Nigerian troops undertake confidence-building patrols after the insurgents were cleared out of Damboa

LAGOS, Sept. 6 (Xinhua)

Nigerian troops on Saturday stormed a suspected hideout of Islamic militants in the northeastern Borno state, killing over 50 members, the military said in a statement.

On a tip-off, the Nigerian Army launched the raid on a suspected hideout of Boko Haram members in Kawuri area of the state shortly before setting out on a planned attack on Konduga. The statement added that one fabricated artillery gun, two anti-aircraft guns, an armored vehicle and assorted types of ammunition were seized in the process.

Some hardware, weapons, food items and personal belongings were also destroyed in the raid, said the military statement, noting that one officer and two soldiers were seriously wounded.

Boko Haram, which claimed responsibility for recent deadly attacks in northern Nigeria, has seized a number of towns and villages in southern Borno and near the border with Cameroon.The Nigerian forces have been raiding militant camps and launching air and ground attacks on suspected hideouts of the militants over the past three months.

Activities of the Boko Haram sect have recently been on the increase in Borno, which shares a border with Cameroon, Niger and Chad. The sect seeks to enshrine the Islamic sharia law into the constitution and declares war against Western education.


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  1. jimmy says:

    Good intelligence+Good weapons +Good soldiers= Good result.Please take good care of the soldiers,please reward the soldiers with promotion to the next rank.More importantly we do not care to see the bodies but a 7min documentary is appropriate because it shows the military in a good light.No one is going to tell your story except you do.

  2. Augustine says:

    Good job at Kawuri, thank you Nigerian army. Oga jimmy, you summed it up very well. If I may ask, it is against UN convention to show dead bodies of enemies you kill in war? Many Nigerians will like to see photos of dead Boko Haram.

    • jimmy says:

      Nothing is gained by showing dead bodies. There is one other very important reason why they are not shown and it has nothing to do with the un.convention.however the N.A.has made some exceptions.when the boko haram commander for plateau state was caught his bullet riddled body was shown. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  3. Augustine says:

    Is there another Bama town in Nigeria? I know of the one in Borno state…

    We are gonna flush these Bokos out, they will lose this war. New weapons/equipment are coming in for NAF and NA.

    Let it rain the more Baba Presido Jonathan, let the new modern armaments for our armed forces continue to rain, pour out the dollars Mr. Presido we are behind you, mataimakin shugaban kasar Sambo, chigaba !

    This is our war, this is our country.

    When the army and air force becomes better armed, there will be NO room left for excuses, Nigerians will demand excellent performance, for to whom much has been given, much will be required in return.

    CNS, COAS, CAS, all generals train your men to use these new weapons perfectly, for soon, there shall be no more excuses for failed performance, for soon, those whose performance is sub-par, will be shown how to remain on the same rank till retirement, or they will be rewarded with premature retirement.

    • Are James says:

      What is going on in the editorial rooms of most local newspapers is disgraceful.
      It is like ” boko Haram news is selling newspapers and generating hits on website..let’s go out and get some alarming boko Haram war stuff, but don’t go near the area o, we will deny you and won’t pay your family compensation. All we want you to do is get some rumours together, work the phones, do some internet searches and write something”
      In all that euphoria, Bama somehow turns up in Adamawa State and the five towns in five days captured was actually repackaging old news.

      • jimmy says:

        You remember the conversation that the NSA had with the press?. Do you also remember the conversation how we have reapeatedly told the military to embed oga beegs,this did not happen.When you pay peanuts. You get monkeys. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  4. Augustine says:

    That porous border, along Cameroon, Chad, Niger…A lesson here :

  5. ugobassey says:

    I commend our military on this one oh! well done! I wonder if our boys are rotated every given period to allow for rest, new and fresh minds as well as reduce PTS. Let the ones to haven’t seen battle be given the chance to ‘sharpen their teeth’.

    • Are James says:

      I am seriously worried about the ”locally fabricated artillery gun”.

      • beegeagle says:

        That is probably a locally fabricated mortar.

        During the Niger Delta Amnesty, one stand-alone militia in the Ilaje area of Ondo State similarly handed in a locally-made mortar alongside other weapons.

    • ozed says:

      Bitter Sweet news that!
      I would have preferred them being boxed in and destroyed, or did they leave without their heavy equipment? I get the impression the night flying equipment is not yet deployed, hence BH can still sneak out at night. We really need to fast track things here and get those night birds into the sky!

      Meanwhile this Zannah guy is beginning to get on my nerves initially i thought to give him the benefit of doubt, but the way the guy goes silent on good news and constantly highlights the bad or ‘not so good’ news gets on my nerves.

    • jimmy says:

      I really wonder whether boko haram broadcasting corporation will carry this news.On a more military note. Rekit, rearm, study the videos, study the performance,One of the most important tasks beside capturing and killing stragglers is under absolutley no circumstances should any journalists be allowed into bama. They should be warning that violation could result in them being mistaken for idiot video and they could be shot dead. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  6. saleh says:

    Good news

  7. Kay says:

    Kudos to the Army. As we begin inducting more Mi-35m, I hope for better air cover/support for the troops during battles.
    Apart from the panoply of weapons on the helicopter, 2 soldiers with HMG on both sides of the passenger window can also rain down hot lead on BH for swift depart to meet their awaiting 72 demons.

    See this EO video here raining down on rebels in SL plus machine guns on each side window.
    asd df a f:

  8. xnur44 says:

    Atlast! The F-7 is in the fight.

  9. rka says:

    Good job NA. Gwoza next and should involve 24 hours bombardment of the caves and taking out of BH ant-aircraft positions. The Mi-35Ms should have some precision ordnance as there seems to be no sign of the 4th gen fighters (my bet is still on the 6 ex-Indian SU-30s for starters).

    Use should please be made of the Mountain Warfare troops with FACs embedded with them to call in strikes when needed after the initial relentless bombardment.

    This should be our shock and awe.

    • tim says:

      Shouldn’t air force SF have men trained to call in air strikes that can be imbedded with army units?

      • Are James says:

        Na wa. You have just hidden an EXCELLENT idea inside a simple sentence.
        Using a GPS device, estimating enemy position from where you are crouching and communicating those coordinates to a pilot is something only the NAF can do well for now. Let us admit it so that we stop bombing ourselves.
        There is also laser designation devices for use with 4th generation aircraft but we are not there yet.

      • jimmy says:

        I agree with smoke flares,colored grenades this can be done.However remember no system is perfect. Blue on Blue can still occur. It does appear your prediction that Bama will be retaken this weekend will be fufiled.

      • ocelot2006 says:

        True. After all, we had officers serve as FACT during the civil war. Train a section of the NAF QRF/Air Regiment as Combat Air Controllers, equip them with the necessary communication kits and weapons, and embed the them with frontline troops or Special Operations units working behind enemy lines to call in air strikes, supply drops, MEDEVAC, etc.

      • tim says:

        No coloured smoke,I will say laser designators to increase stealth,stealth is an SF best friend…..ability to know everything without been known……smoke will give your position away…… and you will be chased down. …. air raid doesn’t always kill all the bad guys

      • Are James says:

        NAF personnel are also required for the added precaution of correcting for how wind direction and speed will affect ordnance impact zone. Can army grunts do this?… maybe not now.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga tim, firing your weapon also gives away your position, colour smoke is still in use by modern armies, aircraft without laser targeting pods will have to be given target marked by smoke. Laser guided weapons are very good and we need them today, Oga tim, we need ALL military options and tactics combined, using each one as situation demands.

    • Augustine says:

      During World War II battles of the South Pacific Islands, the American army dealt with Japanese soldiers hidden inside caves, with simple tactics.

      The US Army rolls in barrels of petrol into the cave hole and fire shots to ignite it, the enemy in the cave becomes roasted suya !

      In these modern times it can work, but we could also use Thermobaric munitions, it bursts into flames, but also sucks out the oxygen in the cave, if the enemy escapes the fire and smoke, he will die from lack of oxygen to breathe. There are Themobaric RPG warheads available in the market, talk to China or Russia, buy it cheap and plenty !

      It’s easier to defeat Boko Haram now that we know where they are, their ‘stealth’ is almost gone unless they revert back to their traditional guerrilla tactics. Our only headache is our own civilians as human shields.

    • rka says:

      FACs are not exclusively air force personnel. SF personnel from any of the services can be trained as controllers.

      The aim is the same, to take out stubborn resistance by guiding laser guided bombs on target or giving co-ordinates of a grid referenced area.

      • tim says:

        RKA am a navy type,I would prefer a navy pilot that knows my family and that I drink beer with,to run air raids for me,than someone that just see me as a camo on the ground. … our army SF needs to get more brains into them,no wonder they wash out in joint maritime selection and female ratings pass selection

      • Henry says:

        @Tim, I beg to differ. Forward air controllers should come from a joint operations command. It is important for the optimum use of limited assets and a more cohesive operation(s) between the Tri-service. Esprit de corps.

      • saleh says:

        In NA Sop, FAC are normally NAF personnel.

      • tim says:

        Henry belive me I know what am saying whenam saying when I say I wqnt to run op’s with someone I know. ….i wont go back to third mainland bridge to pick you up,but I have people that if you wake me up at 3am to just say the name and say trouble, am getting ready to move out,it isnt rocket science,it is common sense 101, and our army seems to be lacking. ……I have nothinh against the army I spent 4 years in their sec school,but this war is showing lapses…

      • rka says:

        Tim, SF personnel in the Nigerian Armed Forces shouldn’t be different from the same in other countries if trained as required..

        USA for eample have FACs in the US Marines, Navy Seals, US army etc and
        this is replicated in other countries.

        Laser designationn doesn’t necessarily require munition correction etc, afterall, army snipers do have to take into consideration wind direction, distance trajectory etc.

        FACs are trained to communicate and give grid references or light up targets for the attacking aircraft. Any well trained personnel can do it.

  10. beegeagle says:

    Indeed. The Sri Lankans used F-7s, Kfir C2s and MiG 27s during their own fight. If our F7s can deliver laser-guided munitions with a remarkable degree of precision and from a standoff range, we had better throw them into the fray.

    Thank God that the NAF now see good reason to have owned and captured heavy weaponry in BH hands, blotted out. Even in Sierra Leone,the NAF got called in to have a Shilka blotted out after it had fallen into the hands of rebel RUF and renegade RSLMF troops with whom Ukrainian mercenaries and Burkinabe troops were embedded.

    By the same token, rather than risk the capture of any more towns and villages because BH goons have ack-ack wesponry and armour, those systems should be knocked out irrespective of whether or not they were captured or stolen from the NA. When this war has been won or as it grinds on, we shall acquire even more advanced replacements.

    IMHO, that is all that there is to it, gentlemen. Those wilfully knocked out systems shall be the opportunity cost of our eventual victory. Na so e be

  11. Henry says:

    Indeed Oga beeg. I was almost wondering why NAF wasn’t taking out captured army vehicles from boko-haram, unlike our RUF days in sierra-leone.

    Although there are no casualty figures in BAMA, a retired general disclosed up to 1500 terrorists might have been killed.

    For our COIN to be successful, ISR capabilities need to be ramped up. The French didn’t just go bombing willy nilly in mali. They had stalked the enemy for weeks, even before the french army began operation serval.

    It proved very decisive in the eventual successes the french had in the conflict.

  12. ocelot2006 says:

    Kudos to the military. Seems our F7 pilots are now flying ground attack sorties (ground pounders). Good one.

  13. Deltaman says:

    Gents, I am not a military man, but I can read maps! looks like MDG is slowly being encircled! maps on NGCoin show BH intent to control routes from SW into MDG i.e A3 & A4. By taking Bara, Buni Yada & Goniri, Potiskum, Damaturu to the north along A3 are threatened, Biu & Damboa to the south are threatened. More importantly, routes for reinforcements for MDG are at risk. Not happy, as we keep hearing of towns falling! this is effectively a conventional conflict which NA should be able to deal with. Ogas Beegs & Peccavi, your take please. An again please no abuse from ‘Patriots’. I’d like some constructive analysis from fellow bloggers. Merci.

    • Augustine says:

      NAF spy aircraft should be one part of the answer Oga Deltaman, The Diamond and Cessna aircraft should ‘stealthily’ spy and patrol that area and see any enemy movements. Second part is Nigerian army spies in civilian clothes should drive some ugly unmarked vehicles and Okada motorcyles around the Maiduguri area, entrances, exits, suburbs etc to do secret reconnaissance….should be an easy job with a lot of SSS guys involved.

      The whole North eastern Nigeria should be swarming with SSS, DMI, and NPF informants on ground throughout this war.

      • Deltaman says:

        Still worrying, MDG falling will be a huge blow! wish we had better info from DHQ .. hard to believe that air assets can’t be deployed to deny BH movement across Borno. wishing our boys well, the country needs some good news.

    • igbi says:

      The question which you are not asking is : isthe information on NGCoin accurate ?
      And the answer to that question is: No !
      On that perspective, the analysis you are looking for is short lived.

      • Deltaman says:

        Mr Igbi, I’d really prefer you restrain yourself please… things are serious in our country, we can’t discount every bit of information just because we don’t like it. If we give the maps benefit of the doubt, the picture as illustrated is not great! We are at war, meaning that the first casualty is the truth! I am angry at the state of affairs and rather get a rounded picture than delude ourselves.

      • igbi says:

        Mr Deltaman, you can not work on inaccurate information, but if inaccuracy doesn’t border you then go on. And by inaccuracy I mean lies, reporting towns and villages as fallen while they stand higher than ever. That is all i have to tell you, so I hope you get an analysis which magically turns the incorrect data of the blog “nigeriancoin” into how to take back towns which never fell. But take care any way, I’m taking a break.

      • ocelot2006 says:

        I guess we just have to swallow everything the FG and DHQ says hook line and sinker, abi Mr igbi? Why don’t we just Bury our heads in the sand?

      • igbi says:

        Well Mr ocelot, we are at war and yes we do need to believe what our DHQ tells us, just like every other country does while fighting a war on its soil. Stop seeing the DHQ as “some guys”, we are just one team. I also wonder why you would like to put the words of your brothers protecting you and giving you accurate info to keep you safe, with the words of people who keep quoting boko haram and calling them annonymous soldiers, people whose aim is only to humiliate Nigeria and couldn’t care less about the lives of Nigerians. We are at war on our DHQ is doing its duty, it is our duty to tune down every voice going against our DHQ.

      • igbi says:

        Mr ocelot, if there were any such attacks in america or any other western democracy, their media would tune down any voice contradicting their DHQ, just check their history, that is what they do, that is what everybody does. You have to chose who to listen to, and the only wise choice is your DHQ.

      • igbi says:

        “We are at war and our DHQ is performing its duty.

      • igbi says:

        sorry for the typing mistakes, I am exhausted.

    • Are James says:

      Someone on Nairaland posted a self taken picture of newly refurbished Charlie C130 loading troops at Abuja for Maiduguri, he also mentioned loads of equipment he could not personally identify. This could be normal rotation or something big is about to go down soon.

  14. Augustine says:

    Oga Henry on point ! That was why both NAF Beechcraft 350ER ISTAR aircraft and ATR-42 Surveyour ISR aircraft were both fully involved in this successful operations. This is the modern day power of long range air to ground search radar and FLIR infra red that tracks human and vehicular movement on the battlefields for airborne pilots to communicate with the army on ground about enemy positions.

    To my Ogas on target designation, I don’t know if Nigeria’s NAF, NA and NN have any ground laser target designator or airborne laser targeting pods in the whole of Nigerian military arsenal, we need them for modern warfare today.

    NAF inserting it’s own SF among the army to help communicate, good idea but troublesome omen, it means we want to have an army that cannot communicate effectively with the air force. Let us train both of them to understand each other and communicate seamlessly, that is the standard in military circles since 1940 World War II till tomorrow.

    However in the meantime while we train them, Oga tim, your excellent idea has my 100% support, it will urgently save us from accidental friendly fires for now. However, the NAF SF men too have to be trained to do it, so maybe NAF should use reserve combat pilots who know how a pilot needs to be informed in battle space in the way only pilots can understand and interpret before attacking.

    Also, for simple army boys on ground, NAF and NA should have agreed smoke codes. For example an army platoon sergeant sees Boko Haram anti-aircraft gun truck location, he pops red smoke and leaves area. NAF Pilot know there is big threat enemy AAA gun truck to be rocketed out.

    Sergeant pops yellow smoke, and leaves area, pilot knows Boko Armoured vehicle is in that location…fly and kill it.

    Army sergeant pops 3 white smokes along a line, with extra one behind it means Nigerian soldiers are behind the 1 single white smoke, the other side behind the 3 white smoke lines is all Boko boys….NAF Alpha and Mi-35 go kill them….bombs and rockets…..then follow up with cannon fire !

    You first hear rocket swooooosh….then bomb….booooom….finally cannon….ratatatatatataaa ! Enjoy eternity in Hell Fire Boko Haram !

    • chynedoo says:

      That ‘ratatatatatataaa!’ and ‘boooom boooom’ should be the music NA and NAF must for these deluded BH people to quicken their journey to a shocking discovery on the ‘road to perdition’ that unfortunately there will be no reception from 70 Virgins anywhere other than of course eternal damnation.
      More grease to the elbow of Nigerian troops.
      Why is there no system in the Nigerian military of recognising soldiers who show outstanding qualities and bravery in the line of duty. Promotions as always are one good way but military medals and awards systems not only show the eternal gratitude of the country but works as a morale booster for soldiers. We need our own version of Medal of Honor and Victoria Cross in the military.

      My ogas, what are your views on this?

  15. Oje says:

    It seems to be this is the very first time Nigeria is declaring full scale war on Boko Haram and mobilising fully for war. All we’ve been doing ever since is police action and law enforcement. Gentlemen now the National Assemble and Senate has approved Jonathan s request for declaring of total war. This country makes $400 million a day selling crude, lets go to war. The Civil Defense Corp is being activated nation wide. I hear more Helicopters are coming In one gull swipe Nigeria has the largest, most advanced Helicopter Gunships in Africa. Boko Haram, since you want war you will get war. .

    • ocelot2006 says:

      Correction, Nigeria does not have the most advance helicopter in Africa. The Egyptians own a number of AH-64 Apaches, and the South African Denel Rooivalk is equally there. The Mi35M is pretty impressive. Battle hardened? Yes. Most Sophisticated? No.

      • igbi says:

        I wouldn’t compare the Rooivalk to the MI35M, no contest MI35M all the way. As for the apache, i need more info on it.

  16. Kay says:

    RAF Tornado’s also deployed over Nigeria, mostly for ISTAR roles.
    Operating from N’Djamena, Chad.

    • Are James says:

      Our modest F7NI does good ISR as well a lot of us don’t even remember that.

      • Augustine says:

        NAF F-7NI jets as ISR ? Sir, I did not see any source or sign that we bought them with FLIR or Recce pods. It also flies too fast and it’s jet engine noise gives away it’s presence.

    • Augustine says:

      NAF should be okay with our ISTAR assets, I don’t like to see British combat jets in Naija airspace unless they are totally unarmed and remain purely GR4 Tornado. Our boys are dying in battle like gallant men, they want to use ISTAR to share our glory when victory comes abi?

  17. gbash10 says:

    This is good news,well done to our men in combat,for the NAF,nice to know that the flying-coffin too is being used to bomb BH ass to HELL!

  18. igbi says:

    It seems that that Australian guy was never contacted by the federal government, there are pictures of him posing with boko homos. Something looks verry wrong with that guy. Could we be dealing with an a boko homos arms dealer ? Or one of their foreign backers ? One of those people who are preying on nigeria’s wealth ?

  19. keviadano says:

    I agree this is actually the first time the army is declaring total war and employing all options … All this while they have been doing “counter insurgency operations” This is good news.
    this war would eventually be won and it has revealed how vonurable we were as a country in the past years.
    It Will be a turning point for the armed forces maybe security as a whole

  20. Buchi says:

    Choi oga augustine u mean ohhhh lol.finally some premptive action for once.right now the grids shuld be looked up for auxilary clearance while we await the big one…….and i would love to know that the f-7 is using laser guided missles systems..but for now I doubt.btw since naija loves her alfa jet y dnt we go for the last upgradeD version with FLIR CAPABILITY
    Just a suggestion

    • AreJames says:

      If it is true that our F7NI is an equivalent of Bangladeshi F7bgi then we should have laser guided missile delivery capabilities or we can have them via minor modifications. The latest upgrades to 4 Alpha Jets done abroad must have given then FLIR capabilities. (This needs confirmation).

  21. beegeagle says:

    About time they stepped things up by one notch. Some still strangely continue to speak of IS OPERATIONS. It is not. These are advanced COIN operations and with the move by BH towards taking territory and their declaration of a Calphate, it is starting to look like a civil war on the cards. We need to define the challenge appropriately.

    The sooner we move away from that IS OPERATIONS, which makes it appear like an effort to aid the cops in a Tiv-Jukun crisis, the better for our strategic vision.

    • asorockweb says:

      Oga Beegs,

      I agree with you on the “war” terminology. But I disagree with the “civil” prefix.

      Nigeria is being assaulted from the inside by a murderous, determined and highly motivated band of outlaws. The US equivalent would be if the KKK suddenly decides to take up arms and start taking territory.

      Civil wars are fought on the behalf of people; as far as we know, BH doesn’t have the support of a sizable, contiguous part of Nigeria.

  22. ugobassey says:

    @ Are James
    If BH is fabricating arms it means they not getting nearly as much supplies as before …which sounds like good news? that might explain their desperate attempt to seize the Bama military barracks.

    • AreJames says:

      Good deduction. Also means Cameroon, Chad and Niger have become bad conduit routes for them. With more choppers deployed I think we should get creative with how much and what we put in the armouries within FOBs and what we should ferry in when battle starts.
      Remembering that the first place then the BH goons went for at Gwoza was the AK47 store.

  23. Buchi says:

    My ogas pls pardon me for derailing but I find this pretty amusing

  24. beegeagle says:

    I just got off a telephone interview with a global broadcaster. We have offered our analysis and understanding of the operations and strategic objectives which underpin the southward advance into Madagali this weekend and offered our perspectives on the fighting which took place at Bama.

  25. Henry says:

    Tim, I understand your area of concern. Esprit de corps is a lot tighter in squads sizes than platoon, and so on and so forth as sizes progress, and it’s much looser or non-existent across services. I get that.

    Even though I’m more favourably inclined to the navy than the other services, we all have to take into account that whatever failings the army has, neither the navy or the airforce can be absolved of responsibility, it is a collective effort. They all serve in the N.E. SBS,QRF, and their individual ratings all serve also in the same theatre.

    As regards this FAC thing, I stand by my point, personnel should be trained and deployed from a joint operations command. There is no point duplicating responsibility, when assets are shared across the Tri-service. It allows for maximum use of assets.

  26. Augustine says:

    NAF, where are these your flying beasts of 130 different weapons configurations?

  27. Russellinfinity says:

    While kudos should be given to the air force, let us not forget the NA artillery units on the ground. Salvos from NA Palmaria SP artillery and Bofors FH77 inflicted great damage to the terrs. Their precision was enhanced by NAF ISR aircraft relaying coordinates to ground units.

    While we celebrate, I want to thank the dare devils of the joint special operations command and NAF pilots and weapons system officers that disabled scores of Bh technicals.

    • Are James says:

      Why do I get the impression you have more inside info.?

    • asorockweb says:

      Oga RusselInfinity,

      Much respect for giving credit where credit is due.

      If the Palmarias are in action, then the NA finally means business.

    • asorockweb says:

      Oga infinity,

      From what you are describing, and including other fragments of information in the public domain, it seems that the BH numbers must have been in the thousands.

      The NA troop disposition prior to Gowza being taken, where designed to deal with assault by dozens of men. The significant locations like Ngala and Bama were designed to deal with assault by a few hundred men.

      If BH is now attacking in the thousands, NA must have been on unprepared for that, at least initially.

    • Henry says:

      Oga russel, amazing news. I’m particularly elated by the role NAF ISR planes played in this operation. This was were my advocacy was centred a few hours ago.

      NAF should get at-least 6 additional ISR assets, it is imperative.

    • jimmy says:

      Wow there is some envy on my part.However and I say this with every fibre in my being. I am truly convinced if the Naf can repeat this relentless. Target bombing combined with sop and arty strikes the results are going to be crystal clear. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  28. beegeagle says:

    Aaaahh…that is nice. In terms of asset holdings, destructive power and precision, NA gunners have always proven themselves in battle.

    On this blog, I have excerpts from Colonel Eeben Barlow’s book about coordination in Sierra Leone between an EO spotter plane and NA artillerymen. He spoke glowingly of the Nigerian gunners.

    • Augustine says:

      The real back bone of Nigerian army is the artillery corp, best gunners in Africa.
      Only the fact that we have civilians mixed with Bokos has restrained our artillery from full scale combat use. How I wish we can separate the chaff from the wheat and burn the garbage !

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Beegeagle sure you know what will happen in 24 hours if this war becomes a combat of clearly defined and and visible belligerents….ah ! Artillery corp Kaduna, Kachia near my house, those Kaje, Jaba, Kataf and dan Gwari soja boys ! Dan Allah ina za ka ?

      • Manny Aydel says:

        Oga Augustine…And nobody, certainly not the foreign press or human rights groups, are commending our armed forces for strictly respecting the principle of ‘distinction,’ (between combatants and non-combatants as enshrined in the Geneva Conventions or International Humanitarian Law, others being ‘proportionality,’ ‘limitation’ and ‘military necessity’) in the recent combat operations. If there is one mistake (which can certainly happen in an engagement of this magnitude), they will go to town to denigrate the military. Keep up the good job boys. Victoria ascerta!

  29. Bigbrovar says:

    The strategy it seems is to give Bama the same treatment Russia gave to Grozny.. Bomb the bastards into submission.. From all indication and information one thing is constant. (Remember how it was said that troops were ordered to pull out of Bama just before the sky started to fall) Intense air strike.. This signals a major shift in strategy. It would align with the recent declaration of all out war against BH.. The gloves seem to be off and MOD would rather not send men where it can reach with a bomb.. soften the targets before sending in troops to clear out. If this strategy works out then we can see Gwoza and other held areas receieve the same treatment.

    • Obix says:

      @Oga Bigbrova, abeg oooo we don’t need the Grozny treatment. If we do, then there will be few buildings left standing in Bama and that will give the BH more sympathizers.The Ruskies don’t have the term ‘collateral damage’ in their vocabulary. The strikes by our troops should be as precise as possible. I’m glad Oga Russellinfinity’s report points to that.

  30. Russellinfinity says:

    @ sir Are James
    Lol. I wouldn’t call it inside info. The challenge here is that the fog of war is thick…thickened by the decision of the military to hoard vital sweetening and morally up lifting info from the public. This has given enemies of the state and mischief makers a field day with lies and mis information. It’s really sad.

    Most times what is reported is far from what it is but for some few trusted media outlets. Things are bad and sometimes awful but the reality on ground is different.

    Sir Beeg: Russellinfinity reporting for duty sir

    • beegeagle says:

      🙂 Russ the excellent. Carry on smartly, my brother.

    • jimmy says:

      My sincere hope is that the Naf,Na,dss and sf coordinate their activites with the view of using valuable intel from the emir of gwoza,the sheu of bornu to gather valuable intel on the command and structure of where the enemy lies its head in Gwoza. The f.g. can not let up.When the scale of this defeat begins to dawn on some people,look for the peacemakers to come out,look for the human rights activist to come out of the closet, and deals to the immediate release of the chibok girls.This momentum must be sustained and now that the peace deal between russia and ukraine is over, we needour birds T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  31. beegeagle says:



    By 15 November(1996)..the attack commenced with a three-day intermittent artillery bombardment. Circling the area in the Cessna, the FOO called for the first 105mm shell to be fired into the RUF base. He needed a reference point to enable accurate fire adjustments to be made.

    The first 105mm shell served as more than a ‘sighter’. It landed on a large sand model of Sierra Leone, killing the entire RUF High Command who were sitting around the model, discussing the next phase of their terror campaign. Noting the impact zone, the order was relayed to Neels to ‘fire for effect’ and the Nigerian artillery commenced its bombardment. For three days the rebels were pinned down by accurate artillery fire.

    Those trying to escape ran into our men in their stopper-group positions and were either cut down or surrendered. Over the coming days, hundreds of RUF members were killed or taken prisoner. Many more demoralised and wounded rebels surrendered to the SLA in Kenema and Bo.



    In broad operational terms, the plan was to use 70 EO men supported by SLA infantry units and elements of the Nigerian Artillery and Air Force. By January was time to visit the Kangari Hills..The Nigerian BM-21s were deployed and barrels laid. At Lungi, two Nigerian Alpha jets armed with rockets and bombs were placed on standby to await their strike orders.

    When H-Hour arrived, the attack began with a long-range rocket bombardment mounted by the Nigerian BM-21s. Adjustments to their strike were done by Renier who was circling the strike area in the Cessna.

    Shortly afterwards, the Alpha jets swooped over the area and released their bombs. Watching from above, Renier was perplexed to see that none of the bombs exploded, although they seemed to be on target.

    The BM-21 strike was on target however and the RUF were unable to defend themselves from the chaos created by the rockets.

    • Augustine says:

      Ah, Naija the artillery masters, Giant Of Africa ! Dide soke, Awake 2014 ! Shake off the dust and fly like the big eagle you are, pounce on your enemies, claws to the throat, beak into the eyes…tear up Boko Haram, eat up Boko Haram !

  32. beegeagle says:

    PART II reads like a template for Gwoza. Those highland strongholds need to be saturated by MRLs. Wondering if there are Chinese-made MRLs of lighter calibre. The Type 63 107mm MRL is the most widely known. Behind those, we have various 122mm and 130mm MRLs. We should find out about that from NORINCO and POLY TECHNOLOGIES.

    We need to think reduced collateral damage because there are villages dotted across the entire span of the Mandara Mountains. 60mm mortars and 57mm AA artillery, 35-40mm AGLs, 75mm RCLs would be great for siege warfare against entrenched BH positions.

    We have SBAT-70 MRLs of the 70mm calibre which are made in Brazil. We can test those on BH now. In Naija lingo, “the earlier, the better..”

    • Bharat says:

      G-G107mm Rockets by China is available, apart from 122, 224/207, 300 mm
      A-G 70mm and another caliber ( I forget the exact) is available.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Bahart, truly Nigeria needs to renew her Mobile Rocket Launcher System capabilities, our BM-21 Grads are old, sources say we have both APR-21 and APR-40 also, good if we buy newer systems or just upgrade all the old ones to 45km rocket artillery range and add modern targeting systems

        I agree with you China is a good source for cheap and very good MRLS.

        Ah ! China, one day we still start marrying Chinese ladies, na me go lead that game plan.

        Our Nigerian Howitzers guns are born master killers of this planet, Bofors FH-77B like our Indian friends, and Palmaria SPHA….the Nigerian army is a master-blaster artillery bombardier !

        I beg the Nigerian government to talk to India about upgrading all Nigerian army Bofors FH-77 Artillery guns to 52 calibre and the Indian’s are the best source for this, your army has achieved 41km range with their upgraded Bofors artillery guns.

        No country in Africa will survive an artillery fire exchange with Nigeria except Egypt.

        Today, Nigerian artillery will kill Boko Haram and you won’t even find their dead body to bury, but let us prepare for tomorrow in case we have to kill a fire breathing Dragon !

      • AreJames says:

        I don’t think we load up enough on the ammo (rockets) for MLRS s plus We should have used them at Sambisa with cluster munitions.

  33. beegeagle says:

    General Bharat…how are you today, bro? Yeah, I was actually intent on unlikely 57mm MRLs…hehe.

    Tell me, how are you guys in India coping with the multi-pronged insurgencies in the seven distant states of the Northeast? I like the way Kashmir was stabilized albeit with the usual noises by Western ramblers about abuses and disappearances. Kashmir is much, much quieter is what I know though and it presents a usable template.

    How many insurgencies are full-blown or festering in India as of today?

    • Bharat says:

      I am fine General. Good to hear that legitimate voices on Nigeria’s DefSec are being heard by world media. Would do a host of good about bringing out the true picture.
      57mm rocket artillery? I think only UK had that caliber. But, 70mm G-G is available from South Korea. (Don’t know if Chinese equivalent exists)


      Also, a good article on the 70mm rocket was named ” teaching old dog new tricks”. I will link that up here, if I find that. ( I have a bad habit of forgetting to bookmarking good articles)
      But, lower caliber rocket artillery should be used in direct fire mode, for better effect. In difect fire also, it should be used in saturation attack.
      For direct fire low caliber weapon, I would prefer Bofors l-40/60 or L-40/70, beast thay are. Also Bofors 57mm can be tried out.
      L-40/60 are always used against Paki posts when LOC heats up, they have good effect on them.
      Take a look at the video.

      Also, nothing beats tube artillery in precession. 105 mm and 155mm artillery that you have should also be used.
      I will write about situation of Indian insurgency in my next post as this one is getting a bit longer.

      • Bharat says:

        L-40/70 in Indian Post along LoC
        Credit Kunal Biswas from DFI

      • beegeagle says:

        Thanks for that riposte, Bharat. I await your precis on Indian counterinsurgency operations.

        Nigeria and India have a lot of systems common to their arsenals – Jags, 122mm MRLs, Russian 122mm and 130mm arty, Bofors 155mm arty, Vickers tanks. In terms of upgrades on these, what can Nigeria learn from India?

  34. beegeagle says:

    No, Rugged7, it was not the BBC. Those ones have beef with me as we have exposed all their intrigues and posturing. Na bad belle dey worry dem. I know they want to speak with us but are not sure if I would turn down their offer. Given their monumental egos, a rebuff would leave them feeling gutted. That is why they are feigning ignorance. I have BBC people as subscribers here, so it is not like they do not know how to reach us. Dem com..dem nor com o, the sun will continue to shine.

    Fact is, I don’t hate them but rather know them too well to allow them sell anyone a dummy as it pertains to Nigeria.

    The people who I spoke to are decent and modest in their ways. They expressed pleasant surprise at the absolute flurry going on here.

  35. Augustine says:

    Yes Oga Beegeagle ! If not that we worry about our innocent civilians in collateral damage, NA artillery would have be working overtime on the head of these Bokos. The Israelis did not bother using artillery on Hamas last month because Gaza is not inhabited by Israelis. It’s so painful to turn your howitzers on your own people. Well I hear civilians fled Gwoza, let them flee o ! When Nigerian army gets angry…..M56 105mm Yugolsav made artillery has 18km+ range. Make every man warn him own pikins !

  36. Oje says:

    I have never seen a Nigerian BMR MLR before, heck i have not seen any Nigerian warplane firing rockets before much less missiles. For those calling for Nigeria to use laser guided bombs, where are we going to get them from? I stand to be corrected but only 5 countries builds these systems. We do not need those heavy weapons on our nimble light warplanes, too much confusion.

    Between 1992 to 1999 Nigeria spent over $20 billion on peace keeping operations in West Africa, this was inline with our then robust foreign policy, the West was puzzled that a military dictator will intervene and spend billions of dollars prosecuting a war to dislodge the Rebels and restore democracy to these countries even though we were not democratic then. Today we are battling Islamic insurgency that is international in scope all alone, the experience we gather from these tumulus times will be invaluable and trust me when this is over the Nigerian armed forces will be the masters of counter insurgency in Africa, much like the Americans in the Pacific theater mastered the art of Carrier Warfare and anti submarine operations, these experience gathered is what makes the U.S Navy the undisputed Naval power in the seven seas.

    After destroying Boko Haram our next target should be Cameroon. I dont know what Obasanjo was thinking handing them oil rich Bakasi. Our respect for international laws have been mistaken for weakness, this same Cameroon knowingly and deliberately opened the flood gates of their Dam to flow into Nigeria, destroying whole villages amd bringing with it crocodiles and snakes. Our military forces should pierce into the heart of Cameroon, using airborne paratroopers to secure strategic infrastructure like bridges, electricity grids, ports, airports etc. No doubt there will be a global outcry but we can always use Boko Haram insurgents hiding in Cameroon as an excuse. No doubt France will be the first to react but besides verbal condemnation there is nothing they can do for at least a week or two, by then our objectives will be complete. People take you serious when you act serious, think Israel and Russia and you get what i mean.

    • Are James says:

      I would not go so far as to invade Cameroon. However a 200 combat jet air force, 1000 armoured vehicle army and 80 vessel blue water navy will say things loud enough.

      • Augustine says:

        Military deterrent Oga Are James, I agree. If Russia was like Serbia, NATO would have flushed them down the toilet in Ukraine without asking for talks and blah blah blah !

      • Augustine says:

        I won’t mind adding 4 Nuclear missiles to keep the wild westerners oyinbo ‘under control’.

    • dnigerian says:

      Oje, I share in your quest for a stinger on Cameroon, they are fast becoming a pain in the ass, I will suggest arming the boys agitating for self rule in Southern Cameroon, arm them, train them and send them after Biya, he will run cap in hand back to Nigeria begging for help, which he will get but with conditions.

  37. Oje says:

    No. If Jonathan wants to win the 2015 elections we need to defeat Boko Haram before December and invade Cameroon before January. This wont be about toppling their government like we did in SE and Liberia but rather holding enough strategic assets including air sea and land. Of course this wont be an occupation, just stir the waters enough to remind them who they have a NEIGHBOR and remind them they remain in our sphere of influence, pf course we will pull out our troops after much diplomatic shenanigans by by then our message would have rammed home in the psyche of the Cameroonian government.. The Americans have a doctrine they call ”full spectrum dominance”’ that is remaining pre eminent on land, sea, and, Space, economy and diplomacy. That is what the Nigerian government should adopt : Economic, military, politically and culturally. We are no where near that yet, this is why it will always be easy for the French to continue to pray for a Nigerian breakup,.. they haven’t given up on those since Biafra.

  38. Oje says:

    Bharat, are you from India?

  39. Oje says:

    Augustine,.. if Russia was as tough as he claims he wont be proposing a cease fire just days after NATO decides to hold military exercises in Western Ukraine. Can the Russians replicate this in Mexico, Canada or even Cuba? Putin might be many things but foolish he is not. You cannot fight the military of a coalition of the richest countries on earth. American power is unbelievable far reaching. They deter China from making stupid territorial military adventurism, they are in Iraq bombing ISIS, they are preparing for a mother of all RIMPAC Naval exercise and now they are spear heading NATO’s plan to create a Rapid Response Force to respond to conflicts and threats world wide. This is American dominance at its best. New World Order.

    • asorockweb says:

      Please don’t exaggerate the outcome of the NATO meeting.

      No NATO country will fight in the Ukraine – the leaders of the west are not stupid neither are the electorate. How will the west justify sending their young men and women to fight in a Russian-speaking part of eastern Europe? It’s illogical.

    • ocelot2006 says:

      Oh please!! The Russians called for a ceasefire at the very same period the Pro-Russian rebels were on the offensive, with the Ukrainian military routed and almost encircled. Prior to that, even President Putin told the EU President that Ukraine will fall in 2 weeks if Russia got directly involved. The call certainly was not made out of weakness. And what has NATO done in response to the seizure of Crimea and the war in South Eastern Ukraine, xcept send STRONGLY worded messages and the careful imposition of sanctions? Nothing. The fact that there’s even a coalition of nations (NATO) against Russia says a lot about the strength of the later.

  40. Oje says:

    Bharat, whats with the nuclear brinkmanship between India and Pakistan?

    • Bharat says:

      Nuclear Brinkmanship? No just posturing. Be sure neither Pakistan nor India is brave enough to use it. Even during Kargil war, both country had nukes.
      And Kargil war is a classical example of limited conflict under nuclear overhang.

  41. Oje says:

    Oga Bharat, whats the point in spending billions on nuclear missiles you will never use. Pakistan should never have been allowed nukes, if terrorist will ever get enough uranium,plutonium or even nuclear no how believe me it will be from Pakistan. Nuking Pakistan is like Nuking yourselves, the radioactive fall out will spread all over india, whats the point? CHINA is your enemy, China is the country that defeated your army and claimed hundreds of kilometers of Indian territory..India and Pakistan are one country…or ”was” rather.

    • Bharat says:

      China is following USA and India is following China and Pakistan is following India. A chain reaction.
      Our Nukes are a insurance against Chinese misadventure and Pakistani Nukes against India. Similarly China w.r.t USA.
      See, it’s true that USA closed it’s eye to Pakistani nuclear program because she was a important ally of USA against USSR in Afghanistan.
      And even if any terrorist lays his hands on nukes, he can’t use it without technical knowhow. So, that threat is very less.

      Yes, nuking neighboring country is similar to self destruction. And further, nearly all rivers of Pakistan flows from India.

  42. Oje says:

    lol this guy, India cannot afford to have China and Pakistani as an enemy, you know i am right. Where did India get it wrong? India was the pride of the British Empire with a culture as old and sophisticated as the Chinese, your health infrastructure is excellent, your doctors are world class, your software engineers rivals those of the United States and you speak ENGLISH (China does not that this advantage), how is it China has sooo left India behind in scope and scale. Too many people are poor in India, you realise living standards in Nigeria is far greater than those in India and Nigeria is among the top 20 poorest countries in the world. Global power play can be an expensive venture, rather than buy billions of dollars worth of Russian submarines, warships etc investing in the people will be in the best interest of India. China have done this, 30 years ago 60 million Chinese lived in Caves,…..

    • Bharat says:

      Did you “afford” to have “Boko Haram” doing what it is doing in your NE? Or did Biafra civil war happened because you could “afford” it. No my friend, you don’t ‘afford’ them, neither you ‘choose’ your enemies. You just ‘make’ them your enemies, (with or without your fault). Though I don’t use the term ‘enemies’, no harm in using that for simplification.
      Read history of Tibet and about McMohan line as a starting point to know how India and China didn’t become friends.
      And drawing a parallel between Nigeria and India. I have seen commentators here complain that gradual negligence towards the army has brought it down to position that it is today. Also, fear of Coup was a factor along with no potential enemy in the region. Do you think, it is unique to Nigeria?
      How do you define reducing the 2.5 million strong Indian army to nearly a fourth after WW=2 when India got Independence? How do you explain in 1962 India-China war Indian soldiers had no warm clothing and used ww2 era Lee-Enfield single shot, bolt action rifles and very few MG while Chinese army fresh from Korean war experience had AK-47 and all other goodies which is essential for winter warfare?
      Our Prime Minister Nehru didn’t even envision, that India would have adversaries, let alone war. So, a strong military was never on his priorities.
      And coming to Pakistan, who do you think introduced the first submarine in the region? not India and similarly advanced fighter jets. Pakistan was a member of SEATO from 1955, through which she received not just military equipment from USA but money to maintain 2-3 divisions of army, equipped with NATO standard equipment.
      First thing you should do is to search for spread of communism in 1950’s to know the dynamics of the region during that time.

      Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean China, India and Pakistan are thirsty for each other’s blood. It’s geo politics at play and we are happy to play along. I wouldn’t bore you with any more of history lessons here. But, you must be aware of the proverb, ‘good fences makes good neighbors’ and for nation states, it’s their military that acts like fences to provide a calm environment within which can trigger growth and prosperity.

      And to your question of where did India go wrong, it at all she went wrong, will be covered in my next post.


  43. asorockweb says:

    BH is seeking more towns to wreck. The troops in Adamawa should be relatively refresh.

  44. beegeagle says:

    Good news from MUBI. The NA have plans to make that town a permanent garrison. For now, a Special Operations Battalion created during this conflict is stationed there. Mubi is a very important crossroads town situated in the Mandara Mts belt. It is the second largest town in Adamawa, a major centre of learning which hosts the Adamawa State University and a Federal Polytechnic.

    Strategically, Mubilies in the all-important Mandara Mts border precincts near Cameroon where Kerawa, Michika, Gwoza and Madagali all lie. This used to be the colonial era British Northern Cameroons which was administered in association with Northern Nigeria between 1918 when the territory was prised away from the defeated Germans until the 1961 Plebiscite when they voted to join Nigeria. The area possibly has a slight Christian majority population

    Mubi plays host to the biggest cattle market in West Africa and is a major kolanut distribution centre where traders from Cameroon, Chad, Niger, the CAR and Sudan converge to do business.

    Given the topography of the area, whatever works in the defence of Gwoza will work here. Hopefully, the NA have mortar, machine gun and artillery posts in the highlands around Mubi so that BH get bludgeoned each time that they make a move on this strategically important town.

  45. AreJames says:

    The Nigerian Army apparently has 350 pieces of this ZSU-23-4 cousin. The ZU 23 2 has a 2.5 Km range to take out anything coming at it. It can be mounted at elevated positions. I believe there is must be a plan afoot to mount the gun on trucks as a response to Dshks which are kid stuff in comparison…otherwise 350 is a pretty high number.

  46. beegeagle says:

    TYPE 59/S60 57mm AUTOCANNON

    We could also do any of the following – acquire surplus units of the S60 57mm autocannon given its ideal calibre for COIN operations and sieges on strongholds from Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary or the Czech Republic which would not cost us more than US$5 million or get NEW units of same (known as the Type 59) from China.

    It is all about consideration for minimal collateral damage. Excellent for raining down on advancing enemy columns from high ground.

    A country such as SUDAN has license-built hundreds of Chinese Type 59 57mm autocannons and Type 63 107mm towed MRLs. This makes it possible for them to harass massed columns of rebels and their technicals.

    • Are James says:

      This could be a better option. Syrian rebels are shown on YouTube using the decoupled versions they captured enthusiastically… albeit noisily.
      That price is for a batch? or single? The shells are like $2000.00 apiece.

    • Bharat says:

      Yes, General Beegeagle. This should be the one to look at. Mounted on flatbed trucks can provide accurate but devastating fire. This coupled with ZSU-23-2 Ack-Ack mounted on LSV with be a good combo. Heard from a member that you have 350 ZSU derivatives. Upgrade the above and ZSU’s with IR and NV gadgets, which are commercially available and they will be fit for night attack also.
      If you can hook up Fire Detection radar with them, even better.

  47. beegeagle says:

    Yes. Some of these ex-WARPAC armies are discarding functional units as they move towards standardisation with NATO armies. You can get a T55 for US$200K these days.

    Shorn of sharp practice, a single-barreled 57mm cannon system which would otherwise end up in the scrapyard or in the smelter should not cost more than 80-100K USD.

  48. Bharat says:

    “Ah ! China, one day we still start marrying Chinese ladies, na me go lead that game plan. ”

    @Oga Augustine, Not a bad idea, I say. 😉

  49. AreJames says:

    Defence web also lists Nigeria as buying the RASIT radar but listed it wrongly under air defence radar. Does anybody have info on this?.

    • saleh says:

      Yes the NA has rasit radar, it has the capability of air, vehicular and personnel surveillance.

      • AreJames says:

        So Boko Haram should not have been springing surprises. Maybe have been waiting to do the project management of mounting them at FOBs or using them with the Pirahna armoured vehicles but ground surveillance radar of that range is required now.

    • asorockweb says:

      In the right terrain (relatively flat, far from cities), these radars could be useful.

      But in areas filled with vegetation, human traffic, hills and valleys, you can imagine the operator going nuts with false positives.

      Imagine trying to use this radar to protect Mubi, what do you do for each false positive?

      • Are James says:

        This false positives thing is purely a data processing problem. If my system has good detection, distinguishing between the profile of an assault team and a group of hunters setting traps for a gazelle in the brush should not be a problem. You don’t even need a powerful computer and in any case false positives actually keep sentries at alert.
        The effectiveness of ground surveillance radar can be improved by good location, mounting and trying always to put yourself in the place of a trained assault team.

      • asorockweb says:

        Like I said, it has to do with location.

        A convoy of vehicles is a convoy of vehicles. No radar can tell you if the convoy is regular traffic or BH. Convoy of vehicles are always entering and leaving cities. And if the topography is wrong, a lookout will give you more useful information than a ground surveillance radar.

        Now, apply the same radar in flat barren land, and it’s effectiveness is massively increased. Also, if perched on a mountain top, it maybe able to warn against an impending ground invasion.

  50. Bharat says:

    A good article on Hydra 70mm rocket

    ” Hydra 70 Rocket – Teaching an old dog new tricks ”

  51. chucks says:

    The Beeg one, much respect sir. To all bloggers, I prostrate fully.

    Talking about weapons and rifles as it concerns our present coin operations,my question is this:

    Is the Tavor rifles presently used by d DSS more efficient than AK’s?

    Can it also be made the standard issue for our armed forces irrespective of the operations or a COIN standard issue

    Finally in terms of acquisition and maintenance, which is cheaper?

    • saleh says:

      From practical experience I won’t want to be without an Ak for anytin in the world. The environment in which the NA operates is very different from that of the DSS. The AK is so reliable dat most soldier will not be fine wit any switch. It is also cheaper. Even though the tarvor has a better accuracy, the accuracy of an AK is not too bad. I will prefer to have a half accurate weapon that fires all the time to an accurate rifle that might not fire

    • AreJames says:

      The budget provision for TAVOR rifles some years back was N1millon for one rifle with complete kit. That’s expensive compared with Ak47 which compared is a much more inferior rifle, not up to the class of Tavor at all..I think 200 Tavors were bought then but no info on subsequent acquisitions after that.

      • ocelot2006 says:

        One million what?! For one rifle?!!

      • freeegulf says:

        the army is gradually inducting the AK 74. for the sake of logistics, and to minimize confusion, this approach is the best. soon, maybe the entire 7 Div frontline troops would be armed with this much improved AK rifle.

        the army needs to better equip their SF operators though. they are doing a wonderful job, hopefully they would even be utilized better as deep recce and anti-guerrilla forces

      • Kay says:

        Tavor’s never went close to that amount. The most expensive full option would probably cost about $3500. leaving outstanding $2000 plus x 200 for someone to pocket! That’s even assuming they got no discount for buying bulk.

        …Let’s keep asking why arms deals are still secret.

    • ocelot2006 says:

      Obviously, the good Ole AK 47 is far easier to use and maintain, and still retains its position as the most reliable rifle in the world. That said there’s been glowing remarks for the IWI Tavor TAR-21 and other variants, hence it’s adoption by elite forces world wide. That said, like every other country, Nigeria will furnish it’s elite units (Army Special Forces, Navy SBS, Airforce QRF, and DSS Close protection details) with the best toys I.e Tavor TAR and CTARs, FN-2000s, Galil Ace, and FN P90. Everyone else will have to make do with the AK47 (not that I like it) and Type 56/56 -2 (‘xcept NDLEA with their new M-16A4s).

    • Henry says:

      Yes Oga Chuks, the Tavor-21 is an all round better assault rifle than the AK-47, except for it’s stopping power. If a soldier regularly cleans his rifle, rifle malfunctions won’t be an issue. The efficiency of the Tavor-21 has been confirmed in nigeria, this is why it is widely used by our armed services(DSS, NIA, Navy, Airforce).

      No, you don’t change soldier rifles in the middle of a conflict. It is counter-productive. The Tavor-21, like every other other 21’st century assault rifle is not cheap.

      The army has instead began issuing AK-74 to troops. It is better to progress this way instead of adopting an entirely new platform.

      For all rifles, if you don’t clean them regularly, the would malfunction. The Tavor-21 isn’t complicated to dis-assemble.

  52. xnur44 says:

    God speed on Mubi and Michika, we need to break the encirclement of Maiduguri (the glitering price).

  53. xnur44 says:

    NAF God speed on Mubi and Michika, we need to break the encirclement of Maiduguri (the glitering price).

    • Are James says:

      Boko Haram trying to encircle Maiduguri?. Man don suffer. This is beginning to sound like an insult.

      • Deltaman says:

        BH appear to have created an arc running from the NNE to SSW, with jump off potential to threaten A3 & A4. Adamawa thrust along mountain range on NG/CAM border suggests a buffer zone being established from which to harass NG. Have to agree with bloggers who’ve recommended a troop surge. Seems most pressing issue is logistics to NA frontline units. Give our boys guns and bullets ABEG make dem scatter BH. Units seem to retreat once they run out of ammo, won’t call that cowardice, but AHQ needs to ‘learn lessons’ fast. Wishing our boys victory however hard.

  54. xnur44 says:

    Yes Are James!

    BH now engage in diversionary attacks while creating buffer zones. Maiduguri if lost shall mimick Mali with destruction of historical sites and monuments etc. We think that BH has sleeper cells in Maiduguri town to create upheavals when the time is ripe for their main thrust.

    • ozed says:

      i for one think the Maiduguri attack has been shelved because it is clear to Boko high command any attack would be a non-started with the resurgent NAF around. i think this drive for Mubi via Micika is a move to shake up the Airforce by threatening Yola, at a minimum force the NAF to retreat to makurdi and make them less effective in a fight for Maiduguri.

      In my view, the trick for us is to contain them quickly in the michika axis, inflicting huge casualties on them, and immediately open up a second front by counter attacking from Maiduguri through Bama. This will remove the option of them moving assets from one battle to the other, which is what i sense they are doing now.

      • Deltaman says:

        We have air cover and artillery abi? best if we gave them sleepless nights. This is NAFs battle to loose.

      • asorockweb says:

        Good call on Yola.

        Heading south from Bama along the foot of the Mandaras Mts. Is:

        Gwoza, Madagali, Mubi, then Yola.

        Gwoza and Madagali are controlled by BH.

        Maiduguri probably has more troops in it than any other city apart from Lagos.

        Yola is a soft target – it has never been attacked before by BH.

        Also, BH does not have to succeed; any attack on Yola, successful or not, will be amplified by BH’s media collaborators.

        BH is using operational tempo to sustain the territory it has already gained. Now NA has to dedicate a few thousand troops to secure Yola. Troops that otherwise would has been used to retake lost territory.

      • Are James says:

        Maybe there should not be a sequential opening of fronts maybe it should be full blast on all fronts; Mubi-Michika, Bama-Gwoza, Lake Chad-Dikwa and curfew / cordon-search operations within Maid itself and Damaturu. The DHQ has said some ex Army officers are part of Boko Haram so it is no surprise all the cities involved had or used have military institutions. Second the full deployment of military aircraft, this is no time for scrimping on operational funds.

  55. beegeagle says:

    There have to be many more TAR 21s.

    Last Friday at a funeral service, Gov Uduaghan arrived with 15 Tav-armed bodyguards. There were seven others at the Events Centre Asaba and I saw four others at the airport.

    There are more than 26 TAVs in Asaba alone and we have 35 other states and the FCT. Think of SSS chaps at the airports and seaports too. Not to mention those involved in CTCOIN operations.

    My most conservative estimate would put the number of TAR 21s in SSS service at a MINIMUM of 1,500.

    • Henry says:

      The Tavor-21 is the second most widely used assault rifle in nigeria. 1,500 Tavor-21’s isn’t an accurate conservative estimate by any means.

      There are at-least 15-22,000 DSS personnel in nigeria. 65% of all DSS Tactical/ close protection units field the Tavor-21 as their primary assault rifle.

      The other 35% use (FN F2000, Galil ACE, FN P90, UZI PRO).

      100% of all Navy SBS field the CTAR-21 in all operations, while the CX4 beretta as a complimentary rifle.

      ALL NAF QRF personnel field the Tavor-21.

      There are at-least 11,000 Tavo-21 assault rifles currently used in nigeria.

      • Are James says:

        You are saying we have spent N11bn on one rifle type in 10years.

      • Ola says:

        I think there are about 2000 Tavor with the various services. These are better suited for special forces.
        Meanwhile, to digress a little, I wonder why DICON is not making something similar to M16 or even better, AK-103 or AK-104. I personally think we should be either be producing these assault rifles under license or we have our own domesticated variant. These assault rifles are better suited to infantry, especially in the terrain where our brothers are engaging boko haram. They should be our standard issue….just thinking aloud!

      • Henry says:


        I’m saying, the Tavor-21 is the second most widely used assault rifle in nigeria, and 1500 isn’t a conservative number of Tavor-21’s in nigeria. 8,000 rifles would be a conservative number. Amount spent on defence isn’t usually public knowledge in nigeria.

        However taking into account the numbers of personnel that use the rifle vis a vis total personnel numbers in each service, an individual should be able to reach an estimate of the numbers of the Tavor in nigeria.

      • Henry says:

        Instead of us constantly buying from abroad, and proliferating our armed services with different types of arms and basic LAV’s, individuals with the wherewithal should as a matter of national security diversify into defence manufacturing. This Boko crisis have embarrassingly exposed our underbelly.

        Basic infantry kitting should be standardised, with proper webbing, basic weapons systems and Ammo should. 100% be manufactured in nigeria. The Igirigi APC has come a long way, and should be able to compete favourable against the Otokar Cobra and Streit MK3.

        Let us do this shit and carry out the up-grades in country. It’s the only way forward. This is why I’m an ardent supporter/ promoter of Proforce. Proforce and Streit are in the same Armouring business, yet streit group also have an impressive line of Armoured personnel carriers and their flagship Typoon MRAP.

      • CHYDE says:

        @ Henry, some time last month there was a heavy security presence and i saw among other things, the Igirigi as part of what the military were using.

    • ocelot2006 says:

      But I still wonder why the Army still hasn’t adopted the same modernised AK47/Type 56-2 used by Police CTU and SPU units. It’s pretty much the same AK, but with a better polymer stock and pistol grip for improved accuracy, and rails for add ons like scopes.

    • ocelot2006 says:

      It’s the same Delta state that I saw a DSS agent hold an FN M-249 at Warri during the ND insurgency. Those guys sure have a lot of toys.

  56. jimmy says:

    I have been thinking about something for a long time not because it is sexy but does the NA have the resources to land men directly behind bh forces in the middle of a battle? to cut them of i.e cut of their mode of escape to the mountains and into Cameroon.

  57. beegeagle says:

    By the way, the NA should get 23 Armoured Brigade prepared for the defence of Yola and the town of NUMAN should be the forward edge of that perimeter.

  58. Oje says:

    By December Boko Haram would have been largely defeated, the World is beginning to get tired of these extremists, Decades from now journals and books are gonna be made on the Nigeria Boko Haram war, the first test of African militaries in a modern globalized conflict. Years ago the closest we were to experiencing this was watching in on Television, terrorism and Africa did not go hand it hand, now its like we are in the middle East. What we saw on television we are living it today./

  59. Startrek says:

    Boko Haram trying to encircle Maiduguri?. Man don suffer.
    This is beginning to sound like an insult.

    SIR make no mistake MDG has always been the target.

    All the hit and run killing of civilians in towns and villages was a ploy by the enemy to draw out the maon force of the army out and away from mdg.

    having failed in that strategy de next was to declare a califate expecting that in a panic the Nigerian government will issue a direct order to the division to close in on gwoza thereby providing the corridor for the enemy to initiate a lightning strike into Maiduguri.
    the objective of the enemy is to hit as many target as they can and then take up strategic positions in around MDG. meanwhile the military realising they have been pinched would then mobilises its full arsenal and lay siege to the city. of course that will achieve nothing but a infinite standoff.

    Finally should the military decide to move in then the real terror will then be unleashed in a devastating carnage the world has ever seen.

    However I assure you with a 75% certainty that this last para. has been systematically contained as such will only remain a war game for future reference and no more.

  60. buchi says:

    ehmmm afternoon my oga i have read all the comments on this blog i have one simple question now to ask
    What are our paratroopers doing for christ sake…… mobility is key in this mode now
    if bh are trying to create a buffer zone i think it is wise to say if we land 300 paratroopers behind bh line especially at gamboru ngala we can for once give bh a taste of their own medicine diversionary attack..we land overwhelm and retreat into cameroun if EVAC isnt done on time…it will force bh to pull bck resources to counter the threat behind relieving up some pressure at the front
    the fact that bh know that we cnt go behind their line or flank them properly without ground mobility
    gives them confidence A SINGLE OPERATION MARKET GARDEN will stun bh even if it does nt achieve is objective.i believe that bh can distinguish betwn jets and helos now so i would imagine (unless moles have given them info) what will happen if bh sees a G222 or at worst i wont advice a C130 flying over head and pls this should be done at night…as for the cameroun option i dnt lie it bt if evac do not arrive early and they cannoy hold out for long then dats it…harass them now from the bck and give them the feeling that their back is threatened….QRS or NA paratroopers over to u….my monday morning is been threatened..oga oje inas much as right now we are at war i support ur motion.

    • ozed says:

      Good idea, but i doubt we have the airborne logistics supply chain to sustain 300 men in combat for any length of time. If its a Commando type strike, then you would need to make good plans for evac. Retreating into cameroun and surrendering your arms to them each time is not good for morale. Especially since the idiot Cameroonians now use it for propaganda, making themselves appear like Rambos.

      They don’t realize that once Boko has been comprehensively beaten in Nigeria, they will flee to Cameroon to reform and refit. We will see who is laughing by then.

      • Deltaman says:

        Oga Ozed, spot on! logistics and resupply is the key when using airborne. Too risky, we don’t want a Nigerian Operation Market Garden do we?

    • egbeigwe says:

      This is exactly what I am thinking. Now that boko haram is operating actively in many towns, it needs to support and supply its men over a wide area, they have to use the road to drive from one town under their control to another. It is time to give them a taste of their own medicine. We need to deploy our special forces to work in small teams behind enemy lines and lay ambushes for them at various points along the roads and disrupt their supply lines and communications. We should not let Boko Haram drive through those roads without a care in the world.
      The sf can be inserted and extracted with helicopters. This is possible now because the area BH control now is so large. They cannot possibly man every sq km.
      The sf should not stay at one point for too long before they move on. If they encounter a small bh force plying the road (maybe one or two hilux trucks) they can take them out. If they encounter a large column with many vehicles they let them through and call it in. If the opportunity allow they can throw in a few rounds at their rear vehicles and melt away depending on the terrain.

      • asorockweb says:

        That’s the way to go.

        But unfortunately, we don’t have the air-logistics to support the SFs we could insert into no-man’s land (the only piece of land that is BH’s are where they have forces always present – Gowza, Madagali, etc.).

        Our political and military leadership should remember that they can call-in civilian logistics to help ( I am thinking planes and helicopters.)

  61. jimmy says:

    If you ask the polish and some of the British Forces who were captured, they will tell you it was a failure.
    I do not want to jump on you based on one thing I will continue to advocate it is important No word emphasis mine: The f.g. needs to SERIOUSLY contemplate retaking GWOZA, this has got every thing to do with the enemy expending it’s resources, honestly I am not worried ABOUT Maiduguri, now that the political & civilian will is there events will take care of itself.
    GWOZA/ MUBI need to be sharply in the focus, I cannot get any definitive reports about MUBI apart from RKA who is a trusted source this is something that does worry me if the WORD IS THAT MUBI AND Michika have been reclaimed the ARMY where EXPEDIENT needs to announce it this will go a long way.The troops in Adamawa need to be increased and more NAF personnel need to be there.
    BBC despite everyone else now coming round to the fact that Bama is no longer in bh hands ( it never really was even the useless senator has said so) is still clinging to that idea.
    No idea of censorship would work it did not work under ABACHA or any military ruler it will certainly not work now.
    With the greatest, sincerest amount of respect we are in the same age range you have a lot to contribute and believe it or not one day you will actually see something you have harped on about being put into action. Please mo ben i jo nitori OLORUN do not allow yourself to get distracted.
    I PERSONALLY LOOK FORWARD TO READING WHAT YOU WRITE .( capital letters mine not for shouting but to show my sincerity)

    • Are James says:

      Advice taken.

    • Deltaman says:

      Oga Jimmy, totally agree on historical fact of OP Market Garden being a failure, I used in in that context. Airborne is great on paper, but logistics is the key. As we know, logistics isn’t great in this theatre. Reading in NG press that Mubi & Michika have been retaken. Good news.

  62. chucks says:

    Oga beeg, na everywhere you dey? U be winch? Bros you be omnipresent o. Don’t tell me you were @ sunny’s funeral ceremony. maybe na u wear all round green dat day(mr nigeria..huh?)Lol.

    Ok, as regards the Tavor, have heard people pay tribute to the rifle for its efficiency and accuracy and its easy operatability with less worry to jamming as well.

    IMHO,considering Boko homos and other criminal elements use the AK’s @ will and can easily lay their hands on it, our triservice and other security agencies should standardise the use and issue of assault rifles.

    Will it have any security implication?

  63. gbash10 says:

    Keep the pressure high on BH on all fronts,kill them enmass, show no mercy to the enemy at all,take no prisoners Nigerian security forces,make a living HELLfor all those savages that have been giving us sleepless night,all haters of the entity called Nigeria should drink poison and die.
    The NA Artillery and the NAF fighter jets should bombard any place BH would be camping to ashes!
    God’s speed the NAF fighter jets.

    • xnur44 says:

      Lol Gbash, I’ll pass that along!
      Jimmy hope other commenters answered your concern; it can be done but sustaining such units beyond seven days put strains on limited airframes.
      Chuks, each armed service have defined standard rifles.

      Breaking news:
      Mubi and Michika stable but not yet decisive.

  64. AreJames says:

    Stable but not yet decisive. Since everyone is now speaking code, let me reply with my own. …”Understood but not yet clearly”

  65. asorockweb says:

    Regarding Mubi:

    We might see a repetition of Bama; accumulation of BH pressure over several days.
    This accumulated force might be the same that may be used to target Yola – dangerous times.

    Maiduguri has the CJTF that can swipe out small pockets of BH within the city, how about Yola?

    If huge numbers of BH are killed in Mubi, then I will considered the BH fall offensive contained, if not defeated.

    • AreJames says:

      The phones are working in all those towns. The reports phoned in to the press by the people seem to be positive in terms of BH containment. At least they were being bombed intensely by mid day.

      • jimmy says:

        Thank you ARE JAMES
        Mr PRESIDENT
        With all due respect as we are meeting with the Chadian President
        It is important to note that somethings that will be said will be CLASSIFIED
        However it appears while BH intent on grabbing territory that they will soon lose it is time:
        Please if reports are ture and have been verified by trusted military sources it is time to launch one of the most dangerous, and riskiest operations of this war
        If the girls are located in the CHAD BASIN please get the info from the brits/ the naf isr the yanks/ and launch the mission only after intensive training by our SBS FROM THE NAVY HAVE BEEN TRAINED TO DO IT NO EXPENSE SHOULD BE SPARED. Financial inducements should be offered to boko haram turncoats o r those who are just plain sick of being bombed everyday.
        I also sincerely hope and now realize on a personal level as a PRESIDENT who abhors collateral damage that it is now apparent to everyone concerned the size of the AIR-FORCE needs to be increased as well as the number of planes and helicopters they have.
        May God bless Nigeria. Amen
        Yours sincerely

    • ozed says:

      Story sounds quite disjointed and i would have discounted it if not that smoke usually only occurs in close proximity to fire. My questions, why would CO 23 Armrd brigade, a battalion commander and a Lt col all be in one place commanding a Platoon????

      Also the story says 24 soldiers were killed and on that basis the army has withdrawn leaving Mubi empty and falling back to Yola. Would have thought it would take a little more than 24 casualties to precipitate a fall back order.

      Note all these stories stem from Sahara Reporters, guess they have been working round the clock to find some bad news since the Bama battle turned into a debacle for Boko. by the way note that they have not reported the recapture of Bama, but have move straight on to the newest bad news in town ‘ the imagined fall of Mubi and michika’.

  66. jimmy says:

    While the News may….. be true, the only thing…… that stops me is that it is from p.m news. OBJ has a son whom a couple of years ago was a MAJOR so the rank and promotion match …….. however…….. I believe his name is …….. Muyiwa…….. not Adeoye……. will check …… will see. Note obj does have a lot of Kids however very few of them are in the armed services
    What is the news on GWOZA? ….. I am reading reports that serious fighting is going on down there and as far as GAMBORU, oga beegs, arejames, xnur any confirmation it iappears Gwoza is going on right now or am I merely speculating?

    • rka says:

      It is Sahara Reporters being quoted. Need I say more?

      • jimmy says:

        Thanks oga rka
        If you notice I put a lot of periods in my sentences indicating doubt, also in their rush to go to print, like I suggested it appears the wrong name without verification was put forward will check with some people and we know baba sege will come out swinging regardless, but for the record unless he has two different names it was noot recorded as adeoye when he got married hence my doubts.

  67. beegeagle says:

    BBC really sound pathetic sometimes. They are still insisting that BH control Bama. All of that just to ensure that they do not recant after haven hastily awarding control of the town to the terrorists. After a series of gaffes ascribable to BBC Hausa, a climbdown would have been one gaffe too many. That is the foolish egoism which I know them for. In their constricted minds, it is anathema to say “we spoke too soon”. The BBC say Michika and Gulak fell to BH but did not mention the fact that an attack was beaten back at Mubi, a town twice as large as Michika and Gulak put together.

    More dampeners – I thought they were not aware of the air strikes going on. Apparently, they have been so effective that the BBC Focus on Africa radio program were asking the U.S Assistant Secretary of State if the USA are involved in the bombing campaign…just so that they do not give credit to the NAF.

    Who says BBC AFRICA acting on the dictates of BBC HAUSA, are anything other than a biased mouthpiece of BH?

    Go online before you sleep and see if you can listen online to FOCUS ON AFRICA. Listen to the presenter mouthing off like anyone owes him any explanation. Some of these African busybodies really do not know where their place is.

    In his confused Ghanaian mind, the Nigerian military are outgunned by BH yet the air attacks are so effective that the BBC imagine that America are involved in it. Is that not ironic?

  68. beegeagle says:

    More half-cooked tripe from Sahara Reporters. There is a Special Operations Battalion operating out of Mubi and they have been there since the time before the SoE was declared. Last I checked it wad commanded by Lt Colonel Beyidi Martins.

    SR, true to their inclination towards playing up BH prowess in a bid to alienate the people from the FG , are making it appear as if Mubi has no military presence and they were looking to Yola for relief.

    People, let your secondary activity be giving those know-nothings on the BBC AFRICA Facebook page and SR the heads up. They are clueless and need to be led to the light.

  69. Oje says:

    @ aso rock Web
    “Please don’t exaggerate the outcome of the NATO meeting.

    No NATO country will fight in the Ukraine – the leaders of the west are not stupid neither are the electorate. How will the west justify sending their young men and women to fight in a Russian-speaking part of eastern Europe? It’s illogical.”

    I will be happier is some people’s posture on Ukraine were not based on a West vs Russia by default. Ukraine is an Independent Sovereign Country. It’s democratic with infrastricture better than Russia relatively. They had the right to go pro EU, it’s unbelievable that in this age and time a country can stir up dissent on its neighbor and use the ensuing chaos to invade and annex (CRIMEA) a sovereign country’s territory. Buoyed by Western Europe( Germany Led) relative weak response they provide Rebel forces with advanced surface to air missiles which fired on a Malaysia Civilian airline killing 200 innocent people from a myriad of nationalities, ….what’s worse it is unbelievable that despite the tragic loss of life the Russian leader neither condems the attackers nor proffer any form of condolences to the families of the Victim. As if that’s not enough they begin using their satellites in Space to collect real time info of Ukranian positions nd provide it to the Rebels. Again Europe (led by Germany) could offer nothing but verbal condemnation. Emboldened by Europe’s laughable response they now don’t even waste time concealing their involvement they station artillery troops in side Ukraine and rain down fire on Ukranianian troops..?.

    Next he going on television telling the world Russia is a nuclear power. Even Kim Jon Ill will not do that. Putin knows NATO does not bluff, Europe does. Europe is under seige, do you want the West to fold it’s arms and watch Ukraine being dismembered just because they indicated in test in joining the EuropeanEconomic Union?

    • giles says:

      guy somtim ur comments provokes wetin Russia do u.if not for Russian hardwares I wonder wer er will b by now

    • Obix says:

      @Oga Oje, kudos! This is the most objective analysis i’ve heard from Nigeria concerning the the crisis in Ukraine! I want every one to understand that in as much as Russia’s concerns and that of Russian speaking citizens of Ukraine should be considered in any political set up in Ukraine, it is wrong to tear Ukraine apart the way it’s been done by his big brother. Ukraine is an independent country for God’s sake. I always put aside the East vs West sentiments in the Ukrainian crisis because this hatred amongst the Ukrainian speaking and Russian speaking citizens of Ukraine was sown by sponsored politicians. I’m not in any way happy the powers in Kiev for the way they mishandled the situation after president Yanukovich ran away. I always avoid this discussion, since this is a blog designed to handle Defence issues in Nigeria, but there are lessons to be learnt from the Ukraine crisis.

    • ocelot2006 says:

      I’m sorry, but I stopped reading at “infrastructure better than Russia”. Really? We are talking about Russia here, a major nuclear power and the world’s energy superpower flooded with Petroleum money, compared with Ukraine that basically has to rely on Russia for its energy needs at a discount price. Military wise, there’s absolutely ZERO comparison as the Russians now owns far more sophisticated and highly trained conscript-turned-volunteer military force compared to Ukrainian whose military have faced nothing but budget cuts and dilapidated equipment.

      And yes this is all about East vs West, because the West stoked the flames of this crisis that has now degenerated to this level. And what do you expect the Russians to do? Sit down and wait while they’re being encircled by NATO? Even the Americans won’t have it if the Russians decide to set up shop in Mexico or even Cuba. The funny part of the whole Maidan issue is that the Russians were initially silent at the start of the crisis, and later even pushed for a tri-party solution where Ukraine gain from both the EU and the Russian Federation while it remained neutral. But the EU and Americans kept nudging the western ukrainians forward, without taking into consideration the fears and concerns of South Eastern Ukrainians. To make matters worse, after reneging on an initial agreement to have elections later in the same year, the new western ukrainian govt stupidly banned the Russian language. Now that the proverbial s@#t (pardon my french) has hit the fan, I guess it’s all Russia’s “fault”.

      Btw keep in mind that Crimea has always been the jewel of good Ole Russia, even though Kruschev gave it away as a gift to the Ukrainian (then again, he was also Ukrainian, so no surprise there).

  70. Oga Beeg, they hv sold their soul to the Devil they cannot be Changed, lets mount pressure to either mk them do proper investigative reporting or shut up for Good, this goes to the Rest Local Newspapers n Online Rumour Mill aka Bloggers

  71. G8T Nigeria says:

    Its high time we start dealing with this venomous reporting called “OFFENSIVE REPORTING”. The overall notion is to help the terrorist spread terror amongst Nigerians. This is one thing Americans will never allow (TO BRING FEAR OF TERRORISM TO ITS CITIZENS) What is so shocking is that the NA comes out clear on SITREPS yet they always cook up something else. I also think more troops should be matching silently into sambisa since most BH fighters are moving up town to secure captured territories. We need strong containment and heavy blockade in all fronts.

  72. Oje says:

    Oga Beeg, abeg no vex help me edit the crap I just wrote.

  73. cryptologist says:

    Boye obasanjo should be a major cos he was commissioned 2000 or 01 and should be leading a company not platoon. His father who refused and never visited the fronts unlike Col. Adekunle who had a front CP & rear CP when he was C/O 3MCO, he can say he saw action. Meanwhile reports from relatives at that theater says michika & mubi is been cleared of stragglers. Generals, abeg does N.A have D20 or D30 (with rotating carrier) howitzers in its inventory? Lt. Col Agwu was the C/O who messed up Gwoza.

  74. Are James says:

    The President got this Omeri guy to give the press conferences that will shape the narrative for us but no self respecting general will work harmoniously with a ‘bloody’ civilian lets be honest, besides the guy has been crap at the job anyway.
    I am even beginning to think trying to respond to all stimuli from the information space will be too distracting for the DDI and should not even be expected. Soldiers are soldiers so expecting them to be expert PR personnel is stretching it a little.
    Videos and visuals are just the way to go and partnering with AIT/Channels/Silverberg the way Pentagon partnered with CNN in Iraq and Afghanistan. Most importantly let the progress on the battlefield tell its own story.

  75. beegeagle says:

    Oga Cryptologist, except you are saying that the NA are fielding SELF PROPELLED Russian/Chinese 122mm or 152mm howitzers, we do not own such.

    What we own are 200 units of towed M1974/D30 122mm artillery and four units of towed D20(the Romanian M81/85 variant) of 152mm howitzers.

    If your people are reporting the use of SP howitzers, those are PALMARIA 155mm howitzers, an Italian OTO MELARA iteration of the US-made M109 SP howitzer. If they say, 122mm SP howitzers, those would be entirely new to the inventory and definitely Russian or Chinese-made systems.

    Good morning, gentlemen.

  76. Oje says:

    The Pentagon did not partner with CNN, more like FOX, they are scared shit of CNN and COS.

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