22 August, 2014
By Bassey Inyang

The Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Lt. Gen. Kenneth Minimah has stated that the Nigerian Army will soon be reorganised to enable it effectively carry out the task of protecting the territorial integrity of the nation. Minimah said the reorganisation has become very necessary because the Nigerian Army intends to stop at nothing in ridding the nation of terrorists and their activities.

Minimah stated this Friday in Calabar during his familiarization visit to army formations and units under the 82 Division, Nigerian Army, Enugu.

Addressing men and officers of the 13 Brigade Nigerian Army in
Calabar, Cross River State, Minimah said,“The army is ready to defeat terrorism and insurgency in the country. “First and foremost, we will reorganise the army,renew our doctrine and then do our training with the new equipment we have”, he said.


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  1. jimmy says:

    This is the second VERY PUBLIC MESSAGE by the C.O..A.S. in a week it does appear that someone in the chief’s office does read what we write on this blog
    The reorganization of the ARMY by the chief is following on the heels of the full inventory audit of all equipment done recently.The reorganization will have to answer some very pertinent questions Does the army devote an entire Battalion/ or a BRIGADE or even a staggering division permanently to Coin OPERATION.
    Here is my suggestion The boko haram insurgency has exposed one thing the army needs to do it needs to have a permanent HQ for its SPECIAL FORCES. The Americans have trained a 650 ranger battalion for 2 months . THIS IS WHAT SHOULD FOLLOW AFTER:
    Long term the NA needs to have a special forces Brigade it should be modeled on the British SAS .Nigeria should politely ask the Brits for help these men should be chosen from scratch and should comprise three battalions.Unusually the force should be headquartered with their backs to the ocean preferably EPE , PORT HARCOURT or even Jamestown . the reasoning is that the land they occupy should be away from the general populace with no encroachment in the future One battalion should be stationed up North Close to the swampy areas of LAKE CHAD. The battalion stationed in the North should be modeled after the US 10th MOUNTAIN LIGHT INFANTRY DIVISION
    No they will be training extensively in hilly and mountainous regions not on ski slopes as the article mention. This battalion must require that all men speak at least rudimentary french and HAUSA.
    If the Brits refuse to help Nigeria must be prepared to go ISRAEL and have this Brigade Modeled closer in character to the Israeli Sayeret Matkal .
    I want to touch on part of his speech earlier on during the week when the chief was in Enugu @ THE HQ OF THE 82 DIVISION
    .To become an officer in the NA is a privilege not a divine right .: Part of this should start right from the beginning the manner in which the ordinary civilian gains admission .
    1) The application fee should be raised from N2,500 to N10,000 it is too little.
    2) THE STATE GOV should once a year sponsor one person who personally should come recommended from the gov that is 36 students who are sponsored by their states.
    3) The warning he issued should be reinforced because i personally know of families who served 4 TOURS OF DUTY IN Iraq never ever did you hear the wives say a peep.
    4) Whether as an officer or as a regular nco. one orientation doctrine that needs to change is the army is not an employment agency, it is a volunteer force.
    Ending on a positive note it does appear that the coas is confirming that the new equipment has arrived does anyone have any idea what is new ?

    • peccavi says:

      Oga Jimmy, Nigeria already has a Joint Special Operations Command, set up earlier this year with US assistance.

      I would suggest raising the cost of admission will not raise the quality of officers, it will simply price out the poor. If you want to make it qualitative then increase the academic and other tests. I don’t think the problem is the raw quality of officers, simply the training they get and the culture they enter when they leave NDA. The godfather culture needs to end, and a culture of innovation and meritocracy has to be fostered. Just as important NCO’s need to be developed, personally I would increase the aptitude, problem solving etc tests for officer entry and those who are maybe within 5-10% be offered a place in teh Army as an NCO. I would trial a programme of fast track NCO’s for uni/ polytechnic graduates who will go straight from basic training to NCO schools, the idea would be to produce a new generation of thinking NCO’s who in 5-10 years will be Colour Sgts and maybe Sgt Majors in 15.

      Nigeria needs 3 more divisons, each should have a standby IS/ COIN brigade.
      More importantly MOPOL needs to be trained and equipped for its IS role and better conflict resolution and prediction mechanisms put into place.

      I would like to kno what this reorganisation will entail sha.

      • Russellinfinity says:

        Sir Peccavi,
        I agree with everything you said but create more battalions. I have never been an advocate for the surge in troop numbers on this blog.

        My reasons can be gleaned from the following questions: What has the Nigerian army done with the present number it has? Does the Nigerian defence apparatus have enough structures to support such an increase? What happens to logistics, welfare and training?

        At present the federal government is struggling to properly equip and maintain a 120,000 strong force. How will it cope with additional troops?

        I am not questioning the financial capability to support such a force but the fiscal attitude of those who call the shots towards defence issues.

        If the Dhq, MOD, CIC…etc cannot clearly answer the questions or issues raised above, then let them work with what they have presently. An increase in troop numbers given the attitude of the political class towards defence expenditure, the corruption in the acquisition of equipment and misplacement of priorities will lead to a sharp and appalling decline in quality.

        In addition to your suggestion a defense review is needed ASAP. The Nigerian military should take a back seat in peace keeping OPs on the continent and beyond.

        My two cents.

      • Are James says:

        Thank you @Peccavi.

  2. pappy says:

    I love this words “First and foremost, we will reorganise the army,renew our doctrine and then do our training with the new equipment we have” well spoken General.

  3. Are James says:

    It is a hardware-driven reorganization. That suggests weapons of the kind not seen before. New kind of hardware that conferring new operational capabilities and hence a new operating model..
    I think we should expect the following:
    1. Full blown NA aviation – choppers and UAV operators.
    2. At least an infantry division capable of interfacing UAVs, Rocket Artillery and capable of precision strikes from the ground.
    3. Some interesting development with SFs as @Jimmy and @Peccavi have alluded to.
    4. Some geographical relocation of key apparatus that constitute the nation’s defsec’s centre of gravity – dis one fit get political k-leg but all change is good when things have gotten so bad.
    The fees for entry into the NDA should be ZERO. Money and excellence usually don’t mix.
    Instead we need something more akin to what obtains with the SSS in terms of recruitment, head hunting by NA recruitment officers in institutions of higher learning from final year students, extensive background checks, academic record verification, reputable (not rich) referees, three stage aptitude tests and entry exams, minimum entry qualification should be OND. We are looking for a US or Israeli type recruitment standard here. Let us stop this idea that money paid for entry forms brings respect for the institutions concerned. Nigerians and money sef. …let us stop this national fixation with money as a motivator or the only object of respect. Please let us not recruit officers who would become generals and be buying themselves executive space shuttles in the next 25years.

    • smartboy2000 says:

      My Lord CyberGeneral Are James you’ve done it again, hitting the nail in the head. The fact is that being a member of the Nigerian Army should be a duty to the Nation, not some form of financial reward entity. I totally agree with you that the entry fee should be ZERO and that we should have is a rigorous Military Aptitude Tests for all our entrants. Nigeria is now at that stage of it’s existence where we need to build a Modern Day Army that would be able to fight in an Asymmetric Warfare theatre. As a 120,000 fighting force, we need to start by improving the fighting quality of our existing force, before we start recruiting heavily for expansion. Without a shadow of doubt the Nigerian Army needs to expand it’s man-forces probably by about 50,000 within the next 10 years, and the quality of the personnel is going to be the key to waging a modern warfare. God Bless Nigeria.

  4. Augustine says:

    Well, new equipment. What types? Why the secrecy? Hiding hardware procurement makes room for corruption. Wrong hardware like F-7 jets, wrong specifications and price inflation like Cobra APC, second hand equipment at the price of brand new, faulty equipment that won’t work, some hardware paid for may never even be delivered because only 3 people at the top ever know about it, and they have their personal pocket agenda.

    These are the things Minister of finance and senate complains about and refuse to release more money for the military in equipment/weapons procurement.The question they ask is, “Show us what you did with the billions of dollars we gave you before.”

    You cannot keep weapon acquisition secret unless you locally produce them, if you import, the whole world knows via UN arms sales log , SIPRI arms transfer database, etc. Manufacturers know, and the people involved in their country know.

    Even if you produce locally, Profoce staff knows, DICON staff knows, so what is secret unless produced inside military factory like Igirigi APC?

    Okay when you use a weapon for the first time on battlefield it is no longer secret, the enemy sees and knows, then they can assess it’s capabilities. So who is fooling who with a secret list of new equipment and hardware that only ends up confusing the patriotic Nigerians?

    Anyway, let them buy lethal equipment and not just unarmed APC/MRAP that will come to NE and be loaded with the same old Browning machine gun that is outgunned by Boko Haram 23mm cannon. Our boys are getting angry and frustrated on the battlefield, and hey, you better listen to them so they don’t turn their AK-47s in the wrong direction, you have guns in the hands of angry young soldiers….get it?

    • AreJames says:

      Well I think the Chief of Army Staff is already thinking in all these directions. He looks like a man of integrity. Personally I think he is a soldier’s soldier. Every other rank above him however is peopled by some individuals that we need all restraint not to describe in words that are not fit for the public sphere.
      As for the childishly amateurish or fraud concealing attempts at secrecy in defence procurement, these things are effective only to the extent that we use local supply contractors to buy from the manufacturers, it is obviously beyond the Chief of A staff. The practice is a long standing one dating back to the Gowon civil war era with its rudimentary procurement processess in which certain individuals would practically be given a cheque to scour through Europe looking for weapons to buy for the war effort. Even now rumours abound that it is the generals themselves who have been buying the emergency requirements, that medium term requirements are supposedly being bought for us by politically well connected businessmen and former political office holders. How will there not be corruption in this thing and who is going to do quality control to protect the poor young soldiers depending on the weapons in the field?. It is this man’s responsibility to ensure that the institution he heads does not ‘scatter on his head’. History books will record and history will soon judge what actions are taken in the next few months.

  5. peccavi says:

    Oga RussellInfinity, good question.
    However the key reason that Nigeria is facing difficulties in terms of Boko Haram (in my opinion) is force numbers and poor organisation.
    Pay is a mess. If it is automated and done straight into accounts there is no temptation for commanders to inflate figures thus we would have an accurate view of how many soldiers we have.
    When you say and army of 120,000, you must bear in mind that that army consists of a small number of combat troops (maybe 40-50,000 in infantry, armour) the rest are combat or combat service support troops. So for an op like in NE Nigeria we (for the sake of argument) need 10,000 combat troops, there would be another maybe 5,000 combat support troops (engineers, artillery, etc) and 2000 combat service support (electrical and mechanical engineers, admin, medics etc).
    Now these troops need to be rotated every 6-12 months. So every 6-12 months you have about 17,000 troops rotating in. But the guys taking over will need to conduct build up training, which should take another 3-6 months, so for at least 6 months you have 34,000 troops committed to one task. However once one set comes off operations they have leave, trade and promotion courses. in essence every operational cycle ties up 51,000 troops or so.
    This leaves 70000 troops for every other taks, now if we have Pulo Shield, JTF in Plateau, Peace keeping ops etc then we are looking at exactly the same type of thing, in essence any operation that lasts more than one cycle ties up 2 times the total number deployed on the second cycle and 3 times by the third. This excludes, reserves, battle casualty replacements and others.

    You can thus see that for an army committed to ops it is always on the look out for more troops.

    However I agree that simply expanding the Army is a mistake, it must be done intelligently.
    First is pay and pensions must be sorted out. Let soldiers know that they will be looked after. every soldier must have a bank account and be paid directly into his account. If he wants cash he can go and withdraw, if he wants cash when deployed he can sign a chit for it from the Pay Sergeant.
    Deployment bonuses should be publicly published and paid direct to soldiers, the legislation should do their fucking job and provide oversight.
    So how do we expand the Army? 2 ways, first of all a reserve pool.
    All secondary schools should have a boys brigade in which a basic military regime pertains in terms of fitness, patriotism, fieldcraft, and for senior boys leadership. All universities should have an officer training corps, a portion of them will be encouraged to joint the Army, others when the time for NYSC comes will be given the option of a 2 year Army posting with a short service commisiion, those that don’t make the cut as officers can retry again and then go to a special Sergeants school with an option of a 2-4 year posting. The incentive will be a free masters programme paid for by the FGN with stipend, however whilst undertaking the masters at the end of the programme they will carry on as instructors at Universities, if they choose not to take the masters they can take a lump sum roughly equivalent to the cost of a masters programme. If they choose to stay on they can still do the Masters free of charge.
    This takes care of junior leadership. For other ranks expand NYSC to secondary school leavers, in faxt national service will be compulsory for anyone not entering university at 18-20. A proportion will be sent to the Army, Police, MOPOL and the rest will form a service corps. For those like al majiris in the north or street children in the south, there will be skills acquisition courses, once these courses are completed then the 2 years national service begins, these courses will be in construction, agriculture, water management, waste management etc with literacy and numeracy skills.
    What this does is ties up each crop of fighting age makes we produce in the country in some form of accountable manner and generates a fresh crop of soldiers for the Army.
    In order to sustain the expansion, every division will have a reserve component, made up of part time soldiers, thus each Brigade will have a reserve battalion, who will be trained and equipped at regular levels.

    What this means is that for every division there are 3 battalions that it has trained and ready but it does not have to pay, feed or house them except when they are on exercise or operations. it also means that these reserve troops can backfill regular troops whenever operations get hectic.

    The reserve units will be manned by some regular officers and university short service officers. This system works in all first world countries and even third world ones like Sri Lanka and for Israel is essentially the backbone of their military.

    The key is standards, as long as high standards are maintained and entry and progress is no t based on man know man, money or arangee, we can generate huge amounts of combat power at short notice but for minimal cost. At the same time we tie up entire swathes of fighting age males in government service forcing them to mix with people they never would have met in normal life and to see Nigerians as one people.

  6. gbash10 says:

    A Russian-built Il-76 transport plane flew into TAC in the morning and it just flew back to Abj.
    Your guess is good as mine !

  7. Oje says:

    Counter terrorism training and assets are what is needed now not troop surge. While Boko Haram look deadly by reputation the truth is they are just a bunch of teenage/youthful touts from the poverty stricken North/Niger axis paid to create carnage. That’s why it’s very difficult to negotiate with them because in reality they have no organisation, no hierarchy, just thugs. You know they are losing the war when they consistently attack soft vulnerable targets. It took ISIS one month to occupy half of Iraq, it took the Syrian Rebels MONTHS to turn all of Syria into a shit hole. It took the Malian Rebels weeks to occupy half of Mali requiring French intervention. ..its been 7 years since Boko Haram vowed to turn Nigeria into an Islamic Caliphate yet they lack even the capability to cause massive carnage across 3 States on a grand scale much less occupy territories. Are they that broke, disorganised or they are just better at attacking remote villages and thinly manned checkpoints?

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Oje. Boko Haram cannot use, say, 5,000 men to occupy a 170 million people Nigeria on a land mass almost 4 times the size of Great Britain.

      However, Boko knows how to sting us where the venom hurts most.

  8. jimmy says:

    You guys have spoken and I have to listen in fact i am compelled to listen, I take BACK MY COMMENT about raising the application fee , the last thing i want to do is exclude the poor from joining the army, and if that is raised they will be amongst the groups most severely affected that is not the goal. The goal @ the beginning stage is to raise the standard as both of you have alluded to i believe these are sound and very meaningful suggestions in fact the fee should be scrapped and be replaced by merit based tests, extensive background tests including finger printing, eye identification ( The phone people at MTN have it already).
    The reorganization of the army must include one thing RECRUITMENT.One of the things that is still baffling to till today is the role of the current senior officers of this generation ( colonel and above age 45 +) The late Sarduana of Sokoto was well known for his extensive recruiting tools.
    IT IS IMPORTANT VERY IMPORTANT THAT SENIOR OFFICERS who have an eye / knack for telling what makes a good soldier in a young man/ woman to be part of this process.
    The army must bow they say an Iroko tree that does not learn to bend with the wind or the hurricane will be blown away. .The entire finance dept of the Nigerian army needs to become automated there are a lot of reputable accounting firms that can do this within a year. AKINTOLA WILLIAMS ( not plugging I am a civil engineer) , or even if they bring in the Lagos state govt or even a huge bank like STANBIC, UNION BANK,STANDARD BANK,ZENITH BANK ,These organizations are big enough to handle 120,000 + personnel.

  9. Augustine says:

    When them wan choose equipment to buy for those soldiers, dem ask for public opinion? Now dem wan make we dey help them pursue army deserters. When Brazil wan buy weapon, dey announce in advance and ask public opinion. There is a lot of public voice and debate allowed on weapon/equip procurement in USA, India, Pakistan.

    The internet forums that we public use to see our soldiers photos on battlefield and send them our appreciation, encouragement messages, prayers, and poems, even we were planning public fund raising nationwide to buy non-lethal infantry personal equipment, dem shut am down, put public inside dark room with no NEPA so the more we look the less we see. Our own country be like Burma under khaki control.

    Anyway …em eh, deserters, stop deserting o, na bad thing, na crime.

    • Are James says:

      Detecting AWOL soldiers is a real time activity for any serious army and does not require any civilian input. It is a rollup of roll calls compared against permitted absentees from the platoon level. The NA has RSMs whose job it is to ensure that every soldier is mobilised at post. If the soldiers departed with arms and ammo. then even more serious problem is at hand. The DDI should stop making these embarrassing statements to the public. It is reinforcing the view that we are not serious.

      • jimmy says:

        The chief is right and so are you. Oga Are james. Desertion has been happening since Roman times. Right now in the us we have one of the most unbelievable cases of desertion, that possibly led to the death of five soldiers who got caught in ambush trying to “rescue” the deserter. Desertion and mutiny are some of the most serious problems an army can have every army goes through some just tend to keep it secret ,it does not mean the chief is not serious it means he is serious about the process of court martial and firing squad for those who are found guilty. He is laying the grim groundwork. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  10. Oje says:

    I am beginning to think the government is deliberately and determined to cripple the military to prevent another Coup. A nation facing an existential danger not seen since the Civil war yet everyone is dragging their feets and playing theatrical ballet just to give our infancy men the support and equipment they need. Nothing every makes sense. $6 billion in the first quarter of this year, where are the hardwares? If no hardware where are theor promised increment in salary ? Wait o, where are the Super Tucanos?

  11. jimmy says:

    Last year the out gone CHIEF LT. GEN Ihejirika ALLUDED TO MORE FUNDS.This years after years of double speak starting from the time GUSAU became def MINISTER there has been an uptick a lot of which will not be covered in the sipri logs.
    May the soul of JAMES Foley find rest because one thing it brought into sharp focus for POTUS is that Extreme Islamic Jihadists are exactly what they say they are no amount of Touchy feely scheme is going to sway them from their one and only goal to establish a strict 6th century sharia dominated Islamic caliphate. i want to hope that the wooly cloth that cover the eyes of the state dept officials when deciding policy concerning Nigeria is removed from their eyes
    Nigeria is involved in brutal war with boko haram it is hoped that America will help Nigeria to defeat Boko Haram in doing so they will end up having one of the most powerful allies in AFRICA a continent where they have been steadily losing influence this is their selfish strategic interests.
    Not to help will result in being constantly tagged with what AFRICAN now call America UNRELIABLE AND FULL OF DOUBLE SPEAK.Other countries watch closely the footsteps that Nigeria takes it might anger the WEST but it is true. Nigeria needs Night FIGHTING EQUIPMENT either they will get it from America or they will get it from somewhere else it that simple these are the choices. Whoever supplies the equipment , look for that country to supply the bulk of the future military equipment come q1 2015.
    @OGA AREJAMES look for some of the grim things to start happening soon.Lt. Gen. Kenneth Minimah has 33(1981-present) years of military experience which would of covered some very explosive combat years we know he served in S/L where he would not of had a bullet proof vest, would of seen the importance of close air support, the reluctance of some soldiers to fight and the extreme bravery of others who fought like cornered ferocious lions.
    I was taught by OXFORD EDUCATED AUNT to pay particular attention to the opening statements of the first paragraph and also to pay with the same concentration the last two sentences to the closing paragraph. I believe what oga gbash is alluding and the fact the chief has frank the equipment is coming in by the plane load what is we do not know.
    However we do know now that each battle commander is being monitored as well as his troops for their actions.
    Gwoza is 100 miles Damboa allegedly according to our Newspapers let us wait and see what happens to Gwoza in a week or two.What we should also pay attention to is the troops who were arrested and are on trial for desertion , cowardice and mutiny , this is ongoing as we speak.

    • peccavi says:

      Oga Jimmy, Nigeria is fairly wealthy, whatever we need we can buy. NVG’s are commercially available or can be bought from manufacturers there is no reason why we should be waiting for anyone to give them to us, if people don’t know where to get ordinary NVGs then they have issues.
      As per James Foley and ISIS, I doubt it has shown Obama anything, in fact what it shows is that ISIs is playing its trump cards early. It has already massacred Shias, Christians, Yaziidis etc. It now has 2-3 Americans to kill and then what? They know the US will not relent, so their best option is to try and drag the US into a ground war so they can attract more recruits and hopefully cause more casualties.
      The objective (as I see it) in Iraq for the Obama admin, is the long game, getting a stable Iraqi government that doesn’t continuously lock itself in sectarian conflicts. they have achieved step 1 by getting al Maliki to fuck off, the US then upped its air strikes, a fairly straight forward lesson to the remaining Iraqi politicians that as long as they play nice they will get US assistance, Step 2 is getting the Sunnis into the game.
      ISIS is not a threat to the US, the biggest threat it possesses is sending back fighters to the west, non of which will be prevented by military action.
      I prefer geopolitics played like chess not dominos so I think the way its being played is good.

      Personally I believe threatening mutinous soldiers with death when the leadership is getting VVIP aircraft, when commanders seem to keep attacking in the same unimaginative way, soldiers keep complaining about pay is wrong. When you start having to shoot your own soldiers to keep them in line, something is majorly, majorly f#$%*ng wrong.
      We are sleepwalking into a disaster

  12. jimmy says:

    *SORRY The Chief has been frank* when discussing certain issues more of in the mold of GEN. DOMKAT BALI (RTD).

  13. Augustine says:

    Colonel Paul Ogbebor (retd) ;

    The first Nigerian to be admitted into the Nigerian Defence Academy in 1964 and one of only 16 pioneer Course 1 graduates still alive. He was also the commander of the 83 Battalion of the Nigerian Army during the Nigerian Civil War.

    Q: What is your assessment of the Nigerian Army in the fight against insurgency?

    A: The Nigerian Army remains the best trained, educated and exposed officers in the world. Anywhere they have served, they have got accolades. But as I stated in a write-up, it is only the Commander-in-Chief who can declare a war today and the type of war that we should fight is a political decision. The country has agreed that there is an insurgency and the army is doing everything to fight it. Insurgency, itself, means that citizens of a country have conspired and resorted to arms to change the government. It is called a coup when carried out by the military. Boko Haram started being active in 2009 and that was when the late President Umaru Yar’adua was in power. He was a northerner – an Hausa-Fulani – and a Muslim. They could not have wanted to change his government because they didn’t like him.

    If you look at it, these people (sect members) are just criminals. The people operating Boko Haram today are just criminals. Otherwise, they would not have shot at the Emir of Kano or killed the Emir of Gusau. Also, whenever they launch their explosives, they don’t kill only southerners, they kill indiscriminately. And they do so to intimidate the government and Nigerians and create fear, so that they can move freely, steal money and get logistics to maintain themselves. Today, the military has been using all the tactics at its disposal but they are not working. Why? They are not working because we are fighting the wrong war.

    We are told that people come from outside Nigeria to join some Nigerians for terrorism. By definition, once foreigners come into a country, it becomes an invasion. So, we are fighting a war of invasion. The strategy adopted by the military is also not effective; the terrorists come in, create mayhem and escape across the border. They have a hideout outside Nigeria and they bring foreigners along with them when they come in. We must change our tactics.

    The military should adopt a police action, where they can use strategies to uproot the terrorists and then hold the ground. The military has not been doing that; they only deal with the terrorists, leave the ground and return to their barracks, allowing the enemies to come again. They (terrorists) hit the military bases, institutions, banks and cart away money. Again, before the (Biafran) war, the whole of the military was less than 5,000. Within six months, we built up to over half a million. That is what happens everywhere in the world; every military keeps only the nucleus of the soldiers that they can hold and train. But in war time, these soldiers are enlarged. We are told that the total strength of the military today is about 150,000; that figure cannot fight and hold ground extensively because some are fighting oil thieves and kidnappers, while the rest fight bombers. We don’t have enough people fighting the war.

    Q: What do you think should be done at this point?

    A: Recall all military officers who retired in the last 10 years to join the active ones today to fight successfully and hold the ground and eliminate the insurgents. War is too serious a matter for novices to dabble into. Also, what we call Boko Haram today manifests in different forms. The other day, ex-Biafrans seized a radio station in Enugu. There are oil thieves and pipeline vandals in the Niger Delta. There are kidnapping and robbery everywhere; these are all vestiges of Boko Haram. There is only one root cause of the problems – the young man who left the university is roaming doing nothing. If somebody can offer him N100,000 to commit that offence, he will do it. To solve the problem of Boko Haram and other allied offences, Nigeria should start creating an egalitarian society.

    In the short term, finish the Boko Haram problem by increasing the people on the field fighting and the people should hold the ground. The government should also use the opportunity to liaise with the United Nations to started negotiating with Boko Haram because every war ends on the roundtable. Nigeria must task and finance the state and local governments, as well as traditional rulers to help because terrorism affects everybody. In the long term, make it an emergency to create employment for the youths. Create 30 per cent for agriculture from whatever resources we have, so that we can get the youths involved. Create 25 per cent to improve the quality of education, so that they youths can be involved in national development. Nigerians are dying under self-help. They provided their own water, electricity, security and transportation. The government must invest in all these things. Realistically, there is no reason we should still be reviving the railway lines the British left for us in 1914. At this time, every city in Nigeria should be connected by rail. We have soldiers, prisoners and area boys. Bring them together to build the railway lines. That was how the Americans and British built theirs. The Nigerian Army built the railway lines between Ijaw and Baru in 1965. If they could do that then, is it now that they cannot build railway lines? When the lines are built and the cities are connected, the cost of transportation will reduce.

    Is that all to be done?

    Again, salaries are too low in Nigeria.”

    • Augustine says:

      The above horror is what happens to our people when we have no garrison holding ground in NE zone. Boko has plenty of fun-time.

  14. jimmy says:

    Sorry oga peccavi I am having difficulty replying to you directly
    here is my rejoinder again with the foreword much respect for your comments.
    I most respectfully disagree oga pecavvi
    ISIS dirty little secret is not a conspiracy they are a threat to western interests they were trained to specifically overthrow the ASSAD REGIME by the western govt please let us not play games once they received the weapons, they turned their backs and became no longer moderates but extremists, please if we criticize the Nigerian govt for everything let us play the ball on both sides of the field.The bulk of isis weaponry still remains PAID FOR BY THE US GOVT, THE TANKS THEY SEIZED, THEY ARE NOT T72,
    ISIS IS A THREAT TO specifically to the Western world, they specifically recruit Americans & British subjects/ citizen The top ranking ARMY OFFICIAL GENERAL DEMPSEY said so on Friday ( there are currently approximately 100 Americans somewhere between Syria and Turkey and maybe close to 1000 Europeans ( A large population who happen to be British).THOSE MOFOS ARE GOING TO RETURN HOME.
    Do we only criticize the Nigerian intel but when it comes to British INTEL and US INTEL we suddenly fall quiet? that is 100 Americans who should of been stopped from leaving AMERICAN SHORES. The Brit who executed James Foley should of been profiled by the MI5 AND M16,before he left the British isles . BBC is very quiet on this let this of been a Nigerian boko haram who executed an American ( God Forbid) do you think they would play such games come on peccavvi.
    The penalty for cowardice and mutiny is still death whether oga flies in BOMBADIER OR RIDES OKADA it does not make a damn difference .In life you do not get everything you want whether you are at the war front or building a bridge sometimes you have to make do, We are going to disagree on this because a soldier is taught to fight, is taught to kill, and in some cases where the battle is fierce no quarter is given you cannot abandon
    your post at a time when your buddies need you the most and expect sympathy from me . No sir you are not going to get that out of me.
    America has a strategic interest in Nigeria they can pontificate all they want about godammn human rights ( and that is important) but if they come through for Nigeriatheir selfish interest will get served if they don’t their loss of influence will continue that is fact they did not just build the joint special ops command because they love us so much and neither do we it is” a scratch my back I scratch yours”. Quite a few Nigerian Americans serve in the American Armed forces and some have risen up to the rank of Colonel, This is a fact, that the higher echelons are aware of quire a few have also passed with honors through West point AND IN FACT AT LEAST one Nigerian American was kia in IRAQ.THE F.G did not JOIN THE CHORUS OF nations criticizing ISRAEL for a reason and their was also a reason why an Israeli official likened Hamas to boko haram.
    Currently the situation is some soldiers are still belly aching despite being paid their allowances in advance up to 2 months . When does it stop? it stops when the No1. soldier steps up to the plate , it stops when unimaginative commanders are severely reprimanded and removed for incompetence that is when it stops .
    The NA is not a trade union where their wives come to fight for them, we have confirmed reports of c-130s and g222 landing at Markudi and Abuja. @ some point you have to separate those who want fight from those who won’t fight.

  15. peccavi says:

    Oga Jimmy,
    Much respect for your reply but I humbly beg to differ.
    ISIS was not set up by westerner powers. The genesis of ISIS is very long and complex but in a nutshell, the nucleus were extremists who had fought in Iraq and left after the Awakening, The unfortunate reality is that in wars of these kinds extremists are the best fighters. In Afghanistan in the 80’s, Haqqanis boys were the best, In Greece in WW2 the best fighters were the communists, in Syria and Libya the best fighters were the ex AQ/ Iraq veterans. That alone would not have been enough, but they were and are heavily sponsored by Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabi. In Libya,Qatari and UAE special ops were on the ground fighting and calling in air strikes. ISIS is simply another tool of Saudi Arabias fucked up Wahhabi imperialism. THE US/ UK/ France have supported several factions in Syria, mainly the FSA, some groups who would have benefited from Western training in Jordan or equipment went over to ISIS or al Nusrah front. It is not the same as the West deliberately set up ISIS.
    ISIS (in my opinion) does not present an existential or even major threat to the West or anywhere beyond the Levant) a few of their number will come back and they will try and commit a few acts of terror, some might succeed and some might even be spectacular. However nothing they do can change the way of life or system of government of their targets. Their biggest strength is their military ability in the Levant, currently they are fighting Iraq, the Kurds, the Iranians, al Nusrah (fellow fundamentalists), the FSA, Assad, the US.

    I think they will most likely be very busy for a while.

    Yes most of their weapons are US weapons captured from the Iraqi army. It is a clear demonstration of the point I make ad nauseum that simply buying or supplying shiny, sexy kit to an Army that has not done the tiny fundamentals is a bad idea. But the fact that ISIS is using captured US stock is not the same as the US supplying them.

    Oga, you yourself know how many people live in Western countries and go in and out. Please abeg explain to me how you detect 100 out of 100m?
    Alot more than you know have been stopped mainly because they did things to raise red flags but getting to Syria is not hard, you just fly to Turkey and take a bus to the border.
    ISIS is bad, evil, terrible yes but it has picked fights with lots of people and will be destroyed. Alot of the comments from the US leadership are simply sensitising people for what could look like a campaign promise reversal by Pres Obama, the return of US action in Iraq and also the further execution of US hostages. All will most likely be killed. ISIS will be bombed to hell and will most likely be pushed out of Iraq. The big question for the Us is whether this is an opportunity to find rapprochement with Iran using this common enemy. but once they are destroyed as a field force they will return as a terrorist force. One has to remember how they came about and how other groups like al Shabaab evolved from the Islamic courts in Somalia and realise that simply destroying their power base is not the solution, they must either be destroyed completely or coopted.

    As per Nigerian deserters.
    I fundamentally object to executing soldiers for desertion. If soldiers desert they were either bad soldiers in the beginning or the necessary discipline, indoctrination and leadership was not there to support that person.
    How much desertion was there in the Niger Delta? Plateau? Bakassi? Alll no be war? When the boys are going to the NE are they no singing and dancing? Oga let me tell you something, for a soldier war is sweet, it is the epitome of what we train and live for but when a soldier loses hope. Genuinely loses hope he will crumble so all this talk of bad weapons etc is nonsense, there are systemic, structural failures that are piling up and crushing their spirits. They deploy without webbing so cant carry enough spare mags, the echelon/ resupply system appears poor so they cannot even get extra ammo when on ops. The mutual support appears bad so troops get ambushed and no one comes to their aid they have to fight their way out. Pay appears to be epileptic, allowances appear to be inconsistent, senior officers appear detached and immune to the losses and deprivations. They see their elders who they looked up to, queuing and dying waiting for pension. They see their bases overrun, there are no victories publicly celebrated, even their causalties are hushed up. Why are we not elevating our fallen heroes? Why do we not take even a token number maybe 1 a day and read his obituary on news, so at least the soldiers know we recognise them. Why is it we only hear that XYZ big man has donated N1m to widows rather than a comprehensive government backed insurance programme so you are confident that if you go, your family will be looked after. What is your incentive to fight if you have no hope in life or afterlife?
    Even in our western armies we have these problems, we grumble against our leaders. The little things like we are deplyed in the Green zone or whatever and you are back in Bastion or Lashkar Gar giving me orders from your air conditioned tent, or even in the same compound, HQ troops were getting fresh food we were getting rations, we come dey vex. Soldiers will always grumble but they should never lose hope.
    Again sorry to puncture the myth of western or white invincibility but even with all the equipment and bravado, people refuse to soldier, In Iraq we had issues with ammo because we had stupid commanders who thought we would eat it or something, in Afghanistan some of our allowances were not paid yet the clerks who never left camp got their allowances, we would have issues with food in the compounds, in fact one time we were cut off by IEDs and had to buy food from locals, we have had troops refuse to go out on patrol. but we never lost hope. We knew we would be treated as heroes if we fell, we knew we would fight for each other and we knew people would come get us if it went wrong. We also had the reputation of our units to uphold
    but all of these things are only developed by having a robust system, make sure a soldier does not have important things to grumble about, even if he does let him have hope they will be resolved.
    So I am not supporting deserters, they should be jailed, but at the same time as we make examples of them we must give the remainder hope. We must give them the assurance that they are honoured, will be paid, will be supported.
    In the British Army this is actually formalised as the Covenant, i.e. that the country expects you to lay down your life, thus you will be looked after and honoured.
    We need the same thing in Nigeria. Rather than hearing about Oga A or Oga Bs new helicopter or plane, we need to hear about the new packages for soldiers, we need to hear about a new insurance scheme, we need to see the wounded getting looked after.

    I will say clearly and unequivocally, once you start shooting your own soldiers something is majorly fucling wrong, once your soldiers who VOLUNTEERED for the military, no longer want to fight something is fucking wrong, and if you have no other way to convince them to stay other than shooting them, if they are complaining that their APCs have no radios or functioning weapon systems and you are flying executive jet, then something is fundamentally fucking wrong.

    • igbi says:

      “Rather than hearing about Oga A or Oga Bs new helicopter or plane, we need to hear about the new packages for soldiers, we need to hear about a new insurance scheme, we need to see the wounded getting looked after.”
      All this has been done, perhaps you can suggest the military to do other things it has already done.
      You have to understand that deserters are compromising diciplin and that is contagious, so eventhough you have an undying passion for deserters, they must be shot.
      Nigeria is not england and doesn’t face the same challenges.
      There are methods which have proven themselves through history. And you don’t let a few bad apples contaminate the whole basket. And if there is one thing brave soldiers will never understand, it is showing sympathy for deserters, then you would have opened the pandora box. There are too many brave soldiers to care for that I and avery patriotic Nigerian do not and shouldn’t have time for deserters.

      • peccavi says:

        Abi you never fade finish?
        I’ve told you before and I’ll tell you again if you want to shoot deserter get to Nigeria and start shooting them and then take their place and show us how its done.

      • Martin Luther says:

        See gobe

      • AreJames says:

        When a general buys himself a civil executive jet that is useless ok the war effort at a time of reversals on the font that General has committed an act of desertion and AWOL.
        A general angling even now to acquire funds for a political career or the launch of a business enterprise after retirement is also guilty of the same thing. If you are going to quote British Military tradition of oath taking by soldiers be also fair to read through the Magna Carta. What is good for geese is also good for ganders.

      • igbi says:

        @peccavi, if you want to preach your passion for deserters then I suggest you go and join the brave soldiers defending the country. And then show us how brave you are, because if you are nothing but an other deserter then your word is irrelevant.

      • igbi says:

        @arejames, I don’t know what you are talking about, which general is buying a civil executive jet ?
        You seem to be making vague accusations with no name, just ranks ! It doesn’t even make any sense, apart from disrespecting rank and seeking to influence others ‘perhaps soldiers) into doing same,i don’t see what you are trying to archieve. Answer this question : is lack of disciplin a vertue of any army ?

      • igbi says:

        I prefer to spend my time defending brave soldiers and not defending cowards and traitors like deserters.

      • Are James says:

        Generals are human beings as well. They are subject to the same rules of the institutions they govern as other members of the rank and file. We are not the ones inspiring mutiny and desertion, it was the military leadership itself that reported it and they did not blame bloggers for it. Frontline troops are not logging on to Beegeagle’s blog to read criticisms of the army. The CIC has changed service chiefs a number of times. That is not exactly out of gratitude for job well done. The current NAF procurements are unjustified and unjustifiable and the effect is being seen glaringly against the background of Iraq acquiring combat jets in weeks.
        As for vague accusations, why not wait to see what happens when the current set of service chiefs leave office then you can prove me wrong or right. As long as innocent civillian blood is being shed and young troops are dying because of outdated materiel and inadequate ammo we must continue to say the truth.

      • igbi says:

        so basically @arejames, you have no names, its all just in your head. And your proof is something that you say will happen in the future ! wow !
        Get serious, abacha days are over, being a general doesn’t equal being abacha.
        You can not go and start accusing an entire rank, like ifit were an evil rank, if you have names to give and you have proof then do so. Look at the budget before talking !

  16. Oje says:

    Oga are you giving us our Sunday assignment to read through all this?

  17. jimmy says:

    This considered normal for for oga peccavi, beeagle, myself, doziex ,and maybe as you grow on this blog even you. 🙂

    • AreJames says:

      There are two roads open to the Armed Forces, ignoble ease, corruption and indiscipline or stiff backed discipline, respect for institutions and excellence. Only one of these can be taken to defeat Boko Haram.

  18. igbi says:

    I think the protesters in the north-east acted in the stupidest manner possible, they have compromised their loved ones for ever. In no way should they have protested in any military compound and certainly they were incredibly stupid to try and stop troops from moving.
    Instead they should have taken their protest to aso rock and the national assembly, that would have made sense. National assembly members are still on holidays, they left the request of one billion dollars for the troops in waiting and went on hollidays ! It seems like if they are unconserned, like if it were not that important, like if it could wait.
    The ennemy is not waiting, nor is he going on holidays !
    Where in this world do lawmakers go on hollidays while at war ?
    I personnally think a military tribunal for those lawmakers might be justified.

  19. beegeagle says:

    Hmmnn, Air Support, if it was a Ukrainian Air Force plane, then we have a new injection of assets aside from the 40 helicopters coming in from Russia and America. Oga Menatti was saying the other day that two Mi-17s have been acquired in Ukraine and are due in any moment. That is the vaguest idea that one can manage on that.

    Let the NAF go back to the roots. This was precisely how our first-ever detachment and squadron of fighter jets (MiG 15s and MiG 17s) were ferried straight to Kano by Antonov planes and assembled from kit form in Sept 1967.

  20. peccavi says:

    Like I’ve said to you before, either join up and show us how its done, or go to NE and shoot deserters yourself or shut the fuck up.
    This internet toughness and by force patriotism from your mothers table in a Paris banlieue is very tiresome, you sad you were going, either go or carry your problem elsewhere. This desperation for attention is something you should reserve for real life not the internet.

    • Are James says:

      LOL!!!.Tell it to him. Was this the way freedom was won in the western country he is staying?Only the grunts sacrificed and generals lived it up?.Patriotism only for the lowly?. I have european citizenship by birth as well but what is happening to my country is unacceptable. The noise we are making here is forcing changes and it must start at the top of the defence establishment, the military institutions are the only things we used to be proud of in this country and this country is the final hope for black people the world over.

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