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  1. beegeagle says:

    Thanks to “THE CHAIRMAN” for headsup on this and to MCSHEGZ for support with photo processing. “Chairman”, you go hear from me. I don see ya hand.

    So there you have it, gentlemen. The first of two P18N stealth OPVs of the NN. These are enlarged derivatives of the Type 056 corvette which incorporate a non- standardised feature namely, a hangar. This is aside from the helipad which is standard on all P18N/Type 056 ships

    One more thing. When orders were placed for these ships, the detailing for armaments stated a 76mm main gun and two 30mm cannons. It appears that an amendment has been made to those specs as this ship ADDITIONALLY carries a pair of 20mm cannons. That is what I found where this photo emerged from.

    Good morning, gentlemen.


  2. beegeagle says:

    BTW, watch out for more NN-related photos

    • Solorex says:

      Thank you Sir, For a great upstart today- here is what i believe is the great news concerning this Ship

      (1) it comes SR64 air/surface-search radar-That Nigerian navy Agreed to this Shinco Radar ( and not a western type radar as one would have expected-like the Thais did) might be a pointer to the fact that Shinco radars are better for Fire control and target Guiding of Future Shinco Missile-Thinking C802 later?

      (2) Why the Enlarged type? This Is by far the largest Type 056 vessel to be built- Simple -We are not buying for pride, we bought technology along to reproduce the size that we needed-Wasn’t that the reason why we rejected Saad 4 refurbished and Singaporean 70m vessel proposal? and paying a fortune to upgrade Port Harcourt yard?-We want to build our own +80m vessel in the future-God Bless our past CNS who brought this vision- For the first time We had Engineers and Architect fabricators from the keel to the commissioning!There should be a plan to transfer these guys to Naval dockyard as civilian staff/consultants even after retirement

      (3) What are we flying on it? There as really been no talk of Chinese Navy type Helix, making think the Lynx might make a comeback? or Augusta? We are sure to get Tokunbo helix from US this year ( looks like done deal- we have already been made the offer) don’t know whether a few seaborne guys will make the list-Not Likely

      Have a great day!

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga Solorex, I respect your hustle sir.
        it gladdens my heart whenever i hear local content, because like you rightly put it, we bought this platform for specific reasons, reasons that weren’t gonna be fulfilled by some of our so called friends. China isn’t afraid to share technology, they are not afraid to collaborate, apparently because they seem to have no ulterior motive than to trade and be traded with, they also seem to have no inferiority complex. Some other countries are scared to the bones to even share decades old technology because they know that you can only keep a man down for so long. Soon and very soon, we shall see another ship of the same size rising from Port harcourt, what a glorious day that would be. Private and government agencies working hand in hand for the economic prosperity of Nigeria, Africa at the world at large. What they need is support, not threats and curses. Once we decide what missiles we want on this baby, i suggest that we have our engineers do massive reverse engineering on em to make sure we are never blackmailed, because our interests may differ tomorrow. Nothing dey this thing Oga’s, university/military engineers can easily strip down, learn, rebuild and enhance, live goes on, no need to reinvent the wheel. Talking about helos, same strategy stands, certainly, in a year or two, we should have a private company building helos on license, in a 500billion dollar economy thats a fact, engines will be brought in completely knocked down, air frame will be locally fabricated, while aeronautics will be sourced from the open market. This will truly sustain our efforts while at the same time enhance our technological and economical prowess. No doubt, better times are ahead my friends. Oga Beegeagle, Tuale baba.

  3. beegeagle says:

    My friend and worthy pioneer on Beegeagle’s Blog. It is always great hearing from you.

    Today and tomorrow na NN DAY on this blog. Stay tuned.

  4. G8T Nigeria says:

    lovely pix

    • beegeagle says:

      Yeah…nothing at sea looks grander than a big warship.

      • Henry says:

        Oga beeg, beautiful image man. This ship gladdens my heart. I have to agree with Oga Augustine, let us not bring in any boko-haram topics/discussions into this thread.

        Oga Solorex, just to add to your post, we also rejected offers of 2 88 meters OPV builds from suncraft of singapore, and they are a major navy partner. It is obvious we got major plans for the naval shipyard in port-harcourt. I predict that by 2015 the navy would place orders for additional ships to be built in nigeria.

  5. Augustine says:

    Thanks Oga Beegeagle. Please gentlemen, let us stay on topic with this thread, let us not derail it with Boko Haram Vs Nigerian army. We can keep all that on the other thread before this.

    Last time we had a thread for 7 units of ATR-42 MPA-ISR aircraft acquisition, we almost totally wiped out that topic with talks about the Boko Haram ‘Gwoza’ video.

    We missed a golden oppourtunity to add value to NAF/NIMASA acquisition that focused on only MPA ATR-42 without any single one of the seven units being procured as the ATR-72 MPA-ASW anti-submarine warfare variant that would have helped Nigerian navy that has no submarine yet.

    Let us devote these two days to Nigerian navy as Oga Beegeagle has said.

    Just my opinion sirs.

  6. beegeagle says:

    Lol. You know that I always harp on the need not to derail threads with unrelated content. Some of us however like to draw attention to our comments by posting unrelated comments in inappropriate threads. We shall invariably get a handle on that by deleting stuff placed where they should not be. So that is the alert. No need to feel upset when inappropriate content gets deleted.

    If anyone needs to know whether or not they are on track, look at what you want to post FIRST then look at the thread title which you could end up derailing. It makes no sense for anyone to post BH-related content here, for instance. The board has to be free of clutter.

  7. Are James says:

    Bringing to mind the missiles, or lack of it rather, on this vessel. Is this deliberate or would this be the object of some later retrofit or mid life upgrade?.

  8. beegeagle says:

    I do not think that this ship shall remain without missiles for much longer based on the following reasons

    * her STEALTH and MODULAR DESIGN. Otherwise, there are much cheaper OPVs out there eg the Damen 8313 and FASSMER 80. You do not need stealth technology to hunt pirates. When the contract for these ships was signed in April 2012, the given cost was 24 billion naira ($155 million U.S). There are usable pure OPV options which are half-priced.

    * the in-country completion works by the Sino-Nigerian consortium which can keep details close to chest and which does not require parliamentary approval such that activists bring their nuisance into reckoning means that an amendment is inevitable. Already, amendments to the originally stated plan have commenced with the addition of 20mm cannons. It is not unlikely that these ships shall emerge with either C704/C705 missiles or C802/C803 SSMs. No sensible developing country will spend money on a ship this size and in the absence of fighting ships, leave it as a floating can open to air-launched and sea-launched missiles. In any case, Nigerians want fighting ships and not OPVs.

    Again, the modular design allows the ships to be reconfigured as they are without structural amendments. I would be mighty surprised if one or both these ships are not missile-armed by Q4 2015.

    As we write this, the Philippine Navy are working out a plan to have their Hamilton ships armed with missiles. We also own two of those 3,250 ton ships. Bangladesh own one unit – her biggest ship (same goes for The Philippines) and the Bangladesh Navy called the BNS SAMUDRO JOY which they want to mount C802 AShMs on. That is not empty talk. They earlier acquired two ex-RN Castle class OPVs and those 1,800 ton ships have been armed with C704 missiles. In tests conducted recently, the missiles hit their targets four times in four attempts. If we cannot get Harpoon, Exocet or Otomat SSMs because Western activists have ambushed their governments, we should grab C802 missiles without further delay and quit acting like spoilt and starry-eyed fanboys. The NN need their fangs now, now

    * the F-series pennant numbers foretell a plan for FRIGATES. Otherwise, OPVs should carry P-series pennant numbers.

    • Solorex says:

      With that shinco radar Sir, I am 100% sure that ASM are in some plans ( long term or short term-i do not know) We do not really know if the transfer agreement(excess defense articles act) allows us to uparm the Cutters with ASM unlike the Filipinos ( who were sold the ships intentionally so that they could arm them well to trim of China’s sea power). Not Arming these Ships would mean NN will be without a formidable missile capacity for the next half a decade and will still have to be careful with smaller Navies ( Ghana & Co) with smaller crafts but even less than decent but working ASMs ( even old school Angolan Osa with termits becomes a source of worry when the chips are down.)

      Without ASMs, these ships will like buying a Ferrari when you are never gonna go beyond 50km/hr- You could have bought a Daewoo!

      • AreJames says:

        Alternative scenario is to put all anti ship options in the helicopter basket (chopper launched exocets and C802s) which option also has its issues as you can’t strike in bad weather for instance.

  9. Augustine says:

    Gentlemen, let us not conclude on specifications for the NNS Centenary yet. I have looked at this photo above and compared with Type 056 Chinese radar, they don’t look the same.

    Wikipedia can be edited by anybody and sometimes unreliable. British Kelvin Hughes navigational radar was said to have been chosen by Nigeria, and it is far superior to any Chinese radar. The British invented radar and continue to lead the world. Let us await our navy’s confirmation.

    Since this P18N is a patrol ship, the navigational radar is more important than fire control radar. The Kelvin Sharp Eye is a new innovation and much more powerful than all other previous radars in this world, it’s new technology threatens to make all other existing radars obsolete with their magnetron, except those with the same coherent transmission capability.

    I hope Nigerian P18N got the Sharp Eye radar.

    Missiles, the video posted here and discussed some months ago shows the sea trials of NNS Centenary involving surface to air missile and something like anti-submarine RPG being test fired live and we all saw it.

    If these are not installed on arrival in Lagos, then it likely means the ship is built to carry them if need be and has been thus tested. Except the Chinese mixed up another ship into that video.

    The other point are the two 30mm RWS guns, are they true CIWS that can intercept missiles? A real CIWS will need tungsten ammunition to be very effective, the Swiss make AHEAD ammo for anti-missile CIWS guns. Does China have them too for this our 30mm RWS guns ?

    What helicopter will be embarked on NNS Centenary? If she has no anti-ship missiles because we have installed oil spill control tanks on the missile position amid-ships, why not embark a Z-9 Harbin helicopter with C-803 anti-ship missile and give our OPV capacity to fight as a light frigate in emergency?

    Also, we can have the Z-9 Harbin helicopter come with anti-submarine torpedo and dipping sonar, it cannot carry both at the same time, but with her sister ship coming next year, both can carry one helicopter each, a torpedo armed and a dipping sonar equipped. Then we have a light anti-submarine force at sea.

    We could also buy towed array sonar and keep it in armoury ready for installation in Lagos dry dock if emergency arises of hostile enemy submarine threat in our oil rich oceans.

    Then does P18N have a hull sonar for ASW ? If yes, we can then add Anti-Torpedo Contralto-V defense systems.

    Then we have small warships with big teeth, until we buy Type 054A Frigate and Type 039 Song Class submarine from China.

    Only then can we say we have a navy….more than a coast guard.

    Onward Together !

  10. Oje says:

    Sorry of this question sounds morbid.. is the Nigerian Navy part of the Nigerian armed forces?

    • AreJames says:

      I think they are way ahead in all things. Years ago when I was doing Oil and Gas stuff, the best engineers we had were those who came from the Nigerian Navy. The NA and NAF?…well things will get much worse before getting better.

  11. beegeagle says:

    Bullseye…I like that Ferrari analogy. If it were all about counterpiracy ops, for $155m, we would simply have snapped up six Damen 8313s armed with 57mm main guns and 20mm cannons and left it at that.

    Our resident Yankee chief has said time and again that the terms of transfer state that we are free to have the Hamiltons armed with missiles.

  12. Oje says:

    Has anyone seen photos of Oga Beeg? what proof is there that this dude schooled in Nigeria? how do we know he is even black? Never seen a black man like this before, for real.

    • jimmy says:

      Oga Oje
      You seem to be puzzled by the fact BEEGS is 100% Naija are you puzzled that a Nigerian is capable of such lofty Heights please do not doubt. Should we ask you are you Nigerian? Chew on this i have Nigerian Uncle RTD Admiral who as a junior officer refused to allow a member of the ruling council during the Abacha regime to use his personal account to store money he refused and was not promoted for 10 years this is a true story.There are good Nigerians who did . do the right thing every single day . Concluding the story It took the personal intervention of obj himself for my uncle to be promoted instead of being retired prematurely. There are PLENTY OF BLACK MEN like BEEGS living and breathing in naija you just have to know where to look and visit Nigeria on a constant basis.

  13. beegeagle says:

    Lol…I have been a guest of the SBS Commander and his senior officers. I am a full-blooded Nigerian and my blood is green in colour.

    For the gentlemen who asked for my email address, it is

  14. Bharat says:

    Nice Ship! when is she arriving at Nigerian coast?

  15. jimmy says:

    OGA Augustine
    Asked two critical things while I am not versed on Naval technology I would be grateful if anyone could answer this : The KELVIN HUGHES radar what are its specs i.e how far out can it see
    The Sonar System how ” literally deep can it hear”
    I do not know whether OGA BEEGS can get the previous picture of the NN CENTENARY and compare with this picture (I am always begging for more but this is important). I honestly think by the ” new appearance” structurally something has been done in order I want to say without verification the ship has been “weighed down” structurally improved to accommodate something i can only speculate on whether it is to accommodate the Helios weight with or without armaments or to accommodate a bay for/ torpedoes or missiles .

  16. menatti says:

    The 1st MI35 has Arrived.

  17. menatti says:

    And the USA scuttled the deal for the cobra’s so thats not happening

    • jimmy says:

      Not to derail the topic oga Menatti
      Two questions
      1) Does it at least have Night flying specs ( we do not have to go into details yes or no will suffice)
      2) Not surprising does the NAF have a contingency plan to buy helios from the ruskies in case true to form obama ‘s left hand starts controlling him.
      3) Are we going to get any HELIOS from the yankess or they are going to go” iraqi” on us and start to procrastinate”

    • giles says:

      tank u heavenly Father. who need DAT piece of junk mi35 mi17 and d A29.sorry for d comment.

    • Are James says:

      Bad news. I am getting sick of Nobama.

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Menatti, i respect your hustle sir.
      Abeg, how do you mean scuttled? we’re not getting em again?

      • menatti says:

        Apparently they refused the Israeli’s permission to sell em to us. As you know its the intellectual property of the USA. The MI35’s are brand new from russia i presume. More will arrive. Army also procuring more equipment.

  18. beegeagle says:

    When this matter first came up, we said that activists would get in the way of any transaction involving American-made lethal equipment.

    • Are James says:

      Could also be due to the rumoured rohi rohi way the whole thing was packaged, talking in terms of the contract now.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Beegs spot on sir. True talk !

      However our DHQ fell for the trap, “War crime is alien to my doctrine so I will investigate and if true I will punish my soldiers”….Makes you half guilty. “What the hell are you telling me, those are NOT my soldiers, hidden faces, no service numbers, can you use that as world court evidence in the Hague? My country will sue you for libel”….makes you impossible to be proved guiltily. Tact plus aggressive nationalism.

      I have always warned Nigeria to avoid American made lethal weapons including Kfir Block 60 jet with likely American parts .

      Reason I am never keen on arming the NNS Thunder and Okpabana with missiles, the day you offend Yankee doodle he will pull the plugs on you and grind your equipment to a halt with embargoes.

      I will put missiles on my Chinese warships instead. Nigerian navy is expecting Sea Knight or Sea Sprite helicopters and I hope it’s still on track, an unarmed helicopter though.

      Nigerian navy’s Z-9 naval helicopters (Two reported in Chinese news as purchased for both P18N this year) have army gunship versions, we can ask China to upgrade with Night combat equipment and we buy 24 units cheap second hand for quick delivery from current Chinese army Stocks.

      Meanwhile, missiles for our Chinese made Nigerian navy ships. Never rely on America for firepower. They want your army to be police, your navy a coast guard, your air force an airline.

      Nigerian navy please get your lethal weapons from China, our mouth is watering for your first Type 039 Song Class submarine, even if na $150 million second hand one to begin learning and training with, nothing spoil o !

  19. beegeagle says:

    All twelve Mi-35M and Mi-171Sh Terminator shall arrive as brand-new assets and with full night vision capability.

    Except they are upgraded, it is only the Mi-24V and Mi-35P which shall not incorporate this capability.

    • Henry says:

      Oga beeg, are we getting 12 MI-35M helicopters? Isn’t it supposed to be 6 MI-35M and 10 MI-17 helicopters?

      • beegeagle says:

        Yes, six units of each type o.

        The Russian report concerning arms exports which I read last month suggested that “about TEN Mi-17/Mi-171Sh” were exported to Nigeria in 2013. Dunno if the deliveries have commenced.

        Menatti, who you now know to be a credible source, also told us that two Mi-17s are expected to be delivered from Ukraine.

  20. beegeagle says:

    Gentlemen, I have seen three photos of the Mi-35M which was delivered FULLY BUILT-UP in a white coloured ANTONOV cargo plane today. It is painted in desert camo and has a clearly visible FLIR device on it. Very beautiful machine. CONGRATS to the NAF. Boko go soon see pepper.

    However, I have to check with my sources before publishing any photos. So guys, our first Mi-35M landed today 29th August 2014. I say that with all the emphasis at my command. PROVEN and CONFIRMED.

    Hey, that is not the signal for local and foreign spooks to hack into my account. If that happens, I shall abandon this place immediately. You had better control yourself if you are a hacker. WAIT until I have the all clear to publish photos.

  21. beegeagle says:

    True that, Oga Are James.

    We also said at the time that IF there was any shady dealing involved as alluded to by Major Shay Tal, America would not let it fly. IF the deal was blocked to prevent chop-chop from accruing to any crooked guys, then kudos to America.

  22. Are James says:

    This Kenyan in the Whitehouse I am not loving him again sha….just saying.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Are James you have to like Obama since you like Kfir Block 60 jet, na him go dey supply you spare parts. Me I vote for combination of Su-30 Flanker jet and JF-17 Thunder jet with full technology transfer.

      As Nigerian navy is buildings second stealth P18N warship in Port Harcourt, Nigerian air force should be building JF-17 Thunder jet fighter in Bayelsa state.

      Time for all armed forces to copy Nigerian navy Admirals showing us the way of nationalism !

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga Augustine, i respect your hustle sir.
        Indeed, i gbadun your parole. No two ways about it, technology transfer all the way, the people wey no wan sell, dem go chop their jet na abi. The world is a much different place than it was 1/2 decades ago, we’ve got choices for 4th gen jets. Most nations now fully grasp the true meaning of having lethal fighting equipment that will not be strung up on the alter of sanctions and embargo’s. Even though i believe the American’s will come along much later,it’ll be only after we have built up a substantial military industrial complex for ourselves, proving that we are not solely dependent on any country. Rightly put Oga, simultaneous productions of fighter jets and warships. We only have to be determined, that’s all.

  23. mcshegz says:

    Heheheheh, this will easily turn to a Mi-35M and Mi-171Sh thread lololo. If its true that the Cobra’s have been scuttled, then maybe we now understand the secrecy behind acquisitions. Its easy to derail these things, and knowing the hawks out there that want nothing good for Nigeria, news of any kind of lethal acquisitions will always be buried in a mirage of so called human rights allegations.

  24. beegeagle says:

    Let us keep the Navy gist going in tandem.

    @ Oga RKA. Indeed, the night fighting capabilities specified at the time when two combat helos were landed in June or thereabouts suggests that those would be either Mi-35M or Mi-171Sh Terminator airframes.

    • Augustine says:

      The total silence on NNS Aradu is worrisome, I hope she does not come out of refit as an OPV stripped of missiles. The navy in party mood over NNS Centenary should not forget Aradu in her days of agony o! Funny everytime I view Nigerian navy official website fleet list and wonder why NNS Aradu is totally absent from the list of Nigerian navy ships as if she is now disowned. I will love to see flag removed from NNS Thunder to a new flagship that can sting, bite, and swallow.

      • Solorex says:

        I suspect that the cost of refitting Aradu to the level of a Modern Meko A200 type is enormous to the navy-Aradu was top rated for its time and still relevant-but costly to refit properly. From nagging gearbox issues to outdated weaponics. Its like they gonna get the engine and gear thing running fine and leave the power projection thing to the newer boys.

  25. beegeagle says:

    My thinking exactly. Last quotation for full upgradation I read was US$60 million. Everyone says the real figure is closer to US$90m. Jah knows I can build a complete 2,000 ton hull in Bulgaria for US$25m and move same to Israel for navtronics and countermeasures to be fitted on same for US$20m. For US$15m, I can get a 4-cell C802 AShMs mounted on the ship PLUS a 6-cell 324mm torpedo launcher and a 6-cell SAM system installed in China. Last I checked, a C802 missile cost US$800,000. Na light frigate una dey look so for 60 million USD o.

    We must accept that the NNS Aradu is a 32 year old hulk (actual construction work commenced over 35 years ago) and her maintenance record has been abysmal. Better we make an OPV of her and turn the P18Ns and NNS Okpabana into light frigates. Let us enter into a govt-govt transaction for a Type 054A frigate complete with her fearsome VLS to replace the NNS Aradu which is perilously close to the end of her service life.

    About time we did. “Na afternoon dem dey pursue black goat enter house”

  26. rka says:

    I read on-line a couple of days or so ago that Aradu is currently being upgraded. I will try to find the reference to it.

    • rka says:

      I have cut and paste as the rest is BH related, which I don’t wasnt to link here and is from the 25th of August.

      “Obanikoro however frowned on the craving by navy personnel to be sent abroad for training, stating: “We noticed that you crave to be sent overseas a lot but if we invest more in our system, people will want to come to train with us in Nigeria and aspire to that level of development.

      “When I was young, countries like Pakistan were at par with us and in some areas, we were even more developed than them but now, we are so backward that people now desire to travel to such countries. We need to do something about this and fast track our developmental process.”

      On the nation’s flagship, Nigerian Navy Ship (NNS) ARADU, he said all efforts were in top gear to ensure that the vessel is refitted and deployed back to sea to help in the fight against illegal maritime activities.

      “In concrete terms, we will ensure the vessel is ready for use. I don’t just make pronouncements, I take every step to actualise it. ARADU needs help for survival being our flagship. It therefore makes a lot of sense to develop it. I intend to follow up that advocacy,” he stressed.”

    • Augustine says:

      Oga rka, thanks for the info, I can add a source link, thanks.

      Maybe we can hope this new minister will be tough in action as he is tough in talking. Nigeria has never had a serious defense minister for 30 years. The past one that promised to re-invigorate NNS Aradu since 2012 no do nothing ! Till she waka commot.

      Now someone has ‘sworn’ to revive Aradu, let’s pray for him o !

  27. beegeagle says:

    IF so, she has to be upgraded in such a way that her panoply of armaments stays contemporary until 2025. Otherwise, that would be money down the drain.

    It was Oga G8TNigeria who told us that the the mine countermeasure vessels, 50 metre 600 tonners, are being reconfigured as Midshore Patrol Vessels. Again, what is the status on upgrades for about three 31-32.6metre patrol craft and four 58 metre missile craft?

    • Solorex says:

      Very unlikely- The refit (not really a high level upgrade which would be doable only by foreign yards such as Blohm and Voss et al) is been done locally and the plans are “the vessel is refitted and deployed back to sea to help in the fight against illegal maritime activities”.. OPV it looks like Sir! Armament probably won’t be more that the main Guns,regular 40mm guns and an upgraded radar- Latest ASM, anti aircraft missiles,target designation and opto electronic tracker suites bla bla bla are all likely gonna go!

      • AreJames says:

        What’s the point in being called a MEKO modular constructed vessel when it is so now so hard to upgrade?

  28. beegeagle says:



    ” Among other major customers for Russian rotary-wing aircraft were China (52 Mi-171E helicopters for $624 million),Afghanistan (10 aircraft, to be purchased with Pentagon money),Sri Lanka (14 Mi-171Sh helicopters), Nigeria (about 10 Mi-17/171s), Ghana (six Mi-17s) and Argentina (three examples of the Mi-171E modification).”

  29. Alade says:

    Gudmornin people, pls i’d like to know if the recently recruited Nigerian Navy SBS commandos ar training in a foreign country or locally cos a naval ratings told me that they are being trained in russia…..

  30. CHYDE says:

    Saw an Antonov at about 8:35 am this morning heading towards the airport here in Abj

    • Augustine says:

      Antonov, Antonov ! Better Nigeria quickly buys all we want from Russia now before war breaks out between them and NATO. Na wrong time we Nigeria wake up to arm ourselves. When things dey cool we no act. Ukraine has a defense pact with Nigeria, now we cannot benefit form it, because Ukraine is at war. Russian army armour is crossing into Ukraine this week, NATO jets are flying on Russia’s border line in patrol, if they cross enter Russia, the F-18 jets will be shot down.

      We have been telling Nigeria to arm her military since 2012 on this blog, now you wan buy things when Ukraine and Russia our top two suppliers after China, are in a state of ‘World War III’.

      Lesson learnt I hope….No, we don’t ever learn. We waited till Biafra war before we realized Nigeria had no jet fighter. We waited till Liberia war before we realized Nigeria had no functioning helicopter gunship and Su-25 Frogfoot jets.

      We waited till Boko Haram use hot pepper soup wash and bath our face before we realize that Nigerian army equipment are obsolete, unserviceable, malfunctioning, short in supply, outdated, too few in number, no reliable anti-tank guided missiles, low in firepower intensity, unable to wage a COIN war, etc, while Nigerian air force had no Night combat capable aircraft, no dedicated ground attack aircraft, shortage of helicopter gunships, shortage of bombs, no precision guided air to ground bombs and missiles, no air to ground laser guided rocket pods, no dedicated COIN combat aircraft….

      Don’t wait till somebody park submarine beside our off shore oil rigs and say, “No more drilling and exporting here, until you Nigeria dance naked to the drum I am beating, we must share this oil and gas today”.

      Brazil faces no military threat at sea for 50 years, but go count how many submarines and anti-submarine aircraft her navy has !

      If we have no submarine, better get one ATR-72 Anti-Submarine Warfare version of ATR-42 Surveyor, na only pirates you want to be surveying? Who told us that conventional war threat can not come even from a friend and ally? Go ask Ukraine today…

      • ozed says:

        I agree with you Oga Augustine.

        Total lack of pro activity. I dont know what they do at National Institute of Policy and strategic Studies or The War College, or TRADOC in the Nigerian Army. There is simply no application of foresight in the way we arm, train and organize our Defense.
        In fact, when some arms of the military have some traces of foresight and innovation, they are frustrated till they lose what ever motivation they have.

        With all the advances in DICON there has been no progress in moving those items from the prototype stage to the levels of full-scale production by collaborating with the private sector. As a result we have made RPGs, grenades and mortars but i guarantee you the Army is currently importing these items.
        Crude but effective equipment developed by the Biafrans have not been harnessed for improvement. e.g. the Ogbunigwe is essentially a crude but effective version of the US army claymore command detonated mine, which is still in service with the US army today, but no effort has been made to modernize it and deploy it in the Nigerian Army. Can you imagine with claymore mines would have done to Boko haram as they advanced on Gwoza?

        Very sad situation.

      • Are James says:

        We have unfortunately changed chiefs of staff too frequently. It is very hard to craft policy in a command and control organization when everything is fluid. The Chiefs of Staff are professionals filling political appointments which is very difficult and untidy business.
        Let me tell you how the psychology works in the context of what is happening now.

        The first two months of appointment is the ‘gratitude phase’, very few appointees want to rock the boat here because they are so beholden to the forces that got them appointed that drastic change is not to be expected immediately. This is even worse when a lot of superiors have been retired to make way for you. However Boko Haram attacks have thankfully shortened this shallow, ”boss-subordinate mutual admiration society” phase which is ultimately good for the country.

        Next comes the ‘finding your feet’ phase of another three months, here the appointees do very detailed assessment of the weaknesses in the force structure and try to itemise what needs to be done to improve. Like we just went through the weapons audits for instance.

        Third is the transformation phase where new doctrine, operational standards, equipment, weaponry, hardware including associated training are implemented. Sustainment of the new ways of doing things is ensured by constant training, field exercises and military manoeuvres. This phase may last many years and even decades. This phase is what the COAS promised in his last publicised speech.

        The complexity of the situation we have now is that there is an home grown insurgency going on at the same time which makes everything painful but bestows opportunities like the $1bn grant and another $1bn loan for equipment procurement which are both unprecedented in the armed forces history. As someone just suggested, the supporting strategic institutes like War College, NIPSS, TRADOC also need to now give a proactive edge to everything by studying the internal and external geopolitical landscapes including the international defence industry to ensure that the right long term strategies, weapons and alliances are crafted to ensure the robustness of our defence and security establishment.

  31. Buchi says:

    Finally something to cheer off two.i cnt tell how much a little relief I have now abt this this delivery…hence out crew training in belarus should be inbound.asap.oga beegz u guys seem to have left out discussion on possible ways to minimize friendly fire from the air due to lack of comms with troops on the ground

    I believe that this goes to show that the two defence arms have not yet created a clear cut operational strategy involving each other in this opps…just like my friend in action in NE pointed out .it seems to follow a pathern of”NA gets opps activated,all plans set.NaF get called in to provide cover at a point without considering scarttered units and modular changes.diff squads and regiments are nt spotted out to NAF etc..while the airforce should be in the process of developing the opps plan just like in damboa,place their inputs and possible ordinances etc.a situation where fob comms dept do no denote units well and do not issue frequencies of unit back to the flybois..hence even with the little comms eqipment avaliable to the unit i believe that under heavy fire..a unit which cannot contact the pilot can contact the fob which directly contacts the aircraft via the frequency.the beauraeucracy in info disemination is a big prob.worse most units do not carry smoke grenades..oga beegz pls ur input

    • jimmy says:

      In order not to derail the thread OGA buchi, I replied your comments on the boko haram thread concerning the 480 troops who did not defect in Cameroon.

    • AreJames says:

      The airforce needs its own operational plans. Thank you for making this statement. The friendly fire incidents are not few and far between at all according to reports. Communications integration is a big issue for the Nigerian armed forces. The problem also might be getting the right enemy coordinates and sending the info under intense battle conditions in a way that is understood by pilots. Now even this is not a serious issue with good training. Many advanced countries’ militaries make these mistakes as well. Coloured smoke grenades might help to mark friendly positions thank you for that suggestion.
      But this thing has to be worked out. If you watch a FLIR /TV clip from the cockpit of a combat chopper, depending on its sophistication all you may see are just blurry figures milling about on the ground, friend or foe sometimes hard to tell. I believe the MI 35M has better resolution but really the protocols have to be worked out between NA and NAF so that the unfortunate friendly fire fatalities don’t happen again.

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