The 88 metre 2,535 ton behemoth, formerly known as KNM Horten during her Norwegian Navy incarnation where she served as an auxiliary vessel supporting the operations of Hauk-class motor torpedo and missile craft, now flies the flag of Nigeria and serves in the fleet of the Maritime Guard Command, the enforcement arm of the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA). She reportedly serves as a Fisheries Protection and Offshore Patrol Vessel and is by far the largest vessel in the fleet of the Maritime Guard Command.


Painted in the colours of NIMASA and pictured on patrol in the Bonny River of the Niger Delta above is “NIMASA OGLAKIRIGHA”. She is one of six demilitarised 37m Hauk class missile+torpedo boats which were stripped of offensive weaponry (missiles and torpedoes) ever before they entered Nigerian service where they serve as patrol craft armed with light weapons. NIMASA is an agency under the FEDERAL MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT.

In Nigerian naval service, patrol craft of this size category (as suffices for the 31m NNS ANDONI, 32m NNS DORINA and the 38m NNS ZARIA+BURUTU) are typically armed with a 20m cannon (25mm cannons for Shaldag gunboats) fore, a 12.7mm heavy machine gun made by Singapore Technologies Kinetics aft and a PKM 7.62mm GPMG amidships…optimised for anti-piracy, fisheries protection, anti-bunkering (illegal) operations. This panoply of armaments appears to be what the Navy have sustained in their operations under the auspices of the Maritime Guard Command.

It is decipherable that the weapon encircled in red at the rear in the second photo of the 37m patrol craft and erroneously labelled as a 20mm weapon by DAGBLADET is not what it is described as. That is a CIS-50 12.7mm HMG. It is visibly of a smaller calibre than the white coloured fore-mounted weapon (pictured in front – a 20mm cannon)

The Maritime Guard Command(MGC), a quasi-Coast Guard, is jointly staffed by personnel of NIMASA and elements of Nigeria’s defence and security architecture chiefly deployed on secondment, the Nigerian Navy, Nigerian Army, Nigerian Air Force, Marine Police, Customs Marine Unit and the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps.

The now appreciable fleet of the Maritime Guard Command includes 10-metre Boston Whaler interceptors, brand-new 18 metre patrol boats manufactured by ARESA (Spain) and a handful of larger coastal patrol craft.

However, this haul of a 2,500+ ton oceangoing patrol vessel and six 37m patrol craft represents the boldest leap forward by the Maritime Guard Command as they will now be able to step up midshore and offshore patrols in the quest to enforce maritime laws and boost security in our territorial waters. They are the largest assets in the MGC fleet.

In the light of the foregoing, it is obvious that the scare mongering occasioned by the purported acquisition of seven “BATTLESHIPS” as reported by pedestrians in Nigerian media circles amounts to a stretch. Where then are the missiles and torpedoes on the NIMASA patrol craft above, derisively labelled as Tompolo’s battleships? Yeye dey smell…





“..the role of Global West in this partnership was to just “to provide the platforms, maintain them, bunker and crew them, while the military provides security. All that NIMASA officials do is jump into the boat anytime it wants to go into the waters.”

– Patrick Akpobolokemi, Director General NIMASA


At the time (October 2013) when three of the six ex-Hauk craft were inducted into Maritime Guard Command service, it was absolutely clear that they arrived our shores absolutely stripped bare of ALL weaponry. It was only after the Nigerian Navy had mounted a mixed panoply of 20mm cannons, 12.7mm HMGs and PKM GPMGs on them, as it typical for ships deployed for counterpiracy and waterways security operations, that the first three Hauk patrol craft commenced patrols on Christmas Day in 2013.





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  1. Bigbrovar says:

    I can’t believe my eyes… Am I dreaming or is this the best Christmas present ever… Welcome back Oga Beeg.. I still dey in shock.. Make I first to step down

  2. danbaba01 says:

    Beegs is back, thank God. merry Christmas y’all

  3. jimmy says:

    I am really glad you are back, it has been tough in the field, no worries, or as you say no shaking it is just good to have you back, there are times things happen for a reason or for a season, I DO NOT HAVE ALL THE ALL ANSWERS NOR DO I pretend to but I do know this I will go to bed feeling a little better that BEEGS is back

  4. Emmanuel says:

    It’s rather unfortunate how most of our news media publish reports without verifying their sources and the details of such reports! Because sahara reporters publish somethings doesn’t mean it’s 100% true, whenever they report, most of the newspapers, blogs and online media just follow the bandwagon and publish such reports without verifying whether such stories are true or not!! Whenever you read such stories in the papers especially as Headlines, you begin to wonder whether these newspapers have editors or have the interest of Nigeria at heart because their stories are so inciting! Imagine at a time like this when there is so much tension in Nigeria, newspapers will claim that “one” individual, Tompolo bought 7 “warships”! How can one individual buy a warship?? its not possible!!…..

  5. giles says:

    tank u lord.dis is wondaful.
    Oga beeg dis or Xmas gift big well well no no b small.
    welcom n mor God’s guidance

  6. Akin Oges says:

    Good to have you back my General. My aneurism is gone! Thank God. Happy Xmas to you and to all the Generals on here.

  7. camouflage1984 says:

    The 2535 ton vessel is berthed at Marina. Oga Henry i think this is the vessel i was referring to on your thread on nairaland. Welcome back Oga beeg.

  8. drag_on says:

    Welcome back.*Glasses in the air.

  9. BoobyTrap says:

    Nigeria, were journalist can’t decipher between a helicopter gunship and a fighter jet, or a patrol craft and a warship

    Welcome back beegs!!

  10. chynedoo says:

    Oga Beeg welcome back! Salut!!!

  11. Cerberus89 says:

    Welcome back general beeg , thnx for givin us d perfect xmas gift .Hope u wil tell us y u went AWOL again

  12. Solorex says:

    General Beegs: *Bienvenido de nuevo-Nous saluons le retour-Willkommen zurück-ku aabọ pada*

    Here is the bright side,We can easily buy modular C802 battery and Shinco Radar and upgrade if we ever need to. One big Question-Why Exactly do we need GVSL to buy anything for Nimasa or the Navy? is there any extra competence,experience,funding,technology they put on the table that Navy/NImasa cannot acquire on their own? food for thought- i also believe that the mother re-supply ship is lamely armed.

    • Are James says:

      This is still s military ship as far as I am concerned. The Armour plate on it can stop ordnance of some calibre and class from penetrating the hull. Ask your self the question; should any law permit @Solorex to buy a full military humvee with its guns taken out or for @Are James to move his family around in an MRAP without guns?. The answer is NO.
      All individuals and corporate citizens in a state submit to the coercive power of that state. The military and police should be able to shoot at my car and stop me if I constitute a n nuisance to public peace. No corporate body should be as strong as our navy in inland waterways. I think NIMASA should be abolished and its resources collapsed and shared into two separate bodies; a full coast guard established via a constitutional amendment and a separate marine environmental protection and pollution control body added to the ministry of environment, Even in the US, there are issues with the Coast Guard doing both duties and they have come up for a lot of flak accusing them of being too in cahoots with the oil companies.

      • Saleh says:

        Just don’t understand why a private citizen should be allowed to procure these platforms under any guise. If the govt thinks the navy needs them, procure it for the navy. We are not matured enough to sub contract in this sector

  13. Tobey says:

    Beegs is back!!!

  14. Augustine says:

    My ogas, na all this stripping off missiles that makes me not so happy, we end up with Africa’s best patrol navy, but one of Africa’s weakest combat navies.

    At the rate missiles get removed from ships coming into integration with Nigerian navy fleet, I begin to suspect NNS Aradu may be coming back after refit stripped of missiles and downgraded into OPV, all NNS Aradu missiles should be expired by now anyway after about 30 years of purchase.

    Nigerian navy should NOT be turned into a coast guard, I still maintain my opinion.

    We can mount missiles later does NOT give us a combat navy, we are still a patrol force.

    Same way Police is NOT = Army….Coast Guard is NOT = Navy.

  15. Augustine says:

    Nigerian navy admirals, I salute you for building the most disciplined and most innovative force among the Nigerian armed forces.

    Don’t surrender to become a coast guard o ! Ask for your rights, you are the ones guarding Nigeria’s oil wealth, NAF is buying JF-17 Thunder, NA is buying T-72 tanks and BMP-2 IFV, all your military brothers are getting offensive lethal weapons for conventional warfare, don’t sleep o !

    Ask for your own missile armed ships and sonar/torpedo armed helicopters for conventional combat that the Nigerian constitution clearly states you should be armed to do as a Navy, the Nigerian constitution does NOT call you a coast guard, it calls you a NAVY, i mean NAVY !

    Na our friend NIMASA go be coast guard, they are doing well in that role and we appreciate them as they cooperate with NAF and NN. Wonderful, NIMASA thank you.

    Oya now Navy Admirals, 2015 federal budget, demand your own missiles and torpedoes !

  16. rugged7 says:

    The BEEG ONE!! ALL hail the chief!
    Na wa ooooo….. Oga beeg.
    Anyway, however long the night…DAY must surely break.
    Welcome back.

  17. Deltaman says:

    Welcome back Oga Beeg!

  18. Augustine says:

    So these are some of the rich people making our navy work overtime with endless patrolling….


  19. Obix says:

    Oga Beag, Dobro Polzhalovat! Welcome back! 🙂

  20. COLONEL NGR says:

    Oga beeg is back! Colonel reporting for duty sir. Heard from the grapevine that the Nigerian airforce received some transport aircrafts recently from australia. My source says there is no info with regards to any comat aircraft coming in for now.

    • giles says:

      maybe discommisioned c130 aircrafts cause,I once heard d Philippinian air force will b receiving some

      • Are James says:

        The CAS has been dropping oblique references to this enhanced airlift capacity. I still think it is secondary to aircraft that actually travel far, travel fast to drop a lot of ordnance on an enemy. Most airlift assets can be hired or procured quickly when the need arises but combat jets not so rapidly.

  21. Number one says:

    Merry Christmas and welcome back Oga Beegeagle

  22. ugobassey says:

    With all due respect my Ogas why are we getting jittery over NIMASA’s procurement. From the little I know so far, these procurements are not for the Navy but Fisheries in DOT. I just hope FG has the good sense of upgrading this little known department to a full fledged ministry with the role of a Coastal guard while the Navy’s role is redefined with much emphasis on international (West Africa/Sub-Saharan) sabre rattling.

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