14 August, 2014

As part of strategic measures lined up to contain the illegal movement of small arms and light weapons and other explosive materials, the Acting Inspector- General of Police, IGP Suleiman Abba, NPM, mni has ordered immediate establishment of Tactical Operation Points (TOP) in select states of the North East and
North West.

These points which will be manned by policemen who have received adequate training in tactical operations and counter-terrorism will be established in various strategic locations, including highways in Kano, Jigawa, Sokoto, Kebbi, Zamfara, Bauchi, Gombe and Taraba states.

Consequently, the IGP has charged all Assistant Inspectors-General of Police (AIGs) in charge of the Zones covering the affected states and all Commissioners of Police in charge of these states to ensure close supervision and constant reskilling of the personnel performing this special operation.

The IGP is optimistic that the latest measure will enable the Force to halt further spread of violence in the land and frustrate the activities of insurgents and other criminals,adding that the Force is determined to track and mop up illegal arms trade and arrest the unchallenged movement of explosive materials by hoodlums and other unpatriotic elements.

While noting that the Police will always work in close collaboration with other security forces in the land, the IGP vowed that the Force will leave no stone unturned in ensuring that the citizens of Nigeria enjoy maximum safety and security in their own country.

He therefore called on the general public, particularly those in the North East and North West to cooperate with the Police and see any inconvenience this operation may cause as a necessary sacrifice for the greater safety of all.


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  1. asorockweb says:

    It seems TOPs are police versions of FOBs.
    Is NPF slowly creeping towards combat arms? Hope so

  2. Akin Oges says:

    The authorities are indeed following the suggestions made on this platform. First was the news of night fighting involving the NAF, and now this. One thing though, no half messures when it comes to combat deployment. I implore the new NPF management team to provide all the necessary requirements to make this operational initiative work; everything must be thought through carefully: uniforms, body armour, kevlar helmets, dry rations/water – they must be able to sustain if their position is targeted and resupply is delayed, allowances, weapons, ammmunitions, communication, sandbags, protective vehicles, standby rapid responce teams in the case of reinforcements/vehicles to make it happen in good time, standby helicopters etc etc. It will work if enough commitment and planning forms the design of the initiative.

  3. Tope says:

    Guys, the way im seein this TOP its lookin like a Stop n Search Point of some sorts because he says at the Last Lined of the Write up, the ” inconvinience this operation will cause as a willing sacrifice” if the TOPs r to be designed as FOBs it makes sense they wont be on da road, but the way we r seeing it n wat it might turn out to be are different.

    Anywaiz the CTU, EOD, ABS and Mopol strike units plus a K9 unit need to form the core of this group n can den be complemented by Oda sister Agencies.

  4. Augustine says:

    MOPOL should have full infantry training but should only carry assault rifles and smoke grenades, NSCDC should do same as civil defense gendarmes. After the full audit of army armoury, all obsolete armoured vehicles should have cannon removed and replaced with LMG and HMG machine guns, smoke launchers added. Night vision goggles, day/night binoculars, personal radio communication gadgets, night flare illumination pistols, bayonets etc should be added to MOPOL standard kit ONLY FOR OPERATION IN BOKO HARAM THREAT ZONES.

    We will have an ‘Omnipresent’ medium firepower paramilitary force in Nigeria, this is safer than arming civilian JTF that are only 50% trustworthy.

    Avoid state police to avoid civil war.

    After Boko war ends, all NPF anti-robbery squad should be equipped with locally manufactured bullet proof vehicles of 120 km/hr speed, mixed with basic Toyota 4×4 with bullet proof glass and firing glass ports. Nigerian police should be able to drive with speed into an armed robbery zone without being killed like chicken. When robbers see that we have a 90% bullet proof police, they will relocate or change career.

    Meanwhile, $1 Billion dollars for rebuilding of decayed police barracks all over Nigeria, let us give our policemen a decent life, current conditions are dehumanizing….rotten barracks, rotten work stations may lead to some rotten behaviour by our men in black.

    You cannot pay for a 5 kobo police and get a 5,000 naira performance from them.
    Also, we should make OND the minimum qualification for police recruitment, there are constables with Diploma overseas, and their sergeants are educated enough to investigate a whole senator.

    The Nigeria police leadership needs to be trained in USA/UK/Australia/Israel etc, let them see what a modern police service looks like, and they should be given deadlines to transform our police service back home.

    FG should fund the police with billions of dollars managed by ministry of finance and monitored by EFCC and ICPC projects/due process teams….or else the money go just disappear and we are back to square one !

    • Are James says:

      They used to have ‘commando’ training in the old days and the story goes that Idiagbon visited their training base in Lagos one fine morning and was alarmed at what he saw and the possibility of a paramilitary force growing more powerful than the NA.That was the end of all the ‘commando-like’ training for MOPOL. I don’t think they have recovered since.

  5. Augustine says:

    I mean *After the full audit of army armoury, all obsolete armoured vehicles should have cannon removed and replaced with LMG and HMG machine guns, smoke launchers added AND TRANSFERRED TO POLICE AND NSCDC OPERATING IN HIGH THREAT ZONES before the vehicles reach their manufacturer specified end of life and go to junk yard or be used as Immobile defensive firing positions for police stations and civil defence bases*

  6. AreJames says:

    The incoming IG is a no noonsense police officer, first impressions. We will see less showmanship and ass kissing of the boss and more practical achievements.

  7. jimmy says:

    related thread
    US donates bomb protection material to NPF

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