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  1. Are James says:

    The most under- utilized armed force in Nigeria.

    • Augustine says:

      I don’t think so chief, they are saving us from armed robbers all over Nigeria. We cannot ask NPF to face Boko Haram that soldiers are retreating from. NPF remains civilian or half military…paramilitary.

      Best use is against suicide bombing and anti-crime. Also may help bolster garrison forces alongside the army like in OP MESA, RRS, etc if they will not compromise their duty for money.

      Maybe we should upgrade MOPOL training to Infantry training like NSCDC.

  2. demola says:

    who knows the size of the mopol force

  3. doziex says:

    As I have said before, our MOPOL should be armed like the interior ministry police is Russian and the ex soviet states.
    Or perhaps like the French gendamarie.

    Aks, RPGs, PKMs, Dragunov sniper rifles, Streit , Mekahog , Igirigi or Proforce APCs and Guntrucks mounted with 14.5 mm AA guns

    They should be on par with NA, with exception of heavy weaponry.

    This is what Nigeria’s current security climate calls for.

    NPF also should be up armed a bit in certain states, and put under joint federal-state management in more progressive and peaceful states.

    • AreJames says:

      I hope not.

      • airsupport says:

        Seems the Falcon 900 5N-FGE as well as the Cessna Citation have been redeployed from the Presidential Air Fleet to another unit. This unit/squadron undertakes VIP transport for military top brass as well as civilian government agencies. If u notice the green stripes and Federal Government of Nigeria” lettering have been replaced with blue stripes and “Nigerian Air Force” similar to the newly acquired kingair 350s. There is a recently built hangar at the Abuja airport in between NPF facility and the “VIP” ramp , formerly the domestic apron, saw this falcon parked along side the 350s.
        Despite the optimism of Beegeagle bloggers, this confirms the 350s are VIP transports. I even saw one of them parked at the Presidential ramp a couple days ago. ELINT ko, ELINT ni.

      • Are James says:

        Are they going to source the funds for operating these ‘glorified executive jets’ for senior military officers, ministers and maybe even senators from other sources aside from the defence budget?. I hope we understand the level of overheads we are talking about. This is going to be competing for scarce funds with 4th gen combat jets operations, pilot training, etc.. It is not looking good at all. I knew the preponderance of private jets in this country was going to cause this kind of trouble. Some people in gov’t are now looking at their classmates in the business world flying about in private jets and are saying to themselves, ‘why not us as well?’ . Let us buy with them govt funds and make the FG pay for its operation and maintenance.

  4. tim says:

    I weep for naija

  5. sele says:

    being hearing competing with 4th generation combat jets on this thread. i dont know but can someone educate me on if we have acquired new combat aircraft

  6. peccavi says:

    Abeg wetin una dey talk? The Beechcrafts are VIP transports?
    What military use is the Falcon?
    Is the leadership truly buying VIP transport when we are struggling for air support in the NE?

  7. doziex says:

    Talk about misplaced priorities.

    Overweight generals, concerned about status, luxury, fat bank accounts, NAOWA. Every thing except for COMBAT POWER.

    Under their watch, the UK guardian journalist Afua Hirsh is about to make liars of all of Us.

    This is not about ranting and being disrespectful to authorities, this is about facing our reality.

    There is an alleged account of the Tanks that led the assault on Gwoza. Stories of no functional communication gear in our old tanks. Stories about guns misfiring or jamming in combat.

    Gentlemen, do you know how easy it is for NA to replace these old MBTs with used, upgraded functional ones ? Even the newly independent south sudan could get it’s hands on upgraded T-72M MBTs.
    They are cheap, and can be sourced from many willing suppliers.

    So, what the hell is going on with Nigeria ?

    In Amisom , we saw the UPDF deploy refurbished and upgraded T-55 tanks in addition to Gila MRAPs, BMP-2s, and the RG-31Nyala.

    Their old T-55s at least had ERAs, communications, targeting and night vision upgrades.

    Look at the Sirius Black footage of our MBTs deployed in the NE . Truly a sight for sore eyes.

    I think NA should start sourcing officer candidates from all our tertiary institutions. Our short service programs should be expanded so at least 70 % of our officers come from outside the NDA.

    All this course mate BS, seems to be leading to a debilitating group think in NA.

    The Same elitist mindset that is concerned about everything but combat.

    I grew up with a cousin that went thru NMS and NDA. Thru him, I got a glimpse into the prevailing mindset in NA.

    If I were to be wrong, in this age of social media, the grumbling from disgruntled officers would be too loud for NA to contain, and maintain it’s secretive, opaque culture.

    Somehow, all the education, and the expensive foreign training, is not translating into a world class military.

    • Are James says:

      On the course mate thing, you have put your hand on the foundational problem upon which many other problems pile. Meritocracy has to be balanced with a lot of other traditional factors if we want the kind of military we deserve.

  8. Tobey says:

    I still refuse to believe that the NAF actually acquired VIP transport planes in the middle of an insurgency…if that is true, then it is both negligent and treasonably crimminal…if there is any term like that…what happened to ground attack jets? Cheap su-25s, surplus Mil mi-28s? Why would Nigeria be operating T-55s and Vickers tanks in 2014? Is that not insane? Why then do we wonder why officers like Sirius had to take to social media to scream out for the needed hardware..The Gwoza operation was a complete failure because army units were isolated by insugents and cut off…what happened to gunship support? Look though sirius’s thread..he kept on screaming for air support throughout…how do you expect to assault a fortified position without aerial recon and air support without suffering heavy casualties? How? The Gwoza operation should have been textbook air/ground attck correlation…Gunships would have taken out insurget ‘technicals’ while army units approached form all directions…why do we have paratroopers? For NADCEL day only? Heavily armed SF paras armed with Tavors, AGLs, and Browning HMGs would drop in at night and begin to push insurgents towards areas of where regular troops are concentrated…they would then extract but not before recording coordinates of BH camps in the area for artillery to drench…then, we ditch the hiluxes, knowing that a baptism of fire is expected once troops begin to advance…when it getting tough, alpha jets take off from Yola to suppress BH ‘forts’…when the enemy has been fully sorrounded, a MASSIVE advance by regular troops armed with 6mags per man moves in…a few days of heavy fighting backed by gunships to destroy AA mounted vehicles, Gwoza is taken…Olukolade’s crew can then go on to releas a 45-60min documentary of the operation…we need vibrant and charismatic generals…not squash-playing grandfathers.

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