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  1. Henry says:

    Oga beeg, Congrats man. IHS Janes just recognised your diligent hard work. Thank you for coming back.

  2. Henry says:

    According to Janes, Nigeria is getting 6 MI-35M and 12 MI-171SH terminator helicopters. I still do think 6 MI-35M helicopters is a low number. 12 would atleast have been more respectable.

    • beegeagle says:

      It is a low number but remember that there is supposedly an order for twelve off-the-shelf units of Mi-35 coming from Belarus. Some of those could fathomably be upgraded to Super Hinds.

      And there is an unknown number of Mi-17s (two confirmed as being held up for some reason) and Mi-35s (NAF 261 for instance) coming from Ukraine.

      We could be in line to receive as many as 15-18 units of Mi-35P (including Super Hinds) from Belarus and Ukraine. My findings suggest that 3-4 Mi-17s will come from Ukraine while Russia will supply twelve units of Mi-171Sh Terminator assault helicopters.

  3. beegeagle says:

    Would you still be upset IF, from the savings on Mi-35Ms, we are able to upgrade eight of the twelve units of Mi-35P coming from Belarus to Super Hinds? So that it reads like

    * 6 units of Mi-35M
    * 8 other units of Super Hind
    * 6 other units of Mi-35P

    • Henry says:

      That’s the thing, that big “IF”. If we can up-grade at-least 6- 8 of the incoming mi-35p helicopters to super-hind level, that would be fantastic.

      All the same, 12 MI-17 terminator1SH, and 6 MI-35M aren’t that bad all in itself.

  4. Tope says:

    Woah….so if all goes to plan 18 MI35M or P Hind/ Super Hind and 12 Mi171sh n 4 Mi 17 Helos we need dem ASAP seems Army is Upgrading quietly but steadily

  5. Olumide says:

    Dear Compatriots,

    Happy New Year to you all.

    I read and monitor posts on this blog avidly often late into the night. I can’t thank the blogger and all of those who find time to comment and contribute perspectives enough, becuase I have learnt a lot on here.

    Cutting to the chase, I have been following posts and comments on here on the recent reversal our military suffered in Baga and the consequent loss of new military hardware to BH insurgents. I understand from the posts and news reports that the FOB in Baga was just re-equiped with new hardware and the attack occurred two days after the Chadian contingent in the FOB withdrew. Here is my very, very loose theory and one possible solution going forward: Chad secretly backs BH insurgents. The Chadian contingent in Baga withdrew for BH fighters to attack and capture the new hardware so as to warehouse them in Chad and for use in operations in Nigeria. Here is what I think our military can do and unfortunately and quite stupidly, I am having to state them here. Anyways and for whatever it is worth we should: (a) bring out our old and dispensable NA hardware; (b) conceal listening and tracking devices on them; (c) conceal remotely operated explosives on them; (d) let BH ‘capture’ these hardware in battles; (e) listen on their conversations and track the movement of the hardware to acquire intelligence; (f) expose the location of the hardware to establish Chad’s complicity if the hardware are taken to that country; (g) detonate the explosives on the hardware at the most tactically helpful moment. In sum, I am suggesting that we should turn our old military hardware into trojan horses.

    I don’t know if this strategy will work as I am not a military person and just making a ‘bloody and clearly nosy civilian suggestion,’ but I anticipate two outcomes from this strategy. The first is obvious, BH insurgents would be careful henceforth about capturing our hardware. Second, Chad would be careful about warehousing BH weapons until it can find away to neutralise this strategy.

  6. beegeagle says:

    Presidential Request for APPROVAL for the purchase of 12(nos) Mi-35 helicopters from Belarus

  7. Number one says:

    Nice touch with the radio

  8. saleh says:

    It is cool rearming is on though slow and in insufficient number.

    One issue that is still being ignored even though the few titbits from the various courts martial and supposed letter from a commander in the field points to an underlying dissatisfaction amongst the troops on welfare and morale. This dissatisfaction is directed to small unit commanders who represents the authority of the C-in C. the consequence is a mistrust and refusal to put their lives on the line for a country that they don’t feel cares about them.

    It is time the govt looks into the allegations of these personnel instead of ignoring them. Some folks look at the individuals facing court martial as being cowards or failures in the act of leadership. There is a limit to which they can convince men under them that the welfare of the men and their families are being looked into when everything is glaring to them. The men see their former colleagues in pension queues and living a wretched post-service life and you expect them to think that’s not their fate in some years if they survive?

    It is time to look into troops’ welfare and corruption in troops administration. Yes this is like washing dirty linen in public but we have to choose whether to do that or mourn the destruction of our dear country by Boko Haram with indirect assistance by those in authority.

  9. beegeagle says:

    Nuh mind dat swaggalicious offsa wey dey pose like Gen McArthur 🙂 . Haha..nice one though.

    Remember last August when we posted a link here showing a Nigerian order for 40,000 radios? That is the way to go. Enough of troops getting blindsided in combat because they are cut off from channels which could provide decisive intervention in the heat of action.

    At the very least, each section in that theatre must be provided with a radio and a GPMG and each platoon should have their 60mm mortar, an AGL and a HMG. Let us not take that for granted. It has come to that.

  10. beegeagle says:

    On AUGUST 14, 2014@8:48pm, BEEGEAGLE POSTED..


  11. Augustine says:

    Nice pic, the officer is a captain. Nice radio.
    Big Foot MRAPs looks good, but how has the engine performance been so far?

    After T-72, the BTR-4 is our second main game changer, high speed, one of the fastest IFVs in the world today. Good for rapid response reinforcements. Sadly, we came late in procurement, we will never get large numbers of BTR-4 while Ukraine is at war.

    One Bigfoot MRAP can lead our convoys on some operations where we suspect IED threat on the routes, it can absorb IED blasts and save the rest of the convoy.

    120 Big Foot MRAPs for $60 million

    120 T-72 MBTs for $240 million

    120 BMP-2 IFVs for $120 million

    240 MT-LB APCs in ZSU-23-2 module for $60 million

    360 BTR-4 IFVs mostly in 30mm module and some ATGM module for $360 million.

    Nice way to spend $840 million and have a powerful Nigerian army that has numbers, speed, firepower, and modern day ballistic protection. Above list is about 1,000 good combat vehicles, enough to deploy an unbeatable garrison in every one of the 66 local government areas in the 3 North East hottest red zones Borno, Yobe, Adamawa.

    • Saleh says:

      Lol nothing said about the welfare of the men to operate them. Morale is an important principle of war without that it all comes to zero

      • Deway says:

        Add fuel and oil for those 1000 monsters, maintenance and repair, replacement of rounds and shells over the next couple years, including training those to man these equipment then its not just about $840m.

      • giles says:

        u ar right in as much we request for better hardware,lets also request for welfare for our gallant troops

      • ozed says:

        One major loophole in our welfare arrangements in my view (i believe i had mentioned this several months back) is the apparent absence of dry rations in our army portfolio. In other armies when forces are in contact or in remote locations where re-supply is tough, they go with pre-packaged dry rations which are compounded to deliver a balanced diet and sufficient calories to the men in action.
        Based on this, each man can enter action carrying 2-3 days (or more) of food, just in case warm meals do not reach them on time. The US Army has its MRE packs (formally C rations, K rations etc).

        For us we seem to believe we can deliver warm meals to the men, what then happens is that this delivery arrangement is not regular, and men have to go without adequate supplies from time to time.

        Also having the men carry dry rations would free up the logistics chains to focus on ammo, water, medicals etc.

        Dry rations could be stuff like hygienically packed dry stews, soups, garri etc. just add water, heat and swallow down (Note it doesn’t always taste nice, but it fills the tummy and nourishes the body).
        This need was there in Liberia, SL and doubtlessly in the North East today.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Deway I understand you, but both of us know Nigerian government has not done any major heavy firepower arms procurement for Nigerian army since 30 years ago.

        They have been cheated, NA too badly cheated.

        NATO standard for defence budget is 2% of national GDP, means Nigeria should have a defence budget of $ 11 billion annually. If we do that, maintenance of 1,000 armoured vehicles will not be a big deal.

        We have 170 million people to protect and a land mass 4 times the size of Britain !

        Solid defense is not cheap.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga ozed, I second it .

  12. freeegulf says:


  13. jimmy says:

    Morale is going to play a role
    Decisiveness in leadership
    Since the PRESIDENT wants this WAR to END i humbly appeal to him that one of the recently acquired PRESIDENTIAL helicopters NAF 280 should be loaned to the NAF it will be used to carry Men, equipment and very important material.
    OGA ARE JAMES has answered one of my painful questions which will require Nigeria to act unilaterally for her own selfish interests. The body language of the CDS did indicate when asked about Chad’s Betrayal err routine rotation of Soldiers Indicated he personally did not believe anything the Chadians were saying.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga jimmy, Nigeria is alone now in this war, Chad and Niger Republique pulled out their troops from joint force, then Boko struck. Why did Boko not strike when Chadian troops were in the Baga camp. Nigeria is surrounded 360 degrees by enemies and unfriendly ‘friends’.

      Chad number one.

    • xnur44 says:

      NAF is forming two (2) squadrons of attack helicopters with ordered and ongoing deliveries, also the C-inC had ordered the immediate replacement of ALL four (4) gunships lost so far.

      • beegeagle says:

        SPLENDID…way to go. Thanks for the sneak preview..

      • jimmy says:

        Thank you so much. OGA XNUR.
        There are going to be Painful questions and Painful Answers, I have to believe deep down that despite all the challenges,The majority of Nigerians are proud, resilient and and are grimly wakening up to the reality in order for this war to come to a realistic end , The Nigerian Airforce needs to be revamped, expanded, and most definitely reorganized. The Niger delta insurgency taught us some painful lessons about the Nigerian Navy, Boko haram is teaching us some painful lessons about the Nigerian Airforce, This too shall pass.

  14. Augustine says:

    Do our soldiers lack food and water? Really? Any info on that?

    Nigerian soldiers in war zone should be given best of dry food rations and water plus medical aid. Senators eat well in Abuja o !

    • Augustine says:

      A hungry man is an angry man o ! Make soja no come vex with rifle for hand o !

    • Are James says:

      On MREs
      If you know a good food technologist this is very good business.
      We may need dried, Nigerian made but very high quality MREs in local flavours for troops. Right now I think they lug about mess. canteens which they can only deploy after successful battles. There are also funny pictures of large aluminium pot cooking and suya stoves floating around online.

  15. Augustine says:

    beegeagle says:
    January 8, 2015 at 3:29 pm

    At the very least, each section in that theatre must be provided with a radio and a GPMG and each platoon should have their 60mm mortar, an AGL and a HMG. Let us not take that for granted. It has come to that.

    Seconded Oga Beegeagle !

    South African army has an orbat that works like that, very well equipped, high standards set, like NATO standards, world class.

    The 250 SANDF men in Bangui battle with Seleka rebels fired a formidable quantity of ordnance published when the list was read out by the Janes Defence staff. Lost grounds due to being heavily out-numbered, inexperienced, and not willing to die for Jacob Zuma’s private business agenda in C.A.R.

    Those 250 men had enough equipment and ammunition to arm two full battalions !

    SANDF has inducted new 28km range man portable ground search/enemy detection radars and 16km range hand held night vision thermal imagers for their infantry men now. World class, only Algeria can match their equipment.

    It’s not good to have a 1940 obsolete army o ! Wake up Nigeria.

    If we give our troops all they need, food, medical, materials, weapons, ammo, etc, we can court-martial them if they fail to perform well in battle, incompetence and poor tactics should be deemed an ‘offence’. We have trained Nigerian soldiers at NDA, War college, Command And Staff College, and also overseas in the best military academies of this world.

  16. Oje says:

    We are talking about too many things all at once, Helicopters,Tanks,Strategy and now food rationing dry calories,subjects like tha should take a back seater. One has to wonder why the international community seem to be conveniently iblivious about the Boko Issue. First it was Idris Derby trying to play Kofi Annan conveniently at the time when over 300 Boko Haram fighters surrendered to government troops and talk of a final offensive underway. This ruse of a gesture we swallowed hook line and sinker, we were duped and nobody seem to talk about that. Days later $500,000 changes hands between Cameroon, France and Chad in ”ransome” payment without consultation with Nigeria. A week after that we witnessed a resurgent Boko Haram no doubt buoyed by the new Capital in hard currency donated by powers that be. 2 weeks on to counter that we say the first batch delivery of some Russian Helicopter gunships with night vission equipment, the next week Idris Derbys personal assistant is caught with trying to smuggle a dozen or more advanced SA-7 Surface to air missiles to Boko Haram, a weapons system the Nigerian military currently do not even possess. Now the Nigerian army is on a rearmament drive in ways not seen since the Civil war.and now again conveniently we have Chad, Niger and Cameroon unceremoniously withdrawing its forces from the much publicized tri-latteral force, no doubt to strategies ways to counter Nigeria current military build up.

    The Nigerian military should be prepared for war against external entities who have consistently refused to heed our warning on not interfering and manipulating the Boko/Naija conflict. 40 J-17, 40 Helicopters, over a hundred Tanks, and Nigeria’s Naval resurgence only points to one thing, our government may not be as stupid as we were made to believe in the first place. If Cameroon launches more airstrikes on Nigerian territory the first response will be to take over Bakassi Peninsular which is manned by less than a thousand troops, lets be factual here, Chad will never dare attempt any form of military adventure against Nigeria, especially if they see Nigerias assertive response. For all this to happen we need a strong and visionary leader, a leader who understands the international game of ”deception and manipulation”, a leader who can play the game. Our Oga Jona strikes me as someone who have no idea what international geopolitics is all about.

  17. Oje says:

    Augustine ever since i came here youve been complaining, Youve left the T-72 thermal imaging bater now its South Africa’s new 28 kilometer Radio station and as usual you will draw a parrallel with to it with Nigeria. Ok what do we do? Call Okonjo Iwealla and her make available the sum of $1.5 billion to buy a 29 kilometer Radar installation? South Africa with all the hype can in actual fact not perform under the extreme condition Nigerian soldiers have, their battlefield experience pales in comparison. They cannot replicate Nigeria’s ability to deploy forces to far away Liberia and S-Leone and maintain military operations. The South African air force bought 26 Gripen fighters from Sweden not long agp, today half the Gripens have been mothballed over lack of funds, they do not have the heavy lift capability of the Nigerian air force, they do not have 5 sattelites in geocentric orbit, they have nothing close to the two highly advanced ATR Maritime and aerial surveillance plane which is more or less AWACS on an African scale.

    Our army is not a 1940 obsolete force, if they were Boko Haram will be in Abuja or Lagos by now after 5 years,..heck world war 2 lasted just 5 years. It took just months for ISIS to reach the gates of Baghdad,.. a force of similar numerical strength to Boko Haram, Tuareg Islamist took half of Mali in 3 months of fighting, it took 4 days for the Kenyan army to gain control when 6 Ak-47 WEILDING men took over a shoping mall and killed 60 people. 6 men held Kenyan forces for FOUR good days, thats crazy. At Nigeria’s worse Boko Haram could not cross over Borno much less Lagos or Abuja… a resurgent Nigerian army will be too much for Boko Haram to handle, you can only play hide and seek for so long..

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Oje, what radar is $1.5 Billion ?

      I said South African army now has man portable enemy detection ground search radar with 28km range, I have been shouting that Nigeria should buy it since last year May/June and use it to secure garrisions,

      The radar costs ONLY about $50,000 per unit, annual salary of a middle level bank manager in Nigeria, money that one senator can spend to celebrate birthday party for his son in Abuja.

      South Africa froze just half of their Gripen jets because they have ZERO war threat in 20 years, all their neighbours are friendly. So why fly around in 26 Gripen jets without any reason?

      South African has 100 times the peace that Nigeria has in terms of external aggression, yet they have 100 times more modern military than Nigeria.

      Your navy has no missiles, your army has no missiles, your air force has no guided ground attack missiles. 30 year old missile is self delusion, some of the bombs NAF dropped failed to explode last year and Badeh published it.

      NA, NAF, NN are like a 1940s military force in terms of offensive capability, struggling to defend Nigeria.

      Let’s stop boasting sir, let’s not be like Super Eagles defending champion that cannot even appear on the field to defend title.

      War is not a video game my senior bros Oje, war is….overrate yourself and get pumped with hot lead or bathed in TNT. Dead soldiers don’t wake up.

  18. Kola Adekola says:

    Happy New Year Oga Beegs and all Generals!
    Thank God, I thought this blog had died. Welcome back Oga Beegs.

    @ Oga Oje
    It is dangerous to form opinions on if’s and but’s. The particulars of the Nigeria-Chad negotiations and the intentions of both sides is not known to the public. Boko harams purported receipt of cash in exchange for hostages from France, China and Cameroon is also little more than a rumour.

    Also, since the international community is blocking our arms purchases and slandering us in their press, we can live without them. Why do you think they should define our path? What Nigeria needs to do is, exist on our own terms, we do not need 3rd parties to validate our actions and thoughts. The more oblivious the international community is to our affairs, the better for us.

    After the kidnap of the Chiboc girls, both American and UK leaders mentioned several times that Nigeria was very particular about outside inference and her sovereignty, raising the spectre that their real goal of the West (international community) with the boko haram saga was to control us.

    As for Chad, I agree with you that they need a black eye, but Nigeria must use the example of what Russia is doing in Ukraine. Chad has more than enough rebel groups; also Nigeria can smash Chad in Dollar for Dollar stakes, therefore in a reverse boko haram trick, we can outspend them in the funding of rebels vs their army. When the insurrection is victorious, we get paid by our brand new new Chadian strongman with Chadian oil concessions… Repeat same in Cameroon.

    • Augustine says:

      Kola Adekola says:
      January 9, 2015 at 1:45 am

      As for Chad, I agree with you that they need a black eye, but Nigeria must use the example of what Russia is doing in Ukraine. Chad has more than enough rebel groups; also Nigeria can smash Chad in Dollar for Dollar stakes, therefore in a reverse boko haram trick, we can outspend them in the funding of rebels vs their army. When the insurrection is victorious, we get paid by our brand new new Chadian strongman with Chadian oil concessions… Repeat same in Cameroon.


      Do me I do you, God no go vex.

  19. Number one says:

    @ Oga Augustine,the former COAS Lt. Gen Ihiejirika before he left commissioned an MRE Plant.

    • ozed says:

      Thanks for the info. However, it would be nice to know what its capacity is, and if its working.
      If it were working why are soldiers cooking for themselves in the FOBs around the North East? The truth is that things like this should be left to the Private sector. Define the specs issue production licenses to 3-4 private investors, and give them supply contracts from time to time.
      These Companies would then also market their products to other armies in West Africa, even the MOPOL when on long deployment in some emergency zones have similar issues.
      The market is large.

      But the man get foresight sha!! With the 20/20 vision of hindsight, i would nominate him as probably the most insightful COAS in a long time. Too bad he fell victim to politics.

    • Roy says:

      My cyber generals, I salute all of you and this blog has been the best thing that has happened to me on the cyberspace. Boko haram will be defeated and Nigeria will emerge stronger, wiser and more united as a nation. Once again l salute my cyber generals and l thank oga beegegle for giving me the opportunity to join this vision. Thank you sir.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Number One, thanks for info.

  20. beegeagle says:

    Indeed, General Ihejirika laid the foundation for a Composite Ration Factory. I recall harking back to the ECOMOG era when JOBITEX composite rations, including beans and egusi soup, got shipped off to those gutsy troops in West Africa.

    Part of the problem with not-so-tenacious troops these days, gentlemen, has already been captured by the COAS himself. A Sierra Leonean acquaintance back at CE, Redspyda, never ceased to regale us with stories of our so gallant troops in Freetown who could stay holed up in trenches and positions for 48 hours without eating and not conceding a square foot of territory. Ask Freegulf, Eyimola, Ocelot2006 and RussellInfinity who have been with me ever before this blog came alive.

    The provisioning for troops was not nearly optimal but even in foreign lands, heroes were made in the Liberian, Sierra Leonean and Somali theatres.

    Aside from the outstanding heroes of the Battles of Konduga I-IV, and perhaps the movie-like recapture of Mubi, I have not really seen the core essence of the battle-hardened NA which I came to be enamoured with, being put on display. This is the truth.

    Back in 1997-99, you probably had to be an ex-MA, CSO or ADC to a Military Governor to be connected to DSTV. The conditions of service were that appalling even as the troops were so tenacious and gutsy. There were privileged junior officers sending satellite TV signals and even supplying electricity to their superiors. To even imagine a foot soldier who enjoyed such goodies amounted to stretching it.

    TODAY, across barracks and cantonments nationwide, more rank-and-file soldiers than not, own personal cars and most are connected to satellite TV. I should know because the military are “all around me” and one is very familiar with life in the barracks.

    So while welfare is a matter which should be accorded primacy in the scheme of things, there is a fundamental disconnect in trying to compare the far worse pay scales and comfort of troops which suffuced during the glorious 1990s yet the troops were so gallant and then juxtaposing that beside the much better living standards which suffice today yet troops are thinning out at the drop of a hat.

    There have been times when senior Captains…even Majors, who did not enjoy the largesse that was “IBB Spirit” which saw the distribution of Peugeot 504 and VW Santana cars, did not own personal cars.

    So we really need to trash out the reasons behind this curious spike in episodes of troops absconding from battlefronts. It is NOT in the NA’s character. This is the same army which has been deployed on combat operations non-stop in Liberia, Somalia, Sierra Leone, the Bakassi Peninsula and the Niger Delta, not to mention the Northeast, since 1990.

    What is happening

    – have our troops become softer on account of too many policing-type PKOs?

    – has the NA been so thoroughly sabotaged by moles and two-faced hirelings of the insurgents?

    – are we recruiting too many people who are in the NA to earn an income but do not have the soldierly calling to defend one’s fatherland?

    • Saleh says:

      Some of those personnel u just spoke about are in private businesses for themselves as a result of poor welfare while some have ventured into some ugly businesses. I travelled with some US military personnel and witness the recognition they get from their govt and pple. Was shocked they get rebate and more so when they were upgrade to first class. Instead in ours criminal govt officials and legislature move around and live fat on d govt and u want the army of ecomog era to exist. Those men u said could go without food and man their post for 48 hours are the pensioner still wait for their dues today and don’t even have housing. So y do think a young private will want to end up like that. How many times have u seen any of those personnel being awarded any national honour or how many from d NE received in d last award day

  21. beegeagle says:

    QUOTING the COAS..

    Nigerian Army | Quote of the Year


    ”A real soldier is known when he is put in the warfront. The one who is not a soldier will run away and abandon his job. Our soldiers are
    recruited from Nigerian society and, today, most people are not called to be soldiers, they joined because they are desperately in need of jobs.”


    Most people want jobs, even if it means joining the Army. When the reality of military service comes he drops his rifle & runs away”


    • Saleh says:

      Shocked that quotations about a commanders responsibility to his men ain’t quoted by ours. In a sane country when a soldier dies for his nation his family is proud of him cos the country makes it look like he saved d nation alone apart from the fact his family will be compensated however, in ours if not social media nothing is said to make the family even feel good. Are u aware that the wife of the airforce sergeant that was killed by BH b4 the pilot found out about his death weeks after from an online video. Are you aware of d fact that nothing have still not being said about d co pilot of the alpha jet. Don’t want to even go into the number of NA personnel that are dead in BH area and their salaries stopped on an assumption they r awol. What happens to their families

  22. beegeagle says:

    TRUE, we have nagging issues with inadequate provisioning, welfare, clumsy logistics chains and undermanned FOBs and garrisons but that is not the whole story. Our troops in Bakassi and in the Mano River Basin operated in similar or worse conditions and they put in a comparatively stellar outing. Renember when there used to be two-day artillery duels in the Bakassi? Nobody thinned out and we had 90% of that territory on lock down until the settlement that was the Green Tea Agreement.

    The NA must not allow itself to be demystified or its proud history rubbished by moles and quislings.

  23. beegeagle says:

    Oga Saleh, I posted this 15 minutes before your riposte came in..


    “TRUE, we have nagging issues with
    inadequate provisioning, welfare, clumsy logistics chains and undermanned FOBs and garrisons but that is not the whole story”


    Is WELFARE really the totality of the story? Is that more appalling than the unprecedented incidents of traitors who make battle plans known to insurgents even before the NA launch into battle?

    How come troops deployed from 1 Div fought so gallantly at Konduga? How come the initially deployed troops from 103 Bn Awkunanaw (Enugu) who held onto a FOB in the Gwoza-Bama axis even as they were outnumbered 5:1? Why are troops from 3 Div, 1 Div and 82 Div performing where 7 Div troops have failed to hold the line? It is one NA, are the pay scales different from one division to the next?

    Seriously, I know that this WELFARE issue is one which you are very passionate about BUT is that the ONLY adjunct to the conduct of successful combat operations? I want you to discuss this matter from a 360-degree perspective.

    The senior officer ar Mubi who had his men torch armoured vehicles before thinning out, what did that have to do with welfare?

    In my humble opinion, CALL TO DUTY is one facet of soldiering which indicates that a little bit of sacrifice goes with wearing the uniform. There is NO fighting army on earth which has everything that it requires. Surely we are not saying that everything has to be 100% in place before troops swing into action?

    The reason why I launched this blogging operation ab initio was to tell the story of the Nigerian military in a less jaundiced manner such as prejudiced foreigners are not interested in doing and to engage in procurement advocacy. So I do know that there are issues aplenty – housing, combat logistics, inadequate provisioning etc.

    But do troops anywhere have it all pieced together..from Chechnya to Iraq, Waziristan to Kashmir? IEDs had blighted American troops in Hummers before MRAPs became trendy? Ditto Indian soldiers in Kashmir before the first batch of 90 Casspir MRAPs were acquired from South Africa? Have we not all seen the blitzkrieg which reinforced and quite contemporaty T72s with reactive armour enacted at Mubi and Madagali, compared to the dawdling performance of the base model and antiquated T55 museum relics which we had been creeping around in?

    Not a few Nigerians are shell shocked to realise that there are uniformed compatriots for whom devotion to religious convictions and doctrines is accorded primacy over the sacred task which they are sworn to – DEFENDING THE NATION. What has welfare got to do with such trachery? Was Judas Iscariot hungry on the day that he betrayed the Christ?

    The NA need to painstakingly track down the undesirables within and have them subjected to the Uniform Code of Military Justice. If they survive the in-house sanitization exercise, they can jolly well go and become religious clerics. The NA needs soldiers, not zealots.

    • Saleh says:

      Troops facing court martial cuts across attached troops from all the divs. Soldiering yes is a call of duty to d nation and it’s a contract between an individual and his country. I wept when I watched d laying of poppies of commonwealth casualties and it occurred to me that a graveyard of troops killed during the failed river niger crossings during the civil war is now a market in onitsha. The troops see those things. I watch on TV when us troops killed in the middle east are brought home and the associated pomp. I guess it’s easier to get detail of US casualties than ours. There r personnel in the NE that don’t even have accommodation for their families in their units. A country decides how it wants it’s army to be. If the nation wants a good army let it treat it troops the way nations with good armies treat theirs. Pls note that some of the officers and troops facing court martial are among the troops u commended for selfless service during the Ecomog era, so what went wrong

  24. beegeagle says:

    My man, in that theatre at this time, clumsy provisioning of combat essentials and an unclear but possibly high number of troops who are sympathetic to BH appear to outweigh all other concerns.

    Unpaid salaries, extended tours of duty and housing were already major issues during the days when the NA created a reputation for battlefield ferocity for themselves. Tell me it ain’t so? Let us not appear like we are merely using unrelated causes to amplify welfare-related issues. I say this because nearly all of us in here are either officers, soldiers or barracks boys…including scions of former service chiefs and GOCs of the stellar yesteryears.

    As recently as 2000 AD, some troops were earning less than ten thousand naira monthly even when a plate of food in a modest buka would cost N100. Were the minds of those worse off troops unburdened? I think not.

    Let us remind ourselves that the real nuisance of collaboration with the enemy appears to be the greatest threat facing these COIN operations. Added to that is the absence of useable numbers of hardware systems where they are needed.

  25. Martin Luther says:

    All these are called ranting, before you finish your jingoistic rhetoric, another military base may be over run and the adjoining towns burnt down with reports of 2, 000 people killed weather the casualty rate would be a lie or not, it would not matter.

    I heard the President talking about G2G procurements and I think that is a way forward, knowing that this was advocated from or on this blog sometime back. The point is to face strategies and issues that would serve as strategic pointers. This would ultimately save Nigerian lives weather military or civilian.

    For example, I could be taking to the prediction market when I tell you that I strongly believe BH is about to lunch a major push southwards (I mean in Borno State) and towards Maiduguri before the general elections. With the fall of Baga, the floodgate of hell is open and all kinds of men and material would pour in through that boarder area with the cooperation of Chadian officials most likely.

    It is important then to have the military capture Baga back as soon as possible. A picture size of BH shows it has operation in a military convectional scale spread across a wide area of the Nigerian NE weather in pockets or whole town annexations. Baga simply creates an exit route for these pockets when under pressure; Baga simple creates a resupply route. Unfortunately, there may be other strategic boarder areas in the Baga situation, which may just be the lifeline of the insurgency

  26. beegeagle says:


    “All these are called ranting, before you finish your jingoistic rhetoric..”


    Mind your language, Martin Luther.Such outbursts were the hallmark of this blog before I left here last time and you were in the thick of things with everything and post being decidedly apocalyptic.

    Even as I consider you to be a mild irritant and a minor, dispensable part of this operation, you have started again because we are not on the same page as you are? People like you kept on writing infernal stuff here while I was privately being told elsewhere that some of the stuff being written fell foul of international law? Who accepts joint culpability for that as everyone tries to outdo themselves in verbal diarrhoea in what they imagine to be ‘shooting from the hip’ albeit in the convenient anonymity of cyberspace? Impress yourself for now.

    Anyway, this time out, we shall not fail to expunge any offensive comment from here without recourse to any explanations since imagining that everyone can be trusted to keep it clean, balanced or civil has clearly not worked. That is my call to make. After all, you have not paid any subscription which entitles you to be here.

    Everyone conveniently makes out to be calling a spade by its given name. I wonder how many would still be so voluble if their real names and IP addresses were attached to the tactless and loose-lip comments they like to spurge on here…

    • Martin Luther says:

      My quickest reaction is I am sorry, I was meaning by “jingoistic rhetoric” continuous talk about welfare and the likes as sources of hindrances. It was not directed at you or any particular individuals. I still believe your advocacy on strategy and procurement could save lives and this is what I was meaning to make clear.

  27. beegeagle says:

    SHADOW wrote:

    the experience of Niger delta taught a lot battle hardened soldiers that our country is not worth dying for, many soul were lost that the military did not care
    about their families, the end of war signal top officer have lunch with warlord that behead soldiers, all this soldiers have eye.

    The end of boko haram war, u will see general having lunch with top command of haram, even give out contract to buy 23mm guns. What will the soldiers that is alive get at the end if he is a Warrant Officer of 33 yrs of service, 92 thousand naira,once retire life without regular pension.

    There are many monster in this war. We as â people must address them all, the way a soldiers fight or perform say a lot.the nation. A lot of Nigerian look at soldiers with disdain, other country offer their soldiers rebate. to make them comfortable. After all, soldiers are human beings they want good thing of life, they have dstv and seen things, the top must change to be result oriented.

    Young officer must have respect for old NCO . I stop here for now.
    Nigeria will win this war, but we must change our ways of doing

  28. beegeagle says:

    So SHADOW brings up the angle of REORIENTATION and welfare.

    So Oga Saleh, as you can see,it is not ALL about welfare alone, even from SHADOW’s angle. I have taken on board the grouses concerning welfare (you even harped on that in private communication before you came on board some months ago) but I want to hear from YOU what you consider to be the other debilitating factors in the field.

    BTW, I imagine that SHADOW is a very senior NCO himself who has served long enough to be a general assuming he were a commissioned officer.

    All views are welcome from across the board. Those who matter are following keenly. We only ask that your views be balanced.

  29. beegeagle says:

    I accept your apologies and rest this matter without prejudice, Martin Luther.

    The truth is, if anyone else were privy to the amount of back channel communication which one gets enmeshed in, you would know how uneasy this head lies. Believe me when I say that even MAs and ADCs are pointing service chiefs and branch chiefs to this blog.

    They are enthralled by what they see but the feedback always point to the need for balanced views namely, all sides to the story or matter being xrayed AND to lay off all the personal attacks, insults and fighting.

    This is STILL the blog which gave a name to a WARSHIP :-). Never forget that. We cannot afford to squander such a hefty fund of respect and goodwill.

    • Martin Luther says:

      Dear General, I am glad. The truth is that a direct reaction from a General like yourself to a dispensable Private is a fulfillment.


  30. G8T Nigeira says:

    thank you Beeg. The most attraction to this blog worldwide is gained from discussions of weapon types and engagement, tactics and analysis, recommendation and suggestions and not finding out if soldiers eat or not.

    There are enemies living with us, these people know us so well and just as the bigwigs come here, so also enemies who insert words to undermine our capacity and position our mindset always as being inferior to some certain states. The social media is now the medium of warfare and the Government is keenly on guard.

  31. giles says:

  32. beegeagle says:

    Indeed, G8T Nigeria. There are many enemies within. WHO can be saddened by the fact that the military are re-equipping?

    Look what someone sent to me…


    Submitted on 2015/01/09 at 9:01 am

    Mr. Poster, where are all these ammunitions you have just listed or is it that the present Government does not want to use them? Meanwhile who are you and how did you get this information because it is supposed to be a classified information.

    I hope you have not been paid to come and write all these junks”


    • Augustine says:

      Oga Beegs, so you receive flak backstage from random enquirers ?

      • beegeagle says:

        Hehe…na so we see am. All in a day’s stack of communication.

        We also receive solicitation from people who need favours with getting into the military. They imagine one to be a very rich and powerful man. I pray to God that I get sufficient leverage to be able to touch lives meaningfully wef this year..

      • Saleh says:

        Lol u need all d flacks after going awol on us. Welcome back. Anyway on the recruitment issue too much politics is involved senators now have list and this is destroying the military. Someone said folks are more interested in finding out about arm acquisitions by Nigeria Military in this blog however I feel the blog is about improving the Nigeria military and is doing alot. The military is about equipment and d men. Therefore. I think we should discuss all and not satisfy their read pleasure

  33. COLONEL NGR says:

    Beeg has said it all. No army in the world has it all, the Nigerian army is known for its tenacity on the battle field, it is known to fight on in extreme conditions. People keep blaming Generals accusing them of stealing. Even though i dont deny that corruption is in the army, the present Generals at the army headquaerter are the best hands we have for now. Many of them are battle tested and were in command during those bloddy days in Kaduna, kano and jos.

    The recuritment policy needs to be overhauled. We have many people wearing Nigerian army uniforms because they lack jobs. I was the short service selection board in 2013. Many candidates were suprised that they will be deployed to combat. They thoght they were to sit in posh offices and receive salutes every morning. Anybody who joins the army with that mindset will certainly not give everything.

    The NA is doing wonders on the battle field. Inspite of everything they are doing well. We are learning the hard way and a re-orientation of the young chaps coming into the army is important.

    A fresh second lieutnant from the academy should see the NCO who has 20 years experience as someone he can learn from. Most of our problems results from young officers disregarding asvice from battle tested NCOs in favour of the textbook tactics that may not work in the current situations he is facing. Adaptability on the battle field is key. I do hope that NA will rise again to prove its doubters wrong.

  34. STARTREK says:


  35. beegeagle says:

    Aaah Colonel, what more can I say? If one was already checking TIME and WEST AFRICA magazines just to see military hardware as an 8 year old kid in Primary 5, SURELY I must have been observing the NA close up all my life.

    Certainly and even whilst a boy, I was following the stellar coverage of the ECOMOG expedition made possible by the excellent professional, Liz Blunt, on shortwave radio when our men hit the Freeport of Monrovia in 1990. We were still following when they went to Somalia where the then Lt Colonel Olagunsoye Oyinlola and his gutsy chaps made us proud in 1993-94. We were following the Bakassi Expedition wef Dec 1993 and the spectacular turnarounds that were the Battles of Freetown I and II in Feb 1998 and Dec 1998/Jan 1999. So do I sound unfamiliar with the NA? I was even holidaying at Chindit Cantonment in Zaria (from where an artillery battery and an engineer squadron got drafted) during the savage fighting in Freetown at Xmas 1998/New Year 1999.

    Something is fundamentally amiss. Even dispassionate foreigners know what the NA stand for…they would rather die than suffer dishonour.

    READ Sam Kiley of SKY NEWS who has seen the hard-fighting NA in action, CLOSE UP…


    Nigerians have fought with considerable bravery in many
    international operations.

    This correspondent saw ordinary Nigerian infanteers stand their ground and fight to the last man, who was captured, when Italian paratroopers broke and ran from an ambush in Mogadishu 21 years ago.

    In Sierra Leone, Nigerian squaddies held the line against the
    Revolutionary United Front, beating overwhelming odds and amid fainter hearts from richer countries.

    Nigerian officers are as well educated as any in the world.


    • Augustine says:

      Ah ! Reminds me of the days of Late Black Scorpion Adekunle and 3rd marine commandos, Naija soja na killing machine those days o!

      NA was said to have 3 elite units, 3rd marine commandos, then 2 other army units nicknamed MiG-21 and Jet 22, reference to Major or Colonel Dr. Alade of Nigerian army medical corp’s book, THE BROKEN BRIDGE, if uncle knows I have lost his book from the family’s military library, he will break my coconut head.

      MiG 21 and Jet 22 were both dreaded Nigerian army units 1967-1970, we have brave men in this country if we recruit the poor and ‘unconnected’ who have no elite godfather to give them letters of influence and enter NDA.

  36. Augustine says:

    Oga STARTREK my dear brother, you are one of those ‘somebody’ that can help !

    One AK-47 in your able hands will do damage to Boko Haram, I hear news that 18 Nigerian soldier girls are missing, presumed captured, we need men like you, our sisters should be praying for us at home while we fight at battle front.

    These 18 girls are of concern to me personally, I have always said we should not send them to war, too many boys roaming the streets of Arewa land, my Kaje, Kataf, Jaba and Gwari friends are genetic sharpshooters, as many of our northern tribes produce genetic marksmen, as we are good with bow and arrow, so are we with rifles.

    Let Nigerian men go to war ! Let recruitment into our armed forces not require letters from a politician godfather, verification from a religious or grass root local community leader is enough to prove character and nationality.

    Nigeria needs men like these….

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Augustine. I respect your hustle sir.
      With due respect sir, the overall tone of your comment borders on the fringes of sexism, and misogyny. I for one, believe that equal rights and opportunities should be given to humans who have the zeal, and courage to fight and die for Nigeria; obviously, certain systematic changes have to be made to the prevailing order but judging a persons stamina and courage by their sex organ is not only ridiculous but prejudice. I am an optimist, i know, probably living in coocoo land, but we need to start thinking out the box. women are just as capable when adequately trained; dont u think so sir?

  37. COLONEL NGR says:

    Ah Oga Beeg! You forgot the battle of Mammy Yoko hotel in Freetown. 3 Armoured Division’s retaliatory attack against Chad and other battles showing the resilience and decisiveness of the NA. I still retain the passion to serve my country though my interest sort of waned when I faced the selection board in 2013 and didn’t make the list. That was my last chance to serve as a combat officer. I am past the age for SSC and the only option I have is to serve as a DSSC officer. I am a food microbiologist with experience though leading troops in battle is what I have always wanted.

    I pray that a thorough reorganisation is carried out so that only those willing to serve our country will get it. That way, we will have troops who will give their all to fight for fatherland.

  38. buchi says:

    There is one thing that distinguishes a Nigerian from every other African and indeed any other nationality. It is these three words
    TENACITY, INNOVATION and ADAPTATION. This is what has kept Nigeria going despite our flaws and mistakes. That has been a hallmark which our military showcased in Congo, Liberia, Sierra Leone etc..

    I must however stress that despite all these achievements under tough conditions our welfare system must and should evolve to reflect the situation at this present. However I must commend the obvious moves made in other to address this issue directly such as the enhanced terms of service etc.

    But in this war and in the sequence of events that has transpired from the beginning to must admit that this decade (2000 up) has probably been one of the most challenging and frustrating for the defense of our territorial thanks to politicians the ranks of both commissioned and non-commissioned officers (some ) are filled with self centered, self minded and unpatriotic who unfortunately have found a way to dominate the media space currently with negativity and phrases alien to the military establishment.. A lot of officers do not recognize the importance and significance of the uniform…

    My father fought the Nigerian civil war on the Nigerian side and with all the stories of battle he told me..he always made it a point of duty to point out to me that his division under the Black Scorpion himself suffered chronic shortages but yet the zeal and courage of the men in his battalion (armored corps) ensured that the highest form of innovations were daily occurrences.

    A lot of troops must realize that war is no Hollywood movie..plans are laid down and things might not go according to plan..hence maintaining a stable head under fire is a key part of winning a battle….many officers who i have been privileged to meet in my area have complained about lack of fire discipline amongst troops especially those of intake 2011 and 2012. I don’t know why that particular intake for recruits has become notorious in any discussion. There are a lot of issues bottom line is that no military can have it all.

    Not to write long epistles…we must do the right things now we have tasted the heat of battle,tested ourselves failed and succeeded,this war is a watershed

    * Change the recruitment policy (allow capable, patriotic minded Nigerians ,innovative at heart and capable in mind and head to join the military with the lowest possible needs for connection)

    * Continue to evolve and improve the welfare structure of the military

    * Ensure that at least 70% of pension matters and needs are addressed while working towards achieving the remaining 30%…

    * Continue our current trend of acquisitions giving consideration to new and needed platforms…

  39. COLONEL NGR says:

    Ah oga beeg! You forgot the battle of mammy yoko hotel in freetown. 3rd armoured brigade’s retaliatory attack against chad and other battle’s showing the resilience and decisiveness of the NA. I still retain the passion to serve my country though my interest sort of waned when i faced the selection board in 2013 and didnt make the list. That was my last chance to serve as a combat officer. I am past the age for SSC and the only option i have is to serve as a DSSC officer. I am a food microbiolost with experience though leading troops in battle is what i have always wanted.

    I pray that a thorough reorganisation is carried out so that only those willing to serve our country will get it. That way, we will have troops who will give their all to fight for fatherland.

  40. rka says:

    “No country is doing more to support Nigeria in its fight against terror right now. We can’t talk about the details in public but I can assure you that we are with you every step of the way.

    “We have a number of discussions right now for various pieces of equipment in the air, on the ground and army personnel carriers. We share information everyday with your army that they can use operationally.”

    • rugged7 says:

      @rka, don’t mind that american clown of an ambassador.
      Bewar of them who speaketh with a forked tongue.
      I blame those channels reporters for not asking him hard questions-
      Like how is it possible that saudi arabia beheaded 84 people last year and still got weapons from America??
      The shear arrogance of the man is nauseating.
      I’ve said it before and i will say it again,america is not our friend.
      A friend does not watch another friend being eviscerated with a knife while he pontificates on his high horse.

      • jimmy says:

        The questions are given@least 24 hours beforehand.Anyhow let us wait and see.I am sure we shall see what is going on is some initial steps at fence mending.issokay make una open eye. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  41. rka says:

    “We wish to inform you that the situation in Baga is gradually improving since the last attack on the town. Security forces are working hard to insure the liberation of this place and other places close to it.”

  42. beegeagle says:

    Negative public perceptions of the USA in Nigeria at this time might have led to this double speak or volte face.

    What manner of counterinsurgency assistance has failed to yield a single uparmoured Hummer in five years, even with thousands surplus to requirement in the Central Command AOR? Not even a utility helicopter, gifted or sold, let alone combat assets? The Yankees need to learn to earn the loyalty and friendship of those who they say are partner nations. Nobody is interested in their handed-down lessons and double standard morality any longer. Now that oil-based ties are on the wane, IF they lose influence to CHINA and Russia in Nigeria, that would be a matter of their own making.

    The USA cannot continue showboating and grandstanding at Nigeria’s expense and the West as a whole should understand that the pattern of having a different set of paradigms applicable to sub-Saharan Africa, will be broken in Nigeria if nowhere else. It is not going to happen.

    How dare they sell Apache helicopters and deliver F16s to Egypt even with the butchery committed by security forces loyal to Field Marshal Sisi yet come here to offer hollow sanctimony about morality and human rights? How dare they continue to sell the most lethal weapons to a Saudi Arabia where women are denied the prehistoric liberty of driving cars and where limbs get chopped off every week and faithfully DENY Nigeria access to defensive items such as uparmoured Hummers and MRAPs? What outrages have occurred in Nigeria which have not been exceeded in Iraq to which they have sold F16s and M1 Abrams tanks and more? What manner of hypocritical diplomacy is that?

    Personally, I am horrified at the near-godless abandonment which Nigeria has suffered at the hands of America. It fringes on treachery of the highest order.Never mind the indifference to the ebb and tide of this insurgency while continually prevaricating and grandstanding. I feel personally affronted after having held up a torch for US-Nigeria DEFSEC cooperation for these many years on this blog. I hope I was not wrong or was I?

    Russia, Ukraine and China are selling contemporary IFVs, tanks and attack helicopters to Nigeria while America go blocking and vetoing our attempts to get weapons from Israel, Brazil and South Africa at a time of war and they expect solidarity? From who and from which country? That is profound hogwash.

    • majorohis says:

      You make a lot of sense in what you say, I think it is all about political ideology/double standards and grand standing. I have come to understand that with a conservative government, a lot of this worries will be gone or not even be debated. Right now it is more or so political correctness,political and judicial activism induced with biases. We in the west seem to be closing our eyes to potential problems, while trying to amend those we are currently involved in by plugging the dam with band aids. Nigeria will learn from this and I know she will only get wiser and stronger. Those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it.
      Have a wonderful day to all my freedom loving brothers and sisters.
      (Freedom Is Not Free)


      Oga Beeg just to buttress your point. This largesse from the US to Iraq took place a couple of day back.

      • beegeagle says:

        Oh well, how about that for double speak? And we are supposed to overlook such strange inconsistencies? I could spend a whole day itemising allegations of gross human rights violations in which the Iraqi forces have been implicated. We are the sinners and they are saints or it is all about our being a black man’s war in which lives become expendable items?

        Please gentlemen, we hear that Chinese-built CH-3 drones and modernised BMP-2 IFVs have arrived our shores. Glory to God. Looking for photos shot in Nigeria with our men in uniform in or around them as the case may be.

        Dunno if those have arrived but we all want to see photos of the 220mm URAGAN and the glorious 300mm SMERCH multiple launch rocket systems. Now out powerful Artillery Corps just got stronger..

    • rka says:

      Well said Oga Beeg, I am with you all the way. I was just putting the story out there for comments.

      • beegeagle says:

        I know so, my brother. Just tired of the endless talk and mind games. At what point does the talking stop and the action start? Five years on! Come and train, they say we have to grant access to our military facilities first. Is it training or espionage? A full battalion can be trained at Kachia while three battalions can be trained at NATRAC Kontagora? What has opening up bases got to do with it?

        Go and read up what the USA sent to Yemen around the time when the underwear bomber tried to strike at America. Who is trying to mess with our minds here? Nigerian troops commit more outrages than those guys in Yemen who go everywhere with daggers strapped to their waists?

        Oh please..these guys need to come up with more convincing reasons. The Obama Administration continues to let down Africans though. For real.

    • Buchi says:

      Oga beegz answer me now..pls have u gotten my mail

    • chynedoo says:

      Germany donates 120 all-terrain vehicles to Cameroonian army. The US should spare us all that hollow sermon. A friend helps a friend when in need rather than pontificate while standing in the way of help getting to a friend. Nigeria should by now know its true friends, and I doubt present US-Nigeria relations could be qualified by the term friends.

  43. beegeagle says:

    This is how America are aiding counterinsurgency ops in Yemen while talking a hollow boatload about nothing in Nigeria. They have done more than anyone else..HOW? With the much touted training program botched, arms supply dead-ended whereas 1,200 DEFSEC commandos are training in Russia and are neither subjected to sanctimony or treated like war criminals at Nuremberg? Have they done the most by keeping our HQs incommunicado and then getting loquacious high officials of the State Dept to spew damning and defamatory gibberish at White House press conferences? That is the whole purpose of the partnership?

    Maritime security, YES. The USA have surprisingly done the most and the Chinese look set to show their hand now. As for CTCOIN operations,the USA are doing nothing as far as we know. Are we supposed to go into a gunfight armed only with knives? Where are the US-made armaments which can be deployed to boost this effort? And nobody give me that human rights tale since that does not appear to matter in Iraq, Egypt, Yemen and Afghanistan.


  44. Augustine says:

    True or false ?

    Boko Haram kills 2,000 people in one single attack in Baga ?

    • jimmy says:

      False. This is what is said by people who have both good and bad intentions. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  45. Buchi says:

    Damaturu it seems came under heavy attack this evening…most individuals giving out intel.on events harped that the attack commernced around 18:30 and 19:13 gmt..
    According to comments vetted and noted NA did a great job of dealing with the insurgents…
    This goes a long one in showing the vulnerability of damaturu which is less than 80 to 100km from gujab lga which some towns are still under siege by Bh…buni yadi is located in it..during operation mubi restore I took my time to analyse LGA’s in the battlespace..the most volatile 2 me were bama,biu,marte,abadam…however ghjab stood high on my list not only because of its proximity 2 damaturu but because of its large boundary with new hotspots such as bajoga,rigim and ashaka…although I.must commend NA for initiating the damboa style garrison system style 2 effect since the 1st dec attack..sectoral action must be initiated to push and degrade BH capability in that theatre because the greatest probability of expansion of BH operations into new sectors comes from yobe…according 2 AIT seems NA and nigerien troops jointly engaged in counter attack on BH elements in baga(or it seems to me that they provided flanking support)..however according to their new headlines.the nigerien troops retreated or would I say fled from the operation ..hence only,i repeat only nigerian troops are engaging BH elements in baga right now..
    Just my observation

  46. odion777 says:

    Serious fighting going on in baga as Nigerian forces have returned enmass before BH have time to dig in.

  47. rka says:

    I think this is quite a good right-up on the strategies employed by BH and quite sympathetic to the Nigerian cause.

  48. Buchi says:

    Got this comment from someone who I think I can trust for intel of nairaland(pardon me please)
    NafeesaAA says:
    Yesterday the Nigerian Army made a
    daring incursion into Gujuba a Boko
    Haram territory, they destroyed their
    base and recovered some rifles and
    GPMG. Many of the Boko Haram
    fighters deployed in Gujuba have
    reportedly left Gujuba for an
    operation elsewhere as such there
    was minimal confrontations with
    Federal troops that made the
    incursion. My guess is that, Boko
    Haram where pissed off by this
    daring incursion and probably
    decided to retaliate.
    They probably might have learnt that
    attacking Damaturu in the day time
    will bring in the Nigeria Airforce into
    the equation, and we all remember
    how the Airforce dealt them a serious
    blow during their last attack. As such
    the best bet is to attack Damaturu in
    night, which they just did.
    I made a couple of phone calls to
    Damaturu, from what am hearing the
    firing and explosions have subsided a
    bit. It is either, the Nigeria army have
    contained the situation or Boko
    Haram came and left to Gujuba after
    making a point.
    However, by tomorrow we will
    understand the real fact on ground

  49. beegeagle says:

    Someone is interfering with my console. If they succeed, we can give it a rest and stay blissfully ignorant. I have no point to prove.

    • jimmy says:

      I beg do not let those mofos get to you. They are not happy because. You/we are telling truth.This might not be unconnected to the Hind story.Oga beegs check your inbox. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

    • buchi says:

      who they try am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….who dares interfere with the general’s console

  50. ugobassey says:

    @ Oga Beegs
    I really must commend you on your above commentaries on the current state of our military and the insightful questions you posed. In my opinion these commentaries are stellar and give a lot of food for thought. We can buy all the equipments in the world but (with utmost respect for all out patriotic men and women in uniform) without patriotism, commitment and courage our war efforts can only go so far. I fear religious extremism may be creeping into our military. Please I’m not trying to be a fear monger but there’s been a lot of smoke. It’s time we investigate the fire.

  51. STARTREK says:


  52. G8T Nigeria says: double speak at best explained.

  53. beegeagle says:

    Good morning gentlemen. It was a Night of Long Knives. What is the state of play in the far northeast…Monguno, Kukawa and Baga? Gujba, Buni Yadi and Damaturu as well?

    Oga McShegz, appear na? E wan resemble AWOL sha 🙂

    • rugged7 says:

      From Gen. Chris Olukolade @GENOlukolade · 2h 2 hours ago and Defence HQ


      “@thewhistleng: SITREP: Nigerian Military repel Boko Haram’s Midnight Mission to Take Over Damaturu … (EXCLUSIVE)”

      Gen. Chris Olukolade @GENOlukolade · 2h 2 hours ago

      We have a clear approach to sharing information and known channels for doing just that. BEWARE of half-truths and Propaganda. Thank you

      Gen. Chris Olukolade retweeted
      DEFENCE HQ NIGERIA @DefenceInfoNG · 2h 2 hours ago

      Troops are on a Mopping UP Operation in #DAMATURU after foiling attempts by Terrorists to occupy parts of the town /1 #COINUpdate

      Gen. Chris Olukolade retweeted
      DEFENCE HQ NIGERIA @DefenceInfoNG · 2h 2 hours ago

      Numbers of Dead terrorists and civilian casualty are being compiled. Five Soldiers fatally wounded and being treated /3 #COINUpdate

      Gen. Chris Olukolade retweeted
      DEFENCE HQ NIGERIA @DefenceInfoNG · 2h 2 hours ago

      We have reinforced the town of #DAMATURU as pursuit of fleeing terrorists is Ongoing. /4 #COINUpdate


      • rugged7 says:

        DEFENCE HQ NIGERIA ‏@DefenceInfoNG

        The terrorists launched Massive attacks from different angles, Friday Night. Weapons including IEDs & RPG Launchers were captured /2

  54. Gana says:

    Hope for nigeria

  55. COLONEL NGR says:

    Oga beeg i read a story on daily sun where it was stated that the Nigerian millitary is having doubts about the quality of cadets being produced by the NDA in recent years in view of the performance of the junior officers on the battle field. I cant share the link. But you can read the full story by serching it on google. If true, i guess we should expect changes since it was one of the issues discussed the COAS conference in uyo last year.

  56. doziex says:

    I have always worried about a dangerous “group think” emanating from NDA and it’s course mate culture.
    Some of these guys know each other from NMS zaria all the way thru NDA, that permits for way too much comradery and influence.

    NA should source officer candidates, Not just warrant officers from our Univerisities and NYSC.

    These folks don’t need to know each other for that long.

    This coursemate comradery , contributed to the coup plotting culture that earlier existed in NA.

    On the progress of this war, BH with all it’s menace, has presented a platform for NA, if well trained, led and advised, too showcase it’s stock in trade.

    Instead, that’s not the case.

    Bloggers, have mentioned NA exploits of Yore, but that quality of soldiering, didn’t come out of thin air, it was the product a certain TRADOC.
    An institution that held itself in such high esteem, death was more favorable than dishonor.

    Military rule, corruption and burying the mistakes and transgressions of the ecomog wars, have hollowed out the NA, and destroyed it’s sense of purpose, sense of mission, it’s tradition and doctrine, it’s espirit de corps.

    The civilian politicians are 100% complicit in the current state of NA.

    The US, to their credit advised our civilian rulers to control the finances of NA, to eliminate corruption.
    But it failed because the entire civilian controlled administration, remained, and permitted corruption.

    So in order to more effectively fight BH, some financial control has been relinquished to the military command, which has led to increased blatant corruption amongst the brass.

    Middle level officers, know exactly what is going on, and are speaking out in different ways.

    The civilian leadership and the military brass, has to do a complete 180 or be voted out for the necessary change to occur.

    The election seems to be causing this administration to finally reequip NA.

    Now, sound advice is needed to spend this money on the right hardware, and reorient NA to crush BH using the correct tactics.

    The Russians and the Chinese will provide NA the weapon systems we need, away from US influence.

    The paramount group of south Africa, has merged several military advisory and weapons manufactures to become one of the pre eminent groups in the business.

    Our armed services are already in business, with many companies that are now under the paramount group.

    For instance, Nautica that have built ceramic based armored gunboats for the niger delta, the company that provided the ATE upgrade for mi-24 hinds, is now under the paramount umbrella.

    Drakensberg the MRAP manufacturer that has partnered with Mekahog to build MRAPs for the police and Mopol, is also now a subsidiary of the paramount group.

    So if paramount group as a company, can assure the Nigerian govt that there will be no Zuma or politically initiated anti Nigerian shenanigans, they could make a good partner, to solve our myriad of security challenges.

    Special forces, are not designed to lead NA troops in frontal battles. That is what our T-72av and our BTRs with cage armor are for.

    Our special forces should be deployed behind enemy lines in borno, Cameroon and chad.

    Doing the following;

    Observe and report (aka reconnaissance)

    Conducting ambushes.

    Conducting raids on BH FOBs.

    Calling in airstrikes and artillery strikes.

    Harassing the movement and organization of BH.
    Finding and fixings BH formations until NA armored and mechanized thrusts could arrive and destroy them.

    However, transport helicopters at least 40 is necessary to operate an airmobile strike force that is not married to the horizontal terrain.

    So the US trains these units in the requisite tactics of operating behind enemy lines.

    But when time comes for the all important training in Vertical envelopment,(heliborne assault),

    NAF only has a handful that are deployed at the front.

    God forbid if NAF had purchased the needed amount of helicopters that has been known to all,

    instead the money was severally allocated and the misappropriated. ASK the Emir of Kano.

    The Americans on the other hand tells us we need helicopters dedicated for live training in Vertical envelopment. But refuse to sell us any from their vast used stocks, or allow isreal to sell us their retiring cobras.

    • peccavi says:

      Oga I agree with you but just like to point out that if the excuse now is that it was air assault training that was the reason to stop training, then that’s ridiculous.
      You can still train an effective light infantry battalion, AA training is a short course or cadre. The main training is for the commanders in terms of battlespace management, load balancing, fire support and coordination etc and most of this is theoretical.
      The first helicopter training I ever did was in a wooden box with benches in which we rehearsed helicopter drills.
      So abeg that excuse is incorrect.
      We have wasted a massive opportunity to restock our combat power by stopping this training and it makes no sense

      • doziex says:

        Chief, the Americans offered this course to NA grudgingly, so they stipulated that nothing free was coming from them.

        Nigeria had to pay for every thing.

        So, I am blaming both sides. Nigeria for stopping the training, and not provisioning the unit as instructed.

        The US, for refusing to sell the ex USMC Chinooks and other helicopters that would have solved the issue in the 1st place.

      • peccavi says:

        Again I disagree, we keep looking at this the wrong way. The US owes us nothing, we set a budget of $400,000 and they gave us a programme of that value. Remind me how much the new VVIP helicopters were?
        Nigeria has never requested USMC Chinooks to my knowledge and even if we did so what? What does a Chinook have that a Hip doesn’t? Would Cobras or Chinooks defend Baga, Damaturu or Abadam?

        If we need helicopters we can buy them from anywhere. This US refused to sell this or that no make sense, if you no see meatpie for Mr Biggs, Chicken Republic no dey?

      • jimmy says:

        I want to answer sans EMOTION OGA PECCAVI and I am always mindful that myself and doziex both being Nigerian American have both lived in the states for a minimum of twenty plus years so we have a pretty good idea of how their DEFENSE THINKING GOES.
        The Americans do not get off SCOTT – FREE :
        One of the best things the Nigerian govt did was to finally call a spade a spade and tell the American to fuck off back stateside their hypocrisy was breathtaking, From the photos on DEFENCEWEB we knew Nigerian Air force were invited to what is regarded as a Serious off limits base in Virgina to view and go on AIRFLIGHTS on the Sea King and even the Chinook with a view to purchasing them when the denials were no longer plausible and the AMBASSADOR OF the US was forced to do a double speak we knew America had deep down no intention of helping Nigeria, as k yourself what meaningful intel did they supply the Nigerians, based on a CBS correspondent it was nothing more than useless COMMERCIAL GOOGLE STUFF .
        The AMERICANS wanted CASH as in a capital B this bullshit about human rights needs to stop right here right now, The Nigerians wanted stuff FOR free ( IFA) in the Yoruba language something you get without actually paying anything for it.Then the girls were kidnapped, and we could no longer wash our dirty linen in private.
        Britain which has become a semi VASSAL STATE OF THE US refused to sell us Military grade helicopters but would sell Nigeria Augusta AW101 NAF280 for close to $10million brand new.
        OGA PECCAVI if the mofos who are running Nigeria had common sense they would of ordered the helicopters from RUSSIA IN 2009 right after the first boko haram battle , then when we had baga we could of air lifted arty pieces, men, bombs, rockets, MGLS , AGLS RIGHT SMACK BEHIND boko haram’s backside in CHAD yes i said because that is where they came from if the Chadians had protested too much the MUCH FORWARD THINKING NIGERIAN AIR FORCE would have waved at the presidential palace in NDJAMENA to keep quiet. ALAS we are still taking pictures of our fat asses in jf-17s we still dey wait for the plane.Maybe if we pray hard enough, the bh will just go away now.
        This war has continued not because the Cameroonians have fought better than Nigeria , they are under a dictator who can order things on a whim and BH has still seized swathes of territory in Cameroon, bh has safe havens in Cameroon so what the heck have they done that is so impressive, their AOR IS LESS THAN 1/10 TH THE AOR the NIGERIANS FACE so be honest in your harassment.We have a weak presidency that literally waits to the last minute to buy meaningful equipment namely tanks t-72s ( the ones we have are not enough yes more are coming but we need them now) we need the attack helios now not tomorrow, we need the jf 17s for LAGOS TO Maiduguri and beyond in thirty minutes or less .
        No amount of troops can cover the area in question in three states over four countries without air support and iron will political leadership, Right now it is not there.
        I will reserve all comments on ARMY LEADERSHIP till JAN 14TH 2015, that will mark one year since THE army chief has been the no1. soldier.

  57. zachary999 says:

    The helmets for the special forces trainees were not even ballistic helmets, One of the US special forces trainers hit it on the ground and it shattered instantly to prove a point !

    We have our own issues ….

  58. freeegulf says:

    oga doziex, good points. however, i disagree with your first point about military camaraderie and so called ‘group think’. in fact, i would say its the direct opposite. this is sort of camaraderie is the best way to foster martial experience and spur military growth.

    i would even push it further to say, its the NYSC and university graduate types that are faltering. how much martial abilities did these university graduates had before joining. for many, its nil. and many simply joined for the sake of employment and prestige. those that came through NMS, air force school, to NDA and then commission have had ‘barrack air’ about them for a long time, and they are far easier to mold into junior leaders than some ITK University graduate who is only thinking of the next course to pass and the next promotion.

    on the need for vertical envelopment as part of NA tactics, one would think the armed forces, particularly the NA high command would be hell bent on getting choppers for these sorts of ops. we neither have thinkers nor doers anymore. everyone is contended just maintaining the low level tech that is currently bedeviling the campaign in the NE

  59. peccavi says:

    I will reiterate what I said from the moment I began commenting, there are no permanent friends only permanent interests. If you think China is selling us ships out of love, then good luck.
    The same China is selling weapons to both sides in the Sudan civil war.
    The US owes you the sum total of fuck all. If they want to dash you weapons, tthey will get congress to not only pay for the weapons but pay for your training.
    If you don’t want to play bal then make your own way, simple, Colombia is not a US puppet but gets what they want, same with Egypt etc. When was the last time Israel or Egypt did something for the US? OR Saudi Arabia or UAE? But they get want they want.
    Ethiopia, Djibouti, Rwanda they get what they want. When you run around like a confused child you get treated as such.
    The solutions are simple, demonstrate leadership, start sacking Generals, start hoding trials for corruption, take a firm decisive tone, announce trials and investigations into war crimes, invite th ICC to observe.
    But most importantly take the insurgency seriously, we do not need T72s do defeat a force with Toyota Hiluxes, we do not need Cobras for one or 2 Steyrs or T55s.
    Baga had a big target sign over it snce the fall of Abadam and Malam Fatori. Once Souram and Dabme in Cameroun fell it was isolated on both sides, why do you think the Chadians and Nigeriens withdrew.
    ow did we need the Americans t tell us not to take the offensive? To not reinforce the garrison or launch a counter offensive? Please lets face our government so they take this thing seriously.
    Under stand what is happening
    BHs operations have clear phases

    Right now the whole of Borno State is isolated, Damaturu and Maiduguri are isolated. The battlespace is being shaped with the IED attack on markets in Kano, Maiduguri, Potiskum and Gombe. Sucking troops, police, vigilantes away from the rural areas and into the cities. This leaves the rurl areas free for the enemy

    Mark my words for two key events, IEDS against civilian targets in Cameroun if they keep on fighting and Damaturu and Maiduguri will be besieged

  60. freeegulf says:

    good points gen peccavi, if only our army was indeed very serious about concluding this campaign. there is plenty of funds involved in this conflict, and some of the top brass wouldn’t want all that to cease should the army launch an all out offensive as any other functional armed forces would do.

    while i do agree with the assessment of nigerian-american relationship, i totally disagree with the need for ICC in nigeria. when did we get this soft, Haba! trials ke. we don’t need all that distractions please. we are not here to please the west. if they are not happy with the conduct of our troops, they and their corporate presstitutes can go jump in the ocean.

    the only trials i would recommend are for incompetent officers and cowardly troops. this is not to say the troops should commit gross human rights abuse against civilians, no. as part of their pre-deployment, the troops should be properly educated on rights and civil-military co-existence. as for the boko vermin, if they dont wear uniforms then the geneva conventions do not cover them .

    concerning colombia and egypt, yes they are american puppets, they get those goodies because they are strategically important to the americans. israel on the other hand, well, the less said the better, we know it is the tail wagging the dog and not the natural case.

    i have always been very critical about our defence relationship with the americans. we dont need anything from them, and we should have pressured niger to stop the UAV base there. they want to turn the NE into pakistan FATA. another espionage beehive. dont know what happen to our pax nigeriana.
    weapons we can get from russia and china, training we can get from the israelis. contrary to what oga doziex thinks, we have been using the services of PMCs since the ND gunboat war, and they are still present in-country. this fixation with america is really beginning to look silly.

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