11 September, 2014

The Nigerian Army has launched a massive attack against Boko Haram Takfiri militants to retake the northeastern town of Michika that fell to militants over the weekend, witnesses say.

“We have been hearing thunderous explosions from bombs dropped by military jets on Michika,” a resident of the town of Chibok, which is located 20 kilometers (12 miles) from Michika, said on Wednesday.”The sounds of explosions are more intense at night when flashes of exploding bombs can be seen from Chibok.”

Another witness from Jiginlambu village, eight kilometers (five miles) from Michika, said that “Nigerian troops are getting an upper hand on Boko Haram.”

Nearly 650,000 Nigerians have fled their homes due to Boko Haram attacks and are displaced inside the country,while thousands more have taken refuge in neighboring countries, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees says.

Boko Haram has claimed responsibility for many deadly gun and bomb attacks in various parts of Nigeria since the beginning of its militancy in 2009. Over 10,000 people have so far been killed in the assaults.

On April 14, the militants kidnapped 276 students from their secondary school in Chibok. Reports say 57 of the girls managed to escape,but 219 are still missing and international efforts to spot and rescue them have failed so far.

Boko Haram — whose name means “Western education is forbidden” — says its goal is to overthrow the Nigerian government.


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  1. xnur44 says:

    ‘Operation Reversal’ I hope to God Almighty.

  2. rugged7 says:

    It would be interesting to know what aircrafts are being used 4 the night-time bombings?
    Tucanos? Reconfigured Alphas??, F-7’s or the Mi35M’s are already in the mix???

    • beegeagle says:

      Looks like we have also been buying upgraded Mi-24s which are capable of night-time attacks…even as we have an equal mix of TWELVE night-fighting Mi-35Ms and Mi-171Sh Terminator coming

      Look at this unfamiliar HIND..

  3. CHYDE says:

    Let ’em have it

  4. Are James says:

    Night time bombing is a welcome development. Still the F7s and Alpha jets I suppose.
    Takfiri – a holier than thou muslim.

  5. beegeagle says:

    Looks like the NAF are already deploying night fighting assets – CERTAINLY upgraded Mi-35Ps and possibly, ALX Super Tucano. Well how about this for a REAL report? Now you know why we lampoon all that the BBC stand for.

    Let me restate with all the emphasis I can muster that the most basic precepts of journalism are absent in the BBC’s Nigeria reportage because 95% of their journalists on the Hausa Service are only DELIBERATELY reporting tales of hopelessness in order to discredit the FG and pave the way for an unlikely Buhari-led FG. They are not a bit interested in the news otherwise, it would not be this monotone which sounds like a funeral dirge which can only emanate from Nigeria ALL THE TIME.

    Why else would the BBC never fail to hear disparaging reports about the fall of Michika and Bama but feign amnesia when the military move to retake the town?

    Believe me, yesterday morning they briefly reported the death of this same Lt Colonel Obasanjo…the same one who Atiku visited at the FMC in Yola. The otherwise balanced Lawrence Pollard committed what amounted to a Freudian slip on Wednesday morning at about 0800hrs when he, in an exchange with their man in Yola, rather strangely alluded to the death of the Colonel. He was corrected by their man in Yola, Abdullahi Tasiu Abubakar. Headsup for “Agent Bob” asking where I get my facts from. Ask the dramatis personnae and see if they deny it since you are probably one of them?

    So who scripted that red flag report and presented same to the affable Lawrence? Makes it incontrovertible that someone is trying to use the BBC to cascade a litany of demoralising reports.

    As for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the BBC World Service which you own are responsible for squandering the goodwill which you used to enjoy in Nigeria. It is your call…lift the media siege or stay marooned where you are, knocked off your old perch by the USA and China. Sustain the hostile reportage if you will.

    • rugged7 says:

      Oga Beeg, it’s a bloody shame.
      The way the BBC- British Boko haram Cooperation carries on. They have lost all their credibility.
      They are a fu….ing disgrace…

    • Bush man says:

      Thank you Oga for your observation, it is very much welcome. The Western World does not really love us. Right now, I am hearing that the French are trying to sabotage the Cameroonian government. I wouldn’t know how true it is, but then it is an obvious fact that the BBC, CNN, and some of their Nigerian allies are trying to sabotage our beloved country. Africa as come of Age. We must resist them.

      In other words, I love this blog due to its PATRIOTIC SPIRIT. Shame to Nigerian journalists and their pessimistic propaganda.


  6. COLONEL NGR says:

    Oga beeg. It is heartbreaking tgat some people will allow themselves to be used to spread damaging reports about their country. I expecth the army to launch offensives in the next few weeks, with troops from 1Div and 3RD div joining the fray, i expect positive changes at the battle front. Kudos…continue the good work!

    • beegeagle says:

      During the Nigerian Civil War, a certain Frederick Forsythe was fired by the BBC for filing reports deemed to have been sympathetic to the Biafran cause.

      About time the BBC cleared her decadent and compromised Nigerian Augean stable for consistently and unashamedly filing pro-insurgent propaganda in lieu of news reports.

      • rugged7 says:

        Note how the western media calls ISIS terrorists while they call boko haram militants.
        Hypocritical western journalist scum

    • smartboy2000 says:

      I totally agree with you sir, the 3rd Armoured Division has being a bit silent in this fight and it’s time for them to show us what they are made of. They should take the fight to the enemy and destroy all the Boko Haram out-flanks in the southwest and southeast of Maiduguri. God Bless Nigeria.

  7. Augustine says:

    Is this the long awaited final push? I don’t think so. This I guess, is a big push to retake many lost towns from Boko Haram. Super Tucano may be NAF’s ‘secret weapon’ for this war, with the belief that most people will not be able to identify it at above 2km altitude, then Boko could underestimate NAF capabilities, while the world keeps giving all the credit to Alpha jets.

    Good job with these new bombings NAF, awake and avenge the blood of your 6,000 innocent Nigerian brothers and sisters slaughtered by Boko Haram in the past 4 years

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Beegeagle that comment is NAF ECOMOG war history! What a record! Only countries like South Africa and Ethiopia have air forces with such world class Spartan performance record. Ah ! Nigerian air force Alpha jets in the days of Air Marshal Alfa himself, days recorded by old newspapers in old military men’s personal libraries showed analysts saying NAF was a rival to the Ethiopian air force in the 1980s.

      When arms embargo and the European/NATO powers crippled NAF Jaguar jets and MBB 105 Helicopter gunships, it was Alpha jets to the rescue in Liberia and Sierra Leone.

      History as posted above by Oga Beegeagle tells us the heroic exploits of spartan-like air warrior determination of NAF pilots and commanders with fighting spirit of courage that turned a mere trainer Alpha jet into Voltron Defender Of The West African Universe !

      Let NAF arise again 2014 and Boko Haram be scattered in the name of God !

  8. saleh says:

    I think its high time the FG took action against some media outfits

  9. Augustine says:

    Senate should sponsor and debate a bill about wartime treason against Nigeria including acts of deliberate negative war reporting detrimental to national public image, and also powers to declare such people persona non-grata. Just thinking aloud sha.

    • Are James says:

      Bad thinking. All the negative reporting is coming from abroad. Our ”opposition’ newspaper websites only cut and paste. The press itself is divided along political lines and such a bill won’t pass and is not even desirable. During IBB regime, the press was in a bear hug (oiled with corrupt inducements) with government and were actually a tool of internal statecraft. Lets blame ourselves if we cannot use the same institutions (at least the non opposition ones) for something patriotic for a change.

      • Augustine says:

        Premium times newspaper is here in Nigeria, and the BBC Hausa service guys can be rewarded with a persona non-grata status for deliberately destroying Nigeria’s image worldwide, there should be a price for waging media war against your own country in her most unfortunate era…6,000 Nigerians already killed, and should a man walk free in this country after tearing down his own father land with the powerful information machinery of the BBC?

        Why should a Sahara Reporter’s journalist enter Nigeria? Why should the enemies of Nigeria be given freedom in Nigeria?

        British Prime Minister announced this month that any British citizen that is suspected of planning any evil against Britain will have his British citizenship withdrawn and the police have powers to seize people’s British passports on the streets !

        Why should it be Nigeria that will always take nonsense from people who declare themselves to be enemies of the state at a time when our peoples’ blood is being shed like pure water on the streets of North East?

    • Bush man says:

      Haaaa i love your patriotism. This is what we Nigerians seems to lack.

  10. Deway says:

    Press TV – Hmmm, coming from the Iranians, I will say this is good. Will go with this news.

    • Are James says:

      Chinese and Iranian new agencies are fairer to Nigeria in news reporting. It is to be admitted that BBC and CNN are anti FG. To counter all this, DHQ does not even need to post the visuals, we have at least three world class 24 hour news organizations that should be doing more in the war reporting. It is disgraceful that Nigerians are being informed about things happening in our own backyard by foreign news agencies.

      • smartboy2000 says:

        For some strange reason DHQ is still not getting the message that there is a propaganda war going on out there. Without a doubt official secret acts propagate for the military not to make comments during ongoing operations especially if it’s classified, but there has to be a way in which moral boosting events taking place on the battlefield/theatre is fed to the public. Our members of the Armed Forces are excelling in battle and it would be nice to see some of these on mainstream local and global media. God Bless Nigeria

      • Bush man says:

        You are great. Patriotism! Patriotism! Patriotime! Journalism is all about lies. Imagine even the so called Roman Observer published here in Italy is very anti Nigerian.

  11. Buchi says:

    Night time bombings oga beegz congrats cos I am cautiously laughing in swahili oga mchegaz hope say I dey laugh wella

  12. Buchi says:

    Oga beegz pls can I get ur email.

  13. demola says:

    Gentlemen, came across this thread on nairaland. there is a laptop screenshot surpposedly recovered from an isis member showing a file named nigerianammodump along with other files on how to prepare explosives.

    • Are James says:

      Thanks for this man.

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga Demola. I respect your hustle sir.
        Could this be another ominous sign that ice water and bokohomos are actually capitalizing on their strategic links, or could this be a well orchestrated reason to justify increased collaborations between America and Nigeria? Any which way, die na die, they both seem to believe they can hold on to territory, how they think they can pull that off still baffles me, given that they will forever lack the most fundamental type of air cover. If it is biological warfare that they are looking for, i think Ebola has already started to prepare us for ways and means of quickly containing and defeating such attacks. As to their capacity to carry out such attacks, i cant say its impossible because there’s no wit to underestimating your enemy. Bokohomos know they are loosing grip, they are becoming more agitated and desperate, that’s why i wouldn’t doubt their lunatic capability to run amok with some crude form of a biological attack just to prove that they’re still alive and kicking albeit with one foot in the grave.

  14. ugobassey says:

    My Ogas Journalism is part and parcel of democracy…our democracy is currently at its infancy and so is our Journalistic culture. No matter how much we might hate a reporting and no matter how unpatriotic that media might be we need to allow them be so that we don’t end up truncating our democracy. The media will ‘evolve’ with time. If we think they are not patriotic enough what about all our so-called politicians and civil servants. Please there should be no talk of censorship.

    • jimmy says:

      Honestly, it is not a matter of Censorship. It is not a matter of Hate. There are things about
      Maiduguri that cannot be said, and I truly now begin to understand the depths of what some of our Soldiers go through, Panic can be very easily spread fear can be contagious if not contained.
      What BBC is doing is aiding and abetting people who have an Anti Nigerian agenda for there own personal benefits. It is not a warning there is reality on the ground and there is a fantasy in the air.
      The reality is now INTENSE Night time bombing and anything caught out in the open become roasted.
      The reality is that in ADAMAWA it has become a turkey shoot , just a matter of time,
      The reality is we are seeing signs of severe logistical problems for boko haram.Someone noted last week the welded do it your self anti aircraft gun, BH running out of ammo, and the wipe out with 17 hiluxes captured in Kawuri, And the mercs being killed on the Cameroonian border, it is not tipping the apple cart but something is afoot.
      Yes they bh can capture some useless hamlet in Nigeria that even Google Earth will struggle to find , terrorize the Christian err Muslim err whatever your religion for a couple of days then the full weight of the NA becomes apparent.
      And many young men aided by the rubbish supplied to them by BBC HAUSA will be bombed to smithereens.
      Gentlemen the NAF has exposed its fangs and embedded its claws into Boko haram’s back. I have looked forward to this day when oga beegs would write ” Night time operations are ongoing, I can honestly tell you a tear almost dropped from my eyes when I read an explosion was heard 12 miles in Chibok.
      To China and Russia please keep those SHIPS a coming.

  15. Spirit says:

    At last ‘All loud and noisy at the North- eastern front’.

    Salutation to the very Beeg eagle and all my ogas in the house. Exams are over for now. Although I have not been contributing to discussions, but Ive been coming around to check for updates and SITREP at the only credible source of defense info in Nigeria.

    Chei! I don miss una so much. The analysis from all my ogas; na die!

    Its payback time now,lets see BH take on the NAF at night and see who walks out of the dueling ring alive.

    BH should not forget that at nights, their technical will contrast vividly against the desert like fireworks against the night sky. and unlike Liberia/S-Leone where trucks could quickly be hidden in ever present thick bushes/forest, the North eastern Nigeria has sparse vegetation.

    It is time to give account of thousands of innocent blood you have spilled.

    Face the wrath of God whose name you have blasphemed. The Alpha will ‘spitfire’ on you from on high. Like a ‘huricane’, He will dash your habitations to pieces and like ‘tornado’ shall He destroy your chariots.

    As bird hovering, so shall God protect our North east, passing over it, He will deliver it.


  16. Finally, The Dragon has woken up…NAF keep raining Hell on this idiots who feel they can run circles under the Military….time for more Offensive.

  17. Augustine says:

    Maiduguri not surrounded….DHQ

    Liberia/Sierra Leone war experience proved to Nigerian army in ECOMOG, that a city like Freetown can be ‘surrounded’ from inside, not outside. Enemy battalion in civilian clothes walking free like suya sellers in the day, AK-47 inside bag of beans at home….Boko Haram in the night !

    Never underestimate your enemy.

    “I expect the chief of air staff for the enemy air force to be as good at his job as myself”

    Late Air Marshal Ibrahim Alfa (Rtd) COAS NAF.

  18. Tobey says:

    Me likey! Now, the N.A should go on the offensive…This is its chance to deplete BH’s human resources…Night raids? Are we sure its not the RAF GR4s?

    • saleh says:

      I Dont think RAF is even involved in any way, if they were BBC would have being attributing every succees to them. thinking about it i dont think it would do any good if they become involved now because it will be to take the glory from Nigerian Military

    • Ola says:

      This is ridiculous, Tobey! Have you read somewhere that any RAF and indeed british assistance is at work in Nigeria with respect to Boko Haram? When the UK said it would send GR4s, didn’t you read it on BBC and daily mail?

      Also earlier when they said they would send the Sentinel R1, it was excessively publicised as if it was the only solution to all the problems but it never arrived Nigeria! Please see the links below:

      It’s not the UK, let’s give credit to those who earned and own it and appreciate our NAF!

    • beegeagle says:

      With conjecture such as this, methinks it is high time the Brits packed up and left. They should not have been allowed in ab initio, not when nations which are less desperate for glory such as China and Israel exist. The FG need serviceable partners beyond a UK which is only out to regain its lost colonial-era relevance in the global scheme of things. Why are the perfidious Albions here when we have respectful and taciturn partners such as China? I hope we are not thick in the head.

      After Britain stole ECOMOG’s thunder and rewrote the war narrative in Sierra Leone, we are naive enough to let them in for military operations FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER? Of all the countries on the face of the earth which possess the whole gamut of ISTAR assets? You see why we said the other day that there appears to be a posse of Western puppets in Nigerian circles who will stop at nothing to sell us out for a mess of cheap porridge?

      ANYWAY, inter-service rivalry aside, Oga Tobey, this was rather distasteful. The NAF are doing their thing by themselves. Even the Boko Broadcasting Corporation have not tried to claim the glory for the UK and last time this was up for mention, they were asking the US Asst Secretary of State for African Affairs if the Yankees were doing the bombing. NIGERIA is at war. Our military men should be working in concert and not at cross purposes. That amounts to stating the obvious.

      All said, the British should go home before it gets too good and the BBC begin to spin myths about phantom roles in our war. Naija wey nor dey shame. There are US$70 million AWACS planes so how much less can ISTAR assets cost? Competing demands? Una too dey yab. Even smaller nations such as Sri Lanka never accepted such double-edged offers? Spineless lemons cave in to every intrigue….they only want to use you to set a precedent so that they can say to smaller African nations, “if Nigeria accepted help, why not tiny you?”

      Dem wan use us shine and una dey cooperate. Naija dey fall hand sha…tufiakwa.

      • Ola says:

        The fact is that I knew it, I actually discussed this with some of my friends back then when the US was saying we should accept their help. I said this is a big PR stunt and the UK and others would jump on the band wagon. Soon, the UK indeed and Australia joined the band wagon to say we should accept their help they are the alpha and omega and would find the girls, the Nigerian military is incapable and has been brought to it’s knees by corruption. Unfortunately, our govt caved in.
        We should have maintained our integritiy and refuse any offer till the end.
        Again, a friend of mine (Nigerian/American) who actually served 2 tours for the US army in Iraq were discussng and he said “shame FG is accepting this offer!” It’s like opening your door in broad daylight and telling thieves to come in and take everything you have and which they had been wanting to get. Why did he say so? Simple, he said this is an avenue for the US to have a field day in collecting intel on Nigeria to fill in the gaps of what they did not know about us already. Ofcourse they knew a lot about our capabilities and all that before then, but everything wrt intel gathering on NG had been done underground before then, unfortunately with the help of greedy (not hungry) Nigerians who would sell their souls to the devil. He predicted to me then that as soon as they have had a field day and are finished with intel gathering, they would move on and would do NOTHING to help. True to his words, painfully true, our country has been extensively mapped and intel gleaned as much as can be done in the months following our accepting the “US assistance” to help us find the girls. The day they felt they had enough, they packed and left. ZERO contribution from them in terms of tracking Boko haram, Zero info sharing with NA, NAF, NSA and DSS and other relevant agencies, and Chibok girls? Who cares, mission accomplished!
        The day our govt smartens up and stops giving our integrity for cheap, that day we’d ake progress in leaps and bounds.
        I still insist that we need to look else where for devt. Nobody can mess with Indian airforce today, they have Sukhoi Su-30MKI which they co-developed with Russia (they actually joined late) and today they make locally. The contribution of IAF to the developmental program that birthed this was about $1.2 billion.
        The day we learn to invest our money into developmental programs with coutries that are willing to share technologies to build our own aircraft to our taste, build modern arsenals for the NA to our satisfaction and strive for independence, that day we;d start earning our respect from foreign entities.
        But we’d take our money to their market and buy retired assets at triple the costs and we’d pack them home while they laugh at us with our money in their pockets and later when anything happens, we cannot really take a stand because we don’t want to be hit by sanctions that would ground our assets from them -arms embargo.
        We need to have a decade master plan, to lay a revolutionalising foundation for our armed forces. We need to learn to go one step further on the platform of our military diversity to bring in much needed skills into the country. I hope we’d have visionary people/military advisers to the FG and the ministry of defence to think about this.
        $40 billion dollars spent solely for devt of our defence industry over a period of 10 years, covering 4th and 5th generation rotary and fixed wing aircraft development with Russia and China, NN partnering Russia, China, Ukraine in vessel devt and NA partnering India, China and Russia again in missile systems, MBT…
        Japan, Sweden and Germany are willing to do honest business and after we’ve learnt to know what we need, what we want and how to get them, we should also talk to them on assets devt programs. With this, we don’t need to threaten any of our neighbours, we just pursue the path of peace and silently amass the military power that we need. In order not to sideline the US, we do joint military excercises with them, welcome them to our military schools and do a lot of human right talks with them. That way, everyone smiles in their respective quarters even though deep down we’re not real friends.

      • Are James says:

        Thank you for this. Even our own patriotism is to be taken with a pinch of salt even some of us firebrand commentators on this blog..just saying. We need some national self confidence. If you are a patriot there are so many things you would not be accepting now. You cannot cherry pick or compartmentalize. The top leadership of our armed forces for instance will always point the government in the direction of western aircraft, even push the president to continue to beg for them, and then we practically contracted the finding of the Chinook girls to the west ..yet we complain when their press makes us look like a banana republic not capable of self governance… why?
        We should learn to be more like an Iran in terms of the profundity and seriousness we bring to our national interests.

        As for @Beegeagle suggesting that Britain should go home. Some people in government would have a heart attack at the mere suggestion of that ooo.

      • rugged7 says:

        The BEEG one,
        Tell ’em…

  19. camouflage1984 says:|RSS|twitterfeed|FG_military&utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

    Possible option for NAF to extend the life of our Alpha Jets

  20. drag_on says:

    Hmm I can’t identify this plane doing donuts over the airport(MMI)at the momment. Short as G.222 but with four engines.Any ideas?

    • rka says:

      The only aircraft currently known to be in NAF inventory that is close to the size of a G222, albeit larger and with 2 engines on both wings, is the shortened Charlie C-130. But I ‘m sure you would have identified it as such if it was.

      Then again, depends on whether a turbo-prop or jet engined aircraft. Could be a new delivery being taken through it’s paces or being evaluated.

    • Are James says:

      Airbus A400M is the only aircraft that can do these kinds of aerobatics and has 4 engines.
      Bet that is not a NAF pilot either. They must have brought the aircraft for evaluation.

  21. drag_on says:

    I guess it is the shorter C130’s. That can be the only option. The pilot maintained about 1000-1500 feet doing donuts for over an hour. It must have been maintenance tests.

  22. gbash10 says:

    More crates, much assembly work on airframes going on gentlemen. The birds are already at home, both fixed-wing and rotary. 3-4 units fixed-wing completed, secondary source could not distinguish between JH-17 Thunder and Su-27 Flanker but could remember the Mi-35M chopper.

    From my analysis, the SU-37 Terminator Flanker is a technology testbed, so it couldn’t be her. The emphasis on 37s narrows my thinking to Su-27 and JF-17 !!! What do you think ?

    • giles says:

      pls God make e b su 27

    • CHYDE says:

      Oga Gbash sorry for this question, does your source know what a Tucano looks like, just trying to narrow down possible options, make man no go faint with expectations o lol

      • gbash10 says:

        The secondary source know nothing about combat aircrafts,how I wish I should have been the secondary source, I could have asked the necessary questions.For the meantime, any lookout in Abuja,Kainji,Yola,Maiduguri and Elsewhere should be vigilant.
        The NAF is very busy putting their house in order for real showdown with BH in such a way that their adventure in Liberia and Sierra Leon would be child play.

    • Are James says:

      MIG 27 is a no nonsense ground attack plane but a little old, so maybe Chinese JH 7A Flying Leopard (do they like us that much?) or as you have said – SU series or JF 17.

    • AreJames says:

      SU 37 is actually a possibility thinking about it now. The -37 designation has been used to market the aircraft to the gulf Arab countries and some other countries. It is no more just an experimental test bed designation. So if we ask ourselves, if a country wants to buy the latest available SU 27 with the newest available thrust vectoring capable engine / nozzles, fly by wire, a modern radar and that aircraft must be BRAND NEW what would SU aircraft model be called?. I think essentially we are getting an upgraded version of what the Indians are using. In any case, Algeria, Angola and Uganda broke the bar on 4 / 4.5 gen aircraft entry into Africa, Nigeria is just following suit.
      It is also coming at a fortuitous time that Russia is angry with the west and wants to start ‘re arming. It’s ‘re armament is going to be partially financed by arms exports to high net worth third world states like Nigeria. So they will sell SU 37s so as to develop the S 37 Berkut, the MIG 37 and other more advanced stuff.

      • jimmy says:

        Don’t know much about planes,but I know a cash strapped russia when I see a country like Nigeria it becomes a matter of mutual strategic interest, what does this country need,helios, can we supply it ? Do they pay cash? They are not asking for credit,they want spares and training/ company set up? I am sure we russians can do that . T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

    • jimmy says:

      I cannot even begin to contemplate what type of aircraft it would be but the country that has a history of fast turn around times is Russia.This is important to bear in mind. They have the big birds and the history of doing such things in a short window.

  23. Bello says:

    God Bless our Military boys. Well done guys. Many patriots on this blog. A glimmer of hope for true lovers of Nigeria.

  24. Oje says:

    This is Africa’s first high tech insurgency war….err i think…?

  25. beegeagle says:

    Sir Gbash, you can get closer to the specifics by asking the chap if

    * there are Pakistani/Chinese chaps helping to assemble the fighter jets. If he answers in the affirmative, then be sure that we have new JF-17 Thunder jets. If the foreigners are Caucasians, then we have Su-27/30s from Belarus/Russia. The Su-27/30 remain my firm favorites though.

    * Are the jets single-engined or twin-engined? If they are single engined, we have JF-17s. If they are twin-engined, we have Su-27/30s.

    • gbash10 says:

      Roger that ! I will try,however,the primary source is a serving personnel, I don’t know the person,the secondary source is a friend that know I’ m a military enthusiast,especially about aircrafts.

    • AreJames says:

      For reasons of commerciality and international counter espionage, I suspect both fixed wings and rotary going on at the same time would be single sourced for now, which would mean Chi/Pak is not involved yet. Which would mean East European, which would mean….

  26. jimmy says:
    And so it is the tide begins to turn….. the groundswell of goodwill to the armed forces begins to bear fruit. PUBLIC support is important.

  27. COLONEL NGR says:

    I cant wait for the NAF to control the skies again!

  28. Makanaky says:

    Whatever aircraft was delivered I am fine with it, there will be a difference on the battle field. Imagine our rejected F-7 is making a difference as we talk.

  29. gbash10 says:

    Confirmed, Confirmed!!!…..The Sukhoi SU-27 Flanker and the JF-17 Thunder fighter jets are now at Hooooooome!!!
    Congratulations to all BEEGEAGLE’s cyber generals,especially to Gen. Beeg.
    But we also have a problem, a bird is missing since yesterday.

    • jimmy says:

      I can’t take it o oga gbash10 this needs some pictures o we know you have been working on this tirelessly. Oh boy this will be humbling……..truly ,truly humbling.oga peccavi says. Sometimes I take things personal….. in this case you dammn right….. I hope to God the bird that went down the pilot and crew are alright we can always replace the you know what kind of bird it was? T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

      • xnur44 says:

        Jimmy am fine but not quite. I had to loose a trailer in cyberspace. You guys did well when I changed my Avatar (something was definitely brewing within NAF). Two weeks ago I had an attempted hack at 3:14am on my Twitter acc. Then I mentioned the lacklustre Air to Ground support and Maiduguri threat which stir up a baby cyclone and caused a rethink in the ‘situation room, denials didn’t help but they turned out to be TRUE and hopefully proactive measures were taken then bang again! I was denied access to my Twitter acc this Thursday. All is well now.
        Gbash10 thanks for bringing this piece of valuable info to the fore.
        My hacker/trailer foe, I hope am free to speak now that the real info is out in cyberspace.

    • superboi79 says:

      This is great, great, news. New mean machines can’t wait for the next NAF Air show (I go wait o). Our prayers and heart are with the crew of the missing bird, was it a chopper or a plank?
      Pray to God they are alive and found soonest.

    • beegeagle says:

      My brother Gbash, so dreams do still come alive? We own those monsters at last…hehehe!!! Great dawn for the NAF…4G jets, 4G tech Super Tucano COIN aircraft and 40-50 incoming transport, assault and attack helos! The Sleeping Giant has arisen…

  30. gbash10 says:

    Let us celebrate people, we hail NAF leadership for taking the right decisions.
    Enough Guilder to take ooo!
    Gen. Beeg,may be you should open a special thread on these two platforms.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Gbash, shall we NOT offend if Beegeagle announces with a bold headed thread?

      You know our government has not yet released this Su-27 and JF-17 jets information to public, I am just thinking aloud about a little caution and patience…

      Maybe we just manage this small hidden corner where we dey for now, my personal small coconut head opinion.

      Em, em, shay make I go buy drinks and soup for my friends today because after dem chop at my expense, dem boys no go refund anything o !

      Shay na Su-27 Flanker plus JF-17 Thunder ? Not upgraded Pakistani F-7 PG with BVR missiles….em just confirming sir…As I go take risk go declare drink till burst belle for my guys now now…soup go flow, drink go become river….I will come back to see Su-27 and JF-17 Thunder photos later.

      I am already writing Boko Haram’s obituary while they are stll alive !

  31. jimmy says:

    OGA XNUR good to see that you are well,These hackers should get a life, you know oga beegs recently did complain that any time big news is brewing the attempted hacks become almost daily. i guess we have our ” confirmation” now that yes indeed we do have the su27 at the very least and also the jf -17.
    The lack luster air to ground support you described i can confirm to you was true, things started to change right after the denials, and some ” changes” took place.
    Another way to put it is this quote” we we go to work in the morning we do not know when we will come back, the war for both the army and airforce is on now 24/7 till it ends.
    Stay safe.
    p.s I will be checking up on the su27.

  32. gbash10 says:

    My secondary source did ask the necessary questions I told him to ask,Pronounced SUU-27 (SU-27) not 37 and JF-17 Thunder fighter jets,that is what he was told. No pictures, highly classified operationally area,ask anybody the work of those NAF personnels wearing blue-overall with NAF written on their back in the pix of that new Mi-35M .
    Don’t no the type yet,intensive search going on.NA boots on ground said battle area now heavily infested with triple-As owned by BH.On a particular day while the fight was very tense,a lone Alpha jet appeared over the battle-space,immediately more than 10 triple-As where trained in the direction of the A-jet and it climbed high and left the area.
    We need platforms that can launch precision guided munitions to take out all those BH technicals.
    Incidents of bombing own-troops position too is frequent by NAF jets due to poor communication between ground troops and NAF fighter jets over battle area.

    • AreJames says:

      Was the bird flown by NAF pilot or manufacturers’ test pilot?. Do we get warranty replacement?…et.c, et.c.

    • Kay says:

      That’s fantastic news, getting all this gear in! About the threat of AA, I hope a solution can be reached;
      Between nap of the earth flying or very high to avoid damages.

      I think the Americans using their long flight endurance drones were able to communicate strategic targets for their F18s to strike without having to loiter about and attract enemy fire.
      Don’t know how far with GULMA, but I hope by now they’ve succeeded in reducing the noise profile, increase ceiling height and longer endurance.
      There is already a measure of progress with ours, we saw ground stations, mobile control rooms and all. We are well off the commercial drone phase and should not even venture using them as stop gap measures. None met DARPA requirements when asked even with a hundred thousand $ price at stake.
      I don’t know how much the Airforce gets for R&D, but it’ll do well to collaborate with a local private company with access to advanced drone blueprints or universities to continue development on our drone programmes.

  33. Augustine says:

    Oga gbash10, we all appreciate your efforts, not an easy task, so we accept your information no matter how ‘incomplete’. You have tried for this blog.

    NAF I salute you for buying a 4th Generation jet fighter mix as recommended by this blog through Oga Beegeagle and his battalion. Presidency and ALL Nigerian Leaders at all hierarchy levels in Abuja who heard our cries, I salute you.

    Now to the battlefield developments….

    The noise has been made for precision guided munitions for NAF. When the new Mi-35M came in, the house here was agog with celebrations, but I kept telling everyone to talk about the weapons coming with these new birds if we are getting them armed with precision weapons or not, especially laser guided bombs….but my ogas paid little attention because the party mood made their patriotic morale hit the roof-top !

    Oga mi, no precision weapons in an AAA infested zone is death for NAF aircraft in the hands of Boko Anti-Aircraft Guns.

    I am pressed to write a full page long battlefield treatise on anti-aircraft warfare since air defense is one of the key areas I am tr****d on, but celebration mood of my big brothers here will make it an unwanted distraction from the imminent party gyration and popping of champagne !

    Welcome Su-27 Flanker and JF-17 Thunder, this is Nigeria, the great African Misterio that no oracle can understand, except Almighty God himself !

    • smartboy2000 says:

      Perfectly said sir, now that the NAF hardware is beginning to arrive the key question is what armaments do they come with and more importantly is the Ordnance warehouse fully stocked? Sending our wingmen to a kill-zone without the right weapon system would be a bit worrying, because we need to firstly take out these AAA’s as part of our forward-clearance operations in order for the second wave of bombing to be carried out. God Bless Nigeria.

      • Are James says:

        Good comment sir. I will just say no third world country utilizes air frames the way we do.
        We are one of the most resourceful nations on using combat jets. What we have done and are doing with the Alpha jet for instance cannot be replicated anywhere.
        All that is required is the supply chain management of weaponry, spares and consumables and getting manufacturers to establish local facilities for maintenance.

      • Are James says:


  34. beegeagle says:

    JF17 Thunder must not be attempted as our frontline jet and only the Blk II will be acceptable

    Su-27/30….100% endorsed for the NAF. Great speed,manoeuvrability and imperious 3,000-4000km combat radius. A beast by every definition of that word.

  35. beegeagle says:


    With upgrades, the NAF can grab a start-up haul of eight surplus units of Su-27s for US$100 million. We familiarise and then by 2015 begin the induction of Su-30s in incremental batches of four units in 2015 and 2016.


  36. beegeagle says:



    @Oga Are James.

    I actually do not give a hoot about the J10 anyway. An aircraft which has no chance of hitting a combat radius of 1,000 miles with two drop tanks carried in sync with a panoply of armaments, appears to be useless to our geopolitical reality today.

    What do I mean? Our national security interests are more than at anytime before interwoven with the dynamics of our anarchical neighbourhood – from Libya and Algeria in the north, to Sudan and the CAR in the east and Mali in the west.

    Time was in April 2012 when BH insurgents spearheaded the capture of Gao in NE Mali. With a J17 Thunder as the second-tier of our power projection capabilities, and the ALX Super Tucano as third tier/asymmetric warfare mainstay, such aircraft either on internal fuel or with the barest minimum of drop tanks, could have taken off from anywhere in the north of Sokoto State, struck at those airheads at Gao and returned home safely. A JF17 Thunder laps up 1,352km on internal fuel. Compare that to an unimpressive 550km for the J10 in a Nigeria sans in-flight refuelling tankers?

    It is for the same reason that the imperious Su-27/30 with their 3,000-4,000 km range looks like a MUST for Nigeria at any rate. Even six units clustered at the TAC would be for us the strategic reserve when it is time to pull out all the stops. A Su-30 which can do the business in Angola and the DR Congo from Calabar; as far east as Kordofan in The Sudan and everywhere in the CAR from MDGR and YOLA; as far west as Liberia and eastern Guinea from LAGOS and anywhere in Mali from SOKOTO. We must get that strategic CORE regardless of all the sensible moves for JF17 Thunder jets. One does not nearly cancel out the other. We shall go for the JF17s but a complementary light footprint of six Su-30s remains the highest national ideal for air power as far as current realities go. Sixteen units of aging Roland ADMs does not nearly do much for a country the size of Nigeria, assuming that those are the reason why we got caught up in that disagreeable F-7 gaffe.

    The NAF need to raise their aspirations two notches higher. Perpetually obsessing over what some lame airforces around us fly will no longer cut it. It is premised on a flawed threat assessment since I have shown clearly on this board that Algeria, Sudan and Angola can drop bombs on Nigerian territory even today and we have yet to fashion out a response to that reality.

    We can pile on any number of the useful JF17s but the recognisable, standoff signature of the NAF must be the Su-27/30. It is the only reason why Eritrea and Uganda with little else to their airforces are rated as ToP Gun airforces in Africa and a more balanced NAF (consider the totality of surveillance, utility, ground attack, advanced trainer, transport assets) are NOT.

    If threat assessments alone are the issue, why did the SAAF go for Gripen jets when Zambia fly MiG 21-2000s, Zimbabwe fly F7s, Namibia fly F7s and Botswana fly F5s? Nigeria need to stop hiding behind what Ghana and Cameroon have or do not have and give Nigerians an airforce which befits our country’s status in Africa. E be laik we nuh dey shame again sef. People, we need to stop bringing sabres to what is clearly a gunfight.

    Six Su-30s and thirty JF17s should be our target between now and 2019. Come 2020, the NAF should induct six Su-35s in addition. That is all I have got to say.

    • Henry says:

      I hope to God, this piece of news is authentic. After so many years of begging, pleading, coercing, and persuading our military top brass to do the needful, eventually they have listened and acted.

      However, we would still need photos to confirm this story.

      Thank you Oga Gbash10 for this very elating news.

      • beegeagle says:

        hehe..I am sure that photos shall reach us soon enough.

        This was on the cards though. The moment that Belarus frantically dusted up decommissioned Su-27s and reportedly sold six Su-30s to an “unnamed country” and then snippets reached us about NAF pilots training in a small country outside Africa, this was nearly sealed.

      • Henry says:

        Yeah, I know it has been on the cards for sometime. I’m fully aware you reported on the “cherry snippet” a few months back.

        However, the thing is, we’ve had this love/hate relationship with our armed forces, and in areas before, they have disappointed us.

        I also know we have no reason to doubt our very own dependable Oga Gbash10, who dreams of SU-30’s………. LOL…… Oga Gbash10 sef, very funny dude.

        Hopefully like the new MI-35M helicopters, we’ll get to see photos, the Beeg one!!

    • beegeagle says:

      Gentlemen, I have it on good authority by someone whose credibility ratings I would put at CATEGORY A….same league as the sources of my exclusive photos on Shilka Gunnery and Mi-35s THAT

      * the best aeronautical hands in the NAF are assembling two categories of top class fighter jets

      * we have a mix of factory upgraded and brand new assets. I know the number of the upgraded 4G jets but not the brand-new ones. Just like we recommended, the NAF have the most powerful mix of new and used jets in…covering multirole and air superiority tasks and the handicap of short-legged and unambitious homeland defence jets has now been overcome. To the glory of God, we did not fall for the temptation to acquire stripped down Western-made jets with all the foul politics of neocolonial control entailed. We have learned the lessons of past arms embargoes.

      * we are now proud owners of factory upgraded Sukhoi Su-30s, four of which have been fully assembled.

      * we are also proud owners of the open architecture JF-17 Thunder, brand-new assets those. The JF17 can take on Chinese, Russian and Western avionics and munitions. So anyone country’s systems can be substituted if and when they try to play God.

      THANK YOU, GEJ. Thank you to a listening Air Marshal Amosun, worthy CAS extraordinaire. Your courage, forthright communication and good judgement has been crucial to this. Thank you, ONSA. In thee, I am well pleased.

      With the Su-30, JF17, Mi-35M, Mi-171Sh Terminator and ALX Super Tucano, the NAF are looking the most advanced, powerful and modern that the have ever been in their 50 year history. 2012-2015 shall be adjudged to be the NEW GOLDEN age of the NAF. For the first time ever, we have the NAF in the market for an unprecedented 40 combat helicopters. There is a blue moon over Nigeria. Remember when we said that the postponement of the AIR EXPO 2014 meant that we are in line to take delivery of befitting assets and that the expo shall be grand as as can be. I want to be there in conjunction with Ken Iwelumo so we bring the most upstanding reportage and footage to bear on the event. I trust that the NAF shall carry us along. Nigeria shall be the better for it.

      HOPEFULLY, the same transformational touch is extended to the NA and NN as far as offensive systems are concerned. Then, it shall be written that this FG did more for the Nigerian military than the benchmark Shagari regime.

      If I get to see photos, I shall confirm this beyond all doubt. If I have NAF authorisation, I shall publish same so that the party begins without further delay. The biggest TOMBOLA NIGHT ever beckons for the NAF.

      • rka says:

        Fantastic news Oga Beeg. I have the biggest smile on my face. I always knew that the Sukhois were coming because of the incessant rumours. I was a bit more sceptical about the JF-17 arriving sooner rather than later.

        But hey! the NAF has arrived and will not be able to be ignored by the West. The glory days are back with a bang.

        Good hunting ……November, Alpha, Foxtrot.

    • beegeagle says:

      Yes ooo, Oga RKA. By 2015, we shall in one hop from outside the TOP 10 have, OVERALL, the third most powerful and modern airforce in Africa behind EGYPT and ALGERIA. If only we had started off much earlier instead of day-dreaming about Western-made jets which are not up for sale to us.


      F-7 AirGuard


      ALX Super Tucano
      MB 339CD
      Alpha Jet
      Mi-24V/Mi-35P base models
      Mi-24V/Mi-35P night attack models


      Mi-171Sh Terminator

      Lol…this sounds too good. Now, we have a REAL Air Force with wings and power.

      PS: Concerning the sad episode of the missing pilots, we still need to look at the Su-25 Frogfoot. In a war where HMGs/AAMGs are freely used, the soft-skinned Alpha Jet is not so ideal. A Frogfoot is armoured and can withstand 20mm cannon fire, never mind 12.7mm and 14.5mm MGs such as BH wield.

      We can grab eight Su-25 Frogfoot from Russian or Belarussian stocks for US$50-60 million.

    • smartboy2000 says:

      Very well said sir !!!

  37. Are James says:

    In one broad stroke we have secured the north eastern Nigeria ,the Niger delta and all gulf of guinea off shore oil/gas assets with these acquisitions. 4000 km of reach is strategic in every sense. We would wield threatening capabilities that force our neighbours to put their houses in order in terms of checking the influx of insurgents into Nigeria. AQIM gets a yellow card in the west African region.

    Funny enough, if the pace of these acquisitions is continued, in a short time from now Europe and the US will come calling with offers to buy the jets of similar capabilities that they have been keeping away from us all this while.

    • jimmy says:

      I hope and pray that oga gbash is correct,based on his tireless work and oga xnur,it appears ,the. NAF secured a confidential agreement to buy some type of 4th gen aircraft which to me increasingly looks Russian in nature. We know from oga henry that. Nigerian pilots were in russia and according to oga beegs training on the plane took place in a friendly neighbouring country. As far as looking west to see whether they will or will not sell us the weapons it is besides the point.Nigeria has to look at it from a reliability issue , a biz ,pragmatic issue does this country have a reliability issue yes or no.This is not. 1970 the americans have the hummer …..what is the russian equivalent……what is the south african ……german equivalent.The same with tanks,planes,ships.Nothing about friends or now we bought from mr a ….will mr b now look favorably. Look at the Iraqi problem,it keeps getting worse not better,may his soul rest in peace but has any of the air strikes stopped any of the beheadings no it has not.That is the cruel reality that Nigeria needs to remember. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  38. beegeagle says:

    Well, if those offers come from the West, it would teach us the lifetime lesson that we, first of all, have to take ourselves seriously if we expect others to do same.

    REF the Belarussian option

  39. gbash10 says:

    NTA AM Express 7:00am news confirmed the missing bird to be an Alpha jet,search and rescue operation is on to find the crew,statement from DHQs.

  40. Yagazie says:

    Gentlemen- this news on the acquisition of 4G jets by the NAF has made my morning. Three hearty cheers for our President, our Defence Minister, Chief of Defence Staftt, Chief of Air Staff, our NSA as well as all those who made these acquistions come to pass – our esteemed Madam NOI you are included in this group.

    Oga gbash10 and Oga Beegz – thanks to you both for the initial report and subsequent confirmations respectively. All the other cybergenerals on this blog who campaigned ceaselessly on this blog for the acquistion of these fighters for our NAF also deserve a special mention. I salute una!!

    However I must confess that I am not surprised about the Su-27/30 acquisition as that had always been on the cards ever since the Belorussians announced the upgrade of 6 units of Su-30Mks and confirmed sale of same to an ‘unidentified country’ – those in the know, know about our country’s penchant for secrecy- so it was only a matter of time before our justified/reasonable suspicions were confirmed.

    With regards to the Su-27/30s, I would suggest that we liaise closely with the Ethopians and their airforce, namely because they have similar aircraft in their inventory which they operated for quite a number of years, , have combat experience with this aircraft type used (aerial warfare with Eritrea) and are the only country in Africa who have the facilities for carring out all the deep level maintainance on the Su-27s.

    Moving on- like Oliver Twist, may i humbly state that we now have to begin a NEW CAMPAIGN ON THIS BLOG on an important related matter – and that is the question of having a new and/or upgraded INTERGRATED COMMAND AND CONTROL AIR DEFENCE SYSTEM..

    Now that we have 4G jets and an operational civilian TRACON system in place at our airports, the need to upgrade our Rowland air defence missile systems as well as the purchase of a purely millitary rader (if we do not already have one) has become imperative.

    Our defence planners should as a matter of utmost national priority – give serious consideration to ensuring the purchase of either the Russian S-300 missile system (sealed rounds which require no maintainance over their life time, with a deployment time of 5 minutes and the ability to track 100 targets simultaneously and engage 12-36 targets at once) or the Chinese HQ 9 missile system (which unlike the S-300 missile system uses the state of the art AESA radar). As we are now the proud owners of both the Russian Su 27/30s and the Chinese/Pakistani JF-17 Thunder aircraft in our inventory it would make sense to have either of these air defence missile systems as part of our air defence inventory.

    Remember that at the time we purchased the Rowland missile system back in the 1980s, Lagos was our country’s capital. Fast forward to 2014 and a lot of developments have occured in the intervening THIRTY YEARS.

    – Now our nations capital is ABUJA which as our seat of govt is fully functional. It needs to be protected by a capable missile defence system.

    – Lagos/Ibadan/Agbara are our commercial/Industrial/nerve centres in the South West and also need to be protected by a missile defence system.

    -Port Harcourt/Onne/Warri/Yenagoa in the South South are our oil/gas production nerve centres and our deep sea oil/gas rigs, export terminals in Forcados, Brass and Bonny need to be protected by a missile defence system.

    – Kaduna and Kano which are our industrial hubs in the North also need to be protected by a missile defence system.

    – ditto our industrial hub of Onitsha-Nnewi- Aba in the South East.

    – Then there is our Iron and Steel Complex at Ajaokuta as well as our various Power Plants both thermal and hydo situated in varous parts of our great nation.

    – I have not mentioned our various airbases/naval installations or army formations all over the country that need to be protected by the missile shield umbrella.

    It thus behoves our defence planners to upgrade our missile defence systems and acquire an up to date millitary rader (possibly based at TAC Makurdi) which is totally independent of the TRACON system as well as ensure that we have a robust command and control air defence network into which our Su-27/30s, our JF-17s and F-7s are intergrated.

    So my esteemed fellow cyber warriors, let us now begin the campaign for the acquistion of either the russian S-300 or Chines HQ-9 missile systems for use as part of our country’s intergrated air defence role. If however there are better systems out there then please let us know.

    It goes without saying that obtaining a western system should be a big no-no (threat of sanctions etc). What do you think?

    Oga Beegz may I respectfully suggest that you open a separate thread for this particular project if you deem it appropriate.

    Going off on another tangent, I would suggest that now we have 4G fighters in our country’s millitary arsenal, our 12 units of MB339s which are being upgraded to CD standards (please the Govt should release the necessary funds to ensure that these planes are upgraded/returned asap- as this planned upgrade has been ongoing for donkey years-haba!!) should be optimised for maritime operations in a strike role and together with our recently upgraded ATR-42 500 MPAs and navalised Alpha Jets, form part of our Air Maritime Group and based in either Benin, Calabar or Port-harcourt – as has been suggested previoulsy on this blog.

    Finally may GOD continue to bless and protect our dear country as well as our brave men and women in uniform who do their best to keep us all safe.

    • tim says:

      How did you get the info about the jet?

    • CHYDE says:

      On the issue of Ariel defence, i totally agee with you, i’ve been thinking in that direction as well (you forgot to mention our refineries as well), in addition to getting subs for the Navy (Qing class subs or Amur class come to mind for now). Our military deserve the best. I am happy about the Sukhoi’s

    • Are James says:

      Thanks Yagz. Everything here is supported.

    • AreJames says:

      If we buy an S300 missile based integrated air defence system or the Indian equivalent today, Obama himself will request a state visit tomorrow. There are a number of powerful ways a country moves in defence and security matters that will command respect of its peers and inspire the confidence of its investment partners that foundational defence and security infrastructure exists to protect their investments, a modern, multi layered and integrated air defence system is one of them.

  41. beegeagle says:

    Gentlemen, it is time to put our best foot forward. I have said time and again that this blog is viewed at the topmost level of our DEFSEC architecture. So stop going on and on about whether or not they are listening. That amounts to stating the obvious. To my knowledge, two of the TOP 6 citizens of Nigeria visit this corner. You saw the Gen Olukolade’s most welcome and heartwarming retweet of a photo yesterday.

    While we were at it yesterday, believe me when I say that a service chief was browsing through these pages.

    Therefore, we have reached the TERMINAL POINT of abuses and personal insults on this blog. We must now focus on the issues and forget about the distractions. I assure you that it is what the big men who make choices for us want to see. If you have nothing objective to say, please keep it in and ONLY read. Mek nobody show imsef o.

    Subsequently, we shall expeditiously terminate the commenting status of ANY unruly or quarrelsome blogger without recourse to any explanations. While we are at it, remember to keep out the four-letter words or if you cannot help yourself, make it #$%&. Discuss but do not fight. It is time to get serious. We all have to shape up or risk being shipped out.

    Thank you, sirs

    • tim says:

      General beeg you have a big head! Smiles…… a little humour should be allowed though

      • Augustine says:

        ….and maybe a few female bloggers to reduce the tension of 20 brothers inside one house all trying to prove a point from different points of view.

        Israeli male soldiers perform better in training when the female soldiers are there watching them.

        Where are the Nigerian females who know about military or security stuff? Just thinking aloud sha.

      • AreJames says:

        The only female blogger we allowed here reduced everything to insults and then we later found she was a cross dresser.

    • smartboy2000 says:

      My Lord CyberGeneral BeegEagle, thanks for the word of encouragement above. In this blog are a group of Gentlemen who have good levels of understanding of the Nigerian Military Framework. As Gentlemen, we are here to have an intelligent conversation and sometimes we have to agree to disagree. This platform is an arena of discussion for like- minds and giving each other due respect even when we disagree is what is going to make us stand out above the rest. Keep up the good work sir, and God Bless.

  42. lordfej says:

    in the ongoing spirit of transformation please the signal corp and supplies corp shouldn’t be ignored God Bless Nigeria

  43. Augustine says:

    beegeagle says:
    September 14, 2014 at 12:50 pm

    PS: Concerning the sad episode of the missing pilots, we still need to look at the Su-25 Frogfoot. In a war where HMGs/AAMGs are freely used, the soft-skinned Alpha Jet is not so ideal. A Frogfoot is armoured and can withstand 20mm cannon fire, never mind 12.7mm and 14.5mm MGs such as BH wield.

    We can grab eight Su-25 Frogfoot from Russian or Belarussian stocks for US$50-60 million.

    Reply :

    Oga Beegeagle, I agree with you we need to think over this option with Boko anti-aircraft defenses growing wild and threatening out soft skinned Alpha jets.

    I am still thinking to write a long analysis on air defense vs close air support/ground attack, but the atmosphere seems not ripe now, plenty champagne overflow from cups and even buckets as we drink to celebrate the entrance of NAF Su-30 and JF-17 jets.

    Oga Beegeable, your choice of Su-25 Frogfoot as option against Boko’s AAA guns is also my thought since I read about the crash of our Alpha jet yesterday. I agree with you and I second the motion !

    Alpha Jet has no bullet proof armour to resist enemy anti-aircraft ammunition.

    Super Tucano will resist 7.62mm ammunition around .

    Mi-24/35 Hind will resist 12.7mm ammunition.

    Su-25 Frogfoot will resist 20mm cannon ammunition.

    ZSU-23-Wicked-4 anti-aircraft guns will be the only problem remaining for NAF pilots (We pray and fast that MANPAD shoulder launched missiles never get into Boko’s hands). However, there are air combat tactics and hardware to defeat the ZSU-23-4 Wicked AAA guns of Boko Haram.

    Acquisition of the Su-25SM Frogfoot may warrant retirement, storage or sale of some other aircraft to reduce NAF operating costs. Alpha jets, L-39 Albatross, F-7 jets can be sold or moved into maintained long term storage. Too many aircraft types in service inventory can be a post-war maintenance and financial problem.

    Young nations or small air forces can be interested to buy these aircraft we off-load…South Sudan, Ghana, Congo DRC, Mali, Sierra Leone, Liberia, etc, might be willing buyers if we offer them our logistics and manpower support along with our decades of experience with these jets.

    South Africa sold her Mirage-Cheetah jets to Ecuador to reduce burden of too many aircraft types in service.

    Night attack version, modernized and upgraded Su-25SM Frogfoot ground attack/close air support jets is now available second hand from Russia at cheap and affordable prices, Iraq just purchased and received some Su-25 to fight ISIS in record time purchase and delivery time frame of about 2 weeks !

    Watch the Su-25 Frogfoot in this video surviving close range test fire of 20mm cannon as in a battle zone with enemy triple A defenses,

  44. Oje says:

    Not all Russian aircraft are reliable, its avionics is crap. Good for countries like the ivory coast or Sudan but not Nigeria. No serious military flies this. Ill take the Warthog over the Frogfoot any day.

    • saleh says:

      Lol, I don’t think it’s good for us to go through a debate for western airframes again. We just recovered from cobra and sea sprite issue. Warthogs are cool and can bring a lot of devastation to BHT but we know they won’t sell lethal equipment to us therefore su-25 is very fine with me

    • Are James says:

      SU 25 reliability is an issue but not a big problem, the likely problem is life extension issues with old airframes and not having modern counter measures. Ukrainian rebels have brought down about three so far with missiles not AAAs.
      Avionics is not as good as western but dozens of companies have solutions to that now. What avionics do you need to navigate in country and drop ordnance on Boko Haram?. Advanced western aircraft don’t have the protection of the SU 25 except the Warthog which nobody will sell to us.
      I say let us buy a dozen with zeroed hours (Belarus or Israel will do that for you), with modern counter measures and modern weapon delivery gear to plug this capability gap in the BokoHaram bursting business.

    • CHYDE says:

      My Oga Oje don show again o, Warthog, hehehe. You’ve haerd about the US willing to give only non lethal aid, you heard abt the Cobra helo controversy( very old air frames I hear) and yet you still dream abt Warthogs, bro let’s face reality, our Defence have realised that that angle (West) is a no-no, so abeg mek we leave tory for tortoise, lol

  45. beegeagle says:

    The day that XNur44 emerged with his new Sukhoi avatar, I knew we had netted the behemoths….hehehe. Gbash10 said something about that pic being one of a Su-30 of a PLAAF demo team.

    Well, tis the dawn of a new era. We have a FIGHTING FIT airforce on the make..Mi-35M, Mi-171Sh Terminator, ALX Super Tucano, JF17 Thunder and the beast from the East…the imperious Su-30.

    Now the NAF are truly WILLING, ABLE and READY. Gone are the days of empty boasts about being able to defend our country when all we had were 3.5G F-7NI AirGuard jets.

    • jimmy says:

      Oga Beegeagle I was the same way the day oga xnur changed his moniker .I went a researching I very ,very reluctantly began to believe that the people who control the purse strings finally albeit reluctantly were beginning to the big picture.Nigeria needs to win this, and Nigeria needs to have a modern airforce not shiny toys sometimes like oga p will tell me and their sometimes is an element of truth to it. The real eye opener is that how much damage psychologically military rule did to our airforce.GEJ the so called soft ruler ironically is the one who actually will go down in history as actually re equipping the armed forces. The so called strong ruler obj in reality lived up to his reputation of running from his own shadow and other than being forced to buy some useless apcs and some bottom of the barrel airplanes did not do anything noteworthy. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  46. alade says:

    All hail the Nigerian military,Oga beegs congratulations….. I can bet u that something big is about to happen in the Nigerian defense sector…… Nigerian Air Force C-130 hercules have been flying in low altitude since thursday going in & out of muritala mohammed int’l airport… i can’t take my eyes away from the sky .I smell something very big about to happen……… it brings back the memory when Oga Beegs went AWOL just imagining how we would have been @ this time without this blog…………. 2 crates of ORIJIN for u Oga Beegs & every bloggers here, u all 10 much…

  47. doziex says:

    I still don’t believe what I am hearing.

    Diaris God. O !!

    Congrats to Beegeagle, and all our cyber generals.

    To be honest, I had given up hope.

    Oga president, It’s about time you prove me wrong.

    Now, when NAF says there is an air strike, we would know indeed, there was an air strike.

  48. Oje says:

    what are you hearing?

  49. Oje says:

    Still cant reconcile in my head the fact that we once had this asset 2 decades ago when we were poor relative to today.

  50. Are James says:

    Any suggestions as to way forwards with the F7 NI jets?.
    I know upgrade packages exist for BVR missiles and PGMs a la the Bangladeshi models.
    I think it would be a mistake to write these planes off anyway. They bring some intermediate capabilities into the mix and they are also from the venerable MIG 21 stock for Christ sakes. Rugged old bastards with some early 4th gen. technology thrown in. What should we be doing with them??

    • jimmy says:

      We supposedly inducted them into service 2007-2008 so 2017 being generous would give us 10 years of service at which time they should be given literally@ sharply discounted prices to a friendly nation bangladesh comes to mind.however if as expected the mordernisation of the Naf continues they should be shipped out sooner to make room. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

    • doziex says:

      Oga are,
      Let’s mount them in front of 10 new NAF air bases. Lol.

    • CHYDE says:

      Do away with them and replace with the Yak 130 abeg

    • Yagazie says:

      @Are James, – my take on the way forward for the F7 NI jets is that we either upgrade them to F7 PG standards as operated by the Pakistan Airforce. for use in a point defence role (ground control intercept?) or (provided we have a sufficient number of JF-17s), transfer them to the recently established AWC at Kainji for use as very advanced jet figher trainers.

      We certainly should not sell them or even contemplate giving them away to any other country. We gifted our L-29s to Ghana and today they criticise/insult us abi? We gave away patrol boats to Equitorial Guinea to enable them start their Navy- how has that paid us today?

      The era of Nigeria playing the ‘big benevolent brother’ (which in any event was never appreciated by the recipients) is over.

      • jimmy says:

        You know what? Come to think of it you are right.let us start keeping the things we buy .It does seem like the bh crisis started everybody is a lecturer. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  51. Bigbrovar says:

    I am still internalizing this news and its broad strategic importance to Nigeria inline with our current security challenges and broader responsibilities in the African sub region. Very few countries in Africa and virtually non south of the sahara has the assortment of capabilities currently at the disposal of NAF.. an indigenous drone program, 10 medium and heavy lift planes, about half a dozen ISTAR including the Alenias ATR(+ their ELINTS capabilties).. trainners and light jets and finally the missing piece of our Air defence 4th Gen multirole jets.. In one sweep our NAF finally has teeth and the capability to project and protect our interest within and beyond.

    For me the next step (after of cause dealing with Boko Yeye) is focus on training especially with regards to Joint operations.. ability to effectivitly conduct joint operations is one area we need to improve on drastically as recent event has shown. We are getting better but we still have some way to go. It is my hope that after all this is over, lots of joint and live fire exercise are conducted in other to improve the synegy amongst our armed forces. exercises like Operation sea dog 1985, Operation and Takute Ekpe 2004 all revealed holes in our capabilities to conduct successful joint ops.. even the successful ops Ologun Meta still revealed critical communication lapse in our conduct of joint operations. The ability of NAF to lift tanks, APC and heavy Artillery to trouble zone via helicopter will go along way.

    • Yagazie says:

      @Bigbrovar – wetin now? how you come lef out our rotary wing assets like the heavylift helos (Super Puma), medium lift helos (Puma) and the light utility helicopters (AW 109s) plus our attack hinds Mi-24/35s (all variants) from the arsenal. PLUS of course our VVIP Presidential fleet.

      Come to think of it- what has happened to the B737-400 that was purchased ostensibly for troop transport /budding NAF Airline during the tenure of Air Marshall (as he then was) Badeh when he was the CAS?

      • Bigbrovar says:

        Oga no vex.. I don hit send before remembering I left out a whole fleet of mean rotatory machines.. Wetin we need do now is work out maintenance strategy for this birds with focus on increase indigenous capacity.

  52. demola says:

    you forgot to add seven new ATRs acquirred by namisa

    • AreJames says:

      Seven is a little too much. MAybe two more and lots of sensor upgrades and software upgrades.

      • rka says:

        There is never such a thing as too many airframes and certainly having 9 in total is not too many when you take into consideration 24 hour patrols, aircraft maintenance down time, technical issues, number of missions carried out simultaneously and so on.

        Same reason we need many more helos and fighter jets.

  53. gbash10 says:

    Another IL-76 transport plane flew over Makurdi yesterday,now which NAF fighter jet leaves a trail of black smoke while flying at supersonic speed? Two birds left TAC in the afternoon heading towards the Kaduna/Kano direction with black smoke trailing behind,they were carrying drop- tanks under their wings.
    My thought is that ,the NAF were on a test flight with the JF-17 Thunder fighter jets.
    Any info about the crew of the downed Alpha jet ?
    @ Oga Tim,your question na JAMB one o!
    @Oga Yagz,I hail you ooo! True talk about this blog focusing on the late model Russian S-300 PMU2 Favourite/SA-20 Gargoyle and S-400 Triumfy/SA-21 Growler or the Chinese FD-200/HQ-9 IADS SAM.
    We need them with the pantsir S1 SPAAGM AAA to protect our assets.

  54. lordfej says:

    a video confirming the production of the JF17 BLOCK 11 THUNDER

  55. Oje says:

    The Nigerian air force is getting its Mojo Back. If these deliveries are made on time you realise with 40 helicopters and a considerable number of SU 27 and JF 17 and the already existing logistics assets and aerial surveillance Nigeria has with a stroke of a pen become the biggest and most powerful airforce in black Africa? ok maybe behind Ethiopia but stil…

  56. beegeagle says:

    That’s so on point, Are James.

    The new NAF would rank higher in potency than the EtAF. Even on a light footprint of six Su-30s and a dozen JF17s, that marginally edges out a dozen Su-27s.

    For point defence, our 3.5G F-7s would be more advanced than their MiG 21s.

    For ground attack, our dozen MB 339CDs…lead-in fighter trainers for the Typhoon – would be adjudged as being more advanced than their MB 339. We would field ALX Super Tucanos to which they have no answer.

    For rotary wing assets, our upgraded night vision-compliant Mi-24V/Mi-35P attack helos, Mi-171Sh Terminator and Mi-35Ms would pack more punch and be more advanced.

    For ISR, only Nigeria, SA and Angola possess ELINT capability in Black Africa today and our Alenia Surveyor planes are the most modern of the lot.

    Algeria will remain ahead with about 65 MiG 29s and Su-30s, several dozens of upgraded Mi-24s and Mi-28 Havoc.

    We started out late but we shall get there. The NAF have gone totally contemporary. We now need to grab about three C130s from ex-US stocks and restore all G222s to full airworthiness.

    Thank God we have an Air FORCE again….for the first time since the days of the late Air Marshal Alfa. The FG takes the credit for that because for decades, a succession of faint-hearted regimes have failed to place the NAF on the map of consequential air powers. Now, a new vista beckons.

  57. beegeagle says:

    Lol…Oga Henry mek u relax na?

    One was merely saying that ASSUMING a start-up haul of “six Su-30s and twelve JF17s”. I was not confirming any numbers, even as I was only given numbers for the Sukhoi but not the JF17 fighter jets. To be sure, we should be looking to grab a minimum of 30 JF17 Blk 2s and Blk 3s by Dec 2017 at the latest.

    If we have plunged in at the deep end (which is highly unlikely), we really should not go for more than six units of the Block I variant. But I am almost certain that we got Blk 2s.

    Remember the visits by the incumbent CDS (then CAS) to Pakistan in November 2012 and the May 2013 visit of his Pakistani counterpart? At the time, we suggested that the timing of his visit and the itinerary suggested that we were on the cusp of owning a consequential number of Mi-171Sh Terminator and JF17s. Indeed, the Pakistanis visited the 207 Special Mobility Group which is the mother unit of the Terminator and they also visited the Logistics, Training and Tactical Air Commands at LAG, KD and MKD.

    Haven shown their hand in mentoring NAF F-7 crews, I suspect that the same relationship shall suffice on the Terminator and the JF17s, both of which exist in the PAF inventory. There appears to be an emerging pattern whereby we acquire assets from the big powers of the East (China and Russia) and thereafter, to keep things on a low keel, seek training and maintenance support from their most strategic allies such as Pakistan and Belarus.

    Going forward, it is IMPERATIVE for us to seek mastery of the Su-30s with full Indian support. Nobody except the Russians are as dexterous on the type as the Indians are. We need to pep up our age-long military ties with India again. I concede the fact that Nigeria’s military ties to Israel and Pakistan have a lot to do with striking a balance between Christian and Muslim interests. That was where and how ties with mostly Hindi India cooled off. Otherwise, we have so much to gain from ties with India, not least COIN training for troops and Police CTU and of course, MiL and Sukhoi training programs.

    Back to the useful JF17, that multirole jet is remarkable for its Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) systems and open architecture and it can take on Chinese and Western systems alike. It is the evidence that we learned lessons. For practically every component, there is a plethora of systems available from western sources, Israel, China and elsewhere. “VERSATILE” best describes the airframe which can even launch C802/C803 missiles, aside from a comprehensive and diverse panoply of armaments from everywhere. Ground attack, interdiction…name it, she has something to offer. We have a new workhorse for the NAF.

    It appears that with minor amendments such as improved avionics and air refueling capability, talk of Block IIs rolling out early in 2014 were feasible. Whatever the numbers requisitioned by the PAF in the early production run, a startup delivery of six units for the NAF produced in tandem is not unfathomable. I restate my belief that got Block II variants.

    Let us grab eighteen JF17 Block IIs now and by 2017, God willing, add twelve Blk IIIs to the haul. That way, we do not need to bother about upgrades for a decade. This would not be so if we snapped up Blk Is since we would be pushing for immediate upgrades except we intend to dedicate about six Block 1s to exclusive ground attack roles.

    In that case, six Block 1s, twelve Block 2s and twelve Block 3s should be the way to go.

    POSTSCRIPT: Where are all my men with photos on this and in the Northeast? NORINCO, BVST and POLY TECHNOLOGIES are reportedly doing so well with supporting our quest for optimum provisioning.We need to see new mortars, RCLs, AGLs and armour.

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