The Wuhan-made new-type Offshore Patrol Vessel, which was delivered to Nigeria on Nov.27, 2014 (photo by Yuan Yuhui)


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  1. Saleh says:

    Beautiful sight to behold

  2. jimmy says:

    This is a massive ship.

  3. jimmy says:

    It appears some fence mending has begun.The Chinese govt has done and continue to do a lot to help the Nigerian GOVT in her greatest time of need, I do not want to be preachy about this but it would be very wise for the Nigerian Govt to really understand to whom much is give much is expected.

  4. rka says:

    I wonder where the gifted ship/boat is. I heard a rumour earlier that it would be sailing with NNS Centenary on the way back home, don’t know how true that is.

  5. G8T Nigeria says:

    There are 2 gifted boats ranging between 50 to 65meters. They are in china as we expect they arrive soon. Very good deal on the Nigerian side.

  6. G8T Nigeria says:

    I expect to see the following ships
    nns Cetenary
    nns unity
    nns okpabana
    nns thunder
    mv amer ( to be named soon)
    2 x Chinese boats
    88 meters ship ex Norwegian.

    the navy is growing

  7. giles says:

    nice ship.how I wish u wer properly armed

  8. Tobey says:

    The Navy is on a roll..The years of cynnical and treasonable stripping of the NN during the military era is finally over..Ill really like to see more “offensive” assets..lest we just become a mere coast guard..Am sure the French incursion into Nigeria’s territorial waters two yrs ago really shook some “old brass” Admirals up..Nice one.

  9. Kay says:

    NNS Centenary berthed at Singapore a few days ago, currently around Sri Lanka now.
    Welcome back Beeg.

  10. Deltaman says:

    Wouldn’t it make sense to merge NIMASA assets with Navy assets? Seems silly to duplicate operational structures and rely on private contractors when we should be building capacity.

    • Augustine says:

      To me, I see NIMASA as our coast guard. NN should be navy and remain separate from civilian and paramilitary agencies. Soja should be soja. My opinion sha.

      • Deltaman says:

        @ Augustine, I see the logic in separate entities, but at this stage, we seem to be duplicating efforts, NN still provide personnel, this may be stretching resources etc, then there’s command coordination between services etc. Navy for instance has oversight over inland waterways, shouldn’t that be NIMASA? My simple approach would be to merge and absorb functions under a single command.

  11. jimmy says:

    Interesting news I guess the fence mending on both sides has begun hopefully we will hear less and less of the disparaging comments from both sides.

  12. beegeagle says:

    Meanwhile, I have been informed by a normally reliable source that the 3,250 ton NNS OKPABANA F93, sister ship to the NNS Thunder F90, has left the shores of America and is steaming towards Nigeria….just as the first of two Chinese-built 1,800 ton stealth OPVs, NNS CENTENARY F91, is concurrently steaming towards Nigeria.

    My measured guess is that the NN shall commission both big ships in January 2015 before the rigours of electoral campaigns start to weigh in too heavily on the C-in-C.

  13. G8T Nigeria says:

    NNS OKPABANA was in Senegal a few days ago. She could arrive in a week or 2. On the other hand, CETENARY is jointly engaged for patrol duties as well as flag showing visits. This is to test her enduring capabilities before coming home. CETENARY may arrive Nigeria at the end of January or early February. The delivery of these ships further calls for the need to set up a Gulf of Guinea Command. GOG would improve our maritime domain awareness capacity and also, strengthen our maritime ties with GOG countries.

  14. beegeagle says:


    11-27-2014 14:50 BJT

    China has delivered a new-type of stealth patrol ship to Nigeria after completing sea trials. It is the first patrol ship China has exported to West Africa.

    The patrol ship is 95 meters long and is equipped with two diesel master engines. It has a top speed of about 40 kilometers per hour. The 1,800 ton stealth ship will have a radar detection area of a ship of about 500 tons. It can be discovered only when it is very close to the radar of an enemy.

    The patrol ship has been named “the Century” by the Nigerian navy. Its major missions will include patrol and guard duties along the coastline, protecting the exclusive maritime economic areas, carrying out marine search and rescues, and preventing marine pollution.

    The patrol ship will travel more than 18,000 kilometers to get to Nigeria. In the following 50 days, it will go on friendly visits to several countries.

  15. giles says:

    pls any idea were our NNS F81-F84 are?

  16. jimmy says:

    I just checked the current location of the NNS OKPABANA. It is now in TEMA ,Ghana. It appears based on weather conditions and her speed I am approximating three days as the crow flies that means Friday/Saturday/ Sunday she should be in Nigerian waters God willing. Amen.

  17. beegeagle says:

    Looks like in 2015, the Navy shall be operating ten vessels in the 1000+ ton category, NN-owned and NIMASA-owned alike. These are

    Four 1,041 ton ex-USCG ships
    the 1,020 ton OPV Emer
    the 2,535 ton ex-KNM Horten
    two stealth 1,800 ton P18N OPVs
    two 3,250 ton NNS Thunder and NNS Okpabana

  18. jimmy says:

    Question Is the Israeli/ Nigerian Friendship this good ?or is this the part of the fence mending between the US and Nigeria? I am surprised Kerry called Nigeria as he never has anything good to say about Nigeria.
    I am curious to know what will happen when the NN Okpabana finally sails into Nigerian territorial waters will it be a low key reception? or will it be used as an opportunity to herald/ reset the importance of the US / Nigerian relationship?

  19. xnur44 says:

    NNS Centenary arrive Mauritius.

  20. max montero says:

    Congratulations Nigeria on your new acquisitions!


  21. Oje says:

    Thanks Max. Ive followed with keen interest Philipines Naval modernization in the face of the Chinese threat, Impressive to say the least. Your leadership has resolve, thays a potent weapon. Our leaders here seem to live in another planet.

    • max montero says:

      Hi my good friend Oje. Thanks for your interest in what’s happening on the far side of Nigeria! Actually the process of procurement has been slow recently thanks to a lot of red tape. I’m actually more impressed on the moves made by your country in terms of upgrading its armed forces. I am still full of hope that both iur countries can overcome the security obstacles it faces and the modernization of its armed forces.


  22. beegeagle says:

    🙂 Admiral Max on the Leyte Gulf, how are you?

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