Nigerian mortar crews and a Toyota Landcruiser gun truck

13 August, 2014

While seeking for a better understanding of the Nigerians and the media on the war on terror, the Defence Spokesman,Major General Chris Olukolade has declared that the Nigerian military is well equipped to fight the insurgency.

Speaking at a media interaction organised by INigerian Initiative, a non-governmental organisation active in the redefinition of Nigerians’ perception of their country, Olukolade insisted that either in hardware or in training, men of the Nigerian armed forces have everything it takes to combat the current enemy.

“The Nigerian military is well trained for the kind of war that it is presently engaged. Even before the advent of terrorism, our training doctrine has factored in counter terrorism right from the beginning. It’s only that the intensity may differ but everybody has knowledge of counter terrorism operations. It’s just that it’s only now that we are practising it in reality”, he told his audience in Abuja.

Also concerning hardware and equipment, the defence spokesperson said “be sure that it is incremental but you would see them when they are in action.”

He debunked allegations of corruption and human rights abuses being levied against the military saying such are only capable of demoralising those engaged in securing the territorial integrity of the nation.

“Those series of allegations of corruption are unfounded, the series of allegations of cowardice are rather demoralising and other forms of insinuations in various forms only tend to give the impression the Nigerian armed forces is not capable of managing the situation.

“Unfortunately, this has remained the source for the international community that held us in very high esteem to begin to have a rethink.But the Nigerian armed forces has not been sleeping, we have been available in putting our expertise at the service of other nations. We have more of this in which we can put into the disposal of our country at as time like this and all we would need are encouragement of our fellow countrymen and their understanding.

“We can only assure them that we mean well. The officers that are put in charge of these men are trained to be leaders. We should let them do the job in times like this. The integrity of everybody is at stake, and the time has come when we should rather reduce the level of accusations that are meant to demoralise and discourage.”

Olukolade said the goal of Nigerian military and security forces at the moment “is to deny the terrorists the resources they need to continue to hold our citizens to ransom. We want to defeat them so decisively that every Nigerian can live in peace and be able to pursue his economic and social activities.

“We want to counter terrorism to the point that their coordination and their ability their future effort to destabilize and cause instability in our country will be negligible or non-existent. We also want to ensure that haven the military will continue to contribute to the development and progress of our country’s democratic state.”

He warned Nigerians and the media not to fall in for the propaganda of the enemy concerning the exploits of Boko Haram saying that many attacks being staged by the group in recent times are only a sign of their desperation in the face of losing operating spaces.

“The truth about recent attacks by Boko Haram is that all the places that they thought were their bases have been taken over by the military and so out of desperation,they are scattering everywhere. What they are doing is like a last battle for them.

“There had been occasions when the terrorists were reported to be using helicopters in their attacks whereas it was the Nigerian military helicopter that was flying to attack the rebels. “Nonetheless, we are still committed to securing the civilian population at whatever cost. We are still committed in ensuring that we degrade their ability to continue their activity and eventually eliminate them”, he declared.

While declining to give details, Olukolade said Chibok Girls will be rescued and that it was not true that after securing Sambisa Forest, Boko Haram militants retook it from the military. He stated that “the Sambisa issue is strategic. We are not clearly out of Sambisa as I am talking to you. We are in Sambisa and we are in places contiguous to it”

“Sambisa Forest is over 6,000 square kilometres. It is not true that the place was re-taken by Boko Haram. There is freedom of movement in Nigeria and so, people move about freely. Do you know that there are village settlements and communities in the Sambisa Forest and that is another limitation to bombing?”

Olukolade reiterated “that no portion of this country is available for terrorists to occupy. If they appear to be doing so, it is just a joke. With respect to this location, everything is being done to ensure that everywhere in Nigeria is safe and secure.“

Concerning the recent report by Amnesty International indicting the military of violating human rights of citizens in the North East, he said “our team of investigators are already going round, calling people to assist them. They have invited officials of AI to help them verify what they presented in the report. I know that they are working frantically to produce their report and they are not leaving anything untouched but we hope that those who made those allegations equally have the level of respect for that body to tell our investigators what they know.”

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  1. rka says:

    Good to know Major General Olukolade. The best way to negate these spuriuos reports is to be on the front foot by not leaving information gaps for press agencies to occupy.

    Also, let us know, within reason, how well equipped we are. I am not asking for sensitive information, just for example if every soldier has a personal radio, adequate protective gear etc. and that the required 4th generation aircraft is being delivered with FLIR, LANTIRN etc.

    We are not asking for tactics to be revealed, just the kind of information that can be openly known about other armed forces in the world, which in no way compromises ongoing operations.

  2. xnur44 says:

    Well then! it is 5yrs and counting.

  3. Augustine says:

    As I have said before with logistical and practical proof, Nigerian army can clear the whole 6,000 Sq Km Sambisa forest in 12 days. Nigerian army should remember that we civilians too can think.

    Reasons for not clearing Sambisa by stealthy assault, are indecision based on fear of collateral damage, and probably some political gains and financial profiteering enjoyed by some powerful elites in this long 4 year war.

    • kenee2kk says:

      100% Agreement, the question is how do we create accountability from the outside to ensure the right weapon stations and at the right price are given to our long suffering combatants.

  4. alade says:

    i’ve heard it befor dat d nigerian army is well trained & has d equipment to curtail dis war against insurgency…

  5. cryptologist says:

    meanwhile Good news: Dogon Baga is been sweeped as we speak, while a good number of the kidnapped have being set free by the Chadians.

    • Augustine says:

      Amazing how the Chadians killed most of the Bokos and none of the 100 captive Nigerian civilians was killed, wow ! Good soldiering from Chad. My guess…The Bokos fighters were caught by surprise, the Bokos were heavily out-numbered, the Bokos crossed over by boat on lake chad, and had no vehicles immediately available on lake bank to speed off to camp.

      Nevertheless, let us say thank you to Chadian army. Good soldiering work, the Bokos fought and most were killed, they did not just hand over the Nigerian captives to Chad on a platter of gold.

      • lordfej says:

        are you the same augagust on nairraland?

      • Augustine says:

        lordfej says:
        August 17, 2014 at 1:28 pm

        are you the same augagust on nairraland?


        Yes sir, same stubborn boy, I never repent. You finally got warrant for my arrest?

  6. Augustine says:

    Good news on Doron Baga. While Cameroon screws Nigeria by the throat…

    Methinks, Nigeria should just warn Cameroon, if we have any reason to enter your territory in hot pursuit or surgical strike on Boko Haram, we will do so without your permission. NAF should just buy some Su-30 Flanker jets to threaten Cameroon big time like we did with Jaguars in the Shagari days 1980s.

    Back to Doron Baga victory, if we have no garrisons, every town we clear can be invaded all over again by Bokos and we will be back to square one…Tom & Jerry game !

    • doziex says:

      Chief you are right. NA needs to adopt a strategy of “Clear and Hold”.

      Holding of course requires a lot of boots on the ground, so we have a few options.

      (1) Massively expand the NA to 375,000 men as I have been saying for years.

      (2) Use FORCE MULTIPLIERS aka special forces. Like the US green berets, they should be able to train and organize the civilian JTF into a crack outfit.
      For the garrison duties, as well as intel collection.

      So may be a small unit of 20 commandos would embed with the civilian JTF, who have to be better equipped and better trained.

      (3) As I opined yesterday, train and equip Mopol , NPF and Police commandos to help out NA with garrison duties. After all, it’s part of their job too.

      Moreover, Spec ops in helicopters and gun trucks should be tracking, chasing and trapping BH units.

      Raiding their hide outs, and ambushing their convoys.

      When BH chooses to stand and fight en masse like in gwoza and damboa, NA should the be called in with Tanks, artillery and air cover to crush them. While our heliborne spec ops block escaping routes.

      So NA can’t just assault Damboa, up the road, and leave a massive escape route for a retreating BH to then assault Gwoza down the road.

      Furthermore, NA should be running strong checkpoints coupled with sustainable FOBs to defeat BH assaults, and stamp their authority over the main road networks. CJTFs could help also.

      Then the all import robust patrols to make their presence felt everywhere, and keep BH guessing and off balance.
      These patrols would also back up the search and destroy efforts of the spec ops.

      • Augustine says:

        Good shot Oga doziex, I will settle for your 3rd option…MOPOL plus Army garrison.

        In 2012, Nigeria began plan to increase Police force from 370,000 men to 650,000.

        I also guess Nigerian army should have a reserve force of say like half of your suggested number of 375,000 men, so we can have 175,000 regular army and 200,000 combatant well trained reserves. Armies of Algeria, Egypt, Israel are good examples.

        Oga doziex, I pray somebody hears your shout.

      • Are James says:

        Checkpoints should be MOPOL TOPs. There is a standard design for TOPs that should be replicated.

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Augustine, I respect your hustle sir.
      Let us not be cajoled into this supposed lose-lose war against our neighbors, they tried to lure us into a battle with the bakassi peninsula when that didn’t work the haramites took its place, all to achieve the same result, a war with a contiguous state, to be honest, that war will be impossible to sustain, and it will surely bring about animosity against our people around the world, and seriously dent and derail our African oriented foreign policy which we have faithfully stuck by since we learnt to walk, that’s for sure. Its obvious, that’s the end game for the haramites and powers at large, to ensure that we involve ourselves in this never-ending war with a contiguous state, It will not happen. Just like the Russians, in this day and age understand that an all out war, or even precise airstrikes against Ukraine will be the most unreasonable tactic, and will only cement the political hold of said country. Cameroon is a proud country and shares a large border with Nigeria, and it seems like the political dictator Paul Biya would love nothing more than to engage the Nigerian Armed forces so as to somehow legitimize his hold on power. Knowing that, if that war breaks out, technically, it will be a war not between Nigeria and Cameroon alone, but Nigeria against Cameroon, et France, et America, et Europe, at least, and remember we are surrounded by Niger, Chad and Benin, all french speaking which belong to one monetary union CFA. My brother, it won’t be easy, as mentioned before, that boarder is long ohh oga, 1,600 kms long, hehehehe, please imagine trying to defend that line, mehnn, you go tire, the haramites will be child’s play by that time. The Nigerian government, President and his Armed Forces understand this game plan, and is not underestimating anyone’s ability to provoke and sustain a war, which is why we cherry pick our interventions carefully. Nigeria is currently utilizing all its diplomatic prowess to bring all contiguous states to the table, so as to resolve this issue amicably. We’ve known Paul Biya and his country for a much longer time than the haramites, and we love them just the way they are.. heheheheh

  7. beegeagle says:



    • Augustine says:

      Oga Beegeagle, that is the joy of western media…Paint Nigeria black !

      I wonder what Nigerian ambassadors do overseas. Negative news of falsehood against your country, and you cannot carry a lawyer and walk into VOA or BBC office to complain, ask for proof of stories and lies, demand they always declare stories as allegations until proven. Demand to know why good news about Nigeria goes unreported, new biggest economy in Africa, I never see that one for Tv here since it was declared in Nigeria.

      Only Boko Haram and Ebola I dey see for western Tv…as if there is no evil in North America. Women get kidnapped here too and the whole super police never finds them. A man named Castro kidnapped several girls into his house for 10 years and raped them till some had children. His house is on the open street and life goes on as usual outside, while inside his house were crying girls for 10 years with children born for him, he chains the girls like dogs.

      The poilce and FBI were busy looking for those missing women for 10 years, and Castro leaves home to work and comes back daily…on a busy street in America, human beings were chained like animals used and abused in his house daily.

      Dan Allah, If some of us get a chance to yap them, them go fear us o ! I know how to embarrass a dan buture mai wahala . Nigerian ambassadors and embassies are asleep while national image takes a pugilistic bashing, only dollar salary dem sabi to collect monthly.

    • Nnamdi says:


      You need to learn to leave APC, PDP,Buhari or Whatever out of your comments. It sets your opinion up as biased. (Not as if you aren’t though). In one breadth you are quick to claim this is not a political blog, and in another as it suits you, you take political side. Please get more apolitical (at least on this blog).

      Hope you rember its not the first or second time I have accused you of being jaundiced in your opinion.

      • kulture1 says:

        Nnamdi, perhaps you can supply us with your own unbiased, in depth and thorough analysis of the Nigerian armed forces, instead of bringing out baseless accusations. Or perhaps you´ve failed to notice that and that the calibre of the analysts here are beyond cheap trolling by attention seekers. You would be well attended to if you would set up your own blog , or go to Nairaland. Out here, it is way above what you are intellectually used to.

      • asorockweb says:

        The snake crawls out to strike; then vanishes again.

      • beegeagle says:

        Nnamdi, abeg take your stifled activist predilections back to Nairaland, Sahara Reporters or wherever you crawled out from this night. I see that it still stings because your plans of launching sneak attacks on the FG from here got thwarted. You started out by wanting to dig up dirt about what you think is untoward in the NE and I said ‘no way’. It is my call to make. Big deal? It is a blog and not a mass membership forum where vendetta, falsehood and intrigue can be ventilated to one’s heart’s content without constraints.

        Yes, I see the APC with all their opportunistic inclinations towards making a meal out of our every national misfortune as a posse of compromised turncoats. Is that fat mouthed Layi Mohammed a human being for example? People who revel in every national malaise because they think it brings them closer to clinching the levers of power yet position themselves as unblemished operators? They are not the saints that I seek and are merely the disaffected wing of the ruling elite…fingers of the same leprous hand. So that attempt at “playing good cop, bad cop” is dead on arrival.

        The Sahara Reporters which you appear be connected to but which has alienated itself on account of scatterbrain antics was unabashedly pro-CPC during the 2011 elections, so who are you blokes fooling with your compromised turnover of stories and tales in equal measure? It is a hackwriters’ platform.

        Get to the point…you feel upset because I called out your arch-tribalist champion and his two-faced, opportunistic platform called a party.You guys, like an insidious horde, are everywhere running your country down in your desperate bid to grab power.

        Look at the role you played with all your contrarian gibberish on SIRIUS BLACK’S THREAD? Typical buccaneering antics. You tried so hard to derail that noble thread with your trademark “^^^” prelude to every diatribe. Go on…go back and see where you puked last. And you feel good about your dark, nation-wrecking antics?

        Listen up…I have told you before now that posting here is a privilege and not a right. If you find the mainstream activity here to be odious, make a beeline and quit droning interminably. It is not about to change for your sake. You neva reach. “It is the grass which bends before the wind” and not the other way round.

        If there is a wee bit of class to your core essence, you should steer clear of that which you find objectionable. Take the intrigue elsewhere. How long does it take to get away from the unconscionable?

        Leave us finally…fare thee well. I have told all of you so called activists to steer clear. I am not about to surrender this corner for your kind of roll which runs down everything Nigerian, to the amusement of foreigners, just so that you get labelled as ‘change agents’ and get sponsorships from abroad, foreign awards and lucrative speaking opportunities overseas. It is a tired and self-serving trick…cheap and insincere hustle, which only the West have failed to wake up to on account of their undying love for promoting subversive activity.

        If you won’t get with the flow and insist on playing Victimised Joe around here or stalking me for that matter, I shall send your low-relevance comments to the spam queue and you would have unwittingly dribbled yourself outta here before you know it. Make a decision or I shall make it for you, bro.

      • Martin Luther says:


        Beeg is a Patriotic blog not political, support is for country not party and these guys are fervent about Nigeria. Stay cool

      • Nnamdi says:


        @Beeg, walahi you are just damn predictable! Same long meaningless rubbish that only confirmed by accusation of jaundice. So anybody that doesn’t swim with your narrow minded one-way thinking is an APC guy abi? See reasoning ! Yaff wan kee mee! 😀 I caught you hands down again playing party politics, and that rubbish you put up there is your response abi? Don’t worry, you didn’t disappoint me, I once told you here that you are a political jobber. Just tell us who pays you. You are a two-faced fellow. I dare say it!

        I have watched you deride groups and other media that don’t satisfy your fantasy names here, who told you that you are better ? They might be pessimists ( just maybe) but you are a jingoist. I have no problem with patriotism, but when you paint others black and speak from every corner of your mouth to make only yourself and the political party you support the only correct thing, then you have a real problem.

        It is this kind of attitude that made the BH problem to fester into what it is now- not knowing when to get apolitical. You remember I once accused you of taking brief from Doyin Okupe, now go back and read your response to me and sincerely tell if it is different from Okupe’s media ideology.

        You remember when you lied here that NA troops were sleeping in AC tents at their bases and denied clear pix of soldiers who were really not living in terrible war front condition per say simply because it didn’t fit into your AC tent story? Common man, you aren’t more Nigerian that me or any other person here, so save me the rubbish talk about patriotism. You only know what you have done for this country, I have paid mine too in blood. So don’t tell me about patriotism. Patriotism is not cherry-picking stories that suits your fantasies and attacking those that don’t without verifying the credibility of it.

        You have so much vilified SR, PT and NL here over nothing bit the fact that they carry the not so pleasant news you hate to hear. But please do tell, what’s the ratio of their false news to authentic? Mind you, I still haven’t seen the Super Tucano , Su 27, and J7 planes yet on Nigerian sky since you broke their news. So how are you still credible given how you have yreayes others? I wonder how you feel after deriding these media and groups only to find out they were right. Remember the British born Ghanian journalist who wrote about future of NA at Mali, you led the lynch attack on her here, today is she right or wrong over the matter?

        BBC, CNN, VOA and many others are enemies and only Been is friend, isn’t it? ….and that’s simply beca use they don’t write what tingles your ears and makes you hyperventilate as many follow-follow also want to hear. Sorry, it doesn’t make sense. Oh! I sadly saw you trying to tear down Fulanin-whatever blog here last week. That’s not a good thing to do. Fortunately I saw the guy post a story from here and gave proper credit without bellicose comments as you have done to him. Mind you, he sounds more rational than you do. You criticize everybody along your hippies here yet I see you guys on NL, aren’t you some Pharisees?

        By the way, about your repeated rant about rights and privileges on this blog, do you mean right to have diverse opinion from you Beeg or what? Never ever you say it to me again as if I make a living off here. If you started a thing that grow big enough to draw lot of people, it is a good thing. When you don’t know when your creation has grown beyond nurture from your narrow mind, then its a bad thing.


        I see you bare! How market? You no follow ya second troll go on forced sabbaticals? Hope you enjoyed the 4 seconds attention I gave to you.

      • rugged7 says:

        Be like u don drink “kpeteshi”.
        Boy, focus well.

      • asorockweb says:


        Your real problem is that you are contending with people that have achieved much more than you.

        Stop complaining about the quality of the ride; if you don’t like the ride, get your own transport.

        It costs nothing to start a blog; you only lack the intellect to either understand people or express your own views in a way that people can understand.

    • asorockweb says:

      VOA is now firmly in my “Do not read” list.

      A BH PSYOPS operator now has them firmly in his grips.

      Sad, I used to use VOA for a different point of view from BBC.

      • beegeagle says:

        NNAMDI A-C or whatever your name is..I said to YOU that Nigeria acquired Su-27s? What a talebearer you are. That is a blatant lie.

        Yes, I DID say that in 2009, the MJTF were supplied with airconditioned tents made by Poly Technologies of China and even refererred to the fact of Freeegulf being in the know about that. So what? You saw me write what on Nairaland? The same author gave me a link to post here and I did because it puts many more people in the know and I identify with the work he does. That is my own endorsement of his effort.

        And you seriously can’t be that clueless..the J7 is the F7. If you have not seen photos of those, that is a function of the myopia which you endure. If the blog has not grown beyond my nurture? Is that emotional blackmail aimed at engendering your pathetic kind of free-for-all? Why don’t you get started on one and distribute moderator handles to one and all so that your blog functions on autopilot? Do you see any banner ads here or does it look to you like I feed from any part of this operation?

        If you seek a platform where you can dump your tripe, go to a forum. By concept, a blog has more to do with the publisher’s persuasions and preferences. Anything else comes as an aside. Nearly 4,125 threads running, have I ever consulted you before posting a thread? This is not a forum and it is never going to be that. I never planned to move from a running a blog to running a forum either, so get with MY gameplan.

        Before I came out here ALONE, I was a member of a forum to which the likes of Freegulf, Ocelot and RussellInfinity also belonged. I left there to avoid mixing it with some disarrayed minds such as yourself. Have you ever found me advertising this blog anywhere? People merely came around because this sits well with them. If you do not like the content, buzz off. The hippies you claim to see here are infinitely worth more to me than some degenerate ball of slime. Only GET STARTED AGAIN (since your initial effort floundered spectacularly) on your own blog, push whichever agenda it is that catches your fancy from there and let us see who pays attention to your feeble regurgitate. Go on..try and walk the walk. Dude thinks I set up for him to come and pursue his anti-FG and anti-NA vendetta…lol. Don’t do that under my tent. Register a blog in your own compound name and rant a boatload from there. Hopefully, you get into major trouble soon enough.

        Yeah, I am aware that FULAN sounds more coherent than I do…so do you. Still your blog wallows in profound ignominy. Cheerleader, go back to FULAN and rant to your heart’s content. He attacks the West, Israel and non-muslims but that is okay by you since he preys on the FG. Did he say that 12,000 BH goons are in Gwoza at this time? Find out how many BH terrorists even the CIA estimate that there are in total? I have just kicked you out into ignominy. You can go back to Nairaland and keep on writing your tirades there with as many ^^^ as you like.

        What about the BBC and VOA? The VOA were okay until they let in Heather Murdock who does not know whether to be an objective journalist or a compromised activist? She was deported from Ethiopia over her partisan and cynical reportage, wasn’t she?

        The BBC chose to be partisan and rabidly anti-government and they boxed themselves into a corner by rubbishing their reputation. NO? Did I write these?


        ALL of that to put the FG and the military under duress…as per, see what small Cameroon can do? Well, you all lied because the wife of the Cameroonian Vice Premier is still in BH custody.

        Blame the BBC for deviating from core journalistic ethics. They have a reprehensible Nigeria Agenda. Even now, have they not jettisoned their activist hordes in Syria seeing that Assad’s forces are about to be used as bulwark against ISIS? You Nigerian hirelings shall yet get left in the lurch soon enough.

        PREMIUM TIMES….make-it-up-as-you-go-along. What is new? Did they not lie to Nigerians about troops begging for food in Mali just because they accepted gifts of rice and oxen in the spirit of African solidarity. You false-hearted hackwriters fabricate stories to pave the way for your favoured opposition party? NO? So what is this stack of trash?

        Journalism or fiction writing? Dude, just gerroff my blog. You are surplus to requirement here. Now that your blog has failed and you have nowhere else to go, return to your tirades on SCOOPNG. Mugu wey wan fix Nigeria Na your type?

      • asorockweb says:


      • beegeagle says:

        Yeah, Oga Asorockweb. You know how these platforms go awry atimes :-). That riposte was clearly not directed at you.

  8. doziex says:

    Of course the west loves to show Nigeria off as the incompetent so called giant of Africa.

    On the other hand, our leaders and Nigerians in general love to prove them right.

    I really don’t doubt the video showing some of our Spec ops units slicing the throats of BH members.
    Any army under the stress of dealing with ruthless killers like BH, would do the same.

    The british did it, the American’s did it (recently in Iraq.) Even Canadian soldiers did similar things while in Somalia in the early 90’s.

    I say NA should do an investigation. If those chaps killed proven BH supporters, close the case, and chuck it up as par for the course.

    However, if they are found to have killed innocents in their careless thirst for blood, then they should be court marshaled.

    I hope at least they water boarded the guys to get some good intel and evidence, before they snuffed them out.

    I also tried to read the tea leaves, and glean out more info from the VOA piece.

    What do you guys make of a soldiers assertion, that his counterinsurgency trainers ended up defecting to BH and ambushed his unit ?

    Sounds like Hog wash to me.

    Furthermore, the piece also states that there are over 200,000 IDPs. (internally displaced people) in the NE.

    All evidence points to a loss of control and orientation by NA in areas outside the capital Maidugri .

    Those on this blog that have long disputed this reality, should please take off the rose colored glasses.
    We need to face up to what really is, and then, what we can suggest to be done about it.

    • asorockweb says:

      “What do you guys make of a soldiers assertion, that his counterinsurgency trainers ended up defecting to BH and ambushed his unit ?”

      It’s an old assertion.
      We had the same assertion early this year or late last year. So, maybe the journalist is padding this “new” story with old assertions, or the “soldier” is nothing but Boko Haram PSYOPS.

  9. Kay says:

    If he says so…how many months after tranches of money has been released, we ain’t seen no detailed explanation of what or read about hardwares on ground in use.
    How about intelligence? Still very little is known about the group apart from Shekau and some lesser imp leaders. What is their mode of communication, how do they get funds, their foot soldiers and all.
    If as said we have ‘adequately trained and well armed’ what’s stopping an offensive with 10000 troops more or less with support from air and artillery coordinated with pushes from neighbouring countries from their own ends.
    It be like say, we never get the urgency of this issue. Even worse is the motive of this group, beginning from its ‘western education sinful ‘ mantra yet uses utilities it heavily. Another is the sharia law which they’ve shown little or no will to impose over territories they’ve once held.
    The earlier we get this under control the better.

  10. drag_on says:

    Oman retired it’s last 6 jaguars 10days ago.They are switching to F16C/D and Eurofighter typhoons.
    They bought the same models are we did(Jaguar S,B)and upgraded them to GR3A(1997).
    More about the upgrade
    …….”The upgraded GR.3A (also known as Jaguar 97) introduced fleet-wide TIALD LDP compatibility, provision for the EO GP1 (JRP) digital reconnaissance pod, a helmet mounted sight, a glass cockpit with a large AMLCD display and a new HUD, a new hand controller and stick top, GPS, TERPROM Terrain Referenced Navigation, an Improved Data Modem datalink, and improved Night vision goggles compatibility. The interim GR.3 (Jaguar 96) was delivered in three standards, for recce, attack and TIALD, but all were converted to Jaguar 97/GR.3A standards. All GR.3As were subsequently re-engined with the new Adour 106 turbofan……”
    culled from the website
    We might just be able to get it from them for $8mil each,considering new units would be $25mil/unit by todays price.
    That would be good value for money as a low level ground attack/SEAD platform.

    • Are James says:

      This is a very good suggestion someone needs to inform the CAS via a letter. I dont think these people read FlightGlobal magazines again. They seem to have switched to Forbes.

    • beegeagle says:

      Should not cost more than $2.5m apiece….US$15 MILLION for all six units and no more. Those should be dedicated ground attack aircraft. An African country managed to get fifteen units of ex-Jordanian F5 Tiger IIs for US$23 million.

      Sad thing is,all our Jag pilots should be very senior Air Commodores or AVMs now. So we will have to train guys who are relatively fresh on rank of Squadron Leader to fly or two years on the rank. That way, they have 8-10 years as Squadron Leader and Wing Commander to do the business in the Jags. Same should apply for advanced ALX Super Tucano/Mi-171Sh Terminator/Mi-35M ground attack/assault airframes.

      We can restrict our Flt Lts to flying the A-Jet, Mi-24V/Mi-17/Mi-35P attack and transport helicopters. Flying airframes whose levels of automation are not so advanced will enhance their levels of dexterity on the job.

      If we are getting the 4G jets, let us have guys fresh on the rank of Wing Commander trained for those so that for 8-10years until they are due for one-star generalship, they handle those pricey assets for the NAF.

      The big idea is that the least expensive and complicated assets are flown by young officers while the pricey and advanced ones which require higher skill levels and maturity to operate, get flown by senior officers up to the rank of Group Captain.

      All pilots should be between the ranks of Flt Lt and Grp Capt. NAF generals have no business flying combat or transport assets. Even big ships like NNS Thunder are commanded by NN Captains…not NN generals.

      • rka says:

        Oga Beeg, Flying Officers and Flt Lts would be fine flying 4G aircraft and probably more so than older officers who have gained experience flying mostly analogue equipped aircraft. Sometimes it is difficult to adapt (not saying they can’t).

        Younger pilots trained in glass cockpit equipped training aircraft can easily move through to advanced aircraft without any problems and are more in tune with modern systems..

      • Bharat says:

        Hi, Gen. Beegeagle.

        On training on Jaguar fighter, The below link might help.

        Just you need to get onboard.

    • peccavi says:

      Good idea but to be honest its almost like buyng a brand new platform, how many Jaguar qualified pilots or ground crew are left?

  11. Oje says:

    Sentiments aside the Nigerian military used to be a force of stability in West Africa, now years of neglected has shown the world how inept our military is be coming. Where are the propeller jet fighters (Tucanos), where are the drones, where the f%$k is our artillery, what are our 5 Space Satellite doing in.? Where are our 250 man anti Boko haram special forces, where are the M series helicopter gun ships, what are intelligence agencies doing? It’s been 5 years and we still can’t infiltrate the Sambisa forest? Are you f#$%ing s&%$ting me? This persistent show of incompetence defies logic, the Western Powers led by France and America have no interest in seeing a rising black superpower with its own foreign policy and no allegiance to neither the West or East.

    Now I naturally do not believe in conspiracy theories but as for now I’m not so sure anymore. One by one the regional powers in Africa are under seize. Egypt in North Africa is in flames, in the CAR the country has virtually collapsed, in East Africa Kenya is seeing an unprecedented rise in attacks, you have Al Shah throwing grenades in commuter buses and public restaurants. …….Africa is under seize! Africa is burning. WHY?

    • peccavi says:

      Egypt is collapsing under the weight of it own issues
      CAR was always a miserable French created shithole
      Kenya is simply dealing with the consequnces of the Somali Civil War and its decision to get involved
      Nigeria has been poorly governed fro about 40 years.
      There is no conspiracy, simply cause and effect

      • jimmy says:

        French created misreable shit hole lol!

      • asorockweb says:

        “Nigeria has been poorly governed for about 40 years.”


        It’s either Nigeria has been poorly governed for 110 years, or Nigeria has been poorly governed for 10 years.

        Nigerian leaders are Nigerians and the majority of the leaders at the federal level have done the best they could, according to their own capacity, the system they find themselves in, and also, what Nigerians will allow.

        This notion that nations are lead by transformational leaders is nonsense.
        It’s a notion that comes about because Africa doesn’t live in it’s own timeline.

        A man that was born in 1960 is only 10years old at the end of the civil war. By 1980 he is in the middle of a university education.

        If the chosen profession is law, by 1985 he is an apprentice lawyer.

        By 2005 the said person is now a senior lawyer or if he is lucky, a partner at the law firm. He is 45 years old. Time to start he’s own firm or branch into a new profession. Politics anyone?

        By 2010 he has amassed enough knowledge and experience to lead a state, or even the nation.

        That is our timeline.

        We didn’t have the intellectual capacity to do any better.

        Growth wise, we are where we should be. If we had a perfect history things would have been better, but only fools plan on perfect.

        A different leader than GEJ would have handled BH better, but we, Nigerians elected him for our own reasons.

        Nigerian is the seed of Nigerians, always has been. This is our world and we made it.

        Only pure luck would have yielded a much better Nigeria.

        Nigerians should look to learn from advanced western nations, but should never imagine that we live in the same timeline.

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga Peccavi, i respect your hustle sir.
        Respectfully sir, i totally disagree with your choice of words. Central African Republic is home to more than 4 million people, i honestly do not think labels like that helps anybody, even though we understand the French orchestrated and assisted dilemma they’re in, it definitely does not warrant such excessive use of adjectives. lololo. Oga abeg, we have loads of friends and influence in C.A.R ohhh, please let us be more direct and precise in our attack, so as not to offend genuine friends. Abeg sir

  12. peccavi says:

    Oga Doziex, please there is no excuse for murdering anyone be they civilians, prisoners or whatever. Whether the British, Israelis, Chinese, Americans, Russians or whatever have done it there is no excuse. Iff they are Nigerian forces they should be court martialled and punished to the full extent of the law. Not just for their foul crime but for the stupidity of filming it.
    What do you gain by murdering prisoners? Please I beg you to tell me at least 3 things anyone gains by murdering prisoners?
    In an insurgency prisoners are the most valuable commodity the enemy can give you, they know their locations, targets, tactic, routes, commanders, hiding places, arms caches etc. Even if they have no intelligence value, it is very valuable propaganda to demonstrate that prisoners are well treated, if not why would any BH member surrender or try to escape if his only choices are death at the hands of BH for trying to escape, death fighting with BH or death at the hands of the security forces.
    Many BH members are forced conscripts people who would gladly switch sides if given the chance, why murder them?
    I tire abeg.
    I tire for this war where the boys are being sent in motorised convoys down roads with out air support or aerial recce, where Nigerian citizens are stuck on a mountain top for days including an Emir and left there to escape by themselves, considering Iraq has been sending helicopters to the Yazidis on Mt Sinjar and ordinary Chad (Cha oh) sent TWO helicopters to evacuate Nigerian refugees, but we have money for VIP transport. I am still praying that one is a mistake and they are surveillance or air ambulances

    • doziex says:

      Chief, you are 100% right. But if God delivers Shekau into my hands tomorrow, I would still slit his throat.
      I am a believer in the Old Testament. An eye for an eye.

      • rugged7 says:

        True that brother…
        BUT, I would slit his throat and burn it with acid…

      • peccavi says:

        Oga if I had Shekau, he would be singing for his supper. His death will give momentary satisfaction, his life will save hundreds more as he spills on their bases, arms caches, agents, sponsors etc

  13. Augustine says:

    lordfej says:
    August 17, 2014 at 1:28 pm
    are you the same agaugust on nairraland?
    Yes Oga sir. You finally got a warrant for my arrest?

  14. Oje says:

    No August in, we are sending you to the frontline in the North East. We need first hand information and not mere conjectures. …

  15. Oje says:

    These VIP generals forget Boko Haram have several ex Libya army SAMs, though short range.. what kind of military executive luxury aircrafts at a time it’s airforce is fighting a war and nearing extinction. .

  16. Augustine says:

    Oga Oje. The scenario we see is confusing, we should have used infantry to sweep Sambisa forest before some of the Chibok girls were moved there. Now if you have a split group of those girls there, we sweep Sambisa, Boko kills that section of the girls, the girls are now international ‘icons’. Bad publicity follows. International mud slinging BBC-VOA-Saraha-Aljazeera, paint Nigeria black like charcoal.

    Yet, we cannot keep stalemate for too long. I fear ISIS tactics and philosophy is showing up in Boko Haram and vice versa, they seem to be sharing ideas.

    I fear C.A.R. Seleka rebel commanders may one day be hired as battalion commanders for Boko Haram for a good mercenary pay cheque. ISIS controls Iraqi oil fields, they control the main hydro-electricity power generation dam in Iraq and can decide to throw Iraqi nation into darkness worse than NEPA-PHCN, ISIS has hundreds of millions of dollars, they rob Iraqi Banks of gold and cash….they can sponsor Boko Haram.

    USA/UN/EU can freeze bank accounts, they cannot freeze cash in peoples check-in luggages on international cross-border flights, Arabia to Africa. They cannot freeze ship load containers of gold bars or cash hidden inside boots of tokunbo vehicles, Persian gulf to Tin can port Apapa.

    The more we delay, Boko grows into an Octopus with 8 long tentacles. If Seleka rebels join hands, we go sweat no matter our training. Even South African military, 2nd best equipped after Algeria, well trained and respected, was afraid to go back and play second leg return match with Seleka fighters after the hardcore rebels gave SANDF special forces and paratroops a bloody bleeding nose in 18 hours combat. Na France save them Southie guys from annihilation.

    Let us remember some unknown ‘kidnapped’ girls during the May/June Chibok saga, were found loaded like cows in trucks speaking English in the cities of Francophone C.A.R, being ‘bundled’ away in convoy to an unknown destination.

    A stitch in time saves nine. Nigerian army, navy, and air force officers should be in Sri Lanka now learning COIN warfare. Send them to Sri Lanka, Sergeants, Lt.Colonels, Maj. Generals, Commodores, Air Marshals, AIGs Police, SSS directors, DMI.

    If Nigeria cannot garrison guard every village/town/city in North East, we should do what South Africa has done in Kruger ‘Forest’ Park. They sent special rangers, air force helicopters, army special forces, elite 21 Battalion, all to chase out Rhino Poachers, and after a couple of years of failure to stop the criminal animal hunters, South African government has decided to remove it’s Rhinos from the forest to a new controlled/secured location and leave the illegal hunters to be roaming about in empty forest without their target in the zone any more.

    Nigeria is said to have moved the whole of Bussa town and relocated them to New Bussa, so that we could submerge old Bussa under water of Kainji dam.

    We can relocate ALL Nigerian communities along the NE zone, 150km backwards from boundaries with Chad and North Cameroon, the hottest zones. Move our people inwards 150km deep inside Nigerian territory, as alternative to garrisons, whichever is cheaper/easier .

    Means Boko’s border-line camp Fighters will need to drive exposed to air surveillance 150km into, and 150km outwards of Nigeria to carry out any attacks, they will be exposed to NAF air patrols-ISTAR, rapid response attacks, called-in-air support, for about 3 hours every time they attack us.

    I said a stitch in time save nine…or ninety-nine !

  17. beegeagle says:

    The difference here, Oga RKA, is that post-qualification, there have not been enough combat assets and we fathomably have Squadron Leaders and Wing Commanders who do not have jets locked down.

    Hark back to 1974 and Nigeria had commenced conversion training for MiG 17 pilots who were to fly the 27 units of MiG 21MF for which orders had been placed in 1973 and which were slated for delivery wef 1975. One of those was a certain NAF Lt Colonel Ibrahim Alfa (became a Wing Cmdr when the NAF changed rank nomenclature during Q4 1975). Alfa later rose to become the CAS in 1984 whilst he was an AVM.

    Perhaps the logic behind my reasoning is clear. Alfa was no rookie when he was drafted to fly the most advanced jet in the NAF inventory. As a matter of fact, he and his peers such as King, Joe Falope and Mukhtar Mohammed were the pioneers who took over from the Egyptian pilots who first took to the air in MiG 17s on behalf of the NAF during the Nigerian Civil War.

    • rka says:

      Oga Beeg, I fully understand where you are coming from, I was just pointing out that in this modern age of computers and advanced avionics, you will find that younger officers adapt more easily as a lot of our recent fighter pilots were trained (and are still being trained) abroad on more modern basic and LIFT aircrafts.

      They have therefore been exposed to more modern training and the transition is more seamless. They don’t need to restricted to less advanced aircraft.

      The more senior older pilots would naturally be flight leaders with the less experienced younger pilots coming in as wing men.

  18. beegeagle says:

    Some people believe that because we have counterpiracy operations ongoing, we should fixate interminably on OPVs and patrol assets. Well, all Maghrebian countries have issues with people smuggling across the Mediterranean. LOOK what Algeria have on order…fighting ships all

    – two MEKO A200 frigates from Germany
    – three C28A light frigates from China
    – two Tigr light frigates from Russia

    Is this not where and how we typically get left behind???

    • giles says:

      Oga beeg any news on our opv’s pls

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Beegeagle, the navies of Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Algeria, and South Africa, can each sink the whole Nigerian navy in 24 hours and take over 100% of Nigerian territorial waters if situation arises.

      Among them, Morocco is the only one that has no submarine but she has the most powerful warship in Africa called the FREMM Multi-purpose Frigate, one deadly thing of a 6,000 tonne 142m warship with powerful anti-submarine warfare capabilities state-of -the -art ! The Moroccan ‘Godzilla’ of a FREMM frigate boasts of 180km range Exocet anti-ship missiles, and Aster 30km range anti-aircraft missiles also successfully tested as anti-missile missiles, and She currently hold the title of ‘Most Powerful Warship In Africa’, the title formerly enjoyed by Nigeria’s NNS Aradu.

      NNS Aradu may come out of refit as an OPV if her missiles are removed, but let us wait and see. Coast still unclear.

  19. Augustine says:

    Will these Omanian Jaguars have night combat capability like Super Tucanos?

    Also, we need about 9 months for procurement negotiation, ground support facilities and new pilots training.

    Then we are back into the arms of British aircraft, unless India will help 100% if we pay them dollars.

    Good price, good asset, but some hurdles to cross, time is running, time is critical. Even the Tucanos we got involved in 9 months ago have not entered action. Nigeria is a slow coach locomotive.

    • drag_on says:

      Oga Augustine i was even considering that one for SEAD work o?
      Since we don’t yet know the koko on 4th Gen jets we might as well get cheap platforms(jaguars) that can disable our neighbours assets.
      This should be enough for the next 20yrs based on the assumption that;
      20yr assumption:
      #1. Our Neighbours wont be getting AWACS soon
      #2. They will increase their competency in 4th Gen engagements.(Mig29’s and SU27 variants)
      #3. Most militaristic societies like Uganda,Sudan and Chad will increase 4th gen assets in that period.
      #4.They might have SAM’s batteries to defend their Arsenal.
      #5. Our future Governments and Brass hats might still think we are safe enough with
      Alpha jets and F-7’s(lets face it we have been begging for su27’s for years).
      #6.We will have a significant deficit in 4th Gen warfare/BVR engagements.
      #7. All enemy Aircraft bases North,East and west of us will have Radar coverage.
      I hope we are not this exposed though,but if so the jags will allows for lo.lo.lo strike,and decimation of enemy assets before they know what hit them.Even now Nato uses the 34yr old Panavia Tornados for that Job.

      • drag_on says:

        Future SEAD work,not for Bokoharam.

      • AreJames says:

        SEAD is innate to all 4th Gen Combat aircraft being able to attack ground assets including air defences after detecting them quickly with a variety of very advanced sensors and without having to do Tornado/Jaguar type treetop stunts. l’d rather have a completed procurement cycle for the 4th generation jets we are expecting first and then do the Jaguar jets as a medium term order for variety. Contacts should be made now though so that we don’t lose them.

        Blog Quiz: If Uganda, Sudan and Chad are militaristic societies then Nigeria is a …………….. society.

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga Are James, i respect your hustle sir.
        Nigeria is a free, democratic, society where freedom of speech and expression is not only guaranteed by law but can also be enforced in a court of law. But self censorship is well advised because, as them talk am, sense no be real sense unless and until you recognize the consequences of your actions… hehehe…. Oga i for pass this quiz ohh

  20. drag_on says:

    @ Oga James,
    I know about the SEAD capability of many a 4th Gen Jet,that why condition 5 was added. As for Nigeria? Na today?No be corruption dey kill us from tey tey.

  21. Oje says:

    Ok a Augustine, you engage, I’ll cover. I am Beegs correspondent in Port Harcourt, working on a transfer request to the front line. Hold the fort. ….

  22. beegeagle says:

    Chief Agostinho, the Exocet is played out for range by the C602 SSM. 280km range.
    Meet the Chinese-made monster here

  23. beegeagle says:

    AND here is this MACH 10 carrier wrecker of a missile

  24. Oje says:

    Beeg, do not be naive, there is no such thing as a Carrier Killer missile, no known verified test, the Chinese military is a clone of the Soviet Union though Russia was and still is at the forefront of military technology, second only to the United States. Chinese metalurogy is flawed and still cannot produce a reliable Jet Engine despite years of espionage on an industrial scale. This ”Carrier killer” missile has a tremendous amount of hype and speculation. Hitting a moving object is difficult. Testing the thing at sea is too. Then China needs to integrate the missile into its general surface warfare plans. It might sound stupid i know but the Chinese Navy is where the US Navy was 30 years ago or more. At a time when most countries are still trying to build a workable armed drone the U.S Navy have fielded its carrier-borne strike aircraft with longer ranges to keep the carriers farther off China’s coast.

    • beegeagle says:

      Help yourself with this video before hoisting the stars and stripes as always.

      For a supposed Nigerian, I do not know why you interpret anything which edifies China or Russia to be a mortal wound to the USA. Anyway sha, na your way. Tis okay so long as you are in a minority of one 🙂

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Oje, i respect your hustle sir,
      Propaganda ohh, propaganda, how can it be possible that China is 30 years behind America in any form of technology, where exactly does that number come from oga? did you do a study or research of some sort that gave that number? i tire ohh oga.. With due respect sir, this your analysis, if i can call it that, does not hold water, in fact its a basket case. What we seem to be suffering from is this Hollywood slave bound mentality that gives the impression that America is developing at break-neck speed, while others are just stagnant, when in actual fact its America that’s relatively stagnant compared to the rest of the developing world China included, one only has to look at rise in gdp figures to prove that. Talking about drones, hahahaha, you have got to be kidding me right, was it not a couple of years ago that the Iranians hacked and safely landed the supposed beast of kandahar RQ 170, ehhnnn??? werr una dey, judging by American media reports before images were presented by Iran, you would have thought that the drone malfunctioned or was shot down or something, but noooo, it was gleefully hacked and landed peacefully, hahhaha, talk about 30 years of superior technology, Oga abeg stop this iron man mentality, especially not on this forum. Obviously people can be brainwashed and deceived that we are the most powerful and invincible by showing them Action films, just to get recruits, but na when recruits enter real action, na hin then go know say call of duty no be moi moi, when enemy mortar and missiles rips limbs and eviscerates bones right before your eyes and you cant press cancel or restart, then its plain as day. Don’t be sentimental about facts sir, it will not fly here. And what do you mean there is no such thing as carrier missile killer/?? hitting a moving object is difficult… hahahahahahahah ogaa, na wah ohh, isnt that the definition of a missile, payload with controlled trajectories, with sensors such as infrared and video, terrain mapping that home in, seek out and follow heat signatures, chaiiiii, and just because the missile is faster, more maneuverable than the target, the possibility that the target will remain in a straight line for more than 2 seconds is very very high hence the impossibility of outrunning a missile unless out of range. Oga, this is fact please. China has the capacity just like many nations to blast satellites from space…. from space, you are talking about a carrier group in the ocean… lololoz

  25. peccavi says:

    Oga asorockweb, not sure what you are arguing. The post 1960 government was efficient and competent. If not Biafra would not have survived nor would Nigeria have survived the loss of so many civil servants, technicians etc after the massacres and the exodus. Only a well ordered system can survive such shocks.
    Unfortunately we did not learn the lessons of the civil war and after the war further enshrined the corruption and tribalism that caused it
    Nigeria is badly run.
    Thre are no excuses, South Koreans Botswanan’s etc do not have 2 heads.

  26. asorockweb says:

    Botswana’s per capita income from natural resources is $14,000; Nigeria’s is $500.

    South Korea was building ships before Nigeria had it’s very 1st school. And mean primary school.

    Nigeria had it’s 1st electoral crisis two years after independence (The western region – 1962)

    Between 1960-1966 only a tiny fraction of Nigeria had any connection with government; Nigerians live the way they had always lived for at least a 100years before. So the loss of civil servants and technicians was not significant.

    An “efficient and competent” system as you put it, descends in “massacres and exodus”, in what, 6 years?

    What percentage of Nigerian born in 1960 had the opportunity to attend primary school by 1966?

    We are exactly where we should be.

    • peccavi says:

      Your opinion above is exactly why we are where we are.
      The hyper justification of failure and mediocrity.
      Botswana’s natural resources compare to ours?
      South Korea was a Japanese colony, that there was a shipyard there does not men they were building ships.
      I’m not sure if you have spoken to those who were living at that time but every one paid tax. Even nomads. SO everyone was connected to the government.

      Anyway I do not like debating politics or the like, I am simply stating that conspiracy theories are for those who have seen reality and don’t like what it says. We are where we are because we have been badly run as a country and because we as a people accept it

  27. drag_on says:

    Police Arrest Boko Haram suspect at Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA)office as he attempted to bomb it.
    Was this tactical or pure chance?

  28. pappy says:

    Guys i hail una General olukolade don dey twitter now abeg make una follow worry am wella for me i don start till our boys get the best toys.

  29. asorockweb says:

    @ Peccavi:
    Everyone in the 60’s paid taxes?
    You do not know Nigerian history. I have pictures of Nigerians, taken in the east during an electoral campaign that shows what our people looked like back then: those people have never paid taxes. You tell me: how does a subsistence farmer pay his taxes?

    Korea is in a peninsula east and south of China. Korean history didn’t start in the 20th century. For hundreds of years they either were under the influence of Chinese emperors or Japanese feudal lords.

    So the “great” period of good governance in Nigeria was in the 60’s? With political crisis, coups, massacres and a civil war that cost 1million lives?

    Most Nigerians grow up in an information deprived environment. One’s model of the world is based on the variety of information that you have processed; this is the very same model that you will use to create solutions if you ever have to.

    Look at the situation in Liberia; a few days ago, an Ebola quarantine camp was raided and mattresses and beddings were stolen.

    Now, you can chosen to blame the government of Liberia for the loss of Ebola infected materials or you can chose to recognise that the people’s view of the Ebola epidemic is quite different from that of a well informed westerner.

    Oga peccavi, if you don’t like debating politics, please don’t make statements like “Nigeria has been badly governed for 40 years.” It was after your second comment that I realized that the 10 years of good governance was in the 60s. The most traumatic 10 years in Nigeria history.

    This is important: misdiagnosis of a set of symptoms will lead to the misapplication of solutions.

    I don’t think you know of the electoral crisis in 1962, which is connected to the 1966 coups which of cause lead to the massacres, the declaration of Biafra and the civil war that cost 1million lives.

    Botswana is NOTHING like most African countries.

    Per capita income from NATURAL RESOURCES is $14,000
    Population is 2million living on 500million Sq km

    Per capita income from NATURAL RESOURCES is $500
    Population is 170million living on 900million Sq km

    Botswana has become a geo-political stick used to beat other African countries by NGOs: “look at how well Botswana is doing”. Nonsense. Non-factual.

    If you have 100s of millions of people exhibiting the same characteristics, please, look closer, there may be a simpler explanation to their plight.

    I took the time to try and give you a logical explanation and all you could say was “hyper justification of failure and mediocrity”?

    Well, oga peccavi, this is your premise:
    “The African masses are poor victims, their leaders are evil and the west is the savior.”

    If your premise is true, then we have a problem that is related to genetics.

    I will rest my case.

    • Bigbrovar says:

      I don’t think everyone in Nigeria paid taxes in the 60s.. but majority of the taxable population (including peasants in rural communities) were taxed. You just need to read up on the Aba Women Riots of 1929 and the Agbekoya peasant farmers revolts of 1968.

      Concerning the issue of governmance. Many will still regard the 60s (and 70s) as the golden era of good governance in this country. Especially in the south east and south west. Yes it was a period plaqued by serious political unrest (such as we have now just we are experiencing it has it is happening hence its hard to get in perspective our bad things currently are) In the 60s was a period of Free education including educational materials. Corruption was very few and frowned on. And civil service was at it’s best. It was even said the action group then ran the most efficient civil service in Africa.

      Here are the key indicators good governance (at least in the south west)
      First TV station in Africa (at a time when TV was what internet is today)
      Tallest Building in tropical africa
      First Ultra Modern Stadium in Africa
      Free education for all
      Free Health care for children

      All these were achieved within a very short period of about 10 years and all were financed from finance gained from Agricultural produce.

      So yes the 60s was a period of political instability.. it was also noted as a period when government delivered to the people. Just thought I might add.

      • AreJames says:

        Just read someone’s article in the dailies confirming that the Nigerian Civil service was highly professional and rated above Malaysian, Singaporean, Indian and most other commonwealth civil services in the early 60s. The western region civil service was the best of the lot in country. Nigerian universities were also well rated worldwide.
        What happened after were the anticorruptuion/anti indiscipline miilitary regime purges of security entire service by the Murtala Mohammed regime which destroyed the entire fabric of the services and led to a massive erosion of standards. I suspect there was also some nothernization thrown into the thing which also led increased the level of demotivation.

  30. buchi says:

    whew the debate here is really intense i no go lie abeg oga beegz there seems to be a lot of lull abt gwoza any friend last told me that they were still in combat..havent heard from him since.

    • AreJames says:

      This one is at least N600 – N800 million to redo the uniforms of 20000 soldiers (i assume) in the NE theatre alone. I have done some rough calculations. This is money that would buy an impressive array of weapons and ammo. On the BH copycat uniform argument, there are simple markings on uniforms, vehicles, armbands and helmets that achieve the same objective without breaking the bank. Also if the SSS/NA were also strong on the ground and deeply embedded in communities like they should be, we shouldn’t be having insurgents displaying strength on the ground, lining young men up, herding them into vehicles only to be released later by the ‘heroic and gallant’ Chadian army across the border.

  31. buchi says:

    understanding the dynamics of international media scheme look like ponzi acts but the true fact is that on the scale of 1 to 10..nigeria stands as a block of power and obvious obstruction to the west more especially to the US.let us not be fooled they use international issues to cover up their barrage of international problems…take the missouri shooting as a case one can see the obvious embarrassment on the face of the governor when a black journalist working for a radical blog asked him simply”and with this do you think we are better off than those we call right abusers especially african states”i started laughing after the question..but taking a critical look if not for the air of patriotism an average american has..there would be no america
    1 the civil war divide is still very much evident…south us residents especially virginians still believe in the confederacy
    2 the red indians living in reservations are a disaster waiting to happen their own definitoin of boko haram living under heavy oppression.
    but leaving this aside the nigerian factor has played a big part in our problems..our balanced content attitude has made us look foolish but one thing i keep telling people that with this insurgency nigeria will never sleep again at all.that is if we learn at for bbc et al they have their agendas to run us down but just like oga ozed said ..we need to upgrade and redefine NTA to perform it primary function of promoting the image of this country we.they have a global space on sat tv so they have no excuse..willingableready nigeria

  32. Deway says:

    Well well, all arguments and counter-arguments; and comments here point to one thing: No one is happy or pleased about the current situation on ground. It also means that someone somewhere is not doing enough or lacks the capacity to remedy the situation, regardless of what is being reported by western or local media. So, where do we go from here?

  33. Oje says:

    Oga mcshegz, do not allpw sentiments cloud your sense of reasoning. Oga Beeg what does my being a Nigerian have anything to do with my argument. Are Nigerians supossed to be pro China/Russia and anti American by default? why is it each time i say something positive about the United States you are quick to shoot it down?

    Back to mcshegz,, one thing you must understand is these propaganda hype goes hand in hand with China’s long adopted strategy of asymmetry. China will never have a military with the global reach or technological and operational superiority of that of the U.S. But the Communist party can develop worrying and globally impact capabilities but even this while scary on paper will have littleor no strategic value in the face of a defined conventional conflict with the U.S over Taiwan or Japan.

    Im not sure but i think in 2008 or so china tested of an anti-satellite battery in which it destroyed a satellite already in orbit. A classic case of Chinas ”access denial” strategy but the United States has had similar capabilities since the Reagan Era. Not many people realise that the United States military alone has more satellites than all the commercial satellites in the world combined. The GPS that China relies on for its missiles are made in America. In early 2013 a Russian military analyst stated in plain terms that China will be defeated in an hour in a nuclear exchange with the United States. Two years back a Chinese general stated in plain terms that the Chinese Navy is where the U.S Navy was 50 years ago. because your brain cannot comprehend this mind boggling capability does not mean its a fantasy. in 2012 a Chinese Naval War Ship sailed to the Ports of Libya. CCTV did a special documentary, celebrating the humongous achievement, this is the first time in its thousand year history any Chinese Naval vessel had sailed that far…The hard truth is that China is defensive, does not want to or need to be world policeman, so it does not have to match US in global reach and operationally. Asymmetry against a conventional enemy who can beat you in your own game is stupid, Chinese military brass may find out the hard way.

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Oje, i respect your hustle sir.
      Oga, there is no shame in admitting your faults, if not to the public, at least admit to yourself, because what you are trying to do is not only cajole and lie to reasonably educated individuals on this blog, but you are also lying and deceiving yourself, that is indeed a conundrum my broda. Please sir, the basis and origin of this debate was a statement by Oga Beegeagle, simple and unambiguous” AND here is this MACH 10 carrier wrecker of a missile” with which you proceeded to say “Beeg, do not be naive, there is no such thing as a Carrier Killer missile—————–the Chinese Navy is where the US Navy was 30 years ago or more———————-” I mean, your statements not only reek of disrespect and flagrant ignorance but a myopic attitude, all be it innocent, we forgive you, even if you refuse to forgive yourself. How can anyone make such categorical statements without proof, without evidence, that only implies one of two things, you are the naive one, or you cannot seem to grasp the concept of logic. Are you then stating categorically that a carrier, made of tons of steel cannot be sunk…OMO, SHOOOOOO, guy your Jackie chan na die ohhh. Please oga let us stick to the issue with which this debate started, do not derail and wander blindly into the abyss, lay facts and lay claim to your words, that’s why its good to think and think things through before you open the faucet because you simply cannot take it back, own up, rather than defend the indefensible.

      Oga Oje says: China will never have a military with the global reach or technological and operational superiority of that of the U.S————————————————————
      Well, if in case you do not remember the history of your world, i will remind you, China as a country as been a formidable power for 20 of the 21 centuries on record, America never even reach 1, this is not an opinion, this is fact, heheheh. China realized centuries ago that Empire beyond your local population is futile and destined to come to an end sooner than you think, hence they allow the shenanigans of some wannabe power. Categorical statement, you can take it to the bank sir, China does not want a meaningless, egotistical Empire.

      Oga Oje says: The GPS that China relies on for its missiles are made in America———–
      Another gaffe, as a simple google search will bring you across China’s own navigational satellite system known as the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System(BDS), Russia has its own to GLONASS. Oga, why are you doing this to yourself ehnn?? why do you choose to ridicule yourself amongst your peers rather than take a bow.

      Oga Oje says: Two years back a Chinese general stated in plain terms that the Chinese Navy is where the U.S Navy was 50 years ago, because your brain cannot comprehend this mind boggling capability does not mean its a fantasy —————————————
      HAHAHAhAH, now its 50,not 30, why?? you be Lamido Sanusi??? and who is this so called General, he doesn’t have a name abi?? i guess not, because when quoting opinions like that, they usually come without authors. So please oga show us the data, anyone and everyone has the right to his/her opinions, that doesn’t make it true/false, and my brain works just fine, thank you.

      Oga Oje says: The hard truth is that China is defensive, does not want to or need to be world policeman, so it does not have to match US in global reach and operationally——-
      I must agree sir, this is the one reasonable statement you have made so far.

    • rugged7 says:

      “China will never have a military with the global reach or technological and operational superiority of that of the U.S…”
      Oga Oje,

      who died and made u God???

  34. beegeagle says:

    What you should ask yourself, buddy, is why and how you manage to turn ANYTHING to do with Russia or China into a “VERSUS America” thing. It really does not matter if you come from Paramaribo.

    What brought America into a simple examination of a hypersonic missile or they are the only operators of aircraft carriers? The real issue is that you are so pro-American that it is difficult to interface with you. You almost sound like a hired hand for real.

    Read through your last post and the fervour borne in it explains why, if there are any like you at MoD, the Nigerian Armed Forces are under-resourced. For it is obvious by your continually shooting down and denigrating all things Chinese or Russian, even when all the options you prescribe are decidedly unattainable – M1 Abrams tank, AH-64 Apache, F16 jets etc…none are in the loop. All you are keen on is eulogising unattainable American hardware. The political implications of operating NATO hardware (such as Nigeria, Egypt, Indonesia and Pakistan know too well) are so evident and your insistence on those systems makes me wonder if you have any passing consideration for our national interest. That is less important to you than American bragging rights. That is why I asked if you TRULY are a Nigerian. I spoke from the gut. ALL on this blog who understand how much Western sanctions decimated Nigeria’s military asset base want us to acquire our hardware from Russia, Israel and China. You are in a minority of one perhaps.

    You know why India, Iran, Algeria, Burma, Venezuela, Syria etc are strong and well equipped? Because they are not drawing up wishlists and do not fixate on NATO hardware. They get what works and is attainable. Algeria are in the loop for Russian S400 missiles as we speak. I am sure you imagine that Nigeria which cannot get surplus MRAPs and uparmored Hummers will get Patriot missiles.

    Shouldn’t we stay unarmed until we get validated and are considered ‘compliant enough’ to be sold incomparable Abrams tanks, F16s, Apache helics and A-10s since we are doomed without U.S hardware? Was that what Syria, Sri Lanka and Algeria deployed to get ahead of insurgents?

    The Taliban in Afghanistan are armed with Chinese weaponry. Go figure.

  35. Augustine says:

    Oga Peccavi & Asorockweb, nothing wrong in asking ourselves once in while, the reason why Naija dey for mess. However, since both of you are speaking the truth, I don’t know who to believe. Paradox/Irony.

  36. beegeagle says:

    Oga Oje, I am sure you know that was idle bluster. The gap between China and the US or Russia is narrower today than at any time before.Warfare is not a game of command and conquer. What’s with the unidirectional narratives?

    In 1950 when the US military were in the 20th century and China’s were in the 19th century, WHAT HAPPENED in Korea? Are we talking video games or reality?

  37. peccavi says:

    Oga Asorockweb, your premise,“The African masses are poor victims, their leaders are evil and the west is the savior.” is your premise, not mine.
    This is not the forum for a long treatise on Nigerian history.
    My premise was good governance not good leadership.
    Maybe saying everybody paid tax was hyperbolic as the Nigerian practice of tax avoidance did not start today.
    But pray tell what was the Aba womens riot about?
    Speak to your parents/ elder ones. Tax collectors came round every village, even to nomads.
    Indirect rule meant that tax was levied on village heads who only kept position by being good Chiefs thus they had to produce returns for the Colonial administration ( I will not draw parallel to the returns sought today in the NPF).
    But I will return to my central point. Governance in that period was superior to what pertains today.
    There was electricity, pipe borne water, post was delivered, taxes paid, etc.
    Even blockaded Biafra kept trains running, refined fuel, delivered post, provided electricity and other public works.
    The Nigeria war effort was subsidised by tax on cocoa from the Western Region.
    These were not done by oyibo people but by Nigerians like you.
    The argument I am making is that the core administration of the country was professional and efficient. Civil servants actually did their jobs, thus Nigeria was well run , if not well led in that period.
    I am not the one crying for oyibo to tell our stories for us, to fight our wars for us or to provide us with all the latest toys they have developed to magically solve our problems. My constant mantra has been on self sufficiency and self reliance, I happily challenge you to show me where I have said or indicated that “The African masses are poor victims, their leaders are evil and the west is the savior.” That has never been my view not just for ideological reasons but for fairly practical ones that I live and work with oyibo people and person or person they are in no way better than us.
    Where they excel is collectively, that is not genetic, it is hard won and hard kept.
    One of the finest documents in English history is the Magna Carta, when English nobles forced their King to be accountable. Tis as in a time with no science, technology a time of rampant superstition when Kings were believed to be from God. Yet they still held him to account, however in Nigeria and Africa, big men will buy private jets with public funds and we should not talk because they are our elders. Pastors and Imams will steal and fornicate and we should not talk because touch not my pastor.
    Feel free to disagree with me but please do not misrepresent my views

  38. ugobassey says:

    Just a little concern on my part my Ogas, I just tallied contribution from every one on this thread and over 70% was political while less than 30% was Defsec related. I defer to Oga Beegs but my 2 cents concern is some contributors are derailing what is perhaps the most respected defsec blog in Nigeria. Concerning that throat slicing video Oga Beegs, I shiver in my sleep to think that some soldiers may have become loose canons.

  39. beegeagle says:

    Thanks, Oga Bharat. I have only just seen your JAG-related links.

    @Oga RKA. Yeah, bro. I am just thinking here that with 32 year old Squadron Leaders and 37 year old Wing Commanders aplenty, that would strike the right balance between youth and experience. That Sqd Ldr could fly a 4G jet with panache for a full decade and he will get better with hands-on experience on the airframe. Not when we have Formula 1 drivers doing more rigorous stuff into their early 50s.

    That is why I still think that we should start to implement immediately. For US$100m, we could get eight Su-27s in great shape. Dexterity on the type attained, we could then place orders for the delivery of four Su-35s, every other year between 2019 and 2025.

    The NAF need to quit hedging and get with the flow as it is. Nobody will be impressed about the introduction of VIP transport planes which have no dual ISR role at this time EXCEPT the acquisition of ALX Super Tucano, Mi-35M, Mi-171Sh Terminator, Mi-24V/Mi-35P/Mi-17 and 4G jets, both new and used alike, goes on in tandem.

    Otherwise, there is no Transformation Agenda entailed. Fact of the matter.

  40. Oje says:

    Oga Beeg, you have once again deliberately deleted my comment, it took me 2 hours to do proper research and post my views and the best you can do is shut it down,i take it you only allow comments that suites your point of view. Your terms and conditions were not broken, you only have a very hard time accepting someone elses point of view. There are endless chatters about Russia and China on here, that’s allowed, i post something good about the United States you use your veto power to cut it down before it sees the light of day. This is exactly the problem with Nigeria as a nation, its ingrained in our roots. Youve done a fantastic and marvelous job independently the most authoritative information on Nigerias military on earth, now you let it get into your head with a false sense of entitlement, constructive criticism is not in your dictionary. Nairaland, sckyscraper city and co are at their prime, they are the least regulated blogs yet they enjoy massive popularity because everyine is allowed to air their views, you claim you want to prevent this blog from becoming a turkey blog my regulating comments but youve gone thus far to turn this into a Stalin style dictatorship. I rest my case.

    • jimmy says:

      Oga Oje Much respect for your comments. Please first of all calm down. Oga Beegeagle does not to the best of my personal knowledge no matter how disagreeble they may appear to him or to others ,he does not delete comments . There is some kind of bug in the system if you take too long in the system I.e. typing or posting your blog meaning you aretyping for an hour or more if you do not copy and save to something else like microsoft word you could end up losing or when you decide to post it just will not appear. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

    • jimmy says:

      Oga Oje Much respect for your comments .Oga Beegs has extensive American ties, this is something you should know and it might help clear your judgement. I personally and oga doziex also have extensive Nigerian / American roots and because of that we follow what you right it does not mean we agree with everything you say but we respect it nonethelss they are your opinions. Nigeria is in the middle of a nasty insurgency and has appealed directly to the US for help. Initially this help was not forthcoming ,Nigeria asked for upamoured humvees ,this requests was denied. When the chibok girls were kidnapped America offered help this requests was denied for three weeks.Lately after a flurry of insults ,it appears both countries are at least for appearances sake working. This is as far as I will go for now. Let us wait and see what type of helios we do or do not get from the US and Russia. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

    • Bigbrovar says:

      Adding my voice to that of Oga Jimmy and Obix I have on more than one occasion had my comment caught up in the system and had to inform oga beeg to help release it. WordPress anti spam can be very conservative leading to many false positives. Of particular are long comments.. they more than any are susceptible to been flagged.

  41. Obix says:

    @Oga Oje, you got it totally wrong here. I can boldly argue that Beag doesn’t delete comments. People have posted very crazy comments here filled with arguments that Beag doesn’t agree with, nevertheless, they were never deleted, instead he would pullout all in his armour to counter the arguments. You should note that If it took you 2 hours to write your comment, it means that by the time you posted it you had been disconnected from the server……… Another brother here had the same issue last month, and as a wise man what he did was to ask questions, after which he got advice. Your accusations and choice of words are totally insulting and disrespectful not just to Beag but to other bloggers here.

  42. Obix says:

    @Oga Jimmy, you beat me to it. I hope Oga Oje understands now.

  43. AreJames says:

    Meanwhile, it is full blown anti Nigeria offensive from our former colonial master.
    This one is a very very amateurish attempt at reinforcing previous fictional constructs about some imaginary dis array at the frontlines.

    The only way to close shop on these negative news items is a final and decisively crushing blow to Boko Haram and an effective reconstruction process for the NE. Then people will come learning how to fight in-house insurgency from us instead of the current situation where by the CIC and generals have become the butt of insults by bloody civilians over allegations of incompetence, corruption and petty thievery.
    The President has already proven himself to himself with the Ebola crisis that if he gets personally involved and moves proactively without getting lost in ‘politricks’ and the agenda of ‘advisors’ …things gets done and really fast. Such is the power of the office of the Nigerian President.
    This is now the time to replicate the Ebola solution to the defence sector and keep the BBC’ s mouth permanently shut.

  44. zachary999 says:

    Meanwhile, all 3 Beechcraft super king are clocking hours as predicted in this blog. The CDS and all the service chiefs are all using them. On the flip side this has freed the ATR for operational use only. We keep hearing weapons are coming, what is coming and from where ? The Iraqi’s paid for and got what they wanted within 7 days and it was no secret as we saw clips of the Antonovs discharging their cargo. We need some publicity as this is also part of the psyops.

    Despite all this challenges though, the BH guys have been cornered and if we cannot get good cooperation from cameroun we need to quickly mobilize another Division in a defensive position across bama,banki,firgi,madagali all to the the border ( requires Logistics). We need to retake gwoza quickly (we would really need precision bombing as the Alpha jet did not do well last week and hampered the NA offensive)

    In all this, Sambissa is key and what to do considering that our girls are there though is the biggest headache !

    • Akin Oges says:

      I know GEJ is here (at least those that see him first thing in the morning are permanently switched on here). Therefore, as suggested by one of the Ogas above, GEJ should bring the formidable office of the presidency to bear and take direct charge of procuring the desperately needed all weather capable attack helicopters/ground attack jets/night vision goggles/communication et al for the valiant troops in the NE. I would stop myself from chatting about the seeming corruption/lethargy/incompetence/love for VIP air transport on the part of the top brasses on the subject of lack of aerial gunboats; it will only lead to blame games.

      GEJ must realise that history beckons here; he can chose to be detached or blase or casual or political about this frightening insurgency. Similarly, he can elect to take a front seat – not interfering with operational matters, leave professionals to their area of expertise – and ensure that the problems with hardware is sufficiently resolved for the chaps at the frontline to get this insurgency wrapped up in good time. This may require him to do a quick visit to Belarus and Russia and speak directly with the leader of Belarus and Putin to fast track things. The delay is atrocious and costing lives of gallant heros; and those gallant heros don’t grow on trees.

      Very few savvy folks remembers the name Wushishi, but everybody knows the name Shagari. GEJ, this is your regime; and people will remember your name for generations to come; if you defeat this insurgency by providing the fighting-men with the tools they need to get their job done, your name will be remembered as the president who took care of the Boko Haram kpalava – like Yar’ Ardua is remembered for resolving the militant katakata at the creeks. The Good Lord grant you the wisdom and strength of character to do right.

    • peccavi says:

      Oga I disagree Sambisa is just a convenient hiding place. The key BH terrain is the Lake Chad-Bama- Mandara Mountain axis. Secure that long stretch an they are more or less fixed on both sides of the border

      • asorockweb says:

        I believe military planners agree with you; more or less.

        For BH, Sambisa answers the question: “after we cross the border, what next?”

        Sambisa’s location is strategic:
        It give BH access to Maiduguri, the mountain ranges in northern Adamawa state, the forests of Bauchi state.
        To the east of Sambisa is the Cameroonian border and the forests if northern Cameroon.

  45. Oje says:

    Until i can have my views expressed without fear of being labelled a pro American wussie my comments and contribution to this blog ends. I can read but will not comment again.

    • jimmy says:

      OGA OJE
      Knock it off once and for all you are A GROWN MAN not a child whose ball was taken away from and not selected to play.
      I am A Nigerian American ( if you are one) Doziex too and we both strive for better defence ties with Both the U.S. and the U.K even when I have two a day knock down drag out arguments with OGA Peccavi it does not mean because I disagree completely sometimes with his point of view or oga Doziex , I do not cherish or RESPECT their views even oga beegs sometimes he has apologized on his own blog! Y OU ON THE OTHER HAND refuse to apologize,
      The first letter I wrote to the Coas took THREE HOURS and was wiped out it never appeared period. I had to rewrite , save it, cut and paste it it does not mean somehow oga beegs censored my views.
      Please enough already Friends SPEAK THE TRUTH to Friends OGA OBIX WHOM I ONCE APOLOGIZED TO FOR something bad about people from the south east , told you to apologize you did not, you kept fuming like a petulant child what do you want some kind of medal?
      The Nigerian American Military RELATIONSHIP will continue and will always draw intense scrutiny both for and against as well the U.K. because it is by its own very nature very intense deal with it, apologize ,or not , contribute , or not but keep your tantrums to yourself.

    • Akin Oges says:

      Oga Oje, make you calm down, ehn? Other Ogas here done beg you already. This thing called computer some times has it’s own mind and don’t act as we command at times. Beeg means well with this Blog – in fact one of the most important and enduring platform on the net on DEFSEC with regards to Africa and Nigeria in particular. The reason why you feel the way you do now is because of the love you have for Nigeria; please stay in the family here; it is passionate folks like you who genuinely feels Nigeria in their guts that this Blog must attract. Lastly, please don’t hold this against me, abeg, lets hold off on the strong language; Beeg is doing an almighty brilliant job with this Blog for the love of country and posterity for no apparent benefit. The least we can do is disagree with him if we must on any subject but do it without storms. Please calm down. And drink a bottle of big stout on my account. Stay Blessed.

    • Are James says:

      What kind of male PMS attitude is this one. I know men these days have started seeing their monthly period but this is taking it too far. I personally agree with most of your views except when it comes to the US forgetting to treat Nigeria as a full regional power like the Irans and Turkey, otherwise I don’t think your views subtract from your patriotism.

  46. jimmy says:
    Once again we keep HEARING THIS BROKEN RECORD
    The good news DAMBOA is firmly in Nigerian Army ‘s control
    The bad news is Gwoza .

  47. jimmy says:
    We need to be focused we are not there yet.

  48. jimmy says:

    Sorry this is the RESPONSE from the DHQ
    Whether rightly or wrongly the DHQ HAS TO RESPOND. SIRUS BLACK in one month instilled some pride so much chest beating in me and NOW the VACUUM created by his absence has been filled by the vultures @ BBC. and the rest of their ILK
    Did ANYONE NOTICE not a single comprehensive story was done on the retaking of DAMBO noooo! on to the next damaging story, ……. Someday when this war is over……. WORDS LEFT UNSAID.

  49. jimmy says:
    This is the response from the dhq ABOUT THE 4 MINUTE DOCUMENTARY
    It is noteworthy that the conclusion that the dhq is now coming to the same conclusion we came on to this blog a long time ago . i am all for objective reporting FROM THE WESTERN Media but this has never been the case when it comes to Nigeria.

  50. jimmy says:
    The COAS has spoken
    Words that gladden my heart.
    I would be very grateful if the application FEE FOR next year is raised to N10,000.00 it will go along way to show it is a VOLUNTEER army, airforce, navy ” NO BE BY FORCE”
    As for WIVES PROTESTING R.M.E. and S.M.D.H. rolling my eyes and shaking my damn head.

    • Are James says:

      This is the way to go. The Provost Marshall Service needs a battalion of troops in Maiduguri for the dual role of policing inside all barracks in theatre and the arrest of any group of soldiers displaying what IBB in the old days would call… ‘undue radicalism’. The DMI should also be active within frontline units sniffing and watching. This is a war not some soap opera.

  51. Oje says:

    Off topic, does America have a cohesive strategy/plan to take out terrorism rather than taking a step forward and two steps back?

    These are the words of the U.S Defense secretary. ””They are as sophisticated and well-funded as any group that we have seen. They’re beyond just a terrorist group,”

    ISIS is barbaric and uses the strategy of barbarity to gain popularity and attention. This is the man who wants to be the new Bin Laden and purposely said ISIS will be greater than Al Queada and have done all they can to put their name on the news. When a U.S Govt officil (much less defense secretary) tels the world ISIS is the most powerful technologically terrorist group ever they are invariably given them the OSCARS, it means barbarity pays and will do far more to get cheap attention. The ISIS commander is probably still reveling in his masturbatory fantasy from the unbelievable publicity stunt that just fell on his lap.

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Oje, I respect your hustle sir.
      Abi ohhh, na so we take see am. Well, its shocking sometimes when we hear things like that, but i think we all know by now, what matters most is the fighting, the industrial complex must continue to wage some type of war, otherwise the industry’s dead, and nobody wants that. mices arent the most technologically advanced and or the most well funded terrorist group, i don’t know how they came about that conclusion but apparently the spotlight has been given to them, and guess what, it justifies intervention. Any group of individuals can slit throats and blow up religious edifices, that doesn’t translate to anything abeg. Its clear the heart eating people doing the jigijigihading in Syria, supported, openly celebrated, and weaponized by majority of the lawmakers have now suddenly transformed and morphed into mices after been dented, bruised, bashed and bloodied by Assad and the Persians. Well, they say, i guess we can turn this loss to a win, and abracadabra, we gat mices running amok. Mehn, sweet deal, although not so for the Iraqis, and the Kurds. The Kurds on the other hand are certainly gonna get their legitimate country now, heheheh, that’s almost inevitable. What does not cease to amaze me though is the blatant destruction and shredding of this great people, spanning the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, all speaking one language, i never believed it, that a people with a common religion and a common language can be hoodwinked to think that they actually have more differences than similarities when compared to the rest of the world. Its a pity, but then again, humans always have a way, empires always fall and rise. There is time for everything under the sun, karma is a bi*ch, yin-yang, what goes around comes around, that’s the way life goes. So to all humans out there, living the life… hehehehe…Do not do unto others what you do not want to be done unto you, its simple really. S0 100years, maybe ten thousand, when Kings, Queens, Pharaohs and slave masters turn slaves, you ask, what did we do to deserve this? nothing really, just the world equalizing itself, its not your fault, for we all outlive our usefulness someday. lolololo, I digress much.

  52. Oje says:

    The Defense Department is giving out tons of military equipment surplus to the Police Department free of charge. The MRAPS for example are being dished free as they are tagged excess surplus equipment.. If they are free why cant we place bids to acquire them albeit cheap which i am sure will not need congressional approval.. just saying.

    • igbi says:

      It seems to me that the fg has been trying to buy that equipment from the usa for years now, and the usa said no .

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