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  1. Henry says:

    The APC looks like a BTR in cage armour.

  2. Henry says:

    Oga beeg, on the Chinese/Nigerian APC the vice-president was talking about, when a high level chinese delegation paid him a visit, do we(you) have an idea what the APC is?

    • beegeagle says:

      It depends on whether the JV shall be with NORINCO or POLY TECHNOLOGIES INC and if it is mainframe APCs or MRAPs in view.

      IF MRAPs, it could be Poly Technologies Inc BigFoot MRAP. If it is going to be APCs, it would most likely be the Type 07A which can be configured either as APC, IFV, mortar carrier or wheeled SP artillery.

      If it is going be to a NORINCO affair, it would almost certainly be the WZ 551 (Type 92) which can also be configured either as an APC, mortar carrier, SP artillery or IFV.

      Cannot think of anything else that is likely to be in the loop..

  3. beegeagle says:

    Thought so but it is not. Notice the very different windshield and the placement of the rear view mirror.

    • Henry says:

      Oga beeg, i’m pretty optimistic it is a BTR-4 in cage armour.

      • Tobey says:

        Totally agree..its a BTR-4..30mm cannon beast.

      • beegeagle says:

        Ooohh? Well, I was only thinking about in-service BTR 70s and BTR-3s…except you are confirming sightings or recorded deliveries of BTR-4 APCs. That would be news to me.

        Thanks to very credible sources, I am absolutely certain that the Nigerian military have lately taken delivery of modernised Mi-35P attack helos and T72 tanks. Ditto BigFoot MRAPs and Streit APCs. I have heard about reported deliveries of BMP-2 IFVs and BTR-4 APCs but have not seen photos of any of those so I have opted to lay off the speculative.

    • Obix says:

      BTR-4. Remember i wrote about the acquisition some time ago.

      • Henry says:

        Oga Obix, what this means is, those Nigerian Army personnel whom I told you were spotted in kharkiv, we’re actually there for Tank trainings.

        While the mechanics you visited the lorry plant are a different set.

      • Obix says:

        Oga Henry, it’s very possible. Due to the crisis, Ukraine is now very secretive on details of her military exports. The government doesn’t want further public outcry.

    • Cerberus89 says:

      If this is true then it could be american influence at work

      • Obix says:

        Of cause America at work. Again one can argue that the Saudis are sympathetic to BH. Then damn it! If Oman, Yemen and Eritrea wont give the planes passage as well, then take a longer route. Just fly and don’t ship!!!

    • peccavi says:

      This is another one of these ridiculous stories. How many armoured veehicles can you fly in a plane?
      So were we buying just 2 or something. Armoured vehicles are generally shipped not flown. If we must fly, there are routes to the north and south of Saudi Arabia.
      Please lest not get distracted again with this conspiracy theory/ everyone hates us nonsense.
      The same Saudi Arabia that is destroying the US Shale Oil/ Energy independence plan buy depressing the oil price is all of a sudden the US’s willing lapdog?
      Abeg grow up

      • Cerberus89 says:

        Excuse me mr pecavvi I take exceptions to such nonsense wat do u mean by pls grow up ? Why do u behave like a playground bully wat is ur stress ? Who da fuck do u think u r? General patton? Y can’t u respect other pples opinion on this blog ? Is your father d owner of this blog that u will com here and open ur dirty mouth and insult anyone that expresses his opinion on a post.Look my guy take time if nt by d time I start my madness I swear igbi’s madness will be child’s play compared to d one I will visit on u ekwensu nonsense

      • Cerberus89 says:

        The internet is available to u ,go and read about d relationship btw d saudi govt and d united states govt .Anyone conversant with d mideast will knw d level of influence washington has on riyadh right from d days of roosevelt down to d bush and now obama . A certain saudi monarch said that after almighty God they only thing they trust is america ?do u knw that d saudi royal family are being hated by extremists groups lik isis bcos of this relationship? Hav u heard of saudi aramco who founded that company b4 it was nationalized by saudi arabia in d 80s it is inview of this that one can’t help but give credence to this report although I hope it is false.

      • peccavi says:

        Cerberus89 to the best of my knowledge no one called your name, however if the shoe fits please feel free to wear it.
        I have not insulted you or anybody yet from your vantage point you have managed to smell my mouth. No shaking.
        You can rant and rage as much as you like but anytime you feel you can counter ny arguments I’ll be more than happy to engage you.
        You have a good day now!

    • mnl01 says:

      Could be the JF-17 Thunders Enroute (Maybe from Pakistani Airforce Stock) and with the mention of Tanks the Al -Khalid MBT.

    • rka says:

      No reason why they can’t deliver the equipment through the same route used by the Ukraine/Russia/Belarus with the Antonovs/Illushins.

      I agree most likely Al-Khalid MBTs and other associated equipment for COIN operations. I doubt the JF-17 unless a contract has been agreed, but what about pilot training, logistics support etc?

  4. beegeagle says:

    You are right, gentlemen. We just unearthed a RARE photo of a BTR-4 APC with cage armour. The unmistakeable placement of that atypical visor behind the young officer’s face puts this beyond doubt.

    To be sure, before posting this thread, I checked out photos of NA BTR-70 and BTR-3 APCs and was certain that it was none of those. Well, the appropriately tagged “unfamiliar APC” turns out to be a BTR -4. Did not bother checking that out because I did not even realise that the NA have quietly inducted the BTR-4. Well, that is good to know.

    VIEW a photo of a non Nigerian-owned BTR-4 here

  5. Henry says:

    Good to see the Army taking deliveries of the required assets we need.

    I’m still of the Opinion that MRAPs aren’t really needed in this current conflict. Due to competing demands, and a limited budget, we shouldn’t get what we want, rather what we need.

    The Igirigi can and should replace our LAV needs, which also includes MRAPs.

    We’ve also seen modified MT-LB’s armed with 25mm cannons in this conflict.

    Now, N.A BTR-4 IFV with cage armour.

    Modernised T-72AV’s.

    I say we ramp up the numbers, and we are good to go.

    • peccavi says:

      Seconded Oga Henry,
      MRAPS are not the solution to the IED threat. The roadside IED threat in Nigeria is actually higher than reported however MRAPs will not solve this problem as BH has access to military ordinance as well as homemade explosives and can destroy or disable an MRAP if they so choose. Superior tactics and techniques would solve this problem

      It would be good to see our mech infantry mounted in the Igirigi or other Nigerian equivalents.
      We need to be more imaginative in terms of mobility big heavy, fuel thirsty, difficult to maintain MRAPS are not what we need to defeat BH. Subsequent conflicts as well against a conventional enemy would not need hundreds of MRAPs.

      What we need for conventional war are vehicles that are either protected enough to defeat RPGs or weapons up to 30mm or fast enough to manoeuvre around the battlespace
      For COIN we need vehicles that are protected against 14.5mm and can survive an IED strike but are mobile enough to get into impassable terrain (swamps, hills, jungles etc)
      We need to move beyond slavishly aping the US or NATO in their wars and look towards how South Africa, the US in Vietnam, Portugese, etc countered the mine and IED threat in their conflicts

    • Are James says:

      Second that on the MRAPs. Someone just posted stuff about the Igirigi been built on a Ford F-350/550 chassis and my respect for the vehicle just dropped down waaaaaa even though those chassis have been known to tow fully loaded trailers over the toughest terrain so all in all maybe it is still a good start. A killer turret and some high calibre guns will make it a decent LAV.

      • Henry says:

        That’s a very good chassis, the Streit MK 2, allpine pitbull, wolf, plasan are all built on that chassis.

  6. Tobey says:

    MRAPS are not completely useless as oga Henry suggested…replacing an MRAP with the “IGIRIGI”?? As far as I am concerned, the Igirigi is nothing but a glorified bullion van..what chance do they have against 14.5mm and 23mm ammunition? Or worse, against IEDs? We started something good by acquiring the “chinko” MRAPS..let’s not get over our heads with an APC (Igirigi) that has no chance in a conventional conflict.

    • Henry says:

      Oga Tobey, looking through my post, I fail to see were I said MRAPs are completely useless in this conflict.

      The Igirigi is Stanag level 2, they provide the same protection as an Otokar cobra, carry the same number of troops, and are our current troop requirements. On The Chinese MRAP we currently operate, they would not save troops against 14.5mm, except if they are strapped with additional add on armour.

      However, as Nigerian Army bigfoot MRAPs , in there current basic state, cannot protect against 14.5mm.

      Big, diesel thirsty, high maintance MRAPs aren’t what we need at this time, this is why we have an abandoned CS VP3 currently sitting in cameroun.

      The army needs to have actual vehicles it can maintain it’s running cost, LAV’s are the answer, not MRAPs. They provide adequate protection, are light, easily manouvearable, easy to maintain and aren’t fuel thirsty.

      Again, I fail to see the requirements of an MRAP today, joing the global bandwagon when we do not have deep pockets isn’t the right cause of action to pursue. It is foolhardy.

  7. buchi says:

    oga peccavi i do disagree to a certain extent MRAPS may not be needed but certainly are important in this war….IED threats may be low but they are evident also the level of tonnage of the small scale iED in recent times is a cause for concern… a IED laden toyota camary was intercepted in kano 2 weeks and guess what the tonnage was
    this wasnt your usually gas cylinder low grade IED,,this gues wired 105mm T-55 tank shells..and from the inscriptions on the shells it looked to be HE shells(with heavy shrapnel)..MRAPs should be acquired in optimum quantities alongside an innovative solution towards contering iED threats

    • peccavi says:

      Oga Buchi I agree, the IED threat is not as reported the Camerounians are getting caught out now, but in Naija it is quite advanced with VOIEDs and so on.

      However you will note that a significant proportion of the VOIEDs particularly away from the urban centres are followed up with small arms ambushes thus the MRAP might save lives but it will be disabled and vulnerable to infantry and support weapons I still strongly believe most of these ambushes can be defeated by good counter IED drills, such as vulnerable point and vulnerable area drills.
      But the reality is even if you use MRAPS 100% it does not stop IED attacks not does it defeat the enemy, it will reduce casualties thats all.
      To defeat the enemy you must take the fight to them and for that you need speed and all terrain ability not heavy armour.
      if we must have armour then a genuine APC or IFV is preferable that can at least protect against 14.5mm and defeat RPGs.

      But I’m not discounting the IED threat, the enemy has access to captured military grade HE as well as commercial explosives and homemade explosives and as we have seen they know how to use them

  8. jimmy says:

    OGA Deltaman
    Thank you for the thread, OGA Peccavi, I want your thoughts as to what I am saying could it be the bh fighters that are being pushed out of Adamawa state is slowly being squeezed into Cameroon? why the sudden increasing frequency? Why the attacks on Cameroon is there no honor amongst thieves? to me I am worried that despite the TV happy BIR a base was overrun albeit briefly, the important thing is GOD knows what they carted away.
    I honestly would like to believe this story in its entirety but it is just too full of too many holes.
    1) There are too many alternative Air routes that could be taken through Ethiopia or Eriteria to get too Nigeria, People the Danger we face is to constantly believe anytime we have a setback America somehow has a hand in it.
    OGA BEEGS just confirmed that we have obtained up to date BTR4S and Upgraded T-72S.
    There is no love lost between the SAUDIS and these extremists groups, say what you may about the Saudis it is most def not in there interests to allow bh to flourish as to them denying THEIR AIRSPACE to an Antonov plane could be as simple as the plane not haven given the Saudis the APPROPRIATE info before hand flying over their airspace by the way if they were shipping the AL KHALID TANKS with TANK SHELLS AND PARTS you can only carry two of those at a time in an ANTONOV this is fact each tank weighs between 40 to 50 tons so the story honestly does not pass the smell tests, as we speak we are getting TANKS AND APC no one is blocking themfrom other sources or air routes. so let us try and keep level heads.
    Lastly OGA Augustine compared our procurement procedure to buying stuff at OSHODI Market, when you are doing stuff in a chaotic manner things will fall through the cracks, Saudi Arabia was one of the first countries next to Algeria to repeatedly warn us about the fact that BH will metastasize BEEGS even carried Algeria’s warning did Nigeria heed and act on those words back then? no they did not, I commend them for now buying the equipment but more needs to be done NOW namely get the jet su27/30 and the JF-17 If they want to end the WAR.

    • Are James says:

      I am almost sure this story is planted to provoke some public support for what I think is avoidable elongation of the war effort. I was not happy last week that the CAS was on national TV talking about the war going to take some significant length of time. That is not acceptable at all !!!!. If we have six combat jets in the air at once, doing six hours each per day and BH movement on ground is curtailed while ground forces advance to mop up, this is a three week job.
      Throwing out into the public domain routine logistics snags in US, Israel, Europe, South Africa and now Saudi Arabia is just exposing us to ridicule and I am saying it again that some top, people just want this to go on for ever.

    • peccavi says:

      Alarm is blowing for BH, the gloves are coming off in Cameroun.
      BIR is actually a very good unit and have shown BH pepper but they are limited in number and now BH now doing Cameroun as they have done us and they will see what the Nigeria Army is facing, like I said their MO is
      Around Lake Chad BH has seized several villages, they have held them for several months. They are now trying to create a contiguous zone heading down through Ashigashiya.
      to their credit the Camerounians have been fighting hard but BH is now changing the game, by attacking the population it presents them with the same problem the NA has, having to spread their troops far and wide. Combined wih their roadside IED campaign it restricts Camerounian freedom of movement.
      I think in the next year we will see BH IEDs against civilian targets in Cameroun and French forces undertaking operations be it air strikes transport etc.
      Apparently UAVs were used to direct artillery on Banki. Cameroun has no drones so its either the French or the US

      • Naijaseal says:

        Pls what’s happening? I saw this from Defense HQ twitter handle.

        DEFENCE HQ NIGERIA (@DefenceInfoNG) tweeted at 8:17 pm on Mon, Dec 29, 2014:
        Ongoing highly Coordinated Air OPs is conducted by the #NigerianAirforce. NO indication of any Foreign Force engaging in any part of Nigeria

      • asorockweb says:

        The US has drones in Niger, possibly also in N’Djamena.
        The UK also sent surveillance plane(s) to N’Djamena.

        The BBC reported the following today:
        “About 1,000 militants attacked five villages, including Amchide, and seized the nearby Achigachia military base …”

        This is the 1st I have hear of a multi-company attack on Cameroonian soil.

        What’s in Cameroun favour is demographics (only the top neck and head of their country is fertile ground for BH) and being a dictatorship (much easier to make decisions.)
        What is against them is their almost total lack of capacity or capability – BIR is only a handful of men.

        I wonder how the Cameroonian air force will fair if it has to fly combat, recon, and logistics missions everyday for the next 24 months.

      • peccavi says:

        Watch Cameroun, BH just wished them Merry Christmas.
        They are checkmated in Naija si need to control the area around Lake Chad, hence the attacks on Abadam and Damasak. They have held the Camerounian vilages on the south of Lake Chad for some months, the Camerounians have pushed them out and have fought a reasonably good fight. They are now going to launch attacks all over the Extreme Nord Region completely overwhelming the Camerounian forces.
        Other than the BIR and maybe Garde Presidentialle the rest of Caemournian Army is weak.
        If BH can sustain this tempo ( which is unlikely but not impossible) then in about a month Camerounian towns will start falling. The question is whether the Camerounians will force Chad to start pulling its weight or whether France will step in to keep their heads above water.
        Its very interesting, I would have expected BH to try and keep Cameroun sweet until after the elections in Nigeria at least so as to not get drawn into a 2 front war

  9. jimmy says:
    This a General whom I have a lot of respect for , someone who will of sought out the facts before making a comments, it will be wise for the powers that be to take into CONSIDERATION some of the things that are being said.

    • Are James says:

      This particular general has been in non partisan politics for about 25 years. He also has axes to grind with the NA. I support all that he is saying but I am aware of the particular slant of his politics.

  10. STARTREK says:

    … BULLSHIT its cheap politics to score petty points and the general is a disgrace. where was he when there was wholesale disobedience, saboutage, desertion, mutiny and outright murder of field operatives by two faced agents ?
    IT is on record that america went to war short of the required weapons, Standard body amour and other sundry issues; but not one record of mutiny or American public despite their frustration called for or encouraged their servicemen to disobey, abandon or desert their post… well all will be cleatet soon.

    • saleh says:

      pls dont compare US troops with NA troops they have never lacked and will never lack like NA troops have being subjected to. too many cases of mutiny are being reported it high time you determined the remote and immediate causes

  11. Henry says:

    Interesting video on the manufacturing of Proforce PF2 MK2 APV.

    • mcshegz says:

      Marvelous, absolutely marvelous, manufacturing is such a beautiful thing; building a finished product up from nothing, cant compete with that. #VictoryForNigeria.
      Oga Henry. I respect your hustle.

    • NaijaSeal says:

      Nice video. A few things i noticed.
      1. Their process seems pretty labour intensive, automation will increase their speed of assembly and keep quality high. I dont know how much vehicles Proforce sells, but automation is the way to go if they have large enough numbers of orders/sales
      2. There is no (public) proof of ballistic tests carried out on this vehicle.

      All in all, i hail Proforce for even getting this far, Nigeria is not an easy place to setup manufacturing…

      • Are James says:

        They wont do automation. The market does not support it and the payment schedule from the FG is noun synced with that kind of delivery. This process is typically low volume, high customization with plenty of ascent on the individual skills of the workers.
        Even for Nigeria’s nascent auto industry, I wont recommend ‘factory of the future’ kind of sophistication yet.
        Theoretically, manufacturing military vehicles when you already have engine, transmission, chassis, turret and guns as parts is mainly an assembly process but is even far simpler than high volume motor vehicle making

      • Are James says:

        *not synced*

      • Henry says:

        Do you know the number of cars innoson motors churns out @ naijaseal?

        Proforce plants can produce 450 armoured vehicles per year ( armoured cars/suvs and Armored personnel carriers/ APVs). They have 3 plants in all, 1 in Porth-harcourt, another in Abuja, and the 3rd in Ogun.

        On your point 2, there is public proof that ballistics tests are carried out on Proforce vehicles. You should verify your comments before making/posting them.

  12. Augustine says:

    Saudi Arabia blocked airspace to stop arms airlift to Nigeria, so what? The air space from Pakistan across the open ocean is almost a straight line to Ethiopia….find me another excuse o jare !

  13. asorockweb says:

    If it’s true the Saudi Arabia (SA) has blocked it’s air corridor to arms shipment bound for Nigeria from Pakistan, it’s a major problem.
    The direct flight is across Saudi Arabia, than across Sudan.

    If other Gulf States join SA in the embargo, then it will add more than a 1000km to the flight path of any air shipments from Pakistan.

    Abyssinia was a great empire, but Ethiopia is now land-locked.

    The ocean lane between Nigeria and Pakistan is pretty long and sometimes unsafe. The present administration is reaping the fruits of un-seriousness that it sowed a long time ago.

    • jimmy says:

      Let me honestly understand this .Saudi Arabia who is currently losing Billions of Dollars every day,will block the passage of a plane carrying two measly Tanks and spare arty shells so as to please the same country that is costing them Billions.An average aircraft travels @500 nautical miles per hour so a diversion of 1000km is just that a diversion of less than 2 extra hours.Moreover it does not make sense ,simply fly the Ethiopian route.No this is just a stupid planted story. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

      • asorockweb says:

        It could easily be a planted story.

        Even if it’s not a planted story, I don’t believe the US has any hand in it – The Saudi authorities as devious enough by themselves.

        Let’s not forget, during the Iran hostage crisis, it was later rumoured that then presidential candidate Reagan struck a deal with the captors so that the hostages won’t be released until AFTER the US presidential elections.

        If the GCC countries also block their air-space, there is no Ethiopian route.

        2 extra hours flying time might mean a flight is no longer possible.

    • Augustine says:

      Fly from Pakistan over free ocean to Somalian airspace at altitude and nobody knows you crossed the ‘radar-less’ Somalia to enter Ethiopia and refuel, then fly direct to Kano airport….Is that hard like rocket science?

      • asorockweb says:

        “nobody knows you crossed the ‘radar-less’ somalia”?
        Do you think commercial cargo flights are secret missions flown by special forces?

        These are chartered cargo businesses and they will not do things that are illegal or unsafe.

  14. buchi says:

    now we are talking

  15. jimmy says:


  16. drag_on says:

    If ours, it seems like we got the shturm weapons station. nice.

    30mm canon.
    2x AGM
    Atomatic Grenade Launchers
    Smoke grenades
    7.6mm aux gun.

  17. Augustine says:

    As I always said, looking at Nigerian political history from 1960, we don’t need a change of government in 2015, what we need is a change of attitude by the government and the governed.

    Big Foot MRAP
    Spartan Mk III
    Mi-35 Hind E
    Mi-171 Terminator
    JF-17 Thunder
    Many more coming but not yet revealed….

    Don’t change a winning team, let this government continue to deliver and we support them with our suggestions and prayers.

    A word is enough for the wise.

  18. jimmy says:

    OGA Peccavi
    As an avid follower of MILITARY HISTORY, I understand the two front scenario/ Nightmare for boko haram. I will try not to speculate or over indulge the Nigerian army but something is happening for boko haram to want to push further into Cameroon even at the risk of Serious casualties, however nothing they do at times makes sense,It is up to the Nigerian govt to exercise sheer iron will and god given courage to order the Nigerian ARMYand AIRFORCE to overrun GWOZA AND BAMA simultaneously so that the left hand cannot help the right hand .There has to be a means to an end if this administration truly wants to end this war then they must forge the iron will to do so.

  19. Tope says:

    What of the Joint Task force supposed to be set up in November no word from them, the Russian trained SF Battalion nko?

    • peccavi says:

      Nothing for MNJTF, Cameroun claims to have sent 700 Naval servicemen but they are supposed to be based at Baga, which is virtually cut off and BH is attacking Cameroun across Lake Chad.
      No news on the Russian trained unit or what the NA is going to do with 143 Bn the unit being trained by the US

      • Tope says:

        Thank you Pecavvi as Always u are Spot on, my worry is the Attitude of our Neighbour Govts, there is no need to Lie, if they knw dey cant handle BH why nt den At least Support us in da Endeavour to DESTROY the group once and for all, Support can come from Human Intel Network, Logistic and FOBs deep in Neighbour countries, Funding Even as their own contribution since they see BH as a Nigerian Problem nw dt dey are Attacking Cameroon who failed to Act, We wuld see Hopefully dt Cooperation we hv been Screaming for.

        As for the 143s who knws dey may still be in Training n all dis US-Nigeria tussle is just a distraction for citizes, my real interest is in the 3 batches of the SF Bn trained in Russia n Ukraine i believe if trained well dey will be da Offensive Force for BH Columns wat do u reckon?

  20. giles says:

    pls am still asking do we have and use radios on our tank apc ifv and other military vehicles

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