Colonel (rtd) Sambo Dasuki, Nigeria’s National Security Adviser

20 September, 2014

THE emerging scenario in the fight against terror and the steps Nigeria’s government has taken would have resulted in global sensation during the Cold War. The United States would fight to keep their allies. They would never easily lose any of their allies to then Soviet Union as now represented by Russia which has, although, embraced free market economy.

Nigeria, for years, enjoyed close ties with the West and was seen as a US ally. But the seeming snub or nonchalant attitude towards it by its traditional allies has reportedly compelled Nigeria to turn to Russia and China for the training of its military as well as acquisition of military hardware to fight Boko Haram insurgents.

Highly placed military and intelligence sources in Abuja told Saturday Vanguard that the decision to turn to the other two world military powers was an interim measure to roll back the military advances made by the Boko Haram insurgents who have gained some grounds in seizing and controlling some towns and villages in the northeastern states of Borno and Adamawa.

Already, Nigerian security personnel from the Army, Police, Department of State Services (DSS) have been dispatched to Russia for training as Special Forces to combat the Boko Haram insurgents who are mounting stiff challenge to the Nigerian security services.

According to Saturday Vanguard investigations, following the
increasing sophistication of the Boko Haram terrorists, the Nigerian government approached American and British governments to procure arms for its armed forces in order to effectively counter the insurgents but the two western governments have continued to dither, a situation that may have been responsible for some of the gains recorded by terrorists in recent times.

A senior security source told Saturday Vanguard: “the United States and Britain appear unwilling to provide arms to our armed forces.It is surprising because these are two friendly countries to Nigeria which is under threat from terrorists. We have no option but to look somewhere else for our needs pending when the issues are resolved at the diplomatic level by our government.”

This remark underscored the current lukewarm attitude of both
countries to the Federal Government. The USA had said that it would not assist Nigeria with land forces and would not also share
intelligence with the Nigerian military. Sources said that they did
not trust the Nigerian military which was accused of lacking professionalism and which also had moles within. But Nigeria expected better assistance from USA, Britain and the like.But their
support has fallen below expectation.

Saturday Vanguard gathered that one of the options was to turn to
Russia which has always been willing to supply weapons and some other logistics to Nigeria when other western countries are not forthcoming. The Nigerian Air force has several Russian fighter jets in its fleet.

It was gathered that Nigeria has entered into contract with Russian
arms manufacturers for the supply of high calibre weapons to the
Nigerian Army to combat the insurgents in the North east and has
begun discussion with the Israeli government on possible supply of military hardware.

“When the Chief of Army staff said recently that the Nigerian army
would soon take possession of weapons that would reverse the
trend in the North east, he was referring to the deal between Nigeria and some Russian arms manufacturers. We are also in discussion with Israeli companies. We don’t want to be held ransom by our traditional allies. That is why we are expanding our sources of supply,” the source said.

As part of the agreement between Nigeria and Russia, a group of
Nigerian security personnel are already in Eastern Europe for training as Special Forces with another batch, made up of the Army, Police and DSS billed to leave Nigeria next month to join the other three batches that are already in training.

President Jonathan recently, at the passing out parade of cadets at the Nigerian Defence Academy, said the armed forces would set up a Special Forces Brigade to combat terrorism in the country.


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  1. I apologies for the length

    The west is too funny. The truth is thier reluctance to assist nigeria has nothing to do with human rights violations or lack of reliability and professionalism.
    If so then why is america still arming syrian rebels? I remember a couple months ago There were videos of syrian rebels cutting out the hearts of their enemies and eating it on youtube.

    ((((A video that appears to show a Syrian rebel cutting out and eating the heart of a dead government soldier has been posted online in a horrific new propaganda stunt.
    The unverified clip, posted by a pro-government campaign group, claims to show a man – believed to be Abu Sakkar, the well-known founder of Homs’ Farouq Brigade – standing over the uniformed corpse in a ditch while ranting against President Bashar al Assad.
    Using a knife, the man hacks open the torso and removes two organs before holding them up to the camera and declaring: ‘I swear to God we will eat your hearts and your livers, you soldiers of Bashar the dog.’ He then raises one to his mouth and takes a bite.))))

    The hypocrisy of the west is truly on full display. I wonder why america is still sending billions of dollars of aid to egypt even with her gross human rights abuses.
    ((((In Egypt the human rights situation is deteriorating gravely. The authorities continue to implement a new law effectively banning protests and to jail and try political opponents in legal proceedings that flagrantly violate due process rights. Since July 2013, at least 22,000 people have faced arrest or criminal charges, according to government figures.

    Accountability remains seemingly impossible: to date, there has been no credible investigation of any police or army officer for the mass killings in 2013 – the worst such incident in Egypt’s modern history. Human Rights Watch calls on the Human Rights Council to condemn these continued abuses, urges the Egyptian government to release all political prisoners and ensure full accountability for mass killings of protesters.)))))

    The truth of the matter is america just wants a puppet and Nigerias government is not submitting to them. The west never helps you without attaching strings.
    After all if we look at countries like uganda and rwanda, countries that are willing puppets of america.(especially rwanda)
    America still sells weapons to them even with their gross human rights violations.
    You have no idea about the evil musevini is doing in Uganda or what kagame is doing in rwanda even with thier economic progress. Those 2 are practically demons walking in human skin. But again america chooses to turn a blind eye to their atrocities.

    Here is some info on Rwanda and Uganda for those interested.–paul-kagame-9037914.html

    (((((Darling of the West, terror to his opponents: Meet Rwanda’s new scourge – Paul Kagame

    Paul Kagame’s rivals keep dying, but Clinton and Blair still shake his hand, writes Ian Birrell

    But Nyamwasa, a former Rwandan army chief who has survived two assassination attempts, asked who else might want to kill his friend. “It is not the first time and it is not the last. Most of President Kagame’s political opposition are in exile or in prison or are dead.”

    Kagame’s strategy has been clear from the start of his rise to power; indeed, defectors and dissidents have explained in detail how he man gets rid of his rivals. “He believes that all opponents must die,” said Karegeya last year.

    Those who served as his aides, army officers and bodyguards have said that even in exile during the days of bush warfare, he eliminated those who threatened his authority. After taking power following the 1994 genocide, his repressive regime used murder, arbitrary arrest, jail and strict media controls to sustain its incredibly rigid rule.

    Former colleagues told me he never hid what would happen to enemies; even Paul Rusesabagina, the hotel manager who became a global hero amid the hell of genocide, had to go into hiding.)))))

    Here is info on Musevini president of Uganda
    I was a child soldier for Uganda’s President

    (((((Now, after 25 years in office, Museveni is becoming more and more abusive of power. He is currently obsessed by the idea that he will become victim of an ‘African Spring’, mimicking the uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East. In this atmosphere of paranoia, he has targeted with extreme violence people he distrusts in an attempt to terrify the legitimate opposition led by Dr Kizza Besigye into passivity. – See more at:

    I was accepted into the army, and I did well. I married and became a family man, putting away the past. One day in August 2002, Museveni called me directly, by my password, to go to State House. He said: ‘How old are you now?’ So I told him. He said: ‘Then you are old enough to fight me.’ He said: ‘When a person points to the leopard’s cubs, his finger will be bitten off.’

    He was threatening me. Then he threw a glass of orange juice into my face and dismissed me. Three weeks later I was arrested. He never gave me one chance to defend myself. I was tortured to reveal things I could not reveal because I knew nothing about them. I only just escaped being killed. Secret helpers helped me to escape to the UK. I had no idea where I was going.)))))

    At the end of the day the good thing is that it has forced Nigerias military brass to broaden their horizons and look elsewhere for military co-operation. I hope our indigenous defense companies can also benefit from this development. Its high time Nigeria starts her own military industrial complex. Apart from ensuring Nigerias sovereignty it will also contribute to Nigerias economic development.

    Word for the wise

    Do not attach morality or civility to the Wests dealings with Nigeria and the rest of africa. Do so at your own peril.

    • Are James says:

      The west loves puppets but I am here telling you that 90% of Nigeria’s leadership are dying to be puppets of the stature of Paul Kagame, so that is not their problem.

  2. beegeagle says:

    Most pragmatic of the FG. In any case, the West sell infinitely more stripped down weapon systems to Nigeria. Nobody is complaining

  3. Tope says:

    Oga Beegs, finally our voices hv been heard they hv moved East so please begin creatin threads for russian, isreali and chinese weapons for all 3 armed forces n dia divisions so they knw wat to buy, I pick 3 keywords from this Article…. Russian Fighter jets nt Russian Helicopters, Signed with Russian Weapons manufacturers and also lookin at israel for supply and lastly SF forces in Eastern europe we knw its in Ukraine and Belarus….nice one….

    To divert, our suggestion for CJTF to be integrated into Army appears to have been done, it was approved by President interesting times ahead.

    • AreJames says:

      ”looking at Israel for supply” ..hmmmm, my Kfir Block 60 should be in there somewhere then.

    • igbi says:

      It would be best if the CJTF was transformed into a local and recognized militia armed and trained (just like the partisans in eastern europe during ww2). They do not have the army training nor discipline nor selectivity, therefor integrating them into the army is not a verry good idea.

    • igbi says:

      The CJTF members who prove themselves to be fearless and disciplinned and intelligent should be granted training slots either in Zaria either in Kaduna, and if successful, then they would wear the uniform of the Nigerian military.

    • phil says:

      Isreal would not sell weapons to nigeria most of her weapons are of american technology and therefore requires US permission to sell to a 3rd party. I think it will do us alot of good to actually turn east as they r also usually willing to transfer technology. I hav always doubted the sincerity of the west to help us out. ISIL became prominent like yesterday and look at all the effort being put in by the west. Dos Iraq hav better human rights records than nigeria? If bh was attacking oil installations nko?

      • jimmy says:

        Israel has sold weapons to Nigeria and continues to sell weapons that are 100%manufactured in Israel.During the recent crisis with Hamas they compared Hamas to Boko Haram.Our sss use Uzis and our Navy have trained in Haifa, Israel and they have sold us Shaldags.

      • phil says:

        Yea true am aware of all that esp the patrol boats. But all those were b4 this present circumstances that looks like the west is delibrately frustrating us. For whatever reason if its not in dia interest they can still arm twist isreal into not selling even if its completely an isreali tech know how.

      • ocelot2006 says:

        I won’t be so quick to take Isreal out of the picture as an arms supplier to Nigeria. After all, they’ve been a source of light arms, drones, and surveillance equipment to our military, police, and intelligence services. However, you do have a point, particularly with former US equipment that they intend to offload from their stock.

  4. a says:

    Long awaited move….simple & short story,I can’t talk much : “The US & UK are only “allies” when they need something. Other than that, you’re own your own when in need cos they typically don’t give a shit. When they manage to give you arms,be weary & don’t trust them cos they would even give your enemies far better weapons behind the scenes so that you continue to run to them for help. When you continue to run to them for help,you obviously won’t be able to say no to their “needs” & “wants” & “interests” even if it’s against your own interests in the long run cos of your desperation. It’s all a game of chess & I don’t see why our leaders keep choosing to be pawns without vision rather than the chess kings,queens,knights etc.
    Good move.
    God Bless our armed forces
    God Bless the federal republic of Nigeria.

  5. jimmy says:

    I have personally gone on record as saying that this war was going to take a long time, till now I did not state one of the most important reasons. This is it. The war in my opinion just reached a critical turning point. The US and the UK did Nigeria a great favor like the proverbial banker who keeps stringing you along and only gives you a loan when you do not need it.This is what they are their interest is not parallel to Nigerias it does not matter whether boko haram were to behead 100 americans today after the initial outrage from hollywood , President obama like a typical us president will find ways to do nothing.
    Nigeria would be advised to inform Ukraine we have no quarrel with them we just want our tanks,the choice is theirs to make if we do not get our tanks, the very money we will give them long term will go to Russia.
    We should stop obssessing about the us and uk, it is up to Nigeria to reach out and by weapons from reliable partners. In my next post I will post ten countries that will supply Nigeria with weapons with some in the next day delivery category.

  6. rugged7 says:

    1. “Nigerian security personnel are already in Eastern Europe for training as Special Forces”
    I would assume Russian Spetsnaz would be the ideal special forces to pick up key skills from. Their training is extremely rigorous and more robust than Navy seal training. Why would they choose Eastern Europe instead of Russia???

    2. “Highly placed military and intelligence sources in Abuja told Saturday Vanguard that the decision to turn to the other two world military powers was an interim measure”
    9ja Brasshats go give person heart attack one day sef. Why should it be an “interim measure”???
    It should be a PERMANENT measure.
    FORGET THE WEST!! They cannot be trusted under any guise!!!
    We can tango with them when they wake up from their slumber or when islamist jihadists take over the middle east and africa and present a clear and present danger to their way of life.
    Na my friend, na my friend no be beans.
    A friend is one who stands by you in your hour of greatest need.
    Sorry to say this, as i know we have a lot of Yankee lovers on this blog-
    the U.S and it’s western allies are definitely NOT…

  7. keviadano says:

    meanwhile i really think proforce can deliver.. they just need cooperation and support from the armed forces take a look at this beautiful machine in desert camo !×750-35920

  8. AreJames says:

    If the US is itself not a sponsor of Boko Haram, then we must accept the following argument for why they have been reluctant to support the war with weapons:
    The popular view in the west is that Nigeria is just a mere geographical expression and a very slowly evolving Nation for now. Micro Nationalistic tendencies exists in all group’s jostling for political power which the US believe should be rotational for now. Because of the tremendous powers at the centre, there is the risk that a winning group undertakes a parochially punitive suppression of competing nationalities and opposing political tndencies with irreparable damage to democracy which is the US’ s main reason for In any case if this was going to happen at all, let it not be with American weapons is what they are thinking.It is all a big indictment of the entire political class and our lack of mature, unifying leadership that the war against terrorism is not being supported the world over. If things had he been done right and the wrong things not done, no American administration dares to deny weaponry to a government fighting a group that kidnapped 200 young girls. The electoral backlash would have been too bad for their political party and just a little skilful manipulation using lobbyists and PR firms would have blown everything in our favoir. Now we are in a situation where we are competing in the information space for moral acceptance with Boko Haram. Also a few reminders are necessary here. Recall northern state governors travelling to the US to open everybody’s nyanshes (permit the expression) to second tier state department employees in the US recently, the mind boggles at the unpredictable items of information they must have released to them. What about all conspiracy theories floating around about the origin of the Boko Haram menace and the counter accusations?. With that background would you pour American weapons into a country whose risks of explosion is more damaging than even China or India?.

  9. rugged7 says:

    U.S sponsoring Boko Haram

    • rugged7 says:

      Not completely sure how true that is, but their are some valid points…

    • SokotoBoy says:

      That’s the truth ! now it is with Russa and China we will deal and I know that within 1 year the Nigeria Armed Forces will have a new face ! Western country showed us how they are hypocrites! I still remember the weapons that the Americans gave to the army it was a crap ! thank God some Mil Mi are coming

    • peccavi says:

      Ogas, this man is an idiot and professional conspiracy theorist. Everything is a plot. Abeg forget this Alex Jones

  10. odion777 says:

    This is a positive development, high time we turn to the East for support.

    • Are James says:

      My advice is to take these articles with a pinch of salt.
      This is a sponsored article and they don’t come cheap by the way.
      Tribune doesn’t know jack about defence and security and under normal circumstances won’t write anything in that area.
      Expect more of such articles between now and late December.
      The choice of words will be similar and along the lines of; ‘a security source said’.. ‘defence analysts wonder’…”a source in the xxx who pleaded not to be named said”. All these are aimed at damage control.
      Elections are here soon and the FG has just been embarrassed in S. Africa so plenty of damage control is going on. The only positive there is that we will see very effective actions against Boko Haram in the coming weeks.
      There will be no major issues between Nigeria, US and S.Africa. MTN, Shoprite are still making their billions and after erecting unfair barriers against genuine Nigerian businesses trying to compete against them, nobody said anything about that.
      Chevron Mobil and many American companies are doing billions in business in Nigeria and the next time the President visits the US for the xxth time it will be with another record breaking contingent of maybe 800 people.

    • Tobey says:

      Then the clown shows up in some video giggling like an excited child…Let’s fully confirm the news befor concluding or we will just end up painting the idiot like some immortal cat with 9 lives..Whether or not he is dead is the NA’s last concern…its inconsequential as far as I am concerned..The N.A is now making gains….Let it stay that way.

  11. COLONEL NGR says:

    It is a good development. I would love to see our security personnel being trained by to russian special forces. The US and brits havent improved our lot lately. All options must be employed to bring long lasting peace to the north east.

  12. beegeagle says:

    The armed variant of the Harbin Z-9 was what we should have reached for at the time when we acquired Agusta A109 LUH helicopters…arguably the most useless helicopter acquisition made in NAF history, just because someone was under self-imposed pressure to look more Western than a NATO airforce. They have been useless in the quest to advance our war effort.


    No need for words aplenty. This airframe is comparable, in terms of specifications and technical attributes, to the Agusta A 109-series of which the Nigerian Navy operate the Agusta A109E Power variant while the Nigerian Airforce operate the dedicated military variant, the A109LUH.

    However, these Chinese-built Z9-WA helicopters hold the added attraction of being able to ferry a slightly higher number of troops (ten) and carry a pair of 23mm cannons as main armament which are strictly speaking, sterner stuff.

    Indeed, the 23mm cannon is the main gun borne by mainstream helicopter gunships such as the Mi-24V. The Z9-WA armed helicopters are also cheaper than comparable Agusta brands and they possess night-fighting capabilities to boot. These FOUR features represent the main attractions which the Z9-WA airframe, developed into a dedicated military helicopter from the French-built Aerospatiale (now Eurocopter) AS365 Dauphin, holds for this writer.

    Some of these useful airframes could actually complement the fresh and growing fleet of Nigerian Airforce Agusta A109LUH choppers nicely in their allotted tasks and in so doing, sustain the age-old and cherished policy of diversification of sources of hardware procurement which the Nigerian Armed Forces have sustained since the era of the unfortunate Nigerian Civil War.

    Lovely, soft-skinned and attack-oriented airframe methinks.





    • asorockweb says:

      Oga Beegs, the Nigerian Airforce Agusta A109LUH helicopters are being used for logistics and personnel transport.

      Z9-WA armed helicopters could have served the same purpose – when it’s time for logistics duties, remove the arms from the short wings and use then use the helicopter for logistics and personnel transport. When it’s time to support the troops, return the 23mm cannons to the short wings, and go rain down death and destruction.

      China is the world’s biggest manufacturer, the air force and the navy could standardize on the z9-Wa and other similar helicopters from china, while the army air corps could take off with the mi-17s and the hind gunships.

      What say you?

    • WachanGuy says:

      IMO just 50 heavily armed units of this baby in skilled NAF/NA Aviation hands over the 7th Division AoR #BokostanDead #VictoryforNigeria

  13. Spirit says:

    @Oga mi Arejames sir, I beg no mind dem jare.
    Is Nigeria the only country with the kind of political set-up you described above?

    Is the US not going around showing Paul Kagame’s Rwanda as an example to other African countries in spite of Kagame’s sending Hit Squads after his opponents that ran away to South Africa and the silencing of the other major tribes in Rwanda?
    Did the US stop doling out billions ($3 Billion?) annually to support Egyptian military during the 30yr old represive regime of Hosni Mubarak?
    Has the US stopped shipping F-15C/S Eagle (3rd largest fleet after US and Japan) and Patriot SAM to the House of Saud despite its corruption and represive laws (e.g ban on female driving)?

    I do not blame the USA, I place the blame solely at the feet of our ‘rulers’ (not leaders).
    If I wan buy yam from una, and una no wan sell to me, I no go even tanda pas 10 seconds before I waka go another shop. And like Oga Jimmy said earlier, ‘No be only one route enter the market place’.

    Gone are the days when just a few countries enjoy monopoly of military technology. The technology is gradually becoming commonplace (at least for countries that are serious) such that the market is gradualy moving from Oligopolistic to Free Market. Human flesh/life does not discriminate between Russian/Chinese bombs and American/British bombs. If anybody had told me ten years ago that NN will be buying RALCO and gunboats from Singapore, I would have had a fit!

    And if the military experts have told FG/NA that Russo/Chinese weapons are sub-standard,but futuristic American/European weapons are not forth coming, I beg BUY A LOT OF THE ‘INFERIOR’ WEAPONS and unleash them on these Boko Haram demons. It is a well know fact that ‘QUANTITY IN ITSELF IS QUALITY’.

  14. Ola says:

    I do not see any reason why Nigerians should be lamenting the refusal of US to sell weapons to them. US is not interested in the welfare of any African country. US and EU are like sluts, they sleep with even the devil when the terms favours them and as soon as the deal is over, they move on. At least Ghadaffi was once their friend! And in the late 70s when the middle east decided not to sell oil to the US, they desperately ran to Nigeria and the then President upped the production and sale of oil to them to save their country. Now Nigeria is no longer relevant, so time to move on. In future when they need Nigeria again, they will come back to talk deals. Remember, Obama has told virtually every head of state in the world that “you are our strategic allies…our most important allie in this region…”
    On the other hand, I think it’s a good development that we are coming to the realisation of the fact that we cannot look to the US or their puppet UK and their other allies for arms sales. Why buy arms today that would be grounded tomorrow due to shortage of serviceable parts? I hope the Nigerian government will also learn from this too. I have been saying 3 things on beegeagle’s blogs for some time now;
    1. Nigeria needs to completely forget US, and their allies (UK, France and ay be even Israel) for now and look to Russia and China for procurement.
    2. We need to do a massive procurement plan that goes beyond boko haram, but actually defensing the integrity of Nigeria and making the armed forces modern, effective and capable.
    3. We need to go beyond procurement, we need to rapidly and massively develop our domestic defence industries. The fact is that no country can develop without learning to be independent. Some of us who have been privileged to work in foreign militaries know the importance of going into combat with your self manufactured tool. You would not need an instructor for it, you can quickly fix broken parts and keep it serviceable for as long as you desire to be using it and you can even upgrade and modify it for a different purpose.
    If the NAF that was assembling airbeetle basic trainer in the 80s had continued on that path, today we would have an indigenous jet fighter or at least a jointly developed jet fighter with another nation that is worth its salt. That said, it is never too late. As we look east today for procurement, we should not only take our money to their market to buy their products, we should also bring the technology home. Nothing stops DICON from having a production line an a formidable MBT complete with shells and missiles in the near future. Nothing stops us from going into the defence industry as a seller, if not globally, but on the continent. Nothing stops us from coming up with joint developmental programs with countries like Russia, China, Brazil, India and Pakistan. Nothing stops the army engineering corps form partnering with proforce and DICON to make some top of the range APCs, IFVs and MBT with most of the materials sourced for locally.
    I am of the opinion that in future, when Nigeria has stabilised, the people that are spiting us now will come back to want to deal with us again and if we have learnt to grow up and hold our end at this critical time, we would be able to look them in the face and dictate terms of relationship with them.

  15. Oje says:

    If we buy Chinese helicopters i hope we insure them.

  16. beegeagle says:

    As you can see from the nose-mounted FLIR pod, this is optimised for night attack

  17. Oje says:

    I am not a conspiracy junkie, but i am of the view the building collapse of the Nigerian Nostradamus Synagogue is not unconnected to American special teams in Nigeria. Cmon, its no mere coincidence the building ”decided” to collapse when 67 South Africans were lodged.

    • OriginalPato says:

      Stop paying attention to all the hogwash concerning TB Joshua. That building was faulty from the word go period. All manner of aircrafts fly over buildings daily in Nigeria and they are still standing.

  18. Are James says:

    One thing we are not considering regarding Chinese helicopters is this very important consideration about what the pilots themselves want. I know most Nigerian air force chopper pilots are dreaming of some career in civil aviation after some stint in the NAF because the career path to CAS is crowded and loaded with political comsiderations. So a guy in his late 40s or early 50s goes for civil craft conversion courses and has to mention that he was trained in China and certified on Harbin Z9 WA and CAC Z 10. Not very sexy.
    We need to accept the fact that current generation of fliers actually look down on these machines and it will be so for sometime.

    • asorockweb says:

      For the young pilots, by the time they are ready to leave the air force, there should be plenty of Chinese built civilian helicopters are well.

  19. jimmy says:

    JUST TO LET YOU GUYS KNOW I had written a two hour long essay highly critical of the Nonchalant attitude of the us and uk wiped out.COMPUTER ISSUES , INTERNET ISSUES WORD PRESS issues.

  20. peccavi says:

    Personally I agrre that Nigeria should focus more on purchasing weapons from thee East ainly because they are cheaper, easier too maintain and more widely used so spares are cheaper and maintenance techniques easier.
    however this constant mantra of the west refusing to sell weapons is ridiculous. The west loves selling weapons, it is one of the few strong growth industries. Please take a look at the list of top arms seller and tell m if majority of thee top 10 are not western powers.
    Which weapons are we looking to buy that they wont sell abeg? Rifles? Pistols, artillery, armoured vehicles? Aircraft?
    Please this is ridiculous

    The reality is that anti bribery and anti money laundering legislation in the west does not favour our arms purchasers. There are several fellows languishing in jail over bribes and kickbacks from Nigerian arms deals while the people on the Nigerian side are Ambassadors and political candidates.
    I would strongly suggest we focus less time and attention of vituperating on th west and its perceived perfidy and focus on getting value for mmoney for our purchases.

    • Henry says:

      Oga peccavi, I beg to differ. Yes it is very very very true that the west is very un-willing to sell arms to nigeria, and they have nothing to do with anti-bribery or anti-money laundering laws as you claim. Your assertion is incorrect.

      Here is an article on the german defence manufacturers threatening to move abroad over the same issues we complain about.

      German defense industry threatens to move production abroad

      FRANKFURT (*******) – Germany’s defense industry lobby has warned that companies were looking into shifting production abroad in response to the country’s restrictive arms export policy.

      “All large defense contractors in Germany are assessing whether they can stay in the country in the long run,” Armin Papperger, the chief executive of Rheinmetall and head the German defense industry association, was quoted as saying by newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung on Saturday.…-business.html

      Corruption in the military or the defence industry doesn’t only occur in nigeria. There are more guilty parties in the developed world, it is not a nigerian thing. Defence related Companies pay kick backs to win contracts all the time.

      E.g, Gripen jets to south-africa, Denel’s deal with Tata. There have also been corruption issues with the F-35 fighter program.

      You make it seem like only nigerians pay bribes, neither are there concrete instances where a high number of nigerians have been jailed for corruption related issues in defence.

      I’d rather we focus on building our defence industry than constantly accepting the gross maltreatment, discrimination, insincerity and insults, as their are genuine reasons for our constant perfidy and vituperating on the west.

      These issues are real and not imagined.

      • igbi says:

        All one needs is to google Dick Cheney and corruption to validate your points.

      • peccavi says:

        Oga,respectfully I must also disagree.
        The self same Germany sold dual use helicopters to Iraq, designeed and built their chemical weapons facilitis, sold them the components of their supergun.
        The UK supplies and virtually runs Saudi Arabias military.
        The French who are aggressively anti Russia particularly in the Ukraine issue is making 2 assault amphibious ships.
        The West is very hypocritical about their foreign policy and arms deals but I struggle to see which item we went to them for that they refused too sell on human rights grounds. the only way that would be logical if the items were being donated but if they are being bought and paid for then they will sell it.
        I believe this is simply PR, first by the authorities to try and claim it was the wests refusal to sell arms that led to the defeats of recent and also a way to deflect from the Amnesty and their wahala. You can see in the case recently where people are flying around with millions of dollars and claiming it was to buy arms.
        It is a stupid policy.
        When we buy from China and Russia and the same thing happens nko?
        For some reason Amnesty International has decided they have a hard on for Naija. Personally I am of the opinion they need to f$#@ off and die. As much as I abhor the way thee army and polie treat people there is a time and a place and tto be hnest if AI really wants to effect change do they really think at a time when a state is being overrun anyone will listen to them. The problem is these NGOs are media whores and will try and piggyback on and flog an issue to death as long as its high in the headlines.
        This is why they try and flag up these reports at this time but then these guys have strong lobbies in the west, rather than butting heads with them, the IGP and DHQ should invite them to come to Nigeria, listen to them, and then ask them to run a project teaching LOAC to the military and Human rights workshops for the police. Give them a target of reaching every military and police formation, tell them that they must use Nigerian legal professionals and get the funding from their donors and trust me they will jump at it and then they will shut the fuck up and concentrate on getting funds from the UK and getting the project off the ground.

        If we want western weapon systems they will jump at it and sell them.
        It is one of their key foreign policy tools. Why do you think Egypt can never go to war with Israel again? Because they use US equipment, even though some is madein Egypt they cannot manufacturre enough ammo or spares to sustain major combat operations, thus if they ever went to war with Israel they would not bee able to sustain ops beyond a few weeks.
        As I said I am generally not a fan of western weapon systems, I prefer Russian, Brazilian, South African weapons as they are rugged an third world friendly but we should not fall for this distraction tactic

    • asorockweb says:

      Good job. Let’s not criticize the west. Let’s focus on our own needs.

      • igbi says:

        We should do both or some day we might forget who they really are (moral prostitutes). And given how their media paints us, we must pay them back.

    • jimmy says:

      OGA Peccavi , please pardon me because i have been having computer issues.On most of what you said you are right,However there is a big butt Every nation on earth including the US and most recently THE UK
      During the 911 crises of thetwin towers .Nigeria supported the us whole heartedly. Saudia Arabia sent AN EMISSIARY with $10m cheque who decided he had to give a lecture on all of AMERICA’S ills and wrong doings his name is al faisal and is one of the most powerful men in Saudi Arabia.
      In Britain they shut the probe down to a BAE bribery scandal when another one of the princes Prince Bandar warned further investigation could jeopardize the $35b PROJECT.
      The US is going to arm a group that has documented members who have eaten dead Syrian soldiers hearts and have now called themselves moderates good luck to them and their dysfunctional maybe boko haram should of beheaded a couple of AMERICANS AND BRITISH if that is what it takes to get the US AND THE UK to sell WEAPONS to Nigeria. The good thing about this newspaper release is the bullshit is over . when this war is over the f.g. should downgrade the bi national commission between the us and Nigeria because it really serves no purpose it is fast losing any relevance except empty junkets and to discuss the next presidential election they could however add how Hollywood actresses can adopt Nigerian Orphans but Senior Nigerian officers need to stay away from these meetings. IF A FRIEND CANNOT HELP YOU IN YOUR TIME OF NEED BUT PONTIFICATES IT IS NOT A FRIEND OR ALLY BUT ACQUAINTANCE.

      • doziex says:



      • asorockweb says:

        So, this is my take-away:


        And I will add, “a passer’s-by”

      • peccavi says:

        I am yet to hear how they refused to help us.
        We only have random, unnamed sources, stating they have refused to sell us unspecified weapon systems.
        Oga I don old for this work and it sounds like bull$#@%
        The US produced an analysis that if we continued the level of corruption, poor governance and failed to deal with underlying issues Nigeria was likely to break up by 2015. We all jumped up and down cursing them shouting One Nigeria. It looks prescient now doesn’t it?
        The US gave Sri Lanka an analysis of their war effort, they took the analysis, implemented the parts that chimed with their strategy and won their war.
        The west is hypocritical. Tell me something I don’t know.
        I have said this from the day I first posted here, there are no permanent friends only permanent interests. Whether we lik it or not we will be dealing with the Us because it is the most powerful country on the planet, has a huge number of Nigerians living there, the largest economy and member of the UNSC. We will be dealing with Britain because iit is the money laundering capital of the world, a huge economy, leader of the Commonwealth and lots of Nigerians live there. We will be dealing with France because it is a UNSC member, has a very active African policy, and we are surrounded by Francophone countries, French troops and aircraft. SO we can sulk and throw our toys out the pram or we can form an intelligent and coherent foreign policy and stop jumping from point to point embarrassing ourselves.

  21. Yagazie says:

    Gentlemen- to be honest I am VERY VERY HAPPY to hear this news that the West (i.e. United States and Britain) have refused/are reluctant to supply our millitary with lethal equipment ostensibly on grounds of ‘human rights ‘ concerns. Let’ forget for the moment that they supply arms to totalitarian regimes like Eygpt, Saudi Arabla, Bharain, UAE, Qutar etc.

    Why am I so happy about this development you might ask. The reason is simply that AT LONG LAST OUR GOVT WILL NOW BE FORCED TO WAKE UP TO THE FACT THAT THE WEST (UNITED STATES AND BRITAIN) IS NOT REALLY INTERESTED IN SEEING A STRONG NIGERIAN MILLITARY and that IT IS HIGH TIME WE LOOKED EASTWARDS TO CHINA, RUSSIA, UKRAINE, PAKISTAN, INDIA and ISREAL for our defence needs. The good thing is that some of these countires (China and Pakistan in particular) are actually keen on developing close military ties with Nigeria. It is also HIGH TIME WE DEVELOPED OUR INDIGENOUS ARMS INDUSTRY, partnering with firms in the private sector (like Pro-force, John-Holt Marine, Innoson motors etc).

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, when will we ever ever ever learn? First, the Civil War, then Niger Delta Insurgency, and now the current Boko Haram Insurgency- on all these occassions when our Nation’s security/corporate existence was at grave risk, the west has steadfastly refused to supply our country with the necessary millitary equipment that is needed -even as we are prepared to pay for them and we have had to turn to China and Russia/Ukraine who have always stepped in and delivered the goods- no questions asked..

    With all due respect to those on this blog who are stong advocates of our millitary purchasing Western (i.e. American/British) equipment or nothing else , and always praising the virtues of such western millitary (American/British) equipment to the high heavens – well ‘shebi eye don clear una well well now?’

    Gentlemen- the current (October 2014) edition of AIRFORCES MONTHLY has a detailed write-up on China’s attack helicopters. It is aptly entitled “in a world where sanctions, vetoes, clones and copies played a big part, china’s attack helicopters are finally EMERGING FROM THE SHADOWS”. It then goes on to look at in great detail the capabilities of the following chinese attack helos: Z-9, Z-9W (the anti-tank version of the Z-9), and the WZ-10 described by the magazine as a real attack helicopter.

    Gentlemen do a google search of the WZ-10 (unit cost $27million) and you will ask yourself why the hell are we looking at trying to get 30 year old plus Cobra helicopters from Isreal- not getting same due to America’s veto and on top of that, taking sanctimonious lectures on human rights violations/non-professionalism of our millitary from the Americans.

    It would seem that the Pakistanis will most likely be the first export customer for these helos to replace their combat weary AH 1F Cobras. Then there is the WZ-19 which is an attemt to modify the Z-9 into a reconnaisance and attack helicopter.

    Incidentaly, the same edition of the magazine also has a detailed write-up of the Israeli Cobra-AH1 Tzefa helicopters which were retired (due to defence budget cuts) in July 2013 after FORTY YEARS OF SERVICE with the IAF. If (and it is a big If) stories are to be believed, these are the same helicopters in respect of which the US vetoed the sale to Nigeria. Advocates of western equipment or nothing else for our military – what say you that the US will not even counternance the sale of 40 year old attack helicopters to our Airforce?

    Should we be upset by the actions/attitudes of the Americans and British in this whole saga? In my view, my answer will be No. At the end of the day, in international relations, there are no permanent friends only permanent interests. The US and Britain are looking after their interests which dictate that for reasons best known to them, the sale of their lethal millitary equipment to our millitary is a no-no.

    Nigeria should look out for its own strategic interests.. Advanced weaponry can be bought/scourced from other suppliers who will not set pre-conditions before selling us such equipment.

    Take a look at Algeria- apart from the American C-130s and British Super Lynx/ AW-139 helos, virtually all its millitary hardware is scourced from China/Russia in the East or Italy/Germany in the West.

    Should Nigeria continue to maintain good relations with both the US and Britain- yes most definitely- but we should always do so in the context of our strategic national interests.

    Lets hope that this time, we have actually learned our lesson..

    • AreJames says:

      Well written piece Yagz but there are technical and professional issues at play.
      We have to take things case by case sometimes. Chinese and long running aerospace technology don’t mix well for now. This is not about sending a rocket to space, this is about running an equipment day in day out for years with assurance of safety.
      I would not buy a Chinese chopper for our Navy no matter what geo political considerations you put into it. A lot of them are reverse engineered Dauphins and A109s in any case and western engines are what they are using so we are not exactly free of what we are running away from. In the remote possibility that NAF is persuaded into using a Chinese chopper with a Chinese engine, I would warn don’t even go there at all at all.
      The Marine service is just too harsh for them. At the end of the day, it is human beings who have to fly and maintain them. Think salty air in turbines that have not been designed for protection against that because of rush to production, think fouling of engine blades, think heavy engine vbration that gets worse with age of the aircraft and its effect on the safety of the crew, think airframe corrosion, think unreliable avionics.
      Why do you think the NAF was going for old SeaSprites and ….fanta? Because they are all unpatriotic American lovers?. Please let us face the truth.

      • Yagazie says:

        Oga Are James, Thank you. I note what you are saying and take same on board. There is some merit in the concerns you have expressed However remember the addage- “when the desireable is not available, then the available becomes desireable”.

        That none of the chinese equipment/hardware have been tested in combat is for the simple reason that the last time China went to war was in 1979 or thereabouts (a border war with vietnam or cambodia- not sure which). A lot if not ALL of China’s mordern equipment has been developed since then.

        More importantly even though a lot of Chinese equipment has been reverse engineered from western /russian designs, the chinese deploy these equipment (ships, helicopters, aircraft, tanks, artillery peices/howitzers, submarines, etc) as part of their FRONTLINE weaponary. For exapmple, the Chinese are currently having maritime boundary spats with Japan, Vietnam, Phillipines etc – and are deploying a lot of their naval assets (including reverse engineered equipment) to the disputed areas.

        A Chinese naval task force recently paid a visit to Africa and took part in proper naval excercises/drills with our navy. Contrast this with the partenalistic attitude of the US or British Navies who simply send warships to conduct ‘first aid/fire-fighting’ drills with our navy and not proper naval excercises! – Though to be fair we need to have proper platforms before real naval excercises can be carried out.

        I would also want to believe that in reverse -engineering the equipment, they would have taken all the issues/concerns you have raised above into consideration. Since we do not manufacure the equipment ourselves, then ‘what is good for the goose is also good for the gander.’

        Please note that I am not saying that we should not buy western made equipment – only that as much as is practically possible, we should avoid buying equipment from the United States or Britain as they are reluctant to sell same to us – or in the event that they do – it will be a ;stripped down version that cannot be used for combat.

        Case in point – the CH-46 Sea Knights /SH-2 super sea sprites we were said to be seeking to purchase from the United States. These equipment have long been retired from the US marine/navy inventory and the airframes in question are sitting in a plane ‘bone-yard’ in some US desert. What is the big deal about supplying this equipment to the Nigerian Armed forces.

        What is the big deal about allowing Isreal sell/transfer its retired FORTY YEAR OLD Cobra – helicopters to our millitary? Before NNS Thunder (a hamilton class vessel) was transferred to the Nigerian Navy, a lot of its radar/communication equipment and CIWS were removed and the ‘shell’ was what was gifted to our navy.

        My point is simply that since the US and Britain for reasons best known to them are not prepared to sell us the same equipment that they sell to Eygpt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Quatar or Isreal etc, or indeed any type reasonable lethal combat equipment no matter how old, we should simply look at other avialable options and purchase same elsewhere. Nothing spoil…..

      • AreJames says:

        Valid point Yagz.
        So let us be unemotional about it. Let us look for diversification in an astute manner.
        There are so many options apart from western that we have to go for the best by sectoral strengths. The Oplot + tanks we are acquiring from Ukraine may actually be better than Russian T90s for instance but this judgement is made after serious technical evaluation. These are my preferred by sector.
        Combat aircraft – Russia. (Belarus/Ukraine/Czech only for refurbished and very urgent requirements only as stop gaps).
        Combat helicopters – Russia; Ukraine/Belarus/Czech for refurbished and upgraded stuff.
        Because we are talking choppers, the refurbished and upgraded stuff will inevitably have very high failure rates, pls take it from me I know what I am talking about.
        Naval vessels (minus choppers) with real offensive capabilities , not the toys we have been getting – China.
        Naval Choppers – US, Mainland Europe, Russia (Kamov Ka 27/Ka 29/ Ka 31)
        Army Tanks – Germany, Russia, Ukraine, India (with tech transfer)
        Armoured Vehicles – Germany, Russia, Turkey,
        UAVs – Israel, Czech Republic, Belarus (with tech transfer)
        Let us play on the strengths of each of out defence partners like we used to do and not buy rubbish because we are angry and frustrated at some countries.
        Reverse engineering does not solve reliability and technical integrity problems. There are things you need to study over many years of operations to get the hang off. The aero engine issue in China is a national emergency and we need to actually see them sustain a war or military exercises lasting many months to know how far they have gone in overcoming those issues….but for us who have to buy, keep and depend on the assets for national security for decades we have to be more careful.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Yagazie, I pray our leaders read your above posted comments of truth.

      Truth is bitter, but it will set us free indeed.

  22. Oje says:

    Insightful and well said Yagazie.

  23. igbi says:

    the westerners are still the same slave raiders they were in the past. Their ethics are just the same. The only difference now is the sofistication of their ill dids.

  24. chynedoo says:

    Greetings my ogas.
    My humble contributions is that we should have done this a long time ago by exploring alternative sources of cooperation on the international scene. But at least it is interesting to know that someone inside the government has finally smelled the coffee. Nigeria should show more brains and balls and brains in its bilateral and multilateral relationships.
    Russia is more than willing to sell arms to any country so long as there is some kind of agreement. Russian hardware and weapons are cost effective, functional, and as good as those from the West if not many countries would not bother to buy from Russia. China is also becoming a noticeable player in the arms market with Turkey, a NATO country showing preference for a Chinese arms maker for a missile system over EU and US manufacturers (see link) Russia is selling its T-90s tanks to Peru which is a more modern tank than the Ukrainian built Oplot T84. Nigeria do not seem to apply the least amount of strategic thinking when it comes to equipping her military.
    The politics of international diplomacy is one hedged on multiple layers of strength and advantage. Stronger countries exploit the weakness of weaker countries. America uses Egypt to contain Iran, Saudi Arabia to keep an eye on mid-east countries who may pose a threat to Western interests. It is easy to see why America literally bankrolls the Egyptian military. Unlike Egypt, Nigeria is a direct competitor to Western interests in West Africa. Unfortunately our politicians, officials (mainly diplomats) often fail to appreciate this fact. No one arms someone who is a direct competitor to them:
    There is no doubt that with the right contacts at the highest levels between Nigeria, Russia and China the people at Rosoboronexport and Norinco will be more than happy to take our money and supply us what we need. In fact the FG should be bold enough to open discussions with Russia and China on modernising the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Police. The Nigerian government should think modern when arming the military because it is strategic, long term, cost effective way of positioning your forces ahead of your neighbours. The Russians are upgrading their military. We should act smarter than we have been in the past by showing interest in Russian and Chinese hardware before these are rolled out. We should commit to buy these systems ahead of others that way we can build a reputation of being not just a big spender but a partner. If Russian and Chinese arms makers start partnering with us Western arms vendors will soon tuck in and the choice would be ours to pick and choose what we need. There is nothing that stops our military chiefs showing interest in this next gen Russian weapons. The Ethiopians do this sort of thing with their national carrier by placing orders of latest Boeing and Airbus civilian aircrafts years before these are on the market. That’s why they have about the best national carrier in Africa. The Saudis arm their military in a strategic manner rather than making random purchases of hardware in trickles like we do. They place orders for fighter jets, battle tanks, armoured and troop vehicles, helicopters etc before these are even in production. We need that sort of thinking of planning ahead, trying to be ahead of your competitors, regular upgrades of weapons systems, tactics, small arms etc. Our politicians regularly upgrade their Gulfstream, Range Rovers, even their Yachts to the latest versions but why cant they do same for our armed forces which is exclusively the institution responsible to make sure that Nigeria still exists as a nation.
    We could open up cooperation between our SF groups and The Russian Spetsnaz on some kind of exchange programme, training, tactics, weapons handling etc. Our friendship with the West needs to be earned not given.

  25. igbi says:

    Chinese phelicopters are very good. Chinese defence products are top quality. They are a verry good deal for us and for everybody. But I can’t wait untill we start making ours.

  26. ocelot2006 says:

    DSS agents sent to train in Russia? That’s interesting. We could learn a lot from the Russian FSB Special Ops units like Vympel and Alpha.

  27. Oje says:

    Their products are this good yet they buy their front line fighters from Russia. Their J-10 and J-17s are basically F-16 and SU-27s with Chinese avionics. They retrofit a ”throw away” ex Soviet aircraft carrier that is far behind American helicopter carriers like the USS WASP much less a Nimitz Class Carrier……em…..Oga beeg sorry o, i promise i wont do this again.

    I will rather we stick to Soviet (Ukraine and Russia) hardware than go Chinese. Cheap doesnt always necessarily mean better.

    • AreJames says:

      If we are having problems sourcing naval choppers and parts from the west, let us try Russian naval helicopters. If the hype about the MI 35 is anything to go by, Russian engines will suck in any air quality and still give you performance. They will still perform under arduous extreme conditions of cold and high temperatures. On top of that we have nascent local maintenance nuance infrastructure with MIL vendor BVST. This can be extended to the Kamov series quite easily.

  28. igbi says:

    Chinese defence products are top notch.

  29. figss says:

    We expect this long time ago.Nice

  30. AreJames says:

    This picture is a good example and it is not even getting into technical details. This is a low tech cockpit and instrument lay out for 2012/2013/2014. Compare this with any western helicopter instrument panel and you begin to understand what we are talking about and this is just the superficial.

    • beegeagle says:

      This helo is a militarised variant of the license-built Aerospatiale Dolphin, isn’t it? As for reliability issues, the Type 056 corvettes
      and Type 054 frigates seen in the disputed Spratlys Islands,further out to sea than any point in our EEZ, all carry embarked Harbin Z-9
      helos. So how come salinity is not a problem there?

      HOT, HIGH or ICY, all three are present in desert and mountains of a much colder China. Why wont they work well in Nigeria? Looking to learn from you, a pilot, among several other things. 🙂

      • phil says:

        Anybody with a reliable info on which fighter jet we are buying? Is it the J17 , SU 30 or 25, chengdu f7…….

  31. zachary999 says:

    Presently on the way…..

    xx BM-30 Smerch
    xx T-72 battle tanks
    xx ZS -23-4 shilka ( over 10 have arrived)

    Wallahi, this insurgency would end very soon…..

    • AreJames says:

      God bless you for this scoop man.
      The BM Sketch is awesome.
      Somebody made a case for buying it on this blog not too long ago.

    • asorockweb says:

      We are buying new ZSU-23-4?

      I hope this is because it has performed well in the North East, not because it performed well in Liberia/SL.

      Does anybody know if the Shilka has been effective in the North East?

      • Are James says:

        The lone that was ever reported curiously malfunctioned when needed at Giwa barracks.
        These brand new ZSU-23-4 weapons are required to quickly take back the towns already occupied by BH, they would bring suppressive fire from stand off distances when operated in their horizontal modes. The MLRSs are definitely useful for Sambisa and other forest camps. The tanks will destroy the anti aircraft guns mounted on technicals.

    • Obix says:

      A little info: BM-30 Smerch (Smerch is Tornado in english)
      BM-27 Uragan (Uragan is Hurricane)

    • Yagazie says:

      Oga Zachary999 – thanks for the update. God Bless you..

      I sincerely hope that the T-72s we are getting are the upgraded models that come with FLIR thermal imaging sights, laser range-finders and an updated fire-control system, ulike the base export models.

      I also once again advocate that our MB Bo 105 helos (?) should be re-activated and upgraded models purchased from Germany (who have retired their fleet) and the same given to our Army Aviation wing. They will be highly effective against the BH ‘technicals’.

    • igbi says:

      Thank you Oga Zachary, uplifting indeed.

    • beegeagle says:

      They need to make SURE that all these acquisitions are entered into the UN REGISTER of Conventional Arms Transfer. Our armed forces needs to look as formidable on paper as it is panning out ti become on the ground. You do not want some undeserving military ranked higher than Nigeria on the Global Firepower Index.

      Way to go.

  32. igbi says:

    Western slave raiding products can go where they belong, chinese hellicopters and other chinese defence products are very good. Technology, science and knowledge does not belong to anybody it belongs to all of humanity.

    The amazing Chinese Z10 gunship.

  33. Tobey says:

    Also, the fact that we always side with the U.S against the Russians at U.N meetings reeks of shameless ass-kissing…Forget even the U.S..what has Britain done to assist us to assist us so far? France will never leave its former colonies in the cold..Never!..instead, we let ourselves be humiliated by people who don’t even give a hoot if this country gets swallowed up…More annoying and repulsive was the way our Generals were all smiling and giggling when thhe U.S’s AFRICOM clowns donated the so-called “non-lethal aid”..we are fighting a group of savages as bad as even ISIS itself and the U.S is not even paying real attention? Only a naïve fellow will say that the U.S will always fight terrorism…actually it does…when convinient, of course…the U.S competely routed Iraq during the gulf war in a couple of days and now its giving reasons why it can’t deal with some rag-tag bandits? What the hell is “ISIS strategy”? Now what Nigeria needs to do is to turn to the Russians, get some real hardware, and take the fight ti the enemy…the Sri Lankans did it alone, the Algerians did it alone, we can do it…Let C-in-C get his acts together and stop begging other world leaders for “assistance”! Its embarassing! Why would the French President “invite” Nigeria to France to meet over our own domestic that not an insult? And we tagged along..only to get there and start postrating to Cameroon to “help” us….We are the GIANT OF AFRICA…no matter what is going on in the jungle, no lion will eat grass! Never…Mr President, let’s Win this war…We are behind you.

    • jimmy says:

      This was actually a planted story told to a newspaper so it is not surprising the story goes into detail about flying only one plane over bornu, this became a far fetched story considering last week how many planes now fly day and night. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

      • Are James says:

        I actually posted it to sort of indicate how bad it must have been before the new acquisitions. I actually feel things were worse than portrayed in the article.

    • ozed says:

      This is probably from junior soldier. His views reflect the rumors which i am sure circulates at the barracks level. As well as the naivete of the typical soldier imagine him believing that Mr President would know if old equipment was delivered. Does GEJ know the difference between a Tank and an APC? what is the job of the COAS if the president has to be verifying delivered equipment.
      Also of interest is his explanation of what must have transpired in Gamboru ngala, as well as his discussion of the lack of fire discipline among the BH.

      All together not a bad read.

      • AreJames says:

        It is the naivette and sheer lack of knowledge of the ways things are done at higher levels that gave the story some authenticity. The Barracks gossip and childish exaggerations gives you a pulse of the feelings of the ordinary rank and file. What is not in the doubt is the positive tone he strikes and his high level.of motivation in spite of the problems, something Sahara Reporters and BBC won’t tell you. Any way my contempt for the institutions’ leadership is reinforced by the ‘interview’ and it will take some time to cure. And I don’t give a shit how anybody feels about that.

  34. cerberus89 says:

    At last our military chiefs have decide to put on their thinking caps! Quick d DHQ shuld go to the peoples rep of china and loads vessels full of WZ551 apcs ,type 92 ifvs and ptl 02 tank destroyers boy I’m a fan of the ptl02 ,it carries a 120mm smoothbore cannon even though its fire control system is nt that advanced atleast it is EFFECTIVE and can easily take out columns of bh technicals and apcs givin our guys and edge in the NE .Oga beeg wat do u make of the ptl02 tank destroyer? Good morning guys

    • Are James says:

      I’m, loving this your PTL02. Economy of road space, mobility and firepower. It is actually an anti tank gun on wheels with some light armour thrown around it. Almost certainly less than $1million each and more useful as companion vehicle to Helix than all the $500k MRAPS The Dshks will have a hard time penetrating its armour.

    • beegeagle says:

      It is a good one, bro. No doubt about that. The fact that it is also built to withstand 12.7mm ammo makes it very good for COIN operations. Will knock out technicals in doubles.

  35. COLONEL NGR says:

    Thanks guys. You have done justice to this topic. I believe that those in authority read this blog and they will respond accordingly. Thanks Oga beeg for the good work!

  36. asorockweb says:

    Please, all eyes to the east.

    China has a population of 1.5 billion, so does India.

    More than half the world lives in the east.

    If we insist on seeking our humanity outside of ourselves, why not in the east?

    • Are James says:

      Not yet for Choppers and Combat aircraft. They will get there no doubt. Let them just not use us for air crash survivability experiment while they are at it …besides we might actually get their quicker if we actually got cracking on some local technology development work instead of moving eyes from west to east like a woman switching husbands. I am all for their armoured vehicles, artillery pieces and anti ship missiles but no Chinco aircraft for now. Our pilots will not fly them after all these flying coffin F7s.

      • Kay says:

        I think Chinese military aircraft have better safety ratings. It’s their civilian aircrafts you should be scared of.

      • Are James says:

        Okay o. Remind me to advise my son not to join the NAF before the year 2050,if we are going Chinese.

  37. doziex says:

    On another topic, NA should NOT execute the soldiers involved in the Malmari barracks uprising against General “Bandit” Mohammed.

    While I agree that mutiny is a very serious military offence, and should be rightfully punished by death, JUSTICE CAN NEVER EMANATE FROM AN UNJUST CIRCUMSTANCE.

    The administration, the senate, and the military leadership of Nigeria presided or turned a blind eye to the un just treatment of soldiers in the NE.

    Nigeria has a sad history of this behavior. We did the same to several thousand ecomog soldiers in sierra leone.

    So if NA officials truly short changed NA soldiers of their allotted benefits, and monies for properly equipping the troops, were diverted by NA officialdom, then it follows that NA brass and Nigerian leadership broke faith with our fighting men and women, before their was ever a revolt.

    If these men are unjustly executed, we should rest assured that Nigeria will never escape this cycle of injustice.
    As one unjust act would just beget the next.


    Otherwise, we are better off just making the whole situation go away quietly.

    • igbi says:

      Well, if you can prove that NA brass hats did shortchange the soldiers, then please provide and give the names of the brass hats, let us send all that to the president and get justice, ok. What there is proof of is the attempt of murder by those twelve mutineers, they tried to kill the GOC of the seventh division and their actions if widespread would lead us into being defeated by boko haram, and then rivers of blood it would be.
      The guys were judged according to military laws, those laws are applied without distinction, it is the same for everybody. Those laws and their application are the only pillars of disciplin and disciplin is the most important weapon of every military.
      Just look at Nigerian military history if you want to see even generals being sentenced to death by the same military tribunal !

      To conclude with, the military can not exist as a fighting force without strict rules which must be applied without distinction.

    • igbi says:

      But I have to admit that being a military man is the most difficult job on earth and it has always been so since the beginning of time.

    • asorockweb says:

      The men are guilty of attempted murder.

      So, these soldiers tried to kill their GOC, for what? With what evidence?

      They were angry that they lost colleagues in a battle?

      Many institutions in 3rd world countries don’t work as expected.
      Imagine that there was an epidemic of cholera in the barracks and several children of soldiers were taken to the hospital for treatment. After a few days, some of these children died, and a rumour starts going around that the doctor did this, or didn’t do that. Would you now support the soldier-parents of the dead children to take up their rifles and shoot the doctor?

      A soldier’s training is provided for by Nigeria, for a reason.
      A soldier’s weapons are Nigeria’s.

      The weapons and training that we provide were meant to serve us.
      These soldiers used the weapons that we provided for personal revenge.

      I once saw a group of armed soldiers get into a scuffle with each other. At no point did any of the soldiers try to shoot each other; they slung their rifles onto their backs and disputed with their fists.

      What you seem to be saying is that because there is injustice and corruption, that the full weight of the law must not be applied.

      Well, there are many cases of injustice in this world. And that has always been the case.

      What you seem to be saying is that a Nigerian soldier can decide to shoot at the Israeli ambassador if there’s a flay up in Gaza. Or that a groups of soldiers can decide to execute justice against a company CEO that is enriching himself to the detriment of the masses.

      The soldiers attempted murder on the basis of rumours. And they used the guns that we provided to do so.

      The law should be applied as the chain of command sees fit.

      • peccavi says:

        YOu have just described Nigeria problem, 2 soldiers, armed and in uniform fighting in public.
        What kind of nonsense is that?
        Mutiny is a crime, attempted murder is a crime, however they werenot trying to take power, steal, rob or rape, they were angry abut the death of their friends.
        Theyy should be punished but not executed.
        Acountry that will execute 12 veteran soldiers for mutiny without convicting or prosecuting those who started the problem, those who steal pensions, that gives national awards to coups plotters is fucked.
        And I use that word deliberately.
        A mutiny in a trained disciplined army is a failure of leadership pure and simple.
        Those boys should be jailed and dismissed but not executed.
        Unfortunately I’m sure the script has already been written

  38. AreJames says:

    The men must be made to face the full extent if the law to protect the institution.
    However all retired Army Genrals who were Heads of State and there are about five or six of them alive now are guilty of this same offence. Any serving General who has embezzled funds meant for weaponry or ammunition is guilty of something worse than this and there are quite a few of them still wearing uniforms and may be promoted CoAS in future.. Any officer who has ever passed in formation to the enemy (because of religion or political power) leading to the death of the soldiers shedding their blood for the country is also guilty of a worse offence. We cannot prove it but we will not blurry heads in sand and say they don’t exist. Eventually we all pay a high price for it in future if justice is not done and the sword does not swing UP as it has swung DOWN. Ka Chineke Mezioku.

    • asorockweb says:

      You are saying that the retired generals are guilty of attempted murder?

      Or that fraud is the same as attempted murder?

      If you condone this on the basis of fighting corruption, then you are condoning soldiers executing justice as they see fit, when they see fit, and against whom ever they see fit.

      This is riding the back of the tiger.

      • Are James says:

        Ok. I tone that back. That did not dome out right. But let the Army council step in with a lot of checks on the excesses of senior army officers.

      • doziex says:

        Chief, it would only take an accountant, to provide the proof of these crimes.

        NA brass, or MOD officials, skimming funds allocated for troops at the battle front, has created equipment deficits, and moral deficits that have led to military defeats and loss of life.

        Calling this mere corruption is been disingenuous .

        This has to be addressed, before you all go executing people’s children in the name of military justice.

        The anonymous soldier whose interview was posted earlier on this thread repeated some of these allegations that we have being hearing for years.

        For instance, receiving 29,000 N, when 100,000 N was allocated per officer.

        All of a sudden, NA had money for jets, tanks and helicopters. Is this just the mark of an irresponsible institution, to purposely not get itself ready for battle ?

        Or has allocated funds just been stolen for years, and has led us to this present calamity ?

        What was the opportunity cost of these diverted funds ?

        Razed towns, IDPs, military defeats and the list goes on.

        These injustice must be addressed to it’s logical conclusion, before NA has any moral standing to execute any troops involved in a resultant protest.

      • asorockweb says:

        So, in the world you live in, shooting at a man’s car with AK-47 rifles is protest?

        What’s your game plan here? Soldiers can now shoot at people as a means of addressing wrongs?

        Can they now shoot at anybody? Or just people in the chain of command?

        What are you playing at?

      • doziex says:

        two wrongs don’t make a right.

        Let this case go quietly, unless you want to open a can of worms.

      • asorockweb says:

        You portray yourself as someone that seeks justice, but you want to let a case of attempted murder “go quietly”?!

      • doziex says:

        yeah my man, where in the system do you see juctice ?

        Since there are none, why do you want to start with these young men, that let their legitimate frustrations get the better of them ??
        We are lucky worse has not happened within the ranks of NA.
        Remember, we had this discussion. You seemed to think NA brass could do no wrong. I myself have heard serious grumblings amongst NA grunts since the ecomog days.
        The now much respected Sirius. Black. was making a similar point on Nairaland about troop welfare.

        I said then, that we Nigerians, NA brass(some) and GEJ’s administration is breaking our commitments to these soldiers by allowing them to be abused and cheated without recourse.
        I said if we continued on this course, then they too would be free from their sworn oats.

        When senior officers diverts welfare and legitimate renumeration to troops under his command that is worse than treason.

        I maintain that this serious issues must be investigated and punished 1st, before you seek to hang some frustrated junior soldiers that had no recourse to their problems.

        That bullets were fired is immaterial.

        If you execute these men without adjudicating the conditions that caused them to mutiny, the frustration would spread rather than be contained.

        May be next time, they will go all the way.

      • igbi says:

        Oga doziex, I would like you to bring out the accountant, I want to see anybody who is stealing our military funds sentenced to death by a military tribunal. But ofcourse you are only bringing out allegations once again. And please bring out the names of the culprits !
        It is funny that the same people who call the military undisciplinned are fighting against that same disciplin:
        A) 12 militarymen shoot at an other military man from their own army.
        B) According to military law they are sentenced.

        What more do you want ? preferential treatment ? Breackdown of disciplin ?

  39. igbi says:

    I think it is time people stop derailing this thread. To finish with, let me just give a little list of high ranking officers who were sentenced to death by military tribunals in Nigeria (the list is not complete):
    1) General Obasanjo
    2) General Diya
    3) General Yaradua
    4) General Vatsa
    5) Major Okah
    6) Lieutenant colonel Dimka

    It is quite amazing that some people need no proof nor do they need names to condemn, they condemn entire ranks, so amazing, but when we get back to reality, we see a law applied to all.

    Word for the wise: Generals are watched over by secret services.

    • igbi says:

      Therefor if a general betrays then its quite a child’s play to pick him up and bdeliver him to the military tribunal. That is the job of the secret services.

  40. mnl01 says:

    Oga’s in the house…..

    When people say that we do not need a pan african defence posturing in light of our insurgency problems they don’t seem to understand that even the African political and defense tectonic plate seems to be gradually but steadily changing right in front of our eyes and yet the FGN seems not to even notice it.

    The article below is in addition to the event recently concerning the $9.3M cash jet saga.
    Jonathan’s Support For TB Joshua Could Widen Diplomatic Rift With SA- Reuters

    LAGOS (Reuters) – Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan offered condolences to a popular preacher on a visit on Saturday to a church guesthouse that collapsed a week ago, killing at least 80 people.

    His support for popular preacher TB Joshua could widen a diplomatic rift with South Africa, which has expressed dismay at the Nigerians’ reluctance to criticise the church for what looks like shoddy construction work.

    South Africa has called for an investigation into the collapse, in which it says 84 South Africans, comprising three church groups that were on tour and staying in the guest house, died. The Nigerian emergency services put the confirmed death toll at 80.

    Joshua and his supporters say the collapse was an “attack” somehow linked to a mysterious aircraft they claim flew over the building before it went down.

    “My coming here is to express condolences to Prophet Joshua, the Synagogue of all Nations (his church) and of course the bereaved families,” Jonathan said.

    T.B. Joshua’s church draws thousands of followers from all over Africa and many other parts of the world, attracted by claims that he and his “wise men” can cure almost any affliction by “casting out demons” they say are responsible for everything from madness to HIV/AIDS to normally irreparable spine damage.

    The regular influx of visitors from abroad for church services that can last up to a week creates demand for accommodation that the church’s own guest house has been unable to meet, and often spills over into local hotels.

    Analysts say Nigeria’s megachurch leaders are so influential that few politicians dare upset them, especially just before a national election, which Nigeria is due to hold in five month

    • AreJames says:

      I would have sent a condolence message to Zuma first, called the SA ambassador to do the same with apologies and then made the visit more about the victims than the church. The hierarchy in the condolence message won’t be lost on S.Africa with the victims conveniently coming last. The body count itself was just not evenly balanced in terms of nationalities for an essentially Nigerian church.

      • superboi79 says:

        I heard GEJ speak on the news yesterday and he said he been on the phone severally with JZ and he placed a called immediately he heard about the death of South Africans to JZ and placed his condolences to the families. Also in the same news the RSA high commissioner said that they is no rift and that it’s all media speculation.
        On the mysterious plane, I think its the plane that was mentioned by a blogger here 2 week ago making some donut around MMA and it seems it was a c130 on test flight or doing circuit training. Watched the building collapse or YouTube, IMHO seems to be poor/zero engineering job.

      • AreJames says:

        Thanks @Superboi79. This is a very, very important clarification. It is not even in the personality type of GEJ to be otherwise anyway. I think it is necessary to draw the line where African humaneness ends and national collective ego begins.

  41. beegeagle says:

    What I am led to believe is that the GEJ administration looks set to bequeath the military with the most contemporary and advanced systems that they have ever deployed.


    The most advanced tank the NA acquired even during the benchmarked Shagari regime was the Vickers Mk.III Eagle tank. As we write this, the NA are in the hunt for T72 and Oplot tanks. Those are in the first tier of the best MBTs today. Back in the day when we got Vickers Mk.III tanks, they were an unknown “export only” item which ranked second to every tank in the field bar the T55. The Oplot is today up there with the very best and an intelligently upgraded T72 can hold its own against any MBT anywhere.

    That the NA are actually now expecting the delivery of fearsome multiple launch, long range artillery systems such as the BM-27 270mm and BM-30 300mm MRLS tells me that we are no longer apologetic about our size and are no longer interested in shrinking so as to fit in around our neighbourhood


    Two 3,250 ton ex-USCG behemoths and two 1,800 ton modular stealth OPVs looked like a great start for EEZ patrols. The real possibility that the NN could soob receive a gifted Type 53 frigate and field ultramodern stealth Type 056 corvettes and a Type 054 area defence frigate…not to mention submarines and a LPD , means that the GEJ govt shall also surpass the best efforts of all preceding FGs put together. Watch this space.


    Nothing tells the story of the NAF better than the fact of moving away from piecemeal acquisitions and reaching out for a whopping 40 combat helicopters in one hop. The Shagari regime gave us Jaguar jets which were delivered after his ouster from office. However, those Jaguar jets ranked behind Tornado, Mirage 2000s and F16s.

    Today, the second best jet unfurling in the new NAF orbat is a 4G JF17 Thunder which not only pips the Jag for range and pace, its rich panoply of armaments make the Jags inducted by the NAF look like dummy planes. So we already bested the efforts of the awe-inspiring Shagari regime there. To imagine that the Su-27/30s which outclass the fabled F15/F16 jets are coming to the NAF seems almost too good to be true.

    Add to that state-of-the-art and 4G tech-compliant Mi-35Ms, Mi-171Sh Terminator and ALX Super Tucano attack helos and COIN aircraft and you will agree with me that the NAF now field across a spectrum of capabilities, some of the most advanced and powerful aircraft in the world….a truly powerful and contemporary airforce.

    In 12-18 moths, we shall overall boast a truly modern and powerful military such has never EVER been the case for as long as we have had armed forces. Nigeria finally getting it right.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Beegeagle, your list of new acquisitions by President Goodluck Jonathan for Nigerian armed forces modernization today, is a proof that our nation will be safe under his leadership for another term starting 2015. The presido has vowed to crush Boko Haram and promised to make Nigerian military one of the most modern in the world, he read that speech about a year ago publicly at either a NAF or NA event.

      Now that dream is slowly but steadily coming true ! When Nigeria is fully strong, we will be respected by the world as Africa’s biggest economy and best military rivaling even Egypt and with enough deterrent to end our perennial fear of envious African Francophone countries and their master France whom we always dread.

      • AreJames says:

        Oh come on @Augustine. Really?. I think you are laying it on a little too thick me.
        Wetin?. Turn it down a little already.

    • Yagazie says:

      Oga Beegz, thank you for putting this thread back on track.

      Frankly I am really getting sick and tired of people who despite repeated reminders/pleas, can’t follow simple rules and not derail a thread with non-relavant postings. Haba!

    • Yagazie says:

      Oga Beegz, another thing I would like to see resuscitated in the millitary are field excercises/’ive fire ‘war games for the army (featuring armoured and artillery units, paratroop drops, as well as Army Aviation when set up) , naval excercises/live fire gunnery/missile tests/fleet replishment by helicopters etc for the navy including riverine excercises, , aerial combat dog fights/live fire bombing excercises for the airforce and most importantly- combined operations i.e. joint army/naval/airforce wargames/exercises.

      This has to be done on a regular basis (at least twice a year for each Army Division, brigade, battalion and likewise for relevant airforce/navy equivalents, with the combined ops taking place at least once a year. I am not including small arms competitions on shooting ranges.

      That is the only way that our millitary can maintain its professional edge and ensure that the acquired equipment is properly utilised on a regular basis not left to rot. Yes it will be expensive (especially when live amunition is expended in live-fire excercises/war games- but its high time we realised that defence is an expensive business which is why at least .1.5 -2% of our GDP should be allocated to defence on an annual basis.

      I haven’t even started with our Police which needs to be totally overhauled and properly trained/equipped to handle internal security matters, with the millitary only being called in as a last resort. It may be a good idea to open a new thread for the Nigerian Police Force (which in my view should be renamed Nigerian Police Service). Over to you….

  42. AreJames says:

    Important to add that almost 90% of these acquisitions have been recommended by Beegeagle bloggers at one time or the other. So how is that for relevance?.

    • AreJames says:

      Hmmmm. Nigeria versus S.Africa again?. Me I no dey o.

      • beegeagle says:

        Naaa..not baiting the South Africans. In terms of combat radius, the JF17 is better the Gripen. Both aircraft types are at par in my books. Just goes to show you how good we are getting if this is going to be our second best jet behind the Su-30. We are getting there.

    • drag_on says:

      That combat radius,wow! If true,then a composite strike group consisting of JF-17’s as Strike/SEAD and SU27/30 as air superiority is pretty decent.
      Is the service ceiling correct? That is very high for a single engine jet.I doubt the F35 can climb that high,the f-16 certainly can’t.

      • Are James says:

        JF 17 is slightly lighter in weight with a larger wingspan, that would account for the higher service ceiling. The combat radius though is another thing. How the designers achieved that without much difference in fuel capacity compared with the Grippen may be a trade secret. Maybe something inherent in the RD 93 engine design, ….smoking and all that be damned.

    • Bharat says:

      General Beegeagle, that combat radius figure is probably not correct. I had posted here (few months ago) a very simplistic calculation comparing combat radius of JF 17 vs J-10.
      And proved that this figure which also finds a mention in wiki, might not correct.

      • Bharat says:

        Well just did a quick Google search to find out my original comments, Linked below. Any comments welcome.

        ” Bharat says:
        July 4, 2014 at 8:21 am

        Ah! gentleman @Augustine, please don’t go by wiki specification of JF-17 and J10 and conclude that JF-17 has more combat radius.
        If you don’t mind let’s do a little mathematics, although a simplified one.
        Internal Fuel capacity of JF-17 is around 2400 kg. (Loaded weight- empty wright)
        Specific fuel consumption of RD-33 engine is 75kg/ KN.h
        Dry thrust of RD-33 is about 50KN.
        So, fuel consumption of RD 33 is 3750 kg/h.
        So, the time of flight with internal fuel would be around 39 ~40 minutes.
        So, neglecting takeoff, landing, height and other factors like use of after burner and drag at different heights.
        We have maximum speed at 1.6 mach or 1960 Km/hr.
        So, for 40 min duration we get 1306 km

        But, now lets get to definition of combat radius
        ” Combat radius is a related measure based on the maximum distance a warplane can travel from its base of operations, accomplish some objective, and return to its original airfield with minimal reserves.”

        So the catch word is ” return to the original airfield”. So, even after neglecting the reserve fuel we get a value 1306/2 = 653 Km.

        So, from the simplistic calculation we conclude the the combat radius of JF-17 with internal fuel is around 653 Km.

        And the Wiki entry for J-10 is

        “Combat radius: 1,600 km (with air to air refueling), 550 km (without air to air refueling)[45][52] ()” from Wikipedia.

        The JF-17 wiki entry states that.

        “Combat radius: 1,352 km[131] (840 mi)” It doesn’t mention if the range is achieved with external fuel tanks. ( No IFR for JF-17).

        So, compare for yourself if J-10 has lower range than JF-17?

        If you use external fuel tanks, the capability to carry ordnance decreases. Catch22.

        Any, observation on my calculation is welcome.

        Thank You.

      • Are James says:

        Ok @Bharat
        Don’t use maximum speed for your calculations.
        No aircraft supercruises into combat except F22 and maybe F35,,i am not sure. So we are not flying 1.6 times the speed of sound to our objective. We only need afterburners and all that Mach 1.0 stuff for quick get-always or to avoid some bad guy missiles/AAAs. Also things are not linear, after Mach 1.0, for instance the fuel consumption goes over the roof and is almost an exponent of other factors. The standard calculation for combat radius uses 5 -10 minutes of afterburners only.

    • SokotoBoy says:

      In a dog fight it will be jf 17 the winner or the grippen ?

      • AreJames says:

        Good question. For dog fights, over to @Bharat.
        However there are usually no dogfights anymore. The modern way of analysis is to compare the BVR stuff. Radar and IT detection range, first look, first see. Then compare on-board self protection gear like radar warning receivers, then passive and active counter measures to protect the aircraft from BVR missiles. When all these fail and you generation visual range then dogfights start which is all about turn rates, g force resistance, anti stall characteristics et.c for each aircraft. The experts will know but the arguments have been known to go on over 5000page threads on the internet.

      • Bharat says:

        Oga Sokoto Boy, Oga Are James summed it up beautifully. So, let’s not go into who would win a dog fight between JF-17 and Gripen. There are too many variables to account for. Taking those and putting them into situations and scenarios has given rise to thousand pages of discussion like Oga Are James mentioned.

        Every machine has shortcomings, the man ( and woman) behind the machine should not only know the positives and negatives about his own machine but also about his enemy’s so that he can utilize/ avoid those.
        Believe me, a well trained pilot in an average platform can prove to be a handful for a average pilot in the best platform.

      • SokotoBoy says:

        thanks for the reply Oga AreJames and Bharat the most important thing is to find an aircraft who can be useful for Nigeria in these situation ! but I have my position because it’s better to have something we don’t need, than to have a need and don’t have anything in store to respond. If we look at the BH event we can see that it is now that the Armed forces a trying to buy equipment. For me it will be better if Nigeria own an aircraft that can match all the aircraft s in Africa !

  43. G8T Nigeria says:

    Well I am yet to see any apologies from SA as regards intentional annihilation of Nigerian in xenophobic killings for many years going. This seems to be a calculated attempt to bring Nigeria down enveloping chaos with other African countries. Cameroun is busy with glory taking and now Zuma bragavating all over with a country that is facing the worst terror uprising in modern Africa. UK and USA denying access to weapons and the media killing our collective ability to stay united. It’s high time we look at things realistically and start behaving like the cubans who discovered CIA app and wow to support their govt. It’s high time we stand as a people to bring our voices to the world that we cannot be divided and that Nigeria is great. All weapons is on our door steps be it economic sabotage of resources from the Chad basin, media attacks from international and local media, direct terror attacks, denial on weapon purchase, victimisation of Nigerian, e. t. C. Everything is the FG, FG and a day I wondered how can we change things so so fast when we have had years of wrong. I give kudos to this blog for its support but as a people we must recognise what is befalling our govt and rise up against these nation destroyers. I am not a politician but it’s obvious the opposition party has made mockery of the office of the president, now it draws no respect from anyone.

    • AreJames says:

      Are you hinting at an international terrorist conspiracy in the Church building collapse because that is what we are discussing here?

      • G8T Nigeria says:

        If my comments sits on the frontline of improvement, I see no reason why you having derailed almost all thread should attack or remind me of wat the thread is. My comments is abt motivating all fellow bloggers. If it looks wrong to you then u don’t correct with another wrong. Thanks

      • AreJames says:

        I did not derail the thread. Sommebody posted something about the Church building collapse and I innocently commented not knowing that the attitude I was advocating had already been taken by government.
        My major issue about your last post was turning a tragedy involving the loss of 87 lives into a geo political issue. I was wondering if we were becoming so unsure of ourselves and getting into an unnatural feeling of national inferiority complex that a simmple matter of sequencing the expression of condolences over the lives lost of fellow Africans that we helped to free from Apartheid could be another avenue for self assessment against a sister African nation.
        I am sorry if I sounded censorious, that was not my intention.

  44. Henry says:

    FLASH: As the heat on terrorists continues, 5 terrorists yesterday surrendered with all their weapons to troops @#Konduga pleading for mercy
    View details

    ..Other captured terrorists have also been giving useful information on the subsequent plans of the group in an apparent offer to cooperate

    • jimmy says:

      This is good news I do not want to derail this thread but there is an ongoing story about a swap which shouldn’t take place but is being played up on cnn T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

    • jimmy says:

      i wanted to touch on this particularly sensitive topic
      The fighters that are surrendering priority should be given to those who come from GWOZA AND NGALA ESPECIALLY NEAR THE Cameroonian border for Intel.
      The N.A. is waiting for something before attacking Gwoza what it is is above my pay grade so I will keep quiet.

  45. Henry says:

    Gen. Chris Olukolade @GENOlukolade2h
    #VictoryforNigeria #VictoryforNigeria #VictoryforNigeria #VictoryforNigeria #VictoryforNigeria More Fire! #Firepower #Buzzing RETWEET

    Gen. Chris Olukolade @GENOlukolade2h
    #VictoryforNigeria #VictoryforNigeria #VictoryforNigeria #VictoryforNigeria #VictoryforNigeria RETWEET

    The last time Gen. Olukolade tweeted these, we saw new MI-35M helicopters.

  46. beegeagle says:

    Indeed, Are James.

    On this page alone, find recommendations for MRLS and SHILKA SPAAGs.

    NOTE all that the great SOLOREX had to say on JUNE 18th about 4G jets…he clearly alluded to JF17s and Su-27 variant. It was at that time that XNUR44 also changed his avatar for the first time ever and put a Su-30 photo there.

  47. mnl01 says:

    But ogas this flurry of aquisiotions in a way does not seem to be effectively spilling into the DIA, DSS and NIA.

    We should and from the fact that i am in a way involved (at the private sector end) in the move to give Nigeria the capability for effective SIGINT capability for the entire african continent be able to give the intelligence arm this capability.

    The ball is in the FGN’s court.

    • jimmy says:

      Their budget is completely separate from this flurry of acquisitions. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

      • mnl01 says:

        Then if it is not part of it then does that mean we are not factoring the DSS, NIA and DIA in the scheme of things or we are happy with the status quo?

  48. G8T Nigeria says:

    We need to have a Military Adviser or Strategist. It seems the Min of Def scope of operation looks too wide and service chiefs will only present weapons requirement for 10 yrs plan. That MA would employ weapons expert to identify would be sellers. It’s important we look at our principle of non alignment and start allocating build up relationship with Russia and China. China for NN build up, Russia- NAF and maybe Isreali for NA. Enough of this front and back relationship with US and UK.

    • AreJames says:

      All these roles already exist. The Minister of Defence is adviser to President in Council in terms of operational use of the armed forces and defence policy/strategy. Some added executive authority was negotiated in before the new man came into office.
      The NSA is chief national DefSec adviser with secondary executive powers over the entire intelligence, counter intelligence and internal security space.
      The MOD has an institution has been specifying, selecting and buying weapons for years. The FG has an instituted an improved procurement and logistics process that the MOD can buy into.
      All the defence treaties we need have been negotiated and signed by government years ago baring that with Russia which I won’t advise for now.

  49. Augustine says:

    War-time in our Nation !

    Nigerian ambassadors to rich countries should be very busy now telling those host countries’ Presidents that Nigeria is at war now and we are compiling a list of our true friends, as the world says that A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED, and that any nation that does not give voluntary free material or financial support will be missing from the list of true friends of Africa’s biggest economy, and when the war is over we will now which countries will have the priority of our oil and gas business, infrastructural construction contracts, solid mineral mining licenses, weapons/equipment purchases, registration for shopping malls in our 177 million people consumer market, telecoms licenses, etc….see the ingrates below…..

    If I were Jacob Zuma, I will ask for the list of the equipment Nigeria wanted for that seized $9.3 million and I will return the money (If South African law permits, or else I will compensate….) and donate all that equipment in double quantity free to Nigeria. Zuma could ask the South African company to offer free upgrade of all Nigerian Mi-24 and Mi-35 Hinds to Super Hind level with night combat capability and approve Pretoria to pay the costs. Alternatively Zuma could send Nigeria grenade launchers 200 units of MGL and 100 AGL plus full supply of the 40mm grenades.

    South African shopping mall giants and telecom giants are eating us fat here, what has South Africa done for Nigeria in appreciation? Can’t they donate 100 casspir MRAPS or 200 Ratel IFVs ?

    China that is donating things to us and opening line of credit, are they the ones we helped during apartheid era? Does the law of humanity, the universal law not say that one good turn deserves another? What is brotherhood? America donated about 50 warships to Britain in world war II.

    See why I said Nigeria should arm up like Algeria? We are alone, cannot trust Cameroon, Chad, Ghana, Uganda, South Africa, even Kenya joined them to laugh while Museveni insulted as Biya sat down on the fence to watch us like a home video.

    America and Britain refused to sell lethal weapons, they prefer to send marines and air force jets plus CIA to infiltrate Nigeria and become a virus in our security system to ensure that no giant exists with a name called Nigeria. They want to turn us to vegetable living dead on a life support machine they can switch on and off with threats to make us do all they want all the time…..they want their military power on our land to ‘control’ our oil and cage our national pride inside a tin of sardine.

    Now we know our true friends, South Africa is an ungrateful soul.

    Nigerian ambassador in Berlin should be talking to Germany asking why they gave us nothing in our time of war against Boko Haram, they gave Kurds in Iraq lethal weapons and full modern day equipment for a 4,000 man infantry brigade in Iraq to fight ISIS. News was published.

    “The equipment, which will be delivered in three stages, will include 30 anti-tank missiles, 16,000 assault rifles, 8,000 pistols as well as portable anti-tank rocket launchers, the defence ministry said.
    As well as weapons, Germany plans to send other items such as tents, helmets and radio equipment, according to a list from the defence ministry.

    The first deliveries of German weapons will be able to equip about 4,000 soldiers by the end of September, von der Leyen said. The equipment, which has been taken out of German army reserves, is valued at 70 million euros ($92 million), the defence ministry said on its website.”

    German companies have been feeding fat on Nigeria for decades. Julius Brger Construction company sucked Nigeria’s milk and honey for about half a century till Nigeria’s milk taps almost ran dry with billions of dollars worth of construction contarcts from lagos to Abuja. Navy bought Aradu frigate and 3 guided missile Luerssen class warships.

    Nigerian air force also bought many dozens of Do 128, Do 228 light transport aircraft MBB 105 helicopters, and Alpha jets. NAF bought almost 100 units aircraft from Germany.

    Julius Berger oyinbo directors and Dornier aircraft representatives should lead the team with Nigerian ambasador and go talk to germany’s president/chancellor madam to release $500 millon solidarity and appreciation friendly war-time gist to Nigeria.

    German free gift to the Kurdish nation this September, add cost of shipment value is about $100 million, how many German companies have got billion dollar sales of economic goods to the Kurds?

    What stops Germany from gifting to Nigeria 20 units of MBB 105 Helicopter gunships second hand from their army aviation stocks being retired and replaced by Eurocopter Tiger, fully armed and refurbished plus upgrades of night vision, spare parts and extra ammo, pilots training all at a cost of just $ 100 million…..those 20 helicopter gunships will turn the tide of this Boko war from the air if we give it to the new army air arm, and the NAF and NA pilots are under direct command of Chief of army staff.

    South Korea with all the Kia cars and LG electronics etc that we buy, what have they donated? It is standard global practice to identify with a friend in need.

    Nigerian ambassadors wake up ! let me tell you countries willing to give us money in hundreds of millions of dollars is we only ask intelligently. These countries politicians in houses of parliament have held sessions and agreed that Nigeria should be given what they need in material support against Boko Hraam….

    New Zealand

    The parliamentary meetings were shown on public TV, these countries have special 24 hour channels that show all vital senate, house, legislatures sitting sessions every day round the year.

    Nigerian ambassadors are not seizing this opportunities, they just sleep when their nation is at war. If there is no Nigeria, will there be any foreign embassy to post them to?

    Many of our people just know how to disappoint when you put them in position of responsibility and authority, what is the duty of an ambassador that we pay them millions of dollars for their diplomatic corp mission every year ? There are millions of hungry and poor Nigerians struggling to survive back in the homeland. From whom much has been given, much is expected, oya now, perform mister ambassador, perform !

    • G8T Nigeria says:

      Augustine you have a great point there. I wonder what zuma thinks. If he really wanted to shine he would have allowed the purchase and possibly gift us more weapons to show supremacy. We need to stick with few partners now otherwise maintenance will be hell. Once and for all, get a MBT manufacturing company and have her transfer 100 and open an assembly plant in Nigeria. We have done this through the Aotumobile policy and defence equipment should also fit in.

    • AreJames says:

      Is this a serious suggestion coming from you?. I think you should read through it again (including the tone) see if it is actually practicable or indeed effective in the world of international diplomacy. Also I don’t know if Nigeria actually has it as a policy to solicit for free donations from other countries in its war against terrorism.

      • Augustine says:

        @Are James, let us both analyse this matter together.

        I repeat it again, it is standard practice in international circles, more pronounced from the World War II till date. Allies send men and weapons, friends give weapons and/or equipment to the country at war in solidarity and also expect that you reward them with trade benefits after the war. Your victory in war and existence is important to their continual benefit of an ongoing trade-economic relationships. Does Julius Berger get this amount of 50 years construction business anywhere else as much as in Nigeria?

        It is not a right, but a privilege you get from global business relationships. If you are entitled to some dollars from their government as new resident in some cases and you don’t know it, the oyinbo will usually not tell the dudu to go claim his right, they will just keep quiet. They do it to ignorant immigrants don’t they? Yes they do.

        This is NOT begging, did ANC and Mandela beg Nigeria on their knees when apartheid slave-masters were slaughtering blacks in Soweto? No, we Nigerians just know our duty and we did it.

        Germany paid billions of dollars as World War II Jewish holocaust damages to Israel, did they pay Africa any reparations for slave trade damages? Germany is bailing out Greece from economic crisis with billions of dollars, do they know Nigeria is spending heavily now on weapons instead of economy as we face a dangerous war? Yes they know, and they have the weapons we need, what is $100 million?

        Me, if I am the president, I will start writing list of who and who helped Nigeria in this war with lethal or non-lethal equipment and cash, those are the next list of countries for oil and solid mineral licenses.

        For all the 100 aircraft NAF purchased and NN 4 warships from Germany, what free gift has Germany ever given Nigerian military?

        You watch me suffer in a war, you gave me no help, you are a bad Samaritan, then war ends, I win, you come to me for oil, gas, solid mineral, construction contracts… are now asking me for bread, I swear to God I will give you a stone !

        A friend in need is a friend indeed, it is an international doctrine of humanity. What if I had died in that war? Can I give you contract and mining licenses when I am dead in the grave?

    • Kay says:

      Lol. The same South Africa you slate here for lunging into ‘your sphere of influence’ or the one you’re trying to supercede militarily. You won’t see Egypt begging/gifting Algeria or whatnot…so that sure ain’t happening. The only possibility is the sale of weapons and even at that, they’ll probably limit them to whichever won’t threaten their interests.

      As for that 9 million, I don’t know why anyone would use cash for a government agency. Those are the kind of deals MEND do, not to talk of a Government. Also why was it routed through Cyprus; even in war, they’re still passing contracts so they can pilfer the top icing abi.
      Corruption and shady deals is another BH in the Nigerian hardware market.

    • Are James says:

      I agree with your comment on idle Ambassadors. I think in this regard, the best ratiomfor the diplomatic corps serving us abroad is 50% political appointees and 50% career diplomats. Maybe we’ll get more done then as the two classes compete within themselves to perform.

    • jimmy says:

      oga Augustine
      For all intents and purposes this is not practical you cannot fight every country just because they do not come to your aid during a crisis more of this later.

  50. Spirit says:

    BM-30 smerch!
    I remember making a case for a MLRS about 4 months ago on this blog when Oga Beeg asked us to spend $1 Billion? as we deem fit.
    Nothing terrifies enemies troops as continuous bombardment my a Multiple Lauch Rocket System showing hundreds of anti-personel munitions and anti-tank minelets from >40km away.
    Way to go is for SF guys to locate their training camp (in Sambisa or wherever) densely packed with stolen pick-up trucks and technicals, then the Artillery guys let loose with barrages of rockets. The bastards will thinks its Apolalypse.
    The SF/Recoinansance team should please shine eyes very well and be sure our girls (and other abductees) are not there before ‘calling in’ fire from above sha.

    Oga Zacharry999, thanks for this info.

    • AreJames says:

      So many sub munition types possible with the MLRS warheads. Some of them so classified in terms of what is possible at Sambisa we better not mention them here.

    • danbaba01 says:

      @oga Augustine; nice post.
      you simply spoke my mind. all eyes and criticism is always on Mr president whilst our ambassadors are lazying around without justifying the huge expenses on them. our foreign service hardly do anything to advance the interest of the nation, even to protect Nigeria students in they posting area is a challenge, talk more of sleek strategic maneuvers and manipulations. we could easily garner more hardware and capacity building intelligently instead of spending for every needle and bullet. its hightime we start manipulating this nations sapping us and repatriating millions of dollars of our economy. south africa’s mtn is a perfect example.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Spirit. I think Nigeria is arming up beyond the Boko Haram threat alone, our leaders seem to be building not only COIN but conventional war capabilities. Good tactical and strategic thinking from our Abuja leaders civilian and military alike.

      I have a feeling the 90km long range BM-30 Smerch rocket artillery and the Su-30 Flanker long range jets are a strong message from Nigeria to our misbehaving Francophone neighbours to ‘maintain and cooperate’ or else…..

  51. Adino says:

    Congratulations Nigeria. Abubakar Shekau the 2nd finally killed in Konduga.
    Source: Analyzed Intelligence
    After a painstaking online investigation it is now confirmed that the ranting Abubarka Shekau is dead.
    Fact 1: The captured Shekau APC
    It is obvious that shekau will be in a location very close to the his favorite APC with Boko’s insignia he always rants with in his videos which was captured by Nigerian Army in the Konduga massacre.
    Pictorial evidence: (Shekau’s Apc) (Shekau’s Apc Captured By Nigerian army)

    Fact 2: Shekau is Amir (Full Name is Amīr Imām Abū Bakr Shekau)
    Evidence: A 2012 video he released
    Pictorial Evidence:

    Fact 3: He is the same person killed in the battle of Konduga

    Pictorial Evidence:

    Fact 4: He is different from Shekau the 1st:
    Shekau the 1st was killed by Major Timothy Fambiya led Special Forces in Gwoza, before Major Fambiya himself was killed by a Boko Haram mole in the Nigerian Army.


    Finally, the link below is a disputed picture of the dead shekau the 1st in a hospital in an unknown location. (source of the picture is unknown).

    It is clear and obvious that Shekau 1 and 2 are dead and reunited with their 72 demonic gay virgins.

    God bless Nigerian Army as the crush Boko haram to the very end and eliminate the proposed new shekau the 3rd.

  52. beegeagle says:

    Gen Bharat, every source outside of WIKI are also confirming the combat radius at around 1,352km

    • Are James says:

      Gen Bharat is wrong. He was taking our JF 17 operational philosophy for an F22 Raptor type philosophy.

      • Bharat says:

        General Are James, replying to your earlier and this posts, I would like to state.

        Though I have taken maximum speed, 1.6 mach. I have used the fuel consumption and the thrust value of the Aero Engine RD33/RD93 at dry thrust, that is not using the after burner.

        ” Specific fuel consumption: 75 kg/(kN·h) (0.77 lb/(lbf·h)) dry, 188 kg/(kN·h) (1.85 lb/(lbf·h))” Source Wikipedia.

        Honestly you cannot cross mach 1 figure with 75 kg/( KN.h) consumption, but for simplicity I have taken speed to be it to be maximum ie. 1.6 mach. If I will take mach 1 value for calculation the combat radius ( with internal fuel) will be even lower.

        I had specifically mentioned those factors in my original quote
        So, neglecting takeoff, landing, height and other factors like use of after burner and drag at different heights.

        In real life if you use full after burner constantly even for 10 min it will cook your engine.
        So, it is never used in Combat radius calculation.
        My, objective was to show that even neglecting all factors and putting fuel consumption at dry thrust and speed at max, JF-17 cannot achieve the advertised combat radius with only it’s internal fuel capacity.


        Also, I would like to know what doctrine or philosophy you are talking about wrt. JF-17 and F-22.

    • Bharat says:

      Though your sources, don’t give a track-back to which source they are quoting. But the master article Jf-17 fans quote is below
      ” The range and service ceiling of the aircraft are 2,037km and 15,240m, respectively. Its operational radius is 1,352km.”
      This article has spawned the figure of 1352km that is found throughout the

      I already, have hinted at the possible answer to the anomaly.
      In my original quote, I have written
      So, from the simplistic calculation we conclude the the combat radius of JF-17 with internal fuel is around 653 Km.
      ” The JF-17 wiki entry states that.

      “Combat radius: 1,352 km[131] (840 mi)” It doesn’t mention if the range is achieved with external fuel tanks. ( No IFR for JF-17).
      That is because this is the combat radius with 3 drop tanks.

      For GripenNG
      ” The Gripen NG’s maximum take off weight was increased from 14,000 to 16,000 kg (30,900–35,300 lb), internal fuel capacity was increased by 40 per cent by relocating the undercarriage, which also allowed for two hardpoints to be added on the fuselage underside. Its combat radius was 1,300 kilometres (810 mi) when carrying six AAMs and drop tanks.[58][60]”
      Source WIKI.

      For J-10 you can see there is mention of two values one with internal fuel ( 550 km) and 1600km with IFR. ( It is silent on Drop tanks)

      So, an ambiguity in the original article has been extensively used. But, it stayed to this day and was not corrected as there is no other credible data from any other source to prove otherwise.
      It is also true with me, therefore I cannot satisfy those who will ask for credible data that the figure 1352km is with 3 drop tanks.

      But, if JF-17 has some miracle engineering, that has 1352 km combat radius ( with internal fuel) still wasn’t inducted in PLAAF but J-10 was which has a combat radius ( internal fuel) of only 550 km?
      Point to ponder.

      For conclusion as I had written in my original entry,
      ” If you use external fuel tanks, the capability to carry ordnance decreases. Catch22.”

      • Are James says:

        I think you are probably right as you have used dry thrust in your calculations which I completely overlooked. So no afterburner operation was even contemplated and you even assumed maximum speed on the 40min fuel which would indicate that the combat radius is actually less than the 653km figure you quoted.
        So we are actually at a little less that F 16 levels for combat radius without drop tanks. With drop tanks we automatically need to shed the weight of weapons carried on the hardpoints
        The consequences apart from a drop in weapon load if we need to undertake long distance ground strike operations (using drop tanks) which constraint also apply to the F16 and Grippen include also
        (ii) immediate development of an air refuelling capability to derive maximum advantage
        (iii) need to acquire this bird in large numbers for some missions
        (iv) good thing we are also acquiring the SU 27/30 birds for unrefuelled deep strike.

  53. odion777 says:

    Just finding some intresting news that Shakau of Boko Haram may be dead as reported by most Nigeria like Sahara reporters below on the link below, but we also have the Cameroun Army claiming to have killed same Shekau in a gun battle on the link below, well we shall see who will provide the body for confirmation.

    Nigeria army /
    Cameroun army /

  54. peccavi says:

    Images from the battles in Konduga appear to show an individual wh bears a strong semblance to one of the Shekaus.
    Is thi ‘Shekau’ or is it not, if he is dead what does it mean for the conflict?
    First of all it means the war will go on but there are several important aspects to the Konduga battles that require review
    The first is that unlike other major Boko Haram battles the enemy was so overwhelmed they were unable to withdraw in good order and recover their dead, this could indicate that command and control had broken down or a testament to the skill and ferocity of friendly forces.
    The second important factor is that several vehicles were captured including the armoured vehicle Shekau used in several of his propaganda videos. The presence of this vehicles is the first clear evidence that we have that the faction assaulting Konduga is Shekaus. The loss of this prestige weapon is also indicative of the heavy defeat suffered by the attackers
    Reports indicate that several commanders have joined forces for this offensive on Maiduguri. It is no secret that these are marriages of convenience particularly for Ansaru. Ansaru was decimated several years ago after Shekau betrayed them to the security forces, and then attacked them.
    The rapprochement was reportedly brokered by MUJAO/ AQIM, however it is unlikely that this betrayal has been forgiven.
    Friendly forces knew when and where Boko Haram would attack. They were able to lay ambushes each time with such precision and with such well defined killing zones that the enemy not only suffered significant casualties but abandoned their dead and lost several prestige weapons.
    This could simply be good intelligence and tactics that channelled the enemy
    Or else it iis entirely conceivable that Ansaru has got their revenge on Shekau, by paying him back in his own coin and betraying him to the security forces.
    This is all theory but the days that follow it will be interesting to see how the campaign develops.
    The defeats at Konduga were not sufficient to unravel the BH offensive but they have hit a rock.
    The loss of senior commanders, prestige weapons are bad but more importantly the mystique they have built up of invincibility has been broken.
    If Shekau is dead it means his faction of Boko Haram is leaderless, they will need to get another one quickly or be absorbed by another faction. If they were betrayed they may choose to try and take revenge.

  55. ugobassey says:

    By the way what’s stopping NA from moving into Gwoza to clear it out? As long as its still occupied by BH, it remains a symbol of a military humiliation. We need to wipe that out soon.

    • peccavi says:

      They need to scure the roads as well to resupply and reinforce the troops they send there, but I agree

    • saleh says:

      let them use it to gain a false sense of security pending when most new acquisitions are deployed. At least the NA will know where they are then

    • Augustine says:

      I hear Oga Zachary99 say new Shilka just arriving, the purchase was confirmed in Tribune newspapers September 1 posted by Oga Are James. We need them for AAA turret elevation to hit the top of Gwoza hills from the ground. My thoughts.

  56. asorockweb says:

    I believe the NA should now setup “surrender” locations for BH members.

    One or two factions may be in disarray, better to give them a quick way out of the carnage than to let them join the BH factions at are still cohesive.

    The price in men and materiel that BH paid for the control of parts of Bama was the beginning of the end for their offensive.

    BH losses in Bama were much high than their losses in Konduga.

    The largest BH attack against Konduga was estimated to contain about 500 men, while in Bama, the NA and the NAF were reputed to have killed more than 1100 in two days.

  57. beegeagle says:

    Oga Peccavi, this would not be the first time that the West are playing human rights and reform politics with Nigeria at a time of armed conflict.

    Prior to the start of the NCW in 1967, we did not own ONE non-Western hardware system. It was these same motions which forced Nigeria to look eastwards.

    During the Gunboat War in the Niger Delta, the USA dithered on the serious matter of selling 35 nine-metre RBS Defender boats for creek patrols. This forced the FG to turn first, to China for dozens of DShK-armed patrol boats and later, to Singapore for 215 patrol boats and landing craft.

    Just after this ongoing conflict escalated in April-May 2014, a former British Defence Adviser in Nigeria said “(…) even if we had, we would not sell”.

    Nigeria’s habit of buying military hardware in disgustingly puny quantities (a bad habit which is apparently now changing) could be one reason why we do not have the West doing our bidding in the face of their false sanctimony. The opportunity cost of not doing arms transactions has not proven to be consequential, so they can and have again called our bluff.

    Not so in the Arabian Gulf. The entire British establishment is primed to clamour for their patronage in an unusually courteous manner. The BBC are everywhere in Nigeria railing against rights abuses but in Saudi Arabia where limbs get chopped off and heads decapitated every week, they remain eerily silent because of the juice which they skim off that kingdom. Reason why I maintain that there is a lot that the FCO can do to rein in the recklessness of the BBC in Nigeria. They are not as independent as we are told to believe. How often do you read or hear Amnesty International diatribes on the Arabian Gulf states beyond muffled whimpers? Compare that to the deafening noises emanating from Nigeria, the emotional punching bag for AI and the BBC.

    For her part, America’s recent US$60bn arms deal with Saudia is the largest arms deal recorded in human history. It is easy to see why the repressive regime in Riyadh is somewhat tolerable.

    Again, the West are much keener to gain and retain allies in the Middle East and are quick to realign their false sanctimony. They know when to let matters slide. Not so in Niggastan….mama Africa. These guys know what they are doing. It is a predetermined script enabled by a litany of convenient ruses.

    • peccavi says:

      Indeed Oga, we know the game so why do we complain when we get off sided?
      The full quote from the former British DSA was something along the line of ‘Nigeria thinks we have special technology that detects terrorists, we don’t have it and if we did we wouldn’t sell it.’
      I do not believe if we go to the UK or US to buy ships or helicopters they will turn down our money? It can’t happen, these people love money.
      The human rights stuff is there, we can’t run from it so les change the game and turn it back on them. Simply denying and dragging everytime is not working, whether we want weapons or not we still need support on the UNSC, diplomatic support etc.
      china and Russia have their own issues. Just jumping int bed with them without pre planning is just frying pan to fire

      • ugobassey says:

        Sorry to disagree with you there Oga but yes they will turn down our money…not because they naturally are inclined to , but because of very powerful ‘progressive’ interest groups. The progressive order stretches from the democratic party through the far-left liberals into most European ‘progressive’ governments. Things are slightly better (in the area of arms trade) when the Republicans are in the WH. Meantime, there are other allies we can work with like …….sorry there is only one: CHINA.

      • doziex says:

        Seconded !!

        Let’s fix our human rights issues, whether the US is being hypocritical or not.

        Whether it’s the way we treat the enemy, the way we mistreat our own soldiers, or the excessive levels of crippling corruption in NA affairs, a fix would be good for NA, regardless of what is motivating our so called allies.

        As for weaponry, let’s altogether resolve that indigenous and sino Russian sources are strategically better for NA.
        Our western friends have way too many “hang ups” for us to worry about.

        There is really no quality deficit, but even if there was, the reliability factor of our sino Russian sources, more than makes up for it.

        As for south Africa, they wanna play big DCK Hegemony games, let’s give ’em a taste of it.

        Nigeria let down it’s guard ever since the end of apartheid assuming we had a brother down south.

        Let’s just get our act together first.

        By the time we are done playing SADF VS SANDF mind games with them, they would regret that they took a brotherly Nigeria for granted.

  58. jimmy says:

    What goes around comes around, I am sure the AMERICANS will recalibrate their dooms day prediction for what ever year comes out of the hat concerning Nigeria.
    Here are some facts that are solid.
    Nigeria is the no1. economy in AFRICA AND OGA YAGAZIE said it best the best thing that could of happened to Nigeria was for both THE UK AND THE US to fiddle while Nigeria burned.
    Mark it down Nigeria will get out of this mess you have your quote I have mine and yes I do sound like a broken record Nigerians created this mess and it will by be God Almighty that Nigerians will solve this mess.
    I read the most recent Times magazine where it was a profile of the most INCOMPETENT US sec of State flip flopping his way across the middle east meeting leaders who have the most unblemished human rights record who incidentally are indirectly responsible for the isis problem.
    Egypt told him point blank when told to join the alliance of the ” unwilling” We have our own local problems meaning they are not interested in isis even as the US WAS AT PAINS NOT TO DISCUSS ANY HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUES.
    LL4 The effects of the boko haram crisis should not leave any doubt in the minds of the senior policy makers in ABUJA that the most unreliable defence partners are the US AND THE UK, right now their strategic interests and that of Nigeria are at a cross roads and for all intents and purposes does not serve any purpose when it comes down even if it means a couple of BRITS BEING KILLED BY BOKO HARAM OR ANSARU THEY WILL NOT SHALL NOT SELL WEAPONS TO NIGERIA to it but for meaningless pontification and finger wagging.
    Like JFK said ” Surely the hottest places in hell should be reserved for those who will never take a stand but continuously straddle the fence.
    What happens the day big AMERICA needs Nigeria’s help DO WE point our finger and tell them how inefficient their intel services are? No Nigeria will not because they are regarded as an ally they will help ditto britain
    By the way SGT BEAUREGARD was alleged to of been hidden for all intents and purposes in PAKISTAN , the US having burnt all bridges in PAKISTAN had no one to talk to in PAKISTAN all the lights were out in KARACHI HENCE THEY MADE THE DEAL FOR THE fabulous five for what is turning out to be a misguided embarrassment of a deserter, this is what happens when you play the double standard hypocritical game.
    All that aid to Egypt and last week Egypt is paying cold hard cash to Putin to the tune of $3.5 b no that is hard sanction bursting cash. I am a Nigerian American and damn proud of it and the fact that i voted for obama twice but think for one selfish second oga p what kind of impact the brits would of had if they had sold just one plane load of weapons to Nigeria the amount of good will and diplomacy. THINK WHAT America would of gained by selling us those god awful helios they could of written their script.
    Nigeria for all intents and purposes has started to do what they should of done 10 -20 years ago that is re equip their armed forces, what happens when AMERICA’S interest coincides with Nigeria what should Nigeria do?there is an Iranian special agent doing hard time in Nigeria do the FBI get access to him?
    What happens when this war comes to an end do we all sing kumbaya at the next meaningless security meeting?. between THE UK , BRITAIN AND NIGERIA
    On a positive closing note UKRAINE will eventually ship those tanks because they need the cash, oga obix their president is a shrewd biz man since this wahala started he quickly realized uncle sam aint gonna give him sh— except talk.he needs cold hard cash and he needs to keep the lights on,ESPECIALLY SINCE WINTER IS COMING he can look across the pond and snuggle up to the EU all he wants not a single one of them is writing a check for $1.5 b to cover his gas bill…. they will give him a loan.and have told indirectly one in three homes …… one in three homes stupid sign the flipping peace treaty o ! Nigeria should not worry Ukraine is wretchedly broke and is not Saudi Arabia and the US did them a favor by saying they cannot join NATO …… so they can see the writing on the wall……. see how fast they exchanged those Russian pows
    President Obama went to those three countries Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania and he huffed and puffed …………..and gave them …………400 special forces when Putin heard he accidentally broke wind .with laughter he must of told one of his yes men TELL THEM THE DAY I DECIDE TO INVADE THEY CAN EMAIL ME THEIR SURRENDER.
    Nigeria needs to get her act together they can refer to my list of the top ten countries that will GLADLY SELL HER THE WEAPONS..

  59. igbi says:

    Oga Ugobassy, there is China, Russia, North Korea, the entire eastern block. But we need to understand that we have to start making these products ourselves.

  60. beegeagle says:

    The Nigerian military should hasten up and let the world know if Shekau was killed at KONDUGA.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga beeg, they say when a frog jumps, its either because it want something or something is chasing it.

      This is not the first startling piece of news from Cameroon. Some weeks ago, the wife of Cameroon’s Vice Prime Minister, Amadou Ali was kidnapped. If anything, that is shocking.
      Cameroon has routinely acted to shame Nigeria with claims of our soldiers running from boko haram, while Cameroonian soldiers were killing boko haram members in the hundreds.
      Now, they are claiming (very strangely) to have killed Shekau.

      When adversaries act in unusual ways, it is either they:
      1. have been startled,
      2. are attempting to stampede you down a path of their choosing,
      3. are trying to know what you currently know in order to get ahead.

      I would advice the Nigerian army and security services to keep doing what they are doing, jeje. But also to keep an eye out for anything that might link Cameroon to anything on Shekau’s corpse(?) or the vehicles that were seized at Konduga.
      You nefa know! Heavy, heavy sontin fit de deh!

  61. Yagazie says:

    Oga Doziex and Oga Peccavi- well said you have both made cogent and valid points.. Let’s sought out our ‘human rights’ issues (we cannot run away from it and at the end of the day resolving same will be for our own good and make our security forces more professional) and purchase weapons on the basis of our strategic national interests,(China, Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine, India,and Pakistan etc) whilst still maintaining good relations with the US and UK. At the end of the day there are no friends in international relations only strategic interiests.

  62. G8T Nigeria says:

    The only black nation that refuse to cow Itself before US and UK is Nigeria. The only black nation that defended other Africans when the west misbehave was Nigeria, the only black nation that refuse to follow their template of things is Nigeria, the only black nation that went aloud to kick against same sex activities was Nigeria. I do not expect anything better than to put us our needs begging. Fellow bloggers deliberated long ago that US and UK won’t sell leather weapons to us. Gifted vessels is a ploy to bring African command close to GOG which is the overall intention. African Partnership Station visit/courses conducted more in west africa, ex Obaganme express more directed to GOG, Drone stations growing everywhere. I feel we should arm to the teeth from vendors in China And Russia. No one can do without US but we must copy the Pakistanis and adopt thier style. Human right abuses or not, Nigeria remains a case study. America is a blessing to mankind but their supremacist activities create more enemies than friends.

  63. jimmy says:
    1) It appears that oga beegs your wet dream is going to be fulfilled smile your z-9 s are coming boy these guys are now going all out.
    2) In the greatest sense of IRONY it appears that what our bloggers are saying is being interpreted to be true it appears the Americans might be asked to leave NICELY look for this to happen after GEJ gets back from THE UN ASSEMBLY BOY WILL THAT BE SOMETHING “Americans asked to by the f.g.leave chibok girls still not found”

    • Are James says:

      Need to confirm this Chinese choppers story. I don’t believe it yet. Some of these journalists don’t know jack and don’t listen properly.

  64. jimmy says:
    Gentlemen this is very serious BIZ who is the Nigerian AMBASSADOR to Russia?
    who is the Military Attache ( defence) of Nigeria to Russia?
    Can someone please tell me who will be responsible for making sure that the trade mission between Russia and Nigeria becomes a reality ? better yet what can beegeagle bloggers do to make this a reality?

    • igbi says:

      Perhaps it is time to tell our UN embassador to retire. She acted in the interest of the west, not that of Nigeria. The west is starving our military while Russia stands as a friend, yet unexplicably, our UN embassador sides with the west.

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