6 October, 2014
by Kabiru R. Anwar,

Nigerian security forces are reported to have entered Bazza and Michika towns in Adamawa State to retrieve them from Boko Haram stranglehold, Daily Trust learnt in Yola yesterday.

A top security source told our correspondent that soldiers had taken over control of the two towns following a Saturday night offensive, pushing out the insurgents who gave little resistance. Bazza, Michika, Gulak and Madagali had been under Boko Haram control for the past month, forcing thousands of residents to flee to Yola and other towns in Adamawa and other states.

“The military took control of Bazza and Michika in the night with little or no resistance from Boko Haram fighters. Election is fast approaching and from what I see, voters from that area may cast their votes in their homes,” the source said.

Saleh Johny, a resident of Uba-Gaya, a few kilometers from Michika, said residents saw a massive movement of troops towards Bazza and Michika on Saturday and heard several explosions thereafter throughout the night.

The chairman of Michika LGA, Vandi Pavanza, however said he had not been officially briefed on the development. “I heard about it but not officially, the fact is that I have been displaced from Michika.I am not in Michika so I don’t want to talk about something I am not sure of because I don’t want to tell lies”, he said.

A community leader in the area, Dr. Caleb Filli, said reports about retaking Michika and Bazza had reached displaced residents who were eager to return home.”From what we heard, soldiers are in Michika.It is a welcome development because we need peace to achieve development. You can see that economic activities have crumbled. People of the area have been away for 21 days. With this progress, people will to go back to their homes, farmers will go back to their farms and students will go back to school”, he said.

Military authorities in Yola could not be reached before press time.

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  1. Oje says:

    Turning point, if only our Generals know what BLITZKREIG is, hitting them and then taking time out and allowing them to rest and regroup is an expensive nd costly war of fighting a war.

  2. rka says:

    Hope this is part of a massive push to send BH to Hell. #victoryforNigeria.

  3. makanaky says:

    Kodunga was the turning point ! All the videos and nonsense by BH is just to show off, there will be no resistance as the Army push forward, we only need to watch out for traps and IEDs.

    • asorockweb says:

      The sensitivity of the fighting in Madagali will be an indicator of how tough/easy the fighting for Gowza will be.

  4. Akin Oges says:

    This is the major push we have been waiting for. NA, please, no drive and pause this time around. Keep the momentum going until BH’s capacity to start and sustain a firefight is crushed completely. You guys are fighting the good fight. God’s speed.

  5. ugobassey says:

    Finally the Offensive we’ve been waiting for. Please DHQ, we shouldn’t stop till we retake every inch of Nigerian soil from BH.

  6. saleh says:

    Way to go, however why is DHQ and Nigerian Media houses silent. Multimedia is another front to boost the morale of the men in the front and demoralise BH

    • Are James says:

      Let it be quiet until the job is finished. Some early news may activate networks and give the insurgents’ sponsors a broad view of the operations they don’t have now.

      • smartboy2000 says:

        Totally agree with you sir, this operation should be a shadow mission with full media blackout. When this particular phase of the mission is completed, DHQ can now brief war correspondents about the operational success of the mission. God Bless Nigeria!!!

  7. Kay says:

    Yes, I have just heard this great news.
    As this continues, let the Chadians and Camerounians mass at their respective borders to mop up any intending BH fighters spillage.

  8. COLONEL NGR says:

    Engineer units should be sent in to comb for mines and traps. I believe the battle plan for gwoza is ready and is top secret. Soon, that operation will be launched. The army is probably taking their time to gather all the intel they might need for the operation. When all the assets arive we can expect offensives to be launched and sustained. The multinational task force should get ready to attack fleeing insurgents stopping them from settling and regrouping. VICTORY IS FROM GOD ALONE

  9. Henry says:

    Un-confirmed reports say, Michika has now been cleared, with hundreds of insurgents killed and with N.A suffering a couple casualties.

    #Victory Nigeria.

  10. ugobassey says:

    My Ogas it is important that DHQ retake Gwoza to avoid the following:
    1) The enemy replenishing their ranks
    2) The enemy gaining precious time to retrain
    3) The enemy sourcing funds to re-equip
    4) Enemy propaganda
    5) Our troops loosing the ‘offensive streak’
    6) The enemy going on the offensive

  11. jimmy says:

    GODS speed
    “Victory is from God ‘s alone”

  12. beegeagle says:


  13. beegeagle says:


    ZILOX submitted as follows on 2014/10/06 at 2:50 pm (Nigerian Time)


    Word on the street is we have a squadron of Su-30 (4 assembled as of last 3 weeks ) together with JF 17 and about 7 Super Tucanos with 4th gen avionics

    General Minimah has been hinting about a major offensive. Our new ‘toys’ would likely see action


    • gbash10 says:

      Gen Beeg,please talk to me at the back stage about … have sent 6 mails to you thinking it has gone but it didn’t go,abi dem want shut me up again?

      • Augustine says:

        Oga gbash if your emails are getting ‘blocked’, open a new yahoo or Gmail account with a totally different user name and password, then if problem continues, use a different laptop or cellphone, if it still continues, borrow/use a different internet service provider.

  14. odion777 says:

    Great news, the new delivery has taken place, time for pay back.

    • Are James says:

      Honestly we don’t even mind six of each for now. Just something to precision strike at bad guy from a distance. Pilots are too important to be losing their lives to insurgents.

      • asorockweb says:

        Buying 4th gen planes doesn’t mean NAF will invest much in guided bombs or missiles.

        When the NAF bought the F-7, they only paid for 14 SAMs, for the entire fleet!

      • Are James says:

        Well at least the Super Tucanos and maybe JF17 are coming with CCIP built in.

  15. # I am Chima Hedima
    #Victory for Nigeria

  16. ozed says:

    I just love the bit about the attack being a night attack. Means our night fighting capabilities have been boosted. NVGs probably at least enough for a multi company attack, and probably heavier equipment with night sights.

    Great progress.
    We shall yet achieve the modernization of our armed forces whether US or anyone else is comfortable with that or not.

  17. asorockweb says:

    What’s the status of Bama? If BH is still in parts of Bama, it might be prudent to clear that 1st. Correct me if I am wrong, but Bama is bigger than Gwoza; if Gwoza is attacked 1st, then BH might move to Bama.

  18. odion777 says:

    Just hearing on Fulani Sitrep and Sahara reporters that over 70 soldiers are killed and over 300 BK killed and that Boko Haram also attacked with Helicopters, we wonder how true is this, link below,

    • asorockweb says:

      How can one escape from a battle that his side won? Escaped from victory?

      “A soldier who escaped from the fierce battle told SaharaReporters …”

    • gbash10 says:

      The report about BH using choppers to attack our troops can not be true, big propaganda and a failed one.

    • ozed says:

      Yeah right!!!! so BH now have helicopters! very soon we shall be hearing of BH attacking with F15 eagle fighter jets.
      Abeg give me a break!!!

    • rka says:

      The same Fulan(i) guy who gave a completely ficticious sitrep of the battles at Konduga.

      Helicopters? I suppose the US sold cobras to BH instead 🙂

    • Kay says:

      I know who I am blaming for misinformation in this war. So many far fetched plots postulated everywhere. Or how does anyone write that BH has helicopters.

      Stark ignorance is unforgivable in this line of work …uninformed journos would call kites as helicopters, Apcs as armoured tanks.

      • Are James says:

        Sahara Reporters are on full blown info warfare against the FG. Their reporting of casualties on the NA side and APCs destroyed have been creatively embellished.
        Many Nigerians have blasted them in the comments section ..your truly included.

    • asorockweb says:

      Did SH and Fulan report the same story? If so, one must have copied from the other.

  19. gbash10 says:

    Over 200 US Army Special Forces training NA 72 Special Forces Battalion,hmmm… I don’t trust these guys at all.

  20. Eugene4eveR says:

    I hope some idiots wont claim the Cameroonians liberated the towns. #Victory for Nigeria. The Enemy you kill today will not fight you tomorrow.

  21. Good news….More will fall No one goes after the Nigerian State n will be successful no matter who u are…We will Prevail….Shekau Part 3 will surely die dat i am 200% sure.

  22. In jesus name DHQ Needs to hold a meetin with Defence and Security Correspondents on all Newspapers, TV, Radio and Online Blogs make we at least try n pass true information and state categorically wat was used…i mean wich wan is M24 instead of MI 24 its really irritating? A jet instead of Alpha Jet lord hv mercy, dat was hw i saw someone put an MI 35M Helicopter n say its a Fighter jet i weep….

    As for the Squadron of Su 30 if na true i go host everyone for nkwobi….best news to come out of nigeria

    • Saints says:

      You think the nigerian defence headquaters care about what this people are reporting? The truth is that the nigerian DHQ doesn’t even recognise some of this media house and so would never have a meeting, conference whatsoever with them. The defence hq is presently concerned about winning the war on ground and would not distract itself from that sacred duty of protecting the nigerian citizenry and defending the territorial integrity of the nation. Even after the battle against BH we shall continue to see, hear and read news reports with questionable facts, even some of the writers ( probably some of us here) that would document the struggle against boko haram will not do it without giving room for his or her own personal sentiments, belief, political affiliation. That is the reality on ground.

      • rugged7 says:

        Not updating the media about certain situations just creates paranoia and gives the initiative to the enemy such as sahara reporters and fulan. That is an outmoded methodology for combat.
        Even well established militaries recognize this hence the need to embed journalists.
        NA has to wake up to modern warfare.

  23. drag_on says:

    Oga asorockweb, It seems as though konduga is the “left-hook” of Gwoza and Bama, while michika, Bazza and gulak is the “right-hook”

  24. beegeagle says:

    Satellite Imagery confirms delivery of the first Chadian MiG 29 jet

  25. Are James says:

    Okay.So Chad has the most powerful airforce in West Africa.

  26. asorockweb says:

    A little more info about the Michika operation.

    The operaion was “… launched from the town of Vimtim, … and that the General Officer Commanding 3 division of the Army” was coordinating the operations.

    If the GOC of 3 Div is leading the operation, then this might not be the “large scale offensive” that we are expecting. It might just be a limited action to free Adamawa state of insurgents.

    Because of the need to coordinate air power and logistics, I expect the “large scale offensive” to be lead from AHQ.

    • gbash10 says:

      Oga asorock,much respect, I believe the 3 DIV GOC is just the perfect Commander to lead the offensive on that axis in collaboration with the TAC AOC in the War Room.
      All NAF combat pilots should be given a special forces Tavor rifle, pistol, Combat knife and emergency beacon so that if the need arises, they can protect themselves behind enemy lines.
      Though I don’t know Wg Cdr Chimda Hedima,whenever I look at his pix that he knelt down in front of BH camera,I see a WARRIOR!
      The Commander was still wearing his flight suit,that T-shirt is not a designer,but a blue camouflage T-shirt with blood stains.

  27. ugobassey says:

    Another embarrassment with South Africa seizing a second cache of Cash from Nigeria meant to buy armaments. Why do we keep going to this country to acquire arms after they publicly embarrassed us the last time. Is it just that as Nigerians we love to be derided by others……Of all countries na South Africa wey de give us shit!! I tire O!

    • Blackrev says:

      The Nigerian government had better come up with a strategy to sit Zuma down. These actions are obviously intentional. aren’t there other diplomatic channels to verify from the Nigrian government about such activities even before going public to purposely embarrass the Nation involved?

      i don’t think the activity was illegal. SA is playing a script and the failure of this government to act very fast will spell doom for our image on this continent.

      south africa is chasing an ambition of continental power and needs to put Nigeria in it’s place. Question is.. will this government allow it? these are the kind of actions that should make Nigerians march to Aso Rock to first demand action before storming the SA embassy. someone, probably a mole in jonathan’s government is selling us out.

      who am i kidding. this is the kind of news Nigerians (especially the opposition) like to hear as it will be more of an opportunity to embarrass their own government.

      • Saints says:

        Even if SA seize $1bil of nigerian cash, it wont help it in its search for continental dominance, the truth is that Nigeria will have to suffer before it learns, the way i hear the defence minister talking about “our friends” just make me wonder why our leaders never understand how the int’l system works ISD120, a British prime minister was quoted to have said, ” we have no perpetual allies and no permanent foes, our interest are both perpetual and permanent” 4mr British prime minister.
        ” nations are guided only by their own interest and have no obligation to other countries which did not conform with those interests” Indira Ghandi
        ” a great deal of world politics is a struggle and its a struggle that has to be waged intelligently” zbignew Brzezin 4mr NSA to president Carter.
        ” in the perfect state those who should govern are those who are superior in the ways of Diplomacy and War” Plato ( 427 -347).
        Is it that our leaders are now confusing the white wash celebrated reception they get from other countries as friendship, how does the word friend apply to this situation, and why was it even used in the first place? Cus our relationship with the cape peeps ve never enjoyed any of the characteristics of friendship, maybe its high time we dedicate a thread to discuss this, who are our friends are they from the west, the east, the south or are they the little green men in mars.

      • Are James says:

        Nigeria’s interests are currently indescernible and that is the problem. You cannot fight for something you have not defined. Some powerful charismatic leadership at the national level is required to define it because it won’t evolve on its own. If you ask any local political personage what are national interests are today that person is probably going to mouth off a lot of economic trash yet when Murtala Muhqmmed was Head of State, a secondary school student would tell you word for word what Nigeria’s foreign policy was. I believe the sense of betrayal towards the west that we have been expressing recently over arms purchases is because we have followed them blindly since the Obj regime without asking ourselves what our own reason for existence is and what our mission on the world stage is and now we are bitter that we are not being supported with arms against BH. (this of course is if indeed all the public quarell we are seeing is not just for show). Even now with 5 months to the elections, there is no party that has said this is where we are going to stand in international politics. It is just taking second place to everything. The GCC countries and S.Arabia also had this dumb rich attitude to international politics until recently when Shia Iran became a powerful regional operator and since then these gentle royal kingdoms have become really dangerous on the middle east and international stage, God help us all. Now all over the middle east, Gulf and Africa the interests at play are not East-West. They are US-China-Saudi/UAE-Iran-EU and only lately Russia.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        That is all what it is about, US does not want any other big boy in the area
        U.S. exploiting W’Africa Ebola outbreak to establish military foothold

        UNDER the guise of a humanitarian mission aimed at containing the spread of the Ebola virus, the Obama administration is exploiting the outbreak to establish a solid military footing on the African continent. West Africa continues to be ravaged by the worst outbreak of Ebola since the first case was identified in northern Democratic Republic of Congo in 1976.
        According to a report by the World Health Organisation, as of October 1 there were 7,437 suspected, probable and confirmed cases of Ebola in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone and 3,338 deaths. A separate outbreak of a different strain of the virus in the Democratic Republic of Congo has to date killed 43 people including eight health care workers.
        Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone have been the hardest hit by the epidemic, accounting for 99.6 percent of cases and 99.8 percent of deaths. UNICEF reported last week that at least 3,700 children have been orphaned by the epidemic. The already limited health systems of Liberia and Sierra Leone have essentially collapsed under the impact of the outbreak.
        The U.S. plan for containing the epidemic, codenamed Operation United Assistance, is being overseen by the US Armed Forces Africa Command (AFRICOM) and is expected to cost $1 billion over the next six months. So far the US government has contributed $111 million to the effort, a paltry sum compared with the $1 billion the US has already spent in two months of airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq, recently extended to Syria.
        AFRICOM plans to oversee the deployment of 3,200 troops, most from the 101st Airborne Division, to assist in the construction of emergency Ebola treatment units.
        Last week U.S. airmen from the Air Force’s 633rd Medical Group, working with employees from the US Public Health Service, set up a 25-bed Expeditionary Medical Support System (EMEDS) hospital for health care workers who contract the deadly virus.
        A 300-bed Ebola treatment unit is currently under construction in Monrovia, the capital of Liberia, on the grounds of an abandoned Ministry of Defense building built prior to the civil wars that devastated the country in the 1990s. The treatment facility and others like it are not expected to be ready to receive patients for a number of weeks.
        AFRICOM has no plans to staff these Ebola treatment centers with its own doctors or nurses; instead it will be left to the US Agency for International Development and the Liberian government to properly staff them. USAID and the US State Department have pledged $10 million towards the training and deployment of 100 volunteer health care workers from African Union member states.
        Because they come into regular contact with patients’ bodily fluids, the doctors and nurses who tend to those stricken by Ebola are at great risk of contracting the disease themselves. The WHO reports that as of September 28, at least 216 health care workers have been killed by the virus. Two American health care workers successfully recovered after they were flown to US hospitals where they were quarantined and treated.
        The main purpose of this military operation is not to halt the spread of Ebola or restore health to those that have been infected. Rather the United States is seeking to exploit the crisis to establish a firm footing on the African continent for AFRICOM, which was established in 2008 in order to oversee US imperialist operations in the region. AFRICOM currently operates from Kelley Barracks in Stuttgart, Germany, thousands of miles from the nearest African country.
        Liberia is the only country in Africa which has previously expressed interest in hosting AFRICOM headquarters. The Ebola epidemic provides a convenient excuse for the deployment of thousands of US troops and establishing a permanent presence.
        U.S. President Barack Obama announced on September 16 that a Joint Force Command Headquarters (JFCH) would be established in Liberia to coordinate and oversee Operation United Assistance. The JFCH would be the first significant base operated by AFRICOM on the continent.
        Liberia is the latest in a long line of African countries where the United States has sent American military personnel and equipment in the last decade. American troops have been deployed to Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Chad, Burkina Faso, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Somalia, Uganda, and South Sudan. AFRICOM’s first significant operation on the African continent was the US-NATO bombing of Libya in 2011, which resulted in the overthrow and murder of Muammar Gaddafi.
        The longer the epidemic goes on, the greater the chance that the disease will spread to countries beyond West Africa. This is illustrated quite clearly by the spread of the virus to the United States, which demonstrates that even the health system in an advanced country is vulnerable – to say nothing of the gaps created by long-term cutbacks in health services, particularly in public health systems.
        The first confirmed case of Ebola in the US was in a man who exhibited symptoms after traveling to Dallas, Texas from Liberia, where he had helped transport another person suffering from the virus to the hospital. Thomas Eric Duncan was sent home after his initial examination, the result of an apparent computer error, further exposing his friends and family to the virus. The apartment complex where he lived has been quarantined and those he came into contact with are being monitored for symptoms.
        Hospitals in the U.S. have been proceeding with extreme caution, quarantining anyone exhibiting Ebola symptoms, including two people in Kentucky and a child in Utah who were eventually cleared. It was reported on Friday that two individuals in Washington, D.C. were being treated under quarantine for Ebola-like symptoms.
        In the week since Duncan was diagnosed, the American media has focused largely on sensationalized reporting around his case, hyping the dangers to the public as a means of justifying tighter security measures against immigrants and visitors from Africa. Meanwhile, relatively little attention is being given to the affected region in Africa, where dozens are dying every day.
        • Culled from CounterCurrents .Org

    • Augustine says:

      Pretoria is strong enough to give Abuja bucket loads of shit….

  28. Blackrev says:

    they even went as far as publishing a copy of the tender. how embarrassing.

    by the way… #VictoryForNigeria. #GejDealWithZuma

    • Are James says:

      Okay….#Maybe TB Joshua caused it.
      Nigeria is having bad press in S.Africa now. Any growingly unpopular S.African president will try to play that for all it is worth and gain some local political mileage from it.

      • Manny Aydel says:

        @Are James, precisely what I suspect Zuma is doing. Good for him Ashiru is no longer Nigeria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, lol

  29. COLONEL NGR says:

    The GOC of 3rd DIV jos is proving to be a leader in the adamawa axis. Reports says he goes with his men into battle, fight for a while before going back to his headquarters for proper coordination. I cant wait for this purchases to be confirmed. I pray the government provide enough arnaments for this aircrafts when they arrive. It is a good development.

    • Manny Aydel says:

      @Colonel NGR, interesting info. The unfortunate civil war produced a Benjamin Adekunle, ECOMOG Sierra Leone ops produced a Maxwell Khobe. Its high time the fight against boko boys produced other icons…a la Hedima et al

  30. COLONEL NGR says:

    .The GOC of 3rd DIV jos is proving to be a leader in the adamawa axis. Reports says he goes with his men into battle, fight for a while before going back to his headquarters for proper coordination. I cant wait for this purchases to be confirmed. I pray the government provide enough arnaments for this aircrafts when they arrive. It is a good development.

  31. russellinfinity says: concerns-nigeria-south-african-relationship-

  32. russellinfinity says:

    The South African media have published
    documents confirming the legitimacy of the $
    9.3million botched arms deals between Nigeria
    and the former apartheid enclave.
    Reports by Rapport and City Press affirmed
    federal government’s official position that the transactions were legitimate.
    The media houses said contrary to insinuations,
    end user certificates and a ‘shopping’ list
    accompanied the transactions as well as a note
    from Nigerian government authorizing the
    deals. According to the reports, documents showed
    that the earlier consignment was approved by
    the Nigerian government  through the Office of
    National Security Adviser (ONSA), which is
    officially mandated to issue the end-user
    certificate for such transactions involving the nation’s security agencies.
    An entire “shopping list” was also said to have
    been supplied with the certificate, which
    included everything from helicopters to
    unmanned aircraft, rockets and ammunition.
    A top security source in the intelligence service disclosed that“In issuing end-user certificate,
    the ONSA ensures that it carries all relevant
    agencies and stakeholders along. Therefore,
    such a responsibility is not a unilateral
    “For security reasons, the chains leading to the issuance of end-user certificate cannot be put
    in the public domain.
    “The recent interest in arms purchase was
    informed by the challenges of insurgency which
    our nation had been grappling with in the last
    few years. This is why the understanding of all Nigerians is necessary.
    “Nigeria is desperate to counter activities of
    terrorists no matter what it takes even when
    some of our friends are not being fair to us.
    “The government appeals to the media and all
    Nigerians, especially the opposition, to consider the overall national interest on security issues.
    They should not read negative meaning to every
    good intention of government in tackling
    insecurity in the country”.
    Continuing, the source said“The federal
    government and some top intelligence officers are concerned about how some officials of
    South Africa decided to frustrate the efforts of
    Nigeria at containing the activities of terrorists
    operating in the North-Eastern axis.”
    DailyPost gathered that there are concerns that
    despite the leeway given to South African companies to thrive in Nigeria, there are still
    officials of the country who are determined to
    frustrate Nigeria, which in April this year
    overtook South Africa as Africa’s largest
    Government loyalists insist that the botched deal is being used by some prominent persons
    for political reasons.
    They also accused“vested interests”of wishing
    the war against insurgency was not won.
    On the latest story of seizure of over $5million
    by South Africa, those in security circles say it may just be a refreshment of the old story with
    a new angle.

  33. Kay says:

    Snippets from the Camerounian frontline against BH
    Note our Bigfoot MRAP at the end

    It was left behind…

    • ozed says:

      shows that the Nigerian army was actually in Cameroon probably while retreating from Boko Haram in the border areas.
      Other thing worthy of note is the attention the Cameroonians pay to proper equipment of infantry. Good quality relatively new fire arms, good emphasis on snipers, heavy technicals, at least on Truck mounted AGL.

      We really need to re plan and re-equip for this war. Luckily seems that is at last beginning to happen.

      • Are James says:

        I was just about to comment on the high quality kitting of Cameroonian troops compared to ours. Many hurdles to cross but we surely will.

      • superboi79 says:

        I Believe the BIR are Cameroon Special forces and not normal infantry

      • Are James says:

        Okay thanks.

      • Solorex says:

        Yes BIR is Cameroonian Special Force(Rapid intervention battalion/brigades) We do not really have an exactly equally comparable unit, they are the top echelon on Cameroonian military (Doubling as presidential guards and directly under the control of Mr. president-cannot be deployed without presidential approval), It easy to kit your army if they were only 20,000 men. With 8 times that figure NA is not doing bad- Lately special attention has been paid to body armor and we are all aware of the trawl of incoming weapons. The Abandoned MRAP probably malfunctioned ( its not burn out or badly hit) and a decision had to be made to either tow in hostile environment ( slow down troops movement)and put lives at risk or disable and abandon. Recall that the Cameroonian Commander said the Nigerian withdrew leaving them face to face with Boko haram. We have thrown in T55, Vickers,Sagie.Cobras,MRAPS,VBLs e.t.c into this conflict-We are so better Armed than the Cameroonians in this war- if what happened here were to take place in Cameroon-We would have been seeing at Least a thousand French forces and Amour on ground. We have not been excellently impressive-but we did not do too bad ( we did very bad in some instances)

    • toondey says:

      Looks like the cameroonians are embeding journalists.

    • asorockweb says:

      The Nigerian ambassador to Cameroon should get the abandoned MRAP moved to a safe location in Cameroon, or better still, find a safe crossing point, and return the MRAP to the army.

      That’s the job of a representative in a foreign land. The ministry of external affairs should do it’s job – that the army has not made a formal request is not an excuse.

    • doziex says:

      Where were all these Cameroonian forces, when BH for years, were playing hit and retreat with NA forces ??

      That strategy allowed them (BH)to survive NA’s best onslaughts, and Cameroon clearly had the capability to block BH from their territory if they so wanted.

      NA also has a substantial capacity for making mischief on neighborly territory.

      One day, folks would realize that making mischief, is a 2 way street.

  34. doziex says:

    Hey guys, I got a message from yesterday, it was my 3rd year anniversary with beeageagle’s blog.

    • jimmy says:

      Congratulations Oga Doziex,I am truly happy that you have stayed the course through our shared agreements, disagreements,mutual respect and frustrations with the system.Hbd T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  35. doziex says:

    My take.

    Zuma’s actions, shows that he as many African nations mean no goodwill towards Nigeria.

    All this kicking us while we are down, when all we did was help, when they were down.

    African solidarity be damned.

    This should focus the minds of Nigerian leadership to equip our armed forces for the rainy day.

    With this level of ill will, and this level of immaturity in ANC’s eagerness to show it, an armed clash cannot be ruled out down the line.

    It is telling, that Nigeria only clashed with the apartheid south Africa by proxy, but ANC seems to be spoiling for a real fight.

    • jimmy says:

      Sometimes I do not know what is possessing Zuma’s mind.I really do not get it.For $12,fucking million is that worth destroying the relationship you have with Nigeria.Really? does Nigeria really have to engage in a childish game of dick measuring with South Africa
      On to more serious subject piggy back on top of my brother from a different mother oga Doziex.Regrettably as soon as Nigeria started this massive fire brigade procurement some African nations reverted to the crab in the uncovered bucket syndrome.I am not surprised just pained.Nigeria is going through a rough patch but they will bounce back.
      Nigeria ‘s foreign and domestic policy
      must be geared to what is in Nigeria’s interests.There is a Yoruba proverb that sums up what should be our way of thinking “Every Lizard walks dragging its belly across the ground we do not know which one has a belly ache”

      • ozed says:

        We have tended to carry on our National affairs like children in a garden. Taking in the beauty and playing with butterflies. That is why people in power mostly have no concept of what is good for Nigeria, and make little effort to uphold it. We continue to squander our common wealth as though we shall never be called to account.
        I certainly hope these challenges we are going through and the embarrassment our ‘trusted friends’ are dishing out to us at our point of need will make us a little wiser.

        If we had elevated our economy and military to where they ought to be given our size, population and resources, no one would dare to embarrass us this way.

        I certainly hope we are learning at the right levels.

  36. Martin Luther says:

    Word on ground comfirms above subject, fighting still said to be ongoing. There is also unconfirmed word of use of helicopters by insurgent group. This use is still just a rumor but it is word going round with no eyewitnessess stating actual sightings yet.

  37. Augustine says:

    Oga doziex congrats, you be my senior for this blog. Takes staying power to stay for 3 years….takes patriotism.

    Nigerian army keep deleting Bokos, no victory celebration until Boko Haram is 100% defeated. No more Tom & Jerry cartoon war, finish this war this year and don’t forget to bring back your 200 Chibok daughters in captivity, the world is watching you NA and NAF.

    Alpha jets should be withdrawn from war and sent back to their traditional training role afterall they have served NAF for 30 years and about half them have perished with our pilots. Alpha jet well done thou faithful servant whose soft head has been overused and abused by Nigeria in the task of breaking too many coconuts.

    Super Tucano and Mi-35M Hind E rise up to fight and show your famous might in battle.

    Nigerian navy and Senate, go tell president Jonathan that soon you NN will face more than your usual pirates in Gulf Of Guinea, next year Jacob Zuma is scheduled to arrive for permanent anti-piracy power projection patrols in Nigeria’s oil rich front door ocean with a guided missile stealth frigate and submarine. If you annoy him he will bark but may not quickly bite, meanwhile when he barks, Nigeria has to bow….if we have nothing to match his Zulu world class sea power.

    Might is always right, says the old adage. All these seized millions of dollars is just a shadow of what South Africa can do to Nigeria.

    Only 100 prophets with 100 years track record of 100% prediction accuracy can prove to me that it CAN NEVER HAPPEN IF NECESSARY FACTORS TO CREATE THAT HUMILIATION IS MADE TO EXIST, did anybody believe in 2013 that by 2014 South Africa will treat Nigeria like an enemy while Pretoria can see clearly that 13,000 innocent Nigerians have already been slaughtered in a big war on our homesoil?

    Enough said.

  38. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    We must believe in ourselves, the Nigerian military has enough tradition to be able to concept and formulate special training and tactics, we should only be going outside to train the trainers or update, mean while they are learning underground from us.- All this sending 1000 troops outside to train is BS , Ticket cost alone is $2M , Allowances is over $10M using Govt standard rate.
    Nigeria contains Ebola – and US officials want to know more

  39. G8T Nigeria says:

    @ Augustine I have noticed you a lot


    Might is always right, says the old adage. All these seized millions of dollars is just a shadow of what South Africa can do to Nigeria.

    I have noticed you strongly how you insert smart messages in between lines. You and your brother framing a Nigerian name are experts in this 2face game approach on Nigeria but Nigeria may soon use you as an example to prove its strength that people like you are not invincible. I must confess you are indeed good at this act usually called crypto weapon in the intelligence world. well, Nigeria is better smart training smart counter intelligence officers and recently augmented internet intelligence monitoring system. Nigeria has Intelligence war summary on many nations including your so called over praised SA updated to 95 percent accuracy. Do you even known SA navy/Airforce operational state updated 2014. You can see Nigeria as a mechanic village of Baboons so please continue your game until you hear a soft knock on your door. It will be clear if you don’t tell all bloggers what you know SA can do to US. Be patriotic if you are not on a mission.

    • Augustine says:

      G8T Nigeria if you think I am not a Nigerian, o ti shi ona pata pata, you don miss road, what a pity. You won’t make a good Intel dolphin if this is how you spy, try again later….network busy, chigaba da shakatawa.

      • G8T Nigeria says:

        I know you will run away from answering my question with insults. Tell us what you think SA can do to us (NO ANSWER). Nigeria may be wrong with the purchase but it doesn’t warrant such statement. The less you know the better for the society. Go learn from Nairalanders where patroits display high sense of values defending this nation. You can also learn from Beeg and others on their professional comments whether Nigeria is wrong or right. I get road oh, weda good or bad i love this country die, you can never be like me who has visited 36 countries and evidently saw the might of Nigeria expressed militarily, economically and international diplomacy. siddon for Air-condition and read small magazine and small weapon links begin say rubbish about Nigeria. SA strategy as u claimed might be to deploy ships through your effort to Nigeria and fire missiles like you claim but my strategy might be to damage such ships in their backyard only left to deploy people like you. Israel vs Egypt, Vietnam vs US and other cases will teach you more that sometimes Might is not right. For your information a lot of people mentioned the name of our heroic pilot Hedima but you didn’t question their capacity to paste his name. What you don’t want—- Don’t do to others. Go back to ur Air-condition , read and make us cry because Jacob Zuma is coming with his frigate. Disgraceful national. byeeeeee

  40. egbeigwe says:

    The chorus of comments on the embarrassment our South African “friends” are dishing out to us has been very consistent and one sided that I wonder if I am missing something. We cannot keep blaming other people for things that is clearly our problem that we have to tackle head on and solve.
    Clearly South Africans have their issues and I am not too happy with some of their actions, but let us call a spade a spade.

    Let us turn the story around for a moment.
    One day a private jet lands in Abuja and three south Africans disembark with 3 suit cases of US dollars containing 9 million USD. They approach the customs men like every other passenger, the customs discover the money. Now let assume that for some reason the customs men refuse to take 200,000 USD to let them through. Surely the men would be detained, questioned and the money seized.
    The men now proceed to tell us that they are from south Africa and they have a deal with proforce a Nigerian company to sell the arms that they would take back to south Africa.
    Every right thinking country should be concerned how CASH and weapons move within its territory. For obvious reasons of money-laundering and arms proliferation. This transaction involved the two.
    If you do things properly you would not be embarrassed.
    Unless I am missing something. As a government when you need to buy weapons from a “friendly” country you have two choices:
    a. Option 1: The National security adviser of Nigeria would reach out to his opposite number in south Africa and carry him along. The military attaché in the Nigerian embassy would also be carried along fully and he would ensure that all the required permits and licenses are in place. All payments would be made through the banks with the full knowledge of the south Africa government and the Nigerian embassy. In an ideal case there should be a MOU signed by the two governments establishing the protocols for such transactions. That is why we have ministry of external affairs and embassies. Any day a Nigerian official needs to visit South Africa on the subject matter they would arrive South Africa with a diplomatic passport and the military attaché in the Nigerian embassy would be at the airport to receive them personally.
    b. Option 2: the National security adviser of Nigeria contacts the South African opposite number and the South Africans say No don’t buy these items in our country or starts to cause unnecessary delays. The NSA of Nigeria can then decide to buy these items covertly. He would call his National Intelligence Agency guys or any other relevant Nigerian agency to smuggle the arms to Nigeria PROPERLY. If they are caught they would know the story they would tell and the Nigerian government name would not be mentioned. If it gets out, the Nigerian Government they would deny ever knowing the men and lunch an investigation.

    But we are where we are!

    We should stop blaming a country attempting to function normally. Once such a story breaks in a country with normal structures the different arms of the government kick in to carry out their constitutional roles. Even if they would kill the case they would do it eventually down the line. You cannot expect zuma to pick up the phone and call their judiciary to drop the case because it appears that some top Nigerian Government officials “know” about the deal. If he tries that they would even join him in the investigation to see if his hands are in it too. Zuma is still under investigation himself for some corruption issues at are clearly non issues in Nigeria and he has not been able to kill them.
    The first $ 9.3 million self-inflicted embarrassment has happened. What was the set of people with $5.7 Million thinking? We need to get serious in this country.
    We need to aspire as a country to attain the level of professionalism and transparency that these countries are striving to attain themselves for the sake of our children and millions of poor Nigerian masses of today.
    Please let us stop bad mouthing them for attempting to be normal

    • asorockweb says:

      Good analogy.

      I believe the $5.7m was seize from a bank account; the SA company in question let it’s arms licence expire.

    • rugged7 says:

      South Africa can go jump in the deepest lake.
      Life na turn by turn. Their turn is coming very soon.
      They will beg Nigeria then.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga egbeigwe, I agree with your logic very much. However it is one side of the coin in my opinion. The other side of the coin is that in your time of war and pain, you can know your true friends as the Urhobo proverb says…”Let us close our eyes as if we have died and know those who truly love us”.

      Nigeria is “Acting dead” and we now see clearly those who truly love us. We get insults from Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, and we get sabotage from USA, UK, etc.

      When these same ANC men in Umkhonto Sizwe were suffering in the hands of their apartheid masters, Nigeria was risking it’s head to save them, did they pay us $9.3 million to fight a global crusade of diplomatic war for Mandela and his people? All for free and no hope of reward Nigeria allowed itself to be hated and targeted by the west as we pushed for the freedom of blacks in South Africa when the white police was slaughtering them like sallah rams in Soweto.

      Now Nigerians are dying, without asking, what has South Africa done for Nigeria in the spirit of black brotherhood? Now with asking, to buy weapons, what has South Africa done for Nigeria?

      The truth of these ‘secret’ transactions we may never know, and Nigeria is paying the price of all these secret secret weapon purchases that we have warned our government against, but new reports claims the deals are legitimate. I will never ask South Africa to break it’s law for Nigeria, I am no law breaker myself.

      However, if the case was reversed and it is ANC trying to buy arms from Nigeria to defend itself against apartheid, and this situation happens, I believe Nigeria can seize the money by law, but will gift the whole weapons listed for purchase free of charge to ANC in the spirit of African brotherhood, as our own donation to the saving of lives of our fellow black brothers.

      Hey ! Do we like to shortchange ourselves gentlemen? Nigeria spent about $10 Billion to save Liberia and Sierra Leone from impending self-annihilation and 1,000 Nigerian soldiers died making their wives widows and their children fatherless. If Nigeria can gift $10 Billion to two African nations in their hour of need, have we not set an example? Have we not done good like an angel? If any country wakes up in Africa and gives Nigeria 50 MRAPS to fight Boko Haram today, collect it and say thank you, not because we cannot afford it, but because that nation is showing love and brotherly spirit.

      South Africa is doing the exact opposite of what a black brother would do, and that means Nigeria is being warned by God or by circumstances that the most powerful black nation in the world hates us. Until Nigeria officially declares a weapon arsenal that beats South Africa, Pretoria remains the most powerful military force in Africa.

      Pride and patriotism does not change facts, if you want to be the best, invest in what will make you the best. Power no be for mouth.

    • mayorrrules says:

      Am sure they would have told the SA customs there mission and the letter of authorizing the transaction.if not the money would have been in a diplomatic bag that won’t be searched.Nobody walks in another country with such a cash without expecting to be searched,

  41. ugobassey says:

    @ Egbeigwe
    If I am reading your contribution right, you are saying that not one SA official, cabinet member or Zuma staff was informed or briefed about this deals. Nigeria just decided to transact a deal with a South African company without so much as informing a single official. Either we have the most irresponsible officials in Aso Rock or SA is lying and publicly embarrassing us to gain some political cheap points. I’m going with the latter.

    • egbeigwe says:

      If you read me correctly what I am saying is that the transaction should be properly documented through the laid down official channels and payment made by bank transfer. Informing some SA Government officials is not the same thing. All the laws of South African should be followed and clearly shown to be followed. Nothing stops Nigerian Government from putting that money in a diplomatic pouch and a Nigerian embassy staff will come to the airport and pick it. Nobody would search it. If the Nigerian government wants to send 100 million USD to SA. There are many channels available to them to do it PROPERLY.
      If I am to hazard a guess at what really happened I would say that some inexperienced company in arms supply in Nigeria was given a contract to supply some military equipment and the employees of the company handled it in an unprofessional manner that breached the laws of South Africa. If that is the case the employees of that company should bear the consequences of their actions on their own and refund the Nigerian government our money if they can’t deliver. After all if the deal worked out they would have spent their profit on their own.

      • rugged7 says:

        Zuma has a personal relationship with atiku. They torpedoed that deal on purpose.
        Nothing was wrong with the purchases by NSA as evidenced by more recent info.

      • Augustine says:

        My own question is :

        What weapon or equipment is Nigeria desperate for in South Africa that Russia, India, or China cannot sell to us? Nuclear bombs ?

      • Kay says:

        All he is saying is that when you have arms deals especially for Government, make it as ‘light as day’.
        Henry Okah happened, our government immediately pointed fingers at their government for being lax. Now same ish goes down and then we cry foul.

        I don’t encourage unaudited trails they so love in the NA…apart from the corruption, it would only take a rogue under the cover of government to uparm then you’ll understand.

  42. G8T Nigeria says:

    Bros Augustine, i know you will run away from answering my question with insults. Tell us what you think SA can do to us (NO ANSWER). Nigeria may be wrong with the purchase but it doesn’t warrant such statement. The less you know the better for the society. Go learn from Nairalanders where patroits display high sense of values defending this nation. You can also learn from Beeg and others on their professional comments whether Nigeria is wrong or right. I get road oh, weda good or bad i love this country die, you can never be like me who has visited 36 countries and evidently saw the might of Nigeria expressed militarily, economically and international diplomacy. siddon for Air-condition and read small magazine and small weapon links begin say rubbish about Nigeria. SA strategy as u claimed might be to deploy ships through your effort to Nigeria and fire missiles like you claim but my strategy might be to damage such ships in their backyard only left to deploy people like you. Israel vs Egypt, Vietnam vs US and other cases will teach you more that sometimes Might is not right. For your information a lot of people mentioned the name of our heroic pilot Hedima but you didn’t question their capacity to paste his name. What you don’t want—- Don’t do to others. Go back to ur Air-condition , read and make us cry because Jacob Zuma is coming with his frigate. Disgraceful national. byeeeeee

    • Augustine says:

      @G8T Nigeria, so you spent all that time blowing your own trumpet for the whole blog to read? Na waa o ! No be you I find come this blog, and from your trumpet blowing bonanza above, it would be a total waste of time replying you. Nothing in your post is considered worth replying to sir, sorry to say, that’s why I ignored your questions so I can invest my precious time in more profitable ventures. Meanwhile, enjoy chasing shadows my dear brother…. ci gaba da aikin oga, ci gaba.

      • G8T Nigeria says:

        Evidently on point. I thought your articulate English will spread through your brain to answer a simple question. Kids of your age are swayed with films and fancy knowledge on military issues. Love your country no matter how good or bad and criticise professionally. The philliphines, vietnamies did not buy all the frigate for its citizens to resist China wether they own the South China sea on not. The Chinese did not need to aquire all weapons to equal US for its citizens to make their position clear on issues with US. Apologise to yourself and build a new spirit of not mocking your country.

  43. keviadano says:

    the appearance of these SBS never cease to impress.. help yourself

  44. Manny Aydel says:

    Gentlemen, I fail to understand the strategic objective of the South African Navy that would warrant deploying whatever category of ship or other platforms to the Gulf of Guinea. Is she being invited by any of the States in the Gulf? Is it Flag showing? is it power projection and if yes, in favour of what? That the South Africans will burn fuel that long from the southern tip of the continent to simply come and ‘flex muscles’ with Nigeria beats my imagination! I submit too that from what I know, the South African navy has major issues bothering it right now than embarking on this touted frivolous deployment devoid of diplomatic purpose or military necessity. I stand corrected. Even if they were to embark on that journey, Nigeria will be waiting. Remember how the French were forced to re-deploy their Frigate during the time of Gen Sani Abacha when they had embarked on an ill-advised mission to support Cameroon in the days of the Bakassi tit-for-ta? That Frigate, if I can refresh someone’s memory here, surprisingly ended up diverting to Cotonou “for joint training” with Benin. Unable to block the French (who wanted to save face) the Beninoise officials quickly insisted that the ‘exercise’ could not take place unless Nigerain military officials were present. People should stop hying the ‘unhypable.’ In the event of any ill-advised engagement with Nigeria, South Africa has more to lose. QED

  45. Manny Aydel says:

    Sorry to digress a bit, gentlemn, but this theatre has direct or indirect implications for the on-going ops against BH…
    Dateline Mali: Since we pulled out, it’s never been the same…

  46. jimmy says:
    NEWS from ADAMAWA STATE lord willing by this weekend ADAMAWA STATE will be sanitized of the scum of the Earth

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