A Browning M2 12.7mm HMG-armed Panhard VBL M11 light
armoured vehicle


18 September, 2014

The Nigerian Military has apprehended a high-ranking member of the Boko Haram sect. Troops in separate battles on Wednesday routed the sect fighters and killed scores during failed attempts to occupy Konduga, about 70 kilometres to Maiduguri.

The captured commander, DailyPost gathered, was seriously wounded and is currently being treated in a military medical facility. Military sources say the terrorists’ leader, whose name is still being kept a secret, was captured after the second but more fierce battle waged by the insurgents to capture the town.

Among seized items were weapons and equipment including 24 rifles, five rocket propelled grenade tubes, two machine guns as well as a Ford Ranger vehicle. Another Ford ranger vehicle was also destroyed.

In another battle, which occurred at Benisheik on Wednesday, troops fought through an ambush, impounded four motorcycles, wounded some terrorists, while others fled. It was also gathered that one soldier lost his life while four others, who were injured, are receiving treatment.


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  1. Buchi says:

    Oga beegz quadruple posts ohh

  2. odion777 says:

    Good news, very good on this, it will also interest you guy to know that no matter how negative the BBC portray our country and defence force, the British public is not fooled and are 100% in support of our tactic against the insurgency, see link below from daily mail few weeks back.

    • asorockweb says:

      I hope we are not giving away intelligence to BH.

      • Are James says:

        When you have overwhelming power over an enemy it doesn’t even matter. Let them take it as a warning and drop their weapons.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Jimmy, this may….or may not….mean that the final offensive-final push to finally decimate Boko Haram will happen in October, the month of independence….just saying o, not a prophet.

  3. jimmy says:
    OGA AUGUSTINE e be like say one ambassador read your article o maybe the ambassador wey dey for Britain go read am too.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Jimmy big boss, I salute you sir. I pray the Nigerian ambassador in Britain will copy the one in the USA. This is Nigeria’s hour of need and time of great trouble, our ambassadors are the biggest voices we can use abroad to speak out publicly and defend Nigeria’s national Image that is being deliberately plastered with thick mud by the western media.

      Egbon Jimmy, by luck I jammed one of the Nigerian ambassadors this week o ! Where boy go look wetin they happen for all these dem big man meeting where gate fee will not tear my pocket, na so I see am. I went straight to him and introduced myself with my Hausa and Yoruba middle names, so I got his full attention.

      No wasting time bros I hit the nail with hammer, I pulled him to a corner and begged, sir your excellency, please help Nigeria repair it’s image in your country of posting as ambassador, the Boko Haram issue is being used to smear Nigeria in western countries and you are in one of the key nations there.

      He said and I quote “I know, aboki, I know, all these things you said, I know it is true”.

      So why has he been silent for a whole year when he knows? I catch am o ! Na newspaper photos I take recognize the ambassador face o ! Small boy jam big man.

      The Cameroonian ministers wey dey for that place nearly punch my face when I said, bonjour ministre, I am a Nigerian may I talk to you…..the man look me like say I no be human being, he said “Talk to me about what !!!! ”

      I wanted to give him a message to Paul Biya, but the fury in his eyes when I said I am a Nigerian, was enough for me to say nothing and walk away before the man ask police to bundle me inside SWAT vehicle go spoil person clean record for that place.

      Ah ! The hatred the envy you get as a Nigerian when you meet some Cameroonians !

  4. saleh says:

    hopefully good int will be gotten from the captured high ranking BH terrorist

  5. jimmy says:
    This meeting that took place itis hoped that both sides told each other the bitter truth.

  6. Tope says:

    This Boko Commander arrested is it same one as the Amir dude? Because I know 2 top boko commanders were killed this week at Konduga, since this one never die makes it 3 top commanders out of da battlefield.

  7. xnur44 says:

    Superboi79, none that I know off because mobile NDBs will not work in such scenario as described but HF/FM radios exist for air-to-ground Conn.
    For any tactical ordinance to be delivered at night/adverse conditions, at least the target area need to be illuminated in one form or another e.g. IR, Flares, Laser, Moonlight or any bright burning object in the vicinity.
    Fleeting targets especially humans are tough to acquire and discriminated against unless slower aerial platforms with designator devices are used, in our case the NAF are improvising on each scenario.

  8. drag_on says:

    The Nigerian military has received the backing of the federal government to streamline the activities of the Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF) and other vigilante groups in the North East into a more professional fighting force in the ongoing counter-terrorism operation against Boko Haram terrorists….
    …..It was gathered that despite the fact that the CJTF members have been very useful in the ongoing fight against the terrorists, some of them have been largely blamed for some serious human rights violations, prompting the government to approve the planned regulation of their mode of operations…..
    ….The source added: “Do you know that despite their heroics activities, some elements amongst them have been causing trouble. We found out that they double deal with us and the terrorists; some have been found to be overzealous and get easily carried away by success and have started over-stepping their bounds.

    “Some leak vital operational information and as well as give out wrong information to the media based on their own perspective of issues….
    …..In a related development, the recent military onslaught is said to have greatly slowed down the Boko Haram terrorists.

    A military source who spoke to THISDAY last night said: “Insurgents are running away in haste in few enclaves they had their presence in Bama and other surroundings with the air force in hot pursuit. We have got them where we want them; the heat is on and place is becoming too hot for them. Their armouries are depleting and they are dying in droves.”…..

  9. peccavi says:

    I’m looking at these photos at it looks like one of the Shekaus was killed at Konduga

  10. beegeagle says:

    BAKASSI, a Cameroonian, responding to AUGUSTINE;

    Submitted on 2014/09/21 at 4:46 am | In reply to Augustine.

    Hi Oga Beeg eagle,

    I am a Cameroonian and a long time follower of this Blog. Thank you for you genius idea of creating and managing this blog. I happy to see nigerians (sons of Africa like cameroonian) discussing about security and geostrategy subject.

    I am writing this message for Oga Augustine who seem to have a particular problem with Cameroon and Cameroonians. If he want to attack M. Paul Biya and his entire government in his post he is free to do so, I don’t care about that because M. Paul Biya is just a French puppet. But I don’t agree with him when he attack Cameroonian people because I will not allow any Cameroonian to do so with Nigerian people.

    Let me tell you Oga Augustine we Cameroonians, we respect Nigerians as a hard worker people but don’t envy them. We don’t hate Nigerian and we are not looking for means to invade Nigeria. I respect you true patriotism for you country but don’t take you imagination for the reality when you are talking about Cameroon and Cameroonian.

    Just for fun: Cameroon envy Nigeria only for corruption.

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