20 August, 2014

The country’s military on Tuesday took the wraps off a new aircraft to tackle high sea pirates off the country’s coast, as well as maritime hijackers and oil thieves.

The high-tech plane is one of seven to be operated by the state-run Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) and the Nigerian Air Force. It includes sensors, radar and Electro-Optic Surveillance and Tracking (EOST) equipment, which houses three cameras to monitor ships in Nigerian waters, said Sergeant Sunday Olalekan Omotosho.

“When fully operational, no vessel can escape our coverage,” he told reporters before a demonstration flight from Lagos to Escravos in the Niger Delta and over offshore platforms in the oil-producing southeast.

The 20-seater plane can fly as low as 200 feet(60 metres)above the sea and passes on information about maritime traffic to the navy, who can intervene with fast attack craft if necessary, he added.

“Our aim is to fight all manner of maritime crimes in the country.With this aircraft, we can spot any vessel hundreds of kilometres (miles) away,” said Group Captain Enobong Eneh Effiom. The aircraft is inscribed with the words: “Vigilance over the ocean.”

Piracy off the western coast of Africa has been rising in recent years, with attackers targeting ships playing a key role in the region’s thriving oil industry.

Early this month, global maritime watchdog the International Maritime Bureau said West African piracy made up 19 percent of attacks worldwide last year. Nigerian pirates accounted for 31 of the region’s 51 attacks — the most since 2008.


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  1. beegeagle says:

    20 August, 2014


    By Andrew Airahuobhor

    Nigerian waters are gradually becoming unsafe for criminal activities following a partnership between Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA ) and the Nigerian Airforce in ensuring the promotion of maritime safety and security.

    In line with the partnership , an ATR 42 surveillance aircraft,equipped with Automatic Identification System (AIS ) and radar, is being deployed for air surveillance of the country’s territorial waters and Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ ) . The AIS can see shipping activities within 160 nautical miles.

    During the Airshow on Tuesday, officials explained that the surveillance aircraft is equipped with Electro Optical Surveillance and Tracking System (EOST 45 ),which houses three cameras – Long range television, colour television and Multi Fieldview Thermal Imager (MFTI ).

    Director General of NIMASA , Ziakede Patrick Akpobolokemi said at a Maritime Stakeholders’ Sensitization Conference in Lagos , that the partnership has recorded tremendous successes in the area of air and coastal surveillance and the exercise of the right of hot pursuit.He said the partnership was entered into on the 26th of August, 2013, with a view to further enhancing the Agency’s capacity in enforcing extant maritime laws as well as to monitor and secure Nigeria’s territorial waters and Exclusive Economic Zone ( EEZ ).

    It was also aimed to check rising incidences of and increased sophistication of pirates , armed robbery at sea and other unlawful activities in Nigerian waters .

  2. Alibo says:

    Yes what type of aircraft? Is it the King Air?

  3. beegeagle says:

    This photo shows a NAF officer behind the console of an Alenia ATR 42-500 Surveyor ELINT-MPA plane. The PM NEWS page showed a NAF 931 on the tarmac and that is a pre-owned Alenia ( the existing ELINT planes are NAF 930 and NAF 931).

    Personally and because of the photo, I assume that this is one of the in-service Alenia ELINT planes. HOWEVER, that is not cast in iron since the NAF Alenia ATR 42-500s can carry more than 20 passengers and also incorporate hatches from where air-droppable supplies and
    paratroopers can be eased out. I am keeping tabs on this story. Our journalists never ask the simple questions which are useable such as “delivery timelines”, “name of the incoming aircraft type”, “date earmarked for the next delivery”

    They are very satisfied to collect press releases which are reproduced verbatim without any critique or updates. The job of the average Nigerian defence correspondent entails receiving press releases and little else.
    The real news here is that six more ISR assets are to be acquired by the significantly deep-pocketed NIMASA.

  4. rka says:

    It is funny the way executive transport aircraft always arrive on time and out of the blue, but not so for the most important equipment needed to execute this ongoing insurgency.

    Misplaced priorities? Hmmmm……..

  5. Henry says:

    What’s with the nigerian Airforce and VIP transports? How many VIP transports does an Airforce actually need. “Do we now call the Nigerian Airforce a Nigerian Air “vip” fleet?”.

    • Are James says:

      It has always been a VIP transport outfit. A profile of the NAF in the nineties read..” the NAF operates an aggressive VIP transport operation based on Dornier DO 128, 228 and Fokker Friendship F27…

  6. giles says:

    pls is dey still hope for our country. make I knw cause time to relocate to Cameroon don dey reach.

  7. jimmy says:

    Let me not say anything I will regret by tomorrow.

  8. jimmy says:

    I am sorry I HOPE TO GOD I am wrong and this news is wrong
    Are we the NAF fighting a war or are we transporting VIP s AROUND ?
    Honestly please tell me Nigeria, UK, USA. am I truly missing something here?
    Do they need another set of utility non lethal AIRCRAFT to satisfy our U.K partners?.

    • igbi says:

      AW101 (Military)
      The AW101 is the medium/heavy multi-role platform of choice in its class with extensive operational experience gathered in both the Land and Maritime environments. It benefits from a modern design with embedded safety-enhancing features. Based on a common airframe and core system, it is configured to meet diverse roles for pre-dominantly Maritime and Utility tasks. The large cabin can carry up to 38 troops on crashworthy seats or 16 stretcher patients. Three GE CT7-8E engines, with a two engine cruise option to extend range or endurance, provide unparalleled performance in all environments. Agility, range, and endurance coupled with a comprehensive advanced avionics and mission system suite enable the aircraft to fulfil multiple tasks in one mission. Roles include troop transport, casualty evacuation, tactical and amphibious support, combat SAR, disaster relief, anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare, airborne mine countermeasures, long range search and rescue (SAR), maritime interdiction and airborne surveillance and area control (ASAC).

      • jimmy says:

        oga igbi
        I hope to GOD you ARE RIGHT, I PRAY TO GOD THAT WE ARE GETTING THE military VARIANT because I am sick to death of non lethal military equipment. :(!

      • Saints says:

        There HW101’s and there re HW101’s variants for VIP transport what we re buying is specifically for VIP transport, there is no doubt about it, so the question we should all be asking ourselves is this are we practising a communist style government were decision are made with little recourse to civil need, how can our boys be dying in the frontlines in need of a medevac and they see news like this, how would they feel oh! I forgot
        “what is it to you” COAS.
        , we all know at this point (despite some patriotic self infused delusions ) that it is practically a dishonorable sacrifice when one dies fighting for a country that is unwilling to help itself, when ones children (primary responsibility) are made orphans and social dependants because the right decision were not made. Several of us have had a serious blow dealth to our nationalistic orientations with the incommodius approach to troop welfare and the general approach to the prosecution of this war against terror. Speeches and statements issued by authorities that should be mainly concerned about the psychological well being of men in combat and their family have gone terribly wrong in front of us all. We now relish in past glories and victory stories, (not even well compiled in any one single documentation, to create a reference for future generations and immortalise the heroes from whose grave we earned this victory) we re to brace our patriotism with memories of the good old past. But deep in our heart hidden from the world(but clearly reflected by our enemies in the media war) we all know that things could be better and there is something wrong.

  9. igbi says:

    defenceweb tells you that you are a chimp and you answer “yes sir”.

  10. Deway says:

    Seems they may have dual VIP/troop lifting role. Lets wait till they get to Nigeria and see in what capacity they’ll be used. However, whether VIP or not, there still an opportunity to lethally arm these helicopters if they really want to.
    Okay I take my comments back, I just discovered that VVIP roled is Very very Important Personality so NAF actually went for a luxury variant of the AW101. na wa!!!!

    “AgustaWestland developed a specialized luxury variant, the AW101 VVIP (Very Very Important Person, i.e. a head of state), aimed at business and VIP customers.[127] As of April 2009, 15% of all AW101s sold were for VIP purposes.[31] Customers operating the VIP variant include Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Nigeria and Turkmenistan.[41]

    Is this really for NAF or for a Nigerian airline/helicopter transport company????

    • igbi says:

      “The AgustaWestland AW101 combines the most advanced technologies, mission systems and manufacturing expertise with a proven aircraft design. With the largest cabin in its class and with stand-up head room, excellent safety features and incorporating the latest in vibration reduction technology the AW101 is ideally suited to both the VVIP Head of State transport and to Commercial roles including long range Search and Rescue and Disaster Relief.”
      Obviously the hellicopter can be retooled the way the user wants it. My guess is troop transport and surveillance.

    • giles says:

      Hana na air force get am

    • igbi says:

      During the cold war, a lot of military helicopters were sold as vip transport, and they were used by troops as lethal weapons. Now what matters is the specifics of the hellicopter, not its title.

  11. Martin Luther says:

    Igbi, you are back and still in denial? well face it the coppers are to ferry the big men not fight for you

    • giles says:

      na so we c am

    • ozed says:

      Na wa O are you a glutton for punishment? At this dark hour of pain, Igbi has just offered a rational explanation for what would otherwise have made no sense, but you are bent on believing the most painful option. Do you have inside info? or you just want to take the worst case possible?

      • peccavi says:

        There is no rational explanation. Nigeria is not under embargo, a military spec aircraft is not thee same as a VIP or civilian spec aircraft.
        The Iraqis under sanction bought MB 1005 (?) helicopters and upgraded them to gunships in the 1980s, however we are not under sanctions, Augusta Westland would happily sell us mil spec aircraft.
        There is no logical reason to claim these are VVIP aircraft if they are troop carriers, ASW or support helicopters.
        We have already announced we are buying 40 attack and transport helicopters (strangely enough no numbers or specifics) so who are we trying to hide the purchase of 2 x AW101s from?
        I agree there is no logic to any sane Air Force buying excellent troop transports like this for VIPs during an intense conflict however there is no evidence otherwise

      • Martin Luther says:

        Oga peccavi,

        Thank you, my thinking anyway is that if a military is spending on VIP transports at a time like this; then they must have a major procurement of assets up their sleeves or else my interpretation would be misappropriation which in turn at a time like this can be called –age (if you can interpret jargon).

  12. Are James says:

    If these AW101 acquisitions are true and they are not driven by a still unbelievably maddening fleecing of our defence budget and shamefully ruthless exploitation of the ordeal of 200 young girls, then a contrary explanation may be the following:
    1. Massive airborne invasion of Sambisa and other camps about to commence. Mission planning may have thrown up different options the best being using multi insertions over hundreds of kilometers using choppers.
    2. My layman projected scenario is at least a month of work by maybe up to twenty thousand men led in by shock SF troops on many choppers and many insertion points.. Even me as a bloody civillian won’t send in all the men by road not to mention a seasoned war general.
    3. Constant ferrying of supplies, MEDEVAC, extraction and re insertion operations for the entire duration. I have thrown in the duration of a month because I don’t see a COIN shock and awe followed by mop ups extending beyond that.
    4.The British obviously have front seats in the operation. @Jimmy, nobody uses the Tornado for the kind of surveillance we are talking about here except minorly to exploit this version’s capability for low level observation, quick computation and production of maps for transmission via data links to Beechcraft KingAirs, on the ground commanders and DHQ. In any case If Tornadoes are coming according to Punch Newspapers, then low level attacks and blasting of escape routes of BH around Mandara mountains are also in the works.
    5. The military brass have obviously under that cover of this ‘suspected operation’ bought themselves nice private jets as any ”self respecting” general in a country like Nigeria is almost expected to do.
    6. New procurements coming are definitely not going to include armoured vehicles except those that can be ferried and slung in by chopper.

    • Are James says:

      The scale of the ops and need for higher reliability may have informed the need to depend on more than just the MI 171SH which order we hear is already being affected by the Ukrainian conflict.
      All the above explanations however get flushed down the proverbial toilet if what is being procured or include the VVIP versions of the AW101 in which case it is the President himself (not the military) who has to explain to Nigerians why we should trust him with another term in office when he is displaying such prodigal sense of value at a period of national grief over bombings, abductions and defilement of young women.

    • jimmy says:

      My brother Because the news wey oga beegs give us this morning about the isr planes sweeten me like someone wey just put sugar for garri just take one mouth as man wan take the second one gbam. Augusta helio. E be like make someone throw sand for my garri ,I no fit take am I beg o make una dey right .I don dey tire make them buy helicopter transport plane for our boys. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  13. beegeagle says:

    Oga Are James, the two units of Mi-17 which Menatti said are stuck in Ukraine are not Mi-171Sh Terminator. Those can only come from ROSOBORONEXPORT of Russia, being brand-new assets. The bids put in for the tender in Dec 2012 make this clear. The Mi-35Ms are going to be
    brand-new assets as well.

    • Are James says:

      Thanks for the clarification. So it is all eventually going to be a mix of new MI 171SH / MI 35M choppers from Rosoboronexport and fairly used MI 17 from the Ukraine.

  14. Alade says:

    If they dont buy VIP planes,hw ar we goin to knw that they ar d NIGERIAN AIR FORCE…???

  15. peccavi says:

    Tornados have been sent to Cyprus, they’ll either bee used over Iraq or North Africa, to operate over NE Nigeria they will need air to air refuelling tankers. We’d need to track where US/ UK air tankers are to determine where they are being sent. They definitely will not be based in Nigeria. If its to be based locally, it will be at N’Djamena, Chad

    • asorockweb says:

      Based on the publicly available information, N’Djamena is supposed to be the “air” center for the international effort for the “Chibok girls.”

  16. Augustine says:

    Haba, dan Allah na ! Menene wannan? Tori Olorun mi o, ewo tun ni eleyi?

    FG, OBJ, Shagari, Shonekan, all Governors, etc, CDS, COAS, all defence topmost brass hats, told us that location of Chibok girls is known…

    So what is RAF Tornado jets coming to find again? Chibok boys? Yes boys, because our national leaders past and present say they are sure military HQ knows where chibok girls are !

    Then Tornado GR4 is a far less capable surveillance than the Sentinel RAF sent here for a whole month surveillance. Sentinel is a dedicated ground ISTAR aircraft and among the most advanced and best the world. Now an older obsolescent Tornado Recce version, wetin nah?

    So what Chibok girls are we finding with a less capable aircraft than what was available in May/June?

    Ah ! Nigeria…the more we look, the less we see…confusion galore !!!

  17. Augustine says:

    For Augusta AW101 Merlin. Methinks :

    Funny how NAF transporters arrive NAF base for duty faster than Super Tucano combat aircraft.

    Nobody knows what versions they really are until they arrive, but the VVIP version has specially fantastic and expensive luxury interior and will need heavy re-modularization for combat use if we want a multi-role platform. Real costly choice, re-tooling form luxury switching over to hard combat mode every seven days abi?

    VVIP transport, una wan use big man helicopter for war Sunday night, then you ask big man to come enter am go Abuja meeting the next day Monday morning bah? After the helicopter don swallow Boko Haram AAA cannon fire the previous day and 10 bullets lodge inside airframe? After pilot fly the helicopter like a mad man doing combat maneuver turning all the intestine of the VVIP luxury ‘ astronaut spaceship’ inside out upside down in battle theater, you wa put billionaire inside make him go crash in a helicopter that was recently stressed with fatigue?

    Una no dey serious o, with this luxury+combat idea.

    Lets wait till it comes. If it proves to be a bad decision, na today?

    • Are James says:

      I don’t think we are buying VVIP jets for the military it must be a masked procurement of military troop carrying versions for some operation with eventual induction into regular service on the cards. However, If the story is indeed true and we are buying ‘VVIP’, then Nigeria has been a victim of another aggressive marketing campaign by Augusta Westland salesmen (with some corruption involved) and the choppers would eventually be going into the Presidential fleet. Choppers for the presidential air fleet paid for from our defence budget at the current time?, …then i don vex be dat…. and I would know what to do in 2015.
      It would also mean SR has been proved right about the quality of Nigeria’s military leadership and its current gov’t (all patriotic pretensions aside now as we face hard facts about people). It would mean the BH war has already been lost for the CIC by the big men in uniform, it would mean all reports about a mutiny and every other negative report we try to debunk here may have been true.
      Anyway, all manner of shit will start hitting all fans by December when we would be few months from the elections and questions start getting asked.

  18. beegeagle says:



    Our so called friends in the West are proving to be the most fickle flip floppers in the room. They will not sell what we need to prosecute the war but bellyache interminably at the prospect of stronger Russo-Nigerian or Sino-Nigerian military ties while our own people are so bereft of the courage and too eager to please antagonists and as such, are unable to explore useable options elsewhere.

    We have been through these motions before yet we have learnt nothing. The same West blunted the cutting edge of the Nigerian military through a regime of sanctions yet fanboys and hirelings in our DEFSEC establishment will not wisen up and allow Nigeria to seek her options elsewhere. Are we not finished if someone like Oga Stars-and-Stripes on this blog really wears a Nigerian military uniform?

    During the Civil War, the same high decibel noises about war crimes emanated from the West. They even withheld arms which had been paid for prior to the start of the war. But we had decisive and courageous political and military leaders. So they turned to the defunct East bloc and acquired everything stern and in consequential numbers – MiG 17s, L29 Delfin, Il-28 Beagle bombers, 122mm artillery, ZSU-23-4 SPAAGs, Komar torpedo boats etc.

    The FMG of that era was led by youths.Why are MEN floundering so spectacularly on the simple task of equipping the military? Why are we so bereft of courage? When did all these quislings whose essence is diametrically opposed to that of the heroic soldiers who fought in Sierra Leone and Somalia in the 1990s? Troops protesting, wives protesting…is it now a trade union or is it still the tenacious Nigerian Army whose fighting qualities SKY NEWS were praising a few months ago? Na wa o.

    The nation is sick from top to bottom, even without Ebola. How can legislators proceed on recess without concluding proceedings on the procurement funding request by Mr President? Would they have left if their severance payment or emoluments were up for discussion?

    And why, why and WHY do our Army and Air Force keep on talking endlessly about taking delivery of new equipment? What would it take to splash photos of same on their websites like every responsible military does? What would it take for DHQ to post a video of the handover formalities on DEFENCEINFO? How long does it take to make a video clip. We are watching foreigners impugn the character of the Nigerian military using videos and the spectacle which Nigerians need to see in order that they be gingered into supporting this war effort, namely video clips of new hardware systems, is now STATE SECRET? Why is our strategic mindset still so antiquated? God forbid…what is this?

    • Martin Luther says:

      All I know is that the NA has lost the propaganda war

      • AreJames says:

        All I know is there is no smoke without fire. A still unconfirmed report is that the MOPOL training facility was overrun and taken over by BH insurgents. Gwoza hills training facility has been used for years by MOPOL, NYSC and maybe even NDA cadets. How this could have happened beats everyone.

      • Augustine says:

        All I know is that if truly Bokos are on Gwoza hills, 2 nice small ISTAR aircraft and 8 nice 105mm artillery on ground level is the best way to soften the enemy before our infantry assault. In war, you cannot assault a steep gradient hill with armoured vehicles, only foot soldiers and to an extent calvary horsemen regiments. Kargil war Indo-Paki tells it all, aircraft and artillery are the best ways to soften up enemy highland fortresses before your infantry assault troops begin to climb, or else your whole battalion will be massacred by enemy fire uphill.

        Maybe this is why NA has not taken Gwoza, who knows?

        Artillery smoke in daytime with NAF Cessna and Beechcraft target acquisition, fire control, and redirection. Smoke shells around perimeter of enemy territory as first salvo, blocks escape, scares enemy, pushes them closer to the center for next salvo…High Explosive fire for effect on heavy weapons and men of enemy. All daytime for HE rounds.

        Night assault by troops, 2km from enemy territory, fire artillery illumination rounds inside enemy camp only. Cessna and Beechcraft aircraft battlefield observation and command-control communication gives situational awareness edge to NA, because Bokos are fast footed and good in altering men and formations to change the course of battle.

        Entry into Gwoza will cause heavy hand to hand combat for hours. 2 Hind gunship helicopters landed at hill base will be called in only at right time to pick off escaping Bokos. Need info from local hunters on likely escape routes downhill, infantry inserted to lay ambush, needs lots of night vision goggles for every soldier and pistol illumination flares.

        Before assault, recce platoons as spies should daily reconnoiter Gwoza, I guess it may be a group of hills. Hand held drones from NA will help recce.

        It’s not hard to recapture Gwoza, maybe NA is worried about civilian casualties. Collateral damage is hard to avoid in war theatres located in civilian zones.

        We have to make a choice.

    • igbi says:

      Since when do NDA cadets train in mopol facilities ?
      Isn’t there supposed to be a battle wageing in gwoza ?
      What is surprising in the fact that the terrorists would overrun an empty building during a battle ?

  19. beegeagle says:

    BTW and like I said elsewhere, unless this cascade of air transport assets coming to the NAF at a curious epoch in our national life is matched or surpassed by concurrent deliveries of combat aircraft and 4G jets, it would be safe to conclude that the priorities of our NAF might be horrendously skewed at this time of war.

    How do we go from short-ranged F7s of dubious value and relevance to our regional geopolitical and strategic requirements and interests to ramping up VIP (not troop) transport assets like we are preparing for a retreat on the Obudu Mountain Resort? What is all this for God’s sake?

    Even for these VIP transport helos, did the PAF not get two AW 139s about five years ago? At this exasperating rate, the NAF and the Presidential Air Fleet might have eighteen jets and twelve helicopters by 2015?

    We always see foreign-sourced photos of transport aircraft on the cusp of getting delivered to the NAF? Has anyone ever seen a photo of a Nigerian Air Force combat asset preparatory to being delivered to Nigeria since the start of this decade? For goodness sake, we have seen photos of a Niger-owned Su-25, Burkinabe ALX Super Tucano, a Chadian MiG 29 and Sudanese Su-24s. Show me a photo of one combat asset abroad which is set to be delivered to Nigeria..

    • airsupport says:

      Guys, let’s not live in denial. VVIP aircraft are being acquired under the guise of ISR aircraft. The newly acquired Beechcraft 350’s are being operated by the 209 Executive Airlift Group. Let’s ask ourselves, what is the duty of the 209 EAG?
      The A101s are for PAF, they already operate 2 units for VVIP transport.
      I really do feel for the troops on the ground.

      VVIP is the priority of the current administration. 10 years ago 95% of top government officials travelled by commercial airlines but now 95% travel via commercial or government VVIP transport

      • AreJames says:

        The airforce was left in limbo for many years and the excuse was COMPETING DEMANDS. Now we have the money, the newly competing demands are that everyone at the top level of government and the military wants to travel by Executive Jets. Each trip is $15,000 by executive jet for local travel. The choppers are possibly $10,000 per trip and primarily for the short hops from helipads to Airports from which they board the Executive Jets thus obviating the need for risky road travel (especially now with BH already winning the war on the ground …. I suppose). How many executive jets and VIP choppers do Algeria, Sudan, Kenya, South Africa and Uganda operate you might want to ask?. Interestingly, these are the countries that have air assets that strike fear in the hearts of enemies.
        In 2015 we would be asking them to show us the 2014 budget appropriation bill sub heads that these procurements have been charged to. If dem no dey budget, big wahala.
        If the case is then made that they were bought under the $1B fund for defence procurement, then they will have to show us where rockets and missiles are launched from on these aircraft .They will also need to show us their plans for the maintenance of these value-less objects of vanity without endangering the maintenance of the high value combat air craft we need to secure the country.

  20. igbi says:

    Can someone explain why our UN embassador voted against russia in the ukraine saga ?
    Is that wise ?

    • Are James says:

      National inferiority complex. Toadying up to the West who still won’t respect you until you assert yourself with vision, integrity and strength.

  21. igbi says:

    I am happy that you guys have finally seen Namadi, the imposture, for who he is. there are still some bloggers with similar motives in here. But some of those are smart enough to avoid being outed in the same manner as namadi. But when you analyze what they write, it is unmistakeable.
    What you guys need to understand is that you should in no way consider granting free speech to the ennemy. The ennemy will always use free speech to vent his propaganda and to laugh at patriotism. Just take as an example how the US or Israel, or France handle war information.
    And also take example of the western media calling for a media blackout on isis. No free speach for the ennemy, and to the simpleton friend: wise up ! now !

  22. peccavi says:

    Oga AreJames: yup the AW101s would be useful in air assault or support roles but we already have attack and support helicopters, unless I’m mistaken the VVIP Agustas are not being used for support or air assault.
    Helicopter na helicopter. Whether we have 2 or 20 will not prevent us from launching an air assault.
    Oga Agustine: capturing an built up area particularly one dominated by hills with limited avenues of approach is not easy, for any Army. Taking Gwoza and more importantly destroying the enemy, would need an extremely well planned op

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Peccavi I do agree with your technical point, but I don’t agree with your English language sir. Hard to take Gwoza? For policemen, yes, hard. For a 150 year old army that fought Japan in Burma jungle 1940s up to this current 4 year old war against a familiar enemy, it is not hard, yet not a piece of cake.

      How is it hard for a 130,000 man army and a whole air force to capture a hill town called Gwoza occupied by say 2,000 Bokos I guess?

      We no wan die, or we no wan make civilian residents die? It can be done and you know it oga Peccavi. All 3 sides will suffer casualties, NA, civilians, Bokos.

      Taking Gwoza is easier than fighting Japanese samurai and kamikaze army in thick Burma jungle. Taking Gwoza is easier than landing on Juno beach on D-DAY 1944 and running headlong in suicide mode into concrete bunker protected German machine gun nests, beach blockade obstacles, and land-mines. Some Allied soldiers at Juno beach never even stepped out of their landing craft to fire one shot in the air before Nazis mowed them down like a garden lawn mower cutting down grass.

      I have put 10 times more powerful equipment on our army side against Bokos including our air support. If it is still hard to take Gwoza with those equipment, then wahala dey o !

      I get your point Oga Peccavi, and I know the technical aspect you are looking at, yes true, I agree….but taking Gwoza is easier than those two wars I mentioned.

      I also agree with your point on well planned ops, you spoke the truth, I have been thinking about it for two days now. Nigerian army needs to rehearse assaults like the Israelis if we want to reduce casualties on our men and innocent civilians.

      Drills upon drills, well rehearsed assaults like Israeli Entebbe raid will prepare us for victory. I guessed after I wrote on Gwoza invasion, I guessed NA is taking it’s time planning the assault and would not be rushed by the noise in the media on Gwoza. Good stand by an army top brass, patient planning, Entebbe raid was not rushed, time went by with planning and hey…rehearsals of the assault in a war game fashion after table simulation before the Israelis landed in Uganda.

      Gwoza will be taken I know, time….God knows.

      • jimmy says:

        Gwoza will be taken…….and I paused before I say these words. I hope to God collateral damage is reduced.This is not damboa….there will be the likelihood of serious collateral damage.

    • AreJames says:


  23. Are James says:

    The battle is classic air strikes and airborne infantry. Why we are spending wastefully at this time and getting luxury jets before combat aircraft still beats me. The black man refuses to use his mind properly yet he reacts violently when he receives insults and criticism for his vanity and childish self-centredness. Just look at the terrain:

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Are James, nice job with Gwoza photos.

      Looks easier than I thought for recapture/assault. Low gradient hill for inhabited areas.

      Gwoza is perfect for assault by 105mm artillery, 120mm mortars, helicopter gunships, helicopter born troops, and light propeller aircraft battlefield observation and target acquisition.

      Easier war than Burma and Normandy.

  24. peccavi says:

    Oga Augustine: Gwoza will be rtakeen, but note thee specific language I used ‘destroy the enemy’ There is no point capturing Gwoza and letting BH foot soldiers and heavy weapons escape. they will just capture another town. they must be isolated and destroyed.

    The Army that fought in Burma, the civil war etc does not exist any more, even the Army that fought in Liberia and Sierra Leone. This is the army of 2014 and its time to write its own legends.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Peccavi, current Brig.Gen Olukolade is a veteran of Liberia/Sierra Leone. We still have many of them in the army as NCOs and COs. We deployed about 15,000 NA,NAF.NN to ECOMOG, we rotated troops for about 10 years, so maybe about 45,000 men are veterans . We lost about 1,000 KIA/MIA, we lost about say 2,000 to HIV/AIDS who died later or were retired. We lost say about 2,000 to Obasanjo ‘adjustment’ of tribal imbalance, illiteracy, and coup hungry officers.

      Old age retirement, attrition could have taken off another 30,000.

      Nigerian military should have about 10,000 experienced ECOMOG men still in service today. My estimates.

  25. airsupport says:

    My bad, PAF operates A139s. The A101s will be a nice upgrade.
    They upgraded the GIVS to G550s, the Falcon 900s to 7Xs. I hear the wishlist is to upgrade the G550s to 650s and the BBJ to a 777.
    It’s only logical that the rotary assets will follow suit

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