Nigerian troops recently drove into Maiduguri in the MOWAG armoured personnel carrier in front of which Abubakar Shekau is pictured above. The APC was recaptured from the terrorists at Konduga.

21 September, 2014

A source at the Defence Headquarters, on Sunday, revealed that Shekau is among the militants killed by the troops in Konduga, Borno.

In the last few days, there have been several attempts by terrorists to gain entry into Konduga, which the Nigerian troops, have continued to foil.The intention of that desperate attempt, was for the terrorist to recover the bodies of their prominent fighters, such as Abubakar Shekau and others, who had been killed in previous encounters in Konduga.

In the meantime, the Nigerian troops have begun mopping up operations in the area.Many members of the Boko Haram are said to be fleeing into Cameroon for safety.

According to a military source, “it is getting more certain that the terrorist’s commander, who has been mimicking Shekau in previous videos, is the one killed at Konduga, on September 17th, as massive relocation of terrorists to seek safe haven in independent locations in Cameroon has been noticed.”


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  1. beegeagle says:

    Meanwhile, in yet another desperate hunt for glory, some elements in Cameroon are again trying to reap where they have not sown. About time the FG told them to look elsewhere to make hay. It is dishonourable for men to have bled and died in the FOUR battles of Konduga only for someone in Cameroon to attempt insidious Mickey Mouse games.

    Thankfully, the attempt at claiming unearned plaudits for doing nothing commenced days after Nigerian online fora began to debate the evidence for the killing of Shekau.

    Notice that the amateurish propaganda emanating from Cameroon claims to have killed Shekau in “an air raid deep inside Nigeria”. So they now have an air force or they provided air support at Konduga? WHY continually undercut an ally? I think the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should summon their ambassador and hand over a strongly worded letter of protest to him. Let it escalate to the level of a diplomatic row and let the Cameroonian claim be scrutinised. I have not heard that Cameroon managed an air attack on BH in Cameroon, let alone in Nigeria.

  2. beegeagle says:

    This is the APC which Shekau is seen posing in front of (see photo above). It was recaptured at KONDUGA where Shekau was killed. Those are Nigerian troops parading in it.

    NOTE that even a vociferously anti-government SAHARA REPORTERS are not disputing the fact that Nigerian troops killed Shekau in battle at KONDUGA.

    • Manny Aydel says:

      Gen Beeg,
      My take on this is that there would have been no harm in DHQ releasing a terse statement to the effect that “A BH Commader similar in physical features with the infamous Abubakar Shekau was killed in action in Konduga by Nigerian forces. Efforts are ungoing to ascertain the true identity of the slain fighter and further information on this will be made available in due course.” Perhaps doing so would have prevented the kind of ridiculous propaganda the Cameroonians are now unleashing. Are the Camerooninas targeting the USD50m bounty placed on Shekau, lol

  3. Saints says:

    Please you all should watchout for our media opponents they would soon start saying shekau was killed by the Cameroon military, saw a comment to that effect on a nigerian forum, let us wait and see what happens, as for the dead body it wont be out of place if the defence hq release a photo evidence. Although this is not uhuru yet, shekau took to arms for a reason, his sponsors sponsored him for a reason, so we still have a lot of work to do. My opinion is that we start the process for dialogue from a vantage point, and grant to those that willingly give up this dehumanizing pursuit, amnesty and resettlement.

  4. Henry says:

    I do hope we can run a DNA confirmation to authenticate, truly, the Impostor shekau has been killed. Until that is done, DHQ should continue it’s silence stance on this particular issue.

    The resemblance is very striking, coupled with the fact N.A troops captured the mowag Piranha we’ve seen in those propaganda videos.

    Although, killing a terrorist leader doesn’t end any insurgency, we’ve seen it with the first killing of Abubakar shekau,

    it does represent a massive mental boost for us as nigerians, a morale boost for our troops and credibility for our army.

  5. odion777 says:

    This will be very shambolic if really the Cameroun military authorities are parading false claim on killing the BH leader, but they are diplomatic ways of handling such things, it is disgusting really from the Cameroun authorities.

  6. beegeagle says:

    INDEED. Nigeria cannot allow any rogue Cameroonian elements to ATTEMPT to get into this picture at ANY level. Imagine the idle talk about an air raid deep inside Nigeria. How about SF insertions? Remember when they were bragging about the non-existent shelling of a Nigerian town to flush out BH terrorists….same Nigeria which field more artillery than all the armies of West Africa, Chad and Cameroon put together?

    Nor be dem fault. If we had retooled our military and taken the battle to BH since 2011 instead of spewing guttural nonsense about competing demands, clowns would not have come to this party.

    “Fish rotin, na im mek worm fit enta mout”. We only have ourselves to blame. A country which has lived in a false sense of security and found it convenient to retool her military once in a quarter-century?

  7. peccavi says:

    Ogas, lets bee mindful
    The Camerunian comments are important.
    The Camerounians have clear and direct channels to Ansaru, they are currently negotiating for their Deputy PMs wife, and their negotiator has just come back from Nigerian Mandaras.
    It is important to listen to what their spokesman says directly not the media. The time the BBC and others were shouting that Nigerian troops defected, their spokesman clearly said Nigerian soldiers withdrew in good order, because they were cut off in Gamboru. The Camerounian media and the BBC and others turned it into Nigeria troops defecting.
    So lets listen carefully
    I am strongly of the opinion that Shekau would not risk coming on a mere probe unless he had been given reassurances by his sources that it would be a cake walk. The presence off the Cameraman and APC indicates they wanted to film a propaganda piece.
    If he is dead it means the dissolution of his faction or infighting to get a new leader.
    It is not the end of the conflict by any means but if he’s dead it changes the game again and opens thee door to a negotiated end

  8. beegeagle says:

    Let all those who have open source intelligence post same here.

  9. beegeagle says:

    Look at this photo of a “dead Shekau” which the Cameroonians photoshopped and are disseminating. To show you how dishonest their claim is, they claim to have killed Shekau “deep inside Nigeria”

    • Henry says:

      Let us wait for a confirmatory or denial statement from DHQ. At the moment only private news sources have reported on this alleged killing. Neither has NTA or NAN reported on it.

    • camouflage1984 says:

      Oga beeg in the Konduga 1 battle video on live leak, there is a look alike of Shekau. I think its the same person as the picture in circulation. I don’t know if u have seen the video. I just sent a snap shot to your mail

    • obohse says:

      Supported OGA BEEG.
      GOD bless you and your blog.

  10. saleh says:

    even though the death of shekau wont end the crisis, it will go along way in reducing their coordination and cohesion

  11. beegeagle says:

    The TIMES OF LONDON are reportedly quoting this false Cameroonian account.

    Notice that they did not bother with the laughable claim that they killed him in a raid deep inside Nigeria.

    PLEASE post a link to this thread there so that they also get an idea of the real picture. I hope to God that we kept the body because that would dispel the Cameroonian-spun tale. Everyone knows that there are no Cameroonian troops on this side of the border and that is why they came up with the ludicrous tale of an air raid. Deep inside Nigeria indeed…where exactly?

    They have an army so potent yet Nigeria held onto Bakassi for fifteen years and all they could do was run to the ICJ for adjudication? Why did they not fight to reclaim their territory? Their airforce had more Alpha Jet and Impala back then than they do today, so why did they not push Nigeria out of Bakassi?

  12. odion777 says:

    Actually it is nw all over the news that Cameroun jets got as far as Kondunga, as all Cameroun blogs and media houses are parading this false news, what a baseless propaganda, am sure they have the backing of the French.

  13. beegeagle says:

    Oga Peccavi, it is not the end of the war but it is potentially a tipping point. Mass defections of insurgents and the emergence of a less belligerent and intransigent leader could pave the way for more favourable outcomes.

    For one, it was the extremist posturing of Shekau which made any and all attempts at a brokered settlement impossible…not that the FG were insincere about their overtures.

    What we are saying is that it must be RECORDED and proved beyond doubt that, contrary to what some foreign-born jingoists are claiming, it was the Nigerian military which killed Shekau in battle at KONDUGA during the BATTLE OF KONDUGA III. The ensuing KONDUGA IV was all about making a desperate bid to have Shekau or his worthless remains freed.

    From the off, the AMIR said to have been killed at KONDUGA was described as heavily bearded and tall. Does that not fit the description of Shekau?


    “The Amir was alive for some hours before he later died due to serious injury he sustained, but he was heavily bearded and huge…”


    SUMMARILY, the Nigerian Armed Forces wounded Shekau in battle during KONDUGA III and he later died in a Nigerian military hospital. Period, end of story. The TRUTH must be affirmed and UPHELD.

    • doziex says:

      SECONDED !!!

      Oga beeg, NA allowed the brits to steal their victory in sierra leone almost 20 years ago.

      If NA allows this to be replicated by Cameroon today, after all the international ridicule NA has suffered on this conflict, somebody indeed deserves to be shot.

  14. Blackrev says:

    guys, no matter how loud we scream, the only voice the world media will take seriously is the Nigerian government and military. if it’s a confirmed kill then why hold back from spreading the news? if it’s yet to be confirmed then why not still come out with a statement? something’s definitely wrong with our PR both at government and military level.

    as for the camerronians, i just dey laugh. if our government and military was serious from the onset, we should have pushed boko haram far from our borders into camerronian territory and wait for them to beg for our troops support deep in their own territory. we don fall our hands and deserve what we get until we wake up and fix ourselves to be respected and feared as a nation again.

    what is happening is just the exploitation of our lapses in this war and seriously, will you blame them? let’s leave cameroon alone and focus on ridding our land of these parasites.

    • Deway says:

      Oga Blackrev, thank you o. “Nature abhors a vacuum”. The vacuum that DHQ thru NTA should have completely filled by now. The Cameroonian government has always been an unfriendly friend. Our diplomacy with them has never worked and they constantly look to project a negative Nigerian image. This didn’t start today, its been there for a long time. Like your last paragraph says, they clearly and intelligently exploited this vacuum. But we shouldn’t let this fly. Its up to the presidency and DHQ to do something about this.

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Blackrev. I respect your hustle sir.
      Oga, DHQ will never again come out with a press release to state an idea that has not been substantiated as fact, they learn from their mistakes, remember, the most recent mis-step as regards to shekau1, this notion has to be thoroughly observed and confirmed before official statements are released. Great caution is been taken to ensure that this matter is signed, sealed and delivered, nothing else, but it takes time, so, hold on brother, official confirmation is on the way, until then, anybody can say what they want, that’s not our problemo

    • rugged7 says:

      DEFENCE HQ NIGERIA @DefenceInfoNG · 3h

      There was no raid whatsoever in any part of Nigeria’s territory in pursuit of terrorists as claimed in some reports allegedly quoting /1
      Cameroon military authorities. All operations ongoing in the environs of #Konduga & all associated border location within the country /2
      Are completely being undertaken by Nigerian troops /3

  15. Augustine says:

    My Ogas, I don’t see any dispute about who killed ‘Shekau’. Who is in custody of his dead body? Nigeria or Cameroon? Whoever has the corpse takes the glory, anybody else can be proved to be a liar by asking him to #Show Us Shekau’s Dead Body. High Court Judges always ask for evidence to prove your claims. We don’t need to travel to village and start consulting oracle.

    • Are James says:

      Yes you are right but there has to be very offensive but subtle way of sticking it to the Cameroonians and BBC. Maybe a DHQ statement to the effect that Shekau may have been killed in a battle but no Cameroonian aircraft ever crossed Nigerian territory and if they did they would have been shutdown. …something along those lines.

    • Deway says:

      Good question @Augustine. But I doubt our neighbours were able to scramble a jet unless covertly done by the French.

  16. camouflage1984 says:

    10 more terrorist surrender at Kawuri…..DH twitter handle

  17. beegeagle says:

    That nation is majorly gripped by superstition, rumour mongering and ignorance. Reason why one man has been able to manipulate and dominate them for 32 years on the bounce. The USA have a drone base in Niger and a surveillance presence in Chad yet they have played no part in the ground or air operations. It is Cameroon with half-an-air force who Nigeria would look to or permit to carry out air attacks in Nigeria?

    • Are James says:

      Yes but this state sponsored lying is rare even amongst Banana republics.
      Cameroonian air force !!!!. …..Is that air force flying?.
      Even if they did manage to get an Alpha jet plane in the air, could it have reached Nigerian territory and if it did, could it have launched a precision strike on the exact location of Shekau (2?) .

      • Augustine says:

        When I complained last month about Cameroon’s artillery or tanks shelling into Nigerian territory, bloggers were calling for my coconut head, now you all have to struggle with the claim that Cameroon’s air force is flying air to ground attack mission inside Nigerian territory…you opened the door for the ant to be claiming champion over the elephant….that is one of the consequences I was warning everybody about, they said my level of national pride is intoxication and overbearing. Una don see show now?

      • AreJames says:

        Yea. You did say so.

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga Augustine. I respect your hustle sir.
        All na wash oga, no mind them, claiming victory without effort. I understand why some people may think Cameroon claiming this victory is an affront to Nigeria, but lemme say, its not, in fact its patronizing, to hear that they would ever write and publish such ludicrousness just to garner cheap points, it suggests and further buttresses the fact that we are on the winning side and better be with us than against, hence the fence jumping, better late than never, hehehe. Cameroon, carry on with your fiction, nothing do thou. it only makes our story sweeter.

  18. drag_on says:

    Oga beeg you have a picture in your mail 🙂

  19. yode says:

    congrats to the troops of the 7 division. If i am not mistaken that APC which was recaptured by the troops is in the inventory of the Nigerian army and was used during the ECOMOG Operations.

  20. zachary999 says:

    After the dust settles and most of our equipment arrive, we need to do a large scale military exercise around the borno/yobe axis. We have not done any large military exercise after Operation Seadog. Operation Ologun Meta was too limited in scope. We need to pass the message to our neighbors….

    With the capability been acquired for the NA (NAF is too secretive and we suddenly just see transport aircraft delivered), we need regular training and this exercises to bring back confidence to our troops.

    We must not make the mistakes of the past, we need to properly understand what we have purchased and start to do some R&D like the Indians to ensure that we can fulfill some of the maintenance requirements locally.

    Kudos to KTJ for personally overseeing this acquisitions, some of which have already seen service and helped turned the tide.

    Congrats to Gen Beegs, one day you would see all you have been advocating for in a large military victory parade and i am certain you would shed tears of joy !!

    • Oje says:

      We need a military exercise of 30,000 me on Cameroonian territory.

    • beegeagle says:

      So let it be let it be done.

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga zachary999. I respect your hustle sir.
      You touched on a very pertinent issue right there, military exercises, why don’t we have these every year, beats me, to be honest, but like you said, maybe because its damn expensive, but, guess what, you don’t know what you gat if you refuse to work it, moreover you’ll never know what you need if you refuse to willingly put yourself in a position of stress so as to ascertain true capabilities. Again, oga, your head dey there, word to DHQ, abeg, make military exercises routine, so as to make sure that Nigeria’s always prepared for war, because with the way things are going now, one spark, and shit hits the fan. I trust top brass to do the needful.

      • saleh says:

        There are military exercise conducted routinely at kontagora but as usually there is always no publicity. I think that’s what the NA needs to work on

  21. beegeagle says:


    The Nigerian video from which this photo was screengrabbed is online. It is there on LIVE LEAK. Search for KONDUGA. View 6:10-6:30 mins. It conclusively proves that the Cameroonian claims are profoundly hollow or were their supposed jets piloted by snipers? This was clearly a sniper’s hit…infantryman or SF. The bodily integrity makes it clear that this guy did not go down to no air raid.

    Cameroonian troops are neither fighting on this side of the border, in that sector and certainly this was no air raid hit. Cameroon do not know what precision guided munitions are, in any case. Enough of the disgraceful claims already.

    Thanks to Camouflage1984, Meks and MCSHEGZ for sourcing via screenshot/photo processing.

  22. rka says:

    As the saying goes, “it will all come out in the wash”.

  23. Oje says:

    Perfect! God might not forgive us if we waste this opportunity again, it’s time time to launch a two pront assault on Cameroon to “mop up” fleeing terrorists rather than have them regroup, re strategize and attaK again from bases in Cameroon. Our Eastern Fleet in Calabar should e ready to pommel Yarounde to submission, with attacks on multiple front by Nigerian infantry men who have by now gained experience in invading Cameroonian territory for whatever tactical reason Cameroonian Naval Resistance should be non existent. What can a 1000 man Cameroon Navy do to a 15,000 man Nigerian Navy ? It’s time, let’s do what we should have done long ago. The French government is in crisis a d bogged down with ISIS in Iraq.

    • Deway says:

      Oga take am easy.

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Oje. I respect your hustle sir.
      Oga Deway say take am easy. hehehehe
      Let me say this sir, Nigeria will not go to war with Cameroon over bokoarerams, its just not possible. Let’s not loose focus of who the enemy is. I have stated on this blog many times that, one of the ulterior motive of bokoarerams is to instigate a regional war between Nigeria and her neighbors, so its pretty clear, the bigger the fight, the better for the marauders. Can you imagine the scale of that war? please don’t lets start with that. I agree though, that DHQ should and must capitalize on this victory, because allowing them time to regroup and retool only makes the job more complicated. Our Borders with Cameroon have to be reinforced either through physical wire mesh barriers coupled with sensors, or 24/7 eyes in the sky, covering the whole length, so that we know exactly when and where bokoarerams are coming from, therefore allowing the use of pin point, accurate strikes on their bases to quickly eliminate their base, especially when they are on Cameroonian soil. We can resort to large scale wars with countries far away from us, but never with a neighbor, e go sap you. Ask America, they’ve perfected it, hardly do the Americans ever know they’re at war, why, because out of sight, out of mind, but can you imagine America at war with Mexico or Canada? hehehehe, unnecessary, all encompassing, bloodletting, absolutely futile, especially when you want to keep on fighting, you fight a foreign enemy, not one at your door step.

    • Are James says:

      The last time you suggested this we shouted you down. Now I am all for it. We need to close down the camps in Cameroon anyway.

  24. beegeagle says:

    Well, look at that leaky and improperly aligned mouth which never shuts to conceal large teeth….even when he is not talking. Knock, knock on hell’s doors.

    Viva Nigerian Armed Forces
    Viva NA…Victory is from God Alone
    Viva NN…Onward Together
    Viva NAF..Willing, Able, Ready

    Gentlemen, pls circulate this photo as widely as possible in Nigerian and Cameroonian online fora and news sites.

    Anyone who has the weblink to the source video, pls post for all to see that this was a wholly Nigerian operation. God is on the side of big battalions. That was why our forces came out on top after four gruelling battles fought over the control of KONDUGA since August.

    We shall win…God knows we shall. Bless our fighting heroes..valiant guardians of our nation’s unity and secularity.

  25. Oje says:

    Meeeen, I wish I could be president.

  26. Oje says:

    Copy that Oga Beeg. Let the media offensive begin.

  27. beegeagle says:

    Lemme state again that at this time of national crises, we need to emplace a Social Media Engagement Unit at ONSA. These tales need to be countered VIGOROUSLY.

  28. camouflage1984 says:

    ”There was no raid whatsoever in any part of Nigeria’s territory in pursuit of terrorists as claimed in some reports allegedly quoting Cameroon military authorities. All operations ongoing in the environs of Konduga & all associated border location within the country Are completely being undertaken by Nigerian troops”
    Defence HQ twitter handle

  29. CHYDE says:

    Thank God this has now been settled,

    • igbi says:

      The one thing which you can observe is the close relationship bewteen the military and the civilians. That puts every claim of abuse to sleep so amnesty you have no legitimate business here.

  30. Bigbrovar says:

    Ahmad Salkida a notable reporter (on the run) currently on assylum in dubai tweeted this
    “Mark my words: I have it on authority that Shekau is well & alive, the picture going round is NOT the person who torments us with his group”

    • asorockweb says:

      Haha, here we go again 🙂

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Bigbrovar. I respect your hustle sir.
      Hehehehe, Omo, man no go tire. Good authority ke? all the way from dubai? chale, na wah ohh. If he really believes that, then some prove to back his claim will suffice, otherwise, no mans word is that authoritative, respectfully sir. Like the reply’s on his twitter account, one lady said, they are buying time to install shekau3, hehehe, we dey watch ohh

  31. jimmy says:

    FACTS That are certain:
    1.The Nigerians are in control of the body.
    2. The APC that was used by Idiot video is in possession of the Nigerian Military.
    3. The Nigerians also have a very senior Boko Haram commander in their possession so senior that they refuse to name him in public he most likely can and will be used to identify SHEKAU
    4. One of the main reasons why we had KODUNGA 3&4 was not to capture Maiduguri but to reclaim Idiot video’s body
    5. The dhq SHOULD PAINSTAINGLY go through a detailed process of Identifying this body while it is being videotaped, I DO NOT AGREE IN RUSHING let the Cameroonians do that, Guys with the greatest amount of respect for everyone’s comments here, This is not a dick measuring contest let us allow cooler heads to prevail by FRIDAY we will know what we truly have.
    6.The chief medical officer of the ARMY, NAVY, and AIRFORCE are the people responsible at the right time and the right place a press conference should be given, this is the way it should be done .DETAILED QUESTIONS AND DETAILED ANSWERS WILL THEN BE TAKEN.
    7. Senior officers of the 7th DIVISION who actually fought should have their faces covered with SKI MASK and sunshades can then follow up with information that is declassified with detailed information known to them and them only.
    8. Now that the domino effect has started preparations must start for a four PRONGED SIMULTANEOUS ATTACK #1 SAMBISA FORESTS #2 ADAMAWA areas #3 GWOZA #4 NGALA – Gamboru axis
    9. Let the equipment that is arriving be tested in earnest and let us end this war before the end of the year and then we do the right thing have extensive DIVISION strength maneuvers.
    The death of idiot video will shake BH to it’s core it is not the end , IT IS THE PROCESS OF THE BEGINNING OF THE END.
    Those who are surrendering now should be treated with KIDS GLOVES THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, these are people who were at the lower to middle tier of the next who were crucial in the bh hierarchy into doing the dirty work, they need to be mined for information and distasteful as it may sound the fact that they surrender should be a key point in how they should be treated the best type of bh in my book is a) ONE WHO IS DEAD b) ONE WHO SURRENDERS WITH WEAPONS AND BRINGS MORE TO SURRENDER WITH EQUIPMENT C) ONE WHO PROVIDES INFORMATION THAT LEADS TO CERTAIN DEATH OF LARGE NUMBERS OF THEIR COMMANDERS.

  32. Kola Adekola says:

    We need to watch Cameroon closely, after all, boko harams bases existed there freely for years.
    I posted this on another article, but I think its more useful here:

    “This is not the first startling piece of news from Cameroon. Some weeks ago, the wife of Cameroon’s Vice Prime Minister, Amadou Ali was kidnapped. If anything, that is shocking.
    Cameroon has routinely acted to shame Nigeria with claims of our soldiers running from boko haram, while Cameroonian soldiers were killing boko haram members in the hundreds.
    Now, they are claiming (very strangely) to have killed Shekau.

    When adversaries act in unusual ways, it is either they:
    1. have been startled,
    2. are attempting to stampede you down a path of their choosing,
    3. are trying to know what you currently know in order to get ahead.

    I would advice the Nigerian army and security services to keep doing what they are doing, jeje. But also to keep an eye out for anything that might link Cameroon to anything on Shekau’s corpse(?) or the vehicles that were seized at Konduga.”

  33. rka says:

    It is now making the new on-line.

    Cameroonian soldiers did not carry out any raid in Nigeria – Defence Headquarters

  34. beegeagle says:

    That is clearly a MT-LB and not a tank.

    The main difference is that this unit is painted in desert camo unlike the regular white (for PKOs) and grey-black. So this is either a repainted unit pooled from the units seen a few weeks ago in Lagos on tank transporters or they are freshly imported additions to the pre-owned 67 units.

    The tracked APC types in the NA inventory are

    Steyr 4K 7FA G127
    Alvis Spartan

  35. mcshegz says:

    According to DailyTimes, the person killed in the Kodunga battle was one Bashir Mohammed, why they refuse to say that Bashir Mohammed = shekau2 beats me. He has been the face of bokoarerams since shekau1 was eliminated from the equation, he has been hopelessly trying to take on the persona of his predecessor just to further mystify the death of shekau1. Up until his timely demise, he continually tried to deceive and propagate himself as a ghost/spirt, until of course, DHQ eliminated shekau2, so, on to the next one boyz, where is shekau3? We will never tire or wary from exercising our right to speedily dispatch you mofos.

  36. jimmy says:
    All I can say is wow ! wow!! wow!!! very very interesting psych ops turned on it’s head. Yeah they got the body no worries my peeps idiot video is nothing but fertilizer right now helping make up for the lost harvest, the mofo ran like a little girl he did not want to see his demonic virgins,wow .
    MAY GOD bless the F.G.N
    Note on the day that the poor girls and boys in that FEDERAL School were murdered i grieved for their parents, and I prayed to my God that i would live to see the day he was killed like a dirty dog in the street and not even have the honor of being buried like a Muslim because he ain’t . I am glad this has come to past
    God bless the 7th DIVISION OF THE NA.

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga jimmy. I respect your hustle sir.
      All I can say is wow ! wow!! wow!!!. hahahahahahaha, talk about operational tactics, now that’s what i call a clean win for DHQ, the way and manner with which this nonentity was enticed out of hiding like a rat to cheese, just goes to show the dexterity that exist within Nigeria. Facts, not fiction, evidence, not suggestions or insinuations, #VictoryforNigeria indeed. This also goes to show the real value in capturing enemy combatants, very reliable and accurate information can be garnered from these lot, they can also be used to send deceiving but believable messages to their so called commander in arms. No doubt, this fills me with joy and optimism for the near future, Nigeria fights and wins her battles, no shaking. Omo this one na real action film, Nollywood, in collaboration with DHQ had better capitalize on these victory stories. No doubt, we are far from the finish line, if there’s one, but its evident, the clarion call is long and loud, all hail Nigeria. Keep fighting on heroes, we are proud of you.

    • asorockweb says:

      Oga Jimmy, thanks for the article.


      If the second battle of Konduga was specifically instigated as a trap for Shekau, how come the body was not immediately retrieved and taken away, after soldiers shot him? (the body in the picture was amongst several dozen collected together on the road to Konduga)

      I thought the “” video was from the First battle of Konduga?
      After Konduga I, there was talk that a heavily bearded BH commander, the one they call “Amir”, was killed.

      After Konduga II, the talk was about a seriously wounded BH commander being captured.

      We need an authoritative timeline regarding the Konduga battles and results.

      The FG should try and use the current state of affairs to pressure the captors of the Chibok girls and other hostage takers to release them.

      • jimmy says:

        You have got to understand one thing 1) these battles were occurring mostly at night .remember thetweet about the start of one battle @ 8 p.m. These battles were occurring with intensity in what we are beginning to see were essentially kill zones. There was a lot of helter skelter going on. Even the army did not honestly know at first whom they had killed

  37. beegeagle says:

    WANLIBON, a Cameroonian says:

    Oga Beeg,

    The claims were never made by the Cameroonian army. Contacted directly the Cameroonian army spokesman had this to say:

    1) Cameroonian army has neither an official FB page nor a website

    2) that the news regarding the killing of “Shekau” by the Cameroonian army is false.

    The news, in that form was first carried by Ivorian website Even the personal FB page Armee Camerounaise (closest FB page to Cameroon army) did not claim that. Loeil du Sahel (they have their ears
    on the ground) contacted Cameroon army directly who refused the claims.

    I am sure with all your “experience” you can see the wood for the trees.

    • doziex says:

      @Wanlibon, thanks for the attempted clarification.

      The Cameroonian authorities ,armed forces included, should officially distance itself from this story.
      Keeping quiet seems as tacit acquiescence.

      A warning to all in the neighborhood.

      Nigeria is like a wounded lion.

      However, this lion has now been awoken by it’s wounds..

      Any neighbor presenting itself as a potential adversary or shall I say Prey, will have them selves to blame.

      My suggestion, stay out of US/UK or French inspired shenanigans.

  38. Oje says:

    Cameroon keeps giving us legitimate reason to attack them yet we keep backing down. Add falsefully claiming the killing of Shekau to the list. This is in itself an act of war and a deliberate attempt to meddle into the affairs of Nigeria and create confusion. Now that ISIS and Ukraine has France occupied why cant we launch air and land attacks against insurgents deep inside Cameroonian territory and holding the town or villages until ” we are sure all terrorists have been killed and an attack from bases in Cameroon nullified”.

    Nigeria should integrated all of satellite asset into our military. We can use NigeriaSat-2 and NigeriaSat-X for photo reconnaissance to monitor troop build up along the border with Cameroon. We can augment this with our two two ATR-42 maritme patrol aircraft. While our troops in the North East are intact we could mobilize the 82nd Division Airborne and Amphibious in Enugu and PH. Our Navy’s two stealth OPV from the Eastern Naval Command will sail to Cameroons shores to prevent supplies reaching Cameroon. Our artillery guns and Howitzers such as the OTO Melara, Mod 56, Carl Gustav and the M-56-2 can be moved to the border where they have enough range to rain down fire deep inside Cameroonian targets. I recon we can mobilize up to 5oo artillery guns for this. These Shells have a range of 40 km or more and if fired in tandem can rain down over 900 artillery shells against targets in Cameroon. with our air force ATR-42 surveyors and our remote sensing space satellites cordinating this barrage accuracy can be achieved to a relatively sufficient degree to cause enough damag.. hell the army may not bother to use our best artillery guns, specifically the over 150 mobile archer and palmaria 155mm heavy artillery. If this attack is staged at night nothing will be left of what ever falls into the range of over 1000 shells firing in tandem.

    Our fighter jets like the Alpha and J-7 are not capable of night operations so will likely not use them but our MI-35 helicopters can fly night missions and woe befalls whoever or what ever is left standing after the artillery barrage. By morning 5 alpha jets and 10 J-7s fighters can take out pre selected targets in Cameroon, guided by our Space Satellites, one ATR maritime patrol aircraft and 6 G-222 maritime aircraft patrols accuracy to these targets should be good enough. Of course these targets will be ”Boko Haram” hide outs, i believe we can get away with that story.

    With zero non existent air force or air defence 40,000 troops with MI 35 and MI 24 gunships riding short gun and 10 Alpha Jets and F-7 providing air cover we can take out strategic targets deep inside Cameroonian territory. If need be Nigerian Navy ships stationed off the Cameroonian Coast can begin bmbardment. Faced with an air, land and see assault Cameroons puny 15,000 man army, 100 man airforce and 1000 man Navy will be overwhelmed.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga Oje, Paul Biya is the problem, not Cameroon. We will only gain problems and no solutions from invading Cameroon.
      I’m sure relations will be better when the old man dies.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Oje, sir….you are the one who does not want Nigeria to buy Pantsir-S1 air defense systems and HQ-9 long range anti-aircraft missiles…..yet you want to use F-7 jet to go to war with Cameroon. When defense pact is activated and France attacks Nigeria with Rafale jets and Mirage 2000 jets, you must be ready to use catapult and stones to shoot down 20 Rafale 4th generation jet fighter bombers and 80 Mirage 2000 jets as they release long range guided missiles and bombs on Nigeria.

      Sir, I see that you are very ready for France… air defence catapult cut from wood of Iroko tree and 100 stones for each Rafale jet and Mirage of France.

      Congratulations sir.

      • jimmy says:

        LMAO T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

      • AreJames says:

        They will destroy all airfields in the first wave of attacks. Then we will fall back on civil airports and they will destroy the aircraft their as well. All aircraft that take to the air will be shot down. Nigeria will then take Bakassi, whole of Northern Cameroon and a great portion of south eastern Cameroon in range. Then France starts attacking the Nigerian oil industry installations onshore and offshore even though they are partial owners of some of them. Meanwhile in Cameroon itself Nigeria starts batting local tribal militias who actually do more damage than France and Cameroun Armed force…, et.c.
        It sounds like a nightmare without good national air defence system and a very strong airforce.

      • AreJames says:

        *south western Cameronn*

      • CHYDE says:

        Augustine, Agustine, na wa for you o, LOL

    • Bigbrovar says:

      Oga mi calm down.. kai your blood just they hot since morning lol.. We do not need to go on all out against Cameroon.. not now at least. Let us first focus on getting out girls back, getting all lands back, and fast track the liquidation of all this mofos. Restore peace to our land, initiate development and rebuild of affect lands and rehabilitation of affected citizens. Then we can turn to cameroon and pay them back in their coin. For now the task ahead requires focus.

  39. Oje says:

    France cant do shit, do you think Nigeria is Mali? Nigerian forces will be in Yaounde before France mobilses for war, thats if the French parliament allow it, not with a growing Ukranian conflict and rift with Russia over France’s refusal to deliver the helicopter carrier to the Russian Navy, and then you have ISIS, air strikes are ongoing as we speak. Our birds will be on the ground and not take to the skies in the event of French air attack. If France wants war then they will get it.

    • doziex says:

      Too soon sir, we have to rearm 1st, before we start running our mouth.

      When fully rearmed, I will support your claims, but not a second sooner.

    • Are James says:

      So what if they deploy from Chad or Niger. The point here is we can not do anything without having an integrated air defence first. Try to do a little war game in your mind inputting all possible scenarios. It is a no-win for now. I even think our MOD have been going over all these for years. Same conclusion.

  40. Oje says:

    If Russia keeps to its word and delivers the 40 Helicopters the level field will be balanced. Besides just as Boko Haram forced the Nigerian military to re arm the threat of a French attack will see us doubling defense spending, buying Russian air defense systems in which Putin will be more than glad to sell to us even if on credit, as well as procuring advanced 4th Gen fighters. It will be in Russias best interest to have France bogged down a war with Nigeria. If you think for ones that France will attack an Anglophone country in Africa you are mistaken. Nigeria is not Mali or ivory coast.

    • doziex says:

      Oga , I hope you are not expecting the UK to stop them.

      The US and the UK will be on the side of the French.

      Our only protection, will be to arm ourselves like Algeria.

      That would make the adventure simply too costly for them.

      Cameroun, would not be worth the price they will pay.

  41. Oje says:

    ……………………in other news

    Boko Haram Agree To Release All 219 Chibok Girls

    With the distraction of Boko Haram behind us we can now train our attention and resources on Cameroon. I reckon we can take Yaounde in three weeks. Airborne paratroopers can be deployed at night, they will keep a low profile until actual hostilities begin. We can mop up this once and for all quickly in time before the 2015 elections. Russia and China will be more than willing to stand with Nigeria in the face of French aggression.

    • CHYDE says:

      My brother, International politics is very funny o, if Nigeria had a defence pact with China, then your comments will hold water, you’ll be surprised that no support will come from the east, personally a war with Cameroon is not worth it, i’ll prefer being at peace with my neighbour

  42. chynedoo says:

    If you look at the picture the Cameroonians are parading, it is possibly an enlarged close-up of the Boko Haram commander, Amir killed in the battle of Konduga. I reckon Cameroonian intelligence with the help of France might have done a facial recognition to with a match. This is the most likely scenario.
    Even if we assume an impossible scenario that Cameroon conducted deep airstrikes inside Nigeria (there was no news of this so called anywhere until now) then the Cameroonians should have been able to have multiple pictures of the dead Shekau.
    The second possibility is that someone somewhere in Cameroon security forces might have noticed the similarity between the Boko Haram commander killed by the Nigerians and passed it on higher up. In an ideal situation, the Cameroonians could have passed on their analysis to the Nigerians to cross-check with NA commanders in the North East. But the Cameroonian government preferred to take the glory of someone’s hard work.
    This is one of the reasons the NA should rethink the approach to operations. DMI, NIA, DSS and all the intel agencies should be embedded in frontline operations, or at least align with such operations to collect intel before and after operations.
    I hope we have learned a lot from Cameroon’s behaviour. Every Boko Haram commander killed should have a DNA profile established along with every forensic detail we could collect, height, eye colour, any remarkable features, denture, facial marks, hair colour etc. The NA could make use of a lot of these graduates with a physical sciences/medical lab background.
    Cameroon with the latest claim, has proved it is working at cross-purposes with our national security. It is worrying to see there is no deterrence of any sort in Nigeria’s relationship with Cameroon and other African countries. nor do we bring any burden to bear on other countries when they cross the red line.

  43. ugobassey says:

    @ Oga Oje
    Much respect Sir. I sincerely feel like you do about sending a tough message to Cameroun, however I think in the long run Gun-Boat Diplomacy is the way to go.
    1) Massive Military exercise on our NE border once this insurgency has been quelled with at least two divisions and air tactical groups with emphasis on the show of force and the willingness to use it need be.
    2) Large scale Naval exercise featuring our recently acquired Frigate class ships (including Aradu) jointly with NA amphibious brigades and assault helicopters.
    3) Revisit the Bakassi land swap deal and make certain changes that are favorable to Nigeria and her citizens in that region.
    Trust me, war wont be necessary, they will get the message not to mess with us.

  44. doziex says:

    Nigeria should send our message to the world with our defense spending.

    That is what is going to make folks take us seriously.



    • Are James says:

      There is a way you do it and it even makes your economy grow instead of being a cost center.

      • doziex says:

        Yeah oga Are, if we could link our military build up with our industrialization, it’s all for the good.

        But we can’t wait for that, if it’s not about to kick off.

        Nigeria cannot afford to remain militarily weak in this day and age period !!!.

  45. seun says:

    I think we shouldn’t make hasty conclusions about whether shekau (which hin papa for don use condom when he dey do hin mama) dead or not, and patiently wait till DHQ issues a confirmation in dat regards. Cos we might end up giving him PR hype if he ever crawls back on a video. Pls Gen Beegs , ur email addy.

  46. Bigbrovar says:

    Agree but just before throwing money at the problem. We need to first work on ensuring transparancy in our procurement process. 2ndly we need a defense strategic plan which will be inline with our own national strategic plan. All armed forces need to follow the navy and release their strategic plan for the nex 10, 20 years. Next is improving training and doctrine.. especially with regards to joint opperations. Then with all this. We won’t even need to invade anyone. Rather let us seek ecomonic prosperity and we can always use soft economic power to bring our neigbours to heel. We need to look to china not just for hardware but also learn from their foreign policy doctrine of self preservation a contrast from the cow boy wild wild west posture of the US.

  47. Bigbrovar says:

    Just got a twitter direct message by the said Admad Salkida for coming out some of his claim on twitter. Pretty much letting me know his authority and source from the north east are infallible and can’t be challenged. SMH.. Guys there is a media war against our nation.. we all have to play out own part in propagating the message of truth. lets not prosterity judge us hashly.

  48. freeegulf says:

    hehe, i used to think i was the hardliner when it comes to Cameroon. however, oga oje is the real ultra hardliner, ultra nationalist, ultra militarist lol

    @oga oje, please we do not have anything to gain from directly invading Cameroon now. definitely not because of these miscreants boko haram.
    there are better and efficient ways to throw our weight around without having boots on ground ( allow me borrow the american buzzword). whether these countries like it or not, the moment we put our act in order, Nigeria would stand as a real giant and not just some potential or sleepy one.

    we would get Cameroon, but not now, we are not ready yet for that. the bakassi issue would come up again, trust me, we would get that territory back. for now, lets quietly fix the country. gunboat diplomacy would come in when we stand tall.

  49. Oje says:

    Kicking the can again, there is no greater danger than playing it safe. At peace in our standoff with Cameroon over Bakassi we failed to act by occupying the entire area generally hence negotiating from a position of strength, instead we allow France dictate to us the situation. They flooded our country with a billion cubic ft of water, calculate the billions of naira lost and infrastructure damage, some people saw snakes and crocodiles on what used to be roads and home, again we fail to act. Months ago it was uncovered Boko Haram received almost $150 million in ”ransom” payment from Cameroon without even consulting with Nigeria, we failed to act. Boko Haram staged attacks against Nigerian civilians from Cameroon, retreating back there and attacking. Yaounde clearly and conveniently decided ”it was none of their business’ and failed to check these cross border attacks, again we kept quiet. Now Cameroon is engaging in a massive media offensive against our War effort, which by itself is an act of war, they even go as far as claiming responsibility for the killing of Boko Haram leader and without fear or care what the consequence will be tell the world they launched air raids on Nigerian soil killing him, again we are keeping quiet. Weve been keeping quiet for years now, where has our ” responsible neighbor” taken us thus far? Is it not prudent to put an end to this nonsense being perpetuated by Cameroon in cohorts with France against our national interest? or should we kick the can again?

    • igbi says:

      “At peace in our standoff with Cameroon over Bakassi we failed to act by occupying the entire area generally hence negotiating from a position of strength, instead we allow France dictate to us the situation”
      Actually we occupied bakassi, it was a ICJ judgement which gave bakassi to cameroon, not france. Please could you stop with your war propaganda ?
      I get that some cameroonians vexed you in their internet forum, but that hardly justifies for a war.

    • rugged7 says:

      Oga Oje, u dey vex sha.
      I would agree that those “small boys” in cameroon no get respect for their papa.
      Them no dey fear sef.
      We should give them a bloody nose from time to time so they grow some brains.
      Nigeria should move from a defensive posture in it’s diplomacy to a more aggressive posture.
      It’s open season on Nigeria, from that block head in south africa, to uncle bob in zimbabwe to the dead man walking in cameroon…western media etc
      We should STOP playing big brother. It benefits no one.

  50. Augustine says:

    Cameroon has a defense pact with France and it is no secret. An unprovoked attack by Nigeria on Cameroon will lead United Nations security council to pass resolutions for UN forces….USA/NATO allies to attack Nigerian and we will smell pepper.

    It will destroy our economy and infrastructure, we will become testing ground for newly developed weapons from around the world. We will be hated and called fools by even our friends from Asia and Eastern Europe. The world no longer tolerates Adolf Hitler kind of behavior, there is a new world order.

    Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and the UN military actions that reduced Iraq to rubble and garbage is a lesson for all.

    Forget about Bakassi, we have lost it, that land is now UN recognized Cameroonian territory nobody dares to invade. Best we can do is to arm up like Algeria and add four nuclear warheads with 1,500 km range ICBM to stop Cameroon from misbehaving and also make France to fear us.

    Thank you.

    • Are James says:

      The man @Oje just has it bad for Cameroon. They don’t like us too but it is not a shooting war yet. Let the old man in the east die off quickly first then we will see whether things will change.

      • Manny Aydel says:

        Gentlemen Generals, just a question, where was France when Nigeria staged ‘Operation Seadog’ on the ‘doorsteps’ of Cameroon during the Buhari-Idiagbo years? Note too that our economy at that time was practically grounded! Just your perspectives on this please…

  51. jimmy says:
    This is the best news of the day for me and to all the families who have lost loved ones . I bow down to you. May God/Allah always bless Nigeria. May GOD bless the men and women of the 7th division. This is a day of days, this is A DAY THAT THE LORD HAS MADE LET US REJOICE AND BE EXCEEDINGLY GLAD IN IT.

    • Manny Aydel says:

      I seecond, third, fourth…that with glee and profound joy. May God continue to bless our Armed Forces and our beloved country. Victoria Acerta!

  52. mcshegz says:

    Chairmen, abeg, listen to the so called Agence France-Presse: “Nigeria’s military claimed to have killed man posing as bokoharam leader.” Official statements from DHQ(Maj. Gen Chris Olukayode) is referred to as claims, while statements and uncorroborated messages from faceless individuals are termed evidence on good authority? mehn, its obvious these people have an agenda, clear as day, mchew. Anyways, DHQ has come out with an official statement confirming the annihilation of shekau2, complete with side by side pictures pointing to unique bump on his head, visible in both pictures, #VictoryforNigeria. Salute to the heroes.

  53. mcshegz says:

    from lindaikeji,

      • Eugene4eveR says:

        Abeg, leave them alone. I wonder what that idiot, sorry blogger called FOOLam will say now. Remember he claimed that the best of our best, barely contained the boko ASS RAM probing attack and that they were crying for air support. Maybe na the sopwill camels from Cameroon them dey cry for.

  54. Oje says:

    Serious comments made on a Cameroonian Blog

    ”Jealousy dude, jealousy like seriously? The best Nigerian is a dead one. Not in this life or life after next will i ever wish to come back as a Nigerian. Yeah yeah bla bla African giants when majority of Nigerians live in abject poverty and live in slums? People can hardly feed themselves all because of corruption. Nigeria is the 6th oil producing nation on earth but yet majority of Nigerians don’t know where 1/100 of that money goes to. Oh come on dude, there are better things to do than rush here to express stupidity and ignorance. What has nigeria that will make me want to become one? Hahaha interesting. You guys are known for 419, drug dealings and all the bad things that I can imagine, why on earth will i want to associate myself with that?
    No one compared the size of Cameroons military, wealth, population with that of Nigeria. Let me help make my point better, if your military was any better then how come boko haram has been taking localities day in day out and even have time to video tape Nigerian soldiers running away from them? Why all the noise and propaganda when you all are noise makers and loud mouth tots. Please bring back the missing girls and finish boko haram for good then we shall discuss. Tiny Cameroon has come to your rescue once again but little appreciation cannot come from loud mouth crooks like you guys. My wish is that boko is dealt with, irrespective of who finishes them.
    Fyi, our president being there for life or whatever you put it is not any different from the numerous presidents that nigeria has gotten but still standing In the same spot and not progressing.”


    ”Hello guys,am neither a Nigerian nor Cameroonian,but basing on facts Cameroon has a better trained and organised army than Nigeria,even Chadian army are better trained than Nigerians,
    Nigerian soldiers physically look very frustrated main while Cameroonian soldiers are clean and well taken care of,
    Curruption has eaten Nigeria right to the bones,what a shame,first in history to hear that a whole school has been kidnapped.
    Nigeria is a big disgrace to Africa,Nigerian army is over 85000 foot soldiers but still yet unable to fight Boko Haram which is about 800 untrained fighters,shame and shame again, Africa is proud of what Cameroon is doing.
    I even heard that over 700 Nigerian soldiers escape to Cameroon and the Cameroon government protected them,feeding with garry and giving medical support.
    Nigeria is spending 4.5 billion dollars every year as militry budget but still yet their soldiers complain of lack of equipments and poorly paid. Nigerians are treated as outcasts in South Africa due to their behaviour,you can check all this infos on internet.
    The highest number of African prostitutes in milan Italy are Nigerians,in short every where in Europe Africa has a bad name because of Nigerians. I prefare cameroon than Nigeria, cameroon is stable and police working hard to protect its citezens whereas Nigeria is a real jungle.
    The first day i visited Nigeria i feld very sorry for the citizens on this country where common electricity is a luxury for those who can affort a small yamaha generator porpularly know as “i pass my neighbour”
    Nigeria is also one of the countries in the world with a record of zero tourists every year.
    Cameroon is today doing its all to fight a battle that is not his,instead of being grateful this Okrika people still have the ordasity to mock at them.
    Even the US intelligents that were sent to help Nigeria fight Boko Haram are so dissapointed at the level of un professionalism displayed by the Nigerian soldiers.
    Am calling on all Africans to pray for Nigeria.”

    ” Please tell these ungrateful Nigerians who think they know more than everyone. Loud mouth individuals who have nothing to show for but won’t hesitate to talk trash and boost with nothing to show for. Many of them are requesting Cameroon nationality and don’t want to return home to Nigeria. I know many in Cameroon who don’t want to be associated or called Nigerians. Shameless in grates coming here to run their mouths. African giants indeed.”

    ”Nigerians never cease to amaze me, they have nothing but yet will run their 419 mouths like a market dog searching for food. You all should advice your government to retake land ceased by boko haram and help rescue the girls who have been gone for over 5 months now. Egg headed fellows called Nigerians. The best Nigerian is a dead one.”

    • Manny Aydel says:

      Oje, thanks for re-posting this. Whoever wrote this blog must be an illiterate. Is s/he saying Cameroonian soldiers or non-existent air f’uss’ came all the way to Konduga to kill Shekau or whatever his name is? Did the Cameroonian who promoted that false report study geography at all? They did not even say they ‘killed’ him along our common border, but deep inside our territory! That’s an infra dig! Frankly, there’s no need to reply these nerds. The Media briefing by DHQ was professionally done, with clear marks on ‘Shekau’ used to identify him, villagers who had borne the brunt of his group’s atrocities, corroborating facts and confirming his identity and videos of the encounter where he was taken out screened by DHQ for the Press. I challenge Cameroon to beat that and prove their unfounded case! Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Long live the Nigerian Armed Forces!!!

  55. jimmy says:
    please let us leave Cameroon alone. I believe OGA P ‘S saying is A lion is not worried that it chooses to defecate in front of where the hyena sleeps.

  56. jimmy says:


  57. Oje says:

    In our darkest and finest hour we have persevered. Our illusion of having friends and allies or partners has been crushed. Eben Barrow stated some time ago we should be wary and careful of those we call our friends, how time has proven him right and a bitter lesson learnt. We stand alone in our fight against terrorism, Ecowas as we have seen is a useless political/economic block. Our traditional allies America and Britain couldn’t care less if Nigeria or Africa burns to the ground. Our neighbors will rather see a defeated and weak Nigeria rather than see the survival of a regional hegemon. We are the only country in the world apart from the U.S that is fighting a terrorist organization 30,000 strong alone. Our successes are conveniently not shown or talked about in the Western Media but surprisingly our alleged ”War Crimes” are picked up at the speed of light. They want us to read these terrorists their ”Miranda Rights”. Our fight and success in containing and elimination the Ebola virus were others have failed is still not heralded. We need no soothsayer to tell us that a black man is a black mans worse enemy. Compare Obamas commitment to Africa to that of George Bush. This stupid economic block ECOWAS should be scraped, better still we should just pull out. What exactly have Nigerian benefited from its numerous benevolent posture towards our smaller neighbors?

  58. Manny Aydel says:

    Gentlemen, here’s a report by Xhinua on the killing of Abubakar Shekau….

  59. Manny Aydel says:

    I particularly like to single out this comment by Xhinua News Agency in its report on the killing of Shekau…
    “Analysts say this development further confirms the recent progress in Nigeria’s counter-terrorism approach in ending the five-year insurgency of Boko Haram, a group which has proved to be a major security threat in the West African country.”
    We should note who our friends really are in this fight o!

  60. jimmy says:
    Someone had asked how it is possible to hide 50 men in a trailer (s). This is how you do it.

  61. jimmy says:
    I had said the day will come I would be alive , someone would not tell me this as a story, i would see the bullet riddled body of a man who caused so many parents untold agony for just sending their children to school. Today is the continuation of that day for me and millions of Nigerians.

  62. Oje says:

    China, s media never writes anythi g negative about Nigeria, what’s with BBC’s obsession with Cameroonians bombing Nigeria and killing Shey-Cow?

    • CHYDE says:

      @ Oje now you can apply your logic on a broader sphere, a lot of us have been clamouring for the FG to move in a certain direction not because we hate the other dirction

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