Thursday August 14th,2014
By Kingsley Omonobi

The Nigerian Air Force has effected a shake-up in its high command with the appointment of new Air Officers Commanding, AOCs.

According to a statement by the Director of Airforce Public Relations, Air Commodore Dele Alonge, the new AOCs are Air Vice Marshal M.C. Ilonyosi, former Air Officer Commanding Logistics Command; he is the new Air Officer Commanding Tactical Command, while his predecessor Air Vice Marshal U.A. Omeiza moves to Mobility Command as the Air Officer Commanding. Air Vice Marshal O.T. Oguntoyinbo, formerly the Chief of Training and Operations at Nigerian Air Force headquarters, takes charge as the new Air Officer Commanding Logistics Command, while Air Vice Marshal A.O. Odunlade takes charge as the Chief of Training and Operations at the Nigerian Air Force Headquarters.

Air Vice Marshal I.Umar is the new Chief of Aircraft Engineering, Headquarters, Nigerian Air Force, while Air Vice Marshal E.N. Nzokala is moved to Air Warfare Centre as the Commandant.

Air Vice Marshals E.C. Akogu, AVM S.A. Dambo and AVM T.L. Danbaki are posted as Senior Air Staff Officers at Mobility Command, Tactical Air Command and Training Command. while Air Vice Marshal M.A.Muhammed is the Chairman of Air Exposition/International and Liaison.

Also posted are Air Vice Marshals E.E. Agwungu, R.A. Ojuawo and S.I. Onuh. who take charge of Directorates of Policy, Operations and Nigerian Air Force Transformation. Air Commodore J.B. Adigun is the Chief of Accounts and Budget, while Air Commodore J.N. Igboneme is the new Commander, 33 Logistics Group.

Other newly appointed Directors at the Air Force Headquarters include Air Commodore E.A. Johnson, C.O. Usoh, N.A. Kolofo, S. Naiya, S.O. Akpassa and E.O.Akinbayo, who are to take charge of Directorates of Air Traffic Service, Production, Materials and System Management, Education, Plans and Administration.

Air Commodore I. Bukar is the new Hangar Director Aeronautical Technical Services Limited, while Air Commodore O.O. Akinsanya is the Air Provost Marshal.

Some of the newly appointed Commanders include Air Commodore
H.E.O. Eze, Commander 401 Aircraft Maintenance Deport, Air Commodore A.M. Sadique, Commander 407 Equipment Supply Depot. Air Commodore L.U. Mshelia is the new Commander, Quick Response Force, Air Commodore E.F. Golit, Commander. 335 Base Services Group and Group Captain M.C. Nnaji, Commander. 403 Electronics Maintenance Depot.

The appointments, approved by the Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Adesola Amosu,are with immediate effect, the statement added.


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  1. jimmy says:

    Oga beegs what do you read into this? 1) is this musical chairs or is it 2) delivery of some assets is imminent/ has arrived and the Naf is gearing for even more night operations.
    I remember the name AVM Oguntoyinbo from this blogas he flew one of our alpha jets to Mali.
    Whatever it is the Naf is embarking on this like oga henry said is going to be one of the most important times in their History.Again their chief reiterated that more “equipment” is coming.

    • Are James says:

      Your question attempts to ask; are these movements hardware driven?.
      I think they probably are. I think they are buying stuff that are orders of magnitude more sophisticated than anything acquired before. That is why they would strengthen the logitics command with a former combat pilot and trainer of combat pilots.

  2. jimmy says:
    Based on what I went and reread we have what is the equivalent of FOUR (4) AIR FORCE DIVISIONS. I tend to agree with you thought process oga Are James with regards to the redeployment of AVM OGUNTOYINBO a former Combat pilot now takes over as the new Air Officer Commanding Logistics Command which if you read what the NAF describes as the NAF logistics command is very revealing.

  3. Tope says:

    Hmmmm…….could be the Deployment are as a result of needing fresh eyes on da NE issue, we do hope The new AOCs of Logistic, Mobility n Tactical can synergise to create an Air Superiority n Air Power mindset, if they say it is A or Nothing, we wuld see better airframes delivered

  4. Augustine says:

    I would like to see redeployment of all 3rd generation jet fighters to reserve wings, and then the recruitment of 4th generation aircraft, both jet and propeller fighters to frontline service.

    Good men need good equipment, modern state-of-the-art combat aircraft and combat helicopters in large numbers, not in trickles like gari drinking ijebu misers.

  5. beegeagle says:


    • asorockweb says:


      Oga beegs, does this website have a good a track record?

      One would have hoped that they had ordered 150,000 individual military radios from the same manufacturer that supplies the PLA and be done with it.

      “60 armoured patrol vans” sounds like a police order. I am keying in on the “vans”.

      • beegeagle says:

        Yes, I imagine that the 60 armoured patrol vans could be intended for the Police CTU. The bit about radios is long overdue. I assume that every squad of troops everywhere would now have one of those. The little things which we have overlooked in our morbid aversion for defence procurement. It is just terrible to contemplate.

    • jimmy says:

      I read the report this morning but I refused to provide the link or the gist of it because this is what I FEAR THE MOST. The said newspaper provided a picture which said was taken last week Friday. Whereas this picture was actually taken from last year, THIS PICTURE WAS SHOWN ON nairaland by sirus black LAST MONTH .This is the same picture the newspaper used this is called lazy creepy journalism at it’s worst
      I actually wanted to believe the report but when the newspaper actually provided a wrong photograph like someone pointed out how on earth do we believe what is written?
      Last week the commander of the troops was said to of been captured, dressed as a woman only to resurface, if you do not know what is going “it is sure Is irresponsible to quote a top security officer”

  6. Henry says:

    Thanks oga jimmy.

  7. Donian007 says:

    Generals, I have read in some Cameroonian news site that a lot of their troops are MIA with vehicles and weapons lost to bh terrorists. Damn! By the way, I’m totally disappointed at the malicious media campaign against the Armed Forces especially the NA. Its a SHAME, SHAME SHAME SHAME! Are those boys and girls in uniform foreigners, aint they our fathers, mothers, uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters? If anyone should be put under pressure its our government, let them prove beyond doubt that our gallant men have all they need for the task at hand, the continued maligning of our Armed Forces wether initiated by foreign propagandist media for our siddon luk copy and paste media must stop, for crying out loud NATIONAL INTEREST MUST BE PRIORITY AT ALL TIMES! SHAME, SHAME, SHAME AI and HRW and “Paymasters”! GodSpeed to our heroes!

    • asorockweb says:

      I hope their twin-14.5mm mounted trucks have not gone missing. BH will employ those trucks better than any regular army can. Think FOBs being harassed from range.

      • Augustine says:

        Na we dey punish ourselves in Nigeria. If you have a world class 4th generation jet fighter like Su-35 Flanker, it will wipe out all Boko Haram armoured vehicles and dreaded twin 14.5mm truck guns if they come out.

        Technology has advanced beyond our crappy crazy F-7NI jets and obsolete Alpha jets that NAF is flying and wasting it’s time.

        Su-35 Flanker and jets in its class of sophistication, have an image recorder in the cockpit for pilot use. You copy and upload the photo of all enemy heavy ground weapons you want to destroy. The jet flies like 7km above Gwoza town, it’s ground search radar scans the whole town as pilot makes rounds, it compares all images detected with the saved image on the in-flight computer database, it separates ground clutter from real weapons, it discriminates between decoy and target, it sees through camouflages, and tells the pilot when it finds a matching image, the pilot confirms if his country uses similar APC or gun truck deployed in that area at that time, if answer is no, Su-35 jet launches guided HE rocket or bomb on the target with lock on mode, fire and forget. He only stays around if he wants to photo the blasted enemy vehicle and show his wing commander at base.

        Super Tucano new air to ground radar can do same for you if you ask Brazil to install, it becomes your NAF Apache Long Bow version .

        When we talk say make we buy sophisticated weapons, people go say make we they manage AK-47, RPG, Mortar, and Browning machine gun in 2014.

        I have been enjoying myself in the office, colleagues are playing videos of American F-18 jets eating up ISIS armoured vehicles and artillery in Iraq, they have made the job easy for Iraqi army now. The Yankees got crazy after ISIS raped 1,500 Iraqi women and girls in one week and sold over 100 as sex slaves.

        Air power is punishing ISIS now, so it’s up to Iraqi army to complete the job on ground where air power cannot go.

        Pity Nigeria with Alpha jets relic from 1979, upgrade won’t make it equal to a radar armed Super Tucano COIN master fighter aircraft .

        Our Ijebu stinginess is killing us.

      • asorockweb says:

        Which one be “Ijebu stinginess” now?

        How do you know I am not from Ijebu Ode?

        You are right though, we need to recapitalize the NA and the NAF. US$1billion each at first; then US$500million each for the next 4 years.

        But if we add all that money up, it barely buys one American capital ship. We will not have American-level or even French-level airpower until we have at least doubled our GDP.

  8. buchi says:

    oga asorockweb my thoughts nexactly i pray it hasnt fallen into their hands cos it could be carnage unless aircover is optimum or precision mortar hits are made..its a shivering thought

  9. COLONEL NGR says:

    Oga Beeg, keep up the good work. I cant wait to visit this blog every Saturday after working hard all through the week.

    • Are James says:

      The Euro- American sanctions on Russia is going to be painful in the short term, medium term however the international defence market will changed irreversibly.
      Brazil, Russia,, India, China South Africa, Pakistan and Nigeria will cooperate to develop defence systems that will rival current conventional weaponry from the west. They are also close to sources of raw material supply so things are really going to be interesting.

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