Nigerian troops clustered around the extracted gunnery of a SHILKA SPAAG which Boko Haram terrorists mounted on a Toyota truck in preparation for the much-hyped planned attack on Maiduguri.

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  1. beegeagle says:

    Boko oafs showing true Nigerian ingenuity. Thank God for His tender mercies. This one is out of the war now

    • Manny Aydel says:

      Gen Beeg, this should be publicised beyond the confines of this blog…It ‘s too exclusively exclusive not to be so leveraged! Kudos.

    • jimmy says:

      Permission to ask most respectfully when it is convenient pray is it possible that we can open a thread on the RUSSIAN / Nigerian contract for MI17S AND MI35M This is going to be explode. iI have quite a bit to say but I do not want us to derail this thread . Good Morning to all the gallant men and women in the Nigerian Army. Happy hunting to the NAF starting from 6 :30 a.m saturday morning right after prayers, Please let the NIGHT STALKERS OUT” Pickin wey talk say im papa and im mama no go sleep im to no touch sleep”

    • doziex says:

      Oga Beeg, I think this particular contraption led the way in that video taped overrunning of an NA FOB.
      If so, it follows that NA has retaken that FOB. I hope they recaptured the MBTs , APCs and artillery that was lost to BH on that raid.

  2. drag_on says:

    That’s for sure.

  3. Tope says:

    Like For Christ Sake hw do dey smuggle ZSUs without anyone nt seeing it, someone in Customs n Immigration surely knows about this, any mass movement of arms wuld surely hv been picked up by Satellites and Intel bringin to my opinion dat this are smuggled in under secrecy of army cover, then get lost remember the Iran Shipment found in Apapa port to contain weapons what mysteriously happened to it, why hv such arms nt been used, also Niger Delta insurgents laid down many weapons n sophisticated rifles where are those weapons? Thank God this was neutralized its time to use it on Boko Haram.

    • AreJames says:

      This is just the point, we need some Germanic efficiency in national security now otherwise it is going to cost lives. An old professor once said that Nigeria has no northern border. We have taken too much slackness from the men in uniform in Nigeria that it has now become a danger to our existence. This picture you see though does not represent something actually smuggled into Nigeria. The guns must have come from a captured or locally bought ZU-23-2, modifications done inside Sambisa forest, training also done in Sambisa forest. Kindly take another look at the ammo, I bet you those 23mm shells were properly of the NA. After this is over, we need to do some fundamental changes to defence infrastructure. The Nigeria Aiforce needs to be quadrupled in capacity and its operational budget tripled. The surveillance and border patrol challenges are already enormous and we have to find the money.

      • Kay says:

        They appear considerably unarmed since last year. Some of their training videos from last year only had assault rifles, ak47s, tommy guns and so. Bar, the stolen stock,we have stuff like this that only who knows how they got them.
        Good job to the Armed Forces.

    • Henry says:

      Oga Tope, as long as libya continues to be un-stable, we would continue to see heavy weapons inflow into nigeria. there’s a proxy war going on in libya between Egypt & the UAE on one side, and turkey and Qatar on the one hand. The weapons inflow during the conflicts to toople gaddafi, and former libyan military assets, all these put together makes for a nasty situation in libya.

      It is almost impossible to track these weapons shipment, virtually the full south of libya is uninhabited, chad, niger and N.E nigeria are amongst the poorest parts of the world.

      It is in our best interest in nigeria to have a stable libya.

      • AreJames says:

        ”It is in our best interest in Nigeria to have a stable Libya”
        Now that is how a regional or super power thinks. Proactively, strategically, broadly, globally, self interest focussed. The next step is coming up with a cheap, risk free strategy and then implementing it.

  4. Spirit says:

    My Oga Tope,

    With 1500 illegal and unmanned entry points into Nigeria, getting 50 units of ZSUs into Nigeria is a ‘no brainer’. Until the FG takes the manning and survellance of our porous borders seriously, we will continue to see such weapons, the Arab Spring in Libya opened the ‘gates of hell’ for the exit of such and other heavy callibered weapons.

    How I wish NA will unleash this weapon on its former owner. Let them be drunk with their own blood.

    • Saints says:

      This is not even a problem of border or no border, how can such a serious piece of weaponry be sold unmarked behind the scene, is there no numbering or code mark to know where this things where made, who bought this particular one and to what use it is being put, because i think there should be a way to track down the sales and purchase of this kind of equipment. What is the UN committee against the proliferation of small arms and ammunition doing about this.
      I know some of this are gotten from old forgotten stock but still yet we should know who is buying what and what not, in the world today.except they are being bought by the only recognised legal entity that has the monopoly of force (states),lga and diplomacy. This weapons should be investigated and their sources should be stopped

  5. AreJames says:

    There is report of a rigged machine gun truck shooting high calibre shells and powered by a generating set. A kind of local remote weapon station. I am all for encouraging our armed forces but if they sleep again on this assignment and allow Boko Haram to ‘re arm and grow, the consequences are going to be grave for west africa.

  6. kenee2k says:

    I watched a documentary on Libya and it showed how these guns were going missing from the multitude of militant armouries scattered across the country.

    How much $5000per unit including the pick up it’s on, getting one of these is child’s play, particularly when you are awash from ransom funds received from Western hostages. Getting it into Nigeria even easier.

    Great news we need more news like this and greater publicity.

  7. Henry says:

    Great news man. Oga beeg, well-done.

  8. drag_on says:

    This is a registered article,anyone have access to it?

    Nigeria has placed a large order for Russian military rotorcraft, including Mi-171Sh and Mi-35M helicopters, the deputy director general of Rosoboronexport, Russia’s defence export company, revealed on 12 September.

    Sergey Goreslavsky was cited by the Russian TASS news agency as stating that a contract signed in August called for …..

    Key thing, Signed in August.

  9. drag_on says:

    BAKU, September 12. /ITAR-TASS/. Russia concluded last month an agreement with Nigeria on the deliveries of a considerable consignment of Russian Mil Mi-series military helicopters, which are called Hip in line with NATO classification, a senior official with the state-owned high-tech corporation Rostec said on Friday.
    “In August, not that much long ago, a contract was signed with Nigeria on the deliveries of [Russian] helicopters,” Sergei Goreslavsky, a deputy director general of Rostec, said at the ADEX-2014 international defense exhibition in Azerbaijan.
    “We are talking here about a significant number of Mi-171Sh helicopters and several Mi-35M helicopters,” Goreslavsky added.
    He added that Mi-171Sh helicopters and other Mi modifications are very popular in other African states.
    “Mozambique expressed its interest and we plan to work in this direction at the upcoming exhibition in South Africa,” Goreslavsky added.

    • AreJames says:

      Considerable number = 40 pieces. All these was post American order cancellations.
      This order cannot be waited for…interim solutions are required.

    • asorockweb says:

      Somebody has finally zeroed in on the logistical nightmare of fighting what amounts to a dozen wars in a geographically dispersed area simultaneously.

  10. Donian007 says:

    Yes Generals, AIRFORCES DAILY 12th Sep is also reporting the contract signing for those helos.
    And please, Comrades, I read some reports of “Boko are Rams” hiring hardened “Tuaregs” to help them, anyone else come across such?

  11. Spirit says:

    Now, ‘This is it”.

    Its good to hear the adjective ‘large’ being used to qualify ‘order’ here. Enough of all these ‘sample orders like an old woman that wants a taste of ‘garri’ only to loose interest for whatever reasons. Our Orbat shows a panoply of weapons systems acquired in trickes which made them ineffective for training not talk of combat operations. That is why with a small dent on an asset, the NAF will quickly withdraw all of such from combat!

    Such does not give strategist and commanders free hands to operate. It also does not bode well for bold initiatives as pilots are usually reminded of the price tag and the number of such frames before going into combat.

    I believe that we should not acquire less than 2 squardrons of any airframe at all.

    What is what doing (acquiring) is worth doing (acquiring) well jo o.

  12. Deway says:

    A good addition to the arsenal of the 7 Division.

    • Are James says:

      Nigeria has hundreds of those guns my firend.
      NAEME, not to talk DICON or even the privately owned PROFORCE will upgrade the design and churn out hundreds of better trucks than these in weeks.

      • Deway says:

        True, I know we have the Shilka but we haven’t used them to the desired effect against boko; unlike in the days of SL and Liberia when they were used to mow down advancing rebels. Nevertheless, this is a BH weapon and we should use it on them.

  13. Tope says:

    My ogas well done, I knw about the vast and huge borders we share Beegs has in the 4 yrs ive been on the Blog Demonstrated how porous it is, but I still believe dat there is no way someone somewhere did not see dis Weapon System pass them n mistake for Army, look clearly at the pic, the toyota truck is painted with Desert spray paint and we know that BH dresses n poses as Army soldiers before dey begin chanting n shooting as reported many times in Baga in 2013. Again with the level of Satellite and Drone ISR that goes on in the Maghreb I find it unbelievable dt this weapons arent picked up, we hv 5 satellites wit Sat X having High Resolution, isnt it possible to Assign it as a Wide Scan look out for movements of any kind and note Positions, I know Libya is da Armoury of many Insurgent groups dats why we should hv a Quick Strike Group set up at Sokoto and Maiduguri to Strike in the Maghreb areas if we hv credible intel, when u destroy supply lines (caves be danmed) u disrupt their movement.

  14. Oje says:

    You cab smugle any thing through the porous border at the North. Even here in the South. I once used google Earth to view the Helos at the AFB in Aba Road.,same jungle camouflage helos on exactly the same spot. To be sure i took a cab and actually followed people civilian and military thronging in and out of the base. Besides an Armoured vehicle (not a Tank) with heavy calibre machine guns mounted, there was little to no security. Its like a different country down South. It does not look like we are at war… just everyday business as usual.. imagine if i was a spy, i co;d count how many Copters lined in tandem on the tarmac, could tell bare 5 of them were airworthy, the rest looks like they’ve been scavenged. I chose not to say it initially for security reasons and i will not divulge what i could see…. puts into perspective how porous the war torn porous North East border must be by now. We need to build hundreds of miles of high reinforced concrete, like the Israeli’s.

    • jimmy says:

      There is no war going on in south especially in places like ABA, So there really is no need to have a heightened sense of security.

  15. saleh says:

    The toyota pick up looks like one of ours

  16. Yagazie says:

    Personally I think our defence planners should now give serious consideration to the nigerian army obtaining Toyota landcruiser ‘gun-trucks’ or ‘technicals’ and having regular training sessions with the Chadian army re desert warfare.

    Even though we will eventually put down this insurgency,, it is important that we have troops/equipment for this type of warfare. Oga Peccavi, correct me if I am wrong- but the British Army in Northern Ireland (during the troubles) had units using something similar i.e. ‘stripped down’ landrovers with mounted HPMGs

    • jimmy says:

      I know this might sound unimportant but there is one thing we honestly need to do as soon as it is possible.
      1) Nigeria needs to train from the ground up a battalion from scratch picked from natives who are indigenous to the states and areas of adamawa bornu and parts of Niger state to train and conduct maneuvers for a t least a month regardless, just as we learned painful lessons from the Niger delta crisis we honestly need a battalion full time no bones about it that travel light with their own well made technicals can disembark from a mi17 and will feel at home whether it be in the swamps of lake chad or the Mandara mountains scaling cliffs and be behind enemy lines monitoring enemy movement for days.

      • chynedoo says:

        We need elite units of multi-role PATHFINDERS in NE who could easily be used in a variety of missions insertion, recon, strike force etc.
        It seems this war has reached a turning point, the moment bh went for land grab and holding territories they became easy targets to be picked up by NA.
        Given that the bh is known to change tactics and adapt quickly I hope our military planners and strategists are two steps ahead in being able to predict these bloodsuckers next move.
        This war is more likely to be won by being able to accurately predict the enemy’s next move long before it is activated as much as being able to deploy and utilise your assets in a precise way.
        Well done NA & NAF

    • doziex says:

      Oga yag, I made a similar suggestion last week, and general Peccavi thrashed it.

  17. jimmy says:
    Can anyone confirm another smoke signal
    OTI O ( Translation NO O! NO DO AM).

  18. odion777 says:

    There seems to be another truck or armoured vehicle opposite the technical with similar capabilities, just wondering, looking at the last of the four (4) pictures, you can see the Technical facing each other.

  19. odion777 says:

    Got this from Daily Trust and they are a good source of NE news, 120 BK killed in Konduga.

  20. Obix says:

    Now Beageagle blog is getting due credits! The watermark idea is a brilliant one 🙂 Now the “copy and paste” media houses will be forced to give credits to whom it’s due!

  21. Spirit says:


    Very soon, BH will realise that it was grave mistake to try to hold territory in a war against the 7th producer of petroleum in the world with a 150 yr old Army that have fought in almost all the continent of the world. You dont hold territory without Air power of some sort.
    Very soon, BH will learn the truth in a very bitter way that the British Army officer that described the Nigerian Army as one of the most effective ‘deforestration agent’ in existence did not make a mistake.
    Very soon , BH will learn that you don’t fight your foe with the tactics he knows best.
    Very soon, BH will be forced to flee like a dog with its tail between its legs.
    Very soon, BH will revert to its former tactics; ‘hit-and-run’.
    The only tactics that will work against such tactics is to ‘hit-and-run’ them back!

    NA commandos should grow beard and long hair. They should wear turbans and dongari. Our commandos should learn how to hide TAV 21 and Uzi inside bags of rice and beans. They should lean to fight on bicycles, ‘okadas’, horses and camels like the British LRDG, the Swiss Army and the North Koreans commandos. They should learn to fight with daggers, bows and arrows.

    Our boys should start smelling like rams and cattle, wear torn clothes and sandals made of tyres.
    They should mingle with smuglers of goods from Chad, Niger and Cameroon.

    Our guys need to start selling Tea, Suya and Kilishi at night in those border towns in the North East.

    We need a lot of guys desribed above to prosecute this war.

    • jimmy says:

      AMEN , AMEN

    • Augustine says:

      Oga spirit I support your very much needed idea, Nigerian army needs to breed a ‘non-conventional’ large and ruthless commando force equal in numbers to Boko Haram, playing the same ‘underground’ guerrilla game to wipe out the Bokos biggest strategic advantage.

  22. Makanaky says:

    @Spirit I fit all you described? I need a job like that and I mean it, damn tired of this BH idiots I once lived in those terrain and know it so well Benisheikh, Gworza, Dikwa, Banki etc. Do you know in mid 1990s when I was still there these elements were already in existence but not violent.

  23. Yagazie says:

    @Doniaan007 and @Drag_on, – on the issue of Tuareg fighters with BH insurgents, about a week ago it was reported that Camerounian troops killed a number of BH insurgents in a firefight in the Camerounian Border Town of Fotokol (?). Two of the bodies amongst the dead insurgents were those of very light skinned Tuareg arabs. So there may be some credence to the report that some Tuaregs are fighting with the BH insurgents.

  24. Makanaky says:

    Not entirely true, the Shuwas of Borno state the second most influential after the Kanuri’s are Arabs and very light skinned, one of Abacha’s wife was a Shuwa.
    It is a show of wealth for a man in Borno to marry a Shuwa

  25. peccavi says:

    Make una no dey promote to general abeg my belle never big reach.
    Oga Doziex which of you ideas did I thrash abeg? Have I not been saying we need to ffight at ground level, using the same methods as the enemy while everyone is dreaming of F16s and merkavas?
    Oga Yagazie, the vehicle you are thinking of is a WMIK, it was not used in Northern Irelandd, the landrover variant there was the Snatch wagon, which was barely passable for NI and a total disaster in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    I used a WMIK is Afghan and to bee honest it has no protection against anything but with 2 weapon parts you have a commanders GPMG and then a turret where you can mount a GPMG or a 50 cal or a GMG. Personally I like it and although it is severely dated by other more modern vehicles like the Jackal or Hunter its a rugged fighting vehicle and would give the BH Toyotas a run for their money.

    We need more of these types off photos, less press releases, lets see the work the boys are doing and give them the credit they deserve

  26. Tope says:

    The Watermark was a brilliant idea, Gen Chris Olukolade tweeted the Photo n gave source as Beegeagle, saw same on major blogs and I tweeted same, the news of the pic and kodunga has filled Nigerians wit hope, More of that, Thanks Oga beegz and Mcshegz ur hand dey dia….

  27. Makanaky says:

    The day BH holds territory it became a disaster for them, my advice is they should pack and flee whilst it still possible, BH Toyota Hilux destroyed or captured, no fuel to move around, what next ? may be total annihilation, rumours Tucanos, JH-17 Thunder, F-15 or even J-10 is been assembled as we speak to be unleashed probably on Tuesday don’t ask me its my dream ?

  28. Russellinfinity says:

    Willie Tango Foxtrot!!!

    how did the terrs get this shit to work? Was it connected to an auxiliary power source?

    Seven salvos to all NA grunts and officers on the ground. One less technical to worry about.

  29. Buchi says:

    I wont comment on this, oga ozed u see what I was telling u the other day.oya dicon over to u

  30. Yagazie says:

    Oga Peccavvi – thanks for the correction/update on the british ‘technicals’- i.e. WMIK/Snatch waggons. We need to outhink/outfight these BH insurgents. Thus Landcuiser ‘gun-trucks’ should form part of our army’s weaponary, as well as regular joint training/excercises with Chadian troops- who have years of expertise in fighting with these type of weapons.

  31. Yagazie says:

    Oga Makanaky- thanks, Point noted.

    • AreJames says:

      Look at the quality of rifles they stole …in the box consigned to the Chief of Army Staff.

      • asorockweb says:

        Nice spotting.

        But that is not a BH box – it is too clean and undamaged. Besides, BH will not be going into battle with boxed rifles.

        That’s NA’s weapons or ammunition box. The rifles were put into the box, AFTER the battle.

  32. jimmy says:

    There are a few picture showing a stolen Toyota hilux, recovered rifles taken from one of the fobs but the first sign that snipers were / are being used look very carefully @ the windshield where the driver’s torso of head would likely be there are clearly two bullet holes.
    Personally one picture I would like to see released is the bullet riddled body of AMIR with wiped out faces of N/A standing over it. That would be sending a powerful message.

    • AreJames says:

      Yes the Nigerian Army snipers are here. All Boko Homo RPG launchers, machine gunners, Dshks gunners and suicide bombers take note. It’s a bullet to the head from 800m away and you won’t even see them.

  33. Oje says:

    The Boko Haram you are talking about just knew of the existence of Nigerian snipers coming into the fray, what was their source? Beegeagles blog,now they can modify their attack profile to compensate for this. Can we stop telling them what and what have been brought into the operational theater in the North East?

  34. Oje says:

    By simply shelving their attacks and doing a ”tactical retreat”, reinforcing based on Intelligence on enemy strength and striking again where we least expect. These guys might not be very brilliant but they are not stupid as well.

  35. airsupport says:

    Did ‘anyone notice the car battery contraption in the last photo? Dont know if operation of the Shilka requires electrical power

    • AreJames says:

      They rigged up an ‘auto’ operation mode for the 23mm guns just to have suppressing firepower and prevent being taken out by what @Oje is saying we should not release information about – The snipers.

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