BAKU, September 12.

Russia concluded last month an agreement with Nigeria on the deliveries of a considerable consignment of Russian Mil Mi-series military helicopters, which are called Hip in line with NATO classification, a senior official with the state-owned high-tech corporation Rostec said on Friday.

“In August, not that much long ago, a contract was signed with
Nigeria on the deliveries of [Russian] helicopters,” Sergei
Goreslavsky, a deputy director general of Rostec, said at the ADEX-2014 international defense exhibition in Azerbaijan.“We are talking here about a significant number of Mi-171Sh helicopters and several Mi-35M helicopters,” Goreslavsky added.

He added that Mi-171Sh helicopters and other Mi modifications
are very popular in other African states.
“Mozambique expressed its interest and we plan to work in this
direction at the upcoming exhibition in South Africa,”
Goreslavsky added.


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  1. saleh says:

    I guess these are deliveries taking place now. A nice move to the east, next should be fixed wings

    • doziex says:

      It’s about fricking time !!!

      Our people Na wah O !!! , we always had the ability to make this significant “war reversing” purchase.

      So what were our officials waiting for ? Only God knows.

      It is said that a stitch in time, saves nine.

      Now that somebody is awake, please follow up with the SU-25 frogfoots , they loiter longer, carry a heavier bomb load, and can survive AAA way better than NAF’s current alpha jets.
      SU-24 fencers would also gave NAF a long range heavy strike ability to neutralized BH and affiliated training camps in Cameroon, chad and further afield.

      The 4th gen. SU-27/30 is a multirole beast that would cover all NAF’s capability short falls.

      Making due with F-7NI’s and Alpha jets with their low endurance above target, and even lower bomb load is a very ineffective way to utilize air power.

      We need assets, affordable assets, that would give us the biggest bang for our buck.

      GIVE ‘EM HELL.

    • naijaseal says:

      Well done beegeagle blog for breaking this story.
      I also saw this story carried later this evening by TVC news in the UK.

      Godspeed to NAF!

    • beegeagle says:

      Hehe…for a normally precise RIA NOVOSTI, THIS photo of a MiG 29 which replaced the Mi-35M which was there as of yesterday is rather telling. Methinks they are telling us something which is not contained in the report. Notice that the tags include both rotary wing types and there is also a tag which reads “MIG”

      Why would they remove the Mi-35M photo which was there and replace it with a MiG photo….a jet whose acquisition was not included in the news report???

      They are just telling you in a coy manner that “Nigeria also signed a contract for MIGs”. Think about that possibility. Whatever happens, the NAF are in the throes of a total transformation.

  2. Deway says:

    Finally, we face the East for our 40 helicopter requirement.

  3. AreJames says:

    Agree with @Saleh now that deliveries may have commenced. You pay a premium and you can get everything in 3 months…I think.

  4. gbash10 says:

    It seems this is a different order from the earlier 6 units of Mi-35M and some Mi-171 choppers .
    It could also be that the US have turn down the request to sell those their tokumbo CH-47 and Kaman SH-2G(E) Seasprites helicopters to Nigeria again, after scuttling the deal to purchase tokumbo AH-1W Cobra attack helicopters from Israel.

  5. rugged7 says:

    I dey dance *skelewu*
    Thank God! We face east- finally!!
    Our brasshats are good 2 go.

  6. jimmy says:

    I want to say this with the greatest amount of respect to ALL our BLOGGERS, There are people that are very influential that read this blog, IMHO people who control the purse strings follow what we say as such we should be watchful.
    It is very important to note that the contract was signed as noted by OGA HENRY in AUGUST , prior to that there was article upon article about those 35 year old COBRAS / SEA KINGS/ SEA SPRITE, and 70% were extremely negative . We were supposed to be getting the bulk of the 40 helicopters from America.Now this is no longer the case I SPECULATE.
    I have put this in speculative terms because I have no OFFICIAL CONFIRMATION on this and i respect the integrity of this blog too much to be a rumor monger. Five things happened:
    1) Oga menatta mentioned the deal for the 35 year old cobras had been scuttled and the isis war in IRAQ whereby Iraq having paid for it’s F-16 from America were still not able to get their planes. Russia stepped in and supplied Helios and planes within a week.
    2) Some one in NIGERIA looked at that incident and truly believed after reading beegs that the same thing would happen to Nigeria,In short America cannot be trusted to sell or deliver on time. Pontification and human rights and make- sure- you-conduct- an election is good for the soul but does not win an insurgency war.
    3) It is also very apparent that the modernization of the NAF is going to be going on through out this war and beyond .Every pilot in the NAF must/ will earn how at the very minimum to fly/ bomb/ evacuate/ extract /transport personnel with equipment at Night.
    4) I hope to GOD someone is reading what I am writing, 40 is the number that is a minimum of 20/ mi17s and 20 MI35M. Please I am sorry they should be spanking brand new , WE KNOW THE RUSSIANS WILL DELIVER THEM ON TIME,Please let us do this the right way give the Ruskies the cold cash let them load them into THE ANTONOVS.No middle men from Israel with shady names govt- to- govt ONLY.
    5) I plead with the powers that be that they should stick with the decision , the do- gooders, the besotted American lovers will come out in force and try to scuttle this deal telling us how we will be getting the Apaches , The C-17 is on it’s way no they aree not .Please hold firm let us get on with THE FINAL PHASE OF THIS WAR.
    God bless Nigeria.
    Good morning GENTLEMEN.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga jimmy I agree with your short treatise above, and may Nigerian leaders and rulers listen to your patriotic advise.

      Shugaban kasar Nijeriya, whatever your level in the hierarchy or arm of government, you are our shugaba, please do something accordingly. Mungode so sai.

    • Akin Oges says:

      Well spoken my Oga. And this point again (it must be highlighted): no more middle-men in our procurement process; country to country it must be now. And with money to hand, Russia/Belarus/China will provide us all the hardware we need. Going forward, we must not permit any (bully-boy) nation(s) to hold us to ransom as a nation. Enough of the master/boi boi covenant. Thumbs up to the guys at the frontline. Doing us proud. Victory is yours.

    • ocelot2006 says:

      I’m actually hoping that a majority of those incoming 40 helos will be the Mi-17s. We need them badly.

  7. Augustine says:

    Okay, now it may be a sign that America has blocked Nigeria’s agreed purchase of USMC and Israeli helicopters in our time of war and desperate need, very likely but I have no proof yet.

    Warning bells for Nigeria not to buy Kfir Block 60 Jets from Israel with American engines, one day the Americanas will turn our Kfir jets into metal junk like the British did to our Jaguar jets.

    Thank you Obama, you are a real ‘African’ in oyinbo skin, thank you o, O se pupo, Na gode, Da alu !

    • ocelot2006 says:

      I’m totally not surprised about Obama ‘ s “support”. As a matter of fact, I dare say that the previous POTUS, George W. Bush, was a far better friend to Nigeria.

  8. jimmy says:

    I know this is a DEFENSE BLOG
    But today I prostrate for a true Heroine of Nigeria may her Brave gentle soul rest in peace.

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Jimmy, I respect your hustle sir.
      R.I.P to all those who willingly quarantined themselves, ultimately giving their lives to protect humanity. Dr. Ameyo Adadevoh and others who remain unnamed, true heroes. Now, Nigeria has to extend such heroism to the rest of west Africa, because our sister nations need us, more urgently than ever.

  9. gbash10 says:

    Cyber generals, the Chinese military Aviation industry have developed exponentially to sell a lot hi-tech aircrafts and their respective munitions.
    Some good example are the Russian SU-27/J-11B,BS, SU-30/J-16A Sino-Flankers,multirole fighter jets, US Sikorsky Black Hawk/Z-20 helicopter, C-17 III Globe Master/Y-20 heavylifter plane.
    The US Predator/Reaper drone(Wing Loong armed drone) which has been acquired by Saudi Arabia, the first export customer.
    The Hummvee/Donfeng vehicle series etc.

    • AreJames says:

      All eminently unreliable. This is the major issue with Chinese. Do you know developing a good enough Chinese aircraft engine is currently a national emergency there?. They are throwing money at it with competency centres, reverse engineering centres, research centres et.c
      On the other hand look at our humble Franco/German Alpha Jet. Take off, Cruise, Attack and Land, …day in day out for decades. When you do PDM, you check airframes for fatigue cracks and you find none, all rivets have not have not distorted as well. You look inside the engines and all blades are still intact, no, et.c.. Your AVIONICS don’t fail on you unpredictably et.c
      Our AVMs, ANd are not exactly fools when they lust after western aircraft. We definitely should diversify but I say we do it astutely with priority in the order of Friendly Western- East Europen – Asian. With western stuff get enough strategic spares, develop local capacity and try a lot of reverse engineering… the way Iran has done. With Asian stuff, do a lot of research on service history of the aircraft, do comprehensive evaluation from the reliability stand point then partner with them for joint improvement programs because they are probably going to learn from you about their own jets as well.

  10. odion777 says:

    Got this from Daily Trust and they are a good source of NE news, 120 BK killed in Konduga last night.

  11. COLONEL NGR says:

    Good news! Now is the time to train and retrain our pilots to be excellent with this birds. Technicians and Engineers need to be trained to maintain them.
    There is news that the NA laid an ambush today in koduga decimating several insurgents.
    Thanks again to Oga beeg for this blog.

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga COLONEL NGR. I respect your hustle sir.
      So we hear, it seems bokohomos are beginning to have a taste of their own medicine, it truly is a bitter pill to swallow, hopefully their inebriated state would wear off quicker than the legs on bingo. Ambush, outmaneuver, encircle, decimate, simple as a, b, c. bokohoms really need to wake up and smell the coffee, abi na kunu, lolz, either way, time’s running out for these sub humans. They gravely underestimated the will, courage, and tenacity of the Nigerian Armed Forces. By now, it shouldn’t be news that Nigeria most times enjoy being categorized as the underdog, even when evidence and facts point to the contrary, times when you count her out, she bares her teeth, mercilessly chowing on bones and tendons, dealing a hefty blow to those who dear underestimate its prowess. Nigerian democratic politics, as senile as it may look, serves a crucial purpose, it provides Nigeria the much needed time, space and impetus to agree on a strategy, but best believe, when that plan begins to unfold, on-lookers wonder, nod their head in amazement, uttering sentences like, “what was Nigeria waiting for?” She’s waits for nobody, she takes no permissions either, she moves at her own pace, all she asks of you is to have faith and be strong, rest assured that she gets the job done.

  12. odion777 says:

    I think it was a bloodbath in Konduga, even the Boko Haram camera man was killed and lots of technical confiscated.

  13. odion777 says:

    it seems Sahara reporters is coming here to take pic posted by Beeagle, look at the link below and the pictures of Beeagle on Sahara reporters website.

    • Obix says:

      Yes, oga odion777. At least they gave credit to Beeg unlike before!

      • Henry says:

        Oga Obix, this is the most important thing. Recognition for tireless work. The army also gave credit to beeg. I seen that particular photo in 20 other locations, and they all gave credit to the Beeg one.

  14. jimmy says:

    OGA ODION bloggers please forgive me but the thing wey sweetmy belle well well be the camera suddenly realise he do become part of the move the thing be say e fore edit the video then for just give one minute haba 7 why una no give one more minute kai 🙂

  15. jimmy says:

    *he don become part of the movie*

  16. COLONEL NGR says:

    Hahhahah jimmy, you can say that again. Its good we are getting reliable intelligence and utilising them adequately.

  17. Are James says:

    Just 200 fighters to take the whole of Maiduguri?. This was either a feint, a lure, a probe or they were smoking expired weed.

    • saleh says:

      Most likely the recent denial of free movement to BHT by the NAF made them decide to attack with that number. Their main effort was likely to be the resultant panic that would have being caused by the media

    • asorockweb says:

      Taking a large city requires several days of fighting. Konduga is a good staging point for BH.

      Konduga is about half way between Maiduguri and Bama.

      Does this mean that Bama is in BH hands?

    • rugged7 says:

      O boy, weed dey expire?

    • asorockweb says:

      They are not smoking expired weed.

      BH could take only 10days to train it’s entry level cadre.

      Only the skilled cadre – the commanders, the engineers, the gunners and the recruiters are important to them.

  18. Are James says:

    When we say the truth on this blog they call us conspiracy theorists. There was the truth of helicopter re-supplies to Bomo Haram. They all said no proof, so it can’t be taken as fact. So not being fact it cannot be true. Everybody in denial and acting ‘intellectual”.
    Maybe after 20000 lost lives and BBC/CNN insulting us daily, the truth is painfully coming out.

    • asorockweb says:

      Oga are James, you are back to your “non-factual truths.”

      Should we now judge “truths” based on sensationalism?

      If you don’t need facts, what are you doing with the truth?

      • Are James says:

        I am going with definition: Fact = proven truth. So if you can’t prove it, reject it as none fact.

        But this definition implies that there is a universal set of truth you have not proven yet, cannot prove for now, or are too afraid to even consider, don’t have the resources to prove or even afraid to approach in terms of looking for evidence. Fact is a mere subset.

        I don’t think BokoHaram got all these nice equipment from Libya without our ‘friendly neighbours’ knowing about it. Just pull up a map and check it out yourself.
        It is a bit of a stretch to say these things were successfully hidden from Nigerien and Chadian gov’t for so many years without a hint. Haba. Dem be winch? .
        Also, it is generally accepted that civilian state governors in Nigeria were financing militias and the information exist mostly tacitly and for now it is in the domain of rumour and sensationalism until another 30000 people die and the larger society gets angry and demands answers to questions.

        When things touches us personally however I believe our information processing systems work faster.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Are James, I don’t know how true the Intel report is, but it is very very important that DSS and DMI investigates fully to the last conclusion. In war and espionage, never say someone is innocent until you prove it by effective and conclusive investigations.

      I have read reports that one ex or serving Mauritanian president is a big sponsor of Boko Haram, how true, I don’t know. All I know is that Mauritania hates black people and loves Islamic Jihad.

      Chad has become a suspect, but hey, shay una wan carry F-7 jet go make trouble with person wet dey parade MiG-29 jet ? Better think twice, Yoruba say na when teenager hand hold sharp cutlass him go ask the whole village say who kill him father !

      I have always warned Nigeria to prepare a formidable and ultra-modern conventional armed forces for any emergency war nation vs nation one day.

      Boko Haram is not the only threat Nigeria may face, who knows tomorrow?

    • superboi79 says:

      Oga James stopped reading the report when It said that SAS bankrolled Derby’s re election, Lol Derby wey dey export just over 100, 000 b/d crude Oil na im SAS dey Bankroll? Very Funny gist.

  19. odion777 says:

    Greeting to all my Oga in the house, am sure Bama is in the hands of the FG, good to see Beeagle getting credit for his source and links.

  20. jimmy says:
    i hope they will show my pictures it will go a long way to demistify those who keep shouting wolf.
    I might even consider a waiver on the dead policy if they will show mr video.

  21. ocelot2006 says:

    FINALLY!!! Our cries have truely been heard! Now the minds of our soldiers stationed at remote bases are now at rest as they can be rest assured that help will be coming from up high.

    Let the air assault begin!

  22. Oje says:

    Oga Augustine, Chad having 3 Mig 29’s and SU 25 does not mean their air force is significantly more powerful, their air force is non existent in actual fact compared to the Nigerian Air Force in strength both numerically and qualitatively…Despite the obvious shortcomings take a look again at aircrafts in the Nigerian air force inventory, No country comes close when it comes to Logistics and versatility. Its Helicopter air arm is equally one of the most potent. Add to two Italian ATR surveillance plane which has no peer in Africa. This war is coming to an end, lessons have been learnt, never again will the Nigerian military allow its military industrial complex to be so low…..

    • Are James says:

      You have a point. I have seen information suggesting any air force using the MIG 29 of a certain era is just deceiving itself. In fact very highly rated airforces have retired them due to a variety of issues. The SU 25 however is a threat because it does not take much to get it into the air and unleash its 4000kg of ordnance. A very rugged bastard of an aircraft well suited to a country that does not have much in terms of technical infrastructure to support more advanced aircraft of similar weapon load.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Are James, let no one deceive you, the only problem with MiG-29 is costly maintenance. Sudan is flying upgraded MiG-29 jets with BVR long range missiles.

        Russia still has about 250 units of MiG-29 jets and ordered more this year. Ukraine has about 80 MiG-29, India too has about 80 MiG-29s. Some big NATO power still flies MiG-29 jets. Over 700 units of various MiG-29 upgrade levels are in use with about 30 world air forces today.

        Nigeria should just buy the superior Su-30 Flanker jets and be ahead of Chad. Don’t let Sahara/Sahel desert inhabitants become another new level of torment for Nigeria tomorrow, Boko has taught us a big lesson.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Oje, when you sit down in your private bedroom and begin to imagine and assume how your enemy’s MiG-29 jets are not a big threat to your F-7 jets, you are picking up a scorpion by the tail when you have no proof that the scorpion is dead or alive.

      One MiG 29 fully armed will destroy everything called NAF as at today, unless NAF has some secret 4th Generation jet fighter not yet disclosed to public.

      I warn whoever has an ear, don’t sit down at home and judge Chad’s MiG-29 jets, so that you will not be forced to eat your yam raw before cooking.

  23. Oje says:

    The SU-25 was built primarily as an answer to the American F-15. The SU-25 began a new era in Soviet fighter jet technology and investment, since then Russian fighter Jets have basically closed the hitherto wide technological lead the West once enjoyed.

    • ocelot2006 says:

      I think you mean the Su-27, not 25. The Su-25 is more like the American A-10 warthog.

      • AreJames says:

        I was actually talking purely ground attack and I meant the SU 25 in that role. The SU 27 is more advanced and multiple but ruggedness and cheapness of operating costs makes the SU 25 ideal for a poor country without the technological infrastructure for an SU 27.

  24. drag_on says:

    My oga’s.
    The Mi24’s should hunt by day while the mi35m’s stalk by Night.There should be no rest for Bh,they should be harassed and forced to hide in holes.
    Our special force should begin to learn how to communicate with the mi35m pilots.They need to agree on how to achieve target designations and strikes.
    The use of IR strobe beacons that can’t be seen by BH should be considered as a means of designating enemy positions to pilots. This strobe will light up the flir imager on the Mi35m’s like a Christmas tree.
    Next up fighters,jets or otherwise, that will hit Bh with precision in areas they think are safe zones far away from the front.
    When they know nowhere is safe and death can come on the tip of a missile without saying hi,the command structure will be under pressure and planning will collapse.
    My 2 kobo

    • AreJames says:


    • Kola Adekola says:

      Boko harams planning capabilities seem to be deteriorating already. There have been no attacks on civilians since this present campaign began. If anything, it might show vulnerabilities in the structure of their command hierarchy; perhaps, they have too few planners, or their planners are spooked, or command chains have been broken.

  25. Yagazie says:

    The Algerians are certainly not fools when it comes to millitary purchases.

    Maybe we should borrow a leaf from them….they are currently upgrading their armed forces on a MASSIVE SCALE. Off the top of my head – Su-30MK2 4th Gen fighters from Russia, Mi-28 Attack helos from Russia, corvettes from China, kilo subs from Russia, frigates from Russia and a LPD flagship from Italy. Fusch IFVs from Germany- (with an assembly plant for these vehicles to be built in-country), howitzers from China, Meko Frigates from Germany, AW139 helos from the United Kingdom, super lynx helos from the United Kingdom and it is believed that they want to purchase the advanced missile defence system that the russians were to supply to Syria. All this stuff is brand new.

    The point is DO YOU SEE ANY PURCHASE FROM THE UNITED STATES in this inventory? Nigeria fought a civil war, an insurgency in the Niger Delta and now an Insurgency in the North East- and in all these campaigns, the West (read US and UK) was very resolute in its determination NOT TO SELL LETHAL ARMS to Nigeria. Non lethal stuff (including ‘stripped down’ 45 year old vessels) they don ‘t mind transferring/selling – but the real stuff that we need is a no-no.

    I really wish our Defence officials will wake up and smell the coffee where these countries are concerned. It is quite clear that a powerful and well equipped nigerian millitary is not in their interest. we should LOOK EAST.

  26. peccavi says:

    Excellent news.
    Oya timescales and numbers.
    Lets try and get these operating before the dry season

  27. drag_on says:

    Of-course we need to step up our surveillance network while degrading their communication and control.
    The cheap Robinson R66 has models made with FLIR and can be deployed in numbers at night for surveillance and intelligence gathering.It can also be used to call in strikes for the Mi35m’s.

  28. Ola says:

    Good news! Here are 2 questions;
    1. When are we going to officially become a service port for Mil helicoptes in Africa and working hand in hand with Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant?
    2. Speculations have been rife here about the 4th gen fighter jet orders. does anyone know which one exactly?
    I personally would not vote for SU-25 at this stage, since this is not a stop-gap hurried acquisition, I would prefer that the NAF buys airframes with long life left in them and that would remain relevant in the next 15 years. So, nothing short of SU-30s. A mix of new Su-30MKI and used Su-30K.
    Nothing stops us from having 40 of these thing!

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Ola, you hit the nail while I was still looking for my hammer where I put it !

      Nigeria should tell Russia to locate new African service center for Mil helicopters in Nigeria, like in Benue close to NAF TAC Makurdi.

      We will have advantage of a central location in the middle of Africa, Sudan, Algeria, Ethiopia etc can use the Nigerian service center.

      Why should South Africa be the Mil company’s helicopter centrer for Africa? The South Africans don’t use the Hind or Terminator, Nigeria will have about 40 units of Mil helicopter company products, we should demand for what we deserve !

      South Africa will hate Naija for this sha, but who cares?

  29. Oje says:

    American F-16, French Mirage, Italian Tornadoes, Swedish Gripen… one of these… i bet my two cent…

    • OriginalPato says:


      Guy you sabi dream, no be small.

      • Augustine says:

        OriginalPato, when did you join this blog,? Welcome. I remembered your user/login name from the other web arena.

    • Ola says:

      Sir Oje, these are just dreams for now. The most realistic option for us is anything Russian or China, but since what we want is quality, we should definitely look in the direction of Russia.
      The day we start taking several billions to the market at once to shop for commodities, then the aircrafts you mentioned above can be ours because the manufacturers would see our spending power, willingness to upgrade and if we announce an upgrade programme, ALL of them would come to bid and they would be willing to let us try their airframes on an appraisal for some months in order to influence our decision to chose them. All these human right talks is all because they think our purchasing power and spending is not up to a certain level yet. After all, all of them are scrambling over middle eastern military contracts and they go there to set up arms factories and they never talk about suppression of women or modern day slavery of Thai, Indian and Filipino migrant workers in that region!

  30. Ola says:

    Again, when is the NA going to have their separate airframes? Is it even in the picture? NA and NN need their own rotary wing airframes, especially our special forces.
    Coming back to NAF, I think we should think beyond JF-17 as our top fighter airframe in NAF, we could buy some trainer/attack versions as well as some super tucanos for low to moderate level threats such as we see with Boko haram, mainly because they are cheap to buy and maintain. About 12-18 of the mix should be OK with us. We should in the near future withdraw the Alpha jets and either sell them for cheap to some other African countries or give them to our flying schools for training purposes only. Or our NAF could either start a flying club with them.
    NAF should double in size, especially in the technical department while many more crack pilots should be trained to fly the different mix of fixed and rotatory wing airframes that we would have in our inventory, including the SU-30s. If Algeria could have about 40 SU-30s and Anglola has 18 (some delivered to them already), why can’t we?
    Finally, I dream of the day we’d go the next step of co-developing airframes with competent and willing countries. Brazil learnt through a co-development program with Italy, Pakistan learnt through a co-development program with China, by the way, the programme that birthed JF-17 was $450-500 million dollars! China and India learnt and are still learning through joint developmental programmes with Russia, I wonder when we would do this.
    Economic power always rises simultaneously with military might, this is important because jealous neighbours would always collude with far away enemies for bring down a nation. As we grow economically, we should also simultaneously grow militarily. We should not be comparing ourselves to any of our neighbours especially those trying to take the shine off us and are always telling the stories of how many Boko haram foot soldiers they have killed or how they saved Nigerian soldiers from Boko haram. We should not be at the level where if we buy one they also buy one as they are currently trying to do with procurement of naval vessels from China. We need to project far into the future, Nigeria as a whole needs an all round developmental strategy that covers social, economic and military infracstructure. And the infrastructural devt should be done in some areas, hand in hand with the NA. Nothing stops the NA engineering corps for example from getting involved with rail and road projects in Nigeria, but FG would not think in that line for now.
    I’m just spilling some contents of my gut this evening

  31. beegeagle says:

    We should snap up about twelve “daytime” Mi-24V from Russia. Those would probably cost us about US$2 million apiece now that Russia are phasing out all of 200 units of Mi-24V and Mi-35P, in favour of Mi-35M, Mi-171Sh Terminator and Mi-28 Havoc.

    Additionally, we should grab eight upgraded Mi-24V/Mi-35P which are optimised for night-time operations. Those should be available for US$3 million

    These would complement the Mi-35Ms beautifully.

    Does anyone recall my posting a link to an article which showed that Nigeria were involved in a 2012 deal for ten Mi-17s and Mi-171Sh Terminator?

  32. odion777 says:

    Well Said Ola, Greetings.

    • Augustine says:

      Seconded Oga Beegeagle, let NAF buy up these Russian combat helicopters NOW !
      FG please release the oil money o ! Do quick before other countries buy them finish please ! We beg you o !

  33. peccavi says:

    I don’t know about Army Aviation yet, I think the politics would cause too many issues and this is not just a Nigerian thing, in the US every branch has an Air Wing, in fact the State Department has more helicopters than Nigeria. In the UK, there are constant battles between what type of aircraft the Army is allowed to operate, the Army Air Corps survives by arguing their core function is recce and anti tank so in essence like artillery.
    These helis however give us a beautiful opportunity to revamp our way of fighting. Lets say there are 24 lift and 16 attack. I would form 2 dedicated sqns for lift and 1 for attack. Both NAF but seconded to the Army so their entire focus and doctrine is army cooperation.
    The remaining 8 lift and 8 AH could be used for an air assault unit.
    This would be dedicated Battalion trained in air assault, used as shock troops, 4 x companies, with 3 rifle companies and a support weapon company. for transport they could use qaud bikes, fire support 120mm mortars but most importantly they will wo an train constantly with the helis.
    This means they are used not just for conventional air assaults but can use Zimbabwean/ Rhodesian Fireforce tactics. So you could have at any one time 2 pairs of AH with a section of 8 men flying around on patrol, when the enemy is spotted one of the AH suppresses them, while the other drops off its section which cuts off the enemy, the first AH takes over suppression duties while the 2nd AH drops of its section who pushes towards the enemy flushing them out to be destroyed by the AH.
    If the enemy if bigger than they could handle, then the rest of the company is brought in on 2 x Mi 17s with another pair of AH.

    If you have 2 pairs of AH combined with ground troops it puts pressure on the enemy and completely messes with their freedom of movement.
    For conventional air assaults, lets say into the Gwoza Hill would be the way forward, infiltrate a recce team which will call in air strikes by pairs off AH onto the enemy. Then the rest of the troops can be flown in on the lift helis. Having their own dedicated helis means they are not tied to roads and can be resupplied, reinforced and casualties evacuated on call. The AH acts not just as fire support but also deep strike and overwatch.
    The key though is that these ground and air components are in the same chain of command, train, work and fight together

  34. beegeagle says:

    MOSCOW, September 12 (RIA Novosti)

    Russia and Nigeria have signed a contract for the supply of Mi-171Sh and Mi-35 helicopters, Rosoboronexport deputy general director Sergei Goreslavsky told reporters Friday.

    “The Mi-171Sh machine is in steady demand on the foreign market. A contract with Nigeria was recentlysigned,” Goreslavsky said, commenting on the August contract. According to him, the helicopter is in demand in Africa, and Mozambique is very interested in the rotorcraft.

    Rosoboronexport”s top manager said several Mi-35M”s will be also sent to Nigeria, without specifying the number of machines under the contract.

    Developed from the Mi-8 airframe, the troop-carrying helicopters Mi-171Sh, with the Mi-8AMTSh version for the Russian market, are produced at the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant. They can be fitted with missiles and air defense equipment.The helicopter can carry up to 36 paratroopers or 12 injured on stretchers, and cargo weighing up to 4 tons inside the cabin and on its external sling.

    Mi-171Sh”s sent to Kazakhstan are equipped with flight navigation and radio communication equipment. The chopper was first deployed by
    the Russian Army in 2009.

  35. G8T Nigeira says:

    I have a strong believe the NA will have some Mi 171sh for insertion of troops.

  36. Are James says:

    Which has more onboard firepower?
    The MI 35M or MI 171sh?

    • Augustine says:

      Mi-35M is the real ultimate warrior, better combat avionics suite and weapons options-firepower, superior to any combat helicopter in the world in terms of assorted weapons options beating the American Apache (Edge for Apache is the radar version).

      Nigeria should buy at least 18 units of Mi-35M Hind E combat helicopters urgently for NAF to overpower Boko from the air ! Boko Haram dreads air attack when the aircraft is effective !

    • Solorex says:

      Primary roles are different- Mi 17ish is more like a troop transporter under hostile conditions- Strong and sturdy ,heavy,Good range but not too great speed-250km/h max and climbs slow at 8m/s. Due to its load carrying ability of 4000kg external(not counting the 5000kg reserved for 30 troops+) -you can turn it into a real life “terminator”- by attaching alot of weaponry ( i mean alot! Ask )this has lately become fashionable-though its really not the original design intention, original designed weapon payload is about 1500kg with just 6 hardpoints. Mi35m on the other hand is a regenerated version of a dedicated Amour Killer Mi24-which was designed from the scratch to have advantage over western type amour. A cruiser at 335km/h, climbing faster,weighs a bit more than our Mi17 due to inbuilt weapons but nearly same engine power . There are also more armament options- amendment is designed to be modular- you can arm for a particular mission without needing serious reconfiguration.

      • Solorex says:

        I forgot to had the Mi 35 original primary role is not only dedicated anti- armor but also fire support and troop insertion-but is now very fashionable for anti-armour roles

      • Are James says:

        MI 171sh ultimately beats the MI 35M in sheer raw firepower. There are ATGMs launchers, two S8 rockets pods, two canons, one machine gun plus two other machine guns fired from inside stations plus all passengers firing their weapons from inside.

    • ocelot2006 says:

      Mi-17 carries an impressive array of weapons, but it is primarily a transport helo. The Mi-35 on the other hand was designed to be an attack helo……..scratch that…….tank with wings and rotors. And it’s armaments are pretty impressive. A truely deadly attack helo.

    • Trigger says:

      @Are James

      “MI 171sh ultimately
      beats the MI35M in sheer raw firepower.
      There are ATGMs launchers, two S8 rockets pods, two canons, on machine gun plus two other machine guns fired from inside stations plus all passengers firing their weapons from inside.”

      You don’t fire your gun from inside a chopper. Your Staff Sergeant will knock your head, it draws unnecessary counter-fire.
      Plus the MI171sh and the MI35 are made for different roles.
      Mi171sh – Assault (or transport) helicopter with armament to cover dismounted troops.
      Mi35 – Attack helicopter with secondary role of transport.

  37. Augustine says:

    Oga Are James, I salute you sir.

    In real combat, firepower is more than just gunfire, you are rating Mi-171 higher than Mi-35M based on gunfire alone. That is an error sir. Firepower includes machine guns, cannon, free fall bombs, laser guided bombs, unguided rockets, laser guided rockets, and different guided missiles for anti-tank and air to air self defence dog fights.

    The Mi-171 Terminator is an armed transport, the Mi-35M is an armed attack and armed assault machine. Roles are different.

    Mi-35M also carries air to air missiles and laser guided bombs, as well as 240mm extended range rockets far superior to the standard 80mm rockets on the Mi-171.

    Mi-171 Terminator carries only 1,500 kg of weapons load-ordnance, while Mi-35M carries 2,400 kg weapon-ordnance load. It’s not hard to tell which has superior firepower, a Crab is bigger than a Scorpion, but the Scorpion will hurt you more if they both have to bite.

    Mi-35M Hind is the new world champion of combat helicopter firepower, no helicopter in this world today has a weapon mix-combination-options than can match the Mi-35M Hind E….not even the Apache with it’s longbow radar.

    If you want a mass killing anti-Boko weapon, get the Mi-35M. If you want an armed transporter that can ferry troops to the top of Gwoza hill and still defend itself from Bokos, get the Mi-171 Terminator.

    That is why Russia uses both. Role capability differs. Both are complementary in combat.

    • AreJames says:

      Bolt on weapons capabilities on the MI 171SH is amazing. I think it is in excess of 3000kg. The two machine gun stations front and rear are extremely useful in actual combat and drop / extract situations. MI 35M has a lot more attack sophistication, night killing, maneuverability, accuracy of delivery and defensive capabilities but as far as sheer potential for carrying a load of weapons and bringing it to bear on ground targets it is the MI 171sh.

      • superboi79 says:

        The MI 171 is essentially a transport bird twicked for combat but doesn’t have the maneuverability of the hind! I remember about 3 yrs ago while in Phc I was passing the base and saw this Hind guy training!!! Man what a site those maneuvers were Crazy, no MI 171 with it bulk can do that and this is essential in certain attacks…

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Are James, you have mixed up the Mi-171 data. That bird is primarily a transport, and secondarily a combat helicopter meant to defend itself while on the transport mission without an escort in a hostile zone.

        The internal cabin-room payload of Mi-171 is 4,000kg, while external sling carried airlift load is 5,000kg and it will carry two M56 105mm artillery howitzers or one VBL armoured recce vehicle to our army where it is urgently needed.

        However it’s pylon-hard point launch firepower weapons payload is only 1,500kg.

        The Mi-35M Hind pylon-hard point firepower weapons payload is 2,400kg.

        We don’t need to consult an oracle to know which has more firepower. Thanks sir.

      • Are James says:

        Saying the MI 171sh is a transport is saying the obvious. Its agility limitations are also not in doubt. Aside from all that, it is also not a tank killer and is not capable of long range strike on enemy surface assets with any accuracy. The weapon pylons are also not normally loaded with more than the 1500kg load.

        However in terms of what can be done with minor modifications, the MI 171sh can bring more in terms of un guided rocket fire, canon fire and air to surface missile firepower in defence of troops than the MI 35M which is the assault helicopter.
        Please look at the picture of the Terminator version when fully loaded. It obviously won’t take the anti tank and longer range missiles which are heavier but there are (I) two pods on each wing (4 pods) for launching dumb rockets S8, (ii) one quad missile launcher (4 barrels) per wing which is 8 short range ASM and (iii) a further gun pod on each wing which is equal to 2 gun pods as against 1piece for the MI 35. Two machine gun stations are also mounted inside and there are more holes for shooting stuff out of the aircraft.

        The MI 171sh will never be a good tank killer or agile ruler of the skies above the battle space but in terms of keeping larger numerical enemy forces at bay, supporting friendly troops with firepower for hours on end and providing resupply to widely dispersed friendlies it is perhaps a more useful chopper.

  38. demola says:

    i’d surggest that the NAF go a mix of mig-35 and su-30(preferably su-35bm)

  39. beegeagle says:

    Gentlemen, it is time to put our best foot forward. I have said time and again that this blog is viewed at the topmost level of our DEFSEC architecture. So stop going on and on about whether or not they are listening. That amounts to stating the obvious. To my knowledge, two of the TOP 6 citizens of Nigeria visit this corner. You saw the Gen Olukolade’s most welcome and heartwarming retweet of a photo yesterday.

    While we were at it yesterday, believe me when I say that a service chief was browsing through these pages.

    Therefore, we have reached the TERMINAL POINT of abuses and personal insults on this blog. We must now focus on the issues and forget about the distractions. I assure you that it is what the big men who make choices for us want to see. If you have nothing objective to say, please keep it in and ONLY read. Mek nobody show imsef o.

    Subsequently, we shall expeditiously terminate the commenting status of ANY unruly or quarrelsome blogger without recourse to any explanations. While we are at it, remember to keep out the four-letter words or if you cannot help yourself, make it #$%&. Discuss but do not fight. It is time to get serious. We all have to shape up or risk being shipped out.

    Thank you, sirs

  40. Oje says:

    Good. Let them start by considering the option of a full small offensive against targets inside Cameroon, including Boko Haram remnants, We cannot afford to keep kicking the can. Conduits and territories used in recruiting and attacks against the Nigerian Homeland should be made to feel the presence of the Nigerian military. Terrorism is being mass produced these days, once terror starts it never really stops. Time for big brother benevolence is over.

    • Are James says:

      No offensives into neighbouring countries for now please. When we have acquired the capability to reach those targets, the countries involved themselves will do the needful to clear insurgent bases and prevent the embarrassment. So strength guarantees security.

  41. Oje says:

    Oga James, who told you we do not have the capability?

  42. Captain says:

    Any body got info about the new Special Forces brigade the C-in-C said he is creating? Havnt found any of such info on this blog yet!

  43. Buchi says:

    Oga oje that is why I still stand by my earlier statement of using airborne tactics for once
    Keeping bH busy at the rear and flanks with spoiling attacks,disruptions to essential supplies…we can start with using damboa as a fallbck fob for airborne unit dropped near gwoza’s flanks..amchide for gamboru ngala if it is is a risky venture but gentlemen we are at war.

    Oga beegz pls put up ur warning as a note of caution on the homepage screen not as a statement on the blog portal hence once anyone comes to the homepage it is there boldly written.especially for first time users.cos I noticed that since sirus went cold a lot of his viewers have switched over here.nairaland mentality must not be brought to beegeagle blog.hapi sunday

  44. Buchi says:

    In as much as I support a little offensive against cameroun.(bakassi in particular).NAF new assets must be promply dilevered on time while new assets especially intercetors prone must be aquired if we want to make a dent on the camerounians without a whim

    frankly our airdefence is a big mess.i am nt even sure that we have a single SAM missle facility in this country.if we are now waking up now pls NAF,MOD.FG let us also deal with our airdefence now.if we are intent on teaching the camerounians a lesson we should ditch the Roland ADS.our mobile airdefence needs to be over hauled .kz-1 can be a gud replacement or i wont mind the BUK missles S.anything that has a mach speed of at least 3.5 and a max dis of 18,000m shuld be made top priority least 3 for every state.given to the army

    fixed SAm sites should be made now avaliable to every air base in nigeria now alongside a gud radar detection system G3 preferably.
    if we go headlong into an attack on cameroun without manufacturing enough reasons to give us legitimacy we would face the achtung merde of french.that is y our airdefence must be upted now.

    if we frustrate the french so much as to carry out SEAD ops knowing that they have other threats around.then we have done gud job.leaving NN to deal with their carriers.

    our SU must arrive now.we must up our game if we want to deal with the camrounians and the french until dat is done our hands are tied and they will keep insulting us.

    NB:our pilots are currently now engaged in air to ground offense time goes on we must strategically inprove on air to air offense this i know NAF can do.
    so oga oje much as i support ur opinion we must

  45. Oje says:

    Oga Buchi, we cannot be buying highly advanced Russian SAM Systems when the biggest airborne threat to Nigerian airspace is 4 Cameroonian Alpha Jets and 3 Chadian Mig 29s with old avionics and virtually no air to ground missiles. Supersonic they are yes but then what?

  46. Jon says:

    Oga Oje:

    You procure a highly advanced air defense network because you do not know what threat you will face in the future. Who says the threat must be either Cameroun or Chad? Why must you wait till you are comprehensively bombed by another nation’s air-force before the necessity of an air defense system becomes apparent????

  47. Oga Oje im beginning to suspect you, Everytime we want to buy New Equipments u shoot down the Idea pray tell if today a scenario dat has nothing to do with Cameroon occurs what will u have us do? the Same Fire Brigade method we are doin currently? USA Wont come to Save you still dont see why you are fascinated with that idea, FORGET IT.

    Is Algeria Arming up for only Morrocco? NO!!! Its Arming up for the Whole Africa and Middle East going by UAE and Egypt antics recently…..There has to be Balance of Power so if Algeria Arms up in the North and in the East u have Sudan den Espect in the West Nigeria Arms to defend itself from any past, present, future and yet to be dreamed up threat because it wont be best to wake up to a problem…like the Motto of the Boy Scout BE PREPARED!!!!!

    If we keep pitting our Army with Cameroon and Chad then i pity us truly, Any one who thrives to be the best does not compare himself with the dullest in the class ( no pun inteaded) but with the best which currently is Algeria/Egypt and beyond the Class to the School….aka the World…as the Leading Economy in Africa and Fastest Emerging Market Economy it will need an equally leading Armed Force…no greater need exist than NOW.

    Its Imperative we Arm now and Arm well…pls Break out the Bank

  48. Oje says:

    Bros abeg no vex o, but this is not peace time, for now the nation is at war and we cannot simultaneously peg all the loopholes years of neglect have caused, add to that the severely limited funds. Our army bears the brunt of the Boko Haram insurgency and as such as of now a T-72 Tank will be of more value than an S-300 SAM Missile systems. These systems are not your customary MANPAD but a very complex one with at least a dozen crews, integrated radar system and coverage and f course, months of training. Do you seriously want to spend millions of dollars buying air defence missiles against a non existent air force when we can buy Tanks, MLRS’s,and even create an Army Aviation unit to finish this war once and for all? Nigeria’s Defence budget is barely $6 Billion out of which just %30 will be for capital expenditure. I say we buy more modern Tanks, more Helicopter Gunships for Army Aviation, more communications gear increase soldiers salaries. Its an insult Cameroonian and Chadian soldiers are better payed than Nigerian soldiers.

    • Yagazie says:

      @ Oje – there is a saying- ‘if you think the cost of acquiring an education is expensive then try the cost of ignorance’.

      Having a credible Air Defence System like the upgraded Russain S-300 system or Chinese HQ 9 or Indian Akash is a NON-NEGOTIABLE IMPERATIVE FOR OUR COUNTRY. If you think that it is too expensive – then check out the cost of the damage that will be inflicted on our nation’s critical infrastructure/cities/millitary formations by a potential enemy if we don’t have such a system in place. By the way we are an oil/gas rich country with a GDP of $510 biilion (as at 2014), the largest in Africa and 26th largest in the World. We can easily afford such a system.

      I agree that for now our priority should be to re-equip/ugrade the equipment fielded by our Army on a massive scale (includng mordern MBTs, IFVs, APCs, artillery systems, anti-tank weapon systems, motars, machine guns (HMGs, GPMGs, rifles, small arms, creation of a potent Army Aviation unit, Landcruiser gun-trucks, communication gadgets for army signals/intelligence, proper kit for the troops, better welfare packages, good barracks accommodation, vastly improved logistics in the logistics corps, medical supplies, upgraded hospitals, regular live fire training, war games, combined ops training with our Air force and Navy etc etc) these are all important.

      However it does not detract from the fact that we need to have in place a comprehensive Air Defence System. We should look at our millitary peers- Eygpt and Algeria – they both have these systems in place. We have the largest enconomy in Africa with a lot of critical infrastructure/industrial complexes/millitary installations/key cities that need to be adequately protected by such an Air Defence System. Our Rowland ADS missiles are now quite obsolete and really no longer fit for purpose.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Jon, Oga Yagazie, Oga ekundayotemitope61, well said sirs, very well said !

        Nigeria has to prepare for two major threats. The biggest but ‘Idle and Inactive’ African threat is the biggest African power….Egypt, that is the way to guarantee we are the giant of Africa truly. We don’t need to buy all equipment/weapons that Egypt has, just equip to neutralize their massive power by a smart method of strategic and financially affordable systematic acquisition formula.

        France, remains Nigeria’s biggest threat worldwide ! Clandestine but Active Threat ! Covert but Real Threat.

        Fear gripped Obasanjo when the Bakassi issue looked like France could step in, Fear gripped Nigerian leaders and military top brass, the fear of ‘Not-So-Mighty-France’ but a clearly far superior France.

        I can pick out big holes for you to see in France’s military, Nigeria just needs to strategically equip to neutralize what France has.

        Israel is afraid to fly jets against Syria for fear of existing or non-existing S-300 Russian long range anti-aircraft missiles.

        Nigeria should in long term, make about four Nuclear warheads and ballistic missiles, NATO/USA/EU will NEVER make trouble with you, they fear nuclear power, no matter how small.

        The Super powers don’t mess around with India or Pakistan, and they are very very careful with North Korea’s existing or non-existing nuclear weapons.

        Morocco fought a war with Spain around year 2002.

        Anybody can attack Nigeria, we are the center of black Africa’s emancipation and liberation, as well as future glory.

        Nigeria’s mouth is bigger than her muscles as at today 2014, our military capability is far below our foreign policy demands.

  49. Gboye says:

    @ Oga Oje Respect your comments. Improvements on Salaries needed but i think the size of our military may be a factor to consider in comparing wages offered by our neighbors armed forces.
    We do need a timescale for the tanks, more Helicopter gunships,communication systems for surveillance and deployment and integration across the various arms and the air defence system. We actually need a systematic and comprehensive approach to acquisitions. We ve only scratched the surface Sirs.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Beegeagle, my own guess is that this air defense topic deserves a dedicated thread of it’s own if we want to really make clear and noticeable suggestions, or else we will just bury important facts at the bottom of a different topic.

      Roland anti-aircraft missiles of Nigerian army is long overdue for replacement, Roland is obsolete and it’s missiles near expiry date, end of shelf-life.

      The best replacement for NA’s old Roland SAM is the Pantsir-S1

  50. Oje says:

    Augustine, i have come to respect your analytical skill on various occasion but not this time around, you are so wrong in several aspect.

    1. Talking about an Egyptian threat is not only ridiculous but far fetched. Africa is not Eastern Europe where fears of a cross border invasion is all too real. What they hell will Egypt want to make war with Nigeria for? Both are regional powers in their respective rights, our economic, political and social relationship with Egypt is close to zero, neither do we have conflicting ideologies or interest.

    2. Obasanjo did not give away Bakassi out of fear of France. The biggest mistake we made was to give in to Frances proposal to take the case to the Hague, Donald Duke must have been nuts if he thought French growing interest in resource rich Nigeria will give us some semblance strategic advantage. Weve garrisoned troops in Bakassi for over two decades even though we all know Bakassi belongs to Cameroon, Gowon sold us out. Our case was full of holes, some as big as basket ball. If you think for once Cameroon stood a chance or that France will send in grounds troops into Niger ia to protect France think again, it will take a month or 3 weeks for France to send equipments to Cameroonian Ports. The French airforce though will pummel Nigeria day and night but then what? will the 20,000 strong Cameroonian army now nad its Feret Tanks now cross 200 miles across the border to invade and annex Obudu? think again.

    3. Once again i suggest. If you believe SAMS will have even a %50 success ratio against high flying F-15s with advanced spoofing and jamming and with AWACS aircrafts or satellites pin pointing SAM batteries and vectoring Fighters armed with anti radiation missiles or even submarines think again. We know Syria has proven o be quite good at electronic warfare, they can tell when aircrafts are painting their targets and switch off their radar in time to avoid destruction. But then America and Israel fields the latest anti radiation missile which when fired hovers around for 40/60 minutes in wait, the moment air defence crews light up their radar to search again these missiles lock unto the exact spot and program it to hit the exact spot, even if they turn off their radars its too late.

    Just 4 months ago 9 Syrian military targets were been hit by Israeli F-16s and guided missiles.A military command headquarters reportedly was among the targets hit in Syria. To add to the drama just one week later two Israeli Jets hovered about the Presidential palace for 20 minutes before flying back to Israeli airspace, this was no doubt an unnecessary major provocation but it did send home a ”clear message”.

    4. You talk about the superpowers not messing around with India, Pakistan or North Korea,… seriously did you really just write this? you should be better than that. Why ill the superpower be interested in attacking Pakistan or India? For what purpose, to flex its muscle? you sound like a kid. America was well aware of Pakistans nuclear weapons when it sent in Special forces Commandos into Pakistani territory, attacked and killed Bin Laden in house barely 5 kilometers away from a Pakistani military base. What will Pakistan do? if you are versed in weapons systems you will know Pakistan does not have any weapon that hit as far away as the continental United States,besides do you seriously think any country will be insane enough to launch a nuclear stroke on America?

    As for North Korea that hermit kingdom is of little consequence, even the Chinese are getting total cost of just the U.S 7th fleet is greater than the entire GDP of North Korea. 30,000 U.S troops are stationed in South Korea, forget the teenage sabre rattling, if Kim jon Ill wants war he knows what to do, rather than threaten to turn Alaska to radioactive dust.

    5. Lastly you might talk down our military all you want but the hard fact is what troubles France. Nigeria’s current depleted war machine is still greater in numbers and quality than that of the entire 16 member ECOWAS countries combined and nearly double the entire GDP of West Africa. Non of these countries will survive the kind of terror onslaught Nigeria has been made to grapple with for 5 years now. You saw what the Tuaregs did in Mali, 3 months and %60 of Malian territory were suddenly under terrorist control, it took the intervention of France to kick them out retreating into the mountains, now those were a handful of terrorists. How well d you think Mali or Cameroon will far fighting a 30,000 strong and rich terrorist org like Boko Haram? Cameroonian territory have been invaded times without numbers by both Boko Haram and retreating Nigerian troops without even a formal declaration of war.

    Our biggest existential threat is France using our neighbors as a base to bring Nigeria to its knees, paying Boko Haram hundreds of millions of dollars under the guise of paying ransom fees. If we do not change the status quo in the sub region we will be fighting Boko Haram for 10 years, we can kick them out but they can easily get in. Nigerian forces can tear through Anglo Cameroon and annex it like Crimea, English speaking Cameroonians are tired anyway of being marginalised by the Franco Cameroonian government. Lets give them a dose of their medicine. Let us supply them weapons and money and back their secessionist move.

  51. ocelot2006 says:

    There’s been talks here about the possible acquisition of the JF-17 block II. But what’s everyone’s take on the Indian HAL Tejas LCA? ‘looks like a pretty decent aircraft for us.

    • AreJames says:

      Too small for one thing, restricted range, some unsustainable western technology and as is typical of Indians, they don’t even want to make money from the thing. Plus they threw in a lot into the heavy SU 30MKI which they actual co own to a certain extent in terms of technological effort. We should rather partner with them on this one.

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