Nigerian forces, Otokar Cobra APCs and 4WD trucks

17 September, 2014

No fewer than 400 members of the dreaded Islamic sect, Boko Haram were reportedly killed in their latest clash with soldiers of the Nigerian 7 division.The insurgents fell to the officers who ambushed them while they tried to attack Konduga local government area of Borno central senatorial district.

Locals also said, that, they attempted to attack Konduga from two directions with over 500 fighters when the military fought and defended the local government, killing over 200 before the insurgents retreated.

DailyPost also gathered that, after the attack was repelled, some of them went through the forest and were heading towards Mafa local government area when soldiers laid ambush on them again, killing over 100 while the rest escaped with bullet wounds.

In another development, over 100 sect members who came up to attack travelers along Maiduguri-Potiskum road met their Waterloo when the detachment along that route engaged them in a fierce battle, killing all of them.


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  1. Odion777 says:

    This is good news, just verified this news also.

  2. buchi says:

    damnnnnn i was so happy only for this attack in kano to kill of my day..sss were u guys sleeping.first okene now dis .we have always warned u guys to take advantage of the lull in bombings to begins crack oops against small cells in volatile states.now here it is again damn
    cudos NA

  3. buchi says:

    8pm finally night fighting is becoming our thing

  4. makanaky says:

    They attack Ambush, They flee Ambush ,They rest Ambush,They hide Ambush .Result they want to negotiate with the only Government of Federal Republic of Nigeria from a vey weak and defeated position , we are getting there slowly.

    • Yagazie says:

      A picture says more than a thousand words!!! WELL DONE NIGERIAN ARMY!!! You guys are now acting like the fearsome fighting force we know you to be. To our Govt – give our boys the tools and they will DEFINITELY do the job.

      Oga Buchi any chance that this photo can be sent to the BBC as trust me they will keep mum about this victory because it does not fit in with their pre-determined gloom and doom agenda for our millitary.

      Our DHQ should also PUBLISH this photo along with others in place of the boring press conferences given by the National Orientation Agency DG. Doing so will be a fantastic morale booster/publicity coup for our millitary as well as the nigerian populace at large.

      • Bush man says:

        I firmly agree with you, oga Yagazie. This should be boldly published to the shame of the Oyinbos and their un-patriotic nigerian journalists. BBC, CNN,where are you now. Sing the victory of the NA and the waterloo of the boko bastards. Viva NIGERIA! LONG LIVE THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA!
        More of this good news jare. It is very consoling. I am very proud of this blog. We need more patriotic blogS like this one oooo. OGA BEEG I BOW FOR YOU OOOO. Wel done all you commentators of this blog.



  5. Odion777 says:

    APC captured from boko haram paraded on the street of Maiduguri,link below.


  6. saleh says:

    Waiting for BBC

    • Yagazie says:

      My broda Oga Saleh – don’t hold your breath- hell will freeze over before BBC report good news about Nigeria or our millitary.

      In the unlikely event that they very, very, very begrudginly do so, trust me they will try to put a negative spin on it – e.g ‘it is reported from a reliable scource who for security reasons did not wish to be named that the nigerian troops did not respect the human rights of the BH millitants before murdering them in cold blood as they tried to surrender etc’ – that type of nonesense.

      The best way to deal with the BBC is for our millitary to simply ignore them and continue kicking BH’s backside, getting video and photographic evidence of same (like the captured APC, weapons AND dead bodies- apologies to oga doziex) and the DHQ information unit posting same on line, sending to selected and respected nigerian national newspapers and to reasonable foreign media outlets like Rueters, CCTV, PRESS TV, France 24 and CNN. BBC will then be made to look very foolish, incompetent and unprofessional- which -(as far as their reportage of this conflict is concerned) – they are in any event.

      • AreJames says:

        Agreed on the strategy for BBC. It is best to get them caught out on their inaccuracies and negative propaganda once or twice. Then we would see the withdrawal symptoms and some forced conservatism as they go through a more thorough verification process and their news comes two days late but a lot more accurate .

      • Oje says:

        CNN is worse than BBC.

    • toondey says:

      Bros if na BBC u go wait tire o. Their focus now is on TB joshua’s church and number of deaths garnished with news from Kano college

    • Kay says:

      Everyone dey shout BBC.
      Abeg, where’s our own NTA in all this. Google NTA Nigeria and pray tell, what they are doing…

      First tv in Africa yet have a website that looks next to what a 12 year old built. The BBC serves British interests, on satellite TV, Internet and even on YouTube.
      Abeg, apart from singing jingles to anyone in power, what else are they doing.

      If the NTA can not at least throw a couple of minutes from the frontline or wherever, why would anyone think otherwise of our country except what they want to selectively project as their own reality.

      If not for other private media; Channels & co, I bet no one would ever know of anything happening. How many articles from NTA has been featured here for starters…

      • beegeagle says:

        Good one calling out the NTA.

        Meanwhile, the Brits need to quit posturing about their supposed friendship if the odious antics of the BBC is emblematic of their quirky way of advancing their interests.

        Soon enough, groups shall emerge in Nigeria which shall call on the FG to deemphasize Anglo-Nigerian relations. That is how much damage the BBC have done.

      • Yagazie says:

        Oga Kay- you are on point.

        I guess NTA will have to be severed from the apron strings of the Fed Govt and become a self-funding parastatal or given a ;charter; to act with some form of journailstic independence like the BBC.

    • Oje says:

      Boko Haram Broadcasting Coporation?

  7. AreJames says:

    What we are seeing is the great handicap that Boko Haram is going to have. Organising and leading attacks from conquered territory is different from operating from camps in the forests. Surveillance via HUMINT and air craft is easier and with the gradual introduction of more night surveillance platforms, this is going to be a cake walk. It is very important for the military not to keep eyes off the ball and undertake some offensive action real soon.

  8. beegeagle says:

    I listened to BBC FOCUS ON AFRICA at 2000hrs Nigerian Time. Those false-hearted pimps only reported on three things from Nigeria

    – bomb blast at FCE Kano
    – the disaster at TB Joshua’s church
    – Nigerian refugees in Cameroon

    It is INCONTROVERTIBLY a calculated attempt to blot out everything to show that anything other than the calamitous transpires in Nigeria. Of course, the leprous hands of BBC HAUSA were all over the war-related stories.

    On a battle of the magnitude which has taken place in Konduga, the BBC maintained absolute silence. Back in the day when there used to be fighting in Damaturu and Potiskum and they were not sure of the likely outcome, they reported on those days-long orgies of urban mayhem.

    These days, any favourable tide for the Nigerian military is carefully blotted out. STILL these hypocrites continue to mouth off about their mythical capacity for journalistic balance?

    Let me show you how they report from conflict zones elsewhere to drive home the point that there is a devious form of reportage which characterises their coverage of Nigerian affairs

    BBC REPORTING from a contested Congolese town…in Nigeria, such reports are anathema because the stereotypes must be maintained.


    • Bush man says:

      Oga Beeg, mak u no min dos enemies of progress called bbc and their co workers. I wonder what they are doing in our country after all. They are only there to exploit others of their wealth.

      Kudos to the NA. Please promote these guys to the next rank, give them more stipends, life insurance ect.
      bbc, cnn, social and political commentators who are fond of prophesing woes and dooms for Nigerian, where are you now?


  9. rugged7 says:

    “America has kept posturing to the world that they are helping us to fight Boko Haram”
    “We have money to buy all the arms we need but the U.S. has continued to stand in our way”
    “They won’t let us buy arms and they are also discouraging other countries from selling to us”.
    “Just recently we placed orders for tanks and jet fighters and it was ready to be delivered. Suddenly the Americans again came in the way”
    “We are convinced that the U.S. is playing out a script”
    For all those who keep on supporting and kissing the a$% of their “daddy”- America.
    They give us scrap ships, broken down lorries, overfly our country with their drones to gain intelligence against Nigeria and then accuse the Nigerian army of human rights abuse.
    And we call them “friends”- To hell with that crap.
    The state of play- Is 2 look EAST.

    • jimmy says:

      oga rugged
      but please take what premium times tells/ says with a grain of salt. this is an Iranian backed news paper and NO ONE IS STOPPING Nigeria from buying tanks if they haven’t bought tanks already we know that APC s possibly from the East are here already btrs possibly from RUSSIA and maybe even tanks according to big brother
      America may decide not to sell us anything but they cannot force other countries outside maybe a few NATO countries and Israel there are more than enough countries who manufacture tanks and APCS All we have to do is pay.
      P.S. Nigeria is not under any sanctions and we have now confirmed reports of HELIOS , PLANES and most likely tanks.
      Nah many places enter market place o!

    • Oje says:

      Im tired of hearing these statements. If you are hungry and you go to a restaurant to order for food and for some reasons they refuse will you not go the next Restaurant? will you call the police or complain you were no attended to? When we fuck up we look for who to blame it on. Russia, China,Ukraine,Brazil, all sell arms, have we approached them?Boko Haram is our mess, rather than clear it up we keep making these ”they refused to sell us arms” fad.

      • AreJames says:

        Thanks for this. Everybody blames us ‘Africans’ for this approach to life and it has to stop. It is called Entitlement Mentality. A belief rooted in the subconscious that suggests that everything the individual or subject group requires for sustainment and growth would be handed to him/them on a platter of gold by nature or other people.
        I think we should get off that horse. It will not be made easy and it should not. Iran has developed a military industrial complex on the backs of painful sanctions, a mediocre war with Iraq that took millions of lives and constant harassment from the west. Same experience by pre ANC S.Africa, there’s even included atomic bombs.
        I think since the commencement of the 4th republic, the rulling section of the political class has turned the country into a sort of cash and carry, mercantilist arrangement where no path forwards exists in terms of national actualization and asking questions about who we are, where we are going and what have we done to get there.
        So let us leave the US alone. They did not block the sale of 250 private jets to Nigeria for instance, they don’t block entry into their best universities, they don’t block access to software and industrial manufacturing equipment. So let plus come off it and go do some serious work for a change.

  10. rugged7 says:

    “They want their prediction that Nigeria will collapse to come true.”
    Those who have ears, let them hear.
    america this , america that.
    Yeye dey smell

    • Solorex says:

      Let me first say that i am not a western apologist however Sir, the accusation here is very difficult to believe, Having gifted 2 Cutters , helped in the repair of an Hercules, send several service/troop carrier trucks for free to improve field serviceability and troop movement and offered tokunbo Aircraft for the Navy,approved Tucano sales- the only thing left for US is kuku send ground troops. I know what we cannot see are more real than worth we can see,but based on both,i really do not think US is pro Boko haram in any way. We have $40b reserve ,largest economy in Africa, 160m people , good friends with Chinese and Russians even America know we can call their bluff with military procurement anyday- remember in 2008, the US ambassador openly protested the decision to buy UAV’s from Israel without allowing American companies to compete in an open bid process as stipulated by law. At any given day, there are like a dozen countries that will sell us top quality Tanks and armour (Russia,Ukraine,Serbia,China,Pakistan,India……) that the west cannot interfere.

      We have also learnt alot from our Feline misadventure with the Jaguars-we are not even that dumb again-all procurment these days are not made under political pressure or desire to curry favour as it use to be.

      • rugged7 says:

        Oga solorex,
        the problem with Nigeria and Nigerians is that we have so devalued ourselves at the table such that we are ready to accept crumbs from the floor.
        Look at the your list of america’s “good works” and tell me we are not scrapping the bottom of the barrel.
        A U.S government which routinely supports rogue regimes who have committed worse human rights abuses e.g Egypt, Ethiopia etc and yet supplies them with state of the art weaponry-at discounted rates.
        And i venture to say that Nigeria has learnt NOTHING from the jaguar episode, otherwise they would not have attempted buying 40 helicopters from the yankees.
        Kilode, na only them waka come?

  11. drag_on says:

    Konduga under attack again. DHQ

  12. Deewon says:

    Victory to nigerian armed forces

  13. beegeagle says:

    Oga Deewon!! Why you dey appear and disappear now? It has been like six months o. Glad to find you here on this great day. We shall win by the grace of God and against all odds.

  14. jimmy says:

    oga RUGGED much respect for your comments
    Much of your points are very valid, however we have learned something , for reasons which we can not go into, The bulk of the procurement that is being bought is outside America’s sphere of influence.
    Go over to the next page and it is being reported that the brand new MI35M have already been deployed that is lesson #1 go to defence web and you will see that EGYPT just inked a $3.5b with Russia that is lesson #2 trust me people in Nigeria are watching how FAR Egypt is moving away from America and are taking notes this is not an anti AMERICAN DIATRIBE I have EGYPTIAN friends and what they tell me is the reality is even worse.” KIN SE GBOGBO ENU NI WON FIN SORO”
    This on going procurement and the exact one behind it will have a very definite feel about it when it is seen by you and me 90% of the apcs , tanks, arty pieces will come from the East and it is very likely the first frigate that Nigeria will have in almost thirty years will be made in NIGERIA AND CHINA that is LESSON #3.

  15. Oje says:

    Negative reporting, they should not worry, their tiny England will get tinier when Scotland succeeds. You hear of Ebola, Nigeria has been able to contain this virus perhaps better than any other country has. 170 million people, Lagos 21 million yet only 5 recorded deaths the quarantine was so effective Liberians and SL were sending delegates t Nigeria to beg for expertise on how we managed to handle this disease. I have been watching the news for one week and no western news channel has even mentioned a word on this remarkable feat much less cover it. They are waiting for another disaster.

  16. Oje says:

    Wait oo.. wait a minute i just saw this

    ” The Nigerian government opted for a discreet purchase of arms with cash as a desperate measure after the American government allegedly blocked all legitimate arms order made by the military, ‎high ranking military officers and top administration officials have told PREMIUM TIMES.”

    If this is true then it does appear there is a deliberate American agenda to bring Nigeria to its knees. Hillary Clinton refused to brand Boko Haram a terrorist group until the media spotlight on the kidnapped girls forced her to make a comment which also was negative.

    Now are you telling me Obama, an African whose election victory was celebrated by 600 million Africans is denying us arms to fight the same extremist ideology America has vowed to fight. I dont know how factual this is, if it is then America will pay a heavy price for turning the other way when Nigeria desperately needed help. We will win this war, and when we do America would have lost its most important its most important ally. We are the largest trading partner with the U.S in Africa and even mimck their own type of political structure yet they are all too happy to see us wallow in catastrophe?

    Gentle men, now you see there is an external agenda out there to vilify the CIA’s prediction of a 2015 Nigeria disintegration. Democrats/Liberals are the most dangerous when it comes to foreign policy as regards Africa. Imagine a president George Bush in power, he will be all too happy to court Nigeria as gaining another ally in its global fights against terror.

    • AreJames says:

      @Oje This is bull coming from government and you know it. The foreign govt concerned here is S.Africa. They are our brothers. Their companies are making not less than $6B-) in profits from Nigeria. It is second home to thousands of Nigerians. To lay out a yarn that it is because the US is blocking our weapon purchases that we have to smuggle money into their country to pay for stuff is leaving things open to critical judgement. Even if there are sub facets to what has happened that the FG cannot reveal, dragging the US name into it is just looking for unnecessary trouble. We should have stopped at using words like ‘urgency’, ‘immediate developing battlefield events’, ‘war against terrorism’ et.c instead of dragging out our geo political frustrations into it which action is actually riskier for the current administration than Nigeria in particular.

      • ocelot2006 says:

        Are we even sure that story even came from the FG in the first place? As most posters have said, it’s all a pile of doodoo. Apart from American made platforms or foreign made vehicles with American made systems integrated in them, the Americans cannot do jack to ban Nigeria from buying from other sources. There’s a laaaaaaaaaaarge arms market out there.

  17. ozed says:

    Well after this maybe we will wake up to reality that we are on our own. We need to go to the East to re-arm for now, but we MUST understand that even they will sell us out if they believe it pays them better.

    We must take local content VERY seriously in this defense industry. The South Africans no get 2 heads, but they dont need to buy from anyone except for convenience sake. This is because they were willing to invest in the industry, make mistakes and try again till they get it right.

    We must become self sufficient in the core equipment for defending our country. A word is enough for the wise!!!

    • jimmy says:

      Right on!there is nothing stopping this adminstration as part of this loan requests to funnel it into building the apc igirigi.This will create jobs that Nigerians will take great pride in doing.We must start somewhere.

  18. Tobey. says:

    Why can’t DICON mass-produce this beast? Is this not more economical than those clumsy Shilkas?…300 units exclusively for offensive operations will tear any BH column to bits…Let’s get dirty..The Syrian jihadists keep turning out massive varied Technicals…What is DICON for?

    • rugged7 says:

      Ask me o…

      • Solorex says:

        The Same reason why standard Armie don’t use them- they are only good for terrorism and scare fighting. The overall stabilization will be terrible ( more shots shall miss the target that goes towards the targets) except of course in the hands of a terrorist where everything is the target ( houses,civilians,….), There is no minimal armor protection (Gunner is a sitting duck for a good Sniper in urban enviroment and one luck shot shot from high calibre gun will set everything ablaze. It can be a powerful mid range weapon when used in flat trajectory- but if your enemies have the littlest of standard modern air cover ( civilian trucks have very big signature) your attrition rate for these crude platform will be alarming!

        My point is that we do not need to be dirty because we are not ragtag army, We have enough resources to be clean- two scorpions (most modern SU25-Weapons by Elbit-even a properly jazzed up Tucano) will track and fry all truck mounted guns such as these at altitude beyond engagement envelope of such guns (5,000m) in 10sqkm with just a few overpass.

        Technology my brother! We need to up the game to where they cannot cope! not get dirty with them! I do agree with you though-Dicon can seem to produce anything other than Jimmy Soap and field kitchen on time……APC project with Shinco assistance seems to have died!

    • igbi says:

      I would more than love to work at DICON on the design of our own equipment and I am not the only Nigerian science postgraduate in the diaspora or in Nigeria who is ready to serve the nation to make it self reliant. I think the political class hasn’t realized how important it is to have our own research on military equipment and to be totally self reliant.

    • AreJames says:

      Let us face it. No self respected Army would have considered this a serious weapon system years ago. The three GCC countries that are financing insurgencies around the world don’t even have this in their army. Just look at it, this weapon is not for soldiers, it is for the highly motivated, insurgent, zealot, terrorists or whatever who need to operate in fast mobile concentrations of power, deliver ordnance and run away before real power is brought in against them.
      I say if you want to buy this stuff, let there be a healthy mix with light tanks, BMP3s and other nimble IFVs and make sure your field units carry as many RCLs and AT 4s as possible. I am beginning to think MRAP s would be a waste of money against Boko Haram. There have been few roadside IEDs, instead the Homos have been fielding high calibre AAAs that I’ll tear open an MRAP in seconds. So it should be lots of Tanks and BMP3s with ammo, Scorpion tanks have been good but we need to improve the maintenance turnaround times and look at lightning them, Otokar Cobra should be also be upgraded. Finally lots of ground attack choppers and Super Tucano planes. These air assets are going to be a permanent feature of our internal defence architecture. Boko Haram will go away but new threats might come up. Some of them in future may not be religious but organized crime syndicates with lots of cash we would need to send them to to the great beyond as well.

    • ocelot2006 says:

      I hate to say this, but DICON engineers are either asleep/clueless or the parastatal is starved of funds. Whatever the case may be, I don’t think innovation is in their vocabulary. You just mentioned that heavy weapon, but of of the basic firearms produced? Have they even improved on those or come up with new modern designs? Even if they can’t innovate, for God’s sake buy an equipment and reverse engineer it china – style! Anyway, thank God for coys like Mekahog and other local private defence coys.

  19. The NA seems to be getting the template right in Konduga, they’re beating back successive insurgent waves of attacks with ease and heavy causality to the enemy. Here lies the insurgents’ waterloo. They should replicate the tactics across the fronts and deal a crushing blow to the enemy. God speed NA.##VictoryForNigeria

    • AreJames says:

      Let them not do hasty redeployments that expose other areas and make them weak.
      I think Boko Haram has a few conventional warfare advisers who are planning a flanking move to take Maiduguri or some other unexpected target. Looking at the map though it looks crazy for BH even though the DHQ has not been entirely honest about force disposition s. On the other hand BH could have been doing the probing attacks using their half trained Canon fodder to distract us from what they are doing in the town’s they have occupied and the Chibok girls and the young people they are inducting and turning against the state. In this regard therefore, the surveillance of the affected local governments should be total, comprising of Air elements and human intelligence. We have the platforms and we should put them to use. This is a virus …it will try to replicate itself by replicating its DNA let us not be distracted by pyrhic victories.

  20. Deewon says:

    Gen Beeg sir, no vex o. Na the way things be o. Thank God for this victory over the boko homos. As victory is from God alone. But we should also thank the nigerian troops fighting on the front line as their job no be sere sere o.#victoryForNigeria

  21. Spirit says:

    My dear generals,

    I don talk am say BH is like ‘ the fool that rushes in where even angels fear to tread’. They are walking in ‘unfamiliar territory’ now. Corruption or no corruption, confronting the 150 yr Nigerian Army that have fought in almost all the continent with sterling performance is suicidal. Sorry, I forgot that is their oriinal intention anyway.

    I pray that God Almighty will continue to lead BH leaders to carry out similar attempts against the NA in the future so that we can continue to ‘ship them to Aljanah en-mass’.

    The ‘rams’ attacked Kano with an IED yesterday. I learnt the bombers were shot dead by our boys. This shows that BH has painfully realised that seizing a few APCs/Armour tank, and some GPMG does not translate a rag-tag group of miscreat to a proffesionally trained, combat-experienced army (Fredrick Lanchester’s equations or not). The ‘kill-factor’ of an army depends on so many things other than big guns.

    NA, ‘seek ye not repose’ as BH is reverting to the ‘hit-and-run’ tactics as confirmed by yesterday’s attack in Kano.

    1) We need those ‘gooro-chewing, sandals-wearing,plain-clothed men with machetes and Uzis hidden under their robes, ready to visit deaths on BH anywhere anytime.
    2) We need to recruit more locals, natives who can speak the dialect of the NE Nigeria. The US Military does this as a policy, the started recruting Niger deltans some years back.
    3) We need to establish and train what I will call ‘Technical units’. These units will be trained in the use of ‘ GPMG/AGL-fitted-technicals (I suggest a few ZSU-24 fitted ones too). They will also need to master the use of ‘Okada-launched RPGs’.
    4) I will aso suggest that not all operations must be carried out by men in NA uniform. We must start carrying out Anti-terrorism ops at nights and in civilian clothes. This, albeit is a very difficult thing to do and requires special forms/methods of IFF.

    BH will soon realise their error, stop/minimise direct frontal assault against the NA, and retrace their steps back to the VBIED and other cowardly forms attacks on innocent children, students and women as they are presently learning their lessons the bitter way.

    It is not yet Huhuru as BH will not honour us with conventional battles for long o.

    These hudlums are dirty, we fight them in a ‘very dirty’ way.

    Kudos to the gallant warriors in NA.

    • ocelot2006 says:

      I agree with your idea of a highly mobile force with heavily armed technicals. I say we go further and arm Army SF units not only with land cruiser pickup trucks, but also fast assault vehicles (FAV) and even stripped – down but armed and rugged UNIMOG trucks just like the British SAS Mobility (G) Squadron. But PLEASE forget about the GPMG abeg. The primary weapon MUST be something heavier that can dish it out to these roaches called BH.

  22. bush man says:

    Yeparipa! What an humiliation to the boko bastards! Woe to the boko bastards and to their evil sponsors.
    Let’s see if the pessimists in the journalistic world would talk about this victory. The enemies of progress, whose job is simply to rubbish us always.


    Thank you generals for your patriotism! Well done oga Beeg.

    • airsupport says:

      Comments on this blog are becoming so one-sided and predictable.
      The BBC is funded by British tax payers and gives them information they want to hear. Just as al jazeera is pro- Arab and CNN is pro-american. They do not have any obligation to the Nigerian public.
      Those that have an obligation to the Nigerian public are the Nigerian press and the government and military publicity agencies. Most of the Nigerian press is either trying to kiss political backside (guardian, NTA, etc) or have been bullied in to silence e.g. Daily Trust. Sahara Reporters and PT try to give the other side of the story to create some balance to which most Nigerians are grateful except for those paid to come online and promote certain political agendas. Nigerians are free to form their views from a variety of sources. My biggest grouse is with the DHQ, NOA and other government agencies responsible for informing the masses. Brig Gen Olukolade has proven himself to be an unreliable source over the past couple of months. NTA is a total waste of taxpayers’ money.
      I think we should be more mature and realistic and stop blaming everybody else for our self created woes. Even BH have cameramen filming their attacks. Why can’t DHQ can’t stand a couple of stills and show us their successes? The last few images they released were taken by individuals including those sourced from this blog. But they are quick to show us officers’ wives association commissioning a borehole.
      It amazing how much
      If the Nigerian press and the DHQ were bombarding us with images and video footage, no one will notice what CNN/BBC/ et al have to say.

      Let’s be objective. God bless Nigeria. God bless the Nigerian soldier

      • AreJames says:

        Thank you sir. You hit the nail right on the head. The comments against the western media here are not one sided. They are simply AMATEURISH. Every other other country has its interests, every international broadcasting network also has a business and socio political mission which is apparently more rigorously eveolved and much more robust than our own national mission and strategy. So who do we blame for that?. I think we should grow up and leave infantile commentaries about what the BBC should be doing for us and what they should not be doing against us. I have been dragged into it twice and I think I will stop commenting about that stuff. It is becoming laughable. In some previous post I mentioned not less than 8 different institutions drawing funding from the national budget annually and who are doing ZILCH in countering all the ‘propaganda’, nobody has joined me to rail against them here ..because we ‘re at war and we should encourage everybody. Ha ha ha.
        In the mid seventies we were even far more serious as a nation. Abeg.

      • Oje says:

        There are a ur defense crews here, say anythino overtly too critical consecutively you will be labeled an unpatriotic zealot and shut down. Telling you this from experience.

      • ocelot2006 says:

        @ airsupport, u bi your Papa pikin. You have said it all.

        But I kinda disagree with you on SR and PTA oh. Yes they did try to be balanced, but now they’ve gone way off course.

  23. Augustine says:

    Gentlemen, Oga Kay has suddenly reminded us that we have NTA in Nigeria, every time we shout BBC, CNN, Sahara Reporters, Premium Times, Fulan etc working 24 hours against Nigeria, we should also shout NTA that is NOT working at all for Nigeria.

    If you tell bad stories about me, why can’t I tell the good stories about myself ?

    NTA is asleep in a time of war in Nigeria ! Wake up o ! My tax and oil pays your monthly salaries in the NTA, or you don’t know what nationalism and patriotism means? Work for Nigeria, since VON is not working for us abroad, you NTA should wake up and work at home !

    Can’t you guys talk to Brig. Gen Olukolade to put you inside an MRAP Big Foot and go get us photos and videos of victories against Boko Haram? If they have silenced Sirius Black for doing NTA’s job, why not push NTA do arise to it’s duties in a war time era Nigeria?

    We are tired of NTA news about Abuja panorama that has no value to a nation at war which is being slandered and maligned by BBC and it’s fellow anti-Nigeria brigade media organizations.

    Oga Kay thank you o jare, we don kuku forget say NTA dey chop government money annual budget allocation without being useful when Nigeria needs them most….now !

    Abeg na who dey in charge of that NTA sef? Go meet Brig. Gen Olukolade now and do better job than an amateur Sirius Black who has displayed heroism and patriotism.

    NTA, Nigerian Television Authority, don’t let posterity judge all of you for failing Nigeria o !

    • AreJames says:

      Thank you sir. Look around you, onlly Beegeagle Blog is really taking the fight to the enemy in infospace…why? In just the last few weeks, out of righteous indignation at he offensive propaganda against the army the owner of the blog has done more in this area than all govt and private nstitutions combined…why?. Even the private broadcasting organizations will not support the effort..why?. I think I know why; there is no immediate pecuniary gain from it and it lies in th domain of ‘patriotism’ which is not really understood around here. Not many people can even spell the word. Contrast that with a word like ‘money’ which five-letter word even uneducated Nigerians can spell very well.

    • Kay says:

      Oga Sir, na true na.
      I’ve been keeping silent about this foreign media furore…it serves their interests to reports us off that way. I’d thought there’d be a switch up in the NTA once the SOE kicked in the NE states, to no avail.

      I’ve tried to sit down to watch NTA news at 9pm and apart from the 240p picture quality and indeed a few useful defence updates from time to time. There’s absolutely nothing else to write home about; adverts, jingles, honorariums,obituaries and co. Other favourites are to show happenings about Abuja and forget about the rest of the country. Meanwhile, others are launching ‘katyushas’ non stop at our countries image yet our own National Tv prefers to sit on couches or follow ministers and governments in air conditioned cars from meetings to meetings or is it committees.

      I’m not asking for them to stand sending young uns out to get stories, no go send person pikin into the midst of those demon hordes o. But at least they probably got the most leverage with the army. Enough of these ‘couch reporting’. Positive pics, videos from the ongoing insurgency. Also, get better cameras abeg! What is that old contraption they normally use to record those ‘flat videos’ with worse quality than a calculator. Let the world see our positives in FULL HD 1080P, sotay their screen go blow from the stunning reality.
      Also they should start projecting a stronger presence on YouTube and change that disgraceful website that’s even got deadlinks.

      If those demon hordes had an already running media arm with a quarter of Nta infrastructures, they would have projected us as worse than Somalia by now.

      They really have to get their acts together…

    • Tobey says:

      The big bullet versus small bullet line got me cracking…lol…and the riding backwards into battle too…The technicals are meant for fire support..not for for going toe to toe with the militants..engaging at ranges even 14.5mm ammunition cannot match..other armies mount them..why can’t we?

      • asorockweb says:

        Oga Tobey, you said:

        “other armies mount them..why can’t we?”

        If you had said:

        “other armies use them EFFECTIVELY, why can’t we?” I would have been knocked off my stride.

        The most effective users of technicals have been insurgencies and militants.

        Like you said, they use it for fire support.

        The BH fighters that came to attack Konduga were decimated by air dropped ordinance plus artillery and maybe even tank fire. As far as we can tell, NA had very few casualties. Now, if the NA troopers had broken cover and decided to engage the BH column with big-gunned soft-skinned land cruisers, I believe our casualties would have been much higher. At 500 yards, I see very little advantage for 14.5mm vs. 12.7mm.

        Equally matched, head to head duels between our career soldiers and BH fanatics have to be avoided. Our soldiers have families and loved ones and it takes several months to train even a brand new recruit. BH can train-up a teenage boy in 2weeks. A BH teenager that shows bravery and devotion, can become a commander in a few months.

        What we need for maneuvers are thick skinned IFVs and tanks.

  24. Tobey. says:

    @Are James…I beg to disagree…there is nothing wrong with us fielding guntrucks…The Chadians used it to deadly effect agains the Libyan Army between ’78 and ’87 at the Aouzou Strip..highly mobile, and will give you the same firepower as any IFV today…If we get 300-600 units of Zsu-23-2s, we can get Innonson to modify trucks for them, we paint them in NA colours and create a ballistic cubicle for the gunnner..fit it with tracer bullets, we can then go on the offensive..Right now GPMGs and M2 Brownings is as good as it gets for firepower..The SAA in Syria, going toe to toe with the FSA and their jihadist buddies know the role the Technicals have played in the war…The SAA too mounted rocket pods on vehicles! There is nothing wrong in using what we have…right now, we don’t even need MRAPs…That is the truth.

    • AreJames says:

      LOL. In the middle of your post, you just described specifications for the same IFVs that I am advocating that we increase the size of our inventory of. The vehicle you see in the picture is a disposable weapon system as far as I am concerned. I am engineer. To design a recoil protected chassis for this weapon you see mounted is not small beans. The people who have introduced this weapon into theatres in Libya, Somalia and other places have deep pockets from oil, drugs and kidnapping but no serious armies should field them in such large numbers. If we need high calibre gunned Humvies then I suggest we start designing our own or reverse engineering from stocks that we have…or maybe improve the turret of Otokar Cobras to carry Dshk calibre of weaponry and grenade launchers. Mobility of firepower can be achieved many ways.
      I agree with MRAPs and have said the same thing. They are valueless in this particular phase of the war against Boko Haram. We may need them later for some other enemy.

    • asorockweb says:

      The terrain in Chad, Libya and Syria are quite different from the Nigeria North East.

      These weapons are best suitable to rebel groups that lay siege to towns and installations in terrain that affords good visibility for miles.

      The Iraqis had hundreds of those trucks but it didn’t help them defend Mosul.

      • Tobey says:

        I disgree totally…it was actually the other way around…The Iraqi army was “self-respecting”…..Yet it got raped by Bandits on technicals…The same ones I have been advocating for…Also it is totally untrue that the terrain is different…I did some searching on Google maps recently of the battlespace of the N.E…It is filled with savannah with a few patches of arid landscape…quite similar to that of the N.E……If we get our guntrucks, army units can engage BH at long ranges…a few rounds will turn a BH technical into a ball of flame…Problems of platform endurance can be solved by DICON…Would the Base at Gworza have been overrun if we had 5 units of these “unrepresentative vehicles” engaging the militants? The Lebaneese Army mounts them on its M113APC…exclusively for ground support…The same goes for Bulgaria and some former Soviet Bloc nations…are we better than them? It is high time we change our Infantry’s corp’s ORBAT entirely…since we don’t have any pure infantry anymore…this war has made it more mechanized..A battalion armed with 50 Zsu-23-2 mounted guntrucks will never lose a gun battle agains those rag-tag clowns…-its 23mm shells will outclass BH’s 14.5mm Dshks…Our M2 Brownings are just not it…I have no problem in us being a “technical” army..don’t worry oga Asorock..we will paint them well…

      • asorockweb says:

        You are totally wrong on the terrain.

        Sambisa forest is not a desert – Chad, Libya and the parts of Iraqi dominated by ISIL are deserts.

        The Iraqi army and police use HUNDREDS if not thousands of technical and Humvees.

        Now they are asking for 1000’s of hellfire missiles and ground attack aircrafts.

        The Iraqis are not asking for more technicals; they are asking for surveillance and air-strikes.

        Technicals are just a tool; apply it to the right problem, then it is a good solution.

        The problem that government forces that are manned by career soldiers face is quite different from the problem that fanatical insurgents face.

        A career soldier wants to go home to his loved ones after the battle; a fanatics may think that “heaven” is also a good destination for the end of the day.

        What our career soldiers need is survivability – thick-skinned IFVs and/or Tanks will help them fight with confidence.

      • Tobey says:

        I beg to differ…we have troops at Chad Basin and Geidam Desert in Yobe State…the plains of the North East might not be complete Deserts in literal sense, but they have the same topography…They are both open terrain areas..if troops are ambushed, IFV’s will not save them…Highly mobile firepower will save them…The N.A has refused to invest in IFVs..while not give them a more economical option…also lemme ask you…Is a soldier in a Guntruck protected by a cubicle not safe than a soldier running around with an AK? The technicals were a game changer for BH…Let’s give them a taste of their own medecine…Not Dshks this time, but Zsu-23-2s and ZPUs….AAA against human flesh…at standoff ranges…belching out thousands of decibels per second…We can even mount our Bofors Guns on trucks..several countries are retiring them..let’s get them too and mount them on Toyota trucks…40mm shells! There is nothing moral about war…let’s get our hands dirty…did I even mention quadruple M2 brownings? Firepower is what will overwhelm these bastards…not crying for the NAF anytime it gets tough…Why can’t we mount mortars on our Toyotas? Providing mobile fire support…This is improvisation at its finest…what DICON and proforce should be doing…not importing flimsy shilkas..when you can get the same 23mm autocanons cheap.

      • asorockweb says:

        Terrain wise, please look at the pictures from the battle to regain control of Damboa; please look at the liveleak.com video on the aftermath of the Konduga I battle.

        When I say “terrain”, I also mean vegetation.

      • asorockweb says:

        You are being brave with other people’s lives. My big bullet versus your small bullet.

        A 12.7mm round will kill you as easily as a 14.5 or a 23mm.

        When you mount the armoured cubicle on a land cruiser, will you drive backwards into battle?

      • jimmy says:

        Boy when you go dirty you really go dirty. However some of the cannons themselves weigh a lot and essentially would tear/wear down the chassis of the trucks they are welded too.My disagreement with you is on airpower.This is the most effective neutralizer against swarms of techicals. MALI would be the most appropriate example.As a compromise integrated air and land supremacy working intandem is what the NAF and NA should strive for. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  25. beegeagle says:

    Oga Air Support, without prejudice to all that you have said above, there is nothing in the BBC charter which condemns them to be intractably anti-Nigerian. The BBC which we all get to see and hear is the WORLD SERVICE. THAT is an organ of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office…just like the VOA is the baby of the State Department. The one-sided monotone beamed from Nigeria by the BBC World Service is hostile and undiplomatic even as one high commissioner after the other mouths off about the traditional ties between the UK and Nigeria. Were they commissioned by British taxpayers to exclusively hyperventilate negativity about Nigeria?

    It is anything but correct to pretend that everyone else but SR and PT have political agendas. By posturing, activists purport to be agents of change…socioeconomic and political change. How come you think SR and PT are neutral? PT is dominated by people who are sympathetic to every cause championed by activists. Unfortunately, in Nigeria activism equals opportunism. People confuse the narrative to justify the funding which they enjoy from Western donors. It has little to do with altruism and everything to do with a crooked way of earning one’s keep.

    SR are no different. Sowore surrendered that platform in its entirety to the antics and whims of the spokesman of the CPC, Mr Odumakin, throughout the 2011 electioneering campaign. Who said SR do not have their own political agenda? Every activist platform seeks to bury the status quo and that is not a political agenda?

    To call a spade by its given name, the BBC have set aside the most basic precepts of ethical journalism in their reportage of Nigerian affairs. That is the way it is. And because I love to walk the talk, that was why I set up here to challenge the skewed narrative about all things Nigerian. If anyone else is not doing their bit, it has little to do with me.

    Certainly, I come here to speak from the gut and not to malign BECAUSE even with all the institutional backing and brand recognition which they enjoy, there is NOT ONE JOURNALIST at BBC AFRICA or the VOA who can nearly claim that he or she runs a blog which thrives a quarter as much as this Beegeagle’s Blog. As such, one has no reason whatsoever to antagonise any one of them out there. All we are saying is that FACTS must remain sacred and all sides to the Nigerian story, not just activists and anti-government demagogues, must be heard. Otherwise, it becomes a monologue.

    What I perfectly agree with is the dire need for all official info managers in Nigeria to up the ante. One would have expected by now that someone in the rank of Technical Assistant to the NSA would have been wholly and exclusively tasked with challenging the narrative put out there against our country. Such a person and his immediate subordinates would challenge the tales put out there against Nigeria in online media and fora.

    To be sure, one of the reasons why I came to this blog was to ensure that our war narrative was not exclusively left to poorly-grounded externals, so how much more should be expected from the guardians of our national interest?

  26. Spirit says:

    I once watched Hillary Clinton lament bitterly on how CCTV, Al-Jazeera etc are winning the propaganda war. She spoke about the consequences of America loosing the war on the airwaves and urged American news channels to step-up their games.

    The problem is that the FGN and NA either have not realised that WW3 started years ago;it started on the TV, moved to the internet. What we are seeing (terrorism/forceful Islamisation) in Nothern Iraq/Syria, Nothern Mali, Norther Nigeria, Somalia etc is the final phase of this war.

    The FG/NA probably think WW3 will be heralded by thousands of T72 massed against an array of Challeger/Abrams in Eastern Europe, North Korean commndoes charging across the DMZ with 10,000 artilleries lobbing shells of all kinds into Seoul and with thousands of SS-18 Satan and Minutemen/Persing and DongFeng5 rushing towards the North pole.

    Maybe they simply dont care.

    It baffles me seriously everytime I see NTA showing NAOWA in ‘Aso Ebi’ dancing at the commisioning of 10 units of lock-up shops at Oshodi or other similarly mundane events. It saddens me when I see NTA journalist covering weddings and naming events of Nollywood stars for hours while they only show clips of press releases by the military.

    It seems we enjoy playing the lyre while Rome burns.

    With all due respects to all my ogas in the house, BBC IS DOING WHAT IT WAS ESTABLISHED TO DO WHICH IS TO FURTHER THE INTREST OF BRITAIN!. Please read up on the exploits of BBC during WWII and you will salute them. CNN furthers the interest of America and CCTV, that of the Chinese.

    The questions we need to ask are;
    1) What are Nigeria’s interests?
    2) How are we furthering our interests?
    3) What was NTA established to do? (cover wedding anniversaries perhaps)
    4) How can NTA/others be used to further our interest as a nation.
    5) Is the FGN/NA ready to use the media to further Nigeria’s interest?

    If it is in the interest of UK to promote terrorism in Nigeria through the media, so be it. What is our government doing about it is the question we need to ask them?

    The FG spent a lot of time/energy/money ‘appealing to sponsors of BH to desist from doing so or else…bla…bla…bla”. What kind of convoluted thinking is that? How can you appeal to someone to stop furthering his interest? YOU GET UP AND FURTHER YOURS IN ANY WAY YOU CAN! If Mr/Chief/Alhaji ABC is sponsoring terrorist against you, YOU SHOULD GET UP AND SPONSOR DSS,SSS,NA,NN,NAF,BOYSCOUT, MAN-O-WAR, NSCDC, NPF etc AGAINST HIM AND HIS TERRORISTS!

    If the UK is sponsoring BBC to undermine Nigeria’s interests, Nigeria should reciprocate quick,quick

    Ani dem tie our hands, or gag NTA?

    • AreJames says:

      Ha ha.
      Don’t get me started again on NAOWA o.
      Anyway, PDP’ s TAN is very well funded and is doing a professional job…any wonder?.
      The APC as a political party has a sophisticated media apparatus but they have not uttered a single word of support for the troops in theatre or civilians killed …any wonder?
      Most private organizations in the FMCG and beverages sectors have ultra professional advertisement and brand promotion strategies….that one no wonder.
      GSM companies nko?…that one no wonder.

      So the skills exists here it is just the low level of social conscience, love of individual gain over social gain, money, undue competition et.c.

      You may have seen some American armed forces recruitment videos around, if you have not, search for one on the internet, watch and see if you don’t want to apply online and pack off to a recruitment centre. Compare that with Nigeria Army’s ”buy form, pay at the bank, bring teller, 5 passport photos, come and queue in the sun recruitment” effort and you begin to get the idea.

    • peccavi says:

      Oga, abeg me I dey tire to talk, because of course once I speak I’m a spy.
      I’ve said this from day one.
      No country loves you
      Every country acts in its own interest

      We can cry from now till tomorrow about BBC or whatever, it is so damn irritating to constantly read these attacks on BBC etc when we have NTA, VON, Ambassadors and more and just sit back letting other people write the narrative of our country and then complain

  27. Augustine says:

    Nigerian government, if NTA and VON cannot do this war journalism effectively with all the budget money we pay them every year, why not give the contract to the owner of this Beegeagle Blog ?

    His beegeagle photos were good enough to be used by all and sundry, yes, so let Nigerian men in power NOT pretend that they do not know whom to use based on proven capability over the past years using his own personal pocket money to promote Nigerian military and national interests both in peace time and war time.

    Even teachers nowadays tell minister for education that their reward is in heaven as well as right here on earth.

    Let Nigerian leaders elevate and compensate those who use personal resources to do ‘government work’ that nobody else wants to invest his own money on.

    Everybody has family mouths to feed.

    Nigerian Ministers for defense over to you sirs, I am sure you get our humble language, gaskiya magana ne, otito wa nibe, may God bless you as you bless those who deserve it. Many thanks to you all.

  28. Are James says:

    To divert, does anybody have actual confirmation of MI 35M deployment in the NE?. Plenty of reports are out there but nobody actually knows if they are 35Ms or just night capable MI 24s and 35Ps.

  29. Spirit says:

    Na today Beegeagle start dey shout/beg/plead make NA give him chance make him embed himself go cover tory from the forward edge of battle FREE OF CHARGE?

    Let an ordinary janitor from No 201, Wood Lane, London show face and hint that NA should let him cover a battle in the NE, I can bet it that the guy will be flown to Maiduguri in our presidential jet and will be driven to the battle front in a T-72 surrounded by 4 diffrent kinds of MRAPs and 2 Mi-35 and providing air cover while 3 drones will be sweeping ahead of his convoy!

    We couldn’t have forgotten so soon that 16 year hold Mhalala (who no be oyinbo) achieved in 1 hour what 170 Million Nigerians have pleaded for 3 months for. Maybe if a Briton had come, our president would have been convinced in 30 seconds!

    We no dey value our own tin, we no dey value anything unless it coloured white.

    • AreJames says:

      Chei @Spirit, you wicked o. No come kill person here with laugh abeg. Na wetin?.
      Anyway, I suggest we switch discussions to some more pressing issues along the lines of the thread.

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Spirit. I respect your hustle sir.
      In as much as i realize that you are trying to pass a message across, you intentionally or unintentionally maligned the character of Miss Malala, who in her own right i believe has earned the right to fight for what she believes in irrespective of her skin color. Oga, name calling such as Oy**bo or Ni**er for people with more melanin is derogatory hence, greatly detracts from your message. I seriously hope this was unintentional, because we cannot afford to be seen as racist, either by our words, or by our actions. There is nothing wrong with red, brown, black, white or pink, they’re all colors of the rainbow, hehehe. Oga please make your point without basing it on broad generalizations, e.g, skin type.

  30. zachary999 says:

    Tomorrow would be 8 days since an Alpha jet with 2 of our finest pilots got missing (One Group Captain and a Wing Commander) ! No word on Aircraft and the pilots….

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Zachary999. I respect your hustle sir.
      Oga, ebi like say you neva catch the drift,hehehehehe, i don’t remember the last time it took this long to locate any aircraft in Nigerian airspace. Rumor is that, the news of the missing jet was a ruse to encourage bokoarerams to continue attacks as initially planned without recourse to their pending annihilation. Seems to have worked. I honestly do not believe any aircraft is missing, i have no proof of this, just my opinion. If anyone so disagrees with this point of view, please do remind us the last time it took more than a day to locate any missing/crashed aircraft.

      • Kay says:

        That’s an illogical ruse Sir. A jet is missing, Confirmed!
        Like we only had a single fighter jet in our inventory? What does it profit anyone to keep a jet out of action whilst enemies keep coming.

      • AreJames says:

        LOL. I have been wondering the same thing. It makes sense only if a lone Alpha jet had been operating visibly all this while against the insurgents which provokes more questions. The other explanation is that a jet is actually missing in captured territory and BH had attacked Konduga on the mistaken assumption (planted by the DM I) that that was the only air asset available.

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga Kay. I respect your hustle sir.
        Oga, misinformation is the keyword here, as any news that portrays DHQ in a bad light tends to embolden enemies of state. They obviously get their kick, laughs and morale boosters from news reports that surprisingly portray them as larger than life, while its understandable that most people think employing strategies like this is illogical, respectfully sir, wisdom most times seems illogical to the lay man.

      • OriginalPato says:

        If my memory serves me right, a private charter aircraft en route to Calabar from Lagos disappeared in 2008. The ruins and the remains of the passengers & crew were discovered nine (9) months later by hunters in a remote forest in Cross River State.

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga OriginalPato. I respect your hustle sir.
        Yes sir, i remember vividly, but bear in mind that the said crash occurred prior to the installation of the Total Radar Coverage of the Nigerian Airspace Project(TRACON) although a civil project, TRACON has the ability to track and manage all aircraft in Nigerian airspace and well beyond, please Oga’s correct me if i’m wrong. Therefore, its practically impossible not to know the exact coordinates of an aircraft, whether in distress, following, or deviating from a pre-approved trajectory. Post 2006, incidents of not been able to locate aircraft’s surely cannot occur again. According to NAMA, secondary radars are based in Lagos, Kano, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ilorin, Maiduguri, Talata-Mafara, Numan and Obubra. Please note Maiduguri, as this is where the said sortie took place. As at full installation there were only 3 countries in Africa with that level of coverage, Nigeria, South Africa, and Egypt, dont know if other African countries have developed their own systems. Oga’s please feel free to put me in my place.

    • Oje says:

      Zachary666, it took 30 days since the kidnapping of 600 GIRLS for the president’s spokes man to even acknowledged the girls have been kidnapped and that was due to international awareness. ON OUR MISSING ALPHA JET AND PILOTS…GO FIGURE.

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga Oje. I respect your hustle sir.
        hahahahaha, Oga, 600 girls? kidnapped? when was that? didn’t hear about it oh oga. Please enlighten

      • igbi says:

        “since the kidnapping of 600 GIRLS” Dude you really need to stop makingg up numbers, it is not funny anymore.

  31. #Konduga: A seriously wounded high ranking terrorists Leader is being treated in a Military medical facility after he was captured in the OP

    Latest from DH twitter handle

  32. jimmy says:

    This is good news r.i.p to the fallen soldier.This fool should be transferred out of BORNO state for security reasons.The NA and the NAF SHOULD BE KITTED AND READY for the weekend.
    The f.g. should take note of what it takes/ costs to defend our loved ones and provide more planes , more helios , more tanks , and more APCS/ IGIRIGIS for the benefits of the powers that be reading this blog.

    • asorockweb says:


      Our career soldiers deserve to train and fight like the professionals that they are.

      No one should expect them to waste their lives in the same way that the BH leaders are throwing the lives of their gullible followers away at konduga.

  33. buchi says:

    ;D if that guys manages to live with the renewed spirit in konduga..i am guessing dat ……advancements will start.

  34. drag_on says:

    Speaking about our friends of the BBC and AI.

    “Torture has become such an integral part of policing in Nigeria that many stations have an informal torture officer, Amnesty International says.
    Both the military and police use a wide range of torture methods including beatings, nail and teeth extractions and other sexual violence, it says……”

    Please google “BBC Konduga”,all you will get is BBC hausa service not BBC world service.
    Not a single article in English,despite all the press releases by the Military.
    It seems Bad Boko News is not for the BBC.

    This is a warning sign,that elements in Britain do not wish us well.

  35. jimmy says:

    More of the virgin seekers were given there death wish.
    The good news as they are departing to hell more equipment is being recovered
    I am going to start doing something and I want to respectfully ask for constructive comments please no personal insults i will title it lessons learned or L2 FOR SHORT. For example the L2 for for the Niger delta conflict was
    1) The need for a blue water NAVY
    2) The need for an established SBS
    For the NE Insurgency, I am going to implore the people @ NDA just like they have a six month course now for all CADETS, the L2 for this conflict is : Night time fighting this must be part of the curriculum for all tri services moving forward it is not that Night time fighting did not occur in Liberia or S/ Leone but this is different, IN THREE WAYS:
    1) The introduction of Night flying combat HELIOS/ PLANES
    2) There has to be sustained integrated communications between the ground ( NA) and the air (NAF)
    3) Sustained heavy fighting as a preferred method by the enemy and then the NA planting an ambush @ Night / during the early hours of the morning.

  36. jimmy says:

    * their death wish*

  37. toondey says:

    Sirs, I just attempted watching nta news @9″ nigerian army kills 60 boko haram” was the last headline mentioned with photo shopped image of benin republic soldiers so much for my tax and professionalism. Good night sirs

    • toondey says:

      *Photo shopped from wikipedia*

      • Are James says:

        Manage it like that.
        DHQ is not embedding reporters. War correspondents are not trained and even if they were, their wives would not let them go N.East. New editors are also not trained. Yet the news must be read at 9. Wetin we go do?.

  38. Oje says:

    Its amazing how France does what it can to protect her ex colonies, Britain on the other hand couldnt give a fuck.. ok no problem, rather than let us be they engage in a massive media campaign to tarnish out image.. Nigerian shoppers single handedly saved the British retail market in 2012, our legal system is modelled after the British, we are the biggest English (official language) speaking nation in the world, Nigerian are the most avid supporters of the premier league.. what have we done to this people to deserve this kind of rubbish? All hands are on deck to fight ISIS in Iraq, a nation with just %20 of our population with zero non existent trade relations with Britain, here we are fighting our own terror alone yet they wont support us.. but no that isnt enough, they just must find a way to ”put us where we belong”.

    • Buchi says:

      Oje forget it.time and time again we have said it.this is our war.we need the needds weapons only and we will do our job shekina…..tonight I watched a piece abt a bbc journalist going to the field with syrian soldiers..hmmmmmm dnt be suprised to read the nxt time that the western.coalition has decided to patrner with their so called tyrannt president assad..for me all I want is for new equipment to be bought.pride and.national conviction maintained.local military capabilities inproved and upgraded..doctrine and threat assesment made and sustained and nigeria to rise up abt its critics Nd hold down.

      nb: only once has a bbc reporter embeded himself with nigerian troops in the north east during the height of the chibook problem..he flew in the mi-24 helo during a surty.elsr evsrything else.nah rubbish

  39. superstar1 says:

    Welll done beegeagle, for the patriotic work you are doing. You are the lone voice of our Army.

    NTA, VON, NOA, FRCN etc are all a waste of tax payers money.

  40. Triggah says:

    By the way What type of APC was recovered and why do our military use the otokar cobra as an IFV instead of APC that it was made for?

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Triggah, do you want us to pull the Trigger on the Cobra APC ? The long talk dey for reserve o, if dem say make we yap the Cobra thing, talk go full ground…..but this time it will be more positive than Negative. The negative has been spilled like beans few months on this blog.

      Nigeria’s war with Boko Haram today, and future COIN (That we pray does not happen again) can be turned around by the Otokar Cobra if certain things are done…

      • Triggah says:

        I’m not saying the cobra isn’t doing fine, on the contrary its one of the key instrument in this war. With its high speed and good off-road capability, good for flanking maneovers, Rapid Responds. Reconnaisance and patrol.
        All i’m saying is that in a conventional war it will be at a disadvantage against modern weapon system. Like i said before it is just an APC . Practically an uparmoured humvee with low troops carrying capacity, limited IED Protection, low armor protection in frontal assault.
        It works fine at the rear of the frontline ferrying troops and patrols.
        We have to stop using an equipment for the wrong purpose. If you need a tank buy a tank not an armoured car, if you need a combat jet buy one not a trainer.

  41. Augustine says:

    Oga Triggah, maybe I didn’t make my reply clear enough. i was in support of your point that the Nigerian Cobra was being used wrongly. However, I was trying to say the situation can be corrected and the Cobra turned into a game changer if some things are done, which I don’t know whether Nigeria has interest in doing.

    Bros, Nigerian army may never do what many of us have suggested in the area of specially configured Toyota Land Cruiser 4×4 Anti-aircraft gun technicals like the Cameroonian army displayed recently, beautiful and decent platform, cheap and available in large numbers, able to match Bokos speed and firepower.

    NA doctrine does not allow the use of ‘insurgency or rebel’ type of equipment, our Sandhurst British academy trained officers will rather die than change doctrine o !

    See, those Boko ZSU-23-4 ‘mass murdered’ Nigerian AK-47 riflemen and APC men on the battlefield, those issues made us to lose some of our finest soldiers. Well boys complained like hell, I had a soldier on the front line who used to send me info, he said the Boko Toyota AAA guns are hellfire come down when they pin down platoons of Nigerian AK-47 riflemen or even the Cobra APC with machine guns. The soldier man no dey communicate via that channel again all of a sudden, whether he has been KIA or fear of ‘orders from above to keep mute’ made him to stop.

    Well he confirmed the fear and death they faced from Boko’s 14.5mm and 23mm gun armed Toyotas.

    Good news is that September 1 newspaper report said Nigerian army has ordered more Shilka ZSU-23-4 to counter this Boko Haram weapon of mass destruction. Problem is, Shilka is 3 times slower than the Bokos Toyota, and the Shilka armour will be easily penetrated by the 14.5mm, Tom is bigger but Jerry is faster, soon the whole house dem go scatter !

    My thought was that we should have gone for more Cobras but ONLY with the SUITABLE TYPES of armaments, it will bite like a real Cobra king of reptiles.

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