in other modern armies. Our grandpas pretending to be soldiers have no appetite for fighting. As someone said earlier too much pepper soup and too good a life as ogas orderly and ADC.

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Alibo,i respect your hustle sir,
      “The decay in some units of the army is so bad that no amount of new weapons or training will help. An army that was excellent under the tough times of Babangida/Abacha dictatorships is now reduced to an unrecognizable mush today.” When we say things like this, it gives the impression that you are trying to cynically call for a coup. Please Oga. many men/women dey this arena wey go give you straight talk, no holds barred. but just to give you the benefit of a doubt, i respectfully ask that you do not try to undermine the democratic process by shouting fire, just to make your point. Abeg sir, Unrecognizable mush? if that were so, i don’t know where you live right know, but if it was Nigeria. obviously that so called unrecognizable mush will not be able to hold the country firmly in place. So please sir, cool your temper, be more precise in your analysis, then maybe the ogas at the top will give your wordings a bare secondary look.
      “This is a joke! When did ordinary soldiers wives and children come to have a say in the deployment of soldiers! This is a silly gimmick by pretend soldiers who like the trappings of being soldiers.” Abi ohhhhh, my brotha, hehehe, soldier man wife wey dey fear, no easy, abi everything a man can do a woman can do better, lolololo. Like Oga Beegeagle said, Democracy sweet well well, they have the opportunity and right to protest, no qualms, however, much is still expected of our gallant men and women, we need them to be strong for us in these trying times. we understand their pains and hope that they can see beyond the seemingly short sighted nature of their actions. Nobody holy pass.

    • Are James says:

      Thank you for this post. I have been tracking this company for months. The list is ranked either by size of order or priority and since we are no.1 I guess some big stuff are coming. No way to know if SU 27/30s are amongst the stuff coming.

  7. Are James says:

    A lot of the wrong people have been recruited into the army but it is something that re orientation and indoctrination will solve. I made the comment about recruitment here some time ago (about the NA fishing with a net instead of hook in its processing of prospective recruits) and all hell was let loose but we have to face the truth. And you are wrong @Alibo it is the young new recruits that are letting us down. When did NA ratings start sharing operational details and details of weaponry with their spouses?, I tell you only recently. It has never been in the tradition of the NA. In the old days dem go plan coup finish, execute am, share the offices and the only time the wife knows is when her husband becomes ADC to a new governor or something. The whole business of having spouses living in Giwa barracks itself is open to debate, think of housewives letting loose with sensitive info in a war zone for instance.

  8. Augustine says:

    A view of Channel TV news report show that it is real, with photos, there are photos on Premium times too but I will not use those.

    Channels TV is a generally reliable source of news and a multiple award winner in Nigerian news reporting, not perfect as humans, but generally reliable. Here are photo reports…

    “Hundreds of Nigerian soldiers’ wives who took to the streets in Maiduguri on Monday to protest the deployment of their husbands for military duties in Gwoza, in Borno.

    The Nigerian soldiers’ wives, who eventually settled at the main military barracks in north-eastern Maiduguri city, had questioned the insistence of the Federal Government in continuing to wage war against the insurgents despite limited military facilities.”

    We have been shouting this massive new weapons and equipment purchase to modernize Nigerian military for almost 3 years now on this blog.

    Only about 1% of what we propose has been done.

    Now those soldiers wives refusing to let their husbands go to war against Boko Haram, if they block army barracks gate or sit down in front of Cobar APC and refuse to let their husbands go to battle, will GOC ask the soldiers to driver Cobra or Toyota 4×4 over the heads of their wives?

    We are seeing an Army wives ‘mutiny’, do we know if it was their husbands that instructed them to display ‘act one scene one drama’ as a warning bell to FG, NA, and NAF ?

    We know how this started in Mali, and after some months, the entire democracy of Mali was ‘sent on compulsory holiday’. The people who got angry over poor weapons/equipment made themselves the ‘headmasters’ in Mali.

    Nigeria, be proactive. Nigerian soldiers love Nigeria, but they say they are not ready to die unnecessarily because of obsolete, ineffective, inadequate, inappropriate, and insufficient equipment/weapons.

    Please, dear Nigeria, be proactive, I have warned that we should urgently buy good grade fairly used second hand equipment, and I repeated it again just last weekend, it even led to a big quarrel between me and my senior brothers on this blog. We settled our quarrel.

    Nigeria, go settle your soldiers demands. Q.E.D.

  9. Augustine says:






    By Senator Iroegbu….

    The Nigerian military in Borno State has launched a new counter-offensive aimed at retaking the strategic town of Gwoza, where it suffered one of its heaviest loss till date to the Boko Haram terrorists with one of its Commanders either captured or missing.

    The latest development, which is yet to be confirmed by the military authorities is said to have left some units of the Nigerian Army, 213 battalion and 234 battalion in disarray following surprised attacks by the sect who rebuffed the military’s initial attempt to retake the town.

    According to military sources that spoke to THISDAY, the surprised defeat was blamed on the Brigade Commander, who was alleged to have ordered them to beat a hasty retreat, which resulted in the capture of tanks and other equipment by Boko Haram with their Battalion Commander Lt. Colonel Agu of the 234 Battalion still missing.
    However, the Nigerian troops and Special Forces were said to have reinforced to take back the town and as well as rescue operations to locate some missing soldiers with about three Alpha Jets and some reconnaissance air crafts said to be involved.

    “We were short of armour and have to come back to the 7Division, but after reinforcement we are heading back there (Gwoza). The battle is still on”, the source said.

    “Col. Agu’s whereabout is still unknown for now, things are not yet settled”, a soldier in the battlefront said.
    Meanwhile, the Director of Defence Information (DDI), Maj-Gen. Chris Olukolade could not comment on the development in order not to jeopardise operational strategies.

    However, another military source who spoke on the matter told THISDAY that the Special Forces have joined to reverse the losses in order not to leave the strategic town of Gwoza in the hands of the insurgents who are hoisting their flag in their avowed mission of creating an Islamic state similar to ISIS in Iraq and Syria.
    “This must not be allowed to happen and we are going to reverse this loss. Like we liberated and recaptured Damboa, this will also be done,” the officer vowed.

    It could be recalled that the traditional head of Gwoza, who was also kidnapped since last week is still yet to be found.








  10. Henry says:

    My Oga’s I can assure you that nigerian troops are not poorly equipped to deal with this insurgency. New equipment have been delivered to the nigerian army, and more continue to arrive for the military.

    The problem would be a shortfall of radios and Armoured personnel carriers or MRAPs, as the IGIRIGI, STREIT MK3 and Bigfoot MRAPs do not go far enough, as troops I have seen still move around in those soft-skins.

  11. beegeagle says:

    At any rate, I think it is time for the NAF to swing into action and destroy any and all NA-owned armoured fighting vehicles in BH hands…captured, stolen or turned in by two-faced soldiers. That was precisely what ECOMOG did when they lost a Shilka SPAAG to a mix of renegade RSLMF troops, RUF rebels and Ukrainian mercs during the Sierra Leonean War.

    The APCs do not pose a threat which cannot be neutered by a 14.5mm AAMG-armed Landcruiser gun-truck crewed by tenacious and skilled infantrymen.

  12. rka says:

    We really do need helos and COIN aircraft with laser designators pronto and not just Alpha Jets and Mi-35s with rockets and free fall dumb bombs.

    I still have great difficulty understanding why the Army would plan any operation without air support being available at all times. It doesn’t make sense.

    It isn’t easy to dislodge insurgents that have bedded in if you haven’t got precision weapons and overwhelming firepower. This only happens in Hollywood movies.

    • ozed says:

      Why do we think ground warfare is only possible with air support?

      Do you realize even the US army trains to fight without air support? This is because in a war against Russia for example, there might be instances where the Russians have periodic air superiority, thus making close air support impossible. The infantry must be able to press on and achieve its immediate objectives.

      Here we even have air superiority, but we are busy grumbling like spoiled children and asking for smart bombs and laser guided weaponry that we know we don’t have TODAY.

      Na wa o! Boko Haram who are fighting and achieving objectives without these things, must have 2-3 heads each.

      • rka says:

        Oga ozed, it is because you have to smash a nut with a jack hammer. Everybody trains to fight without air support, but it isn’t realistic as Sadam found out when the Allies had air superiority.

        BH are dug in and as the Americans and their allies have had to do in Afghanistan and again in Iraq, as well as the French in Mali, an advantage can be gained with precision strikes, whether you like it or not.

        Your superior training will not help you in a terrain where the enemy holds all the aces on the ground.

        And precision strike also means ATMs and other laser designated type weapons.

        You can use Ranger style small team tactics in isolated skirmishes, but I am afraid you need the required air support for battles on a larger scale otherwise BH do have 2-3 heads.

  13. ozed says:

    Sorry if i sound callous guys, but i am afraid what we are seeing is a continuation of the softening of the Nigerian Armed forces. championed by the latest television wars between mis- matched parties
    US vs Taliban
    US/Allies vs Iraqis
    Isrealis vs Hamas etc.

    We have become soft, We now believe war is fought from 9am to 1pm, break for lunch resume by 3pm after siesta and finish for the day by 6pm, total casualty count (1 soldier, who stubbed his toe on a rock). Once you run into the enemy, hunker down and call in air support. After airstrike go in and mop up, and resume advance.

    I have said before that given the equipment i saw on Sirius thread, the Nigerian Army can be better equipped, but clearly for this war against Boko Haram, lack of equipment cannot qualify as an excuse for what we are seeing and hearing in Damboa, Gwoza etc..

    I will attempt to outline everything i have seen in the Boko arsenal based on all we have seen and read , and then i will show on the other side the solutions NA has in its arsenal to counter them:

    —–Boko Haram (AK 47) vs NA (options of AK-47 or FN), the FN out ranges the AK comfortably (dont know why we now only see them at the annual range competitions)

    ——Boko (RPG 7) vs NA (RPG7, recently sighted semi auto grenade launchers)

    Machine Guns
    Boko (Chinese GPMGs) vs NA (FN MAG, Chinese GPMGs, RPK Light MGs etc.)

    Heavy MGs
    Boko (Russian 12.7mm DHsKs) vs NA (Browning 50cals) the DhsK out ranges the 50cal marginally, but at regular combat ranges, the differences of 2-300m are not as significant as we sometimes like to make out. Actually most of the fighting happens at 200 to 400m, comfortably within the killing range of both these heavy machine guns and the GPMGs.

    Sniper rifles
    Boko (unknown) vs NA (Steyr, and Russian Dragunov)

    Boko (unknown but few if any) vs NA (60mm, 81mm) covering ranges from 0.5km to 7km. This means that when the technicals sit out at 800m range and batter our positions, a mortar battery of 2 or 3 mortars can give them a really bad day from a position sheltered from fire, either a trench or a bunker

    Boko (Unknown) vs NA (105mm howitzers, 122mm guns, 130mm guns, 155mm howitzers) able to hit targets as far as 12-25km away.

    Air power
    Boko (None) vs NA (3 Alphajets, 2 helo gunships) i am assuming all the rest is dysfunctional, which of course cannot be. Grossly insufficient, but should be more than adequate for a point battle like we have now in Gwoza

    Boko (few captured NA or Camerounian APCs) vs NA ( Cobra APCs, Scorpion Tanks, Panhard Sagaie1/2, T55s, Vicker Eagle etc.)

    Based on the foregoing, we would probably be embarrassed if we were fighting Cameroon, or chad or Sudan and based on that we need to rapidly re-equip. However, we are not fighting them (yet), so i really dont see why we should not win this current fight and much more easily than we are doing today.

    In my view our real challenges are
    – In-experienced soldiers, who are encouraged by the political press (sahara et al) to believe that if they make sufficient noise this cup will pass over them

    – A public that has not understood that this is a war, same blood, guts and sweat scenario the made Churchill make his famous speech.

    The improved equipment will certainly come, in fact we are already seeing it in Sirus pix, but we must win the battles before that with what we have. it will mean higher casualties than if we had improved equipment, but what is the choice really? Wait for Boko to enter Bauchi and Jos, and then counter attack with SU25s, MRAPs and every soldier carrying Tavors? In the mean time what would be the situation of the displaced population? we already have a sorry situation with a few thousands displaced from Damboa and Gwoza.

    We need to pull up our socks and fight this war, if Boko Haram can storm into the fight carrying only AKs, RPGs and Heavy machine guns, are our soldiers now so soft that they cannot match them except they are comfortably ensconced in air conditioned MRAPS, with jet fighters watching their every move? To think that the heros of Liberia and Sierra Leone didnt even have body Armour!!! What has become of us?

    • rka says:

      And look at the needless loss of lives in Liberia and Sierra Leone without body armour etc.

      You forget that it takes years to train proficient COIN/CT troops in sufficient numbers. This isn’t conventional warfare.

      If you have the same weapons or calibre of weapons as your enemy, you won’t get far when you attack especially when they are well dug in.

      The problem isn’t in-experienced soldiers. The Royal Marines train commandos for about 8 months from scratch and send them out to Afghanistan. You can only gain experience from the battlefield.

      Every soldier out in the field should be wired up with a personal communication system and there should be soldiers out there capable of calling in air-strikes (FACs) when there is any resistance. It is the reality of modern day warfare.

      • rka says:

        Ozed said;
        “Sorry if i sound callous guys, but i am afraid what we are seeing is a continuation of the softening of the Nigerian Armed forces. championed by the latest television wars between mis- matched parties
        US vs Taliban
        US/Allies vs Iraqis
        Isrealis vs Hamas etc.”

        They are mismatched because it was made so with superior weapons including air-power.
        NA can also do the same and make it a mismatch.

      • doziex says:

        But oga RKA, those royal marines after 8 months of training, are deployed to units with a wealth of combat experience.

        So they continue to be mentored, while they fight.

        It is this value adding grooming/mentorship that I see a glaring need for in NA.

        Where are the NCO veterans of sierra leone ? NA is making too many rookie mistakes on the battle field for these veterans to be around.

        Every body in a unit can’t be freshly trained and green.

        How can NA bridge this gap ? Experienced mentors have to be infused into these units, to make them better.
        Where should NA get them from ?

    • doziex says:

      Oga Ozed, that blogger Fulan mentioned AT-3 Sagger ATGMs being used by BH in the Damboa and Gwoza battles.

      He also mentioned the presence of a Sudanese commander.

      If true, things go hard O !!. The AT-3 vastly outranges the RPG-7.

      • Deway says:

        Doziex, we allowed miscreants and political thugs to become somewhat of an international guerrilla force with capable die hard militants from across the border gradually filling the ranks. I don tire to talk sef. If the MOD, presidency, NSA,SSS do not see this, let me make it known to them in simple English: “Nigeria is a very very juicy target for Islamic militants”. They are testing our military capabilities by holding small towns and noting our methods and style for re-taking them. They don’t mind losing the lives of a couple thousand foot soldiers, but their leadership is taking notes and soon they may be inviting the larger hard core fighters from the middle east. I am not a prophet of doom but while the army and air force continue wasting time, they become stronger, more daring, better armed, develop better intelligence gathering capability and are gradually able to convince the local communities to join their course. Isn’t it a shame that till today, the air force cannot tell us where the helicopter that supplies BH comes from, neither has it been shut down except for one attempt by soldiers. I hate lashing out but sometimes I can’t just help it. People are hear blaming wives of soldiers for protesting. This is just one sign of the deterioration that has befallen our armed forces.
        For those who know battle strategy, I am noticing that NA mixes special forces with regular infantry. I’m not sure but is this how the SF should be used? Are they being used correctly?

      • Are James says:

        Somebody was trying to disprove the existence of AT3 Sagger ATGM in the BH armoury. How are they sure they don’t have it, outdated as it is?. Something the NA had plenty of in the 70s. Most BH weapons are from our NA armouries and we have a fairly good idea how they might have gotten them but fear no go allow person think am too much. The same institution investigated the procurement of NAs stock of AL 47s by Niger Delta militants not too long ago and court marshalled and jailed the perpetrators.

    • Martin Luther says:

      This is common sense, what is the problem?
      Is it money?
      Is it material?
      What is the problem?
      Is it cultural?

      I say, is there any soldier in the NA that is not there today by quota system?

      – I did not go to a Unity school because of quota system
      – I scored above 65% yet I did not meet the cut off from my state
      – There are guys who scored 30% and went to unity schools

      So if this is translated to the armed forces, what qualities of men are protecting your investments, your freedom and your lives?

      Surely not the best of you

      Why do you all keep living in denial? You cannot give what you do not freaky have.

      Nigeria and Nigerians are not serious people and do not know what not to play politics with, a great nation in history is been pissed away. I saw something today that almost made me go mad.

      Do you all understand that an infect Ebola blood vile is about a most potent BIOLOGICAL weapon. So what should that tell you? That Ebola outbreak should a major security issue, so if you are transporting suspected blood samples for confirmatory test they should be of national security interest abi?

      Please somebody should ask how suspected blood samples are to be moved across the county to Lagos for testing. I saw something I cannot mention on social media, but just know that some people are playing with ……………

      If you read through today’s dailies carefully …………… the fine details. So let’s see if you ………………are.

      Make una they here they write thesis, all I know is that it would take about a critical mass of 2million Nigerians doing the right thing to change things around here.

      Sometime, nothing makes sense.

  14. jimmy says:

    The ARMY DHQ’S warning does not go far enough each wife who protested that her husband should not be put in harm ‘s way should be noted.
    Extra soldiers should be brought up from the central ( JOS AND ILORIN) and from Lagos and placed in reserve.
    Whether through their wives or Children the SOLDIERS themselves need to be addressed directly failure to deploy to protect the territorial integrity of Nigeria is MUTINY AND TREASON. They have a choice to decide when they filled out the application no one PUT A GUN TO THEIR HEAD nor were their wives at the application , or the interview process.
    Every soldier in this barracks should be addressed on the first day of the month and should be asked to bring out their pay stub and should be given an order to read the name on the pay stub.
    Nigeria is not a conscription army it is an army of choice individual choice. No one is forced to join this point has to be emphasized.
    I had wanted to discuss the recruitment process application that the ARMY PR recently unveiled here are a few pointers. To become a select candidate for the U.S. West point Academy, The US Naval Academy, and the US Air Academy you have to be recommended by a member of congress you also have to pass a series of exams , and nowadays face a background check that is getting more and more rigorous .
    Nigeria needs to change the NDA process
    1) There needs to be a detailed BACKGROUND CHECK going back through High school
    2) The application fees needs to be changed ,Nigerians pay more than 250,000 Naira over a four or five year period to attend university, the 2,500 naira is not enough to weed the undesirables it should go up to 10,000.00 . The NDA is not for everybody , it is not an employment agency and neither do we want society’s misfits this needs to be their mantra.
    3) In light and in view of the female suicide bombers, the NDA needs to send both active and recently retired female officers who have served with distinction to the premier female schools in the north , south east and west schools like Queens college, Amina college, the premier female schools in Sokoto, Zaria , Enugu , Bida Lagos,, Potuskum, Biu, Baga, Bama, these girls need to be recruited and specifically trained over a four to five year period to deal with coin ISSUES , intel analysis from a female perspective ( there are some already but they are not enough even in the army i know about a female captain who is involved with the k-9 unit).
    4) We know the application process is being revamped and it is much different from the past but this extremely shameful incident needs to be an eye opener as to what type of officer regardless whether it a commissioned one or a non commissioned should be allowed into the ranks of the NA, NN or NAF.

    • Henry says:

      Oga jimmy, spot on.

      • sele says:

        i dont think its spot on, if u compare the individuals in our legislative arm to that of the US i dont think you will want them to make recommendations on who should go to NDA. Now that they dont make recommendations you wont believe the amount of interference they present to cadet training. furthermore, you said the entrance fee for NDA should be increased, another no go. NDA is not for the highest bidder. On vetting I think a more thorough process should be developed even though as a nation we are poor in record keeping

  15. buchi says:

    highly sensible oga ozed that hits it gbammmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  16. doziex says:

    I have being sounding the alarm. This (NA) is an institution in crises.

    Any man/ woman that would put the uniform and serve Nigeria is a hero.

    I have to make that clear, cause some folks on this blog are quick to call fellow bloggers traitors instead of debating the issue at hand.

    If we bloggers are worth a damn, we should have already diagnosed this problem.

    We should be brainstorming on how to remedy the situation.

    What has others in our shoes done in the past ?

    This false support inspite of the evidence, is doing the troops no good.

    They know there is trouble, their wives know their is trouble.

    There is fire on the mountain, so one has to be alarmist about the situation.

    NA brass, can help the situation with some transparency, at least enough to convince Nigerians, there is real danger in the offing, that could possibly consume us all.

    If we face reality, and put our minds together to fix what is wrong, we will all be better for it.

    NA should trust Nigerians, and enlist the help of the nation to get thru this crises.
    Use the court of public opinion to deal with whomever is truly sabotaging your efforts.
    Be it thieving politicians, civil servants or any subversive media outfit.

    Publicly demand whatever it is you feel you need to win this war.
    You have got a population of over 150 million to choose from.

    What ever happened to the demobilized MEND combatants, anyone ask them if they wanted to serve ?
    NA brass has to figure out how to harvest the best Nigeria has to offer for the purposes of NA.

    Make recruitment offices accessible to all Nigerians from every region.
    Train and send out military recruiters, to search thru our secondary schools and universities.

    NA should establish a TV and radio station of it’s own.

    It would be far better to open up to Nigerians, than to keep secrets from us.

    Classified material is classified material, but the ORBAT of an army is not.

    Potentially embarrassing problems, are also NOT classified. They just require solutions.

    God’s speed Armed forces of Nigeria.

  17. Henry says:

    @RKA, we already have and can supply superior weaponry than the enemy can dream of. I’ve taken a critical look at our military, and have seen no reason for troops constant complaining of weaponry against boko-haram.

    They do not lack superior equipment to boko-haram in any category. In every department it is crystal clear the Army out-classes B-H fighters.

    Unless we better strategise, even with nuclear weapons our military would still complain of a lack of equipment.

    Really………. How can you be complaining of a lack of equipment when you’re fighting rebels with IFV’s, AFV’s, Artillery, and 12.7mm mounted armoured vehicles….. Is this not insanity?

    Let us efficiently make use of what we currently got, with a more effective logistics supply.

    I beg to differ, precision munitions would not change our fortunes if our troops are not properly trained or battle strategies not properly developed or followed through.

    Artillery would, and we deploy D-30 howtizers and 155mm. There is no reason why the enemy should hold land for more than 24 hours in nigeria. Shell the daylight off the area.

    No amount of Air-support would not turn around our fortunes in this conflict is our ground tactics continue to lag behind or fail.

    • Deway says:

      Oga Henry, yes on paper we have better equipment. But let me ask, when did the army finally begin using the scorpion IFVs in this war? When did they know it was time to roll out their MBTs? How many mags per soldiers are made available? When did they start using their artillery and mortars? When did they introduce MRAPs? What did we have before now: troops going into battle with AKs, GPMGs and RPGs in hilux vehicles. Which is why soldiers initially complained that BH had better weapons. While they were playing golf and taking pictures of officers’ wives associations, BH has become a resilient force.

      • ozed says:

        True my bro, but now we have MRAPS (maybe not enough), we have far more APCs on ground than we have ever had. We are far better equipped now than we were when the war started. So why the H-ll are we still hearing gripping and bellyaching about inadequate equipment?

        We have gone soft i say!!!

      • doziex says:

        Guys, APCs or even MRAPs without Cage Armor in a battle field full of RPGs, is little more than an Iron coffin.
        Watch how the Ukrainian soldiers have welded cage or slat armor onto their old BTR 60s.

        For our tanks, we should attach ERAs. Explosive Reactive Armor, to make them survivable.
        Even with our entire arsenal in the NE, I doubt if NA overmatches BH. This is because they posses counters to all our systems.
        With the possible exception of our artillery.

        However, direct support weapons like wire guided ATGMs is easier to use in the heat of battle. As opposed to indirect support weapons such as artillery, mortars and MBRLs.

        If Hamas can get their hands on these daggone missiles, why can’t NA ?

        It would afford NA a way of neutralizing BH’s AA mounted guntrucks accurately from a safe distance.
        The way the French used their Milan HOT missiles in ivory coast and mali.

        NA troops are NOT going soft. Their TTPs ( Tactics, Techniques and Procedures ) are WACK as hell. Any Army that chooses to mix it up with AAA mounted technicals, would learn the hard way. DEM things are meant to be destroyed by air, or from stand off ranges.

        As I have said, the tutelage of experienced, trained veterans would reorient these so called “soft” soldiers, and turn them into “CRACK” units.

        This is the reason the US is rushing ADVISERS to the Iraqis, and the Kurdish Peshmerga.

        NA troops have to be coached into fitness as they fight the enemy.

        I would suggest that NA approach our Pakistani friends for an outright purchase, or loan of their AL Zarrar MBTs, and their Q-5 fantans that have been recently retired.

        NA could be made much more effective, at a very reasonable expense. Since we are so adverse to spending money on defense.
        BMP-2s from the Czechs, the Poles, Belarus or Russia is a no brainer.

        NA should get it’s engineering and welding units together to improve the survivability of our Steyr APCs and our scorpion IFVs with CAGE armor.

        If BH’s technicals are so damn effective against NA troops, why not adopt it ?

    • rka says:

      @Henry. A combination is needed. Do you think the US and their Allies would have survived Iraq or still be in Afghanistan without air power? The calibre of projectiles you can rain down can be far more devastating that artillery rounds.

      It won’t win you the war on it’s own, but gives a massive advantage. BH will again run into Cameroon and neighbouring countries and remain there if you inflict precision strikes on them. Ask the insurgents in Mali, Algeria and elsewhere.

      It then has to be followed up by well equipped COIN savvy troops with a reliable logistics chain and helos for speedy deployment, reinforcements, medical evacuation, CAS etc. .

  18. Are James says:

    I think we Nigerian defence observers got it completely wrong when this attitude of being “national admiration society of the military” caught on. The only thing a country with good military tradition rewards is heroics and self sacrificing actions not just wearing the uniform.? Just because of we are being uncharacteristically stretched by a small low intensity internal conflict we have allowed ourselves to be railroaded into an attitude of praising an army that is letting us down.

    @Henry. To be honest i think Boko Haram units in the Gwoza area have been fighting better than us in the field and are not risk averse so they’ve been doing some real dastardly stuff. On top of that they seem ready for supreme sacrifice all the time. One of the things about courage facing the truth and we have to face this one. The division we have on ground cannot duplicate the kind of desperation and intensity that the terrorists routinely apply… definitely not these ones that their wives are trying to hide under their wrappers to keep from going to do their duty, it comes with the doctrine. What the 7 Div can deploy is cold efficiency in executing its strategy, its technology in terms of weapons and then its organizational skill. This is, why a lot of us are calling for airpower as the great equalizer …otherwise there seems to be no other way. The enemy is not entirely human, zealots high on drugs and everything will take heavy casualties and still keep coming, after some time they will outflank even the most skilled machine gunners, they will charge armoured columns with suicide bombers, they are already dug in in Sambisa forest and they need to dig in at Gwoza.

  19. Henry says:

    Oga deway, we can all agree that the Federal government and the military underestimated this boko-haram threat. We continued playing politics for a very long time with the issue, in the usual nigerian fashion, until we suddenly realised “shit has hit the fence”.

    In the beginning and up until early 2013, we can say we were un-prepared and under-equipped, however this excuse has out-lived it’s relevance. Now the MRAP and Streit MK3 aren’t new, new. I stumbled on an image taken in december of 2013, and I could see an obscure image of the Streit MK3 in the background.

    I concluded neither the MK3 nor the Bigfoot mraps are recent purchases(2014). At this moment the continued talk that militants are better equipped than our troops is total B.S. It is untrue, and a baseless lie.

    We should look to improve our logistics, training and tactics. These are the areas, I feel we have a problem.

    *the scorpion light tank have since been deployed for operations in the N.E.

  20. asorockweb says:

    Apart from the largely discredited FULAN SITREP, what’s the commotion about?

    Fighting is going on right now in Gwoza, soldiers are dying, but the people that are safe at home are losing their heads.

    Criticise if you must, but do not break.

    We are all guilty of Nigeria’s evils.

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Asorockweb, i respect your hustle sir,
      haha, I tire ohh, criticize but do it gently, disagree, but be polite, as regarding the Nigerian Armed Forces, not just because dem carry gun, but because, they will sacrifice their lives for you and i. I shiver sometimes when some people bash the living daylight out of the Armed forces just to make a point, isnt that counter productive. Abi oh, Oga, we are all Nigerians, this is our cross to carry, and carry it we must.

  21. Tobey says:

    Let’s be honest with ourselves…the Army leadership is poor…what serious 21st centure Army has an association for “officer’s wives”? Is that not a joke? Do the top brass even look fit? General Patraeus at 59yrs of age does 120 push ups, 120 push ups, 250 flutter kicks and runs 10km week in week out…at 59…Our generals? Bloated men who play golf….Leadership is a problem in this campaign….when last did the COAS visit the frontlines without making a big deal out of it? A colonel, a lieutenant and 15 soldiers are still missing at Gwoza and the DHQ is telling tales…now news discrediting the army has it not PR suicide to tell wives of soldiers “not to meddle”? Who the hell releases this reports? Could they not just deny it? Olukolade has been a failure so far…so uncharismatic and clueless…all they think PR is about are those flimsy press conferences with Marilyn Ogar…what happened to having a youtube channel for the current CT-COIN operations?…Gwoza is under siege by the army and the NAF is nowhere to be found..guess that is what happens when you appoint a Chief of air staff whose base was almost sacked as your CDS…the major problem in this conflict is leadership quality of the top brass…poor P.R, poor tactics, poor sense of urgency, poor charisma…ill leave you sirs to your NAOWA fund-raising parties and squash tournaments.

    • Are James says:


    • Are James says:

      The smartest thing the CIC did was not visiting Chibok. It was a big insult to the military leadership but even this fact was lost on them. money no good sometimes o, he dey block brain. If he had gone to this town, i now believe BH would have laid siege on that town and we would have needed foreign help to extricate our President.

      • asorockweb says:

        Your comment was only meant to belittle – pretty foolish, I must say.

      • Are James says:

        The comment was definitely made in anger. Many things come up in professional life that calls for sober reflection by someone established in a career if that professional is self respecting. The army has zero contribution to GDP. We pay taxes that keep the odd 100k soldiers in employment with expectations that for the very few times that we require that institution to respond to threats to our sovereignty then we get the service that we deserve. As they say ‘available upon demand’. However, when there are not enough security guarantees for our president setting foot on any stretch real estate in Nigeria (the president said as much on media chat) then anger is a justified emotion.

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga Are James, i respect your huslte sir,
        i agree with your last comment about the abysmal contribution of the Armed forces to the Nigerian GDP, this should be the focus of our attention here on out. We are gradually getting it right, as the private establishments are beginning to contribute in ways we wouldn’t have though possible. But that means Nigeria has to be on a continuous war for our military industrial complex to remain viable, albeit not on home turf, as i believe this Nigeria is already actionable in numerous theaters as we speak. When we begin to connect the dots, we see that, local production and manufacturing is the only way out, nothing less, because if we constantly need to import fighter jets and the likes to wage war, then the balance becomes skewed in favor of the enemy, whichever enemy, pick one. Hence, we should continue to encourage our local players, we should continue to prod them and require more from them, because they can deliver. Nigeria is obviously up to the task.

      • asorockweb says:

        Oga Are James you are beginning to show your youth.

        “The army has zero contribution to GDP. We pay taxes that keep the odd 100k soldiers in employment with expectations …”


        What are they the Ottoman Janissaries?!

    • asorockweb says:

      Do a Google search on “Army wives association” and see what you come up with.

      The Chief of Army Staff seems a thoughtful man.

      I have my reservations about the CDS – because of comments he made in January about ending the war in April.

      I know very little about the chief of the Air Force.

      The “Wives associations” shows up in many professional bodies in Nigeria. I know of the Engineering Wives association.

      It seems to be a by product of post colonial life. It’s a good support framework for new wives coming into a new community. In the immediate years after the British pulled out, there were very few professionals, military or otherwise. These associations helped with the integration of spouses that may have come from far-flung villages.

      Nigeria now has many professionals and new technologies so maybe these associations are less relevant in today’s world.

      File this under “Know your country.”

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Tobey, i respect your hustle sir,
      When Marilyn Ogar was catching haramites left, right and center abeg where you dey, isnt that the essence of the job she has? And hope you know Nigeria is a democratic country with a constitution that has to be followed by all arms? you say what army in the 21st century has an association of military wives? now i know you are truly speaking irish, check out and What do you think you are doing? i repeat, where do you think you are, how can one be so innocently naive in this present day and age of information overflow? ehn Oga Tobey? thats what happens when you don’t relax and make sure you are not ruled by your emotions, you make gaffes like these. All you had to do, as i did before responding to your comment, was type military wives in a search engine, and viola. I will advise again, please relax, take a bottle of coke first, maybe not coke because sugar go give you wahala, but, you get my drift, with a cool mind, let us know how you feel without insults and anger. Why dont you begin to realize that if you say the Army leadership is poor, that indirectly means you are poor, please be more diplomatic in your choice of words, not for the sake of the other, but for your own sake, so that you as well might be given the benefit of the doubt when you err, because to err is human, and i hop you are human, abi? hehehe. if you think everything is so bad, why don’t you show us how its done, tender your application and enlighten us, but to the people who have decided to lay down their very lives for your freedom and safety, the least you can do is be polite and respectful, Oga sir.

    • doziex says:


  22. sele says:

    This forum have focus a lot on weaponry and equipment leaving out morale of the troops which is a more important factor. i think suggestions should be brought out on ways to increase troop morale. the actions of spouses and children of the troops points to the fact that they are demoralized. An American general once said during the ECOMOG era that the NA troops would fight even when they didnt have boots to wear. How many alpha jets were used in ECOMOG ops? No matter the amount of equipment and weapons bought, if the troops are demoralized it comes to nothing

    • Are James says:

      Good idea. The following are suggestions for improving morale, some of them you won’t believe:
      1. Very modern and high tech equipment – the more the sophistication of the tech, the more the quality of young people itching to join. It is actually a motivator.
      2. Exposure to foreign operations with very good and timely payment of allowances and no corruption or nepotism in selection criteria
      3. Life insurance scheme and guarantees of children education up to secondary level
      4. Free medical for all family members.
      5. Training, training, training.
      6. Two major manoeuvres and exercises with foreign armies per year.
      7.Professional development for technological professions especially engineering and IT – this is already being done but should be improved.

  23. freeegulf says:

    it is indeed a blessing that we have this platform to air our views. but looking at things from a traditional martial standpoint, i think we whine and moan too much. for heavens sake, we have to understand this is war and not some peace support operation.

    the years of UNPKO with easy money have made our soldiers too amenable. like oga jimmy said, this is not a conscription army. if they cant hack it, let them leave. its not by force to wear khaki.
    i will also say oga tobey is right, the leadership element of the army has constantly been found wanting. however, all these, should not be an excuse for troops unable to advance to contact and capture their objectives. no armour, no air support, no this, no that, when did the nigerian army turn nigerian police with ludicrous excuses. competent commanders will capture their objectives with the few mortars and machine guns they have, and not whether they’ve got armour or air support. all the movement and manoeuvre they taught them must be really a waste of bloody time.

    when did air support become so prerequisite in retaking enemy stronghold? which air support does boko haram posses? these miscreants adapt classic guerrilla style attack, and the troops are spread in such a confusing way that organized resistance is absent.

    what happened to defending bases and strong-points. what happened to thorough recce before advance to contact. the junior leadership need to step up the initiative. whether the leadership is bent or not should not stop individual coy from achieving their mission objectives.

    i don’t have to go into detailed tactical maneouvres, but shame on the leadership elements if the men are not being properly utilized. NA have been exposed to night warfare since the 90s, there should be no excuse for inability to perform functionally at night.
    the SF operators are being used in fire brigade mode rather than allow them to perform their real task.

    • doziex says:

      Yowa !!! That’s what am talking about.

      How can we correct issues of poor moral, poor tactics, techniques and procedures in an already deployed force ?

      we do not have the luxury to send them all back to base. They are what we got, and the best we got.
      It is said, you go to war with the army you have, not the one you wish for.

      Our troops in the NE, need ON THE JOB TRAINING.

      So do our officer’s in the HQ.

      This is an army badly in need of an advisory group.

      The great military powers of the world have usually done this, by sending military advising teams.
      Not so rich countries like Cuba have sent troops and advisers to Angola, Ethiopia, Nicaragua and grenada.

      The French sent advisers to cameroun, during the bakassi conflict.

      Nigeria sent an advisory group called NIFAG at the very beginning of sierra leone’s troubles.
      While the US is currently rushing advisers to Iraq, and have others in CAR and NIGER,
      EO, XE and MPRI have shown that the private sector can do the same job.

      We got two choices, either we establish a Nation to Nation relationship, with all it’s political implications, or we find a well vetted private advisory group (PMC)

      Some one on this blog has said before, if we send new weapons to a demoralized bunch of troops, we might as well just donate them to BH.

      Oga Beeg, I wish you could invite FULAN on this blog so he could tell us what he knows, and DEFEND his Assertions.

      That’s the best way to find out what his true agenda is.

      Please, if you can, reach out to Sirius Black too . even without the pictures, I know he has a wealth of 1st hand knowledge.

      We all be Naija.

  24. Tobey says:

    @freegulf…army P.R is also a HUGE problem…the last photos from the DHQ do not show anything substantial…all the pics were from the same road! Just about 6! Even sirius would have done FAR better…if our top brass was smart, they would have quickly created a 60 minute documentary of the “victory”…and spice it up with combat footage, troops interviews, interviews with village heads, all with martial music playing in the background, or better still, something from Hans Zimmer…put the vid on youtube and the DHQ site….in a week, the average nigerian internet user would have watched the vid…that is P.R..why not start a pictorial series of troops at the frontlines in news dailies every saturday? Why? Sirius was doing their jobs for them, their bloated egos chased him away..Olulokade needs the hammer…I’m really angry right now,,,,guess why!? I just checked the N.A’s sham of a army fighting a war with no sensible online platform?

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Tobey, i respect your hustle sir,
      Ebe like say you dey too watch action film abi? Action film sweet well well for your television, that’s why you expect the Nigerian Armed forces to start producing home videos. Omo, i tire oh, its obvious you are not aggregating all thats going on in the world today, its obvious you are not aware of the major forces looking for anyway and any avenue to ridicule the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Its obvious you do not know the essence of plausible deniability. If for instance, the Armed Forces go ahead and release the whole gamut of information and battle field metadata just for the sake of satisfying action film enthusiast and then MAMA NESTY INTERNATIONAL hold on to one piece of that footage, using it as evidence of war crimes commited by the Nigerian Armed Forces, hmm hmmm hmmm, what do we do then? Oga Tobey, how do we recover from that gaffe? I ask again, how do we begin to convince the world that the said footage isnt of the Nigerian Armed Forces. You always have to think things through, that’s professionalism, having the insight and depth to envisage issues like this, but then again its obvious your emotions run deep, and you have absolutely no idea what the consequences of your prescribed actions could be. But we forgive you ehn, we chuck it to youthful exuberance. Look at you, abusing and raining down curses on your very own, OMASE OHHH, who exactly are you trying to impress? definitely not your peers in this forum because we all know better even though we loose sight sometimes. If you are so angry and disillusioned about whats going on, the best you can do is not to vent, cry, and wail, you roll your sleeves, and get to work, just like our Oga Beegeagle, he should be an inspiration to you as to how to go about changing minds, and winning hearts, yes the road will be hard and daunting, but thats what defines a man or woman. Leave the action films to Nollywood, my friend, just like everything you seem to have learnt about the American Army comes from Hollywood. Shey you catch my drift. Relax ogbeni.

      • asorockweb says:

        Well done.

        I enjoyed reading that.

        The military PR system find an intelligent way to inspire Nigerian though.

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga Asorockweb, i respect your hustle sir.
        Abi you no see am, I agree though that the Nigerian Armed forces needs to begin to cooperate more with responsible Nollywood directors to ensure that when they eventually begin to churn out these action packed movies, they portray the Nigerian die hard spirit. feature films wey go ginger men and women to sacrifice more for their country, films that will transport sweet-talking civis to the battle-line, giving them the opportunity to experience first hand what it takes to win a battle. We have sweet stories ohhhhh, omo, stories of victory, stories of sacrifice, stories of courage, and stories of betrayal, we have to begin to tell these stories with the utmost professionalism we can afford. We’ve gat to own what we’ve got, there is no shame in what we are going through today because with the caliber of people in this forum alone, i know that Nigeria is not alone, i know Nigeria will never be defeated, i know Nigeria will continue on the path of growth to finally take its comfortable place on the world stage. Just like last flight to Abuja broke all misconceptions about the ability of Nollywood to render interesting technical scripts, i believe it wont take long before we begin to see true motion picture representations of the might of the Nigeria nation.

  25. freeegulf says:

    oga sele, spot on!!! i have come to regret this whole basing of the 7 Div in maiduguri. maybe the division should be relocated to PH.
    the JTF with SOTF units should be based in the tri-states. it is important that these units are rotated every 13-16 weeks. at most, they shouldnt exceed half the year calender in their tour of duty.

    this rotation should allow every single unit in the country to go through this rigorous mill. the basing of permanent battalion and brigades with cantonments and barracks at the frontline does exacerbate issues.

    when troops that are permanently garrisoned in giwa barracks have to go through the whole shebang months on end (just because they are unlucky to be posted to maiduguri as their station), it should be expected that this does takes a huge toll on the combatants.

    a better approach would be to design a realistic pre-deployment training, this could be 4-6 weeks. only rotating troops, with FOBs in these free fire zones.
    do away with this barrack laid back approach. even if they are to keep regular units like brigades in MDGR and Yola, they should be responsible for urban patrol and pacification, that is, within the cities. the rotating units (with no ties to any cantonments) should have their FOBs deep in contested grounds. these special operations task forces should carry the fight to the enemy and not just wait to react to the miscreants.

    mortars, artillery, FO, FACs, light observation aircraft, are enough to win these battles. and we have all these in our arsenal. waiting for the air force and sukhois are not the right way to go. i think, a lot of peeps here, and the sojas are suffering from shiny toys syndrome. we have to do away with this mentality. gallant troops have been winning battles (with less casualties) without all these toys. the army has what it needs.
    how they concentrate these already present assets with critical mass is another day analysis.

    i don’t know follow accurately, the current ebbs and flow of firefights up north, but from the little i hear, i m not impressed with the staff work performances of the officer corps. the one major advantage they have against these terrs is being negated for some unexplained reasons.

  26. freeegulf says:

    oga tobey, saying those at the know are a bunch of disappointment is an understatement. they tie their hands behind their backs and decide to gag the few available good PR that favour them.
    i really don’t know what these ogas are playing at. but they make some simple tasks seem like mission to the moon.
    shame on them.

  27. Martin Luther says:

    This is common sense, what is the problem?
    Is it money?
    Is it material?
    What is the problem?
    Is it cultural?

    I say, is there any soldier in the NA that is not there today by quota system?

    – I did not go to a Unity school because of quota system
    – I scored above 65% yet I did not meet the cut off from my state
    – There are guys who scored 30% and went to unity schools

    So if this is translated to the armed forces, what qualities of men are protecting your investments, your freedom and your lives?

    Surely not the best of you

    Why do you all keep living in denial? You cannot give what you do not freaky have.

    Nigeria and Nigerians are not serious people and do not know what not to play politics with, a great nation in history is been pissed away. I saw something today that almost made me go mad.

    Do you all understand that an infect Ebola blood vile is about a most potent BIOLOGICAL weapon. So what should that tell you? That Ebola outbreak should a major security issue, so if you are transporting suspected blood samples for confirmatory test they should be of national security interest abi?

    Please somebody should ask how suspected blood samples are to be moved across the county to Lagos for testing. I saw something I cannot mention on social media, but just know that some people are playing with ……………

    If you read through today’s dailies carefully …………… the fine details. So let’s see if you ………………are.

    Make una they here they write thesis, all I know is that it would take about a critical mass of 2million Nigerians doing the right thing to change things around here.

    Sometime, nothing makes sense.

  28. jimmy says:

    @ OGA SELE Much respect for your comments
    Please tell me that I am wrong. going back to the conclusion of the Civil war and the subsequent demobilization. Nigerian armed forces has been a volunteer force please correct if otherwise stated. Tons of procurement has been pouring in since Feb 2014 this has been confirmed in statements by none other than the COAS and tons more are still pouring in. The one part of the equation is the NAF and we also can at least safely speculate they have received “something”
    The indiscipline is what the COAS related , please do not find excuses for somebody who does not want to fight. Soldiers on both sides of the conflict did not have bullet proof vests during the civil war/ Somalia , S/L, or Liberia.
    Right now the battle is still on going in Gwoza and some of us are frothing at the mouth to continuous castigate the army. One paper highly respected got caught up and first reported more than twice that the battalion commander was captured to say this is irresponsible it goes beyond pale , these are the type of things I personally appealed directly to the C.O.A.S. about.
    I was told by my bother that the average Nigeria goes through N2500 on phone card within a week to ten days, this is the costs of the NDA application , once chosen the average NDA applicant will costs the federal govt more than a million Naira before he puts on his Second LT uniform . IF HE OR SHE CANNOT AFFORD 10,000 .00 he or she can go get another job it is not by force now the fee is too low and when you pay peanuts you get monkeys and No I do not want to hear it excludes poor people it does not, The N.D.A. is not a free for all it is privilege . Nor is it class based . You should be recommended by a serving officer , member of the NASS , a member of the judiciary or even the bare minimum now that is required to get a Nigerian passport , the Chairman of the local govt that you resided in going to high school should at least testify to that.
    GWOZA IS BOKO HARAM’S CENTER OF GRAVITY THEREIN LIES THE DESPERATION, This place shall be taken it is hoped now that the commander appears to be alive he will hopefully give a clearer picture.The EMIR of Gwoza is going to be key into taking Gwoza back so as the war of attrition Folks please if this sounds tedious it is going to be this way for a while let us criticize constructively not based on reflex but more on contemplation .
    Lastly speaking for two western nations U.S. AND U.K. both use their SF IN TANDEM with their REGULAR FORCES AND NO THE SF are not being used for Fire brigade methods that is not part of their job.

    • sele says:

      currently application into NDA requires an officers of the rank of Lt col and equivalent or local govt chairman to attest to ur character. however final admission is affected by senior govt officials and politician who always want their candidates to be admitted. the training of these cadet after admitted is further interfered with by these individuals. you hear complains from them that the academy is making training difficult for their wards or influence academy authorities to overlook disciplinary cases or poor academic or military performance of these cadets. it is bad as it is now. if you now want them to select candidates for the academy you should as well say the academy should be closed. you said your brother said an average Nigerian goes through 2.5k credit in a short time so obviously u are not around and your brother is not in touch with reality on ground. a vulcanizer once told me the best thing that can happen to him was for him to get 30k and went on to list how it will better his life. additionally, that is the monthly rent for some folks.

      • jimmy says:

        I was in Nigeria as recently as may. The point about 2500 for an application for a job that is going to last the individual a life time appointment should costs more than N2500.Don’t misconstrue my words to mean a vulcanizer it is not class warfare the average nigerian does spend more than 2500 in a week. Life is not free nor is it free and admittance into one of the most advanced academies in Nigeria should not be cakewalk.just because you are a nigerian does not ascribe that privillege to you or me. I live abroad it does not mean if I come back to lagos and throw a few dollars around I become gov in 2015 that is life. Nigerians need to deal with T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

    • Are James says:

      Some opinions and clarifications:
      1. Nigerian Army should dis-continue the collection of fees from prospective recruits and officer cadets forthwith. It is a questionable and mundane materialization of entry formalities into a profession requiring the ultimate sacrifice.
      2. The tons of equipment ‘pouring in’ have not poured into the battle field yet, MRAPs have only been sighted far and in between. NAF has only started making a dent. We have seen pictures.
      3. Gwoza is not Boko Haram’s center of gravity, it is just an ordinary town they captured days ago and displaced civilians.
      4. Soldiers all over the world now wear bullet proof vests. Even coward Shekau wears his own to make his videos. BH soldiers will wear as many as they can lay their hands on.
      5.You are very very wrong about how the US, UK and Israel use special forces. Special forces are just that; they move in advance of a main campaign to secure objectives or carry out targeted pin point raids on the enemy, carry out demolitions and harassment attacks, sometimes they do assassinations and kidnapping of key enemy personnel.
      They usually have a separate job to do outside the main body of troops, if you hear of a convey running into an ambush and special forces were caught with the main body of troops somebody is not using them properly.
      6. On the missing officers, in actual fact a Lt Colonel went missing during the battle at Gwoza and was believed captured. He walked into the divisional hq after two days had passed.

      • jimmy says:

        Oga arejames much respect and if I say something that sounds elitist or even offensive. Please with the greatest amount of sincererity please forgive.
        The idea of raising the fees is to eliminate every tom ,dick and harry who now believes since the armed forces are recruiting it is now his divine right to become. It cost more at some resturants in lagos than it does. It is not something you are a entitled just because you are a nigerian. If you are a coward ,have to take permission from your wife before you withdraw ten naira from the account do not apply. I have a very dangerous job in the states and I do not tell mywife

      • jimmy says:

        Sorry phone messing up.In short people who buckle under stressful need not apply.And yes the air assets eventually will make an impact.More importantly this war will not be won tommorow because there are a lot of things going that cross four borders.
        One thing that should be very clear to one and all some commanders will see their careers end with this war.The role of the sf is not specifically to come to the aid of the army there roles may from time to time intermingle.please for reference purposes read the book black hawk down it explains how the sf ,green berets and the regular grunts had to work together .This also went on in iraq and afghanistain and will also go on in Nigeria.
        Lastly just because someone does not mean that you should dance first or harder than the celebrant.

      • jimmy says:

        Sorry I meant just because someone is invited to a party. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  29. Augustine says:

    My Ogas you have all well spoken, I have read ALL your above comments, and I will like to stand in the middle and express my own view from a mix of all you have intelligently said.

    Nigeria is fighting rag tag insurgents, mostly illiterate men who have never been to world class military academies in Europe….and we are sweating like this?

    What if Nigeria is fighting Sudan, Ethiopia, or Algeria ?

    Our soldiers will run to hide inside water bore hole ?

    Boko Haram has exposed the weaknesses of Nigerian military.

    1. Poor equipment and obsolete weapons
    2. Outdated public relations management policy, principles and methodology
    3. Insufficient or very low number of weapons/equipment
    4. Financial corruption and greed
    5. Selfishness and mediocre patriotism
    6. Poor foresight
    7. Weak communication, command, and control
    8. Bad supply chain management
    9. Wrong procurement priorities and choices
    10. Faulty doctrine, combat tactics, and war strategy

    If Nigerian military goes to war in this condition, Algeria will pound us into humiliating surrender, and Chad will shock us to the point of calling ECOWAS/AU/UN for peace negotiations.


    The perplexing question….

    Is Nigerian military well equipped ?

    The shameful answer….


    Any proof ? Of course yes !

    I leave out the Navy, they are winning their own war against piracy with world class results.

    Nigerian air force….F-7NI jets…flying coffins….mostly absent in battle….Invisible Super Tucano….mysterious 4th generation jet fighter we don’t see we don’t know….Helicopter gunships with no guided air to ground precision weapons….few numbers of scanty Mi-35 Hind….tired and overworked Alpha jets with no laser guided bombs….Mysterious MBB 339 jets and L-39 jets….two crashes in ‘training’ in wartime…..poorly guarded Air base invaded by terrorist.

    I leave it there.


    Is the 150 year old Nigerian Army well equipped ?

    Big NO !

    Any proof ? Easy….

    There are only two praise worthy weapons in Nigerian army…Palmaria and Bofors artillery guns.

    Will they save us now ? No.

    We dare not use Palmaria and Bofors on Gwoza, similar Israeli artillery used on Gaza against insurgents, killed 1,000 innocent women, children, men, and new born babies in 30 days !

    Will Nigerian army kill innocent Nigerian ? You answer, not me,

    Does Nigerian army have enough equipment/weapons to fight this Boko Haram war? No !

    Nigerian army is built to fight conventional war, and we lack the exact type of equipment needed to fight unconventional war or terrorist insurgency.

    Nigeria is about 4 times the size of Great Britain

    North Eastern Nigeria alone is about the size of Great Britain

    Great Britain is defended by an army of about 120,000 soldiers
    Nigerian North East the size of Britain is defended by an army of about 30,000 men

    British army defends their land with about 6,000 armoured vehicles
    Nigerian army defends North East with (estimated) about 600 armoured vehicles

    Be the judge, not me….I keep quiet


    The only infantry fighting vehicle in Nigeria army is BTR-3U, we have the poorly armed version that fails to pass NATO standard definition of IFV, we have 14.5mm machine guns on them instead of 20mm cannon…and we have only 47 units of BTR-3U IFV to defend about 250,000 Sq Km land in the north east, bigger than Great Britain !

    Cobra APC is the most prominent and fastest armoured vehicle in Nigeria (Apart from Spartan Mk III that has unknown numbers in service, but I assure you we have very few, we hardly see them, it’s all Cobra and Toyota we see).

    Nigerian Cobras are the poorest types, base versions, poorly armed and have no smoke dispensers to blind the Bokos in battle.

    Cobras, we see with 5,56mm guns and 12.7mm guns, when manufacturer has built Cobra to carry 30mm auto multiple grenade launchers, 20mm cannon manual or remote control, anti-tank missile launchers, etc.

    We have 203 Cobras officially.disclosed. Some overseas, peace keeping, some taken over by Boko Haram, some destroyed in Niger delta war, some destroyed in Boko war, many deployed in 30 other states of Nigeria, we see them in Lagos riot, Kaduna city, Abuja etc.

    Likely we have about 100 Cobras in combat zone North East.

    VBL is a designed to be a recce-scout car and not a combat platform, we have maybe 50 units in NE zone doing the job of a heavy IFV…with toy VBL ?

    Those are the two most prominent ‘fighting vehicles’ we see in Boko war…..

    Is Nigerian army well equipped ? No sir !

    Has anyone counted how many Big Foot MRAPS and Spartan MK III APC we deployed in NE ?

    They are not all over the place in large numbers. China is reported to plan for 10,000 mostly Big Foot MRAPS, for her 1.5 million man army.China is NOT at war.

    Means Nigerian army should by 1,000 Big Foot MRAPS by comparing our size with China.

    Do we have 1,000 MRAPS ? Any proof ? We are poorly equipped as an army, truth !

    We are good at buying weapons is small numbers, Iraq bought 600 Cobras.

    The photos of T-55 and Vickers MBT shows rusty metals, Shilka AAA unreliable, poorly armed Steyr APC shows the rusty metals we hate to see, the Sagaie Armoured vehicle is few in number we bought 46 units some ancient years ago, maybe 12 left in good service.

    You call that an army in year 2014 to defend land bigger than Britain ?

    Nigerian army in battle is more of a large number of men riding Toyota’s to go fight an entrenched enemy in a fortified strong hold prepared for about 30 days, Boko having 14.5mm to 23mm guns to shoot and kill us from 3km away, we die before we enter the fortress.

    COIN war is a game of fire-power in general, and protection when attacking a fortified position or to survive ambush, one mumu terrorist can use AK-47 to kill a Colonel.

    Boko RPG in Afghan war Vs USSR mode will use ‘soft part’ multiple hits to disable out few tanks, Bokos inside houses, hiding behind windows, RPG, Bokos on roof-tops with 14.5mm guns, mowing down our AK-47 infantry, tearing Toyots Hiulx apart, Vickers becomes vulnerable to targeted soft spot RPG and any likely Boko ATGM when there is no infantry support, tank commanders don’t see well, poor situation awareness you get from tanks without infantry support….dying infantry already retreating back to base falling under superior firepower of Boko Haram….wonder why they say we lost a tank…captured by Bokos? Vickers at 60 km/hr, Boko Toyota at 100 km/hr, tank commander retreating, Boko is faster, oga abandons tank, runs into bush or waves down our Toyota to rescue him with speed….back to base…uprooted in battle….Nigerian army fighting at home and getting beating blue black by half illiterates?

    Am I done yet on equipment, No….I leave it till tomorrow


    Is Nigerian army tactics bad? Yes !

    Good weapons, poor tactics, you still lose battles like Ghaddafi’s Libya in the 1980s, best weapons in Africa those days, lost every war and every battle…Libya beaten by Chad.

    How did Nigerian army march into Gwoza like kings hoping to win because they are Nigerian army? Do we have Recces? British recces crept at night from Atlantic ocean in small boats into Falkland Islands and destroyed Argentina’s air force at the airport, went back to sea safely….they had destroyed enemy air power to give the British army balance of power for army vs army ground war…they won !

    British SAS, against Sierra Leone rebels called west side boys, British soldiers had been in the bush close range, with Binoculars for many days, I say many days, spying on the rebels, drawing maps of sentries, armoury, best weapons positions, and daily routine of the enemy….then on D-Day, helicopters landed the special forces and the west side boys became history…wiped out.

    Nigerian army, did you ‘Recce’ Gwoza? Did you know estimates of Boko men and equipment? Best weapons, heavy weapons positions? Daily routine? Prayer time when they are vulnerable? Sentry positions? Entry points and exit points? Routes for pincer attack formation? Route for tanks and mortar spearhead attack? Routes for light infantry? Soft positions of Boko Haram fortress? Ammunition stores? Number and discipline of fighters? Likely commanders?

    Poor spy intelligence.

    Why did you march into Gwoza without doing your home work on good tactics based on recce reports? Did you attack with ruse/deception/bluff/tricks on the enemy?

    Okay, now can you still win? Yes !

    Get your acts right.

    Am I done? No. Time to sleep. Late night.

  30. I have been quiet for a long time….just observing everything…and thinking about it…It is glaring that we have a lack of startegic thinkers in the military, especially the Army(or maybe butt kissing is not allowing the intelligent ones express themselves). We have fought BH for a long time, enough time for us to have known their strength and weakness, enough time to have produced a strategic road map on how to end this war, enough time to have upgraded our equipments(if necessary) and enough time to have trained dedicated and brave fighting men. I would be blunt on this people….Nigerian Army has not passed this exams yet…but they have not failed either..They have IMO only succeeded in denting their image. I support them(i do not have a choice), but i would come on them with a big stick…especially the Officers(following Sun Tzu’s “Art of War”). The military has also failed in providing up to date vital info on the war on terror….leaving a huge vacuum which BH is exploiting to its very best. Truth be told the Nigeria Army has always been a secretive institution, currently we need them to change that. They need to win the heart and minds of every Nigerian and the can only do it by showing us that they are making sacrifices, and not forcing us by mere words to support them(especially with all this katakata here and there in their ranks). Every body in the Army from the COAS to the least NCO is under examination right now and they need to pass for the sake of National unity. The CIC needs to put his feet down on the procurement process of equipments for the military. Every sharp practice has to stop for goodness sake. No one should even add one dollar to the actual price of any equipment we are procuring for our Military. It is absolute madness when one thinks of profit during a war(especially for Serving Generals). Their whole thought process should be focussed on finding solutions to ending the war speedily. Please we should get serious for once!!! Now to the protes of the army wives….Old boy if i was a soldier in that unit, and i see my wife among the protesters she would go on a forced vacation to her Father’s house. What i expect the women to do instead of constituting a nuisance(no pun intended) is to form a pressure group and take their case to the National Assembly and Presidency…That is what i expect from NAOWA and co…..take the battle to where they can get results. They shoud document injuries of Soldiers, abandoned family members of fallen heroes etc and state a case from that. This is the kind of thing our media outlets they would always get prime time on news…Please lets stop all these kids play and get serious.

  31. Delavegas says:

    The Nigerian media should stop sensationalizing the illegal protest by the Army Wives. They should have realized that soldiering is not an easy occupation. Soldiers are trained to fight for the integrity of the country and fight they must.

    It will be better if the Army Wives wake up and smell the coffee.
    – Become a strong lobby group for more advanced equipment procurement for the men.
    – Lobby for more constant duty-post rotation as that circles the men’s duty posting, allowing more combat experience as well as reliving battle stress to the seasoned.
    – Lobby for a raise in pay for the men, better standard of living around the barracks and engage in donation drives in support of the military.

    These are better than useless protests which could be classified as treasonable offense during times like this (war on terror).

    “Locking their husbands in their houses is laughable but I’m not surprised it made it into Nigerian media scope; The media has even featured more absurd stories”.

    Soldiers we commend your sacrifices. Do your best but always remember that AWOL & Desertion offenders can face court-martial.

  32. Efforts to rescue abducted girls underway. Nigerian troops have finally entered Sambisa Forest.

    Plus the reports about communities exiting in sambisa forest which played a role in Nigeria’s air force unwilling to bomb the forest are true.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga mi sir, I did not see where army said rescue is underway, if they want to do it, it would be top secret. NA soldiers have always been in Sambisa forest since the search for Chibok girls began months ago. Sure many of those teenage girls are pregnant by now.

    • I really dont knw what this means! is BH running out of Sambisa becos the NA has infilrated the forest?

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Are James, i respect your hustle sir.
      Gallant soldiers indeed, always battle ready, nice way to ginger boys and girls. would be more interesting if we heard a full page detailed story about their heroism and bravery though so as to add it to the list of tales by moonlight, abi? and for the action film enthusiasts, another Nollywood production. One thing is obvious though, these ones don’t shy away from battle, denting, and eviscerating the enemy is their life’s work. Carry on Oh yea heroes.

  33. Tobey says:

    Olukolade is a clown…his P.R work has been terrible..all he does is argue with other countries, P.R work should have been given to young charismatic officers…news trickling in is that the troops were massacred at Gwoza yesterday night…the whole military chain of command needs a overhaul.

    • jimmy says:

      I read the report this morning but I refused to provide the link or the gist of it because this is what I FEAR THE MOST. The said newspaper provided a picture which said was taken last week Friday. Whereas this picture was actually taken from last year, THIS PICTURE WAS SHOWN ON nairaland by sirus black LAST MONTH .This is the same picture the newspaper used this is called lazy creepy journalism at it’s worst
      I actually wanted to believe the report but when the newspaper actually provided a wrong photograph like someone pointed out how on earth do we believe what is written?
      Last week the commander of the troops was said to of been captured, dressed as a woman only to resurface, if you do not know what is going “it is sure Is irresponsible to quote a top security officer”

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Tobey, i respect your hustle sir.
      its obvious you have a bone of contention with Major General Chris Olukolade. Pls sir, please enlighten us, what do you mean by his PR work been terrible? Maybe you should expatiate beyond four lines of text sir, replete with details and well defined analysis, maybe we would take you seriously sir, with all due respect,

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Tobey, i respect your hustle sir.
      its obvious you have a bone of contention with Major General Chris Olukolade. Pls sir, please enlighten us, what do you mean by his PR work been terrible? Maybe you should expatiate beyond four lines of text sir, replete with details and well defined analysis, maybe we would take you seriously sir, with all due respect, seize with the name calling, it doesn’t portray you in positive light.

  34. Augustine says:

    doziex says:
    August 14, 2014 at 1:48 am
    Oga Augustine, ride on sir, I await part 2 tomorrow.


    Oga doziex my brother, I decided to stop here for now, so as not to ruffle feathers and not to make the big brass hats feel ‘over-offended’ by our well-meaning and patriotic blog.

    Part 2 was supposed to be focused on the indispensable need for NAF close air support for ground operations, the effect of under funding NAF, and the big aspects were to be;

    ‘Large Scale Real Battlefield Combat Simulations’ of Nigerian army invasion of Boko Haram fortress in a town like Gwoza, 1st using current available ‘weak’ weapons, 2nd using currently unavailable ‘powerful’ weapons that a standard 2014 army in Africa should have for COIN, 3rd swapping roles, putting Nigerian army composite units inside Gwoza fortress as defenders while Boko haram’s battalions with known weapons and capabilities are used to assault and attempt to capture Gwoza.

    That 3rd battlefield simulation will show why the forces inside the fortress have a big edge and will inflict heavy casualties on invading forces. Also will show that such a fortress in a civilian battle theater cannot be invaded with modest invasion casualties unless the assault battalions have standard weapons and equipment used by modern day 2014 armies.

    I felt these long comments might be too revealing, and I would not want to post them without Oga Beegeagle’s permission, in the interest of the blog vis-a-vis the powers that be in Nigeria.

    It would expose the weak points of Nigerian weapons in much detail because I would talk about the operational limitations of each major weapon involved.

    Not wanting to ruffle feathers. Not afraid of anybody in Nigeria sha. Baba God dey. Hand wey go reach me go long pass giraffe neck….but I don’t own this blog, somebody else’s name and reputation is attached to this blog.

    • jimmy says:

      Oga augustine I think you have ruffled feathers and I do not think the NA is that worried. I wrote a letter to the coas.doziex and beegeagle are also on another level. We have to ruffle feathers consider this after we ruffled feather: The 7 division was formed announced by Gej The Naval central command in Bayelsea was created. Approximately 10 battalions have been created in two years. It appears the powers that be have decided they are tires of shouting meaning the naf will be getting some assets. I may not agree with everything you and doziex say but trust me it is coming from the heart of a Nigerian.Trust me the brass inthe army,navy and airforce read this blog and they know deep down most of mean well for Nigeria regardless of our frustration sometimes. Remember the American proverb “A closed mouth does not get fed” T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  35. giles says:

    pls is d bigfoot truly made by China

    • AreJames says:

      From the pictures, STANAG 4569 Level 2 Protection is comprehensive. Your vehicle hits thee large IEDs and you may still possess the steady nerves (and complete body parts ) to calmly exit the vehicle, secure the area, do a roll call of your platoon then get on the radio and call home

  36. jimmy says:

    It seems bh is running out fighters . attrition setting in?

    • asorockweb says:

      Oga Jimmy, much respect.
      Based on the article, what are the indicators that BH is running out of fighters?

    • AreJames says:

      Forcefully recruiting young men does not necessarily mean they are running out of fighters. They may be trying to open new fronts in Cameroon for instance or expanding the scale of current campaigns.Whatever is driving it, they seem to have long range goals and a long term strategy. We on the other hand, considering our strange acquisitions of new transport aircraft seem to have an effective “run away” strategy.

      • peccavi says:

        Its a terror tactic, kidnap the men, the villaagers will not cooperate with the security forces to protect their sons and brothers.
        So saying their sources in Cameroun are drying up and don’t know how much money they have left to hire from chad, Niger, CAR, Sudan etc.
        But don’t read too much into it. Its interesting but not yet a strong enough trend, they’ve been kidnapping boys for a while

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