Lt General Kenneth (“the Jumping General”) Minimah, Nigeria’s Chief of Army Staff.

LAGOS, Sept. 24 (Xinhua)

Troops in Nigeria have killed a man claiming to be leader of the Nigerian Boko Haram insurgents, Abubakar Shekau, the country’s defense authority said Wednesday.

One Mohammed Bashir, who has been acting or posing on videos as the deceased Abubakar Shekau, the eccentric character known as the leader of the group, died in an encounter with Nigerian troops in Konduga area of Borno, defense spokesperson Chris Olukolade said in a statement reaching Xinhua.

The spokesperson said several terrorists including some of their commanders lost their lives in encounters which lasted an average of about five hours each. The troops captured some of the terrorists and their equipment, he added, noting that inhabitants of the community who were victims of terrorists activities corroborated information on the identity of Abubakar Shekau.

He said a total of 135 terrorists surrendered along with equipment to troops around Biu area of northeast Borno State. Another 88 terrorists submitted themselves at Mairiga/Bun area, while 45 terrorists were picked up around Mubi in northeast Adawama State.
Olukolade said all the terrorists are being interrogated and processed in conformity with the dictates of standard best practices

The terrorists in continuation of their campaign of terror were determined to take over communities around Maiduguri, the state capital, which is their prime target. Analysts say this development further confirms the recent progress in Nigeria’s counter-terrorism approach in ending the five-year insurgency of Boko Haram, a group which has proved to be a major security threat in the West African country.

On Sunday, the Nigerian Defense Headquarters via a statement confirmed that some Boko Haram fighters had begun to surrender with their weapons voluntarily, following relentless onslaught by troops. The terrorists surrendered on Saturday, pleading for mercy, the statement said.

At least 13 insurgents were also killed in a crossfire with Nigerian forces after a local market was attacked in the same northeastern state last Friday.

Boko Haram seeks to enshrine the Islamic Sharia law in the Nigerian constitution.


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  1. drag_on says:

    Time to ramp up the psyop.(psychological operations) while BH are reeling.

  2. igbi says:

    I posted the video: as proof to some webmedia but they delete my comment, I even gave them the date of the snap shot 6:24. It is funny that when shekau 1 was killed an other group of people/media also claimed cameroon did it.
    I think they have bashed Nigeria too much that they can not admit reality now. They must make up an other lie to cover their tracks. But the video is here, wth !!!

  3. danbaba01 says:

    i don’t know what nor whom to believe anymore. even Mr beeg hurriedly pulled of the report on the alleged release of chibok girls.
    Today we saw pictures of the alleged shekau whilst alive but wounded and surrounded by troops.
    it appears our army in this 21st century cannot manage information and propaganda efficiently.
    even Mr beeg hurriedly (we are proud of you Mr beegs) removed his earlier post on the alleged release of chibok girls. it is about time all us canvass, vide this platform for merit and acumen as a prerequisite in the recruitment or entry into our armed forces and intelligence agencies ditto the civil service.
    it is obvious we have far too many square pegs in round holes.
    no one seem to be addressing this pivotal matter, but it is apparent in the course of this bh war that many of our service men particularly in the officer corp are not measuring upto standard and have perished in the course of this war.
    when connections and bribery is the sine qua non to be taken into this sensitive services, we should expect nothin other than gaffes’, blunders, incompetence and outright failure when and where it matters the most.
    i can’t believe that in this age, where the media is of enormous power and effect, our security agencies are still grappling with mastering the powerful and sensitive art.

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Danbaba01. I respect your hustle sir.
      So, Oga, even with the fact that Nigerian troops eliminated bokoareRams leaders, and insurgents are now beginning to surrender, you have nothing positive to say about the Nigerian Armed Forces? Is it so hard for us to give unto Caesar what belongs to him? Are we so excruciatingly pained that even while winning this war we deem it fit to radically demean the character of the Nigerian security forces with baseless and outright lazy accusations of so called corruption? By their words we know them, we know those who have nothing to contribute, those who have no patriotism to give, those who show no sense of reason, and those who have no prove to corroborate accusations but resort to the almighty excuse of corruption. If indeed you have a grudge with DHQ, please be sure to get your facts and evidence right, it requires intelligence to get to the root of a problem but lack thereof results to broad based generalizations. Oga, i suggest that we swallow what ever pride we have that makes us believe that we are holier than thou, without fault, without blemish. DHQ has recorded enormous successes, give kudos, encourage to do more, but do not in anyway malign the integrity on Nigerians with these hypocritical words “when connections and bribery is the sine qua non to be taken into this sensitive services, we should expect nothing other than gaffes’, blunders, incompetence and outright failure when and where it matters the most.” Please, i advise we remain ever sensitive, Oga, do well oh.

      • asorockweb says:

        Oga mcshegz, I respect your hustle. You are too much.

      • Manny Aydel says:

        Oga Mcshegz, permit me to make just a little contribution to the on-going discussion (and partly responding to Oga Danbabao1). Admittedly, we (as Nigerians, DHQ, DSS, et al) can do things better in some ways but I do not want us to lose sight of a fundamental issue here. The killing of the man who had called himself Shekau by Nigerian Forces, big military gain that it is factually and psychologically, will never be applauded by Western interests (plus their media) because we did it WITHOUT American, British or French troops! If the contrary were the case, it would have knocked out ISIS from the major media headlines for at least 3 days, with interviews being conducted with the guys who led / participated in the operations. We must get that clear.
        Their so-called scepticism is disgraceful, for, were these not the same guys, who, after successfully removing the Taliban, camped around Kandahar with 400 US troops (and CNN beaming everything live), victoriously claiming they had surrounded Mullah Omar and were on the verge of capturing him? What happened afterwards? The same people came back and said the Mullah eluded them, escaping on an Okada (motorcycle)! Nine months after that, it was leaked that coalition forces did not even know what the Mullah they were trying to apprehend look like! If that was an operation mounted by an African military…hmmmm, no comment on how the western media would have described that army. DHQ to me has done a very professional job this time in proving the killing of Shekau. Until another one shows up, Shekau II is dead, period.
        Lastly, someone argued soundly on what our foreign policy interests should be, citing the position we took on Ukraine and how this may or may not affect our relationship with Russia. Have we forgotten how we quickly recognised the National Transitional Council (NTC) in Libya, while our own citizens and those of other African countries were being slaughtered by the NTC’s fighters? The GEJ administration must completely re-tool most of its policies towards the West. I have nothing against any of the States there but our interests must come first, and from now on.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga mcshegz well said. We need to be 100% patriotic, I think Oga danbaba01 means no harm, just that he needs to get into the flow of how things will work in Nigeria’s favour, he could adjust to reality if he takes time to look at his fatherland’s delicate position, survival of our nation before any other ‘logic’.

        Oga danbaba01, da hankali da hankali…ka gane ko?

    • Are James says:

      @Danbaba01’s viewpoint is a valid one in one respect, DHQ’s has systemic issues that acquisition of hardware will partly solve but not completely.

      First of all I don’t like the way the word ‘patriotism’ is thrown into every discussion here concerning BokoHaram, especially the insurgency part of this mediocre war. It is making us look un necessarily weak.
      The word is being used wrongly, people need to take out the dictionary, read up what the word means and think carefully whether it is actually contextual right to throw it around as we are doing. The word is only meaningful in the context of if a neighbour had annexed Nigeria’s N.E, we were fighting to get it back and we were appealing to people to support the gov’t in that effort. Even then those expressions would be meaningful only in the context where some citizens were actually supporting the invaders. It is a patriotism issue that Cpl. Manning and Snowden revealed US military secrets to the whole world but rounding a few thousand ”American’ terrorists on US soil if there had been any is just people doing there jobs. Pleeeaase. The patriotic duty call would have gone to Americans only to step forward and reveal the locations of the terrorists for instance, not to say don’t criticize cops and National guard if they were doing a piss poor job of finding and killing them.

      The BH campaign is a police action as far as I am concerned. I have said it many times that we are not fighting Algeria or Egypt. When you make all these big ‘patriotism’ loaded statements and the huss & fuss superlatives like we are being stretched by the war then we are admitting to more National military weakness than we should be admitting to.

      So if you proceed on the correct premise that Boko Haram (the insurgency not the urban bombings) would not have stretched us so much many years ago (as admitted to by retired military officers and even mentioned by current military leadership themselves before the senate) then the question of where the corrective action needs to be done and what needs to become the issue rather than trying all the time to ginger meaningless statements about patriotism which if we get round to it is unnecessary politicization of the issue during election year.

      The way some observers use the word patriotism even shows that educational standards have fallen. During the civil war, the expressions were unity and territorial integrity which is just slightly more more accurate in the context of the insurgency part of the war. How does patriotism come into destroying a group of terrorists who were actually attacking civilians and running away with impunity until nothing was done and they were taking territory?. Abeg let us think deep about things and get people working who should be shining at their jobs, doing their families proud, getting medals and epaulettes on their shoulders instead of smiling to the bank

  4. saleh says:

    lol cameroon can claim all they want, however, i am yet to see any official claim by the Cameroonian military authorities

  5. asorockweb says:

    I think it’s time to setup official surrender locations to make it easier for BH members that want to surrender to do so.

    Of cause, any designated location will become a target for BH members that insist on fighting on.

    The tip of the spear shattered in Bama, the shaft, in Konduga.

  6. ugobassey says:

    My Ogas BH is still holding a territory (Gwoza). We need to route them from every inch of Nigerian soil held in order to completely destroy any myth left about them, then we can extend the ‘Carrot’ and begin to rehabilitate and re-integrate them back into the society (like we did with MEND).

  7. jimmy says:

    I am with you on this the NA needs to do two very distinct things, I do not know the words in Hausa or Kanuri but i trust my Hausa brothers can tell me
    1.” The way out campaign “. A defined pathway for lower level bh commanders to a life outside of running, starvation, bombing and being killed to eventually being re-united with their families, there has to be a compelling reasons besides Death
    2 The DMI/ DSS/SSS/ NIA must take pictures and fingerprints of all surrendering detainees/ bh and mine them for information and corroborate it wit the citizens living in those cities like gwoza and mubi cooperation means easier terms for release an example was @ the end of the civil war
    the attitude of the adversaries was not one of personal vendettas and this went a long way, this however is different.
    3. Senior commanders have to surrender with equipment and information and can be expected to be detained for a while.
    I want to discuss a very difficult subject and that is of the Chibok girls as a father it pains me to see them in captivity, however it will be the gravest of mistakes to exchange even one commander for all 260 + girls.
    This is being suggested by the Red cross and their friends in the liberal – left leaning western world. Mr President sir do not do it ,the bh terrorists are operating from a very weak hand it is also very likely that the places where these girls though scattered could possibly be overrun in the next month.
    Moreover now is the time for covert ops calls can be made discreetly to sub commanders for fair treatment if they disclose how to rescue the girls without loss of life.
    Under no circumstance should the f.g replenish the ranks of what is amounting to a crumbling group by giving them commanders all they will do is once they get out is go on another kidnapping spree and we do not want that.

    • asorockweb says:

      Agreed, Oga Jimmy.

      BH rank and file can be replaced with only a few days training. Commanders are forged in battle. The commanders keep the group together.

      If we release one commander for all 260 girls, the said commander can easily organize another kidnapping and then exchange the newly kidnapped for more BH commanders.

      Our security infrastructure is nowhere near as good as you would find in France or the US.
      The French can afford to pay ransom for kidnapped French folk, because if their citizens are not running around in Africa, they are generally very safe. It takes little more than will power and ruthlessness to kidnap 100 young girls.

      Please, no swaps should be made for captured BH commanders. Let’s think of the free and the alive – how do we preserve what we have? How do we destroy BH?

      We are only safe if BH has no more power than a local gang.

      If BH has lost major commanders, that also means that they have lost a lot of “connect”, the network of people and resources that are only available to a specific commander.

      We need to get the “surrender sites” up and running before BH regroups, or before someone with money and ambition takes over what is left of BH.

      It is not over, but let us drain some of the “swamp” while it is still possible to do it with little blood shed.

    • igbi says:

      I can see that cnn is still giving free propaganda to boko haram.
      I remember 911, i felt sorry and verry sad for the americans… such a shame the usa has become like this.

    • igbi says:

      USA, start packing your embassy out of Nigeria, we don’t need backstabbers.

  8. freeegulf says:

    good job NA. this is the nigerian army we know. welldone to the armed forces. NAF got her wings back and barring her fangs, goodbye to the enemy on the ground.

    i will however, i advice that the armed forces continue this current momentum. there should be no let up, the enemy is reeling, insurgents are surrendering en-mass. the troops should be allowed to continue this current offensive and rollback this vermin.
    there should be no pause for police action, or village security garrisoning, no, they should keep pushing these miscreants even if it means roll off – roll on with multiple battle groups and combat task forces.
    hopefully, the NA has learnt from the bitter lessons of SRL where ECOMOG offensive stalled in mid ’98 and gave the junta/RUF enough time to realign their strategy with a comeback.

    BH shouldn’t be given any space of time to recover or regroup. while i hate the ‘we be home for Christmas’ theme, hopefully, should the present pressure continue on this scale, December is looking favorably as an end game of large scale boko haram attacks. they will have to revert back to hit and run tactics, and majorly, urban terrorism. sad but true. the police and DSS should be gearing up for the return of that phase once the army successfully conclude this bush war phase

    viva NA,
    viva NAF,
    long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria

  9. igbi says:

    each video I post doesn’t appear on the blog.

  10. rugged7 says:

    From Nairaland:

    Top B H Commander Arrested In Cameroun With Guns, Rpgs, Bombs. N A Alerted by dekronik: 7:32pm On Sep 25
    Camerounian journalist Bissong Etahoben revealed the news yesterday about the arrest made by Camerounian Army.

    Tweet from @ChiefBisongEta1
    @ChiefBisongEta1: Large quantity of arms found in Kodogo quarter, Kouseri in house of local Boko Haram chieftain Mahamat Ali. He was betrayed by collaborator.

    Tweet from @ChiefBisongEta1
    @ChiefBisongEta1: @ChiefBisongEta1 2/2 Arms included rocket propelled grenades, rocket launchers, bombs, mortars, rifles and ammunition.

    Tweet from @ChiefBisongEta1
    @ChiefBisongEta1: @ChiefBisongEta1 Mahamat manipulated Abakar Ali as the real BH chief & that he only stored the arms. Mahamat, Abakar and one Isiaka arrested.

    Tweet from @ChiefBisongEta1
    @ChiefBisongEta1: @ChiefBisongEta1 As Mahamat Ali was led away by security operatives, he boasted he is “worth more than 20 ministers of the Biya regime”.

    Tweet from @ChiefBisongEta1
    @ChiefBisongEta1: It would appear Abakar Ali who was arrested in Kouseri yesterday is actually Boko Haram’s Operations Manager with other name Moustapha Umar.

    Tweet from @ChiefBisongEta1
    @ChiefBisongEta1: Ali was arrested along with Mahamat Ali and Issiaka Guere and heavy arms found in Mahamat’s house. 1/2

    Tweet from @ChiefBisongEta1
    @ChiefBisongEta1: 2/2 Cameroon army has invited Nigeria to send Délégation to Cameroon to take part in interrogation of the 3 Boko Haram kingpins.

    • Are James says:

      In Nigeria, Boko Haram hides out in forest camps, in Cameroon they seem to be in towns and cities milling about as part of the normal population.

  11. Some who managed to escape from the regions of Boko Haram in local government Madagali Michika appear outbreak of fighting between militants Boko Haram.
    Over attackers Boko Haram thirty people died in the town Madagali after a fight broke out between regarding disagreement on the need to cease fire and to transfer weapons to the Nigerian authorities or not.
    Eyewitnesses revealed that the gunmen were shot between as the crisis lead to aggravate the group in Madagali as those who fled from the area appeared.
    And seems to have separated the two while others fall on leadership and others fall on their arms. Banda palace and they are also suffering from shortage of oil in vehicles. However it’s still surprising to Boko Haram’s continued hold Madagali Michika all the achievements of military claim recent days.
    Until now the nations of the region are desert and others Mubi or Yola. Not enough troops Michika or Madagali.

    VOA, Hausa service translated using google translate

    This is another translation by a Nairalander-dekronik
    According to VOA Hausa, no fewer than 30 boko haram fighters were killed as a result of internal fighting among the sect members in Madagali LGA Adamawa state. The disagreement started when majority of the sect members decided that they will abandon the senseless killings and surrender all their weapons to the Army and plead for mercy. Angered by this development, the other members accused the first group of betrayal and in the process tempers were flared and guns corked. Serious exchange of gunfire occoured between the group that wants to repent and the other faction that wants to continue their jihad. In the end up to 30 BH members were killed. Now the group is split into 2 in Madagali. Reports indicate that there is scarcity of fuel which are needed for their cars as a result of the current blockade of Michika-Madagali axis by the Nigerian Army which is causing a lot of aprehension among BH boys as they will have no cars to flee if the military enters those areas.

    I wanted to post this here and not on the other thread

  12. asorockweb says:

    @Manny Aydel,
    Great contributions on foreign policy.

    I believe the present administration was trying to buy it’s way into a permanent seat at the UN Security Council.

    Or maybe, because we are a newly democratic nation, we were trying to identify with the temples and high priests of democracy.

    We must adopt a foreign policy approach that serves us in a more predictable manner.

    Voting in the UN against the wishes of major powers in minor issues does not serve Nigeria.

    Nigeria must borrow a leaf from the china of 10, 20 years ago and start abstaining from controversial votes.

    Voting against India, china, Russian, the US, or Germany is a lose-lose situation.
    Once we have established the pattern of not voting in controversial issues, than all that would be expected of us is our neutrality.

    Regarding the permanent seat in the UN, with economic power, security, and a stable polity. The seat is ours. The real issue is that the seat will not be created if the current members of the security council feel that they have nothing to gain from it.

    • Manny Aydel says:

      @asorockweb, succint and apt! I concur intoto. Just one point to add reflecting my support, during the anti-apartheid years, Nigeria’s action (under the Murtala-Obasanjo administration) resulted in us being ‘made’ a frontline State and later on, given an almost ‘permanent’ chairmanship of the UN Anti-Apartheid Committee! We did not go lobbying and canvassing for those. So like you said, if we do our strategic studies well and aggregate our population, land, economy and military power in a ‘deadly’ nexus, we will be invited to take that UN seat.

  13. jimmy says:

    The Nigerian Army needs to go on Radio, TV and the computer in Hausa, and Kanuri and in Heavily Guarded Barracks and announce:
    1) For those BH who want to surrender this is a place where you can surrender your weapons , your Equipment, and yourself.
    2) This war is grinding to an end, this is a personal choice, there is no shame in wanting to live.
    3) The next leader of boko haram has been given a nick name by us DEAD MAN WALKING. We sent the last two to an an early grave do not follow him.
    4) If you surrender you will be treated fairly and you will definitely be alive, you can also surrender to your traditional rulers or to any military personnel discreetly, the important thing is the Nigerian ARMY GUARANTEES YOUR LIFE IF YOU SURRENDER.

    • Are James says:

      Please tweet this suggestion to Olukolade as soon as you can. This is a mighty good idea. You won’t believe the tremendous effect the simple idea can do to quick resolution of the war. We need to get the BH issue behind us and concentrate on regional geo political positioning also start getting the economic life moving again in that region.

      • jimmy says:

        I rewrote it and was told by my computer savvy son that because it is more than 140 characters long . I cannot tweet it, however I rewrote it in the form of a letter today (Saturday) my prayer is that someone somewhere gets it to him.

  14. jimmy says:
    One of the things I would say to all these people who are making loud noises about taking the army to court it is a very bad idea. I read the C.O.A.S statement very carefully when he read the riot act during his familiarization tour to the the HQ of both the 81 st ( Lagos) and the 82 nd ( Enugu)
    One of the things he vowed to do immediately was” to stamp out indiscipline and wipe out people who came to the army for a job but when the hazards of the job became apparent they refused to perform”. My fear is this the civilian organization who are rushing to the media and filing briefs have a right to do so but these soldiers are not covered by Civil Law . They are covered by Military law and more importantly their offenses took place in a Military environment ( war front).
    And if they really want to help these soldiers other than get their names in the paper they honestly should do it discreetly with no fanfare.
    From the article and the way things are going the original 12 have been moved, I am going to stop here.

  15. jimmy says:
    The grave implications of a swap are now becoming apparent, The grim reality is that some of these girls are already PREGNANT, Some of these Girls were probably raped multiple times,. The idea that some of these girls who have suffered trauma , rape, and even possible Nervous breakdowns were treated fairly by bh would be laughable it is not laughable it is grim.
    Every girl that is rescued will have to be checked to see whether they are pregnant, mentally unbalanced , have sexual issues ( including and not limited to S.T.D.S) .
    No boko haram commander should be swapped for these girls. The time to rescue as many of these girls is now because this window of opportunity is closing
    # no swap for bh commanders for girls#

    • igbi says:

      isn’t boko haram trying to buy time with this swap thing ?
      the momment they are being reduced to rubbles is the same they are asking for a swap.
      They are trying to buy time.

    • Augustine says:

      jimmy says:
      September 26, 2014 at 4:05 pm
      The grave implications of a swap are now becoming apparent, The grim reality is
      # no swap for bh commanders for girls#

      Oga jimmy, what is your opinion? Could we do the swap with the help of Israeli MOSSAD medical doctors who can ‘schedule’ an ‘expiry’ date for the Boko Haram commanders before we swap them for Chibok girls? They could be ‘configured’ to involuntarily expire 7 days after the swap.

      What does the blog think about this thoughts…

  16. buchi says:

    exactly oga igbi.seconded

  17. Augustine says:

    Abubakar Shekau II, may your soul R.I.P….Roast Into Pieces.

    Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword. Whatever a man sows, he shall reap.

    You should have learnt from Hitler, Gaddafi, Osama Bin Laden. All those who wage war against Nigeria, be warned, stop, repent, surrender. There are over 170 million Nigerians who can both pray and curse you at the same time, our prayers are fire, our curses are poison.

    You are lost for eternity in hell fire, Shekau II, the paradise trick and the virgins deceit is a fraud, you traded your soul to the Devil.

    All those waging war against Nigeria, stop before you are stopped by the invisible hand of God.

  18. Augustine says:

    jimmy says:
    September 26, 2014 at 3:43 pm
    The Nigerian Army needs to go on Radio, TV and the computer in Hausa, and Kanuri and in Heavily Guarded Barracks and announce:
    1) For those BH who want to surrender this is a place where you can surrender your weapons , your Equipment, and yourself.
    2) This war is grinding to an end, this is a personal choice, there is no shame in wanting to live.
    3) The next leader of boko haram has been given a nick name by us DEAD MAN WALKING. We sent the last two to an an early grave do not follow him.
    4) If you surrender you will be treated fairly and you will definitely be alive, you can also surrender to your traditional rulers or to any military personnel discreetly, the important thing is the Nigerian ARMY GUARANTEES YOUR LIFE IF YOU SURRENDER.


    Oga jimmy this is a VERY VERY important suggestion you have made. Brig. Gen. Olukolade should be informed or tweeted fast fast. It can shorten the war and save lives that would still die in battle. If we publicize this surrenders as they start and blow it like a hot air balloon, it will be great psychological warfare and the less hardened Bokos especially the fresh recruits in their thousands will get discouraged and surrender when they see a hopeless end.

  19. Augustine says:

    jimmy says:
    September 25, 2014 at 10:33 pm

    I am with you on this the NA needs to do two very distinct things, I do not know the words in Hausa or Kanuri but i trust my Hausa brothers can tell me
    1.” The way out campaign “.

    “Hanyar kawo karshen yaki a Najeriya” (Nigeria added)

  20. peccavi says:

    All very good points Ogas,

    BH is fracturing, and its time to help them along.
    I’m in 2 minds about the Chibok girls. As the retreat begins they will bused as bargaining chips, personally I believe it is better to get them out as ssoon as possible and then continue operations.
    Unfortunately tthey have become a symbol of this conflict and if we do not get them back it is a victory for the enemy.
    I will caution though before we start popping champagne that we are at the crisis of the battle, we can destroy the enemy or we can merely defeat theem and give them a chance to mutate and come back agan. They HAVE to be cut off from Cameroun and destroyed before the dry season.
    Surrender terms as you all have said must be broadcast in local languages over the radio and using loudspeakers.
    Foot soldiers who surrender wither their weapons will be detained and investigated, if innocent will go through a DDR plan. By this I mean they will be locked in a camp for 3 years going through de radicalisation, basic skills, literacy and job training. This means in essence we lock theem up for years but they are technically not in prison.
    For junior commanders who confess, and bring in their men there will be 5 years ‘rehabilitation’, for notorious murderers and senior commanders the death penalty will be off the table but they will be jailed for 10yers to life.
    There is to bee no stupid amnesty making murders and thugs billionaires.
    But in all the negotiations there is onl one constant factor, we must retake Gwoza and Gamboru Ngala and continue pushing and clearing east without delay. The enemy is n crisis and must be destroyed so if there is only one clear task for the Army it is push east. We are on a shrinking timeline

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Peccavi, I have been thinking along your line too, but my fear is that a rush attack now might disrupt big plans for the final offensive. What do you advise?

      • Augustine says:


        I have not seen any Arewa governor in our northern Nigeria PUBLICLY and OPENLY condemning Boko Haram in very strong terms. All I hear is the arewa leaders condemning Goodluck Jonathan for not cleaning up the Boko mess that we arewas as a region brought upon Nigeria by reason of the fact that the trouble is from our region.

        The Niger Delta people started their own mess of militancy with a just cause for the poverty we northerners inflicted on them by sucking their oil and leaving them dry, we asked President Jonathan to go talk to his people travelling by canoe into dangerous creek waters and he did the job perfectly.

        Now we want him to clean up our own arewa mess? His he a northerner? Is he a muslim?
        Let the northern governors go on TV now every hour repeated broadcast in ALL local languages, asking Boko Haram to surrender because the game is over, show them videos of dead Shekau’s corpse and videos of the 200 surrendered Boko Haram fighters being well treated by the army in detention camp.

        Also warn all northerners not to join the rapidly shrinking rank and file of Boko Haram because the Islamic council of Nigeria has banned the Boko Haram as it is a criminal organization and not a Jihad movement, it has killed thousands of Muslims and Christians alike.

        ALL Northern governors should repeat broadcast the recorded message every hour on radio and TV all over our Arewa lands in major local languages, Hausa, Kanuri, Fulfulde, and others relevant to each state. Is that not how you do your political campaigns vigorously for second-term in office?

        It is time for you governors to prove to Nigerians that you do not support Boko Haram….give us action….not feelings !

        Duk shugabannin nuna patriotism yanzu !

      • saleh says:

        Lol, I don’t think we should derail from defence to politics, too many military readers here.

      • Augustine says:

        No derailment oga Saleh, this is not politics sir, this is Psychological warfare tactics, Boko Haram’s less radical fighters will be more influenced by their own governors calling them to surrender in their local languages, than the voice of a Nigerian army officer blowing English grammar on radio-tv.

        President Jonathan did this with Niger Delta militants successfully, it is time for Arewa governors to prove that we northerners too are capable.

        War is not only won by guns and bullets, the military men reading this blog know it is Psychological warfare tactics….and the Governors are being called to national duty to use their voices while the soldiers use their guns.

        One Najeriya, oga Saleh.

      • saleh says:

        The difference in this case is that the ND states were mainly PDP Govt while the NE is a mix. I am not against the idea but the delivery method. It would be more appropriate for religious and community leaders to convey the message. Furthermore they have more moral currency with the insurg than the Governors that will turn everything to political rallies and derail the purpose

      • jimmy says:

        Oga .Please wait I was told by some bloggers to improve on a certain draft.I have almost finished it. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

      • Are James says:


        This is a good idea for immediate application. The governors should definitely lend their voices.

        However a little discussion about the social structure of social leadership is important.
        There are PUBLIC OFFICE HOLDERS and there the true LEADERS of the people.

        In Nigeria the first category come and go with elections but the second category are representative of the static structures of true power and they derive power from Religious, Moral, Royal and Spiritual and Economic structures or events.Generally in Nigeria the LEADERS mystify me while I have nothing but contempt for the other group.
        An example of LEADERS versus OFFICE HOLDERS are the Sardauna of Sokoto delegating his acolyte to go to Lagos and be Prime Minister. That is power.
        Clark is a leader, Adeboye is a leader, many Emirs (not all) in the North are leaders, very few Yoruba Obas are leaders now which is sad. In the East true leadership is a collegiate but they exist. Ojukwu when je was not playing partisan politics was a lone leader separate from the collegiate.

        So haven gotten that out of the way, the Northern governors should ‘manage up’ by going to identified leasers of public opinion in their respective states to join a de radicalization programme built on the back of current successes. Emirs, Islamic teachers, popular University Professors should be contacted and given the expert help to craft.
        The message should be in all local dialects and broadcast intensely into the nooks and crannies of the north. Any of the ‘leaders’ who refuses to participate should be left alone but there you have a passive supporter of BokoHaram who should be processed later.
        The messaging strategy should be the typical ‘seven times in seven different ways” kind of brand promotion. Billboards, Radio, TV, Internet, Word of mouth, Flyers and special social events should be used.

        Why the elected governors (who I have unapologetically said have my contempt) cannot be at the forefront of this is not just that they are not the real leaders of the people but also they are complicit in the formation of BokoHaram as in the Niger Delta insurgency as well. If Modu Sheriff were still Governor would you ask him to participate in this exercise?. A faction of BokoHaram wants to behead him and another faction probably just wants to talk to him while sticking needles on why he betrayed their founder.

        Also, you are not entirely fair about Northern governors playing the insurgency for all it is worth. Everybody is cynically guilty of trying to derive political and economic gains from this insurgency. The Presidency, the two both political parties are all guilty of the same offence. The most unacceptable are the ‘still unproven’ allegations that some of our topmost defsec personnel have also retired become billionaires on the back of this insurgency. Every little thing will be dragged out at the right time and all actors punished if not by our judicial system then it would be by God himself

  21. jimmy says:

    To the :
    Director of Information, Major General Chris Olukolade,
    Dear Sir
    With great respect for your esteem office I humbly submit my two kobos of contribution as a patriotic Nigerian to bring this Insurgency in the North Eastern part of Nigeria to an end.

    The Nigerian Army needs to go on radio, TV and the computer in Hausa, Kanuri and Arabic .This should be done @ a well-publicized press conference to announce:

    1) For those Boko Haram who want to surrender there are places where they can surrender their weapons , their equipment, and themselves. They can do so @ any guarded military base. You can also surrender to your traditional rulers, to any military personnel discreetly, and also to any well-known moderate Muslim / Christian/Traditional leaders .The most important thing is this: the Nigerian Army guarantees your life if you surrender.
    2) This war is grinding to an end, and there is no shame in wanting to live and be reunited with loved ones.
    3) The next leader of Boko Haram has been given a nick name by us: “Dead Man Walking”. The last two were sent to an early grave .The same fate will follow the third.
    4) If you surrender you will be treated fairly, and you will definitely be alive. Eventually you will be reunited with your family. It is important also to note, that you will be reintegrated back into Nigerian society.
    Yours Sincerely
    p.s I am sorry I could not tweet it to you because it is more than 140 characters. I sincerely hope you get to read it.

    • Augustine says:

      Thank you Oga Jimmy.

      Major General Chris Olukolade, 177 million Nigerians are entrusting this great nation into your hands for the media aspect of this war. Please remember how you gave your best as ECOMOG’s media projector, Nigeria needs your action at home now that we have edge on the battlefield, please fire your media artillery in all directions all over Northern Nigeria. Thanks General, may you live to become 5 star General for us. Amen.

  22. egbeigwe says:

    The daily post has been reporting about another battle in Konduga. Now the leadership Newspapers has posted this

    According to the leadership the battle appear to have been going on for two days but most news channels seem to be quiet on this.
    It appears like our troops seem to have carried the day again

    • jimmy says:

      Thank you for the update.Please keep us informed of any more from your sources .I would like to see the captured APC before any comments.

    • asorockweb says:

      It seems that the “wounded” faction of Boko Haram, that was initially decimated in Konduga, has rebooted itself, or that a different faction has taken it upon itself to “avenge” the Konduga defeat.

      The CAS announced a few weeks ago that “a massive offensive” would soon start to “clear the North East” of all Boko Haram. Ordinarily, the army would only make such an announcement when an offensive was imminent. But apparently not.

      The “Light armoured tanker” is likely to be a capture scorpion, which to me, would identify the attackers as the Boko Haram group that is based in the Sambisia forest.

      • jimmy says:

        I do not want to speculate but since I read this statement in the press, I have been wondering.We know that all officers have been banned from going to Mecca (Hajj) or Jerusalem (Pilgrimage).When are they going to start this offensive in the North East? T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

    • mayorrrules says:

      Not only carried the day the toke possession of ERC 90 Sagaie from the boko boys(most of BH are under 25 and drug induced not rational that why they heat the same town over and over)

  23. Augustine says:

    Thanks Oga Saleh. You helped identify a loop hole we need to plug for the media stuff to work.

    Oga Are James, I have the nail, you got the right hammer, thanks a lot, let selected LEADERS FROM ALL STRATA OF AREWA SOCIETY that have the best influence in the North be asked to do the surrender persuasion broadcast.

  24. danbaba01 says:

    Happy weekend to all the generals and master strategists and ofcourse our own Mr beegs.
    i was temporarily nay inadvertently offline for sometime now. @mcshegz, i welcome your reply but you got it all twisted hinging ur argument heavily on “patriotism”. we seem not to accept constructive criticisms meant for our good and advancement from patriots whose sole grudgeas you wrongly presumed against DHQ, is a burning passion to see our beloved army shoulder to shoulder amongst the the very best Globally because we got all it takes to be there. questioning my patriotism for merely criticising certain percieved hurdles damping our army is a serious assault my friend. Nonetheless i take it in my stride and much respect to you Mr mcshegz and particularly @are james and @Augustine. you guys all rock in this blog and i am often awed by the vast knowledge of you guys.
    lets not derail this thread any further.
    God bless us all, Victory to our great Army and death to Bh, they supporters and sympathisers’

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