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  1. beegeagle says:

    Thanks to the new and useful Oga MCSHEGZ for spotting this video and helping to process these lovely screengrabs.

  2. Are James says:

    Thank God NIMASA has money. Running an aggressive surveillance of the Nigerian coastline is not cheap in terms of operating cost. The ROI is in the oil theft we can prevent and revenue loss to Nigeria that is reduced.

  3. drag_on says:

    The target on the surveyours monitor states, 19th of August 2014 at 10:22 a.m. taken from an altitude of 1621feet and a distance of 2.5nm with target co-ords of N.05.21.44 E.004.20.58.

    We need more of that kind of intelligence gathering assets.

  4. giles says:

    nimasa having fund for 7 atr47.hmmm I hop better things are on the way for NAF. pls Oga beeg who own d other 2 atr 47 d NN or NAF

  5. Bharat says:

    Seats look comfortable. and work stations aren’t cramped.

  6. tim says:

    Who has watched the new boko haram video? So very sad,I have tears in my eyes

    • giles says:

      pls d link

    • Kay says:

      Not good viewing my Ogas in the house. We seem not to have grasped the urgency of the issue. The base did not seem to have taken defensive measures! Not even a hint of a sub sonic object from the Airforce.

      We seem to be dragging foot ‘buying hardwares’ while BH is stocking up with seized ammo stocks, even using our armoured vehicles against us and so.
      Saw a tank at the end!

      • giles says:

        am speechless

      • Kay says:

        A major opposition leader fighting ISIS in Syria has called out Shekau as a ‘lunatic barbarian’ via

        The fear here is if Shekau manages to get a hint of recognition or acknowledgement from ISIS, that’ll surely be a major escalation.

        The army’s goal should be total routing of all territories seized by BH and effective counter of BH propaganda.

      • igbi says:

        which fear, what don’t you understand in “boko haram is an offshoot of alqaida” ?
        What you are fearing already happened years ago !
        It is high time to destroys these boko bastards.

    • asorockweb says:

      Comments based on the video posted by “Giles”:

      * Some of the terrain is mountainous and sometimes rocky. That portion of the video may have been taken in Gowza.

      *The Armoury being looted could be in Gowza, or Damboa, or somewhere else. There’s no way to tell.

      • Kay says:

        The use of inappropriate camo sef dey vex me. The soldiers wearing desert gear on the hills stood out like sore thumbs against the greenery they were on. How far with our new army uniforms ?

        Besides how many of us knew how easy it is to purchase our jungle camo like seen on AI’s video on the Chinese website aliexpress seeing it is a crime to even buy or wear soldier’s uniforms in our country?

  7. ozed says:

    I said before that i dont understand why at this stage as a stop gap we are not putting guns and bombs on every platform that can fly and using it to deliver payloads on identified enemy positions.

    Even transport aircraft can be easily converted to bombers, or mounted with 23mm gun and rocket pods (till today, one of USAF’s most fearsome ground attack aircraft was a product of improvisation from the Vietnam days i.e. the AC-130 gunship). When our Flankers and frogfoots arrive we can De-commission them. Sadly we seem to have thrown away the spirit of innovation and are folding our hands and waiting for the sophisticated equipment to arrive, meanwhile we are suffering embarrassment after embarrassment and encouraging Boko and all other radical groups in the environs.

    PS for you guys who know, is the ATR solely for maritime survey? cant it do surveillance work in the North East?

  8. Oje says:

    This is konbuburacious !

  9. Solorex says:

    Good Morning Sir, A bit of digression- there are several loose news that we did not fully verify-do you have an update my Oga- Maybe it will make our week better

    (1) We got two SU25 last year-different from Niger Republic ( belive me)- Why did we not buy more? are we waiting for more? what is the deal?

    (2) SIPRI for 2012 (not sure what 2013 says-indian blogs have mixed opinions) confirmed that Pipavav intends to deliver 2 OPV to African country for 2015- is this the NIgerian OPV deal- is it dead? as it been funded? last i know was that it ( the deal)was neither reported as comatose-called off or funded?

    (3) What are the status of Coastal radar from Elbit ( we are meant to get 10) are they fully delivered?

    (4) We had an 14m dollar deal with Czech republic for the Army 2007/2008- what did we get? thinking T72?

    (5) in 2008- we had a deal of approx $1m with Serbia for equipment for Special forces comprising of pistols, grenades e.t.c- details?

    (6) We signed agreement for Tucanos 2013 ( this i am sure)and paid 1st tranche- We should have gotten the trainers now at least ? how many are coming? Pictures?

    (7) We got offers for refurbished used Saar 4 OPVs from Isreal-but rejected it just last year-Are we still thinking of more OPVs in the short term as of last year-How many OPVs are we really expecting form where?

    (8)What happened to our extensive talks with Pakistan concerning JF17?

    (9) CS-VP3 is supposed to come in dozens- why are they not all over the place?

    And so much more-please give us good news!

  10. Augustine says:

    Oga Beegeagle and other warriors, is this ATR-42 MPA purchase the best mix? Why is Nigeria crazy about buying non-lethal and harmless equipment ?

    ATR-42 Surveyor MPA has option of weapons for its maritime patrol duty to make it a dog that can both bark and bite, a turret cannon, we have NONE on ours.

    ATR-42 MPA has same technical specs with its bigger variant the multi-role ATR-72 ASW that does all maritime patrol, intelligence/surveillance/reconnaissance roles and anti-submarine plus anti-ship warfare roles, all 6 roles combined in one single aircraft with torpedoes and Exocet missiles, and the gun/cannon added to all equipment you find on the weaker ATR-42.

    Price difference is just about extra 50% I think.

    Why buy 7 units of ordinary ATR-42 MPA for Nigeria that has NOTHING to counter a submarine or missile frigate threat in our big oil rich oceans?

    Why not buy 5 units ATR-42 MPA and 1 unit ATR-72 ASW for anti-submarine warfare and anti-ship warfare?

    Simple common sense naaa….

    • AreJames says:

      Proving the mantra that you can throw money at a problem but it won’t go away without the application of courage, wisdom, discipline and effort. I think in the last one month we probably have spent 30% of $1Bn on non lethal equipment and the enemy in the NE is still advancing and capturing the little that we have. Let us clap for ourselves.

  11. Ola says:

    The video of Boko haram that Giles shared above left me very disappointed in NA, if indeed the armoury that boko haram was inside is that of NA.
    If you cannot fight and you have to retreat, you can at east destroy whatever you’re leaving behind so that they don’t become assets to your enemies. Was it really that our guys beat a hasty retreat or did someone intentionally leave ordinances for boko haram to use? If it was just a case of hasty get away, why was the entire place not rigged with explosives and booby trapped? Anyone with the slightest military experience can booby trap a place in a couple of minutes.
    Thinking back to Russia, in the 2nd world war, when they could not withstand the superior firing power of the Germans, they withdrew from the battle but they burnt every village, food supplies and destroyed a lot of the infrastructures they were leaving behind and everything they met on the way as they were retreating. Also, in Germany, the Germans bombed most of their bridges and significantly damaged several portions of the autobahn the moment they had to start retreating from the Allied forces.
    I wonder who the commander/officer in charge of the troops that fled was?
    In my opinion, the war against boko haram goes beyond Shekau that we see, the bigger battle is being fought right within the NA. There seems to be traitors among the officers and men of NA, people leaving multi million dollar ordinance behind for boko haram to take over and use it to fight the country, people leaving APCs and different gun trucks behind for Boko haram to take over and use.
    Until heads starts to roll, irrespective of the ranks, political affiliations and place of origin, Nigeria will not overcome boko haram. At this stage, I don’t mind if the higher command of NA or the FG carries out the public execution of those truly found culpable in boko haram activites and guilty of treason again the state. I think such an action will send fear down the spine of other traitors. Let Amnesty cry, let whoever wants to bark in the “international cummunity” bark, but arresting those who are truly culpable, even top politicians, trying them for treasonable felony and carrying out public executions and lengthy prison sentences will send a signal of fear to others. While at the same time, let the NA massively recruit from other geopolitical zones now, let the NA massively recruit area boys and the likes, train them, equip them and send them to the NE theatre to fight.
    On a more long term plan, let the NA carry out a slow, thorough and methodical recruitment process to, among other things, make sure all geopolitical zones are significantly represented in the army. If the army is not dominated by a particular geopolitical zone, it’d reduce the influence of regional sentiment in the army.

  12. igbi says:

    It is high time the size of the country gets reflected in the armed forces, our army should be at least as large as the egyptian one human wise and equipment wise.

    • CHYDE says:

      @ Igbi , my thoughts

      • igbi says:

        I don’t think it is necessary to post that bbc thing thousands of times.

      • Ola says:

        Here is the reply of the DHQ to that:
        The Nigerian troops that were found in Cameroun was as a result of a sustained battle between the troops and the terrorists around the borders with Cameroun which saw the Nigerian troops charging through the borders in a tactical maneuver. Eventually they found themselves on Camerounian soil. Being allies the normal protocol of managing such incident demanded that the troops submit their weapons in order to assure the friendly country that they were not on a hostile mission.

        Following necessary discussions between Nigerian and Camerounian military authorities, the issues have been sorted out. Subsequently, the troops are on their way back to join their unit in Nigeria.

        The reference to the incidence as a defection is therefore not appropriate considering the discussion between the two countries’ military leadership and the series of contacts with the soldiers who have confirmed that they are safe.

        Meanwhile, troops are repelling a group of terrorists who are trying to enter the country through Gamborou Ngala. A group of them who fizzled into the town are being pursued.

        – See more at:

      • Ola says:

        Men and brothers in Arms who read the BBC story and the cheap popularity the Camerounians are trying to get, I want us to read in between the lines. I’s not possible for 400 SOLDIERS to defect en masse due to the confrontation with Boko haram. My belief is that these Soldiers were in hot pursuit when they mistakenly entered cameroonian territory. According to UN, when such happens, they must lay down their arms to prove they have not come to invade and the country they have entered in turn must allow them go back without hurting them.
        Ukrainian soldiers still mistakenly entered Russia recently and Russia did the same thing. Those guys were questions and their rifles which they willingly surrendered were given back to them after questioning and they were allowed to go back to Ukraine.
        With due respect, I believe every one of us who has been following Oga Beegs is quite familiar with military operations, as such I expect we verify stories before we start peddling them!
        As for Cameroon, I expect them to be busy with trying to bring back the wife of their DPM rather than throwing slime at Nigeria. And as for Boko Haram broadcasting corporation (BBC), I think it’s high time the FG does something about them! I wonder why they are not busy following their jihadists brothers fighting for ISIS. In my opinion, they should be more concerned with their Islamic Kingdom of Britain and Northern Island or the declaration of independence by Scotland, than with Nigeria!

      • igbi says:

        Thank you Oga Ola, I want to appologize to those brave soldiers. Those guys are heroes, instead they put their lives in danger to avoid dragging the country into a war.
        God bless the Nigerian Army.
        Esprit de corps.

      • CHYDE says:

        Ola God bless you, the kind of headline i saw yesterday/ this Morning really broke my heart, many Nigerians (especially the press) seem to be ignorant and not willing to be part of the solution to our present challenge, I doesn’t make sense that 400 soldiers will defect all at once.

  13. Prinx Arthur says:

    from what I saw in the it is now a conventional warfare, from my second perspective,NA did this intentionally for it be conventional warfare.

  14. chynedoo says:

    Greetings to all the Ogas on this forum. I salute your courage and interest in the good of our country. May we all live long to see a better Nigeria. Was very sad to read this today on BBC
    I understand the beeb are very happy to report this kind of news about Nigeria but what is really going on with NA?
    I watched a BH attack on an army barrack and I have seen other BH vids and they use the same tactics, 8-14 pick trucks mounted with AAs/GMGS or some other light to heavy machine guns. They first go in heavy with this mounted pick ups do about 20-30 mins firing before their infantry moves in. All the vids I have seen of BH, it’s same thing. The heavy fire is more like suppressing fire, pin targets down, knock out possible resistance and then the foot fighters move in.
    They have been using same tactics but what I can’t understand is why NA planner and commanders have not done anything to counter this?
    I also noticed that BH fighters, about 5-10 of them come in on foot with light machine guns, and three out of every 5 BH fighter (at least) have a backpack suggesting they come in prepared for possibly 2-6 hours gun fight. In the pictures of Nigerian soldiers moving on BH, all the infantry guys I saw had no assault bags, no grab bags, no patrol pack so the question is, in a firefight lasting about 2-4 hours, how will the soldiers be able to fight that long if they don’t carry extra ammo on them to last for at least 2-3 hours?
    The NA chiefs are getting the tactics completely wrong. Even in situations where the army overcome BH, they simply mop up the operations and leave rather than holding their positions for as long as possible.

  15. drag_on says:

    U.S. says U.A.E and Egypt were behind recent strikes in Libya.

    Please,can someone tell these guys to stop destabilising our backyard. I am not surprised we cannot go there (Libya) to broker peace,we are losing face in Africa as long as we cant beat BH,
    and a peaceful Libya is a significant step to ending BH.
    These Arabs can trigger a regional war amongst themselves the way they are going,funding uprisings to destroy competing ideologies amongst themselves.

    Abeg, make you na see. U.A.E strike range reach 2500 MILES!(Libya to UAE). Chai which century wey we go get that kind ability,those people fit touch us go house, and we no even get 1 SAM Battery. Markurdi AFB to UAE is about 3000 Miles.

    We should not depend on security from the U.S. o!. World police don tire.

    • AreJames says:

      This trend will continue for sometime. Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE will covertly interfere in the political events in the Arab World and North West Africa but always with permission of guess who.

    • Are James says:

      So Nigeria needs this capability as well. IAI the makers of Kfir Block 60(make dem no lynch me here one day). Anyway they turn any aircraft into an aerial refuelling platform and can retrofit combat aircraft for refuelling (this not proven yet) finally they can train pilots and crews to perform these missions day and night. If Nigeria air force needs these long legs they can have it.

      • drag_on says:

        Oga Are James,varied opinions is the beauty of humanity.who want to be a clone?
        I support any system that improves on our threadbare capacity at a bearable cost.My view on the Kfir had to do with the Jaguar, because both jets are coming from the same condition.If we want the kfir as an air-superiority jet then surely we should look into the Jags as a strike platform and spare the Kfir the extra burden as a strike jet?If i recall our Jags have a refuel probe as well. The combination of the two is definitely better than what we currently have. Of course,my main choice would be the sukhoi’s. A couple of SAM batteries to protect each region would also be comforting.

  16. Oje says:

    I used to think that dreams were just abstract phenomena that had no connection whatsoever with the reality of life until last Saturday when I went into something that I could best describe as a trance. I think it was much more than a dream. Yes, it was more than dream, because everything happened as if it were in real life. For the avoidance of doubt, all my faculties were functioning very well at the time and I had no symptoms of any illness – malaria or typhoid. I sat ensconced in the sofa in my bedroom when suddenly something overwhelmed me.

    A force, I cannot appropriately describe, seized me and I felt somewhat numb and dizzy. At the same time, I was conscious of all that was unfolding before my eyes. Somebody, a tall and lanky man with white grey hair, led me through a very beautiful forest, which looked green and vivacious, glittering and glimmering, to a mighty palace. Everywhere dazzled and brimmed with opulence and splendor. Indeed words cannot aptly capture the beauty of what I saw. It was simply amazing. I was offered a seat on a dais with men and women wearing strange smiling faces sitting in well-upholstered seats surrounded by little boys and girls singing melodious songs. For some minutes I was lost in the euphoria of what was happening totally benumbed and fazed. A father figure appeared led by a retinue o aides who wore shining apparels depicting excellence and authority. Everybody sitting in the mighty hall rose in reverence as he gracefully took his seat. In his hand was something that looked like a golden tuning-fork and on his head a bishopric mitre. His robe was white with a tinge of golden ornament adorning it.

    The Master of Ceremonies (that is what I have chosen to call him) walked majestically to the podium with a piece of folded paper in his hand. Now the shocker: I was called out from the crowd and walked up to the podium. Everybody rose in unison, including the father-figure. As I was wondering why they rose in such gait and majesty a small girl placed a garland round my neck and everybody applauded. I stood transfixed and confused. The MC beckoned on me to sit on an elevated chair placed by the right hand corner of the podium as he read from the text in the folded paper in his hand, which he had already unfurled.

    This was what he said from what I could piece together: Gentleman, we brought you here in appreciation of the role you have played in the development of humanity. We have chosen you as the purveyor of the message we have for the leaders and people of your country. Tell your leaders thus: The cries of the people of your nation have reached me. And for this reason, I can no longer be quiet. The time has come for me to sit in judgement over your nation and right all the wrongs done against my people. They should brace up for the challenges that are to come and for the punishment that awaits anyone of them that fails to listen and act in accordance with this instruction. They should undertake a quiet time to search their conscience and see areas where they have failed in their duty to God and man and make amends fast. They should stop chastising my people by their greed and insensitivity and work for the enthronement of social justice, equality and good governance. Never again will I condone the flagrant abuse of authority or any ac capable of endangering the lives of my people. For a long time now they have ruled their people with iron cast hearts and clenched fists and though they were slave –brutalising and tormenting them.

    They have taken that which belonged to the poor and needy for their own aggrandisement, leaving their people in pain, poverty and penury. I shall never again sit and do nothing. I have waited for a long time for them to repent, but it seems their hearts are hardened. If they failed to repent I shall visit them with severe retribution never witnessed in recent history. Tell those plot-ting to destroy innocent lives and property to sheathe their swords or be caught up in their own wicked designs. I am going to renew the face of Nigeria and enthrone it as a model for others to emulate, because it has a special place in my heart. Tell the people to cry no more, rather they should intensify their prayer life and show love for one another. They should live in peace with one another and shun evil, which has eaten deep into their souls. They should atone for the atrocities they have commit-ted against themselves and their nation.

    Your nation shall witness a rebirth. All the dry bones and patched land shall come back to life. They will exude such vivacity as would astound the world. The dwindling economy shall bounce back, while buoyancy and prosperity, which once signposted the greatness of the nation, will be restored. The cracks in the unity and communal spirits of your nation will be mended. All the wicked in your nation will soon be banished unless they repent. This is my word. Take it to your people and urge them to do as they are told or await the recompense that is to follow. In awful amazement, I stretched out my trembling hand to receive the scroll on which the inimitable and immutable words were written. As the scroll was handed to me, I jerked back to life. I felt greatly relieved. All the same, I was lost in deep thought for the greater part of the day over the incident that had just happened. As I made efforts to crystallise the message and why I should be the person chosen to deliver it to my people a ball of sweat rolled down my cheeks.

    I became apprehensive for what I had seen and for the potency of the message. My mind flashed immediately to the encounter b-tween God and the Israelites: How he sent Moses and Aaron to Pharaoh and how the people trivialised their message and the punishments that followed. I also thought about the numerous times they were sent into exile in Babylon and Egypt. The travails they underwent and how God, out of his loving kindness, sent the Judges to liberate them. One particular incident in the holy book came to the fore in this circumstance: Jonah was forced into the belly of a shark and taken to Niniveh to proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom of God. But here I am – a poor and unworthy sinner – selected without any prompting to be the communicator of this delicate message for redemption of our people. Another worry I had was how to disseminate the message in such a way that its import would be widely felt. I had thought about a paid advertisement, but after a very deep reflection I opted for m column.

    For you the reader, this message should be circulated in every nook and cranny of our dear nation. Nothing should be removed or added to it. All of us should be the disseminators of the message to ensure it reaches the end of the nation. As far as I know there is no accident in the divine mind. There is no way God would appear to me in this way without a purpose. For many years now I have crusaded against the ills plaguing our nation, top of which is corruption. Haters of truth have asked for my head on countless occasions, but my Redeemer has always come to my help. They made futile efforts to destroy all I worked for in life, yet they did not succeed. Instead they burnt out like bush fire. My God and helper di not allow them to gloat over my distress. Today the Lord has given me yet another assignment: To bring the message of life to our people and leaders.

    As John the Baptist cried out in the wilderness, asking the people to come to repentance, so do I today say to our people: mend your ways and return to the Lord, for He is full of mercy and compassion! They should not wait for the anger of God to descend upon us before we mend our evil ways. Why is there so much wicked-ness in our land? Things have degenerated to the point that it seems all of us have lost our sanity and decency. People no longer say ‘No’ to evil. Look around the country and all you see is wickedness. There is no more love among brothers and sisters. We all live for ourselves, not others. The consequence is that there is no space for good to prosper over evil. What rather rules our lives is craze for money and power. There is no modicum of conscience on the part of those who superintend over our collective patrimony.

    All many of them care about is how to expropriate the goods placed under their close watch. Corruption has strangulated our conscience, we no longer think any good. Like the evil man, all we do is think evil and have no reverence for God. We commit sin with impunity thinking that God will not discover it and punish us. Is there anything hidden under the sun? No matter how discret we may be with our sins, they shall find us out someday. It does not matter the power we wield today or the wealth we have accumulated. They will not stop the anger of God from coming. What probably many of us are oblivious of is that time is short. Yes, time is very short. If you sit and ruminate over the vanity of life you will appreciate my stance. There is no time to waste if we want to change the fortunes of our nation. As the message I was given clearly stated: God will soon sit in judgement over Nigeria. It is only a fool that does not see it coming. Events happening around us are an indication of the perilous times in which we are. The comforting thing about the message is that Nigeria has a special place in God’s heart. That could account for why it has remained united despite the civil war and all other belligerencies that had threatened its sovereignty. Unlike Sodom and Gomorrah, we have hope of the rebirth of our nation. If it were in the judgement of man Nigeria would be sentenced to damnation. This shows how compassion-ate our God is. Everything about Nigeria is premised on the love and magnanimity of God. This is why he has chosen this particular time in our national history to bring this message to us. If I were our leaders I would call for a national day of prayer to internalize this message and seek God’s face in reconciliation for the many sins we have committed against him and our fellow countrymen. Our leaders owe us an obligation to take our nation back to God. This is the foremost requirement for the renewal of the face of Nigeria. There is no better time to do so than this period we are making preparations for the centenary. 100 years as a nation is no mean task. I stated this much in my piece on Nigeria’s Centenary last month.

    There can never be an alternative to prayer. Prayer is the force that moves the hand that rules the world. It is only through prayer we can reach the heart of God and turn his hand of mercy. It was prayer that averted the cataclysm that was to befall Nigeria in the aftermath of the annulled June 12, 1993 presidential election. Even the ongoing onslaughts by the dreaded Boko Haram Sect are all part of the chastisement Nigeria is under going.I have no modicum of doubt that all these unfortunate incidents will pass away some day. What we need do is to renew hope in our nation, love one another, eschew religious fundamentalism and violence, clannishness and ethnicity, and all will be well again. Very soon preparations will begin in earnest to elect new leaders for our nation.

    Even some of those serving may seek re-election. In every aspect of this process, let us ensure there are equity, justice and good conscience. It will amount to a tragedy of epic proportion to allow evil men to seize the soul of our nation, using their quest for power to accomplish it. We need no sooth sayer to tell us that the times are perilous and that it is easier now than ever before to lose our common heritage. It is almost 54 years since our nation gained independence, yet there is palpable fear of disintegration. Some die-hard protagonists of the campaign to divide Nigeria have taken their agenda to a more dangerous level in recent times through their vicious comments about the health and future of the nation. They do not care if the country burns to ashes. This is not the proper attitude to national development and cohesion. We must, as a people, set aside our differences and work collectively to reposition Nigeria. No nation makes progress in an atmosphere of rancour and unhealthy criticisms. I think it behoves President Goodluck Jonathan to take over this message and entrench it in the soul of every Nigerian.

    It is his responsibility as the leader of this great nation. If I were him, I would take over the message from this point and make it my own. It does not really matter through whom it was delivered. What is paramount is that the message is critical to the continued existence and advancement of our nation. We need to bear in mind always our duties as citizens. As citizens it is our responsibility to support the government by promptly paying our taxes and rates and doing such other things that will promote the peace, unity and progress.

    It does not matter to which religious, cultural or political associations you belong. What is at stake here is the survival of Nigeria. As such, we should sacrifice our selfish goal and embrace love, hope and peace, so that in no distant time Nigeria will assume its rightful position in the comity of nations. I thank God Almighty for finding m worthy to be used as the harbinger of this message of life. May your Holy name be glorified and magnified Amen!

  17. Deway says:

    Interesting video. Boko haram seized a tank, a tracked APC and looted the armory with “trained” soldiers scampering for safety. Literally, there was no resistance. Patriotism is good but a spade should be called what it is: a spade. This can’t be more embarrassing. These guys came in soft skinned vehicles, ill organized and continued their operation from day light till sun-down without any interference from the army. I don’t care if this is Damboa or Gwoza, some mountainous region spanning thousands of miles or where ever. Boko haram is fighting us in the same area and facing similar challenges. It is Nigerian territory for God’s sake. How long will this continue? No one should continue pouring excuses for the army. Even without an airforce, they had a tank, an APC with machine guns mounted on it, artillery pieces, enough ammo and shells to take out these idiots. If not for this video, we would have been told they ran out of ammo. Something is really wrong somewhere. This is embarrassing.

    • igbi says:

      When was the video made ?
      How many soldiers were in that FOB ?
      How many ennemies attacked that FOB ?
      Were the soldiers surrounded ?
      Where was that FOB ?
      We see only one tank ?
      Who gave the order to retreat and why ?
      How many soldiers died ? (0)
      Once you have answered those questions, you would get a better picture.
      As civilians we may not understand what is going on, and the fact it is a boko haram propaganda video that is presented to us puts us more in the dark than in the light.
      In my humble opinion that was a tactical retreat from a FOB and and no soldier died.

      • Deway says:

        First of all, I’m surprised you didn’t ask for more evidence or DHQ clearance to confirm that video. At this point, it is irrelevant to call this a tactical retreat i.e. if you understand what that means. Let me remind you that tactical retreats are intended for our forces to maintain contact with the enemy while relocating the battle to an advantageous position, or to set up/lure the enemy for an ambush; or to regroup and attack. You can now see why it makes no sense whatsoever, to call this a tactical retreat!
        It is also irrelevant to ask me questions that the field commander should have taken into prior consideration when planning the defense of that base. Get it?
        Again, it is embarrassing that BH got an MBT, APC and probably the artillery piece and looted the armory, and more worrisome that the APC was used freely on the streets without any resistance.
        I’m not a military man but in the civilian world and industry, negligence and incompetence are not traits that are condoned.

      • igbi says:

        If you want to quote wikipedia then at least quote it well:

        “A withdrawal may be anticipated, as when a defending force is outmatched or on disadvantageous ground, but must cause as much damage to an enemy as possible. In such a case, the retreating force may employ a number of tactics and strategies to further impede the enemy’s progress. This could include setting mines or booby traps during or before withdrawal, leading the enemy into prepared artillery barrages, or the use of scorched earth tactics.”
        But wikipedia asside, the questions remain relevent, some times a few soldiers have to withdraw from a zone because their position is not defendable. It is just as simple as that. Those few soldiers withdrew, but the battle is still on. I have seen videos of french foreign legionnaires ( known as the best soldiers in the world) also withdrew when surrounded or vastly outnumbered and given the order to withdraw. At war, it is not all that we go as planned. Sometimes you need an emmergency action.

      • Deway says:

        Sorry to disappoint you, the internet is awash with information on military strategies and famous ops and battles. If Wikipedia is your only source, then you have to start reading wide.

      • igbi says:

        Your quote, eventhough truncated, was from wikiipedia, period.

  18. Are James says:

    Lets start with the positive. This FOB was in the most advantageous tactical position possible. A credit to the officers who chose the location. However there were many negatives.
    1. Book Haram should have run into a well executed ambush. This is the most unprofessional assault on a base I have ever watched.
    2.The BH APC should have been blown up 800m to the gate of the FOB by the artillery piece you saw
    3. All the technicals should have been decimated by same the artillery piece and or mortar rounds.
    4. Booby traps should have killed tens of BH at the gates, doors and especially at the entrance to the armoury.
    5. Air force jets should have cleared the remainder of BH, these guys don’t appear to know how to take cover.
    6. The artillery piece you see inside the base should have been slung by helicopter and placed on the hill with mortar emplacements as well… all bearing down on the approaches to the FOB.
    7. The NA armoured vehicle we see should have been positioned differently and should have been moving.
    8. From the video, the retreat happened many minutes before what we see. BH were not taking cover from opposing fore and must actually have been shooting at empty buildings which means we are actually fighting some rank amateurs.
    9. However you don’t tactically retreat and gift your enemy weapons to chase you with.

    • igbi says:

      I agree with the fact that leaving your weapons intact for the ennemy is a blunder.

    • Deway says:

      Are James, thanks for explaining it well to this chap. From the video it was clear that the soldiers had run miles to the rocks which tells us they fled even before BH got close to the base. You will also notice that some soldiers didn’t even carry their rifles with them not to talk of retreating “tactically” with trucks, the tracked APC, mortars and the arti piece. Enough said. Some people will defend failure even if it’s staring them eye ball to eye ball.

      • igbi says:

        where did you see soldiers not not moving with their riffles ?
        And, you might want to use the word flee in a more logical manner. if the guys are outnumbered and surrounded and get the order to relocate to a more defendable position then what exactly are you calling fleeing ? As depressing as the video may appear, just remember that sometimes soldiers are ordered to retreat from an area by those with a bigger picture on sight.

      • igbi says:

        I don’t know if you noticed but the guys that were wearing our camo were moving on a hill on which vehicles can not go. So explain to me how they were supposed to operate with trucks and APCs on that hill.

  19. Kay says:

    @ Igbi. BH never reach Al Qaida level yet. I believe quite strongly that BH is very limited right now and the release of that video was just an attempt to cosy up to ISIS for support or recognition. Their ties with islamists groups are very loose right now hence why they’re recently pleading for allegiance with Baghdadi. (IS is different to AlQaida)

    Go read about the morphing of IS, how they graduated to seizing lands in Fallujah and Anbar province of Iraq in January to becoming major world problem. It was a willy nilly attitude that meant it continued to grow. We mustn’t allow that for BH, else it would mean very significant resources and years not excluding socio economic,religious, political efforts to annihilate the threat of BH.


    I’ll like to know what happened to the joint Nigerian-Chad-Cameroun brigade or so that was meant to be formed

    • igbi says:

      boko haram was caught training with alqaida in somalia and mali and sudan, even the algerians admitted about 3 years ago that boko haram was an offshoot of alqaida, An nsa investigation caught boko haram in a conference call with all alqaida cells, Nigerian military said it years ago that boko haram were alqaida. It is only obama who kept calling boko haram a misguided bunch of job seekers. No matter what you believe we must act on boko haram homos while supposing the worse about them. Even yemen and algeria can defeat alqaida. Just start funding the army accordingly and pay attention to training and doctrin, and for God’s sake, what are we doing about the border ( perhaps we could use some land mines, great border walls and great border ditches).

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