31 August, 2014

* Consolidates hold on Gamboru Ngala

* Nigerian Air Force say “air support has been outstanding and is set to improve in the face of new acquisitions”

In a latest counter-offensive, the Nigerian security forces have reclaimed Gamboru-Ngala, a strategic township on the border between Nigeria and Cameroon.The Borno State-based town, which has witnessed fierce fighting for the past one week, was cleared of terrorist threat on Thursday.

According to a source, who spoke to THISDAY, the largely rural and sparsely populated community is very strategic because it provides a direct crossing and link between Nigeria and Cameroon.”You know since the crossing of the soldiers to Cameroon while in battle with BH boys, there has been fierce battle to secure Gamboru Ngala and our boys are in charge now,” the source said.

However, THISDAY gathered that the planned counter-offensive by the military in Gwoza is more complicated with soldiers said to be
regrouping, reinforcing and re-strategising to take back the enclave, which Boko Haram has turned into an operational headquarters of their self-declared Islamic Caliphate. It could be recalled that the military had launched a major offensive in several parts of Borno State, which has come under the threat of Boko Haram including Gwoza but details were not divulged for tactical and operational reasons.

But a source ascribed the little progress made in the bid to reclaim the most strategic town of Gwoza to its difficult terrain. The source told THISDAY that having captured Gwoza, the Boko Haram terrorists dug in to consolidate their hold on the mountainous enclave.

“The mistake we made was to have allowed Gwoza to be captured in the first place because the terrain is to the advantage to those in charge of it,” he said. “The terrorists, now with their AAs and other sophisticated weapons, have the advantage of attacking us from the top of the mountains, while also sheltering in the caves.”You know they have been trying for a long time to take over Gwoza, which apart from the terrain, also has link with the Sambisa Forest.

“We are however reinforcing, getting weapons because the one we are currently using is old, outdated and not a match to the modern weaponry being used by BH. We will try and take back Gwoza because we cannot leave it in the hands of BH, even though it’s a tall order.”

This was also confirmed yesterday when a military source stated that even though Gwoza is still firmly in the hands of the terrorists, the army is not relenting to dislodge them from the area. It was also alleged Christians and moderate Muslims have fled the town for fear of being slaughtered and alleging that some of them have actually been killed on Friday.

Speaking to THISDAY, the Director of Defence Information (DDI),Maj-Gen. Chris Olukolade, said that even though the troops have made substantive gain,they will not be speaking on the matter for strategic and operational reasons.”Things are going on, and I can tell you that there are substantive gains but we won’t be speaking much about the operations,” Olukolade said.

Meanwhile, Nigerian Air Force has debunked the claims that they are not providing enough air cover for the ground troops. “I can tell you that Air Force has been outstanding in this operation. With the new procurements, things will improve substantially,” the senior officer said.

It could be recalled that Boko Haram on Sunday released a video
in which it said it had established an Islamic state in the towns and villages it controls in northeastern Nigeria. This has since been dismissed by the Nigerian military, which has then launched a counter-offensive to retake these towns.


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  1. Donian007 says:

    This APC realy has BIG FOOTS! See how it dwarfs that soldier. What a monster and desert lord (tyres)!

  2. Are James says:

    “With new procurements things will improve substantially”. It has been said and it will be so.

  3. Augustine says:

    Specially Armed Garrisons Strategy combined with Sri Lanka Offensive Model is the only way out of this hydra headed problem, or else na Tom & Jerry continued !

    Start the final push from NA lines all across the whole NE simultaneously, take a town/village, garrison it, advance to next target, repeat same operation, till we reach all our borders with neighbouring countries, then we close all borders in NE.

    You will see no more Boko Haram except suicide bombing or small firefights our garrisons can handle until we up-arm our MOPOL and NSCDC….never you arm any civilian vigilante with gun o !

    Where on earth are the NAF Super Tucanos after almost one year of purchase interest ?

    Tucano fighting for 5 hours in the air beats any helicopter of 1 hour endurance !

    • rugged7 says:

      Oga Augustine, what is your definition of “closing all borders”???
      That’s a practical impossibility, given the topography…

  4. Augustine says:

    Officially close all borders, anything wey move across na winch, stone am !

    Governors impose curfews and people obey, no movement. Environmental sanitation when it was nationwide we obeyed, if you move task force catch you, you do frog jump before you pay fine.

    Nigeria closed borders with Republic Of Benin when armed robbers wan kill us finish for Lagos, Cotonou dem know say border close, dem feel the earthquake.

    Border closures are official control measures to checkmate dangerous illegal entry, Boko does dangerous illegal entry. Only we and our Chadian/Cameroonian allies will be crossing, any convoy, single vehicle, or persons moving across will be suspected and searched to be identified if they are authorized to cross. If we had closed borders, we would have caught many Boko new recruitment fighters pouring in from Chad, Niger Republique and Cameroon which made Boko Haram to grow in numbers from battalion to brigade, and brigade to division, if you allow this cross border recruitment, Boko will become a Corp, we go sweat like new yam goat before we kill them finish.
    Bokos best fighters are the experienced foreign mercenaries. Nigerian Almajiri locals are the rookies that cannot shoot straight and move like cattle rearers in poor assault formation.

    Boko boys don dey plenty like Chinese army now, you go shoot till all your ammo finish, then you do Usain Bolt if you don’t want to meet your creator when Naija still needs you for the next battle .

  5. Augustine says:

    Border leakages are problems worldwide, yet border closures are the only official remedy, if you don’t get 100% result, 50% is not bad, you still achieve a useful result.
    Oga rugged7 are you on the other side? Cross back enter home now o ! I wan close border ! You need Camel or Okada ?

    • rugged7 says:

      @ oga Augustine. lol….My brother, i dey far from the other side…
      We all want the best for Nigeria. If closing helps, then by all means.
      I really pray that the NA comes out tops in this conflict without equivocation.
      The shame of the alternative will be too great a cross to bear…

  6. freeegulf says:

    and why are they whining about how to reclaim the town, what did they do fortify gwoza when they an FOB was sited there? it just show how bad we have fallen in combat proficiency.
    these so called experts are quick to point out the difficulties of attacking gwoza and how it favours the defenders. but they where once defenders in this same town, knowing fully well that gwoza was the eye of the storm, still yet, did nothing to improve the generally defence of this strategic town.

    • AreJames says:

      When they make these brain dead statements people don’t counter them. It is was hard to recapture Gwoza but what made it easy for BH to capture it in the first place?. The NA obviously has lost the hard biting edge of the past when people used to pay for their costly mistakes. Now has become a girl’s scouts gathering.

  7. Martin Luther says:

    NA just bring results, good once

  8. G8T Nigeria says:

    Have faith in your country. Its only a matter of time before the real enemy is identified. At a time when the military is strategizing how to deal with the insurgents, a new twist arrives. The nonsense revelation of one mad Australian. Please ask why he didn’t sought to see the right agency to give his false information instead in his paid bid to cause war in Nigeria, he is mentioning names. They have used all weapons against the government. Human rights, Amnesty International, Baga tears, subverting spouses of soldiers to war against their authorities and now our new paid Aussie parrot trying to gain recognition. We have corruption in Nigeria, we may be under developed, we may suffer from abject poverty but we will not LOOSE FAITH on our nation. God bless the Federal Republic of NIGERIA.

  9. Henry says:


    The military might have retaken gwoza. Awaiting army authentication by this week.

    • Solorex says:

      We do not have experienced defense journalist in large quantities in Nigeria( except on this blog-i believe), They refer to APCs has “Armoured Tanks”,Helicopter or anything that flies as “jet fighter” and sometimes 13m vessels as “Warships” , thereby mangling facts and obscuring details. I wish the content are exactly true- I am thinking the Tucanos delivery have been completed? or a rethink on the SU25 issue for expediency-if indeed its a jet fighter with night bombing capacity optimized for COIN? ( since they are available off the shelf readily and a number of pilots have always been tripping to Belarus for past few years )-Or that our prayers have been answered as expected our 4th Gen Birds are hatched strongly and ready to ramble! I believe the shilka story strongly- Possibly optimized version for urban warfare- better response-Night sights,2 turrets and if networking capacity with SA18/Igla options is taken then bye bye rolly baby-rolands away!
      Soon the Army might be selling Boko Pies!

      • AreJames says:

        The article calls it the latest fighter jet in the world which should mean something like SU 33. However,even the most knowledgeable people still use the term combat jets for all combat aircraft engine types so there is some ambiguity there but we know a limited number of turbo prop Super Tucanos are on ground already
        On the Shilka, there are modernized, more portable and maneuverable models in use by the Syrian govt against rebel forces, they have faster turret response time and Nigeria would have done well by buying this model. They are particularly going to buy useful for Gwoza because enemy fighters would be on hills and mountains. With the right elevation setting that’s going to be some ome high energy 23mm shells raining up on them from the Shlkas.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Solorex my boss, na true you talk. Our journalists call an APC a tank, and call a helicopter a jet fighter sometimes. Problem is, they don’t know and they don’t ask equipment names or just the operational role types from their sources. COIN fighter plane, air superiority jet, ground attack jet, helicopter gunship, those are simple questions they could ask and we get a lead.

        Prayer is that they got it right this time and jet will be jet. However, our greatest need is Super Tucano COIN or at worst fully Modernized Night Combat capable Su-25 Frogfoots.

        Shilka, yes NA wants to answer Boko’s Toyota technicals carrying ZSU-23-2, but we must be careful as the shilka’s thin armour is it’s first weakness, very mobile insurgents on foot or faster Toyota can do damage with hand grenades or 12.7mm machine guns, RPG is our worst nightmare. Second Shilka weakness is it’s slow speed. Well, no weapon in this world is perfect, they all have their weakpoints, so we welcome 300 units of new upgraded shilkas if possible, 100 each for Borno, Yobe, Adamawa !

        Shilka is master of fighting an enemy uphill, Shilka ZSU-23-4 is a COIN war master if our infantry can guard it well from enemy fire power.

    • Tope says:

      This people sef, dem just write wetin dem talk say mk dem write, no question to even knw WHAT exactly they are getting….well as stupid as d correspondents are u cant blamecant cos if u ask too many questions dem go bar u from press outings one thing is certain equipmentsequipmentsved for army n airforce tairforce awaited offensive has begun.

      The Gist on Maiduguri has to be handled well, let DSS snoop out their location n bombard them.

  10. zachary999 says:

    Bama has just fallen to BH today. This is now a major crisis that needs all the attention it deserves.

    • Are James says:

      Are you sure?. Please check your facts and confirm the authenticity of the reports before posting.

    • Russellinfinity says:

      I think the battle for Bama is still ongoing as at 11:45 gmt

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Zachary999. I respect your hustle sir.
      And how exactly do you know this? whats your source? because whats on most media right now is that, a battle is ragging, shey the battle don finish ni? abi you dey Bama? Relax with your adjectives abeg oga

      • zachary999 says:

        Depends on where the forward edge of battle area is….

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga Zachary999. I respect your hustle sir.
        Abd where is that sir? because you said Bama as fallen, so you must know where the so called forward edge of the battle is abi? so tell us oga. As stated again by Oga Russellinfinity, the battle isnt over, so how can Bama fall? Oga you jumped the gun, just admit it, and lets move on.

    • igbi says:

      It is a well known propaganda strategy to report a town as fallen while you are attacking it. I think the first person in the line of the information you got is a boko haram member or sympathizer. It might also be wishfull thinking from a boko haram sympathizer or someone who fundamentaly believes no good can come out of Nigeria.

    • rugged7 says:

      Please, be very careful and sure of your information before you release it here. Especially for this kind of info.
      As far as we are aware, major battle is on-going with 45+ militants killed and dozens more injured(according to various online sources)…
      So bros, whatz ur source???

      • igbi says:

        There are already reports that the terrorists were defeated, I think his “private source” is a boko homo.

      • rugged7 says:

        Infact, if we have rednecks worth there salt, now is the time to pour in re-enforcements and send the jets and HINDS into the air.
        Finish this battle decisively once and for all time. E don be, Boko are are unleashing multi-pronged attacks aimed at diverting attention to ultimately seize maiduguri.
        Into the fray NA…
        Into the fray…

  11. Russellinfinity says:

    Please lets be calm. Bama hasn’t fallen as I type this post. The virgin seekers in a bold attempt launched an attack on the town. The battle is far from over.

  12. AreJames says:

    I suspect BH has put hundreds of AKs into the hands of many idle young men. The NA must not be permitted to do a ‘tactical’withdrawal under any circumstances as it only makes the mister bigger …if possible they should send reinforcements from other states.

  13. xnur44 says:

    To the troops I say; Bring down HELL and hold BAMA.

    • AreJames says:

      They will be back. They attack in waves and the NA killing machine should be ready for them.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Camouflage1984, thanks for this info.

      That is the power of Garrison I have been shouting about, and for which some bloggers want to create visible distance between my head and my neck to that both will become two separate independent entities.

      Garrison ! Only reason why Bama has not fallen ! Else it would have been declared Caliphate Number 2 for Boko Haram with BBC headline news.

      Now as I said, each garrison must have planned strategically located grid mapping deployment FOB of rapid response airborne reinforcement platoons arriving within 20 minutes of distress call, by air with Mi-171 armed transport helicopters and Puma helicopters with combat support from Mi-35 Hind gunships or Super Tucanos. Also ground reinforcement, a fast Spartan APC and Toyota force platoons will be on the way also to arrive in 1 hour to 3 hours depending on road conditions.

      Now we see the effect of a corrupt country of billionaire politicians where roads are bad for vehicles since 1990 when I dey waka go school ! Pot hole that can swallow Fulani cow !

  14. xnur44 says:

    Where are the F-7s, those planes were rigged to deliver 250kg HE general purpose bombs, can’t they drop it from 10,000ft at least to frighten this goons. Air support is ridiculous.

  15. jimmy says:
    Thank you let us always remember they died that we should live. I know I can be very cold on this blog sometimes, however today I pay my respects.

  16. jimmy says:

    It would be a touch of class to code name one of their bombing operations ” operation” AKWEKE”

  17. jimmy says:

    To the NAF in BAMA
    ” LET IT RAIN”

  18. Martin Luther says:

    What is the info on ground, has BAMA fallen?

  19. Augustine says:

    Oga Are James thanks for this 12 new jet fighter info. God bless you.

    Could it be your Kfir Block 60 ? Na me and you for this blog if that bone yard jet enter Abuja or Makurdi TAC.

    Bros Su-33 jet is a naval aircraft carrier version of Su-27. The latest Sukhoi Flanker jet is Su-35, maybe that is what you intend to say I guess. Oga, na $60 million per unit of Su-35 jet o ! Shay you go pay for 12 units with spare parts, missiles and munitions, extra hardware, training, maintenance/support ground facilities….total about $1 Billion….only !

    My suspicions will be like the flow of this blog, JF-17, Su-27, Su-30, Kfir 60, L-15, Super Tucano, or they could be attack helicopters Mi-35M Hind E confusing our journalist, that is the one I can say is latest model in the world, can fight at night, good for COIN and within our budget.

    Meanwhile we keep our fingers crossed as I don’t expect F-35 Stealth Fighter, but I won’t rule out Italian Torado Strike versions. We heard some three units of British RAF Tornado GR4 ISR versions are heading for Nigeria now.

    Me, I no know which ones o ! Confusion galore as usual for Naija acquisition matters….100% Secrecy ! Even NAF pilot must not know the name of the jet he is training to fly, he will enter aircraft cockpit blind-folded.

  20. ugobassey says:

    My Ogas it seems BH was repelled at Bama. They did not take the town:

  21. doziex says:

    Kudos to the NA units in Bama. I hope they filmed this victory, to counter the videos BH is putting out there.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga doziex we join your prayers for victory in Bama.

      Then your prayer for Nigerian army to use AAA guns and match Boko Firepower Toyota technicals AAA guns is answered, we are buying new Shilka AAA guns !

      • giles says:

        nawa o wetin dem wan use do.abeg help me wit d link

      • doziex says:


        Oga Augustine. Now I go add Multi Barrelled Rocket Launchers to my prayer list.

        If NA deploys the BM-21 MBRLs against any territory held by BH, it must be recaptured.

        Unless of course civilians remain in the way.

      • Are James says:

        We lost the chance at Sambisa. High altitude bombing that someone earlier and MLRSs were things we could have gone away with inflicting tremendous casualties on BH while the snake was still in the hole. Now too many civilians in the way.

    • jimmy says:

      Very good, it appears………tentatively bama was a bloody affair.The dhq needs to do a short 7 min vignette documentary showing what transpired,showing damaged technicals and if there are any bodies of mercenaries or arabs T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

      • mcshegz says:

        OGa Jimmy. I respect your hustle sir.
        I doubt DHQ will do that, i very much believe they are trying to keep their heads down, even in victory, because, the hawks are circling, patiently waiting for prey. Our frenemies need some reason to continue to malign and disparage our will to fight. Even though these are troubled times, when aligned interests should be backed up by active engagement, what we see and hear is different, obviously some people don’t want us to succeed, some people desperately hope we slip up, falter and ultimately descend into anarchy, any which way that anarchy is achieved is not important. Curse us out in front of the world, continue to harp on this vague human rights allegations, and just for good measures hope we are tactless enough to engage a neighbor instead of the obvious enemy. But, seems Nigeria has nothing to prove to the world, Nigeria is one proud country that refuses to shout at the mountain tops to justify its actions, hence the seeming lack of war footage. I continue to pray that, Nollywood gets into this action before Hollywood. Nollywood should be able to sell our story explicitly.

  22. beegeagle says:


    ABUJA, Sept. 1 (Xinhua)

    Heavy gunshots were heard from the scene of a gun fight between Nigerian security forces and suspected members of Boko Haram in the restive northeastern state of Borno, residents said on Monday.

    As of the time of filing this report, heavy gunshots were still being heard at Goneri, a community in Bama, the second largest city in Borno State, residents told a Xinhua reporter via phone call.

    Ibrahim Mohammed, a leader of the youth volunteer force,said the attack was repelled by security forces who promptly responded to a distress call by residents.

    According to him, the gunfight might record heavy casualties as the battle continued with sporadic shootings.Mohammed said the youths of Goneri, located 80 km away from the state capital Maiduguri, had joined forces with the Nigerian troops to successfully repel the attack.

    Many residents of the community, situated in the central part of Borno State, had fled in fear, he added.

  23. beegeagle says:


    1 September, 2014

    Boko Haram militants on Monday launched a pre-dawn raid on Nigerian troops as they prepared for a major offensive to retake a town that the group’s leader declared part of his Islamic caliphate.

    Scores of Boko Haram fighters stormed the town of Bama as soldiers readied for an attack on the nearby town of Gwoza,which was seized by the Islamists on August 7. Bama is just 70 kilometres (45 miles) by road from the Borno state capital, Maiduguri. The city is the radicals’ spiritual
    home but they were chased out by the military when a state of emergency was declared in May last year.

    Boko Haram has seized a number of towns and villages in southern Borno and near the border with Cameroon in recent weeks, leading to claims that it is planning to encircle Maiduguri and make it the centre of a hardline Islamic state.

    A senior security source told AFP on condition of anonymity that the attack in Bama began at 4 am (0300 GMT). The strike was “obviously a pre-emptive attack on troops that are deploying in Bama in preparation for a large-scale offensive to retake areas under the control of the terrorists”, he added.The security source said the insurgents suffered heavy casualties and were forced to withdraw, without elaborating.

    On Twitter, the military said at @DefenceInfoNG: “#Bama attack is being repelled. We cannot state casualty situation/figures now. Everything necessary will be done to contain the Terrorists.”

    The fighting forced hundreds of residents to flee, adding to increasing numbers of displaced people forced out of their homes across Nigeria’s far northeast because of the violence. “Virtually everybody in the town has fled,” said Ibrahim Maigoro, who fled Bama to Maiduguri.

    “They (Boko Haram) came in large numbers in trucks and vans and attacked soldiers who responded, and the intense fighting forced us to leave our homes.”

  24. doziex says:

    As the Australian negotiator observed, BH travels in large convoys for hours, possibly at night, to launch these raids.

    NA must find a way to interdict these convoys.

    A small ambush party would be overwhelmed.

    Night flying Hinds and tucanos seems to be the solution to this problem.

    Tucanos and drones should be flying nightly reconnaissance sorties along the road networks in Nigeria and in Cameroon.

    So when a convoy is spotted, a dedicated interdiction force by army aviation and NAF should be relayed the coordinates, and go on the attack.

    Strike the lead and rear vehicles, to temporarily trap the convoy, then decimated them with bombs, rockets and bullets.

    Furthermore, BH attempted to disrupt NA troops building up for an attack on Gwoza, NA special forces should return the favor.
    Find BH’s assembly points, and lauch our own preemptive raids.

    Kudos for the good defensive posture, that held against this assault.

    Kudos to all involved.


    • WachanGuy says:

      In essence, Army Aviation and NAF should collaborate and create Highways of Death for BH. 3 Gbosas for you Oga Doziex and God bless Nigeria!

  25. Oje says:

    Too late. World war 3 has begun, we just dont knpw it yet, its either that or we are expecting the Classic ” Germany Invade Poland” scenario.. thats so old school.

    As of this writing Ukrainian intelligence say 5,000 Russian troops have crossed the border and are launching artillery fire at Ukrainian positions. Russian T 72 Tanks have also crossed the border into Ukraine. Just Last week Vladimir Putler says stated in strong term on television that ”anyone who wants to mess with Russia” should remember Russia is a Nuclear power.

    NATO today has drawn up plans to send thousands of ”Light troops” into Ukraine, these troops they say will be mobile enough to launch attacks against Soviet..errm sorry…. against further Russian/Rebel advances.

    Last week 3 Russian Bear bombers which is one of the fastest in the world was intercepted just off the coast of California. Now while all this is happening North Korea is reportedly sending its best and most advanced weapons and units to its border with China, its obvious relationship is getting strained as a silly move by North Korea will destroy what ever China has managed too achieve through 30 years of painful reforms to become the Richest country on Earth.

    Japan and Indiam defence officials are meeting which is a clear message to China. Japans Diet yesterday shredded its pacifist constitution and have decided to re arm and revive its defence industry in response to China’s growing territorial aggression.

    Mean while China as sending Tanks and heavy equipment to Hong Kong,..why? ISIS is growing stronger and stronger with unbelievable strength and financial ,muscle. Believe it or North there is nothing in the arsenal of Nigeria, Cameroon Ghana combined to match what ISIS has in military hardware, so powerful its taken almighty America’s Navy F/A18 fighter to stall its advance and allow Iraqi forces take back control of some territory. (The U.S Navy is the second largest air force in the world after the USAF).

    In Vietnam congress has called for a lifting of restricting U.S Arms sale to Vietnam (The enemy of my enemy is my friend). America recently positioned a couple thousand Marines in Australia.

    In Africa by sheer coincidence the richest and most powerful regional countries are in deep shit.


    In relatively peaceful and advanced South Africa, unable to stir up internal problems they ”powers that be” had engineered a Coup d’etat in Lesotho (since when does tiny countries like that have coup de tat) and trust me soon the shit will hit the fan there.

    Syria, Palestine, Lebanon,Israel will soon drag Turkey and Saudi Arabia into a war nobody wants.

    Now if this is not a world war i wonder what is?

  26. peccavi says:

    Good effort on Bama, but its not over till its over.
    BH attacks in waves, generally sending the child soldiers and forced conscripts first.
    They will attack again, which is a good thing as they can be easily destroyed by air and artillery.

    • Henry says:

      The nigerian army has the D-30, 105mm and Palmaria howitzer systems all deployed in the north-east.

      Ordinarily boko columns should be saw dust with many of these systems deployed. We have instead allowed boko-haram become more and more brazen in their attacks on the military.

      We just have to increase our ISR capabilities. It’s unfortunate not one of the recently acquired beechcraft light transport come with ISR capabilities.

  27. Oje says:

    ohhh… who is going to fly the aircrafts that will destroy them by air? You? If its that straightforward why haven’t the AF done that long ago?

  28. igbi says:

    is it me or is obama very very soft on terror ?

  29. Oje says:

    Democrates.. the so called liberal…

  30. xnur44 says:

    I think the DHQ PR Chief pipped into this thread and responded on his twitter acc as it concern the Air Force. The NAF can use the Beachcraft to medevac WIA to better facilities across Nigeria. This campaign should be a lesson on the need for frequent Combine Arms Exercises (land and air) and not only as a course to be fulfilled at Jaji.

  31. tim says:

    BH has Bama

  32. beegeagle says:

    Oga BigBrovar, I know you are strong on Twitter. You see, some of the most voluble critics of the military have ABSOLUTELY no idea what they are talking about. Take a look at what this confused clown has written..

    ” Kayode Ogundamisi @ ogundamisi 14m
    @DefenceInfoNG why are you lying? Airforce did misfire & bombed 21 armoured brigade in Bama and a lot of soldiers died. We want the truth.”

    21 Armoured Brigade is HQed at MDGR. What we have at BAMA is the 202 Tank Battalion. I am sure that Mr Ogundamisi does not know the difference between a battalion and a brigade BUT he has to be heard so he remains relevant to the likes of the Bla-Bla Corp in the UK who are always looking for who to enthrone as a change agent.

    Ogundamisi’s idea of holding government accountable is mouthing off from London…lol. “WE WANT THE TRUTH” indeed. This hustle to earn one’s keep sha…tufiakwa.

    • tim says:

      Do you know the truth of things in bama? Do we have bama or does BH have bama?

      • igbi says:

        I think all you need is to scroll up, you areasking a question already discussed on this samme page. Stop being this lazy ! and for your info, onnce again the terrorists were defeated in Bama. Take some time to read other comments next time.

    • Bigbrovar says:

      Twitter is full of oppotunist who hide under the banner of “activist” as a means of getting them out of penury. They will not blink to sell their country for a retweet. Their MOD is to spread FUD and ride on the wave of popular government discontent feeding wanking off the negativity in the name of advocacy. I never hesitate to call out their BS any time it cross my path. From Tolu Ogunlesi, Omojuwa, and this Ogundamisi check their timeline and its all the same wankest of negativity, falsehood and bullying of government official using their large following. The only way to counter them is to face them with facts and expose their narratives for what it truly is. Doing simple home work by exercising due diligent before going to town with a story is not their MO.

  33. tim says:

    Igbi,I know what am asking,obviously you dont have the info I have,which is the premise for me to ask if we have bama or bh

    • igbi says:

      it still remains that your question was already answered on this page before you asked it.
      “obviously you dont have the info I have”, an other guy who believes he is 007.

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga Igbi, I respect your hustle sir.
        Hahahahahahaha. omo, action film sweet oh, many people just dey get many info, abeg Oga Tim, what is your info? shey you get eye for battle theater?

  34. From analysis of various reports, It’s pretty clear now that the army has lost Bama to thousands of insurgents who stormed the town yesterday. Initial assault was strongly resisted, however the town fell to subsequent insurgent waves of attack. There is a tacit admission of this fact on the army twitter account, by way of a retweet. The army of course is not going to make public admission of this news, it is not their style re: loss of damboa, gwoza and various other towns lost to the insurgents. News of the loss would generally creep into the public domain through various mediums. However the army was commended for fighting valiantly in defence of Bama.
    IMO, the important thing is to immediately develop a tactical plan to immediately pull resources together and counter-attack to reclaim the town immediately and not wait for weeks to plan such attack, by which time the insurgents would be strongly embedded and would have fortified their positions thereby creating a repeat of the damboa and gwoza scenario, and also before they get familiar with the weapons they must have captured in Bama.
    I believe it time for the CIC to call up the entire army to face this menace. Bama is just 75 kilometers from the capital. About an hours’ journey for the BH technicals. It would be a messy battle if they were to attempt to make entry into the capital city.
    Handwritings on the wall. One sincerely hope Abuja is monitoring developments carefully and would deem it wise to bust the banks to efficiently equip our army with speed while we still have the chance. God bless our country

    • igbi says:

      The nigerian army is in control of bama. You didn’t quote the so called reports because it is sahara reporters which you are quoting. And i think you should take a dictionnary and learn what the word analysis means.

      • tim says:

        Igbi right now,we or the papers dont know who is in control……even someone I know in the field,cant say if we have bama…….I guess only the people sitting with the map in the operation room ,know if we truly have bama,based on position of things on the map and how fast messages are relayed.

      • igbi says:

        Look the propaganda is to say that the town has been overran while the terrorists have just started attacking it. The aim is to have soldiers believing the story and therefore relocating to an other position and letting the terrorists go unchallenged.

    • toondey says:

      What is your source please? Please do not quote sahara reporters

    • CHYDE says:

      Source please.

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Tunde Olayinka. I respect your hustle sir.
      Abeg, oga, share this your so called analysis with us, i assure we are ready to help you dissect it and maybe come to a conclusion, you don’t expect us to take your word for it. Bama is on Nigerian soil, so the onus lies on marauders to prove otherwise. I understand why you may want to be sensational about these issues but it really doesn’t fly here without facts to back up your claim. Until and unless we hear from DHQ please hold your horses and buckle up tight. Curfew has been placed on Maiduguri in the last 24hrs, which shows that what ever semblance of victory you try to portray is nothing but a fallacy and a funny one at that. Please do well to include links to your so called various reports, respectfully sir.

  35. drag_on says:

    It is obvious that the situation in Bama is fluid.

    (Reuters) – Islamist Boko Haram insurgents have overrun much of a northeastern Nigerian town after hours of fighting that has killed scores and displaced thousands of residents, several security sources said on Tuesday.

    The Islamists launched an attack on the town of Bama, 70 km (45 miles) from the Borno state capital of Maiduguri, on Monday. They were initially repelled but came back in greater numbers overnight, the sources and witnesses said…..
    …..”When we started hearing gunshots, everybody was confused. There was firing form different directions. We just ran to the outskirts of town,” Bukar Auwalu, a trader who fled with his wife, three children and brother, told Reuters by phone.

    “There were military helicopters and a fighter jet. We slept in the bush on the outskirts of town.”…

    We just have to wait it out.

  36. gbash10 says:

    what is actually happening in the NE ? It seems MoD Abuja, DHQs,NA HQs and the NAF HQs are all out of touch with the motives of BH.
    I want to say here without mincing words that our military commanders do not know the kind of enemy they are fighting.

  37. paddy_lo says:

    Oga BEEG, any updates on the Bama situation?

  38. gbash10 says:

    Cyber Generals,let me share some things with you from the great Chinese Philosopher, Suntzu’ in his book ” The Art of War “.
    ‘ Now an army is exposed to six several calamities, not arising from natural causes,but from faults for which the general is responsible. These are:
    1. Flight; 2 insubordination; 3 collapse; 4 ruin; 5 disorganization ; 6 rout.
    Other conditions being equal, if one force is hurled against another ten times its size, the result will be the flight of the former.
    When the common soldiers are too strong and their officers too weak,the result is insubordination.
    When the officers are too strong and the common soldiers too weak, the result is collapse.
    When the higher officers are angry and insubordinate, and on meeting the enemy give battle on their own account from a feeling of resentment, before the commander-in-chief can tell whether or not he is in a position to fight, the result is ruin.
    When the general is weak and without authority; when his orders are not clear and distinct; when there are no fixes duties assigned to officers men,and the ranks are formed in slovenly haphazard manner, the result is utter disorganization.
    When a general,unable to estimate the enemy’s strength, allows an inferior force to engage a large one, or hurls a weak detachment against a powerful one,and neglects to place picked soldiers in front rank,the result must be rout.
    These are the six ways of courting defeat, which must be carefully noted by the general who has attained a responsible post.
    The natural formation of the country is the soldier’s best ally;but a power of estimating the adversary, of controlling the forces of victory , and of shrewdly calculating difficulties, dangers and distances, constitutes the test of a great general.
    He who knows these things,and in fighting puts his knowledge into practice, will win his battles. He who knows them not, nor practices them,will surely be defeated. ‘
    Name wetin we de see and hear now bi dis.

  39. beegeagle says:

    Air support shall be the sole game changer in this battle. The NAF must be willing, able and ready to destroy rebel columns since it is clear that this is a major concentration of insurgents and materiel here. The destruction of as much enemy assets as can be seen on the prowl inside Bama is imperative.

    That includes destroying all armoured vehicles in BH columns as they are spotted. For as long as they are in BH hands, the progress of the overall war effort shall remain dicey. Be it Scorpion light tanks, Streit Spartan APCs or whatever, they are now expendable items.

    God speed, NAF. Nigeria is counting on you to swing this for us. No let-up.

  40. gbash10 says:

    If you know the enemy and know yourself, your victory will not stand in doubt;if you know Heaven and Earth, you may make your victory complete.
    Our forces should intensify their efforts in gathering intelligence on BH.
    God bless and guide our fighting men against the forces of evil.

  41. freeegulf says:

    the situation is still very fluid. with the initial news of the terrs being repelled by the army, someone did mention here that the army should be ready and alert bcos the terrs would return with a stronger force. well, i hope NA know BH enough to be able to put the terrs on a back burner.

    all these are in preparation for the big prize, maiduguri. expect bloody weeks ahead. whether the army stop BH offensive or not, there would be heavy fighting in the coming weeks.

    we know the importance of air power. but in the absence of the omnipotence of the air force, the army can still utilize their manoeuvre elements and fearsome artillery arsenal. if they cant use artillery to breakup the attacks and regrouping of these terrs, then i guess some officers need to return back to battle school. everything shouldn’t be the air force. NA is old in the business of war, they should be able to give good account and themselves and decimate these swarm attacks

  42. gbash10 says:

    What enables the wise sovereign and the good general to strike and conquer,and achieve things beyond the reach of ordinary men,is foreknowledge.
    Now this foreknowledge cannot be elicited from spirits;it cannot be obtained inductively from experience, nor by any deductive calculation.
    Knowledge of the enemy’s dispositions can only be obtained from other men.
    Sun Tzu on the Art of War

  43. gbash10 says:

    Hence it is only the enlightened ruler and the wise general who will use the highest intelligence of the army for purposes of spying and thereby they achieve great results.Spies are a most important element in water, because on them depends an army’s ability to move.
    Sun Tzu.

  44. Oje says:

    There is no need to go scientific here and I’m saying this fir the 3rd time. NUMBERS ! NUMBERS !! NUMBERS !! How do they know just exactly the right number of men to outnumber the Nigerian Army 3 to 1. They have never taken a village or town without a 3 to one numerical superiority. This is an Intelligence fallure.

  45. freeegulf says:

    hehe oga gbash, army performance don make u invoke the spirit of Sun Tzu, lol. preach on companero.

    our problem is not the lack of good commanders. no, it is systemic failure. there are individual brilliant officers that know what should be done and re ready to do it. however, the system is so unwieldy that competence becomes uneven and very slanted towards individualism without benefiting the organisation wholly.

    when oga doziex predicted BH riding rough in the outback with anti aircraft guns mounted on pickup, i said to myself, brilliant, but this is nothing new. they army knows this and they will have off the shelf tactics to counter it. unfortunately, i was wrong in the last count. individual officers in the field might have understood the danger and even predicted similar scenario, however, the system seems so clumsy and ungainly to easily adapt to new strategies.
    in SRL, some officers where crying for 4WD mounted heavy cannons, and mobile assault teams to hunt the rebels. why there efforts where acknowledged, their prayers never came to fruition. there was no change in strategy. this clumsy bureaucracy is what the army truly have to combat. a good illustration, no one seems to have learnt any lessons from the wars of the 90s, or even the firefights with the ND militants. without winning the management war, battles would continue to be difficult and messy for the NA.

  46. freeegulf says:

    hehe oga gbash, army performance don make u invoke the spirit of Sun Tzu, lol. preach on companero.

    our problem is not the lack of good commanders. no, it is systemic failure. there are individual brilliant officers that know what should be done and re ready to do it. however, the system is so unwieldy that competence becomes uneven and very slanted towards individualism without benefiting the organisation wholly.

    when oga doziex predicted BH riding rough in the outback with anti aircraft guns mounted on pickup, i said to myself, brilliant, but this is nothing new. they, the NA knows this and they will have off the shelf tactics to counter it. unfortunately, i was wrong in the last count. individual officers in the field might have understood the danger and even predicted similar scenario, however, the system seems so clumsy and ungainly to easily adapt to new strategies.
    in SRL, some officers where crying for 4WD mounted heavy cannons, and mobile assault teams to hunt the rebels. while there efforts where acknowledged with nodded acceptance, their prayers never came to fruition. there was no change in strategy. this clumsy bureaucracy is what the army truly have to combat. a good illustration, no one seems to have learnt any lessons from the wars of the 90s, or even the firefights with the ND militants. without winning the management war, battles would continue to be difficult and messy for the NA.

  47. Henry says:

    Oga beeg, it just doesn’t seem to be happening. We have politicised this conflict so much, we’ve let this disease grow.

    Was it not 2years ago where we constantly said, the army just needs to engage this people in an open fire-fight, so they (army) can quickly dispatch them to hell.

    Now 2years on, the army is faced with sort of combat it had sort after, yet we’ve seen the army suffer embarrassing setbacks in Gwoza, now BAMA.

    We have politicised this conflict so much, like every other thing in nigeria, have and continue to apply the Fire Brigade approach. We have left our airforce in a poor state, we are only receiving night fighting capabilities in the year of our lord, 2014.

    Our ISR capabilities is also very low, our intelligence agencies have failed the us. How is it possible that multiple insurgents continue to move in droves without our surveillance assets picking them up. The army has deployed a lot of artillery systems in the region, how is it these boko-haram columns aren’t shelled.

    Godspeed to our military, but they’ve come short on so many areas.

  48. Martin Luther says:

    Gentle Men of the Beegeagle Blog,

    Please did BAMA fall YES or NO?

  49. Deltaman says:

    We shouldn’t jump to conclusions just yet. Let’s wait and see.

  50. Julius says:

    According to this report,Boko boys will send a small unit to know the strength of the army before they unleash out in numbers.
    In their mind they feel they have the upper hand as the soldiers have vacated the city and the people in the city.

    Reports indicate the Nigerian Army want an air offensive before they mop up.
    The barracks that was bombed was solely to destroy the armory the military left there.

  51. Deway says:

    I keep quiet and await the final outcome.

    • jimmy says:

      I want to make an unusual request. Please I am pleading let us be restrained in our comments. This battle is ongoing and is more personal for some of us. Let us (repeat) jo,biko be restrained. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  52. Julius says:

    Another thing that shocks me is this….Fulani streep dude,how does he get his facts.
    Names and locations and operational codes.

    Gentlemen we are at war.
    We need to start acting like there is trouble and war in the country.

    Nigerians need to be briefed about the state of the war every day,we need to wipe them off .
    This is a country of 170 million and there is a growing army that is now almost 20,000 each armed with at least ak47.

    They started with arrow and knives.

    This is very sad.
    God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

  53. gbash10 says:

    Bama is now in BH control confirmed. Channel News and boots on the ground.

    • igbi says:

      The Nigerian military launched heavy air bombardment on Bama, Borno State’s second most important city, Monday, after pulling off its troops as the town came under Boko Haram attack, following by hours of fierce fighting.

      Residents and security officials said the town suddenly came under attack from the insurgents on Monday morning forcing the military to call in the airforce for a sustained air attack on the town, particularly around the military barracks there which the insurgents had pushed to take over.

      Security sources said military commanders had withdrawn ground troops that earlier engaged the terrorists, to allow the use of sweeping air attacks.

      The military had earlier warned residents to leave the town ahead of the clash Monday.

      “But the insurgents seemed to have resorted to using a few of their members to create a detour (distraction) and make the aircrafts dissipate their bombs so that they would come attacking with a much larger force,” said the source.

      Military sources told PREMIUM TIMES the aerial bombardment of suspected insurgents on Monday commences the gradual roll-out of full force against the sect by the Nigerian military.

      “We were all along restrained because of the Chibok girls,” a top military source said. “But the time has now come to do something drastic. We cannot afford to allow a rag tag group to take over our country.”

      Earlier Monday, local vigilante and security sources said about 70 Boko Haram terrorists were killed by soldiers as the insurgents attempted to storm the town and seize the barracks.

      A top security official in Maiduguri confirmed the attack but did not give casualty figure or state which side suffered more damage.

      The security official, who did not want to be named as he was not officially cleared to speak, said, “We are still on top of the situation and GOC had assured a beef up of troops from Maiduguri.”

      A local vigilante personnel, Abbas Gava, said his colleagues in Bama had informed him that over 70 members of the Boko Haram terrorists group died in the first attack that took place in the early hours of Monday.

      “They killed over 70 Boko Haram terrorists and injured about 30 of them,” he said.

      The Defence Headquarters in Abuja said in Twitter post that the attack “is being repelled by the Nigerian troops”, but said casualty figures could not be confirmed yet.

      “Everything necessary will be done to contain the terrorists,” the military tweeted.

      PREMIUM TIMES had gathered from reliable sources in the military that the terrorists had planned to move into Maiduguri from Bama before their mission was aborted.
      – See more at:

      I challenge you to post the report from channels news, because I just checked channels news and they are not saying that.

      • Akin Oges says:

        Report from THISDAY….

        Bama Death Toll Rises to 130, 35 Insurgents Arrested

        02 Sep 2014

        By Michael Olugbode

        The Borno youth vigilantes popularly known as civilian JTF Tuesday dispelled the rumor that the Boko Haram insurgents have taken over the control of Bama town.

        They said instead it was the group that suffered a massive casualty in the attack, losing 130 persons with 35 others arrested and in custody.

        At a press briefing in Maiduguri, spokesman of the JTF who is also the legal, Barrister Jibrin Gunda, said: “we categorically refute the statement credited to Senator Ahmed Zanna, the senator representing Borno central on BBC Hausa service that the Boko Haram have capture Bama.

        “News has filtered most especially on foreign media to which we want to clearly state that our security personnel are doing their best and yesterday our gallant soldiers successfully repelled the insurgents who attacked Bama and Bama as a town in Borno State has never been overrun or overtaken by the insurgents even for a minute, even as of now our soldiers are in full control of the town”.

      • igbi says:

        “Senator Ahmed Zanna”, i should have known that. just tell me howcome that guy is still free. He is an enemy of the state and should be arrested. It is hightime. And the worse is that he is still a senator ? Someone who keeps acting as boko haram mouthpiece ? arrest that guy for once !

      • gbash10 says:

        Oga Igbi,I heard it live on Channels News Track at 4:00pm,it was the first news item,however if you still doubt it then you should call Maj Gen Chris Olukolade the DHQs spokesman.

    • giles says:

      gbash wit sis or comment I am disappointed at u

  54. cryptologist says:

    Bout d Fulani blog, am surprised peeps can’t see tru d handler’s psy-ops n dis-info. They come as a sheep in a wolf clothing using cliches n phrases as ‘our gallant soldiers, god save nigerian army’ just to pretend & deny d fact that they aint BH MEMBERS. Do go tru their previous posts n note the “trend”. They after the poeple’s mind and they are succeeding as par reference to Fulan two latest posts by social media users & a section of mainstream media. Fulan off-radar was in prep for dis major Assaults

  55. cryptologist says:

    APOLOGIES *Wolf in a Sheep clothing*

  56. ozed says:

    If we ever doubted the existence of 5th columnists, i guess we have all the proof we need now.
    Lets be guided in our statements at least for now. It is clear the game is still afoot.

    Godspeed boys! Give ’em hell!!!

  57. Henry says:

    By Michael Olugbode

    The Borno youth vigilantes popularly known as civilian JTF Tuesday dispelled the rumor that the Boko Haram insurgents have taken over the control of Bama town.

    They said instead it was the group that suffered a massive casualty in the attack, losing 130 persons with 35 others arrested and in custody.

    At a press briefing in Maiduguri, spokesman of the JTF who is also the legal, Barrister Jibrin Gunda, said: “we categorically refute the statement credited to Senator Ahmed Zanna, the senator representing Borno central on BBC Hausa service that the Boko Haram have capture Bama.

    “News has filtered most especially on foreign media to which we want to clearly state that  our security personnel  are doing their best and yesterday our gallant soldiers successfully repelled the insurgents who attacked Bama and Bama as a town in Borno State has never been overrun or overtaken by the insurgents even for a minute, even as of now our soldiers are in full control of the town”.

  58. beegeagle says:


    ABUJA, Sept. 2 (Xinhua)

    Thousands of civilians have fled their homes following hours of gunfight between Nigerian security forces and suspected Boko Haram fighters in a town in northeastern Nigeria’s state of Borno, sources said on Tuesday.

    Nigerian military forces on Monday repelled an attack by the insurgents who aimed to take control of the densely populated Bama town, located 78 km away from Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State. Several sources in the area said more than 3,000 residents fled their homes and had sought refuge in neighboring communities as the fierce battle between the security forces and insurgents snowballed to Tuesday.

    Bakura Aji, a resident of Bama Town, said he and other residents were forced to leave the town late Monday, as fighting was yet to abate. A senior security officer told Xinhua that the attackers rode to Bama in a convoy and targeted the army armory at the military cantonment.

    The daring attempts by the insurgents to force their way into the armory had prompted the military authorities to deploy a fighter jet to the scene, he added. “Many of the insurgents were killed, while we also lost some of our troops on Monday,” said the source, who pleaded to be

    The Nigeria defense headquarters in Abuja confirmed the incident in Bama, but said it was yet to obtain official casualties figure. Local media on Tuesday reported at least 45 people were feared dead and scores were injured. State officials said the government was already making necessary arrangement to create camps for displaced persons.

    Boko Haram, a sect which proves to be a major security threat in Africa’s most populous country, is increasingly expanding its stronghold in the northeast region, especially Adamawa, Borno and Yobe states.

    Last year, President Goodluck Jonathan declared emergency rule in the three states amid daunting security challenges.

  59. beegeagle says:

    I am sorry to say but Senator Zanna is a well-known moron who amplifies every twist to the conflict and obfuscates facts for leisure. The less said about that, the better.

    Not surprisingly, he gets ample airtime on the BBC who are also immodest and well-known name droppers who are quick to brag about access to political leaders and “senior people”. When you overstate the relevance of access to senior people as the sole route to getting authoritative information, you end up being taken for a joy ride by the likes of Zanna and Ndume whose proclivities and covert interests might not be known to you.


    March 4, 2014 at 8:38 pm

    Another lie by Senator Zanna of Borno Central. He says more than 100,000 people have been killed. Some count that but trust many of our people to wax moronic once international media microphones get thrust in their faces.

    The BBC, with her easy affinity for pushing the interest of one half of Nigeria, have become a part of the Nigerian problem. They need to pontificate a whole lot less. It is hollow sanctimony.


    Would that be the first false report filed by BBC HAUSA? No.



  60. beegeagle says:

    ON FULAN, BEEGEAGLE suggested as follows:


    That dude, Fulan, sounds like a poorly disguised BH propagandist and appears set to mount a sustained campaign of calumny against the military. He pretends to loathe the PDP and APC in equal measure but is actually a pro-opposition element who has tried severally to offload his content on this page. He is not sympathetic to the West and clearly holds that forward to curry the favours of the like-minded.

    Truth is, he is unlikely to be a Nigerian officer. He almost certainly lives/has lived in America, holds a miniimum of a MSc (possibly a PhD) and is of northern extraction. Just as this WordPress blog of his tries to play up his “FULANi” origins, what I believe to be his Blogspot blog plays up his “Arewa” antecedents. Not surprisingly, he idealises General Buhari.

    Now, it is clear that he mixes apples and oranges to try and sound coherent and is an intelligent Nigerian at any rate. His reference to a “7th Division” gives away his US antecedents. Nigerian officers or soldiers will never do that. It would either be “7 Div” or 22 Brigade” or “34 Brigade”. They will not even add “armoured” and “artillery” to the brigades. That is invariable. So the dude is neither a serving or retired officer, just in case anyone is sold on the thick idea that he is a Nigerian officer.

    The NA do not and have never owned T64 tanks. Not even SiriusBlack can produce photos of those. To play up the mythical invincibility of his BH clients, he names all the combat-capable aircraft listed for the NAF on WIKI and suggests that everything was thrown at the terrorists to underscore their unbeatable qualities. That is why he is quick to suggest that U.S instructors led what he imagines to be a botched bid to retake Damboa. You can see his generous allotment of Damboa AOR to BH. Again, the scare mongering is amplified by his allusion to BH ownership of heavy weaponry such as 57mm AAA guns and AT-3 Sagger. In effect, he is trying to tell the impressionable that BH have light artillery and anti-armour capabilities, so the NA should not bother to make a stand for Damboa.

    That will cut no ice though since Biafra also had 105mm artillery, six pounder guns, 73mm anti tank guns and 107mm RRs all of which were used to devastating effect as their 11 Division opposed the Federal 2 Division’s attempt at crossing from Asaba to Onitsha. Nothing new. There were three big battles for PHC, a city with 500,000 residents. So Damboa and Gwoza shall yet be storms in a teacup when the NA go for broke. No amount of dropping local knowledge of the area will create the impression of an imminent cascade around Biu and Askira-Uba. That is only meant to entertain the cynically-minded.

    His elaborate naming of the underlain strands and factions of BH fighting wherever….something which the most avid BH watchers cannot manage, also gives him away as a core BH operative rather than an objective assessor. As such, he has to be kept out of here. I shall not aid his quest to gain converts to that ignominious cause by using my own platform to ventilate subtle nation-destroying antics. Anyone here is however free to go to him and better still, remain there. Even as I have been alluding to my imminent and inevitable pullback from this blog so that other Nigerians can carry on elsewhere, we are still faced with a deluge of intending commentators…you can see the latest batch of newbies on board.

    The L39ZA and MB-339s (not MEB) have not seen any action in this war while the F-7s appear to have been used in clearing insurgent-infested forests of Bauchi.

    57mm AAA? Neither the NA nor the Cameroon Army field those. Where did BH get them and how did they manage to haul such large systems into Damboa without detection?

    Finally, he further seeks to play up BH power by alluding to 12,000 rebels massed somewhere. That is undiluted hogwash, even as he tries to obfuscate that bit of hyperbole by suggesting that their ranks have lately been swelled by fighters from far and near. I cannot fail to note that he seeks to entrap the “conspiratorially-inclined” watchers of this conflict who are permanently scouting for hidden reality with his overdose of “technical layout” for which he has borrowed a leaf from Peccavi’s sitreps.

    The dude is almost certainly a dud. That is all I have to say and the reality shall be made manifest in the days ahead as he tries to up the stocks of his BH clients through an elaborate web of subterfuge which the savvy shall yet see through. It is however unfortunate that for whatever reason, ANYONE would try to buff the image of the BH genocidaires.

    AT BEST, this is a pro-BH and pro-opposition micronationalist narrative with a clear intention to sow panic and demoralise. The WORST case scenario is that it is a cryptic intel op aimed at stampeding a certain big power ally into making major logistical and hardware support available.


  61. Jon says:

    Solution – Have DHQ spokesperson conduct a tour of Bama with a television crew – to verify the town is still under the control of NA.

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Jon. I respect your hustle sir.
      I respectfully disagree sir. The haramites claim they have Bama, they should prove it, not the other way round. DHQ will not entertain such antics in other to prove to anyone that it is in total control and perfectly holds the territorial integrity of the nation. Once we start to prove that, then we are on the defensive, which would be the wrong place to be. If the marauders lay claim to territory, let them prove it, otherwise it remains Nigerian. Shey you catch my drift oga.

  62. Martin Luther says:

    Well info from a confident source (someone with relatives on the ground) says that BAMA did not fall. I do not have a URL for this info as it is word of mouth by an indigene. The report sorry story sounded more like this

  63. beegeagle says:

    Of course, the BBC are rubbing it in, with their Zimbabwean reporter Farai Mungazi asking Abdullahi Abubakar Kaura in Abuja if the people still have any confidence in the military, to which our compatriot responded that the military are “over hyped” and “not what they are reputed to be”. As I write this, African nobodies on the BBC AFRICA Facebook page are heaping scorn on the Nigerian military and it is precisely those unedifying comments which Farai Mungazi is airing.

    Over to you, Nigerian Armed Forces. Thanks to our leaders…this is what you get when defence procurement becomes anathema while they hide behind mythical competing demands such as the sustenance of their decadent, dream lifestyles demand. A country which reserves a pathetic 3% of its defence budget for procurement. Sudan own about FIFTY Mi-24 Hind attack helicopters, over TWENTY MiG 29s and FIFTEEN Su-25 Frogfoot ground attack aircraft. We stay empty-handed because our brasshats have boxed themselves into an unfortunate mindset whereby NOTHING which is not of Western origin is desirable.

    ALL the armies which have had stellar outings against insurgents SOMEHOW appear not to use Western hardware…Sri Lanka, Syria, Algeria…someone tell me it ain’t so.

    • rugged7 says:

      @oga beeg, i really have no sympathy for the nigerian armed forces.
      Sebi if they had terminated all these bokos sharply since, all these insults from these bantu africans who hate Nigeria will not suffice.
      This is 5 years and counting – ON OUR SOIL!!! And we are still pussyfooting.
      It boils my blood atimes.
      I swear left to me, i will drop a nuclear weapon in the north-east and sambisa and be done with it. Halas!
      Genocide or no genocide….wallahi

    • Martin Luther says:

      Say it the way it is please

      Is money the problem?
      Is it manpower?
      What might be the problem?
      Is it that money is buying private jets?
      Or buildings in Dubai?
      Sorry, I did not say which money is buying these things O
      I did not say it is tank and jet money
      All I am trying to say is that my investments in the NE are now useless to me
      My own properties are now touch and die, what a loss. I wish I saw this coming

      Well, there is fire on the mountain, run, run, run

  64. Oje says:

    Again the Nigerian Army have been defeated by a numerically superior foe and again we are in denial. Let is not allow patriotic sentiments cloud our sense of judgement. From now and arrows, to AK 47’s to machine guns, to Armoured personnel carriers to mortars to Tanks and now tolong range artillery guns and now for the very first time in history a terrorist group has 600,000 people under its rule and control.

    Without blitzkrieg Boko would pierce through Nigetian territory as far away as Abuja before we are able to stop them.

  65. Makanaky says:

    @Oje don’t make a statement you don’t have proof about ? Our nation pride is at state ! sentiments aside for now please !

  66. Augustine says:

    Oga Beegeagle, you just hit the nail on the head, it’s the truth but painful.

    Nigeria did not prepare for war and now she has no peace.

    We starved our three armed forces of equipments/weapons in the right types and quantities. Now it’s fire brigade approach to the rescue. Brazil has near zero enemy threat, but see their preparations for war, from Submarines to IFV to APC to Super Tucano to Gripen Jets to AWACS.

    Brazil does not have a Boko Haram war to fight, yet the Brazilian air force has almost 100 units of Super Tucano COIN fighter aircraft.

    I hope and pray the new 12 units of NAF aircraft arriving this week are all Super Tucanos, that is the only suitable COIN aircraft on our expected list that can stay airborne covering all streets in Bama kind of situations, damaging Boko Haram vehicles for 6 hours non-stop.

    We need to immobilize all Boko Haram convoys attacking us by blasting all their vehicles and AAA gun trucks and keep their fighters trapped and grounded in a city with perimeters surrounded by Nigerian army mopping them up from street to street until 90% of the Boko assault battalion is dead.

    Our infantry was starved of 40mm AGLs, Knee Mortars, 40mm MGLs, Gatling 6-Barrel machine guns, Anti-Material rifles, smoke dispensers, enemy approach early warning man portable 8km range radars, etc. We are expecting 5 million naira performance from the 5 thousand naira equipment budget we stingingly spent on military procurement for the patriotic and well trained Nigerian soldier who has skills to make world class furniture, but starved of work tools and now uses his patriotic teeth to pluck out nails from wood.

    Let’s thank God for our men, but for our 1980s equipment, we blame our politicians who want to have a great economy protected by a grossly under-funded military.

    • Are James says:

      I am not commenting about Bama/Gwoza for now but I need to say something about this Super Tucano plane that everybody thinks is the single ultimate solution to the problem of Nigeria’s defence.

      Please remember that these tiny turboprops carry only at best some 1550kg of bombs and rockets with one type giving way to the other to maintain safe airframe loading limits.
      So in what way does a dozen Super Tucano planes equal our nation’s entire requirements?. Please explain.

      I am even thinking now that apart from their famed accuracy of delivery they probably won’t make much of a dent to the war effort if we don’t buy them in large enough numbers (48 pieces to start with) and also immediately acquire some serious high payload carrying deep strike aircraft for which they would be backups for. The NE operations for instance is calling for some SU 25/30 / JF 17-like interventions. When you drop 500kg or 1ton of bombs on a column of insurgents at once, all drug or zeal induced fanatical actions are checked immediately and all can do survivors show a nice pair of heels.

      I am already getting wary of the superlative terms some of our defence authorities are using to describe current acquisitions as if they do not know anything about full spectrum coverage of all threats. To put the matter in quantitative terms, a BH column of 40 vehicles, APCs and tanks (NA gave them the tanks btw) needs about 15,000 tons of rockets,,glide/dumb and cannon fire to decimate that is already 10 Super Tucanos flying in formation and joyriding all over the battle space.. are we at this level yet?. What about ISR formation patrols?. What about displaced civilian search patrols?
      Please we need to keep the pressure steady on these people.

      • giles says:

        are James.A29 gives u more time around d battle field and is an eyes in sky for d planners to pick d next move.and d A29 is a good CAS aircraft will d SU series are fast and mostly good for air superiority.

      • Are James says:

        SU 25 is not air superiority please. What I am driving at is more ordnance delivery per sortie. Buy more Tucanos by all means but BH is an industrial strength problem you are not chasing drug lords in S.America you are chasing an adversary graduating from COIN to full conventional. Drop the bombs now so that you don’t fret later.

      • giles says:

        he much is d cost of operating d su 25 per hour.and how long can d su 25 (loiter time) stay on air b4 heading to base to rearm,refuel etc

      • ozed says:

        Oga Are, you dont seem to understand the options at the disposal of a ground attack aircraft in the hands of a good pilot.
        First off like you rightly mentioned you have the bombs, secondly you have rocket pods which can be fired singly or in salvos. Even after you have fired all these, you still have ur 20mm cannons, which far outrange anything Boko haram has, so the pilot can do a shallow dive along the length of a convoy (safely out of the range of Boko’s 12.7mm guns) and rake it end to end with cannon fire.

        To further grasp the damage this can do, understand that 20mm rounds come in many varieties including HEI (High explosive incendiary), meaning that each round will explode upon impact and spray burning fragments, each of which will start a fire. one strike of the round will cover a vehicle in flames.

        Finally, once a convoy has been found, the aircraft can return 2 or more times to finish the job. Even if the vehicles change course, the aircraft only need to find the scene of the last strike to track them down. They can neither run nor hide.

        For final emphasis, review the exploits of Biafran MFI minicoins (a far smaller aircraft than the A29) against the mighty NAF in strikes on PH, Enugu and Benin airports during the Civil war.

      • AreJames says:

        The weapon load limitations are fixed. If you load up on bombs, you have to reduce the number of rockets. The 20mm Canon shells can only be reloaded on ground, typically a 950 rounds per minute Canon loads maybe 1000 shells so you have to make trips back to base to load 20mm ammo. All these point to the fact you need many Super Tucanoes per mission each air craft loading a variety of weaponry so that you have options and maximum ordnance can be dropped.

    • AreJames says:

      Admittedly SU 25s are more expensive to operate. They also have lower loitering time.
      So let us talk about loitering time. The Super Tucano cockpit is a fixed space I don’t have dimensions but I suspect a maximum of 6 x 4 available to each pilot for a so called loiter time of how long?. It is an admirable feature don’t get me wrong about the advertised loiter time but the real limitation is how far a pilot can go trapped in a turboprop cockpit with restricted leg room… not the advertised time of loiter on the super tucano.
      All this is pointing to the same point. This is good air craft, but you need to buy many so that you can share the mission area into grids and divide the surveillance workload, load up enough weapons with the required diversity to destroy the enemy totally with minimum exposure to flak fire.

  67. Kay says:

    Dearth of adequate preparation. It’s not like we are being run over easily but rather more like the cookies crumbles after sustained assaults on NA positions.
    I’ve never pulled a trigger in my life so would restrain blabbing off about tactics or whatnot. Leave that for those with superior knowledge.
    But the rate at which we are losing grounds is far too fluid for any Nigerian not to be gravely worried. Quite a number of years since the onset of this and we surely can not be enduring being ‘rolled back’.Nobody is going to write a handbook of tactics for the NA, it is for them to develop their own ‘effective’ battle doctrines and modifications as per the situation on ground. Forget hardwares o, our weapons are vastly superior to BH yet…Besides to an extent, BH uses to a lesser degree the same hardwares previously seized, so why losing ground. Menagh isolated, surrounded on all sides and resupplied by limited airdrops held out for a year,

    Also intelligence on BH fighters seems very poor too, surely this guys are not pouring out of ant holes and despite porous borders I’m yet to fathom how they can ‘restock’ large numbers of fighters after numerous battles.
    The other basics we should be worried about are radios and drones or forward observers; never seen the former in the possession of an infantry Nigerian soldier, especially useful to coordinate attacks, artillery or report developments on the field.

  68. Oje says:

    If the military was not handicapped there would have been more coup d’etat. It’s a paradox.

    • igbi says:

      for god’s sake, just keep quiet !

      • Are James says:

        What is wrong with you this uncouth, half trained, pimply faced, adolescent young woman running around cyberspace, bleeding from the wrong places and staining the entire floor?.
        Is your monthly period not over yet?. Can you not make your point without cursing?. You are going to degrade the standard around here with your girls domitry language… please. If you don’t have the maturity to take differing opinions without raining insults then go and hibernate permanently somewhere.

      • igbi says:

        @arejames, sorry I forgot you and oje were lovers. for the comment you wrote, it was very funny, I had been jumping your empty and clueless comments for a while now.

    • AreJames says:

      Thank you ma.

  69. rugged7 says:

    Gen. Chris Olukolade ‏@GENOlukolade 27m

    BH did not take over #Bama,A Nigerian should be on the side of her Army. What good will the info do you? We are at #War here. Lies reign

  70. jimmy says:
    This is the latest from Bama according to punch.
    People in the DHQ specifically ( ARMY) read this blog let us be a little more restrained in our comments, it may be worthy to note some of the serious stuff said here is acted on.
    This war for some is 24/ 7.
    Reorganization like the Chief said is ongoing expect more vets from Sierra Leone and Liberia in this fight.
    I am also not chastising anybody but for those who believe in running to bbc or a news outlet while a battle is on going and reporting that BAMA has fallen , Please wait exercise patience, because ” A fool is unknown till he confirms it by opening his mouth”

  71. zachary999 says:

    The truth is the gallant Nigerian Army was able to initially repel the attack until the NAF came and dropped ordnance on our soldiers..

    The NAF is using the wrong equipment and it is really frustrating the commanders in the field.

    It would come to pass, GOD bless Nigeria and we need to start asking questions! What has happened to the $5bn over 3 years (budget and other sources, CBN, NNPC etc) ???

    Wee keep hearing it would come! What would come and from where?

    We all saw Al maliki’s frustration andd how he responded with his procurements which came in weeks!!!

    • rugged7 says:

      Were U not the same person who claimed that Bama had fallen, when clearly that was not the case???
      Where did u now get the info that NAF dropped ordnance on the troops???

      • igbi says:

        Congrats for noticing sir. The guy clearly wishes Nigeria were defeated and his latest comment makes me think it is political to him.

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Zachary999. I respect your hustle sir.
      Oga, na wahh ohh, i bow for your vivid imagination oh. So now Bama hasn’t fallen but na Air Force drop bombs on soldiers You are the only person that seems to have access to this intelligence if i can call it that. So how many soldiers died, what kind of so called ordinance was dropped, where in Bama was it dropped. We need all facts abeg oga, ebi like say you dey ground gidigba

  72. igbi says:

    i urge the Nigerian government to show the bad “journalists” (or shall I say the propagandists) the egyptian treatment. their propaganda is becoming more and more harmful.

    • rugged7 says:

      Nigerian Army should HACK and DISABLE the sahara reporters website. They are clearly the propaganda arm of Boko Haram, an enemy of the state and present a clear and present danger to Nigeria.

      • igbi says:

        sahara reporters is based in new york.

      • igbi says:

        so the usa has a part of responsability.
        I think the fg could block it from in Nigeria the same way the chinese government blocked a huge flow of internet western propaganda against china.

      • rugged7 says:

        Yes we know that.
        Even the more reason to hack and disable it.
        China routinely hacks american military computers from China, so does north korea.
        So Y can’t nigeria army hack it from 9ja?

  73. Kay says:

    Use of cluster munitions wouldn’t go amiss on convoys or dug outs of these beasts.

  74. AreJames says:

    There can be no PROPAGANDA on behalf of Boko Haram against Nigeria.
    Boko Haram’ s message is unpropagandable (nice word). There is nothing attractive about their ideology, methods or eventual goals. The Chibok girls capture is an affront against all humanity for instance. I would start to get worried when I start reading on BBC that Boko Haram is doing some good things in areas where they have captured, that would be some very dangerous propaganda. There are foreigners monitoring this blog, let us not appear like some rank amateurs who don’t know what propaganda is. However, I admit that we have enemies who might want to dispense DISINFORMATION to embarrass our armed forces and frustrate the war effort for their own ends (not necessarily BH’ s) but that won’t be propaganda. That would be serious information warfare for their own ends, countering options for that have been discussed extensively on this blog including this new one about attacking ‘enemy websites’ . I actually suspect that it is not for lack of trying but more efforts should be put into that effort…but not internationally based websites abeg.

  75. Tobey says:

    I just hope that the newly arrived assets are either Super Tucanos or battle-tested Su-25s..the loiter time of the Tucanos will obliterate militant convoys with precision…Information management of this conflict has been terrible…Nigerians hardly trust official statements! Why not show them pictures or Videos? Boko haram releases videos…why can’t we do the same?! That NL dude(Sirius) would have given a clear picture of the whole Bama episode but he mas muzzled up! Now rumours are filtering in on Nairaland that he is dead…..why can’t we censor statements from SR and other Pen and Paper Saboteurs? And why isn’t anyone asking how that Fulani guy gets his info?!
    Oga Beeg, let’s be honest with ourselves….the info on his blog doesn’t look cooked up in any way…Our military has been very secretive…why would we conclude that T-64s are not on the frontlines? Or the L39s? What if the L39s had been secretly refurbished and fitted with rocket pods? The Fulani Guy’s story seem LEGIT…anyway, the Dudes are DSS should check him out…

    • asorockweb says:

      The Fulan blog is well-written disinformation.

      Psyops in action – specifically designed for the Nigerian mindset.

    • igbi says:

      “Oga Beeg, let’s be honest with ourselves….the info on his blog doesn’t look cooked up in any way…” Actually it is cooked up and several proofs were given. Let us be honest with ourselves, you just want to believe the guy, no matter what, no matter how inconsistent he is. His stories have picked your interest. I would advice you to go and read james bond novels instead, because at least the writer doesn’t try to pass it as reality. And please explain your way of judging stories, how did you come to the conclusion that those guys stories were “legit” ? Arguments were given to prove that the guy was making up stories, he even copys peccavi’s sitrep, yet to you that is “legit”. And what exactly makes you think the guy is in Nigeria or even a nigerian ? The guy says the US were spotted leading Nigerian troops in damboa and to you, no proof is needed, fulan’s words seem sacred to you. I think you lack knowledge of Nigerian military and you just want an exciting and out of the ordinary story, you don’t require proof nor coherence, in that perspective fulanstrip guy can fool and entertain you.

    • AreJames says:

      There was a story yesterday about some airforce brass saying the newly bought air assets are not up to twelve (12) in number yet but in spite of that I would be surprised if the L39s or MB 339s are not being brought into the action yet at this time. NAF promised that the funds released so far covered payment for all the aircraft being upgraded. The frustrating thing about the war on ground is that Nigeria’s options and resources are almost infinite in terms of quickly wrapping it up. Ground attack air platforms undergoing upgrade alone are potentially more than 36 in number. New aircraft on order pending delivery are maybe this same number (36) or more so why are we allowing these things to happen

  76. Oje says:

    We keep kicking the can..

    • igbi says:

      there is at least one mistake there, the usa should be out and russia in.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga jimmy, dat meeting dey take style tell us say “Una no fit do am by ya sef”.
      I don’t like the idea of these westerners, I prefer China, Russia, Israel, Algeria, Sri Lanka.
      China for money/materials, Russia for equipment, Israel, Sri Lanka and Algeria for strategy based on great experience.

  77. igbi says:

    DhQ, please it is high time to start filming our battles, that is, in my opinion, the best way to reclaim the flow of information.

  78. AY says:

    The people of Maidugri are not afraid.
    “It’s like there is a deliberate attempt to spread fear with respect to recent attempts by Boko Haram to close in on Maiduguri. And this seems to be working but largely on people living far away from Maiduguri. My own view is that there is little or no fear in the air in Maiduguri. If any feeling can be sensed among the people, it’s a feeling of anger. An old man I met yesterday made my day when he said something like

    “Let them come in, we will fight them even if it is with our teeth”.

    I agree with him. Even if it takes ten of us to kill one Boko Haram fighter, ten thousand people will kill one thousand Boko Haramists. I believe even a single neighbourhood can stop them.

    You only get to die once. Make it worthwhile by not dying like a coward.”

  79. Oje says:

    AreJames, you have consistently made reference to my “monthly period” (I’m not a girl) and I have consistently ignored your remarks, now you attack my personality. What do you think this is? Peoples Republic of China. This blog is open for all to air their views, if you are incapable of entertaining other opinion go and enter Malaysia Airlines. Your self aggrandisement and sense of entitlement is revolting.

  80. Oje says:

    If the Nigerian MILITARY does not defeat Boko Haram in the next 12 months it seems to me that negotiated settlement is the only solution.

    • Are James says:

      I won’t be surprised if they tried that.
      However any attempt to negotiate with BH with the size of our military and after spending so much on security will be seriously resisted.

  81. Jon says:

    Oga Beeg:

    What kind of naval vessel did Turkey donate to the NN in March or April of 2014? Press reports indicate It occurred shortly before or after Exercise Obangame.

    In addition, it was widely reported in the press earlier this year (2014) that China had donated an unnamed combat vessel to the NN and transfer was being effectuated. This unnamed Chinese vessel was supposed to be separate from the twin OPVs purchased from China by NN. What kind of vessel was donated and what is the transfer status?

    Finally, what is the status of NNS Okpabana arrival in Nigeria to NN fleet?

    • beegeagle says:

      Welcome to the blog, Oga Jon.

      NNS Okpabana shall arrive in due course. The crew have to be trained to operate the type and the big lady has to undergo minor refurbishment. If you cast your mind back to the time when her sister ship, NNS Thunder, began ambling her way to Nigeria, she was transferred in May and her crew got trained on the type while the ship received a makeover. They exited America in November and had flag stops at Mexico, Trinidad, Senegal and Ghana before entering Nigerian territorial waters in January. I expect NNS Okpabana to go through those motions as well.

      There are few details on the donated Turkish vessel while the type of Chinese combat vessel was kept under wraps. However, given what the Chinese have been doing lately namely, decommissioning several of her large fleet of Type 53 Jianghu frigates (of which there are about six variants with some haven entered service as recently as 2000 AD), I expect that with the indifferent status of the NNS Aradu, we shall be getting one of those.

      China have been reconfiguring and transferring some of Type 53s to the Coast Guard to serve as OPVs while phasing in smaller Type 056 light frigates for AS, ASuW and EEZ patrol operations while transferring TWO UNITS each of the 1980s-vintage Type 53H1 to Burma and the 1990s-vintage Type 53H2 to Bangladesh.

      Good morning, gentlemen.

      • Bigbrovar says:

        Its high time governemt take our CT-COIN offensive to all fronts especially those who have volunteered themselves to the spread of FUD which are becoming a danger to our national strategic interest. A publication like SR really should be taken off air via underground sources. SR is a legitimate target due to the strategic risk it causes to this country with its focus on spreading Fear Uncertainty Doubt. A serious country would have found a way to shut them down and take them out of biz using under ground channe;. The site it’s self is not that difficult to disable since it runs on drupal (a php framework.. meh) with all the vunerabilities that comes with that. I quick investigation shows it the domain was registered to Go Daddy (US company) and the website is hosted on Linode (using the address block that was returned by pinging it ) a curl -s -I | grep Server which returned the site runs on apache v2.2.22 (which is the version that ships with GNU/Linux debian wheezy) all this information I obtained in less than 5 minute so imagine what a determined and well motivated individual can do if given the task to shut down this voice of terrorism and lies.

        Taking to the right sources might even help send a couple of traffic their way which would help hack up the cost of their hosting (or at best take them out.. giving them something to worry about)

      • Are James says:

        I was making the point earlier that if the SR site servers are in another country you want to be careful what you do. Be aware of what international law says and be prepared for retaliation of you go down that route.. I personally think the option DHQ releasing videos of the battlefield and engaging in more offensively minded information warfare is a better option than full blown cyberwarfare. Nigeria should not try to attack or block the BBC site for instance. There is absolutely nothing to gain from all the resulting kind of trouble. We should not go down a route where we are definitely far behind others when it come to retaliation.

  82. Prinx Arthur says:

    eeh ogar bigbrodar I respect ur hustle sir,u trying to say we hack Sahara western propaganders mouth,me I be ethical hacker,but no b say I no dey do de things of the underworld,but If per say my I.D never full net I for do am but on the other hand,Sahara reporters website is more stronger than NA website,even I want do am,it ‘ll take a lot of time to render thier site blank and if I do am bbc ‘ll start accusing NA,thereby creating more heat for NA,In my own opinion there is no gain in hacking thier site.

    • agee says:

      the nigerian military is not an organization of two or three people, no task is insurmountible when it comes to the cyber space; as an ethical hacker you should know the value of patience in the industry. I would like to see the miltary or DSS setup a cyber team with total deniability, which would be responsible for giving hell to those who feel the cyber space should be used inappropriately to spread fear, panic and misinform the public, and yes help shape public opinion of the masses.

      • Prinx Arthur says:

        DSS and NIA Currently uses finfisher command and control server,Elbit systems and bluecoat spy wares. the problem with this systems is insufficient no I mean lack of funding,cos I know the recently purchased Elbit systems/bluecoat,will Trap inbound/outbound
        spyware traffic at the network
        edge+ screen out and block
        keyloggers, pop-up ads, malicious
        ActiveX/Java components and
        other spyware traffic.

  83. Oje says:

    If we cannot tell our story by our selves Western Media will do it for us.

  84. Henry says:

    “The security source said that Monday’s attack by the insurgents was coordinated from Gwoza,”

    This sentence seems to corroborate my initial statement on the status of Gwoza.

  85. Julius says:

    Reported tanks that came into the country….


  86. Augustine says:

    Game of infantry numbers.
    Bokos keep swarming like flies….NA deploys tanks, seems we still rule in Bama !

    • AreJames says:

      Which tanks?. Those things would be remainder APCs rejected by the UN or AU as being too inferior and problematic for deployment for peace keeping ops.

      • ozed says:

        Oga relax small now. You are beginning to grumble at virtually everything. What is wrong with exhausting what we have while awaiting the ordered new equipment? After all the Boko haram you are fighting do they have better tanks?

        This is no longer a fashion parade, this is now about win at all cost, even if we have to strap gun pods on our luxury aircraft.

      • Are James says:


  87. Augustine says:

    When you are heavily outnumbered in infantry engagements, some factors help your victory.

    1. Force cohesion
    2. Field tactics
    3. Rifle range, reliability, sights/targeting system
    4. Machine guns with high kill rates/firepower, e.g mobile Gatling guns
    5. Hand held Multiple Grenade launchers with day/night electro-optical targeting sights, e.g Milkor

    Talk to China, they will get you cheap and large quantities of their own versions of such infantry weapons.

  88. beegeagle says:

    Concerning the delivery of a fresh consignment of battle tanks to the NA, what does the embedded weblink provided by you have to say? The page is not opening.

    Please can anyone assist in accessing details on the export of armaments to Nigeria in 2012 and 2013 as logged in the UN Register of Conventional Arms Transfers?

  89. asorockweb says:

    New tanks?!
    The story below starts off with the sighting of tanks loaded on tank-transporters along the Abuja-Lokoja route.

    It then goes ahead to say the tanks have “UN” painted on them. For me, this lead to two possibilities
    1) We are finally bringing back some of our men and material that were formerly deployed for UN duties.
    2) A nation (maybe Canada), has given us some equipment that was formerly used for UNPKO. Canada is part of the ongoing security meeting in Abuja.

    Regarding Bama, I believe the story is: Bama was attacked, Bama was penetrated, but Bama remains in NA hands.

    Read the article below:

  90. Henry says:

    It must have been a typographical error. General olukolade, interviewed on AIT last night did say “the army has taken delivery of “NEW” tanks and other new equipments to keep our troops safe”.

    In nigeria, a tank might mean an MBT/AFV or IFV. However, Gen.olukolade did say new.

    I saw a recent photo a nigerian army UN Steyr MTLB supposedly been transported in abuja. It is this APC the thisday reporter might have mistakenly confused for a tank.

    • Solorex says:

      General Olukolade would only call a “tank” a “tank”- he sure knows the difference between a tank and an APC. What We have in the pictures are probably APC that were returned from UN service for repairs ( what ever reason) and are now going up North to joint the war- or Regular UN leased vehicles returning to their home base after service.

  91. Julius says:

    This pic has been circulating this morning.
    Oga Beegs can identify the tanks.
    Report says over 30 of them were transported via abuja …lokoja .

    • Henry says:

      Oga julius, that is not a tank. It is a steyr MTLB. An armoured personnel carrier. I believe this is what the thisday reporter was referring to as been transported.

      It is an APC.

  92. Jon says:

    What about the recent delivery of fighter aircraft? Anyword on what the NAF got? Heavy strike – air superiority aircraft (SU-35 – upgraded SU-27) or light strike – interceptor aircraft (JF-17) or attack aircraft (SU-25) or just get more russian made attack helicopters.
    AND is the NAF going to get more fighters beyond this – frankly speaking 12 is a mere down-payment – we will need significantly more than that.

    What kind of tanks? how many where acquired? And Most important from what source – manufacturer? I hope the acquisition was along the lines of contemporary Main Battle Tanks from either Germany (Leopard 2) or Israel – (Merkava). I read somewhere on this blog not too long ago that even Kenya has recently purchased Merkava’s. And one of the smaller asian countries acquired 160 second hand leopard 2A5’s in 2013 at bargain prices. This is what should be happening for NA too. We should be seeing columns of MBT’s securing the NE with infantry support riding in APC’s not soldiers walking on foot with one Panhard in the picture. If NA had these sorts of tools – the bh goons would NEVER attack NA garrisoned troops. Please – please let it not be tanks from Pakistan ooh!!

    Does NA have any plans to acquire and outfit its infantry & armored units with radios that places infantry and armored units in direct contact with circling air support platforms. This sort of technology has been available since the 1970’s – 1980’s – its way past time for NA to have this sort of tech available for its personnel. The story of the fighter bombing the garrison in Bama instead of the encroaching bh goons could have been prevented. Friendly fire incidents will always happen but they can be managed or lessened with this sort of non lethal acquisition.

    Are their any concrete plans and actions by the NAF to build an integrated national air defense network – which will incorporate anti aircraft missile systems, fighters and radar ?

    Is the MOD and DHQ lobbying the National Assembly for a larger share of the federal budget going forward? The twin crisis in the niger-delta and NE over the last decade or so should clearly indicate that defense procurement is a priority and should not be done on an ad-hoc basis.

    • Are James says:

      Thank you sir.

    • beegeagle says:


      I posted a link when a tender was issued for 40,000 radios last month. I am sure ASOROCKWEB remembers that very clearly. Let us see how that works. We started very late in all facets after haven lived a lie for so long and talking profound nonsense about inconsequential competing demands. Thank God we are gradually extinguishing that stupid phrase from our national lexicon. Nigeria is at war and the secularity of our heterogeneous commonwealth is in jeopardy. Concomitantly, our HIGHEST NATIONAL PRIORITY should be the emplacement of all that is required to conclusively crush the threat posed to us all by terrorists. Everything else at this time remains an aside. So we need to get to grips with the reality and focus on the business at hand.

      BH shall feel sorry about their misadventure in the near future. Nigeria shall pull through this in the end because we have the men and are hopefully now developing the guts to use our financial might to deliver materiel which will take this beyond BH capabilities. God remains on the side of big battalions. We are FATED TO overcome these knuckleheads. Mark my words.

  93. Julius says:

    @Oga Henry thanks for the info. I believe this is better than the light skin 4wd we have been fielding in the North East.
    God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

  94. beegeagle says:

    I wonder if this Battle of BAMA is going to be the turning point in this war. Looks like many things are coming together at the same time…serious training by NAF fighter pilots at a very remote town in northern Nigeria; CONFIRMED delivery of Mi-35M night fighting attack helicopters, a consequential infusion of tanks, Streit APCs and BigFoot MRAPs.

    I look forward to seeing the tenacious and hard fighting essence of the NA as exhibited in LBR, SLR and SOM all over again. That is the known brand which the NA is and which must not be defaced by any quislings and fifth columnists within.

    • jimmy says:

      Confirmed: IMPECCABLE reorganization NA vets that fought in LIBERIA and S/L ARE in MAIDUGURI
      Confirmed : The N/A is fighting this war 24/ 7 with no let up
      Confirmed : Attitudinal change in Army done
      BAMA probably was not the turning point . Gwoza was/is ( hate to use both words). Gwoza will be retaken hopefully with minimized collateral damage.
      Confirmed people in the higher ups do read this we should learn to ignore personal attacks and not lower the gold standard of this blog.
      On that note:
      Personal appeal to Mr PRESIDENT
      Please sir , We need to bring this war to A TURNING POINT OF VICTORY.
      Your advisers will not tell you but I will
      The N/A needs modern Tanks specifically :
      The T-90
      From :
      Russia . please do not waste time asking the U.S. They are time wasters.
      1. The tanks we have are old ( 20+ years ) , they are T-55 and are out dated, and are incapable of bringing this war to an END.
      2.It can go underwater, it can be used overland on flat terrain , it also and most importantly can be used at night because it has a thermal imaging system for detecting heat signatures from human beings or Engine Blocks from Vehicles.
      3. This tank if used properly will end this war , once and for all.
      How many::
      How much @ $4.25 million a piece ( $425 million ) but with Russia being in need of cold hard Cash I am sure they would not quibble to much if $300 million was handed to them for 100 tanks and spares.

      • AreJames says:

        LOL. You do great injustice to all the constructive criticism being done here by using the term “personal attacks”. The impression you give is that people just fome here to criticize the armed forces for sport ….that people don’t have anything better to do. You then make a case direct to the President for a top of the line Russian tank that should have been assessed by NA’s evaluation team maybe four years ago. Is that not an irony?.There is no person here that does not respect what the NA / NAF used to be as institutions of national defence but things have fallen to unacceptable levels and almost every gap identified by defence watchers has shown up in performance in the field .Kindly suggest in what ways we could better present issues to the attention of these institutions please.

      • jimmy says:

        Please you got my commets wrong. The personal attacks I talked about was not about the NA. The personal attacks were when for example you allowed igbi to get under your skin,because he had called you a foolish man.he then after you replied him calling him uncouth replied by implying that you oje had a homosexual relationship.My point is this no be everytime body itch you naim you go scratch soon you go scratch bone. My constructive critique is that Nigeria can honestly based on her income can afford to buy T90 tanks. If Mr president were to honestly read and ask without fear or favor from his top military advisers as to what tank he should buy and where . I would say T90 and from Russia because within a week it would be in abuja. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

      • asorockweb says:

        I will restate your appeal in a different way:

        The NA needs to rebuild it’s armoured units.

        The Nigerian Army currently have only two unit types – Motorized Infantry and Artillery.

        One cannot do manoeuvre warfare in the terrain we have in the north-east, against a tenacious enemy like BH, without heavy armour.
        All the MRAPS and APCs that are currently deployed in the north-east can be destroyed by high calibre rounds (anything above 7.62mm)

        We can’t use our T-55s and Vickers tanks for manoeuvre warfare because if you send 40 tanks on a 60km dash to outflank BH, only 15 will arrive – the rest would have broken down.

        The alternative to heavy armour is persistent air support. I believe heavy armour is cheaper and can be deployed faster.

        On a side note, you guys can clearly see from the BH video that they stole the Cameroonian Army’s twin-14.5mm armed trucks (It looks different because BH removed the large side magazines). In the armory being “looted”, I believe I saw 14.5mm rounds. If that is the case, the armoury being “looted” was in the Cameroon or just staged by BH.

      • jimmy says:

        Thank you very much oga asorock. You stated this in a more ACCURATE description. THE TANKS we have now will break down in battle.That is the GOD’S HONEST TRUTH.

      • Are James says:

        This is a valid point you have made. If policy makers are to take what we say serious then we have to do some housekeeping on the material….weeding out invectives and name calling. I will henceforth try to ignore the kind of people who would ask a fellow blogger to keep quiet which offends all rules of civilized behaviour.

  95. Henry says:


    It doesn’t necessarily increase our offensive capability. However it isn’t a piece of new equipment by any means, we’ve always fielded these.

    • Are James says:

      Say it like it is. I think you know enough about the problems of the APCs in the NA.
      The failure rate on some of them is high. Air conditioners don’t work a lot of time yet about ten men have to sit inside those rusty junks – luckily very few motorized infantry of the NA would sit inside.
      Situational awareness devices are outdated on the particular model shown in the picture even though we see two turrets… now imagine your soldier relative driving inside these things moving under RPG fire. We have posted videos and picks of contemporary COIN compatible APCs and MRAPs too many times to mention.
      If we have bought new tanks, let them be real tanks, let us see them on the battlefield real fast, let them have modern sensors, ranging devices, working guns, advanced armour technology and AGLs/MGLs mounted. Let them not be rusty and let there be no UN markings on them.

  96. beegeagle says:

    You are on point, Oga Henry. That is indeed an MT-LB…tracked APCs like the Steyr 4K 7FA and Alvis Spartan APCs. They are not tanks…just tracked APCs.

    67 units of those were acquired, refurbished and upgraded in POLAND around 2002. They have been deployed in the second triumphant entry into Monrovia under the ECOMIL banner since 2003 and they have also been deployed in DARFUR.

  97. Henry says:


    I made a distinction between the comments i made in that post.

    General olukolade is an accomplished military officer by any standards. This is his second stint as the P.R man of the military. He was the spokesman for the nigerian military and Ecomog in liberia.

    I did not say the MTL-B is a modern APC. However, in relation to the hilux, the MTL-B is obviously a better platform, It is armoured.

    I do not believe General olukolade was referring to the MTL-B. He obviously knows the difference, neither did he mention U.N equipment.

    He said new tanks have been acquired, they came in yesterday (1/1/2014). A tank could mean an MBT, an AFV or an IFV.

    • Are James says:

      Okay we’ll wait patiently. The people deserve to see pictures of all acquisitions on the website. This is how to build support for the war effort. Nigerians are not asking for money just information for is to provide encouragement and support.

  98. beegeagle says:

    It REMAINS unfortunate that while the goons of BOKO HARAM are making maximum use of audiovisuals in the dissemination of their hideous propaganda, official purveyors of our military narrative remain a step behind.

    It is now commonplace for conjecture and fertile imaginations to be left to determine what face of the Nigerian military is projected to our people. When the military have new weapon systems delivered to them, it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to let Nigerians see photos in the dailies, in cyberspace and on TV. It is bound to have a mollifying effect on the populace and inspire confidence in the war effort.

    When Nigerians begin to say “ehen, na now wey army com” or “o’boy wahala jam BH…una see dat jet wey NAF jus launch” then and ONLY THEN will the Nigerian military regain the propaganda initiative. “If you do not blow your trumpet, it will get rusty”

    At a time when BH have been attacking under the cover of darkness, one would have imagined that the NAF would be trumpeting the delivery of state-of-the-art Mi-35M and ALX Super Tucano COIN operational aircraft which are night vision-compliant.

    Mek we dey try to manage dis narrative abeg na. God, everything in the Nigerian military has a counterproductive veil of secrecy thrown around it…haba. It is the armed forces and not a secret society. wetin be dis?

  99. jimmy says:

    The NA wants intel from the general populace
    In return the general population wants assurance
    To do that the NA must work with the general populace @ large
    The NA needs modern ongoing procurement and come SEPTEMBER A BILL for ANOTHER $1B will be presented to the NASS , They will get it
    In return senior officers in the NA / NAF must show the level of destruction IN GWOZA AND BAMA they must also show in camera the level of public executions going on, They must also endeavour to bring INFLUENTIAL SENATORS like SEN CHRIS on board and show the NASS THE NEW EQUIPMENT THEY HAVE BOUGHT SO Far.
    This is a two way street.
    A bridge is always BUILT WITH TWO ENTRANCES

    • Akin Oges says:

      And Madam Okonjo-Iweala as well. Apparently, she was reluctant to let open the treasure chest on account of the stifling culture of secrecy under which cover certain briefcase business (middle)men were plundering our commonwealth, sorry money meant for hardware, certain items were priced two or three times their actual price tags, or substandard items were delivered that were not fit for purpose, or deliveries were not honored at all and money collected. Although things have moved on quite quickly since then, with the $1 billion grant and the $1 billion loan; it is important for the top brasses in the NA and the NAF to appreciate how deeply damaging this culture of secrecy can be. It should be obvious enough with the situation at hand.

      Any individual with cursory interest can cheaply find out any military items shipped off to Nigeria by simply looking up SIPRI or the UN log amongst others. This is the time to throw ordinary Nigerians behind you in this war. Perception is a strong force in war. Yes, beat your chest. Tell Nigerians that you are strong and ready and set to knock back the front teeth of BH deep into their skulls. Do it with controlled high visibility of the tools you have got to do it with. The thugs have Sahara Reporters and the BBC doing their story telling. You must tell your story. Tell your story… Nigerians are waiting to hear and see.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Jimmy my senior bros, oga Akin Oges, you have both spoken well. Billions of dollars new Boko war procurement details should not be secret in a democracy, it’s public funds now. BTWN billions of naira is always being deducted by FG from all quarterly allocations due to all states under state of emergency rules and spent on this war. Na scanty scanty Ijebu gari style stingy procurement we still dey see. Abeg, no push us burst speaker begin post weapons market prices on top dis blog o !

      #Show Us How All The Money Is Spent !

  100. beegeagle says:

    That is more like it, Egbon Jimmy. Remember that the other day, I advocated that the likes of Brig Gens Jalingo and Tanko who did so well in Freetown should be at the forefront here.

    Perhaps we need a parallel structure up there now – eg Sector Commands with each one encompassing seven 300-man battle groups to take charge of the field. Each battle group should have a MEDE unit and be supported by tanks, mortars and artillery and be commanded by a senior Major. The troops for these battle groups should be drafted from all other divisions and the Sector Commanders should be answerable to the Chief of Operations at AHQ while 7 Div shall retain her regular structure. Those 21 Battle Groups and the SF chaps shall be the core fighting forces of OP ZAMAN LAFIYA since 7 Div are in their AOR as it is.

    So we could use three of such Sector Commands now, each one commanded by a Brigadier General…one stationed in Borno South and another in Borno North while another stays on rapid deployment footing to pep up offensives such as we have in Bama right now but in the interim keeping lines of communication open and laying ambushes for BH. To defeat a guerrilla, you have to fight like a guerrilla.

    In Freetown, an estimated combined force of 25,000-30,000 renegade Sierra Leonean soldiers and RUF rebels invaded the capital district in a quest for a FINAL SOLUTION. In a supremely heroic resistance effort, an outnumbered but determined and valiant ECOMOG beat back such a massive attack.

    NOTHING which shall yet happen in Bama, Gwoza or MDGR shall exceed the scale of carnage seen in Freetown between Dec 1998 and Feb 1999. Why should we have such commanders from the ECOMOG operations….men who are today Colonels and Brigadier Generals who orchestrated such heroics whilst still Captains and Majors, still in service as I write YET some dubious chaps who probably joined the NA just to get a leeway out of the labour market, so strangely insist on defacing the hard-earned reputation of the Nigerian Armed Forces? Soldiers protesting…wives protesting now that a war is upon us yet the same people lobby for UN PKO postings to go earn forex in Liberia and Sudan?

    BTW, the T55 tanks first entered NA service in 1978. That was why 3 Armoured Div was redesignated in 1976 and the reason why the former 3 Marine Commando Division relocated to JOS from PHC in 1978.

  101. Kay says:

    Those tracked UN vehicles, used to see them as far back as 2004. Not new by any means, unless we have a new stock of other unrevevealed hardwares just bought.

  102. Augustine says:

    MT-LB Armuored Vehicle, a new ‘saviour’ ?

    My Ogas, I personally screamed for MT-LB massive urgent purchases last month when Boko Haram began to capture our towns and build ‘impregnable’ fortresses and our army was being beaten back into retreat when we attempt assaults.

    There are 5,000 units of MT-LB in Russian army reserves and we can easily and quickly buy cheap units say like 300 units configured in various forms to meet different needs. Good maximum speed about 70km/hr, it is a vehicle we already know by service and can handle it well.

    It is a multi-role vehicle, fully amphibious to cross lake Chad at shallow points, it is a cheap IFV when thus configured. It will move our troops into Boko strongholds, it will start with mortar shells from 7km away, then to 40mm cannon at 3km away, and 14.5mm machine guns at 1km away, before closing in on soft targets with smoke dispenses, 12.7mm and 7.6mm guns in face to face hand to hand combat, until it is safe for our troops to disembark and use it’s armour as a shield until we move into houses or other cover taking positions occupying grounds.

    It would have been a better option than the heavier and slower Shilka we are importing now.

    Gentlemen, it is our poverty stricken military equipment procurement policy that robbed us of the great benefit of this wonderful and well loved Russian MT-LB.

    I have no regrets for asking that NA brings in MT-LB, but I won’t be happy until they add it’s options I listed back then.

    We purchased dry versions as usual, and missed the full multirole capabilities of its almost twenty different configurations. What are the uses of an MT-LB when you buy mixed options ?

    1. APC with turret main gun and side firing ports for soldiers/occupants, and smoke grenade launcher

    2. Ground surveillance 40km range radar carrier for battlefield observation and advance/early enemy approach detection.

    3. Anti-aircraft gun carrier

    4. Anti-aircraft missile launcher

    5. Anti-tank missile launcher

    6. Signal corp command/control/SIGNIT/COMMINT centre

    7. Towing vehicle for equipment

    8. Radiological/Chemical monitoring

    9. Armoured recovery vehicle and field technical services

    10. Ambulance/Field Medivac

    11. Mine clearing

    12. Mine laying

    13. Self propelled artillery howitzer

    14. Large caliber mortar launcher

    15. 30mm automatic grenade launcher

    16. 30mm or 40mm cannon IFV

    17. Twin 14.5mm gun ground battle vehicle

    18. ZSU-23 gun carrier

    19. Armoured reconnaissance

    20. Electronic warfare and jamming vehicle

    Does Nigeria have all these? No. Dry versions with minimum firepower MT-LBs were purchased by Nigeria as usual. Now our time of war inside our own homeland has come, but see what we purchased some years ago as if we have no enemy that will come after we made those weak purchases !

  103. Kay says:

    I know ‘Fulan’ is widely derided on here,but has anyone read his latest post linking BH to ISIL?
    Scaremongering or fact?

    • igbi says:

      why in hell should Nigeria be scared of isil ? and it is not a new thing that such terrorist groups work together, I stated that they were connected a long time ago. Since the mali saga we have observed that alqaida has been trying to give itself different names in different areas and to rebrand its image, alqaida is the real name of isis and boko haram.

      • Kay says:

        You need to up your knowledge, isil and alqaeda are locking horns in Syria over influence and ideologies. It’s not about fear either, the earlier we deal with this…rather that than having all the scums on mother earth rushing to the North East.

      • igbi says:

        Look, I don’t want to enter in a debate in which neither you, neither I has proof of what he is saying. But I guess you are saying what the us media tells you. I on the other hand, I am using what I observed with the situation in mali since I followed it from day one. I am also relying on comments from algeria secret services, french secret services and Nigerian secret services. And I know that even your us media has stated thatt the boss of isis was one of benladen’s right hand man, wasn’t he ?
        So either isis is a part of alqaida, either it is a break away group from alqaida.

      • igbi says:

        So nomatter what, it is the same old alqaida familly. My suggestion is that in any case Nigerian armed forces should act as i it were a fact that connection was a fact. And it is not really like if we couldn’t afford to increase our troop numbers and buy or make more equipment.

    • igbi says:

      and fulan is not derided here, he is seen as what he is, if you have arguments to state otherwise then lay them out please.

      • Kay says:

        Wonder whats with you jumping headlong into a conversation. Like I’ve always told you, I will not satisfy your paranoia. Do read up though. Lots of resources; their training videos, interviews and pleas for support. Start from jihadology, Charles Lister, et al.Maybe then you’ll be able to infer better…

      • igbi says:

        Perhaps I should create my own website, then you would be able to quote me.
        I think your problem is the level at which you are: instead of taking info directly from sources which have first hand knowledge (eg secret services) you take them from individuals who pretend to have sources. I am not interested in “jihadology, Charles Lister, et al”, i am interested in what the secret services say. Second hand “info” doesn’t interest me. And contrary to you I think by myself and not by considering some individuals as prophetic truth tellars.

      • igbi says:

        For your info, you are the one who needs to be lectured.

    • asorockweb says:

      Or seeking-for-notice

  104. Martin Luther says:

    What is the latest from BAMA? Please

  105. beegeagle says:

    Oga MCSHEGZ…to thy inbox, bro

  106. Lordfej says:

    I am very certain that now this insurgency would be seen as what it is, as a war with people who have decided to hold the NiGerian state to Ransome. I am amazed at some of our Redneck Generals, please sirs wake up and smell the coffe keep us informed and you would be amazed at the confidence and feeling of patriotism these timely updates and information would inspire in fellow Nigerians. This patriotism would trickle down to the men of the army who would feel much much eager to fight the enemy. When I show people the achievements of the military on this blog they find it hard to believe. Majority of them says wow so Nigeria does all these herself and I say yes. I strongly believe the need for secrecy has long left the building like elvis and the people should know. It’s just a matter of time, when air support is fully on ground we would overcome although the road might not be smooth but we must learn from our mistakes and never ever get complacent. To all my fellow Ogas and people who has the best interest of our dear country my regards, to our boys ducking bullets and forming a wall with their bodies to stop this machination from the pit of hell out gratitude as a nation cannot be over stated
    May God bless Nigeria and keep her from all evil

  107. beegeagle says:

    GENTLEMEN…a world exclusive shot of our new Mi-35M all-weather attack helicopter. ONLY on BEEGEAGLE’S BLOG. Congrats to the NAF and well done to the FG

    • Are James says:

      This is a thing of beauty. Thanks Beeg and some thanks to @mcshegz for the technical

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga Are James. I respect your hustle.
        Hehehehe. omo, i receive, i receive. chale.. no be small tin ohh
        Oga Beegeagle your head dey there

  108. Augustine says:

    Gentlemen speculation tire me, but if dis na the 12 new jets wey just land, no vex o, the CD version Batch 2 configuration na air borne Rambo, even for night combat, and the thing carries anti-ship missile for naval warfare….

  109. jimmy says:

    oga augustine
    What are you saying ? not clear are you quoting sources are you saying we got the upgraded MBB339CD AS AN UPGRADE or brand new wetin you dey talk no make my bp rise now jo now!

    • Augustine says:

      Oga mi, as I said in my comment, speculation on NAF don tire me, but hey, this is one speculation we cannot rule out.

      In 2006 NAF contracted the Italians for full state-of the-art upgrade of our 12 units MBB 339AN jets to MBB 339CD 4th Generation version for $84 million.

      Na go we hear, we no hear come. The upgrade contract died like aborted pregnancy.

      Now we are told 3 days ago, NAF will get 12 latest technology and night combat capable jet fighters arriving this week.If they are truly jets, and for COIN war, I won’t rule out the MBB 339 because in May this year, NAF COAS announced they got Boko war money now to upgrade all aircraft that are pending.

      The upgraded version we paid for, is the very latest of it’s kind in the world for that class of jets, and also capable of night combat. It matches the description in the news report, and even if all 12 are not coming this week, the rest can come later.

      I don’t see how we can buy brand new manufactured jet fighters between June and August, it has to be second hand upgraded.

      However, JF-17 could have been on the line and hurried up in production in 3 months because we have been on the matter with the Pakis for 2 years now.

      So, I will not rule out the MBB 339CD as my own speculation, however, NAF is on Guinness Book of records as the most secretive, confusing and surprising air force in the world.

      Let us keep our fingers crossed, but don’t be disappointed if you see MBB 339CD as our new jets for now…..and don’t be unhappy, the thing na airborne Rambo ! It is the current lead in Fighter jet for Eurofighter Typhoon air superiority jets, world ruling air beast of Europe.

  110. Are James says:

    MB 339CD or FD (full digital) is just an upgrade to the MB 339AN. It cannot be counted as a new acquisition for Nigeria abeg. The morafokas have been on supposed upgrade to CD level for the last 5 years no money, no money. Don’t get me wrong it is a very capable, super accurate, night fighting ground attack aircraft but it is still not at the level we expect to be.

  111. ocelot2006 says:

    Gentlemen, in all honesty I’m TIRED.

    I’m tired of all the news on counter terrorism meetings held, yet little or no actual purchases.

    I’m tired of all these piecemeal deliveries of much needed platforms while priority is given to executive jets for the presidency.

    I’m tired of the actions (inactions) of NAF. Honestly, I don’t think they’re serious at all.

    And I’m surprised we’re celebrating the arrival of some old rusty MTLBs. Having watched the recent assault in Somalia by the well armed and professional looking Ugandans equipped with South African MRAPs and motor – equipped vehicles (MRAPS also), I think it’s fair to say that the so – called procurement officers and head honchos at DHQ are TOTALLY UNSERIOUS about this ongoing war against Boko Haram.

    Abeg, when our military brass and political leaders finally wake up, please let me know. Till then, I’m done.

  112. Ola says:

    May I ask if anyone has information on the credibility of the faceless guys behind the link below?

    They are some of the sources of the woes that BBC has been reporting.
    I an not here to advertise them, I just want to know if anyone has info on them.

    Meanwhile, I know Andrew Noaks, he works for DFID in Nigeria and he is one of the “ears” of UK in Nigeria. I wonder when such a person would be brought in for questioning on espionage activity by DSS. I hope DSS reads this.

  113. beegeagle says:

    Indeed, one BBC HAUSA chap who was on “FOCUS ON AFRICA” tried to play up the imagined relevance of the shadowy Nigeria Security Network this evening. Those chaps are probably an aspirational posse of upstarts who I expect to be little more than sellouts since the BBC approve of them….the standard mix of PhDs, spies in diplomatic garb, buccaneering Nigerian activists and micronationalists in the foreign media (to do their PR and make the appear more relevant than they really are).

    This blog is relayed on big screen in the apex sanctum of Nigeria’s official security circles. That is the meaning of relevance and the readers and users up there are the real Nigerian Security Network…not these aspirational rank outsiders who nobody in Nigeria knows about or reckons with, even as the BBC called them a think tank. Anyway, the BBC prop up whoever panders to their prodding and puppeteering eg Dr Shettima, Mallam Shehu and fellow doomsday prophets.

    Not surprisingly, these foreign-inspired groups which only seek to enthrone a northern-led FG always obscure the real issues. First, Ambassador Campbell spent two years droning about how Jonathan broke an unwritten rule that power should rotate between North and South. Since then, BBC and Dr Campbell have zeroed in on poverty and economic marginalisation of the Northeast as reasons for the BH crisis. WHO underdeveloped the Northeast more…GEJ who got into office in May 2010 and BH swiftly launched their insurgency from Bauchi on Sept 7, 2010 or a dynasty of leaders from upcountry who did nothing to lift the people of the region?

    Today, 10% of ISIS fighters are people born in the Western World. How come nobody is blaming their radicalisation on poverty? Double standard analyses?

    If not that the BBC are obsessed with only retaining market leadership of the foreign broadcast organs beaming in the Hausa language and as such, feign ignorance or get overtaken by amnesia, I CHALLENGE ANYONE to show me one report where the BBC have ever alluded to the known fact that successive northern-led FGs did the most to foist backwardness and deprivation on the Northeast. Instead and to avoid confronting the cold truth or afraid of offending the sensibilities of their Hausa language listeners, the BBC pretend that the poverty and under-development of the Northeast commenced with the GEJ administration. They are biased and need to stop lying about their mythical objectivity.

    This is why I ALWAYS state and deeply believe that the BBC are deeply partisan in their Nigeria reportage. They would rather leave the substance and spread fear, uncertainty and doubt so the public confidence in ths FG is eroded. Given the fact that the cascade of damning and sometimes fictitious stories aimed at discrediting this FG is championed by BBC HAUSA, you know that they are trying to shore up the political fortunes of their preferred candidate – Muhammadu Buhari or anyone else who is a muslim from upcountry. It is an uncomplicated game plan as far as the savvy can see.

    • Ola says:

      Sir Beegs, on point as always! Looking into Nigerian history, the amalgamation of north and south for economic interest in favour of the queen and later, the romance between the British and the northerners, it is obvious where the British stands!
      It’s just very shameful when elements within the country collude with outsiders to damage our image.
      I am happy you really pointed this out, I once had a discussion with a friend on the spate of radicalisation in Europe and North America and we came to the same questions that you raised here; why is there no extensive reportage on why Europeans (both natives and naturalised) are getting radicalised? Why do they quickly jump to the conclusion of poverty if it happens in a place like Nigeria or any African country? …

  114. Jon says:

    Oga Jimmy,

    I concur with your recommendation of the T90 but can NA actually get it in large quantities (100+) given all the global sanctions currently in place against Russia. Will the Fed Govt which has been carefully and aggressively cultivating security agreements and trade-investment deals with leading western governments openly break ranks with the same western governments by undertaking a large weapons purchase from Russia – highly, highly unlikely. Just today (Sept 3) France our new regional ally (this is reality) cancelled two contracts to deliver newly constructed aircraft carriers to the Russian navy.

    Therefore, I say NA go get the Leopard 2A5 or 2A6 or Merkava IV in large quantities (100+)..

    • jimmy says:

      Since we are in the middle of a nasty war . I do not trust the western powers Their m.o. is to supply then Renege.We need the parts and we need them now. I.e pay now and get them as soon as they can put them on ships and Antonovs bound for Abuja.Russia is cash hungry .A hungry man makes a better weapons dealer. No be the one wey don belle full wey go dey look wetin dey man yansh before im sellam qwekwe hummer o. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

    • jimmy says:

      Leopards I am okay with. The merkavas are too heavy too slow and were decimated by Rpgs in this last war.Nothing against our Israeli allies.They have stood with us where some of our African brothers sneered .Hello Kampala. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

      • Are James says:

        Let’s pipe low on that @Jimmy.
        Israel now has the world’s only proven active protection for all armoured vehicles. It is like the iron dome of military vehicle protection. Simply detects RPG launches, does extremely fast predictive calculations and shoots ballistic projectiles to destroy the RPG warhead metres away from impact zone. This technology was not available for all vehicles in Gaza but they’ve been boasting about Hamas’s frustrations at having not enjoyed previous levels of kills they used to achieve against armoured vehicles so let’s be careful what we say about Israeli technology. Dem be winch o.

    • igbi says:

      what is your point ?
      Besides, that news paper starts by showing us a photo of kenyan soldiers which it confuses with nigerian soldiers, so if I were you then I would doubt its credibility.
      Please try and state the point you are trying to make, rather than just posting a link.

    • igbi says:

      Bama never fell.

      • ocelot2006 says:

        So who do we believe? ‘Cos most papers (national and international) are carrying the news that Bama has fallen to the militants. The onus is now on the MoD to defend itself. Embed journalists with frontline units and prove to us Nigerians that a part of our nation hasn’t fallen into the hands of those BH bastards. Hell, even shoot a military video to prove this.

      • igbi says:

        most foreign media reporting are copying bbc and bbc is quoting zanna the serial liar.

      • igbi says:

        You believe your army, and not enemy propaganda !
        We are at war for god’s sake.

    • Rdokoye says:

      The Nigerian Government is being unusually casual about Boko Haram, it’s as if they don’t really care what they’re doing. Could you imagine if this was in Igbo land. Biafran Rebels taking over towns in Igbo land, everyone knows that, without hesitation, the Nigerian Government would dispatch at least 50,000 troops to reclaim all of Igbo land, but in the light of what Boko Haram are doing, it’s like…nothing.

  115. I totally express support for General Beegs idea.
    The army needs to form battle groups with set tactical objectives to take the fight to the insurgents and reclaim the towns and territories already lost to them, push them back to the Camerouns or wherever they originated from and reclaim our borders. The 7th Div alone cannot handle this. We should not allow the insurgents to create a vacuum in those borders areas into which all the scum of Sahel region would be drawn into to add up the numbers to fight our army to propagate an extremist cause. Insurgents are forcibly recruiting youths in the towns they have claimed, obviously looking for more men to continue their offensive.
    How I long for the days of the task force in the NE, when the troops and SF were chasing Shekau and other insurgent commanders across the mountains trying to put a slug or two into their backs. The 7th Div has adopted a defensive posture for too long trying to defend FOBs and bases in forefront with minimal troop presence. The insurgents have learnt they can overcome these units with massive firepower and intrusion of army positions in their hordes. The insurgents have not held back their best equipment and men against the NA in this campaign. It’s time for the NA to return the favour! The entire army needs to be called up because we have a war on our hands here. The army needs to get on the offensive. Large swaths of Borno are in insurgents’ hands that need to be reclaimed. Insurgents are now slowly turning their attention to Adamawa and Yobe, we need to nip this in the bud right now.
    Abuja needs to wake up and smell the coffee. There are no competing demands here, this is the ONLY DEMAND, TOTAL COMMITMENT TO DEFENCE OF OUR SOVERIEGNTY AND DEMOCRACY. There is urgent need to ADEQUATELY EQUIP our armed forces like we are gearing up to attack the Americas. There must be no mercy!

  116. Franky says:

    Chaii! I wish say na me dey rule naija 2day, na attack drone we 4 dey use dey tear dis boko homos to shreds. Fellow Nigerians, our national sovereignity is being disrespected by a raggy, illiterate group and all we can buy for the airforce is a meager 12 MI35M?? We are at war, TOTAL retolling is needed in large scale.. DHQ, hear!

  117. igbi says:

    I think we have reached a period in this war in which you have to tune down unofficial broadcasts and focus on what the DHQ says. FG, you have to stop foreign media from entering Nigerian cyberspace and you have to shut every unofficial media. The only voice Nigerians should be hearing are those of the guys who are protecting them, not those of guys trying to terrify them.
    Zanna should be arrested, bbc haussa crew should be detained and their office sacked. The quantity of propaganda against Nigeria which is present on the internet is incredible.
    You need to protect Nigerians from this.

  118. Are James says:

    1. I am not focussing exclusively on what the DHQ says.
    2. DHQ lied to me that they freed Chibok girls.
    3. Zanna should be arrested and is still running free, Ndume is even worse so ask why they are not behind bars
    3. Please stop saying FG should stop media from entering ”Nigerian cyberspace”, your IQ is showing when you make such statements and you are dragging our collective reputation on this blog into the mud.
    4. “FG should sack their offices”… you are obviously not a Nigerian, you should be in N.Korea.
    4. The only thing you are right about is that only voice we are hearing is the terrorists but DHQ has no video to show, won’t embed journalists and won’t take advice on how to run an information war so please keep shouting about that maybe they will do something soon.

  119. igbi says:

    Only idiots haven’t understood yet that Nigeria = NIGERIAN armed forces.

    • Are James says:

      I am smarter than you so Nigerian Armed Forces = Servants of the Nigerian people. I deserve the best from them.

      • igbi says:

        “Servants of the Nigerian people”, so to you nigerian soldiers are not nigerians !
        You believe they are some servants to the genuin nigerian people which of course excludes them. And as well the nigerian people seems to be equal to your very self.
        So they are your servants/slaves in your logics.
        you feel you are entited to disrespecting them and raining accusations on them, you feel that fighting terror doesn’t concern you, after all it is for the “slaves” to do, get this through your head, nigerian soldiers are Nigerians, they represent us, they serve nigeria as should you ! They are the brothers, the sisters, the fathers and mothers of nigerians, they are nigerian citizens and they deserve outmost respect for their sacrifices.
        instead of supporting those who are raining chains of propaganda on the country, you should be defending the Nigerians who lay their lives so that other Nigerians can live. you are a disgrace. Nigerian soldiers serve Nigeria, not you !
        So my question is are you serving Nigeria ? or are you waiting for nigeria to serve you ?

      • igbi says:

        i am not reading anymore of the rubbish you keep producing.

      • Are James says:

        What you need to do is STOP dirtying this blog with amateurish, unreasoned outbursts .
        I have to go from the HIGH of reading stuff from @Pecavvi, @Doziex, @Augustine, @Oje and this other young man with ideas about battlefield communications to the low of your posted emotional and neurotic outbursts. Just read what you posted that brought this on and ponder whether it is representative of an intelligent member of the human community.
        You say you are 27years but 23years ago I could not have imagined myself posting this unreasonable trash on a respected website. In spite of your unimpeachable sense of patriotism your contribution in terms of actual ideas as to what to do to move the war effort forward has been found to be zilch. Just ranting and raving like some young lady perpetually under the rag is not helping the troops or the FG.

  120. igbi says:

    The Nigerian armed forces are a part of the flesh of every Nigerian. DHQ is my DHQ as a Nigerian.
    It is the brothers and fathers of nigerians serving in the armed forces, it is our flesh and blood.

    so arejames/arestupid, just shut up.

    • Are James says:

      Those brothers and fathers have been complaining that they are not being given tools to do their duty. My country’s rep has been dragged in the mud. Their wives went on strike. Never before in history. So you shut your boy scout mouth.!!!.

  121. igbi says:

    how many times did aljazeera falsly claim saif al islam was dead during the libyan saga?
    how many times did the us claim saddam had weapons of mass distruction ?
    how many times did the us military and government claim those guys shooting syrian soldiers while shouting allauackbar were not terrorists ? how many times did franch military claim to not paying ransom to terrorist ?
    And this idiot is here blabling about a wrong information which the army retracted.
    Shut up once again !

    • Are James says:

      Americans are holding their government to account about Benghazi, Hilary Clinton is going to be answering the questions very soon in pursuit of her ambitions. Put in faced questions about Chechnya and the terrorists actions before that in Moscow.
      This is how civilized societies hold their govts and institutions to acount. So my dear young boy scout go to N. Korea, you dont have the hardness of mind for a democracy.
      Nigeria is too smart a country for you.

  122. Are James says:

    I think fellow bloggers wise in the way of the world know what should be happening. If the lion cub must be king of the jungle he has to leave his mother’s teat. It will not be made easy for you and should not. The DHQ is peopled by soldiers, they deserve support but we should not insult them by childish maudlin pampering. They are in continuous improvement mode as every institution is but we should not excuse their mistakes and omissions. The enemy is not Algeria, it is not Egypt, it is not S. Africa. It is ****ing Boko Haram. This should not be seen as a match of equals at all.

  123. cryptologist says:

    Reading all Senator Saleh said brought me close to tears. The distinguished senator hit a bulls eye. God bless Gen. Victor Malu where everhe is for been bold enough to reject the American trainers. The “money for the boys” PKO’s nigeria always rush into to participate is now telling and the IBB/ABACHA regime where just a curse to Nigeria’s military, reason some of us oppurtuned opted to serve in a foreign armed forces other than our country of origin. MASSIVE DECAY it is. Paul Dike started the rejuvination

    • Are James says:

      Paul Dike was the intellectual military man. The change agent who never got the time to finish the job. The current CNS is in the same mould. A lot of people knew Malu was saying the truth about American trainers but look at what he later went through. The current CDS just said that during the IBB/Abacha era all tanks were locked up, aircraft laid off to waste at Ilorin, no exercises, no new weaponry, nothing. So the armed forces were actually just a private army.

  124. jimmy says:
    Maybe they can find some good eggs amongst the bad. Heck these guys will be motivated to fight. Even if one out of every ten is willing to fight that is still 1,000 men. …… hmmm

    • Augustine says:

      We must carefully select from those 10,000 guys sha, need to avoid many ‘coup hungry’ soldiers especially those dismissed from 1999 to 2007 era to keep our nascent democracy safe. Just saying.

      Tired of hearing news about fresh recruits that cannot shoot well, stand the sight of mutilated human bodies, or move in the direction of the enemy by assault.

      We need the brave and loyal boys, also need to avoid old men. Infantry was is a game of stamina. My own view sha.

  125. Deway says:

    My dear Oga Beeg, I appreciate your blog and know you have put in more than enough effort to show the positive image of the Nigerian armed forces to the world. You have also grown something through hard work and your own personal resources from a humble beginning to one of the most respected Defense blogs in S.S. Africa. I don’t comment much but follow all comments everyday. I’m happy the blog entertains a wide variety of opinions whether for, or against the military and has allowed previously voiceless Nigerians to air their opinions and provide sound advice and analyses on military and defense issues. I use this opportunity to call your attention to Igbi. His insults to fellows on this blog is becoming worrisome. I have followed this blog for 3 years now (I think) and fellows have disagreed and agreed without insults or derogatory words. Since his appearance here, he has used uncouth language at anyone opposed to how he sees issues. He brings a negative aura to this respected blog. I call on your good grace to talk to him to show respect to others. Thank you.

    • igbi says:

      Perhaps you should spend this much effort in boosting troop moral or making useful suggestions in the current situation.

    • igbi says:

      I will not show respect to those who do not show me respect.
      I will not show respect for those who would debate you into stupid death (mostly idealists by the way).
      I will not show respect to those who think venting terrorist propaganda is a legitimate means to their ends.
      I will not show respect to those who do not respect Nigerian soldiers.

  126. Franky says:

    @oga igbi, your “nairalandic” attitude is degrading this blog at an alarming speed. I implore oga beeg to take drastic action against your ungentlemanliness ASAP!. Your type is not needed here.

    • ocelot2006 says:

      I concure with you on Igbi. It’s been a while since I commented on this blog, but I’ve always been an ardent reader. As a matter of fact, I’m addicted to the Beegeagle Blog. Now although we all have different opinions on a number of defence issues, the beauty of this blog is the high level maturity displayed by most posters when airing their views.

      But I’ve noticed Igbi’s posts, and I must say that they tend to be childish sometimes and laced with insult. I advise that he keeps that attitude at Nairaland where there are lots of kids. If you disagree with a poster, please state your points like an adult.

  127. Franky says:

    @oga igbi, your “nairalandic” attitude is degrading this blog at an alarming speed. I implore oga beeg to take drastic action against your ungentlemanliness ASAP!. Your type is not needed here..

    • igbi says:

      Go to hell.

      • cerberus89 says:

        Igbi egbon e don do abeg , in my personnal opinion ,u are brilliant guy who can hold his own wen it comes to defsec but then u must learn how to tolerate views and opinions that vary frm urs and also counter them with reasonble arguments and not by throwin insults and taking cheap shots at other individuals on this blog.All I’m tryn to say is that u shuld learn how to ur temper

      • rugged7 says:

        @ Igbi, no be only u wey get hot blood. My own dey boil.
        And u are not the most patriotic Nigerian.
        We all want the best for Nigeria.
        Only a dictator doesn’t entertain opposing views.
        Try to tone it down a bit Igbi.
        There is more than enough room for everybody on Beegeagle’s blog.-For and against
        Wishing u all well…

      • igbi says:

        Look @Rugged7, some think this is a games, like we are gathered to take coffee and make small talk. To some Nigeria is just a topic in the media, so they make unwise statements. Look I am not holding a view, what I say is common sense. i discussed about terrorist propaganda saturating our airwaves and cyberspace, and the importance of tuning that down and listenning only to the DHQ. That is what every country do at war. But arejames came and acted like if he had a etter idea : he was implying that people should not trust DHQ and should give a chance to foreign media (which contains a lot of enemy propaganda). I am not here to make small talk or debate Nigeria’s right to existance. It is also exacerbating when people who lack brain cells think a lot of themselves and do not listen to reason. I have been warning about terrorist propaganda for as long as I have been on this blog. And arejames had the idea to state that terrorist propaganda didn’t exist. I am trying to do something useful while some are more interested in bashing the Nigerian army, and the same arejames said he were doing that intentionally because he had a purpose. And as well you can see through his posts, how he dispises the idea of patriotism in the Nigerian society. And once again, just look at the guys posts and tell me if he has a brain. He started by praising conspiracy theory and saying all conspiracy theory were valid (which would include contradicting theories). Then for some time now the guy has been trying to copy many bloggers here, i guess because of lack of personality. And this guy copies so much that when he uses my own sentences, he forgets I said those to him. And then you have the guys you never see doing anything who jsut come out to support arejames stupidity. But ofcourse there are also some people who see anybody (even boko homo sympathizers) insulting me as friends. so that is about it.

  128. Martin Luther says:

    This Igbi guy is just a reflection of how your men in the DHQ think,

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Martin Luther. I respect your hustle sir.
      How do you mean, please expatiate

      • Martin Luther says:

        Always trying to make sence of everything, and defending it with all vehemence. Eg. A Gov. once made statements that BH was better armed and motivated than the NA and it was said down with his head. Well, I could not tell about the better armed; but for the better motivated, a man who believes he is dying for God is certainly moltivated. So why make complete nonsence of such a statement.

      • igbi says:

        ya, so motivated that they go into battles with drugs and human shield.

      • igbi says:

        The people i am referring to as going into battle with drugs and human shield are the boko homos.

    • igbi says:

      “your men in the DHQ”
      Does this mean you are not a Nigerian ?
      Or that you are just an other bigot ?

      • Martin Luther says:

        Sounds like your trademark signature.

      • igbi says:

        martin luter, i have no problem with you being a northerner, northerners are my brothers and friends, I was born in Kano and I love that city. When my dad was in the army he had more northern friends than southern friends, and I called them uncle. But i do have a problem with your bigotry. you are in every account a northern bigot. I hate northern bigots just as much as I hate southern bigots.

      • igbi says:

        there is still the possibility that you are not a Nigerian.

      • Martin Luther says:

        Sorry please, what is the meaning of the word bigot and how does it fit into this contest;
        how do you represent your country sounding the way you do and proclaim you love Nigeria. I am amazed you are allowed to continue on this blog with out caution for it publishers.

        it ok to be silly sometimes but it something else to be silly all the time, please be an honorable gentleman; it cost nothing.

      • Martin Luther says:

        “there is still the possibility that you are not a Nigerian”

        Better statement!!!!!

        How did it feel? You can always share your disaffection, unhappiness, distrust on anything without insulting.

        Cheer up

        Fixing your country Nigeria is in your hands and it starts here by just doing the right thing

  129. Franky says:

    This igbi of a boy lacks manner and courtesy.. “when a child talks, you can decipher his age”.

  130. igbi says:

    Marketing experts were in awe of the billions of pounds in free advertising that Osama bin Laden acquired through videos he released after the September 11 attacks in the United States. Terrorist attacks, like 9/11, 7/7 in London, and the 1972 Munich Olympics, are intended to attract the attention of the target audience with violent acts and images that “shock the conscience.” Once they have your attention, they deliver the message.

    The video that the Islamic State (formerly Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS) released last night of American journalist Steven Sotloff, coupled with the release of video of James Foley last week, did just that: it shocked the conscience and delivered a message. According to YouGov , 83 per cent of the British population heard about the Foley video, 40 per cent saw a photograph of it, and 25 per cent saw or heard a clip of it. With media across the Atlantic also blasting news of the videos of Mr Sotloff and Mr. Foley’s violent murders, the numbers are likely similar in the U.S. As such, the Islamic State attracted a wide audience in the West.

    The video’s message is clear. First, the Islamic State inflated its strength by speaking directly to President Obama and blaming him for Mr Sotloff and Mr. Foley’s deaths.

    Second, the jihadists wanted to show that any Westerner, and particularly reporter, who enters Syria or Iraq without their permission will meet the same fate as Mr. Foley (notably, some journalists have been pushing Islamic State propaganda to maintain the “trust” of their valuable jihadist contacts).

    Third, the jumpsuits forced on Mr Sotloff and Mr. Foley, which resembled what al-Qaeda in Iraq founder Abu Musa’b al-Zarqawi forced on American Nicholas Berg during his beheading in 2004, was a reminder of the Islamic State’s al-Qaeda pedigree.

    Fourth, and finally, the Islamic State knowingly chose a murderer with a British accent to remind British Muslims of where the Islamic State believes their loyalties should stand. They also threatened to behead a British hostage next, which will only amplify coverage to British Muslims.

    The Islamic State’s jihad on the Internet and airwaves is having remarkable success in attracting foreign fighters. There are now several thousand European Muslims and nearly 100 American Muslims fighting with the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. Even majority Muslim countries that take pride in their moderate Islam, such as Kosovo and Kyrgyzstan, have seen dozens of their citizens join the Islamic State and even become leaders .

    Indonesia, China, Kazakhstan and Nigeria are other countries grappling with how best to deal with jihadist propaganda and the role of the media in perpetuating it. In Nigeria, for example, three weeks after Boko Haram’s kidnapping of more than 250 Christian schoolgirls, the media time and time again broadcasted the leader’s threats to “sell” the girls as slaves . This enhanced the “marketing value” of the operation and elevated Boko Haram on an international scale, with groups like al-Shabab in Somalia for the first time praising Boko Haram. I wrote for Conservative Home last month highlighting the regional threat posed by the rise of Boko Haram and its supporters in Nigeria and West Africa.

    More recently, Channel 4 ‘s Dispatches purported to show “systematic” war crimes of Nigerian troops, but neglected to say that most clips were of anti-Boko Haram vigilantes. Where ranks were identifiable, only the two stars of a Lieutenant were visible. This suggests the images, even if true and thus unfortunate, were not the acts of an organised division or army. Moreover, like Hamas , there was little context to show how in Boko Haram’s major operations, such as their assaults on Giwa Barracks or Baga, the militants deliberately attack and retreat through civilian compounds to ensure a large number of fatalities will be innocents caught in the crossfire.

    The media must be aware that it can be a tool for publicizing the agendas of terrorists groups, even unknowingly. The UK and international media must strengthen internal due diligence and evaluate the impact of reporting Islamic extremist propaganda. In addition, all countries that are victim of terrorism and terrorism-related propaganda, whether in America, Europe, Africa or Asia, need to come together and develop a strategy to counter terrorist propaganda are recruitment on the Internet and in the mainstream media. This will ensure our enemies do not unduly benefit from the various press and other freedoms offered in civilised societies.

    Jacob Zenn is an Associate Fellow of the Henry Jackson Society and the Jamestown Foundation. He is author of ‘Exposing and Defeating Boko Haram – why the West must unite to help Nigeria defeat terrorism’ published last month by the Bow Group.

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