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  1. beegeagle says:

    OK, that is a Nigerian Army-owned Steyr 4K 7FA tracked APC either captured or stolen by BH. This was possibly neutralised using anti-tank weapons.

  2. gbash10 says:

    General Beeg,that Steyr track APC maybe the one Boko Haram used to display when they took Mubi in their video.

  3. tim says:

    bh is shifting operations to cameroon

  4. beegeagle says:

    I thought so as well, my brother Gbash,

    Can’t remember if that video of a hilly town where Shekau was recorded whilst preaching and some hoodlums were revving a Steyr APC was shot in Gwoza or Mubi.

  5. jimmy says:

    The tracked Steyr that the Cameroonians are showing was destroyed in MUBI by Nigerian Forces and was photographed by Premium Times this was probably plagiarized by them of oga Henry’s blog on Nairaland nah wah for these people no shame, too bad they did not put a photo mark on it (S.M.D.H.)
    I keep asking this question without any clear cut answer maybe our guys with ears to the ground can answer this question. The NA confirmed has been conducting serious mop up operations in Adamawa and at this stage it appears all the unwilling troops have long since been shipped south leaving the battle tested WARRIORS to do their thing is boko haram just attacking places in Cameroon or are they being squeezed out of Adamawa state, it does not make any sense whatsoever for any force to constantly fight on two fronts, however when it comes to boko haram nothing makes sense.

  6. jimmy says:

    Oga beegs
    Further confirmation is on the BBC LINK when they reported on the fall of MUBI it shows the same APC.

    • Obix says:

      Oga rugged, there’s a smell of BH sympathy all over the above blog…i quote them “…Borno state has almost completely fallen to the terrorists who have unusual success over the Nigerian military.”

      • rugged7 says:

        I post it only to raise awareness within the military. So as to take action or to respond directly through press releases to counter such information. I have occasionally been successful by tweeting directly to Oga Olukolade or Defence HQ

  7. odion777 says:

    That APC of Boko Haram listed above was destroyed by Cameroonian forces, you can click on the link below to see the APC completely destroyed by the Nigeria Army in Mubi, the one destroyed by the Nigeria army almost turned to ashes.

    • giles says:

      bros wot u saw is a t55 tank and not an apc sorry. D cameroonian military are fraudster always claiming our major success against boko haram. Jst lik dey claimed bmbarding BH positions same area d NAF are hav areial operation who even gav dem d right to strike deep in our encavement.

    • Henry says:

      Excerpt if B-H stole more than 1 steyr 4k 7FA tracked APC, the Steyr above was most likely destroyed by the Nigerian Army in Adamawa state, as oga jimmy stated.

      The Army destroyed T-55’s, Steyr tracked, 14.5mm mounted technicals and a whole lot of boko in their campaign to recapture areas under the control of B-H in adamawa.

  8. Tobey says:

    Seems BH has more than one Steyr 4K 7FA in their possession judging from their videos. Seems the last pic is from the liberation of Mubi…Its just amazing how BH has effectively painted a picture of itself as a well armed and motivated force while in real sense, it is a rag-tag group falling apart..So ridiculous is this group that one of their videos shows a potrait of the ISIS leader hung, so butt-kissingly on a wall..Its even a greater shame, knowing that the N.A’s P.R has been so ineffective and rudimentary..Just press conferences and a few flimsy photos every 2 or so months..Its so shameful that there is no single combat footage from the current CT-COIN operations in the N.E..while BH has tons already…one even showing N.A troops fleeing into the mountains..what we should do, is to go aggressive in this media war. Start a 30mins series to be shown on NTA every week on current army operations in the conflict zones..BH must not win the media it not shameful that many Nigerians were seeing the N.A’s streit APC for the 1st time ever in some idiotic Boko video?..we need innovative commanders now..please.

    • Are James says:

      This thing you have written about Boko Haram is true. The BH hype is more than the substance and we actually have our selves to blame for a lot of their successes.
      The only thing we have gained is real life war training and comprehensive ‘re armament.

  9. beegeagle says:

    Oga, the destroyed tracked armoured vehicle at Mubi which you provided is a T55 tank…not a Steyr APC.

  10. Trigger says:

    Its goodtoknow that the NA can destroy weapon systems in its Inventory at will… I wonder how the tank was destroyed?

    • Buchi says:

      A T-55 like the old ones in our armory is still meat 2 a well primed nd targetted RPG-7 thats how…later versions of the T tanks series began the concept of intergrating basic ERA leading up to the standard versions we have

    • Augustine says:

      Looks like that T-55 first got hit by NA T-72 HEAT anti-tank shell to penetrate and next shot was incendiary shell to roast ‘suya’.

  11. ocelot2006 says:

    The Cameroonian military are known to have peddled a number of half – truths and outright lies on the war against Boko Haram. But that said, you have to admit that they run a pretty impressive PR programme on the war. The Nigerian Army PR department could learn a thing or two from them, particularly when it comes to taking journalists to the front lines. Let Nigerians see our gallant troops in action and how they fair.

    Off topic question though: what’s the update on the attacks in Yobe?

    • OriginalPato says:

      @ocelot2006 Unconfirmed reports coming in from Baga, indicates another embrassment for the NA.

      • peccavi says:

        Lake Chad is he objective. From Abbadam to Kousserri.
        For ll the noise Cameeroun has been making, BH controls the Lake Chad southern border up to Kouserri and down to Waza. BH is going all out to try and knock Cameroun out of the fight. They will provoke a French intervention

      • jimmy says:
        OGA OCELOT If the first confirmed pictures start to come out it will be a collective embarrassment for Nigeria , Chad and Niger , this is the first paper to carry it and we have not gotten to the list of casualties or stolen equipment, this is turning out to be a bad Sunday.
        If boko haram controls Lake Chad this will truly be Catastrophic.

  12. jimmy says:

    I think deep down Cameroon does not have a stomach for this fight, 2015 is going to be a very tough year for both Nigeria and Cameroon. I HAVE REPEATEDLY tried all the websites and news outlets and I have yet to get anything definite, boko haram broadcasting corporation have not disclosed anything whatever it is since there have been no twitter handles from the dhq MY GUT FEELING SAYS IT IS BAD, BAGA falling means how bad the MNJTF it could if Nigeria does not take this serious meaning French Soldiers FIGHTING yards away from Nigerian TERRITORY if the COAS likes let him not go on the offensive this is what will be sucked into with the mess.

  13. Tobey says:

    An Army Base in Baga has fallen to insurgents..This is good news if you ask me..the N.A’s strategy of “Draw in and destroy” is brilliant..We’ve seen it in during the battle of Konduga, Mubi, and several other towns..Now, let the bodycount begin..another opportunity to rout hundreds of boko pigs.

  14. odion777 says:

    Just hearing that the Army base is not Nigeria territory, is was a joint militarily based and it was located in Chad around the Lake Chad area.

  15. rugged7 says:

    It still befuddles the mind on how FOBs can be overrun.
    NA should have made clear plans on how to defend such bases and provide fire support or airforce back up for these places.
    Boko haram overrunning these bases means they capture all the weapons- light & heavy.
    Then why do we bother about buying new weapons for the NA when it will fall into the hands of these animals???

    • ocelot2006 says:

      I concure. I’m concerned that remote outposts are left to fend for themselves without the necessary backup e.g. combat air support by NAF. Besides on what I’ve read so far, our gallant soldiers probably fought till they ran out of ‘munition.

      We must fast track the purchase of of those JF-17 fighters, Mi-17 transport helos for QRF teams and MEDEVAC purposes, and more Mi-35 Hind Attack helos. Right now we ought to have a solid Air Mobility unit

      • Kay says:

        Ignore the JF17s for now, do we have pilots trained on them already to fly them at moments notice.
        I’ll daresay look into what we have and use it, F7s, alpha jets. If it was possible, let’s loan platforms that we already have training on.
        Sad that this can still happen, by now we should be able to muster enough units to strafe, attack and degrade these terrorists for a minimum of five hours straight.

    • rugged7 says:

      And the other matter, i am a bit uneasy about court-martialing large numbers of troops.
      It works upto a point, after that, u reach law of diminishing returns…
      So what do we do with the soldiers who alegedly ran from Baga? Another courtmartial??
      In effect we have eliminated close to 500 soldiers by courtmartial from the war effort.
      Those who do not get a firing squad will be summarily dismissed. These soldiers, with years of army experience and certain “special” skills are bound to be bitter and are more likely to take to armed robbery- creating more insecurity or worse still, become guns-for-hire for BH.
      Training new soldiers for basic infantry/CTCOIN can take between 6months to a year.

      Isn’t there an option for redemption of such soldiers?
      Such as posting them to distant FOBs and giving them an opportunity to redeem them selves-in combat or death?
      It sounds far -fetched, but u have to wonder sometimes…

      • saleh says:

        yes even though there is a need to uphold discipline, There is the need to investigate the root cause of these ocurences.It is time to investigate the allegations and reasons presented by the personnel facing court martial. At this rate, officers and soldiers will soon finish. However, the soldiers in Baga didnt run away, they fought for hours before their location was captured. Why didnt the authority send reinforcements during the period?

    • rugged7 says:

      Apparently, chadian troops were “withdrawn” 2 days before & the Baga base was re-supplied by the Nigerian army with sophisticated weapons few days before the BH incursion.
      In effect, BH has been gifted new year weapons..
      It is extremely troubling…
      This raises again and again, serious questions of BH moles within the army superstructure.
      5 years into this war, what has the NA military police, DMI, ONSA, ONSA’s counter-terrorism team lead by Sakin-Bello done to weed out these elements???
      As for Chad, nemesis will catch up with them very soon.

      • jimmy says:

        Oga rugged7,Oga freegulf With the greatest amount of respect, please calm down.R7. Please reread your comments it says at the begining The chads withdrew 2 days before the actual encounter. Much as we would like to focus our anger on the NA based on eyewitness accounts,the army fought for several hours and were overwhelmed ,I have often said I will ask the painful questions by whom? Boko Haram or the Chadian army working in collusion with boko haram. Let me be very emphamtic here in the Short term. Nigeria will be highly embarassed , long term and with 20/20 hindsight Chad has the most to lose. Eyewitness account detail @least 11soldiers dead confirmed, a mole does not fight to the death,or expend all their ammunition, the fighting went on for several hours in all major encounters like this the NAF has joined the fray eithier to resupply/ or bomb and strafe ,I will stand corrected if told otherwise,draw your conclusions. Oga freegulf lastly stand down just like oga xnur told me when. I was once seething with anger let us wait and see what follows in the coming days, let us tone our comments there are still 11women missing and we are yet to hear from the overall commanderof the task force. Grimly we shall wait, grimly we shall bear, our hearts shall not be vanquished, nor our minds shall be made bare. It is the enemy we hate and so we shall not hesistate to visit upon him What is certain to be his fate. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

      • rugged7 says:

        @Oga Jimmy, no wahala sha, we go calm. Nigeria will overcome it’s enemies. Be they domestic or international.
        Cow wey dey in a hurry to go America; go come back as corn beef.
        BH will end up in that meat-grinder sooner than later…

  16. jimmy says:
    I raised the issue that there problems with the Nigerian Army that unless these problems are dealt with they will continue to resurface. Baga has fallen the fighting started at @530 a.m Saturday and the soldiers fought according incoming witness accounts hundred of Boko haram fighters in 4X4 PICKUPS and HILUX Trucks for over seven (7) hours the base was the objective.The objective was accomplished.
    In the coming days there are going to be a lot of very painful questions to be asked and whether they will be answered is going to be tough. We can ignore the respected Gen Ishola Williams and say as people have alleged he has an axe to grind or we can take the painful route.
    I prefer to take the painful route.
    When a strategic base like Baga is under attack what is the role of the NA in terms of reinforcements who makes that call?
    When an army base is about to be overrun what critical decisions does the NAF commander make evacuate/ or bomb the strategic parts of the base
    The army commander if he is still alive had to know whether help was coming or not what was his fall back position?
    The embarrassment is the lesser evil , The fall of Baga is potentially very dangerous for all three countries involved of all three Countries Chad has the most to lose,because there is a potentially serious international dimension to it.
    Before you can spell the name SUSPICION of the amount of LOGISTICS , MEN,EQUIPMENT it took to overrun parts of this base will cast a serious pall on relations and unless GEJ is completely clueless he will realize the meaningless of his visits to Chad, And no one is talking of bombing Chad with ALPHA JETS anytime soon.
    The lake Chad town of Baga was overrun that is actually the good news if you can believe that, here comes the really bad news, the apparent lack of communication and coordination as to what is really going on is part 1 of the bad news. Part 2 is the loss of equipment , personnel and morale and now comes the heavy lifting it took approximately two and a half weeks to retake Mubi with loss of life but MUBI WAS RETAKEN. Baga has to be retaken and will be RETAKEN but it exposes the underbelly of the Nigerian Armed bases far away are crucial to being reinforced and not only that the NAF MUST BE CAPABLE OF CONDUCTING PUNISHING BOMBING RAIDS DAY AND NIGHT .The F.G has a decision to make buy more helios and aircraft in squadron numbers or be prepared to suffer the loss of more towns like Baga.The time for praying and prophesying is over while MARRIAGES are taking place army bases are being overrun if you don’t spend the money now you are going to spend it later in Cameroon and Chad taking care of your IDPs.
    They form part of the equation because Nigerian Soldiers have repeatedly captured several Nigerien Citizens the practice of simply deporting them has to end, they if caught in Battle circumstances need to be treated according to the United Nations and Nigerian Law as Mercenaries deporting someone on Monday and facing him in battle on Sunday does not make sense hypothetically speaking.
    Bracing myself for a bloody Monday.

  17. peccavi says:

    The fall of Baga is a nightmare
    Look at the pattern,Abadam, Damasak, in Nigeria, now Baga, in Cameroun Dagmee, Soueeram. Amchide and Ashigashiya are under siege.
    What does this tll us? BH has control of Lake Chad, they now have secure supply lines both through Niger and Chad, they control continuous territory and have unfettered access to Southern Libya.
    I’ve said since November the objective of this Harmattan Offensive is control of Lake Chad and its happening.
    Cameroun has run out of quality troops and Bh has focussed on them.

    This as not unexpected so why was Baga not reinforced and covered with artillery and mortars?
    How can they fight for a whole day and no reinforcement or counter attack?
    Forget air support, as I said before, this is Harmatttan, visibility is poor and the dust wreaks havoc with rotor blades, engines and instruments so the answer was artillery and rapid reinforcement.
    We keep letting BH have victories when we don’t need to. A BM 221 or even a Troop of 105s with adequate ammo would have smashed the enemy

    • Deltaman says:

      My Ogas, question I have, is why do our troops run? Don’t want to believe everything I read but it feels like a kick in the groin. Downward spiral in SL started with SLA running from battles with RUF triggering Strassers coup which sent Momoh packing. Momoh stressed that he was funding the war effort but somehow it wasn’t trickling down to the front, similar accusations – corruption etc. Don’t like these signs one bit. My tuppence for the day.

  18. beegeagle says:

    FROM HENRI, a Cameroonian based in Senegal :

    Hello everyone from Senegal.

    it’s been some time now that I follow your blog as many citizens worldwide. Any time I read it, I wonder how you can spend all your time comparing yourself to a poor and small country like Cameroon which has ten times less people than you and twenty times less wealth in terms of GDP. a country in terms of development which is ranked 100th in 2013 while Nigeria is 23rd worldwide.

    The few military acquisitions Cameroon make are immediately compared to that of Nigeria. Cameroon don’t make competition with anyone. We do not only not have means to do so and we have many
    development problems to settle at home with the little resources we have.

    If you really want to compare your army with those of other countries, you may look what Algeria, Egypt and South Africa are doing in term of investment. If you were reading French,and you care about the geopolitics you would know that between Cameroon and France in Francophone Africa, it is not peaceful and Cameroon is more related to Russia, China and Israel for its defense. Many of his military units are trained by Israel.

    Do you know what France did in its former colonies like Congo, Ivory Coast, Mali, CAR, Chad ? In francophone Africa,Cameroon in francophone African counties(even if Cameroon is in part anglophone) who refuse to host French military bases in his territory between Cameroon and France there is not trust since the president decide to give the major project to China who also discover oil in the north region.

    France is looking since that time an opportunity to bring rebel in the country to reproduce what he did in Cote d’Ivoire. Putting Cameroon into war with Boko Haram is for France a good opportunity to bring rebels in Cameroon. I suppose that you really know who finance and train terrorist groups in Africa. Terrorist group are instrument used by NATO to destabilize some countries worldwide. If you have to fear some country it’s not Cameroon. Cameroon buy arm (in China and Russia)because he know what France and their friends are preparing for him. It’s not to compete with Nigeria.

    I read some of your commentaries about Russia and Ukraine and I see that you have not grasped the issues. CNN, BBC and FOX news will not give you the perspective of NATO and will never tell you what the real strategic issues at stake. Elargisez your analysis, call outside NATO Listen other languages, and you will see the real issues. This holds true for Boko Haram. We know that these countries can do with Boko Haram to destabilize us, that’s why we take very seriously Boko Haram on our side, even if you do not believe us and believe in Nigeria sought to denigrate the Nigeria to have a good image.

    In December parliament passed a law prescribing the death penalty for anyone suspected of terrorism or terrorism complicity in Cameroon. We know exactly what France and the US are able to do with terrorist groups near a country. Deputies have repeatedly accused France of wanting to use Boko Haram to create a rebellion Cameroon to the north end to destabilize the president with the complicity of some local politicians. These accusations create incidents with the Embassy of France in Yaounde.

    France and the US have drones placed in Niger. if they really wanted to help us to fight against Boko Haram with their drones we would know in advance how Boko Haram is moving and there would be no attack of Boko Haram.

    • peccavi says:

      Because na we dey pay their school fees abi?

    • rugged7 says:

      @Oga Peccavi, i don’t think we can completely discountenance what he is saying.
      Some of his points are valid- like sponsors of terrorism, france and the francophonie relations etc
      BUT, still, i DO NOT TRUST Chad, Cameroon, Niger, U.S and France in that order…

      • peccavi says:

        Oga Rugged7, for us Africans its always a conspiracy, always some strange hidden force or power.
        How about we actually just to the right things and see what turns up?
        France is an extremely Machiavellian power as is the US. But please tll me what they gain from this insurgency?
        The key in everything is generally follow the money. Who is spending it and who is making it.
        Answer those questions and the answers become apparent.
        there are undercurrrents to Boko haram, but a good 60-70% of the Boko Haram conspiracies are Nigerian, and they are not from a particular region, tribe or religion.
        The other countries and politician are simply riding the tiger.
        This constant conspiracy chasing is stupid and gets people killed
        al Shabaab
        All of these are NATO plots? As if we do not have out own internal issues that are easy to exploit. Just look at the stupid comments around Nigerias election, yet people act as if Africans are incapable of war.
        You wan to arrest Boko Haram sponsors start in Abuja.
        You want to defeat Boko Haram, you need a well trained, well equipped, well balanced professional military, police and intelligence service.
        This constant White man burden thing is destroying us

      • Are James says:

        Most of what you said here are right but we can isolate some pertinent facts from the info we have.There is a conspiracy somewhere and that is established because a method to the Boko madness that just des not evolve spontaneously. What we cannot prove is how far reaching the conspiracy is and what local components it has. Some Nigerian army officers themselves could be a component, though painful we have to admit it. One international intelligence agency involvement (or mere wittingness) cannot be ruled out but we are not sure of which yet. Local politicians are definitely involved and they belong to both parties and may have pulled in neighbouring governments of Chad, maybe Niger.

        I strongly suspect the NSA office in conjunction with DSS/DMI already have a picture pieced from following the money internationally, doing interrogations, carrying out penetrations, simple personal contacts, phone taps and so on. Why things remain the way they are in the presence of so much information everybody know the answer. When people talk about lack of political will, they say that looking up at a particular individual.

      • peccavi says:

        Oga rugged77 the US sponsored the Mujahadeen to defet the Soviet Union. So it was due to a key strategic interest, not for fun.
        Like I said follow the money. Who gains from this?

      • rugged7 says:

        @Oga peccavi, YES, u are right, we can’t continually keep on blaming the white boogieman-U.S, France etc.
        BUT, You cannot completely rule them out either.
        Their track records for Enhanced Interrogation Techniques(TORTURE), chaos, funding insurgencies,genocide and destabilization of regimes they do not like does not leave them smelling like roses.
        Riddle me this: Guess who funded and armed mujahedeen like Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan??
        YES! U got it- The white boogie man-The good old United States of A

    • rugged7 says:

      @ Oga peccavi, exactly my point. And it-the U.S will keep sponsoring itself, one group or the other to defeat other enemies- real or imagined.
      US has been at war with one real or imagined opponent for close to 200 years of its 230 year history(more or less).
      Who gains from Nigeria’s problems?
      Even while following the money…
      From a geo-strategic, economic, military and political point of view; there are so many people who will benefit from the emasculation of Nigeria and it’s military.
      Both internal and external beneficiaries; my melanin-challenged boogie men included.

  19. Oje says:

    The Cameroonian guy Henry is right. This whole sequence of events is too neat and tidy by African standards. There is a major geopolitical game in play here and Nigeria is a target, its way too large to contain. The complicit proxy’s Chad and Cameroon and oblivious to the fact they are mere pawns, expendable when their time is up. We need a strong leader with a strong strategic plan to save this country.

  20. jimmy says:
    BRIGADIER/ NOT COLONEL KUTI’S whereabouts are unknown at this point.

  21. STARTREK says:


  22. rugged7 says:

    A twitter post by the cameroonian journalist:

    ChiefBisong Etahoben ‏@ChiefBisongEta1
    Over 25 Far North traditional rulers detained 4 collaborating with BH. The chiefs were denounced by their subjects

    This only confirms what we have been saying for a long time- the complicity of cameroon (advertently or inadvertently) in the insurgency situation in the North-East.

    • rugged7 says:

      However long this war lasts, Nigeria must win this war. If boko haram like, make e take 13 years.
      And, the end game MUST include destabilizion or regime change in Chad, cameroon and Niger- in that order.
      Nigeria must stop pussy-footing and get it’s short, medium and long term military regional strategy in order.
      These countries + our politicians, are heavily complicit.
      Pikin wey say i’m mama no go sleep, him too no go sleep.

  23. jimmy says:
    The Algerian war started in 1991 and lasted till 2004.There are a lot of similarities between both countries, Interesting read.Wiki not as accurate with the information as can be ,however the similarities are there for everyone to see, including the Jail breaks.

  24. rugged7 says:

    This is the only borderline supportive editorial headline on Nigeria that i have ever seen in the western media.
    New york times which is totally anti-nigerian will probably be having a fit, just about now…

  25. jimmy says:
    We can noe believe the days of Cameroon” riding the Tiger are now over”

  26. jimmy says:

    oh by the way OGA Rugged
    GEN Sarkin Bello is runnning under the pdp banner for KOGI STATE so I don’t believe he is still the no2 @ the NSA . FELLAS correct me if I am wrong.

  27. jimmy says:
    In the immortal words of Fela we dey wait
    If you are going to retake BAGA do it well , take your time and the NAF, The Artillery Brigades , The Special forces, and the Nigeria Army.
    Some people have described Baga as A REMOTE outpost .
    BAGA is a remote OUTPOSTS with International Implications for all three COUNTRIES COMBINED.It must be retaken , it shall be retaken.
    Thanks to OGA RUGGED7 and Freegulf for calming down it is extremely frustrating these last couple of days , This too shall pass, Algeria went through it , and Nigeria will go through the eye of the Storm but Nigeria will overcome.

  28. Let them take Baga back…but in their taking let them also add Gwoza and Sambissa…Happy new year gentlemen…and a big welcome back to Marshal Beeg….My 20 kobo: With the new weapons which arrived in Baga prior to the last engagement the Nigerian Military has not giving us value for money…I have quietly studied what has been going on and i can come to only one conclusion…The officers leading this war especially the very senior officers (COAS and CDS inclusive) needs a telling off. All along their cry has been give us better arms and we would prove ourselves, have they not been given? What other excuse do they want to give us now? I am not interested….The current COAS needs to prove his onions or resign…..same with the CDS. I choose not to blame the rank and file (though they are also culpable) because they are the outcome of what the officers have made them be. The officers are in charge of training them, arming them, posting them and leading them. If they are properly grounded in all this we would not be having all this dismal showing. The commander in chief has to stop massaging the egos of those he has placed in charge of the countries security and to demand that they earn their pay. This Baga saga should be the last of such embarssment (Whether Chad, Cameroun or Niger withdraws her troops or not). We should be capable of defending our territorial integrity!!!! Maybe Peccavi is right….Our problems might not just be new weapons… after every battle you see a lack of foresight from commanding officers, lack of foresight from officers who should be looking out for the Commanding officers in the battle front, lack of foresight for the service chiefs responsible for all the officers. When the attacked started, was the chain of command unaware of what was going on? Can the honestly tell us that they were not updated on a minute to minute basis? Can they hinestly tell us that the were not aware when the base was about to fall? A lot of these questions needs answers…and i hope the answers would not be frightening.

    • Are James says:

      I have always that the MJTF is a cowardly way out of our problem. No multi lateral solutions exist for BokoHaram. The multi lateral force does not trust the NA for good reasons and we also should not expect much from these third tier level Cameroonian, Chadian and Nigerian troops. Boko Haram will be destroyed in the entire region when Nigeria alone decides so and not only rids her territory of BH but also shows the capacity of going into neighbouring countries to do the same. I reserve comments about the top level of our defence institutions but the policy direction must change.

  29. freegulf says:

    the problem has never been lack of weapons, just silly excuse from some lazy bunch in cohort with clueless journos. yes, we can agree that the battle worthiness of some NA hardware were suspect, but it was never the significant reason for their ineptitude. a situation where a CO could only muster a mid size company strength out of an entire battalion for an operation tells you there is something deeply flawed somewhere. worse, on contact, only a platoon size strength was left to engage the enemy. out of an entire battalion with a functioning command structure, so much for C3. absolutely bizarre.

    @AreJames, you are right, multi national forces are basically for symbolic show of strength. they rarely stand the test of adversity. this is because policies and agendas of the various parties could be completely at odds. mutual mistrust would ensure arbitrary decisions would become the order of command and control.
    like you pointed out, nigeria would have to expel these insurgents from her territory and be expected to pursue and destroy them in neighbouring countries too.

    it is noteworthy that multi national forces, though generally a bad idea due to a whole series of mismatch ingredients, do sometimes turn out just fine. during the ECOMOG era, charlee kept their distance and maintained their spit and polish. however, NA and guinean contingents, deployed together in some bases, and worked fine. provided the nigerian commander knows how and when to put his troops on the side where the guinean MLRS where flying from, they where fine. the guineans where generally a bit indiscriminate while deploying their rockets for bombardment.

  30. Augustine says:

    Oga jimmy, your video confirms what many of us believe

    It’s a new ‘Shekau’….The other Shekau that said “Jonathans brings back our army” is dead and dead ! He is the one with a natural bumb on his forehead and was killed at Konduga.

    His demise has reduced the tactical capability of Boko Haram since last year, he must have been their master tactician and generalissimo.

    The other Boko leader to watch out for and kill is the one that poses with shiny NA Cobra APCs, the one that said “Zan sayad da mata….(I will sell your Chibok girls as wives)”.

    Forget about Baga ‘victory’, it will be short lived, when T-72 shows up now Bokos will run. It’s easy to overrun an undermanned remote base.

    However, I have always said Nigeria should NOT put female soldiers in battle zone, where are the 18 Nigerian army girls now? Missing from Baga base as news has said….are they safe ? Are they found? Do the girls have radios? Does every Nigerian base have a satellite phone to signal HQ? Why did the army not retreat as a cohesive unit instead of scattering like sheep without a shepherd?

  31. jimmy says:
    I was wondering how long it would take the dhq to comment on the atrocities at BAGA well GOOD JOB, Now please retake BAGA

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