October 07, 2014
by Kingsley Omonobi & Umar Yusuf

Heavy fighting between Nigerian troops and Boko Haram terrorists ensued yesterday in Adamawa State as soldiers backed from the air by Nigerian Airforce attack helicopters launched an attack to retake territories in the possession of Boko Haram.

In the ensuing battle that continued into the night, Vanguard gathered that about 400 Boko Haram terrorist had been killed while there were casualties on the part of the Nigerian soldiers. Military sources in Adamawa state told Vanguard that the onslaught to retake the towns of Bazza, Michika and Madagali was launched from the town of Vimtim, the hometown of the Chief of Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh and that the General Officer Commanding 3 Division of the Army, Major General John Zaruwa was coordinating the onslaught

Said the source, “I can assure you that we are advancing successfully. We have dealt a heavy blow on the terrorists. They didn’t expect what they are seeing. Our armoured tanks are blasting and they are running for their lives. The airforce is providing air cover and hitting them also.“I cannot give you a categorical answer regarding casualties but so far about 400 of the terrorists have been killed. We have casualties among our soldiers also but the propaganda circulating that 70 of our men were killed is wishful thinking”.

“From reports on the ongoing battle, we may have lost a few soldiers but it cannot be confirmed because usually, they may have been injured and are holed up somewhere for first aid treatment” the source said.

Contacted on the development,Director of Defence Information, Major General Chris Olukolade confirmed the fighting but stated he cannot give casualty figures or full details as operatives on ground were yet to furnish him with the situation report. He said he would give details when the operation is concluded.

Online media reports had indicated that during the fight at least 70 soldiers were killed in a fierce battle between insurgents and Nigerian troops and pointed out that the fighting was for control of the towns of Bazza and Vimtim in Adamawa State, a claim denied by the military source.

The source further debunked claims that Boko Haram used helicopters to fight back noting that the Nigerian Air Force helicopters may have been mistaken for that.

An eye witness told newsmen that the insurgents at a point on Sunday night re-grouped at the Federal Government College, (Technical) in Michika before they were dislodged and chased away.According to him, “the army came in on Sallah day and since then fierce fighting has been on. But, as you can see the insurgents are moving away and the military are following them”.

“The insurgents who were in their thousands came through Uba and attacked the Nigeria troops. “The gallant Nigerians soldiers were attacked from the rear by the militants but the military men engaged them in fierce battle over five hours “.

It will be recalled that on the 7th of September, 2014 the Boko Haram insurgents overran Michika, Bazza, Madagali and other border towns between Adamawa and Borno State during which the son of the former Nigeria President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, a Lieutenant Colonel, Olugbenga Obasanjo an Engineer in the Nigerian Army was shot and wounded.

During the takeover of Madagali and Michika, the insurgents also attempted to overrun Vimtim, the hometown of the Chief of Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh.

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  1. freeegulf says:

    enemy propaganda would always try to distort NA victories on the battlefield. the DDI should please join the 21st century and learn how to utilize the media in order to control the narrative. troops cant be winning on the battlefield while at the same time losing the people’s support at the home front. we don’t want another tet offensive syndrome in this era of free media, please.

    congratulations to the NA, well done gallant soldiers of the nigerian army, your sacrifice would never be rendered insignificant whether by the enemy’s propaganda, or D’HQ PR incompetence.

    a disciplined and aggressive army would always carry the battle.
    long live NA, viva FRN

    • saleh says:

      We have to learn to say our stories otherwise others will say it for us

    • chynedoo says:

      I watched a documentary trying to trace back the events described in Andy McNab’s bestseller, Bravo Two Zero, the clandestine SAS mission to Iraq in 1991. Some of the revelations in the documentary completely rubbished the claim in Sergeant McNab’s heroic accounts of the mission in Iraq. The NA and military authorities must realise that in war, as in show business, spicing things up, making battles look far more colourful and cinematic than they were and using propaganda to your advantage are as important as the actual battles.

  2. Cryptologist says:

    Good one Nigerian Military Hooah!!. The governorship election is around the corner, therefore its necessary to put those scumbergs to sword. The entire Adamawa northern zone can’t be left disenfranchised besides the huge IDP in Yola Mubi. Push em all the way from Michika to Gulak next door to their insane caliphate Gwoza. Meanwhile, its Lt.Col. Adeboye Obasanjo and not Olugbenga the first son.

  3. rka says:

    NA, please keep up the pressure. No relenting to allow BH to regroup. Regular sitreps from DHQ cannot be overemphasized. Kill the propagandists.


  4. jimmy says:

    I beg my ogas forgiveness for the derail
    Unrelated but equally very important
    One of the extremely important reasons why Nigeria needs to have an efficient deep blue Navy.
    Nigeria cannot guard it’s Multi- trillion Naira assets by employing under equipped NAVAL personnel.The F.G. @ some point needs to wake up approximately two years ( Forgive oga beegs it is not meant as a derailment but this is very important the last FPSO was done in Nigeria@ Nigerdock for $1.2 B this will costs more $3.8 .Nigeria needs to invests in real SECURITY i.e your Navy not your rent a post guard needs to be abole to protect your most valuable assets.
    IN 2015 oil drilling will come to Lagos State, With this will come MASSIVE INFRASTRUCTURE the F.G. needs to become very aware of what is going on , the F.G needs to UPGRADE the Navy by increasing1). The NAVAL personnel acquiring more land and ships @ the WESTERN
    COMMAND 2) The NAVAL personnel acquiring more land and ships @ the CENTRAL COMMAND
    because these assets are very vulnerable to piracy attacks.

    • Cryptologist says:

      The construction on the Ladol FPSO have been on for over four years. With the Olokola coming up We are beginning to see massive maritime investments in the Western command AOR. I hope our navy have put this into cognizance in their strategic plan.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga jimmy, Jacob Zuma will ‘help’….did I say help? I said ‘help’ Nigeria to ‘monitor’ our oil and gas filled ocean if his plan for 2015 is executed, the Zulus and Xhosas will deploy a ‘permanent’ patrol force of guided missile stealth frigate and Submarine to ‘guard’ Nigerian navy gun boats and OPVs while we chase only pirates and South African navy noses around the whole Gulf Of Guinea ready to chase both the pirates and the pirate hunter.

      Nigeria’s oil and gas wealth from Niger Delta to deep offshore is valued at about Ten Trillion Dollars, not naira o, real cool dollars. 40 billion barrels crude reserves x $100 per barrel of our light sweet high grade crude is already $4 Trillion, Nigeria has more gas than oil, so add natural gas you get about $10 Trillion, don’t bother to add oil sands-bitumen of Nigeria among the largest deposits in the world, or else you add it, you hit the rooftop with over $15 Trillion and our African ‘brother nations’ will hate us the more and wish Boko Haram would reduce our gentle souls to ravaged souls.

      Big wealth brings big enemies with big envy and big hatred. Not intending to derail the thread’s topic, so I stop this drive by saying….FGN and Senate, have fun with your Coast Guard harmless Nigerian Navy….happy sailing’

      He that has an ear…..

      • G8T Nigeria says:

        Jacob zuma advertiser how are you. Probably the only nation you love to scare us about. Read your comment and you know you are purely a disgrace. You don’t know how to hide your mission anymore. We should beg zuma to protect abi. I am begging you to beg him to send his frigates for virgin spree in heaven.

  5. Number one says:

    Air Chief Marshal ?

  6. ugobassey says:

    I am liking this General John Zaruwa more and more. It is worth noting here that the tide of war started turning in our favor (In the battle of Kodunga) after 3rd Div were brought in to re-enforce 7th. We need more Zaruwas. The gallantry which the boys displayed when recently ambushed by BH points to an inspirational leader.

  7. johnbest1 says:

    our armoured tanks are blasting.
    I am seriously praying its not the t-55 and vikers mk iii because in my opinion those are the nigerian army version of the flying coffin and they need replacement.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Johnbest1, your new T-72 and T-84 tanks are stuck at airport and factory in Ukraine. Pain of waiting till war time before modernizing Nigerian military after 30 sour-bitter years of deliberate emasculation of the entire Nigerian armed forces. We are reaping what we carelessly sowed.

      • Are James says:

        Honest to God truth. We don’t really need all the new tanks to roll back the insurgents. Lots of new aircraft yes, the tanks No. When the new equipment comes and we are trained on it we would be instilling fear in all potential challengers of sovereignty.

  8. Oje says:

    can someone please tell this ISIS wannabethat ISIS dont give a hoot about Boko Haram, Staging copy cat youtube beheading wont cut it, there is no need for him to mention Francois Holland and Benjamin Netenyahu in his video, the world doesnt care.

  9. Oje says:

    Notice the number of bombs in one shell casing in 1:09 , what kinda weapon is that?

    • Eugene4eveR says:

      WOW, nice formation flying and displays. Nice clean and shining Toys, sorry Airframes. Too bad the ogas at top kept all the weapons for shakara and NOT FIGHTING. 3:20 shows that we can actually mount an air mobile assault.

  10. chynedoo says:

    Why are the South Africans just doing everything to make it almost impossible to procure arms for the fight against the insurgents? First SA seized $9.3M and now $5.7M wired to a SA arms company was impounded while the money was being returned to Nigeria via bank transfer because the arms dealer could not meet up with the orders.
    What is really going on and why is the government acting relaxed about the situation when if it had been the other way round the SA government would have been tearing up every diplomatic channel.

  11. Oje says:

    Also you gotta love the diamond formation of those Alpha’s in 2:55, our air force doesn’t look so bad when it comes to training.

  12. Oje says:

    Oga Chynedo, why are we relying on South Africa, our number 2 geopolitical foe in Africa to buy arms? We just upstagd them as Africa ‘s number one economy and question their inclusion into the BRIC countries, add to that the 65 South African nationals killed in the church building collapse in Lagos, were you expecting a red carpet reception by violating their own Money Laundry laws?

  13. ugobassey says:

    Dis one no be movie o! I really commend our army boys!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnEBYRgUoUk

    • asorockweb says:

      Not Nigerian Army.

      That is the Malian army in Goa.

      Please, the internet is not a truth machine.

    • Are James says:

      I also have been fooled by this video once. This is the Malian army not NA. The movement under fire looks impressive but many knowledgeable people have pointed out many platoon level errors just watching the video. The only things I was able to see wrong were lack of mortar action, no field glasses to improve situational awareness, no snipers to take out enemy heavy weapon operators and very crude medevac.

      • asorockweb says:

        They were partially play acting for the cameras.

        Highly undisciplined – they would have been easily cut down by any organized foe.
        It turned out that they were actually facing off against a twelve man infiltration team.

  14. beegeagle says:

    WAR ROOM tete-a-tete

    L-R: Brig Gen Onoyiveta, Lt Gen Kenneth “the Jumping General” Minimah (COAS) and Major General John Samuel Zaruwa, GOC 3 Armoured Division

    • jimmy says:

      oga beegs it is only showing a partial of BRIG GEN ONOYIVETA.pLEASE WE NEED TO SEE ALL THREE

      • Are James says:

        Na our demain demain pipo we wan see. We no wan see the korokoro matter wey dey for table abeg. If camera angle no go fit cut am comot we go lef mata na.

      • asorockweb says:

        All 3 are present in the pic; just that the web page can only show one.

      • Augustine says:

        By the time this war ends, Nigerian army chief of staff should know which officers at all levels of rank, will be promoted, dismissed, retired, or stuck on the same rank till they grow grey hairs. Nigeria is tired of failures we spend money on every month end, plus expensive training overseas. Those officers and men, ALL rank and file who excelled in this war should be well rewarded with promotion and further training overseas, Nigerian officers need to be aware of the latest developments in advanced weapons-equipment in the advanced world. Let us say goodbye to being a World War II out-dated army, let’s join the class of South Africa and Algeria, the two most modern armies in Africa, even though Egypt remains the most powerful.

      • drag_on says:

        Right click the image and open it in your browser.

    • asorockweb says:

      Oga beegs, what’s the red-black-red insignia to the left of “Nigerian Army” on Onoyiveta’s dress?

  15. Akin Oges says:

    Sorry to go off on a tangent here. I am glad to see Brigadier General Mustapha Onoyiveta still in service. Glad to know a good officer was not flushed down the toilet on account of political squabbles. And to think some folks actually circulated the spurious rumor that GEJ forced this officer into early retirement. Well, so long for political intrigues. NA, please, no relenting. Keep the momentum going until the enemy is completely crushed. God’s speed.

  16. Augustine says:

    Not sure this ‘big’ push is the much awaited final offensive. Might be a prelude or just to keep the tempo high, blowing sustained heat on Bokos. Good war strategy all the same. It is clear that Boko Haram has not recovered from the damage sustained at Konduga, and seems NAF continues to degrade their motorised and armour capability. Good job NA, good job NAF.

    Congratulations will come in full when you defeat Boko Haram 100%, we your Naija brothers are fully behind you and praying for your TOTAL not partial, TOTAL victory.

    • jimmy says:

      This is thr beginning of the final push.Details later. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

      • Augustine says:

        I though the final push is delayed by tanks and IFVs stranded in Ukraine and Helicopters still under processing in Russia. Hope we don’t put the cart to run ahead of the horse. Sri Lanka waited for its new weapons to arrive, so if we want to copy that model…

    • jimmy says:

      Oga Augustine
      Since the advent of Civilian rule due to the slavish mentality of some senior officers to the IBB, and Abacha regimes . One of the reforms OBJ did do apart from retiring all officers who had held political officers was :
      Every Senior officer has a file your promotion from Colonel to Brig goes through the exam process, then onto a peer review , followed the equivalent Army, Navy, Air force Sec
      who then recommends you to the equivalent COAS, CAS, CNS, for promotion or rejection or next time around like what happened to the former COAS this is then forwarded to the H.O.S. for approval or rejection, every senior officer depending on his age at this stage knows his/ her retirement and promotion date that much based on what happened / is happening to friends and family be it in the Army, Navy, or Air force is an open secret.
      Depending on the election and no this is not a APC OR PDP PAGE so I beg make una no send emails biko / jo/ how do you say please in hausa oga augustine?
      What is likely to change:
      This is already happening but will become more pronounced this promotion process from Major to Lt .Col will be come more intensive, maybe you can call it the Gwoza rule, or the Baga rule or even as i suspect the Kodunga rule where I speculate it was a major who was in charge ( I SPECULATE NO FACTUAL EVIDENCE). this is where things will change, before you did those things I mentioned above you got promoted no problem,
      Right now there are between 4-5 LT. COLs facing some of the most severe charges @ A a general court martial. one of which could face the death penalty. Nigerians need to brace themselves for this it will not be shown on live t.v. but this war could see some officers face the firing squad this is price of a well disciplined army, this is bound to have a serious effect, Army officers are serious followers of history , the Bisalla rule still comes into play today it .
      The promotion from Major to LT COL is most likely to add another layer related to whether or not that individual has had combat experience in the North East and how did she/ he perform.
      Two other things and this is pure speculation no evidence it is very likely that we might see based on what happens in this war …… is the promotion of the next six army chiefs to LT. GENs and the COAS to full Gen even to the untrained eye it is evident that some Senior Maj Generals should not when they reached the age of been retired the classic case is that of MAJ Sarkin Bello who is the no2 guy at the NSA.This is a reform that only the PON in conjunction with the Minister of defence can do,
      The last thing look for the Minister of defence and the NSA to be filled at least for the near future by somebody who was a retired Gen from the army, navy or airforce it is no longer likely we will see a true civilian manning that post .

      • Augustine says:

        Thanks oga jimmy for the military reward system analysis. Looks really good if they operate that way. However, Please/Dan Allah/Nitori Olorun, may be sentences after court martial should be pronounced but suspended till end of the war if death penalty is involved. I honestly don’t know the effect on the army as a whole, having to execute our own men, does martial law not make provision for life jail? It’s a dilema, executing our own soldiers with public knowledge, and not for murder. Let the law have it’s way but I still ask if there is martial law option of life jail instead of summary execution by firing squad….

      • saleh says:

        Lol ur facts are not true, the NA always had a peer review system for all its personnel even the other ranks, every personnel have always had their files at AHQ, Corps and unit levels. The NA have always had a promotion exams system for some ranks while that for colonels was started during GEJ regime about 3 years ago to select colonels for Defence college. Promotion can’t be done based on tour in the NE though it might be an added advantage because lest Armour and Infantry most Corps have few personnel slots to fill in d NE. It was not possible in ECOMOG era.

      • rugged7 says:

        Oga Jimmy, i believe a colonel/Lt colonel Abubakar was in charge at konduga

  17. beegeagle says:

    @Oga Asorock. That is the Nigerian Army Crest

    • asorockweb says:

      Nice. I wonder why only one general has it. Maybe only his uniform is “complete”.

    • igbi says:

      Oga beegeagle, i posted an article and i posted it before I had finished reading it, please could you take it down ? The article is below, thank you in advance.

  18. drag_on says:

    NIAMEY, Wednesday

    A regional force put in place to counter the Boko Haram jihadist group in Nigeria will start operations in November, West African leaders decided after a summit in Niger Wednesday.

    The leaders agreed to speed up the creation of a headquarters for the force and have military battalions deployed “to our respective borders” by November 1, the heads of state said in a joint statement.

    The new headquarters for the force is now due to be completed by November 20, the leaders added. The announcement followed a day of talks between the leaders of Nigeria, Niger, Chad and Benin, and the foreign minister of Cameroon.

    “After gaining independence, the survival of our countries has never been so threatened by the menace of terrorism, by the forces of division and by organised crime,” said Niger’s President Mahamadou Issoufou who hosted the summit.

    In July, Niger, Nigeria, Chad and Cameroon had each pledged 700 soldiers to create a multi-national force to fight the Nigeria-based group, which has killed more than 10,000 people since 2009.

    culled from a kenyan source.

  19. asorockweb says:

    “summary execution” implies that a full trial did not take place – the accused are being tried as we speak and there are many more huddles to jump before we get to selecting a firing-squad.

    Regarding the question of what should happen to those that are sentenced to death, here’s my take:

    *Those accused of murder or attempted murder – YES
    *All other crimes – The justice system should do what it deems best for the nation and the institutions that guards the nation and it’s civilian population.

    Those that have volunteered, and have been sworn-in to bare arms, in a nation where it is illegal to bare arms, have a special responsibility to protect. The NA has always been brave and effective, in the past few months, a tiny minority have let us down with such devastating effect.

    • Augustine says:

      @asorockweb, I see your point.

      • drhobert says:

        In my opinion,we are nt goin to see anything lyk firing squad.If d military does it dey will be risking setting lose horrific chain reaction which cn engulf d officers corp.Nw u cant look at wat a person did alone in arrivin at d punishment to be meted out to him.U also hav to look at wat caused it.To me d soldiers where almost justified in wat dey did.U cnt treat humans like animals,sending dem to a suicide.mission dey didnt sign up for.People had been makin noise for a long while dat d army was under equipped.Wat did d govt do.NOTHING.D Governor of borno spoke wat did d fg do.NOTHING.Dey werent concerned cause their loved once.werent a affected.D soldiers den had to do wat dey did to shw their displeasure at d handling of their security.aIf nt for wat dey did,hw would d north east look like today?I think it is immoral for us to be happy dat d army is receiving new equipments while condemning those who made it possible.It shows us as opportunistic,emotional nd immoral pple who wnt to eat and be satisfied y condemning d person or pple who cooked d food.Our troops cant be killed instead deu shuld be branded heroes for waking us up to d danger we are facing in d orth east.

      • igbi says:

        @drhobert, I think this is a good reply to your sentiments.

        Akin Owolab, a public affairs analyst, submits that the flurry of arguments and pleas for pardon for the 12 Nigerian soldiers condemned to death for Mutiny lack merit and exposes the public’s ignorance of the nature of the military institution…

        At the risk of being pressed with unprintable names, I wish to view with complete dissonance the preachment in respect of the 12 mutinous soldiers recently sentenced to death by firing squad. The arguments and pleadings for reprieve lack merit and have exposed the discussants’ total ignorance of the fundamental issues at stake. So far, all efforts at lucid presentation are at best attempts to drag a serious matter into the mud of public opinion and sentiment. Most discussants are of the opinion that the court martial which tried the soldiers in Abuja was high-handed and too severe in its verdict. The more forceful and apparently coherent the discourse has tended to be, the more the discussants lapsed into critical illogic of argument based on ignorance. Even as the ranting of the so-called intellectuals raged, 60 other soldiers are currently being tried in the military court for similar offences, some of which carry the death penalty. Some intellectuals have bumped into issues about which they are hazy.

        The military is not a university system and is therefore not fertile for the cultivation of cultism. There can never be proliferation of divergent views as found in academic places. It is not a field where dissidents in the guise of trade unionism spurt and war against constituted authorities with fiendish relish. There is a very wide chasm between the military and the political scene as the former cannot therefore breed virulent opposition that toys with treason with discomfiting impunity. The military has zero tolerance for thuggery, brigandage, gerrymandering, bizarre policy summersaults and brazen chicanery that are rife on the political turf.

        The military, anywhere in the world, cannot make pretentions to being a democratic institution and can ill afford the laissez-faire fashion of politics. The army does not strive in the lackadaisical attitude of so-called specialist organisations like the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) that could afford to abandon dying patients in wards across the country for 55 days just to press for improved service conditions. It is unlike the academic staff unions that felt no qualm leaving hundreds of thousands of students in the lurch for eight months and yet pocketed the salaries for such unprecedented job dereliction.

        Put succinctly, the military is a far cry from all civilian set-ups. Any attempt to posit what obtains in one with the other is bound to be an exercise in nullity. The military, anywhere in the world, is hierarchically structured and safely anchored on discipline exemplified in the mind frame of Major General Muhammadu Buhari who strove for 18 months in the 1980s to inculcate army discipline in the general populace. Discipline is the mainstay of, the super-structural bulwark that supports the army. It is the thick insulator coating the highest calibre of armoured cable that channelled its dynamic energy to the very point of use. The army is a fighting machine infused with the instinct of a mad dog. It is designed to have the ferocity of a lion. Such energy is bottled up in discipline to ward off external aggression. Occasionally, this latent dynamo is unleached on the civil society with unmitigated consequences, as was the case in Odi, Bayelsa and Saki-Biam, Benue states.

        Afrobeat legend Fela Anikulapo-Kuti hit the nail hard on the head with his hit – ZOMBIE, though he paid dearly for such audacity. The military does not brook dissention, no recalcitrance, and no refusal of superior order, however barmy. Peace-keeping engagements are geared toward priming the army for major national assignment like the insurgency in the North-east. This may appear trite but it is true. At a monthly sensitisation meeting (durbar) with a battalion’s Commanding Officer (CO) in the 1970s, a forum for picking the mind of non-commissioned officers (NCO), a soldier was opportune to speak. He stood up, came spritely to attention and preceded his speech with: “Sir, I think…..” The CO cut him short; telling the NCO to vacate the realm of ‘thinking’ comfortably occupied by him (commander) and be restricted to what he had in mind. That is it! Soldiers are by training pliant. They watch their words, deed, association and are taciturn. Disobedience is a very serious offence even in peace time. The word ‘we’ is excluded from military dictionary for this is mutinous. Two or more soldiers saying no in unison connotes pre-agreement and so deserves close scrutiny. Mutiny hangs in the air in every military establishment and is a sword of Damocles over every soldier’s head. Yet this does not make the Army a dreary organisation. Rather it is a structure that strives on the edifice of implicit obedience.

        That mutiny in Maimalari Barracks, Maiduguri, Borno State was the apogee of military rascality; it was the most reprehensible conduct in such milieu, an irresponsible ego trip by a band of misguided soldiers. No military condones mutiny. It is worse than the ebola virus disease (EVD) that is yet to find a cure. Even if EVD should find a cure, mutiny will never find any. Not even in the most advanced econo-medics. The soldiers who bit the mutiny bait in Maiduguri must be graciously permitted to face its attendant macabre dance. There is no short cut to it except to shear the Nigerian nation of its strength akin to asking the army to cut its nose to spite its face. Those preaching forgiveness are too far from the realities on ground. They are asking for the destruction of Nigeria’s edition of the most resilient institution in the world.

        Soldiering is a career that requires those in it to either kill or be killed. Soldiers must accomplish any order that has not been vacated. The argument that they were not fully equipped is inappropriate. More so, who closely examined the insurgents to pinpoint whether they were better kitted? Even if soldiers were to fight with their bare hands, they still cannot disobey superior order. Soldiers are not, and they can never be part of the rash of indiscipline that saturates the civil society.

        The Army High Command may not be swayed by the avalanche of pleadings to rescind its recent decision to severely punish that crop of mutinous soldiers. Procrastination on such dire matter is bound to send the wrong signals that such enterprise could be pulled through without its grim consequences. There is no global precedence on such issue. Basically, soldiers are the civil society’s expendable humans. Anyone afraid of death needs not stray into the army. The academics have destroyed the tertiary institutions. The politicians have smashed the polity to smithereens. The doctors are at liberty to look the other side while their patients die en masse due to crass abandonment. The economists have argued themselves hoarse about the way forward. Top dogs, in the days of military encroachment in politics, killed the Nigerian Army. Whatever is left of this national institution should not in any way cave in. Maintained or not, equipped with 18th century weapons or not, no soldier, even if drafted, has the right to take part in a riot or mutiny or feeble protest. Military is a call for sacrifice and the sacrificial lambs are the soldiers themselves. The civil society should allow the military to do its business. All said, the Army High Command may temper justice in this matter by not shooting the culprits

      • igbi says:

        I disagree with the last line of the article i posted.

      • igbi says:

        I also disagree with this ” Basically, soldiers are the civil society’s expendable humans.” and this “Military is a call for sacrifice and the sacrificial lambs are the soldiers themselves” I should have read the article in full.
        Oge beegeagle please can you delete my post ? I am not very comfortable with many things said by the writer of the article.

      • igbi says:

        this article is an anti-military satire and i was fooled by it. This is extremely foolish on my part, I beg you oga beegeagle to take it down.

  20. jimmy says:

    oga SALEH
    Much respect for your comments, these are my comments
    “The promotion from Major to LT COL is most likely to add another layer related to whether or not that individual has had combat experience in the North East and how did she/ he perform”
    What I said was another layer you called it an advantage fine we are arguing over words however this is where I am basing my factual information on/ and I also at least give me credit when I am speculating I state that I am speculating .
    The evidence of another layer comes from two people and their statements
    Person #1 is the current Army PRO Brig LALEYE ( sp) who stated at the commencement of the application process for the June 2014 NDA intake all Applicants are hereby notified paraphrasing they can and will be sent to the North East regions of Nigeria otherwise do not bother to apply, this is a precondition of the application process.
    Person#2 is the current COAS who in my opinion is turning out to be one of the frankest COAS going back to LT . GEN DOMKAT BALI ( RTD) who stated when he was reading the riot act to all officers ” You can be sent to any part of Nigeria, ………… this is not a trade union or a boys scout ( taking a dig at South Africa….. hmmmm) Some people who view the army as nothing more than an employment agency are now faced with the real hazards are having second thoughts …… they have the option of putting in their papers at any time.
    In summary the peer review if I may respectfully follow up on that did not start with GEJ it started under OBJ.
    FACT: a former deceased well know EX MIL GOV of LAGOS who was part of that IBB/ ABACHA era wanted to siphon money from the Navy and pocket it by placing it into my Uncle’s account my Uncle at that time a junior officer refused (yes there are are a lot of brave soldiers) as a result this senior officer vowed he would not get promoted,………. he did not get……… he did not get to go on those courses for promotion….. he was shipped all over the world ……. as a defence attache to meaningless countries whom we can barely say hello in their language ……. this is not a distant cousin he is still married to my first cousin and I saw him as recently as May 2014 ….. fast forward to 1999/ 2000 His file was brought before obj who asked why hasn’t he been promoted all these years he is way past this rank, he should be retired this is how I learned everyone has a file. The real story was told….he was promoted caught up with peers and retired eventually as a one or two star Admiral this is fact.
    OGA SALEH, these things happened regardless of where or who you were back then in the 90s of the dog- eat- dog -days, the myth was if you were Hausa you were safe that was false tell that to Col Umar and Col Sambo , Lt Gen Domkat Bali that is why these reforms took place and need to continue to take place.

    • saleh says:

      Statements by d PRO or COAS didn’t imply that Peer review of exams didn’t exist before, the statement to the applicants was aimed at dis abusing their minds on any expected comfortable or juicy appointments. There have being appalling cases of junior officer wanting postings to lucrative areas. the threat u Uncle got could only have being possible if the superior or his crony was the one to write ur uncle’s annual report or a member of the promotion board. Pls dont make it seem the NA was an anytin can go army before Obj dispensation. Officers in the NA have being filling Peer review forms since military rule and still do. Pls dont ask me how I know. This is the first time I have heard defence attachee postings being used as a means of punishment to whatever country. It one of the best posting an officer can get and it doesn’t just fall down from heaven. Pls ask ur uncle again because I am beginning to feel he avoided his courses and chased attachee appointments,

      • jimmy says:

        OGA SALEH
        Much respect for your comments , but please read my post very carefully, 1) MY UNCLE was not in the ARMY he was in the Navy @ the end of that write upi stated clearly he made either One star or two star .
        2) These events happened in the 90S
        3) ummm I beg to differ by the time IBB came to power we started to hear about ibb boys officers who were more loyal to ibb than to the army
        4) When ABach was in power we saw weeping general being videotaped, I never saw bissalla shed a tear, I saw adisa literally prostrating for that dog who was abacha’s thug , i saw and aptly named him the weeping general DIYA do the same thing that washow corrosive the upper echelon had got.
        5) Please tell me did sambo fail any of his courses? what was his crime that his father’s house had wanted posters plastered all over it. Can you honestly tell me he would not of made GENERAL based on merit, or was it not the fact that ABACHA saw him as a threat , and he was one of those young turks who would not kiss his ass.
        6) My uncle did not fail any courses first of all you have to be ALLOWED to sit for the course in order for you to fail it in the 90s
        7) The person who deprived my uncle was a well known senior and was AN OUT AND OUT THIEF , This was also vindicated when he died, the praise singer came out in the press praising his name, the next day a chorus of abuse followed his announcement this fact , he also was ordered by the then civilian to return all the air conditioning units that he stole from LAGOS STATE or else risk seeing his name in the paper.The AC UNITS WERE RETURNED.

      • saleh says:

        Pls take it from me an officer that is not favoured in the NA, NN or NAF can NEVER be appointed as a defence Attachee pls note the word NEVER. If u read my comment too u will notice I gave u the ways a superior can affect a subordinate’s promotion. The issue of kneeling or crying senior officers is a personal tin. Pls remember it’s that era of officers that produced gallant officers like Generals Khobe and Apata. These ones would never do that. Col Shoda the PGSO to CGS was falsely implicated too and he told his interrogators to go to hell

  21. jimmy says:

    thank you OGA RUGGED
    Oga SALEH
    I meant added layer in that if the peers of this brave LT. COL are all going before their peer review board and All had the opportunity to serve and maybe one chose not to guess who may get left behind when it comes for promotion, remember it is now a pyramid process starting from LT. COL TO COL.

    • saleh says:

      U can’t decide if u want to serve or not in d NE. If u are posted there u have 24 hrs to report to ur unit in d NE. However there are limited slots for corps lest Armour and Infantry, eg there can only be one MTO in a battalion. Anyway I think we are derailing the thread

    • freeegulf says:

      oga jimmy, gen Domkat Bali was never COAS, he was minister for defence and CDS. straight talking general, apolitical, and one of the true greats

      • jimmy says:

        Thank you my oga on top for correcting . You are definitley correct and I was wrong he first came to prominence as the minister of Interior and then to CDS post. i just liked the fact he was very frank with the Nigerian Society @ large.

  22. Are James says:

    Slight diversion. Does anybody have the lowdown on the Boko Haram affiliate group that claimed to have beheaded the Pilot?.
    Looking at the video, this group appears more hard core, more fanatic and possibly equipped than the “Shekau group”. I may be mixing them up and the FulanSitrep chap over embellishes for his own purposes.There was something in that video that contrasts sharply with the MO of the boxers and t shirt wearing insurgents whose bodies we saw littered all over Konduga.

    • asorockweb says:

      “There was something in that video that contrasts sharply with the MO of the boxers and t shirt wearing insurgents whose bodies we saw littered all over Konduga”

      Oga Are James, BH “dress-up” for their video shoots, much in the same way a young kid would be dressed up for church.

  23. jimmy says:

    my ogas the dick measuring contest continues,
    OGA BEEGS I in all honesty do not know whether this warrants a thread but it is going to be a constant and now that GEJ is getting well and truly pissed should we have a thread on this , I most humbly ask because i do not want to derail this thread however I want to be respectful and not mention ongoing operations based on speculation in ADAMAWA STATE TILL THE FACTS COME OUT.

  24. jimmy says:

    Good luck on the Nigerian Media I gave up on them a long time ago.

    • Are James says:

      This article says it differently. The media are cast as helpless victims of fifth columnists in the defence establishment here. This seminar is very commendable. A lot of grey areas on how to report the war will be trashed. This is open season for politics. A lot of international actors have already chosen sides which is not new at all as this practice dates back to 1979. We obviously can’t discuss all the ramifications here.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga jimmy, truth has a way of proving itself after some time. I hammered on this fifth column’s devastating effect inside Nigerian military some months ago, every time I say it, people throw flak at me, asking me to present proof….now they can direct their flak to CDS and go ask him for proof.

  25. jimmy says:

    Back to the thread this appears to be very good news.
    I am trying to be very respectful of what our ogas said here that we should be very mindful however it seems more good news followed yesterday, with 71 more bastards sent to hell, there is what we have prayed for real synergy, a real ( at last praise GOD /ALLAH) working mutual relationship between not just the CAS AND COAS but also more crucially between their subordinates whose job is to make sure ” things get done in a hurry”Morale most importantly seems very high.

  26. rugged7 says:

    Oga Beeg,
    Won’t it be useful to open a page on the stalled arms deal between Nigeria and SA?

  27. Yagazie says:

    Gentlemen- good news. It seems that that the DHQ and ONSA have finally woken up to the need to have some synergy between the DHQ and the media. Saw on NTA this evening a report about a 3 day seminar /workshop organised by the Office of the National Security Adviser for the Nigerian Media and the Millitary/Paramillitary establishment. The CDS, COAS were present (at least they were the officers I could immeadiately recognise from the film report) as well as the DHQ spokesman- Maj. Gen. C. Olukolade. Hopefully at the end of this seminar/workshop, there will be a noticeable improvement in the quality of defence reports from our media outfits and the DHQ itself.

  28. asorockweb says:

    Based on the scanned-in shopping list, I would “jump to the conclusion” that someone is putting together a new Special Op Force, maybe for the DSS or the DMI.

    IF this is a new DSS/DMI special force, it can have only one task.

    Here’s the link, I can’t make out all the items, but I have listed the ones I could make out:

    The “shopping list”
    1) MIL Mi 24 (HIND) :1
    2) ???? :1
    3) Seeker II UAV? System :2
    4) neostrike? 20mm?/12.7 multi role weapon system :12
    5) 20mm HEI? Ammunition :100,000
    6) 12.7mm HEI? Ammunition :300,000
    7) 12.7mm ??? Ammunition :600,000
    8) 30mm Ammunition :15,000
    9) 5-5 Rockets :3,000
    10) ???? and Uniform (3 pairs) :14
    11) ??? :??
    12) POS Medic Kit -ALS :1
    13) FN/FAL Rifle :14?
    14) ??? :??
    15) 7.62mm Ammunition :20,000
    16) 9mm Ammunition :5,000
    17) PPE Personal Protective Equipment (Level IV ???? Helmet Set): 14
    18) 5in Rockets :1,800

    By the way, this doesn’t have to be for a special force – it could just be that someone gave his buddy a contract to pick up a few knick knacks 🙂

    • Are James says:

      Ok. Here comes my problem. This list compared with the money does not add up. I am sure a lot of people have been wondering same as well but as usual decided to keep quiet.

      • asorockweb says:

        True. But we are dealing with media reports (maybe hostile media reports).

        The $5.7m might not be the full payment as well.

        I don’t know – I usually stay away from “he said, she said” stories.

  29. jimmy says:

    OGA asorock
    Let us even forget South Africa’s behavior for one minute there is nothing based on what you interpreted that could not of been obtained from Russia and the FN/ FAL RIFLE from BELGIUM in less than 24 hours why go through all the hassle. This is one half ANTONOV plane load S.M. D. H ( shaking my damn head)

    • asorockweb says:

      The FN\FAL Rifle can be obtained from Nigeria!

    • igbi says:

      Dicon produces the FN/FAL.

    • Are James says:

      The money might just have been for down payment then i can withdraw my statement that it does not add up.
      The chopper alone (second hand refurbished with night fighting equipment that we can assume is to be fitted by the supplier) is already close to $5m if not more. The Seeker UAV is a S.African product say $.5m for two, Neostrike is a machine Canon that can’t be less than $20k each.

  30. Are James says:

    Generally, RUSH procurement by cash is common in the defence and security world in war time.
    Only the Presidency has the authority to do this and he has confirmed it to the S.African President. For us as Nigerians, if the cash is from Security votes then it is proper expenditure and constitutional angles are covered.
    The problem is the funny characters involved. The Israeli involved in the 9.3million one is a CCTV contractor in Abuja if you do a simple Google search. We don’t want no foreigner on a presidency chartered plane buying stuff by cash from S.Africa of all countries to prosecute a war that has religious undertones when the defence attache in Pretoria should be earning his salary for a change. However for this second one the S.Africans are doing it with malice and it goes beyond politics. There is actual bad blood in the air between the two on the social level, their govt is just tapping into it.

  31. Augustine says:

    @asorockweb, here is the thing o !

    The Chief of Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh, on Wednesday said that opposition in some quarters against the death sentence on 12 soldiers convicted for mutiny might compel the military leadership to try such offenders in the bush and give them summary execution if found guilty.


    • igbi says:

      The CDS would never say that, don’t let these “journalit”-thugs fool you too.

    • Are James says:

      Civil courts have been known to delay and upturn the verdict of military tribunals. A number of instances I can’t remember from the not too distant past here in Nigeria. I will look for the records. What the CDS is merely stating is that in the event that continues to happen, the military reserves the right to start trying such offences at the front which is actually correct procedure. The only requirement I am guessing in military law is that the court is well constituted and representation is provided for the accused from the military legal department.

    • asorockweb says:

      “Badeh added, ‘The National Assembly made the law, it’s there the books, people are saying no, no you cannot do that, why wouldn’t we do it, in fact maybe you will now push us to go and start doing field court martial in the bush. We will try them and in five minutes we would have finished trying them, kill them, bury them and we go on with the fight.'”

      The media must love Badeh. He gives them juicy stuff to print.

      Justice is scarce in Nigeria, and rumours are rife.
      If you try and then execute them in the field, the rumour becomes that the general that tried them was having an affair with the young wife of one of the soldiers that was shot.

      The CDS shouldn’t get frustrated with the process. He should expect opposition to the death penalty – it is an expression of the love of life and the love we have for our young people.

      • Are James says:

        Agbakoba has sued already and as expected he is basing it mainly on the technicalities of the trial itself. He also threw some jurisdictional issues into it which won’t fly.
        The intended effect is to delay the actual execution of the judgement and at times it can run into decades.
        An army should move as one organism. When a general says I have thrown a division into this sector it has to be one unified division in mind and body that is why mutiny and disobedience of all things must attract maximum punishment.

      • asorockweb says:

        I wonder who pays Agbakoba to defend these people.

  32. igbi says:

    I sincerely apologize for posting an article which I didn’t read entirely, I apologize to every soldier especially nigerian ones (officers and order ranks). While I await the removal of the article by Oga Beegeagle, I just want to state that I have every confidence in the Nigerian army and its laws, and soldiers and officers are our pride, they are the bravest and strongest of our society. If we have any representation on the international stage it is thanks to them. The military has its laws which are harsh but necessary given the environmnt in which the military operates and the fact that if the military fails, it is millions of Nigerians (if not all Nigerians) who will die, including the entire military and relatives of military personnel. I do not understand the move to call people heroes for trying to kill their superior officer. I don’t see how a military force in which military personnel are not punished, for trying to kill those above them, could face a war of any kind. Disciplin is necessary and it is admninistered by the court marshal. And no there is no sword of damocles over soldiers’ heads. Only undisciplinned soldiers who therefor compromize the lives of their colleagues have a sword of damocles over their heads. And i am also sure soldiers are encouraged to think, that is what makes them good soldiers and not a rag tag rebel (or terrorist) group. Once again i am sorry. God bless the Nigerian armed forces. God bless Nigeria.

  33. Augustine says:

    There is nothing on that shopping list that Nigeria wants from South Africa that is worth all the insults, those weapons-equipment can be purchased faster from China, India, Israel and Russia.

    Why not buy Israeli drones? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IAI_Heron-1

    That drone has over 50 hours flight time endurance at 10km above the ground beyond reach of Boko anti-aircraft guns, capable of night operations and a range of 350km. Super spy !

    World class rifles plenty for Russia, all calibre of ammunition is surplus in China and India.

    Nigeria just went to mess itself up in South Africa. Trying to seek refuge in the house of your enemy.

    • asorockweb says:

      True, the shopping list is a bit suspect – it might not be the real shopping list or the complete list.

      We already bought Israeli drones, and they are just collecting dust!

      • Augustine says:

        Sorry, you bought the wrong Israeli drone in a shady deal and you are paying the price for your wrong action. That is a lesson of life, make mistakes, suffer for it. Shady shady secret secret Nigerian weapon deals, that’s what you get for the corner corner arms procurement transactions.

        The Israeli IAI Heron-1 drone is in very good and satisfactory service for about 10 years in large numbers, used by over 12 countries including USA :

        Azerbaijani Air Forces – 5
        Royal Australian Air Force – 4
        Brazilian Federal Police- 15
        Ecuadorian Navy – 2
        French Air Force – EADS Harfang
        German Air Force – 3 plus 2 ground stations on an initial one-year lease starting in 2010
        Indian Air Force – 50
        Indian Navy
        Indonesian Air Force – 4
        Israeli Defence Force – 1
        Republic of Singapore Air Force – 2
        Turkish Air Force – 10
        United States Navy – 2
        Federal Police Mexico – 3

        If that drone is not good enough, I wish you luck with your South African Seeker II drone, keep on seeking the Seeker, next thing if you ever get it is when Jacob Zuma blocks your after sales spare parts and service, then una go know say khaki no be leather.

    • mayorrrules says:

      Am sure when the NSA gave them the money they did not ask which part of the world they are going to by it from,as far as I know the contractor must have done business with the south African subcontractors before and they never considered bad blood btw Zuma and Jonathan

  34. Augustine says:

    Oga jimmy, no vex make I copy paste this from your weblink source :

    ”Analysts saw the president’s request as a tacit acknowledgement that the military is over-matched against the Islamists, who are thought to control more than two dozen towns and villages in the embattled northeast.

    Troops have refused to deploy for offensives against the insurgents, citing a lack of proper equipment ‘Blocked’ from weapons market.

    The NSA official said Nigeria would prefer to buy armaments directly from major Western manufacturers, but that multiple trades had been vetoed by the governments involved.

    “Everywhere we go to purchase arms they block us… We approached the United States to buy helicopters but they categorically said ‘no’. They said we have no pilots,” the NSA official said.


    Nigeria, stop going to the house of your ‘secret enemies’ to seek refuge.

    If you must go west or pro-west, go to Israel, Italy, Australia, and Canada.

    Best option is to go east, Russia, India, and China.

    Also learn your lesson, the best time to prepare for war time, is peace time. Same mistake you made in Biafra war and ECOMOG wars, you are back to the same square one dilema today, getting blocked like ice block by weapons manufacturers, falling into the same old trap about every 20 years.

  35. Jon says:

    Hey NA:

    The Austrian military announced massive across the board budget cuts this week (week of Oct 8th). They have about 25 to 30 Leopard A2 tanks, multiple IFV’s, mobile artillery units to sell. Might be a good chance to get excellent weapons at bargain prices. I’m just saying…. Checkout Janes Defense weekly for the whole story.


    • asorockweb says:


    • Augustine says:

      Oga Jon, I salute you sir. With the problems of blockers like America and Europe, the fear of western military equipment is the beginning of wisdom, my brother. Plus Leopard tanks have been said to have problems working well in hot weather, Maiduguri dey hot o ! Hope you see this point of view sir.

    • asorockweb says:

      “… a large number of the Bundesheer’s equipment inventory will be retired, and sold, including:
      106 M109A5 artillery-pieces, …
      25 Leopard 2 main battle tanks, …
      23 armoured recovery/engineering vehicles, …
      285 Bill anti-tank guided weapons …
      424 mortars …”

      Maybe we should send a private jet with $55m cash! That should get the whole lot!

      • Augustine says:

        The Austrians are blood brothers of the Germans that used arms embargo to ruin Nigeria’s two squadrons of MBB 105 combat helicopters and frigate NNS Aradu, plus 3 other guided missile fast attack ships ! Buyer beware !

  36. asorockweb says:


    Your heroes are people that tried to kill another human being with weapons, ammunition and training that was provided for by the Nigerian nation?

    And what was their reason? – that the order he gave resulted in the death of their friends? Which nation can survive with that attitude?

    Let’s assume for a second that your real name is Dr. Hobert.

    What if Dr. Hobert treated the child of one of these “soliders” and the child subsequently dies. Is the soldier then permitted to shot at you? Maybe his reason would be that you did not arrive on time to look at the young girl. As you take your last breath, would this soldier now be your hero as well? After all, he has brought public attention to the tardiness of Nigerian doctors in public hospitals.

    • jimmy says:

      I do not want to piggy back of oga asorock web
      But i will do so for this is a very serious matter it is a matter of life and death.Not surprisingly the U.S has kept quiet IKU LO MU EJA KAKO ” na death make fish become quiet”
      i want to be extremely careful as to what I say and to be even as factual as possible state I am not a trained Military Lawyer, I am a civil / structural engineer by training.
      Military law is very different from Civil law I will try and get some more info from my brother who is a lawyer, I know the burden of proof is much less cumbersome in a military court than it is in a civilian court.
      I do not want to sound like an alarmist or pessimist but a blind man cannot lead me across the street both these two lawyers falana and agbakoba are well known windbags who at best have limited military law experience on their hands the only thing one of these lawyers has going for them is a retired major they would do good to listen him and not mouth off on technicalities.
      The army COAS AND THE CDS chillingly have spoken the same language from day one it make sound colorful to some what Badeh said However if you read between the lines it is the same riot act message the COAS said less than two months ago.
      The penalty is much more severe the higher your rank is not the reverse that is why i asked how many LT COLs were involved.
      The service chiefs do not worry about executing mutinious soldiers the way we civilians do, this is fact and a noticeable distinction, dr hobert your thesis that is justifiable to do what shoot at a general? that is a death sentence in the u.s.a..
      What is not being said is that due to the actions of some these men who were LT COLs, Capts, LTS, privates other men in the army died ,Nigerian men and women ( civilians) who deserved to live were slaughtered like animals because the very people who were sent and paid a lot of money did not do their job, WE HAVE ALL SEEN THE VIDEO WHERE THE ARMY BASE WAS STOCK FULL OF ARTILLERY AND TANK SHELLS AND EVEN A TANKER FULL OF PRECIOUS FUEL WAS GIFTED AWAY TO THE ENEMY, This type of action is treasonable and the NA has to decide what ultimately they will do.
      When Gwoza is taken there will be collateral damage who do we place the blame on? this not AKURE This is not about the pilfering of wages this is about some soldiers who decided will not, cannot ,shall not, fight no more and in some instances equipment was most def not the problem, I know that would make for a good story, the truth is @ chibok someone dropped the ball heavily the truth is very boring and simple there were many instances during those crucial first hours were a bloody shoot out if it had happened would of stopped these scumbags in their tracks.
      The truth is a well placed sniper only needs one shot to take out a man welding a AAA GUN The truth is bitter let us wait and see what happens , if the men are executed the war will go on to its grim conclusion.

  37. Buchi says:

    Oga jimmy I dnt think it is a big offensive.from the look of the battle scope and the locations after a little brain cracking this looks more like a heavy flanking attack especially in madagali..gwoza is just one of the objectives.my biggest belief is dat gamboru ngala is the main task..in other words.the NA wants to see the borders again..however I am still asking are we using our forces in damboa.as a
    deterEnt against them running up north borno….and right now oga obix can u.confirm heard rumours dat thr T-84 oplots tanks are in thr country and are being used..

  38. Oje says:

    Nigeria is under attack, world war 3 started 6 months ago. Brace yourselves gentlemen, we have no allies, the CIA is working feeverishly to fulfill its 2015 prediction, its high time we see the handwritiing on the wall, we must prepare for full scale war.

  39. Oje says:

    The Cia sponsored Boko Harams are not living up to expectations, successive defeats inflicted on them by the Nigerian army on them has the US worried, they need to create more carnage before 2015 Now you have CIA sleeper spooks blocking all attempts BY Nigetia to buy arms while the at the same time provide BOKO HARAM with real time satellite imagery of Nigerian army positions. At the same time they are sabotaging relations between Nigeria and African Superpower South Africa. If any of you ever read Tom Clancy’s books you will see the CIA is the master of deception, planting controlled explosives at the very lodge 65 South Africans conveniently camped is an attempt to stir problems. American oil imports from Nigeria’s has reduced under Obama and by 2016 the US will not import oil from Nigeria again, AMERICA is already the world’s biggest oil producer yet they invest heavily in bio fuel. Oil producing country’s like Nigeria that is yer to diversify it’s economy will be hit pretty hard. 45 billion oil reserves counts for nothing if the world is increasingly seeking alternative forms of energy. We need to wake up now and partner with China Russians I do not trust, Nigeria needs a clandestine nuclear weapons program, defence spending has to be $10/$15 billion if not we are fighting a losing war. To maximise our oil potential for this conflict we need to take back Bakassi from Cameroon now that France us preoccupied with ISIL and it’s government is in crisis Eastern Naval command and three full divisions will be enough to take back what historically belong to us, at the same time Nigeria should start funding the marginalised English speaking Southern Cameroons, We must support their sessionist move and invite them to join Nigeria. Currently they are treated as 3rd class citizens, I’d Southern Cameroon should join Nigeria with the Bakassi oil they will easily be the 4th richest State in Nigeria, what a stark contrast to the economic and social conditions they are now.

    Nigerian Special forces and airborne troops should be ready to blast through Yarounde and capture BIYA alive. We can’t keep managing this conflict, nearly $8 billion has been spent so far this yearticle alone yet saboteur activities from the CIA is negating what ever gains we might have. It’s time to take off the gloves Mr President, 177 million Nigerians are behind you.

  40. Oje says:

    Oga James what do you mean by “”tell us more”? You want give the impression what I’m saying is nothing but rants. See you have to keep an open mind, fine I not saying you must believe e but at least do some research on the matter.

    • Are James says:

      I believe most of the first paragraph and I have said so many times on this blog. I was called a conspiracy theorist. All the people who said so are the ones making the same type of accusations in a round about way today.
      There are many interesting corollaries if we accept the meaning of the first paragraph. Maybe they will come up later.

  41. drag_on says:

    Oga Oje much respect but.
    There is no proof for the aforesaid that is why most people here don’t talk about it.You can’t debate on assumptions. You and i know that.It is a waste of time. Conspiracy theory is for groups that can’t control their destiny, so there is only one thing Nigeria can do and we can debate about.Protecting our independence from hostile external forces.
    Arm our Armed Forces and internal security agents and make sure everybody knows what to expect if they attempt to undermine our sovereignty.
    We should expect more attempts to undermine us from outside sources as our economy rises and the giant awakens i have repeatedly said it,this is just the beginning.We are too economically significant not to be a target of control from a larger power.
    List of Nation by GDP.($ Million )
    1. United States 16,800,000 ….Controlling power
    2 China 9,240,270 ….Rising power. U.S. declares pivot to Asia to check China)
    3 Japan 4,901,530 ….. U.S. ally in the pacific.
    4 Germany 3,634,823 …..U.S. ally (Stunned to find out U.S. was spying on them)
    5 France 2,734,949 …..U.S. ally.
    6 U.K. 2,521,381 ….. Staunch U.S. ally (share a lot in common)
    7 Brazil 2,245,673 … Independent. Accused U.S. of spying on them. BRIC
    member.Formidable armed forces and native military industry.
    8 Russia 2,096,777 …BRIC member,considered as antagonist to U.S. policies.
    9 Italy 2,071,307 …. ally
    10 India 1,876,797 ….Independent. BRIC member. ( Large army and nuke arsenal)
    11 Canada 1,826,769 … ally
    12 Australia 1,560,597 …..ally
    13 Spain 1,358,263 …..ally
    14 South Korea 1,304,554 …..ally
    15 Mexico 1,260,915 …… Heavy U.S. Influence.
    16 Indonesia 868,346 ……. U.S. and China battling for influence.
    17 Turkey 820,207 …….ally
    18 Netherlands 800,173 …….ally
    19 Saudi Arabia 745,273 …….ally and major energy supplier to the allied forces.
    20 Switzerland 650,377 ……..ally
    21 Argentina 611,755 …. Independent (has issues with U.K.) under economic stress for long.
    Armed Forces under stress.
    22 Sweden 558,949 ……..ally
    23. Nigeria 521,812 …….. ???
    Which way Nigeria?
    We can’t be non-aligned and militarily/security weak. We will lose our independence.
    On Cameroon.
    It is galling to have lost bakassi to Cameroon yes, but it is the fault of our previous administration taking the issue to an independent but influenced (France) body to judge. Has Israel given up Jerusalem to Palestine? No,life goes on.
    We messed up there but forget invading Cameroon, the world community recognises the judgement of the court.If we invade we open the door for the U.S. and Europe to control our destiny(esp.the U.K. that lost its Jewel of West Africa at the wrong time).They will park multiple carriers at the Gulf,you can bet on that.No nation will come to our defence for invading another nation.

    • superboi79 says:

      And Oga Drag on there is something most people don’t take into cognisance when talking about Bakassi ruling,
      Nigeria’s land area actually increased with more land area given to us through the Judgement upcountry in the Adamawa and Borno Areas…. Is it a concidence that the Insurgency is now happening in this area? Maybe we should finance Oil Sepratist in the Bakassi area of Cameroon??? we don’t need to Invade, That so 70s/80s…

      • Are James says:

        I did not know this. Thanks. Also agree your views on invasion. Even super powers don’t do that anymore.

  42. G8T Nigeira says:

    very good piece however it seems the issue has shifted from transfer of Bakassi to problems associated with demarcation. The senate president has warned that Nigeria will not cede a metre to any country anymore. I forsee a showdown coming and the atitude of biya only says it all.

  43. igbi says:

    Oga beegeagle, I beg you once again to take down the article which I posted. I don’t want to be giving free advert for the clueless writer who thinks it is ok to try and ridicule the military.
    I don’t want to be the person who posted that, please take it off.

  44. Manny Aydel says:

    @drag_on, excellent analysis sir, I’m with you on that score. @G8T, you’re right, that showdown is bound to come, sooner than later. Cameroon is not on a good footing re. Paul Biya. He’s old, not too healthy and afraid of political reforms in case he reforms himself out of office! Nigeria’s best course, after finishing these BHs, is to pursue regime change in Yaounde (with a clear focus on who we want to see in the Palace in Yaounde. As you and I know, there are so many ways to do that without being fingered. That man will come to his sense but by then it would have been too late. Victoria acerta!

  45. rugged7 says:

    ChiefBisong Etahoben @ChiefBisongEta1 · 19m 19 minutes ago

    Nigerian air force right now bombarding Wulgo village where Boko Haram’s main base is located. Wulgo is on banks of Lake Chad near Fotokol.

  46. Manny Aydel says:

    @rugged7, nice info sir. Coming on the heels of the meeting involving leaders of Nigeria, Chad, Niger and Cameroon (the latter could only send its Foreign Minister!), this shows a complete shift in strategy by Nigeria. If I’m right, Fotokol is in Cameroon and sending the NAF to hit BH bases there, wether by bilateral agreement (with Cameroon or not) shows that Nigeria is now ready to take the battle into the territory of any of our neighbours whether or not they play their part. They were all giving excuses at the meeting of not being able to raise a battalion for the agreed multinational force. These on-going NAF sorties may be doing more than just hit BH. ” Come on board guys, or we’ll nevertheless go it all alone.” That may be the new mantra. Victoria acerta!

  47. jimmy says:

    Thanks oga rugged
    May the souls of all the beheaded Americans, British, Frenchman and Nigerian all rest in peace, it took these be headings to cease all useless talk about poverty. I want to stress one thing.Fotokol. is two parts Fotokol Northern Nigeria and Fotokol. Northern Cameroon it is hoped that our ally Cameroon closed of their Side of Fotokol.
    One of the things we should take into consideration is this is a proactive bombing run by the NAF meaning more and more assets are arriving, Oga rugged have you heard anything about ADAMAWA STATE since Monday when 71 insurgents were killed?

  48. jimmy says:

    NEWS from ADAMAWA STATE .LORD willing ADAMAWA STATE will be sanitized by the weekend of Boko Haram.

  49. rugged7 says:

    Edward @Edmanpumpin · 37m 37 minutes ago
    Todays Nigerian Airforce strike against #BokoHaram Jihadists destroyed 3 technicals, fuel dump, mortar emplacements, killed several fighters

    6 hours ago
    Nigerian Airforce F7N1 jets now carrying out Airstrikes on a #BokoHaram camps near Lake #Chad

    Oct 7
    Nigerian Army 241recce battalion successfully dislodged #BokoHaram Jihadists from Buniyadi Yobe N/E #Nigeria destroying several 4WD, Weapons

    • asorockweb says:

      241 Recce Btn must be an element of 1Div? Oga Beegs, I know you know the answer.

      The recovery of Bunni Yadi is a milestone. It was the 1st in the long list of towns to fall to BH. It also mean Yobe state has no significant towns under BH control, and that the pressure in Damaturu has been eliminated.

      If Madagali is cleared soon, then this offensive is making very good progress indeed. Because of proximity to Gowza, I expect Madagali to be a tough fight.

      NAF has pressed the F7Ni into a strike role, this fighter might just have a role in the new NAF, but only IF we can prevent the frequent crashes.

      Good luck to the troops on the ground and happy hunting to the NAF.

  50. asorockweb says:

    Badeh has struck again!

    “The military is not omnipotent, the military is not omnipresent; are you expecting the military to go and drop a bomb that cost $15, 000 on two people …”

    Only a poor country will think in those lines.

    The Euro Fighter costs $14,000/hour to fly and a tomahawk cruise missile, like the ones used to against IS recently, cost about $1.5m a pop.

    I guess it’s time to start manufacturing our own bombs?

    • Are James says:

      There is something we are missing here. Badeh (I am not a fan of his) was hinting at precision strike capability when he was making that Statement. Only a bomb with a special glide kit costs this much. Dumb iron bombs are much cheaper.

    • menatti says:

      Well of course we think like a poor country. What do you expect in a country where recurrent expenditure is more than capital expenditure. Criticize the CDS all you want but he makes a valid point. The military are working with limited resources, most of the bombs being used were actually mig bombs and were converted by AFIT and NAF engineers, R & D costs a lot of money and Nigeria is not exactly a nation of patient individuals. Have you ever asked what happened to Gulma II since the CDS left the NAF. When you have a minister for finance who doesn’t understand that for there to be development you need peace or the kind of western opposition we have then you have problems. No country takes Nigeria serious because we never finish what we start i.e weapons purchases besides its mostly out of the service chiefs control half the time.

  51. jimmy says:

    oga rugged
    Thank you for the update, i would like to imagine that in their last breath as the life sizzled out from their scorched bodies a voice was heard saying welcome to hell mofos

  52. jimmy says:

    From the unreliable wiki

    Armament includes advanced 42 km range Italian Grifo-7 radar with ECM, sophisticated 22 km range PL-9C air to air missiles, bombs, and air to ground rockets.
    10 F-7NI, 2 FT-7NI fully operational
    It does show if I can understand the military jargon with the up grades the FN-7 does have the precision guided capability, I would suspect something to the same effect on our new helios.
    Please ogas correct me if I am wrong because I am humble enough to admit sometimes man no sabi their jargon o!

    • Augustine says:

      Oga jimmy 4 NAF F-7 jets have crashed in 4 years, annual calamity. May God save us.

      The data on F-7NI that you quoted is very correct, I am the person that posted in on Wikipedia, took me months of agonizing research to find out that information especially the Italian radar, source is a Chinese website of jet fighters with some details about F-7 jets of Nigeria, Tanzania, Namibia, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

      The F-7NI jet radar has ground search capability, but as at last year, NAF has no targeting pod, recce pod, or precision weapons purchased for it, all ground attack weapons are unguided.

      • jimmy says:

        Talk to baba sege .He decided despite repeated advice from Naf brass he decided based on his judgemen to go against buying what would most likely of been the mig 29.He also true to form went chea.But for Pakistan there would of been more crashes. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

      • Are James says:

        I believe the situation has changed with the F7NI. The no targeting pod, Reece pod or precision weapon capability was the depressing situation we were in until last year, please can you confirm this or not.

  53. menatti says:

    And its funny how people criticize the military for sentencing the mutineers to death. They shot at a superior officer ( the GOC) and they injured 2 other Soldiers and and officer if i’m not mistaken. That is an offence punishable by death.
    As for the Alpha Jet pilots I’m aware the military searched for them for 3 days using the ATR and Alpha Jets but well those planes and the ejection seats aren’t ELT equipped.

    • Are James says:

      They were initially shooting into the sky in anger but progressively the rifles started pointing lower and towards the GOC and his visiting party. It was at this point the GOC was rescued by his guards. No pun intended here.

      • menatti says:

        I’m actually friends with one of the generals aides and he was shot at and like i said a few other soldiers sustained gunshot wounds. I would imagine the law on that is clear and if you don’t nip that in the bud it causes all sorts of problems. Im not in the military but i went to military school and putting it simply, when your junior starts “assuming” you have to “clear his doubt” ergo the laws on mutiny.

  54. menatti says:

    I just saw on Bokoreporters (sahara) that BH have released the wife of the PM and the chinese workers. I guess a ransom was paid.

  55. Augustine says:

    The most reliable source I could find so far is Sirius Black if he is the one talking below. NAF is the ultimate source. I don’t reckon with Twitter and Facebook info from unknown persons…..


    Still a mystery, the story about a KIA or MIA pilot who has not communicated with HQ for 30 long days, how was the information obtained about the crash and the events leading to the crash? One of the mysteries of this war, like the death of Major Fambiya.

    I reserve my comments till NAF talks, but NAF may never talk in national interest. Also notice there is no photo of the pilot in NAF uniform showing his full face with his name, how do we judge and identify a face 70% covered in a helmet-visor? Can we use that photo in a court of law before a learned judge?

    To combat issues with NAF.

    Give each pilot on flight mission 1 satellite phone, 3 hand grenades, 1 uzi gun with 3 catridges for self protection when ejected by parachute during crash in enemy territory.

    Where are the NAF belouga cluster bombs used by Alpha jets in ECOMOG ops? Why should one use an $8 million jet plus lives of 2 expensively trained pilots as kamikaze machine to suicide kill only 63 Bokos when there are $8,000 cluster bombs in the Asian market?

    One good cluster bomb will clear every Boko Haram fighter on 5 acres of land even if they are a battalion, all we do is ask Nigerian army to withdraw 10km away from that area. while Alpha jet or F-7 jet make the bombing runs.

    If NAF is stingy with $20,000 laser guided bombs, then cheaper cluster munitions, napalm bombs, thermobaric rockets and folding fin HE rockets with about 4km to 8km range are all good options.

    Also, Nigerian army fight alone if NAF is exposed to high risk, NA can use a single $4 million T-84 Oplot tank to drive into any motorable Boko Haram camp, kill at will, rampage at will, and drive out safely because NOTHING in Boko Haram arsenal can penetrate T-84 Oplot’s composite armour.

    No need for kamikaze or else we will have no air force jet left in NAF service if this happens randomly.

    Pilots should fly at about 1,500 km/hr speed with F-7 to avoid AAA when bombing at low level. Alpha should go rest or restrict to 4km minimum ceiling for ground attack. Mi-35 should attack from 5km milinum altitude.

    However, since Bokos have no radar or electro-optical sights for their anti-aircraft guns, we can avoid tripe A fire by going on low level bombing and rocketing at night, but how many NAF platforms are night combat capable? Also what if daytime battlefield requires close air support?

    Where is the Super Tucano ?

    • Are James says:

      Very knowledgeable stuff you have posted here. Please keep up the good work in terms of the research you are doing.The Alpha jets have been used for the wrong roles for too long. We will reserve negative comments for now.

    • peccavi says:

      And how do you want to hit anything flying at that speed?

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Peccavi, Belouga cluster bombs are built to be dropped at very high speed, manufacturer specs. Reason is the very low level of about 120 meters altitude bombing run exposes pilots to everything on ground from rifle fire to AAA, the high speed gets the jet safely through ground gun fire (except SAMs), even Alpha jet as a subsonic fighter is designed to fly ground attack at 1,000 km/hr sea level bombing runs, reason why they used Belouga cluster bombs in Kenema town of Sierra Leone.

      • Are James says:

        The Alpha jet was definitely not designed for such. Tornado IDS maybe but not Alpha.

    • asorockweb says:

      Oga Augustine,
      Using your imagination and “web knowledge” to make up advice on procedures, tactics and manoeuvre for professional fighter pilots is commendable but unnecessary.

  56. ugobassey says:

    My Ogas does anyone know when we are getting the remaining 29 Helos from the US or is that now to be considered a ‘dead deal’? if so are they going to refund us and how soon. Sorry I know its too many questions. In the mean time (and I know this might sound ridiculous), cant we buy some civilian Helos and refit/rekit them for military purposes? at the least that would allow the chaps at DICON to develop adaptation technology with the ultimate goal of local fabrication.

    • Eugene4eveR says:

      Abeg, help me ask them. If we can’t get original, why can’t we use “made in Aba?”. Our current helis can be converted into airborne gun trucks.African Pumas used to / or still mount a 30mm cannon at the rear. Yankee Special forces Chinooks are mini spectres.EO Hinds in SL had multiple gun points..

  57. doziex says:

    Madam Okonjo Iweala is now admitting that the military was caught “flat footed” as concerning military spending.
    She now says BH’s rise caught us unawares.

    Well madam finance minister, we warned you on this blog.
    Being stingy on defense spending was always penny wise and pound foolish.

    Now that our economy is ready to sour, insecurity would now be our lastest Achilles heel.

    Oga NSA, consulting with this blog, a collection of nigerian military enthusiasts and analysts is not a bad idea.
    You definitely wouldn’t have gotten into this mess with Zuma, had you consulted with some of our members.
    We would have told you that south Africa, though a convenient defense player, is NOT worth the trouble.
    In the past, I have advocated deals with south African PMCs.
    But those deals will be done in abuja and executed in the NE far away from the petty shenanigans of the Zuma administration.

    Services must be delivered before payment, if not, we must go the chinese, Russian, pakistani route of rearmament and training for better or for worse.

    Forget the west. UK and USA in particular.

    As for zuma, don’t react in haste.
    SA is unfortunately a long term project.
    They will get their just due in time.

    • drag_on says:

      As for the Finance minister,abeg leave am, she is doing her job. She is not a diplomat,neither is she a defence/security expert.
      . One of the jobs of the finance minister is to oppose reckless spending,she did her job but the defence and security advisers didn’t do theirs.
      Was it not someone that said that our air-force is capable of dealing with any threat?
      The Finance minister controls the purse strings but it is the President that opens and closes the purse.
      After all ,we are buying VIP helicopters, did she not approve of it?
      They didn’t convince her or the President of the seriousness of the situation at the time.

      • doziex says:

        Chief, she is the one that boasted to a western audience, about her encounter with ” The Generals” during OBJ’s administration.

        The ” Generals ” came to the president, mad that our paltry defense expenditure had been cut further.

        Those generals perhaps foresaw the gathering clouds of MEND and BH. And knew, as I said severally on this blog, we weren’t ready for any eventualities.

        She should have showed humility then, and listened to ” the Generals “.

        She boasted about the encounter, and praised the president to sticking to his guns.

        Now, as I said would happen on this blog, we are running around, at the 11th hour seeking weapons to deal with BH.
        Embarrassing ourselves at the hand of the south Africans due to our haste and our desperation.

        But you are right, the buck stops with the CIC, not the finance minister.

    • asorockweb says:

      The lawmakers and the president are in charge of our money.

  58. Manny Aydel says:

    The US Ambassador says they won’t sell weapons to us (because we llegedly “commit gross human rights violations”).
    Why did they then collect our money? The ‘militants’ who removed Gaddafi were given US weapons and committed gross human rights violations, the Free Syrian Army and their Al-Qaeda allies were given US weapons and are daily committing human rights violations, while ISIS was funded and armed by America’s (Gulf) allies, whose armed forces use American weapons (and we’ve seen footage of ISIS driving US HUMvees captured from the Iraqi Army and possibly obtained from elsewhere?). Excuse me sir, Mr Ambassador, do you know exactly what you’re saying? In one breath you accuse Nigeria’s armed forces of HR violations, in another breath you say President Obama has hosted GEJ twice this year (the only African Head of State to be so received), while the US has helped train the Nigerian Army (the same military you accuse of HR violations)! Please can someone help me make sense of these? What an infra dig!
    One hopes our policy makers (especially foreign affairs and defence) are smart enough to understand what’s going on.

    • ozed says:

      Just as i have said some time ago.
      The World is hostile, no one owes you anything. Anyone who helps you does so mainly because of what he can gain for himself.

      We need to understand this, and start looking out for ourselves. All of the selfishness has to be eschewed other wise we will continue to be embarrassed by minnows and big boys alike.

      Lest we forget everyone has crude oil now so if we are not careful, soon we wont even be able to compete whether militarily or economically. WE MUST PULL UP OUR SOCKS!!!
      I.e. in Jerry Gana’s words ‘ Let the driver drive well, the police police well, the civil servant serve well and the commander in chief, —- chiefly command well LOL’

    • igbi says:

      American politicians are liars, verry good liars, they have mastered the art of deception, that is how they got their jobs. would you believe that I used to be a fan of Obama during his first campaign as president of his country !

    • igbi says:

      That US embassador has got some nerves, he goes to our university, under our protection and he campaigns against our military !
      Such a thing can never happen in the USA or Egypt ! Kick the idot out !

    • Are James says:

      I just read the report in detail.
      This is a clear and unambiguous statement of policy. Let us stop deceiving ourselves now. They will not sell us stuff in the short and medium term. They (US) will also actively block all avenues of us getting any lethal equipment that has American components in them. They may be right on the corruption though, all fund transfers above $1million into and out of individual and institutional accounts are monitored globally and I am sure they have seen some things (you can call me what you like). If we doubt it let the FG press the case further and they show us some things we don’t want to see. They are also right on human rights abuses, blame that on junior soldiers who carry smart phones into the field interrogate of insurgent prisoners making statements like ”go waste these ones there” and actually share them locally.
      These measures are only painful because PDP’s OBJ inspired foreign policy has unwisely hitched us to the western boat for too long. Now they don’t even like the GEJ gov’t for all the ass kissing and near servitude. Obama warned us about the new direction of US policy about two years ago but since nobody does any thinking again in gov’t this is where we are.
      We need to be more of Iran and China in the world today in terms of independence and self interest projection and that also includes spending money on military research and technology and putting more thought into foreign policy. That also means a cure for the inferiority complex of the political class who are not fulfilled until they have gone to New York many times a year.
      I personally love that this has happened as I have been critical of our west aligned foreign policy for years. Nigeria is a country formed out of great empires, we are not small stuff and the insults are getting too much from every quarter that is why some of us abuse our public office holders at every opportunity and I do it without regret . If this situation makes us angry and indignant, then that is a good thing. Na from the vex we go begin think out wetin to do now now.

  59. Oje says:

    huh? is Nigeria living in a different planet? i thus not the same world we have early a dozen of the worlds richest nations fighting ISIS in Iraq? It is bad enough making mouth to the press about helping Nigeria ”find the girls” but instead planting Spooks in Nigeria, its beyond words really when you have the U.S administration blocking all efforts by Nigeria to buy arms to prosecute the war ALONE. They wont sell to us, they wont let us buy from others..wtf?We are paying a very high price for allying ourselves with the West. Funny how Boko Haram keeps getting funded using the guise of kidnap ransoms, i guess another $10 million has been paid in ” RANSOM” so Boko Haram can restock their dwindling weapons and buy anti Tank weapons and more sophisticated MANPADS to counter Nigeria’s new acquisitions.The battle lines have been drawn, 50 years from now history students will be reading about the first major players of the 3rd world war, the first battle ground. Operation ”subdue” Nigeria at all cost, South Africa are already being contracted to do their dirty deeds. The world may not recognize our struggle now but i tell you our time will come, we are not conquered, this is but the beginning. The sacrifices of our fighting men who have died in battle will never be in vain. You are right about one thing though, we cannot bury our heads in the sand and wish things away, we are invariably locked in this East West conflict, looks like we are on the Eastern Camp by default, time will tell.

    • G8T Nigeira says:

      I love your spirit Oje. Although The 3rd world will find it difficult to do without US, we use their GPS and other systems to navigate the earth. They have contributed to mankind enough to warrant applause from others and we will loose if we go frontal. however, we are not EXCUSED THE RIGHT to voice the truth no matter what our dear nation has done right on wrong (SUPPORT). In Nigeria we lay strong emphasis on wrongs while in the US they support little right more to make stronger the desire to sacrifice for their nation. Meaning, except football, it will only take a Jesus to make us see the best side of Nigeria more than its wrongs. This is what spies have achieved among us instigating hatred among Nigerians. North vs South, South West vs East using our difference against us. We are well avast of the grand conspiracies to paint Nigeria black at all cost unless our leaders cow themselves at their feet.

      South Africa have been cowed to follow the conspiracy train through xenophobic killings of Nigerians and release of a film that paint us as cannibals. Ghana on the other hand is on the fence, chasing Nigerians out of their country for taking over minor jobs whereas Lebanese have taken over their market but have no problem with them. Ghana understand the mix of conspiracy against Nigeria but most of its citizens (NOT ALL) love Nigerians.

      SA is a big hub for foreign companies who love the mix of blacks and white enjoying relative peace. They have used the southern African country as an African base to supply weapons from Israel and other parts of the world. Nigerian military have long being procuring weapons not mainly produced by SA but from those companies using SA as a base. Although the NN did procure boats early this year from SA. Indeed, money exchanged hands weather through bank or cash at hand. Therefore WHY the sudden change when it seems we are in need of weapons and gaining grounds in the fight against terror.

      Just a puzzle for us who support the human right. If and i say IF Nigeria had approved same sex marriage and allowed AFRICOM to site its HQ in her territories OFF COURSE Nigeria will be in a better light, Obama would have visited us many times, Nigeria soldiers with video proofs or not will be supported and within days US approved military assets flying in from all corners. Now there lies the PROBLEM- An African nation exhuming so much power to be completely independent in choices. Nigeria chasing UK and its Foes defending other African nations, Nigerian military chasing US special peacekeeping teams away from siting a base in sokoto (Victor Malu), Nigeria mobilizing against AFRICOM HQ in GOG, Nigeria summoning US ambassadors, Nigeria taming their master and slave mindset when coming to assist in view of chibok girls. Nigeria expressed totality against same sex marriage ( have you noticed the cry to support same sex marriage went low after Nigeria’s approved sanctions against it), Nigeria outrage against a US senator who later apologized and many more.

      while our colonial master have innocently left us others and in particular one nation wants to reduce that power economically and militarily. Royal dutch Shell is selling off its OPL assets, US completely shutting down importation of Nigerian oil in 2016. US refusing to designate BH a terror organization, US again denying Nigeria purchase of arms.
      The world over is a ground of deception, evil machinations to crumble those perceived to be uncontrollable in future. The Indians, Pakistanis, Cubans, Vietnamese and others have resisted it. NIGERIANS MUST RESIST IT. Benjamin Netayahu has called the UN rights council a terrorist right council and told them what they do. Now they all shut up on Israel because the secret is out.

      • drag_on says:

        As long as we oppose AFRICOM in any part of Africa we will be on the antagonistic side of U.S. policy.Anyway, ebola may have given them a way to establish some type of base in West-Africa.

  60. asorockweb says:

    Regarding the arms deals that the US blocked (now official acknowledged by the US Ambassador)

    The facts:
    1) Human Rights abuses occurs in all wars – especially closely contested wars.

    2) Corruption – true that. We don’t have the institutions, so the president must lead. Corruption is built-in for illiterate societies with weak law enforcement and scarcity of services and goods, but attempts should also be made to fight it.

    3) Blocked arms deals based on fact 1 & 2:
    If the US gave the impression that it was willing to help equip the military and then dragged it’s feet, then the US is responsible for the deaths of Nigeria civilians and soldiers.
    If the US said from day one that it will not help equip the military, then it is our fault.

    In a situation where your people are being killed everyday, your friends shouldn’t lie to you about sending help. They should tell you up front that they can’t help, that way, you have time to consider your options. It’s like your house is on fire and your neighbour comes over and says “don’t worry, I have called the fire brigade”. 30mins later, you say to him “what happened, why has the fire brigade not arrived yet?” only then does he say “well, you insulted my wife 2 months ago, how can you expect me to help you?”

    1) Scrap the Bi-National commission that we have with the US. It only provides leverage for the US.

    2) No longer afford the US primacy in our dealings with western nations. Nigeria has a lot of challenges, but if these are properly catalogued and analyzed, we will discover that we can find partner nations for each one of them. Packaging your problem-set and then trying to use one nation to help address them is nothing but laziness.

    3) With the US, concentrate on trade and business deals. Mutual greed ensures that there will be very little hitches.

    4) Look to east for complex military hardware while we build-out our capabilities locally.

    5) Corruption is built-in for nations like Nigeria, but it also has a symbolic value – one can’t be silent about it.

    6) Respect the lives and dignity of all Nigerians – that’s what the west will call “human rights”


  61. doziex says:

    Mr. NSA, you personally have to take our shopping list of arms to the Russians and the Chinese.

    After you have done your own due diligence.

    Sir, Do exactly what the Sudanese govt is doing.

    If Omar Bashir can buy weapons in this world, so can Nigeria.

    The Sudanese got every imaginable western sanction against them, yet they are proceeding with business as usual.

    Because the Russian military is retiring many of their weapons systems, e.g 500 mi-24s in various states of functionality, Su-24s, 25s and 27s.

    For a couple of million usd, these can all be factory refurbished and then upgraded for a little more.

    This is what cash strapped sudan has being after. Nigeria should do likewise.

    Take one of the presidents private jets, and fly to Russian, they will roll out the red carpet, and show you all you needed to see and more.

    As for upgrades, the Russians would offer their packages, the isrealis have theirs. And as for the south Africans, Zuma has eliminated them from contention.

    • saleh says:

      You have said it all, I don’t know y we want to cry over spilled milk. They said they won’t sell, fine move to the other traders there are many traders in the market. If Al Bashir can arm Sudanese military we don’t have any excuse. Strike out western and SA traders move east, Russia and China are waiting for our cash that we are donating to SA, in addition they have all we need and most importantly they will allow for technology transfer

  62. drag_on says:

    Oga doziex i agree with you,but that is her job.
    The Generals coming mad is not going to do it.
    1. Our Procurement process is shady and goes through intermediaries,rather than from the MoD to the
    Defence companies.
    2. They should have sought a public hearing at a joint house/senate committee on defence and get them to authorise release of funds for the armed forces. Telling the president privately to release funds because disaster is eminent does not fly.
    3.They should have prepared dossiers from the DSS, MoD and Military Intelligence showing the strengths and weakness of Boko haram and the Military’s procurement gap.
    Even now we are hearing that the money and authorisation for military grade weapons allegedly came from the office of the NSA rather than the MoD.

  63. G8T Nigeira says:

    I love your spirit gentlemen. Although The 3rd world will find it difficult to do without US, we use their GPS and other systems to navigate the earth. They have contributed to mankind enough to warrant applause from others and we will loose if we go frontal. however, we are not EXCUSED THE RIGHT to voice the truth no matter what our dear nation has done right on wrong (SUPPORT). In Nigeria we lay strong emphasis on wrongs while in the US they support little right more to make stronger the desire to sacrifice for their nation. Meaning, except football, it will only take a Jesus to make us see the best side of Nigeria more than its wrongs. This is what spies have achieved among us instigating hatred among Nigerians. North vs South, South West vs East using our difference against us. We are well avast of the grand conspiracies to paint Nigeria black at all cost unless our leaders cow themselves at their feet.

    South Africa have been cowed to follow the conspiracy train through xenophobic killings of Nigerians and release of a film that paint us as cannibals. Ghana on the other hand is on the fence, chasing Nigerians out of their country for taking over minor jobs whereas Lebanese have taken over their market but have no problem with them. Ghana understand the mix of conspiracy against Nigeria but most of its citizens (NOT ALL) love Nigerians.

    SA is a big hub for foreign companies who love the mix of blacks and white enjoying relative peace. They have used the southern African country as an African base to supply weapons from Israel and other parts of the world. Nigerian military have long being procuring weapons not mainly produced by SA but from those companies using SA as a base. Although the NN did procure boats early this year from SA. Indeed, money exchanged hands weather through bank or cash at hand. Therefore WHY the sudden change when it seems we are in need of weapons and gaining grounds in the fight against terror.

    Just a puzzle for us who support the human right. If and i say IF Nigeria had approved same sex marriage and allowed AFRICOM to site its HQ in her territories OFF COURSE Nigeria will be in a better light, Obama would have visited us many times, Nigeria soldiers with video proofs or not will be supported and within days US approved military assets flying in from all corners. Now there lies the PROBLEM- An African nation exhuming so much power to be completely independent in choices. Nigeria chasing UK and its Foes defending other African nations, Nigerian military chasing US special peacekeeping teams away from siting a base in sokoto (Victor Malu), Nigeria mobilizing against AFRICOM HQ in GOG, Nigeria summoning US ambassadors, Nigeria taming their master and slave mindset when coming to assist in view of chibok girls. Nigeria expressed totality against same sex marriage ( have you noticed the cry to support same sex marriage went low after Nigeria’s approved sanctions against it), Nigeria outrage against a US senator who later apologized and many more.

    while our colonial master have innocently left us others and in particular one nation wants to reduce that power economically and militarily. Royal dutch Shell is selling off its OPL assets, US completely shutting down importation of Nigerian oil in 2016. US refusing to designate BH a terror organization, US again denying Nigeria purchase of arms.
    The world over is a ground of deception, evil machinations to crumble those perceived to be uncontrollable in future. The Indians, Pakistanis, Cubans, Vietnamese and others have resisted it. NIGERIANS MUST RESIST IT. Benjamin Netayahu has called the UN rights council a terrorist right council and told them what they do. Now they all shut up on Israel because the secret is out.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Dear Sir,
      Though trained in Isreal, they are no means your friends and you would be making the biggest mistake to fall for the game of deception you have written about, Nigeria must take it’s destine in hand and resist and start building it’s military complex NOW, we have people that can do it with the will of the government, True you GENERALS know a lot of things but I assure you people like Wole Shoyinka are privy to more of bad plans of the evolving world order, Arms bazaar is not regimental, to navigate you need the skills of a 007.
      Nigeria is about to lose the Russian window if care is not taken, You are playing with Ukraine which is essentially now a US baby and needs NATO to stay alive, Putin is no joke, That is why the Ambassador of Russia asked the FGN that it should decide what it wants ( That Carries meaning) the amount you are talking about are small fries compared with other nations military and Commercial purchases, if we don’t get our acts together, the fight would be brought home to our door steps as planned by Western Nations, Being in the international theatre, Afghan and all, we see atrocities committed by foreign forces willing or unwilling. There is no army that is entirely clean. Just an excuse to bring you to your knees. Don’t deceive your self about people waiting for your cash, it is more of their wanting for you to align with their interest in the newly evolving world order, 4000 US medical assistance troops in Liberia ? where were they during the civil war, new love for the Black race? Nigeria is destined to be great, the west has seen certain things we have and do not release.

  64. Are James says:

    On military industrial complex. How about setting up two or three technology hubs in Abuja, Lagos and Calabar. Target four important 21st century technology areas; Aerospace, Nanotechnology, Mechatronics, Manufacturing, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. Set national targets in all the areas concerned including actual specification of the physical things you want to develop. Develop the hubs which would be comfortable mini cities. Ensure constant power, clean water, very comfortable housing, malls, good schools, nice neighbourhoods in those areas and reach out to your talent in diaspora and locally. Provide the necessary linkages to the universities and existing research institutes. As they progressing in all the areas, ensure that civilians applications of new discoveries are taken out for immediate commercialization so that the economy starts gaining from defence research.These plans will cost under $10Bn initially and maybe $1B-) annually for five years but at the end of five years we would know where we are as a country.

    • G8T Nigeira says:

      The signs are on ground only the pace we need to improve upon. In Aerospace we are growing steadily, Nanotech quite slow, in Manufacturing wonderful start for now and has a good pace, comp science is growing although needs more direction for security purpose. Artificial intelligence, MEDEX, IMINT, OSINT, SIGINT, COMINT, OPINTEL, RADINT and others are being enhance as we speak. A cyber command is still being deliberated.

    • ugobassey says:

      Well Said Oga Are

  65. G8T Nigeira says:

    The Nigerian Government is doing its best not to be distracted this period because it seems so many things are happening in just few days when the military is recording successes. the focus of the government is to receive die hard hardware which have been arriving in droves to help Boko Haram transit to their heavenly maidens. One other point is that no matter your thousands of tanks, APC or die hard motorized force, they will be subject to high damages by terrorist. Therefore the Army has learned the hard way now allowing Airforce do the destruction and they do the mop up. The strategy is working and the mop up strategy is being enhanced by higher fire power. If we actually do a research on Boko Haram you would see that it is the second most sophisticated terror group in the world today. At that point, you would understand that the Army has done marvelously well. kudos to our boys.

  66. Martin Luther says:

    Guys, what is the latest on the fighting please

  67. jimmy says:

    OGA SALEH said
    “You have said it all, I don’t know y we want to cry over spilled milk. They said they won’t sell, fine move to the other traders there are many traders in the market. If Al Bashir can arm Sudanese military we don’t have any excuse. Strike out western and SA traders move east, Russia and China are waiting for our cash that we are donating to SA, in addition they have all we need and most importantly they will allow for technology transfer”
    There are many entrances to the market place it is America’s right to sell weapons to whomever they approve of. No babies/ No beggars allowed. This is biz decision they have made,
    I highlighted specifically what Egypt is doing in this piece they had wanted to acquire weapons in 2010 they are just getting the so called arms in 2014. Egypt has moved on from the U.S. the very money that the u.s gives Egypt they now have turned around and given it to Russia, everything that has been delayed not given to Egypt has now been given to them by Russia
    Oga Saleh’s best words of the day ” I don’t know why we want to cry over spilt milk”
    I wonder whether as the Sniper bullet from a recently acquired Russian manufactured rifle as it explodes inside the bh skull does it s job or not, the cobra flies at night and the last time I checked the MI35 flew at Night too. The BTR/ BTRU is designed to pass over rugged terrain and even with some modifications swim , i believe whatever a hummer can to it can do the same.
    Nigeria also has a soverign right not to down grade BI NATIONAL SECURITY MEETINGS YOU CANNOT BE MEETING with people and talk about security that as soon as you leave the room they are doing everything within their power to make you are unable to buy weapons it is simply a waste of time and energy.
    The US ambassador needs to concern himself with more important issues of monitoring local government elections to ensure elections continues and 2015 elections come to bear.
    The F.G needs to upgrade the defence attache position specifically in these two ( Russia and China) countries to a Senior Colonel .
    Nigeria has to decided what it is they want and how much is Nigeria worth? . Nigeria has to commit to spend at the very minimum $1-$2b every year on reorganizing her military, Nigeria needs to buy directly from reliable partners who will not take 4 years to sell you equipment but will take 4 days to ship it to you.
    There was never any love affair between the u.s and Nigeria as the largest economy in Africa it was based on greed and more. The money AMERICA makes in one day in LAGOS is more than what they would make in ONE YEAR IN GHANA LET US QUIT FOOLING OURSELVES.

    • asorockweb says:

      A little bit of a correction, Oga Jimmy. The money the US “gives” to Egypt must be spent on US goods and services. In effect, the US doesn’t give Egypt money, but goods and services of Egypt’s choosing.

      • jimmy says:

        Thank you for the correction and Egypt to show how grateful they are to the American aid then did two specific things.
        1) They then took their own money even as AMERICA was announcing Financial sanctions against Russia gave Russia $3.5 B this was not symbolic it required the President of Egypt to go Russia , to sign the deal.
        2) The Egyptian further showed their sympathy for the beheaded Americans by emphatically telling kerry that they are not part of any alliance against ISIS They have more pressing local issues at home specifically the sinai desert where a low level insurgency is about to blow up into a full blown boko haram type insurgency.

  68. Yagazie says:

    Gentlemen, this America bashing should stop. All countries act in their national interest. Nigeria should do the same. Someone called for the scrapping of the US-Nigeria Bi National Commission. With respect doing so will amount to cutting your nose to spite your face. Let’s not do or say things based on emotion but act logically, coldly and rationally with our self-interest being paramount at all times. If America which sells weapons to non democratic and despotic regimes like Saudi Arabia, Eygpt and Bharain to mention a few, wont sell weapons to us, “nothing spoil”- we simply turn to China,(which as of yesterday 09/10/2014) became the largest economy in the world ) , Russia, Ukraine, India, Pakistan, Germany etc. America is under no obligation to sell us weapons – so we co-operate with them in areas where it is in our strategic national interest to do so (such as power reform, strengthning our democratic institutions, agriculture, health etc) and simply avoid them when it comes to millitary equipment purchases. Finally, we should concentrate on growing our economy, strengthing our democratic institutions, fighting corruption provide proper equipment and training to our millitary and cleaning up our Human Rights lapses.(e.g why should AIG Mbu order the arrest/detention of a journalist simply because the said journalist called him controversial on a tv programme?) If we do this in a consistent manner, we will eventually we will become to big and powerful for any world power to ignore.

    • asorockweb says:

      I called for the scrapping of the Bi National Commission.

      It wasn’t an emotional call. Simply logical.

      Nigeria has to concentrate on it’s self – concentrate on generating opportunities for Nigerians.

      How much of our leadership man-hours are spent managing the US relationship? Could does man-hours be better spent on other activities?

      The US the most powerful nation on earth, we need a good relationship with it.

      Also, scrapping the Bi National Commission is not meant to be US bashing or any form of punishment – we need the leadership man-hours for more production tasks.

      • jimmy says:

        We have a good RELATIONSHIP with the US both countries are greedy bastards when it is comes to Money no shame in the game in admitting to that. US does not import OIL from Nigeria anymore before you could say US other countries fell over themselves to get Nigeri’s sweet crude, We have not even reached the crucial WINTER SEASON IT IS ESTIMATED by conservative estimates that Nigeria for half of the year has earned $80b from crude and gas, that is not a problem.
        The problem is wasting time deploying security senior official to meaningless meetings that will amount to nothing.
        I will make it very simple for you:
        .The foreign Minister of Nigeria went to the airport : Three planes arrived at the same time, one carried the foreign ministers of CHINA, RUSSIA, AND THE US.
        Who does he see first?
        I await your answer I will give mine INDEPENDENTLY OF YOURS

      • asorockweb says:

        If the above scenario that you mentions ever transpires, the foreign minister should fire he’s protocol officer and then resign.

        But before doing that, he should send he’s Chinese counterpart to the villa to see the main man, personally handle the US party, and then have the defence minister and the leader of the senate deal with the Russian party – you can’t slight any of them oo!

      • jimmy says:

        I believe that it is very important like you send not to offend any of the parties. Meet first with the US sec of state his will be the most easiest to dispatch. Second arrange an intemediary to meet both the russian and chinese counterpart to explain a lot more time will need to be spent with both, include the fact they will be both meeting the president., because china has commited to investing heavily in Nigeria and their president has come to Nigeria there foreign minister gets to see the President first, explain in private to the russian ambassador while this is going on he will be meeting with the nsa and the minister of defence. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

    • Are James says:

      Ok I forgot to mention the important areas of technology cooperation with ‘new allies’.
      But your point is taken. We can spend 20 threads abusing the US and another 40 bashing South Africa. All these would have the entire effect of a new born baby trying to jump from his crib. There is work to be done. Let us target technologies, recruit people and start doing something. Eastern Nigeria is a large resource in technological talent. ABU Zaria used to have one of the best facilities of Engineering. Iran is not bashing the US from a point of entitlement for instance. We need to grow up.

    • jimmy says:

      In all honesty I PERSONALLY word on marble/ granite. I am not bashing America, it is their sovereign right thisweek to sell weapons to groups in Syria who videotape themselves gleefully executing Syrian soldiers and openly commit acts of Cannibalism.
      It is not sir in Nigeria ‘s best interest to keep having meaningless security COUNCIL MEETINGS that have no value. The last tanks we were delivered were 1999from the shagari era, I do not think any of us would continue to drive a 14 year old car and not expect to not to break down
      Nigeria is not Rwanda( this is not a derail) where an ex – President will come years later and literally prostrate in guilt about how they should of done more, I am not even willing to talk about the hypocrisy concerning EGYPT where political opponents are routinely sentenced to death, I AM NOT GOING THERE
      Nigeria needs to move on period full stop .Nigeria needs to upgrade her procurement because it is fighting a war against a foe who does not believe in its democratic secular principles America as is their right refused to sell weapons, Nigeria as is their right moved to buy weapons from countries that will sell it weapons and help upgrade what it has , in return Nigeria should downgrade the bi national security meetings it has with America it is by the ambassador’s own words useless. A country that will not come to your aid when you are in trouble does not get to tell you how to take of your house when it is on fire , the training that the US is providing can be obtained and is being obtained by sending our personnel to RUSSIA.Nigeria needs to set up a bi national security conference with COUNTRIES THAT WILL SELL IT WEAPONS SIMPLE THERE IS NO AMERICAN BASHING IN THAT IT IS JUST BEING SENSIBLE.
      Oga Yagazie, please I am not yelling at you , I respect your comments but at this point in time Nigeria just needs to move on , A country that has an ill -equipped armed forces is a threat to itself. LIBYA is a classic example .The U.S ambassador actually did Nigeria a favor we just need to reciprocate by going to their next day Neighbor according to Sarah Palin and moving on.

    • ugobassey says:

      Well said Oga Yagz

  69. Yagazie says:

    Oga Jimmy- Please rest assured that I have too much respect for you and the other contributors on this blog to even contemplate having a go at any of you. Furthermore in the extremely unlikely event that I wanted to do so, I’d do it through back channels and not on such a serious blog like this.

    My fellow esteemed cybergenerals, I was not having a go at anyone in particular, just stating that we all should stop painting the Americans as devils/the badguys simply because they refuse to sell us the equipment we need.

    Let’s not forget that most of the current principal surface vessels in our Navy (NNS Thunder, NNS Okpabana and the four ex-USCG Balsam class vessels) were GIFTED to us by the United States. They did not have to do this. Our Special Forces Battalion is currently being trained by the Americans. They have also gifted us non-lethal equipment such as Toyota landcruisers (which we can convert to gun-trucks), and communication equipment etc. There is also the possibility of getting CH-46 Sea King helos from Americans for our navy.

    The Bi-National security commission has its uses and it is for us to make the most of it where are interests and that of the Americans are in step. The Americans for all their faults are still generally a force for good in our world- lets not forget that.We can get the lethal equipment we need such as fighter jets, tanks, howitzers, self propelled artillerty, attack helicipters, APCs, IFVs, artillery peices, etc from other sources such as the Chinese, the Russians, Brazilians, Belorussian, Ukranians, Indians and the Pakistanis. We can also get equipment from the Germans.,

    The Americans have their reasons for supplying arms to non-democratic regimes like Eygpt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE and Qutar – and that is because it is in their strategic interests to do so. We should be grateful that the Americans and UK have chosen not to supply us with lethal millitary equipment, based on our past experienc with their equipment and Sanctions.

    The question we should be asking ourselves is – is it in our strateghic national interest to purchase arms from a country which can then hold you hostage as per their use, replacement or upgrade? The Answer is self-explanatory. If we as a people are determined to act in our strategic national interest at all times, then we will always do what is right by our country no matter whose ax is gored.

    • superboi79 says:

      Thank you Oga Yags,
      All these nations have their own issues to deal with and it is in our interest to define our relationship with them according to our needs. I don’t think its expedient for us to be hostile to any of the 3 main power so we can get what we can from each of them as we look to develop ourselves also.
      As you said due to local politics and issues like Human Rights, the US says they can’t give us lethal arms but as you pointed out gives us platforms like the vessels, we could arm this vessels elsewhere I believe that’s what even the US expects from us, they don’t expect us to whine like little girls.
      We should be tact, know our strength and weakness and play smartly

  70. Yagazie says:

    Oga Asorockweb, your answer to Oga Jimmy’s tough question is ‘spot on’. WELL DONE!!

    All three countries (China, US and Russia) are world powers (economically and millitarily) as well as permanent members of the UN Security Council. We have diplomatic and economic relations with all three. As such it will not be in our strategic national interest to antagonise ANY OF THEM and we MUST maintain good diplomatic relationships with them all.

    Having said that – in my humble opinion, of these three, right now our relationship with CHINA is the most important/strategic, then our relationship with RUSSIA and then that of AMERICA..

  71. Oje says:

    Yagazie come let me tell you, we are not bashing America randomly by default because its the rave to do so, we are not feeble minded Arabs, Nigeria has arguably the most educated citizens in Africa, we are not dumb and we see the handwriting on the wall. The U.S,Britain,France,UAE,Saudi Arabia, Turkey are in Iraq fighting a 30,000 man ISIS terrorists group. In Saudi Arabia gays are beheaded, rights of women are virtually non existent, this is 2014 and people are still debating whether women should be able to drive. Considering Nigeria has nearly 4 times the Muslim population of Saudi Arabia we are doing far far better than the Arab world when it comes to human rights yet Saudi Arabia gets a pass but we after 40 years of being America’s ally and biggest trading partner in Africa not only get rejected but our very own efforts to fight a war the world should partake in is being stifled by America, does that make sense to you Yagazie, is that not in itself an act of war? Any foreign power or entity that strives to undermine the sovereignty of our country is invariably committing an act of war. Nobody here is more PRO America than i am, but this is about ur country, the line has to be drawn, its ironic the African continent is experiencing the most chaotic and destabilizing period in recorded history at a time when an African is president of the most powerful country in all sphere (Economic,Military.Technologically) of human endeavour.

    The rationale for the West seeking to destabilise the potential black superpower is clear: to acquire economic and resource benefit or to achieve security or both. The mechanics of achieving these goals are multifaceted and are often too complicated for the average man on the streets to understand, this is what the CIA excels at. Let be point out why Nigeria falls within the rank of Africa’s Prime Candidate for destabilization or divide and conquer.

    1. Its the 6th most populous country in the world and by 2030 only India and China will have more people on Earth, for a black country with our kind of wealth this is simply unacceptable.

    2. WIth 80 million muslims and 85 million Christians Nigeria has the biggest muslim and christian population in Africa,the only large country with such a balance, such a balance means Nigeria is able to pursue an independent foreign policy, a feat %99 of African countries cant.

    3. Oil production of 2.5 million barrels a day and nearly 40 billion barre;s in oil reserve (worth an estimated $6 trillion)yet %60 of our potential offshore is yet to be explored, Lagos will next year become Nigeria’s newest oil producing state. Dubai says in 10 years its oil will run out, in Nigeria we haven’t even really started oil exploration to its fullest capacity. Corruption or not all of this oil is cycling cash into the the country, even our corrupt politicians are investing their loot in Nigeria, the Hotels,schools,companies they create still employs people and money still goes in circulation, minting new tycoons, today for the very first time ever Nigeria has upstaged America as the country with the richest black man and woman, to put that into perspective Dangote has 18 times the financial power of Donald Trump,which probably explains why more than 100 Nigerians have purchased private jets since 2009. In 2010 it was projected than Nigeria ”might eclipse” South Africa by 2020 or 2030, we did that in 2014, just imagine a peaceful Nigeria with another 10 years of continuous reform.

    4. Cultural hegemony, Nigeria’s cultural hegemony in Africa is akin to America’s soft power in the world. Our entertainment industry in Africa is uncontested. Nollywood is the number 2 in the world, when it comes to music we just blew South Africa out of the waters. Of the top 10 richest artists in Africa seven of them are Nigerians, of the top ten producers in Africa 8 of them are Nigerians…so although Nigeria has developed into an ally of sorts by default with military joint exercises and training with them, the United States has viewed Nigerian leadership within Africa and the West African sub region as a threat. If they have to cut us to size this is the right time, ten years from now they will not be able to stop this moving train. If we survive 2015 WE WILL GET THERE, but what chance do we have when the CIA is ”predicting” the collapse of Nigeria and already doing simulated war games for operations in Nigeria.

    Putin said the breakup of the Soviet Union is the most catastrophic and unfortunate event in world history, he got that wrong, the breakup of Nigeria will be the most catastrophic and unfortunate event in the history of the black race.

    • chynedoo says:

      The current American administration is not well disposed to Africa. Obama is an idealist, as well as a crafty strategist. Giving the Africans a cold shoulder right from the start has been a part of the current resident of the White House. George Bush and Bill Clinton had several visits to African countries to promote trade and a closer cooperation with the Africans including NEPAD and other like programmes. Even though many of the economic cooperation policies from the Americans to Africa is more of a giant political gimmick than a genuine economic cooperation with Africa but at least previous administrations made some effort. Obama makes beautiful speeches and takes to moralising about Africa half the time.
      It is possible Obama never forgave his dad for leaving his mom, and abandoning them. Maybe this is payback. But whatever the Americans throw at Nigeria, we deserve it in the sense that those who craft our foreign policy behave like someone paid to guard a safe but who decides to leave the door to the safe ajar and goes to sleep. Saudi Arabians on the contrary are very organised. They stick to their beliefs and damn the consequences. They don’t give two cents about what America thinks, they are only interested in what is good for the Saudi Royal family which of course represents the interest of the Saudi people. A few years ago Nigeria was on the brink of making judicial history by charging a former US Vice president with complicity in the Halliburton bribery scandal. Now to show how to tell other countries never to take us seriously, the case was killed as soon news of the charges filtered into the public domain. Instead of going on with the judicial process until a time the Nigerian government could exploit the diplomatic advantage occasioned by the bribery scandal to bargain with the Americans, Abuja buckled to a mere request from US diplomats. So what does that tell the Americans about our resolve and intellect? If it was the other way round, the Americans would have milked it. Again, pre-1999, after Abacha’s death, in the thick of the confusion and the negotiations going on how best to move the country forward in the light of Abiola’s insistence, Nigeria for a few days surrendered its sovereignty to CIA covert ops and the rest is history. We allowed them a free hand to ‘fix’ whatever they wanted at one of the most crucial periods in our history.
      Until Nigeria takes itself serious, the Americans will look down on us with utter scorn. Compare our approach in our relationship with the Americans to Egypt and you will understand why they don’t take us serious.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Dear Bro, you are bang on target, the West’s period of rise is finished. it is now time for decline as in all things, Besides Nigeria, can you think of any other Black African country that can withstand the West’s desire to re-colonize Africa ( in directly through control of all our resources, Francophone model). The trainings you mentioned are assessments of our potential as described by Sun Tzu ” Art of War”, keep you opponents closer. These events you recognized are not new, it was always in the pipeline, it is just that the opportunity to act for the west as come ( BH, 2015 predictions, etc).
      In case you do not know, not very many African circles (Military or non) can discuss serious defence issues like you guys and it has been a great sense of hope and pride that we do have people like you guy’s and also Beegeagle, who came about this blog idea, I saw the past blogs with S.A . military guys 9 though their nation is a manufacturers ), There are no other Black Africans that can talk with confidence, pride and stand up to them..
      All the Bloggers here, are Sir ”Knights” to me, Champion of the Nation, but you must also become the Champion of the people, where all Nigerians must feel that once in the presence of an Nigerian Military Officer no wrong or harm can come to them, be it external or internal from the Police, other ranks. Once that is achieved the Nigerian Military and people will become undefeatable, dedication to arm our military, will become every one’s pride and endeavour.
      I read this blog with the greatest pride. Cheers to Beegeagle, keep it going, the decision takers would eventually take a cue from the information here

  72. Oje says:

    Egypt’s $3.5 billion arms deal with Russia moving forward; US to deliver Apaches

    The United States will deliver ten Boeing AH-64D Block II Apache helicopter to Egypt following the lifting of the suspension of military aid earlier this year, while a $3.5 billion arms deal with Russia is to include submarines, surface-to-air missiles and jets.

    United States defence secretary Chuck Hagel earlier this month confirmed the Apache deliveries would go ahead. On September 20 Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Admiral John Kirby said Hagel spoke to Egyptian defence minister Colonel General Sedki Sobhy about the deliveries. “The two leaders reaffirmed their commitment to a strong bilateral relationship and agreed to continue to engage regularly,” Kirby said.

    The US lifted its suspension of military aid to Egypt on April 22 this year.

    It is believed that the Apaches have already been manufactured already and are just awaiting delivery. They were ordered in 2010 to augment the 35 that have been in service since 2003 with the Egyptian Air Force’s 550 Attack Helicopter Regiment.

    Although the Apaches will be delivered, it appears that other US weapon deliveries are still suspended, including the delivery of four F-16C/D Fighting Falcons, M1A1 main battle tank its and RGM-84L Harpoon Block II anti-ship missiles.

    As a result of the US suspension of some of its $1.3 billion in annual military aid following the ouster of President Mohamed Mursi by the military in July 2013, Egypt has looked to Russia to meet its military needs and has agreed to a massive $3.5 billion arms deal that includes fighter jets, surface-to-air missiles, submarines and other equipment.

    The deal was announced at the Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) 2014 exhibition in Pretoria on September 17 by chief of Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation Alexander Fomin.

    Russian defence industry official Sergei Chemezov earlier told RIA Novosti that arms exports to Egypt would include deliveries of small arms, air defence systems and artillery. Russia in February this year expressed interest in MiG-29 fighters, Mi-35 attack helicopters and other hardware. Russia’s Zvezda TV news reported the contract will include MiGs, submarines and air-defence systems.

    Presumably part of the deal, Egypt is buying S-300VM air defence systems from Almaz Antey for around $500 million. This is according to Russian daily Vedomosti. The Fontanka newspaper earlier this month reported that a factory in St Petersburg was building 22 tracked vehicles used with the S-300VM for an unidentified foreign customer.

    The S-300VM uses two different missiles to shoot down targets ranging from cruise missiles and aircraft to ballistic missiles. It can engage four targets out to 200 km and altitudes of up to 25 000 metres.

    Meanwhile, the Egyptian Air Force will soon receive the final two of an initial 12 C295s on order from Airbus Military. They were recently spotted outside the Seville-San Pablo Airport in Spain. In July this year Egypt ordered another eight C295s to bring its total to 20.


  73. mayorrrules says:

    I just thought of one thing If gaddafi was not killed boko haram probably will not exist Mali will not be in problem.Today France destroyed a convoy of arm heading into Niger republic those weapon where meant for either Nigeria or Mali who paid for those weapons been reexported down south America,Britain, UAE etal, thisame America don’t wanna give us arms,the blood of civilian,chibook girls officers and men of the armed services are on there hands.may be that why zuma is trying to deal with us bcos we supported the opposition but we never supplied weaponry.Isil was not special until they capture Iraqi weapon supplied by American

  74. chynedoo says:

    America, to be honest is not our problem but rather the value systems within our governance infrastructure. South Africa seized to sets of money meant for urgently needed arms which the Nigerian government insists legitimate transactions which the authorities in SA where informed prior to such deals (unless of course the Nigerian and South African governments are not disclosing all the material facts) yet the Nigerian government has so far spoken glibly about the issue. The most we got from the FG is a lethargic threat directed toward MTN which is not even a strategically important firm in the consideration of the South African government.
    The FG ought to have shown some strength. Summon the SA ambassador every other day to Aso Rock to explain the position of the SA government and to demand immediate return of the funds even if they were for some (murky) arms deals as long as this was officially sanctioned by the Nigerian government the SA ought to have kept well out of sight on it.
    Have we, as this issue is still unresolved, mapped any coherent plans including diplomatic measures, bilateral counter-measures, legal channels, possible (non-aggressive) reprisal actions. How are we prepared to respond to the obvious SA slight? Do we know why this has happened, whether this SA action is an indication of something bigger, a brewing line of confrontational stance toward Nigeria. Is the sudden SA behaviour toward Nigeria pointing to recent events? TB Joshua comes to mind. Could the death of about 80 SA citizens have been responsible? Should we be worried if the SA or any other government starts to seize Nigerian funds a week or so after some of their citizens died in a structurally defective church in Nigeria? Perhaps they true reason could be the SA government is seizing the cash for one reason but then they have something else in mind: compensate the SA families of those who died with the cash seized from Nigerian government yet the who deal would have been accomplished under the guise of ‘illegal cash’ seized from unruly Nigerian officials who are trying to pollute their country with slush fund. We have to be smarter than the we present Nigeria to other countries. Are the SA government trying to rob us at gunpoint while the people at home on the political ring are busy exchanging nasty blows over the issue while the SA government wring our hands and rub their palms in delight.
    Do we know what’s next? After all, Liberia officially sanctioned the export of Ebola to Nigeria, and despite all the known facts that Patrick Sawyer’s travel to Nigeria was sanctioned at the highest levels in Liberia aware he was a health risk to Nigeria. What did we do? After this SA slight, next time it could be Ghana, or Cameroun or even Benin Republic. Problem is not that these wont happen but how we handle such slights is what matters. Talk of bombing this or that country (with an Air force of trainer jets and third generation helicopters!) or even invading an irritant ‘small’ neighbour’ (is it with our army that is so neglected and terribly ill-equipped, a ragtag group of bandits is putting us on the edge), such talks are lazy and at most street boast. We need to start dealing with such unwarranted slights the way more serious countries respond and deal with such: a combination of pure brain work and the threat of reprisal by making it clear that on cards are on the table. The chilling realization of that level of preparedness would make most right thinking governments to do the right thing.

    • Are James says:

      Let us admit that our national self absorption is also offensive and would not attract friends. God created the world and put Nigeria in it, not the other way round. We have a national ego that is outsized, wont just squeeze past the door and is actually standing in the way of progress. The big ego by itself is not based on much, everybody now has oil and most countries in Africa are also evolving a culture of business enterprise.

      We stole 200 girls from the nose of an army and kept them missing for more than six months, this has been very offensive to a globalized world whatever internal geopolitical excuses we want to give. We assaulted the world with hundreds of civilian deaths per week by a terrorist group left to run amok until after a lot of insults we finally went after them and the urban bombings have temporarily stopped. More than 80 S.Africans died as our guests and no national mourning was declared instead we saw consolation visits to a man the S.Africans really want held responsible.

      We seem to be auto suggesting the insignificance of human life to a shocked humanity.

      There is not much strength to show when there is no inner conviction that you have done enough of the right things and not done too many of the wrong things. We must concede that global culture is beginning to converge around some basic principles and our conformance to them has not been too good. The Chibok girls, urban bombings and collapsing church offends the Chinese and Russian the same way it offends the S. African.

      Some amateurish ideas about punishing MTN and maybe Shoprite..LOL.
      Who would you even get that idea past by?. Okonjo Iweala?. Even if we did get it past her, the economy gets a DD rating the next week. The unofficial sanctions we will get will be worse than Iraqi oil for food. FDI will reduce to a trickle and the Chinese money has many other places to go. The unemployment bomb might just explode.

      I agree that strength will do it. However it has to be sophisticated strength based on military capability, diplomatic skill and an ideology. Finally we need some serious people in foreign affairs, defence and security crafting deliberate strategies.

  75. Yagazie says:

    MR. Oje- ‘Nigeria has arguably the most educated citizens in Africa, we are not dumb and see the handwriting on the wall” – your words. Well then we should start acting like a nation which has the most educated citizens in Africa, is not dumb and can see the handwriting on the wall.

    Criticize or selectively bash the Americans as much as you want- it changes nothing. They have and will always act in their strategic national interest and the sooner we start to act in ours, the better it will be for us.

    That we supplied oil to them for 40 years cuts no ice- they paid for it didn’t they?

    Last time I checked, Barack Obama was elected President of the United States – not President of any African Country. His constitutional duty upon which he swore an oath, is to defend America and American interests- period. It is we Africans who deluded ourselves with the idea that because he had a Kenyan father he would be sympathetic to Africa and African causes. Hello???. Don’t forget that he has a white American mother, was born in and grew up mostly in the US and first visited his father’s homeland as an ADULT.

    America owes us NOTHING. It is for us to put ourselves in a position whereby America comes to the realization that it is in their own strategic interest to have us as an ally and thus give us what we want – be it millitary equipment or economic trade on advantageous terms etc. We can only put ourselves in such a position by continously acting in our own strategic national interest.

    Permit me to use a case in point- the nation of India. They always act in their strategic national interest (e.g refusing to sign the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, or stop importing oil from Iran despite American imposed Sanctions ) and they are non-aligned. They have challenges with poverty, corruption and a huge population.

    However they have pride in their country, have a funtioning democracy and take research (space, medical, IT, nuclear etc) and education seriously and have built their economy into one of the world’s largest by GDP. They also have a proffessional and reasonably well equipped millitary with a vibrant defence industry. They buy equipment (civil and millitary) from both the US and Russia.

    They can do this because BY ALWAYS ACTING IN THEIR NATIONAL SELF-INTEREST, they have put themelves in a position whereby the US can see that it is in it’s own strategic interest not to unessassrily antagonise the Indians. We could and indeed should learn from the Indian example and follow suit.

    I will not belabour this point any further.

  76. Oje says:

    Oga Yagazie, perhaps you are not getting the point, this isnt about America not selling us arms, this wont be the first time anyway and frankly i dont see how America can provide the kind of weaponry that suites our own environment. This is way more bigger than that. This is Nigeria fighting for its national survival and this is America doing all it takes to ensure this war with Boko Haram continues until our government collapses. This is what is getting everybody mad, who gives a fuck if America refuses to sell us arms. You know you are in big shit when the most powerful nation in the world is blocking arms sale to Nigeria from Israel, remember we are not begging for aid like Egypt, we are not an aid dependant nation, we are paying cash, i can assure you our military ties with Pakistan which could have invariably saw them selling to us some hardware was scuttled too no doubt by mounting U.S. pressure. America sights human rights record as a reason for refusing to sell us arms.. no wahala, now in our desperate bid to acquire the much needed arms for the ”final offensive” so we can get rid of this Boko Haram monster once and for all we have the U.S again interfering and influencing South Africa’s decision to slow down and frustrate our arms purchase. Freezing funds of the Nigerian government meant for arms at a time like this is crazy, it sparks of conspiracy theories one must investigate. Zuma cannot and i repeat CANNOT randomly decide hes having a bad day and hence decides to forestall or seizes first $9.5 million and then another $5 million under the stupid guise of ”anti money laundry” investigation. The CIA is hard at work, there was nothing illegitimate in this deal. The arms are being supplied by a private company, maybe Dennel, no Nigerian official will fly 2 thousand miles down south with cash if a deal has already not been struck and a contractual agreement signed. Today after wasting nearly 3 weeks of our time with their ”investigations’ they now admit the funds was legitimate. Its nearing December and we are still thinking about buying arms, what time are we gonna have training the pilots and crews to familiarise themselves with these new platforms?

    Listen to the words of Benjamin Netanyahu in the UN general assembly speech : ISIS, BOKO HARAM,AL-SHAHAB,HAMMAS,ALQUEDA all share one fundamental ideology, to enforce their strict Muslim laws and kill christians,Yadizis,Kurds,Gypsies,Africans, anybody that does not share their ideology is an infidel and as such deserve to be killed. Why should the United States be fighting one arm of terror in far away Iraq and yet support or stand idle and watch another arm in Africa continue to reign havoc and destruction on innocent civilians including muslims. 200 girls are still missing but hey, who cares?, ”they are just African girls”, they are not worth the trouble getting into ”let the Africans sort it out themselves”, then President Obama receives his weekly CIA briefs on Nigeria still trying to buy arms from South Africa yet again but ”no, these africans have issues of gross human right violations, lets scuttle the deal”….”but sir, this might invariably affect the little military gains Nigeria has gained so far, why block this arms sale again?”…….well, until they get their human right records straight and allow gay marriages, let them burn” and Zuma is so crude (for an advanced society like South Africa) he doesnt know when he is being used for destabilization offensive against Nigeria.

    Nigeria has historically provided instances of substantive and decisive leadership in before lets not forget. In the 1970s for instance, Nigeria used its weight within the then Arganisation of African Unity (O.A.U.) to persuade African nations to support the Marxist MPLA faction in the Angolan Civil War. I watched a PBS documentary which shows The Central Intelligence Agency commissioned reports which advised that the success of Nigerias peace mission in Liberia threatened to eclipse both Britain and France, the former colonial powers of West Africa in terms of influence. We can understand the U.S sense of aggrievement at the Nigerian success in its peace mission, may have been based on the fact that America was historically the creator of the state of Liberia. So Yagazie, if you make excuses for Americas meddling in our security affairs on the grounds that our government have not done its own homework afterall so we deserve what we get you are so so misguided and clueless , no pun intended.

    • G8T Nigeria says:

      Welldone Oje, u have pointed it out. The world is teaching us to be smart and follow the dynamics of events, understand it’s language and take a position of advantage. Many play friendly yet setting a bomb under your table. They give you gifts and also predict your downfall on top. Since the birth of UN from the league of Nations, nations thought of scraping national military forces to save cost but now the case is different. Everybody arming up war arsenals bcos it’s obvious UN has been taking over. The UNSC consisting of the 5 key members that are primarily at subtle war against themselves accusing each other day. The whole is gradually turning a battle field of double standards, deceptions, lies and conspiracies from the very people who taught us about rights. Rights or Wrongs do not control world events in the world anymore but interest. Therefore, citizens now help their respective governments. What are we left with as a people is to base our rightness in view of present schematics Of things.

    • Yagazie says:

      Mr Oje- a simple.. “I do not agree with your position for the following reasons”… rather than…. “you are so misguiged and clueless” ….will suffice. Please attack the idea and not the person. Lets try to avoid personal insults on this blog. I thank you for your anticipated co-operation in this matter.

  77. Augustine says:

    @Are James, technical specs of Alpha jet in ground attack mode is said to allows 1,000 km/h max speed at sea level, and many historical sources confirm NAF used Belouga cluster bombs in Sierra Leone where our only jet was Alpha. So could you explain how Alpha jet is not designed for that operation it has already performed and is listed among French made cluster bombers? I am interested in knowing that from you.

    @asorockweb, I am not a trumpet blower by nature, but I don’t depend on internet for combat tactics, I have VERY DIRECT ACCESS to some of the world’s best trained military men and battle tested war veterans of officers rank inside my office. I don’t play with battlefield tactics when I write publicly, it can mean life or death, victory or defeat.

    I said on the other thread last week, that I was airborne in an ATR-42 class of aircraft to observe what pilots in NAF will see at each altitude from 1 km to 8 km and we flew hours over terrain similar to the North East daytime and night time, I have not commented on my observations, and how does that airborne fact finding become something I copied from internet?

    We don’t know who is who behind the hidden faces on this blog unless the person reveals himself, let us be careful how we judge people we know absolutely nothing about and stop speculating about the man behind a username.

    No single pilot knows everything about tactics, it varies with type of aircraft you fly because a USAF F-16 pilot who has never flown an Su-25 Frogfoot before, will not even be able to take off with it safely from ground, and he will have a limited knowledge of what to do with it in battle, the specs and flight capabilities of such jets are two worlds apart and very different. However, there are general principles of jet combat ops and that is the only time all pilots become same level.

    If most people do not know something, it does not mean the person who knows it is copy pasting from internet. Let’s stop this act of running other people down. You have a choice not to believe what I say, it does not matter to me. Thanks.

    • Are James says:

      Nigeria improvised commendably with the Alpha jets on high speed low level bombing with significant degradation of the airframes, I was not referring to the ordnance used.
      This bird though a secondary ground attack aircraft was not designed to operate like the Tornado which even suffered significant shootdowns in Bosnia trying to take out air defences. In any case, low level ground attack is something we will soon be reading about in war history books. It is not a practice that will continue for long.

      • Are James says:

        1000km/h at sea level is just a technical spec. The manufacturer is not saying the aircraft will actually fly at sea level which height does not even exist in the reality of warfare in any case.

    • Augustine says:

      In real battle operations, pilots categorize tree top level, flat terrain hugging and sea surface hugging for launching anti-ship missiles as ‘sea level’ altitude. It exists in practice with the meaning intended by actions not the literary use of the English language.

      Not happy to post this video, I think it will be a waste of time and bandwidth trying to prove everything with evidence on this blog. I don’t want to look like I am trying to force people to believe what I say. It’s a free world. Some things one would say may have no direct evidence to prove it here, but those who know real warfare know the truth when they hear it.

    • asorockweb says:

      So, what you are saying is that the military men in your office told you that the NAF pilots should fly at 1000km/h, at low level, in Alpha Jets, to drop their unguided cluster bombs.

      Or are you saying that you think that low-level, high speed flying is a way to avoid AA fire?

      Our pilots have been flying A-Jets for a long time, you can’t know more than them, and neither will the military men in your office.

      For your information, planes that fly at low level at very high speeds usually need terrain mapping software, that way, they don’t crash into the ground (very little reaction at 1000km/h)

      • Augustine says:

        @asorockweb, please do not ‘expand’ my statements beyond what I said, adding salt and maggi to my rice makes it no longer my concoction, it becomes yours.

        NAF Belouga bombs are built to be delivered at high speed at very low altitude like 120 metres above sea level and the bomb has parachutes to delay impact time while the jet escapes, Alpha jet is built to attack at sea level when need arises, you cannot change those facts, so live with it bros.

        When you don’t know something, ask, no need to use craft to get information out of somebody by first telling him that he does not know what he is saying and then he has to explain. You should say you don’t know, or just ask for explanation.

        NAF Alpha jet pilots, good and experienced, we all know. When you enter the world of pilots in combat, you will be shocked how many mistakes and errors of judgement combat pilots make that costs lives. They are no supermen, they are good but not perfect.

        Pilots who know what combat is, eagerly compare notes a lot among themselves, or else when you think you have all the ideas in your one head alone, you die young in battle. If an Alpha pilot meets the pilots I work with, they will be very eager to exchange ideas, only you thinks that the Alpha man will feel big because he has been on the jet for 20 years.

        You don’t need terrain mapping to swoop down from high to low altitude near a target after circling above it to see how clear is the terrain and pilots have an altimeter, and a cluster bomb is an area weapons spread over acres of land, does not need to be exactly over the point target area.

        At 1,000 km/h it is difficult for Anti-Aircraft Artillery to hit a jet, compared to 500 km/h, reason why SAMs were developed and in service around 1954 because from around 1949 MiG-15 jet with about same speed as Alpha jet became hard to down with AAA, Folland Gnat jet was problem for AAA in Indo-Paki war. Worst for the AAA gunner is jet flying across, even SAMs have issues with jets flying across and have to adjust performance ratios. Your AAA by the time the jet is in your sights, you pull trigger after one second, the jet is no longer on that air spot anymore. it just keeps you dribbled around with your AAA traversing rapidly unless you have radar guided AAA and Bokos do not have it.

        I take it that you have not seen jets hugging the ground before, well other people have seen it.

        If you don’t know something, oga please freely ask, no need for arm twisting tactics to extract info, we no dey espionage arena. Thanks.

      • asorockweb says:

        Stick to the job you know.

        Your villager folks would be impressed, but that’s about it.

        Your after work endeavours can’t compare with the real thing.

        If you don’t have the right avionics and software, you can’t fly at 1000km/h at 120 meters, on an A-jet , let alone deliver a cluster bomb accurately.

        And if your office “military officers”, told you this, they are messing with you again!

    • Augustine says:

      Those are the type of soldiers that deserve publicly announced execution by firing squad after trial to serve as warning to others. Do we have to post only Christians to North East? Nigeria na waah o !

      • asorockweb says:

        Oga Augustine,

        Please don’t bring religious bias to Beeg’s blog.

        You didn’t bother to tell us the religions of the mutineers and the heroes of Konduga.

        Please process your words before you type it out.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga asorockweb, their is NO religious bias on my comment. I asked a question that the Nigerian army would have been asking itself….”Do we have to post only Christians to North East ? “.

        That is what I said and it had a question mark at the end. Anyone who knows comprehension will interpret my words correctly. For religion I have no bias, my family is 50% Christian and 50% Muslim, and I passed through Islamic education for about 10 years of my pre-teen and teenage. Al-Quran and Hadith was my food. Let the name Augustine not be interpreted as a one sided person. I later chose the religion I practice as an adult, it does not change the fact that my family is 50-50 Christian-Muslim and I cannot love one side and hate the other.

        However, if Nigeria wants to win this war and save lives, and also save the nation, wisdom demands that they ask that same question I asked in the DHQ whatever answer the military top brass comes up with,is accepted as best in national interest.

    • asorockweb says:

      Hard to believe, especially because the report said the officer was a Colonel. Colonel is not likely to be leading such a small group of men.

      • Are James says:

        ‘Colonel leading a force of men in just 3 APCs’ is an example of the kind of reporting that we are complaining about. I assume whoever told the story probably meant a convoy of Trucks, MRAPs and APCs ..and they burnt only the APCs

  78. Augustine says:

    Conclusion, if one country refuses to sell weapons to you, carry your money go somewhere else go buy wetin you want. Simple.

  79. Augustine says:

    @Are James, your comment on Nigerian home grown defense industry in a VITAL and SPECIAL topic this blog has to fully and officially tackle after this war ends.

    For now, local defense industry has failed to do Nigeria any magic against Boko Haram apart from simple ammunition and basic stuff. DICON high-tech level = Zero.

    When South Africa was building and investing billions of dollars in her home defense industry for the past 30 years Nigeria was sleeping and wasting money building Abuja. Now the people inside Abuja cannot sleep well because South Africa put sand inside their gari.

    If you don’t plant any crops, you get zero harvest. Fact.

    • G8T Nigeria says:

      Good but you can’t compare crops to military assets. The thread heading above did not mention anything SA yet you the master of failed SA propagandism is at it again. Your constant expression of total love for SA over Nigeria only tells of your weakness and having no where to hide. Look how you sound above and see if it warrants mental reasoning. You are so exposed that you don’t know how to comment anymore. Jacob Zuma will offcos be wise enough not to employ you as a war adviser if not you send his SADF to hell too early.

  80. Augustine says:

    We should go and park/ground all these Alpha jets and F-7 jets after this war ends. Can anyone get info on which type of jet wanted to bring more tears to our eyes again yesterday?


    • G8T Nigeria says:

      Off cos your recommendation is for us to park them and borrow from SA abi. One other ploy to throw us in the mud. My dear they are useful for the task at hand and have recorded great victory in the fight against terror. Nigeria will acquire more and have received weapons therefore having mix of assets helps alot. I will choose not to insult you but inform you on a better way to communicate.

    • superboi79 says:

      And you are basing you judgment on this horribly written and though out report??

  81. G8T Nigeria says:

    A man is a product of his words but in this case of his writing. From there we can predict his mindset and off course his level of exposure. One thing I love Beeg for is that his thread headings always coveys strenght and superiority of nigeria in any case rather than weakness, pain or terror. You can check the above heading for reference. It’s even more painful that you mix with the high and mighty and sometimes mix statements that induces great weakness of Nigeria painfully. It means you could also be found wanting in that corridors where you hobnob. Stop threatening us or scaring us. Criticise professionally, make comparison and suggest solutions. Like you said many people are observing everything here and other areas so contribute your quota for national growth. You never can tell where the name NNS CETENARY was taken from. Welldone.

    • Augustine says:

      Everybody has his own way of passing messages across, it does not have to make sense to you as a person, it only needs to make sense to the intended audience. I don’t roll out red carpet for failure, I won’t praise Nigeria for doing wrong or self destructing itself, or else I become a contributor to it’s woes. My style does not have to be similar to yours. Even twins have different thinking patterns, I am me, and you are you.

  82. Oje says:

    Augustine i sometimes wonder if you are suffering from multiple personality disorder (no deliberate pun intended). One minute your analysis blows my mind, the next minute i shake my head in wonder. I was gonna commend you and ask how is it you have access to such strategic national assets only to scroll down and see you talking about wasting money building Abuja when we could have used the money to buy arms. Have you ever considered the correlation between the Economy and the Military? Ask the Soviet Union how their ”weapon economy” worked out, they fell without a single shot being fired. Abuja is being heralded as the best multipurpose built City in Africa, an attempt by Nigeria to truly modernise and frankly is the one aspect the Federal Government did something reasonable as regards infrastructure and you say its waste of money? money we could use to buy arms? Your views sometimes look narrow minded, i wish we had at least 5 Cities in Nigeria like Abuja. I am sure if given the chance you will propose all federal infrastructure spending be stopped and the money used to buy military hardware.

    As for South Africa there is more than meets the eye, however the best South Africa can hurt us is on the diplomatic front and frankly as time goes n they become irrelevant. Nigeria will be the first trillion dollar economy in Africa, our time will come and until then please shelve this your ”rather than build cities we should have built bombs” mentality, its annoying and aggravating, we wont have Boko Haram insurgency if the North had Cities and social infrastructure like the South. We are where we are today because of bad and misguided economic policy compounded by crude uneducated leaders, not because we were not stocking arms.

  83. Oje says:

    Augustine i sometimes wonder if you are suffering from multiple personality disorder (no deliberate pun intended). One minute your analysis blows my mind, the next minute i shake my head in wonder. I was gonna commend you and ask how is it you have access to such strategic national assets only to scroll down and see you talking about wasting money building Abuja when we could have used the money to buy arms. Have you ever considered the correlation between the Economy and the Military? Ask the Soviet Union how their ”weapon economy” worked out, they fell without a single shot being fired. Abuja is being heralded as the best multipurpose built City in Africa, an attempt by Nigeria to truly modernise and frankly is the one aspect the Federal Government did something reasonable as regards infrastructure and you say its waste of money? money we could use to buy arms? Your views sometimes look narrow minded, i wish we had at least 5 Cities in Nigeria like Abuja. I am sure if given the chance you will propose all federal infrastructure spending be stopped and the money used to buy military hardware.

    As for South Africa there is more than meets the eye, however the best South Africa can hurt us is on the diplomatic front and frankly as time goes n they become irrelevant. Nigeria will be the first trillion dollar economy in Africa, our time will come and until then please shelve this your ”rather than build cities we should have built bombs” mentality, its annoying and aggravating, we wont have Boko Haram insurgency if the North had Cities and social infrastructure like the South. We are where we are today because of bad and misguided economic policy compounded by crude uneducated leaders, not because we were not stocking arms.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Oje, every human being is a complex thing.

      Abuja is a waste of money with reasons. Nigeria did not build power/electricity infrastructure that will power industrial revolution, no functioning/modern steel plants to engineer manufacturing base, no total coverage railway system that will revolutionize transportation, no mechanized large scale agriculture that will feed 177 million yawning mouths 3 times a day, no creative local defense industry that can rise up to the challenge of a low intensity war like Boko Insurgency, trades & skills sector is dead, most jambites choose accounting and biz admin, and we have no millwrights in Nigeria 2014….no millwrights is the root of no mechanical products innovation and fabrications. We build Abuja to be powered by generators.

      I have critically looked at successful nations of the world like South Korea that rose from war ravages to glory today. They did not start by using their first tranches of billions of dollars to build a new city while their technology remains backward. Nigeria put the cart before the horse. Finally I will say, most of the government structures in Abuja can be built for half the cost, fraud, corruption, and unprofitable luxury inflated the bills, we could have saved much for developing our power, industry, infrastructure, and defense industry NOT arms importation, I mean a local defense industry that can creatively re-engineer an Augusta helicopter into a low -tech night attack gunship, or build 7km range rocket for pods, build a 30mm cannon with 5km range for our APCs and out-range Boko Haram AAA guns. What if China and Russia too have refused to help us, where would we go? Cotonou?

      If I talk sense, no need to clap for me sir, my coconut head works better under intense criticism. Cheers.

      • G8T Nigeria says:

        Good that is why it is filled with negativism only and should not be knocked but tutored in the right direction. Telling you what you are is different from critism my friend.

  84. Oje says:

    Augustine, whats the point posting this link on a Nigerian airforce jet averting disaster? How does this help our war effort? An American F-15 5 days ago crashed while on a training mission in England, its not headline news, it comes with the territory. There are auto crashes every day.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Oje I posted to point out that we need to retire the Alpha and F-7 jets, before we have more accidents. Why should we wait for disaster before we act? F-15 is a a very good and reliable jet fighter with about 40 years track record. F-7 is exact opposite. Alpha jet is good but we killed ourselves.

      • G8T Nigeria says:

        In very simple term @ augustine you have a mixed identity. You have good informations about Nigeria but insert certain covert message inbetween. Stop decieving urself, you are not close to any general. You spread fear and always try to relegate Nigeria subtleLy. You are not the only one comparing Nigeria and SA weda good or bad but your case cannot be over looked.

      • Augustine says:

        I mean *Alpha jet is good but we killed it by ourselves with undue pressure*

    • Augustine says:

      @G8T Nigeria, replying you will mess up this blog. Nigeria needs this blog clean. So I will refrain. Speech is silvern, but silence is golden. Thanks.

  85. Oje says:

    Gentlemen, it appears President Jonathan is sending another 20,000 troops to the North East.

    • Augustine says:

      I think he is just increasing numbers only, the story says….

      “In the bid to end the reign of terror in the North-Eastern part of the country, President Goodluck Jonathan has increased the number of troops in the region from 15,000 to 20,000.”

    • G8T Nigeria says:

      I guess it’s to upgrade troops level from 15000 to 20000. addition of 5000 troops.

    • asorockweb says:

      That’s old news. And I mean several weeks old.

  86. Augustine says:

    I wonder why we had in the heat of this war, only 15,000 soldiers in North East deployment from an army of estimated approximately 150,000 men. Why? How do 15,000 men protect a war theater bigger than Great Britain?

    • Oje says:

      Boko Haram outnumber the Nigerian armed forces on a ratio of nearly 3 to 1, no wonder they are able to attack Nigerian army formations with greater number and over power them. How many army divisions do we have up North?

  87. Oje says:

    Even more disturbing: Why should a blogger like Linda Ikeji be buying a N150 million mansion for her parents, one Range Rover 2013 for her self with excess millions stashed in her account when Bloggers like Beegeagle who is using his resources to serve the nation and has been instrumental in a ”truer depiction” of the Nigerian armed forces on the world media cant even boast of a modest sum of appreciation from Nigerians? If this isn’t injustice then i don’t know what is.

    • Bigbrovar says:

      One simple answer is the platform Linda Ikeji is on allows for ads and shares revenues with content creator, something wordpress those not do. I bet you if Oga Beeg was self hosting or chooses a platform like blogger he would be well rewarded.

    • mayorrrules says:

      Simple Google adsense let plug in adsense revenue but military talk does not sell like gossip

  88. Oje says:

    Aha, i just saw a report from some ”Western” site that ranks President Jonathan as the 6th Richest President in Africa with an estimated net worth of $100 million. This coming at a time when the result of an independent audit into the nations external reserve will be out in early November. This is another deliberate and veiled propaganda offensive by the West to instigate Nigeria into a civil war.Is this legal for a Western company to just publish such ill researched info on Nigerias President? Are we still looking for the handwriting on the wall? i am disturbed most Nigerians either do not see this, or rather choose not to believe. Nigeria is under attack from multiple fronts, its amazing our country has not degenerated into a failed State already.

  89. rugged7 says:

    Sometimes, i think our brasshats can’t see the big picture. How can u keep on grovelling on your knees to people who do not give a hoot about u? They should stop disgracing Nigeria and go to where their money will be appreciated- russia and china. It’s getting really embarrassing how Nigeria is becoming an expert at begging for weapons…

    • Are James says:

      No selling of sovereignty for arms. They will soon make an ”offer that can’t be refused”. We have come too long a way to be re colonized in any form. Our politicians should be very careful. The destiny of Nigeria is not to be toyed with. Many years ago Nigerian youths demonstrated against Anglo Nigerian defence pact but I am wary of today’s deradicalized, hero worshipping youth. I am also wary of businessmen-politicians taking decisions not based on patriotic principles but short term targets handed them by their western masters…. yet some people celebrate them everywhere. We try to be non partisan here but Nigerians expect the country’s leadership to be one that has gravitas, is feared & respected, is in tune with our inner strength as a nation and encourages self reliance.
      I am saying no more on the matter.

    • Augustine says:

      What does USA and UK sell that Russia and China cannot sell to Nigeria? The only thing related to COIN that we need but cannot get the best from Russia and China is drone/UAV and Israel has it, I have posted the excellent IAI- Heron 1 drone here, even USA bought it from Israel.

      However, NA could be having problems with our Vickers tanks spare parts and ammunition procurement, who knows? Babangida put us inside this trap, when gulf oil windfall $6 billion came, he should have bought Russian T-72 tanks and Su-25 Frogfoot jet with Mi-24 Hind combat helicopters, ECOMOG casualties would have been much less on our army and victory would have been clear.

      By now Boko Haram would never have ravaged us to this level if Babangida used our money to buy arms from Russia in the 1990s. Let’s NOT blame GEJ for the problems past leaders created.

      It will be sweet to win this Boko war without USA, Britain and South Africa, let’s do it with Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Ukraine, Belarus, Brazil.

      Let’s stop prostrating for USA and UK, they are not our family elders to deserve that level of honour, or are they?

      • Are James says:

        Thank you. Some of us made a case supporting AH1 Cobras and Kfir Block 60s but this should not be at the price of precious spiritual crown jewels of the nation.
        We would also not accept foreign military bases, unpermitted military overflys, pressure to institute poorly timed gay rights, GM food, questionable immunizations and investments that don’t favour Nigeria’s interests.

      • Oje says:

        Ha, you beat me to it. This is one of the times where you are spot on and accurate. What exactly are we buying?

  90. Oje says:

    Oga James you are spot on. Im having a hard time understanding why this present administration is still hell bent on going to the same people whose have expressed time and again their unwillingness to help us. Im gonna be unapologetic about what i’m about to say, President Jonathan is the worse President in the history of Nigeria, he lacks charisma and character.I watched Netanyahu’s speech at the UN general assembly and believe it or not i stood on my feet and actually applauded, if there was any doubters of Israels right to exist in that room they hid their faces. It is no coincidence that we are having our biggest threat ever at the same period we have the weakest president in the history of this country.To govern Nigeria you need to be strong and resolute because ours is a very complicated system and society.

    We saw how Obasanjo despite being a bit crude sometimes conveys his message through action when ever he deems it rational to do so. Choosing a president should not be based on religious or ethnic lines but on character and steadfast, its very obvious Jonathan is clueless about foreign affairs, whats worse he is surrounded by equally clueless people who cannot differentiate between international diplomacy and local politicking. Jonathan is so incompetent and weak that the U.S do not even bother masking their destabilizing agenda anymore, such is the sorry state of our diplomatic prestige and i tell you until a strong, resolute and decisive leader is elected into Aso Rock our fate is in the hands of those who do not want our progress. Ill vote Buhari and Obasanjo over the feeble clueless man we have as a president. Hundreds are being killed every fucking day. For now our economic infrastructure is largely unaffected by the Boko Haram conflict but if this persists it will get to a point Investors will not be able to ignore the problem anymore and our economy begins to nose dive,
    Finally can someone please explain to me in clear terms the weapons we so desperately want to by from America that no matter how many times the door is shut on our face or embarrassed by others we keep going on our knees asking for arms. What does Mr President want to buy? Helicopter Gunships? NO, we already have the biggest Helicopter Gunship fleet in Africa, F-15/16? NO, we do not even have the pilots for that. Long Range artillery or Howitzers? NO, Cruise missiles? NO, SAM Systems? NO, Tanks? NO, Destroyers? NO, Submarines? no, Drones? NO,Bombers? NO… the list is endless, i cant seem to find one SINGLE item in the current United States inventory that can be useful to our military in so short a time frame. The Defence Headquarters should tell us the weapons we are begging Obama to sell to us.

    • saleh says:

      I agree with you however the only stuff I like in their arsenal is their C130 gunship and the warthog and its not as if that’s what we r asking to buy that even. Gentlemen let’s go east and save ourselves more pains.

  91. igbi says:

    cameroon has once again paid ransom to boko haram.

    • Oje says:

      Aha, i said it, ive always been saying this. Just when the military balance is shifting to our favour again Boko Haram gets paid millions of dollars by ransom ”AGAIN” and the circle continues AGAIN. A bitter stupid war of attrition designed to bleed the State dry and stir internal dissent. If Jonathan is smart he wll carry out military offensive in Cameroon, no matter how little. Nigeria in a state of war against a foreign saboteur will no doubt lead the 2015 elections to be postponed.. why isnt Jonathan thinking along this line?

      • Are James says:

        It is good that you people caught on that ransom was paid. Now they have enough to feed and pay salaries for another six months maybe. This is why there should be no let up in the offensive.

  92. Oje says:

    ”Thank you. Some of us made a case supporting AH1 Cobras and Kfir Block 60s but this should not be at the price of precious spiritual crown jewels of the nation.”

    Oga James, please do not say this again. Are you telling me the Nigerian Defence ministry was seeking American arms because some of us here made a case supporting the Cobra and Kfir Block 60 on this blog? Do you see how ridiculous that sounds? What you are invariably saying is that relations between the worlds richest and most powerful country and Africa’s richest and most populous country are strained to breaking point because one of you here suggested it. Please do not say this again online, its a disgrace and embarrassing, frankly i am beginning to think we are beginning to develop this sense of entitlement as regards shaping Nigeria’s foreign policy, which i must say is utter bollocks!

    • Are James says:

      That was the English language getting me into trouble again. I am merely trying to defend myself before other bloggers for opposing sale of western arms with conditions now when I had previously written strongly between us bloggers arguing for American arms.
      I did not assume it had any influence on government. I have never written to a government official before (maybe I should start). This was just to prevent criticism that I am doublefaced that’s all. Western weapons are good but as some of you have said world war 3 may have just started and some powers may want us on their side with consequences for sovereignty. Please don’t read arrogance into my attempts to clarify but if you do I am not sure I even give a damn.

  93. giles says:

    wen we are in great need of them.leadership.ng/news/386679/military-aircraft-

    • Are James says:

      The incident is not as bad as it looks as it merely indicates that NAF is really busy doing a lot of work to support ground operations. The ratio of aircraft lost to number of sorties is actually low compared with Bosnia, Ukraine and some other places.

      • Augustine says:

        NAF lost 4 F-7 jets in 4 years, all not in combat. At that rate in 15 years we will lose all our F-7 jets that we purchased. Better we retire them. Let JF-17 Thunder take over their job.

  94. igbi says:

    for those who still don’t get it: did the us refuse to send us zmapp because of rights abuses ?

  95. igbi says:

    enough about the us, let us just move on without them.
    in the case of cameroon, it is time for a show of force, indeed cameroon has shown that it is complicit with boko haram to some extent.

    • igbi says:

      by show of force, I mean let them know that we can distroy them if they keep on helping boko haram. And let them know that we will cross the border whenever we see fit.

    • igbi says:

      I am sorry but biya has crossed the line, he must be punished for this !
      perhaps he needs to spend some time in Kirikiri prison and his country’s economy to be under our supervision.

      • superboi79 says:

        Lol @ Yoga Igbi, you guys are too sentimental about this Cameroon issue. Anyway Cameroon has come out to deny giving up BH hostages for the release of the hostages and I think we have to accept their official position unless we have proof otherwise. Anyway the weak position we find ourselves is caused by no one but us and we would only get out of this position by acting smartly and Tactically not by acting brashly and “strongly” like some of us here have been advocating.

      • igbi says:

        I sincerly doubt that terrorists would accept to release g=hostages if you don’t give them ransom. France is well known for paying ransom to terrorists and france’s negotiators (who by the way are french intelligence officers) said in an interview that the terrorists always asked for money and weapons and that they often got both.

  96. giles says:

    am jst trying to say we need mor airlift capacity.if u count d no of our over strecthed airlift craft and minus 1 den u will c we need more.nd tank God it has not airlifted d WIA e for don b another story

  97. Augustine says:

    asorockweb says:
    October 11, 2014 at 7:14 am

    Stick to the job you know.
    Your villager folks would be impressed, but that’s about it.
    Your after work endeavours can’t compare with the real thing.

    If you don’t have the right avionics and software, you can’t fly at 1000km/h at 120 meters, on an A-jet , let alone deliver a cluster bomb accurately.

    And if your office “military officers”, told you this, they are messing with you again!


    Do you know if my job is military related? You know me anywhere before? You know if I am trained in one thing or not? You know me beyond this blog?

    @asorockweb, stick to the nothingness you know and impress yourself. If I meet someone that knows real military stuff, I will easily detect, but sorry you are NOT one of those who know battlefield tactics, easy to prove that from all your comments. You are the one arguing me months ago that an Oerlikon 35mm AAA cannon mounted on open MRAP chasis can only hit air targets, you did not know the gun has angles of depression and elevation of -5° to +92°. If you don’t know a gun at -5° means hitting ground targets, then your knowledge of military weapons in combat is less that very -5° and absolutely below sea level.

    You don’t know how a simple AAA works, then you want to lecture us about how Alpha jets will drop area weapon in an AAA zone, go learn the basics first before you mislead the whole world with your massive errors that you feel too big to acknowledge, ego is not your best friend when you are overloaded with errors.

    Stop misleading people with wrong information of which you have zero proof, I wonder if you have ever been airborne in any military aircraft.

    When you don’t know something, ask questions or just be silent, or the more you talk the more you show that you know warfare only from the pages of newspapers.

    • asorockweb says:

      “You are the one arguing me months ago that an Oerlikon 35mm AAA”
      Wrong again.

      The system was an Su-23-2.
      The pic you showed was from the south African bush wars. And the system was conceived and used only for an AA role. The combined system was so large that only a fool would use it in a ground role.

    • asorockweb says:

      So, are you still hanging on to your “battle tactics” of sending A-jets at 1000km/h, flying 120m above the ground to deliver on unguided cluster bombs?

      There are other “battle tactics” you have held on to in the past, these are the ones I can remember:
      1) 10-soldier garrison per town or village
      2) clearing sambisa forest in 12 DAYS by “grid mapping”, using x number of troops.

      Please, let me know if you are holding on to it, so that I can add it to your list.
      If it’s the non-Nigerian military officers in your office that’s advising you on how to help Nigeria fight this war, just know that they really hate Nigeria.

  98. STARTREK says:


  99. Augustine says:

    asorockweb says:
    October 11, 2014 at 5:35 pm
    “You are the one arguing me months ago that an Oerlikon 35mm AAA”
    Wrong again.

    The system was an Su-23-2.
    The pic you showed was from the south African bush wars. And the system was conceived and used only for an AA role. The combined system was so large that only a fool would use it in a ground role.


    I don’t care where it was ZSU-23-2 or Oerlikon AAA, both are used for same role, the name is not my argument, the weapon and it’s use is my argument.

    Then it proves you even more wrong by confirming it was ZSU-23-2 because it is even better in ground combat role than the Oerlikon. The ZSU-23-2 angle of depression is -10° meaning it fires twice lower down than the Oerlikon at -5°, meaning the ZSU-23-2 is an excellent ground combat weapon, yet you wrote here again today that only a fool will use it in ground role.

    I prove you very wrong with impeccable source :

    ” ZU-23-2 is aimed and fired manually, with the help of the ZAP-23 optical-mechanical sight, It also has a straight-tube telescope for use against ground targets such as infantry as well as unarmored or lightly armoured vehicles. Elevation +90° / -10° .”


    Now it is very clear that you are the one misleading this blog with wrong battlefield tactics and technical errors on weapons, which ego will not let you admit.

    Let me advise you, the more you try to prove yourself right with those your errors, the more you will be proved clearly wrong. If you want a head to head on weapons and battlefield tactics, from air warfare to land war fare to sea warfare….bring it on. My name is Augustine.

    Thank you.

    • asorockweb says:

      So you HAVE given up on the “battle tactics” of sending A-jets at 1000km/h, flying 120m above the ground to deliver unguided cluster bombs.

      Your name is Augustine, the super armchair general/admiral/air-marshal/captain/pilot/trooper ….

      You haven’t told me if I should take it off the list, please let me know.

  100. Augustine says:

    asorockweb says:
    October 11, 2014 at 6:26 pm
    So, are you still hanging on to your “battle tactics” of sending A-jets at 1000km/h, flying 120m above the ground to deliver on unguided cluster bombs?

    There are other “battle tactics” you have held on to in the past, these are the ones I can remember:
    1) 10-soldier garrison per town or village
    2) clearing sambisa forest in 12 DAYS by “grid mapping”, using x number of troops.

    Please, let me know if you are holding on to it, so that I can add it to your list.


    1) The town/village soldier garrison I proposed was 10 to 12 soldiers with highly mobile, heavy firepower infantry weapons that have 1 km to 5 km firing range and armour, including Automatic Grenade Launchers, Multiple Grenade Launchers, Gatling 6 barrel rapid fire guns, ground search enemy detection man portable Radars with 3 km to 8 km range, and armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicles, with good communication equipment, night vision equipment, illumination flares, military grade binoculars, plus 20 minutes rapid response force of fully armed Mi-35 Hind combat helicopters for air support and troop reinforcement. That is a composite, highly mobile, heavy firepower squad that is hard for 150 Bokos to defeat in 20 minutes before reinforcement arrives with air power and a platoon of troops.

    Even American General Collin Powell will find it hard to fault that strategy. It would have saved the lives of say, about 4,000 innocent Nigerians slaughtered by Boko Haram across North East from May to August this year.

    I don’t have any ego drive, so I invited Oga Peccavi to improve on my garrison proposal, he agreed it was a good strategy and he increased the soldiers to 15 men and added lots of mortars, plus sniper rifle, etc.

    2) Within about a month after I suggested and proved technically on this blog that Sambisa forest can be grid mapped and cleared in 12 days, the Nigerian army proceeded to clear Balmo forest in 3 days.

    “Troops have cleared and taken over Balmo forest in a military operation that lasted throughout the weekend. Prior to the operation, Balmo forest stretching from Bauchi through Jigawa States with links to the fringes of Sambisa forest was used by terrorists as bases and hideouts for launching attacks.”


    Now what else do you want to add to the list of ‘wrong’ battle tactics I have posted in these months ? I am waiting for you to open them up. I have promised you head to head if you want it. This is a military blog where military muscle flexing is allowed.

    Yours sincerely,

    “Ego does not win battles, tactics do.”

  101. Oje says:

    Oga Augustine you like bragging a lot why? Even if you are the Director of the NSA none of us gives a f***, i am the f****ng Prince of Monaco. Can we strategise on how to win this war and punish those responsible for fueling it and leave our ego outside.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Oje, I am not bragging, I am proving what I know, same way you also tried to prove yours about why Nigeria must launch an unprovoked military invasion of Cameroon in this modern day of UN security council.

      I posted from NAF war history and @asorockweb was insisting what was done by NAF is not possible, and he had no single technical proof, yet he kept feeding this blog with errors and attacking correct facts. Now I couldn’t bare it anymore when he went too far.

      I could easily turn into a 100% silent reader on this blog and it costs me nothing. You should look at the root of a matter before you judge or you become a biased judge, did you follow the trail of what @asorockweb was writing about me? Did you not see how many times people on this blog have claimed they are sure I am not a Nigerian citizen? Did you come to my aid at that time? You just kept quiet and I was swallowing all their flak. Do you know that at a point people get pushed to the wall and they react?

      You are now calling on oga Beegeagle to see to my comments, why were you silent when @asorockweb wrote this stinker to me…

      “asorockweb says:
      October 11, 2014 at 7:14 am

      Stick to the job you know.
      Your villager folks would be impressed, but that’s about it.”

  102. Oje says:

    Oga Beeg, can we have a code of conduct on your blog? so some do not fall into the temptation of using it as an avenue to constantly ”show off” and pretend like they smarter than others.

  103. Augustine says:

    asorockweb says:
    October 12, 2014 at 3:02 am
    So you HAVE given up on the “battle tactics” of sending A-jets at 1000km/h, flying 120m above the ground to deliver unguided cluster bombs.

    Your name is Augustine, the super armchair general/admiral/air-marshal/captain/pilot/trooper ….

    You haven’t told me if I should take it off the list, please let me know.

    If you don’t have the right avionics and software, you can’t fly at 1000km/h at 120 meters, on an A-jet , let alone deliver a cluster bomb accurately.


    @asorockweb, I think you have been given enough information to correct your errors, you totally and absolutely goofed on the use of that green truck ZSU-23-2 AAA gun in ground battle against infantry and armoured vehicles, the whole world of sources acknowledge that you are very very wrong, respected sources have been used to prove you wrong, and ego still pushes you to start another erroneous argument.

    Like I said, if you want head to head you will get it, I hate to do what you have made me do in the last few days, especially with a fellow Nigerian, but since you asked, and this is a military blog, I will give you the military answers you demand, meanwhile YOU OWE THIS BLOG AN APOLOGY for your deliberate misinformation of the use of ZSU-23-2 AAA in ground combat role, if your ego is not bigger than your respect for this blog and Nigeria, I will say moral values require you to apologize.

    Alpha jet will fly at 1,000 km/h at 120 meters/400 feet altitude as specified by manufacturer to deliver Belouga cluster bombs, you think 120 meters is sea level? It is a good height of 400 feet, almost an extra 100 feet above the roof of Stallion house in Marina, one of the tallest high rise buildings in Nigeria.

    NAF Alpha Jet :

    ” Alpha jet’s light weight, and large flight control surfaces make it a highly maneuverable fighter aircraft. The Alpha Jet is an excellent replicator of typical attack speeds flown by fourth generation fighter attack aircraft. The Alpha jet is capable of sustaining low altitude ingress/entrance into battle zone speeds in excess of 500 Knots/925 km/h. Maximum speed is 1,160 km/h. Armaments include the Belouga bomb.”

    Sources : fas.org and us-air.com

    NAF Belouga bomb :

    “The BLG 66, known as the Belouga bomb, has been developed by Matra for the French Air Force as a free-fall weapon for dispensing a large number of submunitions. The complete cluster bomb was designed to withstand high g-forces encountered by combat manoeuvres of high-speed, low-level attack aircraft. ”


    Now it is proved that Alpha jet is built to speed at low level 1,000 km/h and Belouga bomb is built for low level high speed aircraft delivery, so can you use any sources to prove those other sources I quoted to be wrong?

    NAF used Alpha jet in this mode in ECOMOG ops with Belouga, sources are all over the war history records, can you prove those sources wrong with another source?

    Finally to your point where you claimed….” If you don’t have the right avionics and software, you can’t fly at 1000 km/h at 120 meters, on an A-jet , let alone deliver a cluster bomb accurately”

    I am sorry to tell you that you do NOT KNOW the difference between an area target weapon and a point target weapon, Cluster bomb does not need point accurate delivery because it is technically an area weapon and spreads over many acres of land, all the pilot needs is delivery within a wide perimeter area and the bombs disperses all over and kills every thing needed to be killed in that large perimeter.

    Belouga bombs does NOT need guidance as an area weapon, and the French are smart enough to know that when they manufactured it, don’t try to be smarter than the bomb maker himself.

    If you don’t know the difference between an area target weapon and a point target weapon, you ask for explanation, don’t come here and insist that the whole blog and nation must be mislead by your technical errors.

    I think I have said enough, there is nothing you want to pull again except another round of battlefield tactical error display, let us put personal ego aside and face reality of war and how it is to be fought. Lives and equipment can be lost when you mislead users with wrong information.

    Thanks sir, I am still your beloved brother…

    • peccavi says:

      Not to get involved but bomb delivery is not as straight forward as that. It depends on the aircraft, type of weapon, type of target, type of terrain type of attack.
      Maximum speed is the speed attained under test conditions, flying with full fuel/weapons load, flying high enough to benefit from the jet stream or in thin or normal air will all affect the max speed. However I will say with a tin measure of confidence if an aircraft is launching an attack flying at its max speed unless it has a weapon system that can compensate, the pilot simply doesn’t want to hit the target
      I would suggest you all agree to disagree on this one because short of an Alphajet pilot coming here to settle the matter there is very little non subject matter experts can prove or disprove.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Peccavi, thank you for your wise intervention, it is very much appreciated. I did not know you observed what was going on. However, I think we do not need the presence of an Alpha jet pilot to interpret what the American military aircraft website said in clear language…

        ” The Alpha jet is capable of sustaining low altitude ingress-entrance into battle zone speeds in excess of 500 Knots/925 km/h. Maximum speed is 1,160 km/h.”

        That settles the case for the delivery of an area effect ordnance that is a purpose built unguided weapon for low level flying-high speed aircraft delivery like the NAF Belouga bomb.

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